Head Count (2023) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[muffled voices]
[muffled laughter]
[suspenseful music continues]
[muffled voices continue]
-Fuck you you deadbeat
piece of fucking-
[gun thudding]
There's my gun.
Okay. Okay.
What's in the gun?
I need to buy some time.
Shit. I might have a chance.
How many bullets
are left in this thing?
[insects chirping]
[chains clanking]
[shovels thumping]
[radio music playing]
-Sheriff. I gotta go.
-Well hold it, son.
-Boss, I gotta go.
-Oh, Christ.
-Alright, take five boys.
Move toward the tree line and
give Prince Hunter
some peace, huh?
[footsteps crunching]
[radio continues playing]
[bushes rustling]
-Here Kitty Kat. Oh,
just kidding.
[insects chirping]
-[Hunter] Oh shit.
[animal growling]
Oh, no, no, no, no.
-[Sawyer] Hey Sheriff.
When does
the Charger get out of the shop?
This piece of shit
doesn't even have AC.
-[Sheriff] Well,
maybe next time
don't blow the Charger
transmission screwing around.
-[Sawyer] That wasn't me
[animal growling]
-[Hunter] No, no, no, no.
I treated that little lady
like it was my first love.
-[Hunter] Just stay back, okay?
[chain shifting quietly]
[branch cracking]
-[Hunter] You just
stay right there, okay?
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh God.
Oh shit, shit, shit, shit.
It's fine. It's fine.
[animal growling]
[inmates screaming]
[animals growling]
[chains rattling]
[suspenseful music]
[inmates grunting]
[animals growling]
-Get the shotgun.
[inmates screaming]
[keys clanking]
[animal growling]
-Come on!
[animal snarling]
-Hey! Where are the keys?
-I lost the damn keys!
-He lost the damn keys!
-The chain, shoot the chain!
-The chain,
the chain, shoot the chain.
[gun clicking]
-Whoa, whoa, whoa the chain,
you idiot, not my foot!
-The chain, the chain.
-Sawyer, come on!
-No, this is better.
-No, no, no, whoa, whoa, whoa,
not the foot, get the chain!
-Shut up, I'm trying to think!
-Come on, shoot!
[gun firing]
[chain rattling]
-Don't move.
[inmates screaming]
[animals growling]
[dramatic music]
-Kat! I'm only
gonna tell you once!
[animal snarling]
[music intensifies]
[sirens wailing]
-I got you.
[gun firing]
[Kat cheering]
[Kat cheering]
[dramatic music continues]
[country music playing]
[car whooshing]
[door slamming]
-I just broke out of jail.
-Well, good for you.
[bell dinging]
Especially by world powers
could lead to serious
consequences in the future-
[clasps clanking]
[plastic crinkling]
[gun rattling]
[upbeat music]
[gun clicking]
-Okay, so it holds six bullets.
What happened to the first one?
Oh fuck, that's
right. I was in the tub.
-Driving's a little
weird when you haven't
done it for a few years.
-[Hayes] Well, I wish I
didn't believe all this.
Where are you now?
-I'm in hot water.
-[Hayes] No shit.
-I'll be fine. I got a plan.
-[Hayes] Well, you're safe?
You're outta sight?
-Well, I mean, I'm staring
out a window right now.
-[Hayes] What? I just,
you're not serious?
-I'm serious.
Check the area code.
-[Hayes] Wait,
you're on a landline?
How did you remember my number?
-Oh, it's just 11
numbers in a row.
-[Hayes] But
you're not that smart, Kat,
who even has landlines still?
Am I gonna get like in
trouble for chatting with you?
-Yeah. No one's tapping an
old pink farmhouse phone.
I'm gonna guess.
-[Hayes] Yeah.
-Hey, you still talk to Gina?
Gina Offerle? Oh, come on.
-Would you for me?
-For what possible reason?
-Well I just, I need a
driver's license right now,
and then you can
mail me a passport later.
-[Hayes] I haven't said
two words to that woman
in over a decade.
All the more
reason she'll pick up.
-No. What?
-Well shit.
Do you got a laminator?
-Look, she's had a crush
on you forever, just, just-
-[Hayes] Bullshit.
-Say you'll name a song
after her or something.
-[Hayes] Hmm.
-Would you just have
her whip one up, please?
Oklahoma one,
those don't have holograms.
-[Hayes] Are
you going to Oklahoma?
-No. I'd rather
go back to prison.
-[Hayes] How do I get it to
you? You need it today today?
-Yeah. I'll be
at Stockyards tonight.
I'm not risking
going to your place.
-[Hayes] No, no I know why
you want to go to Stockyards,
and I think you're
gonna be disappointed.
-Thought I'd surprise her.
-[Hayes] Wait,
where are you now?
-I'm at the Konrade's.
-The Konrade's house?
-Ryan Konrade's?
-Yeah same key's under
the rock, it's no big deal.
-[Hayes] They moved.
[glass clattering]
[suspenseful music]
Hey kid.
[door closing]
[puppy sounds]
[people talking outside]
[door opening]
[people speaking indistinctly]
[suspenseful music]
[latches clinking]
[wood creaking]
[Kat grunting]
-[Brian] I'm gonna go upstairs
-[Carly] Come
on wait, wait for me.
[indistinct chattering]
[phone clattering]
-[Brian] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, well this quarter's
been all screwed up.
[heels clacking]
Maybe I'll get a raise,
and I'll be the breadwinner,
you can stay at home and cook.
-Oh a raise, huh?
-Yes. That kind of raise.
[fabric rustling]
[Carly and
Brian breathing heavy]
[Brian moaning]
[door creaking]
-[Andy] Carly?
-Oh shit, shit.
-[Andy] Carly?
-Oh my gosh. No.
-No, not the window.
-[Carly] Honey.
Hey, I just had to come
home and change real quick.
-[Andy] What the fuck, Carly?
-[Carly] Honey, I came
home to change real quick.
Why are you freaking out?
-[Andy] Why
didn't you answer my text?
-I just got here.
-Oh, come on.
-[Carly] I can't
believe I spilled coffee
like all over my clothes in
the meeting this morning,
but yeah, whatever I'm
almost done, so let's just-
-[Andy] What
the hell is this all about?
-[Carly] Oops
that must have fallen.
I don't, it's all good.
-[Andy] Hold up.
Oh you little shit!
-Oh my god.
-I'm just helping
with the laundry.
-Andy stop, please.
-Fuck you, you little fucker.
[punch thudding]
[Brian groaning]
-[Carly] Can
you please stop, no.
He's just a friend,
we were having lunch.
Andy, it's,
it's not even a thing.
What? What's wrong with you?
It's nothing.
-Oh, clearly it's a thing.
It's a big goddamn thing.
-[Brian] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Please, please, please, please.
-I just gave her a ride.
-What are you doing?
-I don't wanna talk anymore.
-No, don't.
No, you're not.
-I work with Carly.
-[Andy] I'm sick of this shit.
How could
you do this to me again?
-No, no, Andy.
-What the fuck?
-What the... [laughs]
Oh this is just rich.
-Andy, I swear to
God I don't know him.
It's like-
-Uh uh uh. We're leaving.
We're leaving, it's fine.
We're out.
-I've been shot before
you son of a bitch.
-I'll bring this crowbar
down through your skull.
[gun clicking]
-We'll leave, truce?
-Drop it. Drop it to the floor.
-Drop the big dumb metal thing.
-Fuck you.
-On three.
-On three.
The beat after three?
One, two, three
drop or one, two, drop?
-On three. One, two drop, okay?
-[Both] One, two.
[suspenseful music]
[gun firing]
-What the fuck?
-Goddamn it.
[keys clacking]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door slamming]
[engine roaring]
[gun clicking]
-[Kat] Right well,
that was the first one.
Drop it on the floor
like a fucking idiot.
Fuck this guy and
his fake gator boots.
Okay, the next one. Oh yeah.
I went to go see Jo.
Seeing how the line is
forming in the night all over
[door slamming]
Switching from behind,
facing all the time
It's over, oh, oh
Feeling all the lies
staring in the eyes
Moving like the tide
and ride until you die
Start over, over
Why don't
you start over, over
Start over, over
Why don't
you start over, over
-Mom okay?
All right, here you go.
-What's this?
-It's a disguise,
the ID's in there.
-You thank Gina for me?
-Kat, you know,
if you would just-
-Why don't you come with me,
and just get outta here,
stop the casino gigs.
The open mics, weddings,
get you in front
of some real people.
-Tell you what, you
turn yourself back in,
I'll go on American Idol,
sound good?
-Nah, I'm moving on.
Already been weird.
Do they make dolls that look
like kids hiding in corners?
-There are
better ways to do this.
mistrials, good behavior.
-And after
that then what? Stay here?
We both go back to
working in a grain silo,
get my foot chopped off in a
hopper like that Clayton kid?
-Yeah, that was a tough one.
You're digging a hole and
you're trying to get out
by digging clear to China.
-Does anyone know I'm out?
-Yes, Kat.
No, a fucking bear
or a family of cougars
somehow wandered in Kansas
and ate two prisoners.
It was only over the noon news.
-Were you followed here?
-No. No, I wasn't.
What's the plan now?
-Hopping trains
till I get to Seattle
and then head up to Saskatoon
or Yellowknife or Alaska.
Or Russia,
join Santa's Workshop.
-China's pretty close by then.
-I've seen some YouTube
videos. I could do it.
-You think that anyone who
settles down is a sucker,
they've just given up,
that they have no ambition.
-I don't think that.
If you're so angry about this,
then why'd you do this for me?
-I don't know.
You know, I honestly don't know.
I guess I just wanted
to talk to my brother
before I never saw him again.
[exasperated sigh]
-This looks nothing like me.
-Well, fast and
cheap isn't always good.
-Maurice Smith?
-That's you now.
Mo. We'll call you Mo.
-You couldn't find
one normal photo of me?
-What? I like this better.
I like him. I think he's cool.
Like the doesn't
get his arms ripped off
by a moving train good,
like that type of guy.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Look, I gotta go.
I got a casino gig-
-Oh, it's, you know, just,
just hang on another minute.
Let me, let me
get another drink.
-Look, I gotta go. Now
get the hell outta Dodge.
Kat. I love you.
Just call me and I'll be there.
And get out of
this bar of witnesses.
And don't do the train thing
that's for homeless people
and trust fund kids.
They look for people doing that.
[wind buffeting]
[door creaking]
[door creaking]
-Got a minute?
[jukebox whirring]
[slow rock music]
-So I'm guessing you're
not out on good behavior.
-No. Just got
in the car and drove away.
-Getting outta town.
-To another town?
-Fake ID, fake passport.
That's it for me here.
-What's your new name?
-I've never met a levelheaded
person called Billy.
No. What do you think
my new name should be?
-No, come on.
-Where you staying?
-The Mustang Motel.
-Stay at my aunt's.
She and Mike are
in Bermuda, it's fine.
-He here?
-He's here.
He's not that bad.
-Where was my save the date?
-Maybe when I pick one.
-Cold feet?
-Here you go, Josephine.
Hey bud, how you doing? Can
I get you anything a shot or-
-Letting Kat stay at my
aunt's. Just for a minute.
She liked you. She always
thought you were funny.
She won't mind.
Flint, why don't
you grab those drinks?
Kat and I are just gonna
finish up this song
and he's gonna head out.
-That guy? He's
the army guy, right?
Mr. War Hero.
-He's a good guy.
-What's he do now?
-Well, he has a job at all.
So I saw that as a step up.
-Anyone can find a job.
I mean, I'm getting pretty good
at digging fence
posts these days.
-He's actually going up
to Omaha for a little bit.
He's a lineman.
They make a ton of
money. Did you know that?
-The Army pay for that training
after they kicked him out?
-It's complicated.
[door opening]
What's your plan now?
-Yeah, I just, I want to...
I think it'd be nice
to just be in the sun,
just sit on a riding lawnmower.
-Your plan is to mow?
You ran out of jail
so you could mow?
-Mowing's nice.
Well, here I am thinking
I was gonna get
a Christmas present,
and you're just taking
away all my clothes.
-It's Christmas
presents for me.
Okay, so what do you got
here? That doesn't look good.
But you can split your cards
and then place down another
bet. Do you wanna do that?
-I don't know if
I trust you, but sure.
-All righty, here we go.
Now you have
13, 16, and I have...
18. So what do
you think you should do?
-Well, hit, I, I think.
-Yeesh, lot of losing
going on over there.
-Yeah. Couldn't we play
like strip Uno next time?
-I thought you said you'd
played this once before.
-Yeah exactly. One other time.
-It's like anything.
practice, practice and luck.
-Or counting, right?
I mean, I heard about the people
that they keep
track of what's happening.
They keep a tally in their head.
-I think there's
books on how to do that.
Maybe Santa will buy you one.
But they'll kick
your ass in Vegas
if they catch you doing that.
-Oh, is
that why you don't do it?
-Come on. You're
almost outta money.
-What are you talking about
I got plenty of money here, huh?
Where we going now?
-I'm gonna show
you where we're going.
-Oh. How much do I owe you?
[both laughing]
[romantic music]
-You know I,
I don't have to go...
run away, I...
I can stay here. Somehow.
I'm just saying if
that's what you want.
-I know it's not fair.
What happened to
you, it was a bad beat.
Don't make it worse, please.
[somber music]
[Sawyer] Seven years,
it feels like 40 years.
-Do me a favor,
that boy scout over there
does he look like-
-Oh shit.
Yeah, we gotta
get you outta here.
Looks like he's staying
put for the moment.
This is probably your best shot.
You'll land on your feet, Kat.
Just let me know where.
[rock music]
[people cheering]
-Drinks are on me
ladies and gentlemen,
but mostly ladies. Now
who wants to ride me?
[all cheering]
Just won
the fucking championship!
Ooh she's cool,
walkin' down the alley
on her way to school
All the guys I know
Stop what they're
doing just to say hello
-Hey, uh Adam? What's up man?
-I ain't Adam.
-You son of
a bitch, hey how's Goodland?
I've been back
in, what, 15 years.
It's insane.
-Yeah, it's insane.
-Now come
on dude. Don't fuck with me.
[eye gouging]
-Don't fuck with me.
[man grunting]
She's rich, [rich]
young, [young] pretty
[trophy shattering]
Reachin' for her touch
I like to touch
things I like so much
[Kat grunting]
She's fair
game, too wild to tame
I said come on,
let's have some fun
[gun firing]
[all yelling]
[high pitched ringing]
-Here kitty, kitty.
What did you drive here?
-65 miles an hour.
-Where's your car smart
ass? We're not taking mine.
[Sawyer laughs]
'67? After you little
lady. All the way across.
Back to the dash. There you go.
[suspenseful music]
[gun clicking]
-Oh shit. He's sweating now.
Woo! My blood's pumping.
-[Kat] Four. Four left.
-Let's do it again.
-[Kat] Never should have
dragged Jo into this.
-[Captor] This is
getting interesting.
You know, it took me a lot
of fucking self control
to not just blow
his head off earlier.
-Is Jo okay?
-Who? No, man. No one is okay.
Wait a minute. I thought
there was dirt in this thing.
-[Kat] The next bullet was...
-Who's gonna
clean this shit up?
-Jesus Christ.
-[Captor] I ain't
dragging his dead ass
back to the trailer.
[engine roaring]
[fuzzy Spanish music]
-Hey, you know
"wanted, dead or alive,"
like those, those posters
from the Wild West?
So, it wasn't until 1909
that they changed the law,
took the dead part out.
So every state had to ratify
its own specific wording,
right? They take
the dead part out.
But one governor didn't sign it.
Guess which state was his?
-He's a smart kitty Kat.
That's right, Missouri.
-That's why we're
driving outta Kansas,
instead of to the station?
-No, that ain't why.
I mean, they changed the
law eventually. Obviously.
Come on now. But do you
know why he didn't sign it?
-Tell me.
-Someone shot
him dead, day before.
Ain't that funny?
[laughs] Wikipedia.
-Anyone can edit Wikipedia.
-Yeah, I know, but when
you really think about it-
[tires squealing]
The fuck was
that? What was that?
Is that the idiot test?
'Cause you failed.
I mean, you passed.
You know what I mean.
-Fuck you.
[gun hitting]
[Kat grunting]
-But yes, yes
we are going to Missouri.
Your little Houdini
stunt on the chain gang
cost me a promotion.
Damn near got me canned.
And I ain't
going back to the Navy.
Kansans in the Navy.
It's weird. I don't like it.
-State line was five
minutes ago. Shoot me now.
[laughs] Your face,
your fucking face.
Oh, no, no, no, see, I
didn't get the promotion,
but I'm still going to get paid.
Daddy always gets paid.
[engine roaring]
All right Kitty Kat.
You see that house right there?
So, we took this
guy in a few weeks ago
for smuggling
firearms, but he got off,
he got off like a fucking
mistrial, technicality.
I'm not gonna explain.
-But we know he has a
stash. About 30 large.
-Then go get it. Use
a warrant or something.
-Or you could go
get it and I'll watch.
And when you come back, maybe
I won't shoot you in the neck.
Maybe I'll let
you run off again.
Jesus, the worst damn
date I've ever been on.
-It's only just
begun, sweetheart.
-Couldn't you at least clue
me into where it might be?
-Mmm. Yes, so I've heard this
is his grandma's old place.
He's got a nice old
Jesus painting in there.
It's taped to the back of
that somewhere in that house.
-Jesus painting. Where?
-Oh yeah. My bad.
Hold on, let me go ask.
Your hands.
Tell him you know Dave LaRonde.
He'll let you in. And
don't try to take off now.
We both know I got faster
reflexes than you, Kat.
-You got one of those for this?
No. Yogi probably ate it.
-I feel like I need something
to defend myself, you know,
in case things go
south in a shady house
full of drugs and guns.
-The mind is
the ultimate weapon.
Just throw it at him real fast.
-Well, I'm gonna die.
-I'm willing to
take that chance.
Go on. You're burning moonlight.
[door creaking]
[door slamming]
[suspenseful music]
[door creaking]
-I was expecting someone else.
My goodness, yeah.
-Sorry. Hi.
-Can I help you, man?
-Yeah, actually,
I'm a friend of Dave LaRonde.
-Dave, shoot.
Yeah, come in, come here.
I like Dave.
-Were you heading somewhere?
No, I, somebody's coming here.
But yeah, we'll hear
him, he's a big old boy.
Come on in, man.
Yeah, let's go.
That is one slick
looking poncho, my man.
-Oh, thanks.
-Yeah, let's,
let's get you out of it.
I gotta-
-Oh, no, no, really I'm fine.
-No man, you'll be glad trust
me, it's fucking hot in here.
Let's see, let's see.
Hey, is that what I think it is?
Look at that. Oh, I got
the updated version, man.
-You do.
-How'd you get here?
-Cop drove me.
-Yeah. You're a bad liar.
That's very funny.
Alright, well come on in, man.
I probably know
what you're here for.
[beads clattering]
Have a seat, man. Yeah.
Anywhere, you know.
-Thank you.
-Okay, so I'm out of my Eagles.
I'm outta my
AR-15s. Most of my AKs, yeah.
-Oh, it's, it's too bad.
Who took the last
of your Desert Eagles?
-The fuck man? I'm not
gonna tell you that.
It was Dave, yeah. I figured
you'd have known, man.
-Yeah, no, it's like,
I don't even know him.
-I got some Nighthawk
VIPs in, you know those?
-No, I guess I don't.
-These are sweet.
You'll dig these.
Check that out there.
Sorry, one more.
-Nice. It's, it's got the-
-Yeah, the ivory grips.
Yeah, they're dope, man.
You want me to grab you one?
-Is it in the house?
-Yeah, I, it's kind
of buried in my room,
but if you gimme a second,
I can probably find them.
Sound good?
-Sounds good.
Yeah. Please.
-Okay. I'll be back.
-Yeah, sounds good.
Just take your... Jesus.
-You want beer or anything?
-No, I'm good. I'm good.
I, I like your house.
-Yeah, twas my grandma's.
Yep. Yeah,
they built it themselves.
People used to
build their own homes.
Isn't that fucking awesome?
-Yeah. Different times.
-What's up?
-Nothing, never mind.
-Alright. Just gimme a sec.
It's gonna take a minute, man.
[phone ringing]
Yo. No, I'm with
a customer, man.
Yeah, be done in a minute.
No, Dave took
the last one. Yeah.
I mean, you can try,
he might blow your
fucking head off. [laughs]
Okay. Yeah, you're crazier
than he is, man. Alright.
Alright, okay sounds good.
Sorry about that,
man. Check this guy out.
-Oh, that's the,
that's the Nighthawk.
It's pretty cool, pretty cool.
-3K is a sweet deal
for one of these, man.
Yeah, an elephant died for it.
It's sad.
-Actually, you got any Uzis?
-Uzis? What are
you in the Yakuza, man?
You wanna sword? I have swords.
-Just the Uzi please.
-Alright, alright.
-Oh, and it don't got to be
too fancy or nothing for me.
Just something in the lower
budget bracket, please.
-Cheap Uzi. Yeah,
you're funny, man.
I like you. Yeah.
Sorry the place is such
a mess right now, man.
Not that I,
you know, not, you know,
I'm not saying you seem
like the type of guy
that would care or notice
that, but yeah, I dunno,
I was on a trip.
[dramatic music]
So I'm adjusting.
And that's, that's sort of
what the deal is out there.
But I know there's no
excuses, no excuses in life.
I'm having trouble cleaning
shit, dude, you know?
It's been tough.
[knocking on door]
Mason. Yeah, I'm sorry dude.
Come in, come in, come in.
Can I get you a beer?
-No, I'm good.
-We're gonna be done
here in a minute. Come on.
This fellas
looking for some hardware.
He's friends with Dave.
Why don't you have a seat.
Keep you company. This is Mason.
-And you know Dave?
Yeah, I mean, how well do you
really know someone, right?
-Sure. Whatever you say, boss.
[magazine thudding]
[magazine thudding]
[magazine thudding]
-Well, I might call it a night.
-Alright, man,
I got something for you.
-I was, I was
thinking actually,
you, you got something for this?
[gun clicking]
-[Captor] Ah, this is
getting kind of fun now.
-[Kat] Three left. Okay.
Gave one to Vince, but then-
-Hey, can,
can I do one?
Fucking hot in this thing.
-[Kat] Oh shit, that's right.
-You serious?
-Yeah, I've-
I ain't got all
damn night, Vince.
I want my money. Now.
-Alright, alright.
No need for theatrics.
Got your 30 here. It's
safe and sound. Okay?
Just take a breath.
-Can I use
your restroom real quick?
-Yeah, quick.
One or two? [laughs]
Number three.
Alright, yeah,
it's over there, man.
But make it quick you know
everybody's doing business.
Sorry about that man. You okay?
-It's hot.
Where's the fucking AC?
-[Vince] I got. I got it.
[both talking indistinctly
in the other room]
[suspenseful music]
[snake hissing]
[Kat panting]
-[Vince] I don't know
what's going on, okay?
I put it behind one of them-
-[Vince] I'm fucking looking.
Just keep looking.
-Goddamn you Vince.
How in the fuck did you lose it?
-[Vince] I'm an idiot,
what do you want me to say-
[coat rack thudding]
[beads clattering]
[gun firing]
-[Vince] Holy
shit, you alright?
-[Mason] Shoot his ass.
-Stay down.
-Let me in.
-Give me the money.
-Let me in,
open the freaking door.
-Give me the money.
[gun firing]
-[Mason] You fucking suck.
-[Vince] I'm no sniper,
I just shot him, man.
-[Mason] There
goes my fucking money.
[gun firing]
-Am I free now?
-Yeah, sure.
-You're not gonna take me in?
-No, you're not
worth the paperwork.
-Can you drop me off somewhere?
-And can I have
my gun back? Please?
-Do yourself a favor.
Take that thing apart.
Clean it before
it blows up in your hand.
I've seen
it happen. It ain't pretty.
You okay?
-Fucked up.
-Hmm? [laughs]
[both laughing]
He's a crazy son of a-
[gun clicking]
-[Captor] Just
fucking shoot him, man.
I don't need to
be out here all day.
-[Kat] I need to
keep him talking.
I need him closer.
And you're sure taking
your sweet ass time.
-I shot the big guy.
-I say we make this
look like an accident.
Maybe you just fell on a bullet.
-The next one, that's tricky.
Maurice? Mo? Still there?
-Tomorrow morning there's a
BNSF 2809 heading northwest.
It'll be stopped
at the yard at noon.
-Hayes, just come with me.
-No, I'll just be
there for a minute.
Bring some of
these leftovers I have.
-Don't come over unless
you're gonna head out with me.
-Kat, I'm just, I'm
getting kind of pissed
at this whole situation.
-I'm out, why can't
you be happy about that?
You'd rather
I just rot in jail forever?
So you feel better
about not talking to me.
-Kat, you're making this
thing so hard for yourself
all the damn time, just stop.
-I'm going through with this.
-What's the plan now, Kat?
You hide
in Saskatoon, then send for Jo?
That ain't happening.
There isn't
a scenario where this work-
[phone beeping]
[jazzy music]
-You like this gig?
Fair enough.
You ever go swimming?
-Swimming in debt.
[Levi yelling]
[chips clattering]
Oh god. Damn it.
-All doing okay over here?
Anyone need a drink, snack?
Maggie, you alright?
-I'd take some more chips.
[Levi yelling]
Is Billy here?
-Levi just go on home.
-Is Billy in the basement?
-Let it go.
-Call you an Uber. We
can always call your wife.
[Levi laughs]
[Maggie clears throat]
Kat, why don't we take a
break. Here, take this.
[jazzy music continues]
[Levi's muffled voice]
-What's that?
-Oh, my first job,
I worked in a grain
elevator just like this one.
Those things are just powder
kegs. They just explode.
-Don't people get sucked
into the grain and drown?
Ain't it like quick sand?
-Yeah, I was 14 years old.
Just a criminal
job for a kid to have.
But you know, you grow up
in the middle of nowhere,
you see 'em around everywhere,
so being able to finally
get to the top of one was,
was pretty cool,
and then you ride this,
this dinky elevator death trap
back down to the ground floor
and you just back to
shoveling grain all night.
So this, this ain't so bad.
-Hayes work there with you?
-Oh, Hayes told the owner
that he had an asthma problem,
so he just, he let him work
in the office with the girls.
-Did he?
-Of course not.
He's a singer.
-They must have loved him.
-I don't think he regrets
lying about it all that much.
-Why didn't you?
-Lying makes life more
complicated than it's worth,
in my opinion.
So how's your first week been?
-Why would you give
your week old bartender
a bachelorette party?
-I don't know, Jo.
-They didn't
even have a stripper.
They were just doing shots,
taking photos all night.
I thought they were pre-gaming,
but this was the game
and I was the referee.
-I dunno. I guess your boss
just thought you'd do it.
I mean, you did.
-You know,
I think when people see you,
they see someone who looks
like they can handle anything.
-You saying I look old?
-No, no.
-Wanna know how
old this girl was? 18.
-My parents got
married young. 18, 19.
-I think there was less
to think about back then.
Less ways to meet people,
less things to do.
So they just got married.
-No, there's always gonna
be shit to worry about,
shit to do, work to go to,
every year since
time began into forever.
-I don't wanna
work here forever.
-You won't.
-If I had a chance to
run away, I'd do it.
I feel like I had a chance once,
like right after high school,
and I let it go.
-Do it.
You ain't
chained to anything here.
You ain't chained to this job,
ain't chained to your
family, ain't chained to me.
-Yeah, I know that.
-Well, I ain't
gonna leave you hanging.
[balloon popping]
[Levi yelling]
-Hold him down.
-No, no.
[punches thudding]
[Levi grunting]
[punches and grunting continue]
-You need to
come with us right now.
-You counting?
-What password
did you use to get in?
[door clicking]
-Okay, here's
what's gonna happen...
-Here's what's
gonna happen, Kat.
I talked with
your cowboy friend.
We had a brief discussion.
He's waiting for you in
the Cadillac out back.
I need you to drive him
out to the reservoir
and drop him off.
And the last time
I ever want to see you
is when you hand
these keys back to me.
[keys clattering]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[car rumbling]
-[Radio Preacher] That's the
sound of our Lord Jesus Christ
at your door.
He's got something he
wants to share with you.
It's hope.
And that's what tonight's
program is about.
Fate, luck, destiny.
Those were all branches
from the tree trunk of Hope,
a tree our savior planted
some 2000 years ago.
I'm gonna ask that you call in
and share your stories of hope
here with our listenership.
There is so
much that you can, well,
it looks like we've
already got a helper.
Here we go.
-[Caller] Reverend?
-[Radio Preacher] Yes. Yes.
Hello. How are you doing?
-[Caller] I've been
trying to call for weeks.
-[Radio Preacher] What
was the call about?
We're asking people to
share stories of hope.
What was your name?
-It's Jesse.
-Anything from-
-Oh yeah.
So, my stepmom,
she got electrocuted.
-[Radio Preacher] Your
stepmom got electrocuted?
-[Caller] Yeah.
So, we were
driving out to feed the cattle
and I had to jump out of the
pickup and open the fence.
It's like a hot fence.
And I like
pulled it too hard and it,
it just snapped
back and hit the truck
and it zapped
the truck or something.
-[Radio Preacher] Oh my.
Was your mother alright?
-[Caller] Yeah, but she got
abducted like the next day.
-[Radio Preacher] Abducted
like people stole her?
-[Caller] No,
so like, I was sleeping
and I woke up and
I saw a light outside
and my mom was out there,
just standing there.
And then there was this big
flash and she was gone, and,
and then another
flash and she was back.
-[Radio Preacher] Hmm.
That's, you know, kid,
I think you might have a
very vivid imagination.
-[Caller] I mean,
I saw it though.
I, I saw the flash.
I saw her disappear.
I saw her come back.
-Son, please.
If you're pranking us, that's
okay. I, I was a kid too once.
-I'm 16 years old.
-Was there really a UFO,
my boy? Are you sure?
-I don't know.
I just saw a flash and she
was gone, and another flash
and she was back.
[somber music]
But that moment in between,
that felt like forever.
And, and sometimes I just feel
like I'm still
in that moment, you know?
-[Radio Preacher]
Yeah, I get that.
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
-[Jo] Hello, this is Josephine.
I'm not available right
now. Or just text me please.
Thank you.
[phone beeping]
-Hey, Jo, I,
I just want to let you know
I made to
your aunt's house without,
you know,
getting arrested again.
Whatever you have to call that.
Maybe if, if,
if you wanted to...
Never mind.
[knocking on door]
[bullets clattering]
[knocking on door]
[door handle rattling]
[knocking on door]
[door creaking]
[dramatic music]
-Let's go.
-In the truck. Brought a
trailer for you and everything.
-Who are you?
-Kat, I will hurt you
if you don't get
with the program.
-Screw you. Get
the hell outta here.
[kick thumping]
[dramatic music continues]
[both grunting]
Stop this shit.
Shit. [grunts]
[garbage disposal whirs]
[bullet explodes]
[high pitched ringing]
[gun clattering]
[pan scraping]
[door slamming]
[intense action music]
-[Cassidy] Oh,
that ain't the back door.
Looks like a dead end to me.
Kat, you know this door
ain't gonna stop me.
[intense action music continues]
[handle thumping]
Oh, hey there, bud.
Aw just playing. [yells]
Shit! Are you fucking serious?
[metal clattering]
Oh, Kat, you're so fucking dead!
You're so fucking dead!
[gun clicking]
[music intensifies]
[gun firing]
[Kat screaming]
Shit! That almost
hit me, you fuck!
[bullets clattering]
I'm coming in.
You're coming with
me one way or another.
[gun clicking]
-[Kat] Plus two
made it three, minus one.
I can't fuck this up. So close.
-[Cassidy] Stay down. [groans]
This outta work for now.
Flowers. Real cute.
Alright, Kat,
you and me are going
on a little road trip.
Now let's go.
Come on.
Who's this guy?
Who is he?
-It's no one.
It's, it's a neighbor.
That's, that's-
-Just let him go.
[gun firing]
[Hayes gurgling]
-You're a bad liar, Kat.
Come on.
-Hey! [Kat grunting]
-Come on. Come on.
-[Cassidy] Right here.
[dramatic music]
[tape crackling]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[punch thudding]
[Captor laughing]
-[Captor] Oh, Jesus man,
what happened to your face?
-[Cassidy] Stabbed
me with a screwdriver.
-Shit, did it hurt?
-What the fuck do you think?
-[Captor] Damn, got you good.
What's with his boot?
This a toe for an eye situation?
-Yeah, he did that himself.
-Sorry, I missed that.
-[Cassidy] Some dude
showed up at the house
looking for him.
Took care of it.
-You killed somebody?
No way. Who?
-[Cassidy] Some
soy faced son of a bitch.
Just left him in the house
Wait, was he kind
of a fruity dresser?
[Captor laughing]
-You deadbeat piece of fucking-
[gun thudding]
-[Captor] Ooh, I think
that was his brother.
-[Cassidy] Oh shit.
-[Captor] Man, Kat, that sucks.
That is such
a bummer for you, man.
I mean, I'd tell you
you're gonna see him soon
but I don't think
that's how it works.
Can I see that gun?
-[Cassidy] Use your own?
-[Captor] No. Is that his?
This will be more... poetic.
Is this thing loaded?
I don't actually know.
-[Captor] Well, let's find out.
-She'll figure this out.
No one else wants to kill me.
-[Captor] Oh, I think
there's a lot of people
that want to kill you.
I think that's kind of
my whole idea. [laughs]
Oh man, you're fucked.
-I'm leaving. I've
been trying to leave.
-[Cassidy] Ah, speaking of.
-[Flint] Maurice? I don't know.
I'm not getting
Maurice vibes from you.
You come up with that yourself?
-[Cassidy] Well that laminator
was a nice touch there,
Martha Stewart.
-So close. So close.
-She'll find out. She's
a lot smarter than you.
-No she won't, Kat.
-You're sad.
The Army doesn't
want your psycho ass.
Jo's definitely not
marrying your psycho ass.
-See why
you put him in the trailer.
-I think I figured out
why they kicked you out.
You trigger happy dumb ass.
-Kat, Kat, you're gonna die.
Shut up.
-Are you worried
about me? Oh God.
I've been outta
jail for two days
and you're already putting
me back in the ground.
For what? So that I
don't run off with her?
-I'm sick of
you. I'm tired of you.
For three years all she talked
about was you over and over.
I'm so sick of you.
I've never even met you.
-Yeah, I'm sick of you too.
-Well let me fix
that problem for you.
[gun firing]
[gun clicking]
[dramatic music]
[gun firing]
[all yelling]
-Here kitty kitty.
[gun clicking]
[gun firing]
[gun clicking]
[gun firing]
-You almost hit me you fuck!
[gun firing]
-You deadbeat piece of fucking-
[Flint laughs]
-[Jo] Don't make it worse.
[engine roaring]
-[Kat] I'm going
through with this.
-Kat. I love you.
Just call me and I'll be there.
[blade slicing]
[Flint yelling]
[dramatic music]
[both grunting]
[gun firing]
[gun clicking]
[Flint grunting]
[victorious music]
[gun clacking]
[gun firing repeatedly]
[Kat panting]
[somber music]
[gas pumping]
[pump clicking]
[pump clattering]
[somber music continues]
[metal clattering]
[cutters squeaking]
[metal clattering]
[phone buzzing]
[somber music continues]
[somber music continues]
[door slamming]
[lighter clicking]
[somber music continues]
[gun clacking]
-[Jo] If I had a chance
to run away, I'd do it.
I feel like I had a chance
and I let it go.
-[Kat] Do it.
[somber music continues]
One, two, three
Wild man, well you
don't get no respect
You live far out in the
woods away from anything
Wild man, not fit for
global confrontation
He swings a machete
for personal recreation
Wild man,
I wanna be just like you
Wild man,
do everything that you do
Wild man
[upbeat music]
Wild man, well you
don't get no respect
You live far out in the
woods away from anything
Wild man, not into
global confrontation
He swings a machete
for personal recreation
Wild man,
I wanna be just like you
Wild man,
do everything that you do
Wild man,
I wanna be just like you
And howl at the moon
[peaceful music]
Sunlight in my cell
I wonder if
the crew all made it out
Throw dust into the wind
If I survive I'll
probably try again
Sometimes all those eyes
want you to give it up
Up, up, don't
keep me waiting
Somedays every card
you've got is not enough
the bars and past my sins
Magnolia bushes
blowing in the wind
Holes busting
through that door
My brother on a law
man's and favorite horse
He said as
long as you're alive
Should we ride
Sometimes all those eyes
want you to give it up
Up, up, don't
keep me waiting
Someday every card
you've got is not enough
Don't keep me waiting
How many dead
eyes in a western town
How many bullets
in the chamber now
Sometimes the world don't
know who they are waking up
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Sometimes you leave a few
too many traces on the trail
The cavalry comes calling
and it's you or them I guess
You find out
what you're made of
When you're
shooting in the dark
And everything you love is
getting lost or torn apart
So in time all those eyes
want you to give it up
Up, up, don't give me up
Some day, every car
you've got is not enough
Oh, oh
Don't give me up
How many dead
eyes in a western town
How many bullets
in the chamber now
Sometimes the world don't
know who they are waking up
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Oh, oh
[music fades]
[peaceful music]
[music fades]