Heart of the Matter (2022) Movie Script

I'm sorry, did you
just whistle at me?
I never could resist
a man in uniform?
It's the hat, isn't it?
Not everybody can pull this off.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
How was New York?
For the 20 minutes that
I was there, very nice.
Terminal H has new carpeting.
Chocolates? It's
not even my birthday.
Well, it was that or the
iHeart New York T-shirt, so.
But don't eat too many of
those, Willie's really excited,
that you're joining
us for dinner.
That makes two of us.
Mrs. Hecht is making risotto.
I was wondering if
you had a minute,
if you could take
a look at this?
Andie, once you're an attendee
and part of the practice,
you don't have to write
annual goals any longer.
That ended a year ago
with your residency.
I-I know I don't have to,
but a roadmap to
professional success
should have guideposts.
And a one, five
and 10-year plan?
"Be part of the Peer
Review Committee?"
Oh, they discuss
the toughest cases,
as a resident, we
do patient rounds
with other doctors
to keep learning.
Peer review would ensure
continued educational growth.
"Eventual fellowship
for a subspecialty
in congenital heart disease?"
Well, you've got all the
makings to achieve it,
Cadillac education,
dedication to the work,
solid support system,
you're doing fine.
Come on, there
must be something,
that I need to be working on.
Your penmanship, might
be worse than mine.
It'll be okay, sweetheart.
I'll see soon.
Hey, Andie,
he came into the Emergency
Room about 30 minutes ago,
we got him up here
as fast as we could.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, my friend.
My knight in pale blue armor.
The office said you
were on your day off
and Dr. Fisher had
to do the procedure.
Yeah, well,
angiograms pay a lot
and I got my eye on a new car.
Your EKG shows evidence
of some heart damage,
the main artery may be blocked,
I'll do my best to open it,
but you may require
open heart surgery.
I'm gonna do everything I can
to get you on the other
side of this, okay, Oscar.
I know you will, Doctor.
Up first is a little bit of
numbing medication, lidocaine,
you may notice a little
bit of a burning sensation,
it's gonna be a slight
pinch, all totally normal.
We're injecting the contrast.
You're doing great, Oscar.
Where do you feel the pain?
All over my chest.
Blood pressure's
dropping, 90 over 60.
Oscar, how long have you
and Gloria been married?
52 years.
Wow, congratulations.
Can you tell me a favorite
story you have about your wife?
Our 25th anniversary, we
spent it on a 24-foot sailboat.
She loves the ocean.
She reminded me
of the day we met.
Blood pressure's
dropping again.
the surgical team.
Can you tell me anything else
you remember about
that day, Oscar?
The boat keels over,
I see my Gloria's face,
hair blowing away in the wind.
Is he okay?
Oscar did great, he's
just in postop recovering.
There was almost 100% blockage
in the main artery to his heart.
We were able to get in there
and place a metal stint,
that should help keep it open.
Oh, thank God.
He was so pale, I thought.
You did the right thing,
when you called
911, you saved him.
He's going to be a
great-grandfather soon,
did he tell you that?
I want more than anything for
him to meet that little baby.
He will.
Thank you.
You're welcome, you should
be able to see him soon.
Henny, honey.
I'm here.
I got lasagna, meatloaf,
all you gotta do is heat it up.
Thinking three
minutes should do it.
Yeah, three
minutes should do it.
Right over left, so
that the wide part is-
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do it.
They always make you
wear a tie to work?
No, I-I like it.
I talked to Miss
Thompson today,
she said you're doing
a real fine job.
You like working
at the bookstore?
- Yeah.
- Are they treating you nice?
Yeah, real nice.
Let me fix your collar for you.
Oh, my handsome boy.
I'm not gonna keep you.
Oh, are we still on for the
movies on Sunday, your pick?
Yeah, again.
Okay, fine, fine and
I'll get you the big bucket
of popcorn just like you like.
And Milk Duds.
Oh, come on, I never forget
the Milk Duds, come here.
Oh, this boy, I love him.
I'll see you soon.
Yeah, bye, Ma.
Come on, guys,
get it back, get it back!
What I miss?
Oh, oh, not much, not
much, they just put him in.
Let's go, Will, whoo!
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on!
It's okay, Will, you got this!
- Come on, bud.
- Come on!
You got it!
Whoo, whoo!
Okay, you're gonna have
to show me how you do that.
Nice work, buddy, big win.
I only played two minutes.
Yeah, but it was the best
two minutes of the game.
I don't think I
wanna play anymore.
Everyone's bigger
than me and faster.
Yeah, but you can do
things that they can't.
Yeah, well, I've seen
you kick the ball a mile.
Can't kick the
ball from the bench.
What's gotten into you
today, you feeling okay, pal?
Oh, I think
someone's coming down
with a bad case of the blues.
Uh-oh, is it serious?
Well, what's your
prognosis, Doctor?
Symptoms could worsen,
so I would recommend
a hot fudge sundae
from Bennigan's stat.
Really? Can I
get three scoops?
Hey, don't push
your luck, pal.
Come on.
You know I won't make you do
something you don't want to,
but I think you
should stick with it.
And for the record, I
think you are pretty great
just the way you are.
Oh my goodness, what
We won.
I'd hate to see what
losing looks like.
Come on, mister, we
gotta get you cleaned up.
- No, but I-
- Hey, you heard Mrs. Hecht.
- Think fast.
- Oh.
Bath time, buddy.
See you, Andie.
- See you.
- Come on.
See you, guys, take care.
Come on, mister,
let's march, let's go.
I, um, I'd better get
going too, it's getting late.
- Okay.
- We still on for tomorrow?
I wouldn't miss it.
You ready to come back?
I didn't see your mom
in the waiting room.
No, because she's at work,
because I don't live
with her anymore.
I heard you moved
to the Briarwood Park
apartments, right?
Yeah, I finished all the
workshops at the Adult Center
on how, how to live on my own
and that's what I do now.
That's, ah, that's great.
I bet you're making
a lot of friends.
Yeah, I have two
friends on my floor
and three friends
on the second floor,
Cathy, Roger, Eduardo,
Esther and Louie.
Can you take a few
deep breaths for me?
And how's
the breathing been?
It seems good.
You noticed any chest pain?
Have you been
feeling tired at all?
N-no, but sometimes
the room spins.
The room spins?
Yeah, like the spin
when you get off the
teacups at Disneyland.
I really like those teacups.
Yeah, me too.
Could you take off your glasses?
I just wanna check
your eyes really quick.
Does it ever feel like
the window shades may be
being pulled down or it
gets kind of dark or gray?
No, except when I
really pull it down,
but one time it got
really dark and spinny
and I woke up on the floor.
Like it went all, all black?
Did it feel like you went
to sleep for a little bit?
And how did you
feel when you woke up?
I felt sleepy.
Has this ever happened
to you before, Henry?
Um, n-no, I don't think so.
Okay, um, look, the good news
is that your EKG shows the
same irregular heartbeat,
that you've had
for several years.
I wanna send you
home on a monitor,
so we can get a better
idea of what's going on,
if, if that's okay with you.
- Yeah.
You are going to have this
wrapped around your chest,
even when you go to
sleep or take a shower,
you need to leave it on.
Careful, Nurse
Riya has cold hands.
But a warm heart.
Her h-hands really are cold.
Is that a stegosaurus?
Y-yeah, they have spike tails,
they use it to
fight off predators.
I used to have
one just like that.
My favorite dinosaurs
were always the ones,
that would rather eat
a salad than eat me.
Than eat you.
Yeah, they lived in
the Jurassic period
200 million years ago.
So the monitor, you're just
gonna wear it for the weekend
and then you can come
back in on Monday
and we'll take a look.
I can give your mom a call
then too and fill her in,
if, if that's okay with you?
- Yeah, okay.
If you feel any more spinning,
I want you to
write it down here,
write down what time
and what you're doing
and if the symptoms
get any worse,
here's my cell phone and I
want you to call me, okay,
it means you need to
be seen right away
and by symptoms worsening,
I mean dizziness
or trouble breathing or
you run out of energy.
I've written it all
down right here for you.
Does that make sense, Henry?
Yeah, makes sense.
So what kind of things are
you doing this weekend, Henry?
Do puzzles
and, and go to the 7 and Eleven
to get chips and a soda.
Well, just try to take it
easy, no hard exercising.
Um, can I walk?
Because I like to walk.
For sure.
Because sometimes I walk
5,000 steps in one day,
my, my watch tells me,
but some days I don't.
Um, this is for you
since it's your favorite.
Oh, thank you, Henry.
It means a lot.
You're welcome.
I'll take good care of her.
So how's the cake?
Are you asking me,
because you'd like some?
I'm just, you know, curious.
Hm, it is very good.
There you go.
- Finally.
- Mm-hm.
Why don't we come
here more often?
I haven't been here
since our second date.
Third date.
It was definitely our second,
I remember because that's
the night that you kissed me.
Ah, you mean you kissed me?
Hm, that's not
how I remember it.
She was a disco girl
Whoo, come on.
And she's gonna do it right
What, what are, what
are you doing, Henry?
Checking to see if
anything feels off.
Does it?
Not that I can tell.
Hi, Charlie.
Hi, Ch-Charlie, did you miss me?
Yeah, I, I missed you too, yeah.
Are, are, are you hungry?
Yeah, Charlie, let's
get us something to eat.
Yeah, let's get
you some lettuce.
This is crazy
You're so quiet,
is everything okay?
Everything is perfect.
I love you, Andie
and I wanna spend
the rest of my life
making you as happy
as you make me.
will you-
- Yes.
Yes, Patrick Serrano,
I will marry you.
Henry, what's wrong?
I, I, I, I got a
list from Dr. Hodges
of things to call her for, I
had one of the things on list.
Which one?
It got really gray, like
a shade being pulled down,
except I didn't pull
it down and, and dizzy.
I'd better call her.
Call her right now,
you do exactly what she tells
you to do, I'm on my way.
Oh, thank you.
Who's it from?
- Congratulations!
Free champagne, we should
get engaged more often.
You might be onto something.
You've reached
Dr. Andrea Hodges.
Please leave a message.
Dr. Hodges, I
don't feel right, um,
like, like your list.
I'm, I'm, I'm going
to the hospital.
Oh no.
What's wrong?
A patient, I missed his calls.
I thought you weren't
on call tonight?
I'm not, but I gave
him my phone number
in case of emergency.
Hey, Manny, um, I'm looking
for a patient, Henry Larkin.
Ah, EMTs brought him in
about half an hour ago.
He came by ambulance?
Yeah, single car
accident on Highway one,
he was driving and
hit a power pole.
He was driving,
you're, you're positive?
Talked to his mother
and she said that he
called her in a panic.
I didn't, I didn't
think he drove.
Um, sorry, where is he now?
Oh, I'm sorry, Andie,
he didn't make it.
The emergency doctor
said that it was probably
just instantaneous, said
he didn't feel any pain.
How could this happen?
He was supposed to call
his doctor and I just,
I don't understand how she
said to get behind the wheel.
You shouldn't be by yourself.
Now why don't you stay
with me and Bill tonight?
We can figure it out tomorrow.
What am I gonna do
without my Henny?
Ssh, ssh!
Hi, Andie.
Hi, Laura, um, nobody
answered the front door,
so I thought I might
find you back here.
Go ahead, he's in
his workshop as usual.
Go right on in.
- Thanks.
You looking for feedback
on your one, five
or 10-year plan?
He was experiencing recent
symptoms, nothing severe,
just mild dizziness, so I
sent him home on a monitor.
I'd have done the same thing.
I told him not
to exert himself,
but I didn't tell him
that he shouldn't drive.
Henry was intellectually
disabled, I didn't
think he drove,
then I found this.
It was in his patient file
along with his recent EKG
and med list, I should
have said don't drive.
Did you tell him to
call, if he felt worse?
O-of course,
but I gave him my cell, so
he could reach me directly.
He gets nervous when
he talks to someone,
that he doesn't know, he
called just like I told him to,
but I-I missed the calls.
- Did he know
to call the exchange, if
he couldn't reach you?
Okay, alright, hold on, Andie.
You're their doctor,
not their friend,
you can't know every detail
about every one
of your patients.
If he was any other patient,
I would've assumed that he drove
and told him that he shouldn't.
Just, just breathe.
At this moment, you
can't do anything.
How am I gonna
face his mother?
What, what, what
do I even tell her?
You say nothing, there's a
procedure in these situations.
What, Henry Larkin's mother's
gonna get a letter in the mail?
She deserves to hear it from me.
Families can interpret
that as an admission of guilt
and if they don't,
their lawyer will make
that association for them.
Just, just file a
report, go from there.
Hey, I've been call...
You okay?
Come inside.
Henry was always
so sweet and kind.
He had just moved
into his own apartment
and he had a job and was
making all these friends.
He had worked so hard.
I'm so sorry that
you're going through this.
I have a responsibility
to do no harm.
He trusted me
and I failed him.
Don't you think you're being
a little hard on yourself?
Did you talk with Dr. Fisher?
He said I should let the
malpractice insurance carrier
handle it from here.
But that doesn't
sound right to you?
To make a mistake
and then just carry on
like nothing happened?
So what are you gonna do?
Hi, um, Mrs. Larkin, I
don't know if you remember me,
but I'm Henry's
doctor, Andrea Hodges.
I know who you are.
I, um, just came over,
because I wanted to
talk to you about-
What is there to talk about?
He said you gave him a list,
you said to watch
the symptoms on it,
he did exactly what you said.
I-I told him if he
started experiencing-
But how could you let
him drive to the hospital?
Mrs. Larkin,
I didn't know.
Isn't that something
that a doctor
should know about her patient?
Isn't that something
that would be in a file?
You did know that he was doing
independent living
classes, right?
He always walked to the office,
he talked about walking to work,
I, I just never thought to ask.
Do you even know
how the DMV decides,
if someone like
Henry could drive?
Of course not, you just assumed
that he had a low
IQ and he couldn't,
If you knew he drove,
would you have told him not to?
Yes, yes.
What are you
doing here, really?
I just, I just feel terrible.
So nothing to do
with me or my son,
just come to unburden yourself?
No, no, no, that's
not what I meant.
I don't have anything
else to say to you.
Can you take another
deep breath for me?
And another?
Are you hearing something bad?
Do you notice any trouble
when getting a full breath?
What about after
you climb some stairs?
No more than usual, I know
I'm not in the best shape.
What about at night,
Selma, can you breathe
the same as usual when
you're lying flat in bed?
Do you use any pillows to help
or notice any
swelling in your feet?
No and no.
What's going on?
Selma Yiarkim was up front
scheduling some scans and tests,
is she doing okay?
Yeah, I, ah, I just thought
I heard some crackling
in the base of her
lower left lobe.
Thought you heard?
Andie, cardiologists
know they hear a crackle.
Does she complain about
shortness of breath?
Weight gain, other
signs of fluid retention?
So no actual symptoms?
Look, I understand your
confidence has been shaken,
but an avalanche of
unnecessary tests,
that's medical student care.
Look, you can't saddle your
patient with unwarranted anxiety
because of your own.
Have you seen someone,
gotten any counseling?
I, I haven't had,
had time yet, no.
Well, you should.
There are a lot of
resources available to you,
take advantage of it.
Take the rest of today and
tomorrow off, it'll do you good.
I can't, I have a
full patient load.
Your colleagues and I
will pick up the slack.
I think the time away
will be good for you.
Get your footing.
Andie, we're cardiologists,
cardiac disease is the
leading cause of death
in this country,
dealing with mortality,
it goes with the territory.
I know that.
You've lost
patients before Henry
and you're going to lose more.
I've had patients
die because of disease,
but Henry's death was
premature and preventable.
It's normal to
feel responsible when
we lose a patient.
We get to know them so well,
that we go through grief too,
but you need to learn
how to deal with that.
You do.
Go home.
I'm gonna cancel both
of Selma's tests.
I was just-
Trying to sneak out unnoticed?
Apparently not very well.
I tried calling
you multiple times.
I know, I'm, um, I'm just not
very good company right now.
Oh, well, lucky for
you, Maxwell and Company,
I'll pull the weight
for the both of us.
Another time?
I'll, I'll, I'll
call you, I promise.
I think it's a good idea, get
some space, clear your head.
You don't think so?
I don't know what I think.
I'm going to Austin this
week, you should come.
You want me to fly to Texas?
We can spend the
afternoon eating barbecue
and avoid getting a sunburn.
It feels like I'd be
running away from my problems.
No, not running, flying.
Think about it.
Ready, Dad?
I'm sorry, buddy, um,
can we play a little later?
Come on, you promised.
No, I-I, I don't
wanna interrupt, you
guys should go play.
Will you play with us, Andie?
Sure, as long as I can
be on your team, Will.
- Of course, yeah, let's go.
- Hey.
What? I gotta go
with the ace here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Let's go, come on.
- Let's do this!
Hey, what's going on
over there, you two?
Nothing, nothing.
Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go!
- Yeah!
- Yeah, high five!
Oh, really?
You think that's funny?
- I do.
If this is too much, we
can come back another day.
I talked to Henny's friends,
they're having a hard
time understanding
how he was fine after
dinner and just...
It's okay.
I need to figure out what
kind of service to have for him.
Well, what are you thinking?
something intimate,
something that'll help his
friends register the loss.
That'd be beautiful.
And I've been thinking
about something,
wanted to mention it
when you were ready.
What's this?
It's an attorney, well,
you remember last winter,
when my cousin, Cheryl was
hit by that drunk driver?
He's not driving
anymore, Cheryl's
lawyer took care of that
and now the roads are
a heck of a lot safer.
I know that you can't make
sense of Henry's death,
but you will feel better,
if you stop it happening
to someone else.
Hold that doctor accountable.
Thanks for staying.
I know it's probably
not what you wanna do,
but I'm glad you did.
You brought the
chocolate, right, Andie?
Oh, did we
could get chocolate?
- I don't know.
- Oh, I don't,
oh, wait, is this what
you're talking about?
Alright, let's go.
It's no wonder why
I'd want this forever.
Laundry's done, I'm
heading home soon.
Oh, it's looks like this
little guy's tuckered out.
I got him, don't worry.
I'll get him tucked
in before I leave.
Enjoy yourselves, goodnight.
So my mother asked
if we set a date yet.
You told your mom?
Is that okay?
Yeah, um, yes.
She just said that some
venues need to be booked
a year out and it would be
helpful to have a timeframe.
Yeah, that, um,
that makes sense.
Yeah, we don't, we don't
have to book anything just yet.
Um, I'm just dealing
with a lot right now.
Hey, look at me.
We're gonna get through
this, okay, together.
Come here.
The hospital won't fight
it and it will settle
and it will be big.
I'm not interested in money.
I wanna make sure this never
happens to anyone else.
The only way the medical
world is motivated to fix things
is to pay dollars.
Well, that's not good enough.
I want Dr. Hodge's
license suspended.
She'll most likely go
before a review board,
but that's not a common
outcome with a case like this.
My son is not some case,
he was a person
and her negligence
took away the most important,
valuable thing in my world.
I can't let her do
this to someone else
and she shouldn't be a doctor
and if you can't help me, I
will find someone who can.
So we get to the
end of the dinner
and I offer to split the check
and he gives me this look.
Because he wanted
to pay for it?
He wanted me to.
You don't know
how lucky you are.
You definitely found
one of the good ones.
Hm, do you wanna carpool
to Phil Baker's retirement
party next week?
I totally forgot that
was coming up. Thanks.
I think I want dessert,
creme brulee?
Shouldn't we grab the check,
aren't you on shift soon?
I'm off, I had
some vacation time
and if I don't cash it in,
it just goes to waste, so.
I know what you're doing.
You don't have to worry
about me, I'm fine.
Oh, okay, so then why
haven't you told me about this?
Ah, it just hasn't
felt like the right time.
We've been sitting at this
table for almost 40 minutes,
you've let me drone on and
on about my dating woes.
Look, it...
It's complicated.
I love Patrick and
he makes me so happy,
but every time I
look at the ring,
I just keep
remembering that night,
just wanting one thing
to have been different.
It's not the same, Andie.
What happened with your mother-
This isn't about her.
It's open.
Hi, you, um, you
heading out soon?
Yep, just wanted
to say goodbye
and see if I could change
your mind about Austin.
Thank you again, but
it's gonna have to be a no.
You look just like your mom,
you have her smile.
Just been thinking
about her a lot lately.
Any reason?
You know she died when I
was 10, she had been sick
and that day I, ah,
I went to the movies
with my friends
and by the time I got
dropped back off at home,
she was a lot worse and
I didn't know what to do.
So I just laid down on
the couch next to her,
just hoping she
would get better.
Eventually a neighbor came over
and called for an ambulance,
but by then it was too late.
you were just a kid.
I know, but that's the
reason I became a doctor,
just because I don't wanna
ever feel like that again.
Do you want me
to call in sick?
I can stay.
No, no, no, I'm, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
I almost forgot.
I was afraid that I
wasn't gonna be able
to convince you to come, so
I went and picked up these.
I thought you and Willie
could go to the game tonight,
it might be a nice distraction.
He asked for you.
You want my advice?
Well, that depends
on what it is.
Go to the game
and have some fun
and try the caramel
corn, it's crazy good.
Have a safe flight.
Miss you already!
Henry's mother has
already filed a claim
for wrongful death, someone's
usually in their ear,
when they're moving this fast.
My job is to decide whether
to deny her demand outright,
settle it, or take it to trial.
Now, an error doesn't mean
that you were negligent
and even if you were,
it doesn't mean your
negligence caused any damages.
Caused any damages?
He-he's dead.
Well, what we
have to determine
is whether you were negligent
in not telling him not to drive.
A medical expert needs
to weigh in on this.
As a licensed cardiologist,
I can state definitively
that it did.
You know, Dr.
Hodges, I usually get
these kinds of comments from
the plaintiff's attorney.
Now it's gonna be harder for
me to render a defense for you,
if you're not willing to-
- I don't want it defended.
Okay, let's,
let's put a pin in that.
If the mother
should contact you-
We already spoke.
Where did she find you?
At her front door?
What did you say?
- I wanted to apologize.
- Did you?
She barely let
me get a word in.
Alright, look, you can't
have any future contact
with his mother.
Alright, I'm gonna do my best
to settle this without a trial.
There's a downside to
this though, you know.
I can think of
about 100 downsides.
No, I meant specific
to settling it.
If she gets any money at all,
it'll be reported to the
National Practitioner Data Bank,
potential patients can
find out about that.
They should.
They're choosing
someone they trust
to help make their
medical decisions.
They should have access
to all the facts.
Dr. Hodges, that
kind of report,
it's gonna follow you for as
long as you practice medicine.
It's gonna follow me
for as long as I live.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're just in time, Andie,
we're having an early dinner,
do you care to join us?
Thank you, Laura, but
I'm not very hungry.
Even for my famous
coconut-crusted haddock
with pomegranate salsa?
I'm gonna have to
take a rain check.
He's out back.
Thank you.
So I am being sued
for wrongful death.
That's not uncommon
after adverse events.
I met with the insurance
guy and he wants to settle.
If the adjuster
can resolve it,
it's less expensive for
the insurance company.
He said I could benefit
from disclosure training.
It teaches us how to show
empathy without admitting fault.
I've gotten through college,
med school, residency,
but now I need to be taught
how to apologize correctly?
We live in a litigious
society, you know that.
Hand me that rag.
It's beautiful.
I've always loved lighthouses,
they guide ships in uncertain
waters back to shore.
I've got more bad news,
the Larkin case is going
before a peer review.
That was on my list of goals
to be part of that committee,
but defending myself wasn't
exactly what I had in mind.
Specifically, you
said peer review
was a way to continue
learning in medicine.
Did you mean only when other
doctors have problematic cases?
You've always consulted me for
the tough cardiac questions,
makes me think you
value my opinion.
Of course I do.
When I tell you
you're a great doctor,
in spite of an extremely
unfortunate event,
it appears you don't have
the least bit of faith in me.
Come on inside.
We're having fish.
I would love to,
but I actually have a date
with a seven-year old.
Oh, I see.
Well, that clearly
takes precedence.
Wow, I bet that puck
almost broke the glass.
He almost got the hat trick.
Is he your favorite player?
He's the best, my dad said
he skates like a water bug.
I think he's gonna make the
All Star team this year.
We'll see, come on, let's go.
How about you use the
restroom, before we head home?
I'll take your stuff.
I'll be right out
here waiting for you.
A pole, a power
outage, a fatality,
sounds like an accident, but
as details continue to emerge,
it may be anything but.
"On the
Hook" with Brenda Lopez.
The recent power outage
involved one square mile
and over 5,000 residents.
However, the most devastating
loss was not of electricity,
but of a life and "On the
Hook" is learning today,
that it may have
been preventable.
Mrs. Larkin, you called
the cause of this tragedy
medical negligence and
an inexcusable violation
of the needs of
the disabled, why?
My son wasn't feeling well
and he shouldn't
have been driving,
but his doctor didn't
tell him not to.
Why not?
Because of who he was.
So Dr. Andrea
Hodges just assumed,
that because of his
intellectual disability,
he couldn't drive?
I don't think she took
the time to ask him.
That seems so basic.
Hey, Andie.
Hey, where,
where did you find this?
The internet, I don't
know how many people saw it.
It's airing at 11.
I mean, she called
me up by name.
Who airs a grievance,
no matter how much pain
they're in on a news segment?
Clearly somebody
who doesn't feel
like they're being listened to.
Or someone
who's being encouraged
to handle it this way.
Either way,
it, it doesn't matter.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Ah, let me call you back.
Will, sorry, Will!
Hi, um, can you make an
overhead announcement?
I-I lost a child, he's
about this tall and um-
- Andie!
- Will!
Are you okay?
I should have never
taken my eyes off you.
Where'd you go?
I got a puck.
I'm so sorry.
- It was scary.
- Hm.
I mean, not scary like
danger or monsters or bad guys.
I mean, scary like fun.
Hm, well, it's a
good lesson, Will
for museums or amusement parks.
If you ever get separated,
we have a plan now,
meet at lost and found.
Seems like you two
found a great plan,
even if you didn't
do it on purpose.
Will, if I didn't
mention it before,
I'm really proud of you, you
were smart and, and brave
and you did just
the right thing.
Thanks, Andie.
I need to get some air,
I'm just gonna go for a walk.
Andie, what are you doing?
I, um, I just, I wanted
to wait until you got home
and then I could explain.
Hey, I already told you, it
could've happened to anybody.
Yeah, yeah, it could've
happened to anyone,
but it happened to me,
it happened on my watch
and if something terrible
would've happened-
But it didn't.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
Come here.
I love you.
This changes everything.
Hospital received hundreds
of calls after the broadcast,
it's a sign of the times.
The other partners
can't ignore this.
We've already discussed it.
And what was the consensus?
That your clinical
skills are flawless
and that none of us
would've asked you
to join the practice,
if they weren't.
And despite what some
tabloid insinuates,
your patients have a
true connection to you.
That could be said
about most doctors.
No, most doctors aspire
to be excellent clinicians,
they settle for just enough
of the humanity to get by.
That means they can go a
little easier on themselves,
if there's an oversight.
Every one of us has been
through some form of this,
it's part of being a
physician, you deal with it.
This isn't the place for it.
Maybe it isn't.
Don't let the very thing
that makes you a great doctor
be your downfall in medicine.
It's going to be a very
rough ride from here on out,
I need you to prepare
yourself for that.
Henry was an eagle of sorts,
courageous in his
pursuit of independence,
powerful in the
mastery of his skills,
which didn't come easily.
But he was blessed,
because he had a mother,
who gave him the
greatest of gifts,
the freedom to live
a life on his own,
even when she knew
he'd be leaving
the protection and
certainty of her home.
Now, the eagle is a brave and
elegant bird in its flight
and Henry has taken
flight now too,
soaring gracefully
among the angels.
Our heart tells us not to
let him go, it's difficult,
but it's not up us to hold
him back from that beauty.
Hey, um, can we talk?
Glad you called, I
was getting worried.
So what do you wanna talk about?
Andie, it's okay.
I-I don't think I can do this.
What do you mean this?
Us, I thought I
could handle it.
Whoa, whoa, slow down,
where's this coming from?
Things are just
really messy right now
and they're about to
get a whole lot worse.
Andie, we're a team.
There are going to be
times when life gets hard,
the whole point is it'll be
easier to get through together.
This isn't just a bump
in the road, Patrick,
I am talking lawsuits,
a public smear campaign,
everything that I've worked
for just disappearing
and, and I can't bring that
into your life or Will's.
Don't we get a say in that?
The newscast is just the
beginning and I don't know
where things are gonna go
over the next few months,
but we always agreed that
Will needs to come first
and if this brought any
harm to him or you, I...
I don't know if I
could live with that,
I'm not willing to
take that chance.
Andie, I am not looking
for perfection in a partner
and I hope that's not what
you're looking for in me.
I wanna help you
get through this,
you don't have to do this alone.
Yes, I do.
So sorry.
Okay, gear's in
the car, you ready?
Hey, hey, hey,
slow down, slow down.
Are we picking
Andie up on the way?
Ah, not today, buddy.
Oh, really?
Where are your cleats?
Oh, in your bedroom on
the floor in the closet.
Oh, I made a sandwich for you,
if you're hungry, I
can wrap it up for you.
Thanks, I'm fine.
So I know we scheduled
a day off on Tuesday,
but Andie was supposed
to take him and-
It's no trouble.
I'm sure she's quite
busy at the hospital.
Andie and I aren't gonna
be seeing each other anymore.
I'm sorry.
I know it comes as
a bit of a surprise,
but we both thought that
this would be for the best.
Oh, I saw the news
report on the television,
I can't imagine how painful
it must have been for Andie.
I'm sure that
mother is suffering,
but she's taking it out
on the wrong person.
Hey, Dad.
Since Andie can't
come to the game,
can we record it for her?
She told me she
hates to miss them.
- Sure.
- Awesome!
- Okay, you ready?
- Yeah.
Okay, come on,
let's go, big game.
Bye, guys.
Hey, you left me a
ticket for Atlanta.
I need a favor.
Atlanta, why would
I go to Atlanta?
You're not.
Well, this
ticket says I am.
I wanna show you something.
It's the only way that I
can get you through security
into the gate, can
you do that for me?
I'll see you then.
Hey, what is this all about?
You'll see.
Follow me, watch what happens.
Excuse me, is
everything okay, Captain?
Is it going to be
a rough flight?
Everything's fine, we
expect it to be smooth
and we'll let you
know if that changes
and you be sure to let us know
if there's anything we can do
to make you more comfortable.
Thank you.
I don't understand.
I wanted you to see
them, they trust me,
but do you know why some
of them still look nervous,
wanna look me right in my eyes?
Because they know I'm human.
They know the mechanic's
human, the fuel guy's human,
they trust us to do our job.
But in spite of every
effort to the contrary,
something could still go
wrong, they know that.
I'm not sure of your point.
Would you stay with me,
if something went wrong?
If I did exactly what you did,
would you push me away or
would you stick by my side?
It's not the same.
Should I blame Will's
mom's doctors for her death?
Couldn't something have
been done to save her?
I-I don't know the specifics,
I-I'm not her doctor,
I can't answer that.
Medicine isn't
a perfect science.
So medicine isn't perfect,
but a doctor should be?
It's not always
about the medicine,
it's about what we should
have done and didn't do.
I wish you would
just let me help you.
I know you're hurting.
It's not about me.
You should have seen his mother,
the look on her face,
I caused that pain, Patrick,
there's no reconciling that.
I appreciate what you're
trying to do for me,
but I need to be on
my own for a while.
I don't know
how to let you go.
That's why I did it for you.
You should go on.
n fal)
You okay?
Can we talk?
Yeah, come in.
I need you to be honest
with me, it's about a case.
I don't know.
Andie, I can only ask a
cardiologist who I trust.
Okay, tell me
about the patient.
My patient yesterday, a
really sick guy, very unstable,
Dr. Sandler wanted to
check his potassium,
told me to get his
blood drawn at 11,
at 11:15, he went into
full cardiac arrest.
He didn't make it.
What was his potassium level?
I don't know, because
it was never drawn,
I didn't realize it
until after he coded.
- The lab never drew it?
- No.
15 minutes is within
the accepted window.
He should have caught it,
you know, it wasn't a stat lab,
but I knew how important it was.
Well, look, that's because you
are the most conscientious
nurse I know.
Look, you wanted my
honest medical opinion,
well, here it is, if
the blood had been drawn
and if the lab had run
it at lightning speed
and if the results had
come back abnormal,
and if Dr. Sandler had
picked up right away
and if you were able to treat it
all within those 15 minutes,
would the patient
still be alive?
Highly unlikely.
And what were you doing
during those 15 minutes,
were you in the nurse's
lounge snacking on popcorn?
I was titrating dopamine
on another patient
trying to salvage what's
left of his kidney function.
We're only given a few
minutes with each patient
and when we start allocating
more time than that,
we're taking it away
from another patient.
Could you have
caught the problem?
Maybe in a perfect world,
that's not the world we work in.
A lot of other nurses
wouldn't have even given it
a second thought if they
could have done any better,
given the circumstances.
Thank you.
Why are you so much easier on
me than you are on yourself?
Andie, I miss you, we all do.
I miss you too.
I, um...
I just don't think
being back at work
is what I need right now.
What do you need?
Hey, bud, I wanna talk to
you about something, okay.
Andie and I, we've
decided to take a break,
not see each other for a bit.
Is it 'cause I got lost?
No, no, of course not,
Willie, it's nothing you did.
She loves you.
Andie's just going through
a hard time right now
and she needs some
space to deal with it.
Will she still
come watch my games?
When she can, I'm sure.
Andie's still gonna be
a part of your life,
it's just gonna be
a little different.
But I don't want
it to be different.
Who's going to cheer for
me loud like she does?
It's okay.
"If the room feels
like it's a spin,
when you get off the
teacups at Disneyland
or if it feels like the
shades are being pulled down,
call me, here's my cell number.
Call me even if you
have no real reason,
but you feel like you want to."
I'm not supposed
to speak to you.
I know, it's not
good for the case,
I was told the same thing
by more than one attorney.
I just need 30 seconds of your
time and then I-I will leave.
You said that I should have
known that Henry drove,
you're right, if I had,
I would've given him
different instructions.
I assumed that he didn't
just like you said.
During this negotiation, someone
may say that it was okay,
that I never asked
him if he drove,
I don't think that's true.
I should have known
that about him,
that's the standard of
care I expect of myself
and that's what Henry
trusted me to do.
Not just to be nice to him,
but to take diligent care of
him and I failed to do that.
I'm so sorry for everything.
is not meant in any wayhiss
to minimize your sorrow
and I apologize in advance,
if our discussion
sounds uncaring.
Now I'm gonna lay some
facts out for you,
but please keep in mind,
that you're free at any
time to get an attorney.
I met with an attorney
and I decided to try and
handle this myself for now.
Now there are two
reasons it benefits us
to sit down face to face and
try to work this out directly,
instead of referring
it to the courts.
First, it's expedient,
with this resolved,
you can devote your
emotions to your loss
and begin the process of healing
to whatever extent
that's possible.
Second, you don't give a
third of your money away
to an attorney and
that benefits us too.
I understand that.
Now, as you were
probably told,
you're not compensated
for loss of income,
because your son was not
providing for you financially.
So we're talking about
pain and suffering,
compensation for the loss
of comfort you suffer
from Henry's absence.
Now the law of this state-
can you just skip it and get
to the bottom line please?
Of course.
I'm prepared to
give you $50,000.
I accept.
That-that's not enough.
That's my decision.
You need to come back, that
was just a starting offer,
they need to make you whole.
I was never
interested in the money,
it can't make me whole.
I-I didn't mean,
I know, I-I'm just trying
to do the right thing.
You are one of the few
people that he trusted,
Henry didn't like
doctors, but he liked you
and I should've known that
his trust was not misplaced.
He was a lot shrewder than
people gave him credit for.
The world can be a really
cruel place, Dr. Hodges,
people like Henry,
they bear the worst of it.
I was just so angry at myself.
I watched over
him his whole life
and I wasn't there
and I swore that I
would do everything,
everything in my
power to protect him.
I can't imagine how
hard that must have been,
stepping back,
but Henry was so
proud of everything,
that he had accomplished.
I let him down.
I let him down.
No, you didn't.
You believed in him.
The world needs more
doctors like you, not fewer.
What the world really needs
is more mothers like you.
Now that is a first, I've
been at this some 36 years,
thought I'd seen it all.
The doctor wants to give
the claimant more money,
the deceased's
family wants less,
definitely a first and
that ain't the kicker.
I could cancel Dr.
Hodges' policy,
I could raise her premium
and you could probably
have a partners meeting
and vote her out
of your practice,
but I'm not gonna cancel her
and I'm asking you
not to vote her out.
Hey, if I were ever sick,
I'd want someone like
that taking care of me.
Ever wonder if some people
were put on this Earth
just to keep the rest of
us from getting stale?
Unfortunately, whether
she's permitted
to continue practicing
is out of my hands.
Dr. Fisher?
Peer Review Committee
hearing is tomorrow.
Okay, what, what
kind of actions can
they take against me?
The most extreme, they can
pull your hospital privileges.
Here I am thinking leaving
medicine is my decision, but-
Is that something you're
giving serious consideration?
I ju, I just wanna
do the right thing.
You became a
doctor for a reason,
you're respected and
you're competent,
but no matter what
the outcome is,
I couldn't be more proud of you.
Dr. Fisher!
The Peer Review Committee
has completed its review.
We're not going to rule
on the first issue,
whether you should have known
about your patient's
driving status.
We couldn't find a
standard of care,
that reflected comparable
factors in this case,
but on the second matter,
we unanimously agree,
that while your
intention was noble,
you should not have given
this patient your cell number
without also giving
explicit instructions
on what to do, if you
couldn't be reached.
We also agree that this
is not a cause for concern
about your ability,
however, you have only been
in practice for one year,
so ongoing scrutiny is advised.
Our recommendation
is that you be placed
on a one-year probation,
you will undergo subsequent
evaluation at that time.
I appreciate the review
and recommendation,
but it won't be necessary.
I've decided to
leave the practice.
That is not our recommendation.
Right now, I can't be the
doctor that my patients need
and they deserve nothing less.
If that is your decision.
There may be no
standard of care
on the driver's license
issue, but I wonder who here
would've handled
it any differently.
I'm not clear on what
you want me to report.
Give an update, tell
people how we resolved this.
The segment's called "On
the Hook," not "Off the Hook."
So let me ask you a
question, did you call her,
hear what she had to say before
my interview aired on TV?
We were just using her
as an example to show
how medical professionals
sometimes treat the handicapped.
An amicable
settlement isn't news.
But it's the truth.
Mrs. Larkin, the doctor
goofed, then apologized
and you forgave her,
there's no story there.
Let's go.
You know, um,
we don't like that word.
What word?
Handicapped, do you know
where that comes from?
There was legislation
in the 1500s,
begging was permitted
in the street
for people who were disabled.
Those who carried
their cap in hand
were considered worthless,
We don't like that word.
Dr. Hodges, we
have an emergency.
We have got a patient
having chest pains and think
he may need to go to
the cath lab right away.
Can you take a look?
Ah, I'm on leave.
I just needed to get some
things from my locker.
You should page Dr. Fisher.
- He's out.
Can you just look at the EKG
and let us know what to do?
I don't know how
much time he's got.
Diffuses to depression.
blue in exam room B.
Code blue in exam room B.
- Okay.
- He's in V fib.
We're gonna need the paddles.
Leila, charge the
paddles to 200 joules.
Stand back, stand
clear, ready to shock.
Let's go again, stand back,
stand clear, ready to shock.
We got rhythm, he's got
a pulse, but it's weak.
Start him on one
gram magnesium IV
and prep a lidocaine infusion.
Let's get him to
the cath lab stat.
I'd like to come
back on a limited basis
to see my patients, but I
want more time allocated
to each appointment.
So you're the one
on probation, but
you're dictating to me
the conditions by
which you'll work?
Maybe I'll agree to that.
Are you ready to come back?
I am, this is where I belong.
You warned me that what
makes me a great doctor
could be my downfall,
if I let it,
that's a risk I'm
willing to take,
I don't ever wanna lose that
connection with my patients.
So can I expect you back
at the office tomorrow?
Monday, there are some things
I need to take care of first.
Come on, Will, kick it!
You got it, you got it!
That was awesome!
Hey, Charlie.
There you go, you hungry, buddy?
Let's get you something.
Excuse me, Captain.
Nervous flyer, can you
manage a brief chat
before we take off?
- Of course,
He'll talk to you for a
second, sometimes that helps.
Don't worry, he's nice.
I went to Will's soccer game
and Mrs. Hecht
said you'd be here.
I just wanted to apologize.
You don't need to apologize.
I shouldn't have pushed
you away like that.
Some things you need
to do on your own.
Some things,
I don't want to, not anymore.
You don't have to.
I love you.
I love you too.
Ladies and gentlemen, it
looks like it's gonna be
a fantastic flight,
settle back, relax
and imagine all
the amazing things,
that are gonna
happen to you today.