Headgame (2018) Movie Script

Let me be very clear
with all of you.
One of you in this room
is going to die.
Welcome to Headgame.
Out you go, little guy.
-Okay, how do I look?
Hot, rich guy asks you out
at the gym.
Why cant that happen to me?
It's bad luck to open that
in the house.
Okay, hes here.
I got to go.
I love you.
Have fun...
Oh, I wouldn't
Be surprised
If somebody pinched me
And I opened my eyes
To find out
You were just my design
One step from a dream
Inside of my mind
We got two more states
to drive through.
I was going to say,
where are we going?
Were in the middle
of nowhere.
I know we are,
and its getting
really hot right now.
I hold you
So close to me
did you have
a good time tonight?
Me, too.
I hope were able
to do it again sometime.
Somebody pinched me
And I opened my eyes
To find out
You were just my design
One step from a dream
Inside of my mind
Hey, do you want to meet
some friends of mine?
I'm betting
you'll fit right in.
So, what do you say?
Are you game?
Yeah, I'm game.
I thought you might be.
Now the game is set.
Lets meet our players.
This is Jackson.
Strong-willed, motivated,
extremely confident.
I've done McKinley, K2,
Kilimanjaro, and Everest.
This year I'm doing
Puncak Jaya and Kosciuszko.
Next year I'll do Mt. Vinson
to finish off Seven Summits.
Typically excels
in high-stress situations,
although I dont imagine
hes ever had to deal
with anything like this.
Nevertheless, hes...
I think so.
And he knows it.
Here is Anton.
He spent five years
in the South African military
before coming
to the States.
Physically dominant
with an extensive
weapons background.
This is Keith "the Thief."
Everything about him
is a lie.
Deceptive and crafty,
he'll be whatever he needs
to be in order to survive.
I've got to show you this.
Put that down.
Here we go.
Okay, loosen up.
Up, up, loosen up.
Ow! Fuck, man!
Anton also knows jujitsu.
Yeah, I was on tour for a while.
I was even nationally ranked.
I love tennis.
We should play sometime.
Leah doesnt
play well with others.
I'd crush you.
from the tennis circuit
after assaulting
a line judge,
shes extremely competitive.
Leah does not like
to lose.
This is Nick.
"Iron Man" Nick.
Marina is bringing Nick,
the iron man.
Hes a triathlete.
Very durable and just
an all-around nice guy.
-Oh, a triathlete.
-Yeah, thats right.
Nice. Ever climb the Y?
Oh, yeah. Three times.
All right.
skip dinner with Cat.
She wont be much
for conversation.
Her vocal cords were crushed
in an accident
that killed both her parents.
Shes a gymnast
and incredibly agile.
I'll get you a drink.
Who are you here with?
- Victors date is Sarah.
- Hes cute.
An orphan with the anxiety
disorder trichotillomania.
she pulls her hair out.
No athletic history.
She probably wont
be around long.
Shes also a bit awkward.
I dont really know
anyone here.
You know me.
Lets do this!
Carly is bringing Mike,
"Magic Mike."
Hes a male escort,
so I cant imagine
it was too hard
to get him to come.
And, finally,
my piece is Jackie.
Shes the new teacher
at my yoga studio.
She teaches that yoga serves us
so that we may serve others.
You must love yourself
so you can spread that love
everywhere, to everyone.
Im still working
on that part.
What is this stuff?
It's a bottle of vintage.
You'll love it.
Good luck, everyone.
To our guests.
Every one of you
was invited here for a reason.
Now, while at first glance
those reasons are obvious--
Beauty, strength,
whats not quite so obvious
are the qualities
lurking beneath
such glowing exteriors.
Where better to reveal
those hidden qualities
than in the exciting
new arena of friendship.
To new friends.
For a night
you cant remember.
And a day you cant forget.
You fascinate me, Jackie.
And I havent felt that
in a long, long time.
What is this on my head?
Some sort of lens.
What did they do?
Good morning.
I hope everyone
slept soundly.
You have a big day
ahead of you.
What the fuck?
This is a game.
You have one night
to complete it.
Somewhere in this space
is a key.
There is also
a very special door.
To win the game, find the key
and unlock the door to freedom.
But only one of you
can win.
What does that mean?
It means were fucked.
I'm out of here.
Help me, assholes!
- Come on...
- It's welded shut.
The door will only open
when one survivor remains
and the others are all dead.
I'm not playing.
We're not playing.
You hear me?
Were not playing!
You can take your twisted
Hunger Game fantasy
somewhere else.
Your third eye cameras allow us
to see everything you see.
Do not manipulate
these cameras.
If you obstruct or obscure
the lens in any way...
This is bullshit!
What the hell?
Wait, wait, wait,
what are you doing?
I'm taking this thing off!
Oh, my God.
As you can see,
each camera contains
a vial of acid.
After 12 hours, the acid
will degrade those vials
and you will suffer
the same fate as your friend.
Only if you win the game
and escape
can the camera
be safely removed.
For those of you tempted
to do nothing
and sit the game out,
that is not an option.
The game begins...
Hey! guys?
What should we do?
What do you think?
I'm not going to stay here
with the dead guy and the puke.
Betting is open.
Place your chips.
Kris, let's see some data.
This round is now closed.
This place is like a maze.
I feel like weve been
going around in circles.
Hey, what do you do
for a living?
I'm a yoga teacher.
And youre a climber?
You play tennis.
I'm a tennis pro.
Tennis pro.
Big guy,
youre obviously in shape.
What do you do?
Personal trainer.
And youre a marathoner?
- Triathlete.
So we all have some sort
of physical prowess.
Well, I cant do a push-up
to save my life.
And she can barely
stand up.
I work out.
Takes a dump
on your theory.
Theyre never going
to let us out of here.
Yeah, well, we all know
what the solution is, huh?
Why dont
you just relax?
Hey, I'm relaxed, bubbles.
Why don't you relax, huh?
You mean we have to kill
each other?
No. I refuse to accept that.
None of it matters.
The only thing that matters
is that clock ticking down,
and this little conversations
a fucking waste of time.
What the fuck?
Thats disgusting.
Lets keep moving.
Theres something in here.
Now what?
We just leave it.
Hey, hey,
what are you doing?
lm just taking
a look, okay?
- Guys, don't.
- I'm not doing anything.
Yeah, thats right,
youre not.
What are you,
the boss now?
No, I'm just trying
to contain the situation.
Contain the situation?
What a douche.
Okay, okay, all right.
Lets just...
lets just move on.
Okay? Move on.
There are going to be
other weapons.
And we'll leave those, too,
and we'll work together.
Were not animals.
Can you help me out here?
Whatever you do,
just be sure about it.
What, are you
going to follow this guy?
Guys, this is not
Please, just...
just...just think
for a second.
Okay. Lets think.
Lets group think, huh?
All boils down
to one simple question:
do you believe in this thing,
in whats going on?
Do you believe whats going on
around you, huh?
Do you believe whats going
to happen to us
if we dont do anything?
Yes or no?
When that meathead
had his face melt off,
we all knew the answer.
So the real question is
what are you going to do?
I want to live.
We all want to live.
Oh, well,
thats the rub.
Only one of us
get out of here alive.
No. I believe
theres another way.
No, you dont.
what I think we should do is--
Shh! Shh!
Theres two sides
to every coin, okay?
What we want to do
and what we dont want to do.
And what I dont want to do
is listen
to another fucking thing
coming out of your mouth.
No, no!
No. No, no, no, no.
No, no, please!
Oh= my God!
I cant believe it.
I cant fucking believe it.
Lets get
out of here.
Kill me later...
after we clean house.
I dont want to be here.
I dont want to die.
Listen to me.
Youre not going to die, okay?
I promise.
Were going to find
a way out, okay?
Were all going to go home.
I promise.
Hey, hey,
check this out.
Some kind of message.
Like a clue?
Yeah, exactly like a clue.
It looks like a baseball.
Why a baseball?
What do you
think it means?
It's got to mean
It must mean something.
Ah! Oh, my God! Nick!
What in the...?
What is this place?
That bitch on the P.A. mentioned
something about a key
and a door.
I got this.
How do you feel
about it?
Killing someone?
It happened pretty fast,
you know?
Are you okay?
I knew it meant
Oh, wow.
Uh...uh, yeah.
We need to get
the hell out of here.
No killing.
I'm not going
to kill anyone.
I cant say the same
for everyone else.
It was you or him.
I just want to get
the fuck out of here.
How do you feel
about it?
It was unavoidable.
A police badge.
Musical note.
could mean sun.
Why not?
Good job, Sarah.
Whatever it is,
lets just be careful.
It's a ruse.
Theyre trying to keep us
in one spot.
Yeah. Fuck!
Lets get the fuck out of here.
I dont-- I dont want
to go down there.
I'm sure it's fine.
Did you see that?
Down this way.
Do you see that?
These lights.
They aren't random.
It's a pattern.
Theres got to be something
valuable on the other side.
Maybe the way out.
How can you be so sure?
Because thats how
these sick bastards work.
Okay, so theres...
seven sections
of the hallway.
I'm going to call out
which one the light falls on,
and you remember
the sequence.
-I dont understand.
-You dont have to understand.
-But you do. You got it?
-Got it.
Youre going to call out the
numbers, remember the sequence.
- Two.
- Two.
- Five.
- Five.
Shes playing, man.
Less than six hours remain.
Weve got to go.
I dont know what youre doing,
but we need to go right now.
Okay. Those sequence of numbers
I counted, what were they?
Two, five, three, six.
- Youre sure?
- Yes.
Okay, we start with you,
and we stay in the light.
Everyone stand tight to me.
When I move, you move.
And we stay out of the dark,
no matter what.
Five, five, five!
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
All right.
We did it. We did it.
She totally owned
your shadow trap.
No ones ever
done that before.
Are you happy
about it?
Never said that.
Plah. Shes filler.
Like the rodent
and the misfit.
Ground meat to feed
the beasts.
Shes not
a real challenger.
You never know.
Want to bet she dies next?
I dont bet.
I run the odds so you can.
With nothing at stake.
How convenient.
Like it matters
if I bet or not.
Tell me, when was
the last time Victor won?
I've never lost.
Thats just as important.
Sad, Victor.
Most play to win.
You play not to lose.
Take it easy
on the vapor spikes, cowboy.
Might increase your chances
of not losing.
I could out-spike you
any day of the week.
Now that is a wager
I'm willing to take.
You gonna let him
bitch you out?
Come on, Vic.
-Lets do it.
- Yes?
- Yeah! Lets do it!
Which way do we go?
Lets kill these fuckers.
Do you have any pets, Jackie?
I have a dog at home.
A Maltese.
Shes probably wondering
where I am.
We need
to go home now, Jackie.
I know, Sarah.
Were going to figure
something out.
I promise.
Why did they do this to us?
Because were not
like them.
Were good people.
Some people...
are just empty inside.
They dont feel anything.
For anyone.
I believe were all
born good.
Somewhere along the way...
...something turned them
into monsters.
Whats your story, Nick?
They died
a long time ago.
Sarah, how about you?
I havent talked
to my family in a long time.
I bet everyone here
is just like us.
No family.
A bunch of lost souls.
Lets go.
Someone will come
looking for us.
lfaln pattering]
And even if they did...
theyre probably not in time.
Theyre watching us,
arent they?
It's okay.
Getting in the mood,
are we?
It's a shame
she has to die.
I wonder whos going
to kill her.
You think its going
to be her, dont you?
Well, thanks for the tip.
That doesnt look good.
Wait, let me see.
A key,
It's phosphorescent paint.
Black light.
It just ends.
There it is.
Whos going up there?
We dont have time
for this.
Lets go.
Kriss girl
is going to get the key...
unless she falls
in the hole first.
Jackie, careful.
-Jackie, please be careful.
-I see it.
Dont look down.
Can you hear that?
- They there.
- Shh.
{Safahl 0h, my God!
- 0h, my God!
Be careful.
Come on.
Lets go say hello.
Looks like were going
to get a fight.
I got it. I got it.
Whoa, good job.
I got it. I got it.
I got this.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Sarah, climb up here.
You'll be safe with me.
Come on, get it!
I'm going to kill you!
You give me that key!
Get to fucking you up. Come on!
dont look down, okay?
Just come to me.
It's Sarah, right?
Come here.
Come to me.
Give me your hand
and youll be safe.
Dont listen
to a word she says.
It's not safe out there.
You know I'm right.
Just look down.
Dont listen to her,
Dont listen to her.
The fall
will kill you, Sarah.
Please, just make
your way towards me, Sarah.
- You don't want to die, do you?
- -I'm here for you.
- I'll protect you.
- -I'll help you get out of here.
Give me the key
and I'll let you live.
I can help you
get out of here.
- Please come to me.
- Give me the key!
I'll protect you, Sarah.
I just want to go home.
I just want to go home.
Keith, go get the key!
Let go.
It's over.
You bitch!
You fucking bitch.
Oh, my God.
Say hi to Sarah for me.
Help me, please.
Help me, please.
Where is the key?
I havent found
the goddamn key.
Well, | ets find it.
Theres no key.
The other chick
must have got here first.
Well, lets get them.
How come you didnt
get here first?
I didnt come this way.
Bullshit. I took the same
staircase you did.
It practically
led me right here.
How could you miss it?
Youre hiding something.
Wheres the key?
I dont have it.
I dont have it.
Then who does?
I told you,
that quiet bitch.
She took
the other staircase,
which clearly
doesnt lead here.
Youre lying.
Search him.
What the fuck is this?
I found it.
I found it in the barrel.
What were you
gonna do with that, huh?
Stab us in the back?
So you dont have the key?
And you dont know who does?
No, I swear.
Then youre useless to us.
You silly little bitch!
Shes alive.
Shes fucking alive?
I dont want to fight you.
I dont understand.
Have you seen Nick?
Okay, lets...
lets find him.
Thats hot.
Lets make it
a little hotter.
You smell that?
Dont move!
Youre hurt.
Let us help you.
Shut up.
You think losers like us
were brought here to win?
Were meant to die.
for the asshole overlords
while contenders like her
fight it out.
Were sideshow freaks.
Were intermission.
This isnt you.
You dont have to do this.
You and your
"glass half full" bullshit.
You dont know me.
My glass...
my glass is full of blood.
There it is.
The door, we found it.
-lts locked.
-Oh, come on.
Now what?
Let them come to us.
- Okay, sit here.
- It's okay.
Shh, just let me
take a look.
You going to look around?
Okay. Be careful.
And dont leave
without us.
What are you doing?
I'm going to re-dress it.
I see you picked up
a stray.
You trust her?
Shes just like us.
Scared and wants to get
out of here alive.
It's not much, but...
...it'll help.
It's perfect. Thanks.
You saved my life.
And you took one.
I just ran
as fast as I could.
Almost on time.
But I knew in that split second
I had a choice to make.
Kill him, or let you die.
And I'm not going
to let you die.
Come on.
If thats the door,
they still need the key.
Theyre waiting us out.
Okay, look,
Anton is the main threat.
So you draw him
towards me,
keep the key away
from him,
the dirty work.
She thinks I'm dead.
Let's use that to our advantage.
I need you to take
your clothes off.
You wait here in case
he circles back around.
Still alive, Jackie?
Thats too bad.
We have to go.
Come on.
Youre going to be okay.
Were gonna get out of here.
I swear, Nick.
Come on.
Somebody do something!
Please, no, no.
Player termination.
Down to our
final three players.
Going somewhere?
I'm not going
I dont think
any of us are.
The door will only open
when one survivor remains.
You have to kill me.
No, I cant.
I cant do that.
I wouldn't do that.
I'm dying-.
So just save yourself.
Nick... | cant.
I dont want to do that.
I cant do that.
You cant let
both of us die.
They'll win.
Dont let it happen.
So just do it.
Go on.
Let me figure something out.
I'm gonna figure something out.
Time is running out, Jackie.
We did it.
We did it.
What did you do?
What did you do?
All right, its okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's over.
It's over. It's over.
It's over.
It's over. You won.
You won. You won.
You won.
I cant...l cant...
I cant...
Quite the surprise.
Better luck next time, Carlo.
Shh. It's okay. Relax.
Dont touch me.
Dont touch me.
Where am I?
Youre safe.
Dont fucking touch me!
Youre safe now.
Youve been reborn.
Youre free to do
whatever you want to do,
be whoever
you want to be.
How could you
do this to me?
Who are you?
Everyone brings a piece
to the game.
You were mine.
Are you game?
I'm game.
I'm just like you.
Were all just like you.
Youre one of us now.
What do you mean,
"one of us"?
You might not remember.
You were initiated,
We have rules in this game.
And our loser must die...
Help! Somebody!
...at the hands
of the winner.
Help me!
Somebody, help me!
This feeling
is natural.
-Help me!
- | t | l pass.
Help me!
If you want to go...
Were not going
to stop you.
But theres something
you should know.
Your roommate.
They havent
found the killer.
But theyre looking.
Thats your name, right?
Theyre looking for you.
Your prints
were all over it.
And you havent
been seen since.
So if you want to go...
By all means.
Quite the game.
You were watching?
We always are.
You know that, Kris.
Did you win?
But I didnt lose.
I'm here about the girl.
Shes recovering.
Not as quickly
as some of the others.
Shell be well
soon enough.
Will she?
I've never seen someone
like her win before.
She inspired hope
where there was none.
She outsmarted
and she outfought.
She was a sheep...
meant to die.
But she didnt.
She won.
Shes not like
the others, Kris.
And we're not convinced that
she'll become a team player.
So we want her dealt with
You cant do that.
She won the game. Shes worthy.
Shes more than worthy.
I'm absolutely sure of it.
But were not.
And thats all that matters.
Are you familiar with the term
"ade | phophagy," Kris?
It literally means
"to eat ones brother."
Sand sharks.
They do this in the womb.
Devour their siblings
so they grow strong enough
to survive in the wild.
The dominant shark,
there is no instinct
to help or to hope.
Only to kill
or to be killed.
And that instinct...
starts before
theyre even born.
Ask the elders
to reconsider.
In all my time
running this game,
I have never asked them
for anything.
I believe I've earned
their trust.
She will come around,
and when she does,
she will be special.
We need someone like her.
We need?
Or you need?
She will be your responsibility
from now on, son.
If she is to stay...
she will be the one...
to cut the dead weight
from our ranks.
The game...
how did it start?
is a very long
and old story.
I can tell you
how it started for me.
It started with a feeling.
This intense feeling of...
being alive...
for the first time.
I think ever since then,
I've been chasing after that.
Then why dont you bet?
Because I run the game.
They say its quite an honor.
They say a lot of things.
But dont worry about me.
You get to bet.
Just make sure
you dont lose.
I'd rather help you
run the game.
I mean, if its okay
with the others.
It's okay because
I say it's okay.
I cant tell you
how happy that makes me.
In fact...
that calls for a drink.
Uh...but last time...
Trust me.
It's okay.
ltll pass.
I want you here with me.
It doesnt do anything
for me anymore.
I wish it did.
I miss it.
Well, what does?
Come on, I want you to...
I want you to feel
what I feel.
You mix this.
Three parts vodka
to one part.
For the game.
But this...
is the real deal.
I forgot
how that feels.
For a night you cant
and a day
you cant forget.
Good morning.
I hope everyone
got a good nights rest.
Kris? Kris?
your time here
is running out.
Enjoy your last
90 seconds
on this earth.
This is not a game.
Please dont.
There is no magic key.
There is no special door
for you to find.
There is no winner.
There is no escape.
that was...
How do you feel, Jackie?
So now what?
Well, thats up to you.
This is endgame.
And it ends...