Haunted by Her Name (2024) Movie Script

Hey Mom
Just wanted to call and say hi
I'm on my way back home now
Service was nice. I
think you were right
I think it was a good idea
For me to be there
I'll probably be back
home in three or four days
If I don't hear anything
back from you by then
I'll just assume
that that's cool
Tell Jeff I said hi
Or Jeff, if you're listening, hi
Let him know that I'm really
really sorry I won't be able
to make it to his improv show
But I will definitely definitely
be there for the next one
Anyways, I love you
Call if you want
Uh hi
Or, my name is Judah
I don't know if
that's your name too
But that would be weird
if I know your name
Jaron that's your name?
Jaron's my name yep
Mind if I check out
your rig Mister Jaron?
Uh sure I'll go with you
Oh yeah. Got a lot of space
Yeah she's pretty big
Oh it's nice
Oh this is great. You've got
everything you need in here
Guitar. Got some TVs
Oh this is great
Oh and these
I want these. My van
is a little too short
But I need more storage
space. These would be great
Yeah, they come in handy
Oh this is great.
It's pretty comfortable
Oh yeah not bad
So why did you wave
me down Mister Jaron?
She won't start
Oh no. What happened?
Well, she didn't break down
while I was driving but I uh-
Pulled over for a short
nap, and when I woke
up she wasn't starting
She's not gonna start
Hey do you know of
any cheap towing-
Do you know of any cheap
towing companies in the area?
I just wanna get her somewhere
I'll tell you what
I'm gonna be sleeping at
a campsite about three
miles away from here
If you wanted, I could
tow your van there, we
could sleep there tonight
And we could get your
van fixed in the morning
Do you have a tow hitch?
Hey, are you sure
that's gonna hold?
Oh yeah, for sure
This is the shit that rock
climbers use to climb mountains
Yeah, but a climber is
a lot lighter than a van
Oh no. I actually knew this guy
This crackhead who would
steal cars this way
He'd just tie them
together and drive off
Trust me this shit's gonna work
If you say so
Yeah. The only thing is
I'm gonna need you to
Lay on your brake the
whole time because we're
going to be so close that-
It's kinda messy in there
You play?
Yeah. I saw your guitar in there
You play too?
Yeah, just little things
Yeah. What do you
play? Little things?
Did your crackhead friend
tell you how he actually
tied the vans together?
You know I'm actually
playing a gig in Seattle
in just a few days
Yeah it's this place called
Bok Choy. The Bok Choy
It's like a little rock venue
It's cool. It's on a Tuesday
though, so you know I'm not that
Fucking good, but uh
Say, you're not a
boy scout are you?
What are you reading?
A book
Any good?
Uh yeah, it's fine
Oh. That's good
Hey, after a-
Long drive, I usually like to go
for a run. Stretch my legs
And if you want to join
me, you're welcome to
Oh. No thanks
I'm not really much of a runner
Yeah no that's fine
Say, you're not planning to
leave tonight or anything?
Um, no man not with not with the
van busted like it is you know?
If you had a phone
I could borrow-
I could try to call a
tow company tomorrow and
have it have it moved
Are you sure?
About the van?
Oh no. Um, about the run?
No man, I'm just gonna
I'm sure I'm just gonna do this
Gotcha gotcha,
yeah no pressure
I just thought I'd ask you
Um yeah, I'll get to it
I'll be back a little bit
Okay yeah sure.
I'll see you then
What's the matter
man? What happened?
Oh my arm
Fuck. Let me get
something for that
Oh god
Yeah grab me something
Ah! Jesus
Thank you thank you
Oh fuck
Hold still
Hold that there
Oh thank you. Oh my god
What were you doing
under my hood man?
I woke up kind of early.
I just popped your hood
I wanted to see if I could
fix what's going on man
How'd you get in?
Your door was unlocked
It was?
Mm-hmm, yeah
I just popped the air filter out
I wanted to get a closer
look at the engine
When my wrench slipped
Did you fix it?
The air filter is fine
I just put it right back in
No, the van. Did
you fix the van?
Oh no. My best guess
is it's your fuel line
I don't really fuck with that
Could I borrow your phone?
Call a couple shops?
Oh you don't get
service out here?
Just let me borrow
your phone man. Come on
But before you call a tow shop
I've got a little
proposition for you
Okay, what is it?
You see, I gotta be in
Seattle in three days
But I think if I stay
here an extra night, I
could get there in two
Why would you do that?
A while ago I met this mechanic
out here
I think he could fix whatever
problem you got going on
But he doesn't do
favors for strangers
He's an older guy named Brows
And he'll be passing
through here tomorrow
And I'm thinking,
if you get towed
You're gonna have to go at
least 10 maybe 20 miles,
and with the repairs you're
Looking at a couple
hundred dollars
I'm thinking Brows and I
could probably come on through
We could fix whatever
problem you got
And I'd only ask
just a little money
For gas to get me to Seattle
How much do you want?
Hundred dollars
That's it a hundred bucks?
That's all I need
And I assume I'd be paying you
that after the van is fixed?
Of course. Yeah
obviously obviously
Let me get this straight.
You just know some guy
Who you think can
probably fix my van
And he's coming through
here tomorrow?
I mean I hope you
can fix your van
But yeah he's coming
through tomorrow
And his name is
Brows? Like eyebrows?
Yeah, like eyebrows
Is that his real name?
I don't think so
What's his real name?
I don't know. He
just goes by Brows
Okay but what kind of a
name is Brows?
If you saw him you'd realize
it's a pretty accurate nickname
Come on man. Worth a shot
Save you a few hundred bucks
I'll pay you after?
Sure, why not
Yeah, we'll have you on
the road in no time man
Whatever you say
Yeah yeah no for sure
All right, close her up
Hey man
Oh hey. What's up?
Nothing much. Just saw
you here and wanted to
know if you wanted to jam
Oh, yeah yeah that sounds great
Just give me one sec
and I'll be right over
You don't want to
just hang out here?
Yeah um-
Mind if we jam over by your van?
Is that cool?
Sure okay
Is that okay with you?
Yeah that's fine
I gotta do some things
in my van real quick
And I'll be right over
Okay sounds good
Okay great. I'll be right over
Okay, bye
What's up?
Nothing much
You sound good
How's it going?
Sorry you kind of snuck
up on me back there
It's no problem
Did you take care of uh-
whatever you need to take-
Yeah yeah, no no no
I'm good thanks man
Why don't you throw
me some chords?
Oh no thanks
Sounds good
I'll throw you some chords
Okay, same key?
Yeah, same key
Alright, ready?
Think you'll want a
marshmallow after I'm done
cleaning this shit off?
You got any stuff for s'mores?
No I just do the marshmallow
You want one?
Sure, why not?
Jaron, where are you from?
Why do you want to know?
You're kind of a reserved
person aren't you?
Very mysterious
Is that a problem?
It's not a problem
I mean it's cool. It's just
I don't know
I mean it's like we've
been stuck out here for
a day and a half now
And I feel like I don't
know anything about you
Well, what do you want to know?
Where you're from
I'm from Kansas City
Okay okay
Kansas City, Kansas or
Kansas City, Missouri?
Oh Missouri okay yeah
Born and raised?
Okay, driving there now?
Where are you coming from?
You see, this is what
I'm talking about
A normal person right?
I would pick them up
Save their fucking ass on
the side of the road and
If I told him I was going to do
a show in Seattle-
Maybe if you would have
just been in Washington
You would say something like
"Oh shit. I was just there"
"You should check out the
space needle," or whatever
Yeah, I don't know
I guess I just didn't have
anything to say about it
That's all right
I mean uh
What were you doing
in Washington?
Oh shit, I'm sorry man
It's fine don't worry about it
Can I ask how you
knew the deceased?
Oh shit
Ex because she passed away?
No no
Ex cause she was a bitch
That still sucks though
Still sucks
Can I ask how she died?
You know, I don't
really want to talk about it
Yeah fair
No problem man. Just tell
me when I'm out of line
You're fine
Judah, do you ever
Feel like you're supposed to be
older than you are?
How so?
I don't know. I look
at other people my age
And I feel so far
removed from that youth
You know what I mean?
I feel like I'm supposed to be
like 50 years old or something
It's just
I don't know. You ever feel like
Yeah, I mean-
I'll be honest with
you. Not at all, no
Kind of the opposite, actually
I mean like
Sometimes I'm like, how
am I even in my 20s?
You know?
I feel like I was a
kid just yesterday
And now
I don't know. Shit
should move so fast and
I don't know
I think for me it's just a
lot of little things like
I don't care about
my birthday anymore
Like full on could
not give a shit
I think that's pretty normal man
Most people don't
care about their birthday
You don't have to be 50 not
to care about your birthday
Yeah but like
It's tomorrow. My birthday
is literally tomorrow
And I could not care less
No, are you serious?
Tomorrow, how old
are you turning?
I'm turning 23.
You're shitting me
No, what?
Jaron, I'm turning
23 tomorrow
I'm fucking serious
June 15th 1998
We were born on
the exact same day
That's insane
You're telling me
Fuck. That's crazy
Yeah that's-
Do you smoke?
Do you smoke weed?
Do you get high?
Yeah, sometimes
Well, I just fucking found
out that I have a brother
And if that's not a
reason to get high
Then I don't know what is man
Smoke with me?
Fuck it. Yeah, burn her man
Oh yeah.
Here, take this
Oh. This first huh?
Yeah okay. Here
Ah ha
How's that?
Yeah, there you go
Getting high and
Looking up at the night
sky is one of the best
things in the world, man
Sounds like a good way
to throw yourself into
an existential crisis
No no
It's like
When I get high and I
look up at space it's like
All the shit that's
bugging me man, everything
that's stressing me out
It just kind of becomes less
You know what I think?
I think if everyone just
took a few minutes to
look at the sky and just
Get rid of all that stress,
the world would be a
better place, you know?
Yeah, you're onto
something there
Guess it makes you think about
life a little bit, huh?
Man, you know I almost died once
Yeah but I can't tell
you the story it's stupid
What? No. Yeah you can. Why not?
It makes me look like an idiot
No man, you can't just
tell somebody that you
Almost died once and
then expect them not to
wanna hear the story, man
You gotta tell
people. That's torture
Okay. You have to
promise not to laugh
Okay, I'm not promising anything
Seriously don't laugh man
I'm sure
it's not that bad
It's pretty fucking
stupid but I'll tell you
So basically I was
traveling through Michigan
This is like last January
Exactly it's fucking freezing
So I needed a way to stay warm
So I went and I got this propane
heater, and it was working
out pretty great actually just
As long as I had the windows
cracked open I let it
run throughout the night
it was fine I'd stay warm
Just hold on
Here's where I
fucked up
One night I got way too high
And I forgot to
crack the windows
Yeah, and I wake
up in the middle of the night
And I can't fucking feel my body
I'm completely numb and my
vision is starting to go out
It's like crazy, and I can
barely move and I'm thinking
How fucking high did
I get last night?
Right? No, but it
was this propane
And I was like
stumbling. I got up
I couldn't fucking feel
my legs, so I'm like
trying to get to the door
I get to the door. I
can't even move my hands
they're so numb, right?
But I finally get my grip on the
latch, and I finally open it up
I think I'm gonna fucking
die at this point
And I finally cracked the
door open, and I just fall
face first into the snow
Wow, were you freezing? Geez
Yeah, naked too
You were naked?
I mean I was sleeping
One second I'm in my
sleeping bag, warm
The next second I'm balls
deep in Michigan snow
But I mean fucking
I don't know man
You know how people say with
those near-death experiences
It's like spiritual or like you
see God or
Figure out the meaning to life
or shit like that, you know?
Sure yeah
Well, I mean it might
sound crazy but um-
Yeah, I had one of those
I like saw a sign
You saw a sign? What was it?
A yield sign
A yield sign, so like an actual
It was an actual sign
sign and it was a sign
Okay, and I know that sounds
fucking stupid, but when
I stood up out of the snow
I fucking look down the road
and there's a yield sign
And like, in my mind, it
brings it right to my face
And I just
know what it means
What, did it talk
to you or something?
No, not with fucking words man
I just knew okay
That I just need to
let go of everything
All this control that
I had over my life
Over all this shit. I
just needed to yield
to my life, right?
Yield to the bullshit.
Just yield to everything
and just fucking
Yeah, ever since then that's
how I've lived
Changed me
That's quite the Revelation
I don't think you're crazy
But I do think you were blazed
out of your fucking mind
Okay dude, fuck off
Was that propane tank even
real? Did you imagine that?
I knew you wouldn't get it
I'll be honest with you
man. There's a lot of
shit I don't get about you
Like, I don't sleep
naked in my van either
Oh, are you serious?
What do you mean, am I serious?
Are you serious that you do?
I mean it's normal.
That's how God intended
it man that's natural shit
No dude that's gross
Gross no
I wear clothes like a person
I wish I could go live
in Europe where people
are more comfortable with
Just being naked, you know?
You ever been? Is it like that?
I mean
No I've never been
I'm not really much for planes
Yeah, I don't like flying
How do you keep
warm in your van?
I don't know. I've never been
anywhere that cold before
Yeah, I mean honestly I'm not
even on the road that much
Oh really? I would have assumed-
Yeah well, I got the
van back when I was with
Brie, my ex-girlfriend
I was way more of a homebody
back then, but she tried
to convince me to, you know
Live the life of
pissing in streets and
sleeping in parking lots
So uh
Yeah, I finally caved and
We wanted to see the country
Never uh- never
really happened
I uh
She left me with the
van that she wanted and
Now I'm taking it
home from her funeral
Isn't that something?
Do you want to talk about it?
I wanna talk about
that chair man
What the hell? Why
don't you just get a
regular camping chair?
That's gotta take
up so much space
I know fucking big right?
Stupid, it does take up
a lot of fucking space
Why do you have it? Why
don't you just get like
a fucking camping chair?
Yeah- um
It's more or less just
I took it with me
Out of my mom's childhood
room when I moved out
of my grandparents house
Yeah? where's that at?
Indianapolis, but
I'm from New York
What took you out?
My dad
He kind of went crazy throughout
the last year of us living there
I mean I don't think he
was ever not crazy, but
Things really
got bad toward the end
He was doing a lot of
drinking and yelling
I would just stay
awake at night and listen to him
Yell at my mom and
She never fucking yelled
back. I remember that
And one night, I just heard
some shit that I thought was
The same shit I'd been hearing
that entire fucking year, but
When my mom came in to
my room I realized it was
So I was packing my things
She told me to
pack my shit and be quiet
I just couldn't stop crying man
Because she had blood
in her eye
And the next day
She puts me on a flight
to Indy by myself
She had to stay behind and
take care of some things
And um-
The next morning my grandma
was on the phone sobbing
My mom's flight had
gone down over Ohio and
There were no survivors
Fuck man. I am so sorry
It's okay
It was actually a long time ago
And plus, I know it's
smaller than I think it is
Did you love her?
Yeah, her
I mean, we were
together for a year, so yeah
How'd you handle the breakup?
I was fine
Not great, but you know, fine
I'm just wondering
because, in my experience
And stop me if you don't relate
But um
I don't know man. When I
fall in love with someone,
I fall in love hard
And it's like I would do
anything for this person. Like
Fucking, I would do anything
You wouldn't make sacrifices
for your loved ones?
No man, of course I'd make
sacrifices but I wouldn't just
Do anything for anyone
Well not anything
But I mean yeah pretty
much anything. Like
When you fall in love
with someone man it's like
You're giving yourself to them
You're so one and
when they break you off it's
like you're fucking crushed
You know? And so
If you were crushed, or if you
Are crushed now like
I don't know. It make sense.
You have the right to be
I don't think
crushed is the right word
What is the right word then?
I don't know
Pissed off
I mean, I don't know. The
whole thing was fucked
But, you know, that's not
to say I didn't have some
Pretty good times
when I was with her
Do you have like uh
Fondest memory with her?
Top my head, probably
our anniversary
We went to a carnival
I got a tattoo
No shit
Yeah, on my leg
Oh let's see
No, "Her Name?"
It was a miscommunication
with the artist so uh-
Just kind of ended up
that way
No, but you know
For the rest of the day we uh-
I'm sure you can imagine it.
It's pretty stereotypical
We kissed on the carousel,
ferris wheel, we kissed
on the roller coasters
And uh-
At the end of the day we
We were playing some of
those dumb carney games
There was this one where you
had to loop a ring onto a
Swordfish, the
sword part obviously
And I must have dropped like 30
fucking dollars on this thing
Because I just kept trying,
kept trying, kept trying.
I could not do it. It was
There was no way. I
thought it was rigged
And let me guess, she got it
Fuck man
She tries one time, and she gets
two out of three rings on there
Kicked my ass. I don't
know how she does that shit
You guys win anything?
Or did she win anything I guess?
Uh yeah
What'd you win?
She uh-
She won a couple goldfish
She didn't want
them anymore though
I had to give them
to my little cousin
Fish are probably dead now too
She dumped me the next day
She called me. All she said was
"I can't do
this anymore. It's over"
Hung up right there.
That was it. I-
Called her back a hundred
times. She didn't pick up
I drove to her
house. She was gone
We'd spent every day of the
last year together, and then
Just one phone call. She's off
the face of the fucking planet
And I had
no idea anything about her, or
What her whereabouts
were, or whatever for
Six weeks, and then
just last week
I get a call telling me
She drowned herself
in Lake Washington
Who called you?
The cops
They wanted to know if I knew
why she would have done it
Why call you?
I don't know, because
I was her last boyfriend
Guess it just made sense
And she left a note
What'd the note say?
"You can't control
me in the lake"
What'd you tell the cops?
I told them
The truth I-
I have no idea why
she would have killed herself
I mean, she was always
a little batshit. She
was a foster kid, but
Yeah I have no idea
Is the note about you?
I don't know
No, it wasn't about me
It couldn't have been about me
Have you seen her?
Well, the thing is
When my mom took
me to the airport
She didn't stay behind because
she was going to do anything
She stayed behind
because of a blanket
A baby blanket
That I'd left at my friend's
house the night before
And I was fucking crying about
it on the way to the airport
And so she promised me
that she would stay behind
And get it for me the next day
And I fucking know that
if I wouldn't have cried
about that shit that
She would be okay
And um-
Fuck man. That shit just
Eats away at you
Dude, and for a fucking month
I would see her
Okay? She'd be in my
room reading my books
Or playing with my toys, or
throwing my shit around
That's scary stuff
for a 10 year old
Fuck man
But, you know
what's even scarier?
The Syphus Psychiatric
Children's Hospital
Okay? The fucking
looney bin that Grandma
and Grandpa put me in
And the visions just
got fucking worse there
I fucking swear I thought
they were never gonna go away
But they did go away
You wanna know why?
Why's that?
'Cause I remembered something
Okay? I remember
that I never fucking
Asked her to stay
back for the blanket
I mean sure I wanted it, right?
I was crying
And yeah she thought it
would make me feel better
But I never asked her to
I didn't want to be
on the plane by myself
You know, she decided to go
back and get that blanket
Have you been seeing Brie?
Here's what I think
I think you're a
pretty stand-up guy
And I've got to read on
that, and I'm always right
Based off of your
story, okay yeah
Brie was a nutcase.
I'm sure she would have
killed herself anyways
But based off of my story
Okay? I know there's something
That you're not telling
me about the time you
and her were together
There's something that's
eating away at you and
giving you these nightmares
That you're not
fucking telling me
What is it Jaron?
I don't know
I truly truly don't know
It's midnight
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
I've gotta fucking lay down
No, I should
Fucking get some sleep too
Goodnight Judah
It's not real
Hey Jaron it's almost noon
You should wake up
Happy birthday
You said it was noon?
Yeah, just about
Hey, are you okay man? You
Look like you saw
another ghost last night
No no I'm just groggy
Well, maybe this
will cheer you up
There you go
Happy birthday
What are you doing out here?
Brows left
about 10 minutes ago
He came through already?
Yeah, while you were sleeping
Did he fix the van?
Yeah, sure did. Took us
just a a quick second
Wasn't really a big deal
or anything like that
You gonna smoke that?
Um you know
I didn't really
want to say it, but
I quit about a month ago
No shit
Congrats that's a
Yeah it's a really big deal
Yeah thanks, you know
it wasn't easy, but
Yeah, so I'm kind of done
Well surely after a
month of not smoking
You can reward yourself
with one cigarette
I don't know
Come on man
It's your birthday
Don't let it go to waste
Fuck it. Why not?
Feels good doesn't it?
I'm not gonna lie Judah
That feels pretty fucking good
I feel a little bad though that
I didn't get a
chance to thank Brows
No no um-
He's a quiet dude. Doesn't
really like to meet new
people or anything like that
So it actually worked out
Hey about the, 100 bucks
Do you think that you
could venmo that to me?
Oh, I've got cash. Do
you need it right now?
Well, I'm just gonna be in
my van packing some stuff up
I'm gonna leave in
like 30 minutes so
Yeah, that's fine if you-
You're leaving that soon?
Yeah, with us staying
an extra day I gotta
Pretty much haul ass
to get to my show
Oh okay
Is that okay?
Yeah that's fine
Tell you what, I'll uh-
I'll bring the cash
over to you once I'm uh-
Done with this guy here
Well, I better get over there
Okay, see you soon
Enjoy that
Oh I will
Hang on one second
This is for you
Thank you so much
You have no idea how
much I need this man
I would have been totally fucked
Yeah man, don't worry
about it. I could
Say the same thing about
you forget my van fixed
Oh no don't worry about it
Hey, let me
get your number before I leave
So I can see you again
The thing about that is-
I actually chucked my phone
into the ocean a few days ago
Oh shit
Good for you man
Yeah, thanks
Well uh-
Either way I'll look you up
next time I'm in Missouri
Unless you wanna jump in
and go to Seattle with me
I'm just kidding
I know you want to get back
home and see your family
Yeah totally. For sure
Well, come here man
Hey, do you wear a sleeping
mask when you go to bed?
No I don't
There's a sleeping technique
I learned in treatment
That I think might be
really good for you
You put a sleeping mask over
your eyes when you go to sleep
Over your whole face
And throughout the night you
think of yourself being in
a maximum security prison
And that way your
girlfriend, she can't get in
And if she does, then
she's in the prison
And you take the mask off
and you're back in reality
And she won't be
able to get to you
Hopefully you'll get
some sleep that way
Alright yeah sure
I'll think about it
Yeah, or don't
Either way I've got to get back
Okay, yeah
Good luck
with your show
I'm really gonna miss you man
You too
I'll be seeing you Mister Jaron
See you then
So how long after I left
did you leave to follow me?
I actually left the next day
The next day?
So you drove here in two days?
I had to drive through the
night, but I just thought
Fuck it. Let's
see if I can do it
I did. Made it here
That's crazy man
I'm just so excited you're here
Yeah, just really
truly excited
Well, I'm happy to hear it
I'm a little disappointed
though. I thought for sure
that, since there was still
daylight when I got here
I'd be making it back in time
for your show
Oh yeah, it was kind of early
And you didn't really miss much
I doubt that
No, I totally bombed
Definitely no one liked me
Yikes. Sorry to hear that
I'll get over
it man. I'm just
My spirits are so
lifted that you're here
Yeah, we're gonna have
so much fun man
Well then, what's
next after this?
What do you want to do?
There's this parking lot
that I know we could sleep in
I mean, you must be tired
after driving for so long
Yeah I'm pretty tired
Been driving a long time
Okay, well let's uh-
Let's go
Now? You want to go now?
Yeah, it's super close
You can just follow me
Yeah, I'll just-
Yeah, I'll follow you
Okay, great
Do you need me to grab-
No, I've got it
Okay yeah, you can just
follow me. It's pretty close
And we'll sleep there
I'll see you in
just a little bit
See you then
Hey buddy
Sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you
No problem man
Just came over here to
say how excited I am
That you drove all
the way out here to see me
That's crazy
Yeah, sure thing man. I
really wanted to be here
It's just like when you
pulled up outside the Bok
Choy, I was like "yes"
Yeah I uh-
I'm glad you're so excited man
I honestly wasn't really
sure how you'd react
Oh, so excited
So fucking excited
You have no idea
We're gonna go crazy man.
We're gonna have a great time
Sounds really great
Oh fucking hell yeah
You've had a long night
You've had a long
couple of nights
Long couple nights
So I'll let you get
to it. Get some rest
Yeah. Alright
Goodnight Judah
Goodnight buddy
I love you man
Help me, fuck
She's right there.
She's right there
Hey, can you be careful
with that, babe?
What? I'm not doing anything
Just- you're using a lot of tape
Yeah, what about it?
It's just a really important
chair to me. You know that
Are you fucking kidding me?
Well, I'm just afraid you're
gonna strip the finish off
We literally talked about
this plan five minutes ago
If you had a problem with
me putting a little tape on
your mommy's special chair
I know I just-
You should have told me then
I didn't know you were
gonna use so much tape
What do you think? He's
not a fucking child
Okay fine
What was that?
Sorry, I mean-
You're right that was my bad
I know it's good I'm sorry
Okay, are we good?
Yeah, we're good
You know, I can't
read your mind babe
I know
Why don't you go
get the camera set up?
How's this?
Let me see
You know you're
recording right now?
Huh? I am?
Yeah, it says so right there
Oh shit
Okay well, we're ready right?
Yeah, it all looks fine
Are you ready?
Wakey wakey Mister Jaron
You know where you
are? Huh?
Oh, don't worry about her
Bridget Cerrone is dead
and ghosts are real
Well, here we are
The dock where your girlfriend
killed herself
Because of all the pain
that you put her through
Oh and it was so
easy to lure you here
We didn't even have to
have some elaborate scheme
I just told you I was
coming here and you followed
me like some lost pet
Fucking pathetic
You think you could
just go to her funeral
Pay a few respects and leave
before the service is over?
You think that's enough
to pay for what you did?
A year ago today was the
happiest day of my life
This is a big day
Could be a big day
I just have to wait
Three minutes. Three minutes
Okay, here we go
Can you come in
here for a second?
Is something wrong?
Is this real?
What's up?
You're gonna be a dad
No way
With who?
Then one day, she
just disappeared
When we found out she was
with you, we were crushed
I'm officially quitting smoking
now that I'm gonna be a dad
But not as crushed as
when we learned that-
That she killed the baby
Our child is dead because
of you and you alone
And you know what?
I don't even think you loved her
The batshit foster kid?
The bitch?
I smelled pig on you
from the moment I met you
Just like my father
That's enough out
of the sperm donor
Oh, come on
You didn't believe all
that nonsense did you?
He did what I needed him to do
And now no one has to
deal with him anymore
I guess you've probably picked
up on the fact that I'm not
your precious ex-girlfriend
But I'm sure you
don't know who I am
Dear Brie didn't seem to
think too much of her sister
She used to love me a
lot though, you know
She used to love me more
than anybody else in
the whole fucking world
Side by side
We did everything together
We were very very close
Then you came along and ruined
everything that we built
She used to love me a lot
You destroyed our
You took her away
from the only person
Who knew and loved
her as much as I did
Bridget chose to
Get rid of you the easy way
Now I've seen that
that's not enough
This is where my sister jumped
And this is where
you're gonna die
Oh my God, stop fussing. We
all have to go eventually
You can say one thing
before I toss you in
Please don't kill me
Wow, that's moving
I know how you feel
I lost Brie too
Okay so
A little update
I just saw the doctor
And um-
She told me in our first month
together that she was pregnant
There's two of them
She was having twins
I can't
I can't do it
I didn't know why she did it
back then, but now I understand
Please you don't have to do this
Take it from somebody who
loved Brie as much as you did
She didn't deserve to die
But I don't either
Nope, not good enough
Please please please
Judah Judah
Help me man. Help me
Come on