Healed by Grace 2 (2018) Movie Script

We're ready.
she was quite a horse.
The best.
I'll never forget
her, that's all.
What can I add to that?
Well said, Gauff.
Why don't we say
a little prayer?
Hey, kid.
You gonna shop, or
watch movies all day?
It's not like I
ever buy anything.
Who are you shopping
for, you or your horse?
My horse, I wish.
Oh, I gotcha, you're still
dreaming the horse dream.
Okay, we're good.
If you can't dream,
what you got?
Take your time.
Nine or 10 years is
a pretty long time
To think about things
Nine or 10 years
can take the way
And slip on by
You can spin around
doing circles
Until you realize
This whole world's
got a whole lot more
You want to try
Nine or 10 tries
and too many times
To take a chance
When you're leaving
that nest behind
Lord, you got to fly
You better take the
peek around the corners
When you're moving fast
'Cause the moment of
truth don't leave time
To wonder why
Well, the summer's go by
just a little too fast for me
You can lose sight
of who you want to be
I'm gonna saddle up
my horses and ride
While I got time
Got dreams I'm
ready to find, hey
Even if I'm falling behind
Grace is why
I'm gonna be just fine
What's up, kid, you
want to try something on?
Can I ask you a question?
Did you dream about
horses when you were my age?
Well, yeah, unfortunately,
I got busted up
in a rodeo fall, so I had
to come up with a new dream.
You're standing in it.
Most all girls go through
it, lasts a year or so,
then fades, usually
replaced by boys.
It won't for me.
Ah, sounds like me,
so what kind of horse
you got your eye on?
What's it matter,
I wouldn't even ask.
My mom hates horses.
I see, well, the
way I see it, Jess,
it's your dream, so who knows
what can happen if you try.
I know what will
happen, she'll say no.
Yeah, maybe, but can you try?
I can try.
There you go.
Look, I don't know what
you're selling, but...
Randy, this is Dr. Eyer, I'm
calling about your mammogram.
What is it, what's wrong?
I'd like to get
you back in tomorrow
for another diagnostic
if we could.
Okay, so what are you
saying, I have breast cancer?
We just want to be cautious.
Let me, you know, I'll
talk to my husband.
That's fine, just call us back.
What's going on?
Wow, John.
It's just like Mom.
Hey, wait a second,
I'm sure you're fine.
Brandy, listen to me,
I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you, okay?
Mom, Dad, I know what
I want for my birthday.
Let's hear it.
Okay, so I've really
thought about this,
and I promise I'll be,
like, totally responsible.
Just spit it out, Jesse.
I want a horse.
that's a thought, right?
Let your dad and I talk
about it, okay, honey?
Well, they say the acorn
doesn't fall far from the tree.
No, forget it,
and I'd appreciate it if
you'd stop talking about him.
I guess I didn't realize
I was talking about him.
Did I miss something here?
Look, John, I need to be
thinking about me right now,
not about the drunk
who fathered me.
The vet's here, she said
she needs to speak with you.
All right, in a minute.
Ah, just the man
I wanted to see.
Look, Marianne, I know
what you're gonna say.
What, Belvedere,
oh, he'll be fine,
but keep him on
stall rest this week,
he still has heat
in his fetlock.
Can we bute him?
So he can injure
himself permanently?
No, sir, I will not.
Great, first Grace,
now Belvedere.
Need something else?
Yes, Gauff.
I did,
and I do want to talk to you.
Gauff, you need a project.
What are you talking about?
It just seems to me, the
way you've been moping.
Yes, moping.
Grace was a great horse.
The best.
she's gone, Gauff, and no amount
of pining is going
to bring her back.
Oh, hey, Riley.
So here's what we're
gonna do, young man.
I'm not a young man,
Marianne, don't call me that.
You're young enough.
You call this man,
Gauff, he has a horse
that needs a home yesterday,
and I told him you're just
the man to help him out.
Geez, Marianne, I
don't need no rescue,
I need a school horse.
remember when Grace was injured?
You brought her back,
gave her a good life.
And think of all the
good she did for Riley.
You call him, Gauff, I told him
that you're just the man...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I
heard you the first time.
Besides, it'll be
a good summer project
to bring you out of your funk.
I'll give him a call.
Did Gauff just buckle?
I believe he buckled.
It's perfect.
Look, it's 10
days, that's plenty
of time to do the diagnostics,
and figure out where we stand.
I don't know,
I just don't feel comfortable
leaving Jesse right now.
Then tell her.
John, come on.
We don't even know
how serious this is yet.
And why scare Jesse
for no good reason?
So we send her to camp,
come on, it's perfect.
Where's it at?
Westfield, isn't that
near where your dad was?
I don't know, I mean, it's
been a long, long time, John.
You know, it's amazing.
What's that, Jesse?
Did you know that wild mustang
were actually brought here
by the Spanish?
I believe I knew that.
Have you guys decided
about my birthday present?
Actually, we're still kind
of kicking it around, Jesse.
Do you think you'll
decide soon, 'cause...
Jesse, birthdays are
supposed to be a surprise,
so even if we had decided,
we couldn't tell you, right?
All right.
Boy, that girl has
a one track mind.
Hey, I tell you what,
Westfield's about three hours away.
I've got a client
that I've been meaning
to drop in on up that way, so
why don't I swing up there,
check it out, meet the leaders,
get her enrolled, all right?
There must be
something you can do.
I am so sorry, Mr. Fuller,
but it's just too
short a notice,
we are completely booked,
and that's a fact.
But as I explained, Mr...
Brother, Brother Jimmy,
call me Brother Jimmy.
Brother Jimmy, as I explained,
her mother has this
medical situation,
and I'm sure, under
the circumstances...
I do wish we could, but we have
to be very strict
about our enrollment,
insurance, and
such other things.
Could she do the July session?
Um, no, because her mother...
Right, right, doctor.
Well, all things according
to the lord's timing,
but I will lift up your family
in these troubling times,
brother, I most surely will.
I do wish you traveling
mercies, Brother Josh.
John, right, right.
Eight miles.
He can't be that bad,
can he be that bad?
Everything all
right, Brother Josh?
J, yeah, everything's fine.
All righty, then.
Say, Brother Jimmy?
Are you familiar
with a horse facility
about eight, 10 miles up 37?
Cedar Creek, sure am,
take the camp kids
up there sometimes.
Do you happen to know anything
about the trainer there?
His name's Gauff.
Gauff, interesting
man, had the good fortune
to share the gospel with
him once upon a time,
can't say it went all that well.
Brother Jimmy, can
I ask your advice?
Mom put the kibosh
on your horse dream?
Oh, I can't imagine
anything worse,
unless they're shipping
you off to boarding school.
They might as well be, I have
to go to camp for
two whole weeks.
Oh, how many parents
you got, Jesse?
How many?
Well, duh, two.
What are you, 14?
Almost 15.
Well, when I was
14, I only had a mom,
and she couldn't afford,
ah, this is starting
to sound like a
rubber ducky story.
What's that?
Ever watch a movie
where the hero is a jerk?
I guess so.
Okay, so you realize
your hero's a jerk, right?
So who's gonna root for a jerk?
There is a point to this, right?
Well, yeah, the point is,
is you got to have a scene
where the hero talks about
losing his rubber ducky
when he's, like, four.
Or 14.
Or 14, exactly, so
you feel sorry for him,
and root for the jerk hero.
That's stupid.
Yeah, and it
never works, either,
so the point is, is maybe
going to camp could be fun.
That was the point?
The point is, keep
dreaming, you got time,
and you just never know how
your fortunes might turn.
I suppose.
There you go, now,
you'd better head back before
it starts getting dark.
So you feel your
wife, Barbara, might...
Brandy, right, right.
She might disapprove of you
reaching out to Brother Gauff?
Well, as you know, the lord
works in mysterious ways.
She's gonna kill
me, Brother Jimmy.
No, I am not so
sure, Brother John.
This could be a step
toward reconciliation,
reconciliation and healing,
a step she might be unlikely
to take for herself.
I guess you do have a point.
And perhaps a
delightful opportunity
for young Jamie, as well.
Jesse, right, right.
Yeah, I mean,
what could go wrong?
A lot, a lot could go wrong.
ain't much to look at.
Oh, fuddy poo.
You'll work a miracle
with him, I know you will.
Hey, Gauff.
Everything okay
with the new horse?
You wouldn't believe it.
Well, yeah, that
horse is bomb proof,
I think I got me a new
school horse after all.
That's great, name ideas?
I like Cadenza.
Which one do you like?
All of 'em.
Gregorio, Ronaldo,
Antonio, Cadenza, Emmanuel.
Okay, so that's
his, his papered name,
what's his nickname gonna be?
Oh, that's easy.
You know something, Riley?
I think things are
finally going my way.
Excuse me, I'm
looking for a Mr. Gauff.
Just Gauff, that's me,
what can I do for you?
Okay, I got to run.
Okay, Riley.
It's really hot out there today.
It's July, you're in a barn,
now what can I do for you?
Sir, my name is John Fuller.
My wife's name is Brandy.
I'm your son-in-law.
Hey, Riley, you got to help me.
The August show's coming
up, I've got a mess
of show bills to get out,
Aliyah used to do it all,
but eh, she's gone
off to school,
and I don't know where to start.
I'm sure I could help
you get it organized.
You're hired, Riley,
you are a lifesaver.
Hey, Bill?
What do you know
about Gauff's family?
Look, it'd just be
for a couple weeks
while Brandy gets this
treatment, and it'd be so good
for Jesse, she's
obsessed with horses.
Oh, I knew this day would come.
I said, I knew
this day would come.
I heard rumors about Gauff
having a wife, years ago.
Well, there's a gentleman
here who I overheard,
well, he says he's
Gauff's son-in-law.
Why didn't Brandy
just talk to me?
You didn't tell her.
Look, Gauff, I'm in
kind of a pickle here.
She hates me.
No, she doesn't hate you.
I mean, maybe a little.
Can't say I blame her.
Well, whatever I can
do, I'm here to help.
She's my girl.
You know, I have to
say, you're nothing like,
I mean, I'll make
all the arrangements,
and I'll let you know.
Don't push it.
Can you make out
what they're saying?
You know what I just realized?
What's that?
That guy looks exactly
like Dimitri Stone.
I don't see it.
Where'd they go?
Oh, hey, Gauff.
Hey, Jesse, it's
time to pack for camp.
Do I have to go?
Oh, come on, you're
gonna have fun.
Can I take my phone?
No, sorry, no
electronics allowed.
How we doing?
Somebody's not too
thrilled about camp.
I got to get my toothbrush.
Hey, tell you what, let
me go talk to her, okay?
Oh, would you, please?
What do you mean, I'm not going?
you are going, just
not to camp.
Then where exactly am I going?
It's, um, it's like this.
This is the best
birthday present ever.
There's one little detail
I probably should mention.
The horse trainer, he's
kind of Mom's father.
Wait, he's kind of Mom's
father, or he is Mom's father?
So we're talking
about the same father
that Mom never talks about,
and changes the topic
when you mention him?
Yeah, so, anyway, I spent
a little time with him,
and he's older now.
Well, obviously.
I know, right, and Mom kind
of doesn't know about this.
She thinks you're going to camp.
But why?
Her father?
Oh, I get it, she's
gonna kill you, isn't she?
Yeah, maybe, but
look at it this way.
You get to do the horse thing,
and if you apply yourself,
Mom's got to be on board, right?
So why don't they
just, like, work it out?
I don't know, honey,
it's complicated.
Hey, it's our secret, okay?
Hey, Mom.
So what's your secret,
there, miracle man?
Nothing a Frappuccino
couldn't take care of.
It's almost as if you
promised her a horse.
I know, right?
Hey, Gauff, listen, about
this granddaughter of yours.
I know, I should have told
you about Brandy, and all.
No, I get it, Gauff,
you had a bad marriage,
alienated your kid, she
cut you out of her life,
and now you're
stuck for two weeks
with a granddaughter
you never knew you had.
No need to sugarcoat it.
Yeah, happens every day.
Yeah, right.
I got to show coming up, I got to
fix those stupid bleachers,
I've got a school
horse I got to break in,
and now I got to play Grandpa.
Riley got those
show bills organized,
so that's something.
Is that what you
wanted to tell me?
Oh, no, your
granddaughter's here.
There he is.
I've been so looking
forward to meeting you.
That's your Grandpa, there.
Nice to meet you.
I got to few things
to catch up on,
I'll let y'all do the same.
So your dad tells me you
want a horse for your birthday?
Well, you know,
you can't just hop
on a horse and go.
People get hurt
that way, you see.
You need training, and
so you can be safe.
You understand what I'm saying?
Is this Jesse?
I'm Riley.
Riley helps us out around here.
You ready to ride some horses?
Girl, we're gonna have
the best time ever.
Hey, Jesse, I think
you're in pretty good hands.
Are you sure you don't
want to stay a little longer?
I wish I could,
but Brandy and I need
to get ready for our trip.
Well, sure, Mom and
I haven't gotten away
in awhile, and we figured
while you're having fun here,
we'd go have some fun, too.
Okay, love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, you're not gonna be
homesick now, are you?
I think Jesse's gonna be a
bit too busy to be homesick.
You guys have fun, all right?
Well, come on.
Don't be like Riley here,
wear flip flops in the barn.
Animals are big, you
know, they'll step
on your foot, hurt you,
you got to be careful.
You got anything to eat?
Oh, my God, I've
had, like, nothing.
We try not to use
language like that here.
No, not English, the words.
"Oh, my God."
What, what's wrong?
The words.
What words?
Follow me, Jesse.
Hey, Benji, this is Jesse.
She's gonna be with
us for a couple weeks.
What's up with the clipboard?
Oh, just finding
out a few things for Jesse.
Oh, well, maybe I can help.
Quite a list.
You're gonna read comic books
with a 14-year-old girl?
Dog gone it, Riley, I
ain't got no experience
with this Grandpa business.
Look, kids nowadays, you
understand what I'm saying?
Gauff, Grace.
Yeah, I know, God's grace.
I meant
the horse.
Hey, Jesse.
I want you to meet Grace.
Jesse, this is Grace.
Jesse, take the line, we'll
take him into the arena.
I want you to lead him, okay?
The other side.
I don't want him out with
the rest of the herd,
let's water him in the
stall, and then put him
in the crossties so you
can learn to brush him out.
Thanks, Gauff-pa.
Yeah, well,
let's go.
And the next step's the girth.
Girth, got it.
Hey, Jess.
How's my dreamer doing?
How did you know I was here?
I've got my ways.
Pay attention, Jesse, you
got to cinch it up tight,
but not too tight.
It looks like
this one's a huffer.
A what?
Well, didn't you see that?
See what?
Your horse took a deep breath
because he knew you were
gonna tighten him up,
sometimes they do it twice
when you go snug it
up before you mount.
Yeah, well, I was about
to explain that to her.
Pretty boy.
Who'd you say you are?
Looks your fortunes took a turn
for the better, eh, Jesse?
Yep, this is Grace.
Nice, but it's a boy.
Listen, lady...
Hey, I can't stay, Jesse,
I got three more
hours back home,
but I wanted to stop by and
give you a little advice.
You see this man?
Gauff, he's my grandpa.
You listen to what he tells you,
anybody who knows horses
knows who Gauff is,
and trust me, he knows horses,
well, I'll leave you to it.
You come back anytime.
Just so much is
changing, that's all.
No, trust me, Jesse's
in very good hands.
You know what's funny?
Well, I can't help
thinking what it'd be like
if Jesse spent the
summer on a horse farm,
maybe with old grandad.
I can't imagine anything worse.
Here, let me show you,
kind of go in circles, see?
It gets the dirt out, then you
take this brush, and you go
sort of with the grain,
you might say, hmm?
Got it.
Give it a shot.
So did my mom like
horses when she was a kid?
I, I don't really remember.
You were there, weren't you?
Not so much, Jesse,
I was gone a lot.
This the young lady
I heard so much about?
Oh, Jesse, this here is
Marianne, she's our vet.
How's Belvedere?
Still lame, Jesse, you and
Grace really look like a team.
He's coming along.
So, are you going to be here
for the schooling
show that's coming up?
I haven't even ridden yet.
Oh, Jesse, come on, you
are Gauff's flesh and blood,
I'll bet you're a natural.
Jesse's only here for
two weeks, Marianne.
Oh, fiddles, she
could show him in hand.
We'll see.
Well, all righty then,
think I'll go some
place where I'm wanted.
Let me show you.
It's just Gauff.
I like it here.
Well, that's, uh,
that's good.
Here, we got to job to do here.
I'm gonna learn
to ride, like you.
All right, Jesse,
tack him up, let's go.
Keep those heels down.
That's better.
Sit straight, now, sit
tall in the saddle.
You're riding now.
Well, just keep doing
what you're doing,
'cause it's working.
Thank you, Doc.
We don't necessarily
think it's breast cancer.
There is something called
a granular cell tumor,
and the suckers can get big.
They usually show up in
the head and neck region,
but about 6% of the time,
they can mimic breast cancer,
that's the bad news.
That sounds like good news.
Well, you don't want to
count your chickens quite yet.
I'd still like to get
in there, do a biopsy,
take a look around a little
bit, just to make sure.
Okay, so that means I would
have to go under, right?
I've got it scheduled
tomorrow, first thing.
I kind of want
to see Jesse first.
Wait a sec, we
talked about this.
I know, but, I mean,
this is kind of a big deal.
7:00 a.m. is all
they've got available.
See, and you can't be traveling,
you need to rest up, right?
I'd certainly prefer it.
Yeah, bring it on
whenever you're ready.
Hey, Gauff!
That was Melvin, we got
that hay coming in 30.
I still got to clean
the tack room.
And the southwest
hall, put the kids on it,
it won't hurt them a bit.
"Gauff, this is
the last time."
That you'll hear from me.
You don't know what it was like
when I waited for you,
believing you'd be home soon
because you promised you would.
Well, I'm never gonna
wait for you again,
it was bad enough
that you missed most
of my childhood because
you were at rodeos.
Well, I never want to
see another horse again.
Mom would have been better
off if she had just left you
and raised me alone,
I don't ever want
to same you or
talk to you again.
My life is better
without you being...
Hey, Jesse.
What's going on here,
I thought I told you
to get this place cleaned up.
I will.
Nevermind, I'll do
it myself, geez, go on.
Got room for two?
Free country.
What's in your craw this time?
What did she do?
Well, she ain't done nothing, I,
she's just being a kid.
And I suppose you
were being Gauff?
Yeah, well, it's old news,
Riley told me all about it.
You know what I think?
I'm trying too hard.
Oh, you're good.
Oh, come on, Gauff, you've
blown a gasket plenty of times,
what's really bugging you?
Brandy's sick.
That's a wrinkle
I hadn't considered.
Is she okay?
Which is the real reason...
The reason that Jesse's here.
Oh, my.
Hey, Jesse.
Boy, you and Grace look
like a match made in heaven.
Looks like my marshmallow
came back from the other place.
Other place?
Not heaven.
And I suppose my fine figure
doesn't need it anyway,
but I still may try
to scare up one more.
I'll leave it to you two to
enjoy the fire for a bit.
I, uh.
I may have been a little
harsh today.
We're good.
You like her, huh?
What are you talking about?
You know.
I'm not her type.
Well, she likes you.
You don't know nothing.
You never know until you try.
It's what I always say, when
it comes to relationships,
you just never
know until you try.
You just have to
reach out and try.
Yes, siree, that's
what I always say.
All right, enough.
Oh, am I interrupting?
Uh, she's just
playing matchmaker.
Oh, really?
Who's the lucky gal?
My mom.
Ah, well, okey-dokey then.
Isn't it getting
about your bedtime?
Oh, yeah, I'm so tired.
Night, Jesse.
Good night.
She's lucky to have you.
If she really knew me,
she wouldn't have
anything to do with me.
Oh, come on.
I know plenty about your
checkered past, and,
I know plenty.
Well, I told you not
to count your chickens.
It's cancer?
We caught it really early.
So what's the plan?
I say we use every
tool available.
Whatever it takes.
Plan on a followup
radiation treatment.
What else?
What, is that it?
It's a good start.
Studies have shown
that hidden hurts,
pain, if they're
not dealt with...
No, just, we have a happy life,
good marriage, we have a
great kid, I mean, right?
John has shared
with me some things
from the past that...
Oh, oh, my, are you serious?
Can we please get over this
obsession with my father?
Listen to me, Brandy,
when you have pain
that is not addressed, it can
compromise your immune system.
It's like your body is
fighting against itself,
especially in women.
It's probably something
that you want to address.
You know what, Dr. Eyer is
my doctor, you had no right
to go and spill my life
story behind my back.
Well, it wasn't
exactly your life story.
Look, you're right, I should
have talked to you first.
So what else haven't
you told me, John?
Hey, Jesse.
You're supposed to
do the stalls first.
All done.
Check it out.
All right.
Well, what about the...
I already brushed Grace.
All right, how about the...
I cleaned your
saddle for you, too.
All right, then.
You want a lesson?
We'll take him outside.
How'd it feel?
It felt good.
Is it too late to
enter the show?
I don't know, Jesse,
it is, it's complicated.
Dad told me if I
worked really hard,
Mom would be on board.
You don't want to get
your hopes up, Jesse.
Well, there's no
way I can do the show
in August if you guys
don't work things out.
She doesn't want to have
anything to do with me.
She's probably just hurt.
You might want to listen, Gauff.
I told you, Jesse,
it's complicated.
Well, of course
it's complicated,
lots of things are complicated,
women are complicated,
aren't they?
Maybe if you tried
to understand women.
Fat chance.
What if she was sick,
what if she was dying?
Dog gone it, Jesse,
I wouldn't have any way
of knowing that, now would I?
Wait, wait, what
are you talking about?
Look, I'm sorry,
the camp was full.
Okay, so the camp was full.
You said that already.
Well, Jesse wants
to ride horses,
and it was, it was
right there, you know?
Eight miles, so I kind
of reached out to Gauff.
You kind of?
Jesse is with him,
riding horses, right now.
I don't believe this.
Honey, I wouldn't have
done it if I hadn't gone
and talked to him, you know?
And it's a really nice
facility, really good people.
Good people?
I mean, other people
than him.
It was not your place.
Look, I didn't mean to.
I mean, at the time,
it seemed like.
Well, you didn't want to
tell Jesse about all this.
Don't you dare put
this thing on me.
You're right.
You know, he's my father,
and you did not have my
permission to do that.
you told Dr. Eyer
you were willing
to do anything, whatever
it takes, you said.
I know what I said,
John, I was there.
All I'm saying is, you need
to do this for you, you know?
I'll go.
Yeah, I'll go and get
my daughter out of there.
Not such a tough guy now, huh?
She was about Jesse's
age when I left.
Stupid rodeos,
they're like a drug.
Well, that wasn't
the Gauff I know.
If you were still the
same guy who walked out
lo those many years ago, these
things wouldn't bother you.
But the fact remains
that you did lie to Jesse.
What was I supposed to do?
That might have worked
for the old Gauff,
but the man I know
aims a little higher.
So what you gonna do, fella?
Are you serious, we've
been on the road 10 minutes.
Yeah, and it's
gonna be three hours,
I'm about to explode, hey,
better safe than sorry, right?
Oh, hey.
Feel better?
Yeah, yeah, really good.
Good, so can we get going?
Well, sure.
You, uh,
you done good, kid.
What's the point?
Where's the stupid brush?
Jesse, what's wrong?
Can you be a
little more specific?
Well, it serves you right.
Jesse, this is not the
end of the world, okay?
There's a reason for everything,
we're just not sure
what it is yet.
I've been there.
I was in a car accident
that wrecked my whole life,
but it brought me here.
I wouldn't be here
for you right now.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'll finish brushing him out.
Let's have us a little talk.
I, uh,
I ain't exactly been
square with you
and all.
I know why you asked me about
your mom being sick, don't,
don't know how you found out
about her being
sick and all, but
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Wait, what?
What are you talking about?
Oh, now, dog gone it, Jesse,
your dad didn't
want you to worry.
What about my mom?
What's wrong with her?
She, she got a
little scare is all.
They, they don't even know
if it's cancer or nothing.
A cancer scare?
And nobody told me?
Look, Jesse.
Hey, there, fella,
let Riley handle this.
Yeah, oughta be me.
I don't think so.
Sometimes you got to
trust your team.
She's gonna go out
with Grace for awhile.
What is it, Riley?
She's pretty hurt.
Well, we did lie to her.
I think what you mean
to say is you lied to her.
She's scared.
She feels like if Gauff
and her mom could just
passed their past.
I wouldn't even know
what to say to her.
You don't really have a lot
of time to figure that out.
What do you mean?
You might want to
check your phone.
She's on her way here.
Right now.
At least I can
count on you, Grace.
It says if any man lacks wisdom,
let him ask of God,
blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, and
it will be given.
It says "him," so I guess they
must be talking about you.
I suppose you want to pray.
I was kind of thinking.
You do it.
Father, you are good.
You seem to have a
way of bringing us
to you kicking and screaming.
Give Gauff the words,
Lord, for Jesse,
for Brandy, we know
You could use anyone,
Lord, even Gauff, You've
brought his many failures
to light today.
All right, that's enough.
Your turn.
Well, all righty, then, I
think Jesus can read your mind.
I suggest you have a little
talk with your granddaughter.
Sorry I lied.
It's all right.
I guess that's all
I wanted to say.
See, that wasn't so hard.
Proves you can apologize.
Which may come in handy.
I'm pretty sure Brandy's here.
I thought you
said they were here.
Jesse, get your things,
I am so sorry about this.
Dad didn't even tell me.
Wait, are you okay?
Of course I'm okay.
Grandpa told me you were sick.
Honey, we didn't
want you to worry.
You could have
told me the truth.
Look, I'm gonna be fine, okay?
I'm sorry we didn't
tell you, come on,
baby, it's time to get you home.
But what if I don't want to?
I like it here, Mom.
I mean, if you're okay.
You are okay, right?
Your mom's gonna be fine, Jesse.
Look, we'll talk more
on the way home, okay?
Now, come on, babe,
we've got to get you home.
But Mom, you haven't
even seen me ride.
Jesse, listen to me...
No, I like riding,
and I like Gauff, too.
And Riley, and
Marianne, and Grace.
Look, your father should
not have brought you here.
Gauff is...
Gauff is a person, Mom.
Careful, Jesse.
No, Dad, Mom won't
even try, it's not fair.
You treat your mom with
respect, I mean it.
Don't you dare
tell her what to do.
Oh, my goodness, are
these Jesse's parents?
Mom, Dad, this is
Riley and Marianne.
Nice to meet you, oh,
she's been just a
dear to have with us.
Yeah, it's been a
blast, right, Jesse?
Well, we didn't
mean to interrupt.
Jesse, what if you
show your parents
what you've been learning, hmm?
Well, listen, why
don't you show me,
and let's let Mom
and Gauff catch up.
Um, look, let's go
somewhere we can talk.
I was, I was hoping
maybe we could,
patch things up.
Patch things up,
You heard Jesse, she,
she likes riding and stuff.
I waited for you.
Day after day, and night
after night, I waited,
like a fool, do you know that?
And you know what I learned?
I learned who you really were.
And I learned what
you cared about.
Brandy, I'm sorry.
Don't you even dare pretend
that sorry means anything now.
Like, like we could just
pick up where we left off,
like you didn't just leave
me, like I was nothing,
like I was nothing, like
I didn't mean a thing.
"See you soon," you said,
"See you soon, Brandy,"
til I was, like, 10 years old.
Here you come, there you go,
and then you
disappeared, for good.
I don't want to hear how
you wanted to be there,
and all your stupid,
lame excuses.
I wasn't good at...
I was 17 when I lost my mom,
and all the time
that she was sick,
and dying, you know,
where were you?
I didn't know what to do.
Poor you, I'm so sorry
you were so uncomfortable.
I was a child, how was
I supposed to cope?
You didn't even come
to her funeral, Gauff.
Who does that?
I did.
Just give me one good
reason why I should listen
to anything that you had to say.
Hi, Mom!
Brandy, there ain't no excuse.
My priorities were...
Were screwed up.
I had to prove
something, I guess.
So how'd that work for you?
You needed a dad.
I did not need a
dad, I needed you.
Oh, Brandy, I was,
I was drinking, I
was running around,
I thought about you all
the time, but I was...
I don't deserve nothing.
But you do.
Maybe that means letting
you take Jesse home,
and, I don't know, that's that.
But wait, wait.
That's not what I want, Brandy.
Really, then what is
it that you want, then?
I want you.
I want my little girl.
Then why haven't you
done something about it?
I mean, it's not like you
haven't had plenty of time.
I guess I was,
well, I, I was ashamed.
I figured you were better
off without me in your life.
You truly are an idiot.
I'm your daughter, of
course I wanted you,
I wanted you to come home.
I wanted you to be
there for my first
I wanted you to walk me down
the aisle when I got married,
I wanted you to be there
when Jesse was born, I mean.
I don't know how.
I just
don't know why I should.
What are you doing?
Get up, come on.
Brandy, I'm begging you.
You don't have to do that.
Yeah, I do, I'm a
lousy father, Brandy.
I know that, but I want
to change, can you try?
I can try.
Well, I've got to
hand it to you, Brandy,
I've been trying to get him
down on one knee for years.
It suits him.
Don't push it.
Hey, Gauff, what
time does Jesse need
to be out there today?
Uh, I gonna keep the
beginners in the indoor arena.
Ah, gotcha, that
arena's a little smaller.
No, the indoor arena has walls.
You about ready?
I don't have my riding clothes.
Well, where are they?
I must have forgotten them.
Yeah, don't worry about it,
it's just a schooling show.
But I'll be disqualified.
I got a feeling the
judge is gonna let it fly.
But what if they don't?
They will.
But how can you be sure?
'Cause I'm the judge.
Well, don't get too
happy, you still got to ride.
Be sure to keep your
heels down, honey,
all right, and remember...
You ready?
I hope so.
There's a lot of people riding.
All at the same time?
You're new at this, aren't you?
How do you feel?
I feel like the
things I put my feet
in might be a little bit long.
They're called stir-ups.
Come on, Jesse, get him moving,
get him turned around.
She is crushing it.
That's better.
Line up against the wall with
your numbers facing the judge.
Trot, please, get him moving.
Posting trot, give
him a good kick,
Jesse, there you go,
demonstrate a left lead canter.
So how's she doing?
You know, honey, I was thinking.
About what?
About our house.
What about it?
Well, it's so big,
what if we thought
about getting something
a little smaller?
Maybe a little closer?
All walk,
all walk.
Riders, line up in
the center of the ring
with your numbers
facing the judge.
Sixth place goes to
rider number 129.
Number 380, please.
Fifth place, fourth
place ribbon,
third place ribbon,
rider number 380,
scratch that, that's
rider number 364.
Second place ribbon,
first place ribbon
to rider number 140.
Thank you, riders, you
may exit the arena.
You done good, kid.
you can push it now.
Hope those aren't trick candles.
Couldn't miss your
big day, now could I?
So have at it.
Hey, Jesse, I want
you to see something.
Look here.
He's all yours, honey.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Now you're gonna have
to come here every day
and take care of him.
I guess it pays to dream big.
Now, it seems to me
there was something else.
Hold it.
Down on your knees, fella.
I didn't even ask you yet.
Oh, fiddly poo, I knew
where you were going with it.
Yeah, and it
never works, either,
so the point is, is maybe
going to camp might be fun.
I think I had a line in there.
Yeah, you do.
Oh, hey, Riley.
Well, think of all the
good she did for Riley.
Ah, that is not where
we're at in the script,
that is not at all
where at the script.
I didn't do great.
I know, I know, I jumped.
The best...
I jumped, the best.
Yes, okay, um.
I am so sorry, Mr.
Fuller, but we, we,
it's just.
Anything to eat?
Oh, my God, I'm,
like, totally, oh.
I said that again, sorry.
You're funny.
Follow me, Kennedy, or.
That's all right,
it doesn't matter, you got it.
Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry.
Sorry, I, I, like,
And that wasn't on fire.
I know, dang it, I
stuck it right in the...
No, it's okay.
No, no, no.
Oh, too soon.
She's, she's lucky to
have you then, I mean.
Will someone please get it?
The animals love you.
Thank you.
Hey, Aliyah.
It's Riley.
A horse for your birthday.
Oh, who are you?
Her dad.
Oh, you're in this, okay.
What's the next line?
You're supposed
to do the salt, eh.
I always get my elbow mixed
up with my foot, okay, ready?
I just punched you, cut.
Cut, cut.
That one was awful.
Hey, there, fella.
Excuse me, I started
to, I stepped on a hose.
Well, I start in the first line?
Yeah, my line was
ready, that was my line.
Okay, we're still rolling.
I thought you were...
Dang it.
So me.
Brandy, she's.
Her name's Jesse.
I thought this move was rated G.
Come here.
Line up with your
numbers facing, what?
You're supposed
to say "about what".
Oh, that's right, sorry.
What are we on, fourth place?
And, oh, do that again.
First, oh, do that again.
Well, what, where are they?