He Rides Tall (1964) Movie Script

Next time listen to me are you feel
you're gonna wear that gun stay outside
local custom go find yourself a nice
shitty place and cool off to come back
keep local custom in mind we'll get
along Morgan
Morgan do you think that you could be a
little extra careful today you're gonna
make me a widow before I'm a bride
don't worry Ellie I've lasted this long
I guess I'm good for the rest of the day
Ellie as a normal feminine viewpoint
mark the bride always wants a strong
healthy husband on her honeymoon
if I don't buy that buckboard there
isn't gonna be on him well get going you
looking for me I'm Ben Crowley Jill.
McLeod just drove in 500 head of beef
for you to buy Gill McLeod how's your
father boy I hear he got hurt while
don't you ever call me boy now you want
a dicker or what your father and I don't
dicker we make two-way deals fair both
ways your Foreman doesn't want me to see
the cattle yet I'm sure he wants to feed
them fatten him for a spell and our pens
you don't hear too good do you Crowley
I'm in charge here not my father not the
you want to look at the beef no I'll
forget it that's the way you want it
Blacksmith I got a horse that needs a
shoe this is a customer talking
blacksmith a cash customer
thanks thorn every little bit helps more.
Rockland Abilene Dodge City and now here
what I've been worried about you
a lawman bills your kind of reputation
he don't live too long what are you
doing here
what honest work
you're looking at the present Foreman of
the Argonauts spread just drove in a
herd of cattle.
Argonaut that's Joshua McLeod's out
there he hired you Oh Oh Josh ain't that
very kind
he don't hold little mistake against a
man are you sent me to the pen Lord but
I served my time and got out for good
me good behavior old Josh must be hurt
worse than I heard how was he why still
in a wheelchair but it's getting better
getting better of course he couldn't
come on this cattle drive but his boy
did you hearin Tom it sure is I want to
tell you that that boy's a tonic to
himself poison to everybody else me up
your mind yet marshal well it looks like
it's in pretty fair condition you are
buying a buckboard fare
where you going it's brand new
almost almost how much you want for it
what do you want with a buck foot.
Oh take you 65 got yourself a deal I'll
pick it up in the morning no I'm I'm
quitting tomorrow quitting and getting
married leaving town
congratulations morg
that'll make us both happy you because
you have your own little woman by your
side and starting off on a nice new dull
life someplace else and me because uh I
ain't gonna partial to towns where you
ain't marshal.
Oh Oh II you just told me some awful
important I wish I knew what it was I
just want you to remember that tomorrow
we have a new marshal
a good one so whatever you've got up
your sleeve
don't try it here more you got a narrow
suspicious mind
it's a pity of the shame all right.
Charlie make your offer and make it good
the best I can do is $30 a head dog
crossed me for Tia heads to go on price
for cattle in good condition you've
driven that herd down to skin and bones
you're a liar dirty ahead I Drive on a.
Dodge Perth good crop only do well who's
here the fearless marshal Rockland gonna
try to take my gun away
I said try no I just don't want you to
use it that's all you better sit on that
temper of yours are you gonna get into
bad trouble I've spent enough years
listening to you
Now you came in a ton of new business do
it but do it in a businesslike way I
don't want to hurt you let go you don't
like me and I don't like you
pushed me too far don't forget how much
I like your father
Except your stick it off for Crawley cat
Word for your father.
Hey you man fixing to get drunk I'll go
down fast goes ahead and home soon as I
get you pay
lotta let me seems to me you men aren't
aware of a little rule we have around
here gentlemen we want you to be glad
that you came in here so all we ask is
that you check your guns House Rules
miss town rules
courtesy of marshal rock uh-huh what do
what the lady says men anything this
lady says you're not staying we'll have
to just meeting you miss of course I'm
oh I tell you it's a closure what a girl
like you does to a man like thank you I
can't see any way we can get to know
each other better until we first find
out each other's name mine's Bart or
mine's Ellie Daniels but I don't think
we're going to know each other much
better oh I know you're already spoken
hmm it's too much to expect any other
way spoken for an answered I answered
yes a man like that we got to lose at
cards well maybe he's out seeking his
fortune maybe he's out working a ranch
anyway maybe you'd get lonesome nights
waiting for I'm sorry but he's right
here in town tomorrow he's leaving but
I'm going with it more Rockland yeah mr.
the way I told it thorn you've been my.
Foreman for about six months even all
this time and here I've been thinking I
was your dad's Foreman he hard you I'm
firing it we split the difference does
one of the things seems to have slipped
your mind Maddie you can't fire me until
I sell your dad's chowder and that'll be
quite a spell I just sold I just paid
you I just fired you clear you sold him
did you hear that man he just sold the
cattle in their condition I'm fired and
I quit get out
thorne barkeep can a poor unemployed
fella have his gun back
you're a poor poor dad having you for a
wristy you men stay on not me
all right the rest of you just like Hank
we're through what do you got against
the organ at wrench mister you you're
what's wrong with you are gonna trench
all that's wrong with it you may be
human when you grow up you live that
give me my gun I'm leaving.
I'm riding back and tell you for just
what he's got in the way of a son and
you get home.
Oh JA shall be ready for you mad and
one man in there with a gun marshal Gil.
MacLeod I know your gun kill you under
not me.
I'll take your other buddies Marshall.
well Josh will have to be informed but a
guilt any money I paid kill for the
cattle someone will have to write up
give it to old Josh yeah what I'm trying
to say is give the money to me and I'll
turn it into a bag draft then I'll write
an Odin set it along with the dry up to
old Josh you know a note explaining how.
Gill died and well how it wasn't your
fault it's one way to do it there's
another way
maura that new marshal beer lady mantle
whole thing not very clean but it's
another way out come or you gotta choose
one way or the other unless you want to
ride out and tell old Josh yourself
that'd be a foolproof way of getting
yourself killed I don't want to get
killed I don't want to even see the old
man's face when he finds out about guilt
all I want to do is get married find a
home for Ellie and me.
Or again.
All alone in the dark is the prospect of
marrying me that dismal you know better
than that.
Gil MacLeod Gill MacLeod darling why
didn't you come to me love means that
you share things together the bad as
well as the good Ellie you know Joshua.
MacLeod took in a small orphan boy
raised him with all the affection of his
own son you know that boy was me I know
and I know how miserable you feel
and you'll understand why we have to
postpone our marriage because I won't be
here tomorrow I'm riding out to see Josh
no I don't understand you're going to
tell the man who raised you that you
killed his son it's better if he hears
it for me
better for you or for me and if his
answer is to kill you
well will it be better if he comes and
tells me about it I don't tell him it's
like running away what kind of a man
does that make me kind of a husband for
gave up being Marshall to Mary but you
really haven't changed you still want to
be a target and if Josh MacLeod doesn't
kill you where you'll find another time
and another place and Sunday someday
someone's going to find that target
didn't want to stop
As soon as I see Josh I promise I'll
come back to you for good
you'll come back if you survive well
that's not good enough.
I'm not going to begin my life by
waiting for the man I love and wondering
how I'll look in black to buy more
Well towns all yours now Loomis anything
else you need to know one thing
where's the best place to eat the golden
hotel and saloon Oh bye and good luck if
you're needed
goodbye Rockland don't give away all
your lucky my need Sun may be a lot
bargain I'm sorry about last night
forget everything I said exemple I love
I said it was awful to wait for someone
you love it would be worse to have no
one to wait for well no one to come back
to take me with you right now
don't worry when I get back
we'll have the honeymoon we planned
all right hurry back
Born your gun
close it down oh thank god is you morgue
here I thought that their gun oh how was
I to know was you last I heard you will
listen to be on your honeymoon today
listen to me there was an Indian
stalking me there's been a pair of them
prowling around morgue
tell me one good reason why I'd want to
do you in
I've got 15,000 reasons on me cash I
guess there's just one thing to do
more one of us is gonna be bad hurt
Anytime you're ready
See it was anybody but you I might try
and they just your sudden hand with a
gun is that I'm downright fond of you
you're the kind of a man I can trust I
trust you too as long as you're a couple
of hours behind me what worries me more
if you stay mean a suspicious like it's
gonna show on your face when you get old
I was just trying to get my gun back my
own gun
it's all in your belly and stator morg
you can't shoot a man when he's down you
ain't that kind on your belly
Oh where's your sense of humor wow
that's too tight
Not my legs famous for walking but I
always like to know it's possible I'll
hold you for a while a man can't leave a
man in this position
well fellow human beings that'll give
you something to think about
wrong boy listen to me you're a decent
respectable man you got a stupid sense
of fair play don't lose it no Rosa now
go get it
I don't want you this close behind Lord
oh my god
I wasn't lying about them Indians not
all together I saw some yesterday so I'm
with my eyes
Like you need some help I'd be grateful
oh one minute dad I don't know how long.
I'd have been stuck if you hadn't come
along why you're heading the Argonaut
ranch I want to see Josh Roma klar then
we're going to the same place mr.
Brooklyn glad to meet you mr. Rocklin.
Joshua's told me many nice things about
they call me dr. Sam Oh follow you with
thank you.
More broccoli
the marshal what's he doing here he
didn't say I didn't ask
sanyo I'd like to see Joshua MacLeod boy
morg Rockland going in caught in spent
years for seems like an eternity you
look fine
great been hearing about you your
reputation as a marshal reckon you never
expected to see me down I heard about it
yeah all my life in the saddle gets
thrown by spook Brock dr. Sands is I'll
be up and about in no time look here I
want to show you something
how's that
last week I couldn't even stand the
don't tell Katie I want a surprise.
Katie's my new wife after Emma died
never dreamed I'd get married again but
I did I heard that too
Katie not alone another drink no thanks
maybe you saw a map or Gil in town
what brings you here morgue
looks like rain in a minute where's Gil
where's Gil he's dead
ha he shot one of your own writers he
resisted arrest and I had to kill him.
Joshua 20 murder nothing less than
murder get out get out of here before I
kill you.
I remember the day I brought in here to
live what do you think of the way he
repays me.
Norland ranked Samantha cat got your
tongue damn it Sam he killed my boy you
act like I did something wrong mr.
Rockland came and told you what he had
to say to your face that took courage he
seems to me to be the kind of man that
you always bragged about the man that
you were so proud of
Who are you
he's more Brocklin mr. McCloud the
lawman oniy my horse needs a rubdown yes
I'll correct you Wrangler mrs. McCloud
excellent I must say there hasn't been a
man around as an option will you be
staying on when the storm goes so do I
the storm may last a long time.
Katie where you been you've been riding
that storm do you object to my daily
ride no I don't check it I just don't
wanna say you get soaked in rain that's
all Oh
can't you put this in a safe on a plate
man named Rockland came today about that
Oh bad news girls dead Rockland killing.
Josh a dare
I'm sorry careful sorry
thought you might like some coffee mr.
run Thank You mrs. McLeod but mostly I
thought you might be lonesome don't you
I'm a young girl married to a worn-out
old man no law said you had to Miriam
the law of survival said so
ja well don't be
I had my fill of shock prone gossips
back in st. Louis over perfume drummers
passing through if Betty would marry me
only I learned that he already had a
wife then I met Joshua found out that he
wasn't only an old man but a rich one
you made a good body that's good enough
young woman needs more than what an old
man give her I don't get you Rockland I
never met a man who wouldn't let's just
say brother
let it go are you afraid of what Josh in
the night said I killed Joshua's son and
he's trying to make up his mind now
whether to kill me or not well Gil's no
loss to the world he was still judgment
son you're Joshua's wife go back to the
this is MacLeod
what other thing that's my charm don't
seem to appeal to you
you brought the cattle money back to
Joshua does that mean that our trail
hands aren't coming back
one might spot dawn
this is mclubbe thanks for the coffee
you sure you wanna have one after such a
fine meal early man out looking at the
storm why you have to know every move I
make no no okay yeah I just don't want
you to catch a cold
what you know doctor Heathcote uh
hello Heath go I want you to go see him
it'll take you a week but I'd like his
opinion on your legs he's had a lot of
experience with injuries like yours
I'll start morning a bad day bad day
talk quietly
well what went wrong I'm so sick of this
place waiting and waiting for nothing
not for nothing baby get a coat we can
talk better in the bar no there's a man
named Rockland out there he killed.
Gillen got the money back the money that
you said you'd get I said it and I will
and more besides it was Rockland who
told Joshua about Gil right right and
he's been drinking ever since and stuff
now he's gonna get drunker
what do you mean that money and more
beside you're getting drunk that gives
you a chance to serve the cause see that
Joshua has plenty of whiskey with an
easy reach and see that he keeps using
it that won't be hard
well then do it
maybe I spoke you a little too much on
the child no maybe you wasn't my I
handed it's no excuse for more Glee
killing couldn't have been fast or just
too good with a gun too fast wonderful
wife you lucky man too heavy
hello Warren
hello cool surprised to see me nope
get ready to leave huh storms over morg
um said you little piece toward Joshua
huh how did he take it
Oh hey no joy and kill him a man when
he's out boost him up and told him
inside being old killing the Argonaut as
long as I'm here oh I'm dead set against
killin mr. McCloud that's why we gotta
stop this here Rockland from killing
the way he shot down murdered your son.
Gil legalized murder I say now left to
hear he's all in favor of hanging Burt
he wants to shoot him and only wanted to
do it with a pitchfork quick-like but I
ain't one for killing and good doctor
said he wants to let more Rockland go
scot free let him go on killing young
men like your son mr. McCloud you let a
rattlesnake crawl into your house but
don't you worry none right now we got
him Dee fact but we've got to keep him
this is his Fang his right hand is gun
now you tell me if I've got it straight
dr. Sam these tendons here controller
fingers cut him and Rockland can't work
his hand no more can't shoot no more
can't kill no more so it's up to dr. Sam
he can do a nice slick job throw this
trash out of here Joshua it would have
happened to Gil sooner or later and you
know it
but Rockland came to you and told you
like a man throw them out of here
mr. MacLeod you're a man without a son
now because of Rockland's murder in hand
a proud man like you shouldn't think of
a thing like that
tell dr. Sam to do it Joshua
tell him tell him to do it
do you think I would have anything to do
with it.
I reckon we got no call to ask it that
dr. Sam why don't you just run along
wait you mangle him Wow I ain't got your
Boil water get him on the table
boys on the table
I'd forgive me
How do you feel mad mad and weak mad in
a week
is that all hungry now that's a good
complaint and something I can cure just
as soon as the water is hot see ya
you've got gentle fingers you're a good
doctor out here the closest doctor is a
good doctor but medicine runs in my
family my grandfather practiced it of
course he was a witch doctor in the
Congo and my father carried on the
tradition here as a slave my turn came
during the war I was assistant to an
army surgeon I learned a lot from that
why did you come here this is my home
anybody ever tell you you're quite a man
What do you see down there honey
a lot of cows oh well what do you see
$30,000 on the hoof soon to be a
thousand head in that herd it would be
our way but nothing to stop us morg
Rockland shale for good
and Joshua's how long before Joshua gets
back from dr. heith goats for at least a
week thirty thousand dollars huh plus
what's in the safe I'm rich
uh uh uh we're rich baby of course.
I need you and you need me what are we
gonna do with all that money
hmm oh go to Chicago maybe uh-huh
what's wrong with Chicago why not New
York London Paris Rome London Rome.
Oh Rocklin
I've got an old friend up to visit you
you better bring your gun
It was bound to happen sooner or later
all your old friends Orville invasion
remember me Rockland dead honey remember
my brother Hank sure I arrested him Ida
kneeled you too but you ran out of but
I'm gonna kill you they hung my brother
Let's get on with it
well Harney
You anxious to die Rocklin
Anxious to get it over with
Get off.
You bluffed your way out of that one
nice and cool morgue
the day is coming when you're gonna have
to pull that gun with a hand it's just
no help at all haha I wish I could be
around to see it sorry to disappoint you
today you had fun hard but sure is
Christmas don't bother the thank me morg
when you get it I want you to see it
coming right in the face on the batch
You did a good job Sam cutting without
okay Katie doctor Heathcote says I'm
Wanda who's the universe Katie listen
units not here Senor
well not here where is she I run she's
going to you're my clog gone what do you
mean gone
where is everybody Senor thorn took them
everybody goes they take all our cattle
all our money
pack my saddlebags with food enough for
several days
I won't blankets.
I things up ahead good enough I guess
far as I can see what are you fretting
about Indians they ain't done no raiding
around here for years
trouble is Indians eight where you
expect to find it
the trouble is Berger plain-looking
pincher well that's better than having
to come looking for me I'm gonna feel a
lot better when these cattle are turned
into cash relax baby go back to dreaming
about London Paris Rome
That's yield even the little scars will
go away soon you still thinking of going
to California yeah but I'd better ask my
girl first see if she wants to go there
here's great country a good spot to
raise a family family we're not even
married yet but wherever I do go there's
one thing you can count on thorn and the
others will never know what you did for
me the thing that worries me is your
hand and how are you going to use it
don't worry Sam
you've taught me that a man's hand isn't
meant to kill it's meant to hew to build
to help
and to say goodbye in friendship goodbye
your bicep.
Get away from here you're done in Joshua
I'll go ride with you morg you're not
gonna ride with anybody if you don't get
down leave me alone
I didn't need it more I didn't mean no
leave me you got to get me moving again
moving afro
Darn stole my account stole my wife
stole my money first thing we better get
you with some rest
maybe Kate's not worth going after
maybe I want old food but I love her
mark she's my wife now lover give
everything old go and hawk it's your gun
hand back
hey take it easy we have to drive all
night oh you make it awful tempting to
stop but we can't take chances bye
darling along with these cattle we got
to get into town and sell them fast
Joshua you still need at least a day's
rest oh I'm going after Katie I'm gonna
bring her back
A half Shoplet
you don't know how much that eases my
conscience more I was bad drunk that
night I'll never love such a thing it's
been awful to live
How do you do it I'm doctor say I'm
doing skill and courage.
Sam's got a lot of both the whole people
should have known he could never cripple
now you could help him or you could help
your brain Katie back how long do you
think Sam would live it thorn in the
restaurant I could use this hand right
you can't do it you'd have to kill all
for him take you into town
a marshal can help
Get inside.
I figure I could pick off more of them
than us maybe some more where they came
good morning gents you speak English I
speak it good fine fine
I just want to tell you if you and your
boys are hungry you're welcome to cut a
couple of steers out of the herd we have
this morning taken ten oh well um what
do you want dessert you have a white
woman I want her white woman
we ain't got no white woman black all
right all right
ah I suppose we don't give it to you
your hair is good
nothing much I can do I guess it's a
goodbye honey
oh you can't - it's either you or me and
you got no vote
Owner you take the wagon
let's get them cattle moving
No matter how bad she was Katie never
deserve this no sign of a fight they
didn't even try to save it
take care of her for me more Willie take
I've got to ride home
Hey that's all Joshua boom the cattle
Get that bird as grant eternal d'arnot's
leaders and slow down
You're in such a hurry I never did get
to ask about old Joshua Ozzie feeling no
pain at all
none whatsoever I tell you old Josh will
never feel better
sorry Marshall sorry it had to be one of
my boys it's all a nice work
what started Oni here he don't need more
than a whiskey or two for an excuse they
can have him back in the morning for $25
and expenses
Goodbye Marsha
I'm just warning all you nice civilized
town when they get inside your little
homes and stay there it goes tonight
this here town is ours ours by right of
conquest how's that Rolly right a
conquest I read in a book ha ha ha
sorry a serious drinking was interrupted
on me
come inside and catch up Hey Oh
everybody oh don't stop you're not
exactly welcome here after what you did
Jim Jim give them anything they wash yes
ah you're all right I kind of like you
are you kind of like leaned out a little
bit now don't you ah how about a drink
on the house yeah yeah sure yeah ah see
you later
awesome a little a likes me but sure she
does yeah yeah I'll go see her
where do you think your goal is it oh
but I'm this is ani hold a ver I'm color
head go away Oni
I'm warning you go away
I just came up to comfort you miss make
you feel a little better you got no
reason to be afraid of me
I'm the gentle kind the lovin and though
you don't know it you're in the market
for a new man for lovin because more
rockland he ain't coming back oh I don't
know for sure that he's dead yet pretty
one but I'm solid sure that he ain't
coming back here or no place else where
people will know him
Draaga all right.
Lord rock was down the street
Bluffed his way through what do you know
he's gonna be killed for sure
docile apps
Mark you ain't gonna try to bluff me are
You think I'm bluffing call me
I'm calling.