Haute Couture (2021) Movie Script

She leaves old bread on her balcony
To attract sparrows and pigeons
She lives her empty life by proxy
In front of her old television
Without an alarm
She's up with the sun
No noise, no stress
The days, they just pass
Ironing, dusting
There's so much to do
A dinner alone
Her only touchstone
A meticulous home
Is so suspicious
Like all those dead rooms
Where nobody lives
They've all given up
They've lost the battle
The forces have won
Now it's all theirs
Those times that break us
Will never change her
Withering away...
Oh, Guillotine!
You look lousy.
See you tonight, my darlings.
Be good!
Be beautiful!
- Open it!
- No way!
She leaves old bread on her balcony
To attract sparrows and pigeons
She lives her empty life by proxy
In front of her old television
Without an alarm
She's up with the sun
No noise, no stress
The days, they just pass
Ironing, dusting
There's so much to do
A dinner alone
Her only touchstone
A meticulous home
My bag!
Here, lady!
I'll catch the bastard!
Good morning.
'Morning, Miss Esther.
D'you take up the guitar?
No, my purse was stolen.
I'm listening to music and bam!
I get robbed.
You can never relax!
I tried your fabric.
It didn't work.
But I had some wool at home.
How's this?
This fabric is gorgeous!
Thank you!
I'll cook you something.
Okay, I have to run.
They all wanna cook for me.
Don't I eat enough?
'Morning, Esther.
- How are you, Andre?
- Fine.
Jade, angel!
Hello, gorgeous!
- How are you?
- Good.
Did you eat?
- What'll you have?
- I dunno.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Tea!
- Algerian sauce, too.
- Samurai?
Happy birthday!
It's not my birthday!
Take it.
It's beautiful!
You so touched my heart.
Thank you!
How ritzy! Gold!
- Like it?
- It's dope!
- Where'd you get it?
- Never mind, it's a present!
Fuck, it's a Jew cross!
A Jew cross!
- A Jew cross?
- Don't listen to him.
It's a polar star!
You can't wear that, Souad!
Your old lady'll freak.
It's like converting!
Was that in the bag
we snatched this morning?
You know it's bad luck
to steal religious shit!
What am I, on trial?
Chill out! But he's right.
Then give it back.
You've gotta give it back!
Your life's tough enough.
You're no Cinderella story!
Don't add bad luck to it!
She's right.
You swipe shit all day!
I swipe makeup, not gold.
No comparison.
- At least gold's useful!
- Makeup, too.
You're too fast for me.
Take two.
Left hand?
You're gonna get married!
It's never too late!
For as long as we've been fingering silk.
It's time for real life!
Help me with the flowers.
Andre, the stain remover! Fast!
- Is this too pale?
- Sorry, I'm testy.
- I got mugged in the subway.
- No way!
Riffraff! I was distracted.
- A purse snatcher?
- Yeah.
Don't stop.
That one
Wanna sleep over tonight?
My mom's such a drag!
Stay at my place.
My old man wants me to stay in.
Go see. I'll call you.
It's me.
It's about time.
What now?
What now?
I thought I'd starve to death.
What's wrong?
You're so pale.
Well, yeah!
Want me to be Black?
I know there aren't
many whites here, but
Mumu's not leaving!
Come on.
Give me a massage later?
My neck hurts.
Come on.
Where were you?
I've been waiting all day.
With my friends in Paris.
What's this?
- A present.
- D'you steal it?
- Stop.
- You stole it!
Know who's watching you?
- I didn't steal it, it was a gift.
- We're no idiots!
- You still here?
- Yeah.
No one's waiting for me
at home either.
The girls are with their father.
You know, Catherine
you can take over my job
without adopting my life.
You okay, Esther?
You seem so emotional.
They didn't make
your last show a picnic.
Why are they retiring you?
I don't get it.
They think I'll drool on the tulle.
Or my embroidery will get shaky.
Given the cost of the fabric
it's understandable.
Now, you'll have time for yourself.
To make the most of life.
All that
This is where
I make the most of life.
It's all I know.
This dress
I know it well.
Meaning that this dress
is like a ghost.
A ghost?
You okay?
This one.
Not bad, huh?
I like it.
Hi, girls!
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Selim.
- Come get your mom's couscous.
- Thanks!
Tomorrow, I'll make meatballs.
Mumu loves them!
She does!
She calls you "the saint."
Saint Manoubia!
D'you hear that?
I'm a saint!
Only my husband doesn't know.
Get upstairs!
Who does he think he is?
He thinks he's tough shit!
Calm down!
He ticks me off!
Hello! Tagine delivery!
That's hot!
Lose the racist accent!
Like your dad's not Arab?
I never even met him.
Can't you take a joke?
Leave the door open.
I dunno, I'm waiting.
This chick's wearing
the price of an apartment!
Number 21 is pleated.
May I help you?
No, thanks, it's okay.
I know you!
I found your bag in the subway. Here.
- There was a...
- I didn't touch it.
I have your guitar at my place.
You can keep it.
D'you steal that, too?
Where's my fucking necklace?
Where is it?
It's here.
I didn't steal your necklace.
I'm sure
that little star's
not easy to unload.
You scum from the projects!
What did you say?
Screw you!
Right, beat it!
Can't I say anything?
It's not politically correct enough?
I'll beat it!
I'm gonna go eat.
I'm hungry!
You little shit!
Wait, ma'am!
I have your scarf!
It was in there, too.
Give me that!
Come on!
How'd you find me?
Your ID was in your bag.
What do you do in life
other than finding bags?
Are you in school?
The university?
No way. Are you nuts?
Then what?
Nothing special.
You know, with those hands,
you could make beautiful things.
Stitching, instead of picking pockets.
What I mean is sewing dresses,
with a needle and thread.
Yeah, I got it.
I know nimble hands.
I'm a dressmaker.
I know, I saw.
On your card.
Do nothing
and you'll go nowhere.
Who gives a shit?
I don't give a shit, either!
We make our own lives.
What is it?
Nothing, but I'm tempted.
You had two desserts!
- You bummed or what?
- What?
I don't have time for that!
I have a collection to finish and
then the customers show up.
I'm gonna get one!
- No!
- Yes, I am.
The profiteroles
You're not having another dessert?
Why not?
You're not paying.
Or are you?
No. Then take it easy!
I can do what I want!
I've spent my life obeying.
I can have some fun!
- Chill out!
- I am chilled!
You're a pain!
I'm outta here.
I've had it.
You finally back?
My mom reheat the chorba 10 times!
- So?
- What?
That Dior chick!
A hysterical rich bitch.
Screaming in the street.
- Shameful!
- Really?
I told you,
never trust Parisians!
I'm here!
Nobody answers me!
- What's up, Mumu?
- What's wrong?
I dunno.
I'm right here!
Okay, Mom, you're there. So?
Well, I'm here!
She's exhausting.
What'd they put in my soup?
That's my mom's chorba.
Can't she make something else?
I'm sick of soup.
This is private property.
Yeah, right!
Like you're at home here!
Move along or I'll call the cops.
- Are you kidding me?
- Yeah, the police.
How can you be such a snitch?
Look in the fucking mirror, bro!
Think you look French?
Don't forget where you came from!
I'll blow your cover!
Don't touch me!
- You gonna just stand there?
- Yeah.
Bourgeois collaborator!
Come to the 'hood,
we'll cut your balls off.
What do you want now?
- You know her?
- Yes.
No. I mean, a little.
You can go.
- You sure?
- Yes.
Take off, loser!
Why are you here again?
I brought a cake to thank you
for dinner. My mom made it.
Your mother bakes cakes?
Esther, the embroidery samples
and velvet arrived.
Finally! Thanks, honey.
Give me the cake
and make yourself useful.
- Go on!
- What?
Go, on! Help him.
There. Get going!
We got the embroidery!
And the pleats, too.
None too soon!
Put that here.
Who's she?
Hi, I'm Gloria.
- Hello.
- You our new intern?
That's a good idea, Gloria.
So? Interested?
In what?
In doing cartwheels!
In helping us here.
I dunno.
Well, don't just stand there.
Sit down and observe.
Catherine, find her a smock.
And wash your hands!
We wash our hands a lot.
The fabric costs a fucking arm and a leg!
- What size are you?
- Small.
What's your name, sweetie?
And you, ma'am?
Not so formal!
I'm Catherine.
- Thanks.
- Let's go.
This is the tailoring department.
Hand me the pins, please?
- These?
- Yes.
Head first.
That's it. Perfect!
Is this your first fashion internship?
This is the dress department.
That's tailoring,
where they cut jackets and pants.
Esther's head of the studio.
The big boss!
And I'm second in command.
Right now, I'm making a muslin.
Like a pattern.
We always make a muslin
before cutting the real fabric.
We work out the volumes, the curves.
Don't touch that.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Very precious.
Even after 20 years,
I never tire of it.
Look at that workmanship!
It's not in Saint-Denis
that I saw such things!
- How'd you know I was from there?
- I'm from Saint-Denis.
You, too?
I'm from Francs-Moisins.
No way! I live in Rond-Point.
I don't believe it!
Esther, we're from the same 'hood!
Welcome, sweetie!
That bodes well!
Drop it.
- Still live there?
- No, I'm in Les Lilas.
- Bon apptit!
- Thanks.
We haven't been introduced.
Abel. Charmed.
Your name's Abel?
Sure it's not Mohammed?
My real name's Abdel,
but Abel looks better on a rsum.
The mythological,
biblical side...
More like the bullshit side!
They're here! Hurry!
Bring the tulles
and embroidered silks!
Gloria, put on 11! Fast!
She gets naked in front of everybody?
Is she for real?
Is that normal?
What's going on exactly?
That's the artistic director,
with his assistants.
They're checking the workmanship.
That's why they're all scared shitless?
If it's off by one millimeter,
they have to start over from scratch.
Which one's your lover?
Tell me.
We also have these tones.
That's beautiful.
Lovely. Is that made in France?
Yes, of course.
And our new recruit
What do you think?
Delicate fingers, a sharp eye
She'll be a good little seamstress.
What do you think?
I dunno
You don't know?
Do you want the internship or not?
It depends.
How much does it pay?
Enough, given your experience.
Have her do a hem tonight,
to practice.
And tomorrow,
8:00 a.m.
That means she trusts you.
If she shows up tomorrow,
I'll buy croissants all week.
You'll do a blind stitch hem, okay?
- What's that?
- No, really.
She doesn't know a thing
and wants to get paid
You come back from Dior with a rag!
It's not a rag, it's silk.
You're the rag.
Andre, you can go to the bakery.
I said 8:00 a.m.
Not 8:07.
So, that hem?
That's not bad!
It's not perfect, but
Let's watch Marie work.
She has nimble fingers!
- Can we spy on you?
- Yeah.
Tell us what you're doing.
Overlaying lace.
See her hands?
See how relaxed they are?
That's lace from Calais.
She's trimming silk tulle with it.
Touch it!
Feel the fabric!
Go on!
Did you wash your hands?
Aren't you hot in that jacket?
No, I'm fine.
Pretty, isn't it?
It's hot as hell in here!
Did you eat, at least?
Look at the position of her hands.
She never leans on the fabric.
It can pucker, it's so fragile.
Can I touch it?
Sure, go ahead.
- Soft.
- It's so light.
It's silk tulle. That's pretty much
all we use in haute couture.
Sure beats Saint-Denis, huh?
Enjoy that?
It's okay.
You're talented.
You're not ready for a dummy yet,
but you're talented.
With hands like that,
if you work hard,
you can make beautiful things.
I'll do what I want.
You're a pain.
You ignore me now.
I think I like making stuff.
Making stuff?
You're sewing a scrap of cloth!
I met a young girl.
She's not easy
I think I like her.
It's bad luck to drop scissors.
It's true.
Really bad luck.
It's a pair of scissors, not a bomb!
To the kitchen! Everybody.
- To the kitchen?
- Let's go!
What are you doing?
Scrubbing with coarse salt
is crucial to ward off the curse!
Okay, that's fine.
No, more!
Aren't you superstitious?
I don't have time.
Oh, my God! I'm scared.
Scared of what?
Don't listen to her, she's
She's a model.
Okay, that's enough.
Back to work!
Esther turned down Manon
for that girl from the ghetto!
Your Manon had hands
like a lumberjack.
Not for embroidering tulle.
Know what
the ghetto girls have to say?
- How long have you been doing this?
- A really long time.
- Ten years.
- No!
Ten years at Dior?
No, I've been here five years.
But they're like my family now.
All day long, you stand on a
It's not a pain?
Yeah. To each his own
It's gonna be a long day!
Let's go, ladies!
Put your hearts into it!
Is she off her rocker?
What's she doing?
Spritzing perfume
to mask the smell of sweat.
To get us to work more.
She's not gonna spritz me.
I'm no toilet.
Hi, Souad, it's me, uh
Maybe you're still sulking
Or sleeping.
I'm at work.
See you tonight.
Love you.
We still have to finish 12.
What time is it?
Darn, 6 o'clock!
I have the kids tonight.
See 'em tomorrow.
For 10 years,
I've seen them tomorrow!
Go see your girls.
I'll finish up.
- There's a problem here.
- It'll be fine!
I don't know why
we bust our asses 14 hours a day.
- Fingers cracked
- You're not obliged to stay.
They're hiring in China.
Kids really are a pain in the butt
- Then you shouldn't have 'em.
- I'm outta here.
You're always such a delight.
What are you doing here?
What do you care?
I lost my keys.
Well, Slim did.
And my mom's not home.
- Why not go to my place?
- With these devils?
Want your mom to have a stroke?
She's fragile!
Are you the devils?
May I?
No, you may not.
Binging again?
I'm taking some anyway.
Cut it out!
What's up this weekend?
Well, yeah. Them.
That's enough. Take off!
- They didn't do anything.
- Go!
You forgot your bag.
I fucking hate it here.
I feel like I'm in the can.
Forced labor!
Why don't you learn a skill?
Are you nuts?
Do I look like a worker?
I'm not working!
I won't be a slave, like my father.
I'll get welfare, food stamps,
unemployment, BAG!
- BAG?
- Bust A Gut! France can't con me!
We're France.
She works for "Dior, j'adore."
- Now she's French!
- We are.
"Because you're worth it"
Quality and all that!
You're not French.
You're a ghetto girl!
No, I'm French.
- You gonna sing La Marseillaise?
- Yeah, look!
To arms, citizens
No way!
Are you mental, chick?
Form your battalions
What is that?
Miss Dior.
- Is that for me?
- Yeah.
Don't leave me anymore.
I don't like you to leave.
I didn't leave you.
Scratch my thatch!
Is that thatch?
- Scratch my thatch!
- It's gonna scratch me!
I love when you scratch my thatch!
- Don't start!
- Not so wimpy! Hard!
Ouch! You're a pain.
'Morning, Esther!
Isn't this your day off?
Yes, but the collection
won't make itself.
Where's the perfume?
I don't know.
Is it here?
It's not about the cost,
given the material we work with.
It's about the gesture.
Andre? Anything to say?
I don't have to spell it out
Well, I don't understand.
Enlighten us! We're listening.
All I can say is
I'm surprised
the perfume didn't walk sooner.
What does that mean?
Do I have to spell it out?
But I don't understand.
Spell it out.
Filthy bitch!
You can't insult people like that.
That only justifies the notion
that girls from the projects
are incompetent jerks,
or worse, violent morons.
- Who cares?
- You! Or you wouldn't be here.
You have to learn to keep cool, Jade.
Jade, go back and help Marie, please.
Right now.
Any news from your daughter?
I realize I was wrong to trust you.
I wanted to help you blossom.
By giving you a craft
that would allow you
to create a bit of beauty.
To sort of repair the world.
Sort of
On our level.
For the gesture.
The beauty of the gesture.
And what you did is
You can't change the world
by making hems.
Or by robbing people who trust you.
It wasn't me.
Of course it was you.
I did it for my friend.
She thinks I abandoned her.
'Cause you made me drop everything.
You mother me 'cause you're alone.
Even your daughter avoids you.
Get outta my life!
Once and for all!
What are you doing, my lovely?
Paying you in alterations.
Can't you alter my breasts?
Don't they do that at Dior?
Haute couture breasts?
How's it going with the bourgeois?
She's not bourgeois.
You can bring her here.
You ashamed of us?
You okay?
The chick even dared to give me a dress.
A dress is good. Kudos!
Kudos, my ass!
All black, like some nun's get-up.
So what?
You're into churches.
You're never happy.
Look! Who's that?
- That's her.
- Her, who?
What do you mean, "her"?
- Hi, is that for me?
- No.
You spritz the perfume tomorrow.
And you pay for the bottle.
You give her a present
and she pays?
I see why you got pissed.
See you tomorrow.
You can't ask somebody
to pay for a present.
After the nun's dress.
Goodbye, ma'am.
She's like my father
when he balls me out.
Keep quiet.
She likes you, it's obvious.
Or she'd never come here.
Or sew shit for you.
Shut up!
I have the right to my opinion!
Stop blabbing!
Jade found the bottle.
So she'll perfume us.
D'you wash your hands?
Pay attention!
She's bleeding on the fabric!
The silk is ruined!
Not at all.
- It's ruined!
- No, it's fine.
We'll fix that.
Andre, calm down, please.
- Shit!
- Marie, help Jade.
Jade's bleeding.
Take her to the kitchen.
Come on, Jade.
See you on Monday.
Have a good weekend.
You can go, Jade.
See you tomorrow.
Alone, you'll learn faster.
- Tomorrow's Saturday.
- So?
- I go out Friday.
- Now you go to bed.
No, I'm not going to bed.
If I were you, I'd come in.
That's one dope blazer!
The old gal's sharp!
It's not a blazer.
It's an overcoat.
In wool.
With Mr. Dior's preferred waist.
That's not cheap!
No, it's not.
Mind if I touch it?
It's all wool.
Silk lining. Thick silk!
Otherwise, you get cold.
Generally, they use rayon.
Rayon What crap!
Like your acrylic jerseys.
How ugly is that!
Whaddaya talkin' about?
Respect! It's Nike, latest collection.
You don't know what a collection is,
young man!
You must be sweating!
Your panties must stink to high heaven!
She's screwy!
We said 8 o'clock, not 8:15.
I didn't sleep well. I apologize.
Chill out. I'm kidding.
Shall we?
Go get your smock.
What are you doing?
Greasing it, so it slides better.
Okay, here we go.
- It's lower than it should be.
- Hold on
Hold it taut.
Pull harder. There!
That's good.
It's beautiful.
It's not finished.
A dress only comes to life
when it's worn.
Tell me, Esther
Don't you mind sewing dresses
that cost an arm and a leg,
working on Saturday,
for slave wages?
First of all,
I don't earn slave wages.
And that's not what matters.
It's not the price of things
that matters,
but its worth.
What it's worth
and not what it costs.
See the nuance?
Still, you live
at the other end of the train line.
The nuance, the worth
You pour all your energy into your job.
My job?
Why are you talking about a job?
What you're learning is a craft.
It's worth its weight in gold!
A craft you can pass on.
That you can take anywhere.
That's genuine riches.
- A job is to feed yourself
- No!
A job doesn't feed you, you poor thing.
A craft nourishes.
Nourishes your pride, your imagination.
The sense of being useful.
Poor thing, yourself.
And stop wearing
those shapeless sweatshirts.
It's unbearable.
- Polar fleece is warm.
- Polar fleece
It's ugly.
Hello, Miss Esther.
Hello, Aminata.
You brought your daughter.
How she's changed!
She's not my daughter.
What's with you?
Quit gawking!
- Go on, we're closing.
- Shut your trap!
I'd better run.
I can't miss my train.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Living my life.
I wanted to take you to a museum.
Oh, no, I don't go to museums!
And why not?
I'm ill at ease in Dior boutiques,
imagine me at the Louvre!
Go on, take off!
See you on Monday!
- What happened?
- Your mother passed out.
She's not my mother.
She gave us your number.
She's diabetic
and eats too much candy.
Her bag's full of it!
We'll take her home,
but you should stay with her tonight.
She said she lives alone.
Okay, I
We'll drop you off.
- Great.
- Let's go.
No, I can't come home now.
Souad, you're not jealous
of an old lady?
Is she serious?
She hung up.
That's so Arab
Nice but pissed off.
You can go home.
The old lady's been around.
You're offended?
I'm not gonna flip
over an impolite child.
Eat something,
then go home to your friend.
I'm exhausted.
I'm going to bed.
What do you have?
Okay, the suicidal cupboard!
I'm not suicidal!
What are you talking about?
A diabetic with that cupboard is suicidal.
She doesn't like life.
I like life.
Life doesn't like me.
That's so Jewish.
Jewish or not,
I'm gonna hit the hay!
You sound like a hick!
Abdel invited me to a "pre-coll" party.
Wanna come?
What's that?
A pre-collection party,
just before the collection debuts.
It's fashion jargon.
No way?
You're not ashamed of me anymore?
I was never ashamed of you.
I'm proud of you!
What'll I wear?
- I'll drape something for you.
- What?
Do I look like a window?
Don't start.
This is a drag. Let's take off.
The glitterati's here.
You're mental!
- He's demented.
- Yeah, I got it!
Be right back.
You don't get it.
We're from the favela.
We don't have the same customs.
What customs?
It's not the Middle Ages!
When I started fashion school
and said I was from Paris,
they asked for my real address.
- What is it?
- Paris! I don't know the favelas.
I've never set foot there.
I grew up in Paris.
My mother's a lawyer, Arab.
I grew up in an apartment,
not a maid's room.
- Really?
- See? You're just like them!
Only these are good.
Want some?
- Stop.
- I thought it was Rihanna.
Maki-sushi, take off!
Your friend asked for
a cheeseburger without cheese.
I don't speak English
It's not even English, at that point!
A cheeseburger
What? And hold the cheese.
That's not hard!
I'm going. Don't stay too late,
we're working tomorrow.
Isn't tomorrow Saturday?
There are no Saturdays before the show.
A weekend without Saturday.
Like a cheeseburger without cheese.
Guys, I swiped a light.
A mating ritual!
- No.
- Come on!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Jade, you deaf or what?
That's Arabs for you!
Casting spells!
You know what, die!
I'll call you tomorrow.
Leave me a message.
So, Cinderella, have a nice night?
Did he turn your ass into a pumpkin?
I think I'm in love.
Gimme a break!
I swear.
Very pretty
What? Is dropping a roll bad luck, too?
Are you crazy, or what?
I didn't look at her tits.
I couldn't care less.
Plus, she's blonde.
And I'm full of clichs?
Listen to yourself.
You done?
Can we get back to work?
- I waited for you on Saturday.
- I had a thing.
A thing to do
or someone to see?
Think of your hands before your ass.
Or you'll do nothing in life.
Call me a slut
while you're at it!
What do you know about me?
Seriously, answer me!
Look at you,
with your, "life is hard"!
Who gives a fuck!
Don't talk to me like that!
You're all dried up,
like all your wool.
- Understand?
- You're above our remarks?
Go back where you came from.
No one expects anything from you!
Now get out!
Get out of my atelier! Go!
This taffeta is precious.
We can't reorder before the show.
Check your needles.
We can't remove stitches.
Catherine, refold it.
Hello, Esther.
Sorry, I'm a little late.
hand me the muslin, please.
What's wrong with you?
Are we cutting the pleats today?
This silk's too light.
It'll never fall correctly.
I've said so a thousand times.
But no one listens.
Why are you crying?
You're too hard sometimes, Esther.
People like that
wind up breaking in two, one day.
You're right.
I'll just take off.
I'll dump you
and you deal with the late deliveries
and constantly changing sketches.
I will take off.
I'm leaving.
Esther, wait
You manage when we have to redo the lining
because you screwed up.
Who covers for you?
Who forgets to eat
to make up for your mistakes?
I'm sad the kid left, too.
That's irrelevant.
I'll help you.
Thank you.
Excuse me, I
I knocked but
the door was open.
Who are you?
What do you want?
I'm a friend of Jade's.
Jade's not here.
She's at Souad's.
Hold on, I'll call her.
Now that you're here,
can you help me up?
Yes, of course.
Thanks a lot, because
It's hard for me to get up.
I'm sort of depressed.
My head hurts.
Mind taking me to my room?
What are you doing here?
She's helping me.
- Sorry, I need to rest.
- What?
I thought you might like a souvenir
of your time with us.
It's the skirt you made.
That's a Dior skirt?
I'd love a Dior skirt
as a souvenir.
She brings you a Dior skirt
and you act all blas?
I don't think it's your size.
I'll be going.
I have things to drop off nearby.
Like you know people around here?
You're really loaded down, ma'am!
Help her, Jade.
Then pick up some Coke for me.
- I'll go, too.
- No!
You stay with me.
I'm bored.
There's a scary thing on channel 2.
I'm afraid to watch it alone.
Bye, ma'am!
See, my embroidery's beautiful.
It's not shit!
The kid has beautiful hands.
Hands for sewing.
Tell her, Rene!
I took her on at the atelier,
but the young lady seems reticent.
That's dumb!
You have beautiful hands.
Wanna try?
I can't do that.
If you don't try,
you'll never know if it's your craft.
What craft?
I have no craft.
Don't be such a fussbudget!
She doesn't know war.
If you don't want to,
you don't want to!
- You'll do something else.
- Fine, okay!
That's it.
That's good.
You haven't had
much encouragement, have you?
Not much, no.
Look at that!
She picked it up lickety-split!
I tell you,
it's never too late to excel.
I told her that, too.
You fired me, remember?
Three sugar cubes!
Look, that's Mr. Dior as a child
in his handsome suit.
He was handsome!
And that's his mother.
You know his famous Bar jacket?
He designed it for her.
I have one.
- It's so beautiful.
- It sure is.
So, Rene,
when will the embroidery be done?
It'll be ready when it's ready!
I heard they retired you.
It seems so.
What'll you do in your retirement?
I'll be bored stiff.
Anyway, you're lucky
Esther's training you.
Look what she did with Catherine.
She's made a name for herself
in the business.
You have nimble fingers, Esther.
Nimble fingers and a shitty life.
Keep the silk paper very flat.
Thank you.
We recognize a great artisan
by her tools.
It's high time you had your own.
Who's that for?
Are you dimwitted, or what?
Is she dimwitted?
She's bashful.
Thank you.
It has my initials on it.
I'll get back to work.
Shall I continue?
Have you seen my pouch?
Esther, are you a junkie, too?
A junkie?
What are you talking about?
I know those antidepressants.
My mother takes them.
A junkie, diabetic
and I'm screwed up?
Take it easy!
I have the right to relax.
Sorry, but I'm staying out of it.
I have enough problems already.
Can't you close the door?
Can't you shut your trap?
Then take care of yourself!
Her voicemail again.
It's not like her,
a week before the show.
Okay, I'll go see.
Don't worry.
Go back to work and I'll be back.
"Get to work!"
She thinks she's Esther now.
The kid's right at home!
Shut up, Andre!
Yeah, shut up!
Fuck, what is it?
I'm at 22 rue des Acacias in Athis Mons.
A woman tried to commit suicide.
I don't know, there's a ton
of meds and weird stuff.
You tried to kill yourself?
No big deal.
Don't you think
my mother's enough trouble?
Stop talking nonsense.
Tell her.
We found no trace of benzodiazepine.
She fractured her wrist
coming down the stairs.
For the diabetes,
it's a shot of insulin.
But the wrist is broken.
The wrist is broken?
A broken wrist, did you hear that?
Now what'll we do?
How do we finish the collection?
How do you pass on
the couture gesture, or whatever?
Miss straight arrow, my ass!
You're totally twisted!
Would you like a tranquilizer, Miss?
I'd love the box,
to drown out her carping.
She's not taking anything. Zilch!
Okay! Can we go now?
- Let's go.
- I'm coming.
Who are those showboats?
My friends.
I'm starving. Do you think she
could take us somewhere for a snack?
Your girlfriend?
From now on, everything changes.
Your bullshit eating habits are over.
We're not going to the hospital
every day.
No "snacks"!
- You okay?
- Yeah! And you?
This is Esther. Sphora.
I'm okay.
- I'm hungry.
- Then let's eat!
- The car's here.
- Eat well!
- There!
- What's all that?
- Tofu? Really?
- Yes.
From now on, there are new rules.
I'll take care of you every night.
And Souad during the day.
I'm not on my deathbed! Shit!
She's certainly not.
No, but she's not reliable.
You're not!
There's fruit, vegetables, all you need.
I went to cooking school.
Well, for 3 months.
But I can cook.
I'll go see my mom
and be right back.
Steal one thing and I'll kill you.
Just because I'm an Arab
'Cause I'm an Arab,
I'm gonna rob the place?
Only good things.
Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
weren't Swedish. They were Arab.
If I came here with you
Stop screaming! Fuck
Tofu. No way am I eating that!
Why do all this?
You don't even know her.
I want to.
What do you want?
I wanna be a dressmaker.
You just want a mother
you're not ashamed of.
One whose hair is combed.
Don't you ever shut up?
It's true.
That's demented! Let's go.
So, you're dumping me because
I'm sick?
You're leaving me alone?
To live with a woman
you don't even know and
She's really sick.
You're sick in the head.
You don't love me!
You never loved me.
You'd rather live
with a woman who's rich.
- She's rich!
- Esther's not all that rich.
Like you loved me?
Go on, answer me!
You love me?
Answer me!
You've been pulling me down
for 23 years.
You pretend to be sick,
drive me crazy
That way, I avoid traps.
That's our life, avoiding traps!
She gave me a chance,
which you never gave me! Never!
Does the truth embarrass you?
Don't you like it?
What have you ever done?
Other than watch shit on TV
and all your religious shit?
- Shut up!
- No, I won't shut up!
Stop, Mumu.
You're crazy.
Look, Manoubia, she's crazy!
She's crazy.
My mother's crazy!
I'm tired
Go take care of the dressmaker.
Go live your life.
She needs help,
but I can't do it anymore.
It's okay.
I can't anymore
Get up.
Is that a photo of your daughter?
I didn't dare mention it.
I saw you talking to the frame
and thought she was dead.
No, you see.
Well, I must be dead to her.
She's mad at me.
She refuses to see me.
And I'm scared to call her.
I don't speak to my parents either.
Because of all this.
And why don't you call them?
Because my parents are dead.
For me, it's too late.
But not for you.
For you, it's not too late.
You're certainly right.
My God, all this
All this
That little bitch, loneliness,
you mean?
That's not haute couture vocabulary,
Miss Esther.
We don't have much time
before the fashion show.
And despite Esther's absence,
let's do our very best,
so she's proud of us when she returns.
I'm counting on you.
Let's get to work.
Shall I rub your shoulders?
No, that's okay.
Don't worry, she'll be okay.
She said to use the point but
Not too much steam.
Move it across.
- Okay.
- See?
Don't press too much.
- What are you doing?
- Practicing.
I'm bored shitless.
Well, not for long!
Mrs. Crmieux!
- What happened?
- Nothing. Let's see!
It's magnificent!
As always. Magnificent!
Here, drag queen!
Put that away.
Excuse me?
We have to assume what we are in life!
Sorry, I call a cat a cat.
And a pussy a pussy.
- You can't always pussyfoot around.
- That's true.
You okay?
Jade? You're not sleeping there, after all?
I have to talk to you.
Andre is horrible to me.
Catherine said not to tell you,
but the collection's stalled.
What happened to you?
Did you fight?
I hit Andre.
Who's Andre?
A chick there.
But she's the one!
She says
you fill your emotional void
with ghetto girls and chocolate.
I had to hit her!
I understand.
- I gave her a right cross.
- Good job!
Then she hit me over the head
with your stool.
Haute couture's over for me.
I'll go home, take care of my mother.
That's fine.
Do that
and you'll prove Andre right.
- And then?
- Yeah, and then?
Then Andre's spitefulness wins.
That's dumb!
That is dumb.
This internship is your chance, Jade.
Go back.
I can't go back.
Plus, I hit Andre.
Everyone wants to hit Andre.
You have to finish that dress, Jade.
Catherine's great,
but I really came for you.
And I remind you,
you're not there anymore.
- I'm not there anymore?
- No.
Well, that can be arranged.
I'm not going back.
What's the matter, Andre?
Why are you always angry?
Always against everything?
I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
It doesn't seem to be.
Yes, it is.
It's easy for you.
Everybody likes you.
All we want is to like you, Andre.
Nothing else.
You don't know my life, Catherine.
We all have problems, Andre. Everybody.
Esther, you're here!
Gloria, get undressed.
Catherine, let's go!
Abel, go get Jade.
She's at my place.
You can convince her in a way I can't.
- Where do you live?
- I'll tell you.
'Morning, Esther.
Andre, everything okay?
Have you calmed down?
Can you get the underskirts?
There's room for everyone here.
You really got banged up!
Sorry, I
I couldn't
She couldn't control Andre.
She tried.
You were as gay as an Italian
When he knows he'll have
Love and wine
And I
For the first time
I finally felt like
a woman
Shut up!
Take it easy.
Who's that?
What's he doing here?
It's that clown again!
You're jealous!
How'd he
He's so cute!
She has the gall
to come back after that!
I'll turn her in to Blandine.
Don't forget to mention
your racist remarks.
And the stool you threw in her kisser.
And how you shoved her in the kitchen.
Or how you pricked her finger,
so she'd bleed.
I saw the whole thing.
All done?
Can we get to work?
The pleats are done.
Come see, it's gorgeous!
Is anything wrong?
No, it's fine.
- You're trembling.
- No.
Not at all.
So, it's your last dress.
We'll see each other again.
After spending 20 years together
and then, suddenly you're gone
It's hard. Really hard.
We've shared stuff.
- You gonna cry?
- No.
- Because it's not the time.
- No.
You've reached Sylvie's voicemail.
Please leave a message.
I'm so hungry, Manoubia.
Come downstairs, it's ready.
I can't, Manoubia.
You know I can't.
My back hurts.
Yes, you can, Mumu.
You can.
What did your Jesus say?
He said, "Love one another."
You see?
That doesn't happen every day.
Stop, Mumu. Stop.
Your Jesus also said, "Stand and walk."
Obey Him.
Stand, walk and then eat.
I think I love you.
You sure?
You're in deep shit.
I'm no gift!
Yes, you are a gift.
You'll see, our life's gonna be dope.
We'll create our own fashion house.
I'll be the designer
and you'll be my dressmaker.
My first, even.
How come I'm not the boss?
Do men always
have to be above women?
Look who's on top now.
Very clever!
Here! For you.
I was looking for you.
Wow, you look great
dressed like a girl!
I'm gonna sleep at my mom's tonight.
I feel like seeing her.
Sure, that's only normal.
Will you be on time tomorrow?
I'm always on time.
"They asked him,
'Why, then, do you baptize,
if you are not the Christ?'"
Thank you for all this.
Thank you.
See that all goes well
at the show tomorrow.
What are you doing here?
- You're not at Esther's?
- No, Sphora's with her.
- Look where you're sitting.
- Where else?
What's wrong?
What did you do?
I didn't do anything!
- Swear to Allah you won't scream.
- I swear.
Let's go see Jesus.
Like you go to church now?
I just don't like
when you sunbathe in front of the Virgin.
You won't believe this.
There's been a miracle.
Your mother got up
and walked all the way to my place.
What are you saying?
I dunno, she's changed.
She says all this weird stuff, like
she's gonna make "vetu" or something.
Maybe a "virtue"?
I swear on the Koran,
she's changed!
Gimme a break with your Koran
- To each his cross to bear
- You're Arab, too, you know!
Wanna know
why I became a dressmaker?
To be like my mother.
My mother spent her life
in Mr. Dior's ateliers.
Even after his death.
Her life was the ateliers,
the fashion shows
and very little about me,
her daughter.
My father, well
No father, like you.
You're not the only one
to sing Oliver Twist.
So very early,
at 13,
I wanted to be a dressmaker.
And you know why?
Because I figured
by showing interest in her dresses,
my mother might finally look at me.
Is this dress the same as ours?
It's the last dress my mother worked on,
before she died.
Her last fashion show, too.
Like mine, today.
You're not gonna die, Esther.
You know
your daughter
Your daughter needs you.
I made the same mistake as my mother.
I abandoned my daughter
for my craft.
As if,
by staying in Mr. Dior's atelier,
I'd find my mother again.
As if she'd pop out
from behind a dummy.
Or a muslin.
What do you think, Mr. Abel?
It falls perfectly.
I'll start with a length of wool.
It's me.
- Mom?
- Yeah.
I'm so happy to hear your voice.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Think we could see each other?
Here, Esther.
That's everything, including the smock.
I'm curious to see
which dress you'll work on.
Will you tell me?
We'll still see each other!
I embroidered it
right after you began your internship.
It's a dressmaking tradition.
Thank you.
I knew you'd make it.
That you were one of us.
That you'd be a good little seamstress.
My name's on it.
Thank you, Esther.
Shall we continue?
I'll carry it.
I ran!
I stopped by to see my sister.
She lives in C.
It's dope!
Come up for champagne!
That way.
Yes. Go on, I'll be right there.
Go on!
It's beautiful.
All those people
It's beautiful.
For Jade.
And for all good-hearted women.