Haunted Gold (1932) Movie Script

He'll be back soon
Sit down. You're acting like
a bunch of half-baked kids
He'll show up pretty soon.
Get going, Isobel.
We're surrounded, boss.
Well, what's this?
Boss, let's go back
to the ranch.
The Sally Ann Mine.
you ain't figuring on goin'
to any haunted mine?
We's followin' that horse.
and I've got a hunch somebody's
trying to cut in on it.
Why, it's Ed's horse.
Or they wouldn't be so
anxious to keep us away.
He used to be superintendent
of the mine.
We're gonna find out
something right now.
Just a minute!
And who invited you
into this game?
You boys better get movin'
before I loses control.
Nice neighborly bunch of boys
you have here.
Sure, why not?
Oh, well, we-
We have so few visitors.
And he ain't here
for nothing, either.
Mack, trail him
and see what he's up to.
that I haven't given it
much thought for years.
Oh, uh
Go on, Clarence, hit the hay.
Aw, go get some sleep.
This must have been
quite a mansion in its day
Well, you see, I...
that everything's gonna
turn out all right
is all around here.
No, sir.
All right, you wait
out here in the hall
but the best cook
we ever had at the ranch.
A black figure
just went up those stairs.
You couldn't have missed him.
but I swear
no one's come up here.
Where have you been?
He's deaf and dumb.
d-don't you think we oug
hta go on back to the ranch?
But- But, boss, boss...
Come on, boys.
Mack, you stay
with the horses.
Hold on there, pardner.
Stick'em up.
What are you doing up here?
What are you doing up
here on my property?
Well, we'll find a
way to make you both talk.
Dead men can't tell us anything.
Come on, let's get him.
Mack, go over
and saddle up my horse.
I know nothing
I can't understand it myself.
Well, I'm beginning
to understand.
but I simply have to find out
what this is all about.
Help, help!
Help, help!
You'll be all right now.
And you come along,
and you spoil it all.
Ryan's father stole my
share of the mine.
Come on, I'll tell you
while we're riding.
but what is there
to be afraid of now?
but my nervousness
just lingers on.
in a town like this,
where he can't spend a nickel.
I don't know what he'd want
a thousand dollars in this town.
Must be
up to something.
Well, he'll find us
on the job all right.
All right.
I don't
understand that, boys.
Isobel, get going.
Put'em up.
They is up.
Come on, give us that money.
Now, beat it.
Duke. Duke!
catchin' up with my money.
to tackle almost anything
to earn an honest dollar.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Come on, get movin'
there, Clarence.
Throw'em in.
And that's where
the thousand dollars comes in.
Now, make up your mind.
Looks like
he's got us, boss.
Make out the transfer
in the name of Janet Carter.
I may not be so generous.
Ye- Ye- Yes, sir!
Get out!
Tie him up.
Get that lantern
and bring that darky.
Bring him along.
Hurry up.
Move on, smokey.
Quit stallin'
Get back there.
That's only an old shovel.
Cut out making that noise.
Well, that water sure didn't
do these guns any good
Get goin'.
Come on, get goin'.
Maybe that's
the angel Gabriel callin' us.
Let's see
what's up this ladder.
Hold it there.
Then why does that tun
nel lead to this room?
or it'll be too bad
for both of ya.
Get goin'
Come on, come on.
Cut out the gabbin'
and shove on.
You're pretty tricky, ain't ya?
Move on.
Put'em up.
Tie'em up,
Let'em loose, Tom.
Get me outta this.
And who are you anyway?
Bill Carter.
The man your father
framed and sent to prison.
Yes, dear,
he's your father.
Where is it?
and you're gonna tell us
where it is.
Don't you know me?
It's just me, Clarence.
Duke, I's gonna show'em
a phantom what is a phantom.
Look out-!
What's happened?
When Ryan comes in
and grabs her, I ups and left.
Come on.
I is the phantom.
He ain't no phantom
with that watermelon accent.
I is the phantom.
Sure as you all's born,
I is the phantom.
I hopes to die
if I ain't the phantom.
Well, let's ride
to the shack above the mine.
I guess
they didn't believe me.
for his daughter and for you.
Here's the panel.
the other in the mill.
Keep to your right
in the tunnels!
Get- Get away from me
Duke, come here boy!
To the ranch, Duke,
and get the boys.
how'bout exploring
that secret passage?
All right.
My father-
They've been torturing him
Not so fast.
Tie him up, Ed
Turn him loose, Tom.
or none of ya are gonna see
daylight again.
Oh, Father, if there is
any gold, show them where it is.
All right, Ryan.
Tell me what's next.
Snake eyes.
Bye-bye, blackbird
Can you get outta there?
I don't know, but I'm trying.
There it is.
Guess I knew
what I was talkin' about.
help me lug this out.
Lord, my head's spinnin'...
like a top.
Why, that's
the boss's horse.
If he's in trouble,
we'll get him out of it.
That's up this shaft.
They're desperate.
Well, make it snappy.
Let's get outta here.
Come on, boy, giddap!