Heart (2006) Movie Script

You cheated! Give me that!
Let's stop! It'll rain soon!
Come on, just admit that you're tired!
Hey, it's a bird!
Hey! Hey, cheater! Let's stop!
No fair! Just when I'm about to win,
you want to stop?
Let me tell you this:
trust me, you won't win.
Why are you climbing?
Why? Jealous because you can't climb?
Learn it.
-Careful you don't get hit by lightning.
-Maybe that's you.
Hey, what are you writing?
Read it yourself.
What is it? Are you making fun of me?
Hey, if you want to know, climb up here.
Can you?
Do you think I can't climb?
Hey, stop playing around!
Farel! Farel, wake up!
Farel! Farel, wake up!
Damn you!
Do you have the new Shinchan, sir?
That's the old one, I've already got it.
What about another comic?
If you want, there's a new one.
-Is it good?
-It's funny.
You're saying this is funny, sir?
If you buy it, at least you can get
Luna's autograph.
Luna? Who?
The author.
She happens to be here.
The girl who just got out the car.
I'm here to buy some comics,
not to ask for an autograph.
Sir, is Luna the one
with the purple blouse and long hair?
I found it in my search
I'll take one, sir.
A pen, sir!
-A pen?
-Yes, a pen.
One for me, okay?
Luna, right?
Sorry. Farel.
This is why I dreamed about
being hit by a falling durian.
Turns out I'm meeting
my favorite comic book author now.
Oh, right. Can I ask for your autograph?
Your comic is awesome..
I've read many comics
from different countries,
and yours is the funniest.
Even a comic like Shinchan
can't beat how funny it is!
Could I get
your number and address?
Thank you.
Is it ready, sir?
Thank you, sir.
What now?
The address is pretty hard to look for.
Can I ask for a map?
Do you know the roundabout on this street?
-Oh, right.
A hundred meters from there,
it's the white house on the right.
Thank you!
I am a lover of women
But I'm not a womanizer
Who stays faithful to a thousand girls
Farel, what's with you?
-Today is awesome, Chel.
I met Luna!
-Yeah, Luna.
-Who is Luna?
-She's a comic book author.
Chel, what did I tell you?
If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.
This is the girl of my dreams, Chel!
She's beautiful, feminine,
-with a great sense of humor, and
She's your dream girl.
But I'm not sure you're her dream guy.
Hey! Rachel!
Okay, Farel. Enough! Farel!
What are you doing? It's annoying.
I'm serious.
I really love this girl.
With whatever means necessary,
I have to get her. Help me, okay?
I have a special present for Luna,
the comic book author
who has a great sense of humor.
Do you want to see?
Is it not funny enough?
It's funny.
But I don't think that present
is right for Luna.
If you want to get to know Luna,
read her comic book.
"This is a story about
a lonely little fairy
who is waiting for her death."
This is the first time
I've read a comic book
that made me cry so hard.
A little fairy
who's waiting for her death.
Poor her.
She's living without hope.
Why are you laughing?
No, nothing. It's just funny.
What's so funny?
I'm sure
everyone who read your comic book
-will be sad.
It's not about the fairy.
I just remembered
that at the flower shop,
you said my comic book was funny.
Funnier than Shinchan!
That wasn't me!
The bookstore keeper lied to me.
once I read your comic book,
I think it's really good, Luna.
And I don't want you
to be alone, just like the fairy
in that comic book.
You have to be like
the happy little fairies,
flying on their majestic wings,
glowing beautifully,
like the stars in the sky!
I win.
-Not yet. One more time.
-One more.
Your idea was amazing, Chel.
Thanks to you, I understand Luna.
Thank you so much.
I'm happy if my friend is happy.
Hey, Chel!
You're cheating!
-Excuse me.
You're cheating!
-No. Winning is more important.
-Winning is more important! Hey!
-You're cheating.
Oh, right. This is Rachel,
my childhood friend.
Oh. Hello.
I was going to ask Farel to go out.
would you like to come with us?
I don't think so.
I can't. I have a lot of stuff to do.
Why not?
have a lot of homework.
Rachel's studying architecture.
And it's finals week,
so work's piled up.
Well, that's too bad.
Maybe some other time?
Okay, Chel. I'll be going.
Hey! Sorry.
It's okay. Nice meeting you.
You too.
I always come to this place.
It's quiet.
Really calm.
Farel, look!
That tortoise.
His solitude
inspired me to create the character
of a lonely little fairy.
But from now on, he won't be alone.
Release the turtle, Farel.
So the tortoise can have a friend.
Like me, he's not alone anymore.
-I hope they'll be together forever.
Just like us.
The boat is leaking!
You can swim, right?
Oh, no
You can swim, right?
What's wrong?
You look very pale.
It's okay.
Luna, tell me. What should I do?
I'm cold.
Cold. So cold.
So cold.
Get in!
What's up with your ear, Chel?
-Let me see.
-Let me see.
-What, Farel?
Are you wearing earrings, Chel?
Does it look good?
Come here.
It looks good.
Yeah, you're a bit cuter.
I can't play basketball today.
I have a date with Luna.
Hey, but I'll take you to the court, okay?
No worries.
I also want to
tell you something, actually.
I can't play basketball today.
I have a date with a guy.
-A guy?
We just met,
but it looks like
he might be my perfect man.
You'll meet him eventually.
-I'm late. Get out.
-What, Chel?
-Quickly. What's with you?
-Chel! Hey!
Rachel. Rachel!
I just wanted to say,
I'm happy if you
If you've found your dream guy.
Well, at least
now you can feel what I feel with Luna.
Farel, trust me:
even though I have a boyfriend now
our friendship won't change.
I'll count to three, then open your eyes.
Do you know something?
You're full of surprises!
Oh, right. Try the strawberries, okay?
-Is it good?
-It's good.
My turn.
It's raining!
I should've hired a rain shaman!
I don't get it.
I'm sure she wanted to do it too.
But what I don't understand
Why did she suddenly hesitate?
Well, Luna did the right thing.
Do we have to express our love
through kisses?
Love is being together.
Sharing with each other.
Supporting each other.
Completing each other.
Love is happiness,
seeing the person you love happy
Did you learn that
from your new boyfriend?
He really understands love.
Why are you crying?
I'm experiencing love for the first time.
Throughout our friendship,
you know
I've never experienced
this feeling before, right?
Love needs to express itself, Farel.
You have to tell the person you love
that you love them.
Women need certainty, Farel.
This is your chance to show Luna
how much you love her.
Yes. To let her know that
my life means nothing without her.
Are you sure about our plan?
Of course I am. Do you think I'm lying?
If she rejects my love,
step on the gas pedal as hard as you can.
Hit me.
If Luna rejects me,
this will be our last encounter.
I don't want to leave any debts behind.
Here. My debt to you from college.
Give me ten thousand back.
I only owed you forty thousand.
Okay then.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Yeah, just a minute!
I didn't expect you.
-Come in.
I'm here with this symbol of love.
With this symbol, I want to tell you
that I love you.
If you accept this symbol,
that means you love me.
But if you break this symbol,
that means you rejected my love.
And there's a car that will hit me.
Come on, Farel!
Stop fooling around.
I'm not fooling around.
Farel. Farel!
-Stop playing around.
-I'm not playing around.
Don't put me in a corner.
There's something you don't understand.
There's no other way, Luna.
I need your answer now.
Accept this symbol or break it.
Do you accept my love or reject it?
You don't understand, Farel!
You don't get it.
I need your answer now.
I can't.
Give me an answer now!
Okay, if you insist.
Watch out!
I want to be like the tortoise
who has his partner now.
Desire doesn't always go
hand in hand with reality.
The reality is
I'm the lonely fairy
who's waiting for her death.
What are you saying?
I'm sick, Farel.
There's no chance of recovery.
Death is only a matter of time.
And it won't be long until then.
I love you, Farel.
But what good is it
when everything ends in vain?
I love you.
Whatever happens,
I will keep loving you!
Here. Your turn again.
Come here.
Do it properly.
I'm serious.
-You hit me.
Hey, Farel.
You asked for it, remember?
"Hit me!
I'm better off dead
than rejected by Luna."
I've known you since we were kids, Farel.
I know you truly love her!
I support you! I do!
Now you're blaming me?
Our friendship counts for nothing now?
Forget our friendship, forget our past.
We no longer know each other!
Hey, don't ever say my name again, okay?
We never met! We're done!
What's wrong with you?
Okay, let's make up.
I'm still your best friend
who's ready to help you
achieve your dreams.
I'm not sure.
Will this help revive Luna's will to live?
Farel, stop.
Just call Luna and ask her out for dinner.
Let me wrap the present.
You just need to give it to her, okay?
Call her.
What are you doing now?
Let's get some dinner tonight.
She said
she doesn't want to see me again.
She said
I have to forget her.
Then she hung up.
So this is how the lonely fairy
spends her time waiting for her death?
You're running away from reality, Luna.
A reality where
there's a man who truly loves you.
Ready to share, to be with you,
and to accept you for who you are.
It's not me, Rachel.
Farel's the one who wants to deny the fact
that I'm already at death's door.
Have you ever thought
that maybe God introduced you to Farel
to tell you
that nothing in this world is in vain?
Have you ever thought how every second
God bestows His love on you?
Don't think about death.
Without thinking about it,
death will come naturally.
Do what makes you happy.
You should be happy!
You've met the guy that you love.
And he
He loves you
with all of his heart!
Answer it!
Yeah. Okay.
-What is it, Rel?
Luna, Chel. Luna!
-What's wrong with Luna?
-She apologized!
She apologized
for avoiding me all this time.
Since your visit
She said you're right.
Why should we avoid love?
Chel, thank you so much!
Ouch! Farel! Take it easy!
-Chel, thank you so much!
-Thank you so much.
Yeah. Go. I'll get ready.
-Thank you so much
Go! Let's get ready.
Hey, I forgot the present.
Wait, I'll get it.
No need. I have a better present for Luna.
Good luck.
For the cheerful fairy
who flies with her beautiful wings
and lets out a glow,
here's a special present for her.
-What is it?
-Just open it.
-Farel, you brat!
Luna! Hey!
Okay! Sorry!
No matter how short your life may be
I'll always make you laugh.
I'll always make you happy.
I won't let you be alone.
Rachel? What's with you, Chel?
What's wrong, Chel?
Are you angry with me?
What do you want?
Answer me.
What's wrong with you? Are you angry?
Enough. Give me the ball.
Are you mad
that I'm not spending time with you?
That I'm spending time with Luna?
Is that it?
Why would I be angry?
I fully support your relationship
with Luna, right?
-Give me the ball.
Give me an explanation.
What's with the sudden change?
Do you feel like you're losing me?
What's changed?
I'm still the same Rachel.
Your friend who always supports you
and shares things with you.
Stop it. Give me the ball.
Are you sure you're okay?
That's enough. I'm fine.
Even if we don't play basketball
and joke around that often now,
trust me,
our friendship will never change.
Come on!
Can you play basketball this afternoon?
Let's do it tomorrow.
If you can.
Tomorrow afternoon then.
You already have plans?
Do you think you're the only one
who has plans?
I have a date with my boyfriend.
Didn't I tell you about him?
We need time to go out,
have dinner together, watch a movie,
or maybe
just listen to his silly jokes.
When can I meet him?
When the time comes.
Okay then.
Good luck.
That hurt!
Chel, you lied, didn't you?
You said you were going out
with your boyfriend.
That's why you won't introduce him to me.
You lied, didn't you?
Come down!
-Chel, get down here.
-I don't want to.
-Get down here!
-What? No!
-I'll hit you again.
Hey! Okay!
It hurts.
An old trick.
Just stay there forever then!
Rachel. Chel.
Wake up, Chel.
Chel, you're kidding, right?
Chel, wake up!
Got you!
You're evil!
-You lied, didn't you?
You didn't go to the movies!
You didn't go anywhere!
What's this?
For Luna.
Is it pretty?
It is.
Luna will be happy.
Chel. Hey, Chel.
Chel. Hey.
Chel, don't be sad.
You're my best friend.
So don't feel like you're losing a friend.
I'm not sad because I feel like
I'm losing a friend.
I'm sad because
I just lost the guy that I love.
What do you mean?
I just lost the guy I told you about.
that guy
is real?
He's my ideal guy.
a great sense of humor.
Full of surprises.
Sometimes, he's annoying
but he makes me happy.
Just like you.
Well, I just realized
that I really love him.
But his love is not for me.
He chose another girl.
Beautiful, right?
Yeah. Beautiful.
I can't choose!
It's like I want to buy everything
so my house can be filled with flowers.
we should buy seeds.
Oh, yeah!
Yeah, that would be fun.
I can take care of them,
I can water them every day,
watch them grow,
and eventually
they will reveal
their beautiful flowers to us.
I want to give you something.
What is it?
Open it.
This is so beautiful.
I love you.
I don't want us to ever be apart.
I want to always be with you.
wear this ring
as a sign
that you don't want
to be apart from me either.
Either the ring is too small
or my ring finger is too big.
-I can't get it on.
Luna, hey!
The truth is, I
this isn't for your ring finger, but
it's for your little finger.
Let's try it.
Thank you, Farel.
You're truly
the most beautiful gift God has given me.
I hope
the seeds that we plant
can grow flowers
that are blooming beautifully.
Come on, just give us the ball.
Just throw over the ball.
That's it. Come on.
-Oh, man!
Come on.
Let's go inside.
-I think I'll go home
-Lets go inside.
-Hey, let's go.
You really make me feel I'm alive again.
Now, I'm experiencing
a joy that I've never felt before!
The joy of loving someone
and being loved by someone.
-Okay. I'm going home.
Hey. Luna.
My lipstick is on your lips.
That's not your lipstick.
Why is my lipstick all over the place?
Trust me, it's not your lipstick.
-I'll take you to the hospital
I'm not
It's my lipstick
This is my lipstick.
Farel, what are you doing?
I'm calling your dad.
Why do you have to tell him?
Farel, take me home!
In a second, Luna.
If you won't take me home,
I can go myself!
Can't you see? I'm fine!
-I can still run around!
Rachel, what happened to you?
I'm going to see Luna first.
I'll come back later, okay?
Where is her family?
Where are her parents?
Her dad is on his way, Doctor.
How is she, Doctor?
Cirrhosis. Scarring of the liver.
There's hope,
but only if we can find a liver donor.
Please excuse me.
Hey, Luna.
I want to go home.
Be patient, okay?
When you've recovered,
we'll go straight home.
I want to go home!
-I want to go home!
-Hey, Luna!
Dad's here.
Rachel, please eat.
How can you get better if you don't eat?
Please eat. Just a little.
She doesn't want to eat.
Chel. Even if it's just a little,
you have to eat something.
Let me try.
She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday.
I'll feed you.
I'll buy some abon, okay?
She likes abon.
Maybe she'll eat that.
Wait a minute, okay?
Come on. Eat this, Chel.
-Just a little.
Do you know something?
As a friend, is being spoon fed
a right, or a privilege?
A right.
No! I'm not a baby.
What are you doing here?
Go. Take care of Luna.
At least she'll have a chance
if she gets a liver transplant.
My life is over.
My future
is bleak.
It's pointless to keep on living.
The doctor said
they have to amputate my leg.
Can you imagine that?
I won't have a leg.
don't want them to amputate!
I want to keep my leg!
I don't want to lose it!
I don't want to lose it, Farel!
I know.
Even if your leg has to be amputated,
I won't give up!
I've known you since we were kids, Chel.
Do you know
what I admire about you?
Your spirit.
How you won't give up on anything.
Chel, trust me.
Even if your leg has to be amputated,
your life won't change much.
It's not as bad as you think.
We can still play,
joke around.
I love you.
You're my best friend!
Since we were kids,
up until now
and forever after.
I want the old Rachel.
The girl who won't give up
in any situation.
Chel, trust me.
She woke up earlier.
Now, she's sleeping again.
Luna is my only child.
The last time she called
she told me a lot about you.
She was very happy when she told me.
I've never seen her
so happy.
She told me
that she's finishing a comic book.
She said
she'd created a character
of a happy and joyful fairy.
That fairy
was named Love Fairy.
Why am I here?
I told you I'm fine.
You've been seen by the doctor.
You'll get better, okay?
I'm not sick, Dad.
I'm not sick!
-I'm fine!
Hey, stop moving so much!
-I'm fine, Dad.
-I want to go home!
-Okay. Luna.
Okay. I'll talk to the doctor, okay?
I'll be honest.
There's no hope.
Then what should we do, Doctor?
all we're giving her
is medicine to help with the pain.
It won't cure her illness.
If Luna wants to go home
the atmosphere at home
will give her some happiness.
-Good morning!
You're going home today?
Feeling better?
Here's a letter from the doctor.
And here is the bill
that you'll have to take care of
with our admin team.
-Thank you, nurse.
-You're welcome.
-Take care.
I'm okay, Farel.
You look very pale.
I'm happy to be going home.
I can't wait.
I want
to water the seeds that we've planted.
Don't think about anything else for now.
Even though you can go home,
you have to get a lot of rest.
I want to continue making the comic book.
The comic book
about fairies who are flying around
with their beautiful wings.
Hey, Farel!
Really, I'm fine.
You know what? We can still go somewhere.
We can still go to the lake.
See the tortoises.
Ride bikes.
We can also
eat in the rain!
That's enough.
She's sleeping.
She still doesn't want to eat.
She's devastated
because they have to amputate her leg.
I'm going to take Luna home.
She wants to go home.
She knows it's hopeless.
She knows
it's pointless to wait for someone
for a liver donation.
I'll be there for her
during her final days.
And then
I'll be here for you.
I'll visit you.
Ma'am, I'll be going.
I'm going home, Chel.
I'm okay.
Farel, look!
This is the seed that we've planted.
It's starting to grow.
The rain must have watered them.
When do you think
we'll see all of them grow and bloom?
Must be soon.
We picked the fast-growing seeds.
I'll take care of them.
I'm going to add some fertilizer.
I'll water them everyday.
Must be fun,
watching them thrive,
and blooming beautifully.
I'm going to learn
about flower arrangement.
You must be happy
having a wife who's good with flowers!
And what else?
What else do you want in a wife?
Good at cooking? Sewing?
I know your favorite food.
-I know what I should prepare.
You just got home from the hospital.
You need lots of rest.
Farel, trust me.
Once we get married,
I will try to be the best wife for you.
You don't have to do anything.
I love you just the way you are.
You're accepting my love
That's everything for me.
It's late.
Come here.
Come here.
Is it good?
It's good.
Really good.
It will be better
after I've finished with the colors.
You can't get too tired.
You have to see this
after I've finished with the colors.
I'm still undecided how it should end.
There are a few alternatives
that I'm considering.
Maybe you have a suggestion?
You must be tired.
Watching over me
all night at the hospital.
Hey, good morning!
You woke up just in time.
Drink your tea.
I'll make us some toast.
Oh, right.
My dad couldn't stay for breakfast.
He said he was in a hurry
after he got a call.
Who knows who it was.
Maybe his business partner?
Are you okay?
See for yourself.
I don't look sick, right?
Oh, right. Which spread would you like?
Chocolate? Pineapple?
Let me guess.
You must be going with
Close your eyes.
-Close your eyes.
Now open them.
Let's try. Which spread would you like?
How did you know?
Of course I knew!
I have a sixth sense.
I know your thoughts and your feelings.
Try and guess this then:
what am I feeling right now?
I wonder
Sir, I'm sorry.
Please wait outside for now.
How is she, Doctor?
Here's the thing
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't come to the funeral.
It's okay.
Rachel would understand.
Before she died,
Rachel left this letter for you.
Farel, my best friend,
I'm writing this letter
while remembering our friendship
that's been filled with joy and laughter.
Since we were kids,
we've played basketball together.
We would run around the foot of the hill.
You once made me a beautiful crown
out of some leaves.
It's all too beautiful for me to remember.
We were such close friends.
Until that time came,
and you fell in love with Luna.
It's very hard for me
to describe how I felt.
I was delighted to see you were happy.
for some reason,
suddenly I also felt loss.
Sometimes, I got jealous
because you didn't have
a lot of time for me anymore.
I was truly devastated
when the doctor said
he had to amputate my leg.
Without my leg,
we won't be able
to play basketball anymore,
laughing and chasing each other
in the rain.
In the end, I've realized
that I don't want to lose you, Farel.
But the time to say goodbye
will eventually come.
Because I know
that you really do love Luna.
And one day,
you're going to marry her.
Go up there.
I don't want to say goodbye to you, Farel.
That's why
I've decided to donate my liver to Luna.
With my liver inside Luna's body,
I can always be by your side, Farel.
after you get married
and have children.
Because of the liver
that I've given to Luna's body,
I can always be with you
through the liver which now
belongs to Luna's body.
And that's my way
of loving you.
Subtitle translation by: Ayu