Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003) Movie Script

"Thousands of ambitions.."
"Such that.. every ambition..
is lethal.."
"They were very much.."
"My ambitions."
"Even then.."
"They were less."
Down, down!
Dear Geeta, Calcutta
was awe-inspiring.
I a back in Delhi, my
belief strengthened.
We have to change the world,
and change it fundamentally.
You know, I always knew the facts.
But when I met some of the mothers..
..and widows of the thousands
of students who had sacrificed..
..their life during the
Naxalite movement..
I felt completely humbled.
They were the best and the
brightest of Bengal.
But instead of taking
the comfortable roads..
..that their parents had
laid out for them..
..they went down the dirt
and the muddy roads..
..to the villages, to end
the vulgarity population.
Down, down!
The violence of the
oppressed is right.
The violence of the
oppressed is wrong.
And to hell with ethics.
I mean.. weren't Bhagat
Singh's actions correct?
It made me think of ourselves.
I mean, who do we think we are?
Strutting around, spouting
a radical jargon..
A little politics,
some rock and roll.
But mostly shock value?
Isn't it shameful, that
I, Siddharth Tayabji..
..son of a Muslim father and
a Hindu Bengali mother..
..can neither speak
Urdu nor Bengali?
My parents did not give me the
one valuable thing they could.
This has to change.
Geeta, I have now become a card
holder member of the party.
Eventually, you must also.
More when you get back.
Love, Siddharth.
Dear Geeta..
First and foremost,
I still love you.
I am still stuck in Meerut,
because the trains..
..have been canceled
due to the Hindu Muslim..
..sibling rivalry which
has been spread out again.
Not so bad this time,
only thirty eight dead.
Two of them were eaten alive, when..
..one rioter chased his victims
to the lions enclosure.
But most of the town
doesn't bother.
Hey.. what are you doing?
Is it done yet or not?
Curd sweets.
Go. Take care of yourself.
Don't worry, everything
will be all right.
Nothing will be all right, son.
You take care of yourself.
Hey.. Vikram..
What happened? Did your
wife chuck you out?
Hey, you are going
to Delhi, isn't it?
So, I thought. Why should
I waste money on this?
It will reach on the seventh day
at your hands.
Give this to brother, and tell him,
everything is all right here.
"Come on. Move it."
Hi, Vikram!
- Hey..
- Hey, what's up?
Pappu.. come on.. hold the bag.
You wretch, this is my room too.
You have occupied for your friend.
When you meet somebody
after a long time..
..you have to say hello.
I cannot even be alone
in my own room.
It will do a lot of good
for you to sit with them..
..then to sit alone and do nothing.
They're Youth Congress.
Lots of power, Pappu.
- Really!
- Yes.
He called me..
- Brother Randhir..
- Munna..
Hey, I am tired waiting
for you since two hours.
- Where were you since so long?
- The train was late.
To hell with the train!
- Tell me, how is everyone at home?
- First class.
- Even that pest is in control?
- He had to.
Give me my letter.
- You know it?
- Yes.
Even if nobody else thinks
about it he will always find it out.
He has a party.
Heard that you're
responsible for this?
The minister has been out of
station for the past nine days.
Okay, Siddharth, tell me something.
What is all this?
There is no Nehru,
Gandhi or Subhash..
- What is all this?
- Just like this.
Okay, what is going on downstairs?
Your room partner was saying
that there was some show.
Of some rock show.
Very strange girls were
standing there.
All of them are so strange!
Tell me if you have any problems.
What a jeep!
- Like it?
- Yes.
Keep it.
What are you doing?
To all you fans of Jimi
Hendrix and Bob Dylan..
..who fought against injustice
in their own country..
..we want you to think, question..
Don't just listen, not even to us.
No. but what will daddy say?
Tell daddy that life
is not just fun.
Tell him, there is
a famine in Bihar.
Tell him, people are dying
in the country side.
Tell him that he is
responsible for this.
Because he is a collaborator
of this state..
..and the state is
of big landlords..
..and boozard capitalists.
And tell daddy, life
is not just about..
..getting proper English education.
Earning a fat salary, and
loving one's parents.
There are country's of the world
in which people..
..have established a new order.
China, Vietnam, Telangana..
"Anyhow face and equal all."
"Now pull out the red sword."
"Now rise, rise one and all."
"Now pull out the red sword."
Once upon a time, a princess was..
..walking all alone the street,
abandoned by her prince..
But a gallant knight rode
up to his steed..
He swept her off her feet.
And then they rode into the sunset.
Not every story has a happily
ever after, Vikram.
Well, because every story
has it's Siddharth.
- Right?
- Please.
Come on, I'll drop you.
Your knight in shining armour
will escort you to the lion's lair.
As long as you don't try
and keep me from the lion..
..sir knight.
My wife complains I snore.
I told her no other
woman has complained before.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye. Lovely having you. Bye.
Oh, hello, my child. Come along.
I think.. Why don't you come
along and have a drink with me?
No. I think I'll just
go and meet Siddharth.
- Really?
- I'll join you later.
Okay. Okay.
I think I'll also probably
leave in a little while.
Hey.. Listen.
You have to drop me home.
"Beloved.. didn't come.. beloved.."
"The beloved didn't come.."
"The morning has arrived."
"The morning has arrived.."
If we are really convinced,
if we are really moved..here..
..then let's go and take
some affirmative action.
If we really want to change Something,
we have to go to the limit.
I mean, just look at Castro,
what he did in Cuba..
Cuba is small.
We are an enormous country.
We have Mr. Prabeer here.
He has been working in
the villages all his life.
Instead of letting him speak..
..we are getting into
this mundane intellectual dis..
Gandhi understood the importance
of villages before Mao.
He said much earlier
that no social revolution..
..will take place in this country
without the farmers.
What social revolution did he bring?
The importance of the
villages in our revolution..
..is what Mr. Charu has spoken about.
Along with the trade unions,
give the farmers guns too.
This is his theory.
Did he bring any changes
in those villages?
All that Mr. M.K. Gandhi did..
..was to become the guest
of rich Marwari businessmen..
..sitting in their luxurious
mansions and talk about..
It's okay.
We're going to join the
university strike tomorrow.
Will you be coming too?
I think it's a load of rubbish.
I don't know what you're
trying to accomplish.
We're not trying.
And even if it doesn't work..
..Siddharth says it's worth it.
At least we're there.
Geeta, Siddharth was born
with a silver spoon in his mouth.
You know, his father is an ex-judge.
He can afford to do things
the way he does. We can't!
Why are you so against him?
I'm not against him. Personally,
I'm worried about you, Geeta.
You're too gullible. These
guys have their dads' connections.
And.. There's your dad.
I appreciate your concern.
I can take care of myself.
Sorry. Sorry.
He is Vikram.
The whole night,
he has been driving to bring me here.
Okay, then ask him
in for a cup of coffee.
Come on, Vikram. Come inside..
..and have a cup of
good South Indian coffee.
Good.. Good morning. Sorry.
Come on in.
That is Mr. Basu. Mr. Arvind.
[regional Language]
- Hi, Geeta. Good night.
- Good night.
And these are my aunts.
Hello, Mom.
Is he your boyfriend?
What are you saying, Mom?
Many political parties came here.
They took our votes and went away.
All the parties are the
agents for the management.
I want to tell you something else.
Just by adding the name 'Socialist'..
..no party becomes our party.
Even Hitler's party
had the name Socialist.
Who is Hitler?
He isn't from my village.
See, they don't understand
what's happening.
And till you farmers don't
have a strong party, a union..
..till then, your words..
The management wants
to use the police to scare us.
But we won't be scared.
Let's get out of here.
- Okay..
- Where are you going?
I have got to leave.
Siddharth, where are you going?
I'll catch you later.
Later, Geeta. Later.
Come on, take that bag. Go.
Get out of here, go.
This is preposterous.
Only I have the right
to ask who my son brings home.
You're talking nonsense.
You're speaking about character.
First of all.. Let it be.
You've been insulting us for so long.
We got information that
your son hid thugs in this house.
We have a search warrant.
And talk whatever you
want to with our superiors.
What is it?
We want to search.
Then do so.
Come on.
This boy has had it with many women.
Not many,
I think he has had it with all.
Thank you,
Judge, for stopping the police..
It is cold. Why don't you
take mother inside, Mr. Siddharth.
She was being adamant
about sleep outside.
It is her childhood habit.
At her father's house,
everyone used to sleep on the terrace.
What will she do when
you go away from here?
Are you serious about
this Bihar thing?
I'm serious about
going to Bihar, Judge.
Come on. Stupid..
Can I ask why?
You mean you don't know why?
No. Educate me.
Because I'm sick of people
like you who sit and..
..pontificate about India
its problems..
..the oppressive political
and social systems and..
..and do nothing about it.
So you have faith in
an ideology that talks about..
..annihilation and
the murder of people..
..as an acceptable way
of change in the system.
What gives you that right?
We met two British people.
They are coming with us.
They say that there can
be no revolution in our country.
I told them to come
with me to Calcutta.
Thousands of students have died.
These people don't
know anything at all.
They'll come to know
when they find out that..
..40 people are coming
from a small village in Bihar.
- When I spoke to that student
leader Sarabjeet Singh.. - Yes.
He said around 15 students
are coming with him to our college.
- It's a pity.
- Why?
There are just eight of us.
- So what?
- It's okay. - Comrades..
- Prahlad called me.
- Yes, where is he?
He said he's..not going.
- What do you mean?
- Upper class rogue.
Look, as it is, things are not easy.
I mean, there's the whole business
about the police and all and..
Why are you trying
to justify that rogue?
Look, even I'm not going, okay?
There's this West Indian boy
coming to the British Council and..
What? What? What..
Siddharth, if my brother finds out..
..I'm going to Calcutta,
I'll get in trouble.
This is the level of
your commitment, is it?
This thing is too dangerous!
I have to think about my future.
What about documenting
our struggle and all that?
Siddharth, even I'm not going.
I know you'll be very upset.
But my parents..
- Siddharth, even I'm not going..
- Okay. We don't need these guys.
- Prahlad, Amit.. We don't need them.
- Siddharth, police!
[regional language]
[regional language]
[regional language]
Hi, Geeta.
Hey, Vikram. I got my visa.
Hey, Pablo.
It looks good. Good photography.
- Hello..hello..
- Take care. Bye.
I'm Vikram Malhotra.
Yes, I'm the friend of Mehmood
Tayabji's son, Siddharth Tayabji.
I have a small favour to ask of you.
I wanted to speak
to the finance minister.
I would have Siddharth talk,
but he is unwell.
Yes, I'll hold.. Five minutes.
- You'll hold?
- He's chickening out man.
I have applied to seven
universities in the state.
I got to fucking go.
- Who do you think you are?
- Some dictator?
What do you want me to do?
Go down on my knees and say,
"sorry, my lord.."
"..I can't go to those villages"?
Go back to your..
Siddharth, I'm sorry.
I want to be with you all.
All right.
I still believe in the ideology.
But my dad is too rich.
I can't give up all this, can I?
"Come on everybody"
You're leaving on the 17th?
[english rap song]
[english rap song]
Did I tell you I have
just applied for Miami?
I'm going to Miami.
Good. I mean..
It's the right course for you.
No. Good. Yes.
We might not see
each other for sometime.
[english rap song]
[english rap song]
Geeta..I'll be back
in about six month's time.
It's not the end of the world, is it?
No, no.
It's not the end of the world.
May I have this dance with you.
- Sure. - "Hey there, Georgie girl
strolling down the street so fancy free."
"Nobody you need to will
ever see the loneliness there."
"Inside you."
"Hey there, Georgie girl why
do all the boy just pass you by."
"Could it be you just don't
try or is it the clothes you wear."
"Your always window shopping
but never stopping to buy."
"So shed those doubting
feathers and fly."
"This mind is frivolous."
"This mind doesn't
agree to be without you."
"It search,
all through the day and night?"
"What? How frivolous!"
"This mind is frivolous."
"This mind doesn't
agree to be without you."
"It search,
all through the day and night?"
"What? How frivolous!"
"This mind."
"This mind is frivolous,
it is losing it's sanity."
"Why is it awake day
and night the frivolous?"
"This mind is frivolous,
it is losing it's sanity."
"Why is it awake day
and night the frivolous?"
"Thousands of ambitions like these."
"That every ambition is lethal."
"So many ambitions, I had."
"But, even then, they were few."
"This mind is frivolous,
it is losing it's sanity."
"It search,
all through the day and night?"
"This mind is frivolous,
it is losing it's sanity."
"Why is it awake day
and night the frivolous?"
"This mind is frivolous,
it is losing it's sanity."
"Why is it awake day
and night the frivolous?"
'Dear Geeta..'
'You'll probably tear this
letter without reading it.'
'But you have to let
me try and explain myself.'
'I know I had said that..'
'..I'd be back in six
months and then disappeared.'
'But you must realise
that when I left for Bhojpur..'
'..I really didn't know
what I was getting into.'
'Bhojpur and Delhi are not
separated merely by 1000 miles..'
'..but also 5000 years.'
'You must have heard of exploitation,
disease, lawlessness and apathy.'
'There is all that
here and much more..'
'But once you've been here and
seen the despair, you cannot leave.'
For how much longer should
the bosses be tolerated?
One can't wear clean
clothes in their presence.
We can't sit on our
own cot in their presence.
We can't guard our womenfolk.
'Here, I'm on the run,
an extremist in the eyes of the law.'
'Member of a banned
party attempting to..'
'..galvanise a people
subjugated for centuries.'
- We won't take it anymore!
- We won't!
Friends, this isn't a
battle merely for our land.
It is the fight for our dignity too.
And you have to decide.
'It's really complicated, Geeta.
Let me try and explain.'
'One day, the Harijans in the village
where we work were up in arms.'
'The Thakur's son had
raped one of their women.'
Yes, all right.
We agree that our
Brij committed a mistake.
So, will you kill him?
'They had all gathered
outside the Thakur's house.'
'Well.. To chop off his balls.'
We'll kill him!
'The feeling was overwhelming.'
'To my naive mind,
it seemed the revolution was at hand.'
'And then suddenly..the
landlord had a heart attack.'
- I have a pain!
- What happened, Father?
You're responsible for it.
'The lower caste villagers who had been
screaming for his blood a minute ago..'
'..were suddenly overcome by some
ancient dutiful urge to save him.'
'After all, he and his family had been
their lords and masters for centuries.'
'So a jeep was dispatched
to summon a doctor.'
'Being low caste, the only doctor
they knew was also a low caste.'
'So, here's the problem.'
'The landlord's son didn't
want a low caste touching his father.'
'But the father,
who was dying, didn't care.'
You shut up.
'At that moment,
he would have eaten goat-dung.'
'..if the doctor asked him to.'
'This strange compassion of the
villagers towards their oppressor..'
'..in his moment of
need taught me something.'
'What? I'm still trying to decipher.'
'Please try and understand,
there's no place for you here.'
'Our paths must necessarily
be different, Geeta.'
'I'll write again..
if you do. Siddharth.'
Down, down!
Down, down!
Down, down!
Down, down!
You know, I spoke to daddy,
about your idea about the hotel deal.
He thinks it's a waste of time.
It's not.
Converting a old palace
into a hotel is a great idea.
Well, forget what daddy thinks.
It's the deal of the
year if I can clinch it.
- Oh, no!
- What happened?
I just remembered. I have
a meeting with the Mumbai builders.
And I've given my car for repairs.
That's okay. You can keep the Chevy.
Dad's going off tomorrow.
So the Merc is there.
Should we go to Shimla somewhere?
Just you and me?
Pappu.. did anyone die?
Did the girl from
Rajputnagar run away?
What are you giving
cheques like that for?
Where is the money?
We have already paid
the prince Rs.50,000..
..to convince his
dad about the hotel deal.
But he is not calling.
Vikram, we are doomed.
We are finished.
Kashyap, you worry too much.
Sometimes, there is nothing to do..
..but wait for the phone to ring.
This phone has not rung
for the past two weeks, Vikram.
It'll ring, it'll ring.
Oh, really? When?
Just now..
Count till three, and it'll be ring..
If the mountain doesn't come to
Malhotra, Malhotra goes to the mountain.
- Tell them I'm busy.
- Are you crazy?
Tell them I'm
busy..busy in a meeting.
Ask them to call later.
Hello.. Hi.
Kashyap here.. He is a little busy.
Will tomorrow be good?
Sorry, okay?
And that's the place
where we dispensed justice.
Probably with whips?
No, actually an elephant
used to crush their skulls.
Much better system, right?
Why not?
Makes it easy for the vultures.
This is not right..
Vikram, when we make the hotel,
this thing will have to go.
Please don't tell this to my father.
He has an elephant even now.
This is the harem.
700 wives, my great-grandfather had.
My father studied in England
and dropped the custom.
A pity.
So, what did the wives do when the..
..you know..the
king was not with them?
They used to do it
with the palace staff.
Anyone who was caught
had his balls cut off.
So..what did they do with the balls?
It's really hot!
Hello. Hello. Welcome.
Hello, Dad. I've been taking
them around. This is Mr. Wadhwani.
- How do you do?
- Hello.
And Dad, this is Vikram Malhotra.
He is a..
- What do you do, young man?
- I fix things, sir.
Oh! A fixer.
Fixer, dealer, broker, agent.
Depends on your point of view, sir.
Good for you.
Get lost from here!
Go away from my house.
This is my house!
My younger son.
He's not quite right.
But sir, if you take the price
of land itself at Rs.5 million..
The price of the land
is not more than Rs.3 million.
Rs.3 million? What are you saying?
This is royal land.
Not some servant's field.
We are giving you a good deal at 30,
Your Highness.
Nonsense. This land is priceless.
History lives in this place.
You are right, and we are
ready to pay for that history.
For your memories and your traditions.
But I'm afraid it's
worth Rs.30 million only.
Enough. I have had enough.
Please do something.
My father's final
offer is Rs.35 million.
Oh, my God!
Dad, what happened to you?
That fool fired a pug
shot at me from the roof.
Stop him..stop him.
Your brother, you fool! Quickly!
- Tanhe Singh..
- Yes, sir?
Go up there with three people.
Go carefully, see that he
doesn't jump down. Go and bring him.
Can you give me a job in your hotel?
Greetings, Mr. Tyagi.
Where've you been?
I was getting bored so
I danced for the last time.
Please come, Vikram..
come, Mr. Ranvir.
- Hello, Mr. Ranvir.
- Hello.
Mr. Ranvir has almost disappeared.
Vikram is the boy
I was telling you about.
He got me the contract.
Now we go for the big one.
- He is great.
- What greatness?
His job is the most simple one.
Every man is corrupt in this country.
No. Not everyone, sir.
The trick is to know who is.
That's where I come in.
Come and see me sometime.
- He was supposed to pick me up.
- Hi!
Where have you been?
You were supposed to pick me up!
I was stuck with
these political people.
I just had to tell them
how to run the government.
Okay, now can we dance?
After you.
Where are you these days?
Yes, Balbir. What about you?
What happened?
Sweetheart, I just remembered
something. I'll just be..
Excuse me, ma'am.
Can I take this handsome young man
away from you for just five minutes?
Take your sister-in-law from here.
You got someone once again?
I won't do it.
What do you think? Am I your agent?
Just do it, okay?
Hey, Dumpy..
Sorry, I thought you
were an old college friend.
It's all right.
Vikram Malhotra.
I say.. Malhotra from Doon.
No, Vikram Malhotra
from Jabalpur Municipal.
Okay, good. Good.
I'm Arun Mehta, IAS. Finance ministry.
Junior in the ranks, but getting there.
Someone was talking about you.
Aren't you the chap who
fixed some deal for Wadhwani?
Jolly good. Jolly good, my man!
You know, we need people like you.
People who can get things done.
Keep it up.
Keep it up, my man! Keep it up.
Geeta, over here..
Hey, that's Geeta Rao.
She was in college with me!
My God! You look
like a upcoming tycoon!
Well, he is. He is.
Haven't you heard?
This is the man who
got Wadhwani his deal.
Really? That's wonderful.
And you look even more beautiful,
if such was ever possible.
- Hello.. Wait a minute.
- What is this? Old college romance?
Well, you know.. we all
had a crush on Geeta in college.
She didn't have a good
taste in men those days.
Oh, all that has changed,
thank you very much.
I'm..going to get a drink. Anyone?
I was just going to
ask Geeta for a dance.
Oh, excellent. Excellent.
Excuse me.
So, I got stuck that Joint
Secretary is quite an idiot.
"Have fun my love some.."
Once upon a time,
there was this young boy..
..who wrote many soulful letters.
Once upon a time,
there was this girl who was very lost.
Between university in
England and a year in Nairobi..
..she didn't know how
to respond to those letters.
So, what did the young
boy do in the meantime?
He pined and he drank,
and he yearned and he drank.
And in the meantime,
he decided to make pots of money..
..anyway he could.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
So where did the lost
girl meet her prince charming?
He had everything that
a girl could possibly want.
[english rap song]
"Strangers in the night."
"Two lonely people,
they were strangers.."
We should..
Oh, come on,
we're having such a good time.
I..I think we should leave.
Okay, but can we go to
the Narain's party for a while?
Sir, I take your leave.
It was lovely meeting you.
Nice to meet you too.
I'll just say bye to Mrs. Wadhwani.
- I'll see you later.
- Come, I'll drop you.
So, have you been
in touch with Siddharth?
Take the glass, please. Thank you.
Bye, Vikram.
See you later.
"Strangers in the night.."
No, Ms. Geeta is not here.
She has left.
No, she won't come tomorrow.
She's going to some village
near Bhagalpur tomorrow.
She won't be staying in a hut.
She'll be staying
in the Circuit House.
Who is this?
There is so much helplessness
in poverty, Geeta.
This road is too long.
I don't know if I'll last or not but..
Did Rajan last?
He ran away, right?
What are you looking at?
- I was just thinking..
- What?
You frown too much.
You frown too much.
I'm coming.
What is this? I didn't order anything.
How can you order anything
when it isn't even on the menu?
So, the last soul continued
her search in the heartland of India.
Siddharth, no! It's Vikram!
Are you going to say or am I..
What are you doing here?
I heard that she was here.
I thought I'd stop by and..
Thank you very much.
Now.. get lost from here. Please.
I'm hurt.
Come on, Siddharth.
After so many years, such animosity?
Listen.. I'm not going to tattle!
I understand.
I wish you guys meet,
old passions ignite and all..
Come on, it's sweet.
Come on. Let's just get
together and have a drink.
To urinate under the open sky.
- If there is bliss, it is this.
- Oh my God!
None but this.
I have always wondered, you know..
..whether this fellow
was a clown or a fool.
You know something, Siddharth..
You should work on this place,
you know.
Make it into a home
for retired people.
Small cottages, small farmhouses.
You do it, Vikram, I have slightly
different ideas about this place.
That all the peasants
will rise and revolt some day.
And there'll be peace and prosperity.
That is all a load of rubbish.
I'd love to kill him.
Maybe I'll just leave.
So leave!
What are you? A coward!
Privileged man's son..
..trying to play games
with the poor here.
Siddharth, wait. I'm coming.
Siddharth, I'm sorry.
I got carried away.
I'll shut up. I'm sorry.
Come on. Geeta, I just talk.
You know. Come on.
Forget it. Come on.
Come on, Geeta. Let it be. Come on.
To the revolution.
Did you drink too much at night?
Is the lady still sleeping?
She went away in the morning.
He was with her.
Tell me something.
What is the cost of the land here?
"In the garden come o beloved."
"In the garden come o beloved."
"In my life spread the
color of your vermilion."
"With pearls adorn the palanquin.."
- Welcome to India.
- "..and fill it with stars of Gold.
They have arrived!
"Oh beloved,.. oh beloved, beloved.."
"Oh beloved,.. oh beloved, beloved.."
"Your lover went to Calcutta beloved."
- "Your lover went to Calcutta beloved."
- I've to go really far.
- I got to go.
- "Oh beloved, oh beloved, beloved."
"No roof on the head
nor sandals on the feet."
"No roof on the head
nor sandals on the feet."
"No roof on the head
nor sandals on the feet."
"No roof on the head nor
sandals on the feet come beloved."
What happened?
The Thakur's men have killed
four people and hanged them.
Come on..
He has escaped.
When we went there, the hall was full.
We asked, who is the manager here?
The manager said, what happened sir?
We said, fall at our feet,
do you know who we are?
And one scene was like value
for money return. (VFM worth its cost)
First cut out he electric then..
The girl was lightening
on the whole cinema.
The girl, so young, beautiful thighs,
I could see her navel.
This, these the girl comes
where are you dear, where are you.
He's narrating a film's
story the mother..
Took the saree and covered her.
I got angry, I thought
that movie was a flop. But no!
In that time, the real hero..
He said Jai Bhawani!
And he turned..
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, Siddharth! Come on!
Why don't speak there?
Will someone tell
me who is coming with us?
How many are there from Tola village?
There are many people from there.
There's Girdhari master
too from Mashari..
These people are very excited.
We just need some more weapons.
I don't agree to this, comrade.
Do you think that they are ready?
Will these people face Sheikh
Musti's men and the police?
They will all be butchered, comrade.
That will be our responsibility.
Are you tired of revolution?
I am not talking about running away.
I haven't come here for this.
I am speaking about another strategy.
Talking about benefit.
We left Somu Chaterjee's group,
precisely for this reason.
Did you forget that?
At least let these people get ready.
But Siddharth, will the police
revere them till this is done?
I am not against small
and self defensive actions.
You know that.
But I cannot push these
people into the well knowingly.
I am sorry, comrade.
It takes time to bring a revolution.
I am ready to give the time
The question is are you ready?
This isn't just our decision,
Dear Geeta, I will not
be able to meet you next month.
We have had to shift base
somewhere close to the Nepal border.
I will tell you the details later.
But at the moment.
Things are extremely tense here.
Scores of our comrades have died.
And our organization has split.
Probably Pravinda and some
others have accepted my point of view.
We have to rebuild our organization.
What are you doing, Vikram?
You are not saying anything, Geeta.
I am leaving Arun.
It's just not working out.
And it was all a big mistake.
- What?
- No.
- It's okay.
- No.
Okay, what is it?
Is it my drinking?
Because if it is with my
drinking I can stop. I can stop.
I want to stop, I seriously
I want to stop. Listen please.
Okay, you don't like my friends.
I know you don't like my friends.
I shouldn't have brought
those whores there.
Arun, please stop torturing yourself;
it is not about you.
Look, Geeta, Geeta, this is not fair.
This is not fair.
You cannot do this. There
is nothing wrong with our marriage.
- Leave me.
- You can't just walk out of our marriage.
Who is it?
Who are you fucking?
Here, house holder.
Now, this piece of
shit belongs to you.
The contractor must
have made so much money.
So here in the left, sparrow shits.
And here you can tie your buffalos.
I don't want to hurt Arun.
Excuse me Sir,..
You bastard!
Your sleeping with my wife?!
I could kill you, like a bloody..
I don't know if this
going to comfort you, but..
..Geeta is not sleeping with me.
Vikram! How are you?
Geeta, look who's here!
Mr. Fixit himself.
Hi! Want some coffee?
Guess what? Arun paid me a visit.
He was asked me if I loved his wife.
I said yes.
Thanks, Vikram. I was just beginning
to get a horribly sentimental!
So, Vikram,
wine bottles instead of commissions?
With commissions.
Lucky man.
Geeta, you haven't unpacked.
Actually, I'm, not staying Vikram.
I've just been thinking
about it for sometime, so..
..I think I'm gonna leave.
But, Vikram, imagine, actually
going in a village and living there.
[song playing on radio]
Poor village near a circuit house.
Look, Vikram,
if I don't go now, I never will.
I know, you went through so
much of trouble to get me all this.
I'm really sorry.
Well, life goes on folks!
Getting married!
I'm getting married! Daryl!
"Okay come on everybody
let's do together.."
"In love there's no difference
between life and death!"
"They live while gazing the
one for whom they are ready to die."
"Thousands of desires as such!"
'Dear, Vikram..'
'..once upon a time there
was a girl called Geeta.'
'Remember her?'
'She was arrogant opinionated and
thought she could change the world.'
'And so she came here to Bhojpur.'
'And, then, what happened!'
'I don't know.
It's too difficult to describe.'
Tomorrow is ours!
'Guess what, I started adults literacy
class for tribal women here with Daryl.'
The police is here!
'Remember him?
My editor friend?'
What do you think to me? Am I fool?
I know he is around here.
'Siddharth says our set-up
is a bon-jour a feel-good scheme.'
'And this naturally forms the basis..'
'..for most of the unnecessary
tension in my life.'
I haven't seen my husband
since many a months!
If the villagers start bashing
up the Naxalites one by one..
..then you'll get the exact idea!
And I've to look
after the final rites!
What happened?!
'Our school was serving as a hospital
because of the malaria epidemic.'
'Fourteen people have died so far.'
'It looks like the worst
is over but then again..'
'..you cant be sure of anything here.'
'You know something, Vikram,
nobody gives a damn about this place.'
'It's as if it doesn't exist.'
'Still people here laugh sometimes.'
'Now enough of my rural trivia.'
'The major news is that our
son Chetan was born last week.'
'By the way it was very generous of you
to offer that we name the boy after you.'
'But, Siddharth wasn't too keen.'
"The mind is setting off
to dream a pleasant dream.'
'Well, what about you and Anita?'
'You better have a large family.'
'So you can do justice to the
wealth and the fame that you amassed.'
'Drop by my father's house sometime.'
'We've sent them
a photograph of Chetan.'
'It will be worth the effort for you.'
'He looks just like me.'
'I've to go now.'
'Be good and write to me.'
'Love, Geeta.'
Get aside!
Yadav, look what's happening outside.
[indistinct crowd chatter]
Sit down!
Sit down!
If I start using my baton
then your tongue shall start to move.
Sometimes Shankar, sometimes Girdhari.
Don't you recognise any of them?
And all this is happening
because of you people's stupidity!
Get out!
- Get out! - You people
know nothing except to beat!
I'll fill your body with
husk if you talk too much!
Yes, Madam tell me.
These are simple peasants
that work in the farms.
Why have you arrested them?!
They are not that simple,
as they appear to be.
Last night these rascals
killed one of our officers.
You're talking nonsense!
Do you have any evidence?!
Now, you'll tell me about evidence?
Do you understand what
the murder of a policeman means?
Do you know it's
such a serious matter?
- Stop.
- Hey! She's the doctor. Tell me.
Geeta, the policeman for whose murder
they have arrested the villagers.
He's freaking out!
"The ambience is
quite unfaithful today."
"The ambience.."
You always drink and drop
dead at that bitch's place!
I've told you so many times
but you never seem to understand!
This time I'll get you transferred!
Lakshman! Lakshman,
take the damn in his quarter!
He'll understand only
when he's transferred!
And you beat up and tortured
the entire village for nothing.
Don't brag in English!
Someone has died!
That body might be of anyone else!
Maybe, a guard who might
have fallen off the train!
It might be anyone!
It could have been anybody!
For God sake!
These people are blind!
They are just blood thirsty!
What do you think of yourself?!
Are you the government?!
But, you're not the God out here!
Are you sure,
they are close to the government?
They are waiting for you, Sir.
There's nothing for sure in life.
Yes, come in.
- Its Vikram.
- Sir.
Mr. Tarneja.
Look, I don't want to
fall in any trouble. Please!
There will be no trouble, Mr. Tarneja.
Singh sir.
Why are you getting scared, Boss?
You're doing it for
the interest of the nation.
Sir, get him a medal.
Look, I've come here
just at Malhotra's word.
But the overdraft is illegal?
What illegal?
It's just a matter of 2-3 months.
No one will be able to know.
As long we are there it will be okay.
That's alright, but..
But suppose you're not here then I..
We're not here!
Do we look that kind
of people who won't be here?
I'll call you.
No, no. Vikram is a good boy.
He's a good boy.
Not like those other bloody
rats deserting a sinking ship!
Is this ship is sinking?
Well, that's what they say.
That's what they think.
Chewing gum?
By the way, one of those biggest rats
is that friend of yours Randhir Singh.
Just in case you ever
thought of denying it.
He's an old family friend.
Besides I don't agree with him.
Long live revolution!
Long live revolution!
..with the help of people
truth will disclose..
If one man is corrupt in the politics,
it mean not all are corrupt.
In this country of Mahatma Gandhi, in
this country of Subhash Chandra Bose.
Today it's Hitler that's ruling.
Friends, how long will
you serve one party..
..and how long will you
lick the shoes of one family?!
Wake up!
Down with oppression!
Down down!
Down with oppression!
Down down!
Down with oppression!
Down down!
- Brother Randhir!
- Long live!
How could I've let this golden opportunity
slip out of my hands, brother Randhir?
You make a fool of me?
The ones whom you were
abusing till yesterday..
..today they have become your friends.
Yes, brother.
The times have changed,
people have changed likewise.
Perhaps then you might
not need this cheque?
Kid, this engine of revolution and
change never moves without this fuel.
Got it?
So then, when this
revolution of yours comes..
..please don't forget this
revolutionary friend of yours.
This is the very problem
with you businessmen.
You people simply think
about your profit and loss.
But, we've to think
about the whole nation.
We've to wake up the
inner-self of the people.
What is that called, conscience.
To wake the conscience.
What shall you know about socialism!
No, you're quite right,
brother Randhir.
From now on, Hindu fundamentalists
Muslim fundamentalist.
Capitalists, socialists,
communists all shall work united.
It can happen. Why not?
- Why not?
- Why not?
And true congressmen
like your father. See.
What the fuck is this
old man doing here?!
Forget it, Father.
You know that it's
Pablo's birthday today.
I've invited them
with great difficulty.
You know that he doesn't
celebrate it at all.
Then why do you do something
that you don't understand?
And who are those people
to say all these things?
And, who is this Sadiq?
I just know him, Father.
He says that things should be changed.
What do you mean 'Should be changed?'
Change means you'll fill
the District Committee with goons?
If you really want
to bring then bring..
..the ones who've gone
in the midst of people to work.
We'll make way for them.
Fine. I'll talk to them.
You'll talk?
Finally it's reached this
point that you'll talk for me?
Listen to this! It's finally happened!
It has now been confirmed
that a state of National..
..Emergency has been
declared in India!
In a midnight swoop all the top
opposition leaders had been arrested.
These include the Gandhian
leader who spearheaded..
..the anti-corruption movement
against the Congress party.
And it's supreme leader
Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
This follows the Allahabad high court
judgement against Mrs. Indira Gandhi..
..which indicted her
on corruption charges.
Calling the opposition agitation a
conspiracy to destabilize the Nation.
The police is outside!
The Congress party spokesman said
it was necessary to save the country..
..from total chaos and anarchy.
They also labeled the oppositions
call to the armed and civil forces..
My diary! Give me my diary!
Let me speak to Sadiq and
put an end to all this nonsense!
- Get lost!
- Hey! Don't push!
- Confiscate the rascal's camera!
- Just taking a photograph!
- Don't push man, you know..
- Out! Out! Throw him out!
Start the jeep!
Where the hell is everybody?!
Can't get through!
- The bastards have kept the phone down!
- Vikram, be careful. Careful!
You don't know what you're doing!
You're making a big mistake!
Bloody arresting an old man,
who never did anything for himself!
He spent his whole
life for the nation!
If you really want to arrest
then I'll tell you whom to arrest!
[indistinct crowd chatter]
What petition have you got?
He's saying the life
in here is very dangerous.
The weapon we will
get that we will use.
[indistinct crowd chatter]
Sister Geeta,
there's lot of danger over there.
Let's call brother
Siddharth also over here.
Let's run!
Some bastard might have tipped them!
Look the police are outside, listen to
me, look what are you doing, listen to me.
- You're not doing good.
- You'll die if you go out!
I'll be back!
Ram Charitra Sahu!
Ganesh Mahto!
Whatever are the names
of your city comrades..
..push them out wherever
they are hiding!
I warned you all so many times.
- Come fast! - That Naxalism
won't be allowed in my area!
Didn't you see it with your own eyes?!
What fate did that Paltoo
meet because of this Naxalism!
The poor man was cut
and thrown into the canal!
Your harvest is ready in the fields!
Your daughters are ready for marriage!
And we too want everything
to pass of peacefully!
But, you people have
made life difficult for us!
What do you want?!
Should we beg to
you with folded hands?!
He's hiding like a coward.
- If we allow you to sit then you
people sit on our heads! - Mad girl!
Munna they came at my home
yesterday along with the warrant.
- Why do you worry, Brother?
- Who'll worry if not me?!
If they arrest me you don't
know their mind they are bastards!
You simply make them understand
that we we're no strangers, friend.
Moreover, the distant
relatives of maternal grandpa..
..are closely related with the distant
relatives of the Home Minister.
If they sit and talk about
it then the issue will be settle.
That's alright but, Brother,
that conscience thing of yours..
To hell with that conscience!
Is this the time for all this fun?!
Look there. Over there.
That rascal policeman is
looking at me! He's staring me!
He's not looking at you.
Rather he has come
to the temple since..
..he wants a promotion
in Connaught Place precinct.
Forget that.
If they take me back in their party.
Then I won't be coming alone.
I'll join them with
my whole constituency!
And, kid, if you try to double
cross me then I'll tell them..
..that you used to
give donations to my party.
Tell them.
Ringing the bell?
Listen. you're my friend, man!
And a friend in need is a friend indeed!
Why don't you understand, my friend?!
I swear you in the name of your papa!
Don't talk about him.
He's in the jail.
And he didn't piss in his pants
at the sight of a policeman like you.
Sir, he's father doesn't
wish to meet him.
Got a slight fever.
He's actually grown taller.
Have you noticed?
I messed up your life, didn't I?
I'm sorry, Geeta. I..
You could have left me! I..
Siddharth it's not only about you.
I want to be here.
I love you.
Time to go.
Siddharth say bye to Chetan.
I've arranged for him to go back.
Siddharth try and understand.
It's just not fair to
keep Chetan here anymore.
I've spoken to my parents.
They are coming to pick him up now.
I, Jhanda Singh, am the Chief Officer
in the police station of Badaiya.
Today, on the date of 7th July,
1975 the time being 12:00 noon.
Since the senior officer
Ishwari Singh was not keeping well.
Me and my staff went
to find out about his health.
In my absence, the common
public victimised by the Naxals..
..attacked the Naxalites
that were in the lock up.
Sudhir Mitra and Siddharth were
trapped in the anger of the public.
Geeta Rao, who ran government
opposing outfit in the name of school.
Was manhandled and her
clothes were torn by the public.
We arrived in time and brought
the situation under control.
SHO. Badaiya. Jhanda Singh.
I'm sorry, Mr. Mehmood.
Be seated.
You maybe be knowing some special
guests are expected here today.
Grandpa, Grandpa, dog again ran out!
One minute,
come child, I'll get it found.
Look, who's there?
Rashid, come here!
Child, go with Rashid,
he'll find it, okay?
Yes, Mr. Mehmood, now tell me.
You know it.
He is my son..
..it's just a frenzy.
I warned him many times and it's
heard that he has been arrested now.
Where's he?
Don't know.
In some village of Bihar.
Friend, do something.
Look, five minutes
are more than enough.
I'll handle everything.
You just sit and wait. I'll handle it.
I'll try. But the truth
is nothing is in my hands.
The reins are in the
hands of the new generation.
Yes, Randhir, be seated.
Child, I'll be back in a minute.
These people who are coming here,
are coming for a mere formality sake.
And that's because I'm still
involved with the trade unions.
You, have courage.
Hello Sir.
Sir, you remember me?
Vikram Malhotra.
I was in college with Siddharth.
Are you okay, Sir?
How are you?
I'm fine, sir.
Have you heard from
Siddharth of Geeta?
They are both in
jail somewhere in Bihar.
Please, check who
is our man in Bhojpur.
Brother, I don't care,
I want Geeta Rao found!
Get aside! Get aside!
- How should be leader of the nation?
- Just like our leader!
- How should be leader of the nation?
- Just like our leader!
I'm sorry, Sir.
Sir, I got the information that they are
connected to some terrorist outfits.
Here's she, Sir.
C'mon, he has come to take you.
Vikram told me where you were.
- Leave me! Leave me!
- It's okay. It's okay.
Its okay, Geeta. But you know
I may not be there the next time.
Look at me!
Do you know what they could
have done to you in there?!
You've any idea?!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, you.. you poor thing.
Oh my God!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Will you do something for me?
Find Siddharth for me!
Did you know I'm married now?
I've a kid.
It's lovely.
But you haven't changed a bit.
I thought you won't come.
What's up?
I just wanted to thank you.
That's all.
Give me another one.
How are you?
I'm alright. I'm okay.
Well, you know, acquiring
wealth and power at an alarming rate!
Yes. That figures.
Where's Siddharth?
I don't know.
I'm alright, Sir!
Come on.
Kiru! Fast!
Geeta, there is a bad news for you.
Siddharth and Kiru
were trying to escape.
Siddharth, Kiru is safe, but..
Those bastards!
Call me if you need something!
Please stay.
as usual thanks for everything.'
'I thought about it.
But, I'm going back to the village.'
'It's for the best.'
'I'll write to you.'
Hey boy, send some tea and breakfast.
Everybody acts like a commissioner!
Hey! Stupid, what is this?!
Is it some fire cracker?
If I shove it in you,
then the cracker will explode!
Hey! What's up?!
Is this some movie or something?!
The kids are out there playing with this
gun and you're mutely seated here?!
Be quiet please,
there are patients lying in here.
What should I care?
Go and do your work!
This tension..
Take it.
The wound has dried up.
You were lucky that that
policeman brought you here.
But these people are
altogether different.
They were talking about killing you
while taking you to the police station.
Who are you?
Try to save yourself, Sir.
Wounded are you?
Wounded are you?
You are looking?
You don't reply?
I'll also get a call from up..
..there perhaps at night
while sleeping, it will be good.
273857. It's my father's number,
he stays in Delhi.
Tell him that I'm here and
these people are going to kill me.
And the District Magistrate
here give his number as well.
273857. okay?
Is Ms Geeta over there?
Then how will it happen?
Who are you?
Look, anyhow deliver the
message to her. It's very important!
A call came from the
Municipal Hospital in Bhojpur.
That the police is going
to kill Siddharth sir!
What do you mean?
Siddharth is still alive?
I'm the servant, Sir!
I don't know anything!
The senior master is in the
hospital due to a heart attack!
I just don't understand anything.
Even I don't understand anything.
Geeta has already left, Son.
Please, you do something.
You've so many contacts.
You only can do something.
Just half an hour left for the
preentation man what are you doing?
Brother Randhir, find out..
..who is our Member of
Parliament from Bhojpur in Bihar.
"It is going crazy,
it is losing sanity."
"It is going crazy,
it is losing sanity."
"It is awake day and night."
"This mind is frivolous."
"In search,
day and night this frivolous."
"It is going crazy,
it is losing sanity."
"It is awake day and
night this frivolous."
"This mind is frivolous."
"In search,
day and night this frivolous."
"It is going crazy,
it is losing sanity."
"It is awake day and
night this frivolous."
Here, here.
What are you doing?
I don't want to get treated here!
You do one thing, get a taxi
or motorcycle anything for me!
I don't want to get treated in here!
Since how long you
it isn't getting alright?
A person with disease might
get afflicted and die in here!
One minute, Boss, I want to
make a call. You take me to a phone.
Look, all the phones are dead!
Want money?
Here! Take as much you want!
But take me from here!
Vikram! Vikram, please don't go!
You shut up! Shut up!
All this has happened due to you.
First there's this
news that you're dead!
Then I got the bloody
news that you're bloody alive!
What was I supposed to do?
Did you check for the air bubble?
We'll have to place
you in observation.
The doctors from the big
hospital are coming to check you.
Then it's up to you and them.
I, I understand pal why
you're angry with me. But..
Look at me, Man! I'm in deep shit!
You know but don't,
don't faint again, Man!
I'm Pradeep! I've come to take you.
Yes! We've come now!
No problem! Easy!
That policeman?
One's down with liquor!
And we've taken care of the other!
One minute! One minute! Doctor.
He's not in danger!
Hey! Get up!
Get up!
I just dozed for 2 minutes and..
Did your father tell you to booze?!
I booze, don't get my father in it!
They took away this 100 kg cot.
It might have been the whole group.
There were 25 people outside.
And none is ready to talk about it.
They just vanished.
He spoke to him as well!
I've four small kids.
- What will happen to me now?
- They will do your vasectomy!
But I'm a government official!
You're a government official and
you were sleeping?! Go and ask him!
The bloody rascal!
Go easy!
Where's he?!
Where's that man?!
Get up!
Where's he?!
They have taken him away.
While we did nothing..
Sir, please save me!
It's my suspicion that's
he's also his associate.
- C'mon!
- Hey! What are you doing?!
Hey! Let go!
Let go! Where are you taking me?!
This one is sufficient for us!
We'll shoot him and
pour acid over his face.
None will be able to identify him.
We'll say that he's the same one. No
one comes along with a photograph! Is it?
Where's the acid?
Look under that..
Shoot him.
Catch him!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Catch the bastard! Rascal!
Shoot the rascal!
Where's it?!
It's fallen somewhere.
What are you doing?
Are you firing it for the first time?!
Shoot him!
I'm Vikram Malhotra!
The MP over here is my friend!
I'm not the one!
What's this?
The chamber is empty!
Where's the cartridge?!
The kids might have used them!
I'll search in the quarter!
We'll kill him with this!
Die, you rascal!
Sankata Prasad! Wait!
- What's happening here?
- Hello, sir.
It's not my fault.
He told me that.. I.. I..
That boy was trying to escape, Sir!
"In love there's no difference.."
"..between life and death!"
"They live while gazing the one.."
"..for whom they are ready to die."
"Thousands of desires as such.."
".. the body breathes
its last for each!"
"A lot of my ambition
came forth but.."
I can't fool myself any longer.
I just can't do this.
- They would have killed you.
- They should have!
I mean it they should have.
Will you come with me, Geeta?
'Dear, Geeta..'
'What can I say?'
'Our parting I guess was
inevitable maybe even necessary.'
'You've to, I suppose, get over
your first love in order to be free.'
'Thank you for sending
Chetan to London with my father.'
'It was indescribable.'
'The feeling of seeing
him after all these years.'
'The last time I saw you,
Geeta, in your father's house.'
'I was too rot up inside.'
'The world hadn't changed
in the ways I had wanted it to.'
'I know that you're
right when you say it has.'
'But no one can rape
a lower caste woman..'
'..in those parts
that easily any more.'
'He might get a certain
body part chopped off..'
'..and I know that it's
a leap of about 5000 years.'
brother Pradeep is still there. '
'And you.'
'By the way please give him
the book that I'm sending you.'
'And tell him I'll write to him soon.'
'As for me you know
I'm studying medicine now.'
'I'm the oldest student in my class.'
'Maybe the mysteries of the
human body will be less confusing.'
'Someday I'll return..'
'Geeta, I often think of Vikram.'
'Pablo told me that his wife had put
him in some specialized institution.'
'But when Pablo went
to see him there the..'
'.. authorities told him that there
was no one by that name.'
'I smiled when I heard that.'
'I think I know where he is.'
"The frivolous heart
is setting off to dream."
"The frivolous heart
is setting off to dream."
"The frivolous heart
is setting off to dream."
"The frivolous heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The frivolous heart has
words sillier than itself."
"The frivolous heart has
words sillier than itself."
"The heartbeats are sillier
and so are the breaths."
"So, why do you shy away
from the silly movements in sleep?"
"These silly eyes wish
for happy moments and.."
"..to see the beautiful nature."
"The frivolous heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"There should be some silly
mate in this silly world."
"And, it should be just your
hand in the hand in this smart rush."
"The tune should be something silly;
and similar should be the song (raga)."
"The tune should be something silly;
and similar should be the song (raga)."
"The silly legs will then long for.."
"..a silly beat to dance."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The darkness so should be silly.."
"..and similar should
be the tranquility."
"The darkness so should be silly..
..and similar should
be the tranquility."
"The darkness so should be silly.."
"..and similar should
be the tranquility."
"It teaches the silly
face to live with times."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."
"The silly heart is
setting off to see a dream."