Haute tension (2003) Movie Script

I won't let anyone come
between us anymore...
I won't let anyone come
between us anymore...
Are they recording?
I don't believe the dream
I just had.
I was in a forest
running barefoot.
I was hurt, and I was being followed
by somebody.
The more I ran the more I felt him coming
closer. Who was the guy stalking you?
It wasn't a guy. It was me. That's the
weirdest part. It was me running after me.
Can't you have normal dreams
like everyone else? No.
Being like everyone else
is an awful bore!
We should not gone out last night.
I'm exhausted.
Take a rest. I'll wake you when
we get there. Yeah, very funny!
I'll drive, if you like.
Y'mean like last time? Oh come
on. It was late, and I felt tired.
Felt tired, huh?
You were dead drunk!
Well, it was your fault for dumping me for
three hours and disappearing with God knows who!
I hope at least that he was
worth it. I'll say! Unbelievable!
You're really a bitch.
Bad lay!
Cheap hooker!
Are there any cool places
to go in the country?
Well, there's a town hall
but that's about it.
Wow, if I had to live here all
year round I think I'd shoot myself.
It's another kind of rhythm.
It's different.
Besides, we didn't come here
to go partying. We're here to study.
Hey, we're not deaf!
Chill out Marie!
C'mon Hendrix, run!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Tom, stop shouting for a minute.
You're giving me a headache!
How long do we have to
wait for Alex, huh?
She'll be here after
you've had your bath.
No, because Alex has never seen
this cowboy suit.
Tom, go and have your bath and then you can
put your cowboy suit back on again. Okay?
Bang, bang, bang!
Come on, Hendrix, bang, bang!
Good... more... more...
Watch the road!
You've still got
some makeup on, y'know.
Are you sure it's this way?
Of course I'm sure.
In fifty meters, you go right at the
corn field There it is. Turn right
and then go straight
for four kilometers.
You really know
your way around.
Nobody takes this road
except for tractors.
Four kilometers of this
and it's good-by car.
You can't act that way
whenever a guy tries to talk to you.
I don't act that way with everyone.
Come off it, Marie.
It's always the same story.
What's wrong?
I saw someone!
Hey, that's not funny, Alex! No, I'm
not kidding. I saw someone. I swear.
Stop screwing around like that
will you!
Alex, come back here, please!
Damn it!
If this is a joke
I'll make you regret it!
Alex, where are you?
Where are you?
I'll get you.
If you think you're being funny
you've got another think coming!
Stop, you bitch, and come back!
I'm sick of your little game!
Enough is enough!
God damn you!
What if I had left you out here?
Yeah, very funny!
You scared the hell out of me!
Here we are.
Okay, now I know why you
passed your exams so easily.
If you spend all weekends up here,
there's not much else to do except study!
Y'can't beat it for peace and quiet. You
can hear the train go by but that's it.
Easy Hendrix, easy.
How are you?
Hello dad.
Don't worry. He doesn't bite.
You talking about me or the dog?
Marie, this is my father. Pop, Marie.
Nice to meet you.
So, I finally see you in person
and not just in a photo.
You know, the one I took in Spain.
Yes, it's on the fireplace.
You were living here.
And this is Tom. Hi cowboy.
Hey, are you happy to see me,
partner? Of course, he's happy.
He has been waiting for you
all this evening.
And your mother's been worrying
all day.
It's Okay.
Mom always worries for nothing.
I think she left you something
in the oven.
But I told her we'd manage
and not to bother.
She didn't know if you'd have time
to eat on the way.
That's mom! I'll put Tom Thumb
to bed and show Marie her room.
Right. I'll leave you then.
I have some work to finish.
G'night. Sleep well.
See you tomorrow.
Good night, sir.
Sleep tight.
Did your dad build this place?
It was an old farm that he renovated.
There are lots of them in the region.
Most of them are ruins.
It's a pity. They've lived here
for five years now.
Did they have problems
with the neighbors?
With the local yokels?
At first, they took my folks for a couple of hippies
who came to make goat cheese, but now it's fine
Well, that's my room.
There. This way now.
My parents' room's on the right.
Tom's room is there.
Yours is upstairs, guest room.
Just two seconds.
I'll put him to bed first.
Alexis, is that you?
That's my mother.
Go on. I'll be right up.
Hi mom.
Is your friend all settled in?
Show her where the blankets are.
If she needs towels
there are clean ones in the closet.
Your own private bathroom.
Great, huh?
The heating's electric.
Should I turn it on?
No, I can do it if I get cold.
Well, what do you think?
It's like a doll's house...
very pretty.
The problem is he's got a girl friend
he doesn't seem to want to spilt up with.
Why're you so interested then?
Someone who's taken
can't be all that bad.
I'm always suspicious of guys
who are free. Here.
Want some more?
No thanks.
Well, I think it's too easy to be a
womanizer when you're already taken.
Maybe I'm just trying to
convince myself.
Maybe he doesn't like me at all.
What's his girl friend like?
She's Brazilian.
They've been together three months.
What's he doing with a Brazilian? Is
that his way of getting cheap thrills?
Anyway, I've gotta get a suntan fast...
and firm up my ass a little too.
You should see the way
she's built!
If you do salsa
I'll go with you.
Don't get them excited or
they'll keep us up all night!
Hey, what about you? When are
you gonna finally try your luck?
Don't start with that.
You're gonna end up an old maid,
Marie. I'm not hot to trot like you!
No, you're scared, that's all!
I'm gonna have a smoke outside.
How about you?
No, I'm going to bed.
I'm wiped out.
Don't stay up too late.
I'll wake you at nine.
What's the game plan?
We'll start with
international law. Okay? Okay.
G'night Alex.
Good night.
Hey Alex, I'm glad that
I finally met your family.
C'mon Hendrix. Come on.
G'night, Hendrix.
Okay, I'm coming.
Who can that be?
Hendrix, quiet down.
Who is it?
What do you want?
What's the matter, mommy?
Nothing darling.
Go back to your room, dear.
But what was that noise?
Tom, do as I say right now.
Go on, go back to your room!
Shit, it's the TV plug!
What am I... What am I gonna do?
B, but, why... why? Why?
Wait a second!
It won't come off! Wait!
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Liaten to me, Alex, listen.
If he wanted to kill you he'd
have done it already. Right?
Alex, listen to me. Tell me
where I can find a telephone, huh?
In the kitchen?
In the kitchen? Answer me, Alex! I need
your help! I can't do anything alone!
I'll be back.
I'll be back, Alex.
I have to see
if someone is in the house.
I don't believe it!
The phone's been cut.
I'm gonna get you out of here!
You'll see.
Not so loud! He'll hear us!
Don't ruin our only chance, please.
We're gonna get out of this.
I promise you.
Even if we have to fight it out
we're gonna make it!
The others were alone!
There are TWO of us!
Just a little more...
Alex, I got it open!
We're in a gas station.
This could be our only chance.
The knife.
This is if I don't come back.
Misslt's an emergency!
Call the police!
Miss, wait!
Hey Jimmy.
How are ya?
All alone tonight?
Weekends are slow around here.
Yeah, I'm all alone.
So then, everyone took off
and left the shop to you, huh?
Yeah, that's about it.
This place isn't bad for
bringing a girl at night, huh?
Don't tell me you never did it.
My boss wouldn't keep me on for two
minutes if I brought someone here.
I'll bet.
That you've got ladies stopping here
and ask you for a little service.
You get'em all excited.
Ain't that right, Jimmy?
Well, yeah, I guess so.
What do ya think, Jimmy?
Well, they look real good on you.
They protect you?
From what?
From the sun, Jimmy... from the sun.
Yeah, well, they're sunglasses
so they protect your eyes, sure.
What do I owe ya?
It's 28 bucks.
Y'want the glasses?
No, I m not convinced but
what I could use is some booze
so how about selling me
a bottle of J&B?
I'd rather have a bottle of
Sure. Actually, I'm not allowed
to sell alcohol at this hour.
You promise not to tell the boss?
I promise.
What were you lookin' at, Jimmy?
What were you lookin' at?
Somebody answer for Christ's sakes!
State Police here.
Hello? Hello, police?
Oh I beg of you, help me!
Okay, calm down
and tell me what the problem is.
The Sorals, they have a farm
near Puyanne.
I'm a friend of their daughter
This guy broke in during the night.
He broke in and he murdered everyone!
He took my friend away in a pickup
truck and I'm really afraid for her.
He just killed the gas station guy.
Gas station?
You're in a gas station?
Which gas station?
Hold on. I'll have a look.
I don't know what station.
I was in his pickup truck.
All I know is it's a very old pickup
brown, old and rusty.
Did you get
the vehicle's plate number?
How could I get the number?
I told you I was inside the truck!
Do you realize how many pickup trucks
there are on the road?
Without a plate number...
Jesus, an old pickup truck
on a country road at this time of night
shouldn't be that hard to spot, huh?!
Calm down please, ma'am
and tell me where you are.
Listen, this son of a bitch just took off
with her. If you don't send someone right now
she'll never make it!
I understand, but we can't help you
if we don't know where you are.
If I burn this damn gas station down
maybe you can locate it, huh?!
The keys... they keys...
Where does the murdering
son of a bitch live?
Where did he go...
Why'd ya care so much about Alex?
She turns you on? She does
same to me. She turns me on too.
The lights are all out. It looks shut
down for the night. Better have a look.
Go around the back, Fred.
And be careful, huh?
Right, Captain.
Captain, the back door is locked.
We've gotta...
Y'better call headquarters.
This is patrol car 214 calling.
We've got a murder victim here.
Oh my God!
It's me, Alex. It's me.
It's over.
It's all over.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me I said!
It's all over. He's dead.
He's dead. It's over.
You don't make any sense!
Get away!
It's all over, all over.
Back off!
Alex, calm down.
Back off!
It's over, Alex.
I killed him. He's dead.
Alex, please calm down.
Back off! Don't come closer!
Alex, come. It's all over now.
He can never do anything again.
You mad bitch! I'm gonna cut
your head into pieces!
It's me, Marie, your friend.
I'm on your side!
I killed him, Alex.
It's finished. He's dead.
You murdered my whole family!
You murdered my whole family!
You don't know what you're saying. There
was nothing I could do to save them.
There was just you.
You know that.
Alex, everything's gonna be okay
from now on.
Please, you've gotta trust me, Alex.
You'll pay for this, you bitch!
I'm gonna take care of you, Alex!
I'm gonna take care of you, Alex!
Help me! Help! Help me!
Go on! Go! Hurry!
What's going on?
Hurry up! Go go! Go on!
I'll tear your head off!
You wanna drive me crazy
you god damn bitch, huh?
No... No...
Do ya love me?
You don't love me.
Y'don't love me, do ya?
You don't love me.
Yes, yes!
Yes, I love you! Yes
I do love you! I love you!
Nobody'll come between us ever
again, Alex... Never again...
I won't let anyone come
between us anymore...
I won't let anyone come
between us anymore...
I won't let anyone come
between us anymore...
Are you sure
she can't see me?