Headspace (2023) Movie Script

Hey. I'm Norman.
That's not me exactly.
It's just a horrible drawing
of me, done by me.
Anyways, I'm here
trying to think of
an idea for my science
Maybe I'll do it on satellites,
or the habitation
of other planets.
Or I could do it on the evidence
of extraterrestrial life.
Or maybe I'll just do it
about Charlene.
She's this girl I like.
Man, is she beautiful.
No, no really, she is.
Don't let my terrible drawing
skills fool you.
Uh, back to the
actual task at hand.
I think I'm going to
do the presentation
about life on other planets.
Yeah, because, in my opinion,
aliens are our only hope
of fixing the mess we've
gotten the world into.
No, really, hear me out!
Aliens are super smart. Fact.
Ever read a comic
about a dumb alien?
I like comics too by the way,
not sure if I mentioned that.
Uh, yeah, right.
But what is the problem
of global warming
to the advanced technology
of aliens?
But I guess the only question is
would they want to help us?
once they get here?
Well, my opinion,
I guess they would.
Or at least I think I
could convince them.
While you're in fairy tale land
convincing aliens to
save our planet.
Somebody's got to
stop the government
from blowing them
out of the sky!
You know they got that
defense system, right?
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I've heard
all your conspiracies,
but my theory is scientific.
Well, science is totally
my thing.
Hey dude,
shouldn't you get going?
Tuesdays are a school night.
It's actually Wednesday.
Wait, what?
Oh, far out.
Anyway, I still have to decide
on the title
for the group presentation
I mean, you know there's
got to be life on other planets.
Well, why don't you
just go with that one?
Speak from the heart, Norman.
Speak from the heart.
Okay, guys, you ready?
We're only going to get
one shot at this.
So let's run through our plan
one last time.
First, we go in stealthy,
and plant the disruptor device.
Before Zolthard can discharge
his mind manipulator,
on those helpless little
Erdorian creatures.
Next, we get out of there
as fast as possible,
without getting blown to bits,
of course.
And we take this wormhole,
not that one
to the nearest
Galactic Safe Zone
and disappear without a trace.
Mission completed.
Zolthard defeated.
Why not throw in
a nice promotion for you
while you're at it?
I'm glad you brought it up.
And after the ceremony, we'll
take a well-deserved break,
on a tropical island planet
You wish!
Are we all on the same page?
Let's do this.
Gus, take us into stealth mode.
Going dark.
If Zolthard takes control of the
Erdorian High Council,
that's it
for the entire universe.
Initializing approach sequence.
Remind me again why we were
assigned this ship.
We don't have much choice.
This is the only ship
in the fleet small enough
to evade Zolthards detection.
This thing is huge.
Put us down close
to one of those pylons.
We can try to gain access
through the maintenance panel.
Okay, Sophie,
take us down!
This better work.
Can any of you tell me why
we haven't taken control
of this planet yet?
Sir, the mind manipulator
has been initialized.
Let's get on
with the invasion then.
Activating Pylon One.
Pylon One online.
Activating Pylon Two.
Mindless metal!
Sir, the planet has
deployed its defensive systems.
Well, that's not
going to save them.
Hurry up, Sophie.
They're almost done with
the start-up sequence.
Activating Pylon Three.
At last!
Activating Pylon Four.
Hagh! Hagh!
How many pylons are there?
Pylon Four online.
Sophie, keep the
power flow open
once the connection is made,
and make sure you give yourself
enough time to get away.
We're running out of time!
I just need a few more seconds.
Pylon Five online.
Those pesky peace keepers!
Someone better
explain this to me!
Zolthard Sir,
at least their ship is damaged.
We can dispatch...
Now, this time
I'll take care of it myself.
Ready my personal ship!
Sir, yes, Sir.
These peace keepers will learn
the meaning of war.
Crush them!
We're not in range.
Aargh! Mother of tentacles!
Always at the mercy
of mindless metal.
All stations prepare
for my imminent return!
My final victory over these
officials of incompetence
is at hand!
And then we will
resume the invasion.
How far is it to this wormhole?
There's no way
we're going to make it.
-Hold this!
There is another option.
What are you talking about?
The Hole of the Lost.
Are you out of your mind?
The wormhole
is strictly off limits!
Anyone who's ever gone down
that hole, has never returned.
I don't think we have a choice.
The chief will kill me if
anything happens to the ship.
Guys, if we take
one more hit, we'll be toast!
-What the?
Vengeance is mine!
I can fix this.
If I reroute the
ship's power from the
trash compactor
unit to the auxiliary--
Whatever you're going to do,
do it now!
That's more like it.
Hang on!
Oh no, they're almost on us!
We are now in range, Sir.
Open the
communications frequency.
Incoming transmission from
Zolthard's ship?
Put him on the screen.
Or I will pulverize you!
Zolthard! We both know
how this ends.
Can you believe how big
that head is?
Yeah, I know. It's huge.
You think this is funny?
Let's see what you think
about this!
Huh! Phaser beam!
Well, I refuse to just sit here
while Zolthard takes
shots at us.
Where are you going?
To do something crazy, probably.
I'm detecting debris
coming off the other ship.
What is that?
And that boys, is how it's done.
Good job, Sophie.
Gus, how far are we from that
Hole of the Lost?
We're entering
the gravity field!
I just hope this ship
can hold it together...
Because here goes nothing.
You fools! They're getting away!
Caution. If we follow them,
we'll lose communication
with the Mothership.
I don't care!
After that ship!
You're going to
miss the bus again.
I missed the bus.
Oh, no, no, no, no. Mom.
Why didn't you wake me?
Oh. Ugh!
Good luck
for your presentation, sweetie.
Don't forget
your lunch, Norman.
Thanks, Mom!
- Hey, wait!
- Check this out.
-Hey, Norman!
-Oh my gosh!
Come on, slow down.
Oh, man.
Try keep up!
Almost there.
Hey guys, look at Norman! Look
at what he's wearing!
Norman, are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm just very
late for school.
You up for a trade, Sandy?
It's cucumber and jelly.
Hmm. All right.
As long as you have it
back to me by tomorrow.
No problem.
Bye! Whoo hoo!
We are here at Hubble High,
where all of the students
are so beautiful,
-Oh no, Alejandro no.
-so exciting-
And me, Alejandro,
the star of the show!
The host with the most.
There's Mr. Hernandez
with his dodge balls.
And Charlene! So vivacious,
so beautiful, so confident.
Hey, Alejandro.
And Frankie,
so elusive and mysterious.
Has anyone seen Norman?
He probably missed
the bus again.
Yes, you can really feel
the suspense.
Where is Norman,
and where is our school project?
Suddenly, an evil monster
appears out of nowhere.
Oh. Hey, Mike.
Ugh. How are you doing?
Evil monster?
You think you're funny, huh?
Now that you've
come to mention it,
I've always felt that comedy
is one of my many, many talents.
Oh, yeah? Well, meet one
of my many talents.
Wait, watch out!
Ugh! Agh.
I'll deal with you later.
Well, look who finally arrived.
The resident geek.
Oh hey, Mike.
Hey, hey, hey,
easy there, tiger.
Everybody just take
a deep breath.
This isn't over.
The fragile prey
saved by the bell.
What's up with him?
He's always so aggro...
Thought you were going
to hack the school system
and get mad-Mike transferred.
I'm working on it.
There goes the fire alarm!
Gus, look over there!
Yeah, that might work!
Whoa! I never thought it would
end this way!
Gus, what's our status?
Huh, good news is
the fire is out.
The bad news is were being
sucked in
by that giant vacuum hose!
Ah, I don't know how much more
of this I can take.
Norman, are you okay?
-Quick, stand back.
-Can you breathe?
- He's dying.
- He's not dying.
Thanks, Frankie.
Alejandro, do you have to
film everything?
I am just giving people
what they want.
Okay, let's go to class, guys.
Are you coming?
I'm okay.
Our hero lives
to fight another day.
What did you put in this stuff?
Where did they go?
Im not picking
anything up
on the scanners, Sir.
Well, they can't be far.
They were on fire!
Sir, we have to find refuge
Engine number two is failing
and we are losing fuel.
Hagh! Those infernal peace
Get the invasion fleet
to send help immediately!
Sir, we've lost contact
with the fleet.
Well, then well just have
to find
another way to make contact.
Sir, I suggest we take control
of one of these creatures
and use it to build a
communications device.
Look at you! Mindless metal
scraping together an idea.
School's started!
The bell has rung already.
Come now, come now. Hurry up.
We don't have all day!
How many times have I told you
to leave that at home?
I'll take that.
You can have it back
when you graduate,
which will probably be never.
Frankie Helman! Get that hair
out of your face!
Hi, Ms. Witherington.
Hi, Charlene.
You! If I told you once-
There! We have found the leader
of this primitive planet.
Plotting shortest route to the
creatures control centre.
As if you know what to do.
Just get me down there
so that I can take control.
There we go,
on the double.
Yah! Ah, ooh.
Sir, we are ready.
Aah! This is the best part.
Mwhoo hoo hoo... Aaaah!
...you know I was just...
You just what?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
Looks organic to me.
Yeah, kind of creepy.
Okay, we're inside
a human being.
It's sentient, capable of
abstract thought, language.
Yeah, not bad.
Kind of primitive, but it'll do.
There's an organic
power core right up ahead.
Let's head there.
We can plug in, repair ship,
and try find out
what happened to Zolthard.
Are you okay?
You're acting all weird.
I feel kind of weird.
It's as if my brain is itchy
or something.
Wow. That's awesome.
There it is.
The power core.
Good morning, everybody.
Settle down.
Settle down, please.
I hope you kids are ready
for your presentations.
Oh, I'm getting
too old for this.
Why can't Gus do this part?
Remember the last time you
programmed the ship's computer?
Oh, yeah.
Right, you ready?
You're probably
going to need this, Max.
Of course.
SPF, open door.
Really, Max?
Okay, I can see you.
Can you hear me?
Roger that.
Yeah, loud and clear.
Let's find out where we are.
There it is.
Okay, according to my scanners,
it should be
right in front of you.
Okay. Here goes.
How about over here?
Yes, Norman?
Huh, uh.
I... I...
Well, since you're up,
your group may go first.
I'm sorry, guys.
Yeah, we're going
to be here 'til lunch.
They're definitely
talking about aliens.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, here we go again.
There are billions of galaxies
in the universe.
Yeah, well I wish
you'd go to one of them.
And each of these galaxies
contains billions of stars.
Over here.
Okay, let's see.
Each of those stars
may have a planet similar...
Similar, to our own planet
capable of sustaining
intelligent, uhm
That is so weird.
Now, now people who
believe in aliens are
often thought of as
weird or eccentric.
Let's see what this baby can do.
We are here to show you today
that we are just the same
as all of you.
What is he doing?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
- I will talk you
-Testing, testing.
-through the amazing...
-Do you hear me?
-Norman. Thank you.
-Yes? Can you hear that?
-Can I hear what, Norman?
-You can't hear that?
No, thank you, Norman.
You're done.
Yes. Yes, I can hear you.
Oh, not you.
The voices.
Charlene! Perhaps I should
talk about Area 51 or Roswell?
Hey, Gus. I said, where do
you want me to plug this one in?
Wait a minute.
What's going on here, Charlene.
Plug what in? Don't let them
plug anything in!
Oh wait, here we go.
How's that?
Norman, where are
you going?
Okay Gus, try it now.
Nearly ready.
We should have visuals...
Oh, wow.
Hey look Gus,
its your Uncle Zorg!
Very funny.
Actually, it looks a
bit like my ex-wife.
-You remember her, right?
-How can I can forget.
She had tentacles coming out of
her face man! It was everywhere-
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Wait, who are you?
I'm Special Officer Sophie.
I'm even more special,
Captain Max.
I'm Tech Specialist Gus.
I'm Norman.
Hi, Norman.
It's like you're
inside my head... Huh!
Wait! Are you inside my head?
Kid, relax.
That's it, I'm going crazy.
They're going to lock me up
in an insane asylum--
We don't have time for this.
My friends are right,
I'm totally crazy right now.
Uh, owww!
Repeat after me, Norman.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?
"There are tiny aliens."
There are tiny aliens.
"Inside my head."
Ah, come on. Ah!
Inside my head!
Uh, oh-- Hey!
Ow, okay, okay, fine, fine.
I believe you.
Now, will you just let go?
What are you doing?
Can you please
never do that again?
It's okay, kid.
We're not here to hurt you.
The truth is,
we're kind of stuck in here,
and we need your help.
Well, firstly...
I knew it!
I knew there was life out there.
And now, it's here.
Oh, man.
This is so totally cool.
Wait, what do you mean
you need my help?
Look, I'm really sorry.
We weren't planning
to crash land--
Down my throat?
And now you're in my brain?
This is the tragedy.
How are you going to save Earth
when you're the one
stuck in my head?
Please, Norman. We know
it's not ideal. Trust me.
We just need some time
to repair our ship
and get back to our mission.
What mission?
Who are you talking to?
Hey, Norman, she's nice.
Oh, yeah, she's great!
No, no, no, no.
Not you, shut up.
Norman, don't tell me
to shut up.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
not you.
Then who, Norman?
Uh, the voices... in my head.
Are you going crazy?
Norman! What are you doing
in the girls bathroom?
That is a good question.
I was--
Actually, Mr. Anderson,
what are you doing
in the girls bathroom?
Well, I...
Norman, explain yourself.
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
Well, you can explain it
to Principal Witherington.
-What? No! Man!
-Come with me.
Who's Principal Witherington?
Mm, hmm?
Ugh! Yuck.
Huh? Oh! Ah-haa!
Good morning,
Ms. Witherington.
Can I help you?
It speaks!
Do you need me
to get hold of someone for you?
Yes! Yes.
I need you to get hold
of the Mothership,
and tell them to send--
Excuse me, Ms. Witherington,
but I need to see you.
-You. Yes.
It's about Norman here.
Nn... Nnn, Nnnn, Nor-man.
That's me.
Uh, Mr?
Mr. Anderson.
You, uh, want me
to phone your Mothership?
-Mr. Anderson, what do you want?
As you can see,
I'm a very busy man.
- Man?
- Ah!
-Ah! Ah!
-I'm sorry,
-Ah! Ah!
-but it's a discipline problem.
You know, you can't run a Galaxy
without discipline
nor control, that's the key.
Always control.
- Galaxy?
- Hmm? What?
You said Galaxy.
No, I didn't.
Sounded like Galaxy
to me!
What do you want?
Perhaps we should get back
to the problem.
This Principal Witherington
person is acting all...
The problem...
-is that nobody wants to hear.
and if they do
not want to hear--
Doesn't she remind you of
someone we know?
What did you just say?
Norman, get out of there!
I, uh... nothing.
I really should be going.
Norman, what's going on?
One more word from you!
Norman, is it?
Norman, Norman!
Or should I say,
Oh, I'm really sorry,
Mr. Anderson.
I'll explain later,
but I got to go.
Norman, you stay right here.
Alright, you're mine now.
After that boy!
- ...see about that.
You again?
Now, now, Mike.
Haven't you gotten yourself
into enough trouble already?
Yeah, you gotta run!
Mr. Anderson?
Are, are you okay?
What's up with him.
Ms. Witherington,
is everything--
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait!
What are you doing?
No, no no. Wait!
What is going on?
I don't know, I can't explain.
You don't know,
or you can't explain?
I'm really sorry, guys,
but I got to get out of here.
What the... Urgh!
Where is she going?
Hey, thanks, man.
-No problem.
-Okay, see you after class.
-Hey, man!
Mr. Hernandez?
Nowhere to go now?
Norman, I'm taking control!
What again?
No, no, no.
You promised
you wouldn't do it--
Oh, my gosh.
-Did you see him?
-OMG, did you see that?
-Norman just--
-Did you--
No way.
Back to you, Norman.
Hey, Soph. Good job.
Piece of cake.
Guys, hostiles at 6 oclock.
We drained all his power.
What are we going to do?
Norman, get in!
Get in!
You fools.
Get after them!
What's wrong with you?
Uh, here.
Drink this.
Thanks, Charlene,
you saved my life.
Yeah, well, unless you want me
to turn this thing around,
you better start telling me
what's going on.
And how did you learn
to move like that?
Can't you just give me
a break?
You seriously would not
believe me,
even if I told you.
Norman, how long have we
known each other?
I know, I know!
But still.
I'm not even sure I believe it.
so it started when Anderson
caught me in the bathroom--
- Ugh, oh.
- What the--
Oh, no.
If you surrender now,
Zolthard says he will go
easy on you.
Yes, easy.
Who is Zolthard?
Watch out!
Uh, he's an evil alien
who's taken control
of Principal Witherington.
Seriously, what's going on?
Why are the teachers
chasing after us?
Guys, we need more info here.
Who are you talking to?
The aliens in my head.
Are you kidding me?
No, no, no, no.
I'm being serious, Charlene.
Okay, let me explain.
Zolthard is an evil mastermind
who's trying to take over
your planet.
Hold on a second.
And Zolthard wants
galactic domination.
Who am I talking to?
And he's in control
of your teachers.
Okay, but why is he after us?
We stopped him from invading
another planet, so
Now he's out for revenge.
Look out!
Watch out!
Whoa, whoa!
We've got to help them
get rid of these Droids.
He's not up to power yet.
Well, let's try and find
a way out.
Gus, what about that?
Yeah, that might do.
Okay, Norman,
I want you to turn left.
- What?
- Turn left...
Look out, get out the way,
get out the way!
-Look out!
What is wrong with you?
I'm sorry, but I think
we slowed them down.
What's wrong with them?
I don't know!
-Are you okay?
I think we lost them.
Okay, come on, get it started.
We got to go!
Oh, no.
Yeah, now we're going to
get them.
They're not working!
Come on! Oh, no.
We've got to go.
We've to get out of here!
Go now, go now, go now!
Go get them.
Wait, are you
kidding me?
Yeah. Yeah.
Hey, stop that!
Okay, kick him.
Get away from me!
-You won't get away.
A little help, please.
Leave it to me.
What are you doing?
Just keep driving
We got you now!
See you later coach!
Huh? Oh!
Oh no, this is going to hurt.
Ugh! Ooh!
You're welcome.
Hmm. This kid's power
doesn't last very long.
Just get me to Virgil's.
He'll know what to do.
Hey, guys.
Look what I found.
Yeah, that's a Requiem 2000.
You and me are going to
get along just fine.
It is useless, you know?
Yeah. Power pack's missing.
Yep. I wonder what
Zolthard is up to.
Well, until Norman's
back online,
there's nothing we can do.
Sorry, Boss. They got a--
- They got away.
- Again!
It's your fault.
My fault? Is not!
Stop that!
We need to get the Droid army
down here yesterday!
How are we
going to do that, Boss?
We need to send them a signal!
Those pesky peace keepers
are stuck inside that
Norman creature.
They have the coordinates
of that wormhole.
We need to get rid of these,
what do you call them again?
-Kids! Good.
Hello, kids.
This is your leader speaking.
School's out early!
It's home time.
Something weird is going on.
You're right, Frankie.
It's time for a live-stream.
This is your host, Alejandro.
As you can see,
trapped in the middle
of this unscheduled evacuation.
We are surrounded,
and we don't know where to go.
And who knows
how long we have?
Are you serious right now?
What we need to do
is find Charlene and Norman.
Look at the chaos!
I am risking my life
to bring you these updates,
minute by minute.
It looks like the
main stampede is over,
but the strangest thing of all,
it appears like the
teachers themselves
are breaking down the school.
Alejandro. Out.
Where are you guys?
You won't believe the drama
we just witnessed.
It's crazy,
it's like the end of the world.
Charlene? Listen,
you're not going to believe
what's happened.
There is no way your day
was stranger than mine.
Meet us at Virgil's
as soon as you can.
So, what do you think?
I believe you,
I guess.
Okay, Virgil will know
what to do.
Let's see what he has to say.
Hey, who's there?
Oh, hi, Virgil--
Norman, over here.
Listen, I got to talk to you.
Something big is--
Norman, who is that with you?
It's me, Virgil.
Did anyone see you guys
come in here?
You know,
you can't be too careful.
They're everywhere.
Enough with the
conspiracy theories, Virgil.
So, what brings
you guys in here?
Mind control.
Hey, did you just say mind--
-Control, yeah.
Oh. All right, follow me.
Come on.
All right. This guy looks like
he might actually
know what's going on here.
So, spill it man.
Right, so the school,
well Principal Witherington--
Wait, is that old battle axe
still there?
Man, she taught me English
in the third grade.
She must be like, what,
a million years old?
Maybe she's a lizard from Mars.
There's truth to those stories,
you know.
Well, funny you should say that,
because an intergalactic villain
has taking control of
Principal Witherington.
Lizards have been-- hold up.
Did you just say intergalactic?
He's not kidding.
Mind blown. It's true!
At last!
I was starting to think Norman
was all we had.
- Yeah.
- I knew hed believe us.
I told you we should come here.
Your phones.
Quick, in the box, now!
No way, Jose...
Come on Charlene, just do it.
Come on!
Here, put these on.
Trust me,
he knows what he's doing.
So now that that's
out of the way,
have any of you heard of
Quantum Physics?
Oh, Quantum Physics?
-Yeah, quantum.
So according to
Quantum Physics--
It's possible for
subatomic particles
to travel faster than
the speed of light. Old news.
Yeah. Huh?
Also, its verified in
Fire Bane, Edition 2,
where the bad guys
shrink themselves down
right at the end to rip off
Fort Knox.
So it is possible.
This guy is a nut job.
This is one of my favourites.
Maybe, possibly that the
government's involved.
Wait, quick, hide!
Oh! I hate the smell
of this place.
Maybe Virgil forgot to shower.
It's just Frankie and Alejandro!
Hey, nice hats everybody!
Why you don't answer my texts?
I'll take that.
Oh no, Virgil, you are not
getting my phone. Virgil!
Uh, come on guys,
you know the drill.
Principle Witherington
went kind of loco.
She made this
crazy announcement.
Sent everybody home,
even the teachers.
- Mm?
- What?
Yep! There's definitely
something weird going on.
Show them.
This must be my best work yet.
I was considering the stage,
but the journalist in me--
-Alejandro! Focus.
-Okay, okay.
Look at that.
I thought it was
the end of the world.
It's pandemonium.
Anderson and Hernandez seem
to be gathering scrap metal, and
behaving like psycho zombies.
I wonder if they lost
contact with their fleet,
when we came
through that wormhole?
Wait, you guys came
through a wormhole?
Agh, that's so awesome!
Norman, is there anything
you want to tell us?
Oh yeah!
You guys are going to be
blown away.
I think you better tell
everyone what's going on.
I told you there was
something going on.
The whole story?
Everything. And don't
forget the part
about the Aliens in your brain.
It's all in here, man!
Virgil, not helping.
Okay, so if I know Zolthard,
he's going to try to
figure out a way
to make contact
with the fleet.
We need to figure out a way
to stop him.
Well, that's not going
to happen here, is it?
Norman, we need you to go--
Back to the school and find
out what Zolthard is up to.
They think he'll bring his
fleet here, and invade Earth.
Let me get this straight.
You want us to go
back to the school,
where the psycho zombies are,
where we'll be picked off
one by one,
and there will be
a big final battle,
and only one of us will survive.
Probably you.
Uh, guys look,
I know I've been like the
worst friend ever
and I got you guys in
tons of trouble.
And like, you've always
been there for me
in any of my crazy ideas.
But this is my mission.
You guys should stay here.
And besides, I'm the one
with the aliens in my head.
I'm the one who needs to
join forces with them,
and take on Zolthard,
and save the entire planet.
Sure, I may need help,
but I'll find it out there.
Wherever the fight for
freedom and justice is,
that's where I'll be.
Should we put him
out of his misery?
A bit pathetic.
-Let's do it.
Zolthard thinks he can hide.
He can't hide from us.
-We're the main-- huh?
You're taking this a
little too seriously.
But I--
Oh, don't be a lunatic, Norman.
We're all coming with you.
Yeah, who knows,
might be interesting.
Yeah! Crazy teachers.
Psycho zombies.
Take over the entire planet.
Somebody's got to put this
on camera.
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
I'm going to need
those hats back.
Come on! This way.
Boss is going
to like this door.
He's going to love it. Yeah.
There, there we go.
Whoa, what on earth are they
doing to the school?
What's going on?
This is destruction
on a whole new level.
They're obviously
building something.
They are turning the school
into a chop shop.
Last time I checked, Zolthard
wasn't into trash collection.
Yeah, I gave him a whole bunch
and he didn't like it one bit.
This is going to be interesting.
We have to get inside.
Let's go.
No, wait.
Hurry up!
Yoh, he's going
to love it.
Stay frosty, kids.
Where do we go?
I think it's this way.
You ready?
Alejandro! What are you doing?
- Come on, this way.
- But--
Let's go, let's go.
OMG! Guys!
-What is it?
-Wait, wait!
That picture that I just took
of us? Got another 20 likes.
- Ugh, really?
- Come on.
Anyone else hear that.
Lets keep going, guys,
come on. Come on!
- Anything?
- No. Nothing.
Where'd they go?
I don't know.
This is not good.
Did you guys hear that?
Norman! I am picking up
heat signatures
from behind those doors.
Guys, it's probably
-Be careful!
-Alejandro, wait.
Anderson and Hernandez
are probably--
Right behind this door.
They're going the
wrong way.
Come on!
Come on.
Quick in here.
I think hes gone.
I wonder how Norman and Frankie
are doing.
Charlene, you can just look
for yourself.
So many cameras, so little time.
Look Camera 3-
Norman and Frankie.
Theyre heading past
the Science class.
Great. From here we can see if
there are any--
Teachers, Hernandez!
On Camera 5,
he is headed
straight towards them.
No, no, no, no!
He should be coming out of
Camera 2 in, three, two, one,
Go Two!
Hey, where are you guys?
Hernandez, coming round the
corner in front of you. Hide!
Hide, hide, hide hide.
Be quiet,
he is right there.
There you are.
What are you up to?
Get back to work.
Dont move,
Witheringtons still there.
Okay, she is going!
Thanks. Are you guys ok?
We're fine.
Wait, how do you know
where we are?
Were in
the security room.
Were watching you on
the CCTV cameras.
Oh, hey, guys.
Hey, Norman.
Remember, these are
high angle cameras,
so play to your right profile.
It's much stronger.
Guys, stop fooling around.
Ok, the way is clear.
Run, run, run.
Norman! In here! Come on!
Ok, coming.
Guys, he's in the classroom.
He's coming your way,
Norman, move!
get out there. Go!
You've gotta move now.
Report to me,
We've got work to do.
Lets follow them.
What? Frankie! Oh, man!
This is crazy. They dont know
what they are heading in to.
Well, let's try to help them.
Ok, if they are going away
from the Science classroom,
then that means they are
probably going towards the...
Charlene... youre going to want
to see this.
Hey, Norman, you are not going
to believe this,
but inside of the gym there
is a giant doomsday device.
Where were you?
Zolthard is gonna destroy the
entire planet.
Looks like some
kind of transmitter.
Oh, or maybe that.
That's one humongous
pile of junk.
Gus, let's take a closer look.
Norman, listen to me
very carefully.
Zolthard is going to
use that transmitter
to contact his fleet.
If the signal gets through,
billions of Control Droids
will invade Earth and take over
every human being on the planet.
And then, Frankie,
it's all over.
And the last thing--
What was that?
How do we stop them?
Can't you hack into their system
and upload a virus?
Hmm, okay, I can give it a shot.
Now, as punishment,
you can move that table
from there to there and move
that from there to there.
Now move it!
Norman, your friend could be
onto something.
I need to use the
Digital Interface.
Norman, you didn't seriously
just grab that for me?
Oh, sorry, Frankie.
It's not me. It's Gus.
He says he thinks
he has a way to
hack into Zolthards systems,
upload a virus and disable
Zolthards entire fleet.
That's pretty cool.
But if we do this...
Oh, then we could upload it
with the signal as a virus.
Yeah, but--
Yeah, that's right.
Good job.
Gus says good job.
Yeah, but we still have to
compile it,
plug it into the system
and debug it.
Gus and Frankie have
created a virus
to stop Zolthard.
- Norman!
- All we have to do
is upload it via the
communications device--
You have company!
Move! Now!
this is pretty good,
I mean, this coding is...
Get out of here, Frankie!
Don't worry about
a thing, Norman. We've got--
Alright. Its time for the
grown-ups to do their thing.
- Max, maybe just--
- There is not enough--
Hey, hey, kids!
He doesn't have the power.
I know how to handle myself.
Time to take it to the Max.
So, you think Im just
some weak kid, do ya?
Youre facing one
of the oldest
and most feared
veteran law enforcers
in the galaxy.
Whoa! What just happened?
Well, thats a plot twist
I wasnt expecting.
Yip, definitely something wrong
with these controls.
- What?
- Unbelievable!
There's something
wrong with you.
Now move over
and let me do this.
Sophie, it's no use.
Norman's gone off-line!
I wonder what's going on
out there.
And so we enter
the dark night of the soul.
Oh, no.
Norman is coming back
online... and there.
Max! You came back.
Not good.
You thought that maybe
you could stop me?
You third rate,
peace keeping do-gooder.
I'll show you third rate.
Get out of my way.
Now listen here you two bit
excuse of a scum--
No! It is you my dear Max,
you should listen to me.
Here it comes, kids.
The big bad guy speech.
Now all we have to do
is sit back,
and listen to his whole
evil plan.
Oh. Microphone's on
isnt it?
Hmm, you may have a point.
It suddenly seems silly to
just lay out my plans like that.
Better I think...
-to make you part of them.
No, no, no. What are you doing?
No. No, no, no, no.
You don't have to do this.
-Engaging defence systems.
-On it.
We are coming for you, Max.
No, no!
His improvisation is incredible!
Droids... Get me the
coordinates for that wormhole.
Yes, Master Zolthard, Sir.
It's only a matter of time now.
Charlene, look, it's Hernandez.
And hes right outside the door.
Do you think he's gone?
Let's take a quick peek.
Charlene, look!
-Oh, oh.
Charlene, this door is
on its last legs. Is it time?
Not yet.
And now? Is it time yet now?
Not yet!
Charlene, listen,
I really think--
Oh, oh.
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go.
Guys, we've got company.
Oh, no.
Bring them on!
Give me that
before you hurt yourself.
I told you it's useless
without the power pack.
Ah, Max, talk about being in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Yeah. Story of my life.
Look, credit where it's due.
You did put up a good chase.
But that is all over now.
Better run while you still can.
Run? In my fifty years
on the job,
I've never run from a fight.
Don't worry, kids.
This ship's hull is made from
interlaced fibers
of nano-ionic alloy.
Nothing can get through that.
Engage the Quantum Welder!
The what now?
This feels a lot like
running away, Max.
Why are you standing around
doing nothing?
Take care of Max and his crew.
Yes, Zolthard, Sir.
This isn't running.
This is a tactical withdrawal.
More like a tactical wussing out
if you ask me!
-I didn't
Brave Max,
-heroically leading the charge
-I'm trying to keep you from
-in the other direction.
-becoming a robots breakfast!
Who's driving Norman?
-No, no.
-What's going on there?
Quiet, earth worm!
I am trying to work.
Quick, in here.
Do you think he's gone?
I think so.
Now we're trapped backstage.
What better place
could there be?
Seriously, Alejandro?
Yeah, now we can arm ourselves.
All of this stuff
is completely fake.
This suit of armor,
these spears, they're not real.
And look at this thing.
Get behind me, Charlene!
Back, donkey, back!
Get away from me.
That sounds like
somebody I know.
Is that...?
Uh, well, if it isn't
crazy-man Mike.
Please don't hurt me!
We are not going to hurt you.
Yeah, stop blubbering
and pull yourself together.
You mean you're not one of them?
God, great!
Thank goodness-- you've gotta
get me out of here!!
They gonna take over my mind.
They're gonna...
Snap out of it, big guy.
Its not like you have a brain
for them to eat anyway.
Now take a deep breath.
But how are we
going to save Norman?
There is a way.
Friends, together we will
stage the greatest
theatrical diversion ever seen
in human times.
This is the big time.
We must be sharp,
like the blade.
Explosive, like the grenade.
We must move with style
and with sass.
And we must be strong.
Like the ass--
Ok, Sophie, lets do this.
Time to shut this baby down.
I've got this.
No problem.
Alright, step back kids.
Time to bring out the big guns.
Harder than it looks.
A little help here, Gus?
Oh, yeah right.
I've got the Control Droid's
manual right here...
Welcome and...
...the new D17.5 Control Droid.
We hope that your purchase
of our product--
Okay, okay.
Schematics, schematics--
Whoa. Sorry.
I think I broke my butt-bone.
Gus, any help you have will be
greatly appreciated...
Wow. Theyre even outfitted with
telescopic forearms.
You don't say.
Access to the control panel
is on the back of the head!
Over here, you big softy.
-Got it.
-Any time now, kids.
Put the blue wire in the green
socket to power down.
Not exactly what we're
looking for, but I'll take it.
Okay. Try green into purple.
Dont. Think. Its that. One.
I dont know... grey into blue?
You sure?
Uh! Hey, I didnt know
I could still do that.
I definitely cant do that!
Oh, for Pete's sake.
Max, you okay?
Wow, that was rough.
Oh? Had a tough time, did you?
I don't think we can
do that again.
We might not have to.
Guys, this power pack
is still fully charged.
Really, why did I agree to this?
Now, Control Droid!
Mind Manipulation Protocol.
Uh, uh.
There you are, Max.
Your host is now mine.
Oh, but dont worry,
I will take good care of it.
You!! Get up there.
I did not sign up
for this.
Not so fast.
Ooh! Aah!
Awe. Some.
Good shot, Soph.
Hey, look, a souvenir.
Max, we've got problems.
What are we going to do
about those?
Now, get me the coordinates for
that wormhole!
Master Zolthard.
- Five.
- What in the?!
Oh, this is such a
momentous occasion.
I mean, it's not
every day that one successfully
subjugates an entire planet!
How do I get this thing
to shut up?
Shut up!
- Five. Dash.
- Oh yeah? You want some more?
Three. Six.
- Seven. Eight.
- Aah!
Dash. Five.
Dash. Two.
Heads up!
Five. Three.
What's going on in there?
Oh, man, what happened.
She's trying to interfere
with my communications device.
Are the coordinates complete?
Yes, Sir.
Then get on with it.
With pleasure, Sir.
Guys, a little help.
Frankie! Nooo!
Isn't that
Wow, Boss, that looks great.
We did it.
Well, you fools
took long enough.
Let's get the
Droid armies down here.
Oh, no.
Creatures from a distant galaxy.
You have made the grave error
of invading Earth
and inciting the wrath of its
Cosmic Protector.
Huh, ow!
Stop bumping me
like that.
Your butt is in my face.
You don't
have a face.
Be the
donkey's butt!
Try to stay in character.
No! What?
What's going on?
Stop! Get it off me!
What happened?
What's going on?
Where am I?
Let's go, come on.
Go, go, go, go, go!
You're mine now.
Can anybody hear me?
Oh, there we go.
Oh, no, not again!
Frankie, is that you?
Who else, Norman?
Oh, thank goodness you're okay.
I've uploaded the hack.
It just needs to be activated.
But I can't go back up there.
I can get you up there, Norman.
Follow me.
Sophie says she can help us out.
Oh, no, that's just perfect.
How do we stop this?
Sophie, you there?
Let's do this.
Oh, no!
No, no, no, no, no.
Gus, do something.
-Okay, I can--
-There's no time.
Wait, what do you mean
there's no time?
Norman, the signal has reached
the Mothership.
We need the hack, now.
Who's he talking to?
The voices in his head.
We're doomed.
the Intergalactic Peaceforce
has entrusted us
with stopping Zolthard.
The fate of the entire universe
hangs in the balance.
If Zolthards army
reaches Earth,
nothing will stop him from mind
controlling everyone!
But I'm just a kid.
You're not just a kid.
You're our last and only hope.
-Norman, what's going on?
Guys, we're on our own.
So you are not the one!
Um, we gotta do something.
Ah, man,
not these two again!
You can do this.
All you have to do
is push the button.
We believe in you, Norman.
Here goes all, or nothing.
Hello, can anybody
hear me?
Help me out!
I was only joking earlier.
You are totally the one.
I can't breathe! Oh!
Let the invasion begin!
What's he doing up there?
Stop him!
Yeah! Nice shot.
Come here, you,
got you now.
Yeah, yeah. Go, Norman!
-He did it!
-Yeah, Norman!
That's my boy.
What have you done?
Canceled your invasion plans.
Hope you don't mind.
Come here I'll tear you apart.
You vile creature!
You've ruined everything!
Norman! Watch out!
-Charlene! Come on.
-We've gotta go.
Get out the way.
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Ow!
Come here.
You ruined everything!
Yeah, we sure did.
Droids, get them!
I'm afraid the Droids
are currently offline.
Its over, Zolthard.
Its not over.
Whos going to stop me?
We are.
You wouldn't dare.
Oh, no? Hm.
I think we've got this.
And you kids
are all okay, huh?
Yes, officer,
we're all accounted for.
And you say
you didn't see who did it?
No, Officer.
But Ms. Witherington
has been under a lot
of stress lately.
School's been crazy.
Yeah. Kids, huh?
Yeah, we're the worst.
So you've told me
absolutely everything you saw?
Yes, Sir.
Well, good job, son.
Thank you, Officer.
You're a credit to Hubble Bay.
Oh, thank you, Officer.
All right, run along now.
Yes, Officer.
Are we off the hook?
Finally! This is the big time.
Fame, fortune.
I can have my own show.
I can see it now.
"Principal Witherington
taken over by Aliens".
Whoa there! Humanity's not quite
ready to know about us yet.
I'd be careful who you tell.
Civilizations get kind of antsy
when it comes to
invading space alien species.
I don't really
feel like being dissected
by government scientists.
So, Principal Witherington,
tell us--
Ah, that's not going to happen.
We're all going to have to
keep this a secret.
Hmm. That's a pity.
Or, maybe even better...
The selfless and the brave hero
never truly acknowledged
for the sacrifices he made
to save the world.
We know what you did, Norman.
Good job.
Thanks, guys. It wasn't
anything, really, I just--
I mean it.
Uh, well, I couldn't
have done it without you.
Guys... without you guys.
Yeah, right?
Look, I don't know
what to tell you, Officer.
I can't remember a thing.
What are you doing?
Why are you-- don't touch me!
Ahh!--You-- aah! Fools-- aah!
What are you doing,
what are you doing?
Stop! Somebody, stop me!
And, post.
You think she's okay?
Yeah, she'll be all right.
They'll take good care of her.
No, no, no,
no, no, no!
This planet belongs to me!
It is mine!
I tell you, all mine!
You kids this to me.
I'm coming for you.
I'm gonna get you.
And there she goes.
Somehow I don't think that's
the last we'll be seeing of her.
I think you're probably right.
So lets go and bust her out and
arrest Zolthard.
Easy, Sophie.
Wait, are you guys
hanging around?
Yeah. We still needed to deliver
a serious butt kicking.
Anyway, its going to be
a while until I can get
these thrusters working.
It's okay with you if we
stick around for a bit, right?
Yeah. Yeah, that's great.
I mean, cool.
Stay as long as you like.
He's doing it again.
This will definitely take some
getting used to.
That's good to hear.
Right, I think we earned
ourselves a little downtime.
Hey, Norman, what's worth
seeing around here?
Guys, what can we show Max
and crew? They want to see town.
We could take them to
the giant ball of string.
Or the museum.
Guys, we've got this awesome
Egyptian exhibit
just down the road,
we just gotta check it out.
Hey, Mike,
try to keep up, okay?
Yeah. Okay.
Just think about it, because--
I don't want to look at a
bunch of mummies!
It'll be really cool.
Yeah, we've had enough about it.