Hawaii, Oslo (2004) Movie Script

This is Car 4 requesting assistance
to Schou's Square. We hit someone.
-Hi, Ella. Did you call?
Everything OK?
Sleep tight.
Want the door closed,
or cracked open?
This idiot tried to
hang a poster in my room!
-What happened to you?
-Let him go.
Be nice. Whatever you do to Leon,
you also do to me.
-You're my guardian angel.
-Knock it off, Leon.
-What have I done?
-If sa is in town, you'll meet her.
She may not come.
She may have forgotten me.
How could she forget you, Leon?
What do I do, when I meet her?
You'll just have to
tell her the truth.
I'll be sa.
Say it to me.
Three words.
Three words, Leon. Come on.
Look at me, Leon.
If you can't say it to me,
how can you say it to her?
Who's the biggest hero, Leon?
Sleep now.
Rest up for your big day tomorrow.
Can't you just
take my place tomorrow?
Who's the biggest hero?
-Leon, Leon, Leon.
-Now go to sleep.
The weather in Oslo will be nice,
with temperatures over 30 degrees.
There is a chance of thunderstorms
later in the afternoon.
Winds will be from the northeast.
The weather in eastern Norway...
I've never seen him so upset.
He expects to meet sa, but I
have dreamt that she won't show up.
Stop it! He just went running.
He always comes back.
I never have time to do anything
before it's too late.
Take my shift for me.
That's all I ask.
Dorte, I have to find Leon!
When does he ever sleep?
Remember when Vidar got drunk
at the Christmas party?
He told me
his grandfather was going to fall.
He called his grandfather
to warn him.
As the phone rang, his grandfather
fell, broke his neck, and died.
You're the paper girl, right?
You probably know
everyone around here.
You have keys
and can open all kinds of doors.
Can you deliver this for me?
-Where the hell have you been?
-Where have you been?
What are you up to?
What are you staring at, fuckface?
You talking to me?
I'm just looking for someone.
Have you seen him?
That stroke patient...
He stood in that 10th floor window
to wave to his sons.
He got dizzy, fell out, and died.
The oldest son, who had waved,
thought it was his fault.
But the window latch was broken.
Stroke patients get dizzy.
So whose fault was it?
The window,
the hospital, the patient himself...
But it wasn't your fault!
You just wanted to wave to your dad!
How could he know.
-It's a...
-Don't tell me. It's a boy.
It's a boy!
Thanks for your help!
It's a boy! I have a son!
-You haven't hit anyone?
-No, we haven't.
-Is this a first for you?
-No, I've delivered several babies.
Are you ready
to cut the umbilical cord?
-The umbilical cord?
You can do it.
Come on!
He looks just fine.
Take these.
Just cut right between here.
It's OK.
Go ahead and cut.
Come to mommy.
You never know
how long you'll get together.
I dreamt that you drove
through town in this ambulance.
I dreamt that you were driving.
I knew it was a boy!
Are you OK?
Have you seen this person?
He was supposed to get run over.
Remember to cherish this moment.
Every moment.
-What do you mean by that?
-Cherish the moment.
What do you think we're doing?
We're cherishing!
-Get him out of here!
-Calm down.
We have a person with low
respiration at 4B Copenhagen Street.
Car 7 is on its way.
4B Copenhagen Street?
-Do you think it's her?
-Not necessarily.
-But it could be her.
-It isn't.
This is car 4.
We're near Copenhagen St.
-You go first. Car 7 can take over.
-Has someone been run over?
-Isn't this our ambulance?
What did they mean
by ''respiration''?
Let's go home, Mikkel.
The cops could come...
How many posters
has that guy hung up?
-Did you find her?
-Is she awake?
-No, I don't think so.
Can you hear me?
Hello? Hello!
-Do you know what she has taken?
-Have you taken anything?
Give her some air.
What do we have?
Probable OD. Weak respiration.
No reaction to pain stimuli.
-Has she been awake?
-She found her.
-Helped clear her airways.
Know how I met her the first time?
Just like this.
Calm down!
Look at me!
Why are you calling now?
It's the middle of the night.
I'll talk to Erland.
I'll call you.
You hear what I'm saying?
Take care of it by tomorrow.
Are you hot?
-Want something to sleep on?
-I can't sleep anyway.
I have a little brother too.
I know what it's like.
Try to get some sleep.
-Anything else you need?
-No thanks.
Have you ever
seen anything so beautiful?
Look at all this equipment.
-This huge room for yourself.
-Not just for me.
I get to share it with him.
-They've checked for hepatitis.
-They need all this stuff for that?
This is an Aaron.
-No, he's a Jim.
-No way.
He's an Aaron.
He's an Aaron.
-Stian Lnnberg.
-Frode. The father.
Hi there!
We'd like you to have a word
with doctor Krogh.
The tests we took on your son
last night and this morning -
- have given us
some unfortunate surprises.
It appears as if
your son has a heart defect.
It's difficult to explain.
It has to do with -
- decreased blood flow.
When the child is born,
its ties to the mother are broken.
The child has to adapt
to life outside the womb.
Complications arise when the child
is unable to handle this.
With his mother's help
he has done fine in the womb.
But once he is born
and on his own, he has a problem.
We can create an artificial
connection through an IV tube.
But that would be unbearable
for the child.
This is a rare heart defect.
But unfortunately
it is not possible -
- to operate on such a small child.
Even if we choose to
keep the child alive through an IV, -
- we have to assume his lifespan
will be dramatically reduced.
''Dramatically reduced''?
What do you mean?
It's difficult to say. He will
suffer gradual multi-organ failure.
He will most likely
not survive more than 3-4 days.
If there's anything you...
We'll come back to you.
There must be something you can do.
As Dr. Krogh said,
there is nothing we can do.
-Nothing you can do?
Just about anything can be fixed
today. There has to be something.
People get pig hearts and survive.
There has to be some expert, -
- someone willing to take
responsibility, somewhere!
Not in this case.
So what happens now?
Do we just let him lie there?
Did you see Vidar?
-Is something wrong?
-He went looking for you.
Looking for me?
He said he had dreamt something.
He didn't dream
that sa isn't coming, did he?
I'll call him
and tell him you're back.
He's so tired.
Vidar's phone.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Get moving, Trygve!
A 12-hour furlough.
It's a pretty short time out there.
Thanks to you,
I get to celebrate my brother.
-It's because you're a good guy.
-You did this for me, John.
Well before my time.
It only took 20 minutes with
the brass before everyone agreed.
And I mean everyone.
Come on...
You all dressed up?
Thanks for doing this for me.
You're a good man.
Who's coming?
Who's escorting me?
Hope it's not one of the rookies.
We wouldn't let you out
on escorted leave with rookies.
I've worked something out.
Hope you'll be pleased.
You have twelve minutes.
Enjoy your weekend!
Good luck, Trygve.
-You'll only have one escort.
-How did you manage that?
I trust you.
So they trust you too.
Who's it going to be?
Come on.
-You all dressed up?
-We're going to a birthday party.
-Are you home alone?
Do you live here?
Where are your parents?
Have you traveled far
to meet that guy?
Pretty far.
What do you do?
I'm a stewardess.
I travel.
All the time.
Can I have my purse?
I need my purse.
She's here to meet a boyfriend
she hasn't seen for eleven years.
They agreed to get married
if they were still single at 25.
Can I have my purse?
What's going on here?
We're going to our dad's funeral.
No, we aren't!
Dad got sick this summer.
We have to go to an orphanage.
Or be split up with families.
Will you relax?
Here. Take your purse.
And get lost!
Shut up!
Good to see you again, Mads.
How's it going?
I took care of everything.
Hawaii, Trygve?
Trygve's brother thinks Trygve's
in Hawaii when he's locked up.
It's the welfare workers...
Mikkel, take it easy.
-Put that knife down.
-Do it, Mikkel.
Look at me,
and put the knife down. OK?
I know you're not stupid.
This will just make matters worse.
-Do as she says.
Are you OK, Magne? Look at me.
What are you doing?
Do you know them?
What are you...
What are you doing here?
My name is sa.
I came to Oslo today
to visit an old boyfriend.
But then I lost my purse.
That's when I met Magne.
...Mikkel just misunderstood.
This is Leon!
I need to ask you something.
-Are you going to the funeral?
-We're staying here.
Can't we go, Mikkel?
I didn't recognize you
out of uniform.
-I'm off duty.
-Did you hit anyone?
-Fortunately not.
-Did you save the unconscious person?
Maybe. Almost.
Did you find the guy
you were looking for?
Do you ever visit
the people you save?
Are you crazy?
Visit the people I pick up?
Go visit her.
The woman you almost saved.
Never stop saving.
There's one button on the outside,
one on the inside.
Hi there.
It's been a while.
Four years.
-Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Did you come straight from Hawaii?
-Yes. Last night.
to celebrate your birthday, Leon.
Was it cloudy in Hawaii?
Haven't you ever heard of sunblock?
Trygve imports flowers to Hawaii.
They need so many leis there.
-I know a guy with a plant nursery.
-Outside Oslo.
And we fly them over there.
That's my brother!
-What are you bringing?
I'm taking you out.
You don't turn 25 every day.
I want to stay here.
sa's coming.
Who's that?
sa. I've told you about her.
She saved me from the wave machine.
When I was down on the bottom.
Don't you remember?
Of course I do. She's all you've
talked about since eighth grade!
Leon has hung up posters.
You've probably seen them already.
We can't wait in here in vain
on your 25th birthday.
Maybe we could wait a little?
We bought a cake,
and maybe we'll sing for you.
You plan to keep him in here
on his birthday? You can't sit here.
-They just called them.
A private clinic.
They can do the operation.
They've performed almost
the exact same operation before.
-Almost the same operation?
-Yes! We're gonna do it!
I just spoke to
the clinic over there.
They can perform the operation if
you meet the financial requirements.
Do we have to pay?
There is nothing we can do,
-We can't guarantee the results...
-They've had one success.
You need to understand that
it is a private hospital.
They insist on
a financial guarantee.
How much will it cost?
Relax, Milla.
Money is no problem.
It will cost 900,000.
room and board is additional.
We need an answer by 9 p.m. tonight
in order to make it.
-Where is this hospital?
-In America.
That's where everything happens.
We're gonna do it!
What should we do?
I have never heard of this clinic.
I wouldn't do it
even if I had the money in the bank.
I'm sorry.
900,000 divided by 10 is 90,000.
90,000 divided by 60 minutes is...
That's 1500 kroner.
1500 kroner per minute.
You're an expensive baby, Aaron.
Frode, don't go anywhere.
This is my only chance.
They have done the operation before.
Don't, Frode. You've tried
to arrange things before.
This time it's different, Milla.
It's our only chance.
This is something you can't fix.
You can't fix this.
If these are his last hours,
I don't want you wasting them away!
This is our only chance
to get to know our boy, Frode.
This is our only chance
to fix his heart, Milla.
And if we fix that, we'll
have him for the rest of our life!
What a place!
I have to wait here.
What if sa comes and I'm not here?
-Or if Vidar comes...
-Listen to yourself!
If sa comes here, -
- that lady will call me
on my cell phone. OK?
Let's go.
Wait here.
-Vidar told me to wear this suit.
-No one gets to see me naked!
-I'm taking off your shirt and tie.
Take care of this for me, OK?
Do you still run?
A little?
Happy birthday to you...
-Happy birthday.
-Hi, Mads.
-This is my friend John.
Have a beer, Leon.
You deserve it.
Vidar says
intoxicants dull the senses.
Aren't we proof of the opposite?
I'm the one who...
I saved you.
What time is it?
-Want me to call for help?
You can't go anywhere now.
I'm OK.
A guarantee? What do you mean?
I just explained my situation.
We need an asset-based guarantee
so we know we'll get our money back.
I need to borrow assets. If I had
any assets, I wouldn't need a loan.
I understand.
All right.
I'm sorry.
But I've been
a customer here for years.
You've defaulted too many times.
I'm sorry.
-Can't you please help me?
-I'm sorry.
Have you ever been robbed?
Have you ever been robbed?
Have you?
This is just what it feels like.
You are robbing my baby from me.
That's what it feels like!
So you're Leon?
-Who is this?
-Susanne. Let the birthday begin!
It's your birthday?
Get anything nice?
-I got this.
-Susanne, want a hot dog?
Of course Susanne wants a hot dog!
-Stop it!
-It isn't dangerous.
This won't hurt.
Help me, Trygve.
It isn't dangerous.
-Help me, Trygve.
-No, I can't.
Run, dammit!
Let go of him!
I have to run after him.
No one else can stop him.
-You have to trust me.
-Fine. Hurry!
When Leon becomes unsure, he runs.
He's always been like that.
-Did you want me to run?
Hi, it's me.
I'll be there in about a half-hour.
Did you take care of the passport?
You said ''run.''
When some things are right,
other things may seem wrong.
I want to go back to Karibu.
We're getting out of here.
Far from here.
Get it?
We're leaving. You and I.
What were you thinking?
It was his brother.
He came on a surprise visit
from Hawaii.
His brother is in prison
for armed robbery!
Calm down, Vidar.
-I'll have to report this.
You pose a threat
to the patients. You scare them.
Go ahead.
It will be over by then.
Let's get to the bottom of this.
-So sa does not exist?
-She won't show up.
And Leon is going to be
hit by a car and killed.
Karibu, level B2.
Dorte speaking.
Yes, he lives here.
All right.
That was sa.
We are to tell Leon
that she is waiting for him.
At Hawaii.
Don't screw this up, Vidar.
This may be Leon's only chance
to meet someone from outside.
Is this it?
Yes, that's it.
That's Kurt Cobain's.
He was a lefty too.
Put that in the front seat.
You can keep the baby gear.
It isn't for sale anyway.
55,000, for all of it.
Lend me 400,000.
I need to borrow 400,000.
I can't, Frode.
You know that.
Your project last year...
You still owe money.
Excuse me.
Are you sa?
-Did you call for Leon?
Who are you?
A friend.
I don't know...
It was a deal we made ages ago.
The world's most naive project.
I just came to a point...
I gave up on everyone else.
And then I thought...
Then I started thinking about Leon.
I never forgot his birthday...
I never forgot his birthday.
I didn't think
he was going to meet you.
I thought something terrible
would happen.
Something terrible?
I dreamt it.
Dreamt it?
If you're here, he will come.
I'm glad you are real.
I don't want to disturb
if...when he comes.
It was nice to meet you.
Dorte who?
A girl called for you.
A bar called Hawaii?
Here in town?
It's her.
I need to take care of something,
then I'll help you.
I promise.
-Do you know where Hawaii is?
-In the middle of the Pacific.
Of course I know where it is.
Would you please stop crying?
It's you, isn't it?
You sing like an angel.
Want to go to McDonald's first?
-Before what?
I knew it. You couldn't find us
some fucking wannabe family!
We're going to McDonald's
before we get split up!
-We can't talk here.
-This is the last I'll see of him.
Before we get locked up
in two separate fucking orphanages!
Don't you get it?
Then we'll have no one. No one.
No one left!
Don't you understand
that you can't do this?!
I'm sorry.
I'm the boys' mother.
I knew it.
I'm their mommy.
This is a funeral.
This is not a good time...
You're lying!
Mikkel, wait!
It will be better for you,
don't you get it?
You have to wait.
You never liked us,
so we sure as hell don't like you!
-Are you always on duty?
-No, I got off last night.
I followed you, because...
That cat.
Your cat...
It didn't make it.
We were unable to save it.
I just thought I'd tell you.
Can you do me a favor?
Yes...sure...of course.
I have something
in a safe-deposit box.
It's in my name.
In a Nordea bank
on Trondheim Street.
How are you doing?
I was just wondering...
Who decides who gets to live?
Could I talk to the doctor
who makes those decisions?
I'm afraid that's me.
I have managed to scrape together
149, 750 kroner.
I have sold
all my earthly possessions.
And you wonder how I'm doing?
It would be ethically irresponsible
for me to recommend this procedure.
So we should just give up?
There is nothing I'd rather do
than tell you to do all you can.
Do anything in your power.
But it isn't morally justifiable.
This solution is not legitimate.
It is undocumented.
I want to talk to someone
who dares take responsibility!
Calm down.
Get a grip, Milla.
You've been brainwashed
by lying here all day.
No, you have to stop dreaming.
You have to wake up!
Listen to yourself.
Just listen.
Wake up?
I'm wide awake!
If you leave now...
Stop. Please.
Give me that bag
I told you to take care of.
Do you plan on using that?
Do you?
You wait here,
and everything will be OK.
Why is everything going to be OK?
Because you're my brother
and I care about you.
I need something
in this safe-deposit box.
It hasn't been paid for.
I can pay.
-It's never been paid for.
-I can pay now.
One moment.
Everyone down!
Get down!
Get down!
Everybody down!
Get away from the registers!
-Get over to the wall!
-She isn't breathing...
Put it in the bag!
Come on, Leon.
Come on.
Do you remember me?
Remember the ambulance?
I had a son. Remember?
The ambulance.
-You have to help me.
-I can't help anyone right now.
I'm not the type
to believe in mysteries.
-But I will believe in anything...
-I don't believe in anything.
-You dreamt that I had a son.
-I always dream. I need to sleep.
Hi, where are you? We're waiting.
Call when you get this message.
-I found them.
-You'll probably get lice.
What's the matter with you?
You can't sit and rot at that place.
You're smart.
You're my brother.
Get it?
We have a bag full of money
that's ours alone.
Yours and mine.
Can you take care of yourself, Leon?
Do you know where we're going?
-To get sa?
-No. Hawaii, Hawaii.
I want to go to Hawaii in Oslo!
Let me do this for you, Leon.
This time I won't run away.
I promise I won't run away
this time. I promise.
-About time, Erland!
-It takes time.
-What the hell is this?
-A passport.
Do I look like Ahmed Abdu
from f... Marocco?
That's all you get for that price.
It's your picture, right?
Give me a thousand, Leon.
Excuse me,
do you know where Hawaii is?
Up to the right
and then take a left.
You aren't...who you claim to be.
Neither are you.
Remember what I said
the first time I met you?
Do you?
I said that without me you were
a star with no place in the sky.
A princess without a kingdom.
A guitar without strings.
But it's the other way around.
I lied.
I love you.
What is it?
Take a look.
How are things here?
We did it.
You have...
850,000 has to be enough, dammit!
All right.
I'll try to find an ambulance, -
- and we'll get you
out of here tonight.
-I was starting to get worried.
-I had to drop by work too.
-What happened to you?
I have...
I have two kids.
That's nice.
Kids are great.
Those boys you saw
outside the church.
I haven't seen them
for eleven years.
And they're so...
Such wonderful kids!
No, I'm off duty now.
Yes, I know.
The ones who had the kid
this morning?
Okay. I'm coming.
I guess it was your kids i saw
down the street.
They looked like you.
Especially the oldest one.
-I'll call you.
-Thank you.
I have to...get back to Karibu.
I have to look out for Vidar.
Leon, not now.
Not now, Leon.
I thought maybe you had forgotten.
I never forgot you, Leon.
And I never forgot your birthday.
Have you had a nice birthday?
Not really.
Where's the money, Leon?
-We need it to get out of here.
-I don't want to go.
Stop it, Leon.
Where is the money?
I remember you. From the school.
Trygve imports flowers to Hawaii.
We don't have time for this.
Where is the money?
Nothing is like Waikiki Beach.
Nowhere will you find bigger waves.
Every morning I drink
a Blue Hawaii and go surfing.
You surf on Waikiki Beach?
Have you ever been there?
I noticed the shirt
had a Norwegian tag on it.
Fine, I admit it,
I have lied to you.
But I want you to come now.
Run with me now.
Come on.
Police, freeze!
Leon, what's going on?
-What's happened?
-Step back!
I know him.
There must be a misunderstanding.
I'll take care of it, Leon.
Don't worry.
-I'll take care of this.
-Who are you?
Step over
to the other side of the sidewalk.
-Spread your legs.
-Step back.
Do you have
anything else in your pockets?
You can release him.
He is not involved.
-Just calm down, Leon.
-Step back.
We're on schedule.
The plane doesn't leave until 7.
The boy will make it.
Jim Aaron?
Jim Aaron.
Sure, Jim Aaron!
-Want me to drive?
-No, I'm fine.
It just itches in this heat.
This is Car 4 requesting assistance
to Schou's Square. We hit someone.
Can you hear me?
-Hold his head.
-My God...
The three...words.
What did you say to him?
I love you.