He Knows Your Every Move (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[man breathing heavily]
[camera clicks]
[man breathing heavily]
[man breathing heavily]
[man breathing heavily]
Mm. So beautiful.
Oh, yeah.
[keyboard keys clacking]
Hey, guys.
You know what time it is.
It's time to crank up
the tunes,
crack open that bottle of wine
and make some
20-minute meals with Molly.
Oh, and don't forget
to come back this Thursday
for a special episode
where I share my...
Okay, so this is, this is on top
of your regular column?
Yup, apparently,
Molly's 20 Minute Meals
is getting popular.
I knew it would.
- Yeah.
- Are they all new recipes?
Well, it's a mixture
of old and new.
I figure people would feel
cheated if I just rehash the...
- Ooh, tacos.
- Yes.
Go on, Aaron, try 'em.
- Well?
- Mm.
- [Molly chuckles]
- Mm. [chuckles]
- Oh.
- [Molly and Angie laughing]
- Oh, okay.
- Ow.
- [laughing]
- That's...
[Molly] But the habanero's
really good, right?
[exhales] Habanero. I don't have
any taste buds left.
- Oh, honey, you're okay.
- [heavy breathing]
I thought he likes spicy food,
That's not spicy.
That's thermonuclear.
How is this even remotely
brunch food?
The pepper will wake you up
more than coffee will.
He-he just needs some milk.
Can we, can we get
a glass of milk, please?
You two are so cute
it's disgusting.
And that's why
we're getting married.
Ooh, speaking of which, Molly,
I need to know
for sure if you wanna give up
your plus one
'cause I gotta give the caterers
the numbers tomorrow.
Please, I'm your maid of honor.
You know, I'm just gonna be busy
grantin' every wish of yours.
And I love you,
but I'm just sayin',
if you wanna bring someone...
If that someone you're talking
about is Dylan, then, no.
She's talking about Dylan.
I am. I like Dylan.
- I think he's super sweet.
- He is super sweet.
But he's more into motocross
than he is being a boyfriend.
Actually, all those months
on tour paid off.
He just landed a Prestone
sponsorship, which is big.
- What?
- [Angie] Well...
Maybe now that he's successful,
he'll move out of your duplex.
What? I'm serious, Molly.
One of you needs to move.
It's kinda weird
living next door to your ex.
Well, it's not gonna be me,
I mean,
he's the one who's gone
all the time.
Plus, I've moved on. It's just,
the guys I meet online...
What about 'em?
No one matches their profile,
you know?
- They all lie.
- Like my ex.
- Angie.
- [Molly chuckles]
I'm serious.
No more online dating for me.
Uh-uh, you are not allowed
to give up on dating.
I'm-I'm not givin' up.
- I just want new experiences.
- New experiences.
- [Ramona] Experiences.
- Mm-hmm.
I just want to meet someone
the old-fashioned way.
You know, romantic, in person.
There's just one problem
with your plan.
There's no reason for strangers
to even talk anymore.
What do you mean?
Look around.
[Ramona] Hm.
Good luck, girl.
[chuckles] Thanks.
[birds chirping]
[alarm beeping]
[Dylan coughing]
- Hey, Molly, how are you?
- Hey, Dylan.
I, uh...
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah. All good.
Yeah. Right as rain.
- I heard the alarm.
- Yeah.
I, I thought
you were out of town.
Um, actually, I just got back
a couple of days ago.
And you're, you're cooking?
Uh, yeah, I'm trying.
You know how that goes.
I didn't know
you, um, used your stove.
[exhales] One step at a time.
You know, the new owners
are just redoing my bathroom.
- Yeah, it's sick.
- Are you serious?
They're still working on
my place, so far they've taken
the handles in my kitchen,
you know, the vintage ones.
- Yeah.
- I used to love those.
- [chuckles] You did?
- Yeah.
They had so much character.
I guess, "Out with the old
and in with the new," right?
Yeah. Something like that.
Well, welcome back.
I'll see you around.
[door opens]
[door opens]
Okay, let's see.
- Recipes, recipes...
- [keyboard keys clacking]
You know what,
I, I got to clear my head.
Yes. That's what I'm gonna do.
Can I get a, can I get a water,
- Sure thing.
- Thanks.
- Here is your card.
- Thank you.
- And here's your water.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day.
- You, too.
Recipe number nine, here I go.
Ooh, something...
Maybe something
- [clatters]
- Oh, no! No, no, no.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- [laptop crackling]
[automated response] At Computer
Clinic Concierge,
we value your business.
Whether it's laptop
or PC repairs,
we do it all. Hard drive
repair with recovery, we...
Ah, welcome
to the Computer Clinic.
- Thanks.
- How may I help you?
Um... I think my computer died.
Let's not issue
a death certificate just yet.
What happened?
Um, I spilled coffee
all over it.
That's probably
our number-one problem.
- So you, so you can fix it?
- Of course.
Just fill out this sticker
and we'll get you
right in the queue.
Um... it's just one little
thing. I kinda have a lot...
I see you're concerned about
your private data and privacy.
- Yeah.
- Don't worry about it.
You're totally covered on the
Computer Clinic Privacy Pledge.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
The guys back there
are just gonna be looking
at your operating system,
that's it.
How soon can I get it back?
- Give us a week.
- A week?
No, that's not gonna work.
I have a deadline in three days.
Well, we do have
the quickest turnaround times
in the business. I doubt you're
gonna find anyone faster.
- Do your magic.
- I need the computer.
- Oh. Right, right.
- [chuckling]
- Thanks.
- I'll call you when it's ready.
[indistinct chatter]
[sighs] With only nine more
recipes to go
and about an hour per recipe,
Oh, God. Start writing.
[sighs] Uh, hi.
Can I get, uh,
two habanero tacos, please?
Those need a warning label,
you know?
Do they?
[waiter] Here, Molly,
we made your favorite for you.
Oh, no, I-I-I can't eat these.
My stomach's in knots.
Hey, I... Have mine.
I-I haven't touched them,
I promise.
Thanks. Four habanero tacos,
I guess.
[chuckles] That's very...
This is very kind of you.
- Try them before you thank me.
- Thanks.
Oh, man!
Wow. I'm impressed.
Most people
would have to tear out
their tongues by now.
Mm, no, I-I can feel it.
I just, uh...
[both] The pepper
tastes so good!
- Jinx!
- [chuckles]
[exhales sharply]
Y-you're not, you're not wrong,
you know?
Uh, these do need
a warning label.
But not for the spice. I feel
an addiction forming already.
- [man chuckles]
- Yeah. I, um...
Pretty soon I'm gonna be moving
to the kitchen.
I, I practically live here
Save a space for me
by the stove.
I'm helpless
against these tacos.
[Molly chuckles]
- Thank you. Cheers.
- Hm.
To... new experiences.
[Molly] Ah. Where is that..
Where is that damn keycard?
[intense music]
- [gasps]
- Oh, hey! [chuckles] Hey.
- Dylan, you scared me.
- Didn't mean to scare you.
Um... Yeah, you're lookin',
lookin' for this?
Yeah. Where'd you...
Oh, so I found it on the stairs
this morning
when I came to drop off the box
full of your stuff
from my place, [clears throat]
which, I know,
you've been asking for forever.
And, uh...
But you know, I've been...
- Out of town.
- Out of town. I know.
Anyways, I mean, since I'm here,
uh, do you wanna
hang out tonight
and catch up?
I'm... sorry,
I have a deadline.
Right, yeah, uh...
Molly is the...
Molly's, um, food.
- Yeah, exactly. [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
- Cool.
- Well...
Thanks for, uh,
dropping this off.
Goodnight, Dylan.
[sighs] Molly.
She's about to lose it, Moll.
Sorry, I'm just finishing
one more sentence.
So what do you think?
I'm gonna meet my deadline.
Five p.m. today.
Oh, my God, you are so lucky
I am not a bridezilla.
I'd be stomping down Tokyo
right now.
- Why?
- She was asking about the dress.
It's the rarest of creatures.
A genuinely beautiful
bridesmaid dress.
The writer speaks. Yay!
I'm sorry, I know I've been
a little single-minded lately
with this deadline.
A little? Y-you think? [scoffs]
Seriously, I managed
to schedule this fitting
two separate investigations.
- [cell phone rings]
- Hello?
[Phil] Ms. Hoyt, this is Phil
from the Computer Clinic.
We have the best news for you.
Our technicians were able
to repair your computer
in less than a week.
You're kiddin'!
My computer's ready.
Uh, I'll be right there.
- [Molly] Yes!
- Uh, Molly? Hello?
- Oh, my God! Yes!
- Wait. Molly!
[sighs] Oh, God.
- Ms. Hoyt.
- Oh!
Thank you so much.
I'm never letting coffee
near you again.
- You're a life saver.
- Just part of the job.
- Now, be careful out there.
- Thank you.
And have fun
at your friend's wedding.
[dramatic music]
Excuse me?
Oh, no, no, I, I saw it
on your cake pops video.
Oh! Right. No. Thank you.
- That's amazing. Right.
- I'm a 20 Minute Meal convert.
That's, that's great. Thank you.
Sorry I'm late, Caitlin.
I had to pick up
my laptop, and...
No, no, no. It's fine,
it's fine. You're on Molly time.
Well, you know
you're my favorite,
but you're always late.
It's fine.
Your work is so good,
I couldn't care less.
All right,
I pulled up your article.
Just making
a few last-minute changes.
- Changes?
- It's 99% awesome.
Jackson will mock it up,
get you the proof tomorrow.
Traffic's really spiking
because of the ad.
There's real appetite out there
for these kinds of recipes.
- You see what I did there?
- Here you go.
- Oh!
- I didn't even mean to say it.
Comes from working here,
you have food on the brain
all the time.
All the time.
Jasmine, get me something
with chocolate.
- Or Scotch.
- [Jasmine] You got it.
- So we're good.
- Almost.
I'm gonna need
another 20 recipes.
- Twenty? When?
- You have oodles of time.
- Three to four weeks.
- Three to four weeks?
There's a really good reason,
- What's, what's the reason?
- I can't say anything.
Well, now,
now you have to tell me.
No, I don't. All right.
All right, I'll tell you.
Corporate wants to do
a Molly app.
- W-what?
- Mm-hmm.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Oh, my God!
Like, a real phone app?
Available on all platforms.
Apple, Android, you name it.
- That's me.
- That's you.
of Molly's 20 Minute Meals.
Soon to be available
on phones everywhere.
- That's amazing!
- I know.
Now, go do something fun,
get out of here.
Uh, well, I was gonna start
working on those recipes.
[imitates buzzer] Wrong answer.
Look at me.
You don't wanna be me.
Don't burn yourself out
working too hard.
Okay? Trust me.
Doing something fun for yourself
has nothing to do with work.
Got it?
Got it.
[indistinct chatter]
[breathing heavily]
[exhales sharply]
- Oh!
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I, I didn't mean to.
- It's no, no...
It's okay.
Hey, weren't you at, um, Vino
the other night?
Yeah. I sure was.
[chuckles] Spicy tacos, right?
Yeah, new experiences.
- That's my motto.
- [chuckles] Mine, too. Yeah.
Well, uh,
let's make it official.
- One water, please.
- I'm Jack.
- Molly.
- Nice to meet you.
Uh, you new to the neighborhood?
New to the city.
I just moved here from Seattle.
Oh, uh, what brought you here?
Uh, I was hoping to see a little
bit of sun before I died.
- That and mostly a new job.
- Thank you.
- Oh. Both very good reasons.
- Yeah.
- Oh!
- Oh! [chuckles]
- I'm sorry. Uh...
- It's okay.
Uh, "I can afford a blemish
on my character,
but not my clothes."
That's from, uh, that's from
Laura with Vincent Price.
I love that movie.
Nobody knows that line.
That's crazy.
No, I know, I've-I've probably
seen it, like, a dozen times.
- So you're a noir fan?
- Mm. That I am.
Give me a femme fatale,
perfect lighting,
couple of murders.
- Nothing better.
- [chuckles]
Uh, did you hear
about the screening
of Out Of The Past this weekend?
- It's a restored print.
- You're kiddin'.
That's another one
of my favorites.
Yeah, it's, uh, it's at
the, the Lakeshore Theater.
- I think it's called?
- That's a really cool theater.
Uh, well, I'm going.
Uh, at the risk of sounding
too forward,
do you wanna join me there?
- Um...
- I mean, no pressure, you know?
It's just one film noir buff
to another.
You know, uh, I-I,
I think I will, yeah.
- Yeah?
- I just met a deadline.
And I've been thinking
of something fun
to do to celebrate.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Seven o'clock sound good?
- Sounds perfect.
Perfect. All right.
[Molly chuckles]
[keyboard keys clacking]
Ugh, how is your computer
so much faster than mine?
I only use mine for writing.
You use yours for all that
crazy architectural stuff.
Ramona, I'm not sure about this.
This is...
It's a little more you
than it is me.
Not at all, and it's
my bridesmaid's gift to you,
so you're wearing it.
[dramatic music]
Stop angsting over that scar.
You're beautiful.
What do you think about this?
- I love it. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
It's not like
I'm trying too hard?
It's not trying too hard.
It's casual. I think
it's a perfect date look.
Is this a, is this a date?
He's taking you to the movies.
It's a date.
- I'm going on a date.
- [Ramona] Yes, you are.
[dramatic music]
The ending of that movie
always kills me.
Yeah, twists like that
are what make me love noir.
[chuckles] Me, too.
So, um, what's the job
that brought you to Los Angeles?
- I'm an architect.
- Oh, so is my friend, Ramona.
What are you, uh,
what are you working on?
The Madagascar Hilton.
B-but tell me more about
your column.
Well, um, I don't know,
it's a...
It's a twice-weekly feature
for busy go-getters
who don't have enough time
to cook.
That sounds like me.
I have to read that.
- Well, maybe you should.
- I will.
Well, uh, this is, this is me.
It's pretty high-tech
for such an old building.
Oh, uh, yeah,
the new building owners
are doing a major renovation.
[dramatic music]
[Molly] Oh, can you close that
door? It keeps popping in open.
[Ramona] Oh. Yeah, no problem.
[Angie] Everything you make
is just so cute.
I know, I should have cancelled
these brunches
'cause I am about to burst
out of my dress.
[Ramona laughs]
Okay, so tell us about the guy.
How was the date?
Oh, my gosh, you guys,
it couldn't have gone better
if I planned it myself.
- Ooh.
- [Molly] Yeah.
He was really charming.
- [chuckles]
- [Ramona] Oh, all right.
There was
no low-end conversation at all.
So no red flags, no weird tics?
- No. Nothing.
- No.
I mean, we both like
the same movies, same music,
same ice cream.
Everyone likes ice cream,
but, okay.
You know, you wanna know what
the best part of the date was?
It was romantic, you know,
total opposite of Dylan.
Well, give us details.
What about his family?
Where'd he grow up?
Does he have any brothers?
Any cute brothers for me?
- Good point.
- [Angie chuckles]
I don't... Actually, I...
I don't know where he grew up
or if he has family.
We kinda talked about me
the whole time.
- That's bizarre.
- [Ramona] Or not.
Because she met
one of the few guys
that doesn't just
talk about himself.
So when are you gonna see, uh,
Mr. Mysterious again?
I don't know. What's the proper
protocol? Do I call, text...
I am about to get married
and she just got divorced.
- We're the wrong women to ask.
- [Angie] Yeah.
Come on, you guys.
You gotta help me out.
- Call. Yeah.
- [Molly] Yeah?
He's focused on you, he seems
like one of the good ones.
Just make sure you find out
about him this time.
I promise you I will pepper him
with questions
the next time I see him,
- Good.
- You have my word.
[Ramona] All right.
[crickets chirping]
[Molly] Oh...
- Oh, my God! Um...
- I'm-I'm, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I...
Your door was open.
Molly? Hey, is everything okay?
- Yeah. No, uh...
- I-I heard a, I heard a noise.
Um, I'm... Everything's fine.
I was just startled. That's all.
Thanks for checking things out,
I'm right next door
if you need me.
We're good. Thanks.
Look, I-I just came
to drop something off,
and I thought you were inside.
Your door was open.
My door was open?
D-d-do you want me
to, you know, take a look?
Just make sure
nobody's in there?
Sure. Yeah.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
[Molly] Thanks so much.
[Jack] No problem.
It seems pretty quiet.
Can you tell
if anything's missing?
No. Uh, my laptop is still here,
my TV.
So weird.
It must be some freak thing.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess.
Oh, it's good that you live
in such a friendly building.
Neighbors who check up on you,
that's a... Wow.
Yeah, that's, um...
that's Dylan.
He and I...
- We, uh, used to date.
- I see.
Yeah, now he just shows up
whenever I come home.
- Ooh, one of those.
- Yeah.
Oh, uh, remember I said
I brought you something?
I, I-I should get going.
No, wait until I open it.
If you insist. [chuckles]
An M for Molly.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles]
- But I don't know if I should...
- Oh. No, hey.
It's not, it's not a diamond
or anything, it's...
I thought
it would look great on you.
And I, and I love
giving people gifts.
- It's the least I could do.
- [chuckles] Okay.
[Jack] It's nothing. Really.
I really hope you like it.
- Boom. What do you think?
- Hm.
I love it.
- Um, maybe...
- Well, uh...
You probably got a lot going on,
so, uh, I'll get out
of your hair.
Let me just put this
in the kitchen for you.
Oh, it's, um...
Well, here you go.
Hey, um...
Do you wanna stay for dinner?
Um, y-yeah, I... [chuckles]
I-I don't want you to go
to too much trouble, though.
No, no, it's, it's no trouble.
I put together recipes
for a living, so...
[chuckles] Yeah, right.
Um, yeah. Can I, can I help?
- How good are you at chopping?
- Pretty good. Pretty good.
- Yeah?
- Microwaving is my specialty.
- But...
- We need to work on that.
- [Jack] Mm.
- Thanks for doing the dishes.
You didn't have to do that.
- And bring my dessert.
- No.
It's the least I could do
after such an incredible meal.
- Compliments to the chef.
- [chuckles]
So, uh, what do you call this?
This is
Molly's chocolate crunch.
You know, I can't even remember
the last time
somebody cooked for me.
- Yeah?
- Uh, yeah.
I'm a, I'm a single guy.
I just hop
from restaurant to restaurant
to restaurant.
This was so good.
I mean, it's no wonder
you won a New Media Award.
How do you know about that?
Well, this little thing called
Google. You might have heard.
[chuckles] You googled me?
- Guilty.
- [chuckles]
God, you're impressive.
You know that?
- Oh, no.
- You are.
I mean,
Consolidated Media's gotta be
a tough thing to break into.
It's like the New York Times
of the blogging world.
They're lucky to have you.
Thank you.
- Try, try.
- Right. Dessert.
- [chuckles]
- All right.
- Oh, yes.
- Yeah?
Yes, that is good.
Mm, I like...
- I like how it's not too sweet.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, sometimes
I'm in the mood for too sweet.
Then I go with baklava.
- Oh, I love baklava.
- Right?
And the best place in the world
for baklava
is this place called...
- Tessa's.
- Tessa's.
- You know about Tessa's?
- Yeah.
- In Akron, Ohio?
- Yes. W...
- I love that place.
- That is too weird.
I mean, it's a little weird
to like, but...
No, no,
it's a, it's a really cool city.
I, I love it, too.
Is that where you grew up?
It was more of a w-work thing.
Mm. So, uh,
so where did you grow up?
God, you have
the most beautiful eyes.
Thank you.
So tell me,
tell me about yourself.
What do you wanna know?
Where'd you grow up?
Where'd you go to school?
- Do you have siblings?
- I...
I... I think you are perfect.
You really don't like
talking about yourself, do you?
- You know what?
- What?
I don't wanna talk at all.
That's okay. [chuckles]
[dramatic music]
[gasps] Oh, God!
I'm sorry. Uh... [chuckles]
Uh, I-I was just about
to clean that up.
Uh, it's just red wine.
I hope you don't mind
that I helped myself to a glass.
I'm an insomniac.
I have been since college.
Sometimes wine helps me sleep.
Uh, do you,
do you need anything else?
No. I'm good.
You go back to bed.
I'll finish cleaning up here
and, uh, I'll join you
in a minute.
[music continues]
[door opens]
Hey, you. Good mornin'.
- Is that coffee?
- Yeah.
Two sugars
and a dab of half-and-half.
- Thank you.
- You got it.
Oh, that's exactly the way
I like it.
- I know.
- How'd you know?
This is a little embarrassing,
but I watched
some of your videos last night.
You mentioned it on
the Blueberry coffee-cake one.
Wow, I'm glad you watched that.
[chuckles] Thank you.
It's a little hot, though.
So I'm glad
you stayed over last night.
Me, too.
What, uh, what's this?
Hey. What happened?
I, um...
I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
It was a fight,
and I tried to stop it...
Got really bad.
I'm sorry.
I mean, you don't need
to hide it from me.
It's not, it's not you, it's...
I had a boyfriend in college
who said it was,
who said it was ugly.
He was an idiot.
All that is is proof that you
went through something awful
and you came out stronger
for it.
That's it.
I never thought of it that way.
You know what,
I think it's beautiful.
Just like you.
You are so beautiful,
every single bit of you.
[Molly moans]
Tell me you got my back
I wanna be something
to someone
[cell phone chimes]
Ah mm-mm
[keys clacking]
[instrumental music]
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[instrumental music]
- [Angie] Hm. Oh.
- Oh.
Uh, the honeymoon
is in Switzerland.
[Molly] Mm, I love Switzerland.
Seriously, all you need
on a honeymoon is a bed.
- [chuckles]
- And...
A-and not just for that.
Trust me, after the wedding,
all you have energy to do
is sleep.
Uh-uh. Not me.
I'm keeping Aaron on his toes.
- Ladies, ladies, ladies!
- [Angie] Oh.
- Shots.
- Yes. Thank you.
- Here you go.
- [Ramona] Oh, Luther.
You've already been so amazing
about letting us
have the party here.
Oh, well, these aren't from me.
These are courtesy
of the gentleman
over there.
[Ramona] Oh.
[Angie] Oh.
[man] Hey there, baby...
Uh, well,
don't get your hopes up.
She's taken, but I am available.
- Just putting that out there.
- [laughing]
- Luther, how about a hat?
- [laughs]
Well, you know you're
my favorite customer, but, no.
- Come on!
- Oh! Hey!
Uh, ladies, have we forgotten
about the shots?
[Molly] No, no.
[Angie] Hit. Got it.
To Ramona.
- To Ramona.
- I love you, ladies.
And to Molly
and her new experience.
[Angie] Hm?
- Hey, stranger.
- Uh, uh, hi. Wha...
What are you doing here?
I just thought I'd stop by
to add to the festivities.
- Ramona, right?
- [Ramona] That's me.
- Here you go. Congratulations.
- Oh.
- I hope that's the good stuff.
- Thank you.
That is very thoughtful.
Ah, it's just a little something
to get the party started.
[chuckles] Remember,
I told you he was doing
the Madagascar Hilton?
Yes, and that means you work
for Watkins and O'Donnell.
Yeah. Right.
Hey, what do you think?
- [laughing]
- Good look?
- [Angie] Cute.
- It looks better on you.
[all laughing]
More shots from your admirer.
[Angie] Oh. Thank you.
[Ramona] Work it, girl.
Oh. No, just wait.
Dude, um, seriously,
thank you for the shots,
but we're, you know, having
a little bit of girl time.
It's a gir...
It's a girls' party.
- [laughing] What is happening?
- [upbeat music]
- Oh, my God! What is going on?
- Whoa-oh.
- [cheering]
- Yeah, you did it.
- You did this.
- [women cheering]
[women cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
[Molly] Oh, my God.
Oh, I hate tequila.
Now I know why.
Why don't you take the day off?
- Stay in bed.
- I'd love to.
I mean, you have
the most comfortable bed
I've ever slept in.
Your whole place is gorgeous.
Then stay. I'll be back tonight.
I can't.
I have a ton of work to do.
Clear my schedule
for all of Ramona's
wedding stuff this week.
Here. Try this.
It's my patented hangover cure.
It tastes better than it looks,
I promise.
What is it?
Tomato juice, an egg, parsley
and a secret ingredient.
- A splash of soy sauce?
- [chuckles]
I used to drink this in college.
Yeah, so did I.
My, uh, my frat brothers
used to make it all the time.
So, um... there's something
I, I've been wanting to ask you
for a while.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
Are you...
Are you seeing anybody else?
No. Why would you think that?
Just, you're really hard
to reach sometimes.
Because I'm hard to reach,
I'm sleeping around?
Well, why do you have
your phone off?
I turn it off
if I'm taping a segment
or... when I'm writing.
Yeah, but what if somebody
needs to get a hold of you
for an emergency or something?
[scoffs] For an emergency?
I, uh, I'm not a heart surgeon.
I write recipes for a food blog.
Are you seeing other people?
Is, is that what this is about?
No. No, that's not it. I just...
I-I see how guys look at you
and I don't wanna...
Oh, dammit.
I'm really blowin' this,
aren't I?
Okay, can I...
Can I just be honest with you
for a second?
Yes, please.
I was supposed to get married...
in April.
The tenth. Two-hundred guests,
the whole...
Anyway, Kiki, my fiancee,
I found out
two days before my wedding
that she was cheating on me.
Oh, that's, that's awful.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm-I'm sorry. I don't...
I shouldn't assume that you're
gonna do the same thing she did
just because...
I apologize.
It's okay. Hey...
I'm not seeing anybody else.
All right?
I don't wanna see anybody else.
I just want to be with you.
That's, that's all I want, too.
- I'm an idiot.
- [chuckles]
- Little bit.
- You're stuck with me now.
- [Ramona sighs]
- This, this is not gonna work.
Then leave it out.
[Angie] But they're supposed
to match, right?
Yeah, 'cause that's what's gonna
kill our marriage, Ange.
- A mismatched centerpiece.
- [Angie chuckles]
Well, I know someone
who divorced her husband
over a chicken bone.
Oh, thanks for that.
It's a true story.
She found it under the couch.
That is disgusting.
- [laughing]
- [cell phone chimes]
Oh! No.
What's driving me nuts
is all these people
trying to RSVP
at the last minute.
You're supposed to do that
weeks ago.
I know, exactly,
I gave the bartenders
and the caterers
the numbers already.
- [Ramona sighs]
- [Molly's phone chimes]
[Angie groans] Jack again?
Yeah, he's just checkin' on me.
Oh. Well, he seems nice.
He is. I...
You know, it's kinda crazy
how much we have in common.
[Molly's phone chimes]
He's, uh, he's planning
something extravagant,
which honestly feels
a little, like, overkill
because we've been seeing
a lot of each other.
You cannot complain,
your whole problem with Dylan
was that he wasn't
romantic enough.
I-I'm not complaining,
I just...
[sighs] I'm not used to someone
being so attentive.
Hmm, you call it attentive,
I call it suffocating.
What? He texts her
every five seconds.
Shut up. It's new love.
Or it's creepy.
[cell phone ringing]
[Molly] Oh. No, I, um...
I'm gonna be so swamped until
after Ramona's wedding.
- Okay. Miss you, too.
- [Angie chuckles]
Just sayin'.
Feel like we're gonna be
wedding prepping
for you any day now.
No. You're not.
We just met a few weeks ago.
It's, it's too early for that.
- Remember that. Everyone.
- [laughs] Yeah.
[Molly chuckles]
[instrumental music]
With this ring, I thee wed.
[chuckles] With this ring,
I thee wed.
By the power vested in me, I now
pronounce you husband and wife.
- You may now kiss the bride.
- [Ramona gasps]
["Wedding March" playing]
[crowd cheering]
["Canon" playing]
[indistinct chattering]
Hi, good to see you.
- Oh, uh! Uh...
- Sorry.
Oh, there you are.
Uh, w-what are you,
what are you doing here?
I brought this for you.
You left it at my house.
I thought you might need it
'cause it's supposed to get
really chilly tonight.
- Jack.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Ramona.
- Wow. You came to the reception.
And just in time
for the sit-down dinner.
Molly, can I talk to you
for a second?
I'll have her back to you
in just a minute.
What the hell?
I already told you we don't have
wiggle room for the numbers.
No, no. I-I didn't invite him,
I swear.
Okay, so he just happened
to know the address
and how to find you.
Molly, I already told you,
we get charged on the overrate.
I know, I know,
I wouldn't do that to you,
on-on this day of all days.
Well, you did.
On today of all days.
You know what? Have fun.
Enjoy my party
with your new boyfriend.
Oh. Did I cause a problem?
No, no, it's-it's fine.
I mean, I-I just came to bring
this to you.
I-I'll leave now.
You, uh, you came all this way
just to bring me a jacket?
Yeah. And thank God I did.
You are just all of goosebumps.
Call me later?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Okay. Have fun.
[music continues]
- I'll take this. Thanks.
- Okay.
You look like you need this,
- Thanks.
- So what's going on?
Ramona seemed super upset,
Aaron had to take her inside.
She thinks I invited Jack.
- Did you?
- No, of course not.
I know how tight
the numbers are.
Yeah, well,
don't worry about her.
Everyone gets upset
on their wedding day.
- Yeah, but...
- I will talk to her.
But that's not all that's
bothering you, is it?
- How did you...
- Cop. Remember?
Um, I don't know, I just...
Jack coming all the way here
just to bring me this jacket...
Definitely strange.
And how did he find the place?
I got lost, and I had GPS.
- Do you think he...
- What?
- Never mind.
- No, Angie, tell me.
Do you think
he was checking in on you?
Like, to see
if you brought a date?
I don't know.
He's been, he's been kind of
intense lately.
Like possessive.
I think you need to take
a few days to yourself.
And tell him that you're busy
with work,
or sick, or something.
You think that'll help?
I think it'll help give you
a clearer sense
of what you want.
Do you feel relieved
that you're not with him
or do you really look forward
to seeing him again?
- [cell phone rings]
- [gasps] Oh, God!
Hey, beautiful.
What're you up to?
Nothin', I just...
Wanna go catch
a black and white tonight?
Oh, I, uh...
I just started some laundry.
I have to finish it
before I leave tomorrow.
I have a conference.
Did I tell you about that?
No. What is it?
It's a, um, tsk...
It's a food and fitness...
Um, I'll be in San Diego
for three days, so...
Well, how about
you come over here
when you're done
with laundry?
I wish I could, but I have
too much to do before I leave.
[inhales sharply] Sorry.
Uh, what-what-what're
you up to?
Oh, you know...
Your recipes for the app
need to be formatted
in several different ways.
[cell phone chimes]
No problem.
Well, it's trickier
than it sounds.
I'm gonna suggest
you do about a dozen or so.
[cell phone chimes]
You need to get that?
No. No.
- No.
- Okay.
[cell phone chimes]
You're distracted.
It's off.
You were saying
I need to reformat
a dozen or so recipes.
Yeah. All right,
let's get started.
[woman on laptop]
We'll take that
half a cup of coconut oil
and a half a cup of honey
or agave,
if you are doing it
completely vegan.
Take your other mashed banana.
Add them altogether
into the bowl,
and go ahead and whisk them...
[cell phone chiming
[woman on laptop]
...baking soda, not powdered.
There is a big difference.
Just remember that
going forward.
Baking soda. We've got
a little bit of cardamom.
We've got some almond...
[cell phone chimes]
Wonderful! Now take that
one and three quarters...
[man] Okay. Here we go.
In three, two, one.
Hi, I am Molly.
Thanks for downloading
20 Minute Meals with Molly.
- Uh...
- Stop. It's okay.
We can edit that all out.
Start again.
Hi, I am Molly.
Thanks for downloading
20 Minute Meals with Molly.
Now fresh dishes, uh...
I am sorry, Caitlin.
- I don't know...
- Okay. It's okay. No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Everyone, just take a break.
Don't go too far.
[Molly mumbles]
Are you okay?
I've never seen you
this scattered.
I just really don't wanna
blow this opportunity.
I know. Is everything okay
outside of work?
With Jack?
Uh, yeah, I... [sighs]
I'm just takin'
a little bit of time away.
See how I feel.
Well, there's never anything
wrong with that.
So... take a moment.
Clear your head.
Get a glass of water,
or whiskey.
- I'm kidding.
- [chuckles]
Come back in
and knock it out of the park.
'Cause I know you will.
[scoffs, sighs]
[switch clicking]
[dramatic music]
What the hell?
Is someone here?
[floorboard creaking]
[music continues]
Oh, my God.
Could you come over right now?
- Hey, Moll, what...
- Ugh.
- Thank you.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
- What is all this?
Jack did it. I guess
he was trying to be romantic.
[sighs] I don't...
He has a key to your apartment?
No, that's the thing.
I came home to this.
You're telling me
he broke into your place
and put all of these here?
Yeah, yeah, it's weird.
This is crazy.
This is insane, Molly.
You need to break up
with this guy.
No, I, uh... I know.
I know.
[indistinct chatter]
- Molly!
- Hey.
[both chuckling]
Ah, I feel like
I haven't seen you in forever.
Welcome back.
So, uh...
- How was the conference?
- Uh...
Did you, did you like
my surprise?
I-I know how much
you like romance, so...
Jack, I've been thinkin'.
You've been thinking...
Well, you're,
you're a really great guy.
[whispers] Thank you.
But I don't think
we're a good match.
I-I don't agree. I...
We have so much in common.
We-we love the same music,
we laugh at the same jokes.
- We listen to...
- That's all true.
We... We have
a special connection, Molly.
You know this. Right?
Jack, I, I don't know,
with the candles and the roses...
I thought you liked roses.
I... I do.
- But you, you broke into my...
- And the lingerie?
It was romantic.
- Passionate.
- Yes, it...
Yes, it was.
I am not in a place
for that kind of...
intense relationship.
I don't understand.
I can't be in a relationship.
I have too much
going on in my life.
Like what?
- Your job?
- Yes, my job. [chuckles]
Yes, uh, they've moved forward
with the app,
so I have a ton of recipes
to reformat
and new recipes to,
to start and...
And that's not the point.
The point is...
I don't wanna be
in a relationship
if I can't be there
100 percent...
you know?
I understand.
You do?
Yeah, I do.
I just...
I wanna be fair to you.
I can't say I'm happy
about your decision.
But thank you for being
very straightforward with me.
I do appreciate that.
This necklace,
it's, it's beautiful,
but it wouldn't be right
for me to keep it.
No. No, no, no, no.
This belongs to you,
this is yours.
No strings attached, okay?
Come on. Please?
Please wear it.
- Okay.
- [Jack] Okay.
You know, I-I got it for you
special at this, uh,
estate sale for
this very famous food writer
that you may have heard of,
named, uh, M.F.K. Fisher.
- That's my idol.
- I know.
I know, that's why I thought
it'll be so perfect for you.
And, uh...
Promise me you'll wear it.
And when-when you look at it,
don't let it remind you
of a failed romance. Just...
Let it remind you
of how wonderful you are.
Can you do that for me?
- Yes.
- Good.
Goodbye, Molly.
I won't forget you.
- [keys clacking]
- [machine whirring]
How did that get in there?
[lights crackling]
Not again. [exhales]
Jesus! Dylan,
you've got to stop doing that.
Doing what?
Laundry? [chuckles]
Nothing. No, never mind.
Um, hey, listen,
thanks for coming over
the other night.
Yeah, of course.
I, uh...
I ended up
breaking things off with Jack.
Uh, how'd it go?
Well, uh...
As good as
anything like that could go.
I guess,
I'm, I'm a little on edge.
You know, kind of freaked out.
You know, I could, um...
I can install an alarm system
with sensors.
I just did it for my mom.
It's super easy.
That's really nice of you,
but I don't think,
I don't think that's necessary.
You never let anybody do
anything for you.
I'm offering.
Seriously, it's not a big deal.
- You sure?
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- Tomorrow?
- O-okay.
- [chuckles] Thanks.
- Great.
[drill whirring]
All right,
so that is the last sensor.
I already hardwired
the panel downstairs,
so you're good to go.
Cool. I really
appreciate this, Dylan.
You know,
it's a couple of years old,
but it should do the trick.
No Wi-Fi, no hackers.
Hey, um, thank you
for doing all this.
you're a really good friend.
I actually wanted
to talk to you about that.
Don't really know
how to say this.
I'm sorry that
I like nachos and beer
more than the Aha Shazimi.
Ahi Sashimi.
Yeah, that.
And that I,
that I fall asleep
during black and white movies.
But I miss you
and I don't just wanna be
your friend.
- Dylan.
- Yeah...
[mellow music]
If you do just
wanna be friends, Molly,
I'll try to be okay with that.
Just think about it, okay?
That's all I ask.
[dramatic music]
[Molly exhales]
Yeah, got it right here.
- Thank you for this.
- [man] No problem.
Hey. How's it goin'?
- G-good.
- Can I get a...
- Can I get a water please?
- Sure thing.
your card's been declined.
What? Uh... No.
No, it's only three dollar
a water. Try...
- Try that card again.
- Sure.
- [panting]
- Sorry, still not going through.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
That... That's impossible.
Is something wrong
with your card reader?
I don't think so.
Ugh! Okay, never mind, um...
Let me check my account.
That's weird.
[dramatic music]
No, I didn't buy any of this.
$432 at Crate and Barrel.
$260 at Amazon.
Ms. Hoyt, I'm sorry,
but in reviewing your accounts,
these charges fit your
established spending pattern.
Otherwise our algorithms
would have picked them up
as unusual activity.
There was another charge
at Crate and Barrel
in May for $402.
$250 at Macy's in July...
Those are fraudulent charges,
I didn't buy any of that.
Those were not on my account
a week ago!
You're claiming
that months of charges
just simply appeared overnight?
Yes, I-I know it sounds crazy,
but I don't know
what else to tell you.
Okay, well.
We've frozen
your account temporarily,
so there won't be any more
unauthorized transactions
or overdraft charges
while we review your claims.
But what about
getting my money back?
We return the money
if we determine that the charges
were indeed fraudulent.
Okay, and how do you do that?
Through our own investigation.
Which takes how long?
Ten to twelve days.
Ten to twelve days?
All my accounts
have been completely drained!
How am I supposed to get by
without money?
I'm sorry, I wish
there were more I could do,
but my hands are tied
at this point.
[instrumental music playing]
[Molly] What the hell?
[sighs] It's pretty dead today,
- Weird.
- Yeah.
- I never seen it like this.
- Right?
- There you are. Hey.
- [Angie] Hey.
- Hi.
- Um...
How was the, uh,
[clears throat] honeymoon?
Short. Way too short.
I said some stupid things...
Don't, don't apologize.
- It was your wedding.
- [Ramona sighs]
It doesn't matter.
I'm, I'm sorry.
You were right about Jack.
Did you tell her...
About the night
of 10,000 roses?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Luther.
You okay?
[Luther sighs]
Are you seriously
asking me that right now?
[Molly] Yeah.
Your Yelp review has turned
this place into a ghost town.
I-I don't write Yelp reviews.
- You don't?
- No.
Check it out.
One star?
"So disappointed in what used to
be my favorite restaurant.
Brought a group
of girlfriends here,
we all left with food poisoning.
Must be a sanitation issue."
I didn't write this!
Uh, someone's been hacking
my accounts!
You didn't write it?
It's-it's a Molly review.
You're the only Molly I know.
I love this place! [sighs]
[Angie] O-okay, if it was just
your credit cards
or your bank accounts,
I'd say identity theft.
That happens all the time,
but adding this into the mix?
Someone's coming after you
And you know
who the prime suspect always is.
[instrumental music
on headphones]
[dramatic music]
[sighs] Dylan.
We need to talk.
I, uh, got your 9-1-1 texts.
What's going on?
You didn't have to do this,
Traffic was already up
on the side.
Uh, do what?
The photos. You didn't have to
swap out the photos.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, my God.
How did that...
[Molly whispering] Oh, my God.
You have great recipes.
You have a wonderful
on-screen presence.
You don't have to try
and drive traffic to your side
with sexy photos.
Caitlin, I-I...
- I didn't do that.
- Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I shouldn't have told you
how well this site was doing.
No, I was excited about this.
You're cutting corners. [sighs]
You're behaving oddly.
I think you need to take
a leave of absence.
I, uh... I don't...
I don't wanna take a...
Legal contacted me
after they received
your last series of recipes.
They found evidence
of plagiarism.
What? No.
Three recipes
from The Joy of Cooking,
one from Mario Batali,
and one deboned duck recipe
from Julia Child.
Julia Child?
I have made that recipe.
But I, I would never submit it.
You know that.
I don't plagiarize. Uh...
That recipe
takes three days to make.
Someone's been hacking
all my accounts.
This is...
This has got to be related.
Take the leave of absence,
Don't make me fire you.
[dramatic music]
You don't believe me,
do you?
Right now...
I don't know
what to believe.
[engine whirring]
It makes sense
to start with Jack.
I knew something was off
with him
from the very beginning.
Didn't you say you found him
creeping around your house
in the middle of the night?
I, I just don't see him
having the skills
to do all of this.
Well, you don't know that.
You don't know him. Period.
He never talked about himself.
From the looks of this house,
he has money.
And if you have money,
you can hire people
with the skills
to do whatever you need.
I can't believe I gave him
the benefit of the doubt.
You know, I thought he was
handling the break-up well...
Hey, hey, you gave him
the benefit of the doubt
because you're a good person.
Yeah, well,
look where that got me.
Let's go.
[doorbell rings]
May I help you?
Uh, yeah. Is-is Jack here?
- That's me.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm looking for Jack Newsom?
Yes, I'm Jack Newsom.
Uh, that can't be.
- I...
- I got this. Uh...
Detective Flynn, LAPD.
- Can I see your ID, please?
- Oh, yeah.
Great, sure, I didn't think the
police would bother to show up.
Well, it's my fault, really.
I called them and said
there was a break-in,
but nothing much was taken.
So, I'm sure I didn't end up
high on the priority list.
Ladies, where are my manners?
I am sorry.
Please, come in.
Oh, my God.
Please, uh,
make yourself comfortable.
Can I get you something
to drink?
Oh, yeah, we'll actually take,
uh, some water.
Thank you.
So when did this break-in
Well, I wouldn't call it
a break-in.
Technically, the windows
and doors were locked.
So nothing was stolen?
Huh, just my most expensive
bottle of champagne.
Other than that... [sighs]
things just seemed out of place.
You know, uh, my wine glasses.
The books. Remote controls.
Oh, my God.
- What's wrong?
- You're an architect.
- Aren't you?
- Yeah.
Working on
the Madagascar Hilton?
Yeah, I just got back
from Madagascar four days ago.
- How do you know this? What?
- I was in this house.
[Molly] Yeah, three weeks ago
with my boyfriend,
who claimed to be an architect
whose name was Jack Newsom.
I'm really blowing this,
aren't I?
I was supposed to get married
in April, the 10th.
Two hundred guests.
Kiki, my fiance,
I found out two days
before the wedding
that she was cheating on me.
Everything he told me was a lie.
Wait a minute.
The Computer Clinic, when did
you take your computer here?
Uh, month and a half ago.
So whoever did this
must work at the clinic
and have access to everything
on both of your computers.
if I give you my keycard,
can you please go to my place
and get my laptop?
Yeah, of course,
I can even take it
to my IT department,
they can...
Uh, just take it to the station.
Ask for Detective Collins,
he'll know exactly what to do.
- Got it.
- Angie.
I think it's time
we pay a visit
to the Computer Clinic,
don't you?
Miss Hoyt, nice to see you.
Tell me
you didn't spill coffee again.
No, um, can you tell me
who this is?
Hmm, what is this about?
He's a person of interest
in an investigation.
- Does he work here?
- Uh, yeah.
That's Stuart Reinbeck.
He's, like, my best employee.
I thought you were dating him.
W-well, we were, um...
Can-can you just tell us
where his... Where he is?
He went to lunch
and ran some errands.
Can you show us
his workstation, please?
Well, I don't know
if I can do that.
If you need a warrant,
I'll get one.
No need. Just follow me.
Like I said,
all the tech employees
are at lunch right now,
but Stuart's workstation's
right here.
[Molly] Oh, my God.
[dramatic music]
This is insane.
- [Molly gasps] Oh, my God.
- I don't think that's...
Don't do that.
He copied my hard drive.
Techs are not supposed to...
He learned everything he could.
- [mouse button clicks]
- What I watched.
What I listened to,
what I... read.
And he made himself
into the perfect guy.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
[dramatic music]
[Molly] I'll be right back.
- Jack!
- [shushing]
You gotta be quiet.
You gotta be quiet, my darling.
Here you go.
You got rid of the rose petals.
You got rid of the lingerie.
But you didn't get rid of that.
- It's a tracker.
- Yes, it is.
And when you told me
you were going to San Diego,
I could tell that you were
still in your apartment.
You were with him.
Weren't you?
What do you want from me?
The same thing
I've always wanted.
[inhales deeply]
All of you.
I'm gonna get you
Stuart's address.
Hey, uh...
You okay in there?
- [whispering] Tell her.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be out in a sec.
I'll see you out front then.
Okay, now we're gonna go out
the back.
- Right now.
- [sobbing]
Shh, don't worry.
Don't, don't fight.
Don't fight, don't fight,
don't fight.
Let go.
All right, we're just gonna go
for a little ride.
[Stuart humming]
Honey, we're home.
- No...
- [honking]
Don't do that again.
Please don't hurt me, Stuart.
Jack. Please don't hurt me,
Sometimes we have to
hurt the ones we love.
Don't put me
in that position.
Let's go.
Why, why did you do it?
You said you had too much
goin' on to have a relationship.
[device beeping]
Now you don't.
[door opens]
[Molly] What are we doing
at Dylan's?
Dylan. Dylan.
It's always about Dylan.
You got him to install
an alarm system.
Maybe he can keep me
out of your place,
didn't think
to keep me out of his.
What are you talking about?
Oh, my God, Dylan.
Please wake up.
First chance you get,
you go to him.
What'd you do to him?
You let him kiss you.
- [grunting]
- Stop it! No! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop!
[Molly grunts]
Go, Molly!
Molly, run, he's crazy!
Oh, God. Stop it!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Please.
Please, Jack.
Thank you.
I knew you'd choose me.
Let's make sure
we don't get interrupted.
Let me please
just check on Dylan.
I wanna make sure he's still...
Him! Enough about him.
I can reopen this scar.
I don't want to.
- [sobbing]
- But I can.
Please. [sniffles]
I won't,
I won't mention him again.
Good girl.
See, learning all about you
was really the key.
Once I got into your computer,
I knew
I could be
everything you wanted.
Everything you needed.
Your hard drive,
it showed me the way,
like a, like a road map.
It revealed
everything you liked.
And I knew
I could give it to you.
Well, I am gonna treat you
so well.
I am gonna make you
so, so happy.
I promise.
You've been waiting for me all
your life,
you just didn't know it.
But I'm here now...
and you are never
gonna regret choosing me.
[scoffs] I'm gonna take
such good care of you.
We'll be together forever.
to our new life together.
[glasses clink]
To our new life.
See? I knew you'd come around.
Oh, Molly.
[instrumental music]
[both moaning]
- Oh, you feel so good.
- When I was born... Mm.
Oh, this is even better
than I imagined it would be.
Oh, hey. Hold that thought.
Watch this.
Now, I know a lot of people
don't believe in romance,
but I do, you know?
And you deserve romance, Molly.
So I'm gonna give it to you.
I'm gonna give it to you
every day
for the rest of your life.
Here, I wanna show you
I wanna show you something, too.
Okay, what?
Why don't we go to bed
and not get out for three days?
No, let's take a bath first.
It looks amazing.
You look amazing.
I wish there was room in there
for both of us.
[dramatic music]
But there's not!
[electricity crackling]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
- [grunts]
- [screams] Oh, God!
[breathing heavily]
Oh, my...
Oh, my God!
[mellow music]
And if you guys just hit that
top right button,
it'll take you
to Molly's Tips.
[Ramona] This is so trippy!
Did Ramona tell you,
we ran into a group
in Switzerland
who already has the app.
I can't believe
it's gone international.
Ooh! 16,000 people have
downloaded it.
Do you get money every time
someone downloads the app?
No, but I got a promotion,
and I'm starting
another column in June.
You know what I love?
The fact that I literally have
a mini-Molly
in my phone right now.
- [Aaron] That's right.
- You all do.
[Luther] These are for
the guest of honor.
- Oh, habanero! Yes.
- [Luther] Your favorite.
Thank you so much
for removing that review.
I'm so glad my editor
had a connection.
I mean, I would have
done anything.
[Molly] You know I love it here.
- You are the best, Molly.
- Hm.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late.
- Hey!
- Hello!
- [Molly] It's okay.
- Hey, Dylan.
- That's okay. You're here.
- What's up, guys?
[Dylan groans]
Let me take this off.
Let me help you.
I got you a present.
- [Dylan] Okay.
- Aw.
So, I know it's not real,
but I did make it for you.
[Ramona] Aw.
It's beautiful.
I also have this for you.
- [chuckles]
- [Molly] What?
[Dylan] All right,
so there's 14 of 'em.
So there is enough
for your whole kitchen.
Oh, my...
Did he just give her
a cabinet handle?
These are the vintage handles
from my old kitchen.
How did you...
Yeah, I shamelessly bribed
the contractor.
- [laughing]
- That happens. Yeah.
Oh, my God. Dylan.
- I hear a wedding bell.
- Yeah.
Listen, I'm just...
I'm so proud of you.
And your app,
and you're amazing, so...
Seriously, you're amazing.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
But you're still gonna
live on nachos and cereal.
Oh, you better believe it.
That's definitely
still happening. [laughs]
He actually burned off
his eyebrows
the last time he used his stove.
Oh, they were gone.
It smelled so awful.
- It looks horrible.
- [Ramona] Kinda like you.
So bad.
I'm starving.
[cell phone chimes]
[Angie] Mi amor.
[Ramona] Let's eat.
What is creamy-freemy?
[cell phone beeps]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Molly, you all right?
- Yeah. I'm-I'm fine.
- [Dylan] Yeah?
- Okay. I need a glass of wine.
- [Ramona] Yes!
That's my main concern
right now.
[indistinct chatter]
To Molly's 20 Minute Meals.
To Molly's 20 Minute Meals.
- [Angie] Yes.
- Let him cheers.
All right. Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- [dramatic music]
- [man breathing heavily]
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey ye-e-ah
Tell me you don't love me
Tell me you don't care
Say you'll never love me
Say you'll never leave me
if you can't
Don't call me
when you're gone
First time I'm moving on
Sure we can get me sober
Don't call me
when you're gone
I want that feeling strong
The weight is off
my shoulder
Don't call me
when you're gone
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey ye-e-ah
I hope you're feelin' happy
Now that you...
I took so many chances
Chances that
you'll never see again
Don't call me
when you're gone
First time I'm moving on
Sure we can get me sober
Don't call me
when you're gone
I want that feeling strong
The weight is off
my shoulder
Don't call me
when you're gone
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey yeah
Hey ye-e-ah
Hey yeah
Hey yeah...