Haunted Mansion (2023) Movie Script

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to New Orleans.
A most paranormal place.
Where somber funerals end in celebration.
Where death is not an ending...
but a new beginning.
And even grief can be a doorway to joy...
if one is willing to walk through it.
It's 11:58! Let's get ready.
-Hey, excuse me, bartender.
Sorry, sorry. Excuse me, bartender.
Can I get a drink? Okay.
You can have mine.
Then you won't have any.
That's fine, I'm not drinking much.
Maybe we could share it.
Are you here with somebody?
I am here with my co-workers...
who are right behind me,
I'm sure, being very awkward.
What is it that you do?
I'm an astrophysicist.
That's like...
a rocket scientist.
-More "optics." I create lenses.
For instance, I'm currently working
on a formula to map dark matter...
by combining instructions
we already have in place...
with what we're learning
from quantum mechanics...
and it's really quite complicated, but...
Yeah, sounds like
you're trying to see the unseen.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
But you said it in a much better way.
Okay, I kind of...
I kind of do the same thing.
I give ghost tours.
So, you don't do the same thing at all.
Not at all, but it's kinda like it.
I help people see things
they can't always see.
Like ghosts flying through the air.
-...spirits flying through walls...
-Nine! Eight!
-...and possessing people.
-You're making fun of me...
-...but come on one of my tours.
-Six! Five!
Three! Two! One!
Happy New Year!
I'm Ben.
Listen, I hate to pile on top of
what I assume is a bad day...
but this thing isn't working.
What makes you think I'm having a bad day?
Why am I assuming
that you're having a bad day?
'Cause you smell like yesterday.
How many are out there?
-Okay, seven.
Why are you still leading her tour?
Look, I can sneak you out the back.
No, they'll follow me.
They always do.
Are you Ben, our tour guide?
-Yes, I am.
-I'm from Syracuse.
Great, we're gonna read some names.
That's what we're gonna do.
And I wanna hear H-E-R-E, the word "here"...
and that's the only word I need to hear,
got it?
-So it looks like we have a "John Peluso"?
Been an accountant for almost 50 years.
I don't care.
It looks like we also have a Carol...
I'm a Carol. Are you a Carol?
Yeah, I mean, that's so funny!
Carol's a very common name.
Isn't this building supposed to be haunted?
This is an historical walking tour.
Hey, hey, hey.
I will show you things,
and I will talk about them.
No ghost stories.
I hear that this cathedral here...
That has ghosts.
No such thing as ghosts.
I believe in ghosts.
My aunt Barbara, she was an avid birder
and she adored hummingbirds.
Day of her funeral, what do we see?
A hummingbird!
Okay, Carols...
let me impart a little bit of truth
on to you.
I've been in every "haunted house"...
in the most haunted city in the world.
I've even been in that building.
Seventy-two hours.
You wanna know what I found?
Nothing. Not a thing.
Ghosts don't exist. Life is dirt.
We're all dirt!
I'm sorry.
All right, come on.
Welcome home.
It's the movers.
Yeah, we're here. How close are you?
How are you four hours behind?
We left at the same time.
No, I understand a lunch break...
but this sounds a little bit more
like dinner and a movie.
We'll see you when we see you.
These movers.
I'm over here, Mom.
Just checking out the house.
It's time. It's time. Someone's here.
Places everyone. Places.
He can see us.
This place is going to be great
when we fix it up.
You want to pick out your room?
It's probably upstairs.
-Love it?
Not today.
Welcome home!
No, no, no!
Pumpkin. What's wrong?
This place is haunted!
All right, now, hang on.
Now, I know this place
isn't as warm as I had hoped.
But I think we get some daylight in here,
it's gonna feel better.
Hey, I'm gonna light a vanilla candle
and it's gonna be a game changer.
Will it though?
Sweetie, I need you
to give this place a chance.
This is our home now.
Nah. We're out.
No, no.
Come on, get in the car.
Get in the car.
-Seat belts. Safety first.
-Why won't it...
-Slow, slow, you got this, you got this.
-Mommy's got you.
Don't you worry about it,
I love antiques, but not that much!
You'll be back.
You'll be back.
Okay, okay. I got it, Alyssa.
Excuse me, hey, do you know
the guy who lives here?
Yeah. But he's not very friendly.
-So, this is how a genius lives.
-What are you doing?
Take it easy, take it easy,
I'm not a thief!
Look. No, the treasures I seek
are in heaven.
What kind of psychopath
just enters someone's house?
I'm sorry, I know opportunity usually knocks,
but sometimes it just can't wait.
-Like right now.
Why are you...
Why do you have a cat?
-This isn't yours?
I thought it was yours.
He was beggin' to get in.
Onwards, my furry friend. Onwards.
I guess the little guy just could feel
all the positive energy...
flowin' out of this...
charming apartment.
Should we crack a window?
I'm Father Kent, by the way.
Hi, Kent.
-You mind if I take a seat?
-Absolutely, I mind.
Okay, okay.
Listen, one question and then I leave.
You wanna be a hero?
-You ready to have your mind blown?
Two words.
Spectral Photography.
That catch your attention?
Because it sure caught mine.
Did you really create
a camera strong enough...
to capture something
called the "ghost particle"?
No, I never called it that.
That was the press.
Anyway, I was professionally ridiculed.
Hey, Dr. Frankenstein.
There's a man of science,
and they came at him with pitchforks.
And why?
For trying to create something.
He created a monster, all right?
That, if I'm not mistaken,
killed a few people, I think, right?
Hey, one man's monster
is another man's great Halloween costume.
-Wow, mind blown. Okay, let's go.
-Okay, hear me out.
I got a call from a really sweet woman.
She has a lovely little kid...
and they think their house is haunted.
She wanted me to perform an exorcism...
but what I think we need is...
a paranormal expert.
-I'm a tour guide.
-You're Ben Matthias.
You worked at the Space Center,
building telescopes.
Before that, you were an astrophysicist
at CERN.
Now, you're giving walking tours?
That's like having Michael Jordan
play baseball.
Let's put you in the game where you belong.
Playing the right position.
That woman is probably out of her wits.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Then what's the harm in just...
You drive an hour north,
you snap a few pics with the ghost camera...
and you put their mind at ease.
I am not driving an hour anywhere to...
She'll pay.
What's the address?
Money talks.
Hey, it talks to me, too. But, shh!
Don't say anything.
The big man upstairs is always watching...
and he keeps me on a really short leash.
-Yeah, not short enough.
-Hey, listen.
My job is having faith...
and I got faith in you.
You know how you and I are so different,
but when we come together it's really good?
Well, this is like a bridge
from what you do to what I do.
Right? So, look, I got this.
What are you...
It's a lens.
-It's a lens!
A quantum lens...
which, if everything works
how it's supposed to...
it'll change our lives.
All right, let's see this here.
Of course, dead battery.
-You made it!
-Nice to meet you. Sorry I'm late.
Some fog had come up near the house
and it was weird, but...
-Yeah, about that...
-It's fine.
I should warn you
before you step inside the house.
This is bad, this is bad.
As much as I need you...
you can leave.
-No, no, no.
-Yeah, you should leave.
-If you wanna leave, you can leave.
-It's fine, Gabbie.
I'm not afraid of a couple ghosts.
You say that now.
But really...
this could change
the course of your entire life.
Once you come inside, that's it.
There is no going back.
I guess it's just a risk I'm willing to take.
Now, about the money...
All right.
-You did not have to give me this much money.
-I don't even know if I can take this.
-No, take it, I insist.
Okay, I'm taking it.
So, why don't you tell me
some more about this house?
It's probably best I show you.
-Yeah, yeah, let's do it.
Who are they?
Unclear. I've asked around.
There are a lot of colorful theories
about this place.
Okay, well, that's my son.
We sleep in here.
For some reason, it's just safer here.
And it's just the two of you?
Yeah, well, his father...
Hey, pumpkin!
Hey, buddy.
Do you wanna come out and meet Mr. Matthias?
What's this you got?
Line of defense.
In your line of defense, do you have...
Action Guy?
Who's Action Guy?
You know Action Guy, right?
The one with the shoe?
You remember him?
-As a weapon?
He uses the shoe as a weapon.
And he would say, he had a punch line,
he said something, it was...
"Say it again! Say it again, boy!"
You don't remember that?
It's like Abuelita with the chancla!
Maybe it was just at my discount store.
But what about you?
I was a doctor in New York...
and my mother's from here.
And we just wanted to make a fresh start.
I always wanted to come back...
and open a bed and breakfast.
Wow, that's an unfortunate
involuntary reaction.
Do you not like bed and breakfasts?
They're fine. It's just...
honestly I look at it like
a bunch of strangers getting together...
talking to each other, pleasantries.
"How you doin',"
blah, blah, blah, you know...
and really, if I'm being honest,
it totally is my worst nightmare.
Well, that's helpful.
Thank you.
We just, you know,
don't have a lot of family.
Well, I found this place on Zillow.
I thought that this would be
a great way...
for my son to meet
new and interesting people.
He has trouble making friends.
Me, too.
And then things got really...
Anyway, Father Kent mentioned
that you have this special camera lens.
Okay, I think we'll start in this room.
Wait, don't use the flash!
They do not like that.
Maybe we start in the dining room
with the photos.
I just...
moved these back.
It's in here now.
Y'all playin' tricks on me, huh?
No, you guys think this is funny, huh?
Playing jokes on me.
I'll check in here for some ghosts.
-No, don't...
-Don't touch him.
Don't touch him.
-Maybe take a photo?
That's what I'm here for.
It's not doing it now...
but normally it will turn its head
and follow you.
-It's absolutely terrifying.
-It is.
I mean, I'm frazzled.
And... the basement.
Sometimes, I'll get a sharp pain...
on both of my sides
when I walk this way.
So, gonna do it.
All right.
Hey, if you wanna just go back downstairs
and wait for us in your tent, that's okay.
-Okay, honey?
I wanna do this.
Okay, I got you. Mommy's got you.
You can do this.
My brave boy.
Okay! Okay. I'm here, I'm here.
You're okay, you're okay.
Oh. Baby.
Why don't you just mosey
on over if it's so easy?
-All you have to do...
-You're okay, look at me.
...is one foot in front of the other.
It's really only after midnight.
Is this guy serious?
Clearly not.
Okay? My big boy.
Okay, I'm just doing some
final calculations here.
Good news.
No ghost.
I know it can be scary.
A big house like this...
creaks in the night, cold drafts.
It happens.
But there's this thing called...
the power of suggestion.
Yeah, I probably just need
to calm down, don't I?
Couldn't hurt.
If ghosts exist, what exactly are they?
Back on Deadliest Catch...
The storm finally got done blowing here.
So we're gonna get started.
On the Bairdi grounds.
Get the rest of these pots on
and call it a Bairdi season for 2018.
And be done, don't you agree?
I do agree.
Two days after setting on the...
For the believers, ghosts are
as real as the living. And ghosts that--
Return to what they hope is their
final Bairdi haul.
Let's go, superstar.
As we'll find out, these orbs,
supposedly the energy signatures of ghosts...
may simply mean it's...
...the average. That'll get us home.
But how...
Hey there! It's Ben, right?
Oh, no, no, no.
Nope. Nope. No. Nope. Nope.
Okay. Let's try it now without the flash.
Power of suggestion.
Bad dream, Ben.
That's all it was.
Just a bad dream.
What is happening?
What, are you following me?
Okay. Everything's gonna be fine.
No, no, no!
Right on time.
Something followed me home!
Come on, sweetie,
let's get this man some sheets.
Hold up, wait!
Hey, I said...
followed me home!
When I first caught wind...
of what was going down here...
we were out.
I mean, do you think I'm going
to keep my son in a haunted house?
-No, you're not gonna...
-No, exactly.
But it didn't matter where we went.
These ghosts, and I...
suspect there might be quite a few...
They're like...
bed bugs.
If you step one foot in here,
they just latch on.
We tried leaving the city,
moving from hotel to hotel...
but the hauntings just kept getting
worse and worse.
They forced us to come back here,
much like you.
So, what you could've done
is spoken to me like an adult...
and told me that I could never go home again.
No, no, no.
You walked through that door.
I warned you.
You could have told me
what was happening before...
Hi. Yeah.
You could have told me
before you let me just walk out of here...
I would feel worse...
if you hadn't taken so much money...
just to use a dead camera
and scribble nonsense.
I did do that.
Yeah, it's a little late, right?
-They're good.
-They are.
I have a child.
He can't walk anywhere at night...
without a ghost
following him around.
So, I'm sorry, but I will do anything
to protect my son.
I get that...
but you don't need me.
You need an exorcist.
We tried that.
Same thing happened to me.
Oh, my God.
Ben, welcome.
You're in on this as well?
You knew about this the whole time?
You're supposed to be a priest!
What do you want me to say?
The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
No, you are a monster!
-Hey, you got paid.
-Not enough.
I asked you, are you ready to be a hero?
And what did I say?
I said, "No."
But your eyes were screaming yes!
Okay. Okay.
You said that he was an expert.
-An expert, I'm not an...
-He is an expert.
He just needs a little encouragement
from Coach Kent.
Now does this thing work or not?
Actually, I took a photo.
'Twas blind but now we see.
I wasn't sure at first...
but I think it's that Mariner
from that painting upstairs.
Amazing Grace.
You know what?
Guys, now we can use Ben's camera...
and identify every ghost
in this crooked mansion...
see what we're up against,
make it a fair fight.
Why are we talking about fighting ghosts?
I mean, we should be figuring out...
how we got trapped here
and how we get our lives back.
Look, we're in a fight
whether we like it or not.
I feel like sometimes you're focusing
a little on the negative.
Yeah, 'cause we're never gonna go home again.
See, that's a downer.
Wait, our ghost kept wanting us to return.
Yeah. Mine, too.
Mine did, too.
She was missing half her face,
so it was hard to understand...
but she just kept saying,
"re-worm, re-worm."
Wait, wait, they didn't wanna haunt us.
They want us back here for some reason.
-It's midnight. Hurry!
What happened?
After midnight,
we all stay together in this room.
It's safer that way.
Father Kent's claimed the blue couch.
Yeah, I mean...
unless you want to sleep there.
It's just I have a bad back
from all the feet that I cleaned in Calcutta.
Take the couch.
Sleep all you want.
If they want us here, I'm gonna find out why.
Hey, where are you going?
You're not supposed to leave after midnight!
You're breaking the rules, stop!
These people are...
Hello? Anyone?
Did I frighten you?
Good, you should be frightened.
He's going to be so excited you're here.
He loves guests.
Ben, are you...
-Ben, are you okay?
We're gonna need more help.
It's time to assemble the Dream Team.
That's the nickname I'm giving us.
I'm pretty sure that's taken.
First thing we need to do is figure out
what happened in this house.
That's why I've contacted
the foremost historian...
on Greek revival manors in this area.
Now, he's dead...
but I quickly pivoted,
'cause that's what the Dream Team does...
and I discovered there's a professor
at Tulane...
who wrote a book on haunted mansions
in Louisiana.
Only sold about nine copies...
but, hey, he's not dead.
Look, if you're coming down here
to talk about your grades...
-turn right around and walk on out...
...because I'm gonna dock ya!
We're actually not students.
I got a question for you, though, sir.
Do you know anything about this place?
Well, science begins with observation.
So, I'll take pictures
of all of these ghosts...
to make sure we know
exactly what we're dealing with.
Great. And once we know
what we're dealing with...
we're gonna need someone
who can talk to these ghosts.
A psychic.
I did find one within our price range.
She's been doing readings at Bar Mitzvahs...
but gets a very solid Yelp score.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Who is Mitchell?
-I don't know.
-Think a little harder.
I meet a lot of people in my parish,
so I guess it's possible that...
He doesn't know anyone named Mitchell.
What about Giovanni?
-No, I don't think so...
Have you recently met someone named Gary?
Okay, so now we're just thinking of names
that start with "G"?
Okay, so that's a "no" on Gary?
Actually, she's good.
You're very good.
No, I did know a Cousin Gary
in my neighborhood.
-Thank you so much for today...
-You're lying.
You haven't met a Gary.
Have you met someone named Gabbie?
Baby's got to be home before dark!
Why do you have to get home so soon?
Saw those boys chasing you.
They were just running me home.
I think they just need...
a little bit more time to get to know me.
-I see that you're busy.
That house has a string of traumatic events.
In Louisiana!
That family might want to move.
Now eat up. Happy Hour ends at 6:00!
One more time.
One more time. Open.
Are you kidding me?
So much activity during midnight.
See, I tried to get a read on the ghosts...
but it's hard
because they just won't stop moving.
They're not just moving.
I know this feeling.
They're running from something.
Thank you for inviting me, Father Kent.
Who's reimbursing my mileage?
used to...
eat here.
I told you she's good.
No, it's a dining room.
Sometime after 1788...
the mansion was discovered fully built.
No land had ever been worked.
The earliest record I could dig up...
is this deed...
acquired by William Gracey.
He purchased it
from a previously undisclosed owner.
His wife, Eleanor, died of yellow fever.
That's when things started to get weird.
Isn't this great?
I mean, I've been dying to go to this place
for 60 years.
That's why we came to you,
because you've got a vision.
Guys, I gotta see this.
I'm having heart surgery next week.
-You cannot come.
-I need to come.
-No, I need to come!
-It's not a good idea. It's a long ways away.
-Sixty years I've tried to get in there!
I can follow you, I've got a car.
Do not come!
Then I guess you don't need these.
All right, all right,
you do what you're doing...
-I'll go use the restroom and...
-Good. Okay.
Run, run! Run! Go, run!
-What? Okay, I'll start the car!
Hey, help, help!
So strong!
Fire, fire, fire.
Fire, fire, fire.
If there's an evil spirit here,
only a banishment will do.
And let me tell you, it will fight back.
Ghosts like to fight.
For example, 1813...
a group of mediums went into the house
just a little north of here.
It took 21 days.
They worked their butts off and they got
that deceased owner out of there.
But, they were all found...
How old are you?
Okay. I'm talkin' organs on the outside.
-Oh. Come on.
-Nine is young!
It's not that young, girl.
I was drivin' by nine.
Look, I know that might have been
an extreme example.
-But they were a group of amateurs.
I am a professional. Okay?
I'm bona fide and qualified, certified,
and I can get rid of what died.
Well, I don't doubt it.
I've sensed a lot of grief in this house.
And grief, unprocessed,
will make a spirit stuck.
Okay, can you help us unstick them then?
I can do it.
But I would need a week, paid...
where I can recharge my crystals
and begin doing my research.
And then, we can get to it.
I'll send you a invoice from PayPal
in the meantime.
Nice meeting you!
You didn't tell me
that these ghosts be following people!
I know your mama
gots to be disappointed in you.
I know she disappointed in you...
'cause I'm pretty sure
she taught you better than this!
I knew this was weird.
All these freaky, different-looking people
living in the same place.
How's she doing?
She's pissed.
What you have done...
is deeply wrong and absolutely unforgivable.
The ghost that followed me home
was on a horse.
Do you have any idea what it's like...
to have a ghost horse...
charging through your bedroom?
Now I've decided to be the bigger person
and help you.
Mostly because you have left me
no other options.
So, tell me...
what happened in this house?
Wow, these are beautiful.
These blueprints that you...
-are incredible.
-Come on.
Am I proud of the fact that Ben attacked
an elderly educator?
Of course not.
That being said...
totally worth it.
These papers say what happened in this house.
Widower Gracey lost his mind
and took his own life.
Suffering from grief.
Didn't I say I sensed grief?
And apparently, he spent all his money
on some psychic or something.
"Medium." We're called mediums.
A medium.
Thank you.
I guess, subsequently after that,
66 people moved into this house...
and each one of them
died a spectacularly terrible...
oddly specific death.
Two brothers shot each other in a duel.
And this wife chopped up
five of her husbands.
So, Gracey must be the key to stopping this.
What was the medium's name?
Madame Leoto, I think.
Madame Leota?
Madame Leota was the greatest medium ever.
Sought after by the royals...
and rich people.
Wait, wait, wait, what's this?
This is a letter from William Gracey
to Madame Leota...
asking her to come to his seance room.
But we don't have a seance room.
You sure?
There isn't a room
at the end of that hallway.
Nothing here.
-It's just...
-Wait! Hold it.
I got it.
Wow, you just...
-Okay, that...
Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.
Wait, what? Okay.
Be careful, there's a step.
Smells mildewy.
What's that?
Wait, I think I know what this is.
One second here.
Oh, my God.
This hasn't been touched in centuries.
Maybe I'll just do a little blessing.
A prayer to get us started on the right foot.
God, give us a break.
We don't want to be haunted...
and it just seems like
there's so many bad people in the world.
Haunt them.
How about an "Amen" at the count of three?
One, two, three, amen!
Are you sure he's a priest?
Now, if I can communicate
with William Gracey...
I suspect he will have the answers
that we need.
And just to confirm...
the only thing available to us
is this French Vanilla Yankee Candle?
Yeah, I keep forgetting...
to cancel my subscription to Amazon
so it just...
Please, hold hands.
Now, I will quiet my mind...
so that I can communicate
with the other side.
Please do not interrupt me.
Otherwise I have to start all over again.
Of course.
-She asleep. Look. She asleep.
-No. She's in a...
Hey, she's in a trance.
It's a...
-Wait, is she asleep?
-She's asleep.
-Is she sleeping? Or is it just a trance?
-I'm looking right at her. She's asleep.
Can I do this?
-Now you got me all mad!
We're sorry.
Please do get peaceful again.
Okay, it...
-Maybe she's narcoleptic?
I don't...
Who goes there?
I come here with good intent.
I summon the spirit of William Gracey.
If you are here with us...
give us a sign!
He's with us.
Why are you here?
Why are you hanging on?
If you have a message
that you'd like to leave us...
or a greeting of sorts...
here's a pen and pad...
that I purchased from CVS.
Ben, camera!
Go, go, go!
Come on, come on, come on!
Wow! It's Gracey!
He's gone.
What does it say?
"Talk to Leota."
You really can speak to the dead.
Of course.
Can you contact someone for me?
My wife.
You were the grieving spirit.
Her name's Alyssa.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I don't think she's here.
Could you see if Leota's here?
This feels different.
What does this feel like?
Harriet, summon Leota!
I summon Madame Leota!
Come on! Oh, my goodness!
-Help me!
Okay, okay, wait.
No. Wait, wait, wait!
I wanted to get out of here,
but not like this!
-Harriet. Come on!
Harriet, come on.
We made it mad!
I did not know it was gonna be a spa day.
-Who is that?
-Who is that?
Is that Bruce?
-Hey! Wait!
-Stop! No!
-Who is this?
Do not go in, Bruce! Don't go in!
You steal my stuff, leave me flat!
I'll show you!
I will see this house,
and nothing's gonna stop me.
Grandma, you know, Grandma.
I'm too old to die!
It's not...
I'm curious why a man his age...
-was riding a chair down a main road?
-A chair...
-He loves to do that.
-He likes to ride chairs.
-Yeah, it's kind of his thing.
-It's his thing.
I don't like the chair!
Okay, well, let's put a pin in that.
-Make sure he gets lots of rest.
-Rest. Okay.
And no more excitement,
or next time it might not be a false alarm.
Now, he said that he does live alone,
so I'd like to keep him overnight.
Yeah, maybe get some fluids.
-No, look, look.
-No. No!
Oh, my goodness!
-We should go. We should really go.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Don't leave me. Don't leave me.
-We're not going to leave you.
Relax, relax.
We should all go home now.
First he's trapping us here,
now he's dragging us out.
Enough! Make up your mind.
Well, this isn't Gracey.
Whatever evil this is,
doesn't want us to talk to Leota.
It sees us as a threat now.
Let's just go find Leota
and see what she has to say.
Is there anyone that we need to contact
to let them know that you're here...
so they don't worry?
Well, there is a woman.
I make her take my trash down for me.
-Yeah, I bet she'll be okay.
Go on, I don't wanna play now.
-I need to check your pulse. Let me...
-Hey, my love, boundaries.
Go on, go on. Get out of here.
I'm sorry to hear about your wife passing.
It's good that she's not here.
The living and the dead belong
in different places.
this is our world...
and this is the Region Beyond.
And the place where they overlap most...
is where the living can encounter the dead
through hauntings.
Like this house.
But, when a soul passes
and goes over into the Region Beyond...
if it's at peace, that's where it stays.
It's good that she's not here.
She's at peace.
And I bet she wants you to be too.
I know this might sound silly...
but I believe that souls can send signs
from the Region Beyond.
My father passed away,
and he loved model trains.
He would take them apart...
and put them back together again every day.
But on those days when I get really low...
I mean really low...
I will randomly hear...
a train off in the distance.
And I know that's my dad saying "Hi."
Those moments...
are called ghost winks.
Sorry to be so familiar.
I just feel I know you already.
You see, we have a friend in common.
I wouldn't go in there...
unless you want a ticket
to the Region Beyond!
Take us with you?
We know you're heading that way soon!
-What, what, what?
Bruce disappeared
and something's happening.
All right, I'm going after him.
All right, here, give me these.
-No, it's after midnight!
-I got you covered.
I'm gonna cover us with some morning prayers.
It's the middle of the night!
Not in Rome.
Do you see anything?
No, but I feel something.
Bruce, don't...
What are you doing out here?
We got to find Leota.
What about the attic?
I don't know about this.
Attics are historically terrifying.
Is it cold? It's starting to feel colder.
Well, you don't have any pants on, Bruce.
Can't you guys both just...
All right.
-Go on up!
-Bruce, wait!
-Bruce, I need you to protect me!
-Let go! What?
-Bruce, stay here and protect me!
-You have a heart condition. Come on.
All right, all right, all right.
Protect me.
All right.
Be safe up there.
Madame Leota?
We need your help.
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey!
Did you do that?
No, I did not!
Leota? Is that you?
Oh, okay.
I want out of here!
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, listen, I'm sure those guys deserved
what they got...
but, baby, baby, listen...
I know you can hear me, okay, babe?
Ghost Bae.
Can I call you Ghost Bae?
But me, I'm different. I'm a supporter.
I'm an ally, to you, and to all women...
-It's a little musty.
-It stinks.
All right. So, it says...
"Property of Madame Leota.
"If this does not belong to you...
"Do not turn...
"another page."
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
-Hey, Harriet!
This is Madame Leota's
personal book of incantations!
Oh, my God!
I mean, one of us had to do it.
Dreams do come true. Oh, my goodness!
Damn, what is that?
That's nice.
A crystal ball.
Is this worth anything?
Ma'am, we can see you. Hi.
Madame Leota?
Well, it's about time.
Very powerful book you're holding.
Best know how to use it.
How did you get in there?
I can show you what happened,
but it will cost you...
Three dollars.
-That's highway robbery!
-That's fine, that's fine. Go ahead.
William Gracey, lost in grief...
sought me out to contact his deceased wife.
Eleanor Gracey!
Rap on a table, it's time to respond.
-Open a bridge to the Region Beyond!
-When she didn't come back to him...
we called for her again and again.
A seance every midnight, for a year.
For a year? That's so reckless.
Who said that?
The repeated seances opened the floodgates
of the ghost realm.
Hundreds of spirits freely came and went...
but never his beloved Eleanor.
I begged him to stop, for fear
of what we might accidentally call forth.
But he insisted we keep going.
Soon, Gracey was receiving messages
from Eleanor...
imploring him to join her on the other side.
But I knew this wasn't Eleanor.
We had summoned a terrible evil...
who fed on Gracey's grief.
This was no ordinary ghost.
He had the power to...
...trap these once happy souls in this house.
Before I could get a look at him...
his dark spirit trapped me
in my own crystal ball.
Who knows how long.
Probably months now.
He has trapped 933 souls.
But he needs 1,000 to complete the ritual...
that will let him escape this house.
Beware the full moon,
when he is most powerful.
You won't survive it.
Oh, there's much grief in you.
You will be most vulnerable
to his manipulations.
Not on our watch. We got you.
But what are you gonna do?
-They're already dead!
-They're gonna be deader.
You know what we need?
We need a banishment.
-A banishment!
Yes, a banishment...
but it requires an object
the spirit once possessed.
Once you have that...
We're okay. Let's find a banishing.
Okay, so...
I hate to be the bearer of bad news...
but there's been 66 deaths in this house...
since that ball lady was trapped there!
So, he doesn't have 933.
He's got 999.
And unless one of you
wants to start funeral arrangements...
we better get out of here.
Shoo! Shoo!
Am I the only one
who didn't know that was real?
We better hurry this up because
all these seances got the house acting up.
Never mind that, every one of the deaths
that happened in this house...
happened on a full moon.
Which means, we have less than four days.
Didn't Madame Leota say something
about needing an object they possessed?
How are you gonna find an object
someone possessed...
when you don't know
who the "someone" is?
Now, there is something very special
that I can do.
It's quite extraordinary.
My spirit will leave my body
and go into the ghost realm...
where I can get a look at that spirit.
A reverse seance, if you will.
A reverse seance?
Count me in!
Bruce, it's very dangerous.
Not just anyone can do a reverse seance.
Astral projection.
Just say "astral projection."
You don't need to use all these words
as if you just invented them.
-It's ridiculous.
-Astral projection?
Have you ever heard of astral projection?
Is that in your Bible?
-Let's talk about what really is ridiculous.
-Harriet, Harriet, okay, listen.
Come on, we're all on the same team here.
Although we're not actin' like one,
and that plays into their hands.
Hey, I like the idea of a reverse seance.
Yeah, they've been coming into our realm,
let's go visit them.
You're gonna scare us?
No, we're gonna scare you!
We will find this evil spirit tonight!
Just pick the shells out. It's fine.
You make crunchy scrambled eggs?
My grandma used to do that back in the day.
That's when her glasses started.
Her prescription...
How's he doing?
I fear he may be a little young
to be processing...
existential dread.
You know, I thought that coming down here...
we could put everything that we went through
with his father behind us.
You know, he could run around,
be a kid, enjoy...
but this house just won't let that happen.
-It's scary.
-No more eggs.
Speaking of egg-sistential.
Oh, my God.
He's gonna fall off that stoop
and break his leg.
-Travis! Travis!
Hey, how 'bout I go talk to him?
Okay, just...
-don't egg him on.
We have to stop this. I'll be back.
Thank you.
Go team.
That's him landing.
That is not how a flying guy sounds.
You're right. True.
What's wrong?
Kids at school
are having a birthday party tonight.
Can't go, of course.
Not that I was invited.
-It's crunchy.
-It's crunchy.
-There's a lot of crunch in there.
-Yeah, it's like the Cap'n Crunch of eggs.
I don't know why they don't like me.
I mean...
I dress my best every day...
I always raise my hand in class...
and I make sure everybody
follows the rules on the playground.
Yep, well, I think you just answered
your own question right there.
I talked to my dad today.
Yeah, that's good.
He wants me to come visit.
But I think it would make my mom feel bad.
Don't tell her.
It'll make her so sad.
Well, if there's one thing I'm good at,
it's keeping secrets.
And you know what?
That was a good one, yeah.
Just in there kicking me for some reason.
Action Guy.
Go ahead, take it. Yeah.
Be careful. He's cheap.
I was gonna ask you if you wanted to...
Actually, you...
"Say it again!"
You got that. All right, you won.
-Hey, give me Soulsucker! Hey, come back!
-"Say it again!"
Dark spirit, whoever you are...
Harriet's comin' for ya.
That's got some mojo to it.
A little Dragon's Blood? Yerba Santa?
What are we talking about?
Sage from Costco.
When I leave my body
to look at this dark spirit...
I don't want anyone else jumping in it.
Not that I think it will get to that.
I've done it a thousand times.
You see, if you say it like that,
it makes me feel like you've never done it.
Yes, I have.
I've probably done it, like, 10,000 times.
Why elevate it to that level?
Then I don't believe it at all.
-How am I gonna get into this?
-Believe it, boo. Believe it.
Now, if I'm gone for more than 10 minutes...
ring this bell.
If I get lost,
it'll help me find my way back.
See, I have to be very raw
in order to go into the other side.
This is a picture of my dog...
that tragically moved to live on a farm.
Actually he got hit by a car.
Bursted like a water balloon.
-Wait, what?
We're gonna start.
"Spirits, I come with curious intentions.
"Creak open the door to your dimension.
"Protect my body as I leave this helm.
"For now, my spirit
will enter the ghost realm."
Think sad thoughts, think sad thoughts.
Think sad thoughts, think sad thoughts.
Gracey! Hey, we need your help!
You shouldn't be here.
Gracey, wait! I want to talk to you.
One, two...
three, four, five, six, seven.
Now, baby, you know I love the blues...
but can you play something a little more...
This is all he wants to hear.
Keep drinking. It'll get lighter.
Don't let him catch you here.
Gracey, you have to help me.
this is all my fault.
This dark spirit, who is he?
No one knows his mortal name...
but he's not one of us.
His power in this realm is beyond control...
with many of us forced us to do his bidding.
Please, you must not let him
take the last soul.
Or we'll all be trapped here forever.
He's coming now.
-Leave now!
Oh, no, he's here!
Follow me.
-This way!
-He's here.
Take my hand!
Hurry! Hurry!
Quickly, in here.
Do hide. Do hide.
No, no, no.
No! Come on.
Were you looking for me?
No, no.
No reason to be afraid.
Now, I know this place
is absolutely dripping...
with the most sorrowful souls...
all searching for what eluded them in life.
Searching for purpose...
too cowardly to do anything about it.
But you, you have promise.
You know that life has no meaning.
That we all end up in the dirt.
If you're willing to help me,
I can give you what you want.
No! No!
The spirit realm is not welcoming me tonight.
There's no use in running!
Suffering is for the weak
and I know the way out.
We have a deal to make.
It's quite disappointing but...
But the real chill starts later.
That's not Ben.
You can get what you want...
if you're willing.
It's me, it's me, it's me.
I'm all right.
I saw him.
This was not a regular ghost.
Gracey was terrified.
I mean, they all were.
Come on, a ghost who haunts other ghosts?
That's not fair.
Aren't there any rules?
Did he look human?
He walked with a cane and a limp...
and he carried his head inside of a hatbox.
What part of that is "sorta"?
Is there anything else that we can go on
to identify this "Hatbox Ghost"?
I can give you what you want.
The face in the box, it...
He had this grin.
This grin that's just burned into my memory.
What was it like in there?
I mean, for a ghost realm,
there was just so much...
I mean, it wasn't even really hard
to reverse seance.
No, I feel like I felt it
for a couple minutes...
like I was tripping.
-Like a out-of-body experience. Electricity.
-It was a little bit of a shake, a tingle.
I know, Harriet, that you can
do that thing...
but I think I was just feelin' so raw.
No, no, it's fine.
-I'm limited.
-No, you're not.
It is what it is.
My family never believed
I had the gift either.
Do you have any living family?
Three sisters.
Bullied me every day of my life.
My older sister? She's just terrible.
My middle sister, she's just an awful person.
But my younger sister...
I actually believe she is the Devil.
I know I can be challenging to be around.
No, it's not that, Harriet.
He wants me.
I think he wants me to be his last soul.
No. Ben, look at me.
You're not alone.
My wife died in a car accident.
What was she like?
She was the best.
Yeah, she was just herself.
And she liked to dance.
She couldn't dance, but she liked to.
She also was the world's slowest runner.
She'd say, "Let's go running"...
and she was eating a cheesesteak
while she said this.
Talking about,
"I'm getting my carbo load."
She was the type of person
that just included everyone.
And I was...
I was kinda the opposite.
People made me nervous.
You have no social skills at all.
It's true.
And there's...
no way I could have gotten
to where I've gotten without her.
Then one day, she...
She decided she was gonna go
get some tater tots.
She liked tater tots.
She asked me to go with her.
And I just couldn't do it
because I was frustrated.
I had so much work,
and so many things I still had to do.
So, I...
So, I went off.
And I said,
"Not right now, I'm doing something."
And then, she left.
Apparently, she stopped off
to get some ice cream...
at a little Baskin Robbins.
She got into an accident...
and about 20 minutes later...
she was gone, and...
So, that's why I put
all my time and energy...
dedicated to finishing the camera.
Because I just wanted
to see her one more time.
She died alone.
And I feel like she didn't know
that I loved her.
No, I'm sure that she knew.
She definitely knew.
My God.
-What was the cholesterol on that woman?
Can you imagine?
Cheesesteak, tater tots.
She stopped off for ice cream.
-Salt and fat.
-Oh, my God.
-That's it.
She was going to the bone orchard!
-Oh, my God!
-Thank you, Bruce.
I needed that.
Look, I don't know if any of us
are gonna make it out of this alive.
It certainly seems like Ben's a goner,
but I'll tell you...
I wouldn't wanna be going through this
with anyone else.
Wait, wait, kid...
you said the image of his face...
was burned into your brain.
I have an idea.
My friend was mugged...
and he's going through the trauma
right now...
but what we would like is a sketch artist...
while it's still fresh in his mind.
He was tall.
And kinda hunched over.
Very thin.
He had hair
that was sticking out of a top hat.
-Top hat?
-Yes. Yeah.
-So, like, top hat?
-Top hat.
Not a bowler or a cowboy hat.
-Like a opera hat.
-Like a magician, yeah.
-A magician hat!
-You would pull a rabbit out of it, probably.
Far apart, close, average?
I think normal. Average.
Okay, average eyes.
But they were a bit sunken
into the recesses of his ocular cavity.
Deep eyes!
-Deep sunken eyes.
-Like a raccoon.
-Beady eyes!
-They were set back.
His eyes were doing that.
And no eyelids.
So, they're into his skull, no eyelids.
-What about his nose?
-No nose.
-He didn't have a...
-No nose!
Why would he have a nose?
-He was smiling.
-The man who mugged you was smiling?
But he didn't have lips.
-It was like a perpetual smile of sorts...
It was kinda...
Yeah, like that.
-This kind of thing.
-Exactly, yeah.
No lips, why not?
Why would he have lips?
Is this the man who mugged you?
You just did that just now? This is amazing!
You know what'd be fun?
See him with skin.
The police station paid off!
Alistair Crump.
Very bad man. Very bad.
Son of cutthroat real estate tycoon,
Addison Crump.
A cruel father who kicked Alistair out of
the house when he was just a boy...
after claiming Alistair cried too much
at his mother's funeral.
Said he needed to make him a tougher man.
His father's high society
turned its back on the boy.
And with no friends and no other family,
Alistair disappeared.
Years later, following his
father's mysterious death...
Alistair returned a wealthy tycoon...
who became famous for
throwing lavish parties...
with the very people who'd betrayed him.
Only many of those guests
never made their way out!
Whispers grew that Alistair was embroiled
in a form of dark magic...
that required blood sacrifice
to maintain his wealth and power.
No one ever found the bodies...
but after years of abuse,
his staff finally rose up against him...
and beheaded Crump!
Just before the axe fell...
Alistair vowed revenge on all
from beyond the grave.
Crump, a murderer in life...
Now, a murderer in death.
Fortunately, for us, his old house
was deemed a historical property...
up a few hours north.
And turned into a bed and breakfast.
So, we go there, get something of Crump's,
and we don't have to die.
We got his address.
Let me get my things.
I can go 'cause I know how
to handle the item.
Now I'll be back...
Say it again! Say it again!
-We're gonna get this guy.
We're closing in, that's what we're doing.
We're closing in.
Come on! What's up with the printer?
Come on, it's gotta go.
-It's going.
-It's on.
Is anybody else seeing this?
Yeah, I'm seeing it.
Leaving us already?
Ben, here's the address!
-If you make it out, get to Crump Manor!
-Oh, no!
I do love surprises.
And I've got a great one coming up for you.
Now, Travis...
Oh, my God. Dynamite!
We're trapped, look for a way out!
We gotta go, we gotta go now.
Get to the gargoyles, fast.
Travis, you gotta grab one of the gargoyles!
That's how we get out of here.
That's great, now hold on.
Okay, okay, okay!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh!
Don't look down.
Not today, Satan.
You better get back, I rebuke you!
Not today!
Those teeth look really sharp, Ben.
Hey, painting lady, what do we do now?
Whatever you're gonna do,
do it fast.
Come on, hurry!
You might want to give that ceiling
a second look.
Or you could end up like my husband.
Get us out of here!
One second, Travis!
Okay, it's getting closer!
You see that?
Climb up and you can get out!
Okay, okay.
I can't get a grip.
Come on, Ben.
Okay. Okay. I'm trying.
Yes! Oh, finally.
Look, look, it's Kent!
Kent! Hey!
I go to my car for five minutes
and then can't get back in the house.
What happened?
That's 'cause Crump is trying
to keep us here.
Bruce, get up!
Whoa. Whoa. Okay, okay.
This is all right.
Let's see. No.
Calm down.
-No. Crump.
-Keep your head back.
I'll drive. Don't worry.
We don't have time.
I'd love to explain to you,
but we don't have time!
Come on, come on.
Come on, get inside.
-Watch out!
-I got it, I got it, I got it.
I'm too young to die! Just keep driving!
It's much harder than it looks!
Drive! Okay.
-Watch... Oh, my God!
-I got it, I got it.
I don't want to die!
-Just keep driving!
-Okay, okay.
Put the pedal to the metal!
-I'm going as fast as I can go.
-The trees are attacking us!
-Oh, my God!
-Much harder than it looks. Okay.
There we go, there we go.
-Oh, my God!
-Watch where you're going.
-What's going on? What's happening?
We found him. He is not happy.
And what about those guys?
Well, maybe they'll help us
like the ones in the painting.
Bruce, stay with me.
Not only is this a lovely bed and breakfast,
but the owners...
Pat and Vic, do dinner theater as well.
Oh, God.
Okay, Mr. Ghost?
Do you mind waiting in the car
while we go get your mansion back...
so that you may not haunt us for eternity?
Thank you.
Thank you.
There's a tour starting in five minutes.
Perfect timing.
Okay, we're getting one item,
then we leave. Got it?
In and out, real quick.
This tour will take approximately
three hours.
Bathroom breaks are strictly prohibited.
Sir Alistair Crump wanted the grandest house
in all of the Valley.
You'll note there's no seating
in the foyer...
as he would have no man or woman seated...
when he entered a room.
That cane...
Did that belong to Alistair Crump, by chance?
No, that is my cane.
I use it for deeply personal reasons.
Does anything in this room
belong to Alistair Crump?
Uh, no.
Well, I don't know why we're here.
And here, if you'll notice,
this chair at the end of the table...
is noticeably higher than the other chairs.
He had the legs shortened...
and he added pillows to his seat...
as to remain above everyone else.
I mean, this guy was so petty,
you almost got to respect it.
So, are those his actual pillows?
Here is a portrait
of Mr. Crump's third wife, Margaret.
Margaret was still just his mistress
at the time of this painting.
And it was through the painting
that his second wife learned of the affair...
when he hung it here for her to see.
That's one way to do it.
"I do not trust any man who reads...
"nor any woman who, dot, dot, dot, reads."
Was it just hard to find quotes or...
This comb here, did that belong to Crump?
No, that is a replica.
Then why is it in a glass box?
Would you like to be the tour guide?
Excuse me.
I'm going to have to shut everything down.
There's been...
a murder.
Alistair Crump has been decapitated.
Was it the butler?
The ingenue from out of town?
She was with me.
I'm Vic, your other tour guide.
And stage and screen veteran.
There are many more stories like this one,
if you'll follow me into the salon.
Pat and Vic, they're the best!
A murder.
-I bet that head is in our room.
-It wasn't the last time.
Wait. What did you say?
Apparently, they found Crump's body,
but not the head.
And the suspect walked out empty-handed.
So, people think...
the head is still here.
Thanks, friend.
-Looks like...
-We gotta find that head.
How are we gonna find it
if they haven't found it in 150 years?
There's another way.
We're not alone.
All right. Okay.
We'll strike out hard.
A rocky patch of... grounds,
known to provide shelter...
I'm realizing I don't know what your name is.
Ben, conversational.
How about this?
What do you need?
Maybe you help us, and we'll help you.
Okay, that's good.
He's open, he's open.
All right.
Write your message in the mirror,
whatever you want us to do.
-The sea! The sea! Yes!
-The sea. We can do that. That's very doable.
-Yeah, that's, we can.
You help us, we'll take you to the sea.
Okay, what can you tell us about Crump?
Can you believe I've barely had lessons?
No, no.
No singing along, please.
Oh, great. A dead end.
Wait a minute.
I can't fit in there.
Yeah, me neither.
You want me to go down there?
Are you kidding me? I'm a child!
Yes, this is true...
and you don't have to go down there.
-you gotta go down there.
-You gotta go.
-You all right? You good?
-No! This is a tunnel of terrors!
Oh, no!
Oh, my gosh.
This is where he hid all the bodies.
-Travis, are you okay?
Travis, are you all right? You good?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
Well, I hope everyone's okay
back at the house.
What is it?
Tater tots.
-It's a ghost wink.
-Let me see.
Those are my jalapeo poppers.
Look a lot like tots to me.
Oh, my God.
Did we make it in time?
Everything looks normal.
Of course, normal for this place
is terrifying.
Yeah, listen,
if we're not back in two hours...
and I never thought I'd say this...
call the police.
Wait a minute. Wait, wait.
Travis, you gotta stay
in the car for me, okay?
But I did so good! I got us the top hat.
Just let me be a part of this.
Listen, Travis, it's just too dangerous.
-Fine. I'll try my dad.
Stay here, okay?
Give me.
Let's do this, baby.
Kent, come on, man. What are you...
If this comes down to an exorcism,
we're in big trouble.
-Because I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm not even a priest!
I work in Halloween supplies.
I just put this on
just to make some extra scratch.
Yeah, everyone wants to think
their house is haunted...
so I go sprinkle some holy water
and get paid.
I'm a fraud.
I'm sorry.
Listen, I don't know what you are,
and I don't even really care.
All I know is that you helped...
You helped me!
Yeah, you helped me see in myself
that I had something that was useful.
You taught me that.
And whatever is in that house,
whatever it is that we gotta face...
we can't face it without you, all right?
-Father Kent.
Now, let me ask you something.
You wanna be a hero?
You can't use my lines back against me.
So, let's go! Let's do this!
-Come on, baby.
-I'm gonna need a drink.
It's almost midnight.
Yeah, we need Harriet
to do this banishment spell now.
I'm afraid of...
Bruce, you gotta stop doing that.
Where is everybody?
The house is clear. It's over.
Harriet found some mumbo jumbo in that book.
Things got quite hairy...
but the shared struggle was necessary...
for character growth.
Okay, so where's Harriet and Gabbie?
General store.
-They went to get taffy?
They went shopping!
Drink up!
Actually, I'm good. Thank you.
I'm gonna go find them.
And then there were two.
It's happy hour somewhere, right?
"Happy hour."
What a turn of phrase.
Happy hour!
I'm scared.
Is that the hat?
No, actually, it's just the replica.
Can I see it?
Bruce, are you okay?
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna give me the hat.
You're gonna walk out of this house...
and never come back.
-I got you. I got you.
-Where's Travis?
-Give me the hat!
-Bruce, no!
Give me that. Give it!
-Give it!
-No! No!
The Good Book!
I'm gonna get you, Harriet.
And Gabbie, I'll untie you in a second.
Dang, girl, you fast.
-It's a full moon. Crump has all his powers!
-Harriet, start the banishment.
-Okay, okay, okay.
-You got this.
When hinges creak in doorless chambers...
and strange and...
Thank you for your assistance, Professor.
This wretched place is stifling me.
I think it's time for me to go.
I'm going to get the hat.
Scratch the hat.
There are 999 souls that reside here!
But there's always room...
for one more.
And to think...
it could have been you, Ben.
Travis? Where's Travis?
Travis is okay, all right?
He's at the car, he's talking to his dad.
What? That's not possible!
Gabbie, he still talks to his father.
His father is dead, Ben.
Just over a year ago.
I wanna see you, too.
But, how?
I have my willing soul.
Oh, my God!
I hate to be a terrible host and run...
but I have a reunion to get to.
Don't worry, you won't be alone.
Oh, good.
And now he's conjuring up a ghost army.
Let my friends show you around.
Okay, all we have to do is get to that hat.
Okay, Harriet, you're gonna
go see Madame Leota.
Maybe she'll know what to do.
-Gabbie, you and me will go find Travis.
Bruce, you're gonna stay right here, okay?
You're gonna go grab the hat
as soon as these ghosts leave, okay?
Why would the ghosts leave?
Because you have the most important job
of them all, Kent.
You're the diversion.
We're running out of time!
-Come on. Go.
-Come on.
I have faith in you.
He's trying to keep Travis away from us!
-Gabbie! Gabbie!
Time to divert.
You wanna step to me?
'Cause I got an exorcism for you.
Starting now.
The wicked shall be driven from this house.
Madame Leota? Madame Leota.
We need your help.
I tried to banish him,
but he's just way too strong.
The only chance we have
to defeat him...
is combining our might.
You must release me.
The power of Kent compels you!
Ipso facto. Carpe Diem.
Go, now!
Just like I thought.
Exorcism went right over your head.
You know why?
'Cause you're too stupid to understand Latin!
Keep going, it's working.
Bunch of ignorant ghosts.
That's right, I said it. Morons.
I'm gonna die.
Gracey, I need your help!
You need to help me find Travis.
Hey, Gracey.
Hey, you gotta help me!
This way.
With the realms blending,
we can find a faster route.
There is a spell in my book.
But it can only be recited by someone
with a profound gift.
You may not believe in yourself
but I believe in you.
Set me free
and I will help you banish him.
Travis? Is that you?
Dad, I'm here.
No. No. No.
Bruce, hurry!
I can't buy you much more time!
Oh, no! No!
I'll go find the others.
Ben, good luck.
Thank you, Gracey.
Travis, Travis, I need you
to give me your hand!
I'm going to see my dad.
Look, I made a mistake, okay?
I was wrong. Your dad's not here.
I'm so sorry about that,
but we don't have time, okay?
Come on, give me your hand.
No, but I can hear him.
Travis, who is that man?
Hey, listen, think about it.
Think about it.
Your dad would want you to be safe and sound
with your mom.
-Now, I need you to trust me.
-No, I hate it here!
I know, but you and your mom...
are gonna be somewhere
completely different than this.
I hate it everywhere!
Nowhere feels right without him.
Listen, Travis...
I know the pain you feel. I feel it, too.
But I need you to trust me right now,
all right?
You come here,
you tell me all about your misery.
We'll be miserable together
until there's nothing left.
Travis, don't you miss me?
Your dad, he loves you, okay?
Now, he wants to see
and feel you thrive and live!
Come on, Travis.
So, come on.
Come on!
Travis, don't believe him.
He's not your father.
Don't let him get in your head.
Come on, you can do it.
We can be together again! Don't do this!
He feeds on your grief.
You gotta let it go, Travis.
You gotta let it go, okay?
Okay, all right, you got it, you got it.
You got it.
Don't. Don't leave me, please.
Come on. All right. Okay.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
I got you. I got you.
You're good. You did good. Okay?
That's not good.
Come on, Travis.
We got this.
Good luck! Down there is a way out.
Oh, thank God!
-Come on!
-We gotta go!
-Go, go, go!
Go! Run!
I told you...
all roads lead to me.
And let me make myself clear.
Either I haunt this boy and his mummy
for all eternity...
or you and I make a deal.
All you have to be...
is willing.
-No, no. No.
-Don't listen to him.
-I won't let him hurt Travis or you.
Don't do this, Ben, please.
-Don't do it!
-Ben, no!
Enough. That's it.
And look at yourselves.
Is this really how you want
to spend eternity?
Chasing people?
Well, you know what?
You're not that scary, you're really not.
And... Well, you're pretty terrifying.
Can you turn around,
just while I finish this rant?
Thank you.
Excellent choice, Ben.
They could never help
what's broken inside of you.
Crump is using you.
He's using you to do his own dirty work,
and for what?
To remain trapped in this house forever?
And believe me,
I know a con when I see one.
In fact, this was all a con.
Yeah, this whole chase was just a diversion.
While you were distracted,
we've been getting the hat.
So maybe today is the day you risk it all...
and join the winning team.
The day you finally rise up as one...
and ask yourself, are you ready to be a hero?
Oh, my God.
I have your word...
you're gonna leave them alone
and you're never gonna haunt them again?
Your soul is the last I'll ever need.
You know what to do.
You can save them.
Ben! You have friends here!
From the moment you stepped foot
into this house...
I could almost taste your grief.
I know what you've been longing for.
Don't listen to him.
Say it!
I'm willing!
Take my hand...
and you will be with your beloved Alyssa.
Because in this realm...
you have no one.
It's too late.
I wouldn't be so sure about that, Crump.
You imprisoned me.
Now it's time to return the favor.
I set her free.
I did that.
See to them.
They'll have to come through me first.
And by "me," she means "we"!
You've all betrayed me for the last time.
You'll regret that.
I got the hat!
Stop him!
-Bring it to us. We must banish him now!
I'm done with you, old man.
Destroy them!
We still need a piece of the item.
I got it. I can help.
No, no, no, Travis!
I'm coming, Bruce!
Help Travis!
-Over here!
-This way!
-I'm coming!
I'll have to do this myself.
Wait, wait! You're right.
You're absolutely right.
About me, about my grief.
Take the hat.
These people...
You cannot escape.
They can't save me from my grief.
I'm coming!
-Got it!
-Harriet, you have the power.
Finish him!
But they can save me from you.
When hinges creak in doorless chambers...
where the air is deathly still...
these souls will not be displaced.
Return them to their final resting place!
Ben. No.
Yes! Say it again!
I will torment your friends for all eternity.
Say it again!
Come with me to see your wife.
This is your last chance to tell Alyssa
that you love her.
She knows.
We did it! Come on.
Come here, you scary son of a gun.
I think you got your house back now.
-You're okay!
-Wow, you did so good.
Thank you.
-Get in here.
-You were so brave. So proud of you.
-Ben, just like in the history books.
-We couldn't do it without you.
And now you're free!
Free to return to the ghost realm.
Go on!
Okay, look,
we gotta talk about boundaries.
I sense that many of these ghosts
don't want to move on.
What about you?
The spell will fade soon.
I will return to my crystal ball.
No, it's actually quite spacious inside.
This house is where I belong.
Yeah, these ghosts definitely
don't wanna leave this house.
-They can have it.
-Well, you know...
somebody's gonna have to
watch after them, right?
It's all right.
Go on, go on, don't be scared.
Go ahead.
Make sure you take care of her things, okay?
Well, it's gonna make some lucky lady
at my parish very happy.
You don't have a parish.
I still like to give.
You okay?
I'm okay.
Well, bop 'til you drop.
See you tonight.
Hey, there.
How you doing?
So pretty.
What's this you got here?
What's your name?
-Sorry I'm late.
The lecture went on a little long...
but there you are.
I saw you got the job.
You are looking at the newest addition
to New Orleans General.
So, that means you guys are stayin', right?
I could have told you that last week, honey.
Why have a medium as a friend
if you don't ask?
-Happy Halloween.
-Happy Halloween.
Tell him.
Tell him. It's good news.
I was voted as Vice President of my class.
What? That's amazing!
And guess who got ordained as a minister?
Just in case you got any friends
who wanna get married.
Come on, you two.
The chili's getting cold.
-Okay, all right!
Well, can I come in?
Well, Ben, I should warn you
before you step inside...
this could change
the course of your entire life.
Well, that's a risk I'm willing to take.
All right, then welcome.
All right.
To the afterlife!
To the afterlife.
To life!
Wow. Look at that.
It's great.