Hawaa Hawaai (2014) Movie Script

What's your name ?
What's your name ?
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare !
What ?
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare !
Man ! Is that a name or a mail train ?
'Rt-flu' is a nice and short.
Cleaning up, filling up,
washing up, delivery,
accounts, taking orders
will he manage ?
Yes I can do it !
Okay. So, give two teas there !
Raw'. Come here'. !
Enough ! Come ! We'll go home...
I can't put you through this.
Don't worry Maa... I can do it !
Two and two ?
Say it... Two and two ?
...are 4 hands.
Now go.
Go, I said !
I'll finish and come home.
You leave now.
Go !
REM'. !
Wash the glasses.
Raw'. One cutting over there'. !
Thank you.
Raju ! Three with less sugar.
Watch it ! !
Send two teas- special.
Can I get one without sugar ?
Two coca colas !
How have you washed this ? !
Wash it again !
Hey ! Hurry up !
Good leads to good, health,
that's wealth... to be mine,
enmity snuffed while
I pray to the light.
What did you say ?
When can I go home ?
Wait ! There's still time.
A lot of people will come here now.
In the night ?
Hey ! Go take the order.
Baba... come out
Come out Baba...
Come out baba...
Come baba.
Hey ! What is it ?
Two special teas
and a Coke for little master
from across.
Now get out !
Two specials there.
Raw'. Over there.
New, aren't you ?
Mamma, Lucky sir has come !
Give me that glass.
Lucky sir !
Thank you my Princess !
Welcome back to class, sir...
Hope you are feeling well sir.
Leaning Tower of Pisa.
- Bro !
What are you doing bro ?
What's this Shivam ?
Sir I was waiting for this day...
What was the need
for all this champ ?
Sir by saving my son's life...
Statue !
Off !
Hey kids...
Have you met my
older brother ?
Aniruddha Bhargava...
Bugs for short.
When he was 5 years old,
he was the fastest junior skater
in the nation..
And after that...27 State Gold's.
17 National Gold's.
5 Asian Gold's.
He is my true inspiration guys.
My super champ ! My Guru ! My Bro !
Wow ! So why don't you come to class ?
I don't live here.
The great American Bug !
He has been living in New York City
for the past 4 years.
Has come to play nurse
because of this.
Does he teach skating there ?
No ! No ! He's an investment banker !
Big man !
Bro... this is our skating gang
Roll-o-fit !
Hi Bugs sir...
- Hi Bro sir !
Hi Great American Bug.
Okay ! ...North South East West...
That's the spirit !
I missed you my little champs !
It's so good to be back !
The fab stench of the creek !
These blood-sucking mosquitoes...
and tea !
Bro you want tea ?
Bhatt ! Send tea !
Okay then.
On your marks... get set...
Go for it.
Hit your legs ! Hit your legs !
Put your weight on your hips !
Strong, creamy, doubly sugared tea !
For Lucky Sir.
He's come after ages.
Must be aching
for this glass of tea.
Sagar, hit your legs.
Look at Rutvi !
Burger Badshah !
Why are you tailing so much ?
Hit the tar !
Strong... creamy...
doubly sugared tea.
Hey, who are you ?
Hit your legs !
Hey Raw'. Come here'. !
Go get empty glasses from there...
Burger Badshah !
Are you hurt ?
Have you forgotten
skating in a month ?
Move aside.
Hey... what are you doing ?
I said, what are you doing ?
Keep it down !
Costs a hundred thousand !
Keep it down !
Here ! Take this glass.
Okay class over. I'm going to see
you tomorrow. Good night.
You're back child !
Hey my Mauli...
Wait, I'll just come...
Granny, you have your dinner.
I'll look after her.
Mauli...come to me...
You've come ?
Faster... taster...
Hit the tar !
That's how he was instructing.
This one's nice and hot... Eat it !
Let me see !
No need to go tomorrow !
It's nothing Ma...
These big city guys
have really hot tea.
I'd almost forgotten...
Listen ! They were really very fast.
Hit the tar ! Hit the tar !
I wish you could've seen...
Costs a hundred thousand !
Don't fib...
I got a used one in scrap
and gave eight bucks for it...
A hundred thousand ! Baaah !
You get a brand new car
in a hundred thousand !
No really !
The boy's driver said so.
He said...
and you believed !
Next he'll invite you to live
in his mansion...
Angie on your left,
JLo on your right !
What a sight !
You've barely been here a month...
And you're believing all this !
So come and see this evening.
But where ?
- At the Bandm Kurla Complex..
...after the offices shut.
Only if you treat us to tea.
He just landed a job yesterday,
and you're picking his pocket
already Gochi !
No, no... tea is on me !
You'll come Bhum ?
If I manage to sell off my wares.
Hey guys, want Butter Chicken ?
A doddering drunkard chucked it
out of his car at 3 am
said have a party !
Hey out of here.
What's cooking ?
I've got some pasta, broccoli
and mushroom in white sauce...
I'll toss it fresh after class.
Why bother with
this cooking routine ?
To make you feel at home Brother.
No need !
The doctor ordered
a month's bed-rest !
And what's the need
to go to the class ?
No. This won't work...
I'll have to take you with me.
You won't give up, will you ?
Why should I ?
Look at yourself !
Look at your state !
Any drunk can run over
a skating child !
That is exactly why
lam needed...
I need to protect my champs !
District championships are
just 2 months away.
I better be at it !
But for how long ?
And is it worth it ?
Every penny, big bro !
I'm doing it because
it's worth much more.
When I watch little children
?y off on four wheels
and win trophies...
my world comes alive.
It's like giving them wings !
Hey !
Huh ?
How much for these ?
That thing on your feet.
Ohmthese ?
- Ya... ya...
3O K.
Huh ?
30 K !
Thirty ?
- Yeah.
Thirty right ?
That's exactly what I told him
and he says it's
a hundred thousand !
Told you ! It's cheap !
Just thirty bucks !
Tell me... if you wanna do it,
I'll get it for you !
Keep it going. Three more laps.
Keep it going.
Smith bend your back.
Close to the cones.
Close to the cones guys.
Riyansh, your wheel is making
a lot of noise.
Oh my God...
This is really bad...
Sorry... Do I know you ?
I'm Pmgya Nanda.
You banged against
my brother Vinit's car...
I was out of the country.
I wasn't here.
You weren't here...
you were out of the country...
and you walk in
and make it sound like an accident.
Wow !
Why ?
Was it not an accident ?
Of course ! Just like that,
dead drunk, he would have
mowed down my children...
He would have killed
Shivam had I not...
Forget it.
Your panel of lawyers
have been calling me.
They've been offering me
a lot of money...
What's your offer ?
And what do I tell the cops ?
That it was a bathroom accident ?
Nothing to do with your brother...
so that he gets away scot free...
Party time again for him ?
But my parents...
told me something else...
They said... you suddenly-
-jumped in front of the car.
I know that version.
I'm really sorry...
It's just...
he's my little brother...
I thought genuinely that
he deserved a second chance...
If I knew...l would've never...
Hey listen...
Let's go by the police station.
Why ?
You want to take
the cop out for dinner ?
No... no...
I was thinking about that boy...
That boy or...
that girl ?
Please Bro...
Thinking about the girl !
Hey ! Take the left ! Take the left !
Kherwadi police station is this way.
Yes ?
- Mr. Aniket Bhargava ?
Yes... That's me...
lam... I...
Thank you...
I mean...
You did it just like that ?
I went home and slapped
him so many times..
And you saved him...
just like that ?
So you're Vineet.
Sorry, I didn't recognize you...
That day there were
no proper introductions.
I lost my consciousness
afterjumping on your BMW,
hadn't I ?
- Come on in VineeL.
Come Pmgya... Come.
Sir I...made a mistake...
From today...
I never will drink again...
I promise...
That's good...
but do it for yourself...
and for those walking
on the streets.
Don't do me that favour.
What's this ?
Heavy stuff.
Gold bars or what ?
No. Those are books.
About heroes.
Nowadays... it's very difficult
to find heroes among men.
This is okay...
what about 'that ?'
'That ?'
I take cash...
once the job is over.
Take what you want.
What do you do ?
Theatre ? Come on...
Show us something...
Come on. Come show us.
Uncle !
What ?
Where's Gochi ?
Why ?
His Pa just died !
His Ma sent me to fetch him !
Hey Gochi !
Your pal's killing your
old man unnecessarily !
But be back in an hour !
- What is it ?
Give me thirty bucks...
- Why ?
Why are you asking why ?
Cut it from my paycheck later.
Just hand it over.
I'll be back in an hour...
I'll cut 4 bucks an hour.
From 15 ?
Want me to cut it all ?
I'll work all night...
That you'll have to do anyway !
...have to cut 4 bucks.
Hey Murugan ! Come !
Come down fast.
Let me go
Go !
Who'll serve the tea ?
Who'll wash the glasses ?
His mom's dying
and you're bothered about tea duty ?
Are you even human ?
Shut up ! Or I'll slap you !
Go for an hour.
Come back quickly.
Where's the boss ?
No begging here. Get out !
Want nothing for free.
We've come to buy...
What's that ?
That one.
Hey !
Get out of my shop ! Out !
We don't take anyone's nonsense.
Take this... and pack that.
What's the deal ?
Want to make our friend a champion.
We checked one like that...
The kid said it cost thirty.
So got thirty !
Now start packing !
Twenty five...
Cool ! We saved 5 bucks !
How many zeroes ?
Three zeroes...
How much is that Arjun ?
Twenty five thousand...
So show us a cheaper one...
Pick up your pennies..
...and get lost !
Welcome ma'am...
Do you have swimming caps, goggles ?
They have F-50 also.
I swear... she had said thirty...
Do you have them "m Speedos ?
- Speeds is there, Scuba is there,
Endurance is there.
Madam I have Nike also.
I want trunks also.
Hey Gochi.
Gochi !
What are you doing here ?
I thought all day...
What a head bang !
I want to take a good look at that.
What ?
Get that guy's.
No ! No !
I can't pick up what is not mine...
It's just for a bit.
I'm not taking it home.
No, his driver gets furious !
I've got an idea.
It's tea-time for this wise guy...
Strong... creamy... doubly sugared.
Late r.
It'll get cold. No fun then !
Give them to me...
you have your tea.
Who are you ?
I'm Gochi... his friend.
Relax, I'm holding it tight...
Riyansh !
Cross your legs at the turning.
Stick to the cones.
Don't bang into each other.
Don't bang. Keep distance.
Tea was good... Give it back.
Hey brother !
How did this happen ?
It's very simple.
Spat on the bearing
and the dirt slid off...
What's your name again ?
Do you go to school ?
If I did, I'd end up feeding
books to my old man !
Come on champs ! Get ready for races.
I'm timing you now.
I've understood.
It's about wheel balance.
Bhum, Bindaas, Abdul, you and I-
let's hit the
sump-yard on Sunday !
Hey Arjun. What are thinking ?
Little drops of water,
fill up the ocean.
Little grains of sand, the earth.
Moment by moment,
time collects to form age.
You dare not call
the moment small,
for it's the creator of all.
Where is he ? !
Here he comes.
Can't you ever come on time ? !
We've been waiting for so long...
My old man bashed me up so badly
early in the morningm.
Your old man also
doesn't wear a shirt does he ?
As if your old man wears
a gold threaded jacket !
Why are you wrapping my dead old man
in a gold threaded jacket ?
Why do you always say
'old man, old man' ?
Can't you say 'father' ?
Why ? Calling him 'father'
will change the fellow ?
Hey Bindaas, check that out.
Bro... What are you doing ?
Its tickling !
Its a good sign.
I feel awkward...
You, at my feet...
I can't get over it..
Don't do this to me...
Come with me...
Time and again,
you plead and say..
'Don't do this to me.'
Cut the jokes Lucky. Get serious.
Try and understand.
Its been four years...
Some times its
the Russian coaches...
...some times a skating camp
in Pune !
Other times championships
or applications !
Don't I mean anything to you ?
This street sport of yours...
...has trashed all my dreams.
You know...
back home hangs a big
photograph of Mom and Dad...
Everyday I look at them...
I feel so guilty...
Come on little one... go for it.
Take a small turn...
ready steady go.
Swing... no half hands.
Well... its not simple.
The shops sell them for 30 !
30 grand !
Some are for a hundred thousand !
But I'm sure we can make it !
Sure ! Why not ? !
All 4 wheels in a line...
not like a car.
And smooth... and balanced !
I've seen those.
Where ? !
Where could you have seen ?
It was first time even for me.
Seen them he says !
You're the master mechanic...
I'm just your servant...
Your student !
20 cars to attend to...
and I'm stuck with your toy !
Shall we proceed...
with your permission ?
So when did I say no ?
All 4 wheels need support
strips on both sides,
welded here.
Got it Shekhar ?
Yes boss !
What Uncle ? !
This is not scrap. It's treasure !
Where are you staying ?
My brother stays there,
I'm going for a holiday.
Thank you.
What ? Why are you staring ?
I told you I'd do it, didn't I ?
May I wear it ?
Wear a shirt first !
May I wear it !
I'll wear them first.
But I got all the stuff.
The gold threaded covers look good !
You can try them one by one.
I made them for you !
And you don't want to try ?
I'll try them after all of you.
Flying Wheels is ready, kids !
But where will she ?y ?
Hundreds of potholes here...
Where and how will she ?y ?
Bandm Kurla.
But tomorrow.
It's late now,
get some rest.
Sq ?
We've all got work tomorrow.
A man's got to work in the day,
not play Flying Wheels.
Nice name... Flying Wheels !
It's very simple.
I saw it the other day.
Nothing to it.
Walk like you walk,
the wheels do the rest !
Hey ! What's so funny ?
It happens the first time !
Murugan, give me a hand...
Hey... Don't leave my hand...
Don't leave...
How will you learn
if I keep holding you ?
No no no...
Why are you laughing ?
When your soft buns hit
the hard road,
I'd like to see your faces.
Hey brother, enough !
Enough !
Enough !
What happened ?
Can I stand and eat today ?
Stand and eat ?
You mean... graze like a cow ?
Look... look.
Don't look down. Look at your turn.
Deep cross steps.
No, keep it.
Mr. Aniket Bhargava ?
- Yes.
Your U. S. Visa.
It's come.
Powerful hands. Let them ?ow.
Nice. Nice Ankita.
As you increase your speed
I want you to lean more forward.
Saw ?
It's very simple.
Wow Arjun ! You've tmnsformed.
Into what ?
- Superman !
No, no.
I can barely do it.
You've come this far,
just by watching
when Mr. Double Sugared trains you...
you'll become a champion !
Pray and come tomorrow.
We'll set you up with him.
Get up now...
Bro, what are you doing ?
It's time for class.
Hurry "P !
And why are you packing my shirts ?
I'll wear yours...
It's for just a month !
Who knows ? Once there,
you might change your mind.
Speak out winding ways...
twisted trunks...
speak out ! Why so quiet !
Shout out Mother Goddess, shout out !
Excuse me ?
Madhu Rye's Ashwatthama
It's opening on Sunday.
How many seats shall I keep ?
Oops ! Actually...
I'm leaving for
New York tonight.
But if you say so,
should I postpone it ?
Hello ?
Abandoning your country,
you traitor ?
No no...
just going for a short while...
Only for bmhmaand (universe)...
You mean, for a bhmman (journey),
don't you ?
Same difference.
No ! Bmhmaand means universe.
That's a long journey.
If I get back, I'll call you.
What ? Shall we go ?
But what if you turn into
an American bug ?
If I wanted to turn into an
American bug...
I would have followed
this great one long ago.
I wouldn't have stayed on.
Champs, it's just a matter
of one month.
Come on now... Come on !
Okay. I'll tell you what...
I want all of you
to give me your best today,
so I can leave relaxed
So champs.
North, South, East, West...
Roll-o-fit is the best !
That's the spirit. Okay then...
Go... go !
Oh Lord, of curved trunk,
massive body,
and with the splendor
of a million suns,
please bless me so that
I do not face any obstacles,
in any of my endeavors.
I don't know how
to pray but still...
I'm trying for the first time...
There's always a first time...
In the name of the Lord.
Keep your eyes on the turn.
Raju ? !
Then the tribal boy Eklavya,
made a statue of
Dronacharya in the jungle.
So what if the great teacher
Dronacharya refused to train him ?
The boy didn't accept defeat.
He practiced archery,
drawing inspiration
from the statue of his teacher.
Relentless practice resulted
in Eklavya transforming into
the best archer of that land.
You are just like Eklavya, Raju.
Who's Raju here ?
Why ? Isn't he Raju ?
That's Arjun ! Our Eklava.
And his Flying Wheels.
Flying Wheels ?
My friends created her.
Fabulous guys !
you want to learn skating ?
I'll teach you. Starting tomorrow.
In the evening...at 7. Here.
At 7 my boss won't leave me...
Then you leave him.
How much does he pay ?
I'll give it to you.
Boss pays me for work.
I don't accept charity.
Okay. I'll wait.
Will it be okay
if I teach after class ?
Sir, you won't be needing
that now, would you ?
I can give you 200 bucks for it.
You keep it. I'll give you 200 !
I'm fed up of'sitting on it !
Faster bro, faster'. !
What a creation !
Grips the road so tightly.
Oh, that's just mechanical stuff.
But, Bindaas,
what scrap you sourced !
Scrap is scrap...
It's Abdul's gold threads
that give it the show.
Look how they shine !
Nothing more than mere
blouse sleeves.
But you sat up nights and made them.
I didn't do a thing...
and yet I'm gorging on this feast.
Look at this idiot...
It is yourjasmine garlands...
that have made her divine.
Aunty, the food is excellent.
Did you call for the taxi ?
Should I call ?
How many times do you
want me to say sorry ?
I tell you what...
I'll come over for Christmas.
Promise !
It's not about that.
- Then ?
This is sheer madness !
Ridiculous it is !
Barely 2 months to the district
and you say that you'll make
that tin soldier a champion.
Just look at this ! Look.
Our childhood memories
are hidden in them.
This is my life !
It was yours too !
You moved on... I can't !
That boy is a champion !
Just imagine... five little kids...
put together a working pair
of inline skates out of scrap.
I feel so motivated !
Just watch... I'll make him a champ !
You just wait and watch...
I'll make him a champion !
I'm seeing...
I'm Seeing that you haven't
stopped living in your dreams...
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to JFK International
Airport, New York City.
You didn't speak to me
even at the airport...
I know you are angry...
but please,
don't cut me off like that...
Ready ?
Hey...what are you doing ?
Knees, back, neck, head... all bent.
Ready for attack.
Go ! Hit your legs.
Ankles straight.
Entire body weight
on the centre of the wheels...
Arjun you're not skating !
- Bend !
Do it properly ! Come on !
Hands behind, Arjun !
And knees lower.
Hit the tar, Arjun !
Don't slow down at the bend.
Haven't eaten or what ?
Come on ! On the spot jogging.
5 minutes.
Look straight !
Hey Gochi ! Be careful.
Move your arms. Move your arms.
Bend down.
Arjun !
Asleep already ?
Even last night you skipped dinner.
Arjun, get up son...
Maintain your balance.
Take your stance.
Go !
Double up ! Double up !
Come on Arjun !
What them ?
What is this timing, Arjun ?
What is this timing ?
At this rate you won't even qualify.
Look, you want to be a champion ?
Then give it your all.
Otherwise don't waste
your time and mine.
The doctor hasn't prescribed
skating to you Arjun.
Francis !
Rutvi !
Riyansh !
Sh riya !
Anoushka !
Wait after class.
Extra p ractice .
Listen up now.
Start !
A good start means...
...you win the race.
Come forward.
All your body weight on this.
Look straight.
Go !
The difference between
victory and defeat.
Four steps in one.
The game changer...
Split !
Waghmare ! Look at his legs...
Champ sir ! Champ ! !
t he ?
He skates as if he can see
...the finish line right
in front of his eyes.
Slow down champs. Take it easy.
Wow !
Sir...my speed bearings
and mcing wheels.
These will double his speed.
That's so sweet Burger Badshah...
but don't worry,
I've already got him new ones.
Sir...but if he skates
on my wheels...
I'll feel very proud.
You rock Burger Badshah !
Here. For the champion.
May the Lord help you
and take you closer to victory.
Arjun who can stop your victory ?
Lucky Sir...
Which category will
your Flying Wheels skate in ?
Don't worry Mrs. Malhotm.
He is not in your son's category.
Madam ?
Can I come late to work tomorrow ?
Why ? What happened ?
It's my Arjun's skating race.
Your son skates ?
District level.
- Wow !
Hey Bro...
The district championship
is tomorrow
and you know what ?
My Arjun Harishchandm
Waghmare is ready.
You remember, in our time ?
There was a boy from Jalgaon...
P rateek Pat .
No proper skates. No coach. Nothing.
He would walk in
and claim the 5km gold...
...year after year.
Sheer grit and spirit.
My Arjun...he is cut
from the same cloth.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to the Mumbai district
championship 2013.
All contenders please head
to the registration desk
to collect their numbers
and fill up the forms.
Buys age group 6 - 8
please report to the registration
desk at the starting line.
Hi Lucky.
Isaid 'Hi..'
Oh ! Hi Pmgya...
What's the matter ? Something wrong ?
One of my boys hasn't turned up.
So call him.
No Pmgya. He doesn't have a phone.
I don't know what to do.
Sir ! 12 - 14 age group...
Flying Wheels is not here.
Pmgya I'll see you...
Bhatt where's Arjun vanished ?
Wasn't his race today ?
He didn't show up.
Don't know where he's disappeared...
He mustn't not have found
the address..
He must be wandering
looking for the place...
No no...
I had explained it to him.
His mother was supposed
to come with him.
He hasn't come here.
Then where has he gone Bhatt ? !
I don't know, Sir.
These kids come in for 3-4 months...
then they find better pay
and leave...
But how can he leave like that ?
It was his District Championship !
He can't disappear like that !
It's ridiculous !
What ?
Nothing... Do me a favour.
Take my number,
and call me as soon as he comes...
- Yes Sir...
Don't nod, write it down !
- Yes Sir
981970 !
9 ?
- 981970 !
Do you know where he lives ?
Not really.
Somewhere in Dharavi slums...
his aunt has a shanty near
the putters' quarters...
Yes Bhatt...
Sir his friend is here
to collect his dues.
Who is it ? Let me speak to him...
Yeah ?
- Who is this ?
Sir. Gochi. Arjun's friend.
Where is he ? !
- In the hospital.
What ? ! Which hospital ?
Bandra General.
Sir ! Sir ! Sir !
Not there.
Here... on the ?oor.
What happened to him ? !
He was blabbering deliriously
with high fever...
Now even that has stopped...
When did you get him here ?
- It's been a couple of hours...
I dropped him off here
and rushed to collect his money.
Has a doctor seen him ?
The one who could've filled
the form has only passed out.
Gochi go stop a cab !
You are the mother ?
What do you people do ?
How could
you let it come to this ?
Severe hepatitis...
He's got hepatitis.
How many days since he's eaten ?
What have I done ?
All day on his feet...
coming late and passing out...
refusing to wake up...
I thought it must be fatigue.
God !
These people just don't understand.
He's crushed with exhaustion !
The child isn't eating...
He's passing out hungry...
and you didn't think
he needed a doctor ?
What were you waiting for ?
Him passing out ? !
This one mistake can
cost you his life.
Why do you make him work ?
Is it the age to work ?
Doctor, please save him.
What do you think I am doing here ?
No, no... I mean...
please don't spare any costs.
Granny will just light this lamp
and be with you.
Brother Arjun is very ill...
I have to complain to the Almighty.
Look at our champ.
Because of Sir, he's alive at least.
Otherwise he would've kicked it.
There is no difference
between garbage and us.
We come close,
and the window slides shut.
Damn it ! Clutch it like this...
push it down !
Shout straight into the face !
'Look there !'
'That's a gutsy fellow !'
'The day he gets a chance,
he'll wrench it !'
'He'll beat you hollow !'
He's our Eklava ! You got it ? !
What did you say ? 'Eklava' ?
He winked !
Arjun open your eyes.
Wake up, Arjun !
What happened ?
- He opened his eyes aunty !
Arjun ! Arjun !
What's happening here ? !
I saw him wink !
- Out ! Out ! Come on !
Out !
What happened ?
- No clue Sir.
He's been crying since
he regained consciousness.
Forgive me Sir...
Wha... What happened ?
I lost Sir.
Race is over...
What are you saying child ?
I lost...
Stop this nonsense...
Stop it I tell you !
I lost, didn't I ?
Grandly I set out to feed him cake
on a golden platter...
slipped and fell face down
into the cake.
Skating, skating, skating !
Am I blind or what ?
My champ is sinking... and me ?
Who is this
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare ?
Where does he live ?
What does he eat ?
Does he eat at all ?
I don't know.
And yet, I'm teaching him skating...
making him a champion.
One more gold medal...
one more feather in my cap.
As for Arjun...
With a medal dangling,
he'll be back to sewing tea.
And I ?
I'll pay my taxes,
stop at red,
move at green
and feel very good.
V9 FY, Very good.
What's on your mind Sir ?
Your plate is empty.
Why so lost ?
Just thinking...
So deePW ?
When you see children
going to school...
parents picking them up,
dropping them...
What do you think ?
A burden worthy of a pack-mule,
lunches double their capacity.
Poor guys are tapped.
And you all are free ?
No meals...
no school.
We didn't ask for it.
From where the Lord ?ung us,
we rose and marched on.
And destination ?
- Destination meaning ?
Who doesn't dream in this world ?
Doesn't want
to fulfill those dreams ?
Surely you've got dreams too.
What strange dream
did you see last night...
that has gotten you in this mood ?
Do you really want to know ?
that all of you are in school.
Instead of red and gold threads,
Abdul has a nice pen in his hands.
Instead of garbage,
Murugan is picking up a book.
Gochi is painting on
a canvas with a colourful brush.
Bhum is reciting a poem...
And our Eklava- Arjun-
is marching back with the gold.
One dream at a time...
Let's fulfill that first...
right Sir ?
But that race is over.
What about the dream ?
We all dreamt it together.
It's shattered, isn't it ?
It's not the kind that
shatters when you wake...
Let our champion recover.
Then we'll set him up right ?
Of course...
But where ?
In the State Competition.
But Mumbai District competition...
is over, right Sir ?
There are 35 districts in
and on our champion Arjun
Harishchandm Waghmare's form,
it shall be written...
Kolzhari Village,
Yavatmal district, Maharashtra...
From where nobody has ever competed.
I had set out to teach Eklavya...
and I landed with 5 Pandavas !
At first I thought
I was changing their lives...
now I've understood that
they've changed me forever...
Such small children...
and such big hearts !
I've hit jackpot Brother.
Arjun Waghmare is the best !
Food for the entire ward ?
No doctor...
the food's here.
There you go.
Special delivery !
Wear it and scoot off.
Wow !
Ask Sir to tell the doctor...
I want to begin.
He's ?ying !
Strong, creamy, doubly sugared tea.
New here ?
What's your name ?
Bhatt you're too much !
Bend down ! Nice !
Shriya bend down !
Focus ! Focus !
Why is the fire brigade painted red ?
Everybody pass ?
- Pass.
Because it has 8 men and 4 wheels.
8 plus 4 is equal to 12,
12 makes a foot,
foot makes a ruler,
ruler reminds us
of the king of England.
England is next to Finland,
the tip of Finland points to Russia,
Russia's ?ag is red.
That is why the fire brigade
is painted red.
Sir ! Look ! Who has come !
The great American bug !
Sir ! Look ! Sir ! Look !
I don't believe this... Bro !
Bro !
What a surprise !
I've taken leave and come.
I want to see your dream come true.
So... North-South-East-West-
Roll-o-fit is the best !
Speed lovers, skating enthusiasts,
children, mummies and daddies-
put your hands together
to welcome Shri Rajeev Patil,
who will light the ceremonial lamp
to ritually open
the 24th Maharashtra
Speed Skating Championship.
Skating is a new sport and every
sport has a swashbuckling hero.
I want to hear deafening applause
to welcome Mr. Nikhilesh Tabhane-
the fastest man on wheels in India.
Nikhilesh Tabhane.
I declare the 24th Maharashtra
Speed Skating Championship open.
Welcome. A very good afternoon
Ladies and Gentlemen !
The first race for today,
girls age group 12 - 14.
And here we go !
What a way to start off !
Shreya at her best.
Leading as always.
She is a three time state champion.
Let's see if she does it again here.
Look at them go,
they are on the first bang.
She is maintaining the lead.
Boys ! Age group 12 - 14...
please move to the starting line...
All birth certificates to Mr. Rathod
at the records-desk
for verification.
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare...
When your little bells will land
on the skating track...
they'll blast people's ears off !
All the best !
Last and final call for
Boys age group 12 - 14...
please move to the starting line.
In the boys 12 - 14 age group,
on the outer most track,
we have Jaival Shah from Mumbai !
Representing Thane district-
Rohan Budhmni !
And the reigning champion from Pune-
Sohan Tarkar !
From Latur district- Vansh Gala !
Up next, we've got Naytik Vol-a
from Nasik district !
Representing Nagpur,
we have Aamir Shaikh !
Bhumik Jain from Solapur district !
And for the first time in
the skating history of Maharashtra,
an entry from Yavatmal district-
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare !
So that's the lineup for the boys
12 - 14 age group.
It's a fiercely competitive category
and this is going to be
one exciting race.
The skaters are all warmed up
and they are on the track.
The officials are ready
and we are set to go !
Skaters ! On your marks !
Get set...
Don't fire the shot ! Stop the race !
Lucky Bhargava !
Lucky Bhargava... Come here !
Come here. There's a problem.
What have you submitted Lucky...
Your single entry from Yavatmal ?
Where is his birth certificate ?
It must be here somewhere...
This is somebody's
death certificate.
What ?
- Some Harish... chandm
What is all this ?
The boy is Arjun Waghmare right ?
- Yes...
I'll have to disqualify this boy...
Rathod... give me 2 minutes.
where is your birth certificate ?
Your father's death
certificate has been submitted...
Mother must have... by mistake.
She has it...
She has it...
The mother has it.
She is getting it.
I can't wait for this boy
for this long...
But she is coming...
Aunty !
Sir is calling you over there.
Oh God ! Hope everything is okay...
Excuse me..
There she is !
I have it, I have it...
Birth certificate...
By mistake I...
Easy, easy...
I have it...
Take it out.
It's in here somewhere...
Madam, please take it easy.
Not this...
This seems right.
Let's go back on the mark.
There's nothing...
No ! No !
nothing !
Even this time nothing !
These are not seeds...
they are poison.
Tam !
These are not seeds...
they are poison,
Arjun !
Arjun... Come.
See what's happened !
Father !
Get up !
Father !
Arjun !
Run to the clinic !
Get a doctor quickly !
Hurry !
Run to the clinic !
Arjun ! Run ! Go !
And it's no surprise...
Sohan Tarkar at number one,
Jaival Shah at number two,
and unbelievably,
Arjun Waghmare at number three !
Such brilliant skill and footwork !
Speeding ahead with the wind
and he's number two !
This is going to be one tough ace
and Arjun is clearly on
a mission charging along.
And the blazing boy
has his target set.
Trailing on the south bank
and this is spectacular !
Arjun marks number one, leaving
state champion Sohan Tarkar behind !
Pushing hard, using all his might-
look at this little wonder go.
He is number one
at the end of lap one.
Five more laps to go !
Arjun !
Go Arjun go !
Fly Arjun ?Y !
Fly !
Ariun, carry on !
It's the right thing to do Arjun...
Do it !
Who can understand
the value of your tears ?
Arjun go !
Arjun GO !
Arjun GO !
Arjun GO !
That's Arjun ! Our Eklava.
...and his Flying Wheels.
Arjun go !
If not for yourself
do it for your friends !
Do it for Flying Wheels !
Go Arjun go ! !
The skate slowly hitting
the tar once again.
And he's off !
Arjun Waghmare using all his might-
the crowd egging him on.
He's got a lot to cover up
to get back into this race
and it's looking really tough
at this point of time.
Come on !
Ahead of him-
Rohan Budhmni at number seven.
The boy from Thane hasn't had
a great run so far.
Arjun Waghmare- covering up
the lead at the south bank
going full might, full force.
And he's closing in
and he's taken him
from the outside edge.
Going to number eight to seven
within a distance of hundred metres.
Look at him go.
Oh my god !
This is unbelievable.
Vansh is finding it difficult
to maintain his speed
and he slips away !
Lets go of the inner lane
and Waghmare capitalizes on it.
Gets in through the inside edge
and secures his spot at number 6.
Arjun, 5 more skaters to go !
Up ahead, we have Bhumik.
Not wanting to let go
of his inner lane...
trying every push
to keep Naytik at bay.
I must say it's very unsportsman
like for the skaters.
And Arjun finds his way
through the battle !
Their loss is Waghmare's gain.
Oh my god ! He has done it again.
Come on ! Come on !
And there's Aamir Shaikh,
famous for his sharp mind games.
And he is blocking him,
not allowing him to get past.
Arjun struggling to find a way out.
Aamir blocking every attempt
of his to get ahead.
And what is this ?
Arjun slowing down.
He is letting it go once again.
Has the run been too daunting
for this debutant ?
Aamir Shaikh looks extremely
pleased with himself.
We'll lose the race this way !
Go !
I can't believe this !
A burst of speed
from the little boy.
It's a trick ! A trickier trick.
He's taken Shaikh
completely by surprise.
And he is going all out.
Speeding like never before.
Spellbound- that's what we all are.
Come on !
Arjun... Last lap.
Come on...
It all boils down to this final lap.
Sohan Tarkar continues to lead
the pack at number one.
Jaival at number two.
Arjun Waghmare at number three
closely followed by Aamir
at number four.
There's no doubt that this one's
going to be one close finish.
Within reaching distance
of the finish,
nothing to set the four apart.
Who is going to win this one ?
Just a straight run of fifty
meters left to the finish.
A last burst of speed
as they give it their all.
Twenty meters from the finish now
and it is still too close to call.
And this is unbelievable.
Absolutely unbelievable.
Arjun Waghmare has done it.
His first state race,
his first championship.
What a victory !
Arjun Harishchandm Waghmare
bags the gold.
He won !
Let's see if you all
can recognize this.
What letter is this ?
Very good children !
What letter is this ?
Very good !
Letter 'A' !
Aye !
Aye !
Boys ! What's happening ?
What letter is this ?
Very smart.
Shall we all clap for ourselves ?
Very smart children.
Can the whole class repeat ?
If we don't like it...
We'll run off...
Very smart children.
'Hot Embers'
Just the way hot embers singe the
fingers before you earn the bread,
the fruit of life too, you shall get
when you have walked on hot coals
...that's the order of life.
Wow Champ...
Straight from here
to Bandra Kurla...
The Nationals
entry forms have arrived.
Next month, Chandigarh.