Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major (2023) Movie Script

You good back there?
But really, I don't mind
sitting up front.
Oh, no.
Royalty always
sits in the back.
And royalty, it's...
it's a bit of a stretch.
I teach music.
You win "All-County" for us,
you'll be trading out the house
for a castle in no time.
Aye, welcome to Ireland.
Small roads, big hearts.
Get-- Get-says-me?
Mispronounced my entire life.
It's Gethsemane.
Has he got it in?
There he goes...
Don't all applaud at once.
...and he finishes in the end.
Story of my life.
Take what I can get.
Do what you gotta do, lads,
and get it done!
It was a mile offside.
You still good back there?
Probably just
a little jetlagged, and...
with the time change.
What time is it
back in Virginia?
You've done your research.
Small town, big gossip.
And what exactly
are they saying about me?
You graduated top of class
at Stellenbosch,
and you're the conductor
who's going to finally
put our town on the map.
They're saying that?
St. Brendan's
will be lucky to have ya.
Ah, you know me, Doc.
I'm just tryin'
to live my best afterlife.
No alarm clocks, no bills.
Oh, never weighed less.
You see?
But I have to say,
if I'd known
this was going to be
my permanent ghostly outfit,
I might have chosen a suit,
you know?
Or a nice comfy pair of shoes.
Even then, my lovely Orla's
up there somewhere,
and I'm stuck down here,
a soul without a soulmate,
with no one to see or hear me.
My Uncle Eamon left it to me,
and I've kept it
just the way he had it.
Now, some of the guests
seem to really like
the Eamon McCarthy aesthetic.
your uncle is Eamon McCarthy?
You're a fan?
Who isn't?
Study any of the great Celts,
he tops every composer's list.
His song "Will You Be There?"...
...it's helped me through
a lot of hard times.
Me too.
When the school
set up the house,
I had no idea it was going to be
the house of a legend...
...let alone two!
Orla's poems,
lyrics equally unmatched.
Each other's muse, I heard.
Yeah. Well, such
a tragic accident.
Don't believe the press,
all right?
Eamon would never push
the love of his life
off any cliff,
and when the wind
tragically swept her away,
a part of him went with her,
couldn't bear
to live without her.
But I'd read--
And they took me in
when my mother passed,
like second parents,
so I chose to believe the best.
I get it.
You know, some guests
swear they've heard
Eamon's piano playing at night,
not to scare you.
It doesn't.
Well, you don't believe
in ghosts?
Well, I believe some people do.
To each their own, right?
Well, fair enough.
I like to think of them
as Heathcliff and Catherine,
out there
wandering over the moors.
Emily Bronte.
All right.
So you're a romantic, then?
I'm romantically impaired
at the moment.
Sorry to hear it.
So, my full-time job
is property maintenance,
so if you need anything,
just ring,
and I have an extra key
if you get locked out.
Any questions?
Wasn't there
supposed to be a car?
The school said
transportation provided.
Orla's own.
Got her into town every day
in less than 20 minutes.
It's not exactly a car.
Yeah, but think
of what you'll save on gas, hmm?
No, Uncle Eamon's car
was recently stolen,
so until
insurance comes through...
Oh, so I should keep
my things locked up, then?
Better safe than sorry.
All right,
I haven't really ridden
a bike in a while,
but I hear it's a lot
like riding a bike.
Oh, a bell.
Gethsemane Brown?
That is exactly how you say it.
I'm Inspector O'Reilly.
Come in.
You said
someone was maybe in your house.
I was, uh, I was sleeping,
and, uh, but woke up
hearing these four notes.
Came down, nothing here,
then the piano lid
just slammed on its own,
and then
there was someone out there.
Unnerving, for sure.
I had a little look
around outside
and there's no trace of anyone.
The ground's fairly soft,
but not a single footprint
besides my own.
Okay, but what about the piano?
Hammers get stuck sometimes,
shake loose
when the humidity changes.
Okay, well, maybe you're right.
I just keep hearing
all about Eamon and Orla
and the whole accident thing,
and it must have got
stuck in my head.
If you're uncomfortable,
I can recommend a hotel or a--
a B&B.
No, I'll stay.
Maybe I just need some air.
I'll join you,
give a gander
around the property.
Not many people
are really using that anymore.
I'm bringing it back.
This is just beautiful.
I know.
It really is.
So what do you think happened
between Eamon and Orla?
It's not really my place to say.
I mean, just the basics.
It just feels like
I haven't gotten
the whole story.
Well, it was before
I took a post here,
but around 9:00 p.m.,
Eamon finishes his recital.
A Garda,
what we call a cop over here,
pulls him over
around 10:00 p.m...
Next day,
they're both found deceased.
You think he pushed Orla
over these cliffs
and then poisoned himself?
That's what
the official report says.
A fairly dark subject
for such a stunning view.
That it is.
I might not have been talking
about the sunrise.
I see what you did there.
Sorry, I'm a bit
out of practice.
Well, thank you, Inspector.
For the compliment?
Thank you for coming here
and making me feel better.
I really should go get ready
for class.
Oh, yeah. Nice one.
Really smooth.
Our donors are
especially excited to have you.
Uh, Liam Byrne,
one of our main donors,
is a choir alumni
who lost to Bishopstown
every year.
He's hoping to live vicariously
through his son Rian's
first win.
I see.
No pressure, though.
Ladies and gentlemen
of the choir,
positions, please.
It is my extreme pleasure
to introduce to you Miss Brown.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Thank you.
So I could use
a whole game-day pep talk,
but, like my Dad always said,
sometimes, it's better
to just rip
the Band-Aid right off.
I'm going to play a note
for you,
and I want you
to sing it back to me.
Now you.
It's a start.
I just want to say,
my Da' really wants me to solo
for the All-County,
and I would do anything not to.
Rian Byrne, I'm assuming?
Oh, no.
He already got to you.
We'll work on him
together, Rian.
Guessing you're not a student.
Um, wondering if you could
keep the doors closed
while in session?
We're doing exponents
across the hall.
Of course.
Welcome, by the way.
Thank you, by the way.
Across the hall
if you ever need anything,
even when you don't.
Very much appreciated.
Okay. Pardon me.
Thank you.
Now, where were we?
Can I help you?
Hey, I'm Seamus.
I do local deliveries.
Billy asked me
to drop you in the basics.
- Gets?
- Gethsemane.
The basics?
In these parts, yeah.
Yeah, so that Riordan's
is premium, so just take care.
A bottle's a few months' rent.
Just going to put these
in the kitchen.
I'm not
much of a drinker, but...
Billy was saying
that Eamon and Orla
used to drink
when they wrote together, and...
and when he, uh...
you know that story.
Well, I heard the official one,
but I definitely prefer
the new take.
Do you know, that's the--
that's the last thing
she ever wrote to him.
What is your take of it all?
Oh, I'm not into getting into
other's people's business.
You know,
just let sleeping dogs lie.
I will, uh, I'll see you around?
Thank you for the groceries.
You're welcome.
That is...
that's nice.
It's my dad's Renaudin.
It's premium,
a few months' rent as well.
Oh, I bet.
Anyway, it was lovely
to meet you...
Gethsemane. Okay.
That I am.
Good ear.
What are you doing here?
You can hear and see me?
Whatever you want, just take it.
Take it?
It's already mine.
What is...
What is going on?
I'm still figuring out
the ghost rules myself,
but you're probably
scared, too.
Look, I didn't murder Orla.
You're totally safe.
Everything's fine.
Let's start again.
I'm Eamon, and you're...
We smashed that.
Jet lag, lucid dream,
subconscious projection--
you're fine--
but you are talking
to yourself.
What's the craic?
Pardon me?
What can I get for ya?
Oh, whatever your house red is?
Pint comin' up.
Oh, no, no, no, I...
I don't need a pint.
A glass of wine.
Just messin' with ya, luv.
You're the teacher
staying up at Eamon's old place?
Small town, big gossip?
That, and I see things.
See things?
Tarot cards, tea leaves.
The women in my family
have always had a talent,
a special sight.
Are you sure you're all good?
Does look like
you've seen a ghost.
Just tired,
a little stressed.
Siobhan reads things
other than tea leaves, too.
What was the headline
in yesterday's paper, Siobhan?
"New Teacher Promises Gold
For St. Brendan's."
Hey, I also predicted
the Rovers win, so...
Thank you.
Oh, and what's "the craic"?
Oh, it's our "what's up?"
Response, "divil a bit,"
means "not much."
I'm Dr. Elizabeth,
Mary, local physician.
Gethsemane Brown.
My practice
is just across the street
if you ever need a check-up.
Thank you.
I just might.
Ghost guy?
Subconscious projection
of my own inner turmoil?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's a Riordan's Reserve.
You don't put it on ice.
You don't even drink it.
You just look at it in awe,
then put it away.
Please. Listen to me,
listen to me.
I am a nice ghost.
I'm actually harmless.
Papers say different.
They don't know the full story.
What do you want from me?
To solve my Orla's murder.
Yeah, then maybe mine,
if ya have time?
So you're saying
Orla was killed by someone else.
You were poisoned,
and now you're hassling me
so I can solve it for you?
It does feel like a bigger ask
when you say it out loud,
all right.
Love makes the world go round,
but whiskey makes it go
twice as fast,
especially when
it's been poisoned.
No, no, no, no,
the one I drank.
Yeah, probably
should've opened with that.
Coroner thought the poison
was foxglove.
Grows wild in Kilternan.
Very popular in gardens.
Not dangerous in small amounts.
How do you know that?
Had front-row seats
to both autopsies.
Okay, this doesn't
make any sense.
Very little here does.
You could've picked anyone.
Why me?
I didn't pick anything.
I've been plunking
these same four notes in jest
for the past five years...
...and you're the first one
to get the reference--
and the only one
to play the notes back to me.
maybe you've unlocked something.
Well, re-lock and go back
into whatever you came from.
Look, I'm a ghost, not a genie,
and genies don't ask you
for the wish, do they?
Look, I feel like
we've got off on the wrong foot.
I'm Eamon.
You see, this is why I need you.
How's that?
I can walk through walls,
but I can't move anything,
apart from
the piano lid and keys,
for whatever reason.
I have to say,
limbo is not the fun
dance-party game
it's cracked up to be.
You're stuck between worlds?
Can't even leave town.
I mean, I've tried,
but every time
I cross that bridge,
it's like hitting
smack into a window.
So if you want to leave
and get out of limbo...
I have to solve your murder?
Yes, and Orla's.
It's classic
unfinished business.
Please, can you help me?
I'll humor myself.
What evidence do you have?
Well, Orla was
uncharacteristically late
for my opening night.
When I came back home after,
she wasn't here,
so I found her the next day
at the base of the cliffs.
She had these marks
on her neck,
like studded imprints.
From what?
Coroner thought
it could have been evidence
of strangulation,
it was written off inconclusive.
Well, then
how did you get poisoned?
I carried her back in.
I called the police.
I didn't know what to do.
The note she left...
"Drink to
our never-ending love song."
So I did.
The glass was poisoned,
but no, not by her.
Again, I mean,
can you prove it?
What-- What...
Please, please,
I just want to see
my girl again,
and I think the only way I can
is to figure this out.
Can you help me?
This is a lot to digest.
Can I sleep on it?
I'll be here.
I think I've just been stressed
with my job,
my leaving my ex-fianc
back home,
haven't been sleeping well.
Not exactly.
What's not exactly?
I've been having
an annoying hallucination.
Tell me about
this hallucination.
He claims he's a ghost.
A ghost?
It's all probably in my mind
because I'm staying
at Eamon McCarthy's house.
I'm sure you've heard of him.
I have.
Actually, he and Orla
were friends of mine.
This is probably not the--
Oh, it's fine.
Was hard seeing
the world without him, but...
I think of them every day.
Any history of hallucinations?
My Dad had said
he "saw things,"
but we never believed him.
That's probably
in the back of my mind, too.
Losing him was...
has been...
This ghost has to be
a stress-related projection,
Strong possibility,
but let's get you settled in,
and if you're still
having trouble in a few days,
I'll send you for an MRI.
And in the meantime?
I'll write you a prescription
for sleep aid.
Give that ghost a rest.
Sorry about your Da'.
I guess that's both of us
right now,
two people
not wanting to let go.
If I see him
when I get up there,
what do you want me
to say to him?
I don't know.
You'd do that?
You help me solve all this,
I'll do anything you want.
Look, he gave you
a supernatural gift
for a reason.
All you have to do now's
allow your mind to open it.
In a way,
you'd be honoring him.
True, but I have no clue
if you're even real,
and if you were,
there's no evidence that...
Don't mind him.
...You're not lying
about killing Orla.
What if there was evidence?
Would we have a deal?
I would still
have to think about it.
Okay, come on.
Let's go.
I'll prove it.
You may be dead,
but I still
have to make a living.
After class,
we can check it out.
Alive, alive, oh
Alive, alive, oh...
Crying, "Cockles and mussels
alive, alive, oh..."
Too sharp, too flat,
and this one's just
mouthing the words, I think.
Oh, no, not you.
Okay, Rian...
show me an "E".
Miles Davis said,
"Don't fear mistakes.
There are none."
So try again.
That's not fair,
that wasn't even an "E"!
How did you know that?
My dad made me take
piano lessons since I was six.
It's so boring.
You may not have a voice, Rian,
but come.
Can you play this?
But you've got an ear.
I think we have just found
our accompanist for All-County!
There are no mistakes.
Well done, Gets.
Thank you,
but don't call me Gets.
Matti, sing me a "C".
Well, you can't win them all.
Okay, stop right up here.
I can't leave town.
I'll show you.
Now, Einstein said
energy is neither created
nor destroyed.
So if humans are energy,
where do we go?
You know where?
Meet its newest resident.
Speak up.
See? I told you
I was telling you the truth.
That doesn't prove
that you're not a figment
of my imagination
or that you didn't kill Orla.
Fact check my opening night.
The storm,
any news on this bridge--
Narrows Creek Bridge.
Narrows Creek Bridge...
If there was a downed tree
blocking this bridge...
Would there be
another road in town?
A backroad that circles
around from the east.
The weather was bananas,
so that's the way I took home.
Because this bridge
was impassable.
Other route would add
an extra hour 50
onto a really long drive.
And that means?
An officer couldn't've
pulled you over in Dunmullagh
anywhere near the time
they said.
The official story's wrong.
You couldn't have gotten back
at that time...
and killed Orla.
So that means...
an officer
is covering up something.
Well, then don't you
just hover into
a police station,
teleport into the filing room,
spy on your suspects,
and find the killer?
A) I don't hover.
B) How would I tell the police
I'm not the killer
when they can't hear me?
C) If the piano keys and cover
are the only thing I can move,
how I would I physically
open a file?
D) You're the only one
who can hear and see me.
Sorry, I lost
where I was going with that.
if an officer's
covering up something,
what are they covering up?
I think
O'Reilly needs to hear this.
Sounds to me like we have deal.
That we do.
What else?
Garda questioned Seamus Ashley
'cause he delivered
the whiskey that night.
Sat in on it myself.
Which puts him at the scene...
And he could've poisoned
the whiskey.
Or the whiskey
could've been poisoned later.
He did mention seeing
somebody arguing
with Orla on the doorstep.
A shorter person.
Male or female?
Haven't been able to ask.
Detective O'Reilly, please?
With the bridge washed out,
Eamon couldn't've been
in Dunmullagh
when the officer said.
Come here.
You're implying
a Garda's covering up?
You need to reopen the case.
It's not my case to reopen.
Why does this even
matter to you?
If Eamon didn't do it,
the killer is still out there.
We've had
no similar crimes recently.
A few break-ins, sure,
but no murders.
Please, I--
Miss Brown,
I appreciate your concern,
but I strongly recommend
you leave these matters
to the police.
I'll try.
I will.
Pull the Eamon McCarthy file
for me, will you, please?
What for?
Oh, I just want to give it
a quick gander.
It was you!
What have you got?
So we have Seamus
and an unknown shorter person
arguing at the house.
On top...
Officer Declan
lying about pulling you over.
Not to mention
Declan falsified a report
and destroyed it.
He could also be
the house suspect.
Mm, too tall
if Seamus is telling the truth.
Anything suspicious
about Seamus?
He and my nephew, Billy,
met in juvenile detention.
Billy was there
mainly for
fights and minor theft,
Seamus for break-ins, mostly.
- Mostly?
- And manslaughter.
Next time, open with that.
That charge was from
a car accident, though,
not a potential strangling
and poisoning.
Anyway, they both got
big into hurling since.
They're living the good life.
He's also a handyman.
I hired him a few years ago
to redo my floors upstairs.
Did a great job.
he was stealing.
I saw he was casing the house.
So why do you think
Declan is covering up, then?
Maybe for himself,
maybe for someone else.
Either way...
he definitely knows something.
Left a message at the station.
Haven't heard back.
Doubt I will.
You've never had any issues
with Declan or Seamus?
What about a motive?
Or Declan's connection
to Seamus?
Maybe Seamus
has something on Declan.
Maybe he's lying for him?
But if someone had reason
to hurt Orla,
Deirdre might know.
Deirdre is?
She runs Orla's fan site
over at Milltown.
If you need a break from me,
she'd be a good place to start,
unless, of course,
you like being here with me,
and, uh...
that's actually quite hurtful.
Don't mind me.
Grand here on me own.
Hi. Gethsemane.
I'm over in Dunmullagh.
I'm new to the whole area,
but I heard there's
no bigger fan of Orla O'Dell's
than you.
Word travels, apparently.
A die-hard fan myself.
"Forever and a Day,"
best ode to love written.
That it is.
Pardon my forwardness,
but I heard you have
the collection of collections,
and was just hoping to connect,
trade stories.
I'm not one
to just show up or barge in.
You're a fan
and in Ireland, dear.
My door's always open.
Join me for a wee cuppa?
She was so sweet
in real life, too.
I was absolutely shattered.
How long have you been running
the fan site for?
Started back in 2005.
It was just a little
message board that grew.
But I couldn't keep up
with it at all,
so I turned everything over
to some of the other members.
Not Billy McCarthy?
Billy is only interested
in lining his pockets.
When he's not hustling,
he's gambling.
He has debts all over town.
I heard his buddy, Seamus,
was there the day Orla died.
He says he saw someone else
arguing with her.
Sure, thank you.
I wouldn't trust a word
either said.
What do you think
really happened?
She got too close to the edge,
and in grief,
Eamon poisoned himself.
None of the other theories
ever made sense.
Fair enough.
I mean, who would want
to hurt Orla, right?
Eamon, on the other hand,
he did have some...
possessive fans.
Who knows,
but if Seamus did see someone
at the door that night,
it could've been Orla
shooing off
an eager fan of Eamon's.
Could have been.
Hopefully, there's
nothing more to it, right?
You're another podcast
or a reporter?
No, not a reporter--
I'll tell you like I told them,
I had nothing to do with it.
Oh, I'm just asking--
Well, I'm just
asking you to leave.
She definitely was
a shorter person,
and Deirdre's collection
was a touch obsessive.
I mean, it wouldn't be
the first time
a super-fan killed their hero.
If you would've seen
the look in her eyes...
Both she and Declan
are hiding something.
Or maybe Seamus
made up the story
of seeing someone
to cover for himself
casing the neighbourhood.
Or breaking in.
Orla catches him in the act...
...that's motive.
And I hate to say it,
but Deirdre isn't
a super-fan of Billy's.
Says he's exploiting you
and has gambling debts
all over town.
Billy's a good kid.
If you're angling that
Billy did it for inheritance,
he didn't even ask
to be in the will, so...
So he knew
he was in the will, though?
Musicians are worth more
dead than alive,
not to mention his bestie
delivering the poisoned bottle.
Maybe they were
working together,
splitting the inheritance.
Billy is not
a suspect ever, okay?
I'm sorry, but...
I've worked
with plenty of orchestras
that needed a little time
to come together,
I guess I didn't realize
we'd be starting
from the ground up.
Yeah, the St. Brendan's
arts department
has fallen behind
the past few years,
but that's why they called in
the esteemed Gethsemane Brown.
I just can't figure out
how to get them
on the same page.
Half of them can't even
find a tempo on their own,
let alone together.
You know, I had a rough time
when I first started.
It's no fun being the new guy,
trying to figure out
how to get 25 kids
invested in calculus.
What did you do
to get them invested?
Well, I guess,
after a while,
I realized,
yes, I'm teaching mathematics,
but, first and foremost...
I'm teaching kids.
So do you have any other
sage words of wisdom?
Maybe immerse yourself
in the culture a little more.
You should...
stop into the music jam
tonight down at the pub.
I don't know.
That-- that sounds like a date.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no date.
- Here.
- Oh.
Uh, it's like a stop-in,
just a brief hello, no meal.
Everyone's going to be there.
Will there be wine involved?
If you want, yeah.
So a date.
It's a stop-in
with the potential of wine,
no date, no meal.
I won't even--
I won't even compliment you.
You better not.
Let me think on it.
Hope to see you there.
He was definitely
asking you on a date back there.
I tell you, every love song
has a first note,
and Griff is a good lad.
His ex-wife, not so much.
You done with your matchmaking?
Eh, for now,
but I was thinking
we should go to the pub later,
or you should.
It's our town hall.
What is the proper outfit
when investigating
a double murder?
Don't ask me.
I'm dead.
The beginnings
of a classic love triangle.
Saw you and O'Reilly
by the cliffs.
Why don't you mosey around,
see what you find?
Message received.
Welcome, welcome.
Looks like you stopped in.
Quick tiny stop.
Don't even know if
it's technically a full stop.
It's a roll-through.
Get you that wine?
Too date-y.
- I got it.
- Okay.
You know, I was about
to compliment you,
then I remembered
you told me not to.
Smart man.
Join us if you like.
We're dead, Seamus.
That's 50 grand
down the tube.
We could double down
on Thursday night's game.
If not, there's always
my side-hustle.
Come on.
Let's get another round.
Call it-- heads or harps?
You're buying.
What's the craic?
Divil a bit.
She's a quick learner.
Let me get you a snakebite,
help you fit in better.
A what?
Bit of beer, bit of cider,
one glass.
Works for me.
Hey, I heard you're kind of
the go-to for local news.
Did you hear anything
about Deirdre--
she ran Orla's fan site--
before she stepped down?
it's not really stepping down
when you're fired.
Something about selling
fake autographs
through the website.
Orla wasn't having it.
When was this?
Not long before the accident.
What about Eamon?
Any problems with him?
Half the women in this town
were always after Eamon.
I know he and Orla had
more than a few fights about it,
but Eamon never strayed.
Did you know Deirdre
was fired from the fan site?
- No.
- Fake autographs.
But your idol turning on you
is definitely motive.
And Orla was apparently
a jealous type?
Wasn't her fault.
I mean, people were always
trying to drive us apart.
Sure, who could blame them.
Look at me.
Didn't expect to see
such a special guest tonight.
See? Everybody loves me.
I mean...
sheesh, this is good.
Um, who's the special guest?
Well, you are.
Well, you are
a well-regarded musician,
aren't you?
And we don't usually
have performers of your pedigree
at Trad Night.
"Trad Night"?
Traditional Irish music.
It's where a group of locals
get together
and play songs everyone knows.
Come on.
In the merry month of June
From me home I started
Left the girls of Tuam
nearly broken-hearted
Saluted Father dear
Kissed me darling mother
Drank a pint of beer
Me grief and tears
to smother
Then off to reap the corn
Leave where I was born
Cut a stout blackthorn
To banish ghosts and goblins
A brand-new pair of brogues
Rattlin' o'er the bogs
Frightenin' all the dogs
On the rocky road to Dublin
One two three four five...
You enjoy that?
Well done!
Siobhan, how about
a round for the band?
On me.
Yer business is music,
so why don't you stick to that?
You know, you've gone around
asking a lot of questions
that I don't think are safe.
I just wouldn't wanna see you
getting hurt or anything.
I just want to know more
about the person you saw
at Orla's that day.
Will you just leave it alone?
Their deaths were accidents,
nothing mysterious.
Is it a stretch
two kids who met in juvie
might've plotted a bigger crime
to claim an inheritance?
No, but a killer
strangling someone
feels angry and personal,
with real hurt.
Deirdre was rejected
by someone
she cared deeply about.
Ahh, never saw that one.
"Whatever souls are made of...
ours were the same."
Are the same.
You'll see her again.
That belt.
What about it?
The studded pattern,
that's the same pattern
that was on Orla's neck
when I found her.
Orla was killed with that belt.
Thieves drilled their way
into the safe.
I'd already done my deposits,
so they didn't
get anything there.
the security-cam lenses
right away,
so I couldn't get a good look.
Did something happen?
If there was
an Olympic medal
for police interference...
Last night.
Can I at least finish my report?
I will call you later,
Siobhan, okay?
And you, stay out of trouble.
Another one?
This used to be
such a nice town.
Off to school?
Milltown first.
Besides a mediocre rugby team,
what's in Milltown?
Orla's number-one fan.
Be careful out there.
How are you feeling, by the way?
I'm not seeing anything anymore,
so I think I'm good.
You sure?
Getting sleep?
All good.
Thanks, Doctor.
I don't have
anything else to say.
Just-- just one question.
I was going through
Orla's site.
I saw this picture of you
in this gorgeous studded belt.
I was wondering
where you got it from.
I don't remember any belt.
It's definitely unforgettable.
Oh. Uh, it was a gift,
so I'm not sure.
I should--
That belt matches strangle marks
on Orla's neck.
Strangle marks?
If you were there that night,
and that's your belt,
the police are going
to talk to you.
With me, it's off the record.
I know you didn't do anything.
Let me help you.
I was ashamed
after stealing from the site,
from her.
It wasn't Orla's fault
I never had money.
So I went by.
She'd given me that belt
as a gift,
but it didn't feel right
keeping something
that expensive,
so I gave it back,
like a down payment.
I'd never hurt Orla.
I couldn't.
Then who could've?
Let's get you
off the hook here.
When I went to her place,
there was someone else there,
someone inside.
I couldn't see.
It was only Orla's car
in the driveway.
I wanted to tell the Garda
for years,
but I was worried
that others could get hurt.
What others?
Look, someone's been watching me
since you were here,
maybe listening,
and if they're watching me,
they're watching you, too.
Please be safe.
Who was with Orla that night?
I shouldn't've said anything.
- Headed to lunch?
- Headed to the field?
Yeah, I promised Coach Hingerty
I'd help him
with the scrimmage.
What's your sport?
Parents discouraged sports
or anything non-music.
Worried I'd have fun.
Ah. Mine thought that it would
distract me from my studies.
I only picked up
hurling recently,
but other than that...
Have fun.
Bon appetit.
Hey, Deirdre.
Whoever was watching's here.
They think I said something.
Deirdre, if you're in danger,
hang up the phone
and call the police.
They're on the way.
Look, the person at Orla's,
I didn't see them,
but they took a call.
The cell had a ringtone like...
Why do I know that tune?
I saw their shoes.
Male or female?
Deirdre! Deirdre!
Deirdre going to be okay?
She's alive,
but she was hit pretty hard
with something.
You shouldn't be here.
She knew if she said anything,
something like this
was going to happen,
but it was going to happen
to others.
It like
she was protecting someone.
Didn't say.
She did mention someone
was at Orla's that night.
Any description?
She saw red shoes
and heard their ringtone.
I-I know that tune
from somewhere.
It's definitely
late '70s, early '80s.
I'll just check
the 3.8 million cellphones
in Ireland
and enter them all
into circumstantial evidence.
I know you're not supposed to,
but we can help
each other out here.
If we were to talk,
it can't be here.
The Narrows Creek Bridge
is on the way
back to Dunmullagh.
It's very picturesque.
I might stop
for a little sightseeing.
My niece!
Deirdre, where is she?
Follow me.
Deirdre's Declan's niece?
Maybe he was the one
she was worried about
getting in trouble or hurt?
Subjective, but possibly,
but we're talking
about the case.
We're not,
but if we were,
I'd tell you
that Deirdre owned the belt
Orla was strangled with.
Where'd you get strangling from?
Declan's also the officer
who reported pulling Eamon over.
Declan is on his way
to the hospital,
but I will speak with him later.
Again, not talking
about the case,
but I have a meeting
with the coroner,
who has both Eamon and Orla's
original autopsy notes,
and the reason
I'm telling you this
is to ease your mind
that I'm doing my job.
But whoever it is,
they know we're on to them.
Which is why you need
to stay out of it.
The reason
I agreed to come here--
Was to ask
what I saw at Deirdre's.
It was to make sure
you got home safe.
Some of the splinters
on the floor
were connected
to what looked like
the black tape
they wrap hurlies with.
Find the broken stick,
find the person
that attacked Deirdre,
find the killer.
It is very picturesque, though.
Why don't I give you
a ride home?
I have a bike.
I know.
I have a boot,
and it's going rain.
It's getting better, guys.
Keep up the good work.
Oh, Matti, come, sit down.
When I was a kid,
I was so shy,
I couldn't even answer
the phone.
It would just ring and ring.
Drove my parents insane.
I was worried
I'd say the wrong thing.
But then I realized,
later in choir,
I was just one
of a bigger voice...
...and we need all those voices
to make that one sound,
so be more brave
with your volume next class?
I mean,
if you lead your section,
they will follow.
You have great pitch
and an amazing ear.
Just put the phone to that ear
and answer the call.
I just don't want
to screw it up.
There are no mistakes, Matti.
Be bold.
I'll try.
I highly doubt
we're going to win All-County.
There are worse fates in life.
Look at me.
But why did you quit performing?
Lost my passion somewhere.
Hoped teaching
might help me find it again,
and maybe because my dad
taught music, too.
I don't know.
You can always fail at
what you don't want to do, too,
so always go for the dream.
That's where the passion is.
Teaching, performing, whatever.
As soon as I pull myself
out of a murder investigation,
I'll put "take life advice
from a dead person"
on the top of my list.
But so you don't end up
a fellow dead person,
maybe let O'Reilly do his job.
Aw, look.
You care about me.
Maybe, kind of.
Well, Eamon...
I maybe, kind of, yes,
about you, too...
...which is
why I'm not stopping.
My violin!
What just happened?
Looks like a burglary,
and that looked a lot
like Seamus Ashley.
He must've dropped the violin
when he heard us.
Upstairs doesn't seem
to have fared too badly,
but you're sure you saw
Seamus Ashley in the house?
I sure did.
Not really, but I am sure.
It was him.
I know he's had
a past with break-ins.
He commented on my violin.
He knew it was expensive.
Did you or did you not
see him specifically, though?
I didn't.
I'm sorry you had to go
through this, but I can't go--
I'll lay off.
I'll go down
and have a chat with Billy,
see if I can learn anything.
I'll come back up
and check in on you, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Cute. Who's the girl?
That's Dr. Elizabeth,
lip-synching back in the day,
had our own "band".
Mostly played pots and pans.
Our parents were very patient.
Met Orla not too long
after that, actually.
Two-piece band
became a three-piece.
Well, we're definitely
getting closer.
Then why does Orla feel
further away than ever?
No, I'm the skeptic.
You're the dreamer.
It's going to work out, okay?
I gave that to Orla
after our third year together.
I asked her to marry me.
It must have fallen
in the piano,
been there the whole time.
You-- You didn't tell me
that you and Orla were married.
Oh, she never said yes.
She said being together
was all she ever wanted.
said she'd hold onto it
and promised
she'd say yes some day.
"Drink to
our everlasting love song."
Maybe she finally decided to.
that's the reason
why she was late
to your performance that night.
She couldn't find the ring.
Am I ever
going to get to see her again?
You will.
I promise.
I'll leave it right here...
for when you two
find each other again.
We need to talk.
Why did you lie about
pulling Eamon over that night?
When I got to his place,
Orla had these marks
on her neck,
and I found a belt,
a belt I knew
Deirdre was prouder
than anything
to have gotten from Orla.
It looked like
she'd been strangled.
So you got rid of the belt
so Deirdre wouldn't be
a suspect?
Two people's lives
were already over.
I knew she'd go to jail,
innocent or not.
Do you think
Deirdre killed Orla?
I did...
until she was attacked.
And where were you
the night Orla died?
I was on duty.
Any record
of what you were up to?
No, it was a quiet shift.
And what about
when Deirdre was attacked?
You think I hurt Deirdre?
I covered for her
to protect her.
Did she know you lied for her?
Maybe she was going
to come clean.
I didn't kill Orla,
and I didn't attack Deirdre
to save my job.
Look, all I ever did was
try and protect my family.
So no, I didn't do it.
I'll walk you down.
You've got police interference
and obstruction of justice
for now.
Come on.
Don't do it, Gethsemane.
You're talking to ghosts
and yourself now?
Just one quick look in his truck
can't hurt, right?
Declan confessed
to covering up for Deirdre
and lying about seeing me.
But not to the murders?
No, but he's behind bars
until bail's set.
So okay.
Then I can, say,
have a gander in Seamus's truck.
Windy day, wouldn't you say?
Oh, downright blustery.
A broken hurley.
Hmm. This one comes
with blood on it.
The tape's ripped, too.
Wood splintered,
making it look like...
what put Deirdre
in the hospital.
I told you to leave it alone.
I-I will.
I-I'm sorry.
It's too late for that.
Hey! What do you think
you're doing?
Get your hands off me.
A man with your record
should know
it'd look pretty incriminating
if you were to flee.
He says Father Tim
had him come by
to fix the leaky tap
on the second floor.
Those have been leaky
for quite a while.
I'll, uh,
I'll speak to Father Tim
and circle back if I need
any further statements.
We'll be here.
Don't look now,
but you're literally standing
in a triangle formation.
I should get back to work.
Me too.
Absolutely, yeah,
and you have my number if,
uh, you need anything.
That I do.
I'll see ya.
See you.
Alive, alive, oh
Alive, alive, oh...
Crying "Cockles and mussels
alive, alive, oh"
And the phone's ringing.
Pick it up.
That's it!
Well done, everyone!
How did it feel?
We're definitely going
to win the All-County now.
Well, we still have work to do,
but maybe we have a shot.
We could win
if we had a cooler song.
What's wrong with this song?
Okay, I...
guess we could use
something fresh,
something ours,
something All-County
has never heard before.
Like, if Eamon McCarthy
were alive,
what would he write?
No. No.
No, no, no, no, no.
You must have something around.
Uh, did I mention no?
What about expanding
that song from other night?
I just don't know
if I can do it.
I don't know if I can write
without my muse.
Sometimes, the best way
through writer's block
is to write through it.
Hit those blue notes.
No one's going to hear.
I mean, all you can do
is put your heart into it,
find that love, and try.
I've gotta say,
hope looks good on you, Gets.
What did we say about "Gets"?
Okay, for you,
Gethsemane Brown...
I'll try to write through it.
Oh, sorry, Gethsammy.
Meet Mr. Marple.
He's a condo developer
wanting to set up
some vacation spots here.
- Wait, you're selling?
- What?
Excuse us.
This is happening when?
I'm heading abroad for a bit,
so, hopefully,
sooner rather than later.
He's motivated, cash in hand.
Why are you selling
all of the sudden
and leaving the country?
We all have bills to pay,
and I hope you're not
suspecting me
in any of this Eamon stuff.
I'm just worried
that if the house sells
and it gets torn down,
any new evidence of your uncle
might get lost.
Look, you never listened
to Seamus,
but you're going to listen me.
There's not going to be
any new evidence,
so back off, yeah?
I'm sorry about
your scare earlier.
You know, break-ins have been
a problem in the area.
Can I at least ask you
where you were
the night of the accident?
I think it's best
you probably start looking
for a new place.
You know, wouldn't want you
to get pushed out or anything.
Pocket dial.
He could've changed
his ringtone.
Has been five years.
Where can I put this?
I need to keep it safe.
In here.
It's an armoire,
built by my ancestors.
Good idea.
Never seen that before.
And the thief left one behind.
It looks old.
Like a groat coin, maybe.
And that is?
Years back,
when the Brits
came for our property,
the locals would hide
or bury their coins,
so their money
wouldn't be seized as well.
Looks like my ancestors
hid theirs here.
Worth anything?
Oh, I'd imagine.
Because Seamus
was flipping one of these
for heads or harp at the pub.
Who else would know
this was here?
You're going to say
someone who worked
the property, like Billy.
Or like you said,
you hired Seamus
to redo your floors
right before the murders.
He could've found it then.
You're thinking Billy broke in
the night Orla was here?
And she interrupted him.
There's no sign of a break-in.
But Billy
would have a key, right?
That he would.
So they both
could've been there.
Gethsemane, games night
at the pub tonight.
I'll see what I can do.
We'll save you a seat.
Tell your teacher friend
to watch his back.
You okay?
We have no witnesses seeing him
attack Deirdre or Orla
or even being at your place.
Well, I saw him.
What about the broken hurley
with blood on it?
It was mostly mud,
and the little blood there was,
he says was his.
He broke it when
he was tossed out of the game.
Spectators confirmed.
I've still sent it down
to forensics,
but it might not be
what was even used
in the attack.
I found this
by a cracked lockbox at Eamon's.
Seamus broke in
to steal these coins,
and he still has one.
If Orla caught him,
that's motive.
I'll take a look at the lockbox,
but I can't hold him
on a matching coin.
What's it called?
We're calling it
"Orla's Theme".
Not finished.
Who wants to try this out?
Definitely from the late '70s,
early '80s.
What song is that?
I wish I knew.
It's from a ringtone
I heard the other day,
but it's a bit of an earworm,
trying to figure out
the full melody.
"She's a Woman." Cool.
"A Deep Cut," by Rokotto.
Great work, Rian.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
I'm glad you kept
the door open this time.
I heard you earlier
with the kids.
It was...
it was breathtaking.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, um, see you later.
They're just shoes.
What motive
would Griff have, anyway?
Do you think maybe
there's a part of you
that wants him to be a suspect
because you're scared
of falling for him?
I'll go wait on the bike.
Just saying,
leave the house alone.
Nobody knows anything.
Anything about what?
I've heard you boys
have been betting
on the matches again.
Few unlucky streaks, yeah?
- Yeah. A few.
- Okay.
So my question is this--
did he kill Orla
when she found him in our house,
or did the both of you?
Oh, no, no.
Or maybe--
Orla and Eamon were both
supposed to be poisoned
by the bottle
your friend, Seamus, delivered,
and when he was nicked
for robbery,
you inherit the big lovely house
all to yourself.
is max six months.
Murder is up to 40 years.
It's your call
what you go in for.
Why did you break in
the other night?
Billy and I
owe some bad people,
and that violin is worth a lot,
but that doesn't make me
a killer.
The night Orla died...
...you broke in then, too?
Orla was supposed to be
at Eamon's concert that night.
I went in for the lockbox,
but then she came home in a--
in a rush--
like she'd forgotten something--
something about a ring.
I was upstairs.
I didn't see much.
Billy gave you
the key to get in?
What if I say he did?
Six months or 40 years, pal.
It's up to you.
Billy let me in.
What's going on
in that beautiful mind of yours?
How did the killer know
that you were going to drink
the poison as well?
I'm guessing someone
who knew we drank it
when we wrote or celebrated?
When I first got here,
Seamus literally said
Billy told him that exact thing,
so they both know.
Or unless it was meant
to be just Orla who drank it,
so that they could break in
when she was out cold?
Your death an accident's
from a bottle
left behind in a rush?
...but we're still missing
that one last piece.
Billy's selling,
skipping town.
Innocent people
don't usually run.
But we don't have
any real evidence against him.
Maybe we look
for our missing piece
over at Billy's.
It's games night
at the pub later.
He'll definitely be there.
We have a plan, then.
Feels too easy.
Billy isn't going to leave this
just lying around.
But I did find
parts of my stolen car
hidden in a back room,
along with a stack
of newer electronics.
That explains the break-ins,
but this hurley's
clearly planted.
Yeah, but by who?
Declan's in jail, so...
maybe it's someone
off the radar.
Like you said,
a strangling's personal,
a family member or...
[footsteps approaching
Who are you calling?
Someone very close to you.
Gethsemane, I knew you just
couldn't leave this alone.
In your office,
you said it was hard
seeing the world without him...
...not them.
It's all about Eamon,
all about love.
It's a dangerous thing,
isn't it?
Dr. Elizabeth?
Go, go, go!
If I end up dead,
it's Dr. Elizabeth.
Meet me at my house.
It's done.
The cops are on their way.
We're going to get you help.
There's something going on
in that head of yours
I'm worried about.
We'll get you
further checked out.
The duet was supposed to be
you and Eamon...
until Orla came along.
Not sure
what you're talking about.
You've been staying close
to this case the whole time.
The more we found out,
the more you had to cover up.
That's why you attacked Deirdre.
Let's just talk this through.
You're not well.
You were going to see
Eamon's concert with her,
weren't you?
As Orla's close friend,
she probably confided in you
that she was going to finally
accept Eamon's proposal...
...and that couldn't happen...
And you had no idea
Seamus and Billy arranged
a burglary the same night...
...or that Deirdre would show up
to return the studded belt.
Maybe you proposed
a quick drink...
...a toast,
something to settle her nerves.
But Orla,
she drinks too little,
so you panicked.
You pushed Orla over the cliff
and you ran off.
You saw Seamus inside,
but you couldn't go in.
Either way,
you accidentally
leave the poison behind,
not realizing Eamon drinks it.
Why didn't you just
tell Eamon how you felt?
You're a sick
and troubled woman.
I'm afraid, your state of mind,
you could self-harm.
They'll see it
in my examination notes.
I'm sorry.
You were the one thing
made life livable.
You were my world,
but you never saw me as yours.
My entire life
spent wondering...
why wasn't I enough?
Orla is everything.
Okay, Doc.
Hands where I can see them!
That's it.
That's it.
Stay where you are.
It's okay, Gethsemane.
I've got it.
That's it, that's it.
I thought we did
everything right.
We did.
I guess this is goodbye.
Here we say...
like, uh, farewell.
Do you think you can say it
to my dad for me?
I'd be delighted to meet him.
Tell him thank you...
...because everything brought me
here to this exact moment.
the only place to be
For a true love song
never fades
I adored you then
And I love you now
Forever and a day
I adored you then
And I love you now
Forever and a day
Bravo! Bravo!
You did it,
and with no pressure.
The students did it,
and you should be proud.
Oh, I am.
Um, I, uh,
I did some investigating,
and, apparently,
these are what you give out
after an amazing show, so...
Thank you.
That data coincides
with mine.
I don't know
how you pulled it off.
Luck, and a little fate.
I was about to say
the same thing.
Afterparty down at the pub?
We should do a song together?
Her and I, not me and you.
Mm. I got that.
Let me get my things.
Definitely prefers me.
Now that the whole town
adores you,
more of a square
than a love triangle.
What are you doing here?
your Da' is terrible at poker,
but he has
the most amazing laugh.
He says he loves you,
misses you,
and is very proud of you...
...like I am.
And in his own very big words,
your performance
the other night...
"stupendously prodigious".
He saw that?
We both did.
He says you're right
where you need to be.
To answer your question,
I have some friends
still stuck in limbo,
not living their best afterlife.
They could really use
your help, Gets.