Head On (1998) Movie Script

[upbeat music]
[radio static]
[radio announcer]
...Promised land.
But for the many
who are welcoming to the soil,
there are those who influence
or gained entrance into the country
and can offer nothing.
[radio static]
...resounds to 100 strange tongues.
[radio static]
[upbeat music]
[speaking indistinctly]
[cheering and whooping]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[cheers and applause]
[Ari voice-over] They tell you
that God is dead, but man,
they still want you
to have a purpose.
They say look at your parents,
hard-working migrants.
Worked two jobs.
Struggle all your life,
buy your kids a house.
There, that's purpose.
They tell you to be a doctor, a teacher.
Be creative, do something,
believe in something.
Believe in family and the future.
Save the world.
Believe in love.
But fuck it.
I'm no scholar.
I'm no worker, I'm no poet.
[tires screech]
-Show us your cunt!
-Fuck you, dick face.
-Hey, Ari.
Where are you going?
[upbeat music]
[water rushing]
[inhales deeply]
[sighs deeply]
[inhales sharply]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
["You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate plays]
[muffled speech]
[man] Yeah, OK.
[Ari sighs]
[muffled speech continues]
- [Peter] Ma, he's fine, Ma.
-Your mother's going to kill you.
-He just got drunk and stayed over.
-Ari, this is Sean,
he just moved in.
Makin' love to me
I believe in miracles...
-Making coffee, sis?
-I'm not your sister.
[mouths silently]
-He's not up yet.
Mama, I am home.
-With Janet?
[mouths silently]
No, look, we can't today, Mama.
[Peter] - We've got to go and study at the
Yeah, OK.
Yes, OK, bye.
Mum's going to kill you.
-You want to eat?
- Let him get his own food.
- Hey, he's my brother.
Every day
needing love and satisfaction
Now you're lying next to me
Giving it to me...
- I believe in miracles
Where you from?
You sexy thing, you sexy thing.
- Fuck off.
-You want some?
-No, I gotta go.
[funky pop music plays on stereo]
Fuck, everyone owns a Madonna record.
Yeah, well, nobody plays them anymore.
Like the Stones.
-I still play the Stones.
-So do I.
Keep it.
[funky pop music]
[Ari chuckles] She was the first one
to flash off her cunt though, wasn't she?
Like she was really proud of it.
What's wrong?
-You remind me of someone.
- [Sean] I don't know.
[chuckles] I don't know, someone.
How come you Greeks
always bullshit to your parents?
You know,
"I'm sorry, Mrs Vouliss,
I know it's midnight,
but Peter's still studying at the library.
-You have to lie.
-Because if you tell a wog the truth,
they use it against you.
-Why don't you move out of home?
-No money.
-Get a job.
-Get fucked.
What job?
You all right?
What'd I do to her?
-Maybe she likes you.
-Yeah, most Anglo women
can't stand the sight of us.
They don't like the way we smell.
They look at us
and all they see is a hairy back.
-Man, you're paranoid.
-Have a nice day.
There, did you see that?
-Peter's taking me
to some Greek club tonight.
The Steki.
Do you ever go?
-Yeah, sometimes.
-You be there tonight?
-I'm going out with some friends.
Maybe we'll come later.
-Thanks for walking me.
-That's cool.
Hey Ari.
I know you remind me of.
That guy from The Grifters,
you know, what's his name?
- John Cusack.
- That's it.
I love that fucking film.
["I Wanna Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic
Calm plays]
Wanna tell you that I'm feeling closer
-I was with Panagiotis.
-Where have you been?
Why didn't you ring?
-I was with Panagiotis.
He rang first thing.
-That was hours ago, Ari, my god.
-I love you, Mum.
[Ari] What are you grabbing me for?
[Sophia] He never comes home.
-Leave me alone.
Let go of me.
Let go of me!
[bangs on door]
-Don't bang on the door like that.
[speaking Greek]
Leave him.
Leave him.
[door slams]
Ari, please.
You should have phoned.
-I'm sorry, Mama.
- [Sophia] Ari, I fought with your
but I always respected him.
["I Wanna Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic
Calm plays]
Wanna push it right over the line
I wanna push it right over the line
The line that you draw
when you draw me near
The line that you draw
when you draw me near
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want
I want to leave you far behind
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want
I want to leave you far behind
I wanna take you on a roller coaster
I wanna tell you
that I'm feeling closer
I wanna push you right over the line
I wanna push it right over the line
The line that you draw
when you draw me near
The line that you draw
when you draw me near
I want, I want, I want, I want
I want to leave you far behind
[man] The touchstone
of modern democracy.
For liberty, for equality, for eternity.
Windows on the greenhouse
They're painted yellow like the doors
See the child who sits in wonder
At this brightly colored scene.
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
-Hey Joe, it's me.
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah, I'm on my way, bye.
[upbeat music]
[music fades]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering in foreign language]
[upbeat music]
[both grunting]
[man breathes heavily]
[upbeat music]
[violin plays]
["I Wanna Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic
Calm plays]
-Can you lend me some money?
You got any left?
Come on, I'm hot.
-That's all I've got till payday.
Toula's being taken out tonight.
My boss's brother-in-law.
[Ari] Is he Croat as well?
-Yeah, a draper.
Hairy all over, big muscles.
-Maybe he's big all over.
[background chatter]
[both] Ooh!
I'm going to get a coffee, all right?
[speaks in foreign language]
-Hey, Costa.
[background chatter]
[speaks in Greek]
-He's still trying
to convince the comrades
that Mark predicted the shit fights
in the Balkans.
[men chatting and laughing]
- [Costa] What about you, Ari?
Still surplus labour?
[Costa] What's the matter?
[all speaking in foreign language]
-Hey, Joe.
-How much?
-Personal delivery.
How much?
-Great expense to the management,
60 bucks.
-You're ripping me off, man.
-No way, man.
Hey, you know where we should go tonight?
-I'm not going back
to that poofter place.
-What's the matter, mate?
You scared some guy's gonna hit on you?
-Fuck off, fuck off. Fuck.
What about Steki?
We haven't been there in ages.
-Come on, we're going to Chaser's.
-It's full of dumb fuck wogs.
-So is Steki.
-Hey, come on, mate,
that bouzouki player there's great.
-I don't know, Ari.
Dina really wants to go to Chaser's.
-Fuck Joe, since when
did Dina start making decisions?
[upbeat music]
[woman] Ari.
-Flying high, Ari?
-Where's Betty?
[both laugh]
-Mmm. Yum.
-Employee of the month.
-That's great, Tia.
-Slow down, you'll burn your mouth.
-Here, read mine first.
-Like your priorities, sis.
[Alex] You're giving me the shits.
-I can see a snake
being trodden on by someone.
-Hey, that's a good sign.
-What's the job, Mum?
Garbage collector? [laughs]
-There's no one, Tia.
[Joe] Nah, Ari, I know the one.
We met her last week, what's her name?
The one with the hair.
-Stella, that's it.
-There's no Stella, Tia, he's kidding.
-No, no, no, Ari man,
I reckon she could...
-That's enough, get out, both of you.
Something's troubling you.
-I'm moving out.
I'm serious, Tia.
-You're too young.
Get a job.
Wait until you have money of your own.
The cups don't lie.
I saw the face.
-I'm not.
-Find a girl.
Get married.
[upbeat music]
-What do you think?
-You look gorgeous.
I believe it to the day I die
She could always make me cry
Singing her sweet lullabies
And all that I could see
Lights on the brimming sea
Sad, so sad
I'll make my life there
So long
Gonna come out
See you later
There's lots going on inside.
-How many guys you reckon you fucked?
-I don't know.
Hundreds, I suppose.
-You ever been in love?
-Every time, sugar.
-No, I mean really in love.
-Love is a beautiful thing, Ari.
It's the way I live
Dancing in the sky
Sign of water
I'm your daughter
Lots of feathers, fluffy and pink...
-You know sometimes...
when you're in the middle of a fuck,
you look into that person's eyes.
I've seen things, you know.
I've felt things.
Nice things.
But then I blow and that's it.
No more nice things,
I just wanna get the fuck out of there.
-You're such a slut.
Come out with me tonight.
I'll get rid of the crier.
Let's go dancing.
I'm going to the Steki.
-Who with?
-Joe and his girlfriend.
-Why do you still
hang around with that malaka?
[door opens]
[man] Johnny.
[speaking in foreign language]
[man replies in foreign language]
-Shit, Johnny.
You got a job yet?
-No, you?
No job.
Fucked up country, Ari.
Fucked up country.
-He's good.
[door shuts]
I will.
Thanks, Tia.
-Go fuck yourself,
you drunk as fuck animal.
Just get used to it.
You fuck a few girls for me tonight, huh?
We'll go out tomorrow night.
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
[knocking on door]
[Alex] It's me.
-Hey, you look sexy.
-Where you going?
-I'm seeing Charlie.
Can you drop me off?
-Does Mum know?
-I told her I was going out with you.
We're gonna fuck tonight.
You don't like him, do you?
-I don't trust him.
[Sophia] Dinner's ready.
-I'm not hungry.
-I'm not gonna tell you what to do.
-Does this mean I get my vibrator back?
Gonna see tonight
Wanna tell you she's out of sight...
-I couldn't remember
when this song came out.
-You always say that.
As if we care,
you didn't even write the bloody song.
Want a whisky?
Doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo
I'm walking home
I'm walking home
To you.
[speaks Greek]
[music stops]
-I think I can feel a Greek record
coming on.
[upbeat Greek music]
[singing in Greek]
[speaks Greek]
[Sophia exclaims in Greek]
[Sophia and Dimitri speaking in Greek]
[singing in Greek]
-In the good old days with Vassilli, eh?
He sends his regards to you.
He'd really like to see you, Dad.
It's not his fault.
Johnny's got a right to live his life.
Because he's my friend.
-Ari, you still going dancing
with Joe and Dina tonight?
No way.
No way, I got the right to do what I want.
Bullshit, bullshit!
[keys jangle]
[door slams]
-Where are you going tonight?
-I told you.
-You're too young to be going out.
-I don't want a lecture.
-This house feels like a prison.
-I've worked hard
all my life for you kids
and you have all let me down.
-Mum, live your own life.
For Christ's sake,
stop living it through us.
[door slams]
-What, Ari? What?
-Yes, Mama?
-It's your job to look after your sister.
For me.
Look after her tonight.
[upbeat music and indistinct chatter]
-Tell them, Joe.
Go on, tell them.
Joe and I are getting engaged.
-When did this happen?
-Couple of days ago.
-We only just decided.
[chuckles] Cool.
-We're not going to rush into
getting married or anything, but you know.
-That's great.
Congratulations, eh?
[upbeat pop song]
[music stops]
[theme from Shaft plays]
-What'd you take that one off for?
-Be friendly, Ari, huh?
-You think I'm a dumb fuck wog, don't you?
-Never said that.
-Yeah, but that's what you think.
-Yeah, OK, so you're a wog.
-Oh my god, how embarrassing.
I like this song.
[background chatter]
-You really know what you want, Dina?
-What's there to know, Ari?
-Don't you want to have new experiences?
-Well, when Joe and I get married
I'd like to go to Greece.
-Why don't you go now?
-I can't go now.
-Why wait?
-I can't go on my own.
-Go on.
Go on.
[theme from Shaft continues]
Don't you want to be free?
-No, Ari.
I just want to muck around.
Have fun, enjoy my friends, that's all.
-Sometimes I feel like screaming,
like singing.
Do you ever feel like that?
[chuckles] I can't sing.
Oh no, ask Joe.
I cannot sing.
[both laugh]
-Why do you want to marry Joe?
-I love him.
I guess.
[Alex] You guys must be right off your
-The fuck you doing smoking inside?
This place stinks.
-Do you want some speed?
I said if I'm in luck
I just might get picked up
I said I'm fishin' trick
and you can call it what you want then
I said I'm wigglin' my fanny
I want you dancing
I'm movin' it, movin' it...
-You seen that film, The Grifters?
-Yeah, Anjelica Huston was so cool.
-You reckon I look like John Cusack?
Say you will, say you will
Oh if I'm walking like I should
maybe you might pick me up
If I'm looking real good
maybe you might pick me up
Or if I know what to say
maybe you might pick me up
If I met you tonight babe
maybe you might pick me up
Take me home, take me home with you
Take me home
Baby please take me home
Take me home with you, take me home
I said if I'm in luck
maybe you might pick me up
All I wanna do
is just love you a little bit
So come on, say you will, say you will
Baby say you will
Take me home, take me home
Will you take me home
[both panting]
All I wanna do
is just love you a little bit
I said if I'm in luck
maybe you might pick me up
Come on, take me home
Take me home
Take me home
Take me home, take me home with you
Take me home...
[breathing becoming heavier]
Say you will, say you will
If I'm in luck
maybe you might pick me up
Take me home, take me home with you
Oh, if I'm in luck
maybe you might pick me up
Say you will, say you will,
say you will baby
Take me home, take me home with you
Take me home.
-Would you rather I was John Cusack?
[Ari] Dyke. Lezzo.
Chill out, will you? Chill out.
-Poofter, poofter.
-Poofter, poofter.
-Chill out.
Chill out.
-Poofter, poofter.
Poofter, poofter, poofter.
Poofter, poofter.
I'm glad you don't act like a faggot, Ari.
-I'm a man.
And I take it up the ass.
Of course you do, you're Greek.
We all take it up the ass.
Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck!
Fucking life.
[Betty] - I hate this fucking life!
I hate this fucking life!
Fucking hate it.
[woman singing outside]
[singing in foreign language]
[continues singing]
- [Sophia] Ari.
What did you tell Tasia?
-What, nothing.
-Why did you tell her
you're leaving home?
-I didn't.
-Don't lie to me.
-It's no big deal, Mama.
Yeah, well that's his problem.
-But I won't be able to see you.
-What if I went to Greece?
Mum, there's no work here.
Maybe I could get work in Greece.
-Ari, please don't say that.
I couldn't stop worrying
if you were in Greece forever.
-It wouldn't be forever,
just for a year or so.
-Excuse me, Tia.
[speaking in foreign language]
[Dimitri laughs]
[speaking in Greek]
-Actually we're getting engaged.
-Thanks, thanks.
[speaking in Greek]
[speaking cheerfully in Greek]
[laughing and whooping]
[loud rock music]
[music turns off]
[girl groans]
-Ari, turn it on.
Turn it back on.
[distant pulsating dance music]
[church bells ring]
[heavy rock music]
-Don't like her friends.
[heavy rock music]
-Fuck, this place is full of Arabs.
-Hmm! Youth of the north.
[car horn toots]
-Face it, motherfuckers.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-Stop it, Ari.
-You're not in Europe anymore.
This isn't Asia, motherfuckers.
This isn't Africa.
Pray, pray to God, pray to Allah,
pray to Buddha, pray the fuck to whatever,
it doesn't matter.
Pray day and night,
'cause nothing's gonna save your kids now.
-You tell 'em, Ari.
-Fucking wogs.
Fucking wogs.
[heavy rock music]
[revving engine]
-Come on, I'll walk you over.
All right, you come to Steki later.
We'll be there until late, all right?
-You and Charlie.
[Charlie] Hey everybody,
this is Ari, Alex's big brother.
How are you, Alex?
[laughter stops]
[breathes deeply]
[upbeat music]
[woman singing in foreign language]
[indistinct chatter]
[greets man]
-I'm going to get a drink.
-Go and find a table.
Don't tell Dina about the speed.
She thinks we cut everything but dope.
-Yeah, sure.
-Do you want to go do some now?
-Maybe later.
[upbeat music continues]
[Ari] Pint and a whisky.
[woman continues singing
in foreign language]
[speaking indistinctly]
[Peter] How are you?
[Ari] Where's Janet?
-Look, I don't care.
Mandela's still a hero.
-With friends. She hates wog crowds.
-When it comes to power,
color does not matter.
-They intimidate her.
Hey everyone,
this is Ari, my little brother.
-Aw, agree with me for once, you pig.
[Peter] Sit.
[crowd applauds singer]
[Sean] You made it.
Ari, this is Ariadne.
-Pleased to meet you, Ari.
Anyway, there shouldn't be any barriers.
The idea of a nation state's
a thing of the past.
[man] But immigration should be cut back.
It's an ecological argument.
[man] We're the driest continent on
this earth.
-That bullshit feeds into racism, George.
-George, you're sounding like
an anally retentive skip, mate.
It's too late, they've already let us in.
The barbarians are inside the gates.
-That's what wrong with this country.
Everyone hates everyone.
The skips hate the wogs.
The wogs hate the Asians.
-And everyone hates the blacks.
-Yeah, exactly.
-You don't even know any Kooris.
-What's that got to do with it?
I fight racism wherever I see it.
-Whether it's the Greeks, the Italians.
-Fuck the wogs.
-The Vietnamese.
-Fuck the gooks.
-Or the Kooris.
-Fuck the boongs.
-What's your problem?
What are you, Ari?
Some kind of wanker?
-Hey, maybe I'm a barbarian.
[Peter laughs]
[Peter] Bravo, a Greek barbarian.
-Oh. So fuck everyone else.
But you're proud to be Greek.
-Proud to be Greek?
I had nothing to do with it.
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering and whistling]
-Where have you been?
We're meant to be celebrating.
Joe won't dance with me.
-Joe doesn't do Greek dancing.
-You should learn.
[cheers and applause]
-Don't drink so much.
-Fuck, Ari.
-Sit down, you're pissed.
I told you not to have another one.
-Give me a kiss.
[Joe] What the fuck are you doing?
-You all right?
What are you doing here?
[Dina] Let go of me.
[Betty] Stop asking me questions.
-Don't touch me.
-Got some quick?
[woman singing in foreign language]
[crowd singing a response]
[sniffs and sighs]
[singing in foreign language]
-I love you, Betty.
[Joe] Betty?
[woman] Fuck off, you moron.
-Fuck off!
-Fuck off and leave us alone.
-What are you doing?
-Get out!
Just get out, you prick.
Fuck you, Joe.
-What the fuck
are you giving her drugs for?
She skitzes out!
-Jesus, Joe, fucking relax.
You know,
you're turning into a real dickhead.
-You better fucking apologize.
Grow up, Ari.
-Get a job.
-Ah yes sir, no sir,
can I have a raise, sir?
Can I have a day off, sir?
My wife's having a baby, sir.
They've offered you a house, haven't they?
Given you a big, fat, juicy deposit,
haven't they, Joe?
Marriage all arranged, is it?
You think they're going to let you
walk down the aisle of a Greek church
with your little crew cut
in a fucking Greek church?
No fucking way, mate.
-I want to marry Dina.
-Yeah, since when?
-I'm embarrassed to be seen with you.
-What did you say to me?
What did you say?
[upbeat music]
[Ari breathing heavily]
[man grunting]
[breathing quickens]
-Pull me.
[breathing heavily]
[man whimpers]
[Ari grunting]
[Ari grunts]
[panting and moaning]
[zips up]
[upbeat music]
-Fuck politics, let's dance.
[upbeat music]
[woman sings in foreign language]
[crowd whistling and cheering]
[singing in foreign language]
[cheers and applause]
[upbeat music]
[woman singing in foreign language]
[cheers and applause]
-You dance well.
[Johnny] You're so beautiful when you
-What the fuck are you doing here?
[men yelling in foreign language]
[scattered laughter]
Play something.
I want to dance.
[man] Hey mate, who's your girlfriend?
[woman howls]
[upbeat music]
[scattered laughter]
[glass shatters]
Where are you going?
I'm sorry.
-There's nothing
for you to be sorry about.
-Yes there is.
-Where's Ariadne?
-She's very beautiful.
-So are you.
[Toula] Ari.
They loved me.
They wanted more.
-You're crazy, Johnny.
-Johnny's not here.
It's the girl's night out.
-It's too much.
It's too much!
-Never ever say anything is too much.
It's Toula, honey.
Pleased to meet you, Toula.
I'm Sean.
-It was my mother's name.
And you've met Persephone.
[Johnny] You know the story of
Persephone, don't you?
She spends half her time in hell
and the other half in the real world.
Trouble is,
she doesn't know what's real anymore.
-She doesn't know where she belongs.
[speaks Greek]
-What do you expect me to do, huh?
Dress like a putana?
-Apologize to Toula.
Never get involved with a Greek.
We're all mad.
Totally fucked up.
Crazy, hey Ari?
Let's go to the poofters.
Let's go dancing.
-You want to come?
-Sure, where?
-Three Faces, honey.
Come on, hop in.
-I'll meet you there, OK?
-You can get out at the corner.
You're not coming with me.
-Don't be mad, Ari.
Mama's arranged everything.
-Where are we going?
-Three Faces, Commercial Road, thanks.
[tires screech]
[Toula and cab driver
chatting indistinctly]
[cab driver] You have boyfriend?
-No, I don't. [chuckles]
[cab driver] No? A pretty girl like you?
[woman] Who is it?
-Hi, sorry to wake you.
My name is Ari, I'm Alex's brother.
-What you doing here?
-Is Charlie's home, with my sister?
-Charlie's not home.
It's very late.
Why you come here?
-Do you know where he is
or where they went?
-They don't tell me nothing.
They could be anywhere.
Why you don't look after your sister?
-Alex is a good girl.
-You not happy she go with Lebanese.
-I'm sorry.
You wait here.
[door shuts]
Let go of me, man.
Let go, get your hands off me.
-Fuck off!
[Ari] Piece of shit.
[Alex] Stop it.
-Get out of the car, piece of shit.
- [Charlie] Fuck off.
- [Ari] Get out of the car.
[Alex] Leave it!
You're worse than Dad, just stop it.
[both men panting]
Ari, I'm OK.
-Fucking crazy man,
what the fuck's wrong with you?
[Alex] Leave him, Ari.
Leave him.
I'm OK, OK?
Everything's cool.
-Sure you're all right?
-Come on, Ari.
Lover boy's waiting.
-Please, Ari, just go.
-Can you hurry up please?
-He'll be there.
-You Greek?
-Sure are.
Just two Greek girls
looking for a good night out.
-What are you?
-Your great-grandfather
raped my great-grandmother.
-You like Greek music?
[Greek music plays on radio]
-I love this song.
It's so fucking cute.
-You don't even know
what this song's about.
-You know this song?
The road has its own story.
There is one word painted on the wall.
-They say the story
was written by the youth.
-That's very romantic.
-It's important to remember.
Those students struggled.
They gave up their lives.
-Polytechnic is history.
It happened a long time ago.
[cab driver] It was not so long ago.
-It's a pity they all forgot
what the struggle was for.
Some people talk about it.
Some people live it.
- [Johnny] You Turks are just like the
One life and it's all politics.
- [taxi driver] Shit.
[speaking foreign language]
What have I taken?
-A cocktail, sugar.
Something to make you fly.
-Don't say anything, Johnny.
-You realize
you just went through a red light, driver?
-I need to see your driver's license,
[cab driver] Yes sir.
-Excuse me, is there a problem, officer?
[Toula oinks]
[Ari oinks]
[both laugh]
-Fuck, this room is white.
-What about the chairs?
Have you ever seen chairs this color?
-Carpet used to be this color.
[both laugh]
[Ari oinks]
[mimicking] Ooh!
-They had no right
to look in a girl's handbag.
It's private.
[door opens]
You're Greek, aren't you?
[door opens and shuts]
-You realize the possession of drugs
is a serious offense.
Take it you're Toula.
Hey Chris, isn't that your wife's name?
-We got the right to talk to a lawyer.
-Shut your mouth.
-The hash is mine.
He doesn't know anything about it.
-You hear that?
Your girlfriend wants to take the rap.
-I'm not his girlfriend.
We're family, sugar.
-Don't "sugar" me, cunt.
Give a fuck what you are.
Stand up.
Stand up.
You working tonight, Toula?
-I'm not a prostitute.
-Where'd you get the money for the hash?
-I won it in a card game.
-You can't keep us here.
[cocks gun]
- [police officer] How'd you like me
to stick a knife in your hand, cunt,
and tell the coroner you pulled it on me?
[breathing heavily]
-Move to the center of the room.
Do it now!
Remove your clothes.
Your underwear.
I said your underwear.
-You better help her along.
Seeing she knows you.
Come on, cunt, come on.
That's right, shit stick.
You're going to enjoy this.
Remove the rest of your underwear.
-Just do it!
[cries out in pain]
-Get up!
[fabric tears]
[Toula groans]
You fucking whore.
Piece of shit.
[blows landing]
Putana, putana!
You're a fucking whore.
Look at you.
[Toula whimpering]
-You're a disgrace.
[blows landing]
[officer yelling in Greek]
Piece of shit.
You're scum.
[screaming in Greek]
Whore, whore!
You fucking whore!
-Should have kept quiet, Johnny.
For once in your fucking life,
you should have just kept your mouth shut.
-Haven't we always said
what we hate about the wogs
is that they're gutless?
-What are you doing?
-Get down.
Every time you keep your mouth shut,
every time you keep quiet,
that's where you'll stay.
-My truth is my own.
-You have to stand up against all the shit
and all the hypocrisy.
It's the only way to make a difference.
-Get away from me.
I'm coming home with you.
-Toula can look after herself.
-I want to come.
What could I do?
[Ari] What could I do?
[dramatic music]
[muffled laughter and conversation]
[muffled man's voice] Putana!
[upbeat dance music]
[upbeat dance music]
[breathing heavily]
[muffled upbeat dance music]
[inhales deeply]
[sudden loud vibration]
[breathing heavily]
[vibration fades]
[muffled dance music resumes]
[breathes heavily]
-Not here, Ari.
-Do me now.
Do it now.
-Come with me.
[muffled dance music]
[distant sirens]
[both breathing heavily]
[belt hits floor]
[both breathing heavily]
I think I'm falling in love with you, Ari.
[breathing heavily]
[breathing quickens]
[Sean gagging]
Ari, fuck!
[punch lands]
[Sean cries out]
[both panting]
- [Sean] Fuck, you fucking freak.
Come on, you fucker.
Think you're tough?
You think you're tough?
You look at me.
Look at me!
Fucking piece of shit.
Get out.
[door slams]
[softly] I'm sorry.
[breath shaking]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[crying] I'm sorry.
[muffled upbeat music]
[Ari voice-over]
I'm a whore, a dog, and a cunt.
My father's insults make me strong.
I accept them all.
I'm sliding toward the sewer.
I'm not struggling.
I can smell the shit.
But I'm still breathing.
I'm gonna live my life.
I'm not gonna make a difference.
I'm not gonna change a thing.
No one's gonna remember me when I'm dead.
[serious music]
I'm a sailor...
and a whore.
And I will be until the end of the world.
[dramatic music]
["Loaded" by Primal Scream plays]
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
[man] We want to be free
to do what we want to do.
[song continues]
Ah yeah
- [man] We want to be free
to do what we want to do.
[song continues]
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
I don't wanna lose your love
Just what is it that you want to do?
[man] We want to get loaded
and we want to have a good time.