Heart of Midnight (1988) Movie Script

Heart of midnight
I love you.
The midnight
I'll just let him sleep.
Yeah, I don't have to wake him up now.
I'll just let him sleep.
Miss rivers?
Miss... hi.
I'm Richard the foreman.
I just wanted to get you these.
I'm sorry.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Tom, Henry, this is miss rivers.
- How you doing?
Pleased to meet you.
Your uncle Fletcher,
well, he left us in a bit of a...
Good night, I guess.
We weren't sure who'd inherit the place.
We surely weren't expecting no pretty lady.
So, a lawyer told us you plan
to continue the renovation.
That's right.
Good! Good.
Well, I'll tell you what,
you just settle in upstairs
and we'll have this place
swinging again in no time.
- Right?
- That's right.
Yeah yeah, right.
Well, I would like to go over
the plans with you.
You know, if that's okay?
Well, we got a hell of a day today.
But look, we'll find time tomorrow.
I'm sure we will.
Okay, fine. Tomorrow.
Good. What happened to your leg?
An elephant trod on it.
Very funny.
Tom, help the lady upstairs with her bag.
No, no, no. I can manage.
- Tom!
- No!
It's one small bag.
- L'm sure I can manage.
- All right.
Thank you.
Should be champagne, fletch,
but I'm on the wagon.
I'll give you my love
I'm sure that love
will see us through
- what else...
- Can I do?
If you want the moon
I'll bring the moon
right down to you
baby, baby
what else can I do?
One day, we'll live in a mansion
out where the pastures are green
but even in a small room
just a little hall room
you'll be the king
I'll be the queen
my heart just for a start
till dreams come true, baby
what else can I do?
Oh, boy.
Now let's see.
Well, there you are.
Yeah, it just...
It seems to me...
I mean, well...
Wouldn't it be more logical...
I said, wouldn't it be more logical...
There is no logic to this place.
It's been so many things.
It doesn't know what it is anymore.
A warehouse, speakeasy,
gambling joint, restaurant...
Psychedelic club, a disco.
Funny old world, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
But I still think...
I still think I would rather put...
Put the...
Put the booth over there
and the bar over there.
Now look, I know it's not in the plans, but...
I said that I know...
I can't hear myself think.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Hey, guys! Guys!
Everybody, stop work!
How long you think we need, Carol?
We don't get
this here lumber sawed by quitting time,
we sure enough gonna
be behind tomorrow.
Okay, look.
I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to interrupt.
I just... forget it.
How long will this take? As long as I need.
You're the boss. You're the boss.
What a joke that is.
What? Oh, yes.
They have asked me
to open another club in New York.
But you know,
I'm having such a good time here,
I would hate to do that.
Also, I...
They really need me to run it, you know?
You like the singer? Well, thank you.
Yes, well, I did.
I had a very difficult time finding her.
But now that I've got her,
she's gold, believe me.
Will you be having wine tonight?
Me? No no no, I don't drink.
I haven't had a drink
in about a year and a half.
Richard must have dropped these off.
Just didn't want to bother me.
Carol, I called your psychiatrist.
That's right, I talked to her. I had to.
Do you know what she said to me?
She said you're
taking a terrible risk going off like this.
- She said you're never gonna...
- Mama...
I know what she said.
And she's right.
If I go down there
and I can't make this work,
if I have another breakdown
and I'm forced to come back here,
then I'll probably never recover.
Yes, it's a terrible risk.
And I'm taking it.
Bye, mama.
I was wrong
hey, I
hate to see you go
you're the one
hey, man, let me have that bottle.
I don't know
where he got the name Joey from.
This is my last day.
Hey, look at his tattoo, man.
When did you get that?
When I got it.
Why'd you want to get a tattoo for?
I could give you one, but it hurts.
I don't think I can see.
How do you think I'd look with a tattoo?
Son of a bitch, man!
You can't get me a job here?
Holy cow!
I know you hear me when I cry
this will never
Hey, did she wave?
Or did she like, beckon?
Well, I don't know.
She's old Fletcher's niece.
Come on, man. She just waved.
- That's Fletcher's niece?
- What do you think about that, Henry?
- She's just waving, man.
- That's Fletcher's niece. She didn't wave.
Yeah, she's just up there saying hi,
you know?
If that ain't an invite, I don't know what is.
Mama, he treats your daughter mean
let's check it out. What do you say, tom?
Mama, he treats your daughter mean
mama, he treats your daughter mean
he's the meanest man
I've ever seen
I say we leave.
What do you say, tom?
I don't know, man.
Come on, Henry.
I tell you, mama
he treats your daughter mean
mama, he treats your daughter mean
you want a leg or a breast?
Don't you do that to me.
Don't you, you hear?
She don't like you, tom.
Hey, you look at that, you like that?
I'm gonna out your nipples off,
you understand?
You hear that?
Hey. She needs a drink. She needs a drink.
- Here. Here.
- Drink drink. Oh, shit!
Yeah, have some more.
Put her down there, man. Make her say it.
Come here. You like it?
Lay her down. Lay her down.
Make her say it.
Who is it?
- Make her say it.
- Say it!
Make her say it louder.
Do you mean it?
Open them legs.
Lay her down. Lay her down.
I miss your uncle,
but I'm real glad you came to us.
Just hope I don't have what he died of,
'cause if I do, you're gonna get it.
Come on, man, shit!
You all right? Hey, get...
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way.
- What are you doing, man?
- Get outta here!
You crazy?
Come here, girl.
You can't stop what you started!
Come here, girl!
- Let's get outta here!
- No, let's get her!
Come on!
Get up. Get up.
...you know that?
You tell anybody about this and I'll
come back and I'll kill you, you understand?
What's the matter with you, man?
Who's locking these fucking doors, man?
This is the county sheriff! Open the door.
Let them in, open the door.
Open the door! Open the door!
Open up. Open this door.
You're gonna fucking pay! I swear to god!
I didn't do nothing, you asshole.
Holy, shit. Look at this stuff.
Jesus, guys. Hold on.
What's going on down there?
We have a battered man in a fish market
on 422nd street.
Listen, we appreciate all the help
you rape crisis women give to each other,
but now and again you do get it wrong.
This woman lives
in what used to be a sex club.
Now she's hanging around
with no clothes on in lighted windows.
You figure it out.
What do you mean by that?
I got a report here that says...
"She has a history of hysterical behavior
"going back to her early teens."
She even went deaf for a while.
Imagined assaults,
false accusations of rape
and all kinds of weird stuff.
And there's a rap sheet too.
Two convictions for substance abuse.
Are you saying
that because she has a rap sheet,
she wasn't raped?
Sweetheart, why don't you do me a favor
and you go bug the da?
'Cause he's the man that has to try
to make a case out of this, okay?
I will, don't worry.
And thank you very much
for your sensitivity and kindness.
Let's go, Carol.
A detective sharpe
will be coming by to see you later.
Well, the patrolman
that shot Henry tattersol
is under investigation by internal affairs.
Detective sharpe will be
the investigating officer.
So how do you feel?
I feel numb.
Yeah, that's a normal reaction.
But you know, if you talk about it
you'll feel much better.
Are you sure you want to be there alone?
Why don't you come to my place?
I have an extra bedroom.
No, I want to stay there.
Here is my number
and the crisis center hotline.
You can call me anytime.
Really, 3:00 in the morning,
4:00, it doesn't matter.
What's the matter?
You had a hard day?
I'm sorry.
Tell me you're detective sharpe.
I'm detective sharpe.
Did you just make yourself a cup of coffee?
Well, how did you get in here?
Why'd you turn the water off?
The front door was open and I didn't.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
Well, what did you think you'd do?
Well, what did you think I'd think I'd do?
Don't try and psychoanalyze me.
I think this anger's very healthy.
I don't care what you think.
Well, what do you think I'm thinking now?
I think you think
I wasn't raped, just like the others.
I think you think I'm responsible
for that kid Henry's death...
And the cop being on suspension.
I think you think I'm trash.
So you think I'm thinking three thoughts
and reaching
a moral conclusion all at the same time?
A cop?
Are you serious?
Look, I appreciate your wit and all,
but I'm really tired.
Do you think we could do this tomorrow?
Yeah, I guess we could.
Are you okay?
I'm just a little shaky, that's all.
Good night.
Good night.
I'll lock up.
U-g-l-y, you ain't got no alibi, you're ugly.
You're ugly.
Hi, Carol, this is Mariana.
Mariana from last night.
Yes, how you doing?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Are you sure?
Carol? Carol?
No problems?
No. I'm fine,
but I wouldn't mind some company.
You know, I mean,
if you're not busy or anything.
Good old fletch, what a riot.
Now I inherit this place and...
But look,
you can do whatever you want with it.
It doesn't have to be like this.
It's a wonderful opportunity.
You know,
i always had this image of myself
standing behind a bar smoking cigarettes
drinking funny-colored drinks...
And kicking people out
when they insulted me.
And there'd be this guy,
I guess he was based on my uncle Fletcher.
Charming, but injured.
Like he could've been a physicist but...
And I'd take care of him.
Not because he was weak, you understand?
But because something had hurt him.
He had been someplace
and had come back,
He'd come back just a little bit beaten.
And we'd be partners.
And I'd take care of him.
I don't want to look like this.
Why are you always creeping around?
Isn't that what cops are supposed to do?
What's wrong?
Don't you want to see the room?
So it happened in the library?
Look, this was my uncle's place.
I don't know
what he thought he was doing.
I know what he was doing.
You knew him?
Catch her if you can
so what was he doing, my uncle Fletcher?
Having fun,
making money,
doing what came naturally to him.
Which was?
So what happened here?
- What did he die of?
- I think you know that.
Was it aids?
I had no idea.
It is so sad.
Could you turn that off, please?
So who was working this machine?
First the guy I didn't know, then Henry.
Tom and the other guy
pushed me down on the floor.
They made me say things.
I love you.
How well did you know my uncle Fletcher?
Very well.
How did you meet him?
That's a long story.
And I'm supposed to be
asking the questions.
Nobody even told me he was sick.
Did he suffer a lot?
- Not enough.
-L'm sorry?
I said, I don't know.
Look, I'm going
to have to go through all these rooms.
I'll come with you.
Listen, don't take this personally,
but I'd rather go alone.
Because I'm finding it hard to concentrate.
Jesus Christ,
it's like talking to a goddamn kid!
Because you're very attractive.
You're a strange girl, Carol.
Not so strange.
Hey, what about this room?
You haven't looked in this room yet.
Well, I don't know.
It seems like no one's here.
Why would there be?
Just looks so inhabited.
I know. Did my uncle have a kid?
Well, you might take a look at these.
To get a really good idea
of who old uncle Fletcher was.
I'm not sure that I care to know.
Is this yours?
Well, I guess the dirty old cocksucker
never had the guts to use it.
Hey, what gives you the right
to talk about my uncle like that?
Does that answer your question?
This place makes me sick!
It makes me sick.
It makes me want to puke!
Uncle Fletcher
groping around in the slime,
that oily goddamn grin on his face.
People slipping
in and out of each other in these rooms
and out on the streets
perverts molesting kids.
And everybody's pretending that this
has nothing to do with that
or what happened here.
If anything happened here.
Which, knowing that
you're Fletcher's niece,
-is completely open to question!
I didn't want them. I didn't invite them.
I don't even like sex.
Now we're talking.
Fuck you!
Thank you.
There you are.
I'm gonna go over to the builders' supplies.
- I'll be back later.
- Okay.
No no, wait!
There's a room up here,
it's full of magazines.
I want you to clear them out
then take out
all the machines and then paint it.
Before I go to the builders' supplies
or after?
Oh, god, how would I know?
You're the boss.
After, then.
It's lieutenant sharpe.
-L'm in...
- Leave me alone!
Okay, okay.
I'll come back when you're feeling better.
Hold it.
Carol, what ledray was saying...
Was it true?
I have a problem with people touching me.
It's been that way ever since I was a kid.
Last year, I had a boyfriend,
he tried to go too far and I panicked.
And I scratched him pretty badly.
In fact, I almost took one of his eyes out.
And was that when you lost your hearing?
A couple weeks later.
I kept hearing things
that sounded like the noises he made.
And I found
that kind of thing pretty nauseating, so...
And what did you do about it?
I mean, did you see someone?
Yes, I was seeing a therapist.
My hearing came back.
I was getting better.
I really thought I could be normal,
you know?
And now...
I think that
there's something living here with me
up above the ceiling,
underneath the floorboards.
- Be careful.
- Thank you.
The devil had me
please forgive
"i beg you, Christ,
have mercy for all my sins. Fletcher."
Hey, Carol.
I found a damp patch.
Looks like it's right over your bed.
I think it is a leak in the roof.
I mean, you see?
Let's get out of here.
There's nobody up here, boss.
No, really? I'm amazed.
No, there was someone up there.
Maybe they came down
when we were on the phone.
Look, whatever you think about her,
I'm not crazy.
There was someone up there.
Let's at least search the whole place.
All right.
Come on, Billy.
Right on, baby.
All right, boys.
- Billy.
- Sir?
Billy, come on over here.
Now what about upstairs with the bike?
Well, we have identical brothers.
They look just like us.
You expect me to believe that?
- Yes.
- Yes.
All right, you, pick up your stuff,
hit the road. I catch you around here again
I'm gonna throw you in the pokey,
you understand?
- What's the poker?
- Don't worry about it.
Go ahead, get out of here.
Go ahead, skedaddle, go.
Take them cats too. Get out of here.
Have you seen sharpe yet?
- Yes.
- When?
Yesterday, why?
It doesn't matter.
Look, I'm going to go upstairs.
Thank you for coming over.
Maybe we'll see each other soon?
Sure. Now you take care.
Don't mention it.
Any time. My pleasure.
Do you hear that?
You hear that, you little shit?
That's the sound of my gun
above your head.
Stop or I'll shoot.
Don't miss.
You got one bullet, I got two feet.
How do you keep getting in here?
Some big dumb-looking guy let me in.
- Richard.
- Yeah.
And the door to the apartment is broken.
Looks like it's locked,
but you can push it open with one finger.
My life is a joke.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Just swell.
I'm sorry about the other day.
I was out of line.
I was gonna call
and invite you out to dinner,
but I thought, there's no restaurant in town
that cooks as well as I do.
So I brought the stuff over.
I thought I'd make you dinner.
Any objections?
When I was 17 my mother remarried.
She got pregnant, she had the kid
and then she and my stepfather
were killed in a car crash.
Now is that good or bad?
Well, I'd say that was bad.
Yes, it was bad.
I had to raise my sister on my own.
I did it.
But if my mother hadn't died,
I wouldn't have learned how to cook.
I learned to cook.
Of course, I'd rather she'd lived.
Jesus god, I'd rather she lived,
but the fact remains
that it's what you make
of the shit that counts.
That's all.
You've got to make something of it.
If you survive this,
what'll ever threaten you again?
You look at it like a test.
You understand?
Yes, I do.
I want this to work so badly.
I just don't know if
i can take it much longer, that's all.
Yeah, there's that.
You just get so worn down by it all.
I guess that's when you need a friend.
I nearly blinded a man
for making a pass at me
and then I went deaf.
I mean, I went really crazy.
So I know what it's like.
It's pretty terrifying.
And today
I'm hunting things under the floorboards.
What's it gonna be next?
Number one, you're not crazy.
Number two, trust me.
And three?
Things always come in threes.
Number three's a secret.
It's gonna take me
about 15 minutes to get this ready
if you want to change or something.
Why not?
"You're a very strange girl, Carol."
Not so strange.
I like this.
This is good.
Let's go downstairs into my club.
So all the walls
are going to be painted pink.
And also, I want some gray.
Some gray in the trim, but maybe like,
a little deep colors.
I mean, really deep and rich but not red.
I'm gonna get rid of all this red.
I hate it.
But something really
warm and rich like burgundy.
But I'll have to talk
to my foreman, you know?
I don't think he likes me.
And I want to find a singer, you know?
I'm just gonna sit down for a second.
But I don't...
But I don't...
I don't know, maybe I'll sing myself.
Where are you taking me, boy?
You'll see. I don't want to ruin the surprise.
How are you, honey?
- You're gonna love it, though.
- You having fun?
Yeah. Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- Come on.
You've got him. Where are you taking me?
- Just come on.
- Sweetheart.
How're you?
- Happy birthday, Fletcher.
- Thank you.
Come here, honey!
Come here.
Oh, god.
Naked, naked, naked.
I don't believe this.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
I'll be here all afternoon.
Look at this.
Oh, god.
Is this it?
Do I pick up the phone and call home?
Ls that what I do?
No. You're just gonna
have to tough it out, kid.
If you want the moon, dear
when did you last see sharpe?
Three days...
A week. I'm not sure.
He cooked me dinner.
Excuse me?
He cooked me dinner.
Are we talking about the same sharpe?
The guy I know is not the cooking sort.
And besides, I don't know how his wife
would feel about him cooking dinners
for lonely young nightclub owners.
What do you think?
- I don't think she'd like it.
- Yeah.
Richard, I'd like to do some painting.
There's no law against that, little lady.
- Here.
- Thank you.
I've been trying to get in
to see you for days.
Yeah, I changed the lock.
I decided
i didn't want visits from married men.
- L'm not married.
- Right.
-L'm not even a cop.
- Then you're a liar.
I don't need friends who are liars.
Carol, you have to listen to me.
Please, try to understand this.
I've been in jail.
Your uncle Fletcher sent me to jail
so he could take my sister...
Go home.
Leave me alone.
Carol, let me explain.
Is this good or is this bad?
Carol, help me!
I can't.
I can't.
I told you.
Come on, Carol. Come on home.
Come on, honey.
Come on, Carol.
Come on, honey. Come on home.
It's over. It's over.
"Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.
"Rest in peace."
What's the matter?
You still afraid to come out?
...being a bad boy.
Come here. You're being a bad boy, Eric.
Uncle Fletcher?
What do you want?
The kid's room, was that your room?
Did you live here?
With Fletcher?
Fletcher and my brother were partners.
I see.
I said, I see.
No, you don't.
I was the apple of his eye.
I was the apple of Fletcher's eye.
Larry wouldn't have
anything to do with this.
He was in jail.
He didn't even know about it.
And where is he now?
Where is he now?
I think you'd know. He cooked dinner
for you the other night, after all.
Do you like him? I think he likes you.
He's been trying to get me out of here
ever since you arrived.
Why do you think he drugged you?
He was looking for me all night.
Couldn't find me.
To save this pretty little ass, no doubt.
Fletcher wouldn't have
wanted you to do this.
He loved me.
He loved you, all right.
He loved you best when you were two.
But he loved you plenty when you were 10.
He told me all about it. Many times.
Sometimes when he was doing it to me,
he'd even use your name.
I have a problem with people touching me.
It's been that way ever since I was a kid.
Look what uncle Fletcher's
got for his best baby.
Now what do you say, honey child?
Thank you, uncle Fletcher.
Now don't I get a kiss?
Well, okay.
Twice he did it to you.
To me, he did it 2,000 times!
He did it so much, I learned to enjoy it!
It's all there was.
For years.
And then it got worse.
Are you watching?
You want to see how far he went, Carol?
Rain is pouring into my eyes
leading me on with her guiding light
she's my guiding light
she holds my hand and I hold hers tight
she's my angel with her head held high
I want you to look at this.
What is it?
It's a video cassette.
I found it outside the midnight
and it shows someone
going behind the walls.
Our father which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
Single while female seeks playmate.
Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive
those who trespass against us.
Must enjoy games of all kinds.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
- For thine is the kingdom...
- And not be adverse to giving.
-...and the power and the glory forever.
-...Hours of pain.
Our father which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
I don't understand.
What don't you understand?
You understand.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
I'm sorry. I can't hear.
Would you rather...
A victim
or a participant, Carol?
Good girl.
Our father which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...
...and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
Carol, are you okay?
Are you okay?
I want you to go outside.
Okay, go on home.
- This is my problem.
- This is my problem.
I'll take care of this.
It's okay. You wait for me outside.
Go on.
Sonny, it's Larry.
Sonny, I'm here to take care of you.
I didn't know what he was doing, Sonny.
I trusted you!
How could I have known, Sonny?
How could I have known?
Fletcher set me up.
He sent me to jail.
Sonny, I loved you.
All I wanted was somebody
to take care of me!
Sonny, I'm sorry...
Okay, folks, do not dally.
We got a crowd waiting outside.
I'll give you my love
I'm sure that love
will see us through
what else can I do?
If you want the moon
I'll bring the moon
right down to you
baby, baby
what else can I do?
Someday we'll live
in a mansion
out where
the pastures are green
but even in a small room
just a little hall room
you'll be the king
I'll be the queen
please take my heart
just for a start
till dreams come true
I don't know how to do this.
Neither do I.
Remember the time I cooked you dinner
and I said one, you're not crazy,
and two, trust me?
And you said,
"and what's three?
Everything comes in threes."
I'd like to take this pattern
do you want to know what three is?
Though there may be a lean while
but, darling
in the meanwhile
I'll give you my love, dear
I'm sure that love will see us through
baby, baby
what else can I do?
If you want the moon, dear
this film is dedicated to the memory of
Jon kurtis
I'll bring the moon right down to you
baby, baby
what else can I do?
Someday, we'll live in a mansion
out where pastures are green
but even in a small room
just a little hall room
you'll be the king
and I'll be the queen
so please take my heart
just for a start
till dreams come true
what else can I do?
Heart of midnight