Head Count (2018) Movie Script

I'm comin', I'm comin'.
- I'm comin'.
- -Slowpoke, jeez.
- Thanks for the ride, bud.
- Of course, man.
Hey, wish you were coming with.
- Next year.
- Yeah.
Good luck with your bro. Ha!
- See ya.
- Bye, Evan!
- Have a great break!
- See ya!
- Thank you!
- Bye!
Bye, guys!
Fuck me.
I found out your dad
is definitely balding.
Hey, it's Peyton.
I don't answer
my phone very often,
because I am enjoying life,
so leave me a message,
and I'll probably call you back.
Hey, Peyton,
it's your little brother.
I'm just calling to remind
you that I'm coming today,
because, you know,
dorms are closed.
I know you don't normally
check your voicemail,
but, just in case,
it'll be good to see you.
You don't have
to call me back or anything.
Anyway. Okay...
see you soon, I guess. Bye.
Peyton, if you're in there
watching porn again,
I swear I'm leaving.
You are of sound mind.
Jesus, dude! Haah!
You scared the shit
out of me, man!
I'm here.
Sorry, man. I... forgot
when you were coming.
Go ahead and set your stuff
down wherever you want.
- Way ahead of you.
- Great!
It's good to see you, man.
You too, Peyton.
So what do you want to do?
You want to hike into the park,
or go to a sound bath?
What the hell is a sound bath?
It sounds like bullshit,
but it's actually really cool.
They play these crystal bowls,
and the way
the sound waves resonate,
you feel totally fucked up
in a good way.
Hiking sounds great.
Really glad
you came out here, man.
I know it's not as fun
as partying it up in the dorms.
The dorms are closed
over break, so...
Of course.
How your grades doing?
Here comes the Dad phase.
Coming up into the Mom phase,
"Are you seeing anyone?"
Well, are ya?
Life energy thrives
when you're with someone, man.
I'm playing the field.
Well, generally,
you're supposed to score
- at some point while playing the field.
- Okay, Jesus!
Too far
with the Mom phases, here.
I'm your brother, and you need
someone to take an interest.
You still the slow one?
Come on!
Bet you I'll beat you
to that rock!
Come on, bro!
Peyton, wait up!
God damn it.
Every time we go hiking.
It's an overhand knot,
and you tie it with one loop.
Yeah, it's something.
Come on.
Come here.
- Hold on, come on.
- What?
- God!
- Yep.
Ready? One, two, three.
All right.
Look like you like me.
One, two, three.
Kind of.
Trying to improve
my social media following.
Which one?
The one in the hat.
What should I caption this?
Go talk to him.
Camille! Camille! Camille!
Hey, guys!
- Hi, I'm Camille.
- -What are you doing?
My God.
Hey, I'm... I'm Evan.
- Peyton.
- -Cool.
My God.
You want to smoke with us?
Appreciate the offer,
but I don't smoke.
Okay. How about you?
if you're offering.
We got other places
to see, dude.
Come on, Peyton.
We can hang out
up there for a sec.
Thank you so much.
Hey, Zoe, don't be antisocial.
This is Evan.
What up? Tori.
Haley. Nice to meet ya.
- I'm Vanessa.
- Hey, man, I'm Bryan.
- Tallyho! My name's Winston.
- His name is Nico.
- Damn it, Zoey.
- Yo.
That's Max.
He's a dick.
- Sam, introduce yourself.
- Pay him no mind.
Hey, I'm Sam.
What's up?
Hi, I'm Zoe.
I'll be right...
Next Ansel Adams?
Jesus, no.
I just need something
to put on the walls
of my shitty apartment.
Here you go, dude.
Thanks, man.
All right. Here we go.
Okay. Okay.
Hold out your wrist.
If you wrap it around...
There you go.
One friendship rabbit.
It all looks good.
They all look the same to me.
Wait. Is that
a race car lighter?
Yeah. I promise you
I'm not a redneck.
- Right.
- No, this is my brother's,
- Right, right.
- And,
he was really into race cars.
- Your brother was?
- When we were kids, yeah.
Yeah. No, no, no.
- I promise. I promise.
- Yeah.
I stole it from him
when I was, like, 11 or 12.
He just...
He let me keep it.
After the bet on the race.
Is he okay?
Yeah, he's fine.
He just...
He doesn't like drugs.
That's funny.
He looks like the kind of guy
I buy shit from.
Yeah. Yes, he does.
I don't know. He's...
He's just, like, high on life
or something like that.
Must be nice.
- But of lenses.
- -Do we have anymore weed?
Fish-eye kind of thing?
Yeah, it,
like, works pretty amazing.
Guys, it's late.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Bryan. Bryan, come on.
How do I jump down this rock?
Here, I'll help you.
- Ready, bud?
- One second.
So what are you guys doing now?
Headed back to the place
where we're staying, I guess.
It's getting kind of late.
Zoe! Zoe.
Hey! Did Zoe tell you
we're renting a house?
She didn't.
That sounds sick.
You should come back with us.
- Excuse me?
- Come on!
We have a spare couch.
It'll be fun.
Peyton, you can come, too.
We're going to barbecue
and maybe play
some drinking games.
but I don't drink, either.
Yeah, I shouldn't.
My brother and I have plans.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Cool. Cool.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
Yeah. You, too.
Well, I tried.
If you're going
to invite a stranger...
I gotta introduce you
to my biking buddies.
I think you'd really like them.
We'll take you out
on the trails one day.
- Shit, dude. You gotta go.
- What?
For fuck's sake, run back there.
I'm not going to stand
in the way of you and a girl.
Yeah, but I... I mean, this is
the only time I get to see you.
We have the whole rest
of the weekend.
Go, dude.
Before you lose 'em.
Thanks, Peyton.
I'll, see you later.
Hey, guys, wait up!
Biking buddies.
Fucking dumbass.
You and Peyton have
some unresolved issues?
What gave it away?
I don't know.
Maybe the fact that you chose
this group of
fucked-up strangers over him?
I took a gamble.
Thank God. We are almost there.
My legs are killing me.
Looks awesome.
Yeah, it's got
an interesting vibe.
Kind of sixties.
Anyone feeling tequila shots?
- Come on.
- Yeah!
All right.
Evan, stand over here.
So do you only have tequila?
Do you like tequila?
- No, I love it, obviously.
- Right. Right.
And the flight attendant,
she just stared at me.
And she said,
"I think you must be confused.
There was no passenger in 23A."
'Every time I came by
with the drink cart,
you were just sitting there,
talking to yourself.'
That's good.
That's good. So good. Okay.
Sam, that was terrifying.
All right.
New kid, you're up.
Damn it. Do I have to?
- Yes!
- Yeah, you do. Come on.
Go to
Here. Okay,
I don't know this website,
so I'll just choose
a random one.
This one's called.
"Hisji, Hisji, Hisji, Hisji...
That's the title, I think.
I don't know if I'm pronouncing
that right though.
Here goes.
"A Hisji is a vengeful thing."
Five times its name,
you never sing.
"With skin pale white
and eyes of green,
it's something
you've already seen."
This is fucking weird.
You sure you're reading it
right there, Evan?
That's what it says.
"It's here. It's there.
It's there. It's here."
Provoke its form and disappear.
A Hisji is a vengeful thing.
"Five times its name,
you never sing."
Is that supposed
to be scary or...
Jesus. If Vanessa's not
scared, you know you fucked up.
Shit. Sorry, guys.
I guess I picked
the lamest one on there.
Yeah, well,
I think that's enough
scary stories for tonight.
Okay. I know
what's going to warm us all up.
Cinnamon whiskey shouts.
- Cinnamon whiskey...
- Let's go!
The cinnamon was good.
I will shout
cinnamon whiskey to the sky!
I'm going to get in the hot tub.
Sounds like a good move.
I'll... I'll get the tequila.
Be right back.
This is so hot.
- Here. Take the tequila.
- Thanks.
See? I told you.
More tequila.
Jesus, this is
a little hot right now.
Perfect spot out here.
Totally fucking alone.
No threat of a noise complaint.
So update me
on the group dynamic.
Well, a few of them are dating.
Fuck. I don't know
anybody's name, but try me.
Tori and Sam, Haley and Nico,
Max and Vanessa,
and Bryan and Camille.
How many couples is that?
So basically everyone
except for, you know, me.
You're, like, the single one.
Which makes me,
what, the ninth wheel?
That's rough.
That's three times rougher
than the third wheel.
It's okay. It's kind of nice
not being tied down.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- That's my foot.
- It's okay.
You never see stars
like this in L.A.
What was that?
I don't know.
Zoe, do you see that?
Looks like a tree...
or cactus or something.
Well, I'm ready to get out.
- It's pretty hot.
- Yeah. I am, too.
It's cold.
Pass me a towel.
- Here.
- I'm freezing.
I know.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go in.
I gotta tell ya.
Creepy out here at night.
Yeah. Pretty dark.
Okay, here, let's go.
- Sorry. Sorry, sorry.
- Awesome. Okay.
Yeah, awesome.
What the fuck were
you two doing out there?
Max, your turn.
Come on, Max.
Hey, you guys good or what?
Where are you going?
Sam, turn the music down.
What happened?
What happened?
Nothing. We thought
we saw somebody. It's fine.
Did your lame-ass brother
decide he wanted
- to join the party after all?
- Max!
What the fuck
are you saying, man?
I'm just saying he sat there
and watched us all day,
and then you see
somebody creeping outside?
It was nothing, Max.
We were just seeing things.
Sam, turn the music back up.
Guys, just drink more.
You'll forget all about it.
- Yes!
- Definitely drink more.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Come on!
Two games out of three!
Come take a shot with me.
Hold on.
Forget it. He knows nothing.
I have better tequila
in my room.
All right then.
Sam, Tori.
Bryan, Camille.
Haley, Nico.
Max, Vanessa.
What the...
- Fuck!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Jesus! You scared
the shit out of me!
I'm sorry.
What the hell
are you doing out here?
- What's that thing?
- I don't even know. Just...
Let's go back inside.
Okay. All right.
How are you feeling?
Like, somebody's
excavating my skull.
How about you?
Not too bad,
all things considering.
So, back to Peyton today?
I can't ditch you guys now.
I had too much fun last night.
Well, good. I did, too.
Are those cooked enough?
Are you sure
you had fun last night?
Yeah, of course,
I had so much fun.
I got, like,
no sleep last night.
You guys waste no time.
Not all of us start
the party at 9:00 a.m.
Anyone want to do
shrooms with breakfast?
My God!
Not again, Nico.
Good morning, Camille.
Good morning, love birds.
'Cause somebody
needed a quick one, right?
All right, finish up, people.
Try and get to this place.
Where are we going?
This really cool spot
in the hills.
You can see, like, the whole
park from this one peak.
Anyone who's riding in my car
has to be outside
in ten minutes.
So, how was it?
- Come on, let's go.
- No, Zoe.
- Got to give me some deets.
- Camille, stop!
Guys, I don't care
what car you're taking...
- Seriously, Bryan?
- Get in a car.
Five eggs and a whole pack
of bacon wasn't enough?
- Where's Camille?
- We're going to be late.
Come on!
All right, we got everyone?
- Let's get the fuck outta here.
- -Finally.
Wait. No.
You're missing somebody.
It's Bryan. He's in there
stuffing his face.
No, babe, I'm here.
No, the...
The... the... that other girl.
Blond hair.
She was... She was...
Camille's the token blonde.
New guy's a lightweight.
Has a few hits,
he starts hallucinating.
I mean, it's strong shit, dude.
I mean, your first time, you...
That step.
All right.
Thank you, friends.
Seatbelts. Everyone, seatbelts.
Haley, you too. Seatbelt.
That's a jumping cholla.
Why do they
call it jumping? Does it jump?
The spikes come closer
toward the heat at the bottom.
Careful of the pointy ones.
Like this one?
Yes. My God!
Bryan, don't touch that!
- Why?
- Because it will stick you.
Stick me?
Yeah, I thought
I warned you about those.
One time I touched one,
and it did not end well.
You touched one?
Oy, that was a day.
But, like, that's
the boring side of things.
Can we go here?
I mean, the ratings
say that that's...
I know what you're saying,
but look at that one.
You're a natural. I'm going
to go in for a close-up.
- It's all in the eyes.
- -If you hold it up to the light...
You hold it up,
you can see through it.
I know.
- I studied rocks in college.
- Come on.
Guys, let's go.
Bryan, let's go.
Shouldn't we go with them?
It's so quiet out here.
Yeah, it is.
It's great for photos.
Do you think it was
a good idea to split up?
Yeah, they'll catch up to us.
My brother tried to get me
to hike this peak once before.
Yeah? Well,
it's famous for the views.
Gotta be from the rodeo
crowd we saw on the way in.
What the hell is there
to shoot out here anyway?
Unsuspecting teenagers.
It's not fucking funny, Haley.
It's pretty funny.
It's pretty funny.
No, it is.
What the fuck?
I'm just waiting
for someone's head to explode.
It's a shotgun, babe,
not a sniper rifle.
Also, like, let's be honest.
They're not going to go for us.
They would go for Max.
Sniper's dream
with that head of his.
I think they'd go for Evan,
seeing as he's the new kid.
Shit. Shots fired.
Don't worry, Evan.
They wouldn't go after you.
They'd shoot Vanessa.
She'd for sure be
the first one to die.
We have summited Everest.
I'm out of breath!
- Intense view.
- -Yeah, that is...
Not bad.
Not bad.
This is beautiful.
Look, honey, you see it?
So you must come
out here all the time
thanks to your big brother?
Not so much.
I actually try to avoid it
as much as I can.
Damn, dude.
If I had family out here,
I'd never leave.
Yeah, well,
the rocks and the trees
get kind of old after a while.
That, and sleeping
on the floor of a trailer.
Okay. See,
what you got to do
is you got to take psychedelics.
You take, like, a new one
each time you come out here
so it's like
a new experience each time.
Yeah, I'm not trying
to fry my brain, though.
Yeah, ship's kind of sailed
for me on that one.
Shit. Sorry, man.
I'm a dick.
Your brain's
probably totally fine,
lightly toasted at worst.
You don't know
how much 2C-E I've done.
What the hell?!
My God.
My leg.
You okay?
Christ! Is it broken?
Max! Where's Max?!
Zoe, what the hell happened?
- You just fell. You fell.
- No. No.
I didn't... Wait. Tori.
Okay, guys.
We need to get her up.
All right. Sam, camera.
Fuck! My camera!
Okay, guys.
What the fuck happened?
You were probably just
so wrapped up taking a photo,
- you forgot where the edge was.
- No! No.
No, I took it standing still.
One second I was up there,
and now I'm down here.
I... I didn't do anything.
- We have to get her up, okay?
- -Yeah.
- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm there.
Okay. Three, two, one.
Let's go.
Lift, lift, lift, lift!
Okay. Okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
All right. Let's go.
It's not broken.
I told you guys I'm fine.
It's really swollen.
You gotta stay off of it.
I still think
we should go to the hospital.
No. I don't need the hospital.
If we're going anywhere,
we're going to the camera shop.
Fuck! Jesus Christ.
Okay, so you didn't fall,
and you didn't walk off.
So did somebody
fucking push you?
No. I don't know what happened.
I... can't remember.
Okay. Well, I say we go home.
There's really no sense
in staying out here.
Especially not with
the NRA fan boys over there.
Yeah, I agree.
My car's full.
How do you not remember
falling at all?
That's the thing.
I remember it fine.
Okay, so if you remember it,
why do you say you don't
know what happened?
It's just... It doesn't
make any sense to me.
It was like I lost
complete control over myself.
It was like I was a...
A passenger in my own body.
Have you been feeling off
or different lately,
like, before this?
What are you asking?
I don't know.
All set.
Want to go back in there?
You're limping.
I'm not limping. Bryan?
My God, you two.
Come on, better take her!
Your foot! Your foot!
- You all right?
- -Yeah.
Did it hurt?
Did it hurt?
Jesus, come on, babe.
You're crazy.
- I'm going to go get a beer.
- All right.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Camille wrapped it,
and then sat on it.
Bryan, are you sure
you know how to pack a bowl?
Are you sure?
Dude, you are...
You're unbelievable.
Kind of a little massage.
Okay, little less.
Little less.
- Little less?
- Yeah, thanks.
Try not to tighten up.
I try not to tighten up.
I know. I know.
There's definitely
something strange going on here,
something to do
with that guy we saw
by the Jacuzzi last night.
Thought you said it was nothing.
It wasn't.
There was definitely someone
standing there watching us.
Yeah, your perv brother.
We've been over this.
It wasn't my fucking brother,
and please don't call him that.
I'm having a hard time
believing you,
but, so you stop bitching,
I'll lock some doors for ya.
This is all for you, Evan.
The door is now locked,
so is the deadbolt.
Door number two.
- Who is that?!
- Shit!
Max, who is it?
Max? Open it.
Come on, open it.
Just open the door.
Speak of the devil.
Hey, there.
Peyton, what the hell
are you doing?
Hey, everyone.
Sorry to interrupt.
Evan, what the hell, man?
I... I thought something terrible
happened to you.
I... I just... I'm fine.
I'm not ready to go home.
Well, you just... You spent
a whole 'nother day here, man.
I know. I just...
I can't leave right now.
We're figuring shit out,
and I gotta
make sure Zoey's okay.
What happened? A fall?
- No.
- -We're fine, Peyton.
We just... We got it.
were you here last night?
You know, watching us?
No, of course not.
Of course not. Okay.
So, how the fuck
did you find this house?
I have the TeenSafe app.
It's hooked up to GPS,
so I always know where Evan is.
So you track your brother
like the goddamn NSA.
Yeah, well, I've had to be
more than a brother to Evan
'cause our parents are dead,
so... yeah,
I was just checking up
on my brother
to make sure he's okay,
if that's all right
with all of you.
Of course. Of course.
You should bring him home.
Who knows what kind
of shenanigans he'll get into
- with us, right, guys?
- Max, shut up!
Evan, you can do
whatever you want to do. Okay?
I'm staying.
Peyton, you should go.
Call me if you need anything.
Come on, guys.
We're on vacation.
Who's down for shots?
- Amen!
- Amen! Whoo!
Gonna be a rematch.
Don't have to ask me
twice for shots!
Has anyone seen my hat?
Let's play some drinking games.
Beer pong.
Pong this up!
You like some?
Come on.
All right.
Any hat will do.
Get some red cups.
So what are we drinking tonight?
Tequila. Obviously.
Okay, okay, okay.
Vanessa, you are up.
Okay, I never
remember the rules, so...
God damn it, Vanessa!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Five, five is...
- No!
- Thanks for playing.
Five is jive.
- No!
- Yes. Five is jive.
You get up and dance.
Dance, dance, dance!
Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!
Okay. Okay, that...
That could be a dance.
All right, okay.
Zoe, I'm very impatient today.
You're up.
- I picked a jack.
- -Yes! Yes!
Never have I ever.
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
All right, never have I ever...
I have one.
Jerked off in a public restroom.
Eww! Eww!
Sam, you fuckin' liar.
Put your finger down.
- That's okay, baby.
- Every guy has done it.
Next! Next! Next! Next!
Okay, all right...
never have I ever...
worn makeup.
- Come on. Really?
- -That one's stupid.
You are just killing me
over here.
Okay, let's see.
- This sucks.
- Snooze fest.
Never have I ever...
gone down on a girl.
Everybody, down, down,
down, down, down.
Sure, that's the one
that you own up to. Okay.
- Miss Tori.
- Okay...
- Miss Tori.
- Miss Tori.
Never have I ever...
Never have
I ever had my dick sucked.
You don't even have a dick!
It just wouldn't count!
- How would you know, Nico?
- She has a huge dick.
- Yeah.
- Rando dicks.
Yeah, I'm sure you do.
Love you, Bryan.
All right. Sam,
master of bullshit, you're up.
- Aw shit.
- My God!
- Bryan?
- -What the hell was that?
Power outage, I think.
Yeah, scared the shit outta me.
- Yeah.
- -Wait, wait.
Okay, well, where's the vodka?
- Sam, what the fuck?
- What?
You were just
right fucking here.
You were literally
just next to me.
How the hell did you do that?
What are you
talking about, babe?
Has someone got a flashlight?
- There's one right here.
- -Shit.
Thanks, man.
I don't see anything.
Guys, this... this is stupid.
Let's just go
to the front of the house.
- I've been here the whole time.
- -Fucking haven't, Sam.
You were in another room
playing a game.
- He was my partner.
- -No.
Well, the breakers are all good,
so I don't know what's going on.
- You okay, babe?
- No, I'm not okay.
Sam, little confused here.
How did you get
over here so fucking fast?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I've been here
for, like, an hour.
You fucking liar! You were
sitting right next to me!
Did Nico spike
your shit with shrooms?
We've been in here
playing two on two
for the last 20 minutes.
Me and Sam
against Haley and Bryan.
I-I don't know. Did you, Nico?
What the fuck! No!
I didn't... Why would I do that?
- That's not me!
- Totally would, Nico.
No, I fucking wouldn't!
Guys, come on.
This is ridiculous!
Okay, wait.
Everybody just shut the fuck up.
Here we go.
There was somebody
sitting there.
What if it wasn't Sam?
But it was.
How do you know?
We're all
pretty fucked up right now,
but we're with it enough to know
somebody was sitting there.
Nope, nope.
Babe, come on!
No. No, no, no, no.
I don't see anything.
What the fuck?
No, seriously. What the fuck?
Someone needs
to explain this shit.
I'm getting pissed off
at all of you.
- Haley, baby.
- No, Nico.
- Should we call the police?
- Yes.
- No! Nooo!
- Yes!
No! No. Relax, okay?
We've all been drinking.
We're probably just confused.
- No!
- -What?!
What if that person
is still in the house?
My God. Can you not?
For fuck's sake!
Max, no!
Sam, you go. Grab that knife.
Sam, what the fuck
are you doing?
I don't know!
Vanessa told me!
I'm going with them.
I'll stay here with Camille.
That's weird.
Yeah, we should check the...
What was that?
Kick a cup?
Try not to kick cups, please.
Okay, this one works.
Sam, go on.
Is the power out in here, too?
Fucking breaker?
What the fuck?
Bathroom clear.
That's weird.
That's fucking weird.
I swear there was someone else.
My God!
Fucking Max.
There was nobody else
in the house.
Jesus, we must be high
off our asses.
What the hell are we supposed to
do in there with the lights out?
We'll stay here. It's fine.
Not Kings Cup.
Something else, please.
Look. Fuck games.
Let's just stick to what we know
and just drink.
And smoke.
Have ourselves a little doobie.
I swear I didn't put
anything in anyone's drink.
Stop bringing it up.
Yeah, sure.
Okay, dude, whatever.
What's up, dude?
Made you a bracelet.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, dude.
Lights are back on. Nice.
You guys were
pretty fucked up last night.
Is Zoe's ankle doing any better?
Didn't check.
She seemed to sleep
all right though.
That's good.
Just making sure Max
isn't listening.
They were together before?
- Yeah.
- She dumped him.
Then she picks up
some rando on a weekend trip.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Guess I'd be pissed, too.
I mean, Max does not have
your insane ability
to tell scary stories though.
So you got that going for you.
That's right.
That was an instant
panty-dropper, wasn't it?
Wh-what was it called,
the Five Monster?
No, no, no.
- Hissky. It was called Hissky.
- That's right, Hissky.
Yo, you got a lighter?
Hissky, that's right, yeah.
Hissky, whiskey.
Do we have any whiskey left?
It was called "Hisji."
I'll be right back, guys.
You want your lighter back?
- Yeah, thanks for that.
- Yep.
Thank you very much.
What the fuck are you doing?
Fuck, no.
Hey, look, so I...
I think that I should be
getting back to Peyton today.
I just think...
You okay?
Did you get out here
by yourself?
Yeah. It's...
It's better today.
Right, okay.
So, I just...
I really think that.
I should spend at least
some time with my brother.
Don't leave me.
- Zoey...
- Just...
don't leave me, please.
Okay. I won't.
The boys are leaving soon.
They're going to the mines.
You go in Nico's car.
I'll ride with Max.
He's already mad.
Yeah, I know.
Mind if I go
get ready real quick?
Go. I'll probably already
be out there when you get back.
Hey, can you pack this? Thanks.
We're leaving.
Come on.
One second.
You picked a hell of a weekend
to tag along
with the crew, Evan.
- Nico?
- Yeah.
- Tell the truth.
- Okay.
Did you spike our shit
last night?
You dick! No!
I didn't! Honest, swear to...
Hand on God, like, Bible!
I didn't!
Well, then I have to say
I'm disappointed
that we hallucinated Sam and not.
- Anderson Cooper.
- Anderson Cooper.
I do not understand
your fascination with that man.
God, 'cause he's a god.
I don't think
we hallucinated him.
And I think
he might be an alien.
- Wait. What did you say?
- What?
Nico, stop the car!
We're okay. We're okay.
Everyone's okay.
We're fine.
We're fine.
I guess.
All right. I heard
the coolest one's up there.
It's fine!
No one died!
Where the fuck is Zoey?
Where's Zoey? She said
that she was going with Max.
What the fuck
is he talking about?
Yeah, Zoey couldn't come.
She couldn't even
get out of bed.
No. No, no, no, no.
She... I talked to her.
She was sitting on the...
On the porch.
She specifically told me
she was going in Max's car.
This fool's crazy.
I'm just gonna pretend
like he doesn't exist,
so I can actually enjoy
the last day of my vacation.
- Max, hold on.
- What?
Evan, I saw Zoey
right before we left.
She was in her room
with everyone.
She was in bed.
No, she said that her ankle
was doing a lot better.
No, dude.
It was a lot worse.
That's why Haley
and them stayed behind
so they could keep
an eye on her.
How many of them are there
back at the house?
We've got to go
back there right now!
- Evan, wait!
- Hey, that's my car!
Wait, Evan,
where are you going?!
- What...
- Wait! Let me in.
What is happening?
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Close the door!
- Evan!
- That... That story I was reading,
- "The Hisji"?
- What?!
- I think it fucked us, okay?
- You need to start explaining.
I know this sounds
fucking insane,
but I think I started something,
summoned something.
Okay, can you just
pull over right now?
You're going really fast.
I don't want anything to happen.
- You can do whatever you want...
- Listen to me! Listen to me!
I'm not insane.
Think about it.
You were there when Sam
was in two places at once,
and that is not the first time
that's happened this weekend.
It happened
with Sam during Kings Cup.
It happened with Tori
when Zoey fell.
There's been an extra person
the whole time?
Yeah, right in front of us,
and we had no idea.
I finished that story,
and it fits. It fucking fits!
I don't know why, but this thing
has it in for groups of five.
If we don't get back there, something
bad's gonna happen, something terrible.
What the fuck just happened?
This car's a piece of shit.
- Let's go!
- Hold up! Wait for me!
What the fuck?
My God.
- What is that?
- Camille?
What's that sound?
My God.
Zoe, what happened?
Are you hurt?
What happened?
Zoe, where are they?
They made their own choices.
- What?
- They'll live together forever.
What do you mean?
Nobody in there!
Slow down, Max!
They're coming.
- Who's coming?
- Get away from her!
That isn't Zoe!
You didn't have
to fucking speed.
New kid.
Wait! Wait up!
What the fuck
is wrong with you?!
Zoe, what... Your ankle.
What are you doing?
My God!
My God! Wait!
Nico, Nico, Nico! Help me!
- Nico, help me! Please!
- I got her! I got her!
Come on!
- Open the door!
- It's fucking jammed!
Open the door!
- It's jammed!
- Open the door!
My God!
My God!
- Help me!
- -What is that?!
Wait, get the couch!
Make a tourniquet or something!
She's dead!
Fuck! Why would she do that?!
- It made her do it!
- Fuck!
What the fuck is that thing?!
This doesn't make
any sense! Fuck!
Don't go, man! -Dude, get
the fuck outta my way!
My girlfriend's out there!
No, she's not!
That's that fucking...
That's definitely fucking her!
- No, it's not!
- It is!
- It has to be her!
- Dude, no!
Where the fuck
is she? Where the fuck...
It's okay.
That wasn't Haley.
Haley's fine.
I'm sure Haley's fine.
I can't fuckin' do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
It's okay.
I'm sure we'll be okay.
Nico! Nico! Let me in!
They're going to kill me!
Nico! Help me!
What the fuck is that thing?!
The couch!
Push it up!
Push! Push! Push!
What the fuck?!
Where'd it go?
My God!
You fucking liar!
You were sitting
right next to me!
My camera!
What is it saying?
Max! Where's Max?!
So you didn't fall,
and you didn't walk off,
so did somebody
fucking push you?
They'd shoot Vanessa.
She'd for sure be
the first one to die.
What does it want?!
It wants us!
Is it... Is it gone?
- We're leaving!
- -Evan.
It'll be fun. Come.
What the hell, man, I...
I thought something terrible
happened to you.
Guys, what are you doing?
Nico! Nico.
My God, Nico!
Max, get that off your face!
Nico, what are you doing?
Please! Nico!
Nico, don't drink that!
My God!
My God! Nico!
Why would you do that?!
Nico! My God! Max!
Max, get that off your head!
Max! Stop it!
Stop it, Max!
Stop it, Nico!
My God!
My God!
Guys! My God, Vanessa!
Holy shit!
No! What?
No, I... I can't!
Shit! Help...
My God!
How do I get...
How do I get out of here?!
Shit! Shit!
Wait. Wait.
Please. Please.
- Hey, it's Peyton...
- Hey, Peyton. Peyton.
I don't answer
my phone very often,
because I am enjoying life,
so leave me a message,
and I'll probably call you back.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Hey, it's Peyton.
I don't answer my phone
very often,
because I am enjoying life,
so leave me a message,
and I'll probably call you back.
Hey, Peyton.
Listen, if you get this,
can you... can you please
come back to the house
where you found me last night?
I'm kind of...
My God.
I... I really need your help.
I'm in a lot of trouble here.
Look, I'm so sorry.
And I just...
love you, and if...
If I don't see you...
No, no, no. No. no.
We'll all be together now.
Jesus, dude!
You scared the shit out of me!
Sorry, man.
Where is everybody?
Just left.
Everything okay?
Sorry, dude, I didn't get
your voicemails till just now.
No problem.
I'm just...
ready to get out of here.
Okay. Great. Me, too.
Hey, Peyton?
Yeah, buddy.
I'm sorry I've been
such an asshole to you.
You haven't been,
dude. You're...
You're fine.
Don't... Don't
even worry about it, man.
Come on. Let's go.
So, we got one more day
before you have to go back.
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
How about I introduce you
to some of my friends.
I think you'll really dig 'em.
They're super chill people.
Sounds perfect.