Haunting of the Innocent (2014) Movie Script

Oh, no!
So nice of you to join us today.
Yeah, yeah.
Would you care to pitch
a really, really big client?
That's why I'm here.
Alt colors, go, close them.
Cutting it ever so close,
aren't we, Thomas?
I didn't think you got nervous.
If you used your office, you
wouldn't always be running late.
And I would never see my family.
Are we set?
You got structurals,
skins, and the interiors here,
and topography
are on the screen.
How about the budget?
All taken care of...
Mr. Franklin approved.
Bonded, licensed, and approved.
Huh, you wouldn't be
after my job, would you?
Don't patronize me.
Shall we?
Succubus first.
Gentlemen, ladies,
I give you the lead designer
on the architectural project
of the Natural History Museum,
Tom Paulson.
Ladies, gentlemen.
History is happening right now.
And if we don't learn
from our mistakes,
well, we're doomed
to repeat them.
Architecture is no different.
Thank you so much...
You were amazing.
You're good.
I got to go put out a fire
at the New York office.
Just make sure you get
the final plan uploaded
by Monday morning.
It's done.
Home run on this one.
Both of you.
Oh, we learned from the best.
Molly, you might want to have
him wipe that shit off his nose.
So did I impress you?
Maybe just a little.
That was a pitch.
Cocky charisma, baby.
I see why you love him.
It's a good thing
you're talented.
I'm out of here.
You want to celebrate?
I can't do that.
I'll let you be rough.
I know how much
you liked that last time.
This is he.
Where were you?
I... Where were you?
I came as soon as they called
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here now.
It's okay.
You're safe.
I'm here.
I want to go home.
I just want to go home.
I want to go home, okay?
As soon as the doctors
say that you can go...
No, no.
I want to go home now.
Please promise me.
Please promise me, please.
No, no, no, that is
not an acceptable excuse!
Look, you have one job, one job.
Sell the damn house.
And don't call me
until you have an offer.
It's just not
a good time to sell.
We're gonna be fine.
All right?
We're gonna be fine.
Got a month and a half,
stretch it out to two months,
and then obviously,
your dad's help is huge.
Not to mention
how understanding Mr. Franklin
has been about this
entire situation.
He still me wants me to be the
lead on that San Francisco project
that I was telling you
about and those guys,
those guys are doing two more
projects at the end of the year
in Tampa and Dallas, so...
So we're good.
We are...
How close are we now?
Close, sweetie.
Hey, what did
your mother just say?
Hey, does that look familiar?
Thank you.
Is this my little Roger?
Oh, boy!
You're like an oak.
Be careful, Dad.
He's heavy.
Hey, how long is it since
I embraced my grandson?
Too long.
What about me?
Oh, I'm so happy to have you all.
Me, too.
You're looking good.
As do you, sir.
Thank you for doing this.
Hey, I'd do anything
for my family.
I need to get Roger settled.
Sleep's just been
a challenge for all of us.
Come on, monkey.
But, mom, I want to see
the cabin with Grandpa.
Hey, come here.
And so you will.
I'll show you things
few have seen.
Things never imagined
in a horrible land
like Los Angeles.
But that's tomorrow, my boy.
Tonight, you'll sleep
cradled by Niorun,
and dream of
victories in Valhalla.
I am Thor!
No nightmares, Dad.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, buddy, listen to your mom.
You sure you can handle that?
I'm not that feeble yet, Thomas.
Tell me, honestly...
how is she doing?
It's been
a rough couple of weeks,
but she's strong.
This is what she needs now.
Finally, we agree.
But this would never have
happened... Oh, Jesus, here we go.
I asked one thing
of you, Thomas.
Yeah, for me to abandon my
job, my career, One thing!
My life just so you
could be close to her?
To protect her!
Something you
clearly couldn't do.
I love her
just as much as you do.
Do you?
Something tells me
that's not true.
Everything that your daughter
has asked of me,
I have given her... everything.
And right now she wants
to be home, so guess what?
Here I am.
It's been a long ride.
You want to have it out, fine.
Can we do it later?
Right now I got a 10-year-old
who hates brushing his teeth.
You don't have to give up
the whole house for us, Dad.
You don't need an old man
interfering right now.
You don't even have
a phone in the cabin.
He's finally asleep.
Sounds like a good idea.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, my dear.
This feeling,
it's just not going away.
It's gonna take some time.
Hey. Hey.
You're home now.
Okay? We are home.
We are, aren't we?
How come I never met her?
She died when I was your age.
Do you want
to place the flowers?
Just set them on the stone.
Yep, just like that.
Aren't they gonna die?
That's what makes them special.
If we had them forever,
we wouldn't appreciate them.
I'm hungry.
Oh, uh, sorry.
Yeah, I'll take him.
You need some time?
I'm gonna go by Mom's shop.
We'll find you later.
It's just me and you, bud.
Beauty and youth.
She was a good woman.
You knew my mom?
Very well, Brenda.
I'm sorry.
I don't really know who you are.
My name is Beyla.
Nice to meet you, Beyla.
For a safe journey.
Thank you.
I hope we can talk again.
I would enjoy sharing stories
about your mother.
Let me take your number.
No need to go to the trouble.
I know it's in here somewhere.
How are those chicken toes?
Fingers, Dad.
What kind of shop is it?
Huh? Uh...
What kind of shop is it?
Uh, your grandmother
owned a flower shop.
Is Mom going to work there?
I don't know.
You boys doing okay?
Yes, I think we are, thank you.
Well, if you need anything,
I am just a wink away.
Can I work there?
You're 10 years old,
turkey. What?
What's wrong with the shop?
Excuse me.
I am so sorry for the wait.
No, that's okay. Can we get a chicken
sandwich to-go, please, and the check?
Oh, absolutely.
Are you sure
I can't get anything else?
No, thank you.
No? Okay.
Thank you guys.
She's really nice.
Everyone here seems nice.
Finish up, bud.
All right.
One sandwich to go.
Do you have a bakery
or a candy shop in town?
Excuse me.
I need... You got to get...
You know what? It's just
out the door to the left,
just a couple blocks south.
Thank you guys so much.
I hope to see you again soon.
Come back if you can again.
Dad, is there something
still wrong with Mom?
Come here, bud.
Remember last month
when Mom had her accident?
Well, that left her...
Left her tired.
Okay? So right now we're just gonna
have to help her out, all right?
Being patient.
Now, if you see her,
and she's looking sad,
then just... go up
and give her a hug,
let her know you love her.
Sh... she's gonna be fine.
Oh, no.
Come in. Come in.
I can't remember the last time
I was out here.
Well, you didn't care much
for it growing up.
Are you sure
you're okay out here?
There's plenty of room
in the house,
and Roger would
love to have you close.
I have everything
I need here now.
My daughter came home.
What is it?
Talk to me.
I feel ashamed.
Like it was my fault.
But it's not just that.
I feel like
I keep seeing things,
and I don't know...
I don't know
if they're memories,
or if I'm just making
stuff up in my head.
What sort of things?
When she died...
I just...
I don't know.
Oh, listen...
you made the right choice
coming here.
Tom made the right choice, too.
Are you drawing that for Mom?
This is me, and you, and Mom.
She's gonna like that one.
This is the big old tree
in the cemetery,
only I made it the way
it's supposed to look.
What do you mean, "the way
it's supposed to look"?
The way I see it in my mind.
What about this one?
That's Beyla and her family.
Who's Beyla?
She lives here.
What's that above her?
That's a runes.
Yeah. Magic from the book
Grandpa gave me.
Magic, huh?
Pictures that make
things happen.
Where is this...
Roger, just stay here.
Get up.
What happened?
I heard a noise.
I came out.
God, you are ice cold.
Let's get him inside.
Go! I got him.
Come on.
Some babysitter
I turned out to be, huh?
First time I'm alone
with him in like, forever,
can't even protect him...
Little spider.
Well, in my defense,
he does scream
like a little girl.
I still don't understand
why you left him alone.
It could've been serious.
I told you,
I heard a loud noise,
and I looked out,
thought I saw a...
He wasn't alone
more than five minutes.
Well, it doesn't matter now.
He's okay.
I'm just gonna sleep
in there tonight.
I love you.
How is he?
I can sleep tonight
on the couch if you like.
Of course.
Dad, do you know
a woman named Beyla?
She said she knew Mom.
They were very close.
Mom never mentioned her.
Well, your mom had secrets
like anyone else.
Who is she?
Her family's been
in the area for ages.
Your mom used
to discuss their...
mutual lineage.
But she's so young.
they shared a descendant.
Like many of the people
around here,
she was very proud of her
Viking heritage.
Where did you see her?
At the cemetery.
She said she hoped
we could talk.
It's a long story.
I'll tell you about it sometime,
but not tonight.
I am gonna make some tea.
What are you doing up?
I'm scared.
Sweetie, what are you scared of?
There's nothing to be
scared about there.
Just a tree.
See, there's nothing...
It's fine, okay?
Just a bird.
Everything's fine, okay?
Come here... I promise you.
Look at this, here,
do you remember this
from Grandpa's book?
This is an Algiz.
All gaze?
It's a really old symbol
that protects little children
from bad things.
It protected me
when I was little.
Now it'll protect you.
All gaze.
Are you feeling any better?
It's late.
Why don't you lay back down?
I'll stay with you
while you sleep.
Come on.
"My dearest Brenda..."
"I have written
this letter over and over..."
"trying to find
the right words to say."
"I can only express
how much I love you"
"and care for you
in this world and the next."
"Live fully
and true to your heart."
"And may Odin's eyes be upon
you through your journey."
"Be at peace, my daughter..."
"and may this help you find it."
"Your loving mother,
Good morn...
Damn it!
You scared me.
I was dreaming.
I didn't know where I was.
I'm sorry.
Just a phase.
You sure about all this?
About what?
This whole thing.
What are you talking about?
something's off.
You're gonna have to be a little
more specific than that, Tom.
Look, why don't you just go down
and make some coffee...?
I'll be down in a minute.
Morning, Mom.
How'd you sleep?
How about you, Dad?
Was the couch okay?
Sleep is for city folk.
How's Tom?
He's okay.
I think.
Feeling better.
Still tired.
I'm actually starving.
Probably have to go
to the store today.
How about this?
You two go into town
for provisions...
and Roger can babysit
me for the day.
Look, Erik, you don't
have to do that.
No, no, we didn't move back here
so you could spend your
retirement as a babysitter.
We've got some catching up
to do, don't we, Ulfhinn?
I'll get ready.
Thanks, Dad.
But no cabin.
Stop, stop, stop.
What? Why?
Pull over.
I don't know. I-I feel
like I've been here before.
Just hold on.
You want me...
You want me to wait for you?
I'll call you.
Is anybody here?
Greetings, Brenda.
I'm sorry.
I saw the shop and I...
I really...
really don't know why I'm here.
Why doesn't matter.
What matters is you are here,
and for that, I am joyful.
Would you like some tea?
Then we will talk
and we'll have some tea.
But your shop...
Will be fine.
Now come.
Oh! Sorry, I...
I didn't see you.
You should pay more attention
to your surroundings.
Yeah. You're...
You're right.
I should.
I know you.
Do you?
You were...
You were at the cemetery.
I was.
You were visiting a loved one?
My wife was...
Was her mother...
I'm sorry for her loss.
But I'm happy that you're here.
Please sit.
Make yourself comfortable.
I unsettle you.
That is not my intent.
I just wish to be friends
as your mother and I were.
How long did you know her?
Long enough to know
that you are Eisa's daughter.
You must have been really young.
I'm not as young as you think.
Tending bluebells
and marsh violets
in her flower shop
was my first summer employ.
We later became friends.
It just, uh,
seems really odd to me
that she never mentioned
you before she passed.
Now this will make it better.
What is it?
Angelica, birch,
and Icelandic moss.
It was Eisa's favorite.
Never had anything like this.
I make it myself.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I just have a...
lot of feelings and, um...
past memories
of this place since I'm back.
I don't know...
There's no need to be sorry.
You miss her.
I see that.
You said that the two of you
would talk for hours.
My dad said the same thing.
What would you talk about?
who made the runes?
That is a very interesting
question, my boy.
Did you know
that we are the last
in a long line of
a proud Viking family?
The men who truly
discovered these woods
before... before the English,
before the Spaniards,
were of the line
of Ingold
of Roskilde.
However, as fierce
and determined as they were,
they were not explorers.
Colonies were set up
in hundreds of locations,
but they all fell
to disease and famine.
Then how did we come from them?
used the power of the runes
to shield off evil,
protect their families.
They stayed together...
and found a way to survive.
Family... is everything, Roger.
Always remember that.
What are you doing?
Come on, let's get
back to the house.
Your mother will be home soon.
As rumor has it,
some colonies fled
as far away as Oklahoma.
Others further still.
Vikings in Oklahoma?
Even I don't believe that,
but there are some who claim
to have found
rune stones properly dated.
And Thornby?
As the story is told,
one colony
thrived like no other.
That is until the day they
took in a group of travelers.
The colony welcomed
their brothers and sisters,
a witch.
Before too long, war broke out.
Brother fought brother,
father killed son.
The colony was in ruins,
and the witch and her
followers fled to the forest.
As they fled, they were
followed by the witch's son,
a warrior of great strength
but of different...
The warrior pursued
his mother across the lands
until he accosted her near
where today, supposedly,
lies this very town.
The two were engaged in battle
and gravely wounded.
It is said that the warrior son
died where he fell,
and was left,
and never received the Viking
funeral that he deserved.
No valkyrja
ushered him to Valhalla,
so Hel cursed him...
earthbound forever.
And his mother, the witch?
They say that she carried on
until she came
to the giant oak tree
that you see in the cemetery.
And it is there, under the oak,
that she died...
Her body buried beneath
the great roots of the tree
so she may never escape.
Once she passed,
all those who were
under her spell were free,
and they settled the land,
living peaceful lives.
All that sounds so...
so... I've... I never heard
any of that in school.
No, of course not.
And it's just a story.
I can see why my mother
loved hearing them.
She was always telling me
stories as a child.
I gave your mother
a book of stories,
and she treasured it deeply.
An old book?
I found that book.
I had hoped that
she would pass it on to you
and when you feel it is time,
for you to pass it to Rodgeirr.
There was a picture
of you in it.
Well, not me.
An ancestor, perhaps.
What's it about?
Traditions, rituals, cultures.
It is about family.
Do you know the runes?
My dad used to have a set.
Each one holds
a special meaning,
certain power.
Some say that if you hold
a rune in merkstave, reverse,
its meaning becomes dark.
Take the Thurisaz for example.
Now as you see it,
the Thurisaz represents
instinctual will.
But in merkstave...
represents betrayal.
If you like,
I could teach you the runes
as I taught your mother.
I-I think I'd like that.
Then it is settled.
For now, the hour grows late?
Before you go, I have
one more thing for you.
I can't accept that.
You can.
You will.
Let me fasten it.
It will give you strength
for what is to come.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming home.
What you do...?
Looking at pictures.
Scoot over.
You know, I made this
specially for you.
Let me show you something.
What is it?
See these?
These are photos
of your grandmother.
Let me see.
This is the day we got married.
She looks pretty.
Yeah, she was very pretty.
Just like your mom.
Just like you.
I'm not pretty, I'm a boy!
You are?
Now this...
This is the day
we moved to Thornby.
And do you know who this is?
That's your mother.
She was a baby?
Mmm. Yes, she was.
That's Beyla.
I drew her.
Beyla was a friend
of your grandmother's.
I think your parents
are finally home.
Brenda. Brenda!
Get your hand off me.
Give her time.
Dad, is something
wrong with Mom?
No... Mom's gonna be fine,
buddy, okay?
She's gonna go up, she's gonna take a nap.
She's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine,
because we're home, right?
Saying it doesn't mean
it's gonna happen.
Yeah, well, nothing else
seems to be working.
Roger, go upstairs
and pack your bag.
Like a sleepover?
The hell he is.
You're not going anywhere.
Stay right there.
Do you really think
I'm the enemy here?
You need to go
and work this out.
I'll give you the night.
Roger, go pack a bag.
Hey, don't forget a toothbrush.
Okay, fine.
What are your ideas then?
What do you suggest, huh?
Go to her and fix it.
"Fix it"? Fix what?
Huh? Fix wha...
I have no idea
what's wrong with her.
She won't even talk to me! You
know, I thought coming back here
was gonna make things better, but
it hasn't. It's made it worse.
It's made it more
distant for me.
This doesn't feel right.
It has never felt right here.
It never will
until the two of you
can get through this.
Why do you even care?
Because she's my daughter,
and I love her.
I love her too, okay?
And that's not gonna change.
No matter how many
stones you throw.
I'm gonna ignore your ranting.
I'm gonna take my grandson
for the night,
and you will stop whining
like a little bitch
and go fix your marriage
to my daughter.
Because if you think I hate you,
just imagine how I feel
at the thought of my daughter
being made unhappy...
by you.
Love you, Mom.
Where's Grandpa?
He's outside waiting.
are you and Mom
gonna get a divorce?
Where did you hear that word?
Shelly, in school.
Her parents got a divorce,
and now she has two Hanukkahs.
I promise you,
I'm gonna do whatever I can
to make sure that
your mom and I stay together
for as long as we live.
I love you, Rog.
Now you be good
for your grandpa.
I will.
All right.
All ready, Grandpa.
Go away.
Talk to me.
There's nothing to talk about.
What do you mean, "There's
nothing to talk about"?
Go away.
I want to help.
I know, but...
I just can't do this.
Look, I love you,
and I am not gonna go away
until you talk to me.
Stop it.
Off me.
Stop this. Okay?
Stop it!
Listen to me.
Let me go!
Stop it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry.
Fuck you!
I was raped!
A man came up from behind me,
grabbed my throat,
threw me on the ground,
and fucked me!
And do you want to know
what the sickest,
most vile part
of the whole rape, Tom?
Do you?
As he was spreading my legs,
I swear, I got wet.
I didn't just take it.
I liked it.
I enjoyed it.
I came twice as he violated me.
I've never felt so good
and so bad at the same time.
Do you have any idea
what that must feel like?
No, you don't.
Okay, so now you know, okay...
Now you know
why I can't just open up...
Why I can't just
talk it away, okay?
My insides are twisted.
My mind is a wreck.
And as much as I love you,
you cannot fix me.
Tell me what I can do to help.
Tell me what I can do.
No, just... I need
to get out of here.
What can I do to help?
Not here.
Just wait... tell me
where you're gonna be
so I know you're safe.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't know
where else to go.
Please, come in.
I'll be glad to have you.
I hope this
is comfortable enough.
It's fine.
Now, tell me what has happened.
I don't think I can.
I'm sorry. I don't mean
to be rude, it's just...
It's okay.
You'll tell me in your own time.
Thank you.
I don't know
how I can ever repay you.
Don't be silly.
You owe me nothing.
Just the fact that you've returned and
you've brought the book is enough for me.
I did. I...
I knew this was the only
place I could go,
and I just felt compelled
to grab it.
May I?
Of course.
Such a beautiful book.
You said that you taught
my mom how to read it?
She was an excellent student.
I told her many things.
She was very eager to learn.
What else?
Why am I here?
Where else do you want to be?
In bed.
Who with, Tom?
With... who, Tom?
They are mine, Tom.
And now, so are you.
Now do you see?
You can't defeat me.
Oh, really?
Watch this.
Grandpa, something's burning.
That's because I don't
usually cook for other people.
Oh, no.
Where are you?!
"Tell Roger I love him.
I'll be back."
Hello, Erik.
It's been a long time.
Not long enough, Beyla.
Where's Tom?
Gone for now.
And Rodggeir?
You leave him alone.
Where is he?
Make sure you call me
next time you're in town
for a little scotch and soda.
Mr. Franklin.
Mr. Franklin.
Please sit.
I apologize for meeting here,
but there are some issues
in the Miami office
that need my attention,
and I have to fly there today.
At least some things
have never changed.
This is our offer for you
to return to the Los Angeles
firm full time.
I'm sorry. I...
I thought this was
about a new project
in San Francisco.
No more freelance, Tom.
You'll be the lead architect
in Los Angeles.
All the details are inside.
Sit, have lunch.
Molly will finalize
all the details.
Yes, sir.
I look forward to your return.
You're one of our best
and always have been.
Thank you, sir.
Don't fuck this up.
You want to tell me
what happened?
What do you mean?
Why you look like
you're running on empty?
It's nothing.
You know who says "I'm fine"?
People who aren't.
Don't psycho-analyze me, Molly.
Oh, I don't want to do
anything to you, Tom,
except make you happy.
But before you even speak,
I think you should know
that I've been instructed
not to take "no"
as an acceptable answer.
Holy shit!
What the hell
happened to you, Tom?
It's nothing.
It's not nothing.
What the hell is this?
Don't you dare, Tom,
even think about it!
Wake the fuck up, Thomas!
You have a clear choice.
Daddy, we need you!
Who, Mom?
Rog... Roger?
God damn it, no!
If you leave,
if you walk out that door,
you kiss me
and your contract goodbye.
It's my son, Molly.
He's gonna have
to grow up sometime.
But my family needs me!
What about me, Tom?
Where are they?
I said where the hell
are they, God damn it!
Beyla has them.
The cemetery.
What they hell
are they doing there?
Beyla will have a sacrifice.
Bullshit she will.
I can help.
What the fuck is going on?
Let go of me.
Erik. Erik.
Let go of me.
Erik, Erik!
Let go...
Erik! Erik!
Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Brenda. Brenda.
Brenda, what are you doing?
Brenda, listen to me,
God damn it!
I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
Not gonna let them touch you.
You won't fucking touch him.
This is our son!
As Yggdrasil lives,
so do we.
In time, Rodgeirr, my spear,
I will read
from the book to you.
In time.