Headshot (2016) Movie Script

Take the guns. You're all free now. Okay?
Thank you, boss.
Now, this is a real gun.
What the fuck?
Sorry, the sutures aren't that great.
Who did this to you?
And who are you?
That'll work.
I'm sorry. I didn't want to do this.
Excuse me...
Where am I?
You're in a hospital.
You've been here for a while.
Any relatives? Family?
How about your name?
What about your real name?
Be right back.
Everything will be all right.
I'm sorry.
Ishmael, you can get up now.
What's this for?
It's just a precaution.
Thanks, doctor.
You can call me Ailin.
Anyway, let's get you dressed.
What's wrong, doctor? Tired?
Nothing, nothing. Let's go.
So, do you remember anything?
I see shadows.
But nothing feels familiar.
Just over there.
That's where Romli found you.
That's him right there, Romli.
It's him you should be grateful to.
Don't be so tense.
Now let's eat. I'm starving.
Where is he, huh?
Patience, boss.
It won't be long now.
- That's it, I'm out of here.
- Hold on...
Patience. It's the essence of success.
Please, sit. Sit down.
Okay, then. I'm digging in.
Now, this is tasty.
Want some?
I respect you.
So, I'll get straight to the point.
I'm cutting you loose.
Come again?
Your guns... Chinese junk.
And this...
Diluted crap.
I wanted to do business with you
because of your reputation.
Lee, the sea devil.
Lee, the father from hell.
You see, getting rid of you
will give me a certain reputation, too.
Why would I bring all these people
just for a meeting with you?
I'll handle this.
He's... He's...
Chinese junk, huh?
The gun is good.
No, no, no. Wait, wait a second, bro...
I mean, boss.
Wait, wait, wait...
I got information. Important information.
For you.
The day you escaped.
They found a man by the beach,
brought him to hospital.
My point is, I heard
that he was very close to you.
Not there, please.
I'm not bullshitting.
I gave you information.
Please! I swear!
Please. Please. Please, don't kill me.
- Please, please. Give me a chance.
- Okay. One chance.
Okay. I'm leaving now.
Why the fuck do I have to wait?
Just get the damn doctor.
Bring him here.
Fix my ear, and you'll be done.
It's that simple.
Please, sir.
You're scaring the other patients.
You got eyes, right? Use your eyes.
Look at my ear. Look!
Call the doctor. And fix my fucking ear!
Sir, please,
you still need to fill out the form.
What the fuck? Are you kidding me?
- Got a death wish, honey?
- Sir, just calm down.
What did you say?
I said, calm down, sir.
- Still can't hear.
- This is a hospi...
- Shut the fuck up!
- Sir!
Please calm down.
It hurts like hell, doc.
I heard they found a dying guy
down by the beach.
- Tilt up.
- And they brought him here.
I see a lot of patients.
So, you're not denying it.
The beach boy was here.
You're hiding something, aren't you?
Yeah. Sto...
We're done. You can go now.
- About time.
- Thank you.
Can't just leave me high and dry, doctor.
Where is he?
I'll call Security.
Go ahead, go for it.
Now look at me. Over here.
Quit the fucking games
and tell me where he is.
Unless you want
to play games with me.
What the fuck?! Let me go!
Doc, are you all right?
Take that, you fuck.
Ishmael. Are you okay? Ishmael.
Ishmael, are you okay?
Did you recognize that guy?
Your reaction earlier had me worried.
It could be dangerous for you
to stay here.
Maybe it's better for you
to come with me to Jakarta?
I'll show you something.
We found foreign particles
in your skull,
right by the hippocampus area,
and we couldn't extract them.
That's why I want you
to come with me to Jakarta.
They have better facilities
to remove them from your head.
What say you?
What if I'm not a good person?
Would you still be there for me?
Ishmael, you're not a bad person.
That's why I need to find out who I am.
I promise, whatever happens...
we will meet again.
Here. Take it.
There's only one number on it.
After you find yourself,
look me up in Jakarta.
Bet you've never experienced
a real traffic jam before.
And if I become a successful doctor,
don't expect free checkups.
Relax. Take it easy.
I won't abandon you.
I'll show you again.
These are your x-rays.
The particles went into your head...
Another episode? Ishmael?
Are you okay?
It's nothing. I'm okay.
Going to the ferry station,
ready for departure.
That's my ride.
Thank you, sir. See you later.
Over here. Here, kid!
Why so sad?
Get over here.
What's going on here?
What's the matter?
Where is he?
Where is he?!
- Ishmael. Ishmael.
- Ailin? Ailin?
- They shot the driver.
- Where are you?!
Wake up, Mommy.
Little girl.
Don't be sad.
Mommy is with God now.
Wait, wait, wait...
Where's Abdi?
Abdi? Who?
Wait, wait, wait.
Your friend from the hospital.
He isn't here. He never left.
What is it now?
Try hitting the pedals.
Hey, hey, hey. Wait, damn it.
Where are you off to? Wait a sec.
Damn. Smells like shit.
Burn the bus, he said.
It stinks!
Sucks to be you.
Pass me the gasoline!
It's coming. Chop them up first
so they'll burn easier.
- Who the fuck are you?
- I'm just looking for a friend.
- Really?
- Yes.
Is this your friend?
What the fuck?!
Hey, hey, hey.
Go fucking die! Go die!
Fuck you!
Hang in there, sir.
Relax, kid. Easy now.
Please, sir. Sir! Just hang in there.
Get him.
What the fuck is this place?
So, this is your hideout?
Pretty cool.
But why bring the little kid, too?
She's useless! What's the point?
You know what your boss, Lee, told me?
Just bring the guy that he asked...
You talk too much.
Where's the little girl?!
Please focus.
Romli, local resident.
He your relation?
A friend.
Okay, a friend.
Now, tell me, what happened?
My friend was in the bus.
She was with them.
Those dead people, you mean?
Yes, sir. But I didn't find her.
She's a doctor from Jakarta,
her name's Ailin.
- Ailin.
- Yeah.
So, who killed those people then?
Go on, tell me.
Sir, you have to believe me.
I have to find my friend.
I have to find Ailin.
It's... just us now.
- See?
- Yes.
Stop bullshitting me.
Or else I'll throw you
in the fucking brig.
If you know anything about me,
then go right ahead!
Do whatever you want!
But I don't have time for this.
Hey. Easy, easy. Relax.
Since you insist on being innocent...
Okay, look at this.
Do you recognize him? You know him?
Let me refresh your memory with a story.
This story might sound familiar to you.
There was once a rumor...
about a mysterious young man.
Every time he appears,
he leaves a scene of massacre
that turns the whole beach blood red.
Children, none older than 6 or 10,
would disappear as well.
Do you want to know
what happened to those children?
Those children grew up.
They were bred to become smugglers...
and killers.
Imagine that.
These brats have a stranglehold
on this island.
Sons of bitches.
Everyone of them willing to die...
for their mysterious
terrorist master.
Now, one has to wonder.
Who is this person?
Even amongst criminals,
he's a terrifying figure.
Few who live to tell the tale...
refer to him simply as "Lee."
What's it got to do with me?
Two months ago...
we hit the jackpot.
Right out of the blue,
we found Lee,
sitting out in the open.
Unarmed. Unguarded.
Imagine that.
But you see, Ishmael.
- It gets even crazier...
- You haven't answered my question.
What do you say now, scum?
Listen, I really don't know...
Turn the lights back on!
What the fuck is going on?
Who are you?
I am...
Come on, let's go.
Turn the power back on.
Hiding? Where the fuck are you?
I still wanna play.
Ah, fuck. Not bad...
Hey, bro.
Wanna know what I did
to that bitch of yours?
Fuck you!
So, you're the one? Abdi's savior.
What is he to you?
A good name, Abdi.
It's supposed to mean loyalty.
Who are you?
Don't kill him.
Tell him we got his woman.
I'm still here.
And I'll be coming.
You still remember your father,
right, Abdi?
That's my boy.
- Ishmael.
- Ailin!
- Lee! Let her go!
- You hear that?
Do you remember it now?
All the memories from that fucking place?
You remember, right?
He threw us into that well.
It's what separates him
from other scum.
He took us from our parents.
He taught us how to survive
and how to kill.
Days, even weeks, without food.
Without water.
Yet... it's that very suffering
that turned us into brothers.
That's not how it ends though.
A bottle of water could turn
desperate kids into murderers.
Hence, the father from hell.
If you know all about it,
why are you still on his side?
Everyone has to choose a side.
Following that fucker is my fate.
You have a new lease on life.
Why are you here?
Back off and I'll let you live.
I can't back off now.
All this for the doctor?
Like you said,
everyone has to choose a side.
This won't be as easy as Tejo or Tano.
Well done, Abdi.
Now comes the final drill.
Besi was always on your side.
And this is how you repay him?
You're tearing us apart, Abdi!
Remember me, Abdi?
Or should I call you Ishmael?
Where's Ailin?
Take me to her.
I don't know which makes me sadder,
watching you killing your own...
or seeing the sorry state you're in now.
Do you know how close we were?
Why does it have to change, Abdi?
Probably because you put
a bullet in my head.
You betrayed father, right?
If you ask me to choose...
you know whom I would choose.
this has been going for far too long.
I don't wanna kill anymore.
So, it's all about her, right?
Leave Ailin out of this.
Since you want her that bad...
That's enough, Rika.
That's enough.
Remember this place?
We trained here as kids.
Even then, I always admired you, Abdi.
Those were the happiest moments.
Listen to me.
You can get away from Lee.
You have the choice to be free.
Rika, no...
we're even.
I remember everything.
You raised us to be wolves.
All we were good for was killing.
Maybe so.
But it's all apparent now.
You're neither a legend, nor a father.
Just an old man who bullies little kids.
In the end you made a mistake.
We'll settle this.
I'm already here.
Hurry! Hurry!
Go hide in the corner.
Where's the key?
Get up.
Come on, get up.
Turn around.
- Why?
- I said, turn around!
Stay still!
Fucking bitch!
You're both dead!
Bitch! You can't even shoot.
No, wait! Drop it!
Let's get the hell out.
Let's go. Let's go.
This way.
What was that?
It's me.
Ailin, are you all right?
I'm so sorry.
- Are you hurt bad?
- Shut up!
Ailin, please calm down.
Get out of the way! We're leaving.
Yes, we will leave.
You're one of them.
You are exactly like them!
You're right.
Everything that I've done
to get away from them...
brought me to this day,
this very second.
You saved me before.
I need you to save me one more time.
Wake up! Wake up!
Where's Rika?
Is she dead?
You killed her?
She died a long time ago.
From the moment
you pulled her out of that well.
All of them died
when you first laid your hands on them.
Don't close your eyes, Ishmael.
Ishmael. Just look at me.
Ishmael. Ishmael.
Don't leave me.
This feels familiar.
So, how's Jakarta?
At least the bed's better this time.
Just wait until you get out.
You've experienced nothing yet.
So, please...
Don't make me wait
another two months this time.
You should write...