Healed (2023) Movie Script

Hoping to find its
more than talk.
and waiting to see if...
Hi, Daddy.
You haven't RSVP to the luncheon yet.
September 16th,
its in our shared
calendar. Well be there.
Maybe you should think about coming solo.
We have a lot of new investors,
and you know how Jasmine can get...
Dad, we cant keep having the same conversation.
Have you seen this?
This Dont Say Gay Bill
is the saddest display
of toxic insecurity I've ever seen.
Look at this, A-hole.
He would happily lock us in a room
if he could watch...
Are you on the phone?
Yes Im on the phone.
Maybe we should continue this discussion
when you get back.
Im sorry.
Take care of my grandkid for me.
Hi, Momma.
I still can't believe
I'm going to be a grandfather.
Just a few more weeks.
You still there?
Yes, um...
Daddy, I am
but, I have to go.
I have to make sure that Jazz packs
something other than jeans.
All right.
Just think about what I said.
Love you, pumpkin.
Love you.
Music plays softly in the background
I wasn't kidding about the jeans
you know?
What did you pack?
Jeans are versatile.
I can meditate in jeans.
I can do all sorts of things in jeans.
Oh, you can,
can you?
Even if you say
You will be my one
You will be my shelter
from all storms
You will be my love
You will stoke the fires to...
Keep us warm.
We lost service.
Try the radio.

Don't be that way.

You told them to hate me.
Now youre gonna taste
What its like, what its like, to get burned.
Please dont make me listen to this.
Don't be that way.
It's still my favorite.
Well, you have horrible taste.
I thought you were so hot.
You were ten.
You looked so sexy in those Avril Lavigne suspenders.
Do not compare me to Avril Lavigne
in front of our unborn child.
Do not listen to her, honey.
- Fine.
Cos girls like you wont see
and boys, they just dont care
You might...
be laughing now but, soon youll be aware.
Girls Like Us need...
handling with care.

Hold the wheel.
With care...
with care, with care,
with care.
She said just to go round back.
There's literally no reception here.
Yeah, I think that's the point
You've arrived at last.
Olivia, it is so nice to
finally meet you in person.
And Jasmine. Hi!
Oh, Its just Jazz.
Jasmine Powers.
I really enjoyed that song.
You know...
What it's like... what its like, to get burned.
I'm sorry.
You probably get that all the time
and don't like it.
And I hate to be like other people.
It's just so catchy. Did you write it?
I didnt.
Well, it's you that won the Grammy.
But then she started rewired in 2012
and hasn't looked back.
An excellent podcast.,
youre like Howard Stern but,
with much better hair.
There's a slogan for your T-shirts.
I'm sure Howard would love that.
I'm surprised I haven't seen you at one of
the millions of tech events I go to.
Oh, Jazz hates big tech.
Well, that's not completely. Um.
Why don't I take you inside
and show you your home for the next week?
Do you mind if I trouble you for the wi-fi password?
Oh, there's no wi-fi.
No Wifi?
Unplugging is key to resetting...
and a fundamental part of the New Life
I know it's ironic,
an app developer telling you to
hand over your phones, but...
Oh, we're starting now.
Jazz isn't much of a rule follower
but, she promised me she
would really try this week.
For the babe.
For the babe.
Hopefully you'll be so completely immersed
in your transformation
that you will forget all about
the distractions of your former selves.
We absolutely love...
New life.
It's such an incredible reminder
to be present.
I'm proud to say that Jazz recently
used the app to quit smoking.
Millions of users a day.
Well, you certainly have
a lot of crystals.
That's actually a really special one.
It was gifted to my mother
from a Shaman in New Mexico.
She practiced holistic therapy,
way before it was on trend.
Thank you so much for inviting us here.
I have to tell you again
how much we love New Life.
My phone lives on break mode.
It is bloggers like you
that I had in mind when I created it.
Technology is a key part of our careers,
but it doesn't have to be our whole life.
Try telling that to my father.
He owns a software company.
Maybe you should try downloading the app
on his phone.
Trust me, I tried that.
He is a lost cause, but we love it.
So, Jazz
Olivia says you're not a fan of tech.
It's not so much
that I have a problem with tech.
I just don't have much in common
with the people that...
fund tech.
So, Olivia's father?
Oh, look at that honey,
she cracked your code.
Jazz and my father dont see eye to eye
politically speaking.
Well... you have to admit,
the business side of tech
is not exactly altruistic.
Not that I'm not grateful.
If I hadn't moved into tech.
I would still be practicing mindfulness
in a shared office above a Taco Bell.
Excuse me.
I have to use the restroom.
Our daughter has a thing for tap
dancing on my bladder.
Okay, well,
why don't I show you where you'll be
and you can get settled in?
Sounds great.
Olivia, this is your room,
and Jazz will be just down the hall.
Separate rooms?
You know were married, right?
I am aware,
It's important that you take
this time of rest to be purely that....
We want you to endeavor to reconnect
with yourself and forego external stimulation.
That just sounds like a fancy way
of saying you dont want us to have sex.
Well it does.
I am asking that you abstain. Again...
think of your bedrooms as places of rest.
I put schedules in your bedrooms.
We'll have private and collective
sessions, and the remainder of the time
is yours to rest, relax and reflect.
Mind if I come in?
Technically, it's not against the rules
or anything.
You promised me you would try this week.
I really want our energies
to be aligned for the baby.
She deserves a peaceful entrance
into this world.
I'm getting the sense you don't know
a whole lot about childbirth.
I'm going to need you to drop the cool
girl cynic act.
You have to admit, New Life
really helped you.
So please stop being a shithead.
How am I being a shithead?
But seriously,
separate rooms?
Besides, remember
when I went on that foodies tour?
Remember how happy we were to see each other
after a few days apart?
We were happy against the front door,
and they were happy on the stairs.
I do remember feeling a lot
of joy that day.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I stand here on this spot every morning
and I just feel...
humbled and grateful.
You're not that into it, are you?
The journey for spirituality.
You're not that into it.
What gave me away?
Well, I mean, I have been a therapist
for 20 years.
I can tell when a partner's
just going along with it.
Well...when Olivias excited about something,
it's just easy to go along with it.
Even when you don't want to.
Especially if I don't want to.
It's interesting,
I find that men are far more likely to appease
their wives than women.
Women are like flowers,
and men are more like gardeners.
That is interesting.
On the other hand,
most florists are women.,
Personally, I don't think I could ever be
in a relationship with a woman
I dont know, purely for selfish reasons.
I like to get my own way too much.
Well, you'd be screwed then.
Between you and me,
I could do without all the theatrics.
So, youre telling me you're a phony?
Im saying that some people need the theatrics
and some people are smart enough
just to listen to the facts.
I follow the science.
Studies have shown
that even 5 minutes of meditation a day
reduces the risk of diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, even cancer.
I mean, knowing that a smart person would...
A smart person would meditate.
I knew I would like you.
This is going to be fun.
Okay, that lady is a trip,
you won't believe what she said to me.
Is she here?
Oh, were not supposed to talk.
Till tomorrow?
Ah, you're starting now.
Wait...you laughed.
Does laughing count?
Come here.
You know I don't allow smoking
here, right?
You've never actually used my app,
have you?
Mind if I join?
You know if I didn't know any better,
I'd say you done that before.
What gives you that idea?
I quit a million years ago, but...
I don't believe in absolutes.
I think some absolutes
are kind of important.
Like... dont be a jerk.
I get the impression
we're talking about Olivia's father here.
How big of a jerk are we talking?
medium to big.
He's just an old, rich, white guy
that doesnt want a brown
lesbian rasing his grandchild.
I bet he doesn't say that out loud.
Not to my face.
We don't usually bring up
the dad issue, but...
with the baby coming.
Don't apologize.
I mean, who knows?
Maybe youll dig into some of these issues.
That's what we're here for, right?
I guess.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
Not as good as when I'm next to you.
Oh, she's not going to drink this.
She's not?
I'm really not...
but, shell drink it for me.
It's not exactly how self care works.
Oh, you gonna make me tell her?
Jazz bet that you would serve
us green juice
which she hates,
and so she made me promise
that if you did, I would drink it for her.
and why is that?
Because vegetables and
juice make her want to cry.
and in return,
I promise that I...
would meditate my ass off.
Shall we?
I want you to notice your breath.
Don't judge it.
Just watch it.
When you feel safe....
I'm going to venture deeper.
Feel the relaxation in your body.
Feel the calming of your nervous system.
Picture a dot..
just between your eyebrows,
floating there.
Inhale deeply
and imagine yourself
breathing just into that dot.
Putting all of your energy into the dot.
Feel the room around you.
Fade away.
There is nothing but your breath...
and the dot.
Olivia, where are you?
Im not anywhere.
What do you see?
Jazz, where are you?
On the floor?
You're going to hear
a series of high pitched sounds.
Just let them flow through you.
I'm sensing a resistance
to the healing
and I think we need
to talk about why.
No, I have hearing loss.
I cant hear a lot of frequencies.
I see.
Bringing ourselves back into the space,
feeling the floor support us.
The walls embrace us.
You may open your eyes.
Oh, that was amazing.
I can't even describe it.
I feel like I wasn't here.
That was the beginning
of internal mindfulness.
And you connected with it so easily,
which is wonderful.
Mindfulness is the first step
in your healing journey
I just wish that this stuff worked for me
the same way it does for you,
that's all.
Sometimes letting go is the hardest part.
I do not even need to be looking at you
to know that you are laughing
at me right now.
I have an exercise for you
that I...
I think will help with that.
Id like you to take a drive.
There's a trail about six miles from here
with beautiful views.
Olivia, you will drive
and jazz...
you will wear this.
Sometimes depriving ourselves of one sense
helps us heighten our trust in the others.
I think we're going to need a bigger
Shush, you...
I'm in.
You're really going to put that on
and let me drive?
Why not?
All right then.
You know...
I think I'd make an excellent gardener.
Patient two suffers from hearing loss.
We'll need to incorporate
visual test patterns
into all of the programing.
I'll send over the specs.
I just dont understand
why we're going to a lookout
if I can't...
look out!
Because, Georgia told us to.
And if Georgia told you to shave your head
and take a vow of silence,
would you do that too?
Aw, you sounded just like a mom
when you said that.
you are so gonna be that annoying, pragmatic parent.
Hey, I don't care if I'm annoying.
I just want her to be smart.
Speaking of...
tell your mom that it's going
to get dark sooner than she thinks.
Try to unclench, honey.
Surrendering a modicum of control
isn't going to kill you.
You don't know that.
Are we there?
If one is truly present?
There is no there.
Just here.
Goes to one holistic retreat.
I am ignoring you because...
wow, it is so beautiful here
And I'm going
to stay present and enjoy it.
Maybe I should just wait here.
Come on, baby.
I'm right here.
Don't you trust me?
Of course I trust you .
Then walk.
I won't let anything happen to you.
famous last words.
There you go.
There you go.
Oh, it smells good out here.
This is the life I want for our child.
Clean air,
open spaces.
What if we moved up here?
Ah, Maam...
I'm going to need you to step away
from the vehicle and send my wife back.
Stop. I'm being serious.
Come on.
You're such a city girl.
What about your parents?
They may not be my biggest fans
but having them in the city
with us, with the baby....
You always say that.
I know my parents can be difficult
but they love you.
I think Georgia said
the trail was up here.
Promise you not going to
leave me in the bushes?
You'll have to find out.
Oh, I see.
One foot in front of the other, baby.
Come on.
I'm coming.
Come here.
I thought you were going to leave me.
Wow, it got dark quickly.
I did say that would happen.
Its chilly.
Yeah, lets put the roof up.
In we get.
Thanks babe.
Forgotten how to drive?
the car wont start.
Did you press the button?
Yes, I pressed the button.
And the keys in the ignition?
When you finish asking
obvious questions,
would you please get out
and look under the hood?
Are you being serious?
Thats weird.
Did you pop it?
Yeah, I popped it.
Coolants okay.
That's good.
Theres plenty of oil.
You only know oil and coolant,
don't you?
I mean, I know
how to put air in the tires.
What are we going to do?
We're like, in the middle of
Do you think there are mountain
lions out here?
Were not even in the mountains.
Just call...
We dont have our cell phones.
Are we going to have to spend
the night in the car?
Do you think it freezes
out here at night?
What was that?
That rustling, did you hear that?
Maybe we should walk.
Jazz, I think someones out here.
Come on.
Run, run!
Woah, woah, woah.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
What the fuck are you doing?
I was on a run.
In the vineyard?
Oh, hey, It's okay.
Well I hope so because she's pregnant.
and you just scared the shit out of us.
Just breathe.
I'm really sorry.
What are you guys doing out here?
Our car wont start.
Were here for a retreat
on Edgerly Island.
Just breathe baby, just breathe.
Come on.
Wait, wait. Are you here with
She's my neighbor.
I'm road testing her new app right now.
Hey, you dont need to be afraid.
Im here, youre safe.
Everythings fine.
You're safe.
Would you happen to know
anything about cars?
I checked the oil and the coolant,
everything seemed fine.
We are so lucky you were here.
Yeah, we dont have our cell phones.
Olivia was worried wed have
to sleep in the car.
Cells wouldnt of done you much good.
Reception out here is pretty nonexistent.
I see your problem.
Spark plug connector came loose somehow.
Try the ignition for me.
There you go,
all good.
Im parked up ahead,
let me grab my car
Ill escort you ladies back to
the island.
Im sure your husbands will be happy to know
that there's a guy out here
looking out for you.
No husbands.
This is my wife.
Bet your parents love that
Im sorry?
I didn't mean to embarrass you.
I just meant that they'd probably prefer
if you had a man around.
You know, for situations
like this.
It's not your fault.
Men are just better with mechanics.
well, maybe next time she'll get lucky
marry a woman that knows about cars.
Thank you for this though.
so much.
Honestly, you're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
These back roads can get a little complicated.
I hate to have to save you ladies
twice in one night, right?
Don't be ungrateful,
he just saved our asses.
Were lucky he was there.
If he hadn't showed up
we would have had to walk back
along that road in the night.
You poor things.
Those roads are not safe for two women to
walk alone.
It was just so dark.
I kept thinking we could get hit by a car
or worse.
This feels like a moment for gratitude.
You had a very traumatic experience.
You were terrified
and in need of protection.
You feel very grateful
that man rescued you.
I am grateful for him.
Come in.
I brought you some tea.
Olivia's gone to bed.
Yeah, I think our little adventure
wiped her out.
And how are you feeling about the events
this evening?
Im okay.
It just sucks that being a woman
makes you instantly more vulnerable
in situations like that.
Definitely falls in the lifes
not fair category.
It just makes me think that...
Never mind.
Whatever you're feeling is valid
and talking about it is a very important
part of the process.
Talk to me.
I'm a therapist, remember?
It's embarrassing.
I scare pretty easy.
and freeze up.
I always have
Now Im meant to be this...
But it's not just you remember?
That's why there are two parents.
I know...
It sounds to me
like you are shouldering
all the burden of parenting.
Your energy is just...
give me your arm.
Don't give me that look.
The body is made of energy.
That is science.
Give me your arm.
I remember
sitting in the back of class
with Sara Cavallari
doing this
for hours
and hours
and hours.
You're feeling relaxed, aren't you?
I guess we should get some sleep.
We have an early morning, right?
Drink your tea.
It's valerian root.
It'll help you sleep.
What are we going to do? Were like
in the middle of nowhere.
What was that? Did you hear that?
Jazz, I think someone's out there.
The field experiment
confirms our initial predictions.
Both patients exhibit
fear based anxieties
and a strong reaction
to overt social judgment.
I'm confident
we can upload the script as is.
Look how much youve grown.
I missed you, kid.
You should've seen your
old man on this tour.
Fans, they ate us up in Melbourne,.
No its rock and roll,
it can never be too loud.
I got a feeling we're going to be
We're gonna be HUGE.
We're gonna be HUGE.
I hoped the baby would help bridge the gap
between them, you know,
give them something to bond over.
But, I feel like
it's just made things worse.
That sounds like
it must be really tough for you.
My parents are nice people.
They just grew up in a more conservative
They just think that as a bisexual,
I could have chosen to marry a man.
I see.
And does Jazz know this?
Well, I haven't told her, if that's
what you mean.
Surely she must feel it though.
They're my parents.
I want them in my life.
I can tell Jazz has a lot of regrets
when it comes to her father.
Whys that?
Jazz's dad died in a car accident.
But I dont know all the details
he didn't see that a car was coming.
She doesn't talk about it
and Ive never seen a reason to push.
Why dredge up unnecessary pain?
So, that's...
your approach to your own parents as well?
My father has a lot of opinions.
Jazz is worried that he'll say something
inappropriate in front of her and...
It sounds like your marriage is
under a lot of strain.
But isn't everybodies?
Jazz is an incredible partner.
We got lucky,
didnt we kid?
Speak of the devil.
Good afternoon, sleepyhead.
Yes, you slept all morning.
Did I?
I feel like I barely slept.
Oh no.
But you look so peaceful.
I didn't want to wake you.
Georgie gave me a private
sound healing.
It was amazing.
I felt like I was submerged in a cloud.
Sorry I missed it.
Well, I am going to use the restroom
before we do our Vinyasa.
And how are you doing?
I'm fine.
My dreams we're just...
kinda intense.
What were they about?
I dont... remember.
You're carrying a considerable burden.
That energy is flowing through you
and around the baby.
Oh my god, Im sorry.
Its okay.
Even clouds cry when theyre heavy.
I'm sorry.
I, Im...
Im just feeling kind of unhinged.
I'm sure it's hormones.
It might be.
Or it might be that
this practice is
bringing some of your internal
conflicts to the forefront.
Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning
in other people's opinions.
Of course you do.
Being an openly lesbian couple
has amplified your celebrity,
which comes with fans
and detractors
combined with what
you've told me about your family,
I'm not surprised
that you have some internal conflict.
Jazz doesnt see the world
the same way as I do.
Well, if she does,
she doesn't let it bother her.
We'll be walking,
holding hands and
people will whisper
or even point.
The pointing is something special.
Sometimes I find myself
letting go of her hand.
Especially if it's a group of guys.
Why is that?
Because you never know when one of them
will take it as a personal rejection.
God, I'm sorry.
I don't...
I dont know what it is about you.
I just feel so comfortable sharing.
I get that a lot.
Jazz and I actually took a break.
Before we decided
to get married.
an old boyfriend
came back into my life and...
It made me wonder how much
easier it would have been
if I just stayed with him
been straight for all
intents and purposes.
And why didn't you?
Have you ever had one of
those kisses...
where you can't quite tell
where their lips end
and yours begin?
I don't believe I have.
You'd know it if you had.
That's his name.
James is a great guy,
with him, I always knew
whose lips were whose.
But with Jazz...
And speaking of Jazz,
we have our one on one in a minute,
but I was wondering
if you would be willing to test
out some of the meditations
on the HEALED app.
Yes, I'd be honored.
I hope you don't mind,
but I took the liberty of loading
them onto your phone.
Not at all.
Happy to be your guinea pig.
I look forward to the results
Level One, welcome.
what's all this?
This is my version of an emotional reset
I learned it from my mother.
So, your mother was a therapist?
Both my parents were actually.
My father was extremely successful.
Lived for his work really.
He died when I was a teenager.
But my mother was the real genius.
But I digress.
We're just going to try to find a
visual cue to help you relax.
Just have a casual conversation and...
I'll observe certain markers.
Since we're talking about parents,
why don't you tell me about yours?
Not much to tell.
You were a teen pop idol
who disappeared from the scene
after ten years...
and reemerged with a podcast,
surely there's a story.
Why don't you tell me
about your childhood?
What childhood?
And why do you say that?
Like you said I was a teen pop idol.
I didnt have a childhood.
Those lights are a lot.
Just try to relax.
I hate flashing lights
they remind me of...
Strobe lights.
follow the sequence.
Strobe lights hurt my...
Strobe lights hurt my...
Can you tell me where you are?
Hey Georgia.
the footage from the therapy room
so we can be sure we have the right
triggers for tomorrow's session.
Loop that trigger for
about an hour and a half.
increase the levels of the lower power ratios
throughout the house.
I really don't think increasing
the value is a good idea.
That could ruin the ratio.
I don't pay you to think.
Just do what I say.
Are you okay?
You were quiet at dinner.
Dont you think the river feels eerie?
You never know who could be out there.
Good thing were in here then?
I think you just need to meditate
and go to bed.
Oh, I said goodnight didnt you hear me?
I did.
But what about the thing you didn't say?
What thing?
The thing.
The thing that you said every single night
since the first night you slept over.
Sweet dreams.
Sweetest of dreams.
Isn't that what I said?
No you said sweet...
you've never said sweet?
you didn't kiss me goodnight!
I'm sorry.
I feel foggy.
I really think I should just...
Meditate and get to bed.
Are you sure you're okay?
I can make you a cup of tea...
I just need some rest.
Sweetest of dreams.
You know what it looks like
you ladies need?
I made you some tea.
Don't forget to lock the door
when you go inside tonight.
Its so dark.
You never know who could be out there.
Look buddy,
we've got a lot of kids waiting.
so if she's not going to sing?
No, no, no, no, man.
She's going to sing.
Don't you worry.
She could blow your fucking mind.
Hey, look, Jazzmatazz...
Don't be nervous.
Just go out there and sing it
like we did at home.
We got a lot of money
riding on this.
Don't let us down.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Do you hear that humming?
No, I don't hear anything.
Are you alright?
Yeah, this...
It happens sometimes.
You don't happen to have
any earplugs, do you?
No, I don't. But...
right after our one on one,
I'll get you some.
I thought the schedule said group?
Olivia and I worked together
for several hours this morning,
and... she'll be in silent meditation
for the rest of the day.
Shall we?
How are you feeling?
Ive felt better.
Talk to me.
I dunno. Im Just tired,
probably being sensitive.
Olivia said something...
Actually, she didn't say something.
I don't know. She's...she's being weird.
Olivia is under a lot of strain.
But you know,
she's worried about the same things
youre worried about.
How to provide for your child.
How to care for them, protect them.
Usually Im the one that does
the worrying
and Olivia does the comforting.
Well, that's why this
practice is important.
It's at the point of most resistance
that we find change
I think I saw that on a poster at the gym.
This practice
could be really good for you.
It could help you.
I could give you a better life.
Who said I want a better life.
Pretty happy with the one I've got,
pregnancy hormones aside.
Well, then why not take this opportunity
to make an even better life?
Theres no time like the present.
Just breathe.
That's it.
Thats good.
Just... Breathe
The blue ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon.
The blue looks like...
Pabst Blue Ribbon.
So it is.
Do you drink a lot of
Pabst Blue Ribbon?
Who does?
My dad.
Your father...
tell me about him?
Tell em that your
old mans the best.
Hes dead.
I see.
He was in a band...
You dont wanna hate me now
You gonna taste what its like...
what its like to get burned.
After all Ive done for you.
Is he the reason you started playing
Taught me everything I know.
She's good.
The kids love her, and
I feel like she really could cross over.
Of course she's good.
Shes excellent
cos I taught her everything she knows.
I left the US for this crappy
fucking band.
Fuck, fuck.
Nah, nah, nah.
Go on sweetie, tell em that
your old man's the best.
The best...
Love you.
After all Ive done for you.
And now...
the label, their dropping us.
Whatever happens to this family...
From now on...
is on you, on you.
- On you!
- It's on you!
Your filming us.
It's just for observation.
You didn't ask.
Oh, I'm sure I spoke with Olivia about it.
Most therapists record their sessions.
You look exhausted.
Why don't you go lie down
and I'll bring you some tea?
It would seem we have a problem.
You assured us that the work
that she was doing was cutting edge.
The inception of New Life
framed an entire market.
And if we were looking for advice
on relaxation, then...
Respectfully, Pastor...
relaxation, as you put it, is just one
part of the medicine that I practice.
Call it whatever you want,
but it has no value to us unless its effective.
Our directive was clear.
We're not seeing the level of control
that you promised.
Look, I must admit,
I was hoping we'd be further along.
I say that we pull our funding and start
examining other options.
Triggers for this kind of therapy
have several forms and
perfecting that takes time.
Patient number two is
beginning to get suspicious.
You don't need to worry
about patient two.
In fact...
I have a plan that will have both patients
fully compliant within 24 hours.
Fully compliant?
Yes, completely.
Well, that's promising.
We'll program
the visual triggers into the app
and begin to work through the steps
first thing in the morning.
If this product doesn't perform
there is a lot more at stake
here than a bad app review.
Again, you do not need to worry.
I couldn't be happier with the way
that this experiment is proceeding.
I don't think I can program these triggers
by tomorrow.
Yeah, that sounds like a you problem.
Call the team and tell them to proceed
with the next experiment.
Here's the tea you asked for.
I think Olivia just came in.
Olivia said she wants to rest.
You should rest, too.
I just...
drink your tea.
What are you doing?
Georgia said we should be resting.
Yeah, I know what she said.
I need to talk to you.
Im meditating.
You can meditate later.
Cmon, outside.
Come on.
What are you doing?
I just need to talk to you
out here for a sec.
Hey... Whoa...
Are you okay?
I just...
I felt a little dizzy for a moment.
But you always have that effect on me.
Are you sure about that?
Im joking, what's going on with you?
What's going on with me?
Whats going on with you!
I've barely seen you
And then every time I do, you're, like,
super distant.
I don't understand.
Am I?
I'm sorry. I...
The last few days have been
a bit of a blur.
I guess I've just been really immersed
in Georgia's techniques.
What do you know about George's
Only that she wanted to try them
with an influencer couple in person
before launching her app.
I think she's hypnotizing us.
I found this article about her father.
He was a hypnosis
guru or something like that.
Were you going through her things?
No, I was trying to look at the security
camera footage on her computer.
Did you tell her that she could film us?
You were trying to get into her computer.
Have you completely lost her mind?
Something's not right Liv.
I can't put my finger on it,
but... something's not right.
Everything's weird,
were weird!
I'm sleeping all day,
but I feel like I haven't slept at all.
I'm so fucking tired.
And I'm having these dreams.
I'm having these horrible fucking dreams.
Wow, you are really hating
this, huh?
I'm sorry. I really tried.
Im just so tired.
I don't know why Im so tired.
I just want to go home.
Of course we can go home.
I have no intention of making my wife
this miserable
for some quasi celebrity retreat.
I tried...
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
Come here.
It is you, Jasmine Powers.
Girls Like Us
was number one in high school.
Wow, you really know your stuff there.
Shoulda been there longer.
You got robbed.
You definitely should have won
the Grammy.
Lemme get a selfie.
Sir. I'm sorry.
I think it's a little dark for that.
Is this your wife?
I remember when you went gay.
So hot.
Okay, sir. Look, you really need to leave us alone.
I said move.
Hey... no!
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Why are you being such a bitch?
Hey, help!
Hey, hey!
Get off her!
Get the fuck out of here
or I'll kick your ass.

Your safe now alright.
Youve got nothing to worry about.
Lets get you inside.
We're not going inside.
We're going home. Come on.
I understand that you were scared,
but I've handled it all right.
You'll be perfectly safe inside.
Hes right.
We should go inside.
What? We said we were going home.
You guys are both shaken up alright.
You should get a good nights sleep
You can always leave in the morning.
He could have really hurt us
if it wasn't for you.
Please make sure you double check the locks
before you come inside.
Come on.
Lets go.
Hello Trevor,
nice to see you.
What's up, doc?
I assume everything
went according to plan.
I couldn't get a great picture
because they weren't exactly
where you said they'd be, but...
They were on the dock.
Yeah, it was pretty great.
I turned it on just like you said.
And what about Kevin?
Well, he was amazing.
He came storming in,
he came tearing down the dock...
So do you have those drives?
You know for the codes for the...
phase two triggers?
Oh, absolutely.
Right here.
Should take a couple of hours...
Thank you.
Yeah, no worries.
Call Georgia.
Carter. Hi.
I was just about to call you...
I thought you said you had this handled?
I do.
Well, then why did I just watch
security footage of the girls
hugging and kissing out on your dock?
I just...I just have a few minor adjustments
that I need to make.
Listen to me.
You have exactly 12 hours
before the investors pull the funding
and before you make me look
like a complete laughing stock.
Thats not going to happen.
I just need to...
I don't care what you have to do.
Fix it.
Think its best if you head inside.
Yeah, I don't remember asking you
what you thought.
Take it easy
I'm just looking after you ladies.
Yeah, We're more than capable
of looking out for ourselves.
Didnt look like it.
Looked like that joker
had you pretty scared.
don't worry.
You're completely safe inside
George's house.
I installed the security system myself.
Olivia told me what happened,
that must have been so unsettling.
Some creep almost pushed
my pregnant wife off the dock.
How did anyone know we were here?
you two are all over social media.
You took our phones.
We haven't posted since we've been here.
That is odd.
Why don't we talk about it tomorrow?
We won't be here tomorrow.
We're leaving first thing.
I understand.
I'm not that much of a hugger.
Night, night.
Loosen up.
Can you be a good girl and get daddy
a towel?
Hey, woah.
Where you going?
He only wants to talk.
I swear to God.
You have any idea how much fucking money
we have riding on this?
Open the fucking door.
Come on.
Come on.
Are you gonna get
out there?
Don't make me have. to
hurt you again...come here.
Get out there
and shake your little brown ass.
Level One.
as the spheres arrest your mind,
the world around you fades away.
You are surrounded by nothingness.
Just breathe
your life...
is about to be wonderful.
Last night's
experiment went exceptionally well.
Patient One chose to remain in the program,
even though Patient Two begged her
to leave.
And Patient Two?
Patient Two has now succumbed to visual
We've decided to place are in isolation
and administer intensive therapy
Level Two.
The Descent.
As you sink into the nothingness
it envelops you...
and you begin to drown.
The weight of your choices,
pulls you deeper and deeper
until you...
are unable to breathe.
You choke on the feeling of self-loathing
You did not heed the warnings.
It's all your fault.
Level Ten
Resurfacing and Rebirth.
Your former choices beneath you.
Those mistakes are now faded and distant
as you breech the surface
take your first breath.
are perfect.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
I'm actually excited to get back to work.
I'm glad to hear it.
I think we're done for today.
Thank you for everything.
Oh, one more thing.
Can you tell me about your wife?
That's all in my past now.
It's just that
you're still wearing a wedding ring.
So I am.
Think on the moment
you sacrificed your own well-being
you have long ignored...
Come on
the low hum of fear...
Sit down.
for your safety.
This is a mistake.
Whoa! Oh.
Sit down.
You're not strong enough
to escape the cavern alone.
How does one protect and provide
for themselves?
Its just how the business works.
The answer is simple
Men are biologically stronger.
Come on, sit down.
I promise I wont bite.
They are designed...
to provide and protect you.
Men are stronger,
Theyre designed to protect me.
You must allow a man to protect you.
Oh, hey, hey...
Where are you going?
Thank you.
Youre gonna...
Youre gonna be fine.
This is... this is...
just the business works.
That's it.
You are in need of their strength
if you hope to survive.
how are you feeling?
I've been thinking
about the babies and my future.
I think it's time I call my parents.
It's probably safest if I stay with them
until I find the right partner.
As you wish.
Would you like to use my computer?
I have Internet.
Thank you.
Hi, Daddy.
Is everything okay, pumpkin?
Everything is wonderful.
Would it be alright with you and Mom
If I came home for a while?
Of sweetheart,
I'll send a car for you in the morning.
I want you to know that you and that baby
mean everything in the world to us.
We love you very much.
Level Six.
The Current of Change
You chose to swim against the current
and your kin...
rejects you.
The shame lashes against your face.
What do you think youre doing?
As you struggle against the rapids.
It doesn't have to be like this.
You could float along the rapids
Do you have any idea...
what would happen if somebody
other than me came through that door
and saw you with your little girlfriend there.
Leave your struggle beneath you.
You going to cut this shit out?
I'm just looking out for you, okay?
And feel the current carry
you towards the surface.
Can you walk us through the post
treatment program?
Yes. The HEALED app emits the necessary
frequencies to maintain submission
and it collects data 24/7.
It's alerted of any keywords, searches
or conversations
contain homosexual connotation.
So this app will monitor everything
the patient says,
both on and around the device.
Sadly, I think this is the kind
of surveillance these patients need.
Can you update us on patient two?
Patient who is responding
well to the intensive treatment?
I have one last experiment to run.
In fact...
hello, Olivia.
Are you ready for your last session?
I am.
Level Nine.
It is time to resurface.
You have made the right choice.
Hello, Jasmine.
Sorry... Jazz.
Nice to see you.
No witty one liners today?
I bet you're both wondering
why I brought you together...
or maybe youre not.
That's what we're here to find out.
Stand up.
Stand up.
I want you to slap her face.
I want you to slap her in the face.
Slap as hard as you can
Slap her as hard as you can
And don't stop until I tell you to.
And dont stop until I tell you to.
Hey, snap out of it.
This is what the label sent.
And youre going to act like
you fucking enjoy it.
You think anybody
gets famous wearing
glitter suspenders and baggy pants?
Put it on.
You can stop now.
You can stop now.
I think you've both done an excellent job.
I think youve both done an excellent job.
And it's time to say good night tonight.
And its time to say goodnight.
Say goodnight Jazz.
Say goodnight Jazz.
open the door?
Sweetest of dreams.
Just remember to keep your phone close
and use the HEALED app 10 minutes a day.
Lock doors.
You know...
you're pretty hot.
Im not usually into Asians.
Blondes are more my thing.
I guess we have that in common, huh?
She has those sexy curls.
Who knows?
Maybe after Georgia is done
with her, I'll get in there.
Show her what
real sex is like, huh.
You talking about my wife!
Where am I?
Youre in the basement.
How the hell are you
not hypnotized?
Georgias gonna be pissed.
Im gonna tie you up
in front of the app...
and theyll never have to know.
I'm sorry about before.
I think you and
your wife
are equally attractive.
Arhh haaa
Oh my god.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
So it looks like traffic
is pretty clear from here
and we should have you home in no time.
Everything okay back there?
I'm sorry. Did you say something?
Just asking if everything's okay?
Yes, I'm fine, Thank you.
Do you ever get the feeling
that you've forgotten something?
Oh, yeah.
It happens all the time.

Now youre gonna taste,
What its like, what its like to get burned...

Excuse me.
Can you...
Can you turn the car around?
Is everything okay?
I just remembered what I forgot.
I think it's safe to say that this
initial trial has been a huge success.
The marketing team has trialed
several packaging options.
We believe that the most successful
positioning will be in
mental health and wellness.
The media is just saturating
our children's minds with filth,
telling them that it's okay to be any
which way in the name of mental health.
I mean, enough is enough.
The key is that
this technique is innocuous.
We are not hurting these children.
We are helping them.
Plus we have the trademark.
And so...
We have the monopoly.
Millions of families
have prayed for this day.
I told you Georgia was
perfect for this job.
And you were right. Thank you.
We are going to
save the soul of this nation.
Oh my god, what happened to you?
Are you alright?
My father,
Im so sorry...
I should have listened
to you.
My father...
What are you talking about?
Its his app.
Its my fathers app.
He hired Georgia,
he did all of this.
Let's just focus on
getting the fuck out of here.
Their phones opperate the security system.
Did you try his?
I can't get it to unlock.
Georgia is in her office.
I have an idea
Put these on.
Help me with this.
What's that?
Your choices pull you deeper...
It sounds like a script from the app.
That sounds like.
My programing
assistant is about to get fired.
unable to breath.
you choke on the feeling of self-loathing.
You didn't heed the warning.
Hello, Jasmine.
Dr. Chambers.
Like father, like daughter,
I see.
You think you have it all figured out,
don't you?
I will say that you are more intuitive
in that chipper little wife of yours.
Nobody understands what you see in her.
I mean you are this icon,
and shes...
shes about to knock you the fuck out.
So what's your next move
You gonna call 911?
Because if you want to take me down,
you're going to take your father
right down with me.
Are you ready to do that to your family?
You're only here because they love you.
How dare you?
You don't care about love.
You just did everything you could
to destroy ours.
I didn't do anything.
You chose to come here.
You chose
to follow the suggestions in the app.
Hypnosis is just a suggestion
it is in the hands of the individual
to make the choice.
No, you manipulated us.
It wasn't a choice.
The car breaking down, the crazy stalker
guy. You...
You made that choice
because you're both
so desperate for your
parents approval.
I'm just here to help you achieve that.
You think that I want my father's approval?
Of course you do.
My father was an abusive alcoholic.
His approval means zero to me.
But maybe we're not
talking about me.
Maybe it's you
that needs Daddy's approval.
After all, you're doing his work.
His work?
This whole thing was
my mother's brainchild.
And he stole her ideas,
and he had her committed.
Okay, so your mother hated gay people,
and you figured that was the legacy
you wanted to continue.
My mother didn't hate gay people.
Quite the opposite.
She just wanted you to know
that you don't have to live this way.
What way?
Yeah. Like,
what was your ex's name?
Like, happily ever after...
You know, happily ever after...
Come on...
Open your fucking eyes.
Open your fucking eyes.
Let's not waste another
second of our lives on
this bitch.

Maybe I should drive.
You told them to hate me,
now youre going to taste...
What its like to get burned.
Youre Miss Popularity,
so its a waste... to tell you.
Cos girls like you wont see...
and boys, they dont care.
You might be laughing now but,
soon youll be aware...
Girls Like Us need handling
with care.
Girls Like Us need handling with care.