Haunted Echoes (2008) Movie Script

[Dog barking]
Guy, the dog's barking.
The dog's barking.
Honey, he'll be quiet
in a minute.
[Dog barking continues]
Trotsky, come here.
Where are you, Trotsky?
[Dogs barking]
REPORTER: Ten-year-old
Kimberly Dykstra
was found missing by her parents
early Sunday morning.
Although the back door
was discovered open,
there were no signs
of forced entry.
Police have questioned
Kimberly's parents
and ruled them out as suspects.
[Crowd chatter]
MACDONALD: Quiet, please.
Please, quiet.
Can I have your attention please?
The investigation is underway,
and we are following
all possible leads.
If anyone knows anything,
get in touch with us, please.
We haven't been able to sleep and...
We just want to say, um,
we love you, sweetheart.
REPORTER: Still no breaks
in the case of Kimberly Dykstra
who disappeared from
her parents' home five days ago.
Neighbors and even strangers
have joined police in the search...
REPORTER: Police have verified
that the body found last night
is, in fact, ten-year-old
Kimberly Dykstra,
who disappeared without a trace
nine days ago.
The body was found
by two volunteers...
I can't really say anything
about the condition of the body
or what the autopsy revealed,
but Kimberly's parents did have
a statement they'd like me to read.
FEMALE: Certainly.
MACDONALD: We would like
to express our gratitude
to all who've supported us
during this most difficult time.
Your prayers and heartfelt wishes
have meant more to us
than words can say.
GUY: Just, it's just an anesthetic.
How am I supposed to put
the sutures in without an anesthetic?
She doesn't like needles, man.
And she doesn't speak English.
I figured that out for myself.
You sure she fell?
Sure a tree didn't hit her?
She fell, all right. Look at her.
She ain't got no balance...
Well, just do me a favor
and translate.
Tell her it's only gonna hurt
for just a second,
and then she's not
gonna feel anything,
and we can patch her right up,
and she can go home.
Would you just tell her that, please?
[Speaks Spanish]
Tranquila. Okay?
RADIO: It's 8:27
on this lovely Tuesday morning,
so let's check in for a traffic report
with Officer Don.
Hi, Don.
Good morning.
It's presently smooth on the 110 north
and the 134 west.
The 405 north is backed up
as usual at this hour,
and that also goes for the 10,
and there's a major pile up
blocking all lanes of traffic
on the 110 north
near the Marmyan Way exit,
so all you Pasadena bound drivers
might want to consider a detour.
Hey, Laura.
Laura, pick up the phone, honey.
I think I've found something
you're just gonna love.
It was owned by the same person
for almost 40 years, a widow.
Her son put her in a nursing home.
As you can see,
she took really good care of it,
even kept the original furnishings.
Now, I certainly don't think
you'll have to renovate
unless you want to, of course.
Now, my house,
we live in an old place, too.
When we moved in,
my husband wanted to change it,
I said, "Barry, no."
A place this beautiful,
it's like painting a mustache
on the Mona Lisa.
Now, I hate to be forward, but you
two are such a handsome couple.
Are you Italian, by any chance?
Uh, no, sorry.
REALTOR: Well, I am.
I moved to California
to be an actress,
but then I met my husband,
he's a doctor, you know.
LAURA: Oh, so is Guy.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
Maybe that's why
you look so familiar.
My husband's a plastic surgeon,
does all the big celebrities.
Tina Hunt, the newscaster.
That's Barry.
Guy works in the ER.
Yeah, it's temporary, uh,
the hospital was cutting staff,
and I just, I keep meaning
to get into private practice,
but, you know,
one thing and then another.
Yeah, Barry works on a lot
of free victims, accident victims.
I'm sure you get a lot of those.
Yeah, that's, uh, generally what
you do get in the emergency room.
Are these floors new?
Yes, they are. I guess Mrs. Gitchell
must have re-done it.
That's the previous owner.
She must have been crazy about
this place to live in it for so long.
She raised her children here.
You can just sense it.
It is the perfect place
to raise children.
Or, if you don't want any,
it's perfect for that, too.
Are there a lot of children
in the neighborhood?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, that's how I know you.
You're the ones
with the little girl who...
Oh, my God, I am so sorry for you.
I watched the whole thing on TV.
I said to Barry, I said,
"Barry, if that ever happened
to my little girl,
I don't know what I'd do."
Yeah, well, I guess...
Something you can't know
unless it happens to you.
[Singing on video]
[Phone rings]
Is it busy there tonight?
GUY: Well, it's kind of slow,
Did I wake you?
No. I couldn't sleep.
GUY: So, what'd you think?
I don't think so.
Why not?
You always said you wanted to live
in a Victorian and, uh,
I realize it's gonna take some work,
but I thought it might give us
a project.
You know, keep us busy.
You mean keep me busy, don't you?
You're already busy.
GUY: Well, Laura, I'm not gonna
be working this shift forever,
it's temporary.
And, you know, I could take
a couple weeks off to get it started.
I, I just, I worry about you
being alone all the time,
cooped up with all those memories.
But I want to remember.
GUY: And I want you to, but,
you know, I also want you to live.
GUY: Laura.
Got some food down here.
I couldn't even see it,
and then I opened the top
of the box to let it out,
and out it goes, out of the box
and right out the window.
GUY: I didn't think Kimberly
was ever gonna forgive you.
That was the whole reason
we got that dog.
-LAURA: Oh, God.
-GUY: Man.
Oh, I thought he was so cute.
Although you didn't think he was so
cute after he chewed your shoes up,
that was the whole reason
that you...
I know,
l, I put him outside that night.
We don't know if that's what led to...
No, it must have been.
Must have been.
I mean, she, you know
how much she loved that dog.
You know, every time
you would put him out,
she would go right downstairs
and let him in again.
And there was no signs
of a break in.
No fingerprints that they found
on Dennis Law
in our house anywhere.
Well, he might
have been wearing gloves.
Look, honey, we don't know
what happened that night.
And we never will.
Like I don't know what you did
with that dog, either.
Nothing. I didn't do anything
to the dog.
He just ran away one day.
Dogs do that, you know.
Because he knew you didn't like him.
You know what, I liked him just fine.
I really don't want
to talk about it anymore.
What happened happened.
No amount of second guessing
is ever gonna change anything.
I raped her, you know.
It felt so good.
Can I show you how I did it?
She just touched me.
This, this girl.
I'd had a bad dream,
and I came downstairs,
and then l,
there's this girl standing here,
and then l, I heard the water,
and then I went
into the bathroom and,
and then I went to turn it off,
and she touched me.
Well, who was it?
I don't know. I didn't see her face.
I just felt her.
I'm scared.
All right, okay, well, come here.
See what's going on.
Oh, Laura.
-Come here.
Come on.
How did that get in here?
Well, I don't know,
we left the windows open,
probably just climbed in.
It was not the cat, Guy.
I felt her, I saw her.
[Phone rings]
Yeah, hello.
Okay, great.
All right. See ya.
I see we have a landline now.
Huh? Oh, uh, yeah.
That was the, uh, movers.
They're over at our old house.
I think maybe I'll, uh,
go over and supervise.
I'll go.
Uh, I don't think there's a need
for both of us to go.
Why don't you stay here
and finish up?
I mean,
unless you really want to go.
Okay, that's all right.
Uh, run along, I can be fine here.
-You're sure?
All right, I'll see ya, honey.
[Phone rings]
MALE: Yeah, who is this?
Laura, who's this?
MALE: Kenneth.
Did you just call me?
MALE: Sorry. Never mind.
[Hangs up]
Excuse me, I beg your pardon,
I was looking for my cat.
Yeah, kind of a big white thing,
uh, I live a couple of houses down,
and, uh, she used to belong
to the previous owner.
Yes, we've seen her.
You have?
Well, not right now,
but, uh, the other night she got in,
and she nearly scared me to death.
Oh, I'm sorry about that.
I try not to let her out,
but, you know,
she still thinks Mrs. Gitchell owns
the house, and, uh, you know.
Uh, l, you know,
she, she had a lot of cats,
and she gave me a couple
just before she, her son put her in...
uh, are you okay?
[Breathing heavily]
I was... yes, l, just a minute ago
l, I was in there and--
I'm sorry, what were you saying?
Mrs. Gitchell gave you--
Yeah, a couple of her cats.
I mean, she had about 20 of them,
uh, she was a batty old thing.
Well, l, you know, I only moved
in here a couple of years ago,
but, uh, you know,
she never came out of the house.
She used to stay in there,
and, you know,
even in the middle of the night
you'd see all the lights blazing.
And, and I'd hear her in there
screamin', talkin' to herself.
And I'd come over, you know,
just to make sure she was okay.
Even then, she never let me inside.
Then, of course, the, the kids
all started talkin' about that.
They would?
Well, you know how kids are.
You know, they got an old house,
an old lady livin' in it,
so they, they say she's a witch,
you know, things like that.
You know kids.
I imagine your daughter's
the same way.
What are you talking about?
Oh, uh, isn't that your daughter,
uh, the girl I saw in the window
lookin' down?
Well, uh, right up, right up there.
I saw her lookin' in the window
down here just before you ran out.
Sweetheart, are you okay?
Uh, it was almost
seven months ago,
and we had just gotten back from
a recital that my daughter had given,
and I heard the dog barking,
and, you know, my daughter,
she loved that dog so much,
so we think that maybe
she went down and let him in.
And then she vanished.
And it was ten days
before we knew where she was.
NEIL: But you did find her.
Well, we didn't.
We had a lot of strangers
helping us look for her,
and two of them found her.
They were two kids
that lived not that far away,
and one of them was the one
that killed her.
Oh, my God!
Guys, we found her!
Oh, no!
Oh, no! Oh, God!
Oh, no!
Oh! Oh!
He had molested
other kids in the past,
and he was a minor at the time,
so the police
never really did anything.
And he only lived four blocks away,
but I'd never seen him.
But he'd seen us, that's for sure.
And the police think that he
was probably stalking Kimberly
for quite some time.
Was he convicted?
They arrested him.
And they found a lot of circumstantial
evidence linking him to Kimberly,
but the case never came to trial.
Right after the arraignment,
he hung himself,
which is something
I still don't understand
because how could the police
not have known
that he was a risk for suicide,
but they left him alone,
and he killed himself,
and we never got our day in court.
And that was really important,
you know?
I just wanted to hear him say
that he had done it,
just so I could...
Know for sure he had.
Well, I'm very sorry
you had to go through that.
I realize it's not the same, but, uh,
my wife, uh, she died
about five years ago,
that, that's why I moved here.
Uh, I couldn't stay
in the other place, uh,
too many memories.
Yeah, us, too.
Would you mind looking
at a picture of my daughter?
I, I know you only saw that girl for--
But I don't really see
how it could be your daughter.
To a fresh start.
GUY: Here, here.
Now, uh, if you have any complaints
about the food,
don't blame Laura,
this is my own little creation.
I call it Chicken Guy.
I made a plate of vegetables
for you, Claire.
I remember another creation
with, uh, with lamb.
GUY: You didn't like the lamb?
Not especially.
-GUY: What?
-LAURA: Oh, good Lord.
Well, you can't be great
at everything.
-I mean, this house is fantastic.
-LAURA: Thank you.
You and Laura continue to outdo
me and Claire in every way.
-LAURA: Oh, not really.
-GUY: Oh, no, that's not true.
You don't think, sweetheart?
And, uh, a little broccoli
and carrots and everything.
-JASON: Are you still...?
-LAURA: Oh, thank you, thank you.
I think this house is haunted.
I'm sorry, Laura, but I do.
There's something...
There's a very peculiar energy here.
I felt it the second I walked in.
I told you.
GUY: Well, you coached her.
LAURA: No, I didn't.
I didn't say a word.
You're right.
There is a strange energy here.
The very first night we were here,
I felt something or someone standing
next to me in the bathroom.
I felt it there, too.
I feel it everywhere.
Well, I don't feel anything.
How about you, Guy?
No, I don't,
which I find very interesting.
LAURA: Really?
You find that so interesting.
What's that supposed to mean?
It just means, why are you always
the one who feels it?
Why doesn't it ever happen to me?
LAURA: It just happened to Claire.
JASON: I wouldn't take that
very seriously.
-Claire's always feeling things.
-GUY: Hm.
LAURA: Jason.
Thank you so much, Jason.
JASON: It's true.
I just wish she'd feel more
buying some lottery tickets.
GUY: I'm sorry.
Claire, it was funny. Come on.
LAURA: Look, she's not the only one
who has seen stuff.
The other day,
he saw a girl standing up in the
window upstairs in that bedroom.
GUY: Neil.
-LAURA: Neil, that's our new neighbor.
-GUY: Oh.
And it was the same day
that that happened in the bathroom.
GUY: Oh, well, now, come on, now.
You're not gonna say
that that was writing, honey.
That was, that was just,
it was a couple of strokes
left by a paintbrush.
You left them there yourself
without realizing it.
You don't believe that.
GUY: I do.
I did not make this up, Guy.
Wait a minute. What a--?
What are you guys talking about?
Come on, I'll show you. Come on.
You're gonna go now?
-LAURA: It's right here.
-GUY: We're eating.
CLAIRE: One second.
GUY: You know, Jason--
LAURA: Come here.
CLAIRE: I want to see this.
-GUY: Don't wait. This is ridiculous.
-CLAIRE: What are you talking about?
LAURA: It's weird, Claire.
See right there?
You can just make it out.
Do you see it?
I turned my back for just a second,
and there it was.
And something else was painted
upstairs on the upstairs window,
and I'm telling you right now,
I did not put it there, I'm not crazy.
Nobody said you were.
So, how do you think it went?
Pretty good.
LAURA: Oh, I think it was
much better than pretty good.
I think it went great.
KIMBERLY: You think so?
Maybe I should be a singer.
GUY: Great. I thought you said
you were gonna be a doctor.
KIMBERLY: Maybe I can do both.
I'll go around and be a doctor,
and when people are sick,
I'll sing and make them feel
all better.
You think it's that simple, huh?
KIMBERLY: Naturally.
[Phone rings]
MALE: Hello, uh, uh, listen.
It's, it's after midnight, okay?
Uh, I have to work tomorrow,
so let's, let's just stop this, okay?
Let's just cut this out.
LAURA: Who is it?
It's a wrong number,
that's what it was.
Jesus Christ, look at me.
The phone rings,
I'm jumpin' out of my skin.
I hope you're happy.
You and all your spook talk,
and you're sister, too.
You're drunk.
LAURA: Yeah.
Well, you've been drunk a lot, too,
you know.
Hey, you know how many times
I come home last two months
I find you passed out?
How many times you ever come
home and find me passed out?
None. That's how many.
LAURA: I can't talk to you
when you're like this.
GUY: Talk?
When do you ever want to talk?
You've been shutting me out
ever since it happened.
The other night, that was
the first time we've made love
since I can't remember when.
You honestly believe that you're
the only one who's suffering?
I know.
I make one mistake,
I put the goddamn dog out,
and I gotta pay for it
for the rest of my life!
You were the one that heard him,
why didn't you go down
and let him in?
Because I didn't want
to make you mad.
You just flipped out
about your lousy shoes,
and I didn't want to hear it again.
Hey! I told you
when we got that dog
that I wanted him to stay outside,
but you let Kimberly
spoil him so bad,
he started barking the second
anybody put him in the yard.
He was barking in the yard
because Dennis Law
was hanging around the house.
Now, that's, that's why
you got rid of him.
You blame him when all he
was trying to do was to warn us.
It was an accident, Laura.
You want to know
what happened to the dog?
I backed over him, okay?
He's dead!
I'm sorry, he'd, uh...
Oh, Jesus, man.
He'd gotten out, and, uh,
I was late for work and l, I just...
I missed him, that's all.
He was just sitting
in the driveway and...
...you know he never had
any sense about cars.
So why didn't you tell me?
Why'd you lie to me if you--?
Because I know that you'd say
I did it on purpose,
but I swear to God I didn't.
I would have replaced him if I could,
and we still can.
We can go tomorrow
and get a new dog if you want.
Oh, sure, Guy,
let's, let's replace the dog,
and while we're at it
we'll just replace Kimberly, too.
We can go make some love,
that'll make you happy.
GUY: Laura.
-LAURA: Shut up!
-GUY: Laura!
GUY: So, what happened here?
Fight. Cut out...
and broke my finger pretty good.
GUY: It's not broken, it's dislocated.
Want to see the X-ray?
You don't remember me, do you?
It's me, Ben.
I found your little girl.
Oh, yeah, right.
Take this down to the lab for me.
I'm sorry, l, uh, I only saw you
that one time at the arraignment.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I wanted to walk over
and say something,
but I felt kinda weird, you know,
me being friends with Dennis and all.
Yeah, well, uh,
I guess we don't always know
the people we're close to.
I know.
I knew Dennis my whole life.
He didn't do it.
I mean, when we found her,
he was so upset,
you know, crying and shit.
I just, I don't think he would act
like that if he had done it at all.
Guilt will make you do funny things.
Yeah, but I really don't think
he did it.
I mean, I know the police says
he fooled around with little girls
and stuff,
but he was just a kid himself
when he did that, you know?
He was a really normal guy.
Look, he did it, okay?
There was all kinds of evidence
linking him to Kimberly.
Yeah, but I think the police
planted that stuff.
I mean, kinda like O.J., you know?
Everybody was freaking out,
so they wanted to grab somebody
right away,
and, you know,
Dennis looked kind of weird so...
Dennis was weird. Let's just
have a look at your finger.
I don't think he killed himself,
I think the police went in there
and hung him themselves.
You know, Ben, let's just change
the subject. All right?
Now, we're gonna have to pop
this back into joint,
and it might hurt a little.
You know, the way I figure it,
they knew he was gonna get away
because they didn't have anything
on him, you know,
but they could never let that happen,
so they strung him, I mean--
GUY: Can I help you?
Oh, you're Guy, right?
I'm Neil Solomon. I live--
GUY: Yeah, I know who you are.
You're the one who filled
Laura's head with all ghost B.S.
Well, not exactly, l, I just told--
GUY: I know what you told her.
You got a big mouth, you know that?
And if Laura was still here, I'd tell
her not to speak to you anymore.
Oh, she, she's not here?
We're separated.
Your work here is done, okay?
You can go home now.
I'll do whatever you want me to.
[Singing "Greensleeves"]
[Singing "Greensleeves"]
GUY: Kimberly?
She doesn't want to see you.
LAURA: Who is it?
You were right.
CLAIRE: The letters, M.O.N.
I wonder what they stand for.
JASON: Send money.
CLAIRE: Oh, Jason.
JASON: Are you sure
that's what the letters were?
GUY: Well, it's what they looked like,
I didn't exactly stick around --
Oh, uh, hi, uh, Miss Goldstein,
it's Guy Dykstra,
you sold us the house on Kilkeya
a few weeks back.
No, yeah,
we're very happy there, um,
but I was wondering, uh, do you know
how to contact the former owner?
I found some things there
I'd like to return to her.
You related to Miss Gitchell?
You related or just friends?
Uh, we're friends,
but we haven't seen her for a while.
Well, you'd best prepare yourself.
She's one crazy old witch.
What do you mean?
You'll see.
Miss Gitchell. You got company.
Who the hell is it?
Ralph, is that you?
Where the hell ya been, Ralph?
I've been cooking all day.
It's isn't Ralph, Mrs. Gitchell, uh,
it's Guy Dykstra.
I live in the house you used to own.
Well. Come over here so I can get
a better look at you, huh?
Who are they?
Oh, uh, that's my wife, Laura,
and her sister, Claire.
Uh, Laura lives at the house with me.
Do you like spaghetti?
My baby, he don't like spaghetti.
But I make him eat it anyway.
'Cause it's real good for you.
Well, yeah, it is. Spaghetti is
a vital part of a balanced diet.
Yeah, um...
But, uh, look, I was wondering, um,
we've been having some strange
things go on at the house.
For instance, the computer
and printer and TV
will go on for no reason,
and, and, and there's, uh,
we found writing on the wall.
That's right.
Well, those Mexicans... they spray
crap every now and again.
I don't like those Mexicans.
There's more and more of them
all the time.
Yeah, well, I don't think this has
anything to do with Mexicans.
You never,
back when it was your house,
you never noticed
anything strange going on?
They killed those Kennedy boys,
both of them.
Good thing, I say.
Chasing all those girls around.
That's when you ruin everything,
when you chase the girls around.
My baby, he knows that for sure.
Your baby?
MRS. GITCHELL: I got two.
Only one's alive.
I promised myself no one
would ever take him away.
They'd have to go through me first.
GUY: Hm.
And, and the other one,
what about him?
Or, or was it a him?
What the hell you talking about?
Your baby, Mrs. Gitchell.
He was just two weeks old.
Just two weeks.
And he ups and dies.
It was the year that, that...
Where the hell
have you been all day?
I've been cooking all day!
She got ya, huh?
Yeah, she got me the same way
one or two times, man.
Thanks for the warning.
CLAIRE: Laura, you remember
Stephanie Watkins, don't you?
Remember that girl I used to live with
right before I met Jason?
Well, she used to be friends
with a psychic--
Forget it.
No, no. Get the number.
-Anything's more productive than this.
-MALE: Excuse me.
Now, I have specifically asked Claire
not to tell me anything about you,
and you haven't, have you, Claire?
I haven't. No.
Now there's a wonder.
JAY: There's no place here
for that kind of attitude.
Now, if you won't take this seriously,
you can just leave now.
Or I will.
LAURA: There won't be any more
disruptions to the proceedings,
will there, Jason?
JASON: There, there won't be.
JAY: Now, this is not a sance,
it's a reading.
I'm not going to be writing
anything down.
I just use this
to help me concentrate.
Just answer yes or no.
-GUY: Yes.
-LAURA: Yes.
JAY: Now, I'm gonna ask you
a few questions
and whenever I ask one,
I want you to answer yes or no.
JAY: I'm not trying to lead you
in any way.
This just helps me to stay focused.
JAY: There's a girl.
She's a very young girl,
I can't quite tell her age.
But her name begins with a C.
No. Make that a K.
Does this mean anything to you?
JAY: This girl,
she says she's your daughter.
She says she loved you both
very much,
but she was taken away from you
very suddenly.
CLAIRE: [Gasps]
JAY: Does this mean
anything to you?
She was murdered.
JAY: Just yes or no, please.
She says something about singing.
She says she sings for you both
all the time.
Because she knows you feel bad
about the way she left,
and she wants you to feel better.
Does this make any sense to you?
She says she knows
this has been very hard on you both.
She knows you blame each other
for what happened.
And it makes her very sad.
She hears you fighting all the time,
and she wants you to stop
and realize that she's always
with you...
...everywhere you go.
Is this understood?
Now, this house where you're living...
She says it's no accident
that you're here.
She led you here
for a very special reason.
Is this understood?
JAY: There is a man.
His name is...
I can't see it.
This man is the reason
she's no longer with you.
She's been trying to tell you
about this man for the longest time.
And this is not the man
the police were blaming.
The true man...
Can't make it out.
His name is...
Is he a priest?
But this is the man
who took her from you.
He's taken others before,
and he will take others again,
unless you stop him.
Is this understood?
JAY: She says you have to do
whatever is necessary to stop him,
even if you have to take the life
of this man yourselves.
You must do it.
There are children all around him,
and he's planning to do to others
what he did to her.
-What is his name?
-JAY: Can you please be quiet?
Now... She's gone.
GUY: No.
You're just like Stephanie said
you were.
Didn't you hear me tell you before
we started not to say one word?
JASON: She said she was sorry.
Well, it's too late for that,
isn't it?
This young girl had a very
important message for her parents,
and you went and...
GUY: What is it?
Oh, my God!
GUY: Sergeant MacDonald?
Oh, look at this.
Oh, boy, it's good to see you.
Uh, are we interrupting?
No, no, have a seat.
Oh, good.
I'm just writin' up
a freakin' arrest report.
What'd you do to your face?
GUY: Oh, l, uh, cut myself shaving.
Well, that's some nick.
GUY: Yeah.
How are you two holdin' up?
-Oh, we're good.
Not a day goes by
that I don't think about you.
-Well, that's nice to hear.
-No, I'm serious.
I got in a prayer request at church,
whole congregation's praying for you.
LAURA: Thank you.
My wife asked after you.
Kimberly touched a lot of people.
Yes, she did.
She really did, yeah.
So, you still in the same place?
No, we moved.
That's good, that's good.
Must have been tough
living in that house.
It was very tough.
A house or...?
Uh, yes, it's a house, it's, it's real
nice, we like it just fine now.
Uh, but...
the last few weeks we've, uh,
we've really started to have
some serious doubts about the case.
Uh, yeah, we're just not convinced
Dennis Law was guilty anymore.
I know it sounds strange, but he--
We just want to speak
to you about it.
Let me ease your minds
about that right now.
There's not a question in my mind
that he was guilty, not a one.
I'm not talking
about just the hard evidence,
the hair, the fiber, the rest.
I'm talking about a gut feeling.
When you do this work
as long as I have,
you get a sense of these things.
Well, that's what you told us
at the time.
Well, for instance, the hair
you found on Kimberly's body,
it matched Dennis Law,
that's what you told us, right?
But if he's the one
that found the body,
isn't it just possible that that's
the reason the hair was found on--?
No. Kimberly...
She was raped repeatedly,
you know.
The hair that we found on her body
was in coagulated blood.
You don't bleed after you die.
That hair was embedded in there.
And, of course,
he knew exactly where to find her.
But he was looking everywhere,
wasn't he?
I mean, that wasn't
the only place he looked,
and why would he go right to her
if he didn't want to get caught?
Dr. Dykstra, can you tell me
where this is going?
'Cause it's been
months and months,
and up until now I was under
that impression you had no doubts.
We just have good reason to think
the case should be re-opened.
And the reason is?
We just do.
We think someone else
is responsible,
and it's very likely
he's going to strike again.
And that person is?
We don't know.
You two aren't making this
easy on me.
This case is closed.
I need a name, compelling evidence
that I can take to my superior
officers in order to re-open it.
And it has to be
compelling evidence.
LAURA: Okay.
Kimberly told us.
We had a psychic come in
and give us a reading,
and Kimberly, she told us
that the killer is still out there,
and he's going to strike again
unless he's stopped.
I see.
A priest.
Jay said that she'd been killed
by a priest.
But I don't ever remember Kimberly
coming into contact with one.
Well, we didn't know she'd come
into contact with Dennis Law
until the police picked him up.
If she ever had come
into contact with him.
God, that poor kid.
Killed himself over something
he never even did.
Ah, he did something, all right.
He may not have killed Kimberly,
but he molested
a couple of other kids.
I'm not so sure anymore.
I mean, all we've got to go on
is what the police have told us,
and if they were wrong
about Kimberly,
God knows what else
they're wrong about.
Yeah, that's what the kid
in the ER said.
Oh, speaking of that,
what time is it?
Oh, probably time
for you to go to work.
I wish you'd get a different shift.
I will.
You want me to drop you
at Claire's?
No, that's okay.
I'd feel better
if you weren't here alone.
No, I want to be here.
I need to be.
[Car drives away]
[Cat meows]
[Door shuts]
I'll do whatever you want me to do.
Do you like that?
Do you like it when I do that?
[Groaning continues]
Well, there you are.
I thought your husband said
you'd moved out of town.
I did, briefly.
But, Neil, I'm, I'm afraid...
I'm afraid there's been an accident.
Uh, oh, wh--
Your cat.
Your cat, I don't know how she did it,
but she got inside our microwave,
and somehow it was turned on,
and, and...
This is your cat.
Oh, well, it's not like
I don't have plenty of others.
Hey, uh, why don't you come inside
for a second?
There's some people
I'd like you to meet.
LAURA: I'm very sorry.
NEIL: Ladies.
This is m--, this is, uh...
Sweetheart, I'm so drunk,
l, I can't even remember your name.
LAURA: Laura.
Uh, this is Evelyn Dander
and her daughter, Julie.
They've been in this neighborhood
ever since--
EVELYN: Oh, you don't want
to know how long.
Laura just moved
into the Gitchell place.
The witch house.
Oh, now, Julie, that's terrible.
Mrs. Gitchell was not a witch,
she was just a little crazy.
Well, we used to call it that.
God, what a weird
old thing she was.
Every time we'd go
anywhere near there,
she'd crack the door open
and say, "Get away."
And her son, what a creep.
He was not a creep.
He was a perfectly nice young man.
JULIE: That's what you think.
You remember we used
to have that sprinkler?
EVELYN: Mm-hmm.
Well, every time we'd play with it,
he would just sit on the front stoop
staring at us.
I mean, we were only 10 or 11
at the time,
and he'd just be sitting there staring
like we were Farrah Fawcett
or something.
LAURA: What are you saying,
that he, what? That he...
JULIE: A pervert? Yes.
Now, Julie, that's not fair.
You took piano lessons from Kenneth
for three whole months,
and he never once tried anything.
He sure looked at me funny.
He was just shy, and who can
blame him having a mother like that.
But, you know, when I first met her,
she was perfectly normal.
But then, of course, Mr. Monk died,
and she married that Ralph Gitchell,
and, oh, what a nightmare he was.
He and his daughter both.
You could hear them yelling
all the way down at my place.
You know, I believe
that's what drove her crazy,
and that's
what made Kenneth shy, too.
Poor boy.
You know, I don't think I ever once
saw him with a girlfriend.
Because he's a pervert.
[Singing "Greensleeves"]
[Phone rings]
Laura and Guy Dykstra's residence.
Please leave a message.
MALE VOICE: Look, I don't know
who you are or why you're doing this,
but I want this to stop.
Do you understand me?
One more, one more time,
and I'm calling the police.
OPERATOR: We're sorry. Your call
cannot be completed as dialed.
Please check the number
and dial again.
Good night.
So, what was college like?
You ever go away on spring break?
No, no, I never did.
JENNA: Why not?
Didn't you have, didn't you want
to hang out with girls gone wild?
What do you know
about girls gone wild?
I am a girl gone wild.
I can dance just like them.
Wanna watch?
MONK: [Laughs]
LAURA: Molly!
Mrs. Dykstra?
What are you doing here?
LAURA: Oh, I was just taking a walk.
Long time, no see.
MOLLY: Yeah.
I'm, uh, I'm sorry, I know you,
but I don't remember--
Uh, yeah, uh, last Christmas,
the... your daughter...
Right. Oh, the, the recital
here at the school.
Yes. Well, weren't you the one
playing the piano?
I was, yes, yes.
Although, l, I did see you
the other day
at the, uh,
Wilton Arms Nursing Home.
Oh, that's right.
I knew I recognized your face,
but I couldn't quite place you.
Well, you know,
you'd only met me that one time.
Yeah, uh... I w--, I w--,
I was going to say hello,
but, you know, uh,
I felt kinda awkward.
Oh. Why?
Well, you know, uh,
I really respect your privacy and, uh,
although, uh, the nurse did say to me
that you had been to see
my mother, Lenore Gitchell?
LAURA: Yes, that's right.
We bought her house.
-You did?
Oh, uh, how funny, 'cause I usually,
the attorney handles all that,
so l, you know, l, I really don't have
a head for business.
Oh. Well, I'm sure there's plenty
of things you are good at.
Say, how have you been, Molly?
Whose class are you in now?
MOLLY: Mr. Monk's.
Oh. That's you, right?
Yes, I remember Kimberly
talking quite a bit about you.
Really, that's, that's strange
because, you know,
l, I really didn't know her at all.
Was your daughter murdered?
Jenna, that's very rude!
Now you apologize!
Oh, no, no.
I don't mind if she's so blunt.
There are a lot of pretty awful people
out there, predators.
You know what I mean?
I hope you're just as blunt if you
ever have to tell on one of them.
So, uh, how's, how's the house?
Is, uh, you're remodeling? Just--
No. Not really.
We've been very pre-occupied,
you know?
Turns out, there's a lot
of unanswered questions
about Kimberly's death.
Oh? Oh, yeah, I thought they caught
the person that did it.
Yeah, so did we.
We thought so, too,
but we have reason to believe
that the person who did it
may still be out there.
You don't happen to know anything,
do you?
Well, I mean, you were
the director of the recital,
maybe you saw someone
or noticed something...
-...or maybe she confided in you.
-No, no, no, no, no.
No, l, I taught her music
once a week, you know.
That's it.
I barely knew her.
Thought I'd ask.
Did you see him?
He's guilty as sin.
NURSE: Oh, Mr. Monk.
There you are.
Did you receive my message?
MONK: Message?
Well, your mother had
a slight heart attack.
But don't worry.
She pulled through as always.
MRS. GITCHELL: Who is it?
Is that you, Ralph?
It's not Ralph, Mom.
It's me, Kenneth.
MRS. GITCHELL: It's my baby.
Oh, I don't feel so good.
MONK: I know.
MONK: I know.
Oh, I wish I was dead.
I feel so bad.
Those nurses, they're so mean.
Oh... that's because they're Mexican.
Oh, that's all there is anymore.
Uh, Mrs. Dykstra,
she came by the school today.
You know,
the woman who bought the house.
MRS. GITCHELL: Mrs. Dykstra.
Yeah. You remember,
she came by a few days ago. Okay?
You remember you had
some strange visitors.
I get them all the time.
Okay. But this was...
This was a woman and her husband,
and I think, I think it was
another woman, too. Okay?
-MONK: You remember?
You know, Ralph came by,
and he brought
some of his whores with him.
The nerve of that man. Oh.
MONK: Ralph's dead, Mom. Okay?
These were the people
who bought your house.
Mom, Mom.
Mom, what did you say to them?
Did they ask about me?
Uh-uh. Wait, she does,
she always asks about you.
She's dead, Mom. Okay?
I hope you didn't say anything
to the Dykstras about them.
You didn't, did you?
She comes in the night,
and she sits at the foot of my bed,
and she tries to hurt me.
And then she wants me
to hurt you, too,
but no way am I gonna hurt my baby.
No way am I gonna hurt my baby.
MONK: I know you must have said
something to the Dykstras, Mom.
Mrs. Dykstra, she was asking
the strangest questions.
I tell you not to chase
the girls around?
No, Lord, oh, no, there's she is,
she's right behind you.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
-MONK: There's nobody there.
Oh, yes, yes.
Oh, she comes back and back,
and she hurts my kitties,
and she hits me, and, oh,
I swear to God she's just about
driven me out of my mind.
She has, Mom.
Make her go away.
I don't want to see her no more.
Please make her go away.
I don't want to see Ralph either.
Okay, Mom.
-I'll make them go away.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
I love you, Mom.
Oh, I love you, too, baby.
I love you.
No, no!
My mom! My mom, I think
she had another heart attack!
-NURSE: Okay.
-Go, go!
Molly? Hi. You want a ride?
No, thanks.
Ah, come on.
It's not like we're strangers.
Besides, we got a present for you.
Oh, yeah?
So, how's school?
How's Mr. Monk?
He's been absent lately.
His mom died,
so he's been going to the funeral,
and, you know, stuff like that.
LAURA: Well, that's not good.
We've got a really mean substitute.
She's really dumb, too.
Like the other day,
she was showing us
this math problem,
and she got it wrong.
So, what'd you get for me?
I hope it's nothing Kimberly owned.
I mean, she had real nice stuff
and everything,
but, you know, it'd feel real funny
owning something
that used to belong
to a murdered person.
LAURA: So, in your opinion,
Mr. Monk likes girls better than boys?
Well, he yells at them more.
But they really deserve it.
And he'll talk to us at recess
about really cool stuff.
He's not like most teachers.
He's sorta like a kid himself.
LAURA: And what does he talk
to you about?
MOLLY: What's this?
It's a DVD of you singing
at the pageant last Christmas.
And that's my present?
We figured you didn't have one.
So, Molly, what I was trying
to get at before is does Mr. Monk
ever talk about anything that's
inappropriate for a girl your age?
What do you mean?
Well, she means adult type stuff,
uh, things that might be personal.
Well, he talks about Michigan.
He used to live there.
And he saw a bear one time
when he was walking in the woods,
and he pretended like he was dead.
Does he ever keep you after school
or give you rides home or, or--?
Well, he's a real friendly guy.
Well, except with the boys.
I don't know.
Jenna says he's a fag,
but he's a really nice fag.
So, has he ever tried to touch you
or ask you to sit on his lap
or anything?
Why do you guys keep asking me
about Mr. Monk?
He's a real friendly guy.
Even my mom thinks he's nice,
and she's never liked
any of my teachers.
We just want to know some things
about your life, that's all.
We used to see you a lot, and now
we don't see you so much anymore.
Yeah. You must feel kind of sad
without Kimberly.
We do.
Well, you too, right?
Well, you know, I thought I would,
and sometimes I think about her,
but my mom told me I shouldn't
'cause it's morbid.
And you know,
she wasn't always that nice to me.
She used to brag about
all the nice things she had,
and how her dad was a doctor
and everything.
She thought she was all that.
Can I use the bathroom?
She wasn't always that nice to me.
She thought she was all that.
Who is that?
GUY: Molly! Molly!
I mean, the whole story was so crazy
her mother didn't really believe her,
but she kept asking why
we took Molly back to the house,
and Molly kept saying we were asking
questions about Mr. Monk,
and, boy, we had a hell of a time
explaining that.
LAURA: We don't want this guy
to get skittish.
GUY: He might skip town
or something, I mean--
LAURA: Something like that.
JASON: You know,
it doesn't even sound like Kimberly
to attack another child.
-GUY: Yeah.
-LAURA: No, it doesn't.
JASON: And to put a cat
in a microwave?
GUY: I know,
that is really strange, right?
She's mad about it, that's all.
The least of the problems.
She just wants, she, I mean, the guy
who did it is running around free,
and she's angry about it,
and who can blame her?
I mean, the police won't even
re-open the case
unless they get some hard evidence,
quote, unquote.
But don't worry, we'll get some.
We've got a private detective
poking around in his background.
GUY: Yeah, that sure is costing
a pretty penny.
LAURA: Yeah, but it's worth it.
JASON: It's crazy.
LAURA: Kimberly said
that he'd do it again,
and you know he had
to have left a trail.
But what if he hasn't?
Well, then, we'll kill him.
Have you lost your mind
You can't run around
saying things like that.
What, do you want to go to jail?
If that's what it takes.
We don't even know
if this is the guy yet.
No, we know.
We may not have any proof yet
but deep down,
both of us know he's the one.
And like Claire said,
we may never get any proof.
And what are we supposed to do,
just stand back and let him hurt
other innocent children?
Of course not.
So how are we supposed
to stop him unless we kill him?
-It's not gonna come to that.
-How do you know?
Well, it might,
but you can't run around shooting
your mouth off before hand.
You gotta be smarter than that.
You gotta be as smart as he is.
What makes you think
he's so smart?
He got away with it, didn't he?
[Phone rings]
[Phone rings]
I know who this is.
Why aren't you speaking?
I know who this is, too.
It's Mrs. Dykstra, right?
That was you on the line before,
wasn't it?
LAURA: I don't know
what you're talking about.
Mrs. Dykstra, someone has been
calling me at all hours of the night,
and obviously,
if I call back this number
and you pick up the line--
It wasn't me.
Well, who was it then?
Who do you think it is?
I think it's you, Mrs. Dykstra.
I think for some reason
you have it in your head
that I had something to do
with Kimberly's death,
and now you're playing
some kind of game with me,
and I would really like to know why.
Look, I really can't talk right now.
And my husband needs
to use the phone.
Oh, is your husband there right now?
MONK: Because I, I would like
to speak with him
and maybe he can tell me
what you're refusing to.
Mrs. Dykstra.
Mrs. Dykstra!
I'm sorry, l...
[Door bell]
Does Jason still have
that handgun?
No, l, I'm serious,
he, he, called me last night.
He asks me if I'm alone,
and I am alone, you know?
It's just for protection.
I swear.
Can I borrow it?
You know he knows where I live.
Is she okay?
CLAIRE: She's fine.
She just had a bad night.
She's not gonna move back
in here again, is she?
CLAIRE: No, she's okay.
Are you gonna take a shower?
Why, you think I need one?
Uh, yeah.
Thanks a lot.
Laura, please, don't do anything
that you might regret.
MALE: He's never even gotten
so much as a speeding ticket.
And I did check on missing kids
dating back to 15 years ago,
and his name never comes up
as a suspect on a single one of 'em.
And I'm not finished yet.
I said he wasn't a suspect,
but he was questioned
along with his mother
when his stepsister disappeared
almost 10 years ago.
Yeah. Apparently, uh,
his old man bought the farm
when Monk was just a kid,
and then his mother married
this guy named Ralph Gitchell.
Now, um, he's got a record.
He's arrested twice
for slappin' the old lady around,
and it looks like
he slapped Monk around, too.
Anyway, he had this daughter
named, um...
who was livin' with them
and kept on stayin' there
even after Gitchell died.
It appears that, um,
Elena had some troubles of her own
because Mrs. Gitchell had her
sent away to a reformatory.
Um, I don't know why,
all the records are sealed,
but, um, she ran away from
the home, oh, about 10 years ago
and has been missing ever since.
And Monk was questioned about it.
Yeah. The old lady, too.
They didn't have anything
on either one of 'em,
so that's as far as it went.
But get this.
At the time, Monk was teaching at,
uh, Hepplewhite Elementary, right?
Well, almost as soon
as Elena vanishes,
he quits his job
in the middle of the school year
and moves off to Michigan.
And that's where he stayed
until just about a year ago.
Did you check the records
in Michigan?
Yep. But nothing comes up.
So, I talked to his principal,
and she says he's the greatest
teacher that they ever had,
and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
but, you know,
that's what people often say
about, um, pedophiles.
They tend to work around kids.
They almost always work harder
than everybody else
so as not arouse suspicion,
and, uh, they almost always
start early,
and there's almost always
incest involved.
So you think maybe... maybe
his stepsister was his first victim?
In more ways than one.
LAURA: Oh, God.
MONK: Okay,
I'm gonna dispose of this.
I don't want anyone else to read it.
But I don't want you
passing notes, okay?
This is, like, this is a class.
We learn in class, okay?
So, remember that for next time.
See you at the recital.
Don't be late.
Go play.
What's wrong with you?
You've been acting strange
ever since I got back.
Something wrong at home?
Well, I wish you'd tell me what it is
because from that look on your face,
it can't be good.
Do you promise
you won't laugh at me?
Of course not.
I got attacked by a ghost.
You said you wouldn't laugh.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm sorry.
It's just, really, there's,
there's no such thing as ghosts.
Yeah, there is, too.
No one believes me.
But this ghost, all of a sudden,
it just attacked me
for no reason at all.
And, um, where did this happen?
Mrs. Dykstra's house.
And what were you doing there?
Yes, I remember Elena.
Oh, she was a complete nightmare.
But you know,
I always felt sorry for her having
Ralph Gitchell for a father.
You could see exactly
where she got it from.
Well, Ralph Gitchell didn't go
around dressed like a slut, did he?
She was already a slut
in the sixth grade.
And she stole from me.
Remember that down jacket
I had when I was 11?
Yeah, she stole it
and sold it for drugs.
Oh, Julie, please.
Children that age don't do drugs.
You are so nave.
So, do you know
what happened to her?
I hope you don't mind me asking,
but we were just curious
about the history of the house.
it was the strangest thing.
She kept on running away and
getting into trouble with the police.
This was after Ralph died.
Then Mrs. Gitchell, the poor thing,
wanted her real mother
to take her back,
but she refused to do it.
No, she just didn't have
a lot of money.
Mexican, you know.
Then, finally, Mrs. Gitchell
had her declared incorrigible
and sent her to reform school,
and then she ran away from there,
and nobody ever heard
from her again.
Probably killed turning a trick.
Oh, Julie, please,
she was just a child.
So, you mentioned before that you
thought Kenneth was a pervert.
I mean, I don't know,
that's what you called him, right?
Do you think he was a molester?
I think it's very possible.
EVELYN: That's not true.
If anyone was molesting her,
it was Ralph Gitchell,
but not Kenneth.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
If it was human
and dressed the way she did,
yes, he definitely would have.
You're right.
He's too clever.
And I can't live with myself
knowing that he's out there
walking around free,
I can't sleep at night.
Oh, Laura.
Well, you know what?
Look, I've given notice
at the hospital,
so, uh, in a couple of weeks,
I'll be here all the time,
maybe you can sleep better
that way.
Where are all my ties?
You know, that's a good idea.
That's when we'll do it.
W--, w--, we'll take a trip, okay,
and we'll go to the mountains
or someplace,
and we'll check into a hotel, right?
And then when everybody's asleep,
we'll drive back to the city,
and we'll kill him.
We'll kill him.
Why not?
GUY: How?
LAURA: We'll poison him.
And we'll have an airtight alibi, too.
It will take a couple of hours,
and then we'll drive back up
to the mountains,
and then in the morning
everybody'll see us checking out.
Hey, we can't be in two places
at the same time, right?
GUY: You know what, I am not gonna
have this discussion with you.
You know what?
Would you just listen to yourself
for a moment?
How are we supposed to get away
without anybody hearing the car?
LAURA: We'll drive two cars up,
and we'll park one within
walking distance of the hotel.
GUY: And how are we supposed
to get access to Monk's place?
And what if somebody
sees us there?
And what if he puts up a fight?
LAURA: Like the fight
you're giving me right now?
GUY: Yes,
because you're not thinking.
I'm thinking, Guy!
You're not!
You know, we both talked about
the police having to rush to judgment,
you're doing the exact same thing.
The police aren't gonna
take care of this.
And he's gonna kill again,
that's just what Kimberly said.
Kimberly never said
a goddamn thing!
Yes, she did!
No, we don't know
who that is or what.
It's Kimberly, of course,
it's Kimberly.
How do you know?
Because it is, goddammit! It is!
You know what?
I see what you're up to.
You want to make me mad, huh?
You want to make me
so mad that I'll...
Well, it won't work.
I don't want to make you mad!
I want justice!
GUY: Justice, my ass.
LAURA: It's absolute justice.
GUY: I'm not gonna let you
manipulate me, Laura.
I'm not manipulating you.
GUY:..when we've run out
of every other option,
but I am not gonna let you
push me into it.
LAURA: Then I'll do it alone.
I've done everything alone,
every step of the way of this marriage
I've done everything alone.
Yeah, fine. You know what?
You can get caught alone, too.
Guy! Okay, I'm sorry!
[Door slams]
There you go. Okay.
Good, good, good.
Now we'll go ahead
and place this pre-hung door,
which already has the framing on it,
inside our home
in our wall right now.
There you go, just go ahead,
put it up in there.
Okay, now, one of the most important
things we want to make sure...
What do you want?
You mean you aren't happy
to see me.
And then I get home from work,
and she's still up.
My boyfriend never put her to bed,
and then she's running around
with a jar of peanut butter,
and then the next thing I know,
she falls and her,
-look at her forehead, it's broken.
-NURSE: Dr. Dykstra.
I can't take it right now.
She said it's your daughter.
FEMALE: It's, now she's never
gonna have a date. Look!
Will you, uh, excuse me.
Just, just a second.
Yes? Hello?
Come home.
Who is this?
Monk's in the house.
Laura, is that you?
It won't open and shut properly.
It'll swing open and stay open,
or it'll swing shut.
Laura, pick up the phone.
I know you're there,
pick up the phone.
GUY: [On answering machine]
I just want to make sure you're okay.
Um, please pick up
the goddamn phone!
Go to hell.
What about scarring?
Is she gonna be scared for life?
Huh? Is there something
that I can do?
Yeah, there's something
you can do.
You can get a job
with regular hours,
so you can keep
a better eye on your kid.
Excuse me, rudeness.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I, I'm having some trouble at home.
I, I apologize.
Yeah. Trouble at home.
GUY: Don't move, sweetie.
-We all have trouble at home.
-All right, all right.
MONK: Mrs. Dykstra.
I knew it.
I knew you were here.
Just put the gun down.
No. You killed my daughter.
No, I never touched Kimberly.
Oh, yes, you did, you liar.
But I didn't.
Yes, you did.
It's Elena. She's back.
Don't you understand?
My mother, she tried to tell me that.
Put the gun down.
I'll explain everything.
See, Elena, she wasn't
like a normal child.
Her and her father,
they were both pure evil.
But my mother,
she was too good, you see.
Even after Ralph died, she refused
to throw Elena out in the street.
You were molesting her.
No, she seduced me.
Why don't you people
ever have anything good to eat?
Oh, well, I hear they have
really good food in jail.
You know, I think you are
really gonna like jail, Kenneth.
And I think those big old black guys
are gonna like you a lot.
Kenneth, call the police.
You are going right back
where you came from, little lady.
I'm not gonna put up with your
foolishness not one more minute.
Sorry, I'm not going
back to that place.
I'm leaving, and your are gonna
give me the money to do it with.
Otherwise, your little
lover boy's going to jail.
That's right.
I know all about you two.
It's too bad Mr. Kenneth
never told you about me.
What is she talking about?
Oh, go on, Kenneth.
It's perfectly normal for a man your
age to sleep with a 15-year-old.
Bet all the weirdoes are doing it.
Even if we had given her
the money,
it wouldn't have made
any difference.
She just wanted more
and more and more so...
So what?
MONK: So we had no choice.
She wasn't like a normal child.
She, she, she was a killer herself,
she killed our animals.
She stole, she lied,
and she's trying to do it again,
she's tryin' to convince you
that I killed Kimberly
when I know I didn't.
Don't you dare say her name.
MONK: But I didn't do anything
to Kimberly.
I'm gonna take her now,
and I'm gonna put her somewhere
where she can't hurt you,
or me or anyone ever again.
LAURA: [Screams]
Just calm down, all right?
I'm not gonna hurt you,
just calm down, we'll talk this out.
-LAURA: [Screams]
-MONK: [Groans]
LAURA: [Screams]
Listen, I got money, all right?
I've got some money.
If you, if you want money,
that's what you--
LAURA: [Screams]
You don't understand!
Stop it, just... stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it, stop it, stop it.
NEIL: Laura! Laura!
Oh, my God!
I thought you were killing her!
I was about to call the police!
What are you talking about?
NEIL: Your, your, your wife, she...!
GUY: Laura!
Laura. Laura.
LAURA: [Groans]
MONK: Help me!
I hope that's not another cat.
No, no, no, no, no,
it's just a little present.
I realize it isn't much,
but after all you did.
I didn't do that much.
Oh, yes, you really did.
If you hadn't have told the police
it was self-defense,
Guy could have gotten
into so much trouble.
Well, it was self-defense in a way.
Well, come inside,
let's see what you got.
Ooh, a present...
Oh, that is really good stuff.
Now, you, you shouldn't have.
Hey, why don't you come on in
and help me do a little taste test?
Oh, no, no, I really can't.
The movers are coming
tomorrow morning,
and, and, well, we still have
so much packing to do.
Where'd you say
you were going to?
Aberdeen, Oregon.
What the hell
are you gonna do there?
you're gonna get bored to death.
No, no.
I think it's gonna be okay.
Guy's brother is there, and Guy's
gonna start his private practice,
and after everything
that's gone on here,
I think we need a change of pace.
Eh, you're probably right.
Thanks again, Neil.
Uh, Laura.
You never told me.
Do you still think Monk
killed your daughter?
I don't think we'll ever know
for sure.
But he killed someone's child.
We made good and sure
he won't do it again.
[Singing "Greensleeves"]
[Sings "Greensleeves"]