Have You Seen My Son? (2024) Movie Script

[soft music]
- You'll be staying
at this halfway house
For up to two weeks
while the parole board
Finds you suitable
accommodation in another state.
Do you understand the conditions
of your release?
- No weapons.
Agreeing to random law
enforcement searches
Of my residence,
my belongings, and myself.
- And you must not engage with
any witnesses from your trial.
- This is not what I thought
freedom would feel like.
[indistinct chatter]
[motor roaring]
- You're on parole.
Any transgressions
And you could go back to prison.
Take advantage of this
opportunity, catherine.
Make this day one
of your new life.
- Catherine greene has today
been released from prison
After serving 12 years
for the manslaughter of her son.
Many qualified observers
have stated the fact
Greene has consistently refused
to reveal details of the night
Her son went missing
should have blocked her parole.
[door opening]
Hi, catherine.
Welcome to avalon house.
I'm natasha.
- Natasha's our new volunteer
buddy for the residents here.
She'll help you settle
into your new accommodations
And be on hand to answer
any questions
About the old city
and modern life.
- Your wish is my command.
To a point.
- Well, I'll leave you
in natasha's capable hands.
I'll be checking in
every day,
So if you have any concerns,
We'll address them
in those meetings.
- So, there's just a bit
of paperwork, and then,
We'll get you settled
in your room.
- Well, I'll be.
If it isn't catherine greene,
Large as life
and twice as pretty!
- I am so glad to see you, abbi.
- Catherine and I were roomies.
- Cellmates?
- Tomato, tomat-oh.
- Oh, and catherine,
If you need any help
with your da, just let me know.
- Uh, presidential suite, yeah?
- Uh...
- I'll show ms. Greene the way.
Bags, madam.
[door closing]
- I'll be here when you need me.
- It's great to see you
on the outside.
- I thought the outside
would feel bigger.
- Hmm.
What was jones saying about
the district attorney?
- Oh, um, she wasn't talking
about that da.
- There's more than one?
- They say I have something
Called dissociative amnesia.
- Oh, did you have to go
to college for that?
- uh, it's because they say
I can't remember, you know,
about what happened with alfie.
- Oh.
- The shrinks decided
that I blanked out the horror.
They gave me every test
you could imagine.
Sensors on the temples,
hypnotism, the lot.
But they wanted me to remember
Things that didn't happen,
so they gave it a name.
- Well... You're out now.
You can forget about them.
[soft music]
[echoes of baby crying]
[catherine]: Alfie? Alfie?
Please, baby.
- Catherine, what are you
doing here?
- I'm not sure.
Am I embarrassing you?
- It can't be good for you being
back here where it happened.
- You don't really think
I killed him?
- I didn't.
I don't want to.
I stood by you
as long as I could.
Right through the trial.
And I took the abuse for it.
And eventually,
you were found guilty.
- Well, maybe if you had been
here with me and alfie
And not in bed
with gloria sullivan,
Then you could have
supported me.
Here, and in court.
- Didn't take you long
to replace him.
- I had to get on with my life.
- Did you even look for him?
Even if you thought he was dead,
Didn't you want to find him?
- I was scared.
Finding him would make it real.
- Catherine, you gotta
get outta here.
- I am not the woman
They sent away, matthew.
I'm not a monster!
[objects clattering]
Is someone there?
[door closing]
[tense music]
- Did they take anything?
- Not that I can tell yet.
[footsteps approaching]
Wow, word travels quick here.
- I've had an anonymous tip
There's stolen property
in your room, catherine.
- That's a lie.
- This yours?
- the sock, probably.
That stuff has nothing
to do with me.
- Shelby designs.
Expensive purchase.
You have a receipt for these?
- I have never seen that before.
The intruder probably
put it there.
- Intruder?
- There was someone in here.
I chased them, but they went out
the back door.
- Well, I'll check
with the store.
Hopefully, you don't show up
on their security footage.
[door closing]
- The store cameras are out.
And these were purchased this
morning in a cash transaction.
The salesperson is gone
for the day
And hasn't returned
our calls for details.
These will be held
by police in evidence,
In case the owners
report them stolen.
If they do,
you might have to answer
For how they got
into your possession.
- I didn't steal them.
- Well, that's yet
to be established.
I'm giving you an official
warning, this is strike one.
Follow curfew guidelines
and report in as required.
[door opening]
- All cleared up?
[door closing]
- Not really.
- No?
- I think someone's trying
to have me sent back to prison.
- I don't know anyone
who would do that.
Hopefully, this isn't something
to do with... Your condition.
[exhaling sharply]
- Why would someone do that?
- People don't like it
when children get hurt.
- You know I didn't do it.
- I do, honey, yeah,
But you never told me much
and I read your neighbor
Told the court
she saw you do it.
- That's not exactly
what she said.
- She said enough
to convince the jury.
- She was confused.
She had to be.
That's why I need to see her,
to find out exactly
What she did see, but I have
no idea how to find her.
- What's her name?
- Stephanie bowles.
- Everybody's on the internet.
- Not stephanie.
Trust me, I searched.
- You've been gone a long time.
When in doubt,
scan social media.
Take your pick.
- Nope.
Not her. Or her.
I'm telling you,
she's not on there.
She's always been quiet.
Shy, even.
She's not the social media type.
You know what?
Look for her dad.
Gary barratt.
He was always in the papers
As a champion target shooter.
Maybe he's still in the area.
- This him?
[rhythmic music]
- This is close enough.
What is matthew doing
with gary barratt?
- Shooting something,
it would seem.
[car starting]
[doorbell ringing]
- Yes?
No, no, you're not supposed
to be here.
- Who is it, gary?
- Doesn't matter,
she's just leaving.
- Hi, mrs. Barratt,
um, it's me, catherine.
I used to live across
the street from stephanie.
- We know who you are.
- I really need to talk
with stephanie.
- We can't help you with that,
Even if we wanted to.
- Sorry?
- We lost touch
with stephanie years ago.
- It breaks my heart, but
we have no idea where she is.
- Maybe, uh, you could find
an old address book?
Could you look?
- We can't help you.
- That was so strange.
They had a photo
in the entranceway
That it seemed like
they didn't want me to see.
- Of who?
- No idea.
- Hmm.
- We were told that she wasn't
allowed to speak to stephanie.
- She's not.
[knocking on door]
- Yeah?
- Miriam jones
is in reception for you.
- Hi, ms. Jones.
Back again so soon?
- Have a seat.
- Coffee, ladies?
- No.
- I've had a disturbing report
about you, catherine.
- Really?
- It's come to my attention
that you've been trying
To contact a witness from
your case, stephanie bowles.
You're bound to be finding
the outside difficult.
That's understandable.
And we all want to see you
make a success of this.
I'll do everything
I can to help,
But the one person who can help
the most is you.
And trying to contact witnesses
does not look good.
- There are things
that I need to know.
- I know you want to believe
you kept your baby safe,
But the sooner you accept
your condition
And what happened that night,
the better for everyone.
- I can't. I don't...
I know that I didn't...
- By the letter
of your parole terms,
You should be headed back
to prison.
- Should be?
- This is strike two.
One more
and it's back to prison.
- Thank you.
- Don't make me regret this.
- You gave me a fright.
- You looked so peaceful.
I didn't want to disturb you.
What's the picture?
- Did you need me for something?
- You have a guest in reception.
- It's not miriam again, is it?
- He said his name was matthew.
- Over here.
- So, I hear that
You've been bothering
gary and martha barratt.
- They really don't wanna
talk to me, do they?
- What do you mean?
- My parole officer
was here earlier
Telling me to stay away
from them,
And now, they've set you on me.
- So take the hint.
Don't make life too hard
for yourself, catherine.
- You mean, don't make it
too hard on your hunting buddy?
- Hunting buddy?
- I saw you with gary barratt.
- So what?
- There is something off
about him and his wife.
- Gary and martha?
They're model citizens.
- They told me they don't know
where stephanie is.
- Nobody does.
- Well, someone must.
- It's like she just vanished
when she and rob split.
- They split?
- Yeah, not long after you...
Rob left town and came back
not long after you left.
- Do you know where he's living?
- But I know where to find him.
- Where?
- You can usually find him
at one of the singles bars
In town or on a hook-up website.
It's kinda pathetic, actually.
- Well, he may have a clue that
he doesn't realize is a clue.
- Catherine, just...
Let it go!
Enjoy your freedom.
- I'm not free!
And I won't be until I know
what happened to alfie.
- You know what happened.
- I don't.
No one does.
- Look, it looks like, to me,
You can't live
with what you did.
And so, you buried it
and tried to convince yourself
Of some other version
of the truth.
- Get out.
- Come on.
- Get out! Got outta here!
Go on!
- Fine.
[door slamming]
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- There's no need
to be brave with me.
- I'm fine.
[tense music]
Someone was in my room again.
They tore up my stuff
and left this.
- "no one wants you here."
The note was just
in your clothes?
I'm so sorry.
Listen, we have a zero tolerance
policy on bullying.
I'll make sure everyone
is reminded.
- Thanks.
- Are you all right?
- Fine.
- You get any more trouble,
come straight to me.
- Your ex was right. Rob bowles
was not difficult to find.
- Aw.
He's about to get an offer
he can't refuse.
- Oh.
Wait, who is that?
- No idea.
Just a stock photo model.
- Oh.
- We'll call her... Audrey.
- Huh. Bait set.
Let's get rob a date!
[echoes of baby crying]
[catherine]: Alfie.
Please, alfie.
Please, stop. Please!
Alfie. Alfie! Please...
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, alfie.
[soft music]
- Ahoy.
oh, honey.
- This is the last place
I held my baby.
I used to bring him here.
He wasn't an easy baby.
And I don't know if it was
the sound of the water
Or the call of the ducks,
but he was at peace here.
I brought him here that night.
Uh... He had been
crying all day.
It did calm him for a while.
He started crying again
and it just...
I was just so exhausted.
It was getting dark and uh...
I had nothing left to give him.
I was so tired.
I just wanted him to be quiet.
I strapped him into
his car seat,
And then we drove around
until he fell asleep.
When we got home I was...
I was so drained I just fell
asleep in the front seat.
But he was strapped in.
- And when you woke up,
he was gone?
- The only thing left
was his little shoe.
A tiny, little knitted
baby boot shoe.
I didn't have an alibi
because I was sleeping.
[all]: Out of town, catherine
greene is going down.
Out, out, out of town,
catherine green is going down.
- It's okay.
We'll just smash through them.
[chanting continues]
[phone chimes]
oh. Uh...
Oh, it's work.
I was supposed to be there
an hour ago. Uh...
- Then go.
- But--
- I'm fine. Just go.
[chanting continues
and intensifies]
[chanting begins echoing]
- Catherine!
Come on.
Ignore the noise.
- I don't blame them.
Anyone who did what they believe
I did would deserve this.
- Admitting it is the first step
in the coping process.
- I never admitted it.
I can't admit it.
I don't know what happened,
But I know that
I didn't kill him.
- The jury was unanimous.
- The evidence was
all circumstantial.
Like the bottle.
He was really upset
and that got me flustered,
And I never should have
given him the medication
When he was in that state.
I was just trying to be
a good mother and...
I wasn't thinking straight.
Alfie had really
terrible reflux.
He just cried all the time
and was hardly sleeping.
I should have just
let him cry it out.
- No mom could listen to her
baby crying and not try to help.
- I wasn't hiding anything.
But it spilled
and I cleaned it up.
The jury didn't believe me.
I don't even remember, but they
said that I overdosed him.
- That alone shouldn't have been
enough to convict you.
- Cleaning it up was...
A big mistake.
I scrubbed and cleaned
until there was no trace.
I just wanted to prove
that I could cope.
That I was a good mom.
- Hey, being a mom, it's hard.
They don't come with
an instruction manual.
- Do you believe I'm innocent?
[soft music]
[knocking on door]
- Hi. How was work?
- Forget that.
Rob has messaged audrey.
- Seriously?
He wants to meet.
- Oh, make it somewhere public.
- The park on davidson?
1:00 tomorrow.
- Huh.
[computer chiming]
Ooh, we're on!
Your stock model has landed the
quickest response in history.
Are you ready for your first
date in at least 12 years?
- Hi, rob.
Long time, no see.
- You. Uh...
You look much different
than your picture.
Or should I say catherine?
- I thought if I used my own,
you may not show up.
Just give me a few minutes.
- I'm sure I can give you
more than that.
- Wow.
I wasn't expecting
that kind of welcome.
- Everybody deserves
a second chance.
Come on.
- Tell me if I'm being
too personal...
But why aren't you
with stephanie anymore?
- Um...
The miscarriage was the--
- Stephanie had a miscarriage?
- Yeah.
- Oh. Poor woman.
And you.
- It's nice here, yeah?
I didn't know about it before.
It's not a... Part of town
I know well.
- Losing a child
can ruin a relationship.
- Have you, um,
Noticed much change in town
since you've been back?
- Do you have contact
details for her?
A phone number?
- Sorry.
- I need to speak with her.
- You know how much it hurt her
to testify against you.
I don't think it's gonna
help you or her
To put her through that again.
- I need to know what she saw.
What she actually saw,
not what she thought she saw.
- He was crying,
you were shouting.
And then, suddenly,
everything went silent.
About an hour later,
you carried him to your car.
- And you witnessed all this?
- The shouting, yeah.
And I was there
when it went silent.
I'm sure that it was an accident
and you didn't mean to...
I know that you've been
going through a lot,
Um, and if you ever need
a release,
We could have
a fun evening together.
I've always found you
very attractive, catherine.
- I, um...
I have been out
longer than expected.
My parole officer
is gonna be looking for me.
[chuckles nervously]
- You have my number.
[tense music]
[chanting together]:
Catherine greene is going down.
Out, out, out of town.
Catherine greene's going down.
- Catherine?
I'm gloria sullivan.
- I know who you are.
Just leave me alone.
I've got nothing to say to you.
- I'm sorry.
- For having an affair
with my husband?
For having him in your bed
When he should have been home
with me taking care of our baby?
- That's just it. He wasn't.
- Sorry?
- I've never felt at ease
With what I did, but seeing you
all over the papers
Has made it worse.
- I'm listening.
- Matthew called and said
he needed a cover story.
That I should say
he was with me all night.
- But he wasn't.
- Not all night.
- Did you think to ask him
why he needed an alibi?
- I felt you should know.
- Why now?
- Conscience.
- Where was your conscience
12 years ago?
- I nearly went to the police
when matthew traded me in
For the new model.
I got to the front door
of the precinct,
But... I backed out.
- Well, you could still
probably face charges.
- Maybe I deserve to.
[chanting continues]
- What did you do?
Did you take alfie?
- What?!
- Did you take him out
of the car?
What did you do with him?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- You always got so angry
when he was crying.
- That's not true.
Frustrated, yeah,
But never angry.
I loved that boy.
- You always made an excuse
to be out of the house.
You never wanted
to be around him.
- You are seriously
losing your--
- Gloria sullivan
paid me a visit.
- That's...
It's not that I was...
- Why did you need an alibi?
- That's none of your business.
- You think?
- Yeah, I do!
- Well, the police will think
it's their business.
- When you did what you did,
I was crossing the state line
in a stolen mustang.
- You promised me
you gave that up.
- Yeah well, we were stretched
to the limit
Paying for this place.
And you kept asking
for all that fancy baby stuff.
- You told me that
we could afford it.
- I wanted the best for alfie!
And you.
- So you lied to me
about our finances,
Or lack thereof.
What else did you hide?
- It wasn't me, catherine!
It was you.
You were the last
to see alfie alive.
You have this condition
That makes you block out
what really happened,
And I know it's hard to accept,
but it is the truth.
[door closing]
- Rob seemed pretty certain
about what he witnessed.
What if I actually do have
dissociative amnesia?
- If you had killed him,
you would know.
Take it from me,
Taking a life is not something
you can easily ignore.
Always there.
Every waking moment.
- I just don't know what is true
and what isn't anymore.
And matthew was always a liar,
but would he hurt our son?
- I'm sorry.
- The barratts really
didn't want me
To see that picture, but why?
Matthew's their friend.
Maybe there is something
in the photo.
I need to get in that house.
This time I'm not
knocking on the door.
How can I get a good look
at that photograph
And anything that can help me
find stephanie?
- Let me do it.
- What?
- If you get caught,
they'll give you
A one-way ticket
back to club fed.
- Yeah, you would get the same.
- Probably.
But if you get sent away,
you'll never find out
What happened to your boy.
- Abbi...
Why would you do that for me?
- You deserve to know
what happened.
I feel your pain.
I'm never gonna see
my kids again.
- You never know.
- Believe me, I know.
I got this and 18 years
to think about what I've done.
And his mother got the kids.
I took him down
to protect my babies.
He wasn't gonna hurt
them anymore.
And then, they got taken
away from me.
Just one time,
one of us has to win.
[suspenseful music]
[alarm blaring]
[eerie music]
Move! Move! Move! Move!
They've thrown her whole life
in the trash.
This is her fifth-grade report.
Bit of a teacher's pet.
Basketball medals, too. And oh,
Looks like the dad
wasn't the only sharpshooter
In the family.
It's like they're trying
to erase any trace of her
From their lives.
- This is alfie.
- Let me see.
Careful you're not just seeing
what you wanna see, honey.
- It's him.
I know it.
A mother knows her own.
And I know that blue blanket.
- Don't be condemning her
with circumstantial evidence,
The way police did with you.
What was her name again?
- Stephanie bowles.
- Her other name.
- Her maiden name is barratt.
- No.
No stephanie bowles
or stephanie barratt
Gave birth in the last 20 years.
Not in this state, anyway.
- Look.
The little curve
at the end of the nose.
That's the same baby.
What if matthew didn't do it?
What if stephanie did?
- You think stephanie
stole your baby?
- She should've been locked up
the last time she visited.
- At the very least.
- Well, maybe this will make
the police take action.
- Or maybe we take
another route.
- What do you have here?
- It's the same baby, yeah?
- It's impossible to tell.
- It's alfie.
I know it is.
- It's tough readjusting, yeah?
- I thought there couldn't be
anything worse than losing
My sweet baby boy, but...
Having everyone think
That I did something to him
makes it so much worse.
- Accepting the truth would make
things so much easier for you.
- No one knows the truth.
For years, people have been
saying that he's dead,
But they haven't found...
They haven't found him.
- This photo changes nothing,
Even in the unlikely event that
somebody snatched your baby,
He could be anywhere, out
of state, overseas, anywhere.
- Is everything cool?
- Catherine has it in her head
that her son is alive.
- There's no real evidence
to say that he's not.
- You should be supporting
your friend's rehabilitation,
Not her delusion.
- I know how to support
my friend, thank you very much.
- yeah, of course.
It is not good for her to hold
on to thoughts like this.
- Come on, catherine.
We've spent enough of our lives
Locked up with people telling us
what is good for us.
[chanting]: Out of town.
Catherine greene's going down!
- Catherine, I'm glad
I caught you.
I have some good news.
- Yeah?
- You won't have to deal
With these protestors
after tomorrow.
- Oh, are the police
finally gonna do their job
And move them on?
- We found you a place
out of state.
- But you said I would be here
for two weeks.
- Given the incident with
the jewelry found in your room,
The anonymous note I received,
and the harassment complaint
From the barratts,
we feel you're not
Psychologically prepared
To be in your old community
at this time.
So, we found you a much better
home out of state.
- No! Please, I can't.
I need to stay here.
- It's already done.
You can return
when deemed capable.
- You said that I would
have two weeks.
- Things have changed.
Federal officers will collect
you in the morning.
This is a good thing, catherine.
- Miriam, I need a word.
- Of course.
- I'm concerned about
catherine greene.
- I remember when I bought
this shawl.
I used to browse
in this funky little kids' shop
Down by the river.
The pirate and the blue bell,
it was called.
It was just crammed full
of quirky kids' things.
We didn't wanna know
what we were having,
But the sonographer let it slip
that he was a boy.
I cried.
Just having the surprise
stolen from me.
So, matthew gave me some money
And told me to go buy something
to cheer me up.
And this shawl is what I spent
the money on.
There was um... A label
And it said,
"a hug in every stitch."
I liked that.
A hug in every stitch.
It was like, um...
When I was putting him down,
he was wrapped up in tiny hugs.
Sometimes, I would wrap it
around myself
And it felt like alfie
was hugging me.
I need to find him.
- Slow down, honey,
take your time.
That's it.
Long breaths, in and out.
- My head is uh...
There's just so much
going on up there.
- Uh, let's get you home
and rested.
- I can't be inside
right now. Um...
I think I just need
some time to myself.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[rhythmic music]
[echoes of baby crying]
[catherine]: Mommy's here.
Mommy's here.
Everything's gonna be all righ.
Calm down, alfie. Please.
We'll be home soon.
- Uh, catherine, it's for you.
- Uh, who is it?
- They didn't say.
- Hello?
[distorted voice]:
The woman you are looking for
Can be found at
5938 green western way.
She's there now.
[suspenseful music]
[phone]: You have arrived
at the destination.
[soft music]
- Hello?
[creaking in the distance]
[nocturne op.9 no.2 by
chopin playing in the distance]
[music getting louder]
Is anyone there?
[classical piano playing loudly]
[suspenseful music]
[tires screeching]
- Catherine, what on earth--
[door slamming]
- Hey!
- They were gonna kill me.
I was trapped and there was gas.
- Uh, slow down.
Where have you been?
You almost missed check-in.
- I got a call saying they knew
where stephanie was.
- Who was trying to kill you?
- Definitely had something to do
with the barratts.
I saw martha drive off.
- You have to report this.
- I can't.
They would stop me
looking for alfie.
I know a man who could
help me find him.
- Oh, you can't go out again.
Are you trying
to go back to prison?
- I'm trying to see
my child again.
You understand that,
don't you, abbi?
- Be careful, catherine.
There is another way out.
This way.
[knocking on door]
- Welcome to
my not-so-humble little home.
[knocking on
- Hi, I'm miriam jones.
I'm with the department of--
- I know who you are.
What are you doing here?
- It's about catherine greene.
- You don't say.
- Can I come in?
- Who's that?
- Stephanie.
- With?
- I don't have a clue.
- Please, rob.
We used to be friends
and I feel like my entire life
Is on hold right now, so if you
know something, please tell me.
- I told you what I know.
- Tell me the truth!
- I believe you visited
catherine at her halfway house.
- I did.
- What was the purpose
of the visit?
- She's not doing herself any
favors raking up the past.
I just wish she would...
Come to terms with what
she's done and move on.
- The prison doctors
diagnosed her with a condition
That won't let her remember.
- I know.
Must be like...
- And now, she's telling people
your son is still alive.
- Wait here.
- Is this my son?
- Your son is dead.
You killed him.
- I'm gonna give you
one more chance
Before I get the police
to ask the question.
Who is this baby?
- You need to hear this.
It's from the uh, night...
[clears throat]
...The night we lost alfie.
[baby crying]
[catherine]: Get home now,
Right now, and take this baby
from me because I can't do thi.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I can't... I don't know
what to do.
[hanging up]
- Why didn't you bring
this up before?
- I thought she was innocent.
But she's the woman I loved.
She was devoted to our baby.
I didn't wanna add this to the
mounting evidence against her.
- So, you covered for her.
- No.
Not exactly.
Look, in different context,
this would sound merely
Like a struggling mother trying
to cope with a crying baby.
That's what I thought it was.
I didn't want the prosecution
to make more of it.
I thought she was innocent.
- And yet, you held on to it
for all these years.
- Take it.
Let her hear it.
See if it helps her
find her memory.
Trigger something.
- Well, how do I know that you
won't go get the police anyway?
- It sounds like you do have
something to hide.
Just tell me the truth and I'll
leave the police out of it.
- It's her son.
- Liar!
Who is it?
- It's her son.
- The truth!
- He's her son!
- Please stop lying to me.
I know that I'm not crazy.
I know that that is my son!
Look, I am begging you,
as a mother,
If you know something,
please tell me.
- You definitely won't go
to the police?
- Not if I think
you're telling me the truth.
[exhales sharply]
- He's your son.
He... He's yours, hers,
yours, it's...
It's a mess, but, uh...
He's your baby
and she took him.
- Why?
Why would she do that to me?
- Oh, it's not her fault.
She had just found out
That she wasn't able
to have children and...
And you weren't...
I mean, uh...
Stephanie said you weren't doing
a good job with him, so.
- So she just helped herself?
- No! He was crying
In the car again, and then,
when you wouldn't wake up,
She took it as a sign!
- A sign of what?
- That she was meant
to have him.
- And you just let her?
- I loved her, okay?
And he wasn't happy!
And you know, it's not like
you were being a good mother!
- Shut up!
Where was he when the street
was crawling
With police officers
and I was in handcuffs?
- She... She left him
with her parents.
- They helped her.
- Well, they didn't know
About the miscarriage
And they were expecting
a grandchild, so...
And after they found out
the truth,
They decided to protect
stephanie and told me
That I couldn't go
to the police or...
I mean, I honestly think
they would've killed me!
- Who threatened you?
- Her father.
Stephanie chose
the baby over me.
[suspenseful music]
[car beeps]
[indistinct television]
- Where have you been?
- He admitted it.
He said that stephanie
took alfie.
- Wow!
- Think her number's in there.
- Um...
Let's put your boy
back in your arms.
- What if it's too late?
What if we find him,
but I can't bond with him?
He doesn't who I am. He doesn't
know that I'm his mom.
I've never so much as put
a band aid on a scraped knee.
I don't know if he likes sports.
I don't know if he likes school.
I don't know if he has friends.
I don't know anything about him.
- How will you know
'til you see him?
Let's find him and give you
the chance to find out.
- I only had him for nine weeks.
- Babies learn real fast
who mama is.
It starts in the womb
and that bond is never broken.
No matter how far apart we get.
- You really miss yours.
- Every minute.
Yep, she's in here and
she has a local area code.
- How local?
- Well, let me see
If I can find the address.
- What's keeping it?
- Gimme a second.
- Oh, uh, looks like the number
Is registered to stephanie
bowles, 360 culver circle.
- Let's go see what she has
to say for herself.
- Now?
- Now is all I have.
- Okay.
[suspenseful music]
- oh.
- Hello?
Is catherine greene
in the building?
- If you didn't have bad luck,
You would have no luck at all.
Go, get outta here.
I'll stall them.
- Thank you.
- Save it. Go find your kid.
- You're a good friend.
- Go already!
- Go talk to them.
See if they know anything.
Where's catherine?
- What do you want her for?
- Traffic cam pictures show her
behind the wheel of a car,
Recklessly speeding
through several lights.
A stolen car.
- Catherine? No.
- Once we locate her,
these officers
Will be accompanying her
back to prison.
- I haven't seen her for hours.
- I've been trying to track her,
but she switched her phone off.
Any idea why she'd do that?
- I'm not her keeper.
- If you're hiding her,
That's a crime
And puts you in breach
of your parole conditions.
- It's a good thing
I ain't then, ms. Jones.
- Abbi...
There's something that
I'd like her to explain.
And you should hear it, too.
[phone]: You have arrived
at the destination.
[crows cawing]
[suspenseful music]
[shovel thuds]
- Got a minute to talk
about your missing kid?
- Where'd you get this address?
- A friend of mine
used to live here.
- Get outta here.
- You've made a huge mistake.
- Are you threatening me?
- That voice message was nothing
more than a cry for help.
A cry that you ignored.
- No, there was plenty of other
evidence against her.
- Stephanie bowles lied.
- And why would she do that?
- Her ex told catherine that...
Stephanie stole your baby.
- No.
No, no, catherine's not
in a good state of mind.
She made that up, convinced
herself that's what happened.
- Recognize anything?
- Stephanie.
- And the shawl?
- A hug in every stitch.
[soft music]
I used to imagine
a little old lady just...
Sitting in her rocking chair
and knitting away.
- Don't you wanna know what
really happened to your son?
- Where did you get this?
- Gary barratt's trash.
[birds cawing]
[tense music]
- Stephanie?
- You shouldn't have come here.
- Why did you do this,
- Because I never even got
to hold my baby.
You left yours to cry all day.
You know, he needed
a mother's love.
- I loved him.
I still love him.
What's gonna happen now?
What are you planning
to do to me?
- I... I don't know.
- People are gonna be
looking for me,
Including my parole officer.
I should...
[phone clatters]
Call miriam jones.
- What have we got?
[phone vibrating]
- You've reached the cellphone
of miriam jones.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
- Tell me what happened,
Let me hear your side
of the story.
- He was always crying.
- What did you do?
- Oh, it's all muddled up.
It-it-it's like...
I watched somebody else do it.
And the moment I took him...
It was like he knew
he belonged in my arms.
- He belonged with me.
- I thought I was helping.
- Who were you helping?
- Him! You. I don't know.
- Please, stephanie.
Please just give him back to me.
- I can't.
- What did you do
to my sweet little alfie?
- His name is jerome.
- He is alive.
[nervous chuckle]
- We wouldn't harm him.
- Wait...
[indistinct chatter]
[phone chimes, vibrates]
- You have one new message.
[catherine]: Tell me
what happened, stephanie.
Let me hear your side
of the story.
- You stole my baby
and ruined my life!
tell me where he is!
- I'm sorry!
- Sorry doesn't cut it!
Tell me where you're hiding him!
- I... I don't have him.
My-my-my family took him.
- Locate catherine greene.
- I need to know what's happened
since you took him.
- I only had him
for a few months.
I didn't wanna give
my baby back.
- He wasn't your baby!
- He was happy!
But then, rob left.
- Please, stephanie,
just tell me where he is.
- They said I wasn't
a fit mother.
They took him.
- Where did they take him?!
- It's hard being a mom
on your own!
- Where is he?
- My mom took him.
- Martha has him?
- She took him, and then,
She-she-she gave him
to my sister.
- Well, where is your sister?
- I don't know
where she took him.
They won't... They
won't let me see him.
I keep trying, but they won't
tell me where he is.
[frustrated groan]
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[door opening]
- Oh, catherine.
The police are on their way.
- Did you know?
- Did I know what?
- This is stephanie
with her sister, natasha.
Natasha has alfie now.
- That can't be true.
- All her concern, her sympathy,
it was all an act.
She put the jewelry in my room.
Don't you just see,
she wanted me in prison
So that I wouldn't find alfie.
Do you have her address?
- I can't give you
that information.
Just leave the police work
to the police.
- They had 12 years to find him.
I'm not waiting another 12!
- I have stephanie's
confession on voicemail.
That should get your
conviction quashed.
- This is not about
clearing my name.
[phone chiming]
- Catherine, don't make
things worse.
You've already committed
a string of crimes
That can get you
sent back to prison,
Even if you what you say
about natasha is true.
- If I don't find alfie, then
I might as well be in prison.
I'm sorry, but I have
to find him.
[sirens approaching]
- Catherine!
[sirens blaring]
[doorbell ringing]
- Matthew, this is unexpected.
What can I do for you?
[clears throat]
- I was hoping you could
Refresh me on what stephanie saw
The night my baby boy
- She saw your wife...
Put the dead child in her car.
- From across the
I mean, how could she be sure
that alfie wasn't asleep?
- Are you calling
my daughter a liar?
- I mean, maybe she was
confused or uh, maybe...
Maybe she saw an opportunity?
- This conversation's over.
- The reason I'm asking
Is that rob tells a very
different story.
- Gary, matthew
is clearly distraught
Over catherine's presence.
I've made some
of that special tea.
Why don't you come
inside, matthew.
We can talk about it.
It'll certainly relax you,
And then,
we can talk all about this.
- Two sugars, right, matthew?
[sirens blaring]
- Help! Help!
[banging on door]
- Hey, mom.
- Hi! How's your day been?
- Good.
- Well, what have you
been up to?
- Nothin', really.
- Did you do your reading?
You have to stay up
on the school work I sent you.
- Yeah, I finished that
this morning.
- Did you eat?
- Kinda.
- Well, kinda yes or kinda no?
- Kinda like I could
still eat again.
- Hey, of course you could.
- Uh, mom?
- Mm-hmm?
- Um, I saw in the newspaper
That there's to be a big craft
convention in town.
Do you think I could--
- no.
Haven't I warned you enough
about the outside?
[suspenseful music]
- I'll get some rope.
[phone ringing]
Hello, barratt residence.
- Math, what's it good for?
- All sorts.
- Like?
- Like, you'll find out
when you're older.
- Can I go draw?
- After your sandwich.
[phone ringing]
- Yes, mom?
- Hi, grandma!
- Hold on a moment.
- Why don't you go get on
with your artwork?
I'll bring your sandwich down.
- Bye, grandma!
- I have been dreading this
Since we heard she was
getting out.
I volunteered in that awful
house for nothing.
She's not getting
her hands on him.
You remember to eat.
- Yeah.
- I love you, jerome.
- Yeah, whatever.
[gun cocking]
[glass breaking]
- Fine, okay.
- Look, this is preposterous.
No one stole a baby.
- Stephanie confessed
to catherine greene.
- You only have
her word for that.
- No, I heard it.
I have it recorded on my...
- You have it where?
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
- 911, what is your emergency?
- I need the police.
[indistinct chatter]
- You should be out there
looking for the woman
That got my daughter
locked in her garage.
Not badgering her about some
made-up story by a baby killer.
- He's not dead.
- We just had a very
interesting report
From a mr. Matthew greene
and a mr. Rob bowles
Who just came forward
voluntarily to make a statement
Concerning the disappearance
of alfie greene.
- Both inveterate liars.
- It's time to let your side of
the story be heard, stephanie.
- They had the perfect
family life
Until her husband
turned against her.
- They were never a family.
- By the time the truth
came out,
It was too late
to do anything about it.
- We were besotted with
our beautiful grandson.
- And when her husband left...
- You sent rob away.
- She wasn't coping.
- So, we thought it
best for everybody
If her sister took him.
- What would have been best
Is if you let the authorities
know what was going on.
- Look, I wasn't letting
my daughter go to jail.
She saved that boy
from a bad mother.
- He was crying out for me.
- A young mother,
doing her best,
That you let languish in prison.
Get them out of my sight.
[birds chirping]
[phone]: You have arrived
at the destination.
[indistinct chatter]
[car screeching]
- Liars! Where is my son?!
- Matthew, leave it! They'll
get their punishment in court!
[breathing heavily]
- Oh. I let catherine down.
We all let her down.
Oh, god.
- The best thing you can do is
go home and let us find her.
- The life she could've had.
Should've had.
I let her down.
I let alfie down.
[exhales heavily]
- Catherine greene is unstable
And on her way
to natasha barratt's.
We need to get there now.
Someone give me a phone.
[phone chiming]
[suspenseful music]
[phone chiming]
[phone ringing]
- alfie!
[music playing in headphones]
- His name is jerome.
[cocks gun]
He has a good life.
He's loved.
- His whole life has been a lie.
What you gave him isn't love.
- I gave up everything so that
he could have a good life.
- Why?
- Stephanie couldn't cope.
- All this time,
you were pretending
To comfort me about
how hard it is to be a mom.
You were just playing at being
one with my stolen baby.
Why didn't you give him back to
his mother, where he belonged?
Why did you keep him?
- Stephanie never would have
survived prison.
- But you were happy
to let me rot there.
- I wish it hadn't
happened like this.
But he's my son now.
I had to protect my boy.
- He's my boy and I came
to take him home.
[soft music]
- Who are you?
Are you mom's friend?
Where is she?
Did mom let you in?
Does she know you're here?
People never come here.
Are we related?
- Alfie.
- I'm not alfie.
You've got the wrong place.
- I'm your mom, alfie!
- Mom?
- Oh, god.
- Mom, there's someone
down there.
- Always remember, I did what
I did because I love you.
- What? What did you do?
- Are you really gonna do this?
Are you really gonna drag him
From the only life
he has ever known?
- What kind of life is this?
- He has been cherished.
- You stole him from me.
You've stolen his life
and kept him trapped here.
- You don't even know him.
- Thanks to you and your sister.
- Okay, we'll take it
from here, catherine.
- I have to go now, darling.
- just give them a minute.
- I am... So very proud of you.
You are a wonderful young man.
You do not let my mistake
change you.
- Just please take care of him.
- This...
This is day one
of my new life.
- Well, you have a long road
ahead of you.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
- Yeah, it was horrible being
back in court again.
Couldn't exactly deny
the charges against me.
The judge said that
it was time served,
And my compensation
should ensure that alfie
Gets to live the life
that he deserves.
- Oh, I'd love
to hear that, abbi.
Yeah, send a picture through!
Take care. Speak soon.
[phone chiming]
Should we sit here
for a while?
This is the place
I was telling you about.
- It feels... Familiar.
Maybe it's the sounds.
Mom, I mean...
Natasha, she used to play me
water sounds to put me to sleep.
- I like to make these
paper boats.
[soft music]
- That's so cool.
Do you think you could show me
how to do that?
- I would love that.
[indistinct chatter]