Haunted Universities (2009) Movie Script

Okay. That's more like it.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
She's a shy type.
Shy type ass. She's afraid of you.
Hey, look. She's calling her hubby.
Hey, you bitch.
- Dumbass, where are you going? Turn left here.
- Man.
Turn left.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Nothing to see here. Make way, please.
- Out of the way please.
I have studied very hard this semester. I deserve an A.
Of course, I'm scared.
I just took off to read some books.
Hey, these are books you love to read.
Hey, excuse me.
- Oh, wait. Hold on.
- Excuse me.
We're here to work. Not to chit-chat.
Oh, right. Right.
Come on.
OK. I've got to go. They're calling for me.
Hurry up.
Come give me a hand.
See you.
You got it.
You make no sense.
- Are you drunk?
- I'm okay.
She's got a boyfriend, you know. Hey.
You're kidding me. She's in a school uniform.
- He's coming.
- You're available, aren't you?
Hey, here comes her man.
Your boyfriend?
- Am I? Asshole.
- Not my dad.
Sorry, sorry.
Who's that?
No one. Relax.
Have a seat. Let's have some fun.
- Come on. Let's drink to us. Come on.
- Your glass.
- Come on.
- Let's drink.
Damn, I always sit next to the ice bucket.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Bottoms up, guys.
I've been looking for you.
You want trouble?
What are you doing?
Let me go, bastard.
Hey, Cherd. Please. She's my girl.
- Let me go.
- Your girl?
What are you doing?
What are you going to do?
Son of a bitch.
Don't you dare.
That's enough.
You're a drug dealer?
Just ice.
You're lucky my boss didn't want you dead.
Or you would've been six feet under.
You've got some guts stealing from us.
Making money to get married?
I didn't steal.
I just couldn't deal them. Cops have been on me.
Just shut up. You take us to get the dope.
And pay the boss two hundred grands, that's it.
Two hundred grands?
- Where would we get it from?
- Okay, I'll take care of it.
What is it?
Any problem here?
No problem.
Hey, is that you, Cherd?
Nothing, man. He's with me.
You sure?
Who's that?
Just stay away from him.
This bastard's scarier than ghosts.
Shit. It's real quiet in here.
Where are all the people?
You such a dumbass, huh?
Hiding the dope in your school.
It's a university.
It's the same.
Hurry up.
Here it is.
- What's wrong with you, Jimmy?
- Don't hurt him.
It's good. Go.
Is there something upstairs?
No. No. Nothing.
Nothing. Nothing there.
- Please.
- Please, I'll tell you.
There's a ghost upstairs.
in the ladies' room, fifth floor.
A female student hung herself during school break.
Or it could be a nymph in Thai dress.
The lights must not be turned off.
It's true. There's a shrine inside the ladies' room.
A shrine inside the ladies' room. Don't bullshit me.
Really. No one dares to enter even during daytime.
I want to see it.
Let's get out of here.
Push the button.
Go inside.
Why did she hang herself in the toilet?
Got dumped, obviously.
- Don't say that.
- Why not?
If I don't see a ghost, I'll piss all over the shrine.
Shit. Got me spooked.
- Please, let us go.
- Please, let me go home.
- I can't take it anymore. I want to go home.
- Enough, please.
Please. I beg you.
It won't close.
Pia, close the door.
Come on.
I told you not to come here.
Shit. Let's get out of here.
Do you believe me now?
Get out.
Are you happy now, asshole?
Shut the door.
Shit. It's broken.
I did push the button.
Please. No.
Where's the way down?
Take me there.
Oh, shit.
Hey. Don't close yet.
Hey, wait. Open up. Open up.
Ladies' room.
Hey Cherd, open the door.
Cherd, open the door.
Cherd, please.
Please open the door.
Cherd, open the door for me.
Son of a bitch.
I'm scared now. I'm scared now. I'm sorry.
Nakorn 64, dispatcher 2. Over.
Nakorn 64, dispatcher 2.
Dispatcher 15. Three falls from height.
One seriously injured. One unconscious.
The other one is talking gibberish.
Some kind of mental problem.
One dead in the ladies' room.
Cause of death? Over.
Hey, how did he die?
He shot himself. Shot himself in the head.
Really. Oh, died from gunshot wound.
- We're on the way.
- Your boyfriend?
My friend. Close friend.
Close friend? Well, are you scared of the dead?
I'll get used to it.
Did you mean the corpses or your face?
Smartass, You're asking for my foot.
What was he thinking shooting himself like this?
Look at his face. Does he look
like he wants to kill himself?
Oh, really? Did you see his face? I only see a big hole.
- Hey, oh man.
- What?
Damn. Let me sit.
Shit. Have some respect to an old man.
- Long night, hum?
- Hmm.
Hey, where's my girl, Muay?
How would I know?
- You dare said that.
- Why?
Your girl is over there in the
mortuary. I think she gave you a wink.
Look who's talking. You were
pissing your pants up there.
You think it's funny? I hope you see
one for real. I'll laugh my ass off.
So, have you seen Muay?
I haven't. I only saw her talking on the phone over there.
So do you know or not know?
What are you doing? It's kind of weird tonight.
Scary both cases. Oh, they went to deliver the corpses.
Got it. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Bye.
Can you help me, please?
Fired chicken. Fried chicken.
Put a stick in their asses. Left and right.
Is it her?
Yeah, that one.
Let's give her a history lesson.
Enough. Go back to your seat.
You're having so much fun, huh?
Do you realize that you're sitting on a hallow ground?
What the hell is wrong with him?
That girl is the niece of the general
who ordered the killing of the students here in 1976.
I heard Meng and Kiak talking about her last name.
What did they do for you?
They fought for democracy.
Who sacrificed themselves for our democracy?
The students.
The students.
Who killed those brave students?
Who? I said, who?
- The conflict of political ideologies.
- Wrong.
It's the tyrannical dictators.
Everything is cool, guys. Kiak is a little emotional today.
Let's move to the next activities.
Get up and follow me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You shut up.
This is not something you take lightly.
Even though it happened a long time ago,
and it won't revive any victims
from their deaths. But you should
know that giving the order to kill
is the same as killing. What a surprise
the murderer's niece dares to come here.
Calm down. My friend is a little too emotional.
Don't make it an issue.
I'm sorry. What would you do if
someone berated your ancestor?
What did I do to you? Can't you think logically?
Was I born yet when it happened?
Your mom and dad probably hadn't
met. I come here to study,
not to argue with someone about the past.
Moreover, maybe the students were not totally right.
Then follow me.
The students were brutally shot inside this elevator.
The bloodstained can't be cleaned.
Try going inside. Are you afraid?
Nok Noi? Hey, Nok Noi? Are you okay?
You guys will take responsibilities for this.
Come on, just a brief stop. Be considerate.
What a gentleman, asshole.
It's me. Every time.
Who are you running from? Listen,
Kiak wants to say something to you.
Well, I'm sorry. Are you still mad at me.
I've been thinking. We shouldn't talk about our fathers.
You were not involved in the incident.
But you still think my grandfather is guilty.
Yes. He ordered the killing of the
students. And you're his niece.
Are you still scared of the Red
Elevator? You can relax now.
It will be removed tomorrow. And
what your grandfather has done
will be removed from everyone's memory. I have to go.
Hey, wait for me.
He's been following you everywhere?
Nok Noi. Aren't you coming with us?
That's fine. I'll take the stairs.
Wait. I'm coming. Hold on.
Hey, forgot my bag.
- Wait for me.
- Hey, wait.
Where's Panu? Where's Panu? Where's Panu?
Where's Panu?
- Am I telling you the truth?
- Yes.
Thai people must stand up and fight.
Thank you very much.
Hey, who did I bring here?
Come on. It's her last night with us.
What if you can't help them?
I must. The elevator is still in use until tomorrow.
I must bring them together.
This girl is strange.
Why? Was she flirting with you?
Dickhead. I mean this girl
can see something we can't.
What do you mean? Ghosts?
I'm sorry.
Are you still scared of the Red
Elevator? You can relax now.
It will be removed tomorrow.
Where's Panu? Where's Panu?
Have you seen Sajee? Have you seen Sajee?
I must bring them together.
General's niece killed in car
accident on Rajdamnern road.
October 6th, 1996.
Spirits of the dead like to stay at the same place,
doing the same thing
over and over again, until their needs are fulfilled.
Really? When are they going to stop?
You said like you've seen one.
It's not for everyone to see.
Depends on the time and chance.
Your first time?
It'll hurt a little.
Ah huh.
Open your mouth.
A little more. Good. Relax.
Almost done. Almost. Good.
Doctor Prasert, the director
wants to see you immediately.
What does he want me to do?
Pulling out teeth from the corpses.
Explosion at an ice factory. We can't identify the corpses.
You take care of it.
Sir, why me?
You're a dentist. You want an OB/GYN to pull out teeth?
Do you have any problem? Don't tell me you're scared.
No, sir.
Good. Just take care of this.
Are you scared? Are you scared?
Hey. Daydreaming about ghosts?
There, there.
- I told you to study engineering, but you didn't listen.
- Keep it down.
This is a classroom. You're having too much fun.
I have said that the deadline for
the report was seven o'clock.
But these four reports were submitted at nine.
Paweena. Pramuan. Parinya.
And Prasert.
See me in my office after class. All of you.
Okay, let's continue from last week. Where were we?
Hey Sert, where are you running to?
- I'll tell the professor.
- About what?
About how you borrowed my
report, and submitted it late.
That's it? Hey, Sert?
Hey, Sert. I heard you're scared of ghosts?
Hey, you're insulting him. You know that he's actually
terrified to death.
Hey, Mr. Prasert, don't you know that
to become a dentist, you must study a corpse.
Mr. Stupid wants to be a dentist, huh?
Hey, Sert. Remember when I stuck
with you in anatomy class.
I didn't complain once.
Sorry, where's the professor?
She has left for the hospital.
Hey, why are you being upset?
Let's go inside. I have sweets for you inside.
Don't worry. I'll take care of you. Nothing to worry.
- Prepare the EKG monitor, and some oxygen.
- Yes doctor.
- Good. Take care of him.
- Go. Go.
Good evening, professor.
- Good evening, professor.
- Good evening.
We're here to see you about the late report.
We're not in school, are we?
I'm really sorry professor.
I won't let it happen again.
- Professor, please help me. Professor.
- Have to go. This is not fair.
What's going on?
Well, I'm taking a leave to get
married. I've submitted my request.
But she said I can't go. What's the problem?
Well, no one else will take the shift on the new year's eve.
Everyone in the department already took leave.
Hold on. Please let me go home. I've got to get married.
Just one night, one shift. Please.
Oh, professor. I'll take his shift.
Hey, on new year's eve?
You heard him? It's settled then.
Don't you let me down.
Yes, professor.
So, what's your duty? Transportation or drug room?
Prasert, it's the same as the anatomy classroom.
No need to be scared.
No, it's not the same.
There, people are willing to enter. Here, they're not.
Go away.
I can't come home this year,
mom. Well, I have reports to do.
Right. Happy new year, mom.
Oh, my amulet.
Damn you, Joke.
Hey, you go ahead. I'll be a little late.
Oh, why?
It's New Year's Eve. I'm going out with Nan. Come on.
Okay. Just hurry up.
Got it, boss.
Oh, when you are at the mortuary, be careful.
They say you can't turn back.
Sert, do you remember that story?
The corpses in the mortuary.
Sometimes their hands are closed,
but when we look away
and turn back, they might be open.
You're late.
Hey, it's time.
You arrived for a long while and haven't done anything.
Go take a routine check.
Here you are. I'm going to the toilet.
Sert, check the file.
There're five beds.
You must understand. A corpse is a corpse.
It's a dead body. It contain no energy.
It can't move.
But ghosts, they're damn spooky.
They're full of hatred. They would haunt you to death.
Hey, Joke. Wait for me.
- I really can't go. I know it's New Year's Eve.
- Joke.
- What's the big deal?
- Hey, Joke.
Joke. Is that you?
- Give me a hand. Come on.
- Nakorn. From Nakorn 64 Dispatcher 2. Over.
- A drown woman is found. No identification. Over.
- Place her here.
Dispatcher 25 is taking the victim for forensic ID.
Nakorn. Dispatcher 2.
Come on. Up. Up. Got it? I'm leaving.
Hey, close it. Close it, you morons.
Hey. Sign here. Hurry up.
Right here.
Let's go.
Joke. Hello?
I'm colonel Tuanton Tuptim.
Hey, are the ambulance guys still around?
No, they're gone.
They're gone? The people who brought
you a drown woman. They've left?
Well, yes, sir.
Hmm, what's your name then?
My name is Prasert, sir.
Okay, let's do this, Prasert.
Can you go check on her back if she has a tattoo?
Prasert. Prasert. Prasert. Prasert.
- Yes' sir.
- I'll call you back in five minutes.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
There's one missing.
Hey, Prasert? So, did you find it?
I asked you to look for a tattoo, remember?
Jeez. Damn it. You're wasting my time.
Prasert, this is an important case.
I'll call you back in three minutes.
Just take care of it. If not, don't say I didn't warn you.
Listen, the police just called me, complaining that
the mortuary officer didn't
cooperate with the investigation.
Is that true?
Professor, I...
I've heard some stories about you.
If what your friends had told me is true, it means
you are not qualified to be a doctor.
Do you understand?
I understand, professor. Everything will be taken care of.
I'll take you to Pai after this New Year holiday.
Okay, see you. Bye.
A corpse is a corpse. It's a dead
body. It contains no energy.
It can't move.
Prasert, this is an important case.
Mr. Stupid wants to be a dentist, huh?
He's terrified to death.
You are not qualified to be a doctor.
Almost got him.
I don't know.
But I bet it's about girls.
- How do you know?
- What?
- Bullshit.
- I confirm.
Bullshit is all you got.
Hey, Muay, are you going back to Chiang Mai?
It's a long way to go.
Why? Why? Are you going with her?
- Hey, what if I wanted to go with her?
- Have you ever talked to a ghost?
Talk to a ghost? I've never even seen one.
I mean communicating with a spirit.
Oh, well. I think we're living in a different world.
No. We're in the same world with them.
Shit. I can't drink now.
- Wanna see you for real.
- I'm sexier in person.
- Really.
- Have to prove, ha.
- How to prove?
- How do you want to prove?
Quit chatting. Lots of perverts in there.
It's fun. Just a little flirt and the boys are going crazy.
I'm melting now, Miss Berry.
Berry? Rotten Berry.
That's you.
Your friend? She's hot.
More than friend.
Muay, come here.
No. Stop that.
Come on, just a little flirt.
Only when I'm bored.
- Stop that.
- Come on.
Slutty whore.
Hey, asshole.
That's your mom.
Sick freak.
You bitch. I'm gonna kill you.
What a psycho.
Shit, that's scary. Just stop it.
He doesn't know us. What are you afraid of?
But he's seen your face.
He might not even be in Thailand.
Screw him.
I'm starving. Let's find something to eat.
I'm having a headache. I'll wait here.
Have you taken the medicine? Huh?
Let me cure you. Come here.
What's wrong?
Are you mad at me? Okay, I'll stop.
Get some sleep.
Oh, I'll go with Pui. She's got a car.
I don't think she's here.
Jeez. The holiday is only four
days. Everybody's gone already.
What do you want?
Pad Thai?
Okay. Just come back soon.
Who's that? Sa?
Don't you have the key?
Hold on.
Pretty. Pretty.
I'm in need for a wife.
International wife.
What a bunch of jerks.
How much is it?
Twenty baht.
Hey girl, wanna come with me?
No, thanks. I have to bring dinner to my friend.
I'll take you home.
That's OK. I have someone to pick me up.
Don't lie to me.
Hey, I said no. Didn't you hear?
Hey, that's not so nice.
Hey, who's that?
Any problem here?
You don't have to bring your dad.
Hey, watch your mouth.
Let's go.
I'll wait for Sa here.
Don't you remember me?
Of... of course, I do. You're the guy next door.
I'm melting now, Miss Berry.
Thank you so much for taking me home.
Are you a cop?
Not really. I usually do cases related to ICT.
ICT? Like Internet crimes?
Why do you ask?
I happened to come across an online psychopath.
Hmm. Must be scary. Do you know who he is?
I don't know. Just like many others.
I don't know any of them in the real world.
That's the danger of cyber world.
Are you okay?
Hey, don't you live next door to me?
- Hello, Muay.
- Sa, do you remember the reclusive guy next door?
- Yeah, I do. He's actually...
- That's Beckham. He came in to apologize to you.
There. He's the psychopath I told you.
I'm so sorry.
Who has killed someone?
Who has killed someone for real?
Hello. Are you a psycho?
So. Do you want?
You got it.
No. Help.
Calm down. Don't get excited. Just go get her.
Bastard. Go away. Let me go. Help.
Where has she gone?
Go ahead.
Don't be scared.
You said you wanted to kill.
Let's start with the hammer.
We're friends, aren't we?
What's my name?
Beck... Beckham. Beckham. Beckham.
Bastard. You sick freak.
Hey. Hey, Beckham. Slow down.
Don't let her die too soon. Slow down.
How was I?
Keano and Fergie were even sicker.
How do you know that I'm here?
Not too hard to find out.
Let's go to Bangkok.
I'll introduce you to our gang.
Thank you for finding me. I almost
went back to who I was before.
Hello. Sa. Sa. Can you hear me, Sa? Where are you?
I've been worrying about you.
Okay. Just hurry back home.
Beckham. Does anyone else know about this?
You sound like you can talk to a ghost.
Beckham. Get out. Get out of here now.
So, where are you going?
You're going to leave me now, right?
Yeah, I can take of myself.
Where is your friend going?
She's found someone she's been looking for.
It's dangerous to walk around
here alone. Let us take you home.
Thank you.
English Subtitle by Warat Karuchit