Heart Is a Rebel, The (1958) Movie Script

the heart is a rebel
and cannot be trusted
it always is seeking
its own will to do
it has no allegiance
so desperate and wicked
the heart is a rebel,
it's true
its love is brief
as springtime
quickly growing old
its hate is like
the winter
desolate and cold
but someday the rebel
will bow and surrender
then God's love will
make his heart new
I sing because
I'm happy
and I sing because
I'm free
for his eye is on
the sparrow
and I know he watches me
Oh, glady, is it time to eat already?
Sure is!
And we got a real,
real good supper tonight!
I'm not hungry, yet!
But sugar,
you got to eat just the same.
You fixed carrots again.
Davy foster,
you know what
doc chambers said.
He said,
"feed that boy carrots!"
And that's what
I'm about to do,
and you're about
to eat them!
They'll make me get sicker!
That is pure foolishness,
and you know it!
All day long I wear myself
down to a frazzle,
fetchin' you this and
bringing you that...
Like you was a prince
or something.
Then when I ask you
to do a measly
little ol' thing
like eatin' your carrots,
you start giving me trouble!
That's better.
Hi, son.
Hi, dad!
How do you feel
Oh, I'm okay...
But these carrots
are awful!
Aw...They can't be that bad,
can they?
Evenin', Mr. hal.
Hello, Gladys,
how'd it go today?
Oh, fine, just fine,
me and Davy
always get along fine.
Better'n anybody.
Oh, Mr. hal,
miss Joan called.
Said she'd be about
a half hour late.
Something about a rush order
at the store.
She also said she'd stop by
the delicatessen on her way home
for you not to worry
about dinner.
Thanks, Gladys.
Guess I better be
hurrying myself,
or I'll be late.
"Glady" sings every night
in a big choir
at Madison square garden,
There was a picture of it
in the papers!
That's right, sugar.
And believe me,
when that many folks
get to singing praise
to our blessed savior,
the roof just about comes off
that old Madison square garden.
Well, good night, baby.
See you in the morning.
'Bye, glady.
'Night, Mr. hal.
'Night, Gladys.
Gladys give you this, son?
Uh-huh, there's some swell
stories in it.
They're all from the Bible.
Oh, I can't eat any more.
I'm too full.
Hey, wait a minute, son.
Sometimes I wonder
who's team you're playing on.
I'm on your team, dad.
Remember when we decided
we'd all work together,
lick this heart thing?
Doc chambers said your job
was to eat everything
that Gladys fixed for you,
get lots of rest.
But if you don't
hold up your end,
the rest of us
might as well quit, too!
I'll try, dad,
honest I will.
See that you do.
Is glady on our team, too, dad?
Why...Sure she is.
That's good.
Hi, everybody!
Guess who?
Sorry I'm late,
Hi, honey.
Hi, mom.
Hi, Davy!
How's my boy tonight?
What's that, mom?
The latest thing.
It's a rocket
to the moon!
I thought you might like to
try putting it together.
Thanks, mom!
Just don't try to do it
all in one day!
Supper'll only take
a few minutes, dear.
No hurry.
Hey, slow up there, pal.
Here, lemme give you a hand.
[Dish breaks]
You buy the noisiest
Tomorrow night...
Paper plates!
That's sort of
an eloquent symbol
of the foster economy,
isn't it?
Bits and pieces...
Insurance bills,
doctor bills, rent, food...
Which reminds me,
we're two weeks behind
with Gladys.
She mention it?
Oh, no,
she won't, either.
It's just that I'd hoped
we could catch up this week.
Davy sure has taken to her.
But it's not right, Joan!
You're his mother.
You should be sharing these
everyday things with him.
Sometimes I feel as though
we're just his friends.
That Gladys is
the only family he's got.
Oh, that's ridiculous, hal.
Davy knows how much
we love him.
I'm just grateful
that we found Gladys.
Without her to,
oh, I don't even like
to think about it.
Still, you shouldn't
have to work.
Darling, why not?
Hundreds of thousands of women
work every day of their lives.
What's so special about me?
And furthermore,
I don't relish Gladys
filling Davy's head with a lot
of this religious mumbo jumbo.
What are you talking about?
Well, right now,
she's got him engrossed
in a Bible story book.
I'd just rather
not have him exposed
to that sort of thing.
Davy's illness forces him
into kind of a dream world.
And all this
"old time religion" business,
that could warp him mentally.
I know how damaging
it is to your ego
to have a wife that works,
oh, but this is too much.
I read Bible stories
as a child.
Why, I even got a gold pin
for not missing a week
in Sunday school.
Do you think that
warped me mentally?
Oh, hal, do you realize
we drag along day by day
without any real emotion
except worry?
We just can't go on
being scared all the time!
Forget I sounded off,
will ya?
I heard a rumor today
at the agency.
Greg Johnson's going to
move upstairs,
and if it's true,
Pratt and noble will need
a new copy director.
It's a whole new line of prepared food mixes,
ready cake mix,
biscuit mix,
muffins, rolls,
frostings--the works.
Package design has
eye appeal.
They've got to
to meet the competition
we're facing these days.
We've got to come up
with more than that, hal.
We've got to find a gimmick.
Something that will tie
the whole campaign together.
Break your back on the copy
for this one, hal.
They're pressuring me
from upstairs.
That's news?
Pioneer's billings
are only pushing
eight figures this year...
That's why the "old man's"
decided to
sit on this one
Hal, you know what
that means?
A successful campaign
could do great things
for both of us.
"Make that copy
stand up and sing, boy!"
You took the words
right out of my mouth, hal.
Yes, I know.
Okay, Greg.
I'll give my all
for dear old pioneer!
[Typewriter keys click]
Well, you were in there
long enough.
What did he have to say?
Oh, the usual,
shoulders to the wheel,
all that jazz.
Where's bill?
He's over at Clayton's
researching some perfume copy.
Well what?
Very impressive.
Pioneer's new line
of food mixes.
Now, I'll need the analysis
that research did on this.
And you're doing the copy
for the whole campaign?
Wait'll the girls
hear about this!
Now, don't make a big thing
out of it.
I might not come up with
the right answers, you know.
Oh, yes, you will.
And I'll bring you
fresh coffee every hour.
Well, now, this sudden
is a little frightening.
Well, look,
if you keep on landing
these blue ribbon
it's just a question of time
until they boost you
up the ladder with a nice fat
pay raise, right?
You're writing the copy,
you tell me.
Well, then, naturally,
you'll take me along
as your private secretary,
and I'll get a nice fat
pay raise, too!
Which I need desperately.
Now, what makes you
so positive
that I'll ask for you
on moving day?
Because you'd rather put up
with my insolence
than go through the torture
of breaking in a new secretary
who might not cater
to your every whim!
Miss canfield...
Why aren't you at your post
guarding this office
from enemy infiltration?
The enemy, sir?
Well, this communique
from the 15th floor
to all personnel
doesn't sound very friendly.
Hail, friend!
The purchasing department
advises that requisitions
for pencils,
number 3 hard,
have exceeded by 14 gross
the number consumed
during any previous quarter
in the history of this agency.
Since gross billings
for this same quarter
were down 15 percent,
it must be assumed
this inventory was not used
in the performance
of company business.
Personnel are reminded
that office supplies
are not intended for
personal or domestic use.
I thank you.
I knew your incessant
pencil sharpening
was bound to cause
economic ruin.
Huh! We did pretty well
with those big Teddy bears.
Ooo, those plush skunks
are a slow item.
I'm going to have to go over
this report later, grace.
Right now, I've got to
track down a gross of
pin the tail on the donkey sets
or know the reason why.
Aw, then madam,
perhaps I could interest you
in our official, deluxe
dick Tracy detective kit,
complete with
magnifying glass, badge,
and fingerprint powder,
oh, it's a dandy!
Better stay with the skunks,
We're going to have to make room
for a shipment of llamas
arriving next week.
Lloyd the llama,
eleven inches tall,
shipping weight two pounds,
price: Five ninety-five.
Lloyd the llama?
I'm sorry, Joan,
but there's an outside call
for you I felt might be
A Dr. chambers?
Oh, yes.
Uh, grace, will you stay
with Billy for a few minutes?
I'll be right back.
Sure, I'd love to.
All right, Billy,
let 'er go.
Hello, Dr. chambers?
Yes, Joan.
Is there anything wrong?
Now why is it that everyone
thinks a doctor is always
the bearer of bad tidings?
I'm sorry.
The reason I called,
we just got the results
of Davy's last tests
from the laboratory.
I'd like to go over them
with you.
Could you drop by
the office?
Say, during your lunch hour?
Of course, uh,
how 'bout one o'clock?
One o'clock will be fine.
I'll see you then.
Thank you, doctor,
Goodbye, Joan.
Careful, careful now.
Well, I declare,
I never did see such a child
for always wantin' to be
sittin' on folkes lap.
What's God like?
What's God like?
Well, baby, that Bible says
that after God got through
makin' the world,
he sat back and looked.
And he looked at all
the mountains, rivers,
green grass
and the trees,
and as he looked,
he saw there was still
something missing,
as he couldn't love them
and he was lonely,
because God wanted
someone to love,
so he made people,
all the folks in the world.
Do you think he knows
what I look like?
Oh, of course,
he made you too, angel.
He knows what all
his little lambs look like.
Did he know I was going to be
sick all the time?
Davy, listen to your glady.
Don't you ever, ever think
God made you sickly.
This world is full of sadness
that man brought on himself
a long, long time ago.
Why, even our blessed lord
had to suffer because of it.
They crucified my lord
and he never said
a mumbling word
they crucified my lord
and he never said
a mumbling word
not a word
not a word
not a word
he bowed his head
and died
and he never said
a mumbling word
he bowed his head
and died
and he never said
a mumbling word
and he never said
a mumbling word
not a word
not a word
not a word
I wish I could say
there was some definite
indication of promise, Joan.
In these congenital
heart cases,
we just have to be patient.
At least we know time
is on our side.
It's just that by now
we'd hoped there'd be
some sign of progress...
Some small sign.
How can they know so much
about so many other diseases
and so little about this one!
Joan, I know how
you and hal feel.
Davy's been much more
than just another patient to me,
but heart cases
are always complex.
In many ways,
Doctors aren't God, Joan.
In a sense,
most of what we know
has been passed on to us.
Yes, of course, I'm sorry.
I want to start Davy
on a new prescription.
It's liquid,
cherry flavored.
He'll need a teaspoonful
before each meal.
You know, sometimes I think
we ought to have
a symbol for prayer
to put on
these prescriptions.
I'll see the boy
Wednesday night.
Give my best to hal,
will you?
Yes, of course.
Thank you, doctor.
[Doctor voiceover]
I wish I could say
there were definite
indications of progress...
Doctors aren't God, Joan...
You know, sometimes I think
we ought to have
a symbol for prayer
to put on these prescriptions.
A symbol for prayer, prayer,
prayer, prayer, prayer
prayer, prayer...
[Sounds of bullets
Hey! Where do I park
my horse, pardner?
Hi, mom!
Miss, Joan,
you're home mighty early!
Don't let me disturb you two.
Isn't that just a little loud?
It's them Indians,
hoopin' and hollerin'
and carryin' on.
This is the good part, mom.
Pretty soon the soldiers'll
come over the hill
and make the Indians retreat.
David foster, have you seen
this picture before?
Sure, but glady wants
to watch it.
Child, how can
you say a thing like that to your mama?
You know I'm just here
to keep you company!
Well, since I'm home early,
I guess I'll start
Davy's supper.
I'll give you a hand.
[Music plays]
Gladys, you know that church
on the Avenue?
The one near the toy store?
The one that has a sign
out in front
inviting people
to come in and...And pray.
The one with
the big front doors
that's always open.
I stopped there on the way back
from the doctor's office.
The last time
I was inside a church
was before Davy was born.
Hal and I went together
for easter.
Or was it Christmas?
today I sat there
for the longest time.
I saw people come in
with that "tight" expression
most of us wear these days,
and then go out looking...
and at peace.
Sort of as if they'd tapped
a source of strength
outside of themselves.
But that's the way prayer
works for folks, darlin'.
But I couldn't
bring myself to try.
Maybe it's because
I haven't had
anything to do with religion
for so long.
Why should God suddenly
be interested in me?
Angel, if the good lord
treated us
the way we treat him,
there'd be mighty few
christians around.
You see, he already knows
how much we need him,
but he's got to wait
until we know it,
and ready to do something
about it!
Miss Joan, why don't you
and Mr. hal come some night
to the Madison square garden?
That man of God,
Billy Graham,
says these things
so much better than I do.
And it's wonderful,
wonderful how every night
more and more people
are getting on speakin' terms
with the lord.
Hal would never go.
Well, every once in a while,
cliff barrows,
our choir director,
asks me to sing a solo.
In fact,
I'll be doing one tonight.
Do you think you
could get Mr. hal
to come and hear me sing?
That's a wonderful idea!
I'll give it a try!
Honey, I just
can't spare the time.
I've got to get the roughs
on this new campaign
ready by tomorrow morning.
Now, Greg Johnson
practically said that
if I can steer things
right on this one,
the sky's the limit.
There's no reason
why you can't go.
After all, we ought to show
Gladys we're proud of her.
Are you sure
you wouldn't mind?
Oh, not at all.
Hardly my idea
of a night on the town,
but at least it'd be
a change for you.
After hearing doc chambers say
the same old things
we have been hearing
for the last four years,
you're entitled
to a night out.
He added one new note...
Just as I was leaving
the office,
he, he hinted
that we might try prayer.
You're kidding?
No, after reminding me
that doctors aren't God.
Well, that tears it!
When they can't come up
with any answers,
they start with
a "prayer bit."
That isn't it at all, hal.
Of course that's it!
He knew you'd grab
at anything.
Oh, darling, do you think
I want you to be hurt?
Any more than you are now?
Don't you think I know
what he's doing?
Trying to raise false hopes
with a gimmick of some kind?
Is that all prayer is to you?
A gimmick?
I've never gone for religion
and I'm not starting now,
just because things
are getting a little tight.
I'll put Davy to bed
before I go.
You're going to have
to start getting to sleep earlier,
young man!
Can't, I'd miss
captain jinx's show.
And that would be
a catastrophe.
A what?
A catastrophe,
big trouble!
Is your throat sore, Davy?
A little?
What did you say?
I said, a little,
when I swallow.
I thought so.
It doesn't hurt that much!
We take no chances.
And now,
to bed we go, okay?
Mommy's going to hear
glady sing
with that big choir
you're always talking about.
Daddy's got some
important work to do,
so he'll stay here with you.
Wish I could go
with you.
I'll tell you all about it
tomorrow, okay?
Good night, mom.
Good night, darling.
See you in the morning.
See you in the morning.
If there's anything
I can do to help
I'd be glad to stay.
You just catch
Gladys' big moment,
but be sure to duck out
before that fire and
brimstone falls!
I love you,
very much.
Now there's a line
that tops anything I've written today.
[George Beverly shea
Then one day
I met my savior
met him in the twilight dim
joy o'erwhelmed my soul
and sorrow vanished
and I'm happy since
his love came in
the years I spent
in useless pleasure
the hours I lived
in idle play
seemed worthless
and my heart was breaking
I longed to know
a better way
then one day
I met my savior
met him in the twilight dim
joy o'erwhelmed my soul
and sorrow vanished
and I'm happy since
his love came in
I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
for his eye is
on the sparrow
and I know he watches me
why should I feel
Or why should
the shadows come?
Why should my heart
be lonely?
Away from heaven
and home?
When Jesus is my portion
my constant friend is he
my constant friend is he
for his eye is on
the sparrow
and I know
he watches me
and I know
he watches me
his eye is on
the sparrow
his eye is on
the sparrow
and I know
he watches me
and I know
he watches me
so I sing
because I'm happy
o yes, I sing
because I'm free
for his eye is on
all the sparrows
and children
I know, how I know
that he watches we
So this is what Gladys meant
this afternoon
in the apartment.
(Gladys) Angel, if the good lord
treated us
the way we treat him,
there'd be mighty few
christians around.
You see, he already knows
how much we need him,
but he's got to wait
until we know it,
and ready to do something
about it!
Miss Joan,
why don't you and Mr. hal
come some night
to the Madison square garden?
That man of God,
Billy Graham,
says these things
so much better than I do.
(Billy Graham)
Wouldn't you like to have
all the old things
forgiven and gone
and become a new creature,
a new person tonight?
Well, that's exactly
what Paul said
could happen to you.
That's called the new birth,
it's regeneration,
it's transformation,
it's being born again.
In ephesians he speaks of it
as being quickened,
or being made alive
from the dead!
You're spiritually dead!
Now you have life!
It's very much like
this plant.
I can take some scissors
and clip it,
and lay it on the floor.
It still has lovely color,
it still looks like a plant,
but it's dead.
There's no sap in it,
and soon it will wither
and die
and that's the way
many of you are.
You're separated from God,
there's no spiritual
life in you,
and you need to be grafted
back into God's life
and become a partaker
of the life of God
so that spiritual life
flows through your soul,
and heart and mind,
and your whole spirit,
until you become a new creation
in Christ Jesus.
That can happen to you tonight.
You can become a partaker
of God's nature.
The very nature of God!
And old things
will pass away.
You say, "well, how do you
get the new birth?
"I want it, I need it,
i need a new life!
"I need a change!
"I need my sins forgiven!"
"I want this peace
and this joy that he gives."
Now wait a minute,
don't misunderstand me.
It doesn't mean that
when you come to Christ
you have no more problems,
no more burdens,
no more sorrows.
You may have more troubles,
more problems,
more difficulties
than ever before.
Because you see,
the Christian comes into
with the society
'round about him.
With all the evil,
all the compromises,
all the temptations
'round about you,
they come in upon you
and the Christian
must walk with God
in the middle of a wicked
and a perverse generation,
and that brings him
into conflict,
and sometimes it causes
suffering and persecution
and it may cause death!
God says, I'm willing to
forgive your sins.
I sent my son.
I love you, I love you,
I love you
with an everlasting love.
I don't care what you've done.
I don't care what
your sins are.
How much you're a hypocrite.
I don't care what you've done,
i love you,
but, first, you must repent
of sin, repent.
That means that you acknowledge
that you're a sinner.
I think you've done that
tonight in your own heart.
You already know that
you've sinned against him.
But that's not all
of repentance.
There must be a willingness
to turn from sin.
I said a "willingness"
because you can't
turn from your sins.
There's not a person
in this crowd
that can turn from their sins.
You don't have the power to,
you don't have the strength to.
But you must be willing.
You come to that point
and you say,
"oh, God, I'm willing!"
And when you say
"I'm willing"
he gives you the strength
and the power to turn!
And you start
in a new direction.
That's what repentance means.
Secondly, by faith, you must
receive Christ into your heart.
By faith, I said!
You may never understand it
You don't have to.
Jesus, tonight, is willing
to touch your life,
change your life,
if you're willing
to surrender your will,
and your personality
and your life in total to him.
I'm going to ask you
to do it tonight.
Young men, young women,
fathers, mothers,
people of all walks
of life,
I'm going to ask you
to get up out of your seat,
if there's a doubt
in your life
that you're ready
to meet God.
I'm asking you to get up
out of your seat
and come and stand
quietly here
and say tonight,
I give my life to the savior.
I'm going to trust him
from this moment on.
I'm going to follow him
and serve him.
While our heads are bowed,
and people are already
coming from everywhere,
you come.
Don't you let distance
back here
keep you from Christ.
You come.
Way back in that back balcony,
back in there, you come.
This is your moment
with Christ.
You may never have an hour
like this again.
Now is the accepted time,
today is the day of salvation.
You come, right now, quickly,
from everywhere.
Hundreds of you,
while the choir sings softly,
just as I am,
without one plea,
o lamb of God, I come,
you come right now.
Just as I am
without one plea
That's it, quickly,
from everywhere.
Get up out of your seats
and come on!
But that thy blood
was shed for me
and that thou bidst me,
come to thee
and that thou bidst me,
come to thee
o lamb of God,
I come
I come
just as I am
and waiting not
to rid my soul
of one dark blot
to rid my soul
of one dark blot
to thee whose blood
can cleanse each spot
to thee whose blood
can cleanse each spot
o lamb of God,
I come
I come
Hi, honey!
How'd it go?
It was wonderful, hal!
Gladys do us proud?
Oh, yes.
I wish you could've
been there.
Hal, couldn't you stop
for a couple of minutes?
I want to tell you
about it.
Honey, do you mind?
I'm onto something here
and I kinda like to stay
right with it.
You want some
fresh coffee?
No, thanks.
Must've had about
ten cups already.
Well, I guess I'll
go in to bed then...
Good night.
I'll be along
in a while.
[Phone rings]
Foster speaking.
Oh, put her on.
Hello, darling.
Where were you when I called
twenty minutes ago?
Oh...Well, actually yes.
The 15th floor
went for my ideas,
they've given me
the green light
to write the whole
pioneer campaign!
Now, honey,
one of the executives
from pioneer's home office
is in town with his wife
and I thought it would be
very strategic
if we could invite them out
to the apartment for cocktails.
[No audio]
Well, honey, I, uh...
I've invited them tonight.
[No audio]
Well, I know
it's short notice...
But look,
it's a wonderful way
to get to one of
pioneer's top men!
[No audio]
I know that,
but can't you get Gladys
to give you a hand?
Well, let's see...
There's the client,
Mr. Carlson and his wife,
I had to ask Greg
and his wife,
and I'll get bill to come,
for laughs!
Yeah, of course,
Alice, too.
Well, that'll be only
eight of us, okay?
Oh, thanks, darling.
It'll pay off,
I'm sure of it.
You're so right, hal,
I've never known it to fail.
Hors d'oeuvres,
Mr. Carlson?
Why, yes, thank you.
Yes, thank you!
Is this lovely person
the source of
your inspiration, foster?
"Behind every
successful man," right, hal?
Ten short years.
Ah, seriously though,
I have one of the most
beautiful wives in the country,
and I only hope
she stays there.
You know, I went driving
with her the other day.
She held out her arm,
gave all three signals
and went straight up!
I'm sorry, Joan,
I've been glaring at him
all evening but...
Clearly a case
of overexposure,
she knows my material.
Mrs. Carlson?
Oh, my dear, I've
already had...Three.
Oh, but they're so small!
Well, if you insist.
Well, uh,
isn't that a matter
for the motivation
research department?
They're already at work on it.
Thank you.
Do you get into New York
very often, Mrs. Carlson?
Oh, no, Alfred lets me
tag along once or twice a year
but I'd rather not
come too often.
You see, this way I look forward
to the trip
as something special.
New York is so Cosmopolitan.
Alfred says
I always act just
like a tourist.
But we live in the suburbs
and I've always thought
of our community
as being very much
"average America."
Alfred always winces
when he hears me say that,
but I'm really rather
proud of the idea.
I don't see anything wrong
with being a part of
"average America,"
do you?
Now you take
for example one of
the big TV shows.
Will you excuse me
a moment?
Who give it a good
We do!
"Average America."
And you advertising people
work day and night
trying to get us to
do this and buy that,
Because we're important,
that's why!
And when you get
right down to it,
we average Americans
run everything!
Excuse me.
How's everything goin',
Well, we're holding our own
so far, glady.
I don't know how to thank you
for giving up your evening
to help us like this.
That's what friends
are for, sugar!
But what bothers me is,
how folks can
fool themselves
into calling tidbits
like this food.
They're just teasin'
their stomachs!
There's nobody funnier
than people, glady.
You know that.
Some people, sugar.
'Cause me and Davy's
playin' it safe
and gonna fortify ourselves
with some nice hot chocolate.
Oh, glady,
you're priceless.
Well, someone has done
an outstanding publicity job.
The whole town seems to be
aware of the crusade.
Only this afternoon
I ran into a woman
who was passing out tickets
in Times Square!
That's a well organized
campaign, all right.
Real saturation.
But I don't really see
how they can inject
any kind of religious element
in such a, well, a spectacle.
I read somewhere
they're using two or three
thousand voices
in just the chorus.
Well, you can't help
admiring the man.
He has a fool-proof product
and he knows how to sell it.
Well, how can he miss?
The script is a natural.
A chapter and verse recital
of the world in torment,
the age of the h-bomb,
the moral flaws
of mankind.
I don't know.
At times I've felt as though
my life lacked something.
Maybe it's religion.
But about this crusade, Alice.
Surely it can't expect
the confidence
of intelligent people.
Well, I'm afraid that most
of his followers
are the unstable sort.
You mark my words!
In six months' time,
everyone will wonder what
all the shouting was about.
Well, I think we ought to
have an opinion
from our charming hostess.
Mrs. foster,
what do you think
of this crusade business?
Well, honey?
Well, all of your comments
sound so familiar.
Whenever the subject
of religion has come up,
I've always drawn
the same conclusions.
But last night,
I went to the garden.
And somehow, my conclusions
didn't ring true.
I've always prided myself
on the ability
to arrive at most answers
through a logical,
analytical method.
But last night,
I discovered I was
completely ignorant about,
about what christianity
really is.
I knew I'd been groping
for something but,
well, like Alice.
I didn't know what it was until
Mr. Graham began to speak.
It's funny, I can't even
remember much about what he said
except that as he talked,
I, I had a strange feeling
of need...
Need for a personal savior.
I went forward.
I found myself joining others
who were accepting Christ.
Oh, darling, I,
I know this comes as
a complete surprise to you.
I wanted to tell you about it
last night but,
somehow it didn't work out,
and there hasn't been
any time since.
I hope I haven't
offended anyone.
Why, of course not.
Oh, my dear, don't ever
think such a thing.
[Clears throat]
Say, I hadn't noticed,
it's getting rather late.
I've made reservations
for dinner, dear.
I guess we'd, uh,
better be going?
Goodbye, hal.
Thank you, Joan.
Good night, Joan.
Good night, Greg.
Thank you for
inviting us.
Hal, see you at the office
in the morning.
Good night.
You're a charming hostess,
Mrs. foster.
Thank you, Mr. Carlson.
It was a wonderful
evening, Joan.
Quite a gal you got there,
You know, it wasn't easy
saying what she did
in front of those
frustrated intellects.
Yeah...Good night.
Oh, darling, I'd give
anything if it hadn't happened like this.
Last night you gave away
your sanity.
Tonight you casually
tossed away my future with the agency.
What a performance!
I just stood there
and you cut the ground
right out from under me!
Tomorrow it'll be
all over town:
"Ad man's wife
hits sawdust trail."
I wanted so desperately
to tell you about it
last night but you...
Oh, well,
it doesn't matter now.
It sure doesn't!
Please, hal,
listen to me.
Let me tell you
what really happened.
I want to share it with you.
I know it's the answer
for your lives.
Well, if that doesn't
cork it!
First you make a fool
out of yourself,
and now you think
you're going to convert me!
Well, save your breath,
Because I'm no sucker
for this salvation bit!
What makes you think
you're so self-sufficient?
That you don't need
anything or anybody
but the great hal foster
to depend on!
Oh, darling,
I didn't just stop thinking.
Don't you see, hal,
you're rejecting God
without ever having tried him?
I know why you're doing this.
It's that
"prayer prescription" line,
isn't it?
You've let yourself be duped
into believing that
now you've got a direct
line to the almighty!
Why, you think you can even
pray Davy right out of bed.
I didn't have nerve enough
to ask for anything for Davy.
I only asked God
to help me understand,
to let me reach out
and find him.
And he was there,
that's all.
What more can I say, hal?
You're the one that's
so good with words.
I only know what I feel!
All right.
All right, here it is,
and get it straight.
I don't want any part of
a God that lets my son
live just one step
out of his grave.
[Door slams]
[Keys clicking]
Why does dad
have to work
all the time,
I miss him.
So do I, Davy.
But he's finishing up
a big job right now.
We'll have him back,
I'm afraid I don't have
an appointment.
Oh, hal...
Oh, darling.
Where should I begin
to say I'm sorry?
Oh, it isn't important.
Just hold me,
hold me close.
Honey, I, I'd planned
a big buildup about the news,
but if I don't tell you
right now, I'll explode.
Greg presented my copy
to the old man this morning,
and he went for it,
lock, stock and barrel.
Oh, hal, how wonderful!
That's just the half of it.
Greg moved upstairs,
and well,
you're now looking at
Pratt and noble's
new copy director.
Oh, no!
But I've saved the best
to last.
Five thousand a year
Oh, I just can't
believe it!
Oh, darling,
you've earned it.
You've worked
so terribly hard.
It wasn't easy for you
But now there's a way out
from all the things that
have been pushing in on us.
We don't have any problems
that a few extra bucks
won't solve.
That means a real specialist
for Davy,
you know, the one Dr. chambers
told us about from Europe?
Honey, I've given a lot
of thought
to this religion business.
I know you went for it
as sort of a defense mechanism,
but, well, now,
with the raise and all,
we'll be able to get out
from under the load.
Hal...Oh, hal,
please don't believe
that I turned to God
just because
we were struggling.
I know it may look like that,
but a day-by-day faith
is the one element that
was always lacking in our lives.
I missed you so much.
These past weeks have been
a nightmare for me.
[Phone rings]
I'm sorry...
Hello, Joan foster
What is it?
What's wrong, Gladys?
Davy, he's...
Gladys can't wake him!
this is Mr. foster.
Did you call
an ambulance?
Which hospital?
Joan and I'll
meet you there.
What's happening, doc?
Why are you keeping us
in the dark?
I'm sorry.
Can't we see him
for just a minute?
Davy's being prepared
for surgery.
Dr. houser's in charge.
There's none better.
Everything that's
humanly possible
is being done
for the boy.
With God's help,
perhaps we...
Skip the stock answers, doc!
My son's life
is in your hands,
and don't you forget it!
Hal is so...
Of course, he is.
I'll let you know
the minute there's any change.
Thank you, doctor.
[Singing a cappella]
sometimes I feel like a motherless child
[Music begins]
Sometimes I feel
like a motherless child
sometimes I feel
like a motherless child
a long way from home
such a long
from home
[Heart beating]
[Heart beat slows and stops]
Oh, God, God,
God don't let him die.
Don't let him die.
Not for me...For him!
Please, God...
Please, please...
Davy's in fine shape!
He sailed through the operation
like a veteran.
Thank you,
heavenly father, thank you!
Dr. hauser did some work
on a faulty heart valve
which may, in time, allow Davy
to lead a normal life.
Oh, when can we see him?
He won't be fully awake
until late this afternoon.
Why don't you get some rest
and come back then?
There's no words
for what we really feel.
Just get some rest.
You know, the two of you
look terrible.
I'll see you later on.
Miss Joan, don't you think
we oughta give thanks
to the lord
for how grateful we feel?
Oh, hal, could we?
For just a minute?
We really ought to
give thanks to God...
Look, uh, you two, uh,
go right ahead,
I've got to get home
and get cleaned up
before I check in
at the office.
You were always honest, hal.
I took pride in that.
It was my one hope,
that your honest doubting
would someday
bring you to God.
A few minutes ago,
when it looked as if
we might be losing Davy,
you prayed!
But now everything's
going to be all right,
so you'll take over
from here.
Look, Joan,
I'm being as honest
as I know how.
I just don't feel
The great hal foster,
still playing games
with God.
Let him go, honey,
that boy's got to
make his way alone.
Can I send out for a sandwich
or something, Mr. foster?
What's the matter, Tony?
You worried about me?
No, I just thought maybe
you'd like something solid,
since you're going to
your office.
Today is "liquid
refreshment," Tony.
This is just to make sure
that I'm socked in tight.
Everything's gonna be
a little hazy.
Ya know what I mean?
I could get you
a cup of coffee.
It'd just take a second.
You're a worrier, Tony.
You'll be old
before your time.
Mr. foster!
As head of this department,
can I please request
top billing
on that new sign
out there?
Hi, bill.
Man, don't you
ever relax?
Aw, I thought I'd clean out
my desk before Monday.
What's your story?
As a matter of fact,
I was looking for you.
Joan called and told us
about Davy.
Alice and I were sure glad
to hear about it.
Appreciate it, bill.
Yeah, Joan seemed to feel
that God picked up
the tab on this one.
Now what is that
supposed to mean?
You're still balancing
that chip on your shoulder,
aren't you?
Look, bill, thanks for
the kind words,
but I'm snowed right now.
You know, you're a real
puzzlement to me.
What do you want,
anyway, hal?
The old man's kicking up
his heels
over the way you shaped up
the pioneer campaign.
Everyone around here's
pegged you for a "comer."
Married to a beautiful woman,
son just pulled through
a crisis,
yet you're playing it
like you're going down
for the third time.
I heard
long-playing records
were here to stay!
You're a real scream.
But you're gonna get
the whole spiel anyway, pal!
'Cause it just about boils down
to this, doesn't it?
You just can't buy the idea
that maybe Joan's
latched on to something.
Maybe she's latched on
to something really important,
so she upset a lot of
your pet theories about religion
and old hal just can't stand to
have his theories upset.
So what am I?
Some kind of a monster
because I can't swallow it?
Are you going to stand there
and tell me that you've never
questioned any of it?
Plenty of times.
Well, all right, then!
I'm also willing to admit
I've never really
looked into it, either.
Say, you didn't go with Joan
the other night, did you?
You're getting funnier
by the minute, hal.
But since we're
on the subject,
who decided we have to
muddle through life
without any help from something,
or someone besides ourselves?
Look, hal, I guess the only
thing I'm trying to say is
that maybe it'd be different
if we could just come
to the place where we could
close our mouths
and open our minds.
Hal, come on,
let's get outta here.
After that sermon,
I'll have to buy you a drink.
This place really gets noisy
on Saturday night, huh, Tony?
Yeah, well, I'll turn on
the television,
that usually quiets
them down.
Oh, this has
gotta be quick.
I'm due at the hospital.
(Billy Graham
on television)
I believe we need a spiritual
revolution in America.
We need a revolt
against materialism.
A revolt against crime!
A revolt against
the emphasis on sex.
A revolt against the sins
and the wickedness
in high places.
You know,
there's a showman.
You sharpies
from Madison Avenue
could learn a few things
from him!
What's the matter,
isn't como on?
Oh, yeah, sure.
No, wait a minute,
leave it on.
We've not come to put on
a show or an entertainment.
We believe that there
are many people here tonight
that have hungry hearts.
All your life you've been
searching for peace,
joy, happiness, forgiveness.
That's the reason that
a lot of people
that have reached the top
find no peace at the top.
They find no joy
at the top.
They take
their tranquillizing pills
and their sleeping pills
and their dexedrine tablets
and their aspirins
thrown in between,
because money and fame
and fortune
have not brought them
peace of soul!
Why is that?
Because you were made
in the image of God
and without God you can find
no peace in this life.
Have you ever wondered why
we cannot solve
the problems of the world?
Our greatest intellectuals are
always gathering in conferences
trying to solve the problems
of the world,
and they've been wrestling
with them
for hundreds and
even thousands of years.
In the last
three thousand years
we've only had
277 years of peace.
There is always war,
there's always fighting.
There's always tension
and stress in the world.
There's tension and stress
in your own life.
I want to tell you
before you leave Madison square
garden this night,
you can find everything
that you've been searching for
in Christ.
He can bring that inward
deepest peace to your soul.
There's a little voice
speaking to you now
and even while I'm talking
that little voice is saying,
that's what I need,
i need Christ,
I need God.
Your pride begins to
speak up and argue
and debate,
and a thousand
other voices speak
but there's still the undertone
of that little voice
that says this is right.
That's true,
I need God.
I'm going to ask you
to surrender
to that little voice
because that little voice
is the voice
of the spirit of God,
and I'm going to ask you
to do something
that I've seen people do
all over the world.
I'm sorry, Mr. foster,
but that preaching makes
the customers uncomfortable.
It's no good for business.
Okay, Tony,
give 'em what they want.
No, you don't,
this one's on me.
Thanks, bill.
Well, I gotta head
for the hospital,
and uh, thanks for
coming by the office.
I really mean that.
Everything all right,
See ya, bill.
[Joan voiceover]
You were always honest, hal.
I took pride in that.
It was my one hope,
that your honest doubting
would someday
bring you to God.
Glady's right here,
Takes more than
an old operation
to keep me away,
and I'm going to be here
with you every day,
just like always.
That's good.
[Door opens]
Hi, son.
Hi, dad.
You took an awful long time
gettin' here.
Sorry, Davy.
I've been an awful long time
doin' a lot of things,
but I'm gonna change that...
With God's help.
I'll need so much help.
I don't even know how
to take the first step.
You've already taken it,
God only asks that we
reach out to him.
You've done that!
He'll do the rest.
Then God's love
will make his heart new.
Then God's love
will make his heart new.