Hayseed (2022) Movie Script

[elegant music]
[music fades out]
[soft tense music]
[soft dramatic music]
Reverend Dowding?
[switch clicks]
[mixer whirring]
Hey, Joyce,
have you seen Reverend Dowding?
-[mixer whirring]
-[Joyce humming]
That's great. Thanks.
Hey, Bob,
have you seen the reverend?
-What's that?
-It's almost 5:00.
People are gonna start
getting here soon.
Have you seen Reverend Dowding?
-Nope. Not this morning.
Um, what about Duck or Don?
Duck got here before me.
Should be setting up
at the amphitheater.
-Okay. Thank you.
[soft suspenseful music]
Reverend Dowding?
[water running]
[water overflowing]
[funky music]
[radio commentator]
The Spartans opened
at minus three and a half,
but that got quickly
bet up a point
against the RedHawks
of Miami of Ohio.
Respected money has come in
heavily on at the Spartans.
Sparty has been one of the most
profitable teams
in the country,
boasting and against
the spread record of 5 and 1.
Most recently,
they covered last Saturday
as four-point favors
on the road at Rutgers.
However, they haven't found
much success in ball games.
Spartans have lost
and failed to cover
in three consecutive
postseason games.
[ad presenter on TV]
Flagstone Farm Credit has
served the Emmaus community
and their fellow Michiganders.
Go see why Mid Michigan trust...
Welcome to the Warbler's Nest.
...all their financial needs.
Building faith,
building loyalty.
Flagstone Farm Credit.
[news anchor]
Welcome back. More layoffs
after construction
spending fell again...
-[clears throat]
-...resulting in a steep
-decline of commercial projects.
-[mug thuds]
-How will this impact
Mid Michigan...
-[softly] Sorry.
Oh, uh, coffee?
-Oh. [clicks tongue]
You know what?
We actually can't do refills
unless it's a mug
from our place.
-Yeah. I'll grab you
some though.
-I got my own...
[news anchor]
But first, Emmaus mourns
the death of a beloved reverend
-after an accidental drowning
in the church baptismal pool.
-[coffee pouring]
Reverend Edgar Dowding,
an inspiring community leader
and a man of faith...
-Here you go.
-...was laid to rest in Emmaus
Cemetery yesterday afternoon.
Service at Emmaus Holy
has been suspended
until further notice.
[radio commentator]
It's been the opposite tune
for Miami of Ohio.
The RedHawks are 4-1 ATS
in their last five ball game,
including three straight covers.
Halfway through the year,
Michigan State has crept
into the national title talk
as they're now 9 to 1 to make
the College Football Playoff,
but still...
-[beeping alert]
-...a 75 to 1 long shot to win
the national championship.
The only positive
for the RedHawks
is that they are coming off...
[beeping continues]
What the hell is it?
Where are you?
I got you, mother...
Tracking device?
[exhales] Okay--
[indistinct chatter,
soft laughter]
[sighs in exasperation]
[sighs] Okay.
-[chatter continues]
-Uh, excuse me--
Kyle's trying to speak.
-How long is this
gonna take, Kyle?
-[Kyle] We're almost ready
-for you. We, we'd like to see
you all one by one.
Well, Katie's covering my shift.
She's an idiot.
-Hey, Kyle. Who's that?
-[Hobbins clears throat]
Well, that's
Investigator Hobbins.
-I thought
we were talking to you.
-Yeah, yeah, what is this?
-Some sort of bait and switch?
-Oh, no, no, no. [chuckles]
This is strictly a courtesy,
so the investigator here
can make his report.
I'm first.
[whimsical guitar music]
[exclaims softly, clears throat]
I'm, uh,
Investigator Leo Hobbins.
[papers rustling]
I'm conducting this interview
on behalf of my client--
Where is that thing?
On behalf of my client,
Greater Lakes Insurance.
We buried our reverend
only yesterday.
So I hope
your little investigation
won't cause no more pain
than is necessary.
Well, I'll do my best,
Mrs. Metts.
[chuckles] It's Joyce...
...and I'm unwed.
-[soft chuckle]
-So you're not police.
No. I'm a private investigator
with the deceased's
insurance company,
Well, look,
I don't know you from Adam,
-but I agreed
to come down here to speak...
-[Kyle] Thanks again, Don.
...because Kyle asked me nicely,
and I'm here for him.
So I'm gonna give you
the benefit of the doubt
that you're a decent man.
Phew. I'm all sweaty.
Um, so how long
is this gonna take?
-All right,
we're here with Benjamin--
-Uh, call me Duck.
Duck McIlrath.
Bob? Bob!
[claps] Bob!
Oh, w-- were you saying
-[Hobbins] Yes.
-You're gonna have to speak up.
Darlene Halsey...
...Emmaus Holy's secretary.
Uh, so you and the reverend
had a close
working relationship.
He trusted me.
Gave me a lot of responsibility.
Um, when I was, uh,
trying to afford junior college,
he gave me a job
when nobody else would.
Well, I idolized him.
Lord, we call upon you
this morning for your mercy...
I'm not supposed
to say it like that,
but you know what I mean.
He took a chance on me.
Gave me a place
where I felt needed.
Like I mattered.
He is...
...was an amazing person.
You're currently a member
of the Emmaus Holy congregation?
I've been to every Sunday
service since I was born.
...for the blessings
you've showered down upon us
this morning.
We ask that--
[sighs] We ask that you continue
to keep us in your care
and bless all of us.
Well, I guess it was
a couple weeks back
the reverend asked me
to come out and help with the
setup for the sunrise service.
Uh, it's for the church's
Reverend was planning on doing
his sermon outdoors at sunrise.
I mean, that man'd say, "Jump,"
I'd say, "How high?"
[Joyce] We were prepping
for the breakfast
which was to follow the sermon,
uh, for about 50 or so.
See, I'm a waitress
at the Warbler's Nest.
It's where the business
in this town gets done.
How long you been there?
Since I was Willa's age.
She works there too, part-time,
until she goes away to college.
I really hate this place,
and I cannot wait to leave.
She got herself
a scholarship to LSU.
She is so talented.
Uh, well, that morning,
uh, I was loading the chairs
up in the back of my truck,
and then I took 'em over
to the amphitheater,
and I, uh, waited
for Mr. Fulcher to show.
Sounds like a lot
to move by yourself.
Well, my GMC's got a 6-liter
and a 6-inch lift to fit my 38s.
Mudder tires.
Oh, well, yeah.
Where'd you say
you're from again?
When did, uh,
Mr. Fulcher arrive?
Well, I pulled up about 4:00.
Maybe a little later.
And, and I got keys,
so it was no big deal for me
to open the garage
and get started on work.
And Big Man showed up
about 30 minutes later.
-[Hobbins] Big Man?
-[Duck] Mr. Fulcher.
-[Hobbins] Why Big Man?
'Cause he parades around like
he owns the whole town. [laughs]
Let's just say if I could
buy him for what he's worth
and then sell him
for what he thinks he's worth,
well, I would be sitting pretty.
Let's start with the morning
of the 2nd.
[whimsical music resumes]
Excuse me.
Would you do us a favor
and get us some coffee?
-Do I look like your errand boy?
-You want me to answer that?
Kyle, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I'm not gonna like you, am I?
Ridiculous. Everyone likes me.
For you, Darlene.
[door closes]
-Are you here to help?
-Doing my job, ma'am.
-I know why you're here.
-Why all the secrecy?
I'm the beneficiary
on the policy.
It wasn't suicide.
He was murdered.
[whimsical guitar music]
Yeah, okay. Look, this isn't
how this kind of thing
typically works.
You tell me a story,
I write a report,
and my boss rubber-stamps
"denied" on the cover.
Why do you think the claim came
across your desk so quickly?
Reverend died
less than a week ago.
I wouldn't have a clue, ma'am,
because they tell me where to be
and I go.
You were a cop, right?
I'm just trying
to get out of here, okay?
So, uh,
let's just make it easy--
I had the lawyer
call the insurance company,
expediting an investigation.
What? Nolan Seeks?
-Why did you do that?
Because I don't want the money.
I need to know--
Well, that does make it easier.
My employers will be thrilled.
I need to know
what happened to the reverend.
-Why not go to the police?
-Of course, I did.
Nobody in this town
seems to care.
I went to the insurance company
out of desperation.
That's right.
I lived my entire life
in Emmaus.
I was, uh, actually
one of the last babies delivered
in Emmaus Hospital
before they stopped doing that.
Thank you, Kyle.
Did you happen
to see Darlene Halsey
that particular morning
when you came in?
I did. [sighs]
-How did she seem?
-I don't know. Oblivious.
-How so?
-Look, I don't think
I'm alone here.
Darlene is a classic bimbo.
Oh. I, I didn't get
that impression.
Well, that's because
you're a man.
You should see the men
in here on Sunday.
Every Sunday morning
with her famous coffee cake.
They line up for it.
And it's not for the cake.
I promise you that.
That Darlene's a real peach,
isn't she?
That coffee cake isn't homemade.
She brings a box in here,
and she's working everybody.
Known her ever since she started
working in this church.
Real nice girl.
Seems like the loyal kind.
How's that?
Well, she'd do anything
for the reverend.
She was his right hand
and everything.
I knew it
from the moment I met her.
She had her hooks
in the poor reverend.
She is a temptress.
A Delilah.
So, um, I went
to the fellowship hall,
and I found Bob there
setting up tables and chairs.
He said he was
the first to arrive.
He had unlocked the door.
Hadn't seen Reverend Dowding.
Bob's the church organist?
And you have been here
almost as long
as the reverend was?
Yeah, I, I played organ.
Uh, it was after 5:00, so...
Uh, we were supposed
to start the service at 6:00.
So I thought to check
the sanctuary
in case he, I don't know,
snuck in
without anyone noticing.
I walked into the sanctuary,
and, um...
...all the lights were off.
No sign of him.
[water running]
And that's when I heard
what, um,
sounded like running water.
[organ somber music]
I haven't cried
since I found him.
What do you make of that?
Let's take a break.
[birds chirping]
Thank you
for bringing the dessert.
It looks mighty good.
Thanks, Kyle.
It's got sugar and spice
and everything nice.
[both chuckle]
Oh, yeah.
You ask me to bring
all these good people
back in for questioning,
go over it all again.
I don't get it.
See, the medical examiner
calls Reverend Dowding's death
an accident,
but the insurance company
isn't satisfied
with their conclusions.
That's why they hired me.
-To prove it a suicide.
-Oh, come on.
-An incontestable clause.
-[scoffs] Yeah, sure.
You know, it's to, to prevent
someone from purchasing coverage
-with the intent
of killing himself.
-I'm familiar.
We had good people
working on this.
If they say it was an accident,
it was an accident.
How about that the reverend
changed his primary beneficiary?
Now that's his prerogative,
but, uh,
one day later, he's found dead,
that, that's gonna raise
a few red flags.
-Who did he add?
Care for some coffee cake,
Investigator Hobbins?
Um, all full on pork rinds.
Thank you.
Okay. I'll try
not to take it personally.
[funky music]
How well do you know her?
Well, um, she was a few grades
behind me in school.
Uh, she might have
a screw loose.
Uh... she's kind of
the groupie type.
Always getting passed around
like a party favor
behind the bowling alley
after the punk rock shows.
You had a crush on her,
I'm thinking,
about the eighth grade.
So you grew up here in Emmaus?
Uh... [clicks tongue]
believe me,
Emmaus was not my top pick
for post assignment, but...
...this town
is like a black hole.
-Well, Kyle--
-Trooper Gellis.
Yeah. His policy term stipulate
that if it was a suicide,
the death benefits
cannot be paid out.
You were a first responder.
Give me the highlights.
Well, a few local boys and I
were the first to arrive,
followed by the EMTs
and the Medical Examiner.
The reverend
was pronounced dead,
calling it an accident,
and that was corroborated
by the on-scene investigation.
The ME concluded that,
uh, Dowding,
while starting the water
for the baptismal pool,
was holding
a 50-pound fieldstone.
Right. I mean,
-perhaps he was using it
to weigh himself down.
Uh, he just slipped and cracked
the back of his head.
Just, uh-- Okay,
but that doesn't explain
the rock.
Look, we did an autopsy.
Uh, granted, there was
a bit of a disagreement.
-My bread and butter.
-Uh, there was no melodrama.
-I'm sure.
-The coroner report notes
injuries consistent with trauma
along the lambdoid suture,
while the death certificate
reads "death by drowning."
It's a slip and fall.
-It was a tragedy.
I'm guessing Emmaus doesn't see
a whole lot of, uh,
-crime scenes.
-[scoffs] No.
Uh, we have the, uh,
occasional break-in,
uh, overdose, house fire.
Wait, y--
you're not suggesting...
-Holy sh--
Can you tell me
about your credit union?
Flagstone Farm Credit.
Why? City feller like you
need a loan?
-Humor me.
-All right then.
Well, uh, Flagstone
is an institution around here.
Now, I am the owner, but, uh,
it goes back three generations
in my wife's family.
We have over
$100 million in assets.
Provide short, long-term loans,
equipment, building leases,
crop insurance
throughout the state.
And here's the thing.
We're old school. Hmm?
Hell, we'd lend on a handshake
-if we could.
-Got it.
Can you walk me
through that Saturday?
Well, I was down at the office
on Main Street most of the day.
I said my goodbyes
to the employees. Told them,
"Have a good weekend."
And then I came out here
to speak with Reverend Dowding.
Uh, what was the nature
of the conversation
with the reverend?
Well, we just discussed
what needed to get done
the following day.
That's not a conversation
you could have discussed
-over the phone?
No, see, I like to look a man
in the eye when I talk with him.
Well, it was Saturday,
so I slept in.
I probably got to the church
around noontime.
Uh, I gassed up the mower,
and I got started on the lawn.
Takes about four hours
when you factor in
all the trim work.
That's your routine?
Um, well, yeah.
At least
for the last two years now.
[scoffs] It, uh,
it keeps me busy.
I'm in the program.
You know, AA. [scoffs]
I actually, uh...
I actually got
my two-year chip right here.
Yeah. I had
my very first meeting
in this, uh, this room.
The reverend, he got me
on the right path
and also, I, uh...
...well, I owe him everything.
So you finished mowing?
-[Duck] Yep.
And what did you do afterwards?
I locked up the mower,
grabbed some shag balls,
and I went
to the softball field.
That was about 5:00.
Can you walk me through
last Saturday night?
And I kno--
I know you were with Duck,
so you don't have to lie
to me about that.
-Did he say that?
-[Hobbins] Yeah.
Ugh. He's such a loser.
We're not even together anymore.
I was helping her
with her pitching.
She's gonna be pitching
at LSU next fall.
Stop dropping your shoulder.
She's incredible.
I mean, that girl has
a 74-mile-per-hour fastball.
I'm not kidding.
I've, I've clocked it.
-Oh, my--
-I just, you know,
I, I kept him around
'cause he was fun, you know?
But then he just got all weird
and serious and...
[clicks tongue]
I don't know. We broke up.
All right. Well, can you, uh,
can you walk me through
your day from the morning?
What did you do first?
I went to work.
Mm. What do you do there?
Well, no one really trusts me
to do anything there,
so I, I kind of do the odd jobs.
Hmm. What kind of odd jobs?
I clean the menus.
And I roll the silverware.
Yeah, stuff like that.
Well, how come
they don't let you wait tables?
That's where the tips are.
Well... [sighs]
I had a couple incidents.
Few times,
I gave the wrong change.
But it's not because
I was stealing or anything.
It was just.... The numbers
get flipped around for me.
Plus, I'm a really good drawer.
I decorate the specials board
if you've seen it.
What did you do
after your shift?
Uh, well, technically,
I get off at 3:00.
But I had a tanning appointment
at 3:00,
so I cut out a little bit early.
People are still tanning?
-So what did you do
after tanning?
Must have done something.
Oh, I met Duck.
-Hey. Come in.
-[Hobbins] At five o'clock?
So what did you do between
tanning and meeting Duck?
Kill time.
-It was a beautiful night.
Went to the dam.
Uh, we got burgers,
watched the sunset.
Man, she's so beautiful.
[mouthful] I love burgers.
And then...
And then what?
What are you talking about?
Um, she and I
got into an argument.
Duck thinks that
every conversation we have,
uh, is an argument.
Would you mind telling me
what the argument was about?
Uh, you know, the future.
She's, uh, she's going off
to Louisiana and, uh...
[sniffles] well, it recently
occurred to me that...
...I'm not invited. [chuckles]
He was talking about Louisiana,
about some card,
the jeep that I'm gonna have.
And then I told him,
"You know what, like,
it's not gonna happen,"
you know?
Everyone's got
big dreams, and...
Then he got a phone call.
I heard the voice.
It was a, it was a woman's.
And he went off
and took the call.
When he came back, I, I,
I pressed him on it, and...
...the stupid shit lied to me
and said that him and Don
were gonna go...
[inhales sharply] have plans
in the morning or something.
[sniffles] So, it,
it was, uh, maybe, you know,
after 10:00, 11:00,
when I dropped her off
at her mom's house.
And then I went home after that.
I had an early morning.
You-- I'm curious.
Why the name Duck?
I don't know. I, I just like it.
I kind of thought
other people were supposed
to give you nicknames.
You can give yourself
a nickname.
Sure. Why not?
You know, I'm of the mindset
that it's up to me
to change my circumstances.
How do you mean?
Well, like, one day,
I'm gonna get Willa to marry me.
I'm gonna convince her that,
that I'm not some loser.
You know,
I, I, I ain't got any money now,
but someday I will, and...
...then I'm gonna ask her
for her hand in marriage.
Saturday, I was reviewing
the contractor proposals
on the new addition.
Did you notice the, uh,
concrete slab behind the church?
-[Hobbins] Yeah.
-[Darlene] Yeah.
Um, it's supposed to be a, um,
gymnasium/rec center
if it's ever finished.
The board's hoping to draw
more young people.
Must have been
a little after 4:00.
Yeah, that sounds right.
I was packing up for the day.
Um, the reverend told me
to call the security company.
Um, he's-- he'd noticed that
one of the cameras was out.
We, we'd had a break-in
the night before.
Someone broke in that Friday?
Yeah, Lester Sederland tried
to steal some AV equipment
out of the sanctuary.
He was arrested.
Nothing was taken, so...
This Mr. Sederland is a member
of the congregation?
[laughs] Uh, no.
Put it this way.
He's on a first-name basis
with the, uh,
correctional officers at County.
My roommate,
uh, is a nurse at County,
so she's got lots of stories.
How did they catch Sederland
this time?
Reverend Dowding
happened to be there.
-He caught him in the act.
-[Hobbins inhales sharply]
So you were packing up,
and the reverend asked you
to look into getting
the cameras fixed?
Just the one. But yes.
And then after
I left for the day.
I guess it was around 5:00,
when I was walking to my car.
Yeah, I remember
seeing Don Fulcher's car
in the parking lot.
Why does that stick out?
I guess I thought it was odd.
His car was parked
on the far side
of the parking lot.
Some people will park far away
to avoid a door dent,
but it was a Saturday.
The lot was empty.
Anyway, um, I drove home,
and I was in for the night.
How well do you know Duck?
Ben? Not all that well.
He, he had mentioned that
he's done some work for you
in the past.
I guess a little. Hmm.
Pay him
to wax the car sometimes.
Climb up on the roof,
fix a shingle,
that sort of thing.
Once hired him to, uh,
tear down a sheet metal hanger
my father had built.
Duck works for you.
Like I said, here and there.
See, we've got
a lot of property. Big farm.
There's a lot
that needs to get done.
Like, for instance, uh, mowing
our mile-long grass runway.
So tell me about this runway.
Fulcher Landing Strip. Yes, sir.
Planes have been a big part
of my family my whole life.
You know, it's even on them
video game flight simulators.
It was like any other Saturday.
I had a double
at the Warbler's Nest,
but then
something caught my ear.
It was that gal
down at Nolan Seeks' law office.
-Is that the,
the reverend's attorney?
-[Joyce] Yes, that's him.
His assistant, Michelle, was in
picking up his to-go order.
She said that she heard
that Darlene was added
to the Reverend Dowding's will
as the primary beneficiary.
Do you think, uh,
Darlene and the reverend
were in, uh,
some kind of a relationship?
That was the sentiment.
[soft jazzy music]
I always knew
that Darlene was no good.
You know, I hear reverend
willed his farm to that gal.
Reverend didn't have any kin,
and his wife died
several years ago,
so I guess it makes sense.
Anything else notable?
-Not really. [sighs]
Don Fulcher and his wife
came in as I was leaving.
Why is that unusual?
She was going
on another trip to Miami.
A shopping trip. Again.
Why'd you say it like that?
Well, everyone knows
that Don's over his skis
in debt.
-What kind of debt?
-Well, word at the restaurant is
he bought a bunch of properties,
including the old forge.
The old factory when you enter
town, is that the--
Yes, the old Drop Forge.
It's an eyesore.
The market went south.
Well, that don't stop Jane.
Nope. Spend, spend, spend.
She's always going on trips.
She thinks she's entitled to do
whatever she wants.
You said you were at home
from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Yeah... [claps]
that's, uh, that's right.
Do you have anyone
to corroborate that?
To what?
Can anyone say
that you were there?
Uh, no, I, I live alone.
Are you sure
you didn't stop anywhere?
You didn't speak to anyone?
No. I went straight home.
And your roommate,
was she home?
Yeah, she was home
with me all night.
She'd corroborate that?
Hey, baby.
How was your day?
Good. How was yours?
She would.
-Try this.
-[Darlene] Ooh.
Might be hot.
-You like it?
You're a very sexy
Italian grandma.
[dark music]
I have the reverend's
phone records.
-He made a call to you
at 7:00 p.m.
-[cell phone vibrates]
That call lasted one minute,
sixteen seconds exactly.
Why did he call you?
Last minute details
about the service.
I have to go.
How did he sound?
Fine. Totally normal.
[crickets chirping]
[car approaching]
[suspenseful music]
-Thank you for coming.
Is everything okay?
[sighs] Darlene, I,
I'm in a bit of trouble.
-What do you mean?
-I've been talking to the Lord,
and it's time I come clean.
I, I want to be free
of all this.
The details will come out,
And when they do,
I, I want you to understand
-my involvement
was for the right reasons.
-you're starting to scare me.
-Oh, no, no, no.
Don't be frightened.
I need you to do
something for me,
and you can't ask any questions.
Is everything okay?
[music continues]
You didn't answer my question.
-What was that?
-Are you here to help?
[vehicle passing by]
-[Darlene] Nobody in this town
seems to care...
-[Kyle] He just slipped--
...I went to the insurance
company out of desperation.
-[Hobbins] If it was
a suicide...
-[Darlene] It wasn't suicide.
...the death benefits
cannot be paid out.
[overlapping voices]
-Hey, uh...
-[overlapping voices continue]
[sighs] Look, I, I played ball.
You, you got to ask
your questions
and, and have your fun.
You want my job?
Do you want my job?
'Cause it's not all, what is it,
bells and whistles, Kyle.
I'm a lackey.
I mainly follow around
poor people claiming disability,
waiting outside of apartments,
hanging in stairwells,
biding my time
until they slip up.
And they always do.
And with the time I put in,
I'm lucky if I break
minimum wage plus mileage.
And wouldn't you know it,
now they got a GPS
in my car ensuring
not to spend a cent more.
-So maybe questioning
those people in there is a--
-Oh. Oh,
I don't, I don't care.
-One day you will.
-How's that?
One day you'll look in a mirror,
and nobody will be looking back.
[whimsical music]
So, Miss Halsey...
...told me she had Nolan Seeks
contact the insurance company
pushing for an investigation?
-Is that right?
-Uh, that is right.
She is the new benefactor
on the reverend's
life insurance policies, so...
Really? [scoffs]
Look, th-- there's no reason
to, to drag this out.
Mr. Fulcher,
boastful in his exaggerations,
possibly even lying at times.
Granted they all seem
to be withholding.
It came up
that he's overleveraged.
Took a beating a few years ago,
taking on too much
real estate debt
in a bearish economy,
betting it would rebound,
it hasn't.
Come on. O-- Okay,
th-- that's enough.
Miss Betts, a jealous and...
...desperate gossip.
Is it possible
she couldn't tolerate
the reverend's rejection
of her advances?
You can't be serious about this.
Or did the reverend
attempt to split up
McIlrath's amour fou
with his high school girlfriend?
[clears throat]
His bad nerves,
and the fact that
he has keys to the building...
...and absolutely no alibi
doesn't bode favorably
for Mr. Duck.
It's an accident.
Not suicide.
Not a murder.
[music continues]
their beloved reverend,
and I intend to find out.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
We, we are done.
I, I wasted my whole morning
so that you could come out here
and, and play dress-up.
Oh, you know what's needed here?
-What's that?
-Police work.
You don't have my support.
And you won't have
Emmaus PD's either.
There, there's nothing to find
that we haven't already.
And if I do?
You can go door to door,
Knock yourself out.
There are thousands
of miles of road
that need patrolling, so...
I'm done.
[birds squawking]
Quack, quack.
-[Kyle] Have you seen my keys?
Is there a set of, set of,
set of keys over there?
Yeah. No,
they're in the wheelbarrow.
[funky music]
Something caught my ear.
It was that gal down
at Nolan Seeks' law office.
The reverend's attorney?
-[Joyce] Darlene was added
to Reverend Dowding's will
as the primary beneficiary.
[bell chimes]
-[Michelle] Hello.
How may I help you?
-Nolan Seeks?
-He's taking his lunch.
-I won't be long.
[funky music]
Nolan Seeks?
You, you need to make
an appointment.
Leo Hobbins, investigating
Edgar Dowding's death.
Look, you know I can't give you
anything, right?
[exasperated sigh]
[sighs] Fine.
Make it quick.
What do you need to know?
How well did you know
the reverend?
Ed? Ed, Ed and I go
a while back.
Darlene Halsey?
She'd been here a few times.
Come on. A few times?
I take care of legal stuff.
Um, drafting documents,
setting up trusts
for the church.
She sent over contracts
for me to review.
Things like that.
She did tell me you contacted
the insurance company
on her request.
Who are you again?
I'm the insurance investigator.
[laughs sarcastically]
I tried to tell her.
-Tell her what?
-Take the money.
Look, that girl didn't get
a fair shake from the get.
Her mother was an addict.
I came up with her aunt
who raised her.
She was on dialysis and died
when Darlene was a teen.
That house
that she lives in now,
that was hers.
But tell you what,
it's more of a burden
than it's worth
It's mortgaged to high heaven.
Darlene had nothing.
When I heard that,
that it was an accident--
You believe that?
What are you really asking?
Would he have killed himself?
No. He, he didn't.
Doesn't make any sense.
Why is Darlene Halsey
so unpopular
with the Emmaus Holy
Church folk?
I suspect some folks were
concerned that she had Ed's ear.
-On what?
-She... pushing back
on some of the church's changes.
So, Edgar was your friend.
We were both hobby farmers.
[inhales deeply]
We'd visit, drink coffee,
and, and gripe
about our problems.
[sniffles] I don't know
what got bigger,
the world or its problems.
Anyway... Emmaus Holy was
voting to change the name,
make it more modern
or something.
Ed came in with a copy of the,
the church's constitution.
He came in the next week
to make changes to his will.
He, he had me come in on...
That was last Saturday.
So not only did he... [stutters]
he change
his life insurance policy,
but he changed his will
to include her.
He came in.
He sat
right where you're sitting.
He looked me clear in the eye,
and he stated
his last testament.
I know it sounds
out of the blue,
but you know people
are frequently prompted
to make a will or change it
for that matter.
You're right.
But he left her everything.
If you do your job,
that girl gets nothing.
[soft suspenseful music]
"Sign permit application."
All right, buddy.
Thanks for the Xerox.
Mr. Fulcher?
-Don, Don Fulcher. [laughs] Hey.
You're not darkening my trail,
are you, Inspector?
No, no, not at all.
I just wanted to thank you
for your time earlier.
Is this your bank?
-Uh, my bank, actually.
Don just works here.
[chuckles] Inspector,
let me introduce you to, uh,
Jane Fulcher, my wife.
And she's correct.
This is her family's bank.
-[Hobbins] Three generations...
-Uh, four.
[chuckles] I make four.
My great-grandfather started
Flagstone Farm Credit Union
in 1910.
Is that right? It was a pleasure
to make your acquaintance,
Mrs. Fulcher.
Uh... you're just coming back
from a trip, are you?
-Yes, just off the plane.
-How did you know that?
Huh, you packed
a fur coat for Florida.
I was questioning
some of the church members
earlier this morning.
-Your husband included.
It just came up.
I was helping the man
with his investigation.
Well, you know,
small towns talk.
[laughs] I hope
what they're saying is true.
Are you on the board
of Emmaus Holy as well,
Mrs. Fulcher?
Yes, I am.
But we prefer
going by the new name.
Uh, you know what?
We do need to get going.
You said "new name." What is it?
Long day of travel.
You understand.
Not running away on me,
Don, are you?
Run? Hell,
run ain't in my constitution--
-[Jane] Don, now.
-You have a great day.
[soft suspenseful music]
I'm just tidying up.
They haven't let me in here
since it happened, so...
-What is all that?
Mock-ups for the new logo.
We were rebranding, so...
You don't sound too enthused.
Yeah. Well, the, uh... [scoffs]
the board was pushing
for a worship band,
a light show
and giant video screens.
More TED talk
than a sermon from the pulpit.
Yeah. Look at this.
Graphic designer
submitted this logo.
Just a lowercase letter "E."
You know, like Google.
Yeah, and, uh, another expert
suggested a bird mascot
lead Sunday school for the kids.
-[pens clattering]
-Consultant fees, designers.
It's just so much waste.
So much money spent
and for what?
I'm not even religious.
What the hell am I doing here?
I believe you.
I believe
the reverend was murdered.
I have to figure out why.
Uh, before we go any further,
I gotta get something straight.
I never asked for a handout.
The insurance, the will.
I didn't ask for any of it.
Everything I have, I worked for.
So if we're gonna do this,
i-- it's gonna be
an uphill fight.
I mean, Trooper Gellis
isn't gonna help us.
It's-- We'll be starting
from scratch.
[funky music]
-What are you doing?
-[keyboard clacking]
Getting started.
-There wasn't a camera
in the sanctuary?
-No. Just what you see.
And there's no footage
of the reverend
coming or going Saturday night
to Sunday morning?
No, nothing.
-[Hobbins] Can I see
the Sederland break-in?
West side of the building,
parking lot,
all the entrances
are well covered.
Which camera
did you say went out?
This one over here.
-[Hobbins] Ah.
-[Darlene] Camera 6.
Well, looks like
it was working fine
when Sederland broke in.
Mmm, what's in the safe?
Oh, uh, tithing
from the weekly collection.
So why go
for the sound equipment
and not the money?
He might have
if Reverend Dowding wasn't here.
Let's, let it play.
Uh, yeah, sorry.
This is Saturday. I can go back.
Oh, no, ho-- hold it. That's it.
No, just, just watch that.
What do you see?
Watch for the camera
that went out.
That's the only camera between
this side of the building
and that entrance?
Uh, yeah. I believe so.
-So, uh, how long
were you a cop?
Just shy of 25 years.
-What happened?
I had a...
have a gambling problem.
The department paid off my vig
and I got a cardboard box
instead of a gold watch.
[whimsical guitar music]
Mudder tires.
[door closes]
Get out here, Cass!
[safety lock clicks]
[banging on door]
Are you crazy? What the hell
are you doing here?
-Are you still selling--
-Get inside
before somebody sees you.
[Duck] She shouldn't be
smoking that stuff.
She could lose her scholarship--
Duck, I don't care.
You shouldn't be here.
It's not smart.
Yeah. What would you expect?
You, you, you're not returning
my texts or my calls.
-Do me a favor.
Delete my number.
-What are we gonna do?
We aren't gonna do anything,
We aren't involved.
No, no, no.
You, you needed that money
just as much as I did.
It's the only reason why
I agreed to your crazy idea.
You're so stupid, you could
screw up boxed mac and cheese.
-I don't like
what you're implying.
-You had one job, Duck.
Wheel the safe out. In and out.
That's very simple.
-And now there is a dead body?
-You don't think I know that?
What are you doing here?
You should have skipped town.
Better yet, go kill yourself.
-And how would that look, huh?
Me, me leaving town
after they found the body.
Who's the stupid one now, huh?
I mean, I spent all, all morning
in a interrogation.
-Yeah, they had, you know,
some private in--
investigator guy come in
and talk to all of us that were
at the church on Sunday,
-questioning us.
-What'd you tell him?
What'd you tell him, Duck?
All right. [sighs]
Oh, look at here.
"Breaking ground.
Pouring cement."
Oh, yeah.
Wait, wait, what is this?
"Flag-- Flagstone Construction."
Well, okay.
[pensive jazzy music]
Well, word at the restaurant
is he bought
a bunch of properties,
including the old forge.
The old factory
when you enter town?
Yes, the old Drop Forge.
Well, it's an eyesore.
The market went south.
Well, that don't stop Jane.
She thinks she's entitled to do
whatever she wants.
[music continues]
[indistinct conversation]
-Yo, you a cop?
-None of your business.
I can make it my business.
You wouldn't like it.
Pay's not enough.
Then what do you need?
You know,
I got that good RedHawk shit.
Just in.
[bird squawking]
[soft suspenseful music]
Yeah, so we physically
have to detox
about 40% of the population
as they come in off the street.
Sad. And it's getting worse.
But they're all hooked
on opioids.
You know, he's probably
gonna be out of it.
He's been up puking
his guts out all night long,
but he's on the back end of it.
[sighs] He should be
cognizant though.
-Yeah. Will it be
all right with you
if I just,
just speak to him by myself?
[scoffs] Fine with me.
-I appreciate that.
-Yeah, sure.
[background chatter]
Hey, Lester.
You got a guest.
[suspenseful music]
Who are you?
I'm Hobbins.
I'm, uh, investigating
the murder
of Reverend Edgar Dowding.
I've been in here since before
that old prick was killed.
So you believe he was killed?
You just said he was.
Didn't you?
Can you tell me what happened
that night? You broke into...
I'm ain't gotta speak to you.
But, I mean,
but you should know that I'm...
I've been tracking
your movements
the past couple of months,
and I, uh...
[sighs] Okay.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
I haven't been tracking
your movements.
I don't know you,
but if you want to gain favor
with the judge...
If there's anything
you can tell me that helps
with my investigation,
I will personally have
a conversation
with the prosecutor.
You have my word.
What do you wanna know?
Tell me what happened
that night.
Came in through a window.
It was unlocked.
Well, church folks
are a trusting lot.
Why'd you break in?
You needed to get high?
I can't really get high anymore.
I used to feel normal.
I, uh, I needed money.
They got some expensive
AV equipment
in that sanctuary.
Mixer alone
is worth a few grand.
-[indistinct conversation]
-I just got the case pried open
when I heard voices...
...coming from down the hall,
so, uh...
...I went to investigate.
Well, what did you see?
I seen that preacher man,
Ed Dowding...
...and cash. Shit load of it.
Never seen so much money.
All stacked up on that table.
Looked like a goddamn game show.
There was over $100,000 there.
Maybe more, I don't know.
I'd have killed Dowding
right then and there had
it not been for the other guy.
You said voices.
Someone was with him.
Who, who was with him?
Who, who was with him?
Who was it?
Oh. Uh, excuse me. I'll just,
just be a minute. [exhales]
Best part of my day.
Has anyone ever told you
you have real pretty eyes?
Yeah, you. Three times a day.
Careful with this one.
He's a charmer.
Talks too much.
Don't you, Lester?
Well, I can think of a few ways
to remedy that.
No, thanks.
You look fine.
You don't need an IV today.
Be nice to your new friend.
She likes me.
But you should see
the other one.
Real smokeshow, man.
I'd do anything to get with her.
You said voices.
You said somebody was there.
Who was it?
It was the Big Man.
Don Fulcher.
-Bingo, Columbo.
-[news anchor]
And still to come,
-why an Emmaus County
Correctional spokesman...
-[bell chimes]
-...said the jail's opioid...
-[Don] Katie.
-Hiya, Mr. Fulcher.
-How's my favorite waitress?
-Hmm, you know, quiet day, so...
Is, uh, Joyce around?
Uh, yeah.
-Come on back here.
I want you to know...
[sighs] this is a loan.
I don't like
getting shaken down, Joyce.
-No, no, it's not like that.
What happened
to the money from before?
Oh, my mortgage.
This money is for Willa
to go visit LSU.
The plane tickets, the hotels,
it's all very expensive.
Well, happy to help.
She's a good kid.
Don, thank you
for understanding.
You bet.
Well, this is a lot more
than I need.
Well, your brother just got out,
didn't he?
Curtis? Yeah, a few weeks ago.
He's staying with you?
Till he can get on his feet.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
There's two grand in there.
Okay? That should help him out.
And I want you to know
it's not a loan.
It's a gift.
-Thank you, Don.
-You got it.
Thank you for understanding.
Of course I will need a favor.
[whimsical music]
[birds chirping]
Flagstone is an institution
around here.
Hell, we'd lend on a handshake
if we could.
"Flagstone Construction."
Uh, what was the nature
of the conversation
with the reverend?
Well, we just discussed
what needed to get done
the following day.
Why is Darlene Halsey
so unpopular
with the Emmaus Holy
Church folk?
I suspect some folks were
concerned that she had Ed's ear.
-[Hobbins] On what?
-[Nolan] She was pushing back
on changes to the church.
It's just so much waste.
[scoffs] So much money spent,
and for what?
Drafting documents, setting up
trusts for the church.
[line ringing]
-[Darlene] Hello.
-Hey, I need to see
what you have on the books.
Make me a Xerox.
Uh, I can email the spreadsheet.
Yeah, I don't really do emails.
I'd like to see
what you have on the trust
and anything
on this new construction.
-Thanks, Darlene.
[soft suspenseful music]
[engine stops]
[door shuts loudly]
[music continues]
[heavy rock music
playing on car stereo]
[music stops playing]
[soft suspenseful music resumes]
What the hell
are you doing here?
I was about to ask you the same.
I'm supposed to be here.
Yeah, the reverend,
he, um, he pays me every week
to mow his lawn.
Oh. Careful
you don't get stiffed.
[laughs, snorts]
[Hobbins chuckles]
No, you know, it's, um...
...it's out of respect.
[bottle clatters]
What, um...
...what did you say
you're doing here?
Is everything all right there,
Well, uh...
...Willa left me.
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
I don't need your sympathy.
Sure you're gonna be okay?
[Duck grunts]
Look, why don't you just
leave me be, all right?
I need to mow this whole lawn
before sundown.
[mower clanking]
You never mowed a lawn
in your life.
All right.
Oh, one last question, Duck.
W-- why did you disable
the security cameras
at the church?
[chuckles, snorts]
Why don't you go to hell?
-Well, that's not
very Christian-like.
You should know
that I found your tire tracks.
What'd you call them? Mudders?
[snorts, hawks up]
That don't mean shit.
Now you remember
that big word from earlier?
Corroborate. Yeah,
well, hey, hey, hey,
-wait. What i--
-That's it.
-[laughs] There you go.
[engine starts]
[whimsical music]
[tires screech]
[engine revving]
Every time
that I get stuck in traffic
I'm just gonna turn
my sirens on
Then all of the cars
will part like magic
Pedal to the metal
and I'm gone
-[cell phone vibrating]
[chews noisily]
Trooper Gellis.
I can hear you there.
How'd you get this number?
Darlene gave to me.
Now, listen, I'm heading over
to Emmaus PD.
I have something
you need to take a look at.
[dramatic music]
[car engine revving]
Hey. Go.
[horn blaring]
[horn blaring]
-[tires screech]
-[car crashes]
[whimsical music]
You're home?
[Hobbins grunts]
[car hissing]
[breathing heavily]
Holy shit.
[small plane engine whirring]
[line ringing]
That's half a million dollars.
I've never seen
anything like it.
[automated message]
Hey there, you've reached
Greater Lakes Insurance.
Please leave a message
and one of our agents
will get back to you soon.
-[phone beeps]
-Oh, oh, one sec. Sorry.
All right. Thank you.
Mind if I just hop in with you?
-How's the investigation going?
-Well, other than being
run off the road
by a goddamn lunatic,
I got this.
[crickets chirping]
"To my flock.
Nothing prepares you
for how ministry
can drain you emotionally,
leaving you in pain,
or even worse,
feeling numb or in despair.
I chose to extinguish
my physical body
so that my soul may return home.
I hope that you can move
from this anguish
and resentfulness
and find a place of peace
and acceptance in my decision.
It is my wish that my actions
might not scatter my flock,
but instead force
a coming together
of the congregation.
I pray they can move forward
and accomplish great things
by building something higher
than us for his glory."
What is it?
Suicide note.
Signed Edgar V. Dowding.
It looks like the real deal.
Well... [scoffs]
look at that.
Police work.
-Feel good about yourself?
Can I see the envelope again,
[shutter clicking]
Um... [exclaims]
That is, uh, postmarked
the Monday after his death.
So what? He wrote it
and put it in the box
the Saturday night before.
No collections on Sundays.
If he left it in his mailbox
with the flag up,
the next pickup
would have been that Monday.
Okay, fine, but, uh,
why mail a suicide note
in the first place?
And, uh, this is
"Return To Sender,"
and it bounced back.
Is that,
is that the right address
for this police department?
Well, actually, no.
We are 223 Main, not 322 Main.
I think that's the closed
flower shop down the street.
So he made an error.
Big deal.
The, the man clearly wasn't
in the right frame of mind.
We have a note.
I think we're done.
You don't want a handwriting
comparison, forensic analy--
Hobbins, you did it.
You proved us all wrong.
You, you should be proud.
Your, your employer happy.
Well, all right, may-- maybe
it's better this way.
-Of course not!
-What's wrong with you?
-You know you're talking
to police, right?
-Am I? 'Cause I don't see
shit getting done here.
-Okay, Poirot.
This sideshow is over.
-Go home.
-Young guy like you
needs to understand.
-To get respect,
you have to earn it.
-Yeah, keep talking--
-You can't just wear
these bells and whistles.
-I'll hit you with obstruction.
Everybody in this town
calls you by your first name.
-You're like the little boy
they grew up with.
All right, I'm leaving.
[whimsical music]
What are you looking at?
What do you mean, turn it in?
The reverend
trusted me with this.
He said if something bad
were to happen to him,
I should bring this bag
to Emmaus PD.
Well, something bad happened.
Yeah, that could be
the right thing.
God, this is all just so crazy.
I know it is, baby. I know.
But what if we kept it?
What if we kept the money?
We could get out of this town.
We can go to the beach,
open a little B&B
like you talked about.
-N-- No, Cass, I can't.
There's nothing here for you.
There is nothing here for us.
What are you holding on to?
This is my home.
[mower whirring]
[breathing heavily]
It's okay. I'm okay.
It's fine.
-You know you mean
the world to me, right?
Well... big things
are happening.
You know, I'm making moves.
I want you to know
that I am gonna be able
to provide for you.
What are you talking about?
I wanna take care of you.
You know, I'm, I'm, I'm fixing
to move on out of here.
[sniffles] Down south.
Buy me and you
a big house in Baton Rouge.
-No, I'm serious, Willa.
I see, uh, a big backyard,
I'll buy you a little jeep.
Any color you want. [chuckles]
You know that
they eat alligators down there?
[laughs, snorts]
You're not moving to Louisiana.
Big things are happening, Willa.
You'll see. [sniffles]
-[cell phone ringing]
[mower whirring]
[mumbling a prayer]
[breathing loudly]
Baby, we have been treading
water in this town for years.
-Now is our time to get out.
-The reverend was killed.
And he's gone now.
You can't bring him back.
Besides, no one knows
you have the money, right?
Let's just disappear.
Nobody just forgets
about half a million dollars.
Well, we'd be long gone
before anyone realized
it was missing.
Somebody's gonna come
looking for it, babe.
We are too smart.
They'd never find us.
Cass, the longer
I have this on me,
the worst things are gonna get.
[Cassandra sighs]
You're not leaving
with that money.
-You're not leaving
with that money, sweetheart.
-That's exactly what I--
-[clicks gun]
No, you're not.
Baby, I'm not gonna let you
do something stupid.
[soft whimsical music]
You're planning on shooting me?
I just wanted this for us.
That was the whole idea.
Baby, let's just leave tonight.
We can leave all this behind us.
-[door opens]
-[exhales sharply]
[door closes]
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music]
Look, everybody knows
why you're here.
-For the eggs.
I'm here for the eggs.
-Nope. That's not what I heard.
-What's that?
I heard that
somebody killed that reverend,
and you're gonna find out who.
If it's any comfort to you,
there's almost never
a second shooter.
Wait. OMG.
-He got shot?
I didn't know that.
Just a figure of speech.
-Oh. [chuckles]
-Don't believe
everything you hear.
-Yeah, whatever.
I'll take a beer. Thank you.
[tires screech]
[breathes shakily]
[cell phone ringing]
-[Darlene] Hello?
-Well, as I live and breathe,
I've been trying to call you.
-We found his note.
[dramatic music]
Turns out he killed himself.
I came from the police station.
I've been told to pack it up.
I thought you should know.
No, no. Um, I, I'm coming
to you. Where are you?
Warbler's Nest.
Hey. Welcome
to the Warbler's Nest.
You wanna say something?
We can't talk here.
This is as good a place as any.
Besides, they have eggs.
What happened to your face?
What's in the bag?
Show me the note.
It's at the police station.
You know what that means,
don't you?
No. No, I don't know
what that means
because it's not real.
-It can't be real.
-Doesn't matter.
The police think it's real.
-He didn't kill himself.
-[cell phone vibrates]
We bet wrong.
When you lose your money,
learn to lose.
Yeah, funny you should say that.
I haven't been, um,
completely honest with you.
Well, it might be a little late
for that, don't you think?
[cell phone vibrates]
You gonna answer that?
You know how the reverend
called me on Saturday night?
It wasn't to talk
about the sunrise service.
[cell phone vibrates]
Who's it?
It's the reverend.
There was panic in his voice
when he asked to meet.
G-- um, yeah. Okay.
All right, I can, I can c--
I can come right over.
-What does he want?
-Um, I have, I have to go.
I'm really sorry.
I'll, I'll be right back.
-Thank you for coming.
I've never seen him
like that before.
He wasn't making any sense.
I've been talking to the Lord,
and it's time I come clean. I...
I wanna be free of all this.
The details will come out,
And when they do,
I want you to understand
my involvement
was for the right reasons.
you're starting to scare me.
Don't be frightened.
I'm leaving my farm to you,
and, and my money.
-Everything. It's all yours.
-[stutters] What?
Wait, what, what are you,
what are you saying?
I need you to do
something for me,
and you can't ask any questions.
Of course. You know
I'd do anything for you.
I know. That's why this pains me
the way it does.
I want you to take this bag
just for the night.
Don't open it.
If anything were
to happen to me, anything,
I want you to take it
to the police, understand?
-Oh, don't cry.
It's better if I don't tell you
anything else.
I'm so proud of you.
You'll do good. I know it.
He put me in this position.
So you looked inside.
Yeah. Up until an hour ago,
it was hidden in my closet.
I had to know it.
It's not like I'm keeping it.
-Why should I care?
-[loudly] He didn't k--
[softly] He didn't kill himself.
Well, the police
have a suicide note
that says otherwise.
[cell phone vibrates]
Sure you don't wanna
answer that?
Cassandra saw me
with the duffel bag today.
So she looked in the bag.
She saw it as well.
So, he gives you a hundred grand
-and expects you--
-[mouths] Five.
Half a million dollars.
He expects you
to walk into the police station
with no other information.
We emptied the bag.
I didn't see anything
like a note.
Doesn't make any sense.
[stutters] Did you check
all the pockets?
I don't know. I don't know.
It, it was a little overwhelming
seeing... [whispers] ...half
a million dollars on my bed.
Mm, that'll do it.
I just wanted this for us.
-That was the whole idea, baby.
-[clicks fingers] Hey.
-Are you with me?
-Yeah. Sorry.
So just, like,
to understand this.
He gives you
a bag full of money.
The next day, he's found dead.
Let me show you something.
It doesn't,
it doesn't explain this.
What, no Xerox?
Trying to embrace technology.
That's not his handwriting.
[cell phone chimes]
Did you hear me? It's not his.
[stutters] It's not enough.
Why not? We can, we can,
we can go to the police station.
We can show them the money.
We can show them the fake note.
It, it's gotta prove something.
Sure, turn yourself in.
-Hmm? Yeah.
Just-- You got cold feet.
You killed the reverend,
took the money,
faked the suicide.
I mean, you said yours--
The note is--
It's just a fake, right?
Oh, my God.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
Well, I know you didn't kill
the reverend. I know.
Look, just-- At least...
At least check the pockets.
[dramatic music]
There has to be something.
Okay. Okay.
[whimsical music]
Read this.
[clicks fingers]
I, I got an idea.
Oh, oh. Oh, yeah.
Katie, it's on the table.
Where are you going? What--
You definitely overpaid.
Come on, keep up.
-Okay, so we're using the money
to draw them out.
-That's right.
-Great. What are we doing here?
-I need you
to shimmy up that fence.
Because somewhere in my car
is a small black GPS tracer.
I need you to find that.
I'll, I'll keep watch.
-[car door closes]
That didn't work.
-[dogs barking]
Great. Dogs.
-[dogs barking]
-Did you get it?
-[panting] A piece of cake.
[cloud rumbling]
[melancholic music]
[sniffles] It's okay.
There, there. That's him.
Stay here.
RedHawk, I got a message
I need delivered.
-This look like the post office?
-More efficient.
All I need from you
is a phone call.
Tell your distributor I've got
something that belongs to him.
Tell him to meet me
at Emmaus Holy Church.
Thirty minutes.
[Duck sniffling, softly]
Okay. Okay.
[rain falling]
[thunder rumbling]
-[GPS turns on]
-[Darlene] Do you really think
this is gonna work?
-[GPS device beeps]
-Bet the reverend's farm on it.
[zipper closes]
[crying] Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
[breathing loudly]
[metal clatters]
[stool clatters]
-What was that?
-What was that?
Come on.
[Duck choking]
-Oh, my God.
-[Hobbins] All right, come on.
There are some questions,
there are some questions
we have to ask you.
I'm gonna have to ask you
some questions.
[Duck sobbing]
Willa's right.
I can't do nothing right.
-[Hobbins] Oh, come on.
-I can't even kill myself.
-[Hobbins] Duck, you're gonna
get through this.
-[Hobbins] You're gonna
get through it.
-[crying] Willa.
Oh, Willa.
Pull yourself together, Duck.
I don't wanna live anymore.
I don't, I don't deserve it.
Oh, come on. No, no, hey.
L-- Let's, let's work the steps.
All right? What's that first one
in the Big Book?
Uh, I, I am, um,
I, I am powerless,
and, and my life
has become unmanageable.
All right, well,
under the circumstances, let's,
let's skip ahead to the next--
Duck, Duck,
we need your help, okay?
You, you need to tell us
what happened the night
that the reverend died.
Bedside manner.
But that's right.
What happened?
Cassandra, um...
Cassandra asked me in on a job.
How is she involved?
I met Cassandra through Willa.
Cass used to sell her weed.
I didn't approve of it,
but it's what Willa wanted.
-[car door closes]
-So sometimes
I would drive her over.
[somber music]
Hey, she wants you.
-Uh, Cassandra, she, um...
-[Lester panting]
-Knock, knock.
-...she was on duty
when they brought in Sederland.
He was out of his mind.
Seeing shit, she said.
Dowding's office.
There was a, there was
a lot of money in his office.
-You're fine.
-[Lester panting]
Cassandra, she, um...
Well, she's been talking
to Willa.
So she knew exactly
how to get to me.
Duck, imagine this life
that you could have with her.
Down in New Orleans.
You could buy her a house, Duck.
Said that we'd split it, 60-40.
Sounds pretty good, right?
She said it was enough
for me to start
a new life in Louisiana.
That's what,
that, that's what she said.
Well, after she said it...
It was the only way for me
to keep Willa in my life.
It was her idea
to disable the camera.
And all I had to do was wheel
the safe out on the dolly.
She had the whole thing
laid out.
It was supposed to be
an easy job.
-[cell phone rings]
-[Duck] Hello?
Yeah, we are.
You think I'm stupid?
I got this.
And then she'd get Darlene
to open it
-'cause she has the codes.
-[Darlene] Are you insane?
What makes you think
I would have even gone for this?
Oh, and the, and the safe?
Yeah. The, the safe is bolted
to the floor from the inside.
-Wait, really?
Oh, that...
That is a big oversight.
-You think?
-Yeah. Then what happened?
[Duck] I seen a car
pull into the parking lot,
but I, I couldn't make him out.
They were driving around
the edge of the parking lot
skirting all the cameras.
And they, and they headed back
to the construction site
behind the church.
So I slipped out
the back to see
if I could recognize them.
[woman's voice]
That was a grave misstep
undermining us, Reverend.
I can't be
a part of this anymore.
This isn't a negotiation.
You'll do as you're told.
-We might have saved him,
you know, if, if, if we could
have called an ambulance.
It's a goddamn slip and fall.
Where's the money?
[dramatic music]
Hey. Okay, don't, don't shoot.
We contacted you.
-The money now.
-[Duck] I, I don't know
-what you're talking about, man.
-Hey, come out
from behind there.
-Hot damn, that is you.
-[mouths] Oh, Ben.
-He wasn't supposed to be here.
-Did, did you just get out?
What, wh-- what it's been?
Like, six years?
I'm sorry.
Do you two know each other?
Damn right we know each other.
This man right here
is the best shortstop
that ever graced
the Emmaus fields.
Aw hell, man. Thanks, man.
[turns on light]
Look, man, I, I...
-I don't know anything
about any money though.
-Shut up, Duck.
[snaps fingers, yawns]
Hey, you better start talking,
-Now I won't play nice
much longer.
-We contacted you.
This was supposed
to be a handoff.
Why'd you have to shoot him?
I don't know. B--
But you better cooperate,
or you'll end up
like your friend.
Okay. Okay.
Ben, sorry,
I have to drag you into this.
Oh. I, I'm actually going
by Duck now.
That's a, that's a stupid name.
Okay. C-- Can we all just,
like, calm down?
I'm gonna get you the money.
[organ playing]
-Where is it?
-[Darlene] It's in the safe.
Yeah, and also,
it, it's bolted to the cement
-from the inside, so...
-I can take you to it.
Yeah, and you probably
don't wanna shoot her 'cause
-she's the only one
who knows the combination.
-Thank you, Duck.
Now can you get that gun
out of my face?
It's the second time today.
Ben, take the girl.
I told you...
...my name is Duck.
Do as you're told, idiot.
Okay. Come here.
-Get off.
[dramatic music]
Come on.
Thanks. [grunts]
Hey, oy. Hey, she ain't
gonna say nothing, man.
Quack, quack.
Come on! Run! Run!
[Duck grunts in pain]
Go! Go, go. [grunting]
Yeah, I thought we was friends.
You know what?
Screw you, Curtis.
-You never
were good at baseball!
[cell phone ringing]
[funky music]
You're only making things worse.
[car approaching]
[woman's voice]
Find the girl. No loose ends.
[organ music playing]
[gasps, gulps]
[inhales sharply]
[exhales sharply]
-[line ringing]
-[Kyle] Yeah?
-So, you, you got
something to say or--
-10-13. Officer down.
Emmaus Holy Church. [grunting]
Hobbins? Hobbins, are you there?
[car approaching]
Officer down.
Need backup at Emmaus Holy.
[siren wailing]
[funky music]
I want the money, Darlene.
[pants] Darlene,
give me the money.
It's too late, Cass.
It's already gone.
[sobs] You ruined everything.
[tense music]
[police siren wailing]
[breathing heavily]
[funky music]
Hands where I can see them.
Drop the gun! On your knees.
Let me see your hands.
She's been shot.
She's not breathing.
Knowles, set a perimeter.
Drop the gun. On your knees.
[muffled radio chatter]
[Darlene sobbing]
-[organ music playing]
-[police siren wailing]
[continues sobbing]
[muffled sobs]
-[siren wailing]
-Show code four.
Suspect is in custody.
Requesting RA Unit.
-Hey, how's your mama doing?
[organ music playing]
Must have ricocheted.
You're one lucky duck.
[Duck groans softly]
[whimsical music]
Hey, uh, how is the case
going so far?
[chuckles] Just as I was
beginning to like you.
Oh, come on, everybody likes me.
-Everyone likes me, right?
-Of course, Gellis. [chuckles]
Hey, is he gonna be all right?
Oh, I've never done this before.
The bullet will be removed
at the hospital.
He'll be fine.
Why are you smiling?
It hurts like hell.
You see, I haven't been shot
in a while, you know.
I saw them drive off
with the money.
-It's gone.
-Just as planned.
Is this gonna work?
[clicks tongue]
-Okay, ma'am,
we need to clear the vehicle.
[car door closes]
[siren wailing]
-This is certainly unorthodox.
Well, I appreciate
the indulgence.
And... thanks for the ride.
-Hey. Thanks for the coffee.
-Oh, you bet.
[indistinct conversations]
[Kyle] Attention, everyone.
Investigator Hobbins
has something he'd like to say.
[Hobbins sighs]
Well, Emmaus is a small town,
so I figured we should do this
in a small town way.
I believe the reverend's death
was not an accident.
-What is this?
-Somewhere in this room
is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Your beloved reverend
was murdered.
And his killer is in this room.
Duck... step forward.
[whimsical music]
Duck, it's safe to say,
was in the wrong place
at the wrong time,
attempting to steal
the deposit safe
from the reverend's office.
The safe was,
one, bolted to the floor,
and, two, empty.
Whatever money he thought
he was going to find
was long gone.
The reverend had given it
to Darlene earlier Saturday.
If anything
were to happen to me,
I want you to take it
to the police.
And she hid it in her closet.
Unbeknownst to Cassandra,
who had the grand idea
to break into the church...
All you have to do
is go get the money.
...after hearing
a feverish story
-from Lester Sederland...
-All that money,
all that money in his office.
...jailed and detoxed
after breaking
into the church himself.
-This is too much too soon.
-Witnessing the reverend
and Don Fulcher arguing
over a pile of money.
Now, just a minute.
That's a bunch of nonsense.
That's not even the best of it.
I'll get back to you, Don.
So, our besotted friend Duck...
...thinking the spoils
of Cassandra's ploy
could win back the young Willa,
agrees to the heavy lifting.
As he was told, he cut
the security camera cable
and had a dolly at the ready.
But just as he made it
to the safe,
an uninvited guest
showed for the soiree.
But let us go back
an hour earlier
to the reverend's farm...
...where an unsuspecting Darlene
was just handed
a heavy duffel bag.
[music continues]
Like two ships in the night,
she passes Don Fulcher
who arrives at the house
to bully the reverend.
Don wanted to reaffirm
the reverend's loyalty,
and there was a struggle.
You can't prove none of that.
I believe you were worried
that he was gonna pull out
of your arrangement.
But... arrangement?
Well, I'll circle back to that
in due time.
Don here had been intimidating
the reverend for months,
and the reverend
could no longer stomach it.
Things escalated that Friday...
-[metal clang]
-...when Sederland overheard
you two arguing
in the reverend's office.
The next day,
Saturday afternoon,
Don met the reverend
in the church parking lot.
What was it you said, Don?
You like to look
a man in the eye
when you're talking to him.
What, what was he doing
with the money?
Oh, come on, Kyle. You're not
buying his garbage, are you?
That was a grave misstep
undermining us, Reverend.
I can't be
a part of this anymore.
-This isn't a negotiation.
-You do as you're told.
No, we're building
something here.
-We'll do it with you or we--
Turns out it was an accident.
At least it started that way.
-What the hell was that?
And Duck was there
to see everything.
No, no, no. No.
The reverend drownded. Fact.
It's drowned.
-But no.
-I've heard enough of this.
Kyle, do something
about this twit.
It's true.
I, I saw the whole thing.
The reverend wasn't dead yet.
-Hey, hey.
Hey, he, he needs help.
-No, no, no. All right.
-He needs help.
We gotta call someone.
-Just stop it.
-Call 911. Get an ambulance.
-Stop. Jane.
-Come on. Get an ambulance.
-She's-- Jane.
Duck brought the reverend
inside with his dolly
and placed him
in the baptismal pool,
hoping it would look
like an accident.
The rock was my idea.
I'd been using it
to weigh down the tarp
in my truck
so it wouldn't fly off
while I was driving.
[water running]
Yeah, that, that was that.
But that's not where he died.
-You're out your damn mind.
And you ain't got
a shred of evidence.
Not a shred, no.
Just your word--
-Uh, and Duck's confession.
-[Hobbins] We do have that,
but indulge me.
I'd like to take it
a bit further.
-Well, your brother
just got out, didn't he?
Of course I will need a favor.
Curtis was hired to run me
off the road yesterday,
which really knocked around
the thoughts in my mind.
Round and round, remembering
things that were said,
making connections that
I might have otherwise missed.
-Fulcher Landing Strip.
Just that she was going
on another trip
-to Miami.
-[Hobbins] Jane said
she was coming
from Florida. She was pale,
in a fur coat.
That didn't add up.
People are still tanning?
I don't bet anymore...
-...but I still like
to follow the odds.
[radio commentator]
...against the RedHawks
of Miami of Ohio.
You know, I got
that good RedHawk shit.
So I called an old FBI buddy
in Cincinnati.
Dick is an old gambling buddy.
Bets sports mostly.
-[cell phone vibrates]
-[commentator] ...to the right
side diving Tribe by the...
Leo, my man.
Best time of the year, right?
I was rambling,
most likely in shock,
but... I managed
to ask my question.
Yeah, there's a couple airports
around there.
OXD used to be
my old stomping grounds.
When a plane lands,
there's gotta be some
kind of a record of it, right?
Yeah. The FAA's
been keeping records
for 75 years of the transponders
of every plane.
I need the data on every plane
coming into OXD out of Michigan.
You know how many flights
come in and out
of a single airport
on a given day?
Really need this favor, Dick.
-[commentator] Right back...
-That's a double play ball.
-How the Hawks doing?
You want me to place a bet
for you for old time's sake?
I got a new game.
Hmm. Leo, I mean,
what's this all about?
Yeah. Yeah, I'll, uh,
I'll get you all
the information you need.
[cell phone chimes]
Go RedHawks.
Like I said, big sports fan
who happens to be
a Miami University alumni.
So Dick sends me
an email with this.
"A twin engine Cessna
registered to Don Fulcher
has been making bi-monthly trips
to Ohio for nearly a year.
In and out of OXD Airport
just outside
of Miami University.
Not the one in Florida,
but Ohio."
I don't even have
a license, Sherlock.
...but your wife does.
And like everything else,
she's in charge.
It was your wife's idea
to mule the drugs from Ohio.
Well, everyone knows that
Don's over his skis in debt.
She had to act fast to recover
from your real estate debacle.
Before you ran her legacy
into the ground.
Then business boomed.
More addicts meant more money.
Now, you just had to figure out
how to launder the cash flow.
But here's the rub.
You were pressuring the reverend
to build a mega church.
You set up
a construction trust fund
and made the reverend
deposit the donations and tithes
that you forced on him
with your dirty money.
I can't do this.
-What'd you say?
-No more.
-[Don] There's plenty more.
-Then your bogus company,
Flagstone Construction
would invoice Emmaus Holy
with the billing cost.
-[Hobbins] It's all right here.
A handwritten letter
in the reverend's book
that he put
in Darlene's duffel bag.
I haven't been able to hear
a word that man said.
-[Duck] Hey, he, he needs help.
We gotta call someone.
-[Don] No, no, no. All right.
-Just stop it.
-[Duck] Call 911.
Get an ambulance.
-Do something. Come on!
-Jane. I've got it. Jane.
-Come on!
-Jane, is he all right?
-Do something.
No, no, no!
Girl, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
-[Jane breathing heavily]
Come on. No, no.
[Dowding gasps]
[softly] Oh, okay. Okay.
...take care of the body.
Make it look like an accident.
It was Jane Fulcher
who murdered Reverend Dowding.
I am an esteemed member
of this community.
I'm on the Chamber of Commerce.
I am chair
of Emmaus Holy's board.
My family built this town.
You'd take some redneck's word
against mine?
I don't have to.
[scoffs] Technology.
[sighs] Kyle.
It is Trooper Gellis.
[sighs] So, what did you do
with the money?
We put my GPS tracer
in a stack of bills
in a duffel bag.
Curtis handed it off
to someone in a parking lot.
And... it wound up here.
Flagstone Farm Credit Union.
[chuckles] What are the odds?
I never ought
to have trusted you,
you ingrate hayseed.
-It was never
supposed to go this far.
-Shut up, Don!
What about the sui--
What about the suicide note?
What difference does it make?
Now, you almost had me
with that one.
We already heard
the whole story.
-It was Willa.
-Was not.
You put her up to it.
She had addressed the envelope
to the wrong number.
We are 223 Main, not 322 Main.
Flipped it around
just like her specials board.
Willa, I heard
this town's a black hole.
-My mom made me do it!
-Willa, Willa, Willa we'll
get through this together.
And it was purely out of spite.
Joyce, you've always
been jealous
-of Darlene's relationship
with the reverend.
-[sighs, clicks tongue]
You couldn't stand the idea
of her getting his inheritance.
Really, Joyce?
[funky music]
[car door closes]
[breathing deeply]
I, uh, really looked up to him.
He was always there for me,
you know?
Nothing about this feels good.
The reverend did his best.
Yeah, well...
...I don't know.
Oh, look, the right thing to do
isn't always the easiest,
and the easiest way
almost always ends the hardest.
All right. [clears throat]
[sighs] You know...
-...that book
the reverend loved so much?
It's... [sighs]
chock-full of epic tales
of fortunate men screwing up.
Adam eating the Apple,
Moses killing his overseer,
King David breaking just about
every damn commandment.
Reverend might have
lost his way...
...but he never lost
faith in you.
Why did you believe me?
What's that look? [laughs]
I never got a chance
to thank you.
For what?
Yeah, giving me
a real case to solve.
You got it, Detective.
Wait, you don't,
you don't have a car.
How are you getting to Detroit?
[funky music]
[music continues]
[music fades out]
[whimsical music]
[music continues]
[music fades out]