Head Full of Honey (2018) Movie Script

My doctor, Dr. Edwards,
told me everything I know
about Grandpa's illness.
Grandpa has Alzheimer's.
People with Alzheimer's
forget a lot of stuff.
I mean,
I forget to do my homework,
or brush my teeth,
but with my grandpa,
it's different.
He forgets
pretty much everything.
My parents want
to put him in a home,
but that's just gonna
make things worse.
So, I'm taking him
on a trip to Venice
to make him better.
He remembers loads
about Venice,
even though
it's been like 100 years
since he and Grandma
went on their honeymoon there.
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Me and Grandpa are
having a great time.
And I brought my inhaler,
so don't freak out.
We're having breakfast
on the train, actually,
right now.
Grandpa, do you
wanna say something?
-Who to?
-Mom and Dad.
We're having a great time.
No one's there.
Poop on them.
Yeah. Poop on them.
See you tomorrow.
Or maybe the day after.
-Love you.
Where are you going?
To the john.
Oh, shit! Grandpa!
MATILDA: That's us.
My Grandpa Amadeus and me.
I think I get why Grandpa
is the way he is.
Mom and Dad spend their
whole life thinking about
what might happen
at work,
to the new house, to me,
or going over
and over the past.
But sometimes it's just
best to focus on
what's going on right now.
It all started
when Grandma died.
PRIEST: Margaret was certainly
one of the most glamorous
women in our little community.
Do you think they're
going to burn her?
Your grandma, silly.
Are you mad? No way.
Okay, then she'll just
get eaten up by worms.
My grandma's in a coffin.
They can chew through coffins.
Sharp little worm teeth.
Can we change the subject?
What's England like?
Did you make new friends?
Not really.
Did you meet the queen?
Yes, I did.
-She said to say hi.
Margaret's passing
leaves us all with
a huge hole in our hearts.
But as long as a person
lives in our memories,
she's never forgotten.
She is never forgotten.
Amadeus will now
say a few words.
AMADEUS: Thank you.
My Maggie
was just wonderful.
She had the biggest heart
and breasts.
Big, beautiful breasts.
She always laughed
at my stupid joy, jokes.
Right up to the end.
What bees make milk?
And I always ate that
apple pie of hers.
You know, the one with
the cinnamon crust
and the squirty cream.
She hadn't made that in years.
I know that.
I was never crazy
about that pie.
But I always ate it
when she made it.
Because people
are just creatures.
Creatures of habit.
I would've loved
something different.
Fruit cake, perhaps?
No, no, no.
I don't like fruit cake.
Pecan pie, maybe?
Or, what are they called...
You know, uh...
Cream puffs.
They make the best cream puffs
down at...
The intersection there...
Where the...
It's a new house...
They thingamajigged
the house...
They squeezed it in...
I don't...
Oh, stuff it up your ass.
Stuff it up your ass.
But I'd love a slice
of that pie now.
My darling Elizabeth.
It's his mother.
one day I hope
you'll find a woman
that's as wonderful as
your mother was for me.
What am I gonna
do without you?
Arrivederci, my love.
(MOUTHING) Grandma.
MATILDA: After the funeral,
Dad asked Grandpa
if he wanted to come
and live with us in England.
But Grandpa didn't want to.
He said he couldn't leave
Grandma all alone.
So, we went back to England
without Grandpa.
But three months later,
Grandpa called
and told Dad that
he couldn't remember the way
to the cemetery anymore.
My little principessa!
I'll take that.
I've seen this guy before.
Come on in.
Here. Have a seat right here.
Okay. Okay.
-Would you like a cookie?
Did you take the bus?
No, Grandpa, we live
in England now, remember?
Oh, I know that!
I know that.
-MATILDA: Um, Grandpa...
Why do you have
milk in your bookshelves?
No more room
in the dishwasher.
Margaret! Maggie!
Your son is here!
Mom's... Mom's not here.
I know that.
Of course.
It's habit.
You looking for something?
Where's Roberta?
-Your housekeeper.
I fired her.
You fired her?
Why'd you do that?
She was stealing from me.
What did she take?
Your sister's jewelry.
Dad, I don't have a sister.
But you always
wanted one, didn't you?
Is this the jewelry
you're talking about?
It's all there.
I'm glad
she brought it all back.
aren't you supposed
to keep those
locked up somewhere?
Honey, if the Russians came
you wouldn't wanna have
your gun locked up.
That's not a real gun.
Watch this.
NICK: You got any milk?
Okay. Black, then.
Oh, boy.
-Have you completely
lost your mind?
Give it!
Have you completely
lost your mind?
Where did you get this?
Not at Trader Joe's,
that's for sure.
Honey, are you okay?
-Oh, brother.
I got an idea.
Why don't you come back
and live with us for a while?
Only if you've got something
you want me to do.
There'll be plenty
for you to do.
Right, sweetie?
We can get Grandpa
to help out with the garden.
We just want you back home.
But I need...
I need to take some of my...
-This stuff.
Dad, you can bring
whatever you want.
I'll arrange
a shipping container
or something.
Just... No guns, okay?
No guns.
AMADEUS: And Cindy's
okay with this?
-Your mom.
-NICK: Oh, Sarah.
Mom will be okay with it.
I promise.
You've got your own
en-suite bathroom, Amadeus,
and I left some fresh towels
for you on the bed.
And you can walk
to school with me.
I'm right across the hall.
-Where's Jack?
-Jack? Who's Jack?
My dog.
Is he tied up outside?
He doesn't like to be tied up.
Jack died, Amadeus.
Last Christmas, wasn't it?
Here. You can have
Benny instead.
He's really soft.
And he doesn't smell
half as bad as Jack did.
NICK: Honey, this is
ridiculous. I have to go.
I have a meeting.
-I can't miss this.
-No, I'm late.
I've got a pitch
this afternoon.
I'm cutting it really
close as it is.
I cannot miss this meeting.
You promised me you were
going to move to England
for my career, right?
-That was the deal.
I moved to America for yours,
now it's my turn.
-I can't be late.
-For once.
I have made every
school visit since Tilda
was four years old, so...
That's not true.
Yes, it is!
Please don't do this to me.
Please, do not do this
to me. Hi!
Sorry about that. Here we are.
-Here we go.
-No worries. Thank you. Great.
If you just turn
to page four...
-NICK: Okay.
Obviously, Matilda did
have some issues settling in.
'Cause it was a very big move
for you, wasn't it, Matilda?
I was wondering
if you felt like
things were improving.
'Cause I know that
you miss your family
in America very much.
Well, she has been
settling in, right?
Yes, definitely.
She's already started
saying things like "bath"
instead of "bath."
Thank God.
-No, I don't.
-SARAH: Yes, you do.
Or you could if you wanted to.
Well, as you can see,
her marks have improved
a little bit.
I'm sorry,
but I've gotta go.
Tilda, darling,
I'll see you later.
I'll take that.
Do you want me to
take this, or do you...
I was wondering
how you were feeling
about things, Matilda.
Fine, thanks.
That's wonderful.
So, is there anything else?
I wanted to
go over some of our
extracurricular activities
that we offer,
because I really feel that
they could help Matilda
cement some of these
new friendships.
Could you e-mail me
the details?
I'm so sorry.
I'm late for a pitch,
which is pretty
important, but...
I love you, darling.
Well done. I'll see you later.
Thank you so much,
Missus, um, Miss...
-Seager! Yes, of course!
I know that.
We're so thrilled
everything is
going brilliantly
and so proud of you,
darling. Okay?
Bye. Thank you. Bye.
My parents work a lot.
Dad works for a bank.
He got a new job in London
after he spent too much
time with Penny,
his office manager
in Connecticut.
We went back here
because Mom grew up here
and wanted to be
close to her mom.
Then, Dad found out
that Mom made out
with her new boss
at the Christmas party
because she was still mad
at him about Penny.
Dad got really upset.
But Grandpa just said,
"If the roosters can do
it to the hens
"then the hens can do
it to the roosters."
I guess Dad didn't
really agree, because now
he works all the time.
-Nick. The police just called.
What do you mean,
the police just called?
Your father's with them now.
-They're down at the station.
Well, what's he doing there?
-Is he hurt?
-No, no. He's not hurt,
he's fine.
-What is it?
-You might want to sit down.
I'm sitting down.
Stop rambling and tell
me what it is.
-What is it?
-I'm not rambling on.
I'm just trying to tell you
what your dad has done, Nick.
-And I'm waiting.
-He's filed a missing
persons report...
...for your mother.
That's fine.
-I'm sorry.
-You're good.
I'll just clean it up
real quick.
Hello. Hi.
I'm Mrs. Ross. I've come
to pick up my father-in-law.
The elderly gentleman who
reported his wife is missing.
-Yeah. He gave us this.
Do you know who she is?
Yes, that's my
late mother-in-law,
when she was young.
This was supposed to be
her missing persons photo.
Sorry to have
taken up your time.
Can I take him home now?
Thank you. Thank you so much.
AMADEUS: Very nice
of you to say that.
SARAH: Here you are, Amadeus.
That's Maggie.
Isn't she beautiful?
All the boys
were chasing her.
They all wanted to
be with her,
but she chose, well,
she wanted, you know...
You wanted to show your photo
to the policemen?
Why on earth would I do that?
SARAH: I don't know.
You tell me.
Maybe I wanted to boast a bit.
-Well, you ready
to go home now?
-Oh, no.
I don't want to.
I want to stay here
with this officer.
She's been really kind.
-She's got a kind face.
-Thank you.
-Yes, she does,
but I'm sure she's very busy.
-(MOUTHING) Thank you.
So, let's get you home.
Come on.
Up you go. Come on.
Thank you so much.
One, two, three, four, five.
-And three next time--
-Wait a minute. Hold on.
Hold on a second.
-That's five?
Stop moving my pieces.
-I think that was--
-No! Come on, can you count?
One, two, three,
four, five, thank you!
Okay, just checking.
I know you like to win.
Well, I know you hate to lose,
which in this case,
you're going to, 'cause
all I need is a three
next time and I have won.
Again! Here you are.
It's your turn.
Amadeus, hello?
Let him take his time.
I'm just trying to figure
out my next move.
We're not playing chess.
-Just let him figure out
his next move, Mom.
-Okay, fine.
Sorry. Carry on.
If I go left, they'll
cut me off here.
MATILDA: That wouldn't be
a good move at all,
but you have a clear run
if you go this way.
You think?
Look, you can't go this way,
you said it yourself.
And you'd be in danger
of getting ambushed
if you went this way.
If you take this route,
you'll be fine.
Seven, eleven.
Oh, dear!
Look what you've done. Oh, no!
Where did it go?
-Wait, where was it?
-This was--
I know, but it's important,
because if we don't...
-So can you put
them back where...
-A six!
A six!
-Yeah, a six.
-It looks like a six to me.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine...
-NICK: You see that?
-We got a winner!
-MATILDA: Amadeus!
SARAH: No. You...
You rolled a six.
-Honey. Honey.
Not a 10.
-What? I'm sorry,
but we can't...
There's no point playing
unless we play by the rules.
Why does it upset you
when someone else wins?
Because it's pointless!
Who's in favor of us
playing by Grandpa's rules?
-NICK: All right.
Ooh! At last!
What is that?
Dad's belongings.
I wanted him
to feel at home here.
Well, thanks for telling me.
You're welcome.
Wait, he...
That doesn't look
very good, Nick.
You should stop him because...
-It looks like
he's about to--
-Yeah. Excuse me...
You absolute plonker.
What do you think
a rearview mirror
was invented for?
Great! Thank you.
Not even a scratch!
The truck is fine!
Thank you so much!
A very professional
moving company, thank you!
Don't worry,
Cinder-ah, I'll tip 'em!
Cheers, mate.
Watch your step. Try not to
break everything this time.
Yes, boss.
I'm just saying.
Thanks, mate.
How has this happened?
I feel like I'm on Candid
Camera or something, Nick.
That's it, good work.
What is that? A fridge?
This here? That's a bookcase.
SARAH: A bookcase? What?
NICK: It's for his books.
How much did you have to pay
to get his dirty old fridge
shipped across the Atlantic?
I don't know.
I had the office
take care of it.
How did this happen?
I'm not running some sort
of storage facility, Nick!
-This is so depressing!
-Honey, honey...
It's his stuff.
It's important to him
and it makes him happy.
SARAH: Well, that's all
that matters, I guess.
What the...
Bloody idiots!
What did I just say
at the bottom of the stairs?
And you were like,
(MIMICS) "Yes, boss."
You two morons are
gonna pay for this!
So, does anyone know
where the fridge goes?
Yeah, yeah.
The fridge goes
in the bathroom.
Stop! Stop!
I don't mean
to be rude, Amadeus.
I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid
it's just too much stuff!
I know it's your things-- No!
But listen,
either it's got to go
all in the barn over there
or else it's got to
go in your bedroom.
Do you understand me?
And I mean all of it.
Amadeus, okay?
Okay, guys,
let's get out of here!
Sir, may I come in?
Hey, big guy.
(CHUCKLES) Good one.
We, uh... We found this
in the back of the truck.
Now it's back!
She is gonna be
so glad you found this.
Here, let me give you...
-Let me give you some...
-No, no, no. Sir, please.
You've already
given us plenty.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, yeah, of course.
You take care
of yourself, okay?
You're a real doll.
Amadeus, could you
pass the bread, please?
The bread?
What about it?
Could you pass it, please?
-Thank you, but I was
asking your dad.
-Here you go.
please stop doing that.
It's really annoying
when we're trying to eat.
-Honey, honey...
Can we just try and have
an enjoyable evening?
-Well, are you going
to ask him to stop, then?
No one's allowed
to do anything here.
I should've stayed home.
This is your home.
It was more fun there...
Dad, this is your-- Dad.
Don't throw your food, please.
All right, fine, carry on.
Please, carry on
clicking your tongue
and throwing food
around the place. Fine.
I've had enough anyway.
No, I don't feel
like it anymore.
What a shame.
Yeah, it's your own fault.
Bored, huh?
Tell me again
how you met Grandma.
Yes, please, do tell us again.
Why don't you
tell us the story
on how you met your boss?
How did you two meet?
NICK: I guess I told him.
I was angry.
I don't remember.
That's convenient.
Must run in the family,
not being able
to remember things.
I know you don't
wanna hear this
but I think there's
something up with him.
He just needs time to
get over the shock.
Don't you think it'd be
a good idea just to
take him to a doctor
and get him checked out?
Make sure he doesn't have
some kind of early onset
dementia or something?
No, he's fine.
He's fine,
you're fine, I'm fine,
our marriage is fine,
everybody's fine,
we're all fine!
-Everything's fine!
-Are we gonna
do this all night?
I gotta get some shut-eye.
I don't get it.
That math teacher is no good
at explaining anything.
Maybe he's a retard.
You can't say
"retard" here, Grandpa.
Well, then,
maybe he's an asshat.
What's an "asshat"?
You know, someone
who has a hat on their ass.
How do you take your coffee?
Grandpa, I'm only 10.
Coffee's good for your brain.
Well, okay, then.
Coffee's good.
Damn machines.
Why do they have
to make everything
so complicated?
You have to put water in it.
-Darn thing!
-Do you want me to help?
Yeah, it's gotta brew
for a minute.
Can you help me with my math?
Can't your friends help you?
You had to do calculations
when you were
a veterinarian, right?
Sure. Yeah, sure.
We didn't do this in school.
We always just let
our fractions
stay whatever size they like.
Then, should I do that?
Sure. Sure, why not?
They look pretty good
the way they are.
Okay, thanks.
SARAH: Anyone seen the honey?
have you had any honey?
I'm allergic to honey.
You're a pretty lady.
-How about the two of us
going for coffee
somewhere, huh?
Just the two of us.
SARAH: Oh, no, I'm so sorry.
Oh, how awful.
Go! Get off! Get lost!
-Absolutely fine.
-Get lost!
-Fine, no problem.
I hope you feel better.
Okay, bye.
-Damn it!
-MATILDA: What's wrong?
The gardener, he's still ill.
He's been off for weeks.
-Well, Grandpa could help.
-I could help.
I need something to do.
Well, do you think you could
manage it? You really feel
confident you could do it?
Mom, he's not a baby.
All right, well,
just deadhead the roses,
and then,
tidy up the borders a bit.
Do you know what?
The hedge could do
with a bit of a trim,
just a couple of inches
or something.
You don't have
to tell me, Sandra.
It's Sarah, Amadeus.
That's a good name, too.
Who made that?
I did.
Whoo! You're a pretty lady.
I'll see you later.
These bones, they are aching
They're getting
weaker every day
Like I won't hear
Like those doctors say
And they're aching bad
Every single day
Like I won't hear
Like they always say
So take me back
to Hollywood town
Where it's warm, now
Where it's warm
The folks round here
say, "Boy, you never
had it so good"
You don't know you're born
You're born
And I know you don't like
what I'm doing
But baby,
you don't understand
SARAH: What are you doing?
I'm trimming the, uh...
-The thingamajiggy.
I said that much!
It's that much.
Spot on.
If you ask me, I thought
it was much nicer before.
No, no.
-If you want me to
leave this section, or...
Do you want me to
cut it down, Sandra?
-Oh, my God!
-It's your decision.
Oh, God!
NICK: Well,
you've always wanted
an English garden, right?
What's that got to do
with an English garden?
Why has an English garden
got a big hole in the middle
of the hedge?
That's not an English garden.
That's just a wrecked garden.
To tell you the truth,
I kinda like the look of it.
I think that it makes
the place look bigger.
It's kinda nice.
Do you know how many
fucking years it takes
to grow a hedge that high?
Mom! You cannot
say the F-word!
-Sorry, sweetheart,
I can't help it.
-No cursing, honey.
Nick, what are you
gonna do about this?
What's he gonna
wreck next, you know?
Buy a new hedge.
-Hi, Dad.
-Buy a new hedge?
Sorry, where'd you get those?
From your garden.
Do you like 'em?
Are you deliberately trying
to drive me mad?
No, no, no.
I'm trying to apologize
to you, Sandra.
-I didn't shear-- Sarah.
I didn't
cut myself properly...
No, the...
Stop! Stop, Amadeus!
Do you understand,
maybe, possibly
why I might just
be a bit upset?
You know what?
We're gonna have
a party here, right?
And all these people
are gonna come,
and instead of
a beautiful hedge
they're gonna see nothing!
Just a big gap now!
-And then, when they
come into the garden...
-...there aren't gonna
be any flowers anymore
because you cut them all!
-May I please--
-Do you what?
Dad, we really
are so appreciative that
you want to help out
around the house.
However, I think
what Sarah's trying to say,
and I think
we're all in agreement
on this, is that
if you have some
questions about gardening,
it might be a good idea
to check with Sarah first
before you...
-It was Mom's idea!
-Right? I think...
Okay, how about this?
I've got a better idea, Dad.
How about, just
no gardening. None.
Elizabeth always loved roses.
Mom's name was Margaret.
VIVIAN: Hello, darling.
SARAH: Hi, Mum.
You sound odd.
I'm just finding it
quite difficult with Amadeus.
Lovely Amadeus?
What do you mean?
He's just being
really weird
and forgetful,
and I'm sure that
he's got some--
You just have to be patient.
You have to learn to
look at it with...
Humor and wisdom.
And that is the key.
Darling, it can teach you
a lot about yourself,
and it's called love.
Speaking of love, how's Nick?
Keeps his eyes shut as normal.
Doesn't wanna see what's
in front of him,
-you know?
-Well, you know you have
that problem sometimes.
I mean, don't we all?
Okay, Mum.
Well, listen, I'm really busy.
I've got to go, okay?
I'll call you later.
Darling, don't forget,
wisdom and humor.
-Okay, bye. Love you. Bye.
MATILDA: Every morning,
Grandpa would take me
to school and back.
Sometimes, he was himself,
and sometimes not.
Like, he started taking things
and leaving them
in the wrong places.
Once, he took a cooked chicken
out of the fridge
and put it in his closet
and Mom didn't find
it for a week.
He would get up
in the middle of the night
and walk around the house.
AMADEUS: Maggie?
Are you there?
You-- Oh, no, it rains
all the time here.
-It's... In fact,
I think it's...
-Dad. Dad.
MATILDA: Dad says
old people get confused
and he'll settle down.
Mom doesn't talk
about it anymore.
She just spends more
and more time at work.
I'm hungry.
Tell me a story, Grandpa.
A story?
About you and Dad
when he was my age.
I once took your dad camping
with some friends
in the 40-acre field
behind the house.
Grandpa told us it was
crawling with bears at night,
just to scare us.
I did. I did.
He said we had
to arm ourselves with
all the tools in the shed
just to defend ourselves
against the bears, right?
Just to be able
to make it back and forth
from the barn
without getting eaten.
We had everything
in that tent.
We had pitchforks,
axes, we had handsaws,
you name it.
You took your fishing rod.
You remember that?
How could I forget?
As if you could
chase off a bear
with a fishing rod.
And then Grandpa goes out
to take a leak, right,
and we hear this
strange, loud roar like...
Grandpa comes runnin' back in,
and he says, "It was a bear."
And I say, "Bears don't howl."
And he said, "Around
here, they do, son."
You know, I still don't think
there's any such thing as
a howling bear.
That was me.
-You never
told me that before.
-You never asked me.
(MOUTHING) Come here.
Dad, listen, I, uh...
I spoke to a doctor.
He thought it might be
a good idea if you
came in to see him.
I'm an idiot? That is all?
-I'm an idiot.
-Absolutely not.
-Is that what...
Of course not.
-You think I'm...
-No, Dad. Come on.
You think I'm losing it.
Well, well...
I'm not gonna go
see a damn doctor.
-He might be able to help.
Keep an open mind.
-All right, well,
he might be able to help.
Now you sound
like your mother.
Did she want you to
go to the doctor, too?
I can't remember anymore.
I don't remember anything.
But he, I know,
he definitely...
He can't help me.
I know that definitely,
for sure.
SARAH: Did you talk to him?
He's not going.
Great. So what are
you gonna do now?
What do you want me to do?
Force him?
How do you do that?
How do you force an old man
to go to the doctor
-when he doesn't want
to go to the doctor?
-I don't know.
How did you force me
to take in all
of his old junk?
You just do it
without telling him.
He's got Alzheimer's
or something, Nick.
I'm exhausted.
I can't carry on
like this anymore.
Neither of us have
slept for weeks.
It's just too much.
We can't manage
on our own anymore, Nick.
We need help.
I have to go to Berlin.
Wait, what, Berlin?
But that's not
in the calendar.
James, he called me
at the end of
the day yesterday.
We've got to close
this, the Pfeiffer deal.
Okay, but there's a problem,
because I've got my pitch,
and you were
meant to be taking
Tilda to the doctor.
And Therese isn't here,
so how are we gonna
make that work?
That's taken care of.
-Dad's got it.
-Are you joking?
-It was Tilda's idea.
She even made him
a neck pouch.
What do you mean, "a pouch"?
What, like,
Paddington Bear pouch?
Like, with his name
and address on it.
Well, that's really helpful.
I don't know who that is.
Paddington Bear?
You don't know
who Paddington Bear is?
No. Must be an English thing.
If you're gonna be sarcastic,
it's not gonna help.
He takes her
to school every day.
Matilda knows where
the doctor's office is.
He's trying to be useful.
Let him.
Hey, Dad. Where are you?
-I'm in Berlin, remember?
Did Grandpa pick you up?
Of course, we're there now.
Okay. Can I talk to him?
Grandpa's busy
filling out forms right now.
-He's filling out forms?
Let me talk to him.
-Yeah. And they're
calling us in!
-Tilda, let me--
I have an appointment.
Matilda Ross.
-You're very late, Matilda.
Um... Are you here alone?
I'm afraid we can't see
unaccompanied minors.
Oh, um...
-My grandpa's
in the men's room.
I think he's going to
be a while in there.
He ate something bad.
-Poor chap.
Okay, then,
I'll tell Dr. Edwards
that you're here.
Thank you.
One more.
That sounds fine.
No obstructions.
-Can you help me
with my zipper?
-Of course.
-You've been using
the new inhaler?
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
What's Alzheimer's?
Why do you ask?
I think my grandpa has it.
Well, my mom thinks he has it.
Is your mother a doctor?
But my dad says my mom knows
goddamn everything.
Tell me about your grandpa.
He gets confused.
Does he forget things?
Most definitely, yes.
That's normal.
Happens when you get older.
Hmm. I bet you never put
a chicken in the wardrobe.
Alive or dead?
Fair point.
I baked your favorite cake.
I used your recipe.
I guess I forgot
it in the kitchen.
I'll be back
in a second. Yeah.
Don't go anywhere.
Now, imagine all these books
are your grandpa's brain.
And because of the illness,
now and again,
some of the books
start falling over.
The moment one falls,
he forgets what's inside it.
Depending on how he's doing,
some of the books
might right themselves,
but others
fall over instead.
As the illness progresses,
more fall over.
And in the end,
more books
fall off the shelf,
until, one day...
He doesn't know anything?
What can I do
to make him better?
Well, you can give
him things to do
so he feels needed and useful.
That's important.
When he says or does things
that seem odd,
you should act like
he makes perfect sense to you.
Step inside his world.
That will help him.
Who put those in there?
SARAH: Amadeus?
-Wait. Wait.
It's all right.
Just stay there, okay?
I'm on fire!
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
I was trying to make a cake.
Don't cry, it's...
Don't cry, it's okay.
Don't cry, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Somebody put their high
shoes in the oven.
Somebody put their high
shoes in the oven?
AMADEUS: You're mad at me,
aren't you?
No, I'm not mad
at you, all right?
Do you want to have
a bite of cake?
-You want a bite of cake?
(STAMMERING) I'd love to,
but you know what,
I'm on a diet.
No, don't. I'll tell
you what, shall we...
We'll just have
a tiny bite, shall we?
A little taste. Okay?
Let's get it out
of the oven and...
Look at that.
That's not bad.
That was Maggie's
favorite recipe.
-Really? It's pretty yummy.
Do you want a bit?
That's good. Yep.
What are you doing up there?
Looking for the honey.
-Did you bake this?
-No, your dad did.
Have a bit if you want.
It's not nearly
as bad as it looks.
I ate on the plane.
-How was Berlin?
-It was good.
-Is everything okay?
-No, not really.
Your father forgot
to take Tilda
to the doctor's.
No, he didn't. I spoke to her.
He picked her up.
No, she just told you he did.
I spoke to the surgery.
And by the time I got home,
the kitchen was on fire,
and so was your dad.
I had to put him out.
If I'd got here any later,
the house would've burnt down,
and your dad would be dead.
You'd be having
to identify him with his
dental records, probably.
Thank God Tilda was
still at the doctor.
This is crazy, Nick!
This can't happen again!
And I'm sorry,
but it's your fault!
-My fault?
-How is it my fault?
-You're refusing
to accept reality!
No, the reality
that you're refusing
to accept
is that
you weren't here, either.
-You could've
rescheduled that pitch.
-Are you kidding me?
It was your responsibility
to take her to the doctor.
That was the deal.
I'm new to my job!
I can't call up Serge
the night before--
Serge? Oh, now
it's about Serge!
What'd you pitch this time?
Your boobs?
I'm sorry, what?
No, I'm curious.
What did you pitch
to Serge this time?
Your boobs or your ass?
You're no saint, either!
I'm not the only one
who screwed up, remember?
Oh, my...
Dad, you wanna
shut the bathroom door?
Are you going to get
the fridge from his room,
or am I?
MATILDA: School finished
for the summer.
I spent it all with Grandpa,
and I showed him London.
Grandpa and I
went sightseeing,
and he taught me that
when you gotta try your luck
at least once a day,
because you could be
going around being lucky
all day
and not even knowing it.
When the miles extend
When I can't pretend anymore
When my power bends
When I'm face to face
with the dust on the floor
Life is never fair
None of us can see
beyond our eyes
I am always scared
Oh, but I always rise
We're on the upswing,
flying high
We're on the upswing,
you and I
MATILDA: Dr. Edwards
told me that
people with Alzheimer's
are often best
at remembering things
that happened a long time ago.
So, me and Grandpa
used to look at this
old photo album all the time.
Even though I can recite
all his stories
word-for-word in my sleep,
it was just so wonderful
to hear them, because he
always looked so happy.
Ah. That is the Lido.
That's the beach.
Grandma and I had arguments
with the "lifestyle."
-Margaret liked
to go skinny-dipping.
-She did?
Yeah, that would upset
the lifeguard a lot.
She would just
take off her swimming suit
and go in nude.
She always got her way
'cause she could argue
anyone under the table.
Where's... Where's that?
Well, Saint Thingamajiggy.
Look at all these seagulls.
Margaret thought
they were cute
until one of them crapped
on her Caprese salad
right while she was eating it.
I miss Grandma.
Me, too, princess.
Me, too.
You know, when I die,
we'll be together up there.
I don't... I don't
want you to die, Grandpa.
Oh, don't be silly, princess.
Everyone has their time.
And when...
When Maggie and I
get back together again,
we're gonna have
one hell of a party!
We'll really shake it up.
MATILDA: I didn't believe
in heaven then,
but I thought it was
so nice of him to try
and comfort me like that.
Really, it should've been me
comforting him.
After that, I started
filming Grandpa a lot,
like my parents did with me
when I was a baby.
The way I see it,
is when it gets to the stage
where he can't remember
anything at all,
he'll really like
to watch these videos.
Happy birthday.
How does it feel?
How does what feel?
-To be 76.
-I'm 76?
-I thought I was 42.
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite animal?
How does it feel
to forget everything?
Oh, it's like
a head full of honey.
All gummed up.
How long have you had
this honey in your head?
Since I can't
think straight anymore.
Uh, but I have a...
I have a...
Let's see, I...
Ruff! Dog.
What's that?
It's got everything in here
I need to remember.
It's from...
It was written by...
Grandma made it for me.
May I?
Did Grandma know that
she was gonna die?
It must have been me
that wrote it.
She's dead, isn't she?
Yes, Grandpa.
(SOBBING) See, I knew that.
And what do you think
you might be doing later?
(CHUCKLES) Let me check
with my wife, okay?
We're gonna have
so much fun tonight.
But first, we have to
have a little toast.
To Amadeus. Happy birthday.
To me? What?
A toast, Amadeus.
For your birthday?
I'm not thirsty.
-One more time?
ALL: Happy birthday!
I told you I'm not thirsty!
Are you an Alzheimer, woman?
The aioli.
the champagne's good anyway.
NICK: Dad, Dad...
That's to dip
your bread in, Amadeus.
-Oh, God.
-NICK: Dad, that's not soap.
SARAH: Don't put it
on your face.
NICK: Dad, that's to eat.
That's for eating.
Oh, dear.
Sweetie, not you. No.
-Don't, don't...
-SARAH: Tilda, stop it. No.
-You're encouraging him.
Don't. Mum, tell her.
-No, no, you're the mum.
-NICK: Don't play
with your food.
-Thank you very much for that.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
Well, I read that olive oil
is really good for your skin.
So, where were we?
I think I'm going
to have sea bass.
Sea bass.
-With asparagus.
What's it called when it's
still very hard?
Al dente.
-And you, madam?
-I would like
the tuna tartare, please.
-And you, miss?
-Mac and cheese, please.
That's an excellent choice.
That's our signature dish.
What are you
in the mood for, Dad?
I just wanna go home.
NICK: Sure,
we're gonna go home.
We're gonna have
a little dinner first,
for your birthday.
How 'bout some...
-Calves' liver, yeah.
-No, no, no.
Just scratch that order.
He doesn't eat calves' liver.
-Dad. Dad.
What are you in
the mood for, Dad?
What do I eat?
-What do I usually eat?
-NICK: How about
a Caprese salad?
Right, yeah?
Two Caprese salads.
Two Caprese salads. Thank you.
NICK: It's okay, Dad.
(SOBBING) I just
wanna go home.
What's... What's wrong,
Well, it feels so...
So awfully, awfully,
when you don't know
anything anymore.
Everything's empty.
If you want to write,
you can't.
There's just
something inside that's
stopping it from happening.
Can you still remember
what you wanted to write?
You... You write.
For Tilda.
My dear...
No! I get to decide
what we write.
The day will come
when I won't
are you.
But whatever happens,
you must remember
one thing above all else.
That I love you,
and you are the most
wonderful princess
I could ever wish for.
Can't touch this
Don't act like a gangster
Can't touch this
Don't act like a gangster
You come round
making trouble
But you are prancing
like a ballerina
(YELLING) Shut up!
Just shut up!
What's wrong with you,
you idiot?
What's wrong with you?
Mr. Ross, this way, please.
I'll come in
and hold your hand.
-Want me to hold your hand?
It's an appointment
for you, remember?
Would you like
to come, too, sweetie?
-Why don't you
come with us? Okay.
So, I'll go wait right here.
I'm Dr. Holst.
Thought we could have
a little chat.
How are you doing today?
-Didn't you just ask that?
-So what?
How are you doing?
-You just asked that.
-Perhaps, but you didn't
give me an answer.
-To what?
-To my question.
This is gonna be
one hell of a "little chat."
So, who have you
brought with you today?
My parents.
-Your parents.
Might that be
your granddaughter?
That's... That's what I said.
Can you tell me
how old she is?
She's got so much time
ahead of her.
Do you know how old she is?
I can't even tell you
how old I was
when she arrived.
You were...
You were 66.
-Mmm, 66.
-DR. HOLST: Sixty-six?
Mr. Ross,
can you tell me
what nine plus three is?
Oh, come on.
You don't know
what nine plus three is?
And you call yourself
a doctor? (LAUGHING)
No wonder
they lost the colonies.
Well, I'm from Louisiana,
so I didn't lose a thing.
Well, then, you were
on the right side.
-Here we go.
-Now, I've got a question.
-Are you ready?
What's white
and lives in a bottle?
I'm sorry?
You haven't answered
my question.
What's white
and lives in a bottle?
What do you put
in a milkshake?
And what do cows drink?
Wrong. Water.
Cows drink water.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
Where are you going, Mr. Ross?
-I have things to do.
I'd like to finish
our little chat.
Well, my assistant
will arrange
another appointment.
Right now,
-I have to get to surgery.
-NICK: Dad?
He was a veterinarian,
you know.
Hold on,
we'll be right with you.
MATILDA: For our summer party,
Mom and Grandpa agreed
he'd stay in his room.
In exchange, he'd be allowed
to watch the big firework show
at midnight.
-It's so nice you're all here.
-If I may?
-What are you doing here?
-Well, that's
a lovely welcome.
And your wife's here.
Well, she gets easily bored
at home alone.
-Nick knows about us.
-Nick knows about us.
-'Cause I told him.
-Are you kidding?
No, I'm not kidding.
I'd never have come
if I'd known, nor would I
have brought my wife.
What on earth
do you look like?
It's Fourth of July.
Somebody has to represent
the colonies.
-Have you sucked them all?
-They're excellent.
-You try one?
-No, thank you.
-(SOFTLY) Help.
-VIVIAN: Amadeus!
-No, no, don't, Mum. No, no.
Oh, how delightful to see you.
You're dressed to kill.
Do I know you?
Ha-ha, you old soldier.
I got to leave.
No, no, wait, wait.
We're going to party.
No, no, no, you're not
going to party, Mum.
Let him go, please.
Nice job, buddy.
I'm loving the music.
Yeah, it's not bad.
It was all LPs in my day.
LPs, yeah. Gotta have a wee.
Can you watch out here?
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Hey. There's a problem.
-What's up?
-Promise you won't get cross.
Why would I get cross
with you? What's up?
-Promise me.
-I promise.
-Serge is here.
-I'm sorry?
-Serge is here.
-You're kidding me.
No, I'm not kidding you.
-Well, tell him to leave.
-I can't do that.
He's my boss.
-You tell him to leave
or I will.
-No, you won't.
You must be Nick!
Sarah, you certainly
got lucky.
What a handsome fella.
And talking of lucky...
-Have you met Nora, my wife?
Yes! So nice to meet you, hi!
Lovely to meet you.
Nice to see you. This is Nick.
NICK: My hands are...
So, how are you
finding England, then?
A bit quieter than New York?
Um, well, we were
in Connecticut, actually,
which isn't quite
the Big Apple, but so...
Yeah, Sarah likes to create
her own excitement.
-Don't you, honey?
Well, she's certainly
shaking up our office.
I'm delighted to have her.
-No shit.
-How's the dip?
I love it. What is it?
-It's, um...
-It's eggplant.
-Mmm. Over here,
we call it "aubergine."
Yeah, well, over there,
we call it "eggplant."
We can adapt now we're here.
We can call it aubergine,
can't we?
What's wrong
with eggplant, honey?
It's been eggplant
for the last 11 years.
I like eggplant.
I love eggplant.
I'm just saying,
what's the big deal?
Maybe it is
a big deal to me.
SARAH: Well, if you care
about it so much,
maybe you could talk to me
about it once in a while.
Could you two
give us a minute?
-No, Nick...
-No, it's fine.
Serge, don't. No.
-I wouldn't.
Please. Serge, I...
-SERGE: Come on, Nick.
Look, I just wanted to say...
Listen, I am...
What happened with your wife
at that Christmas party,
it was a one-off.
You know, party,
booze, going crazy...
I mean,
let's not sugarcoat it.
We've all been there.
We've all done it.
You've done it.
-I've done it?
-From your office?
She told you about Penny?
Well, I guess she had
to talk to someone.
Come on, Nico,
you've been dipping
in the honeypot yourself,
you slick bastard.
Slurping away at the...
SARAH: Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Hey, Serge, are you okay?
Why'd you hit my husband?
Ask her.
Oh, shit!
The Russians are coming!
Come on! Come on!
Dad, is everything okay?
Dad, what's up?
I love you.
That's the first time
you've ever told me that.
Did I ever tell you
how much I love you?
If you have,
then I've forgotten.
But don't take it personally.
Where's Sandra?
She took off
for a couple days.
She'll be back.
Why would she do that?
-Did you two get in a fight?
You can tell me.
I'm your father.
Dad, don't you
remember anything?
It's all gone.
There's just a hole in there.
It's never clear.
It is never clear
how it will progress.
Rapid deterioration
may be followed
by a long period of stability.
Your father likes
to hide his confusion
behind humor,
which I find intelligent,
very likable.
But what you need
to ask yourself is this...
Are you prepared
to take care of him?
Dealing with someone
with dementia
is a full-time job
and it's not easy.
If you reach the point...
Rather, when you
reach the point
when you realize
you can no longer
give your father
the care that he needs,
you will have to consider
the alternatives
before the situation
becomes critical.
I understand, Mr. Ross.
I really do.
My father had dementia, too.
I'm afraid there are
no ideal outcomes
in this kind of situation.
There are simply
least worst ones.
The best thing you
can do right now is
find a good home for him
and get his name on the list.
Leighton Fisher.
Hi, Pam. Can I
speak with my dad?
Oh, I'm afraid he's not here,
Is he at lunch?
No, no, he's gone for the day.
-I think he went to look
at a nursing home.
-A what?
For your grandpa.
Yep, yeah, that was it.
What? No.
Dad wouldn't do that.
Maybe I got it wrong.
No way.
WOMAN: I'll be honest,
Mr. Ross.
Few residents
really want to move here.
And some do slide backwards,
faced with
an unfamiliar environment.
But they adjust.
We make sure they have
a routine, which helps,
and lots of activities.
And they often
make new friends,
which is nice.
-Excuse me.
-Of course.
What the...
-(WHISPERS) Hilda, no!
I'm Hilda.
You can call me Bunny.
-We met at the theater,
didn't we?
Or was it the opera?
La traviata!
No, I think
you're mistaking me
for someone else.
You're American!
-Hasn't he got
a lovely accent?
-He has, yes.
Shall we have
a bit of a shag?
-Just a little one?
-Okay, okay, Hilda.
That's enough now.
-That's enough now.
That's enough now.
-Well, think about it.
-Or we could do it in the...
You may be aware that
inappropriate sexual behavior
can be an issue
with Alzheimer's.
Hilda's one of our
more challenging cases,
but we keep
a close eye on things.
And we would ensure
your father is shielded
from female attention
as far as possible.
Well, that's the last thing
he's gonna want, trust me.
You might wanna
shield them from him.
-How am I gonna tell him?
He won't understand.
Think about what it's like
when children go to nursery
for the first time.
They cry and throw
themselves on the floor.
And after just three days
or so, you can't get them
to leave the place.
You have no reason
to feel guilty
if you decide
to have your father
looked after by other people.
In fact, it will
be good for him.
Mr. Ross,
it's a difficult decision,
but please don't be concerned.
We keep our residents safe
and we do everything we can
to make them happy.
What are you
thinking about, Grandpa?
Venice? Tell me again
how the pigeon pooped
on Grandma's Caprese salad.
Grandma and I wanted
to take you to Venice
when you were older.
We wanted to show you
where we...
Where we fell in...
Show you where we...
To see where...
Did you know
that Pittsburgh has
more bridges than Venice?
I don't believe you.
Shall we go see for ourselves?
-To Pittsburgh?
-To Venice, silly.
I can't even find
my way to the...
What if we went
I'm no good anymore,
at anything.
I'm worthless.
No, you're not, Grandpa.
I love you.
-Can I talk to Sarah?
-It's about time.
-Can I talk to her?
-She's asleep.
-At this time?
She's barely slept
the last few nights.
Why haven't you called?
Maybe 'cause I'm not
the one who left.
Don't play
the macho card with me.
You're the one
who ruined her party,
and made sure that everyone
found out about what happened
between her and Serge.
Good work. Simply astounding.
-NICK: I'm sorry.
-Well, you tell her that.
Well, that's why I'm here.
How's Amadeus?
He's worse.
I think I'll put
the kettle on.
We're all out of tea,
so I thought
this might do the trick.
-It's a martini.
It's a martini glass
you're looking at, and if
that's all you're gonna do,
-I'm gonna go back upstairs.
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for being a dick.
I'm sorry I punched the guy,
although he had it coming,
and I'd do it again.
I just want you to come home.
I just want to make
everything better.
(WHISPERING) Why is Grandpa
sleeping in your bed?
He had a bad dream.
He thought that the Russians
were coming again.
You're a really
wonderful girl,
you know that?
I'm very proud of you.
See, I can take care of him.
You don't have to
put him in a home.
Grandpa can't stay
in the house on his own
anymore. You know that.
It's too dangerous
for him now.
You want to put him
in a home, too.
No, I want him to be somewhere
where he's safe and happy.
Happy? Happy in a home?
Well, why don't you
put me in a home?
-I would be happy in a home.
-Tilda, that's not fair.
The place Dad's found
is so nice,
and it's really close by,
and we can go every day
and visit him,
and pick him up
and take him out
on fun days out.
Fun days out?
I barely even know
what a fun day out is.
-You and Dad
are always working.
-Well, we'll work less.
-That's what you said
last year.
-It's all gonna be okay.
I promise.
Okay, well, good night.
MATILDA: "I promise you."
Mom and Dad have
promised me a million times
that they'll work less,
but they never actually do it.
It's just work, work, work
for them.
Back in Connecticut,
Smilla's dad said that
the worst thing
parents can do
is to make promises
to their children
and not keep them.
I stayed awake all night
and thought about
what Dr. Edwards said,
and about Grandpa,
and about the fact
that he needs a purpose.
That's why
I had to take things
in my own hands.
Wake up, wake up.
-They're back?
-No, they're still sleeping.
As long as the enemy
is sleeping,
we're safe, then.
Exactly. Now let's go
conquer Italy.
I have to go to surgery.
No, you're not, Grandpa.
You're on a holiday.
Outside in 10 minutes,
all right?
What are you
looking for, Grandpa?
Someone stole the steering,
the steering thing.
It's on this side, Grandpa.
This is England, remember?
Why did the Siamese twins
move to England?
-I don't know.
-So the other one could drive.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Grandpa, I can't drive.
Boy, I can't remember
how the...
The, you know...
It's an automatic, Grandpa.
You have to put your foot
on the brake.
Push that.
Purrs like a kitten.
Now, the gas.
Oh, my God!
Nick! Nick!
I think that was reverse.
No shit, Sherlock.
-Sherlock who?
-Holmes, silly.
I think we're being robbed!
You... Get up!
You've gotta get up!
You're gotta come
downstairs. Come on!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
I need your danger
I need your harm
So pull me closer
Bring me down
when all is broken
So do you wanna
sit on my lap and steer
like we did on the tractor?
No, Grandpa, I have to
keep my seat belt on.
-Get out of the way!
it's a one-way street!
I know it's a one-way street!
But they don't know that!
It's the damn English drivers!
Get out of my way!
Bring it on!
-Grandpa, it's a red light!
-I can see that.
What are you doing?
It's a green light.
That's when I have to stop.
Two tickets
to Venice, please,
on the London
to Venice Express.
-Okay. Age?
then you get 20% off.
That will be 6,824, please.
Is there a problem, miss?
CLERK: If you'd just
like to enter your PIN.
Are you sure?
Battle of Verdun.
-First World War.
It's all gone through.
Enjoy Venice.
Thank you very much.
So, hang on.
You're... It's a...
-A tentative
missing persons search?
-That's all you can do?
-That's pretty weak.
-Well, that's what it is.
The child's in the care
of an adult.
A barely functioning adult,
as I've explained to you.
He's more likely
to be in her care,
for God's sake!
You remember him,
he was in here
a couple of months ago
looking for his dead wife!
-I don't.
-Well, have you got
Alzheimer's, too?
Not that I'm aware of.
Perhaps you could
be more helpful, then?
-I'm trying to help, okay?
-Carry on.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Please, be my guest.
-Your father...
-Not really.
-Your father drove off
with your daughter.
Do you want us to send
a helicopter
with an infrared camera
or something?
That would be great.
-That would be fantastic.
-I mean, your father
is a grown man.
No, not really.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you so much
for all your help.
-My pleasure. Good luck.
-SARAH: Great help!
Another happy customer. Wow.
Do you know how much I...
Do you know...
You know I...
You're a smart girl.
Just like your dad.
Very smart.
I wasn't always
a very good father.
Well, you're
an excellent grandpa.
How is everything?
Very good food.
Thank you, that's very kind
of you, sir.
AMADEUS: It's just that
it all comes in
huge hunks.
I mean...
It's very hard...
-Hard to handle.
I know. The size of steaks
these days,
it's just ridiculous.
What about a pizza?
And I promise
to have it cut up for you.
That's great!
That's a great idea.
You're a very nice man.
-I think
you're very nice, too.
-MATILDA: I agree.
Always an honor to have
a veteran on board, sir.
SARAH: "Today, I talked
to Dr. Edwards for ages
"about Grandpa and Alzheimer's
and happiness and joy.
"Joy is the most
important thing
for our brain.
"It's like the best kind
of fertilizer.
"It helps the brain grow
and repairs it
when it breaks down.
"Dr. Edwards says
you can only reach your goals
"if you find joy
in pursuing them.
"Many old people no longer
have goals because they have
no one to bring joy to,
"and no one is proud of them.
"No one needs them.
That's why they get sick.
"Their brains shrivel up
and they can't repair it
"because they don't
have fun anymore.
"Maybe Mom and Dad should have
visited Grandma and Grandpa
more often,
"but they couldn't
because they always
had to work so much.
"When Grandma died,
Grandpa didn't have
a purpose anymore.
"But if I can give him
a new purpose
"and make him feel
that I really need him,
"then maybe he'll get better."
Can I help you, sir?
That's a nice watch
you have there.
It belonged to my father.
Well, make sure
you give it back to him.
AMADEUS: I'm back.
Oh, Maggie,
I love your breasts.
Get off me, you old pervert!
-What's going on here?
-He tried to rape me.
-Who are you?
-Who are you?
I'm very sorry.
He is my grandpa.
He has Alzheimer's.
It was nice meeting you.
Amadeus. Amadeus Alzheimer's.
-Dirk. Dirk Nowitzky.
-Dirk Nowitzky?
-Well, you're much shorter
than you are on TV.
I'm really, really sorry
for the mix-up.
-He didn't mean it.
-It's okay.
It was a pleasure
to meet you, Mr. Nowitzky.
By the way,
your wife
is so soft and nice to touch.
I see green and yellow
MATILDA: Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Me and Grandpa are great.
From the clouds above
-Do you know
where the thing is? Toilet?
-Right in here.
Thanks. Okay.
Like we are armed with love
And all the suckers
on the ground
will see us lighting up
Oh, shit! Grandpa!
Come on, Tilda!
And all the suckers
on the ground
will see us lighting up
And all the suckers
on the ground
will see us lighting up
With their hands tied
-This way!
Save yourself,
I'll hold them off!
No, we're going to Venice!
I'll be holding you
I'll be holding you
When our time is up
and we're on the ground
I'll be holding you
I'll be holding you
When our time is up
and we're on the ground
We are armed with love
-What now?
-We'll just wait here
until they've gone.
Oh, that's good thinking.
-I have to take a wee.
-All right.
I have to sit down
on that toilet.
Okay, sit down, then.
Oh! Oh.
Well, you should sit down.
Yes, Grandpa.
Maggie used to sit down, too.
-MATILDA: Really?
No one's there.
-Poop on them.
-MATILDA: Yeah. Poop on them.
See you tomorrow.
Or maybe the day after.
-Love you. Bye.
Very sweet.
So your dad and your daughter
are on a train,
having a day out.
-That's right.
-Yes, and you're gonna
find that train.
Madam, there are
a lot of trains
in this country.
You know, all sort of
whizzing around.
Or not.
Depends on who runs
the rail franchise.
As I explained,
our daughter is 10 years old.
And her grandfather
has dementia.
He's very forgetful.
Happens to us all, madam.
This morning I forgot
where I'd left my car keys.
My wife says I'd lose my head
if it wasn't screwed on,
you know?
Are you saying you're not
gonna help us find our child?
Is that what you're saying?
I've contacted
the British Transport Police.
Okay? But a child
on a trip with her grandpa
is not really a priority.
The Transport Police
will let us know as soon as
they've been located.
-But look, there are a lot--
-A lot of trains.
-Yes, you said.
-NICK: Right.
A lot of trains, look,
we'll call
the credit card companies,
maybe they'll be cooperative.
-Thank you.
-Smart thinking, sir.
Very smart.
Do let us know
if you ever need a job.
MAN: Hello?
Who's there?
It's the prime minister
of Sweden.
I really got to take a leak.
Oh, no...
Uh, Prime Minister,
(STAMMERS) you...
This is not
a good restroom for you,
Prime Minister.
Hey, buddy.
Just open the door.
(SOFTLY) Um...
(SIGHS) It doesn't work.
Just turn the lock
to the left.
-The left?
Turn the lock to the left.
-Is it the police?
It's the Swedish
prime minister.
We should tidy up a bit.
Come on, guys. I'm joking.
I'm Mickey. I'm the janitor.
You're the girl
that stopped that train.
Oh, and you're the...
You're the grandfather
with the Alzheimer's?
"Alzheimer"? Who?
Who has Alzheimer's?
Are they looking for us?
Oh, sweetheart,
this is Bolzano.
You stopped the London
to Venice Express.
That makes you headline news.
Well, I had to do it.
Or I'd have lost my grandpa.
Well, then,
it's perfectly reasonable.
Who has Alzheimer's?
Wait. You're American.
-I sure as hell am.
-Then what are you doing here?
I promised to leave
if they made
that nincompoop president.
-So I left.
I'm actually working on
a secret plan to free Melania.
I think she'd like that.
-Where are you from?
But now we live in London.
We immigrated.
Can you please help us?
Of course.
We immigrants,
we gotta stick together.
What are you doing?
I can't sleep.
Yeah, I know. I can't either.
Hey, are you still
looking for that honey?
Oh, my goodness!
What a rascal!
I must have asked him
a hundred times
if he had seen my honey.
You want to know
what he said?
What did he say?
"I'm allergic to honey."
What a mess.
You want a whiskey?
It's nice to be nice
to each other again.
You think we fight
more than other couples do?
-You do?
Yes, I think
we definitely fight
a lot more than other couples.
Why is that?
It's our parents' fault,
I guess.
-You know what I think?
-What do you think?
I think it's because
we care for each other.
And that's why.
-Who is it?
-Nothing. It's not her.
-Who is it?
-It's Serge.
-Yes, he says to say hi.
He says to say hi.
Yes, you can read it
if you want.
Oh. "Hi, Serge.
How's your jaw, asswipe?"
(SNORTS) Stop it.
That's not funny.
Poor Serge
is having a terrible time.
-"Poor Serge is having
a terrible time"?
His wife's had him transferred
to the Huopalahti office.
She had him transferred?
Yes, her father
owns the company.
Where's Huopalalalapah?
-Huopalahti is
outside Helsinki.
Yeah, I thought
you might quite like
that piece of information.
How come
you didn't get transferred?
Turns out that
I was just the last
in quite a long
string of indiscretions.
that must feel
really horrible.
-Almost kind of humiliating.
-No. Not really, no.
-You sure?
-I'm fine. I hate you.
-No, you don't.
-I do. I really do.
I hate you.
-No, you don't. You love me.
-I hate... I don't.
No, I love Serge.
-No, you love me.
-I hate you.
-I hate you so much.
-You love me.
-You love me.
-I love you a tiny bit.
Hi, I'm Mickey.
I'm from Schenectady,
New York.
Now I live here in Bolzano.
I was in stocks,
now I'm a janitor.
Just get to the point, Mickey.
Anyway. This is to say,
dear Nick and, uh...
What's your mother
called again?
Dear Nick and Sandra,
your daughter has asked me
to let you know
that she and Amadeus here
are doing great
and you mustn't worry.
As soon as they get
to the City of Love,
she will give you a call.
Go pick them up.
"City of Love"?
-What's wrong with that?
-It's cheesy.
Just do it again
and say Venice.
Oh, no, bella.
I'm a one-take kind of guy.
Besides, my hair looks
great in that shot.
-Did... Did you just send it?
Wake up.
MATILDA: You weren't
supposed to send it
until we'd actually
gone there
because now they're gonna
know where we're going!
I... I just said
"City of Love."
That could be Paris
as well as Venice.
Right, so I'm traveling
from London to Paris
via South Tyrol?
Why not? I mean, you go
from Austin to Seattle
via New York.
-Oh. There he is. Hey!
-SARAH: Venice?
Our daughter
has very expensive taste.
I wonder
where that comes from.
-Your side.
What is that?
Eh, I brought
the cavalry. Mmm.
ALL: Hey!
Buenas noches, amigos.
Buenos dias.
"Noches" is night.
I don't see a moon, do you?
Okay, Professor. Huh.
So these are
our master criminals?
MICKEY: Yeah, this is them.
I am Murali,
your getaway driver.
Better get in the back
of the truck now.
Why can't we
sit in the front?
Because you'll be seen.
And look at me.
I will be controlled for sure.
Avanti, avanti.
We've to get going before
they close the borders.
They don't have borders
in the EU anymore.
-Is that so?
-MATILDA: Come on.
MICKEY: Good luck, my friend.
I hope you and your grandpa
make it to Venice.
Thank you for everything.
-Stay safe.
Ugh. It smells
horrible in here.
Oh! I love the smell.
Oh, you're such
a lovely girl, aren't you?
How can you tell it's a girl?
I'm a veterinarian, remember?
I can tell by her face.
She's got balls.
Certainly not on her face,
that's for sure.
Oh, shit! The pigs!
What did I tell you?
-What's going on?
MURALI: Hello,
good afternoon.
What can I
do for you, officers?
You can hand him
your driver's license
and the vehicle documents.
-You heard him.
-Oh, definitely, of course.
Hey, whoa.
You're not talking back
to the chief, eh? No.
OFFICER: What have you
got back there?
-Oh, sheep.
What did you just say?
Hey, you don't
"baa" to me, capito?
All right. So can I go?
No, of course you can't.
Step out of the
car and open up.
MURALI: Oh, oh.
Actually, I don't
think it would be a great idea
to disturb them right now.
Out of the vehicle
and open up.
Why is the ledge down?
I could write you
a ticket for that.
Must have happened
when you stopped me.
Damn clever, that girl.
Oh, that sheep, I mean.
One of them is
bloody clever, I know it.
Just haven't worked out
which one it is yet.
But I call you first
when I find out.
Perumal. Murali Perumal.
I think it's time
that I told you
I'm a fan of your universe
And every shade
that you offer
It's different
But I know it works
I'm addicted to the magic
And the glow
of the city lights
I felt it
in my veins, just
Didn't know
how to say it right
When I look at you
When I look at you I see
When I look at you I see
I see
Uh, how long
will you be staying?
Uh, we're not really sure.
Okay, let's see.
-We only have the suites left.
That will be 1,800 euros.
Are you joking? Come on,
let's go somewhere else.
Honey, no, no,
we'll stay here.
-This is ridiculous!
-NICK: Honey,
we can handle it.
Just pretend it's lira.
-Thank you.
Thank you very much.
-Thank you so much.
-Enjoy your stay.
-SARAH: Thank you.
We've run out of bread.
Look at all these lines!
How's anybody supposed
to find their way around this?
We can share this.
You can have it.
I'm in the mood for sheep.
-See him?
-We could catch one.
-No, Grandpa.
We're not having any sheep.
-A little sheep?
-A half a little one?
-A half of a little teeny...
A little teeny itsy-bitsy one?
No, Grandpa. (CHUCKLES)
A little itsy-bitsy teeny...
Here. You can have
half of this.
I don't like pomegranates.
Are you scared of being dead?
I think I am.
You still have
a day or two
before it's your turn.
No, I think...
I think I'm scared
of you dying.
Don't be, because
Grandma and I'll
always be up there,
watching over you.
And we'll be so proud of you.
Any time you miss me,
all you have to do is
look up there.
Did you say something?
I just said
I love you, Grandpa.
Ciao, bella.
Can I help you?
We're hungry.
Well, I would love to give
those tomatoes to you,
but they're for
the farmers' market in Venice.
Come inside. Let's find you
something to eat.
Where are the tomatoes?
I was looking forward
to tomato salad.
The tomatoes were for
the market, Mr. Ross.
I know a joke
about farmers' market.
A nun goes
to this farmer's market,
he's selling vegetables,
and she says to the farmer,
"I would like a cucumber."
And the farmer says,
"Well, take two cucumbers."
(CHUCKLES) And she says,
"Why two cucumbers?"
The farmer says to the nun,
"Well, then you'll have
another one to eat!"
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Well, if she eats one,
then she'll have the other
she can use--
To eat the next day.
Um, so what do you guys
do here all day?
-Could I explain
my joke, please?
-No, Grandpa.
Um, is it true that you
are not allowed to have sex?
That is right, my child.
We live in chastity.
See, that's what I was
saying about the cucumber!
What's chastity?
Well, we abstain
from loving a man,
and we do not allow ourselves
to be loved by one.
We reserve that place for God.
You are, sort of,
all married to God?
Yes, you could
say that, my child.
So, no one can get jealous
or cheat on each other?
Is it okay with you
if my parents come here?
Well, yes, of course.
But why do you
ask that, my child?
I just think they could
learn a lot from you all.
NUN: In purgatory,
we get the chance
to have our sins forgiven.
To make ourselves pure again.
So that God can
receive us in heaven.
-Do you believe in heaven?
-Of course.
Only heaven makes
our lives complete.
And when we die,
we all live there
together with God.
Do you think my grandpa
will go to heaven?
From what you've told me
about your grandfather,
I'm sure he will.
You know, Matilda,
what you are doing
for your grandfather
is extraordinary.
You are a very special girl.
Are you looking
for someone, Grandpa?
Margaret. Have you seen her?
It's my...
It's my grandma. She, uh...
She went to heaven.
Come on, I'll help you.
-AMADEUS: That's right.
-Where is she?
We'll find her.
Grandpa, I found her.
But you went somewhere
I couldn't follow you.
And I've been...
looking for you for so...
So long. (SOBS)
You're so beautiful.
I love you so much.
So much.
Make a move now
Start a fistfight
Honestly, I don't know
Where we're going
But give it full rein
Drink it all
Till it makes sense
We're alive
I see riots in your eyes
Constellations of goodbyes
And cannonballs
Exploding all around us
What on earth
are you talking about?
(CHUCKLING) He's speaking
Italian, Granny!
Doesn't sound
like Italian to me.
Thank you.
Come on, they're not
from around here.
You gave me more hair.
Look at your teeth.
I see riots in your eyes
Constellations of goodbyes
And cannonballs
Exploding all around us
I surrender
I surrender
But, signorina, the booking
was for two days ago.
Now, the room is gone.
We got delayed.
And my grandpa,
he's really tired.
Can we please
have a different room?
But we only have
one suite left, and, um...
CLERK: It's quite expensive.
That's okay.
I have Grandpa's credit card.
Hmm. Well, then,
it's 2,400 euro.
The PIN number, sir.
Battle of Verdun.
Ecco. Room number 19, sir.
Why do all Italian men
grow mustaches?
Because they want to
look like their mothers.
MATILDA: Grandpa!
My friend Nerdy
told me that one!
-That's a good one.
-I know.
Number 19.
Just like their mothers!
Who are you?
There's somebody here
in the mirror.
It's watching us.
He does everything I do.
You see?
That's you, Grandpa,
and that's me.
It's our reflections.
Go away!
-Um, Grandpa?
-Get out!
-Better to use this.
You have to use
the other half. Here.
I don't like this guy.
You know...
I learn so much from you.
That was the funnest day,
the most coolest day
of my life, really.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Grandpa.
Yeah, me too.
SARAH: Fourteen hotels
and no one's
heard of anything.
Are we sure they were
even going to Venice?
I'm trying to remember
what was the name
of the place
where he stayed
when he came here
with my mom
on their honeymoon.
Was it the Lido?
Was it St. Mark's Square?
To tell you the truth,
I kind of zoned out
when he would go on about it.
As awful as these
few days have been,
I feel like we're on
the same side again.
Like we used to be.
(CHUCKLES) We're a team.
Do you hear the birds?
Oh, that doesn't
sound good.
You, I heard you cry.
Are you sick?
I can help.
I'm a veterinarian.
The bird is sick.
Yeah, he's a little green.
You get it?
I made a joke like you.
Well, not like yours.
Your joke was so funny, sir.
I told everybody here.
Which way is the beach?
Oh, the beach is at the Lido.
-Is everything okay, sir?
Can I help you with something?
-Yeah, but you
can't go there now.
It's the middle
of the night! Sir!
Um, have you
seen my grandpa?
Uh... Grand... Grand...
-The one with the dog, right?
-Yes, yes.
-Left. Right.
Okay? You go out...
...and you take a boat.
I think it's time
that I told you
I'm a fan
of your universe
And every shade
that you offer
It's different
But I know it works
-Buongiorno, signorina.
-Where can I take you?
-To the Lido.
And to the Lido it is.
I felt it
in my veins, just
Didn't know
how to say it right
When I look at you
When I look at you I see
No! No!
Are you okay?
I don't know you.
Yes, you do.
I'm your little princess.
And we have the
same last name. Ross.
Go away!
Go away.
Come on, it's time to go back
to the hotel.
Go away. Go away.
Get away.
(SOFTLY) Please.
"For Tilda.
"The day will come
"when I won't remember
that you...
"But whatever happens,
"you must
remember one thing,
"above all else,
"that I love you,
"and you are
the most wonderful princess
"I could ever wish for."
-I think we should
ring the police.
Are you okay?
Oh, my goodness!
-NICK: Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
-Oh, my...
-Where's Grandpa?
This view is just incredible.
I'll have another
one of these.
Do you remember you
came here with Mom
on your honeymoon?
Here. Shall I help you
with that?
-Oh, I'm...
-Don't feed me.
I'm not a child.
-No, I'm...
Sorry. I know.
I'm sorry.
I can feed myself.
Don't they have anything
to drink around here?
Oh, God, I'm hungry.
Will you let me
help you? Please?
Just a little bit?
-How was it? Good?
-Mmm, mmm...
-Want some more?
Yeah? Here you go.
Mmm, mmm...
(CHUCKLES) "Gooey"? It is.
-Deliciously gooey.
-Gooey and wet.
MATILDA: Before we
flew back to London,
we stayed up until midnight
to watch the big
Redentore fireworks.
We had a ball.
Although, Grandpa thought
this show was nothing
compared to his fireworks
at the garden party.
Nine months later,
I got a little brother.
Mom said we should
name him Amadeus
after Grandpa.
I don't think Grandpa
really understood
that, though.
He kept asking
what the baby was called
and where he came from.
But I think Grandpa
did understand
that Mom and Dad had
more time for him
because they always
kept their promise
and tried to work less.
I always played Grandpa
his favorite songs
from when he was young.
Dr. Edwards told me music
has an unmatched power
to completely transform
the lives
of people with Alzheimer's.
Music can really heal
them for a moment,
and bring them back to us.
Grandpa stayed with us
for a while
after our trip to Venice.
We had a caregiver come in
and help us with him.
Grandpa liked her a lot.
But eventually,
she decided to leave us.
Grandpa liked
her blouse too much.
When Grandpa
went into the home,
we'd often visit him.
Mom usually got him
the honey ice cream
he loved so much.
Sometimes he liked it,
and sometimes he thought
it was much too cold.
That's the son.
I know.
HILDA: How would you know?
Because he looks like my son.
-MATILDA: Dr. Edwards told me
Alzheimer's patients
feel more than we know.
He said they need affection,
so spending as much
time with them as possible
is important.
On our very last outing,
there was a huge storm.
It was a massive downpour,
like heaven was crying.
But we?
We just sat
at our table in the garden
and laughed.
The next day,
his heart stopped beating.
And I'm so happy that
I was there at that moment.
Actually, I was
with him every day,
except the day when I
got my tonsils removed.
"The recent stalemate
in Congress
"led critics to the state
"that for some congressmen,
"party has become
more important
"than the business
of the House."
Man, this is so boring.
(WEAKLY) You got that right.
Do you know who I am?
Of course I do.
You're my little principessa.
MATILDA: And then,
he was gone.
(SNIFFLES) Grandpa.
-(MOUTHING) Come on.
-Let's go.
Goodbye, you old rascal.
I'll see you upstairs.
PRIEST: There is an appointed
time for everything,
and a time for every affair
under the heavens.
There is a time
to give birth,
and a time to die.
A time to weep,
and a time to laugh.
A time to embrace
and a time to
be far from embraces.
A time to be silent,
and a time to speak.
A time to plant,
and a time to
uproot the plant.
Where's Tilda?
(WHISPERS) She's over there.
She didn't want
to see the burial.
Did you say
something, Grandpa?
I see green and yellow
From the clouds above
Nothing's gonna stop us
We're armed with love
And all the suckers
on the ground
Will see us lighting up
With their hands tied
I'll be holding you
When our time is up
and we're on the ground
I'll be holding you
With the weather turning
There's nowhere to run
I can feel us burning
But I see the sun
And all the suckers
on the ground
Will see us lighting up
And all the suckers
on the ground
Will see us lighting up
And all the suckers
on the ground
Will see us lighting up
With their hands tied
I'll be holding you
All the way down
All the way down
I'll be holding you
I'll be holding you
When our time is up
And we're on the ground
I'll be holding you
I'll be holding you
When our time is up
And we're on the ground
I'll be holding you
We're armed with love
You love is bright as ever
Even in the shadows
Baby, kiss me
Before they
turn the lights out
Your heart is glowing
And I'm crashing into you
Baby, kiss me
Before they
turn the lights out
Before they
turn the lights out
Baby, love me lights out
In the darkest night
In the darkest night
Search through the crowd
Search through the crowd
Your face is all I see
I'll give you everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, turn my lights out
We don't have forever
Oh, baby
Daylight's wasting
Oh, baby, kiss me
Before our time is run out
Nobody sees what we see
They're just
hopelessly gazing
Oh, baby take me in
Before they turn
the lights out
Before our time is run out
Baby, love me lights out
In the darkest night
In the darkest night
Search through the crowd
Search through the crowd
Your face is all I see
I'll give you everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, turn my lights out
I love you like XO
I love you like XO, oh
You love me, boy, XO
You love me like XO, oh
All that I see
Give me your everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
You can turn my lights out
In the darkest night
In the darkest night
Search through the crowd
Search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
Give me your everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, turn my lights out
In the darkest night
In the darkest night
Search through the crowd
Search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
Give me your everything
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, love me lights out
Baby, turn my lights out