Haunted Maze (2017) Movie Script

- You better
run real fast!
- Connor!
- As you all know,
today is October 31st,
which means happy Halloween!
All right, guys, it's also
Clancy's birthday today,
so let's give him a
big round of applause.
Happy birthday, Clancy.
All right, so the
story of Halloween,
you guys, pay attention, please.
It was originally
All Hallow's Eve,
which was the day
before All Saints' Day.
Guys, I really need you
to pay attention here.
It was All Saints' Day.
It's church festivities,
which in Britain,
they would, guys, guys!
Please pay attention, all right?
Now, All Hallow's
Eve was a way of,
more of a church festivity.
It was about,
it was about going out
and celebrating the dead.
Guys, guys, pay
attention here, alright?
Now we've got--
Please stop that!
- Hey, hey!
Stay right there,
stay right there!
I know who you are, okay?
I'm just gonna take
you and your staff
down to the station,
all right, come with me.
Come with me.
- Hi.
I'm Detective Terry Cole.
Would you like water?
A soda?
Oh, perhaps a cigarette?
Before we get started,
let's cover some
basic ID information,
and, um,
what's your birth name?
- Clancy Shrury Keller.
- Do you have a nickname?
- Well, it's ain't Clancy
The Ballerina, now, is it?
Clancy The Clown!
- How did you get that nickname?
- From a family business!
We do what we do.
I'm the clown.
- How old were you
when you first started working
in the family business?
- Now that's gettin' a might
personal, don't ya think?
- Where were you born?
- Apple Creek, Indiana.
- And your date of birth?
- October 31st, 19-none
of your business.
- On Halloween?
- We're all born on Halloween.
- Coincidence?
- Home deliveries.
- All home deliveries?
- Now, you're catchin'
on real quick, Detective.
- Okay,
um, your, um,
your home address?
- We're a traveling
carnival, Detective Cole.
- So you're on
the road all year?
- I believe so.
- Are you married?
- Nope.
- Do you have children?
- Nope.
- So, you're a
traveling carnival.
You, uh, offer rides
and a haunted maze?
- That is correct.
I get paid to creep and greet
the hell out of the public.
- You creep
and freak people out,
in order to kill 'em, right?
- This is
Detective Edwards.
- What are you saying,
Detective Edwards?
- We have footage of the haunted
maze and surrounding areas
from three different cameras.
- Two detectives
stare at the clown,
frantically writing
everything down,
wasting valuable time
pinning me to the crime,
while the good people
frown all over town.
- Aren't you the clever one?
- Some may say.
- As of right now, seven
teenagers are missing.
One teen is in critical
condition at Panama Hospital.
- Your point?
- Guilty is written
all over this footage.
Let's break this situation down.
- Hey, wait, guys,
we need a picture!
- Yeah, okay, okay.
- Say Halloween!
- Halloween!
- So going on Facebook!
- Hey, let me check mine!
- Not on my phone!
- Seriously, it's
such a good place.
Don't embarrass me!
Yeah, right.
- Hey, guys,
it's a quarter to nine.
We should hop in line
before the prices go up.
- All right.
- Let's go.
- Did
you see that clown?
- Where?
- Over there.
That freakin' dang clown!
- Where?
- There he is again.
Are you kidding me?
- Creeper!
- Antonio!
- Don't embarrass me!
- Alana.
- Alana, Antonio's here,
in the freaking flesh!
- What?
- Freaking flesh!
- Seriously, stop!
- Damn, he's gone!
- Who?
- That freaking clown!
- What?
- Why does it matter?
- I hate clowns!
- Hey, Muscles,
what's your name?
What's your name?
- Scott.
Hope you're not hurting
our townspeople.
- I can't pop
your cherry ,
but I can make
your banana cream.
- Right here, Beth.
- I don't even have my
phone in this place.
- Mine, too.
- Snips of snails
and slithering out snakes,
that's what the boys
are made of.
How's your one-eye hanging?
- You gonna show
me what you're made of?
- What the hell, country boy?
What are you doing?
- Can I at least
get your number?
- Did you
guys see that crazy clown?
- No.
- No, where?
- I'm serious.
He was at the Tilt-A-Whirl,
staring at everybody
like really weirdly.
- He's after you.
- Stop, you know how
clowns freak me out.
It's not even funny.
- Boo!
- Jackass.
- Hey, you guys want some food?
- Barbecue potato chips!
- Cake!
- Soda!
- Don't forget the ketchup.
- And what were
you bitching about?
- What doesn't she bitch about?
- No, you guys, I'm serious.
I think this clown
is stalking us.
He's everywhere I turn.
- I didn't see a clown.
- Dude, how could you miss him?
He was staring at everybody
on the rides with his ax
all up in the air and stuff.
- I saw him.
- He's creepy right?
- Well, you see,
monsters aren't real.
They're just here
for the festival.
- You're so funny, aren't you?
- Who cares about the
fucking clown anyway?
- Well, I think all
clowns are scary.
- Oh yeah.
Alana, Antonio's
waving at you, again.
Why don't we go over
there and say hi?
Come on.
- No way.
- What was that about?
- She's trying to set
me up with Antonio.
- That jerk?
- Hey, he's a hottie.
Ooh, food.
Thank you, Hunter.
- You're welcome.
- Have you talked
to Teddy lately?
- No, but he was on
the Tilt-A-Whirl.
- He's with
- It's okay, you're way better
than that little whore.
- At least you have Antonio.
- True.
- Better not see us tonight,
that's all I'm saying.
- We got your back.
- I got your back.
- It's gonna go down.
- I got her back, too.
- You know what, we should
just forget about this
and go check out
the Haunted Maze.
- Of course, yeah!
We fell in love
in sunny Cancun
Drinking tequila,
shot after shot
Watch the moon
flip over the sun
That's the night I half forgot
And we said the word forever
That's what made it clear
So I'm putting
down, shooting down
And gather around
Sittin' right here
'Cause tequila makes me happy
Tequila makes me sad
Tequila makes me
fall down sometimes
It makes me
downright mad, yeah
Tequila makes
I'll try
You think by now
I forget about her
From the bottom
of this empty glass
And as the salt
melts against my tongue
Her memory kicks my ass
And I think, I think
she had one more drink
I could've made her stay
But I hold up my glass and say
Here's to the past
To the one that got away
Tequila makes me happy
Tequila makes me sad
Tequila makes me
fall down sometimes
Makes me downright mad
Tequila made her love me
Tequila made her leave
Oh now that she's gone
there's more tequila for me
Oh now that she's gone there's
a lot more tequila for me
Ah, just keep setting up
those margaritas, man.
- $10, 10 bucks.
- I'm saying we're
gonna get a hoodie.
I'm freezing.
- Oh, that's cute.
- Dude, don't cover the goods.
- You're sick.
- Hey, he's your boyfriend.
Nice choice.
- I think it was a good choice.
- According to the
surveillance cameras,
the seven missing teens
arrived at the Haunted Maze
at 8:26 p.m., October 31st.
Do you recall this particular
group of teenagers?
- I do not recall.
- You do not recall?
Well, let's take a
stroll down memory lane.
Here they are again at 9:09
p.m, and at 10:26 p.m.,
they're seen entering the
Haunted Maze barn alive.
The details starting to
clear up for you now?
- I've seen many children.
They do not look familiar.
- Clancy Keller,
are you telling me
you do not recognize
this particular group
of teenagers seen
on this footage?
- Perhaps I did.
Perhaps I did not.
Should I say it again,
in case you forgot?
You're both so sure
that I have offended
when that tape only proves
the teenagers attended.
- Really?
Well, you better dig into
your mind pretty damn quick.
Your sisters have baited
you out as the killer.
- You need to cooperate with us.
- You're
not leaving here
until you recall what happened.
- Oh I'm diggin'.
- Is it true you were
the only survivor
of schoolhouse killings?
- Well, now that's very
impressive, Detective.
I see you've done your homework.
- True?
- I am sitting here.
- And your father was
in fact the killer?
- Do you recall what happened?
- Since you've done your
homework, Detective,
you already know what I
shared with the police.
I suggest you review
your information again
if you're confused.
- I find it
fascinating to find out
that you spent a few
years here in Panama,
and this is your
first time to return
since the schoolhouse killings.
- Halloween spirit,
so fair in the air,
and little brat children
in the costumes they wear,
so rude and quite spoiled and
my last nerve, they boiled.
So today is the day
their flesh I will tear.
- Hey, I dare
you to bob for apples.
- That's easy.
- Is this what
your father said--
- It's what I imagined
was in his mind.
- Clancy Keller, this
shit is getting deep.
Let me assist you with
your digging process, okay.
Now this portion of this
tape that we're about
to view is the
seven missing teens
entering the haunted
barn, correct?
- Perhaps it is.
Perhaps it is not.
- Well, let's take a look.
- Come on!
- He's gonna kill us.
- That was really scary.
- It's okay.
- Is it cool?
- Oh whoa!
- Whoa!
- What'd I say?
What'd I say?
- Welcome to the Haunted Maze.
Please step to the
center of the room.
- Tearing the flesh away
from her bones excited me
unlike ever before.
Blood coursed through my
veins with a killing desire.
My once loved Greta
lay in pieces,
strewn across the
floor, dead as dreams.
A new nightmare began.
Even now, I rot and lie
stinking in the earth,
my soul confined to the
walls within this house.
And you have come to
taunt and torment me
with your lives.
And I still desire young,
warm flesh.
Go, behind you, enter.
- Okay.
- Um, that
is not my forte.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my
God, where's Jordan?
- This is insane.
Get moving, chicken.
Get off of me!
Oh my God!
- God, it's a vampire!
Told you this was
fucked up, honey.
- Oh my God!
- Keep going.
- I don't want to
be here anymore.
Oh my God!
- Go, go!
Go, go!
- Uh-uh,
uh-uh, not happening!
- How do we get out of here?
- Over here.
- Oh my God, do you see it?
- Go!
- Oh no!
- Dead, he's dead.
- There's a wall.
Okay, stop.
- Oh my God, you're
so slow!
- Oh God.
- Ew, what is that?
- Ew, ew, ew!
- It
just grabbed my leg.
- I am Clancy the Killer Clown,
and I sever heads
from town to town.
Oh look, what a sin,
there's one in my bin,
laying ever so quietly
next to its kin.
Get out!
- Oh God!
- Oh God, oh God!
- It's okay.
- Oh my God!
- Babe, are you okay?
- Oh God, oh God.
- So guys,
this is it, right?
- Oh God.
- Whoa, it's dark, man.
- Where's the door?
- Hey, this really uncool.
- What the hell?
Oh my God.
I just noticed the
door won't open.
- Jordan!
- Where you at, girl?
Where you at?
There has to be a door
in here somewhere.
Over here!
It's right there.
There's a handle on this one.
- Okay, let's wait.
- Guys.
- It's locked!
- Honestly!
- The door was open.
- Not funny!
- We're deep in this!
- We're gonna die.
- You guys, let us out!
- We're gonna die.
- Do you hear somethin'?
- So you don't recognize
this group of teenagers,
but you're on camera
following them around
like your next meal, not
to mention grabbing the arm
of the missing female.
What do you have to
say for yourself?
- A haunted facility is
an establishment designed
to frighten the public.
Perhaps I did see them.
Perhaps I do not recall.
- That's not what
you said last time.
- Well, we have
proof, right here.
There are laws and regulations
governing haunted facilities.
- You are aware of
the laws and rules
to run a haunted facility?
There is no touching at all.
You're aware of that, correct?
- Get off of me!
- I know what I know.
And I share what I share.
- Just answer the
fuckin' question.
- I see someone
has anger issues.
I live by the family rule.
Each year when the
hallowed spirit is new,
each year to thine
own self be true.
- Family rule?
- Can you explain?
- We were a traveling circus
and really quite styled,
till my mother died
giving birth to a child.
The show became raw and
was shut down by the law
for questionable reasons
still yet unfiled.
So we moved to a town,
and we tried to fit in,
until my father
committed that sin.
So the sibling gathered
in a room for din
and decided our family
would travel again.
- Getting more interesting.
- So after the
schoolhouse killings,
your family went
back out on the road?
- Don't believe everything
you hear, Detective,
and only half of what you see.
- Moving on.
The seven teens are
shown climbing a ladder.
Where does that
ladder lead, any idea?
- I do not recall.
- You have no idea where this
ladder might lead visitors
to the Haunted Maze?
- Nope.
- We went back to the barn.
The ladder's
nowhere to be found.
So it just vanished?
- Perhaps it did.
Perhaps it did not.
- Can you share with us
where the teens may
have been located
in the barn, overnight?
- The barn?
- Your traveling entourage,
park an RV on the property
where you're gonna set
the festival, correct?
- I believe that is the
case in most of our setups.
- Who resided in the RV?
- The traveling entourage.
- Who was there the
evening of October 31st?
- I do not recall.
- Let me share this with you.
Next time the teens are seen,
they're running into
the barn at 5:14 a.m.
A.M., so they were there
overnight and are still alive.
The teens' minivan never left
the Halloween festival property.
As you see, we have you on
camera chasing the seven teens.
- Is this funny to you, Clancy?
- Pesky teenagers.
What you think is fact
is, in fact, false.
- Let us out!
- My God, is this a snake?
- That was metal.
I don't know.
Wait, something, anyone?
Like a little juice,
I'm not scared.
Go in the wrong door?
- Try to--
- I don't know.
- Let's just wait.
- Let's play What If.
- I'm game.
- Well, Maci picks first.
- Why does she always
get to go first?
- Dude, you know the rules.
She said she's game first.
- Okay, eight.
- Seven.
- One.
- Two.
- Nine.
- 10.
Well, Maci wins it with eight.
- Oh dude, she wins!
- Okay, I've got one.
What if we're all stranded
in this haunted house
with psychos, and you
have this one chance
to say goodbye to
all your friends,
what would you say?
- I love you all.
Don't forget me.
- I would just tell everyone
come fuckin' find me!
- You guys, I'm serious.
I have this really horrible
feeling in the pit of my stomach
that something bad
is gonna happen.
I know we're just
here until tomorrow,
but this feeling
is gut-wrenching.
I mean, this is freaky.
None of our phones are working.
It's like the power has
been jammed or something.
I mean, is anybody's phone
working at all, anyone's?
- No, I have nothing.
- Mine shut off.
- Can anyone hear
us, anyone out there?
- Come on, this
isn't fucking right.
- We're in here!
- It's wrong!
- Let us
go here, come on!
- You got my money.
- Come
on, it's not cool.
- Hello?
- Let us go!
- Well, hello.
- Hello.
I'm Agent Hawk.
- What brings you out here?
- Oh I've been following
Clancy the Clown
and his entourage
since Chicago, Illinois
on a narcotics tip.
- Yeah, well, those carnies
are pretty weird people.
- Indeed.
So I was just curious.
What's your status here?
- Well, let me tell
you what's going on.
- So Clancy has more
kids locked in the barn.
- Again?
- Again.
- Yeah?
- Hi, I'm Officer O'Doyle,
and this here is--
- Agent Hawk.
- What do you want?
- We just need to ask you
a couple of questions.
- What?
- Who is that?
- It's the po-pos.
They have some
questions for you.
- Is this your property?
- Nah, we just
hold up shop here.
- For the traveling carnival.
- I noticed a minivan
in the parking lot.
It belongs to a
couple of teenagers
who have been missing
all night long,
and their parents
wanted us to come out
and check around for them.
- Well, what's that
got to do with us?
- Yeah, who are you here to see?
- Agent Hawk, want to come in?
- Have any of you
ladies seen a group
of teenagers, around closing?
- Not at closing.
Well, if you don't mind,
we'd like to take look
around the grounds.
- It'll cost you.
- Ca-ching!
- I handle the money
in this entourage.
- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I does.
- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I does!
- No, you don't!
- Yeah!
- We're just gonna take
a look around then, okay?
- Blah, blah, blah.
- You should go now.
- I had Officer Trent check
the carnival rides already,
so I'll go ahead, and
I'll check the back barn.
- I'll check the front one.
- Alrighty, let's go.
- Hello?
Is anybody there?
Look what I found?
- Cute.
- Yeah.
Did you find anything?
- Nah.
- I haven't seen
anything either.
- Let's go check behind
the barn, you know,
the parking lot,
all good.
- Got it, got it.
- Hey,
someone out there!
Guys, let us out!
We're stuck in here!
- We've got hard.
- Let us out!
- I'm just
holding, come on!
- You locked us in!
- Officer Trent here.
The Landers' minivan was there,
but we took around the festival
property and the barns.
We didn't see 'em.
- We also spoke with a couple
of the carnival workers,
and they hadn't seen anyone
at closing time, either.
- Orders
from the chief are
for you to stay put.
The Landers are on their way.
- We just left there.
We searched the entire property.
No one's there.
I'm bettin' the kids took
off with another friend,
and they're havin'
themselves a good time.
You know what I mean?
- Oh, but I need
you to get back out there.
Report in when back-up arrives.
- Back-up?
- We hear you, partner.
- Not another word,
we're on our way.
- Hey!
- We're ready to go now.
- Open the door!
- Please, somebody.
- Well, I got orders
from Chief Harrison.
They're for us to stay here
at the festival grounds
and for you--
- I'm supposed to
be home right now.
The sun is comin' up.
- And for you, Officer Trent,
you're to take my
car, go into town
and check out a call
that came in earlier
about a girl who was wandering
in a field near Main Street.
The chief said that the Landers
family will be here soon,
so hurry back.
- You got it.
- Looks like you're pullin'
double duty there, O'Doyle.
- Thanks.
- Turn on the car
and warm it up a bit.
- Sure thing.
- It's cold.
- It's freezing in here.
Oh shit!
What the hell?
- That was priceless.
- Nice.
- Oh.
- Damn clown.
- What was that?
- Yeah, what was that?
- Shit, my heels!
- Your fingerprints were found
on this young female's body.
Unless you can explain
or unless you know
who's behind these
killings, if it was one
of your younger sisters
or another worker,
we can work out a deal for you.
- Or prison is calling
your name for life.
- That tape only
proves the teens were
at the haunted facility,
camping out for some alone time.
And the fingerprints you
have, ever so divine,
you are well aware
are not of mine.
Thanks for playing.
- Detective Cole?
Can I have a word with you?
- Yes, sir.
- You ever been to prison?
If you take a shower,
don't drop the soap.
They will butt-fuck you.
You sure you want
to go there, hmm?
Oh boy, they'll have
a lot of fun with you.
They like make-up.
- Sounds intriguing.
- Oh it is, yeah.
Okay, without a doubt,
without a doubt.
Oh they'd love you,
that long, pretty hair.
Yeah, I'd like to be there.
Unfortunately, I got a date.
- What the hell's
going in there?
- Well, before his lawyer
arrives, we need to get
to the bottom of where the
teens might be or a confession.
- Oh, I get that,
but you do realize that
you just threw down
on the table information
he already has.
We just confirmed that
we don't know anything
about those teenagers.
- Sir, I know I took
a stab in the dark.
However, I might be spot
on with this information.
- Might be spot
on doesn't cut it.
The sociopathic mind,
the way it works,
the girl in the picture
you showed him is alive.
Clancy knows this.
- We gave him too
much information.
I know I, I saw his
facial expression
the second we threw
the picture down
on the table saying his
fingerprints were on it.
- You notice how he became
pleasantly agitated?
- I was evaluating
his body movements,
and I did notice he became
agitated by this comment.
He was almost
pleasantly agitated.
- He knows what happened to whom
and where those teenagers are.
Now we need to get
that information
and whoever the hell
hired this clown
and his traveling carnival.
- I already have
someone on it, sir.
- No, wait, wait.
I need you to choose
your words wisely.
We don't have much time to get
this information out of him.
This family comes
from old money.
I'm sure their lawyers
are on the way here now.
I remember this clown's father.
The Kellers came to town,
acting like they owned it.
It wasn't but three
months or more later
that Mr. Keller slaughtered
all those school kids,
including my older brother.
- I'm so sorry, Chief.
- I know it's in his blood
to do the same thing.
I don't want this
man on the street.
- I'm on it, Chief.
- Time, time.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
- Take care.
Get in there, go.
- Yes, sir.
tell us, Clancy Keller,
are there any survivors?
- Are there any deaths?
- According to the
list of missing people,
eight, most likely dead.
- Don't say another word.
I'm Clancy Keller's attorney.
There's a colossal difference
between missing and
dead, detectives.
Mr. Keller, let's go.
- What's the next town?
- Two detectives
looking quite pale,
interrogating to no avail.
But that last
question you peddled,
when the ash is settled,
the truth shall prevail.
Two detectives
assailed the clown,
frantically writing
everything down,
wasting valuable time,
committing the crime,
good people falling
all of the time.
- Clancy,
you better go home.
- Guys, this way.
There, go!
- Oh my God!
- Go!
- Go, go, go!
- Go!
No, no!
I just want you all to know,
I'd like to remember this face
before I leave this place,
for all the good, the bad,
the happy and the sad,
it was fun partying with
you while it lasted,
which was way too little time.
I love you.
No, no!
No, no!
No, no, no!
- No, please, no,
Mom, Dad, Holly,
no matter how many
fights we get in,
no matter how many times
we're mad at each other,
I'll always love you.
I love you unquestionably.
- Oh shit!
Get away from me!
- Little boy blue.
Boo hoo.
- I just want you all
to know that I love you.
And I'll never forget you.
Please, don't be sad.
It's my time to go, I guess.
I know I've done some
good and also some bad,
but I'll treasure
all our memories.
And please remember me.
I'll see you soon
on the other side.
I truly love you all.
- Welcome to Haunted
What's the story
I'm trying to tell
Round and round
like a carousel
Face to fear without regret
Beyond the shadow
of my silhouette
Easy at first, I declared
Pistol rose to the auctioneer
Matter said, purpose foul
Rapid voice, disemboweled
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
This is where
I explain my fate
Pointing fingers, malice, hate
Troubled past, pain was true
Template dire, options few
Amended fate, years to learn
Abacus, taciturn
Perhaps I seek what I get
Lost words when tongues duet
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
A loud voice held such sway
Cowered, cornered,
helpless prey
Whispered phrases,
wandered south
vanquished tantamount
Pride to swallow, will befall
The tourniquet troubles all
Seems like words count
Matters less as Sermons Mount
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
It is fine, we now insist
No reason for the anarchist
I have a plan to bury things
A feudalist with empty rings
Call beyond conscious thought
A hurricane vainly fought
All this, say again
Racketeers, denizen
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Step aside, let them flow
Demons come, demons go
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance