Haunters (2010) Movie Script

GANG Dong-won
KO Soo
BY KIM Min-seok
You have to wear it
all the time.
You'll only take it off
to wash your face.
I'll wash you real quick,
then well put it back on.
Keep it on
when you sleep.
And when you eat, okay?
I'll help you with everything.
It'll help you get better soon.
But I'm not sick.
KlM Hyo-suk, you bitch!
What have we here?
Huh? You think you can just
run away and start over?
How long did you plan this?
You got a new husband too?
We'll settle this
after I eat.
Goddamn it.
I'm all drenched.
Wrapping him up
won't make him human.
You little bastard.
Your father is
talking to you, boy.
I should just rip out those eyes.
Fucking hilarious.
Motherly instincts, eh?
Try caring about your husband
for a change!
Get over here!
You little bitch!
I can't stand
the sight of you two!
You little bitch!
No! Stop!
Stop what?
It's hard.
Isn't it?
It's too much...
...for me, too.
Let's just stop.
Why do my own parents
want to kill me?
201 0
It's not my fault that
I was born this way.
Being different from
everyone else
None of you could ever
understand how it feels.
And I have no desire
to become one of you.
You may see me as
a limping freak of nature.
But its the only thing
I can depend on.
The very ability which
makes me a monster.
How long will you be staying?
I'm not sure.
For this much, at least.
Room 1 407, sir.
- Kyu-nam!
- Hey!
Hey! Someone here didn't give me
their lunch tickets!
Who is it?
- Did you give her the ticket?
- I did.
It's him again.
He's paying now.
Let's just eat.
Look at how dedicated he is.
I bet he'll go to
heaven for sure.
Don't you think so?
You can't go to heaven
just by praying.
What day is it today?
Isn't it Thursday?
It's Friday, you idiot.
Then it's the weekend.
Are you guys...
- Hell yeah!
- Hell yeah!
Hey, wake up.
Get up.
I'm going home.
You must be tired.
- Put some gas in tomorrow.
- Okay.
- And don't be late.
- We won't.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye guys.
Happy birthday.
Weekend birthdays are
You know I love you, man.
Happy birthday.
You didn't have to...
It's a miracle
you're still alive.
But still...
Good thing you're
recovering so quickly.
It's all the nurses are
talking about.
I think
I hear wedding bells.
You know what they say.
Men face three crises
in their lifetime.
And you just had one.
So theres two left.
He has that many left?
Let me finish.
Think closely for a second.
Did you ever
get really sick?
Or lose all of your savings?
Something like that.
Oh, I know!
You lent Thomas money
and he just ran away.
I just...
I just gave it to him.
No, that was a crisis.
You got diarrhea from eating
instant noodles for a month.
That's a major crisis.
so that's two.
And the boss said
you're fired.
That's three.
So you're done with
all the crises now.
I'm thirty-three.
Just turned thirty-three.
You're done hiring?
Thanks anyway.
'No experience needed'
'Healthy males'
Anyone here?
How can I help you?
I'm LlM Kyu-nam.
I called earlier.
No family.
Seven years
at a junkyard?
I had other jobs before,
but I didn't write it down.
- They were short-term.
- I see.
Hold on.
Give me one second.
Sergeant LEE?
It's CHOl from Utopia.
I was just wondering
Can you look someone up for me?
I'll give you
his social security number.
No, it's 21...
My goddamn eyes...
I can't see well
these days.
It's 1404640.
You're clean.
Don't take it personally.
It's just standard procedure.
For job interviews and all.
What a pretty young fellow.
What do you think
life is about?
It's just living
until you die.
Yes, you just keep living
until you die.
Turn your head this way.
And the other way.
Should we get you started,
Manager LlM?
You'll start as manager
and work your way up.
That's life, isn't it?
This is where we bargain
with our customers.
You see that?
In the right corner.
No, over there.
That's the key to
our security system.
A CCTV camera.
I paid good money for it.
It's connected to the TV
in the other room.
It records everything.
And when you don't think
it's enough,
you just press this,
and fry him.
That's about it.
What exactly do you do here?
Huh? Well, we deal with...
Let's call it finance.
But the most important thing is
Money disappeared
in front of me.
But I can't remember a thing.
Look at this.
Look at how I wrote
everything down.
This is my entire life.
But something has gone missing.
Manager LlM.
Someone was here.
Something was definitely here.
That's why I got
the security camera.
But it's not enough.
Watching the video doesn't help.
It won't bring the money back.
That's why I'd like you to...
This is my daughter.
Say hello.
He's starting tomorrow...
Yes, sir.
This is our Manager LlM.
Nice to meet you.
I'm LlM Kyu-nam.
I'm Rachael Young Samantha.
She's CHOl Young-suk.
Good morning.
You're early.
Dad will be here soon.
Would you like some?
Haven't had this in a while.
'lm just helping him out for now.
I see.
I'm training to become
a flight attendant.
A stewardess.
Kyu-nam, over here!
- Here?
- Yeah, right there.
Is the cockroach bait still there?
Then put one there.
And put one over here, too.
No problem.
Let's get lunch.
Yes, sir.
Why are there
so many cockroaches?
Hi, this is...
Yes, for three.
Yeah? What?
Hold on.
- Sir.
- Yes?
Can some of my old
co-workers stop by?
We don't have any customers.
Not now,
but we might.
Tell them to come.
All right.
Theyre coming now, sir.
Did they eat?
Over here, please.
- Kyu-nam!
- Bubba! Al!
Let me cover the table first.
It's easy to find, isnt it?
Good thing
you didn't get lost.
Sir, this is Bubba Evobonsha
and Al Shavari.
Hey, you forgot
one of our orders.
We didn't mean to bother you
during lunch. I'm sorry, sir.
It's fine.
You speak Korean so well.
Where are you from?
You're a long way from home.
It's just a stones throw away.
This guy speaks Korean
better than I do.
No, I wouldn't go that far.
I just picked it up as I kept living here.
Thank you again for lunch, sir.
Thats all right.
It was nothing, really.
Where are you from?
Im from Turkey, sir.
Turkey? It must be hard living
so far away from home.
You made it big.
I'm just starting out.
I'll make
general manager soon.
Then I'll get a raise
and go again from there.
Thats life, isnt it?
He promoted you
on your first day?
Wait, what's this?
Michael LlM?
They must do lots of
international business.
- Is your boss nice?
- Yeah.
He looks like a crook to me.
You shouldn't say things
like that.
It's not nice.
Who's this?
It's the boss
and his wife.
What? That's his wife?
But she's a foreigner!
She passed away.
And my boss is a nice man.
So that's why
the daughter is so pale.
- I'm jealous.
- It's not like that.
You're lucky.
Michael LlM.
- Look! That's Turkey.
- It's beautiful.
It was you.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you guys?
You're doing this, arent you?
What are you?
What's wrong with you?
Snap out of it, guys!
You're doing this to them!
Leave my friends alone.
Mr. CHOl!
Stop it!
- Are you okay?
- Can you see us?
- Kyu-nam!
- Don't!
Slow down!
What could he be?
Why can't I control him?
- I'm out.
- This guy is unstoppable.
I can't believe
he beat all of us.
Who taught you
how to play?
He said
he was sorry.
The hospital was so noisy.
I couldn't hear everything
with all the noise.
But he said to eat well.
Become a stewardess.
Become a stewardess
and live a happy life.
- Al.
- Yeah?
You know
how to pick locks, right?
Is it working?
Hey, Al...
Are you sure you know how?
Have some patience, man.
It's open.
Kyu-nam, what is this?
Is that really me?
I don't remember anything.
Bubba, do you remember this?
I just can't figure it out.
How come you're
the only one that's normal?
Are you a ghost too?
Can you touch ghosts?
Maybe he's a monster!
Stop talking nonsense.
Let's take this
to the police.
The monster!
Let's get him!
What is that?
Hurry out the back!
We're trapped!
Why aren't you going?
Al, can you jump off?
There's no other choice!
Jump, Bubba!
The surveillance tape!
What's wrong with them?
What about Kyu-nam?
You control them
with your eyes.
Who the hell are you?
How can you...
It doesn't matter.
Bring my boss back to life.
You can't bring people
back to life?
Then why did you kill him?!
You're right.
I can control anyone
I see.
What are you doing?
What the hell are you?
You mother fucker!
Answer me.
What are you?
I dont know,
you fucking monster!
I need to get rid of you.
It's not natural to have
someone I can't control.
Calm down.
Let's just talk it over!
So you're the ones
going through our garbage!
Going out on patrol, sir!
Who the heck are you?
Manager LlM from Utopia.
Watch this
and you'll understand.
What in the world...
You better not
take that off his head!
You got it?
Stop worrying about that.
Let's go over there
and have some coffee.
- Over here. Be careful, it's hot.
- No, it's okay.
So he can control people
just by looking at them?
That's right.
And he came to your office
and made everyone go crazy.
Yes. But two of them
don't work there.
Never mind that.
So he killed your boss.
But his eyeball power thing
doesn't work on you?
Look at me, son.
Are you on something?
Like heroine or marijuana...
Or did you sniff some superglue?
Of course not.
You don't seem drunk.
You saw the surveillance tape!
Sure, I did.
You were all over the place.
Let me see your arms.
They're clean...
Where'd you go to school?
I only finished junior high...
You don't believe me,
do you?
Who said anything like that?
Give me a lie detector test, then.
This isn't the FBl, son.
It's all part of
the investigation process.
Just have some coffee.
Where do all these freaks
come from?
Utopia, my ass!
Crazy son of a bitch.
What is the world coming to?
These psychopaths always button
their shirts all the way up.
Is he even breathing?
Take that off him.
Go on!
The video did seem
a bit strange...
Are you on drugs too?
You actually believe
that crazy idiot?
I caught him.
The police station.
He's finished now.
No, don't come.
But I don't know
how long it'll take.
Then just save me some food.
Hey, I've been wondering...
How come I'm...
I knew
this would happen!
That bastard!
Show yourself!
It doesn't work on babies either?
Just stop now.
This is all your fault.
You bastard.
My boss and
all these people...
- You're doing this to them!
- That's not my problem.
Do your parents even know?
What you're doing to people?
Who are you to go
killing people?
You can't just control people!
You can't do
whatever you want!
Who the hell are you, then?
I'm Manager LlM of Utopia!
My baby!
What are you doing?!
My poor baby!
Mommys here, honey!
If only you could've just
been one of them.
Manager LlM.
- Maam.
- Yes?
- The rest is to go, please.
- All right.
Two men raided a police station
and stole an officers pistol.
- Police believe the accomplices are...
- lsn't this Kyu-nam?
They attacked the station
earlier this evening...
- How much is it?
- Four dollars.
Let's hurry.
Can we get our food?
- Hurry up.
- Have a nice night.
Suspect LlM Kyu-nam is
on the run.
Suspect LlM Kyu-nam is
on the run.
Suspect spotted in red van
- Where are you going?
- T o a party.
We're going to a party?
What are you going to do now?
Go after him, of course.
You pay taxes, right?
Do you know why?
So other people can
take care of this for you.
Why are you running around
doing their jobs for them?
It's just
what I have to do.
No, it's not.
LlM Kyu-nam!
Get your head straight!
Your life is shit as it is,
without you fucking it up!
Al, it's just...
I don't...
What do I have to...
I know how you feel.
But this isn't right.
You have to think this through.
Just go to the police
and let them catch him.
But they're helpless
in front of him!
There's prosecutors, then!
And if they cant help...
There's a shitload
more who can!
It's over.
This is the best option.
It's too much for guys like us.
This is our fate.
You'll get caught before him
if we keep this up.
I have no other choice.
Like my boss said...
You just live
until you die.
If I keep eating and living,
I'll meet him again.
- Where are we going?
- Where he eats and lives.
Should we close up
and go get some barbecue?
It'll make my clothes smell.
Well, then I'll just
buy you new ones.
Come on in.
So, how much do you need?
We're looking for someone.
Looking for...
Then you should look in the phone book.
We only do loans here.
But he might not be human.
Do you take sugar?
Two spoons, please.
What do you mean,
he's not human?
He steals money
from places like this.
He's so fluent in Korean!
You're right.
Thieves are less than human.
Youre right about that,
but what are you all doing here?
Does that work?
- What?
- The CCTV.
Of course it works.
You think it's for show or something?
Did it record
anything unusual?
Or maybe your books
didn't add up.
Or something strange appeared...
Like when you take
your boxers off at night
That weird feeling you get...
My goodness!
This guy is hilarious.
What weird feeling might that be?
What he means is...
Cops must mean trouble
in your line of work, and...
Fucking idiots...
Miss LEE. You see the kind of shit
I have to deal with?
And now theyre getting
all global on me.
Who do you think
you're dealing with?
My brother is a goddamn cop.
Get out before I report you.
But if you watch the CCTV...
That's a fake camera.
All right?
Get the fuck out of here!
Call us if you see
something weird!
Come again!
Crazy bastards!
- Go away!
- Sir
Get out!
Can you see?
Yeah, kind of.
But... You think
this will work?
You said
he uses the eyes.
Won't we be okay
if he can't see our eyes?
Or do we have to cover his eyes?
We'll try it anyway.
This is the main attraction here.
One shot of this
will blind anyone alive.
Pretty nice, isnt it?
We can't take it back
to the police now.
So I made some alterations.
Hey! That's not finished yet!
Don't touch it!
Did you try shooting it?
I will right now.
Hasta la vista, baby.
Who is it?
Police, maam.
He wouldn't come back
after over twenty years.
She couldn't even recognize
her own sons face.
Detective SEO!
Check the kitchen.
It's hard.
It's really hard,
isn't it?
Where is he hiding?
Say that we find the guy.
What then?
His power may not work on you,
but it works on others.
It's not a matter of you
against him.
It's you fighting against
everyone else he controls.
But it's the three of us
against him alone.
What could he do by himself?
I don't know.
Never mind. Let's just do this
and get a nice, cold drink.
- Over at the pub.
- The pub?
Wher'es that?
The pub over
by the intersection.
When did you find
a place like that?
Yeah. Let's get
a nice drink afterwards.
I'll buy.
You know I don't drink.
You want me to sip Sprite again?
He was looking for us too!
Snap out of it!
Wake up, Bubba!
Come on, you idiot!
Hey! No!
Where is he?!
Do you see him?
Can you see him?
- That bastard!
- Where are you going?
Put on your helmet!
I can't drive with it on!
Then just stay here.
You're still alive.
I thought
you were dead.
Let's say you and
your friends find me.
Then what?
Don't you understand?
There was no need for this.
You're just making things worse.
It was nothing important.
But you dragged things
this far.
Your boss died because of you.
You understand?
These people don't even know
whats happening.
They won't remember.
But theyre going to suffer,
all because of you.
They could die.
And they've died before.
What do you think? What if
all these people died right now?
Who would they blame?
You, or me?
You fucking crazy bastard!
This is all you!
You're the bad guy!
You think so?
Let's see what happens.
Stop it!
Who do you think will win?
You against
the hundreds of me?
Or the hundreds of me
against you alone?
Come on.
Do you even know
who you're dealing with?
Come out
and show yourself!
Do you know what happened?
Didn't you see anything?
Did I get him?
You're the one that made the shot.
Put it back on!
Grab him
as soon as you see him.
Then I'll put this on his head.
Where did they go?
Don't move.
They're not dead yet.
Hanging someone apparently
kills them quickly.
What do you want me to do?
What do you want from me?
I don't want anything from you.
Then let's stop.
It's not exactly for you
to decide anymore.
Stop after making
such a mess of things?
That wont work.
Damn it!
Am I wrong?
Maybe we should ask
your friends.
Bubba! Al! Are you okay?
Wake up! Snap out of it!
How did you get caught?
It's okay.
Don't worry!
Everything will be fine, Al!
It's not fine!
Don't cry, Bubba.
Stop crying.
Be a man!
You mother fucker!
Stop joking around and let them down!
You think
this is a joke?
Can't you see whats going on?
All because of you,
my fucking life...
You should've never met me.
That's right.
You should've never met them.
Or even that boss of yours.
In fact...
You should've...
...never met anyone.
Stop talking shit and
let them down.
This has nothing to do with them.
It's all about them!
They're all dying because of you!
And you...
You're dying
because you met me.
Being different from everyone else...
It's so hard.
Isn't it?
Fucking bastard!
I must say...
You've had quite
an interesting life.
Just stop, please.
I'm begging you.
Losing something
that matters to you...
It always feels like shit.
It was fun while it lasted.
Manager LlM.
Get up!
We'll be late!
Are you okay?
He got seriously injured!
Great fucking weather.
Where's Young-suk?
Look at all those people.
Do you like being yourself?
Tell me
where Young-suk is!
I already told you,
they're dying because of you.
You killed her, too?!
You call yourself a human being?!
Say hi to my friends
for me, you fuck!
Without me, you would've
been nothing.
You would've kept living
as Manager LlM, right?
But I wouldn't have
ended up like this either!
All you have to do is die
in order to save them all.
Why try so hard
to stay alive together?
None of that matters now.
I won't die until I kill you first.
And for the rest of my long life,
I'll save as many lives
as you've taken.
I'm starting to see
why it didn't work on you.
But I just wanted to live too!
You fucking bastard...
Tell me your name.
Who else would remember me?
"ln another life,
would we have been friends?"
Could we have been friends?
I can go alone
to visit my Dad...
I'll get
my drivers license soon.
Let's stick it out,
just a little bit more.
Wait here.
Hey, look over there.