Hawaa (2019) Movie Script

Not even one among the people
trying to kill each other here...
...has enmity with the others
They don't even know each other
But destiny has driven
them to this dead end
The reason for that is...
they say one has to
pay for their own sins.
This is a word from the days
of Tretha Yuga
But someone else would
keep paying for one's sins
This is the steady truth of Kaliyuga
Chiluveru Lavkumar.
Charlie in short cut...
His entire family shifted to
Australia when he was 10 years old
Within 10 months...
his mom and dad died in an accident
Leaving behind Charlie and his 7
year elder sister Chitra as orphans
They had nothing other than VISAs
in hand at such a small age
They didn't know what to do
All their kith and kin didn't help them
So, at a tender age,
Charlie started shoplifting,
conning people, betting,
credit Card business
and such small crimes.
Ten years passed...
Chitra was married to a businessman
When they were thinking everything
would be happy from then on...
Charlie's brother-in-law was cheated and
sent to jail by his partners for money
Charlie and Chitra became
orphans once again.
But this time... Chitra's daughter
Honey was along with them
Right then...
he got a sure information about a match
fixing in coming up Melbourne horse race
Charlie had got such news earlier too.
But, he never took them seriously
But this time, we can see him
boozing thining he has to take it up.
You've guzzled so many Pitchers!
Seems like you're rocking!
What's the matter?
You asked to come urgently?
Dark horse number 7?
Dark horse in horse racing is
like match fixing in cricket
The amount of betting that goes into
Cricket world cup held once in four years
is nothing before what goes into Melbourne
Horce Race Cup that happens every year
This two miles race course
has changed the lives of many.
How depends on their betting method
There are many reasons to win a race
The form of the horse, its weight,
distance being run, it's trainers,
the jockey riding it
and that race course...
The betting takes place on
the analysis of all these
But the one and only machine
changing all these, is match fixing
Dark Horse
[horse neighs]
A horse, which has no records till date...
changes its game exactly 10 seconds
before the course ends and bags the cup...
That is the dark horse...
[horse neighs]
Shall we bet 3 to 4 hundred dollars?
Damn! Always 300 and 400.
Is that all?
Not so. It needs to change.
It all needs to change
The we'll add 100 more and it'll
be 500 round, what do you say?
Ok, you say it
At once, as much for me, you, Divi,
sister and brother in law to get set...
100 thousand Dollars
What the screw!
Where do we have so much amount dude?
Should the amount be right in hands?
Ok, even if its in the bank. Looks like
you've decided on something, say that
Isn't it enough if the token is generated?
Hey, to generate it, if not in hand, we
should at least have it in the card!
Isn't it enough if we have the card
details to generate that token?
Mithun Krishna... AK. Mikey
He joined 2 years back in
a bar run by gangster Bijli Bhai
Being reliable, he gained confidence
at Bijli and became his personal
So much that he even maintains
Bijli's bank accounts too
Yes, its you...
We have no money. But use Bijli's
card and generate the token
After winning it gets 5 times and
comes into our pockets, simple
What if we lose and it doesn't come?
No way, trust me. It will come
No dude, you and your 420 ideas.
I neither need you or your drink, go...
Hey, Mikey... Stop dude
Hey, one such idea changes the life.
Don't you know?
Hey, how many times did I
get dark horse information?
Say how many times?
-About two times
-Did that go wrong anytime?
-Ain't it?
Luck doesn't come even once
for unlucky guys like us
But, this is the third time for us
Shall we use this chance or let go?
But, my fear is all
about that Bijli fellow.
If something goes wrong,
our asses gets axed
You know it, right?
Bijli Bhai!
Bad ass Bijli! Well known address
in Australia for illegal works
What he plans, How he does, When
he does, by whom he gets that done...
Never says these to anyone
including his own brother Tillu
If he takes up any contract,
one should fix that its concretely done
I keep watching this show
when I'm in stress
To relax... Do you too watch the same?
I don't watch TV
Oh... Ok! Let's come to the point
-Tillu, come on
-File dude
Hey, file dude
-Where is the file?
-File... In the car...
What's it being in the car?
I said you to bring that, right?
I kept it in the seat bro.
I thought he'd get it.
How do you think so?
-So, none has brought it?
-What guys?
-File... In the car...
Then someone go and get it.
Why do you look at my face?
Won't you open?
Ok, I'll do it myself
These are the 5 Million Dollars
details taken from Max
These are the details of
what is invested in shares and lost
These are...
the details of the amount
taken saying to get NOC from mayor
And this is for your enjoyment...
Giving Natasha a car and flat...
Details of what you
absconded without clearing
All these roamed around you
from six months, got tired and...
Came to me.
They even offered 10% commission
I couldn't refuse that
So, I'm giving you time of seven days
So, you clear all this amount
within that time and...
and make sure not to have
any discomfort from us...
I wish so...
Jai Hind!
I forgot something.Yes, I remembered
You don't forget... Seven days
Seven days...
Mayor Mahalaxmi...
Took an oath to stop the increasing
crime syndicate in Sydney
Putting check to many illegal activities,
she became a target to all the criminals
She came earlier than yesterday
You taking care of me and
me taking care of you in between us...
It ended long back
Why? Did you forget?
To doubt even now.
I've got no illegal affair like you
Stop this...
Anger and on me...
I come just an hour late and
you get so much of pain
And you... Every day with Natasha. Damn!
Have you ever thought of
what I go through?
And by the way,
I'm the mayor of the city
I've so much of work and not like you
Still, what did I say now?
No idea what...
You say a lot... and the
result of all these mistakes by you...
-These can't go with me
-But listen to me
Will you stop it?
This isn't right?
The relation between you and me
in between the four walls is broken
And I don't care about this at all
But, if you do any dirty thing outside
-But I.
-I won't leave you
-You take care
We kidnapped your wife. If this
goes to the Police... Be careful
We're a very dangerous gang.
Our people would always be observing you
What Sir, when I gave seven days
time you came within seven hours
If I knew about this,
I'd have asked 5% more commission
-Have you seen money movie
-It came in some TV
-Yes, I watched
-But not in TV but in a theatre in India
I saw just a bit
-It was good
-Yes, it'd be good, Director did great
Not the director. That...
Jayasudha... Natural actress. Super actor
-Not direction or acting Bijli
That beard one in it.
-Yes, JD
Kidnaps Jayasudha, right?
That one
That episode is good
After watching that scene,
I got an idea from that
I felt that idea would
clear all my problems
So, you mean to kidnap even your wife?
It's tension if we kidnap
She's a Mayor and special Police,
Government, enquiry and many problems...
Want to kill
I thought well Bijli.
I'm the Mayor's husband for name
sake. But am unable to do anything
It's all debts and tensions.
I'm going crazy
Added when people like you come
and threaten, I feel like dying
And what if she dies...
Her money is mine, property is mine,
insurance money is mine...
And if I get the Mayor seat with sympathy?
Then power is mine and authority is mine
But killing Mayor means...
Not this 5% or 10% Bijli.
If you do this, 50% of what I get is yours
What do you say?
Don't forget Bijli, work
should be done in three days
-Yo Alex
-Hey Bijli
What's up?
Just done with the job,
what's up with you?
What do you think I've called you for?
-Maybe for a dirty job.
-Who is the target?
-Mayor Mahalaxmi
Work should finish
within three days
I can, I'll fly there in the morning
-I'll send you her schedule, have a look
[horse racing commentary]
[horse neighs]
[horse racing commentary]
Go, go...
Yes! 7... Go... Yes!
-Come on...
-Come on 7... Yes!
Damn... Lazy!
Yes... Yes... 7, go.
Go... Go...
Yeah... Yeah... Yes, you can do it.
Come on... Come on... You're almost
there... Yes... Yes... Come on!
Damn! What the f?
What's this dude? Why did it go like this?
I too don't understand that
dude. How could it miss?
We've got the correct
information, didn't we?
But I have understood, dude.
If Bijli comes...
He'd kill me. I understood clearly.
I was saying to bet 200 or 300 dollars.
But you said that an idea change can
life and made us bet one lakh dollars.
One lakh dollars!
See now and it came to my death.
I'm doomed by trusting you. Damn...
Hey! I did this for all of us, didn't I?
But, it's me who got trapped...
It's me who got trapped, didn't I?
I still said no games with
that Bijli. Did I say or not?
420 Rascal, you and your ideas...
[phone rings]
-Who's it now for my death?
-I'll go talk and say, rascal!
Boss... I just came to the bar Boss!
Okay, boss...
It's over... It's all over
Hey, who was on the phone?
Not phone but my death siren
You don't talk to me
Your ideas brought me to this
All this mess is because of you.
You leave from here, leave
-Hey, who was on the phone?
-That Bijli guy
He said to come for taking
money in the locker
He'd come and kill me.
Not you, but I'll go. I'll leave
Hey Miki, where dude?
Hey, for me to be alive
running away is the only solution
-Hey, stop dude
-I won't stop.
You're anyways going,
why empty handed?
Hey Clara, you're home?
Oh sorry love,
I just came out
Oh, I'm leaving out for couple of days
So, shall I put the keys
in flap board as usual?
No... Actually the plumber shows
up today. It won't be a good idea
Could you please drop it at
Spanish's house if you don't mind?
-Yeah, okay.
Divi... came to Australia
for higher studies.
She never likes anything so easily
Once she likes, she doesn't
leave no matter how hard it is
-Right here
Didn't you still start?
I did, but Clara asked to give the keys
to Spanish. I'll give and come
-What exactly happened?
-Nothing, you come over.
When nothing, why are you saying to
come so urgently with passports?
What crazy thing have you done again?
Please Charlie, you promised
you won't do anything wrong.
-Nothing so
-Please tell me
When nothing, what's all this?
After you come and we meet,
I'll say it all clearly
Love you
-Love you too
Sorry... wrong address
Who is it, dude?
Who are you?
I'm the next neighbor to
the neighbor of neighbor.
I came to give the keys to
Spanish as Clara asked me
-Isn't it locked?
-No Sir
Idiot, without even locking the door...
Don't you have the manners
to at least knock and come?
Sorry, sorry sir.
Next time, I'll knock and come.
What to knock and come?
Why still talks with her, kill.
-Ok Boss
-No, no...
Please don't kill me,
I won't say anyone.
Still, I felt many times
to kill this rascal.
You killed, thank you.
Thanks a lot!
She won't say anybody it seems.
Shall I leave her?
How to believe she won't say anyone?
-How to believe you won't say anyone?
-Promise, I swear...
-She made the promise!-What if she breaks the promise?
What if you break the promise?
Oh no, I won't do so Sir.
I'm leaving country and am
thus taking even my passport.
She's leaving the country
it seems. Shall I let go?
Hey psycho, stop the nuisance
and kill. Clear the evidence
I'll kill but won't spare if
you call me psycho again.
-Oh damn... Crap! She left-How?
In the car
Then, follow her in your car.
what are you waiting for?
-She left in my car-You mad idiot!
Won't you lock car, door and anything?
Ok, where's the money?
Why don't you speak?
Oh... The money is in the car
Damn! Crap!
You crazy fool, you don't
do anything correctly.
It's my mistake to assigning
you work by trusting you. You...
Don't scold... I'll kill her and bring you
the money by tomorrow. Hang up!
-Right here
-Come on let's go
-What's happening Charlie?
You promised not to do any crazy
thing, right? What've you done again?
-I did nothing baby...
-Then what's all this?
That Bijli fellow is following me.
I didn't expect this to happen.
It just happened.
Oh God! How now?
Before he gets to know,
we'll leave the city.
This is insane!
Don't worry baby, all will get set.
Ok, whose is this car?
when I went to Spanish's house...
[phone ringing]
Say Miki...
-Where guys?-Coming to you
No, you come directly to
the airport and I'll come there
Are you sure?
-Yes. Hey...
-Yeah, say
-I'm switching off my phone-Why?
Hey, Till has already called me 10 times.
My pants are getting
wet whenever he called.
-Sorry dude
-It's over, right?
-Switch off your phone too-Why?
Hey, if my phone is off
you get the next call, right?
If anything urgent, I'll call Divi. Ok?
-Ok, careful-Ok dude
What happened?
Looks like you're leaving
somewhere. Shall we come again?
Will the money be enough for your
travel expenses or shall I give?
Boss... Boss...
-Boss, that is...
-Nothing is found bro
Nothing is found bro
Where's the money, idiot?
Where's the money, idiot?
You ask for a chance and don't
use when given. Waste idiots!
Got it bro...
Where's the money?
Say where's the money, rascal. Say...
Char... Char... Charlie.
What, with Charlie?
-That 420?
I expected, all such
ideas come to that rascal
Still, how did you feel
like cheating me man?
I took such great care
of you. Have I or not?
Say the number... Come on...
-Say... Say!
Please leave a message after the tone.
Why does it say switched off?
I asked to switch it off
Then why did you give me this number?
As you asked for
Why did people become so, man?
We actually didn't have
any intension to cheat, boss
I see.
We got dark horse information.
As it won last two times,
we bet this time and plan got reversed
Knowing you'd kill if we don't
pay the money, thought to run away.
Oh, as it won't be fine to go empty
handed, take my money and then...
Super dude... Super...
-Did you notice one thing here?
This isn't the first
time they cheated me.
They did it thrice.
Thrice... Thrice...
As said by Sage Brahmam days for
the good are gone... They're gone...
I can't stay in a place
where there's no good.
I can't... I can't... I walk out...
I forgot something...
Forgot something...
Yes, I remember...
Sorry... Sorry boss...
I need Charlie by evening, I need
him to die and need the money with him.
-Hmm? Go and get it
-Ok bro... Move guys...
No idea when they'd grow up!
-BD 007
- Nice taste Sir, can I see some ID?
Here we go!
Which car did you give him?
- BD 007
Whoever takes that won't bring it back.
I just brought it back yesterday night
But he looks like a nice guy, papa
- Ok, you go home and I'll take care
-Hey, our car dude!
Where's it?
[scooter fails to start]
-Hey! Cheka put a message to meet Tapan
- What?
This isn't from him dude
It came from his number dude
His writing isn't so.
Don't I know? Leave!
How'd you know writing in message,
you dumbbell!
Thailand Tapan! Started drugs mafia in
Thailand and shifted base to Australia
He uses kids as drug peddlers and
students as contract killers
Now he's joining hands with Lebanese and
Italian mafia in plans to expand business
-Hey Kim John! Come on, take your seat
- Thank you
-Coke for coffee
- Hah
-What's this Kim?
- What happened?
This is freaking fantastic!
Well, Chan was saying something over
the phone. What's it about?
-Actually Tapan was!
- Hey Chika, what's up man?
Sky is up
-Idiot has great sense of humor
- Wait, Boss is dealing business
-Say what's the problem Kim?
- Mayor
-She's our problem
- Huh
Brother, you don't worry about it.
Good people have no right
to live on this earth.
I'll take care of it
-It's done! 9th morning 9 AM, Nano hills
- Perfect
-Who's he dude?
- Chinky guy, right? Maybe his cousin
-You can go now
- What's up?
Come on guys, waiting for you
Is it, say some money bringing job.
We're running tight
-Do you know what this is?
- Yes
-It's a dog, Tapan
- Yes, it's a dog
- Yes
- Which Dog?
-Stray Dog man!
- Then this?
-This is also a dog, Tapan
- I see
-Yes, it's a dog
-Which Dog?
- It's a Labrador
In unison: Labrador
Will this dog become this dog?
Huh! Will he be me or I be him?
No, right? Similarly, they too won't
Then, how did this become so, idiots?
You sold this to my wife
5 months back for 500 Dollars
It became so now and my wife is
looking at me like a mad dog
-Who's the reason for this? It's you
- Sorry Thapan, it was a mistake
-We'll get a good dog
[Tapan screams]
Please Tapan
I don't need this dog mess anymore.
I was waiting to finish you.
Damn! Not like this.
It should change, it all should change
-What's wrong dude?
- How long do we do this?
-We've to do something big
- Shall we loot some ATM?
-No, we shall loot from that Tapan idiot
- What?
A guy came when we'd just been.
Did you listen to what he said?
-No, did you?
- Yes
Tapan got involved means,
something big is happening
-Looting that, we are Billionaires
- But, can we do that?
If we have three. One is car,
Two is the gun and three is masks!
-Hey Chika!
- Hey Kim
-What're you seeing dude? Shoot now, shoot
- Wait dude, doing the same
Who's this now? Yes, the black guy!
Should I shoot him or him?
-That guy or this guy?
- What?
Hey, I'm unable to do.
You shoot dude
Yesterday you said to shoot
and why me now? You shoot
I said but am unable to shoot.
You shoot dude
I brought car, gun and the masks.
Shooting job is yours, you do it
My job, but I'm unable to.
You shoot, dude. Please
I can't, you do it
-Even I can't, you do it.
-You do it!
-You do it
-No, you do it
[gun fires]
[bullets fired]
Move on, move!
Leave that, else I'll kill.
Leave the bag, leave it idiot
- Hey come fast, he isn't leaving the bag
-Hey, leave
- Who the hell are you?
-Give the bag
- Open the hatch dude
-Open the hatch dude
- What do I know, man?
-It opened, move!
- Come fast!
BD 007!
- Call Madafree
- Ok
Madafree, material is ready.
Where do we come?
Yesterday you said today, right?
No problem! Why problem?
Tomorrow is also fine
-See you tomorrow
- What did he say dude?
-He said to meet tomorrow
- So, we're Billionaires from tomorrow?
- Then, what shall we do tonight?
-Let's roll a joint!
- Yes
- You die bloody junky!
This rascal! Damn!
Idiot isn't lifting the call.
We've got extra keys right?
Yes dad, we do
Get down, get down rascal!
Still, how can you forget material in the
car? I told you to take it out, right?
-Hey, you said you'd take it out
- Yes, I told you to take it out
You said me I'll take it
and that you'll take it out
I said you to take it out.
I said you! What?
-You told me that you'll take it out
- Idiot, same thing again
Oh cool! Let's keep it aside
either you take it out or me
I'm on a job and
why don't you take it out?
You said to take it out, right?
-Why me again!
-You idiot!
You keep scolding me so and
he'd take it out there
- Move
-Climb over, useless fellow!
- Huh
-Hello Madam Mayor
- Hi
-How are you today?
- Pretty good, how are you?
-Well, that'll be your usual orders today?
- Yeah. please.
Mayor comes daily to Swiss Cafe for lunch.
She spends about 1 hour there.
-Hey Charlie, how are you?
- I'm still alive
Why do you say so, dear?
Are you still angry on me?
I've got no any emotion on you.
Even after knowing it all about
your uncle, why did you and your sister
angry on me for not doing
anything to you?
Huh! If it's in the heart to do, no uncles
or grandpas will stop you, aunt
-I'm sorry sir. I think you forgot to pay.
- She's the Mayor, right?
She's your! You never told me!
-Can I ask what exactly happened?
-After mom and dad died!
I and sister went to her thinking
aunt would take care of us.
But our uncle put us away.
-Excuse me
- Yes
-Let's go, let's go!
- Charlie!
- Hey!
- Are you ok?
Charlie, are you ok?
See whether he's coming or not
and not the girl
-Why's this hatch not opening up?
- What's wrong?
Oh Damn!
What the dam are you doing to my car,
you filthy junkies?
Don't mess with my car!
I'll kill you idiots
-Why not say he came?
- I said he came before I said, right?
Still, why fear when we have a gun.
Why not show it?
-Why not remind me that I had the gun?
- What'll you do when I do everything?
-What'll you do?
- You keep scolding me and there, he'll go
You've foresight but not a look back
-Who're you rascal?
- You lift my car and ask who I'm?
-You rascal!
- Hey, why talking before murder, fool?
Don't I know what to do? You're
like a tuition teacher for everything
When I was at something there,
she messed in
And here this guy's messing
when I came to kill her
Shouldn't I take care not to get
anymore hindrances and do, yes or no?
You'll know the situation being
in field but not to scream so
-Do as you like
- Ok, cut the call. Cut it
But I need my money by tomorrow.
I'm hanging
- Hey!
You hit two so easily there and are taking
so much trouble to hit just one here
Why not do some help instead
of saying all thathis crap!
-Excuse me!
- Yes
[spray hisses]
[man groans]
Yes! Do it!
-Did he die?
- No, he fainted
Ok, what's that?
Is it Pepper spray?
No, old perfume spray.
Got it while coming from India
-It's of those days?
- But it worked now, right?
What shall we do
to him now? Shall we leave and go?
We don't know who he is,
don't know whom he talked to
No idea whom would he give
our information after he's back
There's just one solution for
us to reach the airport safely.
What's that?
What's this?
Not just for you,
but he came for the money too
Come on, let's go!
But you said that they came
wearing the masks.
How can you be so sure?
Yes, boss.
They covered their faces with the masks,
but they couldn't cover the stinking
smell coming out of their clothes.
Boss, that's the garage.
[tyres screeching]
Damn! Can't you stop it normally?
But boss,
you should've put your seat belt on.
May I help you?
-Is the car number with BD 007 yours?
-Yeah, that's my car.
-Is that car with these?
-Yes, but this morning...
Urgh! Shut up!
I told you to keep it simple.
Is that car with these?
-Yes, they took it.
I need that car's GPS details.
Why should I give you?
I don't need that car.
I need the guys in that car.
Ok, I'll give you.
-What is it?
He was saying something,
you should've listened.
Why do I need his nonsense? I'm unable
to listen to your nonsense already.
Still, I saved you saying someone killed
Kim John idiot.
Shall I go and say the truth now?
-Useless fellow, come.
She is meeting a guy
named Antony in his farmhouse.
That meet will finish in 40 minutes.
And that's the best place
to eliminate her.
[phone ringing]
Hey Bijli Bhai, the job
is going to be done.
-Wire me the money.-Send me the picture as it's done.
-We'll transfer the amount
-Of course, I will.
[vehicle arrived]
Why won't it open up?
-What do I know?
-It just opened, right?
-Hey! Get away.
Get away from my car, you filthy junkies.
-I'll kill you.
-We've gun, right? Did you forget?
-Oh, yeah!
-Hands up! Hands up.
-Yes, hands up.
-Why is he laughing at us?
What is it?
Oh God!
Come on, come on fast.
He's coming, get over fast.
Come now.
What happened, baby?
There is some or the other
problem since morning.
I don't understand what's happening.
Don't worry, baby.
Everything will fall in place.
We got to see.
We can't predict it until the day ends.
I'll remember this date as
one of the worst days in my life.
But for me,
it's the most memorable one.
How could you say so, when these weird
things are happening to us, Charlie?
[tyres screeching]
[birds chirping]
Because exactly three years back, I saw
you for the first time on this same day.
How can I forget you and this day?
-Your check, sir.
-Thank you.
-Don't you have the VAS pack?
-No, brother.
-When are you going to India?
-On the date of 17th, this month.
I'll let you know once the
amount is credited, okay?
-Thank you.
-Take care, bye.
-He said the truth but I didn't believe.
My friend Miki said the
truth but I didn't believe.
What did he say and
what did you not believe?
He said that the doors of heaven are
open and an angel has walked to earth.
He said that the doors of heaven are
open and an angel has walked to earth.
I didn't believe.
But I had to believe
after seeing you.
I didn't ask you to repeat
the same in Telugu.
Hey, Nubelin what's the name?
Call me Charlie.
-Thanks, man.
-You're welcome.
-Let me know if you need more.
-I will call you.
Hey, did you recognize?
-Yesterday... At the restaurant!
-Are you following me?
-Sorry, I don't know your Twitter ID.
Forget it, it's an Australian thing.
-So, what's up?
-Ok, are you from the same College too?
What're you searching for?
For someone who would come
to you calling you 'father'.
-Father? Me?
-Forget it, it's an Indian thing.
Hello! Hey, Nubelin.
Hey you!
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
"My dear, when you come down
as the Goddess from the sky"
"I'm not like me as before"
"After getting along with you
and moving as your step"
"What's this worry in my heart so?"
"Hey cloud, you are my address"
"Come to me like a rain"
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
"You are my Nubelin"
[glass shatters]
What happened?
-I'm so happy today.
-What's the reason?
She smiled at me today.
-Oh, shall I tell you one thing?
-What's it?
The entire Sydney laughed at us.
What's so special about a girl's smile?
"With the friendship,
you called my name in a trance"
"Oh God, that moment is so sweet"
"If you come to me for once
and love me from the heart"
"Hey girl!
I forgot myself and this is your magic"
"A dream making me greed
like a thought in my thoughts"
"Don't hide in the skies
and come down to me"
"Hey cloud, you are my address"
"Come to me like a rain"
"Hey cloud, you are my address"
"Come to me like a rain"
"Hey cloud, you are my address"
-"Come to me like a rain"
You are an Australian.
Why did you love me instead of
loving some Australian girl?
What's so special about me?
Come on, tell me.
If you were an Australian
girl, she'd have left me long back.
Don't worry.
I'll be with you forever.
-I love you
-Love you too.
-I think we are getting late.
-Yeah, let's go.
[police siren]
-Charlie! It's Police!
-What's he now?
-What if he sees this guy in the boot?
-Charlie, what shall we do now?
-I'm thinking the same. Huh!
-Charlie, he's approaching...
-You don't get tensed and make me tense.
Will anyone be without getting tensed
or giving tension in this situation?
Please do something, Charlie.
What? Why you're speeding?
I just got this thought.
It'll be tougher to escape if they catch,
Australian Police vehicles aren't capable
enough. You don't worry and I'll take care
[police siren]
Pull over the car!
-What shall we do now?
-I'm thinking the same.
-Do something, do something.
[music from radio]
[speaking in walkie talkie]
-Hello officer.
-You didn't hear my siren?
Music was too loud, I couldn't hear.
-I need to see your papers.
Papers! Papers it seems.
-Just a minute, look in that dashboard.
Just a second.
Just these, officer!
-Yeah! And who's Harry?
-That's my friend.
Where're you guys headed?
That is, first we're going to Perth,
and then to Sydney from there
we'll head back to Melbourne.
It's just that.
Isn't it?
-That's it, officer.
Officer, can we go?
Let's go.
You shouldn't have told him! [gasps]
-Yes, officer.
-I need to check your boot.
[music muted voice]
Yes, copy that!
[police siren]
EDI in 15 minutes, just finalizing
a vehicle stop and check.
It's clean,
you're good to go ahead.
What's it?
-Isn't he in the boot?
-He can hear, let's see after he leaves.
-What the! Damn!
He should be in this.
-Where did he go?
-How did he escape?
He should be in this, right?
-How did he escape?
Have some water.
Sorry, this is all because of me
I'm extremely sorry.
-How many times will you say?
You didn't do for yourself, right?
Still, why do we talk about the past?
Let's look into what needs to happen.
If you were an Australian girl,
she'd have left me long back.
Oh no! God damn!
Who's this guy doing
something behind the car?
What do I know?
Huh! Damn! Damn!
I should've taken the money
at least. [phone beeping]
Oh damn! This battery! Urgh!
My darling Natasha!
Come on!
[television playing]
You're watching a movie?
Many things are being known by
watching movies these days, baby.
When are you going to
divorce your wife?
It's a loss for me
if I give divorce.
Thus, I'm killing her.
-But how're you going to do that?
-Let me tell you about my plan.
[music muted voice]
[phone ringing]
-Yes, brother.
-What happened?
We might reach there by an hour.
Call me after reaching there and killing.
Alright, brother.
Drive fast.
[music muted voice]
"The entire life is a game"
"You play your own game"
"Let the air flow"
"Let the air flow"
"Let the air flow"
"Let the air flow"
"Competing with yourself
and defeating yourself"
"Move like a tide falling
and rising again"
"And cross the shores"
"Who would be what for the others?"
"Who'd be left behind at the end?"
"Spend this moment by knowing that"
"No one remembers if
it was right or wrong"
"It's the winner
who dominates all"
"Competing with yourself
and defeating yourself"
leave behind the fear and step forward"
"The entire life is a game"
"You play your own game"
"The entire life is a game"
You play this game
"Let the air flow"
"Let the air flow"
"Let the air flow"
[blowing whistle]
[blowing whistle]
Is it the Champaign effect?
I can't control Supre!
At once,
remember that you are an Indian.
Yes, there you go Supre.
[panting] Hey,
I can't do it any more.
How long should we still push this?
-There's a car over there.
But there isn't anybody in that.
That guy is urinating there.
Hey, I've a super plan.
By the time he's back finishing it,
we can start that car and go.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, Let's go.
It's been so long
urinating in such a place.
-It's a great pleasure.
Get in.
-Start the vehicle...
-Even I'm trying to start it.
-Do it.
-Where is the key? Look there.
-There is no key.
Who the 'F' are you guys?
Get the hell out of here, junkies.
What the hell are you doing in my car?
Do you know who I am?
Get out of here, junkies!
What're you looking at?
Do you want to fight? Come on, come!
Now you come!
I like it!
Catch him!
-Catch that fellow.
-Give me the key.
Where is the key?
That's not the key...
Where is the key?
[panting] My wife is the mayor, idiots.
I'll see how far can you go? If I make
a call, within one mile you cover...!
What are you seeing rascals?
Catch that fellow.
-Hey, you filthy junkies!
-Shut up, idiot.
Push him, push.
-Excuse me, washroom!
-That way.
Thank you.
-You go and come, I'll wait.
Do you want something?
-No, nothing. Just water.
-What's wrong, dude?
-I think tire got punctured.
[sighs] Why did the tire got
punctured at this moment?
Looks like there's some gas station there,
go there.
Okay, brother.
[tyres screeching]
Bloody hell!
Damn, I thought only one tire
got punctured but it's two.
-Two tires got punctured.
-Don't you have a spare?
-We do have it.
-Then give it.
-But there's just one spare.
Put the puncture to that second one
instead of staring at my face.
-You are always into food!
-Where are you heading, bro?
-I'm going to the bathroom, will you join?
-No, you go on!
-Are you done?
-Yes, done.
-Let's go.
Call him dude.
[muffed groans]
Stop it, you...
-He is in petrol pump, take left...
-Slow! Slow! Slow!
-Yeah! Okay...
-Stop it man!
-Wait, I am stopping it!
He'll go inside to pay and
we'll take the car and leave.
-Okay, done.
-Be ready.
Will you eat brother?
Go idiot! Always into eating.
Don't you have any other work?
-So, you don't need?
-Get lost! Rascal...
Hey, Charlie!
Damn! It's Tillu.
Divi, let's go quick, get in the car.
Come on.
Hey Charlie, stop there man! Ah!
Divi, fast! Come fast.
Oh no, how did you fall so, brother?
[tires screeching]
Hey, stop idiot. Stop!
Hey, start the vehicle.
Tires are removed,
how can we start the vehicle?
-Huh! What shall we do now?
-Shall we call brother?
No need.
Yeah, let's ask him for his car, come on.
Boss, will you give us your
car for once. We'll give it back.
No way!
No boss, even our car is
here and we'll be back again.
-Go away man, FK off!
He doesn't seem to give dude, come on.
Will you give it now or die?
[pistol cocking]
Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
-What did he do man?
-Don't know, I didn't understood anything.
Come fast... Come fast man!
Come on move. Get in.
Get in man!
You and your tricks. Get in!
FK off!
[pistol fire]
[pistol fire]
Yes, you're right mate.
Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
[pistol reloading]
[pistol fire]
[tires screeching]
Damn! Argh!
Who're you all idiots? You play with me?
[screwdriver splashes]
[knife splashes]
[phone rings]
Mobile: Excuse me boss...
You have a text message!
Karma... is a bitch!
-What's this dude?
-What do I know?
-Maybe it's my brother.
-Yes dude.
-He'd have killed if he got this.
-Yes, true dude.
Still, why do we need this?
See now, look here. Look...
-I saw.
-There's nothing.
Where's it man?
-FK! Where's the material dude?
-No idea dude.
-It should be right here, right?
-How do I know dude?
I'm not asking you,
it's just an expression idiot!
-Where's it man?
-It should be right here, when we took?
[tires screeching]
How much more time, man?
They're on the move.
It takes an hour to get there.
Bloody Ganjas!
-Damn! Go quick.
-Okay, boss.
-Where's he?
-He got missed out.
Don't you have shame?
What are those wounds?
Did he hit and go?
He doesn't have that much.
He ran away seeing us.
-Then, who hit you?
-Uh! Uh! Don't know.
What? Don't know?
That is, we don't know who he is.
How did you get hit by a stranger?
You messed him without
knowing and he scratched all over.
Okay, move...
Where are you going guys?
-Both: Car is over there...?
-Then what's this? A bullock cart?
-Get in!
-Move guys.
[bird screeching]
Finally, got you.
-This guy, damn!
-"Where'll you escape my dear..."
-"Where'll you go?"
-Where did he come from again?
Divi, I'm here right?
He should overtake me to reach you.
You don't get tensed and I'll take care.
-Charlie, gun...
-To hell with the life...
Argh! Damn!
Why did it stop,
BMW just for name sake... Argh!
-Why is he not coming?
-Shall I ask him to come?
Is it a joke? I'm already in tension here.
My hand is paining badly,
will you please take off your hand?
-Sorry for everything.
I'll kill you, if you say this again.
You're the best thing that
happened in my life, Divi.
I know.
[tires screeching]
Hey Charlie, stop it. Stop!
Stop the car man!
Bijili Bhai...
[pistol fire]
[voice muted]
He caught in the morning
when I came from my flat.
Nothing happened to you, right?
-He shot in the leg, dude.
You can have your dirty
discussions even after stopping the car.
What do you say?
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
-Ganjas are in the next line.
-Oh, FK you...
Go fast...
[tires screeching]
-FK! Move, who are you all?
-"Where'll you run away Ganja guys..."
[car honks]
"The cheaters who fell in my sight"
-Stop the horn!
Stop the horn man!
-Who's this fellow?
I don't know boss.
I think,
he's the one giving idea to Ganjas.
How could you think so?
Yep! If you know Chess,
you too will think the same.
-Can you just...
-try talking...
-Blocking the way... Move...
Hey, what should I talk?
He has a gun in hands can't you see?
I said move...
[lighter clicks]
Hey, though I knew you are a cheat
and even when he said no,
how many times did I help you?
-Did I help you or not?
-You did Bhai.
Then, how could you cheat me? How?
Actually, I didn't think to cheat Bhai.
You didn't think but it happened.
He said the same story
already and you're saying it again.
That is what happened boss and
how can we say something else?
You don't talk in between, waste fellow.
Still, you got your money...
why don't you let us go, Bijili sir?
Is it?
[pistol loading]
What else?
If you wish to listen, there's yet
another interesting story Bhai.
What's that, idiot?
There's so much money
you can't expect in that car.
Take that and at least let go Divi,
Yes boss, at least her...
What's that?
After giving so much amount
he should leave all and why only me?
-Who is she?
-No idea brother.
We can't believe this guy.
You go and check, guys.
Okay brother... Come here.
[pistol fires]
By the time one bullet
is out from your gun,
total magazine will be into his head.
Drop it! Drop the gun!
Where is the material?
[pistol fires]
[pistol fire]
Hey, Charlie!
You, rascal!
Why did you stop?
[spray hisses]
-Charlie, are you okay?
-Hey, get up!
You're alright?
Take it!
[pistol reloads]
I did a mistake and I agree.
I gave your money back. Leave us now.
If you say no and still follow us,
your death will come
hunting you this time.
-What do you say? What do you say?
-Hey! Go man!
Go man! Go!
What brother, why did you leave him so?
How can one be without excusing, when a
gun is placed on the face and said sorry?
Hey, though we lost at one
place we got back at the other place.
-We don't need anything which is not ours.
-What do you mean?
Don't know whether one
idea changes life or not!
But one small mistake!
Will teach great lesson for life.
Still! No problem if I get a
punishment for my mistake!
But even to you who are mine! Uh! Uh!
It's hard for the heart dude.
How do we give back the money?
He'd come searching for us
and then we'll return
both his car and money.
But, he'd kill once he sees us, right?
Any idiot would
understand if said in a proper way.
That Bijili came to kill us.
Didn't he change and forgive us? Same way!
What is he?
[tires screeching]
-Why did he die?
-Who is he?
The money we have with us belongs to him.
And now it's ours.
Here brother, your money!
[car engine starts]
[doorbell rings]
[door latch rattles]
Who is it honey?
Don't know mom, someone left a bag here.
-Who is it mom?
-It's Charlie.
[phone rings]
I see you happy Charlie.
I didn't do anything for sister till date.
Though the money we gave isn't ours,
brother-in-law gets a bail
with that and sister feels happy.
Yes, I'm happy.
Hey, look in the front!
[tires screeching]
-Hey, who are you, dude?
-Call me Charlie.
Give your number and we'll call.
You rascal! Go!
What the hell?
Hey you!
-Come on give me the money.
-Hey, give me the money all the money.
-Drop the dollars in this bag.
-Give me. Give me I say.
-Drop the dollars I want them, come on.
-Hurry up! Hurry! Hurry up!
-Give me in this bag right now!
-Come on!
Give me, fast! Give me.
[coins clinks]
-What is it man?
-What is this dude?
Give more. Give more.
You said hell have huge money, right?
What do I know man?
-I thought so and what shall I do?
-You bastard, always the same dialogue.
At least there aren't even 10
dollars. We expected so much.
Let's at least take this.
Hey, next time keep it full.
-To hell with the life.
Else I'll kill you.
What's that, man?
Charlie sent the
amount he lost in betting.
Ashika, that way! That way!
-Hey! Ashu!
Ashu! Hey, got you!
I got you.
-Yeah! I got you!
-Hey! Got you!
I got you.