Haymaker (2021) Movie Script

He can be saved by the bell in
the last round. Eight seconds left!
Just so many right hands
one man can take.
It's a bloodbath.
He may think he has him.
- Wow!
-He's not getting up, Jake!
He's not getting up!
No! He's been knocked out.
A sensational right hand K.O.
of the undefeated champion!
Let's look alive, gentlemen.
They pay the bills,
so be polite.
- Whatever.
- Copy that.
I owe you a drink.
You don't.
I could use one.
You want ice or something?
I'm okay.
Do you want a job?
What kind of job?
A fun one.
What do I gotta do?
Protect me.
From who?
Only my adoring fans.
Forty-five an hour okay?
Call me so I have your number.
Nomi. That's your name?
What kind of name is that?
What kind of phone is that?
I'll text you
when I need you, okay?
Or you can call me.
Why would I do that?
I don't know...
Maybe you get lonely.
I do.
My daughter is still undefeated.
My... My oldest,
remember I told you about her?
You must be proud.
She's a winner,
like her old man.
But you know, her weight class,
most of the boys don't even have
hair on their coin purses yet.
But still...
Three years undefeated,
boy, girl, nobody.
High school wrestling,
of all things.
You know, uh,
the guy you worked up,
he's not a friend of mine.
But he's a friend
of this place. So...
We gotta part company.
Professionally speaking,
that is.
It's your severance.
I respect you.
That's why we're having
this drink, you understand?
I bet you she loses.
That's a tough bet.
That's a tough bet.
I got one for you.
I bet you never fight
in the ring again.
What about that?
You'd take that bet?
Let me know when you
lace 'em up again, kid.
You used to be something to see.
Yo, Nick.
Hey, don't forget
about Thailand in December.
- He ain't coming.
- It's a shame.
Come on.
You're better than that, Max.
Help, Uncle Nicky.
Please, help. Please, help.
All right, ladies. Breakfast.
- Who wants juice?
- Me.
All right.
Maybe you should take some time
before you, uh,
jump on to another night crew.
Get back in the gym, even.
To teach, I didn't say fight.
I got nothing to prove.
I know you don't...
Do you?
Oh, karaoke.
I don't like karaoke.
- We hate it.
- It's the worst.
Although you sang a lot of Sade.
I always get everyone
so depressed.
Like, I'm the worst
to take to karaoke.
- I'll see you. Call me.
- Yeah, I'll message you, yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Are you gonna stalk me
like some creep, or walk
with me like a gentleman?
- Fuck that motherfucker.
- I know.
Aw, beautiful.
Mmm. Look at this.
- Wow, marry me.
- Oh shit, sweetie!
Let me have your phone number.
Aren't you gonna say something?
They're harmless.
I guess.
You're hurting me.
I-I'm coming from
a place of love,
why do you gotta hate?
-I'm just...
I'm trying to show my love.
What is it you think
I do, exactly?
I don't know, some type of art.
- Where are you from?
- The Bronx.
Ah yes, I figured that.
You from around here?
I am from far, far away.
Bay Ridge.
A Nuyorican.
You know that guy you beat up
in the club the other night?
What about him?
He wasn't my boyfriend
or anything.
What do I care?
He deserved what you did to him.
I live here.
- This is your place?
- Yeah.
You must love what you do.
Fulfill fantasies?
Who wouldn't?
Where did you get this jacket?
I don't remember.
Give it to me.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
This is the man
I was telling you about.
Nick Molloy.
She says Irish.
The good half.
That's what my old man
used to tell me.
Give us a minute.
Who's this?
Where we going?
Can't you adjust to
your surroundings or whatever?
Like a ninja?
I'm going to work.
Is this your car?
Shut up.
This car is, like, brand new.
- Yeah I built it up from junk.
- You built this?
I didn't build it,
but I fixed it.
Took me about five years.
Ten, to be exact.
I got kicked out
of high school so I went to
trade school instead.
I was also kicked out
of high school.
That's not how it works.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm here for a session
with Logan.
- What's your name?
- Nomi.
I'm getting no answer.
I just ordered them
a bunch of food, though,
so I know they're there.
- Just head on back.
- Okay.
Wait for me here, yeah?
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'll be right back.
Turn me up a little in there.
Gorilla, uh
I stare death in the eyeball
Walk through your crib
Smack your pops
right through the drywall
Pussy, what the fuck
is you crying for?
These bars are raised
Hell melt the heavens
and make the sky fall
Shoot up your block
and drive off...
- Oh hey, Nomi, what's up, boo?
- How are you?
What's going on?
You ready for these hooks?
Your manager didn't call you?
About what?
- You know this...
- No track?
Nah, this dude,
I don't really know about him.
- He made a couple of comments.
- My manager?
What the fuck is this?
Got any sports magazines here?
That's all we got.
Yo, what is this?
Come on,
let me talk to you real quick.
- Ain't nothing
to talk about, man.
- Come on, come on.
Matter of fact,
I'm glad this freak is here
so I can tell them
to their fucking face.
Tell me what?
You wanna be on my hit list?
Why you so mad?
Yo you better watch
your mother fucking mouth.
Or what? What are you gonna do?
Or I'm gonna smack
the shit out of you.
What happened?
- What happened?
- Where were you?
You told me to sit...
So you just do
whatever the fuck I say?
- Yeah, I guess I do...
- Just shut up.
Here, for parking.
Take it!
Go home.
Hey, look what you
catch right here.
All right,
what are we looking at?
Let's get back to work.
Or go home.
I had to see this to believe it.
Everything how you remember it?
I've been meaning
to come by for a while now.
So how have you been?
- I've been good.
- Bullshit.
It's good to see you, Nick.
You busy?
If you're asking
if I want to get ditched again,
the answer is no.
I'm sorry, okay.
Are you free?
Let me see you.
- No.
- Come on.
They're too tight.
It's a European fit.
- Let me in.
- No.
Now you have to come out.
What am I doing here?
You need a base.
You'll burn to a crisp in LA
if you don't get some sun.
Besides, it's the beach,
who doesn't love the beach?
Hey, it's not like
I'm asking you to turn around
and touch your toes.
Come on, we're losing prime sun.
You know the sun's
not that good for you, right?
I proposed here once.
What'd she say?
Tell me everything.
What do you wanna know?
She was nice, she was pretty.
We used to work together.
So what happened?
It fell apart
after I lost a fight.
I heard you were pretty good.
I don't remember losing.
I hear it sometimes.
The thing is, I don't know
if it's a memory or a dream.
So she was a fair-weather fan.
Nah, she was cool.
I hurt her.
Her feelings.
The end.
Or the beginning.
How're you doing over there?
You like those?
Try them on.
Do you have them
in a 10 and a half?
Can I have a minute?
Please take your time.
I may have screwed up.
They only have one room
for both of us.
Take me to dinner tonight.
We're going to dinner tonight.
Before my show, on me.
But I got to see
some people first.
And I'm gonna go alone,
all right?
You sure you don't need me?
Definitely not.
Meet me at Jean-Jacques
at 10:00.
- P.M.?
- Yes.
- For dinner?
- I got you something
to wear to the pool,
they're in that bag
in my luggage.
And I'll see you later, okay?
Hold on to your heart,
my love
When we're far apart,
my love...
This place looks expensive.
Only the best.
Can I get you
sparkling or still water?
Sparkling, please.
Those shoes had zero grip.
Where are the ones I bought?
I need to be able to
plant my feet.
It was like standing on ice.
Can I get you two
something to drink
other than water?
I'll have champagne.
Nothing for him.
He's working.
Very well, miss.
I brought the shoes.
I checked them up front,
want me to go get them?
Unbutton that top button.
Oh, whatever you do,
my love
Hold on to your heart
I like that groove
Make me the way that I do
It was once upon a time
I was yours and you were mine
But that came to an end
so long ago
Underneath my veil again
Can no longer pretend
That I can't see you
on your way back home
I still see you
in that kind of glow
It's all that you would know
It's all that you would know
I still hear you
In my lullabies
And when I close my eyes
I see you like a ghost
Like a ghost
Like a ghost
Do you feel it, too?
Or am I just playing?
Is it haunting you?
Do you miss my lovin'
Living my life to the limit
Giving my love to the limit
Living my life to the limit
Giving it up
Reaching for the stars
Reaching for the stars.
Let's have a toast.
Please, in the eyes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Nomi, my dear,
where have you been
all this time?
We miss you.
Come, and are you
enjoying your life?
The new life I made for you?
Is this the Nomi that
burned down the Malibu house?
was an accident.
Yes, a very,
very expensive accident.
What did you promise?
We've all heard this story.
I have another one.
Spill it.
You owe me big time.
Time to go.
Nomi. Who is he?
So you add a bodyguard
to your trunk of rented clothes.
Very clever, very clever.
I'll drink to that.
- Hope you enjoyed the show.
- Nomi.
Nick, what are you doing?
We can't leave. That man is
the reason why I'm here.
You had too much to drink.
Get off me. Get off me!
What do you expect me to be?
I'm not like other girls, okay?
I don't just get things
handed to me.
You really think
after all this time, that
what I needed was a babysitter?
You're even more clueless
than I thought.
What do you want from me?
I can't be something
that I'm not, okay?
So that doesn't work for you.
Let's go.
I need you to come unzip me.
- What's up?
- Hey, there he is.
Who do you like?
If I had to pick, red.
She's clever.
Setting something up.
How's the gig?
I don't know.
Yes, you do.
It's good.
You're getting paid, right?
I guess I am.
Come on.
You're a Bronx boy
your whole life,
now you're getting paid
to see the world.
I'd say
that's pretty goddamn good.
Fuck everyone else.
Oh, hell no.
I can't with these promoters.
Oh, my God!
Nomi, introduce me.
This is my shadow,
Nicky "Mitts" Malloy.
All right, let's hit it.
I said, how are y'all
feeling out there?
All right.
I ain't never
gonna let you go
You're the dream
I'm the queen,
Baby, now I know you're a savage
Ooh, let's go, let's go.
Come on, guys.
How about that?
- For what?
- For Nomi.
- Absolutely.
- Ah.
What was your walkout song?
That's what it's called, right?
The song they play
when you walk out to the ring.
It was different every time.
Usually slow songs.
Slow songs? Why?
You just wanna hype the crowd?
Calm before the storm.
I can't believe I haven't
seen you my whole life.
I know.
I love all these
Latinos in Greece.
So what time is your show?
- Uh, probably like
10:00 or 11:00.
Oh, cool.
It's like a stadium show, so...
- Oh! Yes, yes.
- Come and check it out.
- Tomorrow, please, tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Can you pay me what you owe me
for this week? Minus yesterday.
- Where are you going?
- I quit.
Nick, you can't go.
You don't need me.
Hell, you don't need anyone.
Just say it.
Say what?
Okay, I want you to stay, okay?
Maybe I don't need you.
Is this really
the life you want?
Moving from place to place
and person to person?
With nobody? Nothing?
No home?
I'll never have the life
that I want.
No one will.
Hi, can you get me to Thailand?
More power! Okay?
More power! Go!
Hey, Farang!
- Any advice?
- Yes.
Go home.
All the best for tonight.
- Have fun please.
- Thank you.
We really hope you have fun.
Hola, Mexico City.
It's obvious that we have
so much to do
Whatever you do just
please don't make me wonder
Please don't make me cry
No, no, no
All of this is
something strange
You know better,
make it feel right
No no please don't
make me worry
No no please don't
make me sad
No, no, no
No, no, no, no
You know better,
make it feel right
Thank you.
Bravo, Nomi,
bravo, bravo, bravo.
Thank you so much.
I'm seeing things.
- Miss me?
- Yes!
Better late than never.
Hey there, guys,
I'm here with the former champ
Brett "The Threat" Hlavacek.
He has been living and training
in Bangkok
for the past two months.
- How are you doing, Brett?
- Doing great, thanks for asking.
I'm here with
some old teammates,
we're watching
a night of fights,
life's all right.
Now your last fight,
you put in a great performance
against an up-and-coming
young fighter.
When can we see you
in the ring again?
As soon as possible.
This is
Tiger Radio One
in Bangkok on 104.1
Rice and ketchup.
Is that a thing?
No, I wasn't eating
rice and ketchup.
It's a cheap immigrant
family type.
- Yeah, wow!
- Spanish people do it.
No, no honestly, yeah.
Even Asians.
- There's more beer.
- Yeah.
- Dip it in sauce.
- I'm a no-sauce guy.
All right, guys,
let's do some drinking.
All righty.
All right, let's go.
Let's do it again.
You know we got a train
in the morning, right?
Yeah, I do, actually. Yeah.
Bring it back.
Not again.
- Yeah.
- No, not again.
This is Tiger Radio One
in Bangkok on 104.1.
Nick, where are you
going buddy? Nick.
All right, you guys.
I hate you.
Hi, you've reached Nomi.
Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Hey, it's Nick.
I've been getting some good sun.
Called to tell you about it.
Hope you got home okay.
I've been getting some good sun.
Called to tell you that.
Got these for the boys.
That's great.
Welcome home.
You got an offer.
For what?
A fight, tough nuts.
What do you think?
Who knows I've been training?
I didn't say a word.
Come on, you fuck.
So put that jab out there.
What're you, punching him
in the tits?
Come on.
Hands up.
There it is.
Right on that front leg.
All right, stop.
What're you,
telegraphing that switch?
I can see it a mile away.
Can't be doing that, right?
I don't wanna see you
picking that foot up, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? You know this, right?
- All right.
Don't let him get away
with that, Walter.
Oh, sorry honey.
Gym is closed.
Does it look like
I'm here to fight?
It's cool.
What's up?
- Are you Nomi?
- Yeah.
So you're that boy.
The one that's been
hanging around my daughter.
You know, when my mother...
When I was pregnant,
my mother knew
I was gonna have a girl.
She told me that baby
is gonna show you
the real meaning of life.
So when Nomi was born,
I knew she was that baby.
You see, I know my kid.
I tried to teach her
how to survive here,
how to keep herself from
being hurt from men
that would do anything...
to get what they want from her.
I did the best I could.
Nomi's a tough cookie.
Maybe too tough.
There's no such thing.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Hey, Irish...
wanna know what the key to
a woman's heart is?
Be there.
I'm actually a whole bunch of
different European races.
Whatever, baby.
I'm not allowed to
answer the door.
Hi, is uh... Nick home?
I just came to wish him luck.
Do you know who I am?
Yeah, that's a bad idea.
What? Wishing him luck
or... me in general?
It's superstition.
I'll tell him you stopped by,
but after the fight. How's that?
Boys are ridiculous.
Who was that?
How's your weight?
I'm two pounds over.
Who was it?
What are you doing here?
I... just came to make sure
you're staying out of trouble.
You look good.
Thanks, so do you.
Flattery will not work.
You cannot have your job back.
I shouldn't have left
like I did.
Yeah, we... We both did things
we shouldn't have done.
I heard you came to the wake.
I'm sorry.
She wasn't in any pain, so...
Anyway, I brought you something.
There is a track
on this flash drive
that I think is
the perfect walkout song.
Do you wanna come?
I leave tomorrow
to South America,
I have like,
a full month of shows.
Flying on the red eye.
I'm bad luck anyway, right?
That's what your boy
just told me.
Yeah, you probably wouldn't
have liked it anyway.
I should pack.
I haven't even done it and...
I... Yeah, I should go.
I'll see you.
You can call me if you want.
Why would I do that?
You get lonely?
Do you?
All the time.
Okay go. I hate goodbyes.
You don't have to win.
I know.
Where the hell is this boy?
Gee, Nicky.
Glad you could make it.
It's called fashionably late.
How about we get you
fashionably taped?
You're good?
- Great.
- All right, warm up.
Thanks, Mack.
For what?
Never giving up on me.
Yeah, well it ain't over
till it is.
What do you say?
Gonna do this thing?
We live for this shit, Nicky.
It's time for five rounds of
full rules Muay Thai.
Introducing first...
fighting out of the red corner,
weighing in at 174 pounds,
fighting out of Rose Muay Thai
by way of Bronx, New York,
Nicky "Mitts" Malloy!
And in the blue corner,
weighing in at 171.5 pounds,
fighting out of Khongsittha
by way of Brooklyn, New York,
Brett, "The Threat" Hlavacek.
Remember what we worked on.
He's got a fat right hand,
he's got speed, he's got
that awkward timing crap.
But you've got me, all right?
Let's do this.
- You got this.
- Do your thing, Nicky,
bust him up.
Loser buys lunch tomorrow?
Lunch and drinks.
I'd shake, but...
Which terminal, ma'am?
- What's your name, sweetheart?
- John.
- We have a stop first, John.
- No problem.
I can't watch this.
What the fuck, ref?
Hands up, hands up.
This isn't anything
you haven't seen before.
Okay, Nicky,
you can't stomp a snake
with both feet
in the bucket, okay?
Relax. Breathe.
Seconds out.
Let's go.
Come on!
- How you doing bro? Good?
- You're okay?
Nick. Or the beginning.
Don't go.
I have a plane to catch.
One more night...
with me.
But only because I hate...