Have a Song on Your Lips (2015) Movie Script

- Eri! Did you see it?!
- Yeah!
This year's piece was finally chosen!
Letters is such a good song!
Yeah! Let's practice it at this
semester's first rehearsal!
I want to dive right into singing it! Okay?
You're the one to decide that, club captain!
Actually, Nazuna, is now the time to decide?
Do you have time to be on the phone?
Oh! Yeah, I'll talk to you later!
Nazuna... don't run.
I'm taking off!
- Morning!
- Morning.
The town I live in is in western Nagasaki
on one of the tiny, tiny Gotou Islands.
I wonder if I'll remember all this in 15 years?
The teacher I met,
the stories of our lives,
and the big changes that happened...
I'll make sure to remember it all.
I'll write it all down so that I won't forget it.
Dear myself in 15 years:
Have a Song on Your Lips
Uh... good morning!
Good morning!
- Morning!
- Nazuna, good morning!
Morning! Eri, sorry for taking off so suddenly!
It's fine! We'll talk about it at practice later.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Morning!
Good morning, Chinatsu!
Did you all hear?
About Matsuyama-sensei's replacement!
What about her?
Out with it!
She's a professional pianist
from Tokyo University of Music!
- No way!
- Who told you that?
I can't really tell you that...
That's awesome!
- What kind of person is she?
- Well, from what I've heard...
she's suuuuper pretty!
I want to meet her!
Good morning, Mai!
We're in the same class again!
I'm so happy! We're lucky, hey?
Keisuke, you're way too excited.
- You're not happy?
- I am!
Then show it a little!
You lot are so loud! Pipe down!
Carrying on...
I will now introduce a teacher
working with us temporarily
in place of Matsuyama-sensei
in our music department.
Sensei, go ahead.
Nice to meet you all. I'm Kashiwagi.
She's so pretty!
Don't lose heart!
Have a song on your lips.
Keep the sun in your heart.
Sure takes you back, doesn't it?
I hadn't heard about this.
If I'd told you ahead of time,
you'd have backed out of it.
Of course I would have.
I'm so looking forward to this!
- Matsuyama-sensei!
- How are you all?
- You're getting pretty big!
- When is it due?
- Can I touch it?
- Sure!
It's so big now!
- Is it heavy?
- It's a real pain!
Let me formally introduce you.
This is Kashiwagi Yuri-sensei. She will
be filling in for me as choir conductor.
She's so pretty!
She's gorgeous...
Your turn.
I'm Kashiwagi.
Nice to meet you or whatever.
Did she just say "or whatever"?
Yeah... she did.
Come on, now.
Is it true?
You're a pianist from Tokyo University of Music?
Oh, you already found out?
Well, she was also a student here.
She is your senpai.
You can go to her with
anything you don't understand.
Were you and Kashiwagi-sensei...
Then she really is our senpai!
Oh, Nakamura-san. Have any of
the freshmen joined the club?
I've tried asking some
people, but it's been a little...
Oh? Well, then I suppose...
we'll just have to do the thing from before!
- Riku! Come here, quickly!
- What is it?
Kashiwagi-sensei is out there.
- Huh? The choir club?
- Yeah.
Have the song on your lips. Stay in tune.
Let's all sing together
with our hearts as one.
When we're sad
or struggling,
let's all sing together!
Do it in a loud voice.
Let's just sing
without feeling embarrassed!
A song that fires you up
gets through to your core.
Make the whole world shine
with the help of our song.
Make the whole world shine.
Receive our message of love!
Receive our message of love!
I'm looking forward to the competition.
Sensei, you'll come watch us right?
Whether I can is up to this little guy.
Okay, Yuri. Take care of
them... or whatever.
- Do your best.
- Okay!
Bye bye, Matsuyama-sensei!
Bye bye!
She seemed pretty well!
She did! I'm glad to see that.
Nazuna, let's go.
Huh? That truck sure is something.
It's pretty much scrap metal!
Who would drive that?
Does it even run?
It must.
Sorry about that.
Akio, he's here to get you.
Nii-chan, were you waiting?
Satoru is here! He's here to get me!
Time to go home! Time to go home!
When Satoru comes, it's home time!
Satoru. Satoru!
- Take this with you.
- Thank you very much.
- It's for your dad.
- Okay.
- See you later.
- Yup!
Good work, Akio-kun.
Good work, Akio-kun.
That's right.
- Good work, Akio-kun.
- Bye!
Hey, Nii-chan. Today...
a new teacher started at school.
She's tall, and super pretty.
She is responsible for the choir club.
Do you know "choir"? It's when
people all sing together.
Everyone sings together.
Everyone sings together.
Like the singers at a church.
Like the singers at a church.
...at a church.
Are you okay, Nii-chan?
If she's Kashiwagi...
she must be the daughter of the
Kashiwagi who worked at the fishery.
Wow... you know her?
Yeah. She...
won some kind of piano competition.
She must be famous.
So it's true, then.
Having been raised by a single mother...
Well, her mom died quite a while ago, but
she was always proud of her daughter.
She was in the newspapers sometimes.
But... now that we're on the topic,
I haven't heard anything lately.
Well... for us, Matsuyama-sensei
is the better teacher. She's nice to us.
Hey. Let's eat.
I can't see her!
What are you all up to?!
Move along! Go!
Have you gotten used to everything?
I'm sure a lot has changed
since you were last here.
- If you need any help, come to me--
- Hey, Nazuna!
Sensei, what is this?!
A club registration form. You can read, yes?
Why is there a boy's name on it?
Wouldn't that be because a boy turned it in?
Huh? I don't see why you're asking about it.
Uh, there are only girls in the choir club.
Oh. Well, he said he wants
to join, so that's just fine.
No, it's not fine! Boys are loud and dirty!
- And they smell!
- No, not that.
The regional competition is soon.
Right! If boys join the club, we
won't make it to nationals!
Are you all confused?
Whether boys are around or not
you are not ready to
compete at the national level.
Ready? You focus so much on how loud
your voice is, the sound comes out wrong.
You shape your mouth wrong,
and your pitch suffers.
And your conducting completely
fails to express the song.
But aren't those things you could help us with?
Right! We can practice more than
ever! After school and weekends!
And then it might all work out!
I haven't been asked to do
that. I'll take my days off.
If you can say that, you
can handle it yourselves.
These are some other new members.
That guy!
Huh? Wait, Nazuna!
Wait, Nazuna!
There you are, Keisuke! What is this?!
is Kashiwagi-sensei?
Nazuna, she's great!
Huh? What's this one?
Huh? What happened?
I've heard there are pianists
who can't play for conductors they don't like.
She's so cool!
I love that stubborn part of her!
I knew it!
Cancel your club registration right now!
Stop, Nazuna!
Kuwamura. Kuwamura.
Can't you respond the first time you're called?!
Uh... I'm...
- Tsukamoto-sensei!
- Coming!
Come here, Kuramura.
Can you take this to Kashiwagi-sensei in the music room?
Matsuyama-sensei said to do so.
I, uh... need to head home.
- Tsukamoto-sensei, quickly!
- I'm coming right now!
- Uh... I--
- Also, please tell Kashiwagi-sensei
that I asked you to bring this to her!
I'm counting on you! Please!
Boys are joining the choir club.
- They are?
- Yeah.
That's what I heard.
Are you joining the choir club, too?
Uh, no... I'm just...
But you do have a good voice.
Please come to our practice!
We won't even get through the tryouts alone!
Didn't you promise Matsuyama-sensei
that you'd watch over our club?
You're an adult, so please keep your promise.
- There are strings attached.
- What are they?
- Do everything I say.
- Got it!
Also, don't question every little thing. No back talking, either.
- Okay.
- Okay, but...
- Boys are just--
- They're what?
- Nice! - Great!
With Kashiwagi-sensei's
piano, we're unstoppable!
Yeah! Thank goodness!
We're so lucky! Thank goodness.
Also, I forgot to mention...
I won't play the piano.
I'm here on that condition. Isn't that obvious?
Playing in a place like
this is a waste of my skills.
There's more of them...
How should we practice?
I'm just here to watch over
you, yes? Do it like always.
- What's with this?
- Pretty odd...
Wasn't this singing practice?
Shut up and do it!
She's seriously just watching us. That's it.
They're awful.
Put more into your shoulders.
Sing as though it's coming
from below your stomach.
She lied about just watching over us!
What the hell is with those boys? And Kashiwagi-sensei?
"A waste of my skills," she says.
What's with that arrogance?!
- Calm down, Nazuna.
- I can't calm down!
But... why do you think someone
as skilled as her came back here?
Now that you mention it... yeah, I wonder.
She obviously lost her job
for acting the way she does.
You have 1 saved message.
Hello, Yuri?
I'm so sorry I couldn't get
a hold of you yesterday.
I couldn't get out of work...
it was an all-nighter.
Yeah, I know.
That's just an excuse.
- Mom.
- Hm?
Starting tomorrow...
can I skip picking up Akio every other day?
What's this about?
It doesn't need to be every day.
But why? What for?
I joined a club.
A club?
Even though you're already a third-year?
Yeah, but a bunch of
other people joined, too.
What club did you join?
Well... the choir club.
The hell do you mean, "choir club"? Drop it.
I've never even heard you sing.
Why did you decide on choir?
That's... because...
What will happen to Akio
if you don't pick him up?
He might start freaking out.
It's bath time!
At 8, I go into the bath!
- I go into the bath!
- Akio!
Don't use a fresh towel!
Akio! Don't use a fresh towel!
I'm sorry for dropping by!
You like fresh sushi, right?
You haven't settled in at all!
I'm heading back soon, anyway.
It sure brings back memories.
You shouldn't go over there.
It's pretty messy.
Haruko... are you allowed to
be out and about like this?
I knew I didn't need to do this.
I'm glad you're back, though.
I think you should just stay here for a while.
Oh! I heard boys are in the choir club now!
The club captain, Nazuna,
called me to complain about it.
So she's a spy, then.
She says they're only doing it out of lust for this
beautiful teacher coming home from Tokyo.
I don't think their reason for joining matters.
Whatever brings them to music
is a perfectly good reason.
You really don't play anymore?
Dropping it is such a waste.
Do you remember what you wrote in here?
"Year 3: Class 2. Kashiwagi Yuri."
- "My dream for the future..."
- You don't need to read it.
There is wonderful stuff written here.
Something you wrote for the us of today.
Fine, fine... let's eat.
Focus on your core! Proper form!
Can't you at least try a little?!
Come on, push yourselves!
Why is Tsukamocchi here?
To help "advise".
Smile even while you struggle!
Why? Isn't he in charge of track and field?
He's doing double duty.
That's the Kashiwagi-sensei Fan Club president for you.
Hey! Get those legs moving!
Being in a choir means using your
own body as the musical instrument!
This means forgetting to exercise
is the same as neglecting to maintain your instrument! Right, sensei?
You're enthusiastic.
I get that a lot!
- What a pain...
- Thanks a bunch!
Was the club we joined not choir?
Shut up!
Isn't this fun?!
What's this about?
You will write letters to
yourselves 15 years from now.
To our future selves?
That's right. That's what the song is about.
We aren't going to practice the song?
We'll miss the competition at this rate.
You're doing it to understand the song better.
You're all too green to sing without knowing what the song means.
Just so you know... this isn't from me.
Haruko assigned this homework.
Does Kashiwagi-sensei actually
care about leading this club?
You... are Kuwahara, right?
Yeah, I am.
You didn't come to the club yesterday, right?
It's homework from Kashiwagi-sensei.
She said to write letters to
our future selves on this.
She said handing it in is optional.
You brought this just for me?
What are you asking that
for? We're club buddies.
No problem.
Riku, come on! The wind is right today!
Come with me.
Just come with me!
We call this the Site of Miracles!
You're about to learn what that means.
Here we go!
- I saw them...
- Yeah! Awesome!
This is our secret. Cool?
A secret between us?
Yeah. Just us.
Just us...
How about the club today?
Even if it's for Kashiwagi-sensei...
it sure is a pain.
Nakamura will whine about it if we skip out.
She has always been hard on guys.
Hm... "always," huh.
- What?
- Nothing.
Well... they'll be screwed if
there aren't enough boys.
You're coming today, right?
Make the whole world shine
with the help of our song.
Make the whole world shine
Receive our message of love!
I knew you had a good voice.
Hey! Hey! Come here!
Really, dude? You've got quite a voice!
So... next.
Hey, Satoru. What's up?
I'm sorry I'm late. ...huh?
Where is Nii-chan?
Didn't he go home with you?
He's gone already.
Hey, Satoru! Is everything okay? Hey!
Hello, this is Nakamura.
Is this Nazuna?
Who was it?
Nobody... just a wrong number.
Grandma, I'm going to church for a bit.
Take care.
Huh? Kuwahara-kun?
What's wrong?
Is anyone hiding in here?
Like hide and seek.
Never mind. He's wearing a blue hat.
Hide and seek?
No... I don't think anyone is here.
Sorry, and thanks.
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
Please check the number and try again.
Wait, what are you... what's wrong?
Hey, you.
Is your elbow okay?
You're bleeding.
Satoru is here! He's here to get me!
Nii-chan, I was looking for you.
You made me wait. I waited for you.
Yeah, I made you wait.
I waited. You, too!
Is your brother's elbow okay?
Yeah, it looks like it's no big deal.
Oh? Good to hear.
Good to hear.
I'm glad you're around.
I guess he's in a good mood, too.
He does this when he's in a good mood.
Does he now?
Come on... stop moving.
All good, now.
All good, now!
Akio, hold on!
Akio, take off your hat!
Sensei, thank you very much!
If you have time, how about coming in?
Would you like dinner?
No, this is it for me.
Come here a minute.
Take care on your way home.
Again, thank you so much!
What the hell are you
doing leaving Akio alone?!
Um... I...
will be leaving the club.
Are you really okay with that?
Was it your decision?
Okay. Then I won't say anything.
- Mom.
- Yeah?
want to--
I'll take care of picking Akio up tomorrow.
You want to be in the club, right?
It's okay?
I'll take care of picking him up.
You take him in the morning.
I'll let your father know.
Now, now, Satoru...
you're supposed to say "Thank
you" at times like this.
It's the first time you've
asked something of me!
Nii-chan. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're supposed to say "Thank
you" at times like this.
At times like this.
Yeah. Nii-chan.
Thanks. Thank you.
Starting today, we will
practice the parts separately.
We can finally sing it!
Sing louder!
Sing it properly!
How about standing up straight?
Do you guys even care?
Freshmen, open your mouths a little wider.
No, no, more like this.
Ready? Here it comes!
- Eri.
- Nazuna...
Where is the teacher?
She said she had a meeting and took off.
I tried over and over again,
but they don't listen to me.
It's boring when Kashiwagi-sensei isn't here.
And Keisuke is really late.
Dumbass! Where are you aiming?
What's all this about Kashiwagi-sensei?!
Hey! Sorry I'm late.
Keisuke. What are you thinking?
You said you'd try hard, so I let you all in
but they are playing instead of practicing!
We'll just make fools of
ourselves at the real deal!
Calm down.
This is why boys are garbage.
- Hey.
- Don't lump us together with your dad.
Your dad is the garbage around here.
Yeah. The biggest pile of it.
Hey, that's...
So, why did you do it?
Don't do it again.
It was because of
Nakamura Nazuna's father.
What was?
His fight today.
So that's it?
She doesn't have any parents at home.
Her mom got sick and died
and her father left for another woman.
As you know, gossip gets
around quickly on the island
so everybody knows.
my bike.
This is bad, this is bad! Nazuna!
Keisuke and his friends
called out some of the new members!
Whatever! Just come quickly!
See? What do we do?
Nazuna, what do we do?!
Kuwahara-kun is there, too.
This is really bad... I'll go get a teacher!
It might be good to look
down just a little bit more.
- Give me a look, too.
- Sure.
Start at "ma".
And... go.
Open your mouth a little more.
They're just...
Tense up your stomach.
Look a little more downward.
Okay, split up into your parts for practice!
Alright! Us tenors will use the other room.
Okay! Time to get started!
I have confidence that I
can go ahead and let it all out.
But for the moment,
I'll live through this pain.
The part where we say "for the moment,"
needs to feel higher. Also, we
need to nail the consonants.
Just don't lose out, and don't cry.
When you feel like you could just disappear
You have no new messages.
If you are finished, please
hang up your phone.
I knew it was you.
The first time we met was here, right?
- Was it?
- It was!
Why do you put so much effort into singing?
Are you mocking me?
I'm genuinely interested.
Is saying that I like it not good enough?
The song we're doing, Letters...
is about a conversation between our
15- and 30-year-old selves, right?
And since we're giving one age to
the boys and the other to the girls,
the song can come to life.
It just might.
If you hadn't come here, the
boys wouldn't have joined.
I think this is all thanks to you.
Are you mocking me?
I like Letters. I want to keep singing it.
If we can at least get to the nationals,
I'll be able to sing it a little longer.
You're naive.
You're not even ready to
pass through the regionals.
Matsuyama-sensei would
have said I'll do just fine.
But you don't lie.
You might be a good teacher, after all.
What's wrong?
Are you blushing?
I'm not.
You totally are!
At this rate, getting to nationals
might not be just a dream!
You're naive.
We're not even ready to
pass through the regionals.
You're tough as nails as usual.
Sorry, Eri, hang on! I have another call!
Hello, you've got Nakamura.
Hello, this is Nakamura.
You're Nazuna, right? It's
your dad... can you tell?
Lately, we've heard of "disturbances"
Get Nazuna for me.
like students stopping at stores after class
or arriving to school late.
What happened yesterday?
I thought you just had a call.
It's nothing. Sorry.
Uh... next we will sing our school anthem--
What is it?
Iwate-san, the one who plays
the music, is away today.
That's bad...
Okay, I understand. You can
go back to your seats.
Kashiwagi-sensei, the student who
plays the music for us is away...
I apologize, but could
you play it in her place?
No, as you know, I...
Oh, right...
Aren't you being too soft on her
just because she's a substitute?
How about at least using this chance to
show the students what you can do?
Nazuna... she's...
All rise.
The school anthem.
I'm very sorry.
I wonder why she didn't play the piano.
I guess she still thinks that playing here
is a waste of her skills.
What are you talking about?
Is she looking down on us?
Well... she did say that before.
What happened to practice?
Why didn't you play the piano?
We still haven't heard you play even once!
Why haven't you played?!
Are you still looking down on us?
That's not...
That's not it, right?
Please play the piano for us.
The deal was that I wouldn't play.
Just a little! Just a little and we'll be satisfied!
Please play the piano for our sake.
Just forget it.
We'll do the rest on our own!
I see...
Can you come back as soon as possible?
Why did I never figure this out?
Maybe... just maybe...
it isn't that she doesn't
play, it's that she can't play.
What do you mean by that?
A year ago, she...
gave up on everything including the piano.
She had been
dating the same person
ever since middle school.
They were even engaged.
Hello? Uh... I'm Eto of the Tokyo Fire
and Disaster Management Agency.
And last year...
he died in an accident.
You have 1 saved message.
Hello, Yuri?
I'm so sorry I couldn't get
a hold of you yesterday.
I couldn't get out of work...
it was an all-nighter.
Yeah, I know.
That's just an excuse.
But I'll make sure I'm on time today!
I'll definitely be there. Wait for me.
She thinks that accident was her fault.
What is...
You're the only one taking
that homework seriously.
Are you off to pick up your brother?
I'll give you a lift.
Aren't you going to watch over the club?
They'll be fine without me by now.
You've read the letter, right?
Have you...
ever thought about why you're alive?
Uh... sensei.
- I am--
- It's okay.
I understand.
Thank you very much.
I can take you home, too.
I like walking with him.
- Hey, Satoru. Welcome back.
- Good to be back!
Akio, he's here!
Let's go home, Nii-chan.
Time to go home. Time to
go home. Let's go home!
"Dear myself in 15 years."
"Are you still with your brother?"
"Nah... you must be."
"His being around is
what I'm most thankful for."
"Since... if he wasn't born autistic,
I never would have been born."
"I know this much:
In the future, when my parents are gone,
he won't be able to get by alone."
"So my parents made a decision."
"They decided to give Akio a little sibling
to watch over him after they die."
"And that's why I'm here now."
"If he was born a normal kid,
I probably wouldn't be here."
"I have no doubts about my future."
"I know exactly why I'm here."
"But sometimes... only sometimes...
I wish he wasn't here."
"There are times I don't feel for him."
"But I will most likely
stay by his side my whole life."
"That's the reason I'm here, after all."
I'm glad you're around.
Everyone's making a huge deal out of this!
I'm just fine! Bursting with energy!
That's hardly possible.
She just doesn't listen to what she's told.
It's fine. We already decided on this.
We can't give up now.
Sorry, I have something to talk
to Yuri about. Go outside.
So, Yuri...
Is it true that you can't play the piano?
What are you talking about?
Why didn't you tell me?
Even if I did, there's
nothing you can do about it.
So you really can't play.
I just don't want to.
Then you should play. There are
plenty of people waiting to hear it.
There is nobody waiting.
There is.
- There isn't.
- There is.
Not anymore!
Hearing me play piano
won't make anyone happy.
why did you choose to sub for me?
That's because you--
It's because you haven't
given up on it yet, isn't it?
The person looking forward
to hearing you play most
is you yourself, isn't it?
Don't talk as if you understand me.
I believe the 15-year-old you
is dying to hear it.
I'm home.
Is that you, Nazuna?
You're sure getting home late.
Uh, Grandm--
You're completely hopeless, aren't you?
Come here. Have a seat, Nazuna!
Hey, Grandpa!
Take it.
Take it.
You're in the choir club?
Yeah. Club captain.
You always did like singing, after all.
You'd often sing at church.
In the loudest voice of them all!
You actually remember that?
Of course I do!
Speaking of which, want to go
to church together tomorrow?
Yeah? Let's do it.
What happened?
He got us good.
That bastard...
How long will he be like that?
Feeling cold?!
- Hey.
- Hm?
Did something happen to Nazuna?
Like what?
Come a little closer!
Feeling cold?!
Uh... well... I guess it's nothing.
Will you let me hear you play?
Hearing me play will only bring you sadness.
Sensei, do you know
that a boat's horn is the same sound as "do"?
[do re mi fa sol etc]
My mom taught me that a long time ago.
A ship blowing its horn twice
is a sign the boat is leaving.
Nazuna, don't cry.
Just keep swimming!
Just keep swimming.
I start to think there is no God.
If my mom didn't get
pregnant with me, she would...
most likely not have gotten married to my dad.
That means... that if I were never born,
she would have been happy, or so I think.
That's not...
That's how it is.
Even my mom
must think that herself.
have been thrown away by my dad twice.
He has done it twice.
Everyone is pretty late. I'll go find them!
"Who are you giving
happiness to by playing piano?"
"Year 3: Class 2. Kashiwagi Yuri."
"My dream for the future
is to make people the world
over happy by playing piano."
"That's because I believe music
has the power to save people."
"Who will the future me
be playing the piano for?"
"Who will the future me be giving
happiness to by playing piano?"
I knew it, sensei! You're awesome!
- Keisuke.
- Yeah?
I'm going to Hayashi's place. You coming?
Can't swing it. I've got club.
You're still doing choir?
You of all people.
But if it's in a letter
to my future self,
I have confidence that I
can go ahead and let it all out.
With more clarity!
I feel like I've lost, I'm about to cry,
and I could just disappear.
The start of each line is completely uneven.
Listen to each other more carefully.
Were the tenors slightly late here?
Maybe you just need to breathe a little faster?
Got it. I'll give it a shot.
Once more from the hook.
You're getting slower!
Tighten up your stomach.
Okay, break time!
I feel like I've lost, I'm about to cry,
and I could just disappear.
Whose voice--
Hurry it up! We're going to be late!
- Keisuke.
- Yeah?
What are you wearing?
It's to keep my throat cool!
Is there a point to that?
There is!
Look, look, look! There's a ferris wheel!
It's so pretty!
Hey! Don't go crazy!
Your voices are too loud! You're
bothering other guests!
His is the loudest one here.
Maybe he should be singing.
Are you really okay?
Yeah, sure.
It's Haruko.
I'll come cheer you on tomorrow!
I'm looking forward to hearing you all!
Hey, everyone! Matsuyama-sensei
says she's coming tomorrow!
- Don't embarrass yourselves in front of her.
- Okay!
Alright, everyone head to your rooms!
After you've dropped off your
things, head to the dining hall.
Let's do our best tomorrow.
- Isn't it great she's going to come?
- Yeah!
I guess I didn't need to worry.
About what?
Matsuyama-sensei has a weak heart.
My mom said childbirth might
be dangerous for her...
She'll be so surprised to
see how far we've come!
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Rehearsal is starting soon. Take
your bathroom breaks now.
- Okay.
- I'll take mine, too.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming.
You've gotten bigger in
just one day without me!
Akio and I will be waiting over there.
You're not going inside?
We can hear it just fine out here.
- How about we sit right here?
- 'Kay.
Matsuyama-sensei is late.
--that's what you helped me realize.
Something so dear to me.
That was Junshin Middle School's choir club.
Hold up, Akio!
Next up, we have East Nagasaki Middle School's choir club.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
-- what are you doing with yourself?
The 15-year-old me--
I need you for a minute.
Sorry. Carry on without me.
What do you think he wants?
Maybe he's asking her out?
Are you dumb?
Did something happen?
I wonder...
Sorry for the wait.
Can we start from the top?
Yeah. Please do.
Sorry. One more time.
Sensei, what happened?
It's nothing. Let's continue.
Did something happen
to Matsuyama-sensei?
Haruko won't be making it today.
She said to tell you all to sing your hearts out.
Why not?! Did something happen to her?!
Tell us the truth!
has taken a turn for the worse, so
they have chosen to induce labor.
- Are you okay?
- She has said that the time
between contractions is shrinking.
We're at the hospital! Don't worry!
As for her vitals, her
blood pressure is 158/80--
But she will be fine and
give birth to a healthy baby.
All you can do right now
is focus on the performance
and sing your hearts out so
you have good news for her.
So... let's get started.
Are you okay?
The real thing is coming up. Focus.
She's right. We don't
even have time for practice!
Now isn't even the time for that!
What would you have us
do, then? Give up now?
- Are you all okay with that?!
- Stop, Riku.
Keisuke, say something!
Weren't we practicing for today?
It's apples and oranges!
How's that?!
Getting mad won't help!
- Stop!
- I'm not mad!
Don't run away!
I'm not running away!
You are!
What you have to do right now is sing!
Yeah, but...
Haruko is putting up a fight right now!
So you put up your own fight here.
You won't help anyone by running away
and nobody will save you.
You're the one who taught me that.
I won't run anymore.
I'll fight, too.
You're not alone here.
Everyone is here.
So you can choose not
to worry about anything
and just sing right now.
Excuse me.
Please head to the
stage as soon as you can.
Please wait here.
What should we do?
We never really got to rehearse.
I have an idea.
Let's call her.
What for?
What are you going on about?!
Please keep quiet.
We can get our song to Haruko!
Sit down over here.
Sit down.
Next up is Central Gotou
Middle School's choir club.
Please just keep the line open.
Have the song on your lips. Stay in tune."
Dear whoever is reading this letter:
Where have you ended up, and
what are you doing with yourself?
At 15 years old, there
are things on my mind
that I can't tell to anyone.
But if it's in a letter to my future self,
I have confidence that I can
go ahead and let it all out.
I feel like I've lost, I'm about to cry,
and I could just disappear.
Whose voice
can I follow?
This heart of mine, my one and only heart,
has been shattered so many times.
But for the moment,
I'll live through this pain.
I'll live through this pain.
Dear 15-year-old me: Thank you.
I have things to say to you.
If you keep on searching for the answer
to where and what you should
aim for, you'll find it.
The chaotic tides of your
youth may be hard on you,
but your dreams are a boat
on its way to the shore.
Just don't lose out, and don't cry.
When you feel like
you could just disappear,
your own voice
is the one you can follow.
As an adult, I do have painful
nights without a wink of sleep
but I'm living my bittersweet present.
Everything in life has its purpose,
so just have faith and follow your dreams.
Keep on believing!
Keep on believing!
Keep on believing!
Keep on believing!
I feel like I've lost, I'm about to cry,
and I could just disappear.
Whose voice can I follow?
Just don't lose out, and don't cry. When
you feel like you could just disappear,
your own voice is the one you can follow.
No matter what time we're living
in, there's no avoiding grief
So just throw on a smile
and live for the present.
Carry on living the present.
Dear whoever is reading this letter:
I wish you the happiness you deserve.
How is Matsuyama-sensei?
- What happened to her?!
- Sensei!
Thank you, everyone!
We were close.
3 years of hard work is over.
For you, too. Good work.
You did good!
Why are you two crying?
I'm sorry I couldn't do better...
You did just fine!
Sensei! Thank you very much.
Thank you, too.
You did so well!
I'm feeling emotional!
You even made me cry!
How was it for you?
I was nervous with so many people around.
You were nervous?
I actually got nervous
when I saw you were here.
Eri, sorry.
Wait-- Nazuna?
How do you know my name?
Nazuna, don't cry.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
A ship blowing its horn twice
is a sign the boat is leaving.
Nazuna, don't cry.
Just keep swimming.
I'm glad you're around.
Thank you.
What about me?
You, too!
I'm glad you're around, too.
I'm grateful for everyone being around.
I'm glad you're around.
Thank you.
Nii-chan, did you hear us singing?
Your brother?
He's your brother?
So that's who you are.
The song!
Is it soon?
The song!
So you couldn't hear it, then.
- Not yet?
- It's okay, it's okay.
Akio, we're going home.
Akio, let's go.
He couldn't listen to it inside?
That's unfortunate...
It's fine now. Come on, let's go home.
We have sopranos here, yes?
And an alto, too. We just have to
do the thing from before.
What thing?
You don't need to worry about it.
Let's all sing together
It's fine, it's fine! No need!
with our hearts as one.
When we're sad
or struggling,
let's all sing together!
Do it in a loud voice.
Let's just sing
without feeling embarrassed!
A song that fires you up
gets through to your core.
Make the whole world shine
with the help of our song.
Make the whole world shine.
Receive our message of love!
Let's all chant together
Bring calm to your heart.
When you're having fun, --
Dear all of you at 15 years old:
To be frank, I hated all of you.
You're just kids, but you're abrasive, loud,
and always running your mouths.
And even so... each one of you is an open
book, and you all know when it's time to get serious.
I'm sure that for myself as well as all of you,
there will be plenty of lows to get through.
But during those times
let's have a song on our lips
and keep moving forward.
We aren't on our own.
And you aren't, either.
This is a very simple yet very important thing
that I learned from a bunch of kids I hate.
Yours sincerely.
Message deleted.
You have no messages.
A sharp "do".
Heyyy! Sensei!
And... go!