Haunted House (2019) Movie Script

(creepy music)
- [Seth] All right, not
hunting for this guy today.
- [Dan] Maybe.
- [Seth] Hey,
focus will ya, you never know.
We could show up in this barn.
At the old homey homestead,
getting ready to peace out.
Mom and Dad just fed me
a nice, luscious supper
of burgers and salad.
And there's Dan.
I'm sorry there, Gerht?
- Like the good old days.
- Amen, brother.
Gehrt and I ...
Let's see if it focuses, oh, yeah.
Look it, it's us Gehrt.
Gehrt and I did some shootin'.
Cut to a montage of our shoots.
We're back, we just
wanted to do those shoots
to send some energy through the air.
To show the ghosts who
they're messin' with.
We're here to kill ghosts, I don't know
about you, Gehrt, but--
- Yeah.
- That's why I'm in this business.
- Show 'em that we're serious.
- Serious, real serial.
- Deadly serious.
- [Seth] Deadly.
With guns and things.
So, yeah, so we're about to head out to
good old Schaller, Iowa
and meet the Kole Knipfel,
that we have not hunted
with for a few years
at our old OG of CCPI.
So we'll have to come up with a crew name,
since we're no longer
CCPI Ghost Hunters.
- Yeah.
- We'll have to ponder
that through the night.
So stay with us.
We'll figure that out, onward, sirs.
(voices drowned out by road noise)
What's that?
- [Seth] It's Kole Knipfel.
- [Kole] You know it.
- [Seth] Oh my, it's also been.
- That's why you're wet now.
- [Seth] A little bit.
You ready to hunt some ghosts?
- Sure, what's the story on this one?
- [Seth] Just old classmate
of mine works there,
and they said a bunch of people
hear really weird noises
they can't explain.
- Cool.
- [Seth] I'm gonna
put this away before it gets too wet.
- [Dan] We're here.
- We're here.
Because we're here.
You wanted us.
Now you got us, cut.
- [Seth] I just wanna know a little bit
what you guys have been experiencing.
- Well a lot of footsteps, a lot of ...
We'll be working.
There'll be a couple of us,
and then we'll hear
footsteps and doors slam,
and we go upstairs to see what's going on
and there's absolutely nobody there.
- [Seth] Wow.
- when we
first built this place,
we had a room over in here
that was kind of, we were
building a suspension bridge.
And it was pretty late.
We all kinda stopped
and there was a mix
between a howl and a moan.
It lasted for about 20 seconds or so.
- [Seth] Wow.
- And, everybody heard.
We all kinda looked at
each other like, "Okay."
We didn't do much more that night.
But yeah, just lots of noise.
We'll be sitting in here
at a break or something,
after working, and we heard
some stuff over that way.
We've heard some stuff
that way, just odd noises.
Just no idea of what it is.
We had a rocking chair
up on the third floor.
This has been quite a few years ago.
We ended up moving it
clear up into a little coop
on the fourth floor area.
And a couple times we'd go up there
and the chair would
actually be sit and rocking.
We never went up there really
see what was causing it.
- [Seth] Oh, wow, that's awesome.
- They used to always
tell me these stories,
and I always ignored 'em.
Thinking it was crap.
We were working,
and there was four of us
standing right out here.
And you hear-
footsteps crossed
upstairs and a door slam.
- [Seth] Oh, my gosh, man.
- It was pretty creepy.
- [Seth] How long has
this been a haunted house?
- Started in 2005.
- [Derek] 2005, yeah.
- It's an old, abandoned popcorn plant.
- [Seth] Oh, wow, okay.
Being obviously doing
paranormal for so long,
we have a theory on ...
You guys make fear happen here,
and so energy glomps that.
I don't even care if nothing's
ever happened on this property.
That's like a beacon, and they're like,
"Ooh, that's where I wanna hang out."
And so, I'm not surprised.
But yeah, let's see this place.
- [Keith] Before this, this
was all just a hallway.
It was never anything.
- [Seth] Okay.
- [Keith] It was just plain wood.
- [Seth] Gotcha, love
that, ain't that so sick?
- [Keith] So there's a garage.
- [Seth] Oh, see, this is
gonna damn me in the night.
- Was talking to a couple people,
and they said that they'd heard,
and I don't know if any of this true,
but they heard that one
guy had hung himself here
when it was a popcorn plant.
- [Seth] Really?
- There is that.
- And that another guy got caught
in the conveyor hum upstairs,
and that the only way
they found out about it
was some guys were down on
break and his leg fell down.
Cut his leg off.
Whether that is true or not, I don't know.
- [Seth] Right, right.
That's good legend, though.
Really fire some stuff up, dang.
- Casket.
- [Seth] That's pretty big.
- [Keith] That's a true casket, that's--
- [Seth] Yes.
- [Keith] That as as real
as it gets right there.
- [Seth] Frickin' love it.
(ominous music)
- Get this incorporated
like we want it to, but
Jacob's Ladder.
- [Seth] Oh, are you, dude.
You know how-
much that powers paranormal activity?
- [Derek] Really?
- [Seth] Like crazy.
Oh, yeah.
- [Dan] Oh, yeah.
- It's gotten so bad in here
that we've had to spay Whitecell,
because there was so
much urine on the floor.
- [Seth] Oh, my gosh.
- [Trent] It's not exaggerating.
- [Seth] No, I have no doubt.
(voices overlapping)
- [Ghostly Voice] Don't look back.
- So we were corner.
We are in the Schaller
Haunted House right now.
Just about to get started
with our investigation.
This right here is Mr. Trent.
He works here and does a lot of building
and he also performs.
He's had some pretty awesome
experiences here, so.
He's along for the fun ride tonight
and hopefully get him some experiences
and also definitely us.
And I think we're just
gonna kinda start right now.
A little slow, just quiet.
Let things cool down here,
and just start with some pictures,
some eye on our photos, and yeah.
That's very good to meet curves.
I'm hearing a thump.
- I just heard something.
- [Seth] My ears are going (mumbles).
- I heard it too again, so.
- [Seth] Does that
sound like footsteps or?
- It's hard to say,
it felt like running.
- Or is it the?
Right, but you feel
that bass though, right?
- Yeah.
- Unless it's the
Jacob's Ladder.
- I can hear it.
- [Seth] I can almost
hear the Jacob's Ladder.
- [Dan] I don't hear the bass, though.
Or I don't think the
bass would be with it.
- With it.
- [Dan] Yeah.
It's all good.
- I was hearing (mumbles).
- [Dan] Yeah, I was
hearing the same thing, so.
- It's right there.
- [Dan] Yeah.
- It's really hard to tell.
The Jacob Ladders isn't right above us.
- Oh, okay.
- [Dan] Still sounds like
it's off to the right here.
- Yeah.
- [Dan] Off
to your guy's left.
- [Seth] All right, this.
- So we're gonna do just a running
get section here for a few minutes.
Is there anyone in this
vicinity that can hear my voice?
That can speak with us?
Are you able to use the energy
from the Jacob's Ladder over here?
- [Trent] Anybody hear that?
- [Dan] Yeah.
- What'd you guys hear?
- [Dan] Like a higher
pitch, almost like a voice.
- Are you able to make
that noise again for us?
My name is Seth.
This is Kole and Dan.
We were brought in by
Keith, Trent, and Derek.
We were brought here to
communicate with you guys.
To give you a platform to show yourselves.
This place showcases fake
ghosts and fake scares,
but we know you're real,
so let's show that there's
real ghosts here, real spirits.
All right, brought the ghost box.
If I can find the power
button before I speak here.
(child mumbling)
If I can find the power button before-
If I can find the power button.
If I can find the power button before-
Is there a female in
this building with us?
Try it.
Take our energy, take
the energy around you.
Speak with us, please.
What is your name?
(ghostly mumble)
Is somebody moving?
- He's right, though.
- Did you hear that?
- [Keith] Somebody's coming through.
- [Dan] Let's hone in on that.
- Oh, wow.
Here, have you listen.
- [Keith] Yeah, okay, I got it.
- Hey, that was a voice,
sounds like a girl.
Wow, I'm focusing on that.
- [Dan] When you least
expect it, you can hear.
- Can you repeat yourself?
I'm so sorry, I didn't hear you.
Can you repeat yourself?
Can you repeat yourself?
Can you repeat yourself?
That guy, that sound--
- [Kole] Nice.
How old are you?
- [Dan] On the sign behind you.
- [Seth] Oh, "Have a nice death."
Thank you.
If you can channel yourself
through that white noise,
appear to us, appear to this camera
so that we can show the
world that you exist,
that you are here, that you are
not forgotten, please do so.
Again, I'm just gonna
ask, what is your name?
- [Dan] That was me.
All right, I just saw, it
could've been dust in here,
but I just saw an orb go
straight in your mouth
and then come out of your mouth
and disappear over here.
- Whoa.
(ghostly murmuring)
- [Spiritus] Watch out.
(ghostly echoes)
(ghostly echoes)
- What is this building used for?
(ghostly echoes)
- [Spiritus] Haunted.
- She said, "Haunted," wow.
(ghostly echoes)
- [Spiritus] Run.
(ghostly echoes)
- Who is here with us right now?
(ghostly echoes)
- [Dan] Can you say one of our names?
(ghostly echoes)
- [Spiritus] Gehrt.
(ghostly echoes)
- How did someone die in this building?
(ghostly echoes)
- [Spiritus] Rope.
(ghostly echoes)
Hung, dead.
(ghostly echoes)
- Before I shut this off,
does anyone wanna say anything else?
(ghostly echoes)
Oh, thanks.
It's focused on that too hard.
- [Kole] What do you want,
just sit and see if we get anything?
- [Dan] Yeah, I think we should.
- Yeah.
- [Dan] What was that?
- That was me,
I'm sorry.
- [Kole] Damn.
- I was testing this.
- [Dan] Down there.
- I heard it, too.
(ghostly yell)
It was this,
but I don't this it is.
- [Dan] No.
Like a higher pitch.
I heard it to my right.
Did you hear it, Kole?
- [Kole] No.
- You're recording, right?
- [Dan] Yeah.
- [Dan] The money maker.
- [Seth] A little Daniel action here.
Excuse me.
- [Dan] This must be high up.
- [Seth] Oh, yeah.
Oh, you went all the way
over there, huh, Dan?
It's so hard for me with
these frickin' props.
I can't imagine doing the wax museums.
Oh, my God.
- [Kole] Pitch black.
- [Seth] Yeah.
- [Kole] Yeah.
- [Seth] What was that?
- That the wind?
- [Seth] I don't know.
(creepy music)
I think that's a skull right there.
- [Female Voice] Yeah.
- [Female Voice] Yeah.
- [Seth] Someone just wanna
to shut the light off for me?
See this light?
- [Kole] Right here?
- [Seth] Something just ran across it.
I'm 100%, towards, yeah, so.
It would've been towards us,
but it's something down the hallway.
It's 100%, I saw somebody.
So we were just down over by the maze,
so it'd be the exit of the maze,
and we went down there
earlier when Trent was here.
And we were just kinda sitting there,
asking for stuff to happen, it was quiet.
So the hallway where the check-in area is,
is a light on, and it's
shining down on the wall.
And I turned to look at Kole,
and I looked at the light on the wall,
and I see clear as day a shadow.
From kind of what we
compared with Kole and stuff,
it was probably about six foot tall,
and it just waltzed
right across that wall.
It was human, I could see the
face profile and everything,
just walked right across there.
And just whole atmosphere changed.
But then it was quiet.
I'm not sure what's going
on, but I definitely seen
a shadow person here at
Schallers's Haunted House.
You have the match on?
- [Dan] What's going on, Seth?
- I swear I just heard
footsteps, I don't know.
And then I was feeling that bass again
that I was feeling earlier
literally almost in my core.
It literally sounded like someone
just started going across.
I don't know.
But we've been in here for a few minutes
and I wasn't feeling all of a sudden.
- [Dan] yep.
- I cannot
put my finger on this place.
I truly feel it's all residual.
But some of this down, I don't know.
- [Dan] We know what the story's about.
Someone hanging, but not
everywhere that someone dies
is haunted, so.
- [Seth] All right.
- [Dan] And we've only
been here one night.
- [Kole] It could be an off-night.
- [Dan] Or we could be missing
a lot with the rain, too, so.
- I've never had much luck
on a rainy night before.
Come up, and he goes, "I wanted to go."
- [Dan] Got approx four
minutes left on this.
- Four minutes? Okay.
But yeah, that is so freaky.
- Oh, man.
- So frickin' freaky.
We were all doing a little ghost hunt
upstairs in his office.
Then we had to sleep
there and I was terrified.
I still can't sleep in his house.
- Seriously, did you sleep,
were you the one that
slept in front of the door?
Or was that--
- No, that was DJ.
I think Haunted Iowa.
- It was in the playroom
that where we slept.
- Yeah, DJ slept against the door.
- Okay.
- Him.
I slept in the other room.
- You hear that?
- [Dan] Shh.
- I heard that, too.
There it is.
How much time we got?
- [Dan] One minute.
- Movement upstairs.
- [Dan] Zero minutes.
- Dang it.
- [Dan] Lights and phone.
- Okay, we're hearing movement
upstairs, loud movement.
- [Dan] Still?
- Oh, yeah.
Oh my gosh, clear as day.
- Yeah.
- I seriously, are you still recording?
- [Seth] Yeah.
- Okay.
I seriously am thinking right
now that someone came back.
- [Seth] Yeah, it's that--
- The front door locked?
- [Seth] Yeah.
- Front door's locked?
- [Seth] Yeah.
- So it's not
a stranger walking in?
- [Seth] Maybe it's someone with--
- It's not an animal?
- [Seth] No.
- It's heel to toe footprints?
- [Seth] Yeah, and it's moving about like,
I would not be surprised
if there was doors.
It sounded like a door opening.
Like the spring-loaded stuff.
- Talking about past experiences.
- [Seth] It works.
- Every time.
- [Seth] Every time.
- [Dan] Do you wanna go and check?
- [Seth] Yeah, I'm trying to think.
So we've have to go
this way up the stairs.
- [Dan] Just go back the same way.
- [Seth] Okay, go.
I wonder if you can
take the auto-recorder.
- Your luck.
Did anyone take the steps?
- [Seth] I mean, I'm
just gonna do it again.
No, I just ran steps behind this.
- There's movement in this room.
- [Seth] You hear anything?
- You hear it?
Do you hear it?
- [Seth] Yeah.
- Go, take this.
- [Seth] Do you know how
to turn the light down,
that should be good.
- [Dan] Stupid house.
Dude, there's no one here.
- [Seth] No one?
Dude, you and me heard
these things moving.
Oh, yeah.
- [Kole] Yeah.
- There's no way no one
could've gotten on that side.
We can either go back that way,
so we don't have to go through that.
Then we can go up the stairs if we want.
- [Dan] I say we go back,
and the floor up here almost sounded
like the footsteps we were hearing.
- Yeah, but it was above us, though.
I heard the first--
- [Dan] We go up?
- Yeah.
- [Dan] We go up?
The ramp right there.
- Oh, that's true, but
we're not above us, though.
- [Dan] I didn't hear it.
I heard it above but at an angle.
- Oh.
- [Dan] I didn't
hear it like directly above us.
- Oh, wow, okay.
See, I thought it was above us,
but yeah, that could definitely ...
Then they were in this room.
- [Dan] Oh, yeah, could've been.
- Oh, my gosh.
- [Dan] Yeah, let's go back.
- Okay.
- [Dan] See if we
can hear it again.
Hey, you guys go back to the hallway.
- Okay.
- [Dan] And I'll walk.
- Okay, yeah, absolutely.
Who is here, and you're left.
That's it, Derek, that's it.
- [Kole] That's it.
- That's totally it.
- [Kole] Yeah.
- [Dan] Something was coming down to us.
- [Seth] Oh, my gosh.
- [Dan] That was it.
- There's literally a frinkin' ghost
right on the other side of this wall.
Right on the other frickin'
side of this wall right now.
- [Dan] Yes.
- Almost 20 years doing this
and that still blows my mind.
Oh, my gosh, dude.
F-ing awesome, and we
have to have caught it.
- [Dan] Yeah.
And there's only three of us.
- There's only, yeah.
- [Dan] There's no one else.
- No, and we have the safety
net of those frickin' tire
or those little trainer joses.
- [Dan] Unless someone
crawled underneath 'em.
- Yeah, and they wouldn't get back--
- [Dan] Or scaled the rafters.
- Yeah.
- [Kole] Yeah.
- No, absolutely not.
Holy crap, dude.
We are wrapping up right now,
and we are hearing loud bass-y movement,
like thumps and bangs upstairs.
She's like so immature to this.
Hear it?
Dragging gurges or what
might've been a shriek.
- This is concrete floor.
It's not us.
- [Seth] It's not us, no.
There is literally movement of something.
It literally sounds like somebody's
moving stuff up there and dropping it.
It almost sounds like the frickin'
haunted house is going on.
That's what it reminds me.
The frickin' thing slamming open.
- [Kole] Yeah, that's what.
- That's what.
Dude, yeah, that's what
it sounds like to me.
Sounds like if the walls dropped.
- [Kole] Real bass-y.
- [Seth] Right.
- That first one that vibrate
all the way down to the floor.
That exactly sounds like,
because that's loud,
if someone had dropped something.
- [Seth] Yeah, it's super loud.
- [Kole] Bong, and then.
- [Seth] We're sitting
here talking about Squatch,
and all of a sudden just
stuff starts happening.
- [Kole] Definitely, is it again?
- [Seth] What that you?
- [Kole] Yeah.
- [Seth] Okay.
It's like it's trying to
get our attention almost.
Or it's like they don't
think we're listening
or paying attention, so it's
like, "Okay, here we go."
- [Kole] There it goes again.
- [Seth] Another one.
- [Kole] Yeah, there it goes again.
- That's, I'm hearing it up here.
We seriously have been
down here multiple times
for an extended period of times,
and we've not heard this bass, deep drops.
This is so awesome, wow.
Again, we are literally packing
up to leave, as you can see.
All our stuff has been packed
up, and all of a sudden,
everything is just going down right now.
- Footsteps.
- [Seth] Yeah.
- Did you hear that voice?
- [Seth] I heard something,
but I wasn't paying attention to it.
- I hear a movement there
and a voice out here.
- [Seth] Holy crap, dude.
- I thought I'd say we
go in with a flashlight.
Do some filming, that's
what we came here for.
- [Seth] It's true.
Okay, I guess not.
Whoa, that wasn't you?
Oh, my gosh.
Ready, boys?
- [Dan] Hold on.
All right.
- [Seth] God be with us.
- Where do you wanna go?
- [Dan] Clean out here.
- [Kole] Okay.
- [Dan] Walk in.
- [Kole] Oh, in here.
- [Dan] Guess it's quiet, just listen.
- I just heard frickin' (mumbles).
- Never heard anymore bangs.
- Me neither.
- [Seth] No.
- You wanna start telling stories again?
- [Seth] So just now, holy crap, I wonder.
We could hit Squatch way back there.
Very possible.
- Bang.
- [Seth] Yep.
That was a thud over here.
Whoa, what was that?
- It came from over there.
- [Seth] Yeah.
- Was that downstairs?
- That was downstairs.
- [Seth] That sounded
like it was downstairs.
Oh, my gosh.
It literally sounds like somebody's
just walking through, slamming doors.
Okay, I'm getting creeped out.
Open that up, just push
it open just a bit.
- Just like how you did.
- [Seth] Oh, my gosh, awesome.
- There it goes again.
- [Seth] I wanna find that door, though.
What's the quickest way to
get over there on this level?
We gotta go down and then we gotta go
into the frickin' body room,
which I've literally
avoided all night long.
- [Dan] Oh, the body room.
- [Seth] Yeah, the frickin' chainsaw.
But what's so weird is
this frickin' empty.
That's not a door.
- That is.
- [Seth] No, that's not a frickin' door.
Rumbles, like (mumbles).
Like someone running.
- [Seth] So there's something.
We don't need to find out F-ing doors
'cause something's are here.
What the f--
- That was a door.
- [Seth] That was a door.
- That was back and forth.
- Man.
Wanna try and get over there?
- [Seth] Sorry, it's just frickin'.
That room just so does
not sit well with me.
'Cause we can't go through the maze.
I'm not going through the
maze, so as far as we go,
we have to come back.
- That's fine.
- [Seth] Not sure exactly
where we're going.
I think you just go to the right.
We'll take it to the bottom of the steps.
- You got another light?
- It's got 10%, it should not shut off.
All right, push close.
- [Dan] Seth, what just happened?
- My frickin' phone just shut off.
Okay, real quick.
We've literally just went out.
You'll see on the phones.
We were walking through,
and all of a sudden my phone
just dies as we walk into the room
I haven't wanted to go to all night.
- [Kole] The ones with the
- The ones with
the bodies hanging.
- [Kole] And the machete.
- And the machete, and then so.
- I took out my phone, which was off.
I had to turn it on.
It was at 65% when I turned it off, and
the charging cable showed up as trying to.
- Yeah, and you literally tried
to record me, didn't you?
- Turn on.
I just turned my phone on, look at it.
- [Kole] It's booting up.
- Yeah.
- What the, okay, so.
- [Kole] See how much
battery juice it has.
- So he has that.
Mine turns back on,
and it has 10% battery.
I'm literally looking at it,
and all of a sudden it's just 2%.
And I'm like, "Quick, hit the camera."
And then 1%, done, just gone.
Oh, my gosh.
- 38.
- [Seth] What?
- 38%.
- I don't know what
needs that much energy.
I don't know.
All right, let's do this
quick, 'cause I'm over it.
Not that this is the
greatest thing ever, but.
So we got all our batteries
drained and what do we do?
We go back.
How's your phone?
- 19.
- [Seth] It was just at 38.
What the heck, man?
And it's funny because I
have literally not wanted
to come down to this room all night long.
'Cause it freaks me out.
- I'm trying to track down
the bags that were here
and whether it's a door or
not, and I'm trying to debunk
that if it's a door banging
because of the wind.
- [Seth] It's just silent.
Whenever we try investigating
it, it just goes silent.
No, exactly.
All right, boys.
Lights out.
- [Kole] Night, night.
- [Seth] All right, dead dash to the van.
- [Dan] Made it.
- We made it.
It literally turned out
like I wanted it to.
- It was a good investigation.
- It was.
- On to the next.
- On to the next.
Look, my phone's starting right up.
It was dead.
(creepy music)