Havana Darkness (2019) Movie Script

[epic music]
- [sharp object wielding]
- [women screaming]
[door opening slowly]
[woman crying]
Oh my God.
It was a... Argh!
[screams in pain]
[crying] Ah, ah!
[glass shattering]
Help me!
Somebody, please... Help!
[crying] Oh, no...
No, no, no, please! Please!
[siren wailing]
[door bell ringing]
[door bell ringing]
Happy birthday, buddy!
- You forgot your birthday again, didn't you?
- I guess I did.
Happy birthday, Carlos.
I'm worried about you.
Cheers! For Carlos!
- Thank you, guys!
- The guy that will always be older than me.
So you, uh...
You finished this yet?
Not even close.
Productive night then, huh?
Something like that, yeah.
Hey why don't you, uh... get away
a couple of days? Clear your head.
Yeah I should
probably do it, right?
"Hemingway's Cuba".
Theme's pretty self-explanatory.
What's the problem?
I don't know...
The problem is...
You know, in my head...
I have, sorry, everything I want to
say but... I don't know how to say it.
Enlighten us.
It's obviously about Hemingway
and his life and work in Cuba.
Which is your area
of focus, right?
I don't know, I'm missing
something, you know? I'm just...
I'm trying to find a hook
to hang everything on.
Why don't you just
write something else?
John! No... This is what I want to do.
I've been working on this for a while.
I don't know, I just...
I've been thinking about
going to Cuba and spend
some time there.
Why don't you?
Yeah. I should
probably do it, right?
I would love to go
to Cuba someday.
Really? You never told me that.
You never asked.
Is your bathroom safe to use?
It's the cleanest room
in this apartment.
Check it out.
Oh so you were
serious about this?
Of course I'm serious about it.
We've been dating forever.
Well, congratulations!
Don't pop the cork on the champagne
bottle just yet. She hasn't said yes.
But she will. Everybody knows that
she likes you, she's in love with you.
- You think?
- Yeah.
Come on.
What's going on here?
So what's the plan?
Plan for what?
Your birthday, dumbass!
What are we doing?
I don't know. Drinks, I guess.
"Drinksh it ish."
What time?
You guys what us to do seven?
So we'll see you
at seven at Veryl?
Veryl is fine.
Seven at Veryl. Hey!
- Don't be late!
- Never late!
- Don't be late!
- I won't!
- [Karen] Promise you won't be late!
- I promise!
[background siren]
Can I help you?
Yeah. Uh, I'm
looking for Joshua.
He's on vacation
for a couple of weeks.
Really? He didn't mention
anything to me.
And you are?
I'm Carlos Carrasco. I'm Joshua's friend.
Come here all the time.
Oh, yes. Carlos.
We've never met.
Joshua did mention you though.
- Frank.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Joshua asked me
to look after his place
while he's out of town attending
some personal business.
Nothing serious I hope.
Mmm... I'm not entirely
sure of the details myself.
He did, however, say that
you would be stopping by.
- He did?
- Mm-hm.
In fact he left
something for you.
Please, follow me.
Por favor.
Joshua mentioned you are working on an essay.
Something to do with Ernest Hemingway, right?
Well, he thinks this might
be of benefit to you.
- Havana Darkness?
- Mm-hm.
- What is this?
- Look for yourself.
It's in Spanish.
Most of phrasing and
wording is very disjointed.
Huh. My very same impression.
Who's the author?
Anonymous. But this
is where it gets interesting.
Joshua spoke to some guy from an
auction where he picked this up.
He was told that this belonged to
his great uncle, Antonio Gattorno.
- Antonio Gattorno.
- Mm-hm.
The manuscript came
with a collection of letters.
Recognize the signature?
- That's...
- Hemingway?
Who knows.
Antonio Gattorno was a Cuban artist
and a very close friend of Hemingway.
He actually moved to New York and spent
over twenty years living in this city.
Joshua said that this manuscript
was part of a stack of books
that were brought here
from Cuba in the eighties.
We strongly believe that this book was
one of Hemingway's lost manuscripts.
At least part of it anyway because
it appears to be unfinished. See?
"For him this place
led to darkness...
which led to pain...
then to horror...
horror so unspeakable
that hung on him forever."
Please, take it.
No, I can't!
I mean... If this is what you say
it is it must be worth a fortune.
As a matter of fact Joshua said that you
might be interested in helping us with that.
Absolutely! Yeah,
of course, but...
but I cannot take it with me.
He insisted you take it.
You sure?
I'm sure. Actually I'm certain.
Joshua will be back
in a couple of weeks.
I promise I'll take
care of this, okay?
If you talk to Joshua please
tell him that I said thank you.
I'll be sure to tell him that.
[whistling imitating a siren]
"He stood across the street
from that building in Havana.
The place was pure...
Nothing else.
There was some..."
[phone vibrating]
- What's up?
- [John] What's up?!
It's eight fifteen and you are
not here, that's what's up.
Just give me twenty
minutes, I'll be there.
"Oh well, cash in their checks"
and pays in freshman.
What did he do?
He took a swing!
Why am I not surprised.
Whose side are you on?
So? How's your essay
coming along?
Good. Good. Actually, uh...
Something came up today
that might help a lot.
Your table is ready.
You guys remember Joshua, right? The
guy who owns a bookstore. 83rd and York.
Yeah, yeah, the
sweet little thing.
Yeah the guy who wants to get
in your pants, that one?
- He's not!
- Anyway, listen.
This guy, he just recently acquired
a lot of stuff at an auction.
And one of those things is this old
book, it's a handwritten manuscript
and they believe it may
have been written by
- No!
- Yes!
- It's amazing!
- Aha.
What do you mean, "and"? This
is a big deal, don't you see it?
Hemingway wrote a lot of things
that went missing over the years.
Especially when he
was living in Cuba.
So these guys believe that
this is one of those pieces.
So how do you know this is an
original manuscript though?
That's exactly what I'm trying to
learn right now. I'm working on that.
But if I can... if I can prove it is
then I have a foundation for my work.
"Unlocking the mystery
behind Hemingway"
or "Unlocking the mystery
behind Hemingway's work".
[Karen] Oh.
- It has a good ring to it.
- No? Well it's a working title.
- It's a working title you know.
- It's super catchy.
Yeah I mean just... read it.
I would go and spend some time in
Cuba but there's no way to be certain.
[Karen] What I've been
telling you.
Why don't we go?
Why don't we go to Cuba?
This weekend.
Why don't we go?
Okay, you've had one too many.
- Go together?
- Yeah.
Just up and go?
Yeah. Hey. I don't work this weekend.
You don't work this weekend.
Look. I'm gonna get
us a round of shots.
But if you decide to
go to Cuba I might be in.
It's not gonna be a hindrance
to your research, right?
No, no, I...
Help me out, man!
- See me looking at you?
- Yeah, but...
It is a perfect opportunity
to give her the ring.
- And then are you with me?
- Yeah. Of course. It's great.
Well. Let's go to Cuba.
Yeah, let's go to Cuba.
So, what's the verdict?
Carlos, what's the verdict?
To Cuba!
[Cuban music]
Let's go.
So this is it.
Carlos, is this uh... is this where
you grew up? Is this the neighborhood?
No. No.
Not too far away
from here though.
Can I go unpack?
Hey do you have, uh...
Do you have the Wi-Fi code?
I told you. There is
no connectivity here.
Don't worry.
At certain point I'm gonna have
to go and find some place as well.
I don't feel like I properly
prepared for this trip.
So, uh, what's the plan?
I was planning to go and visit one of
the places where Hemingway stayed at.
You guys wanna come?
Nah I'm gonna pass.
I've been thinking more
rum, cigars, you know.
I wanna come.
It sounds like a great...
great plan.
- Sure.
- Hey, you can smoke your cigars tonight.
Leaving in five.
[Cuban music]
[general chatter]
We should go in there later.
- [Karen] What?
- This is my house.
Twenty dollars.
Hey where did you go?
You disappeared on us.
I was just looking around
trying to find something.
Did you?
I think so.
You know what that means?
You about ready?
Ready for what?
To go out. Karen's almost ready.
No, no. I can't
go out right now.
I need to find a place
with the internet.
The hell you can't! I went to
the Hemingway thing for you!
The least you could
do is go out with us!
I really need to get a jump
on this as soon as possible.
No, what you need
to do is relax.
You need a drink.
Can't you find a stopping
spot or something, man?
We are going to your
favorite restaurant.
Good. Good. It's a really
cool place. You'll like it.
Is tonight gonna be the night?
No. I don't... This doesn't feel right and
the date's off. You know, it's cloudy out.
Hey, guys. You ready?
You coming with us, Carlos?
No, no.
You know. As you can see I have a couple
of things for the time right now, so.
You know, even Hemingway used to
take breaks and drink sometimes.
You should listen
to her. She's smart.
[Karen] Come on. Let's go.
Hey, hey! Speak English?
[John] You haven't said a word
about my new Cuban look, man.
- Oh that's a Cuban look right there?
- Yeah.
- I got it off the street.
- You are actually worried about that look?
- No.
- Yes.
- It is legit Cuban gear.
- Ha, seriously?
Sure, we got gypped, fine. And he's
embarrassing me on the streets of Havana.
I've seen these pants everywhere,
everyone is wearing them.
Everywhere in Havana.
Yeah, of course.
Carlos, I think you need to take
us on a tour of your... city.
I wish I could, but you guys have
to understand I'm working here.
That's the main reason
why I came here, to work.
As you can see
he's here to work.
Yeah, believe it or not I'm finding
great things along the process.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Tell us about it.
Well... You know, I mean...
I don't know, important
things like...
I don't want you guys
to think I'm getting nuts.
Oh, we know you are nuts.
You can just go on.
It's a little late for that.
I found this section
of the book I have.
It is description
about a place, a house.
Abandoned house.
Apparently that place was
shut down by the '58th
when the police found five
bodies in the basement.
Now, Hemingway was here
and I believe he was looking
very closely into this
because he was doing some
research for a book or something.
The manuscript I have
is a sort of diary
that he was using
to keep track in this case.
If I can prove this...
This... This is perf.
I can get this published.
You got my attention.
Sounds good!
So what happened
to the dead bodies?
They were mutilated.
Right. For the story of course.
So there's only
one last thing to do.
You may go to the house
and check it out.
As a matter of fact it is
very close to our place.
- Close? How close?
- Mm-hm.
Blocks away.
We have no excuse.
That's why we didn't
stay at the hotel.
So this guy could
go to the house.
Sneaky, sneaky Carlos.
- What are you doing, weirdo?
- Shh!
- Hold on, let me turn the light on.
- No, no, don't, don't!
[whispering] Just
come over here. Come.
What are you staring at?
You see that guy?
He's gone.
You guys, what are you doing?
Honey, go back to bed.
I'll be right there.
Great. Get some sleep.
He's gone.
Will you...
Will you marry me?
- Is that a yes?
- It's yes.
Carlos! We have cause
for celebration!
[Karen] Just got engaged!
- Nothing? Really?
- Carlos?
Did you hear me?
- [John] I don't feel that you're grasping...
- Look!
...the full magnitude
of this moment.
You have to see something.
What do you got?
Just look.
Oh, it's all starting
to make sense now.
Who is she?
Alright, where did you get it?
Someone just slided
it under the door.
- Probably a mistake. It's a neighbor or something.
- No, Karen. Karen.
It's not a mistake.
See that handwriter?
You see it?
It's the same.
Nice. Progress, right? Now we got two
reasons to celebrate. Now, can we go?
No, we're not
celebrating anything.
There's no reason to ce...
Don't you see what's
happening here?
You cannot see it?
They know what I'm
doing, this is a statement.
They're trying to tell me something.
Like that guy from yesterday,
he was standing right there.
You saw him.
For an hour looking at
me, is that normal to you?
Hey, what guy?
It was some weirdo
watching Carlos. I don't know.
Look, it's Cuba, man.
It's... It's to be expected.
Like somebody is watching me all the time.
I'm being surveyed all the time.
Somebody's after
me, I can feel it.
- Okay, you are starting to sound a little paranoid, Carlos.
- No, it's not paranoid. Look!
Calm down, man! Fuck!
I'm sorry.
Dude, what the fuck?
I'm sorry.
You know what? You
know I love you but...
Get your shit together, man.
Maybe we can row on these
little boats, super cheap.
Oh, probably not.
Take a look at that.
What do you...
What do you want...?
The number in the building. It
matches for the one at pictures.
So what, man? What...
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm so done with this.
The same house. Same number. Same building.
Same street. Same everything. Don't you see it?
That woman, whoever she is,
she came here because of that.
Can't you just let it
go, brother? Just...
What do you mean
let it go, John?
John, I wanna go home.
Baby, please.
Just come sit down.
No, I said I wanna
go home right now.
I wanna celebrate and Carlos has been
acting crazy since he got here so we can't.
So let's get the
fuck out of here.
Listen, I'm sorry to bother you with all this,
but seriously there's something behind this.
I can feel it... I mean
this is not normal.
If you're so worried about her why
don't you just go to the police?
What am I gonna tell them?
They're not gonna listen to me.
Right now I don't wanna
fucking listen to you.
Well, just... Just help
me in, that's all.
Help you in where?!
I need to get into that building.
I need to see what's inside.
Alright, John.
If Carlos wants to go into that building we're
gonna go into the building to see what's inside.
Let's go.
How are we gonna get in?
I already tried the
door. It's locked.
Told you I tried.
Thought you said
this was locked.
It was locked.
Hello? Hello?
It's not bad, you know.
It needs a little paint.
Little touch-up.
It's real. It's real marble.
Very nice.
Let us see what's up here.
[John] Carlos?
I'm here.
[low grunting]
What's that?
I have no idea.
[loud stumbling noise]
Come on!
[Karen] Hello!
Can anyone hear us?
There has to
be another exit.
Did you boy Ernest say anything
about these doors lock up, huh?
Is that in the manuscript?
What is this?
Just great.
"There is no hunting
like the hunting of man.
And those who have hunted..."
It's a quote from Hemingway.
Oh, really?
What does it mean?
- What paint...
- Wait.
Wait, don't touch that.
"...for anything else."
Of course. Alright.
Worth a shot.
How are we gonna
get out of here?
There has to be
an exit somewhere.
That would be great...
I'm about done with this...
[Karen gasps]
[Carlos] What is this?
Where are we going, Carlos?
We're going down the hallway.
Are you crazy?
Looks to me like...
we need to follow the lights.
We don't know who's
turning on these lights.
I think we should go find him.
Think he's out there.
There's no exit out
there. There is no exit.
We need to just go through
the hallway and find an exit.
Carlos, I'm not going
anywhere with you.
I'm sick and tired of your bullshit.
You got us into this...
- Listen, I didn't ask you to...
- Guys, that's enough. Focus.
It halts.
- What's wrong?
- It stopped working...
[Karen breaths heavily]
That one.
I don't know.
[Karen shrieks lightly]
I'm gonna go inside,
just take a look.
I'll just go and see first.
- [John] Clear?
- [Karen] It's clear.
It's clear.
What is this place?
Baby, I don't know.
[Karen gasps]
[John] Come on! Carlos! Carlos!
Carlos! [knocking
repeatedly on the door]
- [Karen] Help!
- [John] Carlos!
Hey, John.
- [Karen] Help!
- John...
Hey! Karen!
- [loud noise]
- [John] Carlos!
[Karen] Babe!
What's going on, guys?
- Fuck! Fuck!
- [Karen screams]
[Karen gasps]
[distorted voice] Welcome!
You stepped through that
door at your own free will.
So now
the game must begin.
Good luck.
You have sixty
seconds to your start
before I set them loose on you.
I suggest
you use your time
[Karen panting]
Hey, John. Is that you?
[panting heavily]
- Where's Carlos? Where's Carlos? We should go find him.
- Sh.
Be quiet.
- John, please.
- Shhh.
We should get out...
- We can't rescue... Please. Hear to me. He's here...
- Shhh.
Look at me. Shhh.
We're gonna make it
out of here. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Alright, here we go.
- Go!
- [Karen screams]
- Oh, shit!
- [Karen screams]
[John] Wait!
[John struggles]
- [John groans]
- [Karen screams]
Come in!
- How are you doing?
- [John grunts]
- Please don't take it...
- Babe, I got to take it...
[Karen] We got to leave.
Are you alright?
[John] I can't move, just
take the damn thing here...
- [Karen] It's going to bleed a lot though!
- [John] It hurts!
- Oh, shit!
- [screams] Carlos!
Are you okay?
Oh, shit, the door!
Hold the door!
Oh, lord, Carlos!
- [John grunts]
- [Karen] What?
Okay... Okay.
Right, okay.
Look at the venting!
[Karen] Through the venting!
[Karen panting heavily]
Why are you doing this to us?
You need to play the game.
We just... We just want to go.
Nobody goes home.
[Carlos moans]
[distorted voice] Get up!
And finish it!
[man] They are not far
from the next room.
Now, get up.
Go after them and do it.
I got you. Come on.
[moans] I can't.
- I can't.
- Keep moving.
I can't...
- I can't. I can't.
- Shh.
Come on.
That's alright.
I shouldn't have
brought you here...
I shouldn't have
brought you here.
Just keep moving.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[alarm goes off]
Come on!
Let's go, let's go!
- Come on!
- Come on!
[John cries]
It is a glorious day.
We gotta go.
We've gotta go, okay?
What is this place?
They are in the meat room.
[Karen screams]
Don't fucking move!
Who are you people?
Who are you?
- I'm no one.
- What is this?
The game.
What game?
- The game you chose to play.
- No!
Oh, yes.
You found the book.
You followed it here.
Like everyone else before you.
How do we get out of here?
How do we get out of here?
You don't.
[distorted voice]
It's impossible.
Let's go...
Let's go.
[indistinct TV chatter]
- You broke the rules.
- No.
I can fix it.
I can play the game.
John... John!
John, John! Look at me!
Oh, no!
[soft eerie music]
[Karen cries lightly]
[man] Comfortable, yes?
[muffled scream]
This is going to be
long and painful.
[cries and screams]
Clever girl!
No, Sir!
We didn't expect that
to happen, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
I can guarantee that she will
not leave this place alive, Sir.
And if she does,
she won't get far.
All games have ended, Sir.
No, Sir.
No survivors.
The other set of books?
Shipping out tonight, Sir.
They should reach their destination
within the next 48 hours, Sir.
Don't worry, Sir.
[scoffs] We'll take
care of her, Sir.
We always do, Sir.
Your fucking game is over!
[policewoman] Madam,
there's nothing here.
No blood...
No room with monitors...
There's nothing.
You have to believe me.
You have to!
My friends, they... were here.
These people, they...
They did this to me!
They killed them.
They killed my
boyfriend, please.
They tried to kill me.
Please, you have to believe me!
Calm down, okay?
We couldn't find anything
you said in your statement.
I'll show you. Let me show you, okay?
I'll show you. I'll show you...
Calm down, madam. Calm down!
Let me show you? Okay?
I'm not making this up.
Please! You have to believe me!
It was here. It was all here.
He was...
He was here!
No, but John was here, he was!
He was... he was here.
Madam. Madam, quiet. Okay?
No, no, you have to believe
me, please! Please!
- Madam? Madam!
- John was here! No! He was...
You have to believe me!
[slow piano music]
[white noise]
- Miss Johnson.
- [gasps]
Please, don't scream.
Relax, Miss Johnson.
If I wanted to hurt you,
I would have done so already.
On the contrary, I'm
here to congratulate you.
You should be proud of yourself.
You're the first to make it out
of our event in one piece.
The rules of our little game are
simple and must be abided at all times.
No one lives to talk
about the game.
No one.
You broke that rule.
You won
but at no avail, I'm afraid.
Who are you?
Who I am doesn't matter.
What matters is this:
no matter how far you run,
no matter where you
try to hide, we will be there,
Miss Johnson.
Nothing ends
unless we say so.
Do you understand?
Now, these are the new rules.
You will leave
this place in two hours.
Two hours and we'll...
we'll start hunting you down.
Ah, you just lost four
seconds, Miss Johnson.
I'll see you on the other
side, Miss Johnson.
[thrilling music]