Haunting of the Queen Mary (2023) Movie Script

(thunder rumbling)
(rain pouring)
(wind blowing)
(melodic whistling)
(water lapping)
(ship motor chugging loudly)
(whistling grows louder)
(children laughing)
BOY: Last one there
goes to prison!
GIRL: Wait, that's not fair.
Wait for me!
GUEST: I said if you want to
see a clattering engine,
stop by the Commons
on the first Friday
of the month.
(dog barking)
WOMAN: What do you
think is?
MAN 1: Might just be a drill.
-MAN 2: Very strange,
don't you think?
-MAN 3: Haven't you heard?
-MAN 2: Heard what?
-MAN 4: A rupture of some sort
in the engine.
Oh, here comes someone.
Excuse me,
where do you think he's going?
MAN: (calls) Hello?
(whistling continues)
Take one, keep moving please.
Take one.
-GUEST: Did you say this way?
-CREW: Everything will be fine.
Upstairs and turn left.
MAN: I don't like this madness.
-WOMAN: Are we sinking?
Upstairs, turn left.
Everything will be fine.
Just continue upstairs,
Keep moving, please.
(bell ringing)
Sir, keep moving, please.
(door opens)
There you go, Sir.
GUEST: Are there at least enough
lifeboats this time?
Keep calm, go upstairs please.
(whistling continues)
PORTER: Hello?
Mrs Ratch?
(footsteps echoing)
(whistling continues)
(bell ringing continuously)
(ominous music)
GIBSON: The porter found her
twenty minutes ago.
GIBSON: Apparently, her husband
used an axe.
GIBSON: The lunatic
hasn't stopped
whistling since he got here.
CARRADINE: The little girl?
GIBSON: We're still looking.
(door opens)
(jewellery box music tinkling)
(glass crunching)
(tense music)
London Bridge is
falling down
Falling down
(dog barking)
Falling down
London Bridge is falling down
(tap dance shoes stepping)
My fair lady...
(metal banging)
(whistling continues)
(spurs banging wooden box)
(whistling getting louder)
JACKIE: Daddy? Is that you?
DAVID: In the flesh.
JACKIE: (upset) Mum...mum's
It's horrible.
(tense music)
-GIBSON: Captain!
-CARRADINE: Why aren't
you upstairs?
I was. But an incident occurred
with one of the passengers.
-Take care of it.
-There's been a murder.
Build it up
with iron and steel
My fair lady
Let's find the captain.
But first, can you help me
out this bind?
(high tempo music)
GWEN: (softly) Where...is...she?
(metal clangs)
(shackles drop)
Thank you, Cassandra.
Daddy? My name is Jackie.
(dramatic music)
(Gwen staggered breath)
(glass crunching)
GWEN: Where...is...she?
(crew member screaming)
(door bolt slides closed)
(upbeat violin music)
(music becomes threatening)
(dog barking)
(siren blares)
...he must go, he must go
(siren blaring
(door kicks)
(children chanting)
(treacherous music)
(blood spatters)
(people chattering)
DAVID: Right, anyone asks,
we're Mr and Mrs William Howe.
GWEN: Are you sure
they cancelled?
-JACKIE: Who am I?
-DAVID: Our niece.
GWEN: They might
just be delayed,
have you thought of that?
DAVID: Stop worrying. Apparently
Mrs Howe's weak stomach
caused her so much upset,
she's still clinging
to a toilet bowl.
JACKIE: Do I have to
use my real name?
-DAVID: Why?
-Jackie is so boring!
How about...Cassandra?
DAVID: That's a terrible name.
GWEN: I was fine in
third class dining.
I wasn't.
-Were you?
Oh, what does
a seven-year-old know?
GWEN: Have you any idea
what will happen
if they catch us
impersonating other guests?
(pen scratches)
GUEST: Thank you.
DAVID: We, err, reserved
a table.
The name is Howe.
William Howe?
Ah, yes. Er, you cancelled.
Well, we're here now.
That table is no longer
I'm sorry, Mr Howe.
And it was for two guests, only.
(clears throat)
-M'AITRE D: Army, Sir?
Infantry. Northern Ireland.
(battle sounds)
Did you serve?
Royal engineers. Palestine.
(men laughing)
DAVID: Oh, bugger.
Blasted lighter.
Could have sworn I brought it
with me.
(lighter clicks)
(cigarette tip sizzles)
Well...Captain Howe.
-Shall we see about that table?
(jazz music playing)
Happy Halloween!
And boy, oh, boy, have
we got a show
or you tonight!
So, come and join us
on the dance floor
and let's 'raise some spirits'!
(people chattering)
This is you, Sir.
Ah, perhaps you have something
a little more...
central, for an old army pal?
VIKTOR: My usual table.
(Viktor groans)
Reserved, I'm afraid.
Typical army engineer.
Technically correct,
but of no use to anyone.
Enjoy your evening, Sir.
Oh, fuck off.
GWEN: Darling, please.
This is fine.
He's a movie producer.
Made the one about a couple who
have a child out of wedlock,
with hilarious consequences.
-GWEN: One Up, One Down?
-(chuckles) Yeah, yeah.
Quite liked it.
Heard he was in London
making a picture
with Fred Astaire.
I should go over
and introduce myself.
JACKIE: You always say,
"If an opportunity comes along,
grab it."
Yeah, I do, but never beg.
Opportunity is slippery.
It's like trying to catch a fish
with bare hands.
The trick is to wait
and let it come to you,
then when it gets close...
(hand bangs table)
...grab it!
(mirror shatters)
(chuckles) And don't let it go,
no matter how much it begs
and tries to slip away.
Hold on tight.
And don't be afraid
to get your hands dirty.
How long must I wait?
Haven't you heard?
Patience is next to godliness.
Release me, release me
and stop haunting me
DAVID: Right.
Who else needs a drink?
-Release me
Release me
and stop haunting me
-The quality of the work,
the quality...
...the, the quality of the work
and the story you tell,
that is all very important,
but the, the truth of
the matter is...
Um, yes. Yes?
Why can't ghosts move on?
Er, what does your book say?
-Well, it is a good question.
The quality of the work,
and the story you tell...
Dad should write about it
in his book.
Er, I'm not sure that's
the angle they want to take.
Well, then change his mind.
Who wants to read about
boring old architecture
on a haunted ship?
Um, well, maybe we
should leave it
for the people in
charge to decide.
I hope they say yes.
It's been ages since the three
of us did anything.
Feels that way.
He might as well
live in a different country.
Well, it's kind of appropriate,
that we are meeting on a ship
that has travelled
the whole world.
-Or a different continent.
-Honey, you're being
a little dramatic.
You just needed time
to settle in.
You know, new home,
new school, new friends.
-Yeah, right.
-I told you,
those kids don't know
what they're talking about.
That is why they're kids.
Do you believe them?
Then you are just as stupid
as they are.
-No, I'm not!
No, you're not. You're not.
(game plays)
A sailor went to...
sea, sea, sea...
to see what he could...
...see, see, see
I'm not four.
But all that he could
see, see, see...
was the bottom of the
deep blue sea, sea, sea
Two sailors went to
sea, sea, sea
To see what they could
see, see, see
And all that they could
see, see, see
Was the bottom of the
deep blue sea, sea, sea
(dramatic music)
(camera housing clicks closed)
Go do some of that
ghost hunting, honey.
(camera clicks)
(dramatic music)
(film reel static)
For thirty-one years,
the Queen Mary served
as a majestic city of the sea.
Now she's dropped anchor
for the final time.
Closing out a career
unequalled in the history of
commercial sea voyaging.
A career that took her
through a depression,
a world war,
a period of unequalled glory,
and a last great voyage.
CAPTAIN:Well, I would describe
this Queen Mary's
the most elegant
and the finest ship that has
ever sailed any of the oceans.
CREW MEMBER:The saddest
thing is,
I think, to ever happen
because this has got to
be one of the most
beautiful ships that was, er...
anyone's ever built.
(jazz music)
MAN:We feel that The Queen Mary
will be sort of
the crown jewel in what
we hope will be
the foremost water recreation
development in the entire
United States.
MAN:Their predictions
are as high as
two and a half million
people a year
will be coming down
to visit and board
The Queen Mary for its
various activities.
PATRICK: The quality of the work
and the story that you
tell, the pictures,
that's all very...quality,
the quality...
-Dad! Dad!
-Hey, son!
I have missed you.
(chuckles) Me too!
-Hi, Patrick.
Glad you made it,
although you are a little late,
but that's fine.
-I rung ahead, let them know.
You wanna go through it again,
-The pitch?
Um, I'm good if you are?
I'm, I'm good.
-Er, well, although, er...
the publisher thinks a more
holistic approach is needed.
Um, books, website, 3D tour?
TOUR GUIDE: Guests have reported
(camera shutter clicks)
seeing a woman in white,
playing piano.
A war bride, who,
after learning her husband died
serving in France,
took her own life.
You can pick up a
of the woman in white
in the gift shop
on your way out.
Next, we'll see where
Fred Astaire
once danced the cha cha.
I'm half expecting Fred Astaire
to jump out and try
sell me a hoover.
-So, what's this
about a 3D tour?
-Oh, sorry.
Er, you know, I just thought
you could mention it to him.
PATRICK: It, it's a
big thing to just
There are no visuals,
no concept work.
Besides we've been
through this...
-Hey, uh...
-...the ship's almost
80 years old.
-Hey, Dad.
-PATRICK: It deserves
-I'm thirsty.
...you can feel and touch.
Something that lasts.
-Can I get a frappe?
-PATRICK: Er, sure.
ANNE: No, honey.
Who lets a kid drink coffee?
-Oh, come on!
ANNE: Hang on,
I'll give you water.
LUKAS: Oh, forget it.
With or without all this.
But, er, you don't agree?
No, I do, I do.
I think you're incredibly noble.
-Well, thank you.
-And righteous.
-Yeah, keep going.
-And have amazing intentions.
I feel like the idea
is a little dated.
I don't know what a book
is gonna do
to save The Queen Mary.
HOMELESS MAN: Get your God damn
freaking hands off me!
(homeless man groans)
If I catch you sneaking
in here one more time,
I swear to God,
I'll crack your head open.
PATRICK: So, I've been published
three times.
ANNE: Oh, we're counting
academic papers now?
PATRICK: All warmly received.
(Anne and Patrick chatter)
(tense music)
Welcome to L.A.
These days.
So, what do you think?
ANNE: Look, isn't
the real reason
you wanted to work on this...
so you can spend time with...
-PATRICK: Hey, buddy.
Huh? Yeah?
Er...you wanna go on the
haunted tour
while your mom has her
boring meeting?
(Patrick clears his throat)
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
-Come on.
-Bye, Mom!
(blows kiss)
(suspenseful music)
I'll be fine.
(ship cutting through sea)
(jazz music)
We'll give a toast to
our bastard Captain
'Cause only a bastard
could drive us to drink
To drink!
To drink!
And though we all know
(glass shatters)
the man is a bastard
-CARRADINE: Damn it.
He will never let us sink
Sink! Sink!
Our bastard captain
enjoys the flavour
of any substance
that eases the pain
The pain!
The pain!
And that's the reason
our merciless cap...
(tap dripping)
(tap handle squeaks)
A captain fancies alleviation
from all of the willies
that drive him to drink
To drink!
To drink!
And that's the reason
our barbarous captain
keeps assortments at his sink
GIBSON: Captain.
-Oh, Gibson.
I've looked at your proposal.
-Oh, right.
-Let's be clear,
we're on the world's
fastest ocean liner.
And all you're thinking about
is how to make us go faster.
I like it.
-Yes, Sir, about that...
-Passengers travel
on The Queen Mary
because of two words,
Blue Riband.
Not just an award for fastest
transatlantic crossing,
but a guarantee.
-Evening, gentlemen.
-OFFICERS: Captain.
CARRADINE: So, if our rivals
want the title of
world's fastest,
well, fuel consumption
is the new battle ground.
Not propulsion.
Slow? Gibson, why haven't you
rung off full ahead?
Yes, Sir, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
(elevator music)
TOUR GUIDE: Standing
still would mean
almost certain death
for a project of this magnitude.
So, when the Great
Depression halted
construction for over a year,
a deal was struck
for Cunard to merge
with White Star Line.
Owners of the ill-fated Titanic.
Creating Cunard White Star.
Steam was generated
in massive furnaces,
superheated and passed to engine
at seven-hundred degrees
About four-hundred
pound per square inch. Phew!
Now, I don't mean
to scare y'all,
but this was the scene of an
accident in 1938,
when steam built up
behind an emergency door,
escaped, killing an engineer...
(mobile phone camera clicks)
...shutting down
the main engine.
Guests have since reported
hearing his haunting scream...
...throughout the ship.
(shouts) Hey, Dad!
(ominous music)
(elevator door pings)
(a card flutters to the floor)
(water dripping)
(light jazz music)
(footsteps echoing)
(Lukas breathes heavily)
(elevator door pings)
(high tempo music)
(Lukas groans)
(elevator door slams shut)
(tour guide talking
in the distance)
(Lukas panicking)
TOUR GUIDE: She survived
head on collisions,
Hitler's relentless
wolf packs and even
a one-hundred-foot rogue wave,
causing many to believe
her blessed.
(pages flipping)
(soft music)
BITTNER: Mrs Calder?
(footsteps approaching)
Mrs Calder.
-Oh, Miss Calder.
Yes, yes. Hello, hello.
(mobile phone drops to floor)
Um, Mr Torres?
Er, no, er, Charles Bittner.
Are you the historian?
I'm our, er, humble Captain.
I work directly with Mr Torres,
our historian. You were delayed?
(soft music)
He asked if I'd fill in.
Oh, please.
(door opens, closes)
(whispers) Shit.
(elevator pings)
(doors open)
(tense music)
(water dripping)
(camera shutter clicks)
(footsteps running)
(metal clanging)
(ominous music)
(woman screaming)
(ghostly sounds)
(metal door clangs open)
(door closes)
(door locks clang shut)
(siren blares)
Pipes started shaking,
so I reduced the speed.
-Problem's coming from in there.
(chief engineer gasps)
It's hot to the touch.
I wouldn't venture in there.
My guess is cracked steam pipes
and a cocktail of
superheated oil.
That room is probably
700 degrees.
We need to shut her
down, Captain.
Let the engineers do their work.
Reduce speed to 15 knots.
-Captain, it only takes
a spark from...
- All that clatter down here,
you must've lost your hearing.
I said do not stop.
By all means, find
a way to reduce
the pressure and speed.
But do not stop.
And the next time you decide
to slow my ship without
my consent,
I'll leave you at
the nearest port.
Yes, Captain.
(tense music)
(seagulls crying)
(footsteps running)
(voices of children talking)
(suspenseful music)
(metal clangs)
(metal turnstile cranks)
(sheet rustles)
(breathing heavily)
Are you lost?
JACKIE: How old are you?
JACKIE: Me too.
(camera clicks)
(metal turnstile cranks)
(eerie music)
(footsteps running)
(water splashing)
JACKIE: Down here.
(tense music)
(camera shutter clicks)
(pages flip)
I didn't know there still was
a ship's Captain.
There is not.
But don't tell anyone.
I just like the suit.
(Anne chuckles)
So, why a book about
us, exactly?
I am a digital marketing
(phone rings)
and my...
...my son is obsessed
with ghost stories.
(phone rings repeatedly)
A little too obsessed
actually and...
MAN:Bittner, are you there?
(slams phone into cradle)
Well, er, one day
he has this dream
and he says to me,
"Mom, I had a dream
that I was on The Queen Mary."
And I was like,
"Oh, you know, we
should go visit."
And he said,
"No, I had a dream
we lived there."
Not kidding.
And so, you know, it
got me thinking,
um, what about doing a book
from a child's perspective?
-Exploring the ship
and some of the...
stranger stories.
-Ghost stories?
-Yes, the ghost stories.
And also explore the
ship's rich history
and we could raise awareness
and we could help save it.
I didn't know we needed saving.
Just what I see in the media.
Right. Stories.
You know, we're pretty
used to stories
around here,
I mean, people have said we're
a doorway for the dead. (laughs)
And although we're famous
for our fiction,
you know, sometimes facts
can be much stranger.
(tense music)
Did you know in 1942, while, er,
transporting German and
Italian prisoners,
she collided with one of our own
escort ships?
Sank it.
Killing all but 99 of
its 400 sailors.
And she just continued on
with little more than a scratch.
Would you take me on a tour?
(clock chimes)
(slow footsteps)
Oh, yes, we have exactly
five hundred and ninety-six
working clocks
aboard The Queen Mary.
Wow. Really is a time
machine in here.
We should definitely get
all these details in the book.
Well, the Queen's Salon
was a social hub at night.
Winston Churchill used
to sit over there,
Alfred Hitchcock drank
his martini there,
and Bob Hope wrote his
column over there.
Tourists, they love that.
You know, knowing what
famous people did,
where they went.
Is there anything else
you can show me?
(camera shutter clicking)
(bulb flashes)
(loud footsteps, spurs jangling)
(tense music)
(Lukas panicking)
(camera shutter clicks)
(loud banging, ripping sounds)
(camera shutter clicking)
(dramatic music)
(camera shutter clicking)
(camera shutter clicking)
(rope pulls)
(Lukas screams)
(water rippling gently)
(Lukas gasping for air)
(tense music)
(water gurgling)
(dramatic music)
(water lapping gently)
BITTNER: People came here
to enjoy glamour.
They still do.
We host brunch on Sundays.
Wedding receptions.
Corporate parties.
You know, Bar-mitzvahs
and what-not.
Oh, throughout the voyage,
er, those ships marked
The Queen's Mary's
location along the Atlantic.
Unfortunately, they
stopped working
after we permanently
docked in '67.
We could capture these
fascinating details
in a wholly original way.
Well, other people have
taken pictures.
How do you propose
your book will be any different?
The quality of the work
and the story you tell
with the pictures,
that's all very important.
...have you ever thought about
virtual reality?
Imagine taking a tour
of The Queen Mary.
Not as it is now, but...
as it was in, I don't know,
1938 or even 1944.
What would that entail?
On site time. Just the scanning.
The coding we could
do from anywhere.
But we would need to cover...
every inch of the ship.
(ominous music)
You're fucking kidding me?
I'm sorry?
Thank you, Miss Calder.
I'll, er, pass this
along to Mr Torres
and we'll get back to you.
(footsteps receding)
(suspenseful music)
Over here is the grand salon
and, er, if you'll
all come this way,
we'll go to our...
(frappe preparation sounds)
(sucking on straw)
(dramatic music)
He seems traumatised.
I just...sorry, I turned around,
he was just gone and I ...
How'd the meeting go?
Um, I was thinking,
if this book thing goes well,
maybe we could try again.
Settle down, buy a house.
I'm the only one still
renting at my firm, so...
Does now feel like
the right time
to be talking about this?
All I wanna do is know
that we're thinking
the same thing
for our son.
'Cause Lukas needs stability,
we, we both need stability,
There is no 'we'.
-And he's not your son.
-Come on.
We, we, we raised him together.
You can't just move
to another town
and shut me out.
ANNE: Stop it, it's way overdue
we all moved on.
PATRICK: I, I hear what
you're saying,
but it's a house, not a prison.
(deck creaking)
ANNE: You always made it feel
so God damn permanent.
GWEN: Jackie, darling.
(distorted) If I'm doing that I,
I'm not aware...
GWEN: You mustn't worry.
(quick footsteps)
-...move to another town and...
-We have to move forward.
GWEN: You're going
to a new home.
(distorted) This is your home.
GHOST VOICE: (distorted)
You die here,
you stay here forever.
(distorted) Honey, are you okay?
GWEN: Wait for us there.
(quickened footsteps)
GWEN: And we'll be
a family again.
We found him. No big deal.
-He's wet.
-Yeah, I can see that.
You know, but otherwise
ANNE: (distorted) Come on,
let's get you home and dry.
You poor thing.
(voices talking over)
BITTNER: (distorted)
Miss Calder!
Wait, wait! Miss Calder!
(elevator door closes)
(glass smashes)
(phone ringing)
BITTNER:Miss Calder?
Charles Bittner.
Good news.
We'd like you and your
family to come back
and work on that exciting
(light jazz music)
Mr Torres thinks
is a great idea.
Luckily, we've renovation
this weekend,
so, you'll have the, er,
the entire ship to yourself.
Good times are finally back
Here to stay and
that's a fact
(happy chatter)
Living free again...
Good times are finally back
(Gwen and David chattering)
I'm on the lookout for
my next big star.
She could be right here,
in this room,
you just never know.
(whispering) You
just never know.
(chair scrapes)
Where are you going?
How's he supposed to notice me
if I'm planted to a chair?
I told you, we don't beg, ever.
Well, I say let the
cards decide.
No, we shouldn't draw attention.
What if somebody else questions
and we've to explains things?
We were offered tickets
to America
and we took 'em.
What's wrong with that?
They paid me to read
their fortune.
I told them they'd die
if they left London.
Who's to say they wouldn't?
That was wrong.
It's not what the cards said.
We were fine in third class.
We don't belong there
and neither does she.
Now then, put that in your pipe.
(band continues singing)
(slow footsteps)
(glasses clatter)
(room falls silent)
(Jackie breathes heavily)
(band and chatter continue)
Have you seen George's new film?
Oh, it's simply divine.
Hepburn lights up every room.
Including the box office.
I don't know how to compare it
to some of his earlier pictures,
probably not as entertaining as
Two Dinosaurs Meet
While Ice Skating.
But it is just magical,
wouldn't you agree?
Excuse me, Sir.
COWGIRL: Now, you may ask,
what is the distinction between
subject matter and style.
-But this is a cinematic...
-I'm a dancer.
-...experiment in style.
-I'd to audition for
your next movie.
What now, my dear?
I'm a dancer.
I'd like to audition for
your next movie.
I'm the star
you've been looking for.
(Viktor clears his throat)
Did your parents not teach you
that it is very rude
to come to a table uninvited?
-Oh, Viktor. Come now.
Good evening, your name please.
Mr and Mrs Howe.
Frightfully sorry I had
to cancel earlier.
My wife is feeling
much better now.
Is there a table still free?
(jazz singing)
What happened?
(chair scrapes)
GINGER: He once asked,
can I give him a scoop?
A scoop, I said, of what
ice cream?!
Well, I'm a sherbet...
Excuse me.
Sir, that's my girl
you just spoke to.
She's, er, just a little upset.
(chair scrapes loudly)
I apologise that she
interrupted you,
but she wants to be in movies
more than anything and, er...
and now she's just
a little upset.
She's talking about
abandoning her dream,
which upset my wife.
Oh, we're also performers.
Now, she's a dancer.
A very good one.
Better than that Ginger Rogers.
-Oh, she is?
(laughs) You'll be doing
me a big favour
if you just reconsider.
You, you see what see can do,
you won't be sorry.
(jazz singing continues
in background)
(Viktor slurps)
(chuckles) Please.
And who are you?
My thought exactly.
(jazz music crescendo)
BITTNER: Go home.
We'll reschedule.
ANNE: Why would you
invite us here
and then tell us to go home?
Isn't the book from
your son's perspective?
Er, yeah, but...
BITTNER: Well, so he
should be here.
ANNE: It's empty now.
It's the perfect time to do it.
BITTNER: Oh, we refurbish
all the time.
Yeah, tourism is eating
this ship alive.
People come, they take things.
Souvenirs that cost
us a fortune.
You know the worst offender?
I mean, you'll laugh.
-What, mould?
Such a tiny nuisance, you know.
We got leaking roofs,
dripping air ducts,
sweating plumbing pipes
and all this...damp.
I mean, you wouldn't think it
when you're up there
in the fresh air.
But below deck
is the perfect breeding ground
for some really...
nasty organisms.
Which might explain
why your son is sick.
Tell me, did Lukas
mention the ship
when you got home?
He said he left his camera
in the pool area.
-His clothes were wet.
No, pockets of stagnant water.
Poor ventilation.
He said the pool.
When we docked in '67,
the boilers came out,
so did the pool above it.
It was a tragedy, really.
She was a real pearl. But...
Look, er, I know this
isn't the same
without Lukas.
So how about when you come back,
I'll give you a deluxe,
all access, tour.
With me as your guide, yeah?
And, er, this is you.
I had to leave my
very sick son...
at home
in order to come here
because he knows this is, um...
a last chance for us.
I even had to call my very
unpleasant mother
to ask her to watch him.
And as you can imagine,
I don't like calling
her for anything.
We are just not leaving here
empty handed...
I am not asking you,
I am begging you.
But, er, anything below M deck
is restricted.
He's not exactly Captain
is he?
If you don't wanna do this,
I understand.
I'm here, aren't I? (sniffs)
(door beeps, opens)
(door creaks closed)
(ominous music)
(jazz music, woman singing)
Your mask, Sir. Remove it.
My mask?
What does that have to
do with anything?
There is a special place in hell
for men who impersonate
war heroes.
(drum playing)
If you're not who
you claim to be,
then who are you?
(drum playing)
Should anything happen
to your father or I, stay here.
Come with me, Sir.
What on earth are you doing?
Give me your hands. Come on.
(music playing loudly)
...just see what she can do.
Just see what she can do.
(mask slides across the table)
(guests gasp)
Might be a curse
It makes your mind
all into a blur
You won't be feeling...
Your, er, film, One
Up, One Down.
Didn't think much of it.
The plot wasn't very realistic.
Oh, a critic.
This, no doubt, is why
he hides his face.
A parent would do anything
for their child.
Even if it requires looking
(singing continues)
(laughs) Enjoy the rest
of your evening.
(guests chatter quietly)
(party toy honks)
I told you, I told you,
I told you he'd be there.
-Your mask.
(tinkling piano music)
D'you think she bought it?
You were magnificent.
A little part of me feels bad
we had to lie.
How else is she supposed
to learn
to perform when it counts?
Still, it's one thing to have an
opportunity, it's another
to take it.
(romantic music)
And she will.
With her talent,
she won't need to scrimp
and scrape like we did.
Every door will be held open,
every opportunity laid out
before she even sets
foot off this ship.
(David chuckles)
I'll see you back in the cabin.
How did you know that
she'd pick the fortune card?
(footsteps fading)
(box bangs into bin)
The bells of hell are
for you but not for me
(upbeat jazz music)
(feet tapping)
(background chatter)
(wine pouring)
(cigar snipping)
Excuse me.
Do Dinosaurs on Ice Skates.
Apologies for my friend earlier.
Was your father in the army?
Yes. He was in the Varlets.
So, he entertained the troops.
Sounds like a hero to me!
Well, here's the thing.
I wanted to ask
if you'd mind a dance.
Mr Astaire!
Please, call me Fred.
Fred. I'm your biggest fan!
You are?!
Well, I think that's
made my day.
(door beeps, opens)
(light switch clicks)
(tinkling music)
(door closes)
PATRICK: If you wanna
sleep, I'll wait.
Could be a long night.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
(Patrick sighs deeply)
(bag thunks on floor)
(water dripping)
(ominous music)
PATRICK: Are you hungry?
ANNE: Not really.
I might look around
and see if I can find
a vending machine or something.
(exhales softly)
(distant thunder rumbling)
Yeah, I know.
(sighs deeply)
We have to talk about it.
I'm still trying to, you know,
process everything
you've told me.
But I, I, I can't
get my head around it.
-Maybe later?
(deep inhale)
(whispers) Yeah.
(tap turns, water runs)
(thunder claps)
(rain pouring)
ANNE: Honey! We leave
for Long Beach
in five minutes!
(calls) Lukas?
(wind howling)
(tense music)
(thunder rumbles)
Is everything okay?
ANNE: Oh my God,
what are you doing?!
(rain pouring)
(thunder roars)
LUKAS: Where is she?!
She said she'd find me!
ANNE: Just come inside.
LUKAS: I'm never
going back in that ship!
ANNE: Take my hand,
please. Lukas.
LUKAS: That's not my name!
(window thuds)
(David crying)
(water dripping)
(distant thunder rumbles)
(shower curtain swishes open)
(footsteps with spurs clanging)
Oh, Death, where is thy
(spur tinkles)
Oh, grave, thy victory
The bells of hell
go ting-a-ling-
a-ling for you...
(ominous music)
...but not for me.
(rain pouring)
(ear pod case snaps shut)
Set alarm, forty-five minutes.
Set, sleep calm...
Tonight, let's go to
a far-off place.
Using my words in your dreams.
Where time dissolves
like shifting desert sands.
(soft cracking)
(tense music)
(calming voice continues
- distorted)
(calming voice continues
- distorted)
...and the truth of
what happened.
(distorted)Now, focus
on the dark.
(phone alarm rings)
(breathing heavily)
(shattering sound)
(quiet footsteps)
(machine beeping)
(ominous music)
(phone alarm continues to chime)
(dragging, smashing sound)
(pen drops)
Come on...
(gasps for breath, chokes)
(calming voice continues
- distorted)
Urgh. Urgh. Argh.
(music tension building)
PATRICK: Come on!
ANNE: Urgh!
(stabbing sound)
(Anne crying)
(heavy breathing)
(ear pod calls on carpet)
(gasping, crying)
(high tempo music)
(Gwen sobs)
(Anne gasps)
DAVID: (distorted)
Where is she?!
(Anne screams)
I come bearing...
(Anne sobbing uncontrollably)
(glass crunching)
GWEN: Where is she?
She must've slipped out.
No. I told her to stay here.
-You have to let me inside.
-Out of the question.
Good evening!
GUEST: Good evening.
GUEST: Here you are, my man.
(high tempo music)
...there's a special
guest onboard,
Mr Fred Astaire!
There's some that's bound
for New York town
and some that's bound
for France
Heave away, me Johnny,
heave away
And some that's bound
for the bangle bay
to teach them ways to dance
Heavy away, me Johnny boy
We're all bound to go
The pilot he's a-waiting for
(guests laugh)
the turning of the tide
Heavy away, me Johnny,
heave away
And then me boys
will be gone again
with a good and westerly wind
Heave away, me Johnny boy,
We're all bound to go
(upbeat music)
(shoes tapping)
(breathes heavily)
(tense music)
(boiler hisses)
(pipes clanging)
(jazz music)
(tap dancing)
(cutlery clanging)
(camera bulb flashing)
(music and dancing continue)
Captain, you're risking
the forward generators
and the safety of
the passengers!
And for what?
For the sake of a title?
It's reckless.
The first-class pool
is above us.
Clear it out, as a precaution.
If that'll make you feel better.
But I'm telling you,
there's nothing we can
throw at this ship
that she cannot survive.
Natural law might disagree.
(ominous music, clanging)
(music, tap dancing continue)
(metal clanging)
(tense music)
(distant heartbeat)
(music, tap dancing continue)
(pipes clanging)
(music, tap dancing continue)
(fireworks pop)
(glass cracking)
(valve clangs)
(steam hisses)
(junior engineer screaming)
Call the doctor!
Emergency in the boiler room!
(music, tap dancing continue)
(eerie ghostly sounds)
(water splashes)
(applause and cheering)
Fred, you did it again.
(breathes heavily)
Kid, you were wonderful.
Just wonderful!
(clears throat)
I am sorry about before.
You got real talent.
I want to offer you a contract.
I guarantee it'll open
every door in town,
or I'm not Viktor Kershner!
Now, if I could just
speak to your parents,
straighten out that
from before.
You stay there.
I'll go talk to them.
-(Fred chuckles)
-Thank you!
FRED: Kid, you earned it.
(junior engineer screaming)
Just hold on a little longer.
(junior engineer gasps)
Not my swally!
You'll be fine.
(piano music tinkling)
(door squeaks open)
(spurs jangle)
(door closes)
(David groans)
(menacing music)
(melodic whistling)
(high tempo music)
Oh! Excuse me!
(door opens)
(door closes)
(light switch clicks)
(soft music)
(key slides into lock)
(hatch door creaks open)
(door handle turns)
Is that you?
(door creaks open)
Oh, thank goodness.
Something is very wrong.
I went back and she
wasn't there.
David, I, I didn't
want to tell you
in case you accuse me
of being overly dramatic,
because I know this sounds
like it is...
...but last night I had a dream
there were police waiting for us
at the port
and then a few moments
ago downstairs
I tried to give the
maitre d' a tip,
but when I reached into my bag,
I pulled out this!
(threatening music)
-Why do you have that?
(keys jangle)
(slow cello music)
(David growls)
I'm going to go upstairs
and try and find...
Perhaps she's waiting
in the playroom.
DAVID: Stay.
(Gwen breathes heavily)
(banging, laughing)
(people chattering)
(jazz music playing)
(Gwen chuckles)
(rubbing sound)
Somebody oughta tell them
to keep it down.
(threatening music)
(door opens)
(chain jangles)
Can you please keep it down?
Or I'll call security.
(tense music)
(Gwen breathes heavily)
(footsteps creaking)
(footsteps creaking)
(metal object scrapes)
(music growing intense)
(alarming beat)
(Gwen gasps)
(door closes)
(locks click, slide shut)
(breathing heavily)
(tense music)
(water running)
(door creaks open)
DAVID: He's with the ship now.
What does that mean?
Show me my husband!
DAVID: Firstly, put on the mask.
(breathes heavily)
(cords swish)
DAVID: Now take the card.
(crying) Just tell me.
DAVID: The answer
is on the card.
DAVID: Step in and take it.
What did you do to my husband?
DAVID: (scoffs) Your husband,
your husband?
(Gwen sobs)
(David chuckles)
DAVID: Take it.
Just tell me.
(crashing sound)
(slashing sound)
(Gwen screaming)
(mirror shatters)
(Gwen sobs, groans)
(dramatic music)
(Gwen sobbing)
(glass crunching)
My service to this ship has...
come to an end.
Thank your family
for me, will you?
Eight years without sport was...
(guest clears his throat)
(Gwen sobbing)
(guests screaming)
(hacking, screaming)
GUEST: No, no, no, no, no!
(hacking, groaning)
(hacking, crushing)
A bunch of blue ribbons
to tie up my bonnie brown hair
He promised he'd buy me
a basket of posies
A garland...
DAVID: (calls) Hello?
(spurs jangle)
Hello? You alright in there?
(Gwen sobs)
GWEN: We can't...die...here.
DAVID: So, find the exit.
(Gwen gasping)
Like I did.
(water running)
(grunts, slashes)
(Gwen screaming)
(blood spraying)
(smashing sound)
(slashing and blood spurting)
(Gwen screaming,
curtain ripping)
(blood dripping)
(David breathing heavily)
(music continues in background)
(David growling)
(growling continues)
Oh dear, what can
the matter be?
Dear, dear,
what can the matter be?
Oh my dear,
what can the matter be?
Johnny, so long at the fair
(David moaning)
Oh dear, what can
the matter be?
(spurs jangling)
Dear, dear, dear,
what can the matter be?
Oh, my dear, what can
the matter be?
Johnny, so long at the fair
Oh dear, what can
the matter be?
(record slowing down)
Dear, dear, what can
the matter be?
Oh dear, what can
the matter be...?
Johnny's so long...
(tannoy jingle)
a few moments,
the Ghost and Legends tour
will disembark from
the grand staircase
on the promenade level.
Join our resident guides
as they lead you into the depths
of the RMS Queen Mary
in an effort to connect
with spirits
who still call the ship home.
Stops include the
isolation ward,
door number 13,
the boiler room,
and the infamous B-474
state room.
That's Ghosts and Legends
departing soon.
(high tempo jazz music)
(phone rings)
Will you turn it down?
(music stops)
It's Torres.
You're closed for business?
Management is concerned.
Yeah, we're, er...
we're renovating.
(chuckles) Must be
a pretty big job?
Well, it's an emergency.
It's just a couple of days.
We've creditors crawling
up our ass
threatening to call in loans.
I mean, do we look
like Disney Land?
Look, I've been
doing this a long
time, Mr Torres,
and I'm telling you,
it's better to cut
a problem off at the root.
What problem?
Bittner, are you there?
(Bittner sighs)
One of our guests
stole a vessel.
A lifeboat?
Er, no.
A little girl, er,
took one home.
I called the parents,
requested they return it,
but they fed me some bullshit.
Said she wasn't coming back,
so I need time to find out
what they know and fix it.
Soon as I'm done,
doors will open.
Get rid of them.
I don't think you understand.
No, no. We agreed.
You sell The Queen
Mary experience,
tours, merchandise,
churro and whatnot,
and we ignore whatever
goes on there.
But if you go and make
an even bigger mess,
that's a problem.
Call me tomorrow
when doors are open.
-And Bittner?
You're a security guard.
Don't fucking...
(phone hangs up)
(upbeat jazz music continues)
(thunder rumbles)
(whiskey sloshes)
Hey, Jesus!
(Anne spits)
I'll make you a Manhattan later
if you want.
I think it was the
girl's mother.
-Yeah, I believe you.
That wasn't your son
you left with...
Our son.
I know you only stayed
for Lukas,
all these years.
I know that.
(Anne inhales)
Wait, wait, please.
But, um...
what happens if he is here?
(whispers) Then I'll stay.
(softly) Okay.
It's just that I don't know
where to find the pool.
I do.
I think we're done here.
(light switch clicks)
(telephone ringing)
Anne, Captain Bittner here.
(exhales) Oh, hello.
I'm sorry, the power is down.
This whole place is a death trap
when it rains.
Look, I called maintenance,
but they said they won't be here
until tomorrow.
I mean, "Tomorrow?" I said.
"We've guests working on
a special project."
They apologised and all,
but tomorrow's the
best they can do.
We brought torches.
Yeah, if it was up to me,
I wouldn't care
if you looked around,
but it's an insurance
risk, you know.
Those guys, they're
a pain in the ass,
you understand?
ANNE: We'll be careful.
Yeah, no doubt.
Still, we shouldn't
take any risks.
Let's reschedule, I insist.
Pour yourself a drink,
I'll come get you.
We'll walk to your cabin,
collect your stuff.
And, er, I can tell
you about the time
Walt Disney and I smoked cigars
in the bar until the
wee hours. Huh?
ANNE: Okay, Captain. (sighs)
(phone rings off)
We gotta go.
You know what?
Think I will have that drink.
(smashing, screaming)
(high tempo music)
Hell are you going?
(drawer opens)
(gun cocks)
(bullets clang)
(barrel spins)
(junior engineer screaming)
(crewmen chattering)
CREWMAN: Go! Clear!
CREWMAN: Make way
for the Captain!
(junior engineer whimpers)
CARRADINE: Give it here.
CARRADINE: Easy, easy!
Go. Go!
Oh God, oh God.
(tense music)
(machine whirring)
(steam blows)
(Carradine gasps)
(hip flask clangs)
Gibson! Bloody hell.
Forward generator burned out.
All the flood doors are closing.
Shall we contact New York?
The navy? I mean,
maybe they have a craft
in the area.
No, no. Just,
just tell them
it's part of tonight's
-Why aren't you upstairs?
-Well, I was.
But an incident occurred
with one of the passengers.
-Well, take care of it.
-There's been a murder.
(dramatic music)
(quickened footsteps)
David Ratch.
Travelling third class
with his family.
Appears Mr Ratch lost his senses
some time after dinner.
Found him covered in
his wife's blood
trying to launch a life vessel.
Took three men to restrain him.
He's in the infirmary now.
Bloody hell,
how did they get down here?
Why's she so slow this
evening, huh?!
Party's upstairs, gentlemen.
-DRUNK GUEST: Are we sinking?!
-Alright, alright. That'll do.
The fastest ship, my
arse. (laughing)
CARRADINE: Where is Mrs Ratch?
Cabin B-474.
Apparently, he did
it with an axe.
Made a frightful mess.
They have a young daughter.
Our people are trying
to locate her.
She was last seen leaving
the grand salon by herself,
approximately eight thirty.
(people chattering)
GUEST: How dare you make a joke
about my wife?!
CLOWN: I wasn't...
(glass smashes)
(guests gasp)
Sir, respectfully,
why are we here
and not at the scene
or on the bridge?
I needed to see for myself.
Clock stopped at seven.
Same time you reported
the accident downstairs.
The prisoner say anything?
Well, like what?
Other than the obvious crazy?
Was there anything
that stood out?
Well apparently, his
friends call him
Thought it was a bit odd
for someone with the
surname Ratch.
He then used some rather
choice words
to indicate how the
officer could
use a 'so-and-so' and insert it.
-A cigarette?
-(chuckles) No.
-Have you a cigarette, Gibson?
(tinkling music)
It must be time to send an SOS.
Have you witnessed
a ship go down?
I have.
My father did everything
he could.
Gave the order within
plenty of time.
People get scared.
They panic...and
fight like rats.
I won't let that happen
on this ship.
Not while we can still save her.
Well, shall I report
to the bridge and...
coordinate our resources
from there?
You don't understand.
Our only concern now
is Mr Ratch.
(lilting piano music)
(Anne breathes heavily)
Frightfully sorry to bother you.
But I'm supposed to
meet my husband in New York.
And the captain said
I can't disembark.
If you see my husband,
can you send him a message?
(cries) I need...
(head clangs on piano keys)
(piano music continues)
...to leave...
(head clangs on piano keys)
(head clanging on piano keys)
(head bashing piano)
I need to leave this ship,
I need to leave this ship!
(shouts) I need to
leave this ship!
I need to leave this ship!
I need to leave this ship!
I need to leave this ship!
I need to leave this...!
(door beeps, opens)
(tense music)
(shoes squeaking)
(wind whistling)
PATRICK: The pool.
It's below M deck.
Bittner, you sneaky
little prick.
(banging on wall)
(softly) Shit.
It's all wet. Even the scanner.
This'll need time to dry.
Friend of Bittner's, you think?
(clears throat)
You know, I thought
if we did this project together,
you and Lukas would come home
and we'd be...
a...a kind of family again.
But honestly, the last
thing I expected
was to get your answer
before we even started.
So, I, I guess...
how come I wasn't enough?
ANNE: Oh no.
No, no, that's not what it is.
I just don't believe
in marriage.
I failed once.
(softly) I still want to escape.
It's just that the urge
to be with Lukas is stronger.
You know, if you stay here,
you'll get trapped
like that shrieking woman.
(ominous music)
You'll end up as a footnote
in one of Bittner's
haunted tours.
A historical curiosity,
nothing more.
I can't leave my son alone here.
We can be the dead family
still walking the deck.
(high tempo music)
(Bittner breathing heavily)
(smashing continues)
(David breathes heavily)
Ugh, that smell.
(dramatic music crescendo)
(flare sizzles)
(dead bolt slides closed)
(Jackie screaming, sobbing)
(kicks door open)
(siren blaring in
the background)
(heavy breathing)
(distant banging)
(tense music)
(high tempo music)
(echoing footsteps)
(ominous music)
(water dripping)
(flashback sounds)
He's still here, Patrick.
(Anne sobs)
(doors open)
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
(Jackie wheezing)
(Jackie exhales her
final breath)
(soft violin music)
(door opens)
(siren blares in background)
Oh, Christ.
(David yells)
(fighting, slashing, spurting)
GIBSON: Send the distress code.
make a difference,
don't you see?
The man roaming freely
is why the ship is faltering.
(door creaks open)
Miss Calder?
(water running)
Are you alright in there?
(door creaks open)
(door kicks open)
(dramatic music)
(homeless man gasping)
Oh, fuck!
(curtain door swishes)
(curtain hooks snap)
(camera snaps open)
PATRICK: Wow, he used
the whole roll.
Be careful.
PATRICK: I need to know
what Bittner's hiding.
(whirring, static)
ANNE: Is that it?
I've never seen a doorway to...
...fuck knows.
Is that a...child?
No, judging by the size,
I'd say an adult.
And it's in the structure,
so probably from the time
the ship was built.
Also, there's no way
they could put the metal
poles in there
after pouring the concrete.
...which tells me the workers
knew about it.
Or they did it.
(tense music)
Street tumbled in
'29, Clydebank shipyard
closed its doors.
While this vessel was
just bare bones.
The ship spent three long years
overlooking that town.
Like a coffin.
As if they needed reminding
what would happen if her future
couldn't be secured.
Then with the nation's
pride at stake,
the British Government
stepped in
with a financial commitment,
to guarantee completion.
With Clydebank's
future at stake,
the workers stepped in.
To guarantee her success.
And that of future generations.
(crowds shouting)
Crime locks many doors.
But for one prisoner,
it required...
PATRICK: Foundation sacrifice,
to be exact.
According to an old engineering
to guarantee structural
one ought to bury a human
inside of the walls.
And the more pain he suffers,
the greater the bind...
...between his spirit...
and the ship.
Until both are inseparable.
The workers selected
their victim,
Edward Clark.
Or Clarky as he was
known to them.
A riveter and former inmate,
rumoured to have murdered.
They inflicted on him
the most miserable of ends.
(burning, screaming)
His sacrifice protected them.
(hammering, screaming)
(choral music)
Gave them the success
and peace of mind
they so badly craved.
ANNE: That's a real thing?
What, foundation sacrifice?
Well, it's not exactly
on the curriculum at university,
but yeah, sure.
From time-to-time cases
have occurred.
I mean, it's an open secret.
Even kids' rhymes are about it.
London Bridge keeps
falling down until...
ANNE: Until they lock
a man inside.
(distant thunder)
Folklore based on
a grain of truth.
My God, that is barbaric.
And you actually believe
we're unsinkable?!
PATRICK: Might explain
how the ship
survived a World War
a dozen botched face lifts,
a rogue wave.
rTo reinstate the ship's power,
we must reinstate Mr Clark,
and kill whatever
flesh he is in.
(music crescendo)
(siren continues
in the distance)
Should we fail...
...your question as to whether
this ship is unsinkable...
...will most certainly
be answered.
(dramatic music)
Oh, my God!
Oh, my fucking God.
(running footsteps)
(ghostly sounds)
I see him.
-Baby, come back!
(water dripping)
(horrifying music)
(static interference)
(breathing heavily)
(radio bleeps)
Anne? Are you there?
(Anne gasping)
(high tempo music)
ANNE: Patrick, come in! Patrick.
Yeah, I'm here.
I followed Lukas to an elevator,
but he's gone.
Where are you?
I don't know, er,
cabin numbers are E-100s.
PATRICK: (distorted)
Okay, stay where you are...
(tense music)
(clanging, ping)
(eerie music)
(ghostly voices)
(clanging, hammering)
(fast footsteps)
(high tempo music)
(door opens)
(siren blares)
CARRADINE: Clear the
way, coming through!
Keep moving, upstairs.
And follow the safety orders.
Where is it?
(door unlocks, opens)
(rifle opens)
Come on!
(rifle cocks)
Keep moving!
Out of the way! Coming through!
(ghostly shouting)
(tense music)
WOMAN: You're not from
here, are you?
(doors opening)
I'm sorry, excuse
my impertinence.
-LUKAS: Mum?
-WOMAN: Stay with us, please.
ANNE: Lukas?
(ghostly chatter)
WOMAN: If you wish to stay,
y- y- you could take my place!
(laughs) I really don't mind!
MAN: It's wonderful,
wonderful fun!
WOMAN: And I could leave...
(distorted) just for
a little while.
WOMAN: You don't understand!
I've been here for so long!
WOMAN: I promise,
I'll come back.
None of this is real.
-None of this is real.
-MAN: need your body!
MAN: But I need you more!
WOMAN: (angry)
Why should you go and not me?!
MAN: Fuck me.
People are waiting for me!
WOMAN: Please! I'm begging you!
WOMAN: Where are you?!
MAN: Give me your body!
(Anne breathes heavily)
(ghostly screaming continues)
MAN: I must get off
of this boat!
Where are you?
I thought you'd gone home.
yeah, we got lost
on the way out.
Have you seen Anne anywhere?
Who's that?
That's nobody.
(Patrick breathes heavily)
You sure?
So, so that...
that's not her on the trolley?
Oh, him?
No, it's just, er...
just some vagrant I caught,
er, sneaking around.
Er, we, we found the
swimming pool,
by the way.
You're right, she's,
she's a, she's a pearl.
And the, er, little brat
who absconded in your
son's place?
She told us everything.
Now, I was hoping you'd, er,
return with her,
so I could give you back
your son.
(Patrick coughs, sniffs)
We left instructions.
If we don't walk out
of here tomorrow,
call the cops.
Tell them everything. Okay?
So even if that was true,
who'd believe her stories?
Well, actually,
a lot of people would.
Whatever secrets you've kept
hidden down here,
Lukas saw.
Okay, he saw them.
Give that to me.
No. No, no, no.
Not until we're safely
off the ship.
(high tempo music)
(gun cocks)
(Patrick groans)
(door opens, closes)
(people screaming)
Move, move, move!
Where's that boy?
(siren wails)
(tannoy chimes)
As we approach
the next stop of our tour,
we are reminded in these
hallowed halls
of how insignificant
we really are.
(breathes heavily)
When even a ship as hardy
as the Queen Mary
could be brought to her knees.
The year 1942,
she was en route to Scotland
with ten thousand, three hundred
and ninety-eight soldiers,
and nine hundred and fifty
crew on board.
Duly recorded on the ship's log
is the date and time,
the course, the destination,
weather conditions,
(door opens)
longitude and latitude.
But what is never recorded
is the fear that washes
over a deck
like fog and ocean spray,
as a ninety foot rogue
wave appears.
Yes, the RMS Queen Mary
is a frightened ship,
and she carries with her
a premonition...of death.
(tense music)
(siren blares)
(people shouting, screaming)
(crockery smashing)
(people screaming)
(siren fades)
(Anne groaning)
ANNE: Lukas. Oh, Lukas, baby.
Is that you?
Is that you?
(Lukas breathes heavily)
What happened to Jackie,
(Anne groaning)
Where are you?
Anne, please come in.
(water dripping)
(men talking)
Where are you?
(soldier shouting)
(hatch door closes)
(siren blares)
(orchestral music)
(people screaming)
Keep moving and stay calm.
It's all part of the show!
(gunfire, guests screaming)
MAN: Move!
Move, move, move!
(clanging, creaking)
CARRADINE: Don't let
him off the ship!
(David yells)
CARRADINE: Reverse the winch.
No, lower it! Lower it!
(tense music)
LUKAS: Mom, why can't I move on?
Oh, Lukas baby.
Jackie told me what happened.
LUKAS: We left him in the pool.
To rot...
(distorted) with the others.
Dad used to say...
...opportunity is
slippery (sniffs)
Like trying to catch a fish...
with your bare hands.
(sniffs) No matter
how much it begs,
tries to slip away,
(thunder clap)
hold on tight.
(thunder crack)
And don't be afraid
to get your hands dirty.
ANNE: She's waiting for her mom.
(dramatic music)
Stay with me...forever.
We'll be a family again.
Yes, I'll stay.
(waves crashing)
(tense music)
It's useless trying
to leave, Clarky.
DAVID: Even if I have to swim,
I'm getting off this ship.
(body thumps)
(people shouting)
(dramatic music)
Outside, there are laws
and obstacles to freedom.
Inside, there's only her.
I served my time.
I served my time!
I served my time!
You're the guardian, Clarky.
It's what they call
'a job for life'!
-Captain, the man is unarmed!
Let go, you fool.
Or he'll take us all
to a watery grave.
(orchestral music)
Captain! Lower your rifle,
or I will have you
forcibly removed
and relieved of your duties.
If you are unwilling
to perform your duty,
I won't hesitate.
(high tempo music)
(gun cocks)
Get back in your box!
(wind howls)
(whirring sound)
Play something.
Something nice.
(violin starts playing)
(lilting orchestral music)
(lively music)
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells are coming to
bonnie Lochle...
(revolver spinning)
Argyle he goes before
He makes the cannons
and guns to roar
Wi' sound o' trumpet,
pipe and drum
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells are coming,
to bonnie Lochleven
The Campbells are coming,
oho! Oho!
The Campbells they are all
with arms
Their loyal faith
and truth to show
Wi' banners rattling
in the wind
The Campbells are co...
(elevator pings)
(doors slide open)
(people chattering)
(dramatic music)
(seagulls crying)
(footsteps clanging)
(lift door clangs)
(tense music)
(police siren wails)
Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck!
TOUR GUIDE: Oh, Captain Bittner.
(background music)
Perhaps you can tell us.
Your secret?
(gun cocks)
I'm afraid I, er, I
don't know what...
I, I don't know what
you mean, I...
As the ship's longest
serving employee,
how she survived for so long?
BITTNER: Well, er, (laughs)
young lady, I can, er,
I can recommend just the book.
Available from our gift shop!
(everyone laughing)
Okay, who wants a picture?
Come on, bring it in.
There you go.
This your first time
with a captain?
(camera shutter clicks)
Where is she?
He. My son.
POLICE OFFICER: We would like to
speak with you about
the statement
you provided detectives
three days ago.
(high tempo music)
After Lukas climbed out
his bedroom window,
you said he accidentally
(window opens)
And fell.
Well, a neighbour
has come forward
with an account
which...contradicts yours.
Help me! Please!
I'm sorry about your boy.
(Lukas groans)
I had to escape.
(window slams shut)
(Lukas screams)
No, no.
We, er...we escaped.
Sir, we, we escaped.
you're being charged with
second degree murder.
(Anne breathes deeply)
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney...
(Anne breathing heavily)
Miss Calder?
Captain Bittner for Torres.
WOMAN:Please hold.
(pen tapping)
WOMAN:Mr Torres on line two.
TORRES:Bittner? You there?
In the flesh.
(door closes)
(bolt locks)
(dramatic music)
(banging, screaming)
BITTNER:They lived their hopes
and dreams
buried in her lavish woods
and polished decks.
Now, resting and all
but forgotten,
they wait to return to life.
In a few moments,
the new Ghosts and Legends tour,
No Escape,
will disembark from
the grand staircase
on the promenade level.
Join our resident guides
as they lead you into the depths
of the RMS Queen Mary
in an effort to connect
with spirits
who still call this ship home.
That's Ghosts and Legends,
No Escape, departing soon.
(high tempo music)
(theme song)