He Went That Way (2023) Movie Script

They say a good story
makes us human,
so I'd like to tell you mine.
But don't think
you've got it figured out.
It's complicated.
The summer of '64
changed all of us.
When you live your life
on the road,
freedom's a crap shoot.
Hey, is it uh, the Hoover Dam
or is it-- is it um,
is it just Hoover Dam?
With the-- no "the"?
[engine revving]
[birds chirping]
I think it's the Hoover Dam.
Thang is not just a monument
you know, it's a--
It's a statement.
It's like, uh, it's like, "Hey,
Colorado River, fuck you.
No rollin' through here
on our watch."
You know I smoked
a lot of grass and I--
So, before I get ahead
of myself,
let me take it back a few weeks
to Death Valley, California.
Hey, but I never--
Things hadn't been easy
and life
wasn't the same anymore.
People weren't the
same anymore.
Everyone was killing
each other,
even on the TV.
...in their eyes
And there we were,
another long hot day
on the road,
car breaking down on us again.
So, it's the air filter.
Was the air filter.
Now, it's pretty much
the whole thing.
[indistinct radio chatter]
I was uh, was so hopin'
that you could fix it for me.
Well, I could fix it
if you gave me a few days.
You gave me an hour.
Did enough to patch it.
But you'll need an overhaul
as soon as you can,
especially carrying cargo
like that.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Here you go. Thanks.
You're short.
Well, you said that it--
That it wouldn't be
so expensive.
That's before you told me
you needed rush work.
Had to get right on it.
Set all other business
to the side.
Uh, um...
Hey, I can always put her back
the way you brought her in.
No, uh...
That's rush work, so you know...
I understand.
[telephone rings]
Hello, hi. Hi, it's me.
What? W-- what is it?
I just wanted to say that
you know,
it looks like I'm actually
a bit ahead of schedule
and so I think I have some--
some time tomorrow.
I could maybe stop in
and see Saul.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
We went over this.
No, I know, that's true,
but um, I'm--
I'm just sayin'
that you know,
if I go there you know,
he-- he owes me, so uh--
We agreed
no getting sidetracked, right?
I worked hard setting this up.
No, I know that, but um--
I worked hard
to make something happen
after you quit
making anything happen.
So, all you need to do now
is focus on the destination.
No, I'm just sayin'
that if I go there--
-And have a talk with him
-that I--
-ESTHER: Jim, you wouldn't.
-You wouldn't.
-BOBBY: I'm kinda stranded
out here and I'm tryin' to get
home in Michigan.
You'll have a talk with Saul
about what?
Maybe I could get a ride
with you guys?
Don't say anything, right?
[chuckle together]
[overlapping speech]
I don't think so.
Like you know, Mobile--
Jim? Jim, don't go see Saul.
Are you listening to me?
Oh, Jesus Christ,
I'm hanging up.
[indistinct radio chatter]
This ain't no hitching post!
So, unless you wanna buy candy
or Camels...
you wanna take a swing at me?
Is that it?
Well, come on, big man,
I ain't got all day.
Excuse me.
Do you uh, do you need a ride?
Uh, um-- I'd be happy to uh...
I'm going East on 66.
You a suck?
-JIM: I'm sorry?
-Sick fuck. Suck.
Um, no, I'm not.
Um, I'm not sure
where you headed,
but you're-- you're welcome
to come along for a ways.
I'm Jim.
-Well, hop in, Bobby?
The uh, wheels died on me
back near Death Valley there.
I'm in a hell of a hurry.
[indistinct radio chatter]
it feels good to be moving.
Yeah, I gotta hit uh,
I gotta hit Michigan quick.
Night after next, I got a uh,
got a homecoming
with the honey
in South Haven.
Oh, well, I'm heading that way.
Chicago, actually.
Oh. A first-timer, huh?
You just told me exactly
where you're going
instead of waiting to tell me,
or you know, being vague-like.
So, uh, now I know
how long I can ride for.
Well, I fell
a little bit behind today,
so I thought, you know...
Yeah! Get a back-up wheelman.
Sure thing. I can burn.
Hell, this is 66.
We're on the Mother Road.
Plenty of room out here
to do some damage, right, Jim?
Can I ask you a question?
Roaming. That's all.
That's what you were gonna ask,
Where I been. I been roaming.
Experiencing America.
One end of the 66,
back to the other.
You're uh, what, in the army?
Air Force. I mean I was.
I ain't even make it overseas.
I got discharged.
It was damn shame, too,
'cause I was all ready
to go do me some bombing.
So, why the discharge?
[take a drag, puffs smoke]
Say, what's with
all the questions?
Oh, I'm sorry,
I-- I thought I was--
What is this, a game show?
What's My Line?
Well, I'll tell you my line.
Not answering any more
of your fuckin' questions.
Whoa, honest, Bobby, I'm sorry.
I'm-- I'm just
makin' a conversation--
What the hell is that?
No, no, it's okay.
-BOBBY: Oh, you.
-Just gonna...
What the fuck? Oh!
It's okay, Bobby.
Bobby, it's okay, Bobby.
[indistinct speech]
-JIM: It's okay, Bobby.
You fuck. Fuck.
Hey, big fella.
Hey. It's okay.
It's okay. Hey, hey, buddy.
The fuck are you talking to?
Oh, I was meanin' to mention.
So, you're just gonna hang out?
I want you to meet him.
His name is Bobby.
Okay, okay.
-What the--
-Bobby, Bobby!
-Fuck is that?
-Bobby, just calm down.
Get a hairy a foreign fucking
baby in there!
Listen, it's alright. Shh!
Bobby, Bobby! Calm down, okay?
-BOBBY: What the fuck?
-Listen. Hey, listen.
You're a fucking creep!
You're a fucking creep!
Listen, you've got to calm down.
I wanna introduce you,
but you gotta calm down, okay?
Calm down? Fuck you!
Please, please, calm down, okay?
Oh, shit!
I wanna introduce you to him.
Alright? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
Hey, hey.
You're worse than a suck,
You're a fuckin' super-suck,
I swear to God.
Alright, Spanky. Alright,
buddy. Here you go, okay?
Who's always got you, right?
Who's your friend?
Who's gonna make sure
you're okay all the time, huh?
Okay, okay. Okay. Come on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Bobby laughing]
-It's a monkey.
-It's okay, it's Bobby.
He's our friend.
You wanna say "hi"?
You Spanky? Are you Spanky?
Yeah, huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.
Did you just say Spanky?
Jim, you don't understand
I seen everything
that fuckin' monkey ever did.
-He's a chimp.
-BOBBY: Huh?
Chimpanzee. He's a ape family.
It's the closest relative
to humans. It's--
Ed Sullivan, Perry Como,
Today Show.
Motherfucker's done 'em all,
-Yeah, I can't believe.
In middle of 66--
middle of 66, I'm racin' home,
and I run
into a certified legend.
Alright, alright, shh.
Yeah, yeah, alright.
God Bless America, oh!
Say, Jim, shouldn't he be
on a plane right now?
Monkey-humpin' stewardesses?
-JIM: Okay.
-Sipping wine in first-class?
It's harder to fly
with him commercially.
Um, some new regulations.
Yeah, but he's got gigs,
what's he doing in Chicago?
It's a private engagement.
It's really important.
So, um, where do you guys plan
on stopping tonight
before you got
to running behind?
Um, Albuquerque.
Albuquerque. Albuquerque.
Yeah, sure thing, I can burn.
And you can tell me
every last thing
about that famous fucker.
[Bobby chuckling]
Last night your shadow fell
upon my lonely room
I touched your golden hair
and tasted your perfume
Your eyes were filled
with love
The way they used to be
Your gentle hand reached out
to comfort me
Then came the dawn
And you were gone
You were gone, gone, gone
I had too much to dream
last night
You know, there's a theory
about chimps?
Give him a typewriter
and enough time,
and Spanky could write
all of Shakespeare's works.
Well, Shakespeare's an asshole.
Last night
Last night
Oh, too much to dream
Oh, too much to dream
Too much to dream
last night
Oh, too much to dream
Oh, too much to dream
Oh, too much to dream
Oh, I had too much to dream
Oh, too much to dream
[Bobby grunts]
Hey, New Mexico! Let's dance.
So, I burned it or what?
Oh, yeah.
That was, uh, good drivin'.
Um, well, I'm-- I'm beat.
I'm gonna get the uh, the room.
Yeah, sure thing.
Hey, remember,
we're out 6:30, sharp.
We gotta keep movin'.
You know, um,
I'm sure
there's rooms with two beds.
Oh, I'm good up front there.
-You sure?
-BOBBY: Yep!
-BOBBY: Say, uh, Jim!
-Shh, he's sleeping.
-Oh, sorry. Okay!
He's sleeping.
-What is it?
-Say, you think I uh,
you think I can feed him?
Oh, uh, well, he's restin' now,
but uh,
that's a really nice offer.
Oh, yeah.
So, h-- uh,
maybe how about breakfast?
Um, well, I don't know, Bobby.
I don't-- I don't know
if it's such a good idea.
Jim, come on.
You said it yourself
he's got like 99% human
-How hard can it be?
-Bobby, it's the 1%
you gotta be careful of.
That's-- that gets tricky,
you know?
It's uh-- look, here. Here.
See, yeah?
And I'm trained
to deal with him.
Look what he did to my arm.
I mean honest, Bobby,
it's for your own good. Really.
Chimpanzee has the strength
of seven men.
Hmm, seven queer men maybe.
I ain't no queer.
Ed Sullivan fed him,
but I guess I ain't
no Ed Sullivan neither, huh?
I'm sorry, I-- I don't--
I don't think it's a good idea.
[takes a deep breath]
[puffs smoke]
Okay, um...
Get some rest, buddy, okay?
Hello? Sir, hi.
Um, was hopin' I could check in.
So, you're rollin' by moonlight.
Rough out there.
You know, the things I hear
on this police CB.
Yeah, too many miles
can shake a man's insides.
But I've got somethin'
that could clear that up.
Yes, sir.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[indistinct radio chatter]
My daughter keeps askin',
"Daddy, why do you do this?"
And I say,
"Because I'm trying to help.
I'm just tryin'
to make this world better
instead of a little worse
any way I can."
[indistinct radio chatter]
Great deals on each.
Best medicine around.
There's nothing more calming
than to know
you've got one of these close by
right there in your glove box.
Puntilla, the Mexicans use
these on their horses.
Slices the bones
right off the flesh.
I just keep one under the bed.
Helps me sleep at night.
Now, let's say a man who's
a little bit more uh, frail,
get a knife like this.
You see that handle?
You just touch that
and it's calming.
You just touch that
and that will cool
a man's blood temperature
right down.
Now, the cheapest
is the neck knife.
Now, you wear it
right back there
and it firms up
your whole posture.
Say, you got a firm neck,
so you got firm shoulders.
You got firm shoulders,
you got a firm back.
You got a firm back,
strong stomach.
And you, my friend,
have the perfect neck
for a neck knife.
Hell, I could see that.
Uh, thank you kindly, but um,
I think I'm okay on the knives,
but um, maybe I just
take the room tonight, you know?
A fellow like you for sure
oughta have himself a blade.
Well, uh,
a fellow like me
would really like
to have a room tonight, so...
I'm just tryin' to get you well.
[clears throat]
Best of luck.
Thank you.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Bobby whistling]
Hey-o! Over here!
Hey, I need your help
with something.
What are you doin' in that car?
Come here.
Whose car is that?
Come here.
Come take a look
what I got in my hand. Come.
I'm sorry, it's too dark.
I can't see.
Oh, it's okay, come here.
Come closer.
What are you gonna do with that?
What do you think
I'm gonna do with it?
It's a stick-up, Jim.
What a stick-up, what?
-Don't go acting like
you're the monkey now, Jim.
Bobby, you--
you don't wanna do this.
Yeah, you don't know
what I want, Jim.
But I-- I--
I do know what you want.
We spent all day together
talkin' about it.
You-- you wanna get back
to Michigan to your girl,
to her party, and you--
You wanna tell her all
about the Hoover Dam.
You met Spanky today.
Bobby, we're-- we're--
we're friends!
Why're you holdin' a gun
in my head?
God, fuckin', fuckin' fuck!
Shit! Why!
[coughs, grunts]
You fuckin' fucking fucker!
What did I say?
Give me your wallet.
Give me your wallet.
What's that?
Hey, give me your fuckin' ring.
Very serious.
Why are you doin' this?
Hey, Jim.
Ow, Bobby!
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
Here's a deal.
If I see a car with sirens
anywhere in this zip code,
Spanky gets it.
Bobby, I promise, you won't--
you won't see any cops.
I promise.
[pants, sniffles]
[mimics monkey hooting]
[taking deep breaths]
Hell of a thing, this.
Nobody in South Haven
would ever believe it.
You know,
I don't wanna scare you, Spank.
That's what
I've been trying saying.
I'm not like you know,
I'm not a bad person.
Not at my core.
Yeah, I just got pushed, see?
I was set off
when I got on this road.
I'm just gonna make sure
you're all nice and tight here,
so you don't slip away on me?
Say, ain't you Mr. Calm?
I fly jets at Fort Custer.
Hmm. Hmm.
You even make it through basic?
You ever shot one of those?
At a person?
there's no money back here.
You can look on the ground
for a few pennies.
Take your girl out.
Oh, God!
look what you made me do!
Well, I guess now you know
I know how to shoot it, huh,
-ESTHER: In New Mexico?
- JIM: Yeah.
So, um, just about uh, 60 miles
from Albuquerque.
-ESTHER: Alright.
Well, there should be
no more trouble now.
So, no, but uh, tomorrow,
I think I'll--
I'll definitely have chance
to um...
Ugh, here we go .
Just you know, swing by Saul's
and-- and uh, say, "Hey."
You're not funny, Jim.
No, it's not a joke, Esther.
ESTHER: [sighs]
For goodness sake, Jim,
why're you being so stubborn?
Because I feel like he--
-ESTHER: The show is over.
You're not
gonna ruin this for us.
Well, we'll see, huh?
[telephone beeps]
[takes deep breaths]
[gasps, pants]
[telephone rings]
The show is over, Jim.
The deal is done, Jim.
You had your chances.
The show is over, Jim.
Hey, big fella!
How you doin', huh?
You looking good.
Yeah, he just got up.
-JIM: Oh, yeah?
-BOBBY: Mmhmm.
-JIM: Hey.
-BOBBY: Breakfast?
No, no, I-- I'm okay.
More stellar threads!
Jim, that's a nice shirt!
You know,
if I had a shirt like this,
I'd be President Jack himself
without the um,
blown-out head.
Well, listen, Bobby,
I was thinkin' uh,
last night as I was um,
tryin' to sleep,
I-- I thought if we could just
have a quick chat about um--
-You okay?
-Just turn with me slowly.
Over my shoulder.
Did you call 'em?
-Don't lie to me.
-I don't lie.
We had a deal, Bobby,
and I kept it.
I swear.
Get in the car real normal,
But I have to check out and--
Get in the fucking car.
Start the fucking car!
Just go steady.
You uh, you been thinkin'?
-I'm sorry?
-Before, you said,
"I been thinking."
Oh, uh, yeah, I--
I was thinkin' about um,
a-- a new deal you know,
for us.
Uh, you're headed to Michigan,
South Haven, girlfriend,
before midnight tomorrow.
I'll take you
as far as I'm goin'.
Uh, end of 66, Chicago,
and you know,
we'll arrive early evening,
And you're only 120 miles away.
Easy to hitch a ride
from the big city, right?
Uh, that's no deal.
I could've done that myself.
That is just pointless.
Yeah, but I'll guarantee
that you get there.
Quick stop in Amarillo later,
a motel
outside of Tulsa tonight,
and you know, no trouble,
no police.
Uh, well, what's in it for you?
Um, I get the wallet
and my ring.
And you can hang onto them
till we get to Chicago.
Well, why you want 'em so bad?
I just do. Very much.
Say, I got a uh--
[clears throat]
How do you-- what do you uh,
what do you call it. I got a uh,
I got a counteroffer.
How about I shoot you
in both eyeballs?
I get your ring, your wallet,
your car, your keys,
and you get to be blind
and dead.
How does that sound?
Okay, well, you know,
if I'm dead then you know,
who's gonna take care of Spanky?
You think-- oh, you think
I give a fuck about a monkey?
Bobby, I told you already
he's a chimp.
There's a difference.
He's not a monkey.
Fucker could be
Ed Sullivan himself.
I don't give a shit.
Oh, come on.
It's a fair deal, Bobby.
And I'll honor it just like
I honored my deal back there,
and-- and you honored it, too.
Can you drive fast?
Your drivin' is driving me nuts.
The Eastern world,
it is explodin'
Violence flarin',
and bullets loadin'
You're old enough to kill,
but not for votin'
You don't believe in war
But what's that gun
you're totin'
Even the River Jordan
has bodies floatin'
And you tell me
Over and over and over again,
my friend
How you don't believe
We're on the eve
of destruction
Don't you understand
what I'm tryin' to say
Can't you feel the fears
I'm feelin' today
Where you goin'?
A quick detour.
You won't find Jesus
in Amarillo.
There'll be no one to save
with the world in a grave
Take a look around you, boy
It's bound to scare
you, boy
And you tell me
Over and over and
over again
How you don't believe
We're on the eve
of destruction
How you don't believe
We're on the eve
of destruction
-SAUL: Hey!
-I won't be long.
Uh, you take long, I take off.
No service today.
You gotta come back tomorrow!
Jim! Keys.
Did you hear me?
My Lord, hey, is that Jimmy?
Yeah. [laughs]
Can't believe that
we found you out here, huh?
Good Lord! I-- my Lord
in heaven.
I thought--
I thought you were
a mirage or somethin',
a flicker in the heat devil.
What are you doin' here?
You're allowed to say "devil"?
Come on, out here,
in the promised land,
I can say a lot of words.
I can even say "damn".
As in it has been too damn long!
Oh! [both chuckle]
Oh, man, look at you!
-You smell like flowers.
-Oh, hey, sweetheart.
Genesis, inside!
So, where you been?
Uh, you know, work.
-Lot of travelin' and--
-Sure, work, work, work,
work, work, work!
Mm! That fancy life, huh?
Mm, you know.
Of course uh, I guess
sweepin' up all that ape shit
really isn't all that fancy,
is it?
Well, it's not
all there's to it, you know?
-It's uh,
it's worth it for me.
Is it?
I'm not so sure now
when the beast in the box
keeps you
from the man on the cross.
[Jim chuckling]
That's-- that's why
I never did showbiz, you know?
-JIM: Oh.
-I could've.
I mean we both know
I had the talent.
Then the man called.
Oh, the man called
and you heard.
And he led me to places of need.
There's a lot of need out here,
Come on, let's get a beer.
Let's go. Come on!
Jimmy, crack corn
and I don't care
I'm just gonna be a sec, Bobby,
So, why don't you uh, tell me
what you're really doing here,
Uh, oh, I'm-- I'm good. Thanks.
Uh, I'm really here,
because you know,
when Esther told me
where you were,
I couldn't pass
without sayin' "hello".
You know, I wanted to see
what you've been
up to since I saw you
and it seems like things
are goin' real well, huh?
It's impressive.
And just uh, you know, well,
I wanted to just have a chat
about the loan.
There it is. I see it.
That is why
you didn't call me in advance!
You figured you'd just
show up here and corner me.
-No, no, no, it's not--
-Start talkin' about loan.
No, no, it's not
about cornering you, you know?
Uh, it's just
it's been almost two years.
-SAUL: Mmhmm.
-And you said you'd pay us
back and I'm just here
to talk about that, you know?
I thought we can
have a conversation about--
Jimmy, Jimmy! Come on, Jimmy, I
told you that I am a man
who pays his debts, didn't I?
But then you
haven't paid it back, Saul.
-Any of it.
-SAUL: Take a look around.
I'm not exactly
ridin' high hog here, okay?
Well, I'm not either.
Listen, the uh--
The network
canceled Spanky's contract.
I'm havin' a real hard time
gettin' us jobs.
Hmm. Mmhmm.
Last year,
he had a-- a lung issue.
I had to take out
a loan to fix it.
You know,
he almost didn't make it, Saul.
And there's the food for him,
and the car,
and all the travel
that we have to do.
-And I don't know what to do.
-Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,
-There's a lot of--
-Jimmy, jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!
Shut up! I don't wanna hear it!
My God, he rolls in here
lookin' to fill up
his collection cup.
It seems to me
that he has forgotten
who here serves the shit
and who eats it!
No, Saul. No. No, no!
[Saul laughing]
Seems like you've forgotten it,
Wooh! [laughs]
Seems like you've forgotten,
You've forgotten
a lot of things, huh?
You wear that cross,
call yourself a "minister",
the little girls, huh?
[laughs] Fiery! I like it!
You don't wanna
talk to me about this, huh?
-SAUL: No, sir.
-You don't wanna talk to me
about what you owe me?
I got nothin'
to say to you at all, Jimmy.
Okay, okay.
Well, maybe you should
talk to my friend Bobby.
Ooh, Bobby! Who's Bobby?
Is that your
little boyfriend there?
Is he uh, is he your muscle,
is he?
You know,
he's gonna tell you more
than you're gonna wanna hear.
Hey, Bobby,
you should say "hey" to my--
My brother-in-law.
Uh, he-- he was just tellin' me
that uh, derringers are for uh,
what'd you say?
Uh, faggots.
Oh, Lord! Hey, friend, I--
I don't know how you
got mixed up with Jimmy here,
but you are gonna run fast
in the other direction, okay?
I mean this man
is no more than an ant
enslaved by an animal!
You know, you might
have my sister fooled,
but not me.
I don't know who you are
or what you've become,
but I do know this,
God hates you.
You have a good trip.
[Saul chuckling]
Oh, Jimmy.
[Saul chuckling]
Hey, uh, Bobby,
can you come down here a sec?
Please, just come down here
for a second.
Listen um, I was just--
Get in the back!
-In the back!
-Get in the back!
-In the fuckin' car!
-Oh, we got ourselves
a lover's-quarrel.
Oh, oh. Oh, no!
Hey, big fella, it's me.
It's okay. Okay.
Ooh, you city boys,
you like it rough, huh?
-You're okay.
-Open the fucking cage!
[overlapping speech]
It's okay, okay, okay.
I'm with you.
In the cage.
In the fucking cage!
Well, thank you, Bobby.
Cheers to you.
[Saul chuckling]
Oh. Oh, come on now, Bobby.
Calm down.
Hey, Bobby. Hey. Hey!
Come on now.
Hey, I'm a man of the cross! No!
[gun shots]
[chimpanzee noises]
[chimpanzee noises]
Bobby, what-- what did you do?
Bobby, please.
What did you do?
Please be reasonable, huh?
Let-- let me out of here!
[Jim grunting]
I can barely breathe here.
Okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's just--
It's our friend Bobby.
Just admit it.
You know goddamn well
what I'm talkin' about, Jim.
You used me.
I mean you wanted to
rattle God Almighty back there,
so you trotted me out
like an ape on skates.
This your plan all along?
Listen, I-- I didn't do anything
until he got violent with me.
And I needed help.
And I thought you could help
me. That's all.
That's all. I thought you could
help me, okay?
You said we had a deal.
We-- we do!
You said
you're a straight shooter.
I am!
But you're not.
Bobby, Bobby, listen to me.
I thought you could help me,
I-- I never did anything,
I never planned it.
No, no, Bobby, we-- we can
talk about it out there, huh?
Just-- just open the cage, huh?
Please, Bobby!
[Luis sobbing]
Say, why are you bouncing?
There's no-- no--
there's no need to bounce.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Stop fuckin' bouncin'?
You speak English?
Yes, sir. My family, they...
[sobs]Oh, your family. Yeah.
Yeah, we all got family.
I had a dad.
Used to beat me with a 34-inch
Louisville Slugger.
I remember coming home one
And all I saw was red.
That fucker
beat my mother so bad,
and I thought
he repainted the walls.
You ever seen anything
like that?
You see, the problem is
I just don't know
what to do with you yet.
You lyin' fucker!
Goddammit, you sneaky bastard!
Oh, fake cryin' on me,
Fuck you.
[takes a deep breath]
You just don't get it,
do you, Jim?
I turned a corner
when I got on this road.
I realized I was tired.
Tired of people,
tired of the sneering,
jabbering, the lying.
And I decided
if I catch a liar lyin' to me...
So, we gonna be straight
with each other from here?
[takes a deep breath][pants]
Say, we have any more bumps
on this road,
I'm gonna crush your little
ring and feed it to Spanky.
I'm sorry, Bobby.
You deserve respect.
And-- and respect means honesty.
I know.
Don't get too comfy here.
We're just makin' a pit-stop,
Can you dance?
I-- yeah.
Drivin' home tonight
All of the stars
ain't shinin' too bright
I know you're right
Can I use this?
Sure, yeah.
[Bobby clearing his throat]
What do you think?
A real man about town, huh?
Um, you look fine.
I mean you--
you could look better.
[clears throat]
Just tell me you'll be mine
Come here.
Tell me you'll be mine
Hey! What's going on in there?
Try it. We'll just be a minute.
Just tell me you'll be mine
Tell me you'll be mine
Tell me you'll be mine
Okay, let me see.
Hi, I'm Jim. You seen my monkey?
Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
But you know,
it's a little bit different,
you know?
It's a good color.
Cologne's for queers. Mm-mm.
But that's not true.
Smell it.
Just smell it.
You're tellin' me
that doesn't smell nice?
And we kind of uh, you know,
complement each other
a little bit.
Both wearin' sweaters.
I mean...
Yeah. [clears throat]
You don't have a tie on,
but that's more my speed.
That looks good, too.
Thanks. You, too.
Come on, Tulsa. Let's dance.
Tell me you'll be mine
And my heart will surrender
Tell me you'll be mine
I'm-- I'm coming.
Tell me you'll be mine
What do you mean program switch?
It's not my program.
This is Rodney's, right?
Yeah, okay.
So, you go to Tulsa,
you go to Rodney's.
You go to Rodney's,
you go ballroom dancing.
Says it on your sign.
It says on the fuckin' pencil!
"Rodney's Ballroom Dancing."
We still offer ballroom dancing,
Tuesdays, Thursdays,
every other Saturday.
-This is the other Saturday.
-Oh, fuck. So, what's--
Okay, what's--
what's the program tonight then?
The rock and roll program, sir.
I'm gonna take this pencil
and I'm gonna stab it
in your fuckin' eyes!
Have a good night.
Hey, you said
you liked rock and roll.
That ain't the point.
You can't meet a girl
at rock and roll.
It's too damn loud.
You have a girl.
South Haven, homecoming,
the party?
I know, I j-- I just wanna talk.
You actually
gotta meet somebody first
to talk to 'em.
Well, you can still do that.
I'm not---
I'm not the kinda guy
just go up to somebody.
You know, I-- I got--
I gotta have a thing first.
You can still do that.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct lyrics]
Go on, buddy.
Say "hello" for Bobby.
[chuckle together]
Oh, my God! Oh! Oh.
WHITNEY [laughs]:
Oh, hello.
-This is Spanky. Say "hi".
-WHITNEY: How're you, Spanky?
Say "hi". [chuckles]
-WHITNEY: Adorable!
-AMY: Nice to meet you.
[chuckle together]
-He really wanted to meet us?
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
When Spanky really truly
likes someone,
he smiles in this um,
really particular way
and um, he shows every tooth.
[laugh together]
Yeah, that's exactly what he did
when he saw the two of you,
you know?
Same as
with my good friend here.
This is so cool.
We got his doll right now
in our basement.
-JIM: Uh-huh.
-[chuckle together]
So, you're saying we can...
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
you can smoke in front of him.
Just don't give him one,
'cause I'm sure he's gonna ask.
[chuckle together]
But uh, you know, just--
just be relaxed
like you're at the drive-in
with your boyfriend.
Oh, we don't got boyfriends.
Daddy won't allow it.
He's super-strict.
And he'll be coming
by the theater later
to pick us up.
[clicks tongue]
Psst. Come here.
Hey, you shouldn't call him uh,
"Spanky the Chimp".
You should call him
"Spanky the Pimp", huh?
[both chuckle]
So, you're gonna talk
like you wanted?
Yeah, just gotta figure out
which one I'll have first.
Hey, you said
you wanted to talk.
Yeah, I wanna talk.
I wanna ask 'em some
specific questions, you know?
Talking is just one part
tonight's festivities.
[both chuckle]
Hey, I cannot be a part
of some--
some depraved scheme
to get these girls.
Oh, you can.
Jim, I think it's time for you
to stop bein' Mr. Tight Ass,
start bein' Mr. Fun.
What do you say we uh,
give daddy a call
and tell him
we're gonna get a ride home
with our classmates?
[Bride and groom chuckling]
-BRIDE: [indistinct speech]
-I can't believe we did that.
[screams & chuckles]
Go ahead, grab the door,
Well, that's just not how--
That's just not how it works.
I'm sorry.
Okay [indistinct speech]
I discussed it with my team
and it's just not
the right time
right now.
Well, then,
I guess we're not your team.
Oh, don't look at it that way.
Listen, you have a good day,
alright? I'll talk to you--
You, too. Thanks for your time.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, no, no, no.
I-- I still have the skates,
the same exact ones.
You can strap 'em right on him.
he's as fast as a Cadillac.
Yeah, I'm-- I'm not sure
who told you he cradles infants.
That-- that is not correct.
Look, even if I believe you--
That is not correct.
I-- I can call you next month.
You know I love you and Spanky.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could do more.
-Okay. Thanks, Alan.
-ALAN: Mmhmm. Yeah.
Take care. Hmm, Bye-bye.
Yeah, all the best to you, too.
O-- okay.
So, uh, no boyfriends, huh?
Amy says
she can wait till college.
I can't.
That's 'cause Whitney
won't get in to college.
So, your dream-boat guy,
what's he uh,
you know,
what's that guy look like?
The two Ms.
Mantle and Maris?
Money and muscles.
So, that's what does it
for chicks now, huh?
Money and muscle.
Not me. I like Paul McCartney.
Oh, yeah? He in your class?
[both chuckle]
I sit next to him in home ec.
Well, so, say, um, say,
you and this guy Paul,
you been goin' steady
for a while.
Amy, uh,
you decide to end it with him,
but you know,
Paul really likes Amy.
He wants to get back together
with you. What--
what can a guy like Paul do?
I never lose at cards.
-ESTHER: Hello?
-Oh, hello.
Did uh, Saul call?
Of course, he called.
What do you think, Jim?
Oh, uh, hmm.
He-- what did he say?
Some crazy man
in the car with you.
What are you doin'?
Have you lost your mind?
Oh, uh, alright, yeah, yeah,
I did have someone with me,
but it's just someone
who needed a ride and he's--
He had a gun, Jim.
No, no, no,
he's a really nice fella.
He almost shot Saul.
So, I don't think you
have to worry about it at all.
I'm way past worrying.
How could you even do this
to my brother?
I can't even trust you anymore.
I'll make it real simple.
If you're not here in time
to complete the deal
that I made for us,
it's gonna be you making that--
Uh, okay,
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
-I love you.
-ESTHER: Yeah, right.
But I gotta go.
This is the final straw, Jim.
We'll be done.
-ESTHER: I mean done. The end.
[indistinct conversation,
Now, what is goin' on?
-There's nothing goin' on.
-Your friend, he grabbed her.
Jim, she touched my arm.
She grabbed-- she was ho--
We need to leave now.
Our father works for the mayor
and we're gonna tell him
You know, I n-- I never
get a chance to talk to women.
We're done talking.
We might
start screaming, though.
-No. Bobby.
-Really? Really?
Why don't you try it then,
you smarty little bitch?
Stop. Bobby! Hey!
[both gasp]
Calm down, Bobby. Settle down.
I-- I'm sorry, ladies,
about my friend.
But do we
look like the kind of guys
that would do anything
to upset anybody?
Yeah, you do. Couple of creeps.
Specially him.
Alright, uh, alright,
I wasn't here,
so I don't know what happened,
but I-- I do know--
[puffing smoke]
That-- that he is
just stayin' in character.
I mean you do know who that is,
don't you?
You seen that program Route 66?
On television?
Remember two seasons ago?
That's him!
You know, they say he could be
the next James Dean.
And well, he could.
I mean look at him, right?
And we were just tryin' to
have a nice night out in Tulsa
to do research for him.
'Cause he's gonna have to
go back to the show uh,
next season recurring.
So, we -- we were just
doin' some research and--
And I think maybe he just
got a little carried away
is all.
So, why don't we um,
just get these cards back up
and um, maybe we could just
play some more gin, right?
Nice and easy.
And then we could uh,
we'll tell you anything
that you wanna know
about workin' in television.
Yeah, we can um, we could just
deal into another um,
another hand of gin
if you-- if you want.
Okay, good.
[Bobby sniffles]
So, what'd you wanna ask them?
Or was that just your way
of gettin' them here?
You see,
Bo-- Bonnie was my girl and--
And she decided that she
didn't wanna be my girl anymore.
Said I was a nobody.
So, you wanted advice
from some other girls
about yours?
You ever think about
tryin' to be a little less
I mean just not as um,
Maybe instead you could
try to be a little more gentle.
I'm just saying.
That might be the kind of advice
a girl would give you.
Mm-mm. Nah.
Nah, I'm-- I'm gentle.
I am. I'm-- I'm gentle.
I-- I am gentle when I wanna be.
Watch this. Shh.
How's that for gentle?
Was that gentle?
How's that for gentle?
That's gentle.
[car passing by in background]
[dog barking in distance]
[Jim puffing smoke]
Come on, let's go.
Tonight's the night.
Shh, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
We gotta keep moving.
[takes deep breaths]
The whiskey or the cigarettes?
[takes deep breaths]
When the sadness
fills your heart
And sorrow hides the longing
to be free
When things go wrong
each day
You fix your mind
to escape your misery
Your troubled young life
You okay?
You know, the highway
will settle me down.
Well, come on,
we gotta get rollin'.
[engine starts]
How strange,
your happy words
Have ceased to bring a smile
from everyone
How tears
have filled the eyes
Of friends that you once
had walked among
Your troubled young life
Had made you turn
To a needle of death
[Spanky making calm noises]
One grain of pure
white snow
Dissolved and blood
spread quickly to your brain
In peace your mind
Your death so near
your soul can't feel no pain
Hey, look at this.
Almost home.
I just saw it
in his back pocket.
Gave him a nickel for it.
Fucker didn't tell me
it was yesterday's.
Okay, well, you're gonna
have to pay for this, too.
But you have the money.
Oh, I'm not payin' for this.
Bobby, you're just gonna...
No. You are just gonna...
Just uh, Jim,
clear your head, you know?
Think of some normal like um,
like givin' Spanky
a sponge bath.
-Hey, Bobby, don't do--
Jim, we gotta move.
We gotta get goin'.
There's this uh,
diner in St. Louis,
world-famous pancakes.
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct chatter]
[licks fingers]
[slurps, gulps]
It's good stuff, huh?
It does the trick,
I suppose.
I'm not talkin' about the drink.
I'm talkin' about the lift.
Well, oh, uh, yeah, it was um,
It was something, like a--
Like a feeling you know,
walkin' past the clerk,
makin' it to the curb, I-- I--
Hmm. Yeah, I know, I know.
You know, sometimes
it gives me a hard-on.
Maybe just 'cause I'm
thinking about Bonnie, though.
Hey, maybe I should
tell her that tonight.
Yeah, maybe I should tell her
before I, uh...
Before you what?
Hmm? Before I give her stuff.
It's her birthday.
See, she's havin'
this big birthday party.
That's why I've been uh--
That's why
I've been racing back.
Um, figured I'd try
to you know, surprise her.
See uh, see what happens.
Have a little uh,
a little reckoning.
A reckoning?
What does that mean?
I guess.
[clears throat]
This is from Hoover Dam.
Yeah, this one's from uh,
from Death Valley.
This one's from Rodney's.
[indistinct speech]
This one is from here.
And I gotta tell you, Jim,
these pancakes, not too great.
Kinda doughy.
Well, I guess
I won't order any then.
[both chuckle]
Well, I'm gonna
give her this stuff, see,
I'm gonna show her
the places I been,
the things I seen.
And-- and maybe
I won't just be this you know,
a discharged shitkicker
from down the road
with a freak for a brother
and a drunk for a dad, you know?
Maybe if I give her this stuff,
she sees what I've seen,
maybe I can be better.
[clears throat]
[coffee pouring]
Thank you.
I don't know, man, I don't know.
We'll see.
Alright, Bobby, I'm sure she's
gonna love all that stuff,
and wanna hear all
about your stories, and...
Hey, you are better, Bobby.
You can do
whatever it is you wanna do.
Sure. Yeah.
You just decide to do it.
TV star, huh?
Well, why not?
Hey, if I can teach a chimpanzee
how to play the piano then...
...you can do
whatever you wanna do.
You know-- you know, I--
I got other stuff here, too.
Okay, close your eyes.
Don't peek. Okay.
[clears throat, sniffles]
-Alright, open 'em.
-Open 'em?
Yeah, open 'em up. Let's go.
But w-- we're still 300 miles
from Chicago.
That's right.
-JIM: Really?
Thanks, Bobby.
[Bobby slurps]
[clears throat]
Hey, Bobby, while we're at it,
I was wonderin' if I could
get somethin' else from you.
You know, in the Chevy.
You know, the uh...
You're not gonna
need it anymore, you know?
We said that that you can do
whatever it is you wanna do,
so-- so I can take it
off your hands for you and...
Um, uh, it--
it was just a thought, you know?
Just a uh, a passing thought.
Uh, I'm-- I'm gonna feed Spanky
then I'll see you outside.
Sorry. Um, yeah, alright.
Keep the change.
[opens the door]
Hey, buddy,
we got some pancakes.
1, 2, 3, 4
Fuckin' look at me!
I was telling you fuckin' lies!
Let's go! Let's fucking go!
Fuck out of here!
What the hell did you do
back there, Bobby?
[Spanky screaming]
That chef was lookin' at me
so I stabbed him
in his fuckin' hands
-is what happened.
-Jesus Christ, Bobby!
Jesus is not gonna help him!
Oh, God.
[Spanky screaming]
Okay, buddy, it's okay.
Hey, hey, um, you know, Spanky
hasn't had any food today,
so we're--
we're not goin' 10 feet
until he gets something.
[Spanky continues screaming]
[chimpanzee noises]
Okay. Here. Here you go.
Okay, I told you eye contact
is number one.
I'm makin' eye contact.
Well, you're lookin' at him,
but that's not the same thing.
So, contact is the key word.
You wanna lock in--
Without fear.
Just friendship.
And trust.
Hey, this is-- this is yours.
Hey, this is for you.
Okay. Right?
For you. This is yours.
It's yours! Take it!
Oh, no. Okay, that--
That is just too fast.
That's okay.
You know, he-- he-- he sees--
Down. Okay.
He sees quick movements
as aggression.
So, y-- you wanna move
at an even tempo.
It's kinda like you're
underwater with him, you know?
[chimpanzee noises]
No. Bobby, no.
No, like, no. Like, Bobby.
No, you just wanna-- uh-uh.
You just wanna go gentle
like just-- like yes, slow
And then put it down.
The apple?
Yeah, out it down at his feet.
Then I'm not
actually feedin' him.
It's somethin' better,
it's you engagin' him.
See, you're showin' him respect
by allowin' him to choose,
and then Spanky will respect you
by choosing to eat.
-Yeah, there you go.
-BOBBY: Okay.
Watch, watch it go. See?
Yeah, yeah.
Damn, that's a pretty monkey.
He's a chimp!
Well, see, Bobby,
you just fed Spanky, huh?
You see that apple, huh?
You want it, huh?
You want me to peel it for you?
Is that good?
-JIM: Yeah.
-Yeah I bet it's good.
Did you see how happy he looked
when he was eatin' that apple?
His whole face just lit up
when he took a bite, you know?
I mean it was-- it was kinda
like he was jerkin' off
-or somethin'.
- Oh, kind of.
Well, you know,
he-- he does do that.
Huh? He beats off?
I mean you know,
sometimes he just uh, you know,
he gets the urge.
It's true.
You know, you should get him to
do it at the gig tonight.
That would be pretty funny.
Please, can you imagine
how people would react?
I can't believe it.
No kiddin', really?
What? Would I lie to you?
Well, you know,
as a matter of fact,
you do lie pretty easily.
Come on.
Route 66, TV star,
and Jimmy Dean?
I mean that-- that's just
show business, right?
Yeah, right. Is that all it is?
Alright, I wanna get some sleep
before the party tonight.
You wake me up
when we get to Chicago.
Monkey jerkin' off.
[indistinct speech]
Good evening, everybody.
It's a beautiful night out here
in the windy city of Chicago.
I've got a question
for all my friends
and neighbors out here
listening to me right here,
right now, if you...
[chimpanzee noises]
Hey, buddy.
Say "goodbye" to Bobby, huh?
So, are you gonna be uh,
you know, alright?
Yeah, yeah. No, I'll be fine.
I'll you know, I'll--
I'll find my way.
You want a-- you want an apple
for the drive?
Uh, yeah. Sure.
Where is it?
You know goddamn well what.
Don't play any games with me.
Where the fuck is it?
Well, I-- I-- I threw it away.
While you were sleepin', okay?
You know, I-- I thought
it was the best thing to do.
For you.
Bobby, you--
you-- you don't need it.
We-- we got to a point where--
What the fuck!
[Spanky screaming]
[Spanky screaming]
[chuckles, coughs]
[chimpanzee noises]
...I tried.
[taking deep breathes]
I know, Spanky,
we're gonna find him.
[Spanky making noises]
I know you wanna say "goodbye",
Just run to your damn gig.
[pulls the break]
It's-- it's not a gig.
I just wanna
make good on our deal.
I'm not a liar.
Yeah, I don't think that's all.
I think-- I think maybe
you wanna run off with me.
Or maybe-- maybe
you just want me to kill you.
Put you out of your misery,
once and for all.
And w-- w--
what happens to Spanky?
[cars passing in background]
Well, I don't care.
I'll kill him, too.
You know, after everything
that we've been through,
I have to believe
you wouldn't do that.
This one's autographed.
Sort of.
"Bonnie and Bobby."
It got quite a ring to it, huh?
I think you and Spanky
need to have a proper goodbye.
[door opens]
Okay [indistinct speech]
Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
Yeah, good job, yeah.
[chimpanzee noises]
Hey. Come on, buddy.
You good?
I guess you completed our deal.
Guess, I did.
I, uh...
I hate to ask this, but um,
I don't have any money.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Uh, what do you need?
Gas and uh, you know,
food for Spanky.
He hasn't
had anything solid today, so...
Of course, yeah, that's--
should be good.
Alright, well,
see you later, Jim.
Oh, yeah, um, hang on a second.
It looks really good on you,
Maybe you'll wear it for Bonnie
when you-- when you get home.
Stellar threads, huh? Thanks.
[chimpanzee noises]
It's okay, buddy. It's okay.
Say goodbye to Bobby, huh?
That's right.
See you around, big guy.
[chimpanzee noises]
Don't you even think
about doin' that to me.
Take it easy, huh?
Thank you, Jim.
[Bobby sniffling]
[door opening]
[door opens and closes]
[indistinct lyrics
in background]
[chimpanzee noises]
Okay. Okay.
it's uh, striking.
It's sickening.
But sometimes sickening is good
as a reminder.
Yeah, reminder.
I-- I don't know
if my wife mentioned,
but I-- I did bring um,
the apples that he likes,
'cause I thought you know,
it would be good for you
to have a supply for a few days,
As a reminder
of what people are capable of.
Like my parents in the past,
killing for trophies.
Don't you let him guilt you
in to givin' him
more than a few at a time,
'cause that's his trick, and--
and then he doesn't feel well,
and then you have to clean up
after him, and that--
People who put animals
on the stage
and make them dance.
Excuse me?
Pan troglodytes
were never meant to dance.
I uh, pan troglodyte?
The actual term
for a chimpanzee.
Yeah, if you wanna call him
a pan troglodyte, but...
[indistinct lyrics
in background]
...I think you get farther
just callin' him "Spanky".
[calm chimpanzee noises]
I'll get your check.
The price just went up $2,000.
Your wife and I, we made a deal.
Well, I don't see-- see my wife
anywhere around here, do you?
So, you're makin' a deal
with me now.
And the price just went up
if you want him.
I want all his paperwork.
You can send it to my attorney.
Did you get new clothes for him?
He is done with clothes now.
I'm setting him free.
Oh, no, no, no, no, Spanky,
it's okay.
No, no, Spanky. No, no, Spanky.
No, no, no, no.
It's okay. No, no. No, no, no!
No, no, no, no.
It-- uh, oh! Hey, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay, no, no. It's okay.
You're okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
They can't hurt you anymore.
It's okay. It's okay.
Ow! Stop him! Stop him! Get him!
Get him!
[Spanky screaming]
Okay. Okay.
Alright, Spanky.
Let's burn.
[engine starts]
They say there's no wrong time
to make the right decision.
Well, I guess there's always
an exception to the rule.
[banging the trunk]
[man sobbing]
That was Bobby.
He never made it to Bonnie
in South Haven.
God dammit!
[closes the door]
Now, what's wrong with you, huh?
Instead, he went back
to his old ways,
because some endings
are written
before they've begun.
[Bobby cheering]
It all caught up to him.
Two guys heard him talking
about the men he murdered
and tipped off the cops.
At least
that's what the paper said.
[indistinct radio chatter]
You guys keep asking
about the five guys
that I killed.
Hell, those fuckers are dead.
Why don't you ask me
about the one that I let live?
As for us, things really
turned around again.
We got the show back
on the road
with new opportunity
and some old tricks.
And that about does it
for my story.
[typewriter clacking]
I'm tellin' you
just like I saw it.
You can trust me on that.
[puffs smoke]
He was a friend of mine
Yes, he was a friend
of mine
Well, it ends up,
the hero from this whole thing
was Spanky.
And I have never in my life
picked up a hitchhiker.
But this time I thought, "Well,
uh, it's a college kid.
I'll give him a ride."
And we got about halfway
and out came the gun,
and then the-- the kid
that I thought
was just a college kid
who was bragging
about how 10 minutes
before I picked him up
in that corner by uh, Las Vegas,
he had just murdered a couple
that were over the hill
in their car.
When in the hell do I do?
Is this kid for real or what?
But with that gun
in your ribs the whole time
and you're drivin',
you had to go through
a couple of small towns,
and when you stopped
at the stop light,
you said, "Let's see,
I can jump out now
and run away."
Yeah, but if you do,
what's gonna happen to Spanky?
So the kid said later,
"If I hurt you,
I'd have to hurt Spanky,
and I like Spanky."
And I went, "Oh, that's nice."
You know, you're goin--
your mind's goin' a mile
and it's trying to figure,
"Oh, my God,
how did I get myself
into this kind of a mess?"
Introducing Spanky.
They tell us he's
the only chimpanzee
in the world
who can ice skate.
[crowd cheering]
The Simeon star
of the flashing blades
has a barrel of tricks.
Barrels that is.
[crowd clapping]
Don't lie to me
I see clearly tonight
Pull me closer
I need closure
In my life
You come, you go
It's like you
never seem to know
When I need you the most
When I need you the most
Who does your heart
beat for
It's not me anymore
It's not me anymore
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
It's not me anymore
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Flavors fadin'
I can taste it on my lips
Greater places
Find me wasted with a kiss
You come, you go
Feels like I'm sleepin'
with a ghost
When I need you the most
When I need you the most
Who does your heart
beat for
It's not me anymore
It's not me anymore
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
It's not me anymore
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
There is nothin' to say now
I'm reading your face now
What you feel for me
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
Who does your heart
beat for
Ooh, whoa, oh, oh
It's not me anymore
It's not me anymore
It's not me anymore