Hawaizaada (2015) Movie Script

How is it?
- Nice.
It's not just nice...it's spectacular.
Because my Shastn/ ji designed it.
And do you know what I did?
I killed him.
Yes, I killed him.
L.. I killed him.
Birth-Death, Everything is destined.
From Sita's abduction
to Lanka's destruction.
From Draupadi's ignominy
to the defeat of Kauravs.
Everything was destined .
The one above us all has
pre-destined everything for us.
We will have our share of rains.
And only our share of sunshine.
The flipping of the coin
will favour us when it's our time.
Everything is destined .
But the interesting thing is that...
We have no idea where our
share of clouds, sun and coin are?
That's why I say
Keep changing the
direction of the wind.
Keep Collecting sunshine in your fist.
Keep tossing the coin.
Without fail, relentlessly.
Because we are all destined to fly.
4X3 =12.
-4x4= 16.-
4X5 = 20.
4X6 = 24.
4X7 = 28.
4X8 = 32.
4X9 = 36.
4X10 = 40.
Shivkar Talpade!
You're playing right
in the middle of my class.
You're also teaching right
in the middle of my game.
See, children..
At the end of my cane..
...stands the most stupid
person in the world. - That's true.
But which end?
This end or that end?
- Quiet!
Quiet! Learn something
from your nephew, Narayan
Year after year he has
done well at his studies...
...so much so that today
he shares the same bench as you.
And you, your books have been rusting
in the same trunk for years.
Same trunk?
No, sir. I changed my
trunks this morning only.
Do you want to set
a record in failing?
Do you want to study?
Get out.
- Forever?
Get out!
- My bag...
Get out of here.
- Thank you.
Quiet! No one's going anywhere.
I'll teach that scoundrel a lesson.
"Free Flying Head"
"Free Flying Head"
"Pay your respects and look above"
"I'm out to hunt with my gun of love."
"Pay your respects and look above"
"I'm out to hunt with my gun of love."
My heart's the prince
of my imaginary world
"Salute now...here comes...
"Free Flying Head"
"Free Flying Head"
What? Signature?
Not just signature...
it's a memorabilia.
It's always treasured.
- Of glorious people.
I see.
So it's decided.
One day I'll do
something so glorious..
...that you will take
my autograph as well.
And call it.. memorabilia.
Buzz off!
Laughing at me?
Should I prove it to you?
How about a bet?
- Done.
The sultry night like
a woman is studded with stars...
"She stands wrapped
in a shawl with moon..."
"...stitched onto
it which has no scars..."
The sultry night like
a woman is studded with a stars...
"She stands wrapped
in a shawl with moon..."
"...stitched onto
it which has no scars..."
To reveal the mystery,
I scrapped off the moon.
"There's a hole in the universe
as big as the one in my pocket"
"Not a penny to spare..."
"But a smile on my
face I always share"
"Will sell quaner of
my head for millions..,"
Salute everyone. . .here comes. . .
"Free flying head"
"Free flying head"
"Free flying head"
- Are you crazy?
Stopping me from
entering my own house.
Who appointed you? Tell me.
Your father did.
Govind Shambhu Talpade.
He also had to be born
as my father in my house only.
What has the world come to?
I've to climb the pipe to my own home.
Pam's torn!
Come on..
- Open up. Lift the curtain.
What the..
Hey Champ!... Come quickly.
Your entry's next.
- Yes. Come quickly.
You're late.
You aren't even ready.
I told you a thousand
times...you will get me fired.
No touching here, uncle..
- Adjust your dhoti.
What's my name in this play?
Shankuntala's Dushyant.
Go on now.
Shakuntala...l am your Dushyant,
and you're my Shakun...
Tie it.
You've been drinking again.
Bloody drunkard.
Do you even remember your lines?
I am in love with you, Shakuntala.
Let's go far away.
Hold me tight.
Don't be so shy.
Sorn], I am late.
- Who?
Uncle, it's me.
- Bandya, you?
- Then who's that?
Beloved's got red underwear.
You want it?
Who are you?
Who sent him here?
Myself Dushyant... 4th Standard,
Failed eight times.
This is so ironic, friends.
In the stow,
Dushyant didn't recognize Shakuntala.
...and now,
Shakuntala doesn't recognize Dushyant.
That's Talpade's useless boy.
Hey... you mean Govind Shambhu Talpade.
Be respecting.
Someone throw him out of here.
I am in love with you Shakuntala.
Let's go far away.
- What's this drama?
Get him out.
- Get him out.
Out. Out.
- Who was that?
Who was that?
- Me.
Rascal...you came here to
watch a drama, didn't you?
So watch.
We want a refund.
We want a refund.
Guard, throw him out.
Maushi, my priceless
head's at stake here.
And he wants a refund.
Get him out.
Get him out.
Let me go.
Shakuntala you explain them.
Let me go.
MY Slippers.
Stop. Stop.
Someone catch him.
Stop him.
- Matches?
What do you intend to do?
Blow up his lordship's bungalow?
When the time comes, you'll
know what my intentions are?. - What?
Well... what will be messier?
...your Lordship or his shit?
You're acting smart
I will search you.
You don't know what a fierce
policeman (Foolishman) I am.
It tickles.
- Quiet. Stand straight.
I assure you, Mr. Shastnj.
In my custody you'll
be laughing much less.
Wow, sir...you're looking
like Sherlock Holmes.
Chatterjee, Chatter less...and
arrest him. - Yes, sir.
Keep running...Talpade!
Get up.
- Govind Shambhu Talpade..
...Is that the way to
wake people up? - What?
Did you hear that, Kaushaliya?
Now your ill-mannered
son will teach us manners?
What's this?
- I don't know.
You don't know..
How could you know?
Education and you are like
the opposite banks of a river.
Give that back.
It wrong to touch other's belongings.
When will you learn, Govind Shambhu?
And who are you? An idol of learning?
At first it was just
a little fondness for alcohol.
But now you're going
to dance girls as well.
This is the first time
anyone from the Talpade family..
...was found at a dance girl's place.
You only said...do something
that no one has done before.
And now that I did..
...It's hard for you to pat my back.
Please...just concentrate
on your studies.
You've flunked 8 times.
I can't see it again.
Well...don't get your cataract treated.
And you won't ever see anything again.
Shivy. Quiet. Aren't you ashamed?
What shame, mother?
If he had any shame, he would know..
...that boys half his age
are struggling for independence.
And he's blabbering nonsense.
only slaves fight for liberty.
I am free. From here.
And anyway...we don't just
want freedom from the Brithishers.
Grandma needs freedom
from our traditions.
...which made her shave off her hair.
Mother needs freedom from your fun].
Poor woman can't speak.
- See!
Sister-in-law needs
freedom from our society.
Which did not let her study.
And brother...you want freedom too...
From me!
And Govind, you need freedom too..
From your orthodoxy.
Because that's the root of all evil.
And after that, we'll no longer beg..
...we would rather snatch
our freedom from the British.
Brigadier Shivy Talpade...
of the buffoon battalion.
Wasn't your horn honking enough..
...that now you have
also started shouting.
Not a horn. It's a trumpet.
But, where is it?
Back again to be beaten.
No...No..l just wanted to see whether..
...you still look
beautiful when I am sober.
Come back in the evening.
Stars don't shine in the day.
It's lying on the
table...your English horn.
Champa picked it up from the stage.
And my head?
It's been missing since last night.
I guess that also got left behind.
Did you find it?
You didn't tell me
what you saw. - What?
Do I still look beautiful
after you're sober...or not?
What are you saying?
Liquor is not as
intoxicating as you are.
You look gorgeous.
Those with an empty pocket.
...try charming with their words.
Anyway, I am used to people like you.
Who often speak nonsense
when they're drunk.
Don't forget, some people often
speak the truth when they are drunk.
This is Shastn/'s bag. Check it!
There's no book in here, sir.
Some say he's a scientist.
Some say he's a freedom fighter.
I say he's a bomb-maker.
He's a clown,
and you're too worried about him.
E mptY-bag . . .empty stomach . .
Empty mind.
- Empty-bag... Empty mind.
They revolted against
the queen, in '57.
Keep an eye on him.
- Sir.
Hey...who's there?
Get down.
- Catch him! Catch him!
Get down.
- Wait. Catch him.
Don't push.
- Oh...what are you doing here?
When did you come back
from Benaras.. - Hey.
First tell me, where's my book?
First you tell me,
how did that book get into my shin?
If they overhear,
we'll be skinned alive.
Excellent progress.
First brothel and now jail.
He's getting crazier by the day.
Getting crazy is the
sign of getting smart
According to Charu Saraswati ji..
Look, please don't support him,
Shastry ji.
And next time you find
him lying on the streets..
...I suggest that you take him home.
It's best if all the
lunatics stay together.
But the bail papers are ready, sir.
I came here to bail someone,
and so I will.
Not for that oaf, but Shastn/ instead.
May I remind you,
sir, that he's a suspect?
He's harmless.
He's a bit eccentric, but harmless.
Make sure it's done.
- Yes.
Bail! Bail! Bail!
Thank you.
- Welcome.
You really are stupid.
Sometimes you have
to scratch someone's back..
And then...this one's your own...
Understood idiot?
Body of iron...brass arms.
Wheels on the legs...and a pointed
nose slicing through the air.
I read it somewhere.
Where's my book?
I know I am an idiot.
But in the current situation,
you have to scratch my back.
Give my bail and take your book.
What's he making?
Bomb or something?
Shastn/ ji hardly
ever makes his hair..
What can he possibly make?
Thank you.
I think he knows something, this one.
He's playing a game with us.
I didn't bail you
out for free. - Yeah.
I'll deliver your
book at your address.
My address.
The entire British battalion
doesn't know my address.
He thinks he can find it.
Can't handle a thing.
Neither his book nor his kite.
- No, friend. I got to let it loose.
The Wind's blowing from the west,
the sea.
If I tie it here,
it'll keep floating for several hours.
It's not saline.
So the wind isn't
blowing from the sea..
...and it won't keep up for hours.
2-3 minutes more.
5 at the most.
If you want to take a nap..
...then fix two paper wings
on either side of the kite.
They will cut through the wind,
and the kite will keep floating.
Who told you?
- The eagle's wings.
I noticed them while flying kites.
It's the only bird
that can stay in air..
...for a long time without
flapping it's wings.
Got it?
Any relation with
that girl means suicide.
Think before you do anything.
love cannot be rationalized.
So you broke out of prison.
Someone bailed me out.
This mean someone does love you.
Go on . . .marry her.
What's the problem?
It's social service.
Education to women,
widow-marriage and..
I wish your heart was
as big as your vocabulary.
Till yesterday you
barely grew a moustache.
...and now you have full grown horns!
Look...if you want
to stay in this house..
...then, you'll live by my rules.
Change yourself...
or change your house.
Let him go!
Last night...he was lying
on the streets, unconscious.
People thought he was a beggar
and threw these coins at him.
That dance girl has taught
him new means of earning.
Well...whatever it is..
At least it's my hard earned money.
And not taxes extracted
from poor farmers..
...the way you do!
Get out!
Get out!
My dear friend, just watch her dance..
But don't dance to her tunes.
And you just give me money,
not a lecture.
Tailors don't stick pockets
into shins of paupers like us.
And my father used to say..
When one can't change
the direction of the winds...
I know... one should adjust his sails...
No, Simply board another boat.
And here you have
a ship waiting for you.
Epitome of loyalty!
Have you got my book?
Who gave you the address?
Normally dust deposits on books..
...but, there was sand on this one.
And I saw the cover it was wrapped in.
Duek, a special mix
of cotton and canvas...
...which is used in ships and boats.
I scratched my brains
for few moments.
And made my way here.
By the way, what are you trying to do?
This is beyond your imagination.
Engine. - What?
A unique device...
that can pull anything.
By itself.
By itself... but upside down?
Opposite of 'Dev' (God).
- Demon!
Dirty mind.
'Ved' means the knowledge of the Gods.
Read it backwards.
Shloka 312, verse 8..
'Yuj u r Ved .'
- Meaning..
To do something different.
...you have to turn things around.
Govind Shambhu Talpade
always talks nonsense.
But there's one thing
he is right about.
He says, after spending a decade..
...with mad ascetics in Beneras,
Shastn/'s lost his marbles.
You've become too cud.
I'll pull your tongue out.
Leave the reward for returning
the book, at least lend me some money.
Did you see a board outside..
Shastn/ Co-operative Bank?
What's behind that cuain?
Why do you care?
Get lost.
Shivy! Shivy! Shivy, wait.
Turn the handle of that
machine on the count of three.
Charu Saraswati ji..
...what else do I turn upside
down to make this engine work?
Mr. Shastnj,
can your machine pull anything?
Yes, it can.
- Sure?
Then I suggest
you finish making it quickly.
So it can pull the
vehicle of my love..
...back on track.
It's working... chug, chug...chug!
Shivy! Shivy!
Will you work for me?
I will pay you Rs 20 for a month.
Take this.
A man in love is good for nothing.
This is all I need.
And in return...
...you can keep this.
It's brass, German-made.
Keep it safe.
But this engine... How?
You didn't need to
turn things upside down.
All you had to do was to
turn the steam back into the engine.
Shloka 318 not 312..
Verse 3 not 8. Yajur Ved.
See you.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Keep moving, the show's houseful.
Leave. Go.
You said the house was full.
What's this?
Can't one man buy all the tickets?
Madam...will you go out with me?
Sitara sells her dance,
not her evenings.
No one can put a price
to anything which is hers.
Neither her evenings..
...nor her an.
So...where will you take me?
It's light. That means it can fly.
Melt it.
- This?
Yes, melt it down.
Shastn/ ji, what are you doing?
Give it back.
You sold it to me.
But it's meant for playing.
Maybe for you,
but it's just brass for me.
Praise the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
So tell me disciples...
What did Lord Hanuman fly with?
My trumpet
His trumpet.
His trumpet?
- Yes.
But, Shastn/ ji,
wasn't that his trumpet? - It was.
But he sold it to me.
And I paid him for it.
Later he stole it and ran away.
What's going to happen to this boy?
But, Shastn/ ji...he hasn't
come home for a long time.
I'll see whether he did or not.
This is Shivi's room.
Shastn/ ji, mind your back.
Maybe I don't look that way,
but I am still agile.
And Young -
Shastn/ ji.
Did you get hurt?
He may not look that way,
but he's agile.
And young.
- Be quiet.
But the trumpet?
- The trumpet was made of brass.
But your son is a gem.
And I want him.
Good you chucked him out.
Because one doesn't
learn to fly in the nest.
He'll fly.
He'll fly.
He'll fly.
He'll fly.
Shivy will fly.
Will Shivy grow wings?
Oh God...l wonder where he is.
Champ...bring a cup of tea.
One? Sitara never shares her tea.
I don't feel like.
- You don't.
No mood or no money?
Get two..
- I can't let my darling pay.
Only one.
Your darling?
Men like you come by the dozens.
Well...what can you do?
Whatever you say?
- Whatever I say?
And what if you don't.
Then I won't show
my face to you again.
And what if I do it?
Then...anything you want.
I am quite a rascal...
I can ask for anything.
- I see.
What will you ask for?
A kiss?
On your lips?
Don't get so excited.
The reward's quite big..
...so you will have
to do something big for it.
You mean...there's a condition.
Three of them.
First one?
Spell it.
Make these two glasses full.
Second condition.
"For you the moons
and stars I'll pluck."
"And even break a British officer's
tooth, if you order my lady luck."
Go get me a British officer's tooth!
So officer, you've a tooth ache.
I need one. One tooth.
- I'm okay.
No.. I'm okay.
Hold on.
Get off me.
- The blessing of tooth-fairy
Darling, spread your legs. Good.
Come on..
Was your mother also like this?
I remember nothing.
Except that there was someone..
...who would oil my
hair and tie a braid.
Must be my mother.
By the way, you forgot all
about the conditions and the reward.
Shivy never forgets anything.
And I can't collect my reward..
...without completing
all the conditions.
So...your third condition.
-Skate never {urges mo.-
I will tell you my
third condition too..
But when the time's right.
Crazy boy..
Marry this crazy boy.
I admit he is a bit stupid, a fool..
...but, he is one in a million.
Marry him.
Do you know what you're saying?
- Yes, marry him!
What a childish demand?
Marry him!
Dance girls don't get married.
- Why not?
Marry him.
You're a blue-blood, and I'm a harlot.
Marry him.
Our worlds are different, Shivy.
He will change everything, marry him.
Even if everything changes..
...It can't change the fact,
that I'm of a lower caste.
And...l am of a higher caste.
Scores settled.
You don't settle scores
in love like this.
There are no scores in love.
Get some sleep.
Will you then marry me?
When I wake up,
you'll be here...right?
Sitarat is only good for some fun.
Not for falling in love.
Don't try to find me.
"O naive head,
what has befallen you?"
"After all what's
the cure...for this pain?"
"O naive head,
what has befallen you?"
Drinking on the streets?
You dare offend the law..
...that too in officer
Chatterjee's area? - What is..
...the punishment for this offence.
- 6 months of jail.
And...for breaking a heart
"I have hopes of
faithfulness from the one..."
"I have hopes of
faithfulness from the one..."
"I have hopes of
faithfulness from the one..."
"who knows not what faith is"
"who knows not what faith is"
"O naive head,
what has befallen you?"
"O naive head,
what has befallen you?"
This is no time to drink tea.
Yeah, this is the
time to get high, rather.
Should I offer you some more liquor?
You brought me here to lecture me?
I took your father's advice.
If I find you lying somewhere..
...I should bring you home.
And so I did.
Why are you doing this?
For me?
Not for you...
for myself.
I need you.
There's something about you.
- What?
Something...that's rare
in humans these days.
It's only found in dogs.
You've a specialty,
and that's loyalty.
Whatever you do,
you do it with a tinge of loyalty.
Whether it was the trumpet, or Sitara.
What's the point?
She's gone.
She hasn't gone beyond
the moon and the stars, right?
There are some things,
which no matter how far they are...
...can be seen.
Moon and the stars are in the sky.
So why don't you
build a home in the sky?
High above...in the clouds.
And when you'll look down..
...she will be looking at you too.
But how will I get there?
On a plane.
Let's build a plane together.
Hold on. Okay.
- Yes.
'Pushpak Vimaan.'
(Air borne plane)
People will use to travel around.
From here to there..
Like a flying ship.
Like a ship that sails on waten.
...similarly, an air-plane
that shall sail on clouds?
What did you say?
An air-plane.
An air-plane.
Wow! What a name?
Yes. Air-plane.
I was the one who consumed
liquor and you've gotten drunk.
No one's built an
air-plane in the world.
What a man!
I am sober again.
I am very close...yet quite far.
The English don't want
me to complete my invention.
They can kill me anytime.
Your life's in threat
because of an airplane.
It might be just an
airplane for the people.
A scientific marvel.
But it's a revolution for me.
It's the ray of hope,
which shall encourage..
...these enslaved people, that.
...we're as good as anyone else.
We can be independent too.
They can restrain us on earth.
But how can they stop
us from soaring in the sky?
Shivy, Indians will fly...
...towards an independent future.
The first flying man in
the world...will be an Indian.
That's my dream.
Would you like to see?
Would you like to see
my dream with your eyes?
Come on.
Come on.
What are you saying?
It's nothing, Just go.
- No.
Put on your glasses.
Will you get me killed?
Pull the rope!
Pull the rope!
Shastn/ Ji, I am your assistant,
but who is mine.
You also need an assistant?
But who?
Shastn/ Ji, me!
"To shine like a star..."
"..you have to burn like one."
"To shine like a diamond..."
"Be ready to be cut like one."
To be immortal like time...
"You have to be on
a constant move."
Oh; isn't it the same book?
It's not just a book,
it's a treasure.
Treasure full of details
about making an airplane.
I never showed it to anyone.
For I couldn't find
anyone trustworthy.
I built a steam-engine.
First with helium,
then I tried with nitrogen.
But everything failed .
I need you, Shastn/ ji, not this book.
Keep trying out your ideas.
And I will be right beside you,
as your trusted aide.
But...the British should never
lay their hands on this book.
Remember that story. .?
...where the beast's heart
was in the parrot's body.
My head dwells in this.
I am alive as long as this exists.
If this is dead, so am I.
This is cheating. You always win.
Look...we can toss the coin..
...but only He decides whether
it'll be heads or tails.
When it's your turn to fly..
...this coin will definitely favor you.
Where did these dark clouds come from?
It can't be gasoline.
From Lanka to Ayodhya, how could Lord
Ram not encounter any dark clouds?
It's clearly written
in the scriptures.
Light yellow is fuel's
colour... It's not a name.
So you know think more than me?
All I know is that we're depending
too much on the scriptures.
Trying to build an air-plane
based on old mythological books?
Meaning...year 1200
8 miles..
And Bhanu..
- I know.. Sun!
Now multiply all three.
1200x1000x8... what do we have?
9,60,00,000 miles.
The distance between earth and sun.
And these things are mentioned.
...In a mythological
book like these.
Mr. Shastn/mthese
things can impress kids..
...but can't make an air-plane fly.
You don't trust me, do you?
- No, I don't.
So leave.
- Fine...l am going.
Trying to teach me!
So you're back.
Back in 4.5 hours.
Last time you took 6.
Don't make me furious,
or I'll leave again.
So go.
Who's stopping you?
Leave now.
You go. - This is my house,
why should I?
What are you saying?
- Be quiet.
When did this arrive?
You didn't tell me.
There's nothing to say.
The king of Baroda
has denied our request.
Shivy...seems like our
destiny is out for a stroll.
Shastn/ ji, one shouldn't
depend on destiny too much.
Even the unfortunate do have a fate.
You don't look stupid, but you are.
Man will fly.
In real life,
fain/tales don't come true.
I am sorry,
I don't believe in your claims.
But you believe in Lord Ram, right?
The 'Pushpak Vimaan'..
...In which Lord Ram
flew from Lanka to Ayodhya.
You're talking about mythology.
That's a lie.
Unfortunately, your highness.
These stories have
no relation with reality.
Even we've read in scriptures.
That God's could
communicate from a distance.
And Graham Bell's telephone
does the same thing.
motor cars...phonogram, telegram.
All these fain/tales
are now coming true.
Because we're unraveling
the mysteries behind them.
Mysteries will keep unraveling..
...and slowly all these
tales will turn into reality.
His highness,
if what we built wasn't commendable..
...then the British
wouldn't be after us.
You mean...the English are ignorant.
...and you two are smart
Have we ever built
anything before them?
An/abhatt invented 'Zero'
before the rest of the world.
Saint Kannad...discovered an
'Atom' before the rest of the world.
5,000 years ago,
Diamond was discovered in India.
And I reckon the British...
didn't even exist back then.
Your Highness, do you know..
...why fain/tales
don't turn into reality?
Because in a haste to grow up..
...we forget to think like kids.
Man shall fly... an air-plane shall fly.
We just need your help
to turn this tale into reality.
And yes...we're not stupid.
Just a little eccentric.
How much money do
these eccentrics need?
"Bless me with your grace."
"Lord smiles through your face."
"A stone turns into
a gem at your place."
"With your mere touch
you change people's fates"
"You are a saint with Godly traitsq"
"Cannons will be fired...in our honor."
"And those cannons will be official"
"Cannons will be fired...in our honor."
"Those cannons will be official"
"Someday our faces..."
"will be printed on
a postal stamp, for real"
"will be printed on
a postal stamp, for real"
"You and only you"
"You are the pen as well
as the ink in which it is dipped"
"You are the alphabet
as well as the script)"
"You are the kingdom as well its king"
"You are benevolent, as well as cruel"
"You are free as well as like
a bird which has lost its wing"
"You're the punishment
and the relief."
"You are happiness as well as grief"
"You are the whole
army as well as its chief"
"Along with the Sun we
will enjoy biscuits and bun)"
"Moon will also get addicted
to Cutting chai coz it will be fun)"
"From the shelf of the
sky...we'll pick some stars."
"Turning them into lanterns"
"...we shall hang them on our door"
"Wear the goggles
of dreams on your eyes"
"The world will become
a miraculous place, it's a deal"
"Wear the goggles
of dreams on your eyes"
"The world will become a
miraculous place, it's a deal)"
"Someday our faces..."
"...will be printed on
a postal stamp, for real"
"Bless me with your grace."
"Lord smiles through your face."
"A stone turns into
a gem at your place."
"...will be printed on
a postal stamp, for real"
"With your mere touch
you change people's fates"
"You are a saint with Godly traits."
"...will be printed on
a postal stamp, for real"
Move. Move...what's going on?
It's not a bomb,
it's a flying machine.
That's what my sources have told me.
And that too, based on the Vedas.
That's what my sources
have told me, sir.
Wilson...l believe
you're up for promotion.
And if my sources are right,
be prepared for a transfer.
Sir...monkeys cannot make machines.
At least not without metal.
Let me see how will the plane fly...?
No one will sell metal to us.
No shopkeeper or any junk-seller.
A monkey can stop jumping around..
...but the British will
never stop interfering.
How will I build the wings now?
With my..
- Let's use wood?
Who are you writing to? Your mother?
Why don't you ever post it?
I told you 'Wood'.
Don't worn].
I'll post it when the time's right.
Whenever I talk to him..
...It feels like I
am talking to a mirror.
Me as well...
I couldn't say anything either.
Come on,
we'll make the wings out of wood.
We made it of wood the last time.
But it broke under the weight.
What do I do with the king's money?
The British never learn,
so we won't either.
No one will sell metal to you..
...but, they will certainly
tender you coins.
Sir, it's considered sacred.
Melting it would be a sin. - I know.
I will be the sinner.
Make it in this shape.
It'll be done!
Give the young man first.
- No, no.
Sir, guests are like God.
If you don't eat,
then I'll be the sinner for sure.
Go on.
I'll eat.
But first...do you go to school?
She's in class 2.
What's your name?
- Sitara.
Recite the bird poem for him.
Collecting little by little.
She delicately makes her nest.
Smiles through winters,
summers and rains.
Smiles in even] test.
Sitara Devi...l finished building it.
It's ready.
When I pour gasoline...
the engine will start to roar.
And this thing will churn around,
cutting through the wind.
And due the air pressure,
the air-plane..
...will fly up in the air.
Everyone shall applaud .
But I didn't come
here to tell you that?
I came here to say that...
I feel scared.
Very scared .
This time when you come
back I won't let you leave.
Can't you come back?
Come back!
Come back!
What are you wearing, Mr. Shastnj.
Wear this green coat today.
I'll wear that the clay
I'll take-off in the air-plane.
Or the day I fly off myself.
This one's fine for today.
Come on.
What happened?
Will it fly high enough so that.
...Sitara can watch it from anywhere?
Hey...You said so.
At 10:22...the sunrays will
make a 48 degree triangle.
...and the gasoline
will boil in the engine.
The air-plane will
fly...at exactly 10:22.
On that note...say cheese!
Glory to..
- Tilak!
Glory to..
- Tilak!
Glory to..
- Tilak!
Glory to..
- Mother India!
- Yes.
I heard an air-plane's
going to fly here.
Did you see it?
Hope it didn't take-off yet?
You're here to see our air-plane?
No...to witness the
first flight of freedom.
Sir, why do you think the
Viceroy called us here?
I'm very sure it's
about those two Indians.
I warned you about them.
Good morning, your highness.
Still biter..
- Do you know why, Governor?
India is a poor land
of uneducated tribal's..
...and snake charmers and Sadhus.
In colonizing, it is we..
...who have done them a favor.
It's taken us years to
paint that image in the west.
And if a news like this gets out now..
...that image will be shattered.
It seems to me,
that right under your bloody noses...
...these Indians have been building..
...some kind of flying machine.
And what have you been doing?
put him behind bars immediately.
And what?
Make him into a national hero?
You need to be clever,
but I want that book.
I want my tea to taste sweet.
Give me the number six spanner.
Kaka, the number six spanner.
Shastn/ Ji,
I can handle this simple machine.
But you take charge
of that complex one.
I wonder what he's doing.
-Skate! Skate!-
Shivy! Two tickets for Kolkata.
Tagore's called for us.
He wants to honor us.
Shivy...tell me something.
Are you sure...it was her.
Narayan, are you finished yet?
Hurry up... We've to go
find an aunt for your uncle.
For the wedding you'll
need money, sir.
Two rupees...is that
what they are paying for..
The Star Inventor!
A National Hero, is it?
What do you say to 5000 rupees..
...with a single stroke of the pen.
I need the book.
And I think...right now
you need something to eat.
Too hot.
Hot means steaming
hot...or hot means spicy.
Miser Englishmen.
They make a single
word do the work of two!
But thankfully, we've two words.
You choose one, yes or no!
Mr. Shastnj, 6000 is the
absolute limit I can offer you.
The most I can offer you is this.
I will take it, but the Viceroy
won't take no for an answer.
Othervvise...He'll make
your life the way you like it.
Hot and spicy.
Good day to you, Mr. Shastnj.
Good day, sir.
Shivy...a simple machine..
...tightened the noose
around their neck.
When we really fly on a plane..
...then they will..
Freak out in their rants
and leak out in their pants!
Don't let this chance go by.
Or you will be fixing
machines all your life like me.
-Where's Skate'?-
One star sets and the other rises.
That's the tradition here.
-Where's Skate'?-
It's easier to find
the address of clouds.
A particular lane...or an area maybe.
But dance girls are difficult to find.
-Where's Skate'?-
The day she stopped performing...
we bid her farewell.
Come on, Champa. Your entry.
6/17...Patil Chowk. Dadar
"I offer my life to you."
"I offer my life to you."
"I offer my life to you."
"I don't know anything
else as a prayer?"
O naive heart...what's befallen you?
Haven't got rid of the habit
of climbing through windows?
You never made a relation
that allowed me through the door.
Why did you leave?
You had fallen in love with me.
Wanted to marn/ me.
And you?
It may be easier to bind water.
But dance girls don't get married...
So why did you come back that day?
That wasn't the first day...you
just spotted me that day.
I noticed you many times.
...In the market with Shastn/ ji.
I even stood under your window.
- Why didn't you come up?
I couldn't climb up pipes, like you,
Maybe dance girls don't,
but cotton-cleaners do get married.
Marry him.
I am not beautiful anymore.
You never were.
Marry him.
I no longer have the same grace,
or attitude.
Marry him.
I am neck-deep in debt.
- Marry him.
You built an air-plane.
- Marry him.
The first one in the world.
- Marry him.
Your pictures get
published in the papers.
I will leave everything.
Marry me.
Marry me.
-Skate 11...-
Can I get some more time?
I've run out of pages of my ledger..
...but you don't seem to
run out of time to repay my debt.
You say you don't have money.
And here you are..
- Brother..
Hands to yourself.
- Old flame?
I am not new to her either.
Didn't you tell him?
Unpaid rent for three years.
Food, clothing...etcetera.
Women are expensive to maintain.
Fine. You don't have money, right?
So...how about doing
me some favor too.
Just tell me the figures.
4,332 rupees is the principal.
You can add up the
interest on your own!
It happens.
It often happens.
And then...l am not different
enough to escape this fate.
I had to trust someone.
Don't be sad.
I didn't feel offended.
I am also human after all.
Shedding tears are normal.
So much money...
Naru, where's Shashtri ji?
He left in the morning
wearing his green English coat.
I thought.
'I will wear this the day
I take off in the air-plane.'
'Or the day...l fly myself.'
Shastn/ ji?
My friend, my guru, my teacher..
He believed in me when
Even I didn't believe in myself.
And do you know what I did?
I shattered his faith.
I stole his book which
was dearer to him than his life.
And killed a man...
...who gave me my identity.
I am a murderer.
I am a murderer.
I am a murderer.
I am a murderer.
I am a murderer.
Why did you come here?
Don't you know I am a thief?
Go. Go home now!
You did it for me, Shivy.
I am the murderer, not you.
What did you bring?
- Nothing.
What's written on that paper?
That your uncle is a murderer.
I brought offerings for you.
And that will happen..
...only when you fulfill
Shastn/ ji's dreams.
Shastn/ Ji said,
"Never leave your uncle,
Don't ever leave him".
"Am I your Shivy, right?"
'l need you.'
Shivy, you will have
to build the airplane.
For me...for yourself.
-For Shasky '31.-
'At any cost,
you will have to do this.'
Tell your uncle,
on 7th November at 9:24 am..
...the winds will blow from the sea.
The airplane shall fly.
And this is my third condition.
"From the hunter's clutches..."
"Beyond the cage and its crutches"
"From the hunter's clutches..."
"Beyond the cage and its crutches"
"He'll flap his wings
and soar into the sky."
"He'll flap his wings
and soar into the sky."
"Across the clouds, and fast
like the lightening, it will go high"
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
'The day it's your turn to fly,
this coin will definitely fly alone.'
"Sharpen your all your weapons."
"Sharpen your all your weapons."
"We'll live our dreams too."
"We'll shape it with hard work."
"We'll live our dreams too."
"We'll shape it with hard work."
"You're one in a million."
"You're one in a million."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
I am sure it's not gasoline.
Out of money and no clue of the fuel.
Whether I make this airplane or not..
...But I will definitely
make a new record for failing.
Are you asleep?
With your glasses on?
Dreams seem clearer.
What are you thinking?
Building a toy is one thing..
...but building a real
airplane is different.
And making it fly.
I mean...a person will sit in it.
So the weight will be double.
How can gasoline make it fly?
A mouse can run on peanuts,
but not an elephant.
So...how will this fly?
You don't know.
But there must be someone..
...who knows what fuel
will this plane use?
You're correct.
Shastn/ ji often
used to mention a name..
Charu Saraswati!
Charu Ji.
Charu Ji.
If you want fuel, then you'll
have to answer my five questions.
...In the opposite way.
Not wrong, but opposite.
If you answer any question correctly,
I will leave.
First question?
What's essential
for humans to survive?
Air or water?
What hurts the most?
Lies or humiliation?
What is more frightful?
Death or poverty?
Your fifth question is?
No, it's the fourth, not fifth?
You lost?
- How?
You gave the right answer.
This is cheating.
Absolutely unfair.
Mr. Shastn/ respected you, and..
- You? Shivy?
Shastn/ had told me that
you will definitely come.
He said you will unravel
the mysteries that he couldn't.
I could never understand.
Whether he loved you
or believed in you more.
Are you his son?
A useless son of a talented father.
Even I don't know the solutions, son.
The scriptures only have questions,
not answers.
The answers lie within us.
It flows...but it's not water.
It shines...but it's not silver.
4121...the fuel.
Go...fly your airplane!
Fly your airplane!
Fly your airplane!
Go. Fly your airplane!
Fly your airplane!
-Kaka. Skate Devi.-
Happy Dussera.
- Happy Dussera.
So poor Ravan's been killed.
Your Kaka doesn't know..
...that Ravan is slain, not killed.
Naru, hand me that hammer.
No hammer, just gold.
Happy Dussera.
It looks amazing, Kaka.
Our airplane will look like this.
Your Sitara Devi doesn't know..
...one needs lots of
gold to build an airplane.
The real one, not fake.
You stole it?
Sitara Devi, doesn't
your Shivy know..
...taking something from
your own house, isn't stealing.
I'll knock some sense into you.
Shastn/ Ji's airplane won't
be built with filthy money.
Then how will we build it, Kaka?
Using some old pans...
and some old acquaintances!
I am Shivkar Talpade.
Go on.
- And I am Narayan Talpade.
We're about to build
the world's first airplane..
...and humans can fly in it.
We politely request you
to lend us all the help you can.
Come on.
- Oh yeah!
- Yeah.
Humans will fly!
- Yes.
Go find someone else.
I am Shivkar Talpade.
- And I am Narayan Talpade.
We're about to build the world's first
airplane and humans can fly in it.
I am Shivkar Talpade.
I am Shivkar Talpade.
- Aunty..
Trying to cast a new spell or what?
I have just a few days till 7th.
It's now...or never.
What's so special with 7th November?
Shastn/ ji's experience and knowledge.
The day...the time...high-tide, low-tide..
Speed of air, moisture...
It's not that easy
to understand all that.
For that,
one needs to understand the universe.
And Shastry ji was an expert at that.
Not me!
Building an airplane
is not my cup of tea.
I don't know whether it is or not?
But I've heard that a man in love..
...often does things beyond his limits.
Don't expect anything anymore.
Neither money or nor praise.
Your airplane's has pricked
the eyes of the British.
Come on, your highness,
the tiger's waiting.
Just a minute, sir.
I am an enslaved king
of an enslaved country.
I've to hunt down the
tigers of my own jungle..
...only for the sake
of their happiness.
Not sure if history will forgive me...
...but you please find
the head to forgive me.
Best of luck!
"Bless me with your grace."
"You're my benefactor
on this journey."
"You can turn stones into diamonds."
Won't fly.
Our airplane will never fly.
Let's do one thing.
Let's pick a chit.
Shastn/ ji was right.
Our fate's gone out for a stroll.
Leave it. It will be the
opposite of what is written here.
It Will fly!
Which means I chose 'It won't fly'.
Our airplane will never fly.
It Will.
My dear friend,
since you build your airplane..
...You forgot all
about your old friends.
And I heard that...you're
building a big airplane.
No, Khan Sahib. I tried my best.
And now I've run out of
all my money and my courage.
What are you saying?
Then you will have
to come home with me.
My 6 year old son keeps
telling his school friends..
...that his father used to play
in the band with Shivkar Talpade.
You're his hero.
And I don't have the
courage to tell him..
...that his hero's
lost all his courage.
You only tell him if you can.
You don't know, but..
You're the only free Indian
of this enslaved country. Only one.
You're the one who
gives us courage, hope.
Of an independent tomorrow.
You will have to fly. For us.
For the workers that
toil in the mills.
The labors that build bridges.
For the arms that pull the rickshaw.
For we lndians...you will have to fly.
How, Khan Sir? This is all I have.
Will the airplane fly with this?
- It will.
Your airplane will definitely fly.
The entire neighbourhood
saved this...for Haj.
Go fly your airplane.
We'll consider our Haj done.
And if that's not enough,
then take this too.
We poor people have a big heart
Will you fly your airplane now?
- Of course he will.
Want to bet 50 paise on it?
Atleast now raise your
standard to a rupee bet.
"Your prayers..."
"Your prayers..."
"Your prayers..."
"Your prayers..."
"I bowed,
I kneeled...l even prayed secretly."
"I bowed,
I kneeled...l even prayed secretly."
"I stopped and prayed."
"I knelt and prayed."
"The nomad in me has
surrendered to you..."
"The nomad in me has
surrendered to you..."
"No sense of dying."
"No sense of dying."
"No sense of dying...nor of living."
"The nomad in me has
surrendered to you..."
"With hope can/ed on my tools..."
"With hope can/ed on my tools..."
"I have put pans
of my dreams onto it..."
"I have put pans
of my dreams onto it..."
"This simple wood needs
to travel the world..."
"This simple wood needs"
to travel the world...
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"Now these wings cannot be stopped."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
"The swan will fly away alone..."
Accounts! Accounts! Accounts!
I need to finish these accounts today.
Gokhle. Where's Gokhle?
What's this?
What's this?
Look, Narayan...no airplane
can fly without fuel.
Your uncle is crazy.
And you're even
crazier to believe him.
You might be crazy.
My uncle is not crazy.
He's not!
My uncle is not crazy.
Forget it, Mohan.
He's just a kid.
No, father.
You can live without your son..
But not me.
I can't live without him.
I can't live without him.
You want promotion, don't you?
I have a piece of information.
Naru...l know what's 4121..
F for four F for fodder.
1 plus -2- makes 12.
An animal with 12 horns.
When the animal would eat this fodder,
he will poop put the fuel.
Kaka, everything's a joke for you.
no matter what you do in life..
Be a Doctor, Lawyer..
But don't ever on].
You know why?
Crying doesn't change anything.
Look at me.
The teacher chucked me out..
...and I left with a smile.
I found Sitara...and I smiled.
Father threw me out of the house,
and I still smiled.
Shastn/ ji said "Let's fly"..
...and I still smiled.
I even built an airplane. Smiled.
There was just one
time I didn't smile.
When Shastn/ ji passed away.
I cried.
But...did that change a thing?
That's why I say...smile!
Laugh aloud..
- Uncle..
- Come.
But Kaka, fuel?
- We'll figure something out.
Uncle, we have just two days.
Come on.
Children, this is our Solar Sysem.
What is it called?
- Solar System.
Very good.
In the centre we have the Sun.
And the first planet...
is called Mercury, which is..
Different names in
Physics and Chemistry.
Physics and Chemistry?
Who's this learned chap?
Me Shivkar Govind Talpade.
An old scholar of your class.
- So...it's you.
So the plane flew?
Class 4...8 times fail.
He'll fly an airplane...
build a flying ship.
Young man, if you're that smart.
...then why don't you
explain this to the kids?
'Buddh' in Physics and,
in Chemistry. - Uncle.
You see 4121 everywhere.
Naru...this isn't 4121 it's..
Oh yes, Para (Mercury)
in hindi looks like 4121 .
We just needed to add on top line.
We found the fuel.
Kaka, it shines..
- But it's not silver.
It flows.. - But not water.
The mixture of metal
and chemical, mercury.
Will our airplane fly now?
- Of course.
No it won't.
Don't move.
But why?
- You're under arrest.
Don't worry...the airplane will fly.
You will find mercury
in the thermometer.
I heard, but I couldn't believe it.
That someone flew an airplane.
...or that your useless
son flew an airplane.
Although it's late,
but I still came to congratulate you.
Govind Shambhu Talpade.
Do you know why I made it this far?
Because of you.
For I am like you.
Would you like to say
something in your defense?
Your Honor, there's just one thing..
...I want to say to your Britishers.
Thank you.
Thank you for arresting me.
Thank you for bringing me here.
And thank you for filing
this case against me.
Because if you hadn't done this..
...I wouldn't have
reached out to my people.
Thank you...for bringing me close...
...to my people.
Flying an airplane
seemed like a fairytale.
I had lost all hope.
But today,
after seeing all these people..
...I've made up my mind.
Humans will fly.
So thank you...for mending
my broken courage.
Friends, there's just
one thing I want to say to you.
These Britishers
can steal our slumber..
...but not our dreams.
When I fly my airplane, and..
You will hear just one
voice in the engine's rattle.
Vande Mataram!
Sir...l am no freedom fighter.
But...for giving me the opportunity.
...to say Vande Mataram
in front of all my people..
Thank you!
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram!
Friend...our paths maybe separate,
but our destination is the same.
Tomorrow, everyone will hear
just one voice in engine's rattle.
Ne-re free.'
Vande Mataram!
Tonight's the last night,
tomorrow the final goodbye.
Without me?
It's suicide.
I don't know how to stop,
turn or land.
It's an unsolvable maze.
So why don't you just jump down?
Death in any case.
I am already burdened
for murdering Mr. Shastnj.
Don't want to be
responsible for yours.
You fulfilled my
third condition.
...and now you don't
want your reward?
I know you want me to come with you.
No, I don't want you to come.
You want it.
- No.
If you didn't...then why
would you put two chairs in it?
- Yes..
Speak up.
No reason!
Kaka...say cheese!
Hey our Newton.
Will that Chatterjee
from the police station..
...come down to click our picture?
It's automatic, uncle.
- How?
Well, I've put in a small
piece of cotton in the camera.
And poured two drops of water.
As soon as the cotton gets wet,
it will go heavier..
...the button will get
pressed automatically.
And take our picture.
Look ahead.
Kaka, what's inside?
- Letters, for my mother.
at 9:24 am your Kaka will fly away.
Don't stay asleep.
Narayan...your father's
furious, hurry up.
Mother, I'll be there, you go.
- Come on.
Are you really going tomorrow?
You will never come back?
Good for you.
At least you will be free.
Don't worn] about Narayan.
I'll appoint a tutor for him.
I'll take care of mother, father...
You just go.
Choose one.
Come on choose.
You lost again.
Don't lose tomorrow, Shivy.
Don't lose tomorrow, Shivy.
Don't lose tomorrow.
Make India proud!
'I will wear this the
day...l take off in an airplane.'
"With a bag full of memories..."
"And a trunk stuffed with love..."
"Turned the key,
seatbelts fastened..."
"Turned the key,
seatbelts fastened..."
"Time to go kiss the moon."
"The swan will fly away alone.."
"The swan will fly away alone.."
Go quietly.
Where are you going
so early in the morning?
I told you not to.
- But, father..
You won't listen, will you?
You won't listen...
Dawn comes everyday. .
...but airplanes don't fly even] day.
You will definitely go watch
the airplane fly today, Narayan.
Let go!
We shall salute you rather.
My dear friend, before you
become the world's first flying man.
Won't you give me an autograph?
Sir. Sir!
Shiv's escaped.
He's escaped from jail.
Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
He's escaped, sir. He's escaped.
It will end the way...it all started.
In the middle of the clouds.
Hold me tight, don't be shy.
Do you remember your lines?
I am love with you, Shakuntala.
Let's go far away.