He Ran All The Way (1951) Movie Script

You cried while sleeping.
It's good, mom.
There is nothing to make a drama.
It's eleven, it's
time to get up.
Give me peace.
Do not you?
You should shake
yourself to find work.
It's you I'm going to shake.
I made coffee.
- And stay polite.
- You knew worse.
From you, that's for sure.
You still have a hangover.
Next time, I'll kill you.
You're weak, mom.
Hey, Robey!
Where you go?
Hi, Al.
I have been waiting
for two hours.
I slept late, I'm
a little crazy.
You choose your day badly!
I know. I had a strange dream.
It's not my lucky day.
I'll tell you.
I ran and...
Let's go cool if I have
to steal your dream.
In my dream, I was
running so much...
I gasped.
Me too, I dreamed.
Florida in winter,
mountain in summer. Extra!
You hold the jackpot, you and me.
It's like we invented
the air conditioner.
I did not tell you the end.
I hit the guy and...
Listen, Al, I do not feel it.
Let's put it back.
Stop your movie!
Let's wait a week.
Next week, you will
have toothache
or dreamed
or a sprained ankle.
I have enough pot for
two, believe me.
Do you have the gun?
No I...
Finish your beer and go get it.
Al, wait!
These idiots are waiting for their pay.
If they knew!
And if he is accompanied?
He always comes alone.
But if...
Let me do.
Take care of the action, I
take care of the reflection.
- And if there is a glitch?
- There will not be any.
Great art.
Walk slowly and mingle
with the crowd.
Call a doctor!
An ambulance! Someone is hurt!
Do not move.
Here they are!
"Walk slowly and mingle
with the crowd."
"Mingle with the crowd..."
"Mingle with the crowd..."
75 cents.
Excuse me.
- Will he get out?
- Not sure.
We have the report of the accomplice.
We cover the sector.
He will regain consciousness?
With a bullet in the
column, not soon.
Do the maximum.
He will tell us everything
when he wakes up.
Do you go?
Excuse me. I am a beginner.
If you want to swim, it's simple.
It looks easy, but the water
annoys me more than anything else.
- Try.
- I will not arrive there.
I will help you.
You are too tense.
Let yourself go.
Like this?
It's easy.
- Beat your feet.
- I do not know.
Turn around.
I hold you, do not be afraid.
You are too tense.
Beat feet. More!
Very good.
Continue, I'll go back to you.
Thank you. It will suffice.
You have learned nothing.
I have to go away.
Do not go.
You hurt me!
Go away if you care.
Please evacuate the basin!
What is it?
They took my things!
Show the key.
It's the 168!
The hair, it changes you.
What is your name?
- You are funny.
- What do you mean?
You scared me blue and I
would tell you my name?
I did not want to scare you.
I'm a little confused.
Why this?
It's so bad to want
to know your name?
Peggy Dobbs.
And you?
- Your name.
- Nick... Martin.
It's late. I'm going with you.
Without asking my opinion?
Can I escort you?
- What if I say no?
- You will not do that.
- And if I leave you in plan?
- You can not.
Can I bring you back? Please.
With pleasure.
We take a taxi.
It's useless.
I always take it.
Me, almost never.
Good evening, Peg.
Thank you for the taxi.
You're welcome.
- Are you going to swim often?
- Yes.
I go there on Tuesdays and Fridays.
We'll meet Again.
Thank you again for the taxi.
And the lesson.
Good evening.
Keep all.
You forgot that.
- Thank you.
- It's normal.
Hi, Peg. I have a new
record, Beethoven's 5th.
Go up and listen to him.
It's Everett. He loves music.
- A chance you've seen it.
- Indeed.
You had to let me take you home.
You are not at home yet.
There, I'm there!
Come in and sit down.
I arrive.
Nice to meet you. I am the father of...
There you are!
We did not wait for dinner.
Dad, Nick Martin.
We met at the pool.
Nice to meet you, young man.
Sit. My wife will arrive.
We are going to the cinema.
For air conditioning.
Sit. So, this day?
Exhausting. We did a special
edition about the killing.
What killing?
A bastard made a hold-up and
injured a cop by running away.
You are from the neighborhood?
Mom, I'll introduce you to Mr. Martin.
Nice to meet you.
You should take off your jacket.
Thank you I'm okay.
By this heat?
- Did you swim well?
- Very good.
There is something to eat.
My little brother.
He does not want to
miss the cartoon.
You want to come?
Nice to have seen you.
See you soon?
It was a pleasure. Good night.
Offer him iced tea
before he feels bad.
Do you like them?
A lot. Your family is large?
Only four of us.
Mom, dad, Tommy and me.
Your father is a reporter
in a newspaper?
Not a reporter
But he has a very good job.
He works at the printing press,
as a typographer.
Tell me about your family.
I do not have.
You are alone?
I pity you.
There is worse, in life.
You want to eat?
We could come out, take a tour
or dance.
No, stay here.
You have a radio.
We can dance here.
Do not squeeze me so hard,
I'm going to choke.
It's my way of dancing.
I can show you other ways.
I dance as I like.
We do not dance like that anymore.
Remember your lesson.
If you do not like it,
we stop.
I do not feel good.
I'm sorry.
I did not want to annoy you.
It's my fault, I...
You are kind.
But I had a bad day.
I do not feel good.
You are burning.
It's nice.
Very pleasant.
It's enough.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
I would like to know what I have to do.
Say it to me.
It's my fault.
I'm in trouble.
I do not feel good.
What is it?
You fell asleep and
I prepared that.
- What time is it?
- About midnight.
- And your parents?
- They will arrive.
I must escape.
And the sandwiches?
No thanks.
I will see you again?
- When?
- I'll call you.
It's 86234.
Come here.
Your parents. Who is with them?
I sniff them at one kilometer.
But no. They are neighbors.
It's the baker.
You'll see.
Not that.
Go to the entrance, quickly.
What are you doing?
The cops will not come in.
They are neighbors.
That he chases them, otherwise...
Dad... You are with someone?
Are you alone?
What is wrong with you? Open!
Why did you put the channel?
I open, Tommy.
What is it, darling?
Do you lock yourself in now?
Do not move.
- What does he want?
- Do what he says.
You do not have the...
We are not rich, Mr. Martin.
Take what you want and leave.
I do not want anything. Shut up.
You too!
My name is not Martin,
but Nick Robey.
You work in a newspaper.
The killing, the break... the bastard!
It's me, Nick Robey.
I have read it thousands of times.
Only one named Al Molin
has been identified.
That is true.
You laugh!
Not at all. It's a story
as old as the world.
I told you everything.
I should have shut up.
I ran all day, I'm exhausted.
I have to think. Leave me alone.
Is there no hidden door behind?
I'll check.
Go stitch yourself.
And especially,
do not force me to hurt anyone.
It's my fault.
I brought him back.
What took me?
How could I be so stupid?
How could I believe he was nice?
Something is not right
at all at home.
It is not your fault.
We too walked.
Not as much as me.
I have enough, you three.
Come here, Peg.
What are we going to do?
What can we do?
Call them!
And if he hears? He owns Tommy.
He will not hear!
As long as he has Tommy,
we can not do anything.
He is like a mad dog at
the end of his strength.
As long as we do not
try to catch it,
he will not do anything to us.
Let's keep quiet.
Let's pretend to sleep.
Tomorrow morning he will be gone.
What did you do to kill?
You killed someone with the gun?
Get back to bed.
Faster than that.
a va. Your parents are fine.
The kid is sleeping.
Do not be afraid.
If I manage to get out of it,
I will find a way...
The font ignores your name.
You do not risk anything.
You could leave.
You will warn them illico.
My family will not say anything.
I will stop them.
I promise to protect you.
Really? You would do that?
Believe me.
I will do anything to help you.
Will you protect me?
But you have to leave.
I beg you.
You almost got me.
But I'm smarter than you.
Do not forget it.
Do you have for a long time?
I'm hungry!
You will wait.
What is it?
It's him.
Go now. Eat.
I'm glad you did
not try anything.
For the inconvenience.
Can I have a coffee
before setting sail?
Thank you. Sugar.
Very good coffee!
Do not stay up.
Do not worry, I'm leaving.
There is no newspaper?
- We did not get it.
- But if!
Where is he?
We did not get it.
We will not say anything, believe me.
Go away, quickly.
Pity! We did no harm to anyone
of all our life.
Do what they say.
Do you want me to leave?
You too?
I did not see the newspaper.
Otherwise I would have told you.
I would have warned you.
At the first step
outside, I will go down.
Is this what you want?
You will say:
"The poor, they got it."
Where will I be safe?
- I stay here.
- Impossible.
You cut the phone, they
will send someone.
- We have to go to work.
- Surely not.
We must eat, live our lives.
This is my friend.
Nobody will come out of here.
She will go up.
Do not do that!
Go to work.
But I will always keep one.
As long as I risk nothing,
your family either.
If a cop shows up, by
your fault or not,
whoever will be here...
will have his account.
I saw you crouching downstairs.
Are you waiting for Nick?
Where is he?
You will not find it in there.
Who are his friends?
His only friend was Al Molin.
A hell of a friend!
Come on, where is he?
It's you cops.
He is in town.
If he calls you, tell us.
It will be better for you.
For all of us.
We will have it.
Catch it
and kill him.
Kill him!
Get out.
Get out.
I'll tell you.
Me, I'll take out my fire,
I'll sneak in while he sleeps...
or through a window,
when his back is turned.
You forget that he is armed.
And if you miss it?
Do you have some or not?
Do not get angry,
it was a guess.
I read that in a book.
Would not it be better
to go to the police?
You said he killed a cop,
like that Nick Robey.
Have you ever seen firefighters?
They break everything
to extinguish a fire.
Like the cops with these guys.
Preventing the police is
the last thing to do.
How does it end?
Your story.
I do not know.
I'm not finished.
Where I am, the father is
afraid for his family.
He did not decide anything.
This guy, it's a chick!
Murder of the polluter
unleashes anger
of his colleagues.
A manhunt is against Nlck Robey,
Identlfl as the armed
compllce of AI Molln.
According to the prefect of pollce...
My friend Al!
He was the one who was cogitating,
everything had to go well.
They believe that when I hear
the radio, I will surrender.
You speak!
You should do it, it's
your only chance.
You laugh? I have $ 10,000.
I almost stayed there to get
them, and I would give up?
I have projects.
Florida in winter,
mountain in summer.
So why are you staying here?
I'll go away as soon as I...
What are you doing here?
It's my lunch time.
I could not work, I was worried.
Where is Tommy?
He plays downstairs.
We are well.
Let me talk to him.
What is this outfit?
Are you a waitress?
I work in a pastry shop.
What do you want?
You do not want to hurt us,
but if you stay, you
will be forced to do it.
For one reason or another.
Do this for me.
Leave us, go away.
You said that I liked you.
I did not have eyes in
front of the holes.
Return to your cakes.
Want to help me from here?
It's simple.
Call my mother.
You told me to be alone.
That she sets me
a meeting place.
I need a car. Tell him.
She will have her share of the money.
Tell him, it will please him.
It's a big money!
Mrs. Robey...
But it's your son!
He needs you.
I already came here earlier.
I called his mother.
I went home, I was worried...
He asked me to call his mother.
She does not care about her fate.
The only person who can help!
Go to sleep with your
aunt, do not go home.
I can not, I have to...
- That's his problem.
- He trust me.
- I will do the commission.
- I can reason it.
Let me do. Obey your father.
Do not come home.
What will you do?
Do not worry about it and obey.
Thank you very much.
Do not forget, I'll
pick you up at 9:30.
Not this evening.
I struggled to get
you this date.
I know, excuse me.
But I can not.
It's time to stop your
kids and get up to speed.
You have to try your luck.
Imagine I'm trying my luck
and that it goes wrong.
That I do not like it?
I'll tell you why.
You are too shy.
Make yourself curl, make up,
put on a beautiful dress,
and you will lead him
by the end of the nose.
- You really believe?
- Of course.
What time is Peg coming?
I'm asking you what
time she comes home.
Do not look at yourself.
Whether it concerns me or
not, I ask you the question.
It depends.
She may be going out.
How does that depend?
Do you care?
We trust him.
Peg is a serious girl.
You trust him!
And if you were wrong?
Do not say that.
If I told you she's
pinching it for me?
Shut up.
She pinches it for me.
She finds me sensass.
You are a rot!
What is it?
My finger! The needle!
What do I have to do? Tell me!
a va.
Go away.
I will do it by myself.
Do not touch me.
- Who is it?
- It's me!
Let me in!
Wet chick!
Carry all that in the kitchen.
Mom? Where are you?
She's there. She hurt herself.
- What do you have?
- I'm going.
It was an accident.
It's you! I will kill you!
I will kill you, dirty coward!
Gently, little.
It's a child.
Go ahead. Do what you want.
You big coward!
Tom, stop!
Coward, I'll kill you...
Good evening, Mr. Dobbs.
Your lady is fine?
I did not see her.
She is fine.
What is going on? Tell me.
Do you go?
- And your mother?
- I'm going.
What are you doing here?
He sent me shopping.
I do not want to go back.
It must.
Because he said it?
You do everything he says.
It's him, the boss.
That's nice, is not it?
And alcohol?
I gave you the money.
They did not let me take it away.
To the soup!
Get there.
Atable, grandpa.
The coffee can wait.
Peg not come in?
She had to work late.
Nice feast, huh?
It is Nick Robey who regales.
Your belly will be
as big as your eyes?
It was not worth cooking.
Look at this turkey!
What's this?
Our dinner.
And all that?
It's yours.
I bought this for all of us.
Take some turkey.
I like stew.
I got it.
But you will eat my dinner.
We can not force
people to everything.
I'm listening to you, grandpa.
Every human being has limits
that he refuses to cross
and no one can force
him, even with a weapon.
Even if his life is threatened.
People are so.
That's what they
say in the books,
but it's wrong.
You will eat my dinner.
Eat or chill one of you.
You will not do that.
I will not hesitate
to poke your head.
You will not kill us for
such a stupid reason.
At the slightest detonation, the
neighbors will alert the police.
Shoot even in the
air, and you're done.
It's not worth it.
Pass me the butter, Tommy.
You forget one thing, grandpa.
Few people can identify
a bullet detonation.
But when you play your life,
it changes everything.
That is true.
But I take the risk.
Cut the turkey.
Cut it out!
I beg you, Fred.
fuck me this garbage stew.
And bring clean plates.
- Who is here?
- I'm coming to deliver alcohol.
You have not heard a detonation?
My faith, no.
Surely an exhaust pipe.
Let's eat.
It's funny.
I just asked you
a stash for two or three days.
You would do it for a cat.
What do you want?
I can not sleep there.
I want my bed.
Do what you are told.
Peg will be furious if
she finds me there.
Go to sleep.
- Where you go?
- I am thirsty.
He can not do anything.
Do not worry.
Where is Peg?
Why did not she come back?
She has an interest in arriving.
Come on, mom,
Where you were?
- Or?
- At a friend's house.
- The guy is not up?
- I was with a friend.
That's it!
You had to give me an answer.
Your mother did not want to know anything.
I wanted to tell you.
I should go down to you.
Do it.
I would not mind you.
I am nothing for you.
To do what?
You are no longer the same.
You pinch for me.
- I do not know.
- But I like you.
It's pretty.
I just bought it.
And I was curled up.
For me?
No, Nick.
If we left? Both?
I do not know.
We could go at dawn.
I have money. You'll
buy us a car tomorrow.
But it's Sunday.
Dealers open on Sunday.
You will find us a nice car.
You do not mind?
Will you do that for me?
For both of us.
You are mine, right?
And I am yours. Only to you.
Good try.
Sleep now, and do not
tell me you're thirsty.
Come on, sleep!
What did she say?
Why did she come back?
She was sleeping.
I put a blanket on him.
Why did she disobey me?
Why did she come back?
We are his family.
Here, she feels safe.
We will not get away.
Not without help.
Let me go to the police.
They will find a solution.
What will you do?
I will see. Rest.
Not moving.
Fred, please...
This rabbit has in the belly.
You can not understand.
Your wife and the kid
spend the day in church?
Where are they?
They should be here, but today,
they must not be in
a hurry to return.
Volcl Reverend Colllns and
his sermon domlnlcal...
What does it mean, these bondages?
To understand the meaning
of the word "love".
To believe in something
greater than oneself.
To spend your family first
and to consider all
humans as his brothers.
What do you remove from
your life of bigots?
The joys of toil
and tranquility.
What does a man like
you get out of life?
You laugh?
More than you will
save in all your life.
What's the point?
You will never benefit.
It was you who said it.
Where is Peg, in your opinion?
At Marge or at her aunt's.
His aunt sells cars?
So, she is not there.
I spun him $ 1,500.
You're lying.
She buys a car for me.
She will not do that. Not her.
We can bet if you want.
She would have told me.
She's my daughter, she
never lied to me.
You invent.
Or she made you walk.
That's it. She made fun of you.
She will not come back.
The first night, she
promised to help me.
She came back last night, did not she?
Why do you think?
Quiet, Dobbs.
It's understood?
Leave before a tragedy arrives!
Listen to me.
When I leave, Peg
will come with me.
You do not have to wait for it.
She will not come back.
Try to understand, I
want you no harm.
I want you no harm.
Do not ruin everything.
Nick! It's me, Peg!
I knew she would come back.
It's his fault.
He almost ruined everything.
The keys!
The car!
I do not have them.
I told you.
Where are they?
The lights did not work.
They will deliver it.
In an hour.
I told them to leave it in front.
It's perfect.
So it's true.
You did that for him.
I'm leaving with him.
Are you sacrificing
yourself to save us all?
That's it?
I will not help you.
We are a family.
We will not be able to live without you.
Do you think he loves you?
He can not.
He will use you, abandon
you and kill you.
He will throw your body to the nettles.
Love is based on trust.
He does not trust anyone.
I have to go with him.
I am leaving.
If you want to stop me, shoot!
But no circle.
Peg is on my side.
It will be until the end.
- Peg goes with him.
- Why?
- I do not know.
- Or?
I do not know, but...
Go to your sister's house with Tommy.
What will you do?
No! He will kill you.
Perhaps. Or I will kill him.
I refuse her...
Go to your sister's house.
I refuse to lose
you, Peg and you.
You hear me?
Do not imagine how I
feel when we leave,
They will leave it in front?
It will not be very long.
You should not have taken it if
the headlights are out of order.
They told me once I had
filled in the papers.
You should have taken another one.
She will be here soon.
They promised.
- Do you really come with me?
- Of course.
You do not take anything?
My suitcase is ready.
The car...
Why does not she come?
They would do well to activate.
We'll be fine, huh?
- We will get out of this!
- Yes, Nick.
Your father is not going to make a mistake?
He is too scared for me.
He was out of it.
He will not do anything.
He has no interest. Just when I...
Do not move.
I tell you not to move!
Stay here!
He warned them. He or another!
You were going to kill me.
I need you.
She says he is hiding
in their house.
That's right, their apartment.
Obviously, he is armed.
We will have it.
A second. I have an idea.
Little, where do you live?
Which building?
Tell me where you live.
I have to ask mom.
I insist.
The gentleman asked me...
My daughter is with him.
Be careful.
I promised you, ma'am.
Nothing will happen to your daughter.
My husband did not
want me to come.
If Peg is hurt, it
will be my fault.
Madam, the address.
I do not hear anything.
Why this silence?
And the car?
Night has fallen.
Why is she not here?
I do not know.
I told you everything.
Swear to me that there
is nobody outside.
I can not swear it, but
I do not think so.
Swear it!
How is the car?
Convertible, as you wanted.
- The year? The brand?
- I do not know.
A good car.
How much did you pay for it?
$ 1,500, I told you.
Do you have the receipt?
- Why would I lie to you?
- Where is the receipt?
I can go phone to claim...
I could go to neighbors.
And when I've waited long enough,
I'll be forced to go out and get you.
I'll be back.
You just wanted
to get rid of me?
Yes or no?
- I wanted...
- Save your little family.
It's wrong.
You warned the cops
and lied for the car.
- I bought it.
- You lie.
They are waiting for me downstairs.
Say it, Peg.
Get up to take me!
Go ahead, go up!
And take it too!
There is nobody.
Nobody is waiting for you.
Are you really sure?
Let's go down, to see.
We'll see if there is anyone.
You better be right.
If there is nobody, you have
no reason to be afraid.
Last night, when you took out your
luxury chicken paraphernalia,
you thought you were holding me.
You and your family thought
you had me as a blue
and that I would let myself do.
You won my trust,
you took my money.
You promised to buy a car.
Where's my money?
I bought the car.
Why? Because you love me?
That's what you said.
You are on the right track.
It's better, you burn.
You do not love me.
You never loved me.
Why do not you say it?
You never loved me!
Say it, at least.
You never loved me
I loved you, Nick!
Believe me, I loved you.
Nobody likes anyone.
You, your parents, the
cops, my old, Al Molin...
I bought the car.
Show me. Where is she?
You will not have my daughter!
You hear?
You will not have it!
Nobody, huh?
You will not have my baby!
Get out of there!
You hear me?
pick up the gun. You are closer.
You hear me?
You will not have my baby!
Pass it to me.
That's it.
Pick it up and give it to me.
Give me a chance!
You have no more
love in you than...
The car...