Heartbeast (2022) Movie Script

But! But! But!
Close your eyes,
focus on the rhyme
Feel the energy flowing through all of us
You put your fears in
the closet, stay away
The whole crew is on
fire, we want to celebrate
We tear it, kick it, it hurts
I want to hear your
voice for my friend...
Come on Elena!
I have something in my heart
Maybe you blame yourself
I'm sitting on the
ledge almost falling
It is your negligence
that drags me down
The one that separates you
Good thing you have friends to cry with
When my profile turns
into a memorial page
And tears are nothing but GIFs
I look at the black asphalt
At least there is something to catch me
You bring me candles,
tell me how you loved me
They talk about me
in anonymous threads
The headlines blame my father
But who needs a father
when you have friends
Hold your back, but
don't say it out loud
Everyone will hug you in the candlelight
I'm not a gentle breeze, I'm a whirlwind
I am not a beautiful memory, I am fate
I'm not a shining wave, I'm a tsunami
I will drag you to hell with me
A strange look in the eyes,
everyone's neck is twisted
Don't look back now,
the wind is changing
When I come back I will be a deadly disease
Just one tip, don't forget
to close your window
Can you sleep in your own bed?
Elena, please, I am very tired.
I have to return the keys.
you are coming?
I can handle it.
- Amanda came?
- No
He can visit our south
whenever he likes.
Yes, he is very rich.
He can fly to the
Riviera every weekend!
what are you doing?
- Should I stop?
- No
stop! No!
Honey? Sorry, I couldn't see
you, I was waiting for the workers.
Well, we are all here now
You are so beautiful!
I am glad to see you.
- Did you have a good trip?
- Yeah.
Elena! I am very
happy to see you.
You must be very
excited to be here.
I will show you around.
Is that all you have?
- You will see, it is coming.
- Oh okay.
The rest is coming.
It's getting late
Sorry, but you have to share
Sophia's room
we are here
Your work is not finished
I hope you like the color pink!
I leave you to it.
Sorry, I couldn't come
I don't like goodbye.
I hope everything
is ok, I miss you.
Let's go higher.
Hi sir.
Enjoy the show
You know I hate ballet, right?
Yes, we got it.
That is Sofia.
Goodbye girls
Hey, you were perfect
No, I sucked
stop it was great
No, I messed everything up
I get a bad grade.
You are very hard on yourself
Sofia, this is my Elena.
Congratulations. you were great
It's just amazing.
Bravo, what an artist!
- Really.
- Thanks.
Extend your arm further.
that's it.
come on!
You should come to Hamburg to see me.
The show is almost over.
I will have more time.
I do not know.
This time I promise...
I block my calendar
to make time for you.
Until I have to sit in a dark
basement and watch weird plays.
you got it! Good!
So just regular shows after that?
so how is your mother
Has she become a housewife
or is she still translating?
I think he is currently
working on a book.
- I have to go.
- Oh okay. I also have to...
Confrontation time?
Sorry, I completely forgot!
how about tomorrow?
- What is wrong with it?
- it is nothing.
What can I do?
Do you want to go get help?
- No
Damn... I have an arrhythmia.
But nothing serious.
Oh damn!
What's wrong with me?
I have done hundreds of shows like this.
breathe with me
It's okay, it will pass
I have to go back.
- R u sure?
- Yeah
do not tell anybody.
come on.
- You honor us with your presence!
- it is good.
Feel free!
Where were you?
- It starts in a minute. Hurry up
- I know. Elena can help
come on.
After part 1 there
is a quick change.
I will show you what to do.
come on.
Pull it tight.
I can do anything for you
Sometimes I get lost in everything
Who can do everything for you?
Happiness and sadness go hand in hand
do you want to come with me
to where
I need fresh air
Mark and I just connected.
I am not interested in anything serious.
I don't think you can own anyone.
you are good?
- This is Elena.
- Hello.
what's going on tonight
I do not know.
We will probably go to Theo.
His parents haven't come back yet?
Can we come too?
what do you wanna do?
I do not know. Whatever you want
I'm beaten and Theo lives far
away. Do you want to stay here?
- Mark, let's go.
- Yeah
- Are you leaving already?
- Yes, we were here for years.
I have never seen anyone dance like you
Do you think so too?
This is how you move...
Simply magical
all doing the same dances,
But you're the only
one people notice.
That is sweet.
I am afraid that they will not
see such a thing in my school.
They have something against me.
I expect you want to become professional.
Why not join a company?
Well, I have to finish the
school year to begin with.
I have to pass my exams.
This is not easy.
But if you had a choice...
Which one do you choose?
Which one should I choose?
I might go...
to Tel Aviv
to Bachwa
New York of course.
There is a big company in
Hamburg that I really like.
- My dad lives there
- Really?
Noah Bream works there.
He is an amazing choreographer.
I love his stuff
So it is settled.
Go to Hamburg to work with him.
And you can live with my father
It will be strange
do not worry. I will come with you
What does your father do?
He writes plays.
And... so?
You're not a fan, are you?
To be honest...
His plays...
Really? is this bad
It seems that...
In his last game...
She kills her baby boy
because he is so clingy.
Guess what his name is
not at all!
Yes Elena!
Really - separate? Damn!
I swear.
He even memorized my name.
He did not respect you at all
I'm sorry but honestly...
You leave me speechless,
just a smile drives me crazy
Yes, I admire everything
about you, you scare me to death
Your elegance makes me clumsy,
who can remain indifferent to you?
Jealousy threatens me. With
you, I am completely different
Can you tell my dad
that I went to practice?
no problem.
hey sofia
I wrote a song, do you want to hear it?
When I saw you dancing,
with the music and everything,
Really inspired me
Is the song long?
2 minute tops
go on then
- If you are in a hurry...
- No, don't worry.
- ready?
- Yeah
that is cool.
Damn! I have to go.
Send it to me so I can listen to the rest
Can you delete the song I sent you?
It was not over
You can delete it
yes what
I am a foreigner.
I'm here for Open Mic.
alien? Whats up?
can i give you my instruments
Didn't you bring your DJ?
Hey, don't worry, I'm just kidding
I don't want to work,
I'm selfish, I'm indifferent
I am unchaste in everything I do
I am indifferent in everything I do
I drink my liquor unconsciously
smoke my spliff
This was Joker, not a joke!
DLV is at home. you know man
The evening has just begun
Are you guys ready for this?
open mic rap beat box
MC. DJ. Special hip hop!
it will be OK...
Where are you going, stranger?
You are clear.
hey come back
Show her some
love, some noise for...
It will be fine, it will be fine!
Yes, I am a foreigner
This is a new song.
I am still working on the method.
It is not finished.
But it's a song about...
I'll start.
You make me speechless
you make me...
Your elegance makes me clumsy,
who can remain indifferent to you?
Jealousy threatens me. With
you, I am completely different
I want to protect you from
all those who make you suffer
Let's go hide under the
roof to overcome the worst
No one sees you like I see
you, no "likes" will save us
When you stay away from me, I
think there is too much bad in my head
I am ready for anything, I am
impatient and your distance may cost me
Between dance and music
are your silences and my poems
I do arabesque to make you
love me, to see me, I do shit
I give you a hard time,
but it's for your own good
Because I will never let you down
I can do anything for you
Sometimes I get lost in everything
Who can do everything for you?
Love and hate go hand in hand
Guys, you can do better!
Hello dear, can you do me a favor?
And get something from 51 Rue Forville?
It is really important.
Tonight is a big party.
If you want, we can both go.
Kisses and hugs!
Listen, what you did was wonderful.
That song is great
your accent where are you from
- Finland
- Cold.
are you on insta
I work for a hip
hop festival in Nice.
Not big but...
We want more women,
non-binary people, all communities.
So cool!
So what are you doing now?
Do you want to join us?
Damn! I can't, I have to go
R u sure?
yes sorry
OK. Leave it.
- See you.
- Yes, I see you
Come on, come on.
So what did he say?
what did they say
I need detailed answers.
sorry. Sofia asked me to come.
No, no, no way!
We don't need him, he needs us.
Use it!
Leave this nonsense music!
I want to close this damn deal!
take it
Hey, I'm just messing with you
You look at me like I'm a monster.
Tell Sofia to come next time
you got it?
- What?
- I asked for MDMA.
This is ecstasy.
I can't stand ecstasy.
Last time I thought I was going to die
I did not know.
He just gave it to me.
You can take it. But all kinds of shit
are thrown at you. So it is not safe.
next time,
He wants you to go
By the way tonight...
You can come, but I won't
hold your hand all night.
Mark is also going, so...
If we... well, you know what I mean.
Elena, let's go
I hope we are not the first
You will see, the house is very cool.
- Hello!
- I was looking for you.
- Sorry, we were late.
- no problem.
Elena, meet Caroline.
One of the coolest girls in our
school, she is super talented!
And she is hot as fuck!
You look so unreal tonight!
- I love your look.
- Thanks.
- Do you want a drink? I go to the bar.
- Safe.
- see you soon!
- Yes, later
Do you know that
Caroline's father is very rich?
He is a politician.
He has a big place by the sea.
Wait a minute here
- How are you?
- How are you?
do you want a cigarette
Did you get what I asked for?
come on.
I'll let you try something.
Let's find a quiet
place, act normal
I don't want to be seen.
It's good, come on.
keep this for me
It's a good thing, you'll see.
It is even purer than ecstasy.
Drink immediately.
Okay, keep this for me
How long does it take to get in?
- Haven't you had it yet?
- No
I could but...
You will see, you will love it!
You will fall in love with everyone.
Anyway, that's how I feel.
Your body, emotions - it's crazy!
So cool you will love it.
I took it once before going on stage.
I have never danced so well.
you will see
I will have the rest.
It gives you a lot of confidence.
Oh, damn!
Mark is
he is not coming
He should not treat you like this
Yeah you are right.
hey come
- Where to?
- Just come!
Come on!
hey girls
- you are good?
- Yeah
This is Elena.
- He raps.
- Is he?
- You don't believe me?
- I definitely have.
He is really good.
If you say
I will be right back.
So who are your beats?
I will do.
I mean your instruments.
Who makes them?
- I will do.
- Good.
where is sofia
- Turn off the music.
- No
- Why do you still have it?
- Is it good. Everyone is listening
enjoy it. Good?
Is it good.
...Let's hide under the roof
from all those who cause you pain
To overcome the worst
No one sees you like I see
you, no "likes" will save us
When you stay away from me,
there is a lot of evil in my head
I am ready for anything, I am
impatient and your distance may cost me
Between dance and music
are your silences and my poems
I do arabesque to make
you love me, so see me
I'm causing you pain,
but it's for your own good
Because I will never
let you down, Sophia
I can do anything for you
Sometimes I get lost in everything
Who can do everything
for you? love and hate...
Would you like another drink?
Let me show you somewhere
- are you well?
- Yeah
Be careful in front of your feet.
what are you doing here
I don't feel very well.
I do not feel good.
I wish I was dead
you want me to die
It will be true.
You will see it will be fixed
Damn! Damn!
what's wrong
I have class
It is Sofia. He loves cock!
He will not give it up!
Sophia, we need to talk.
The video is everywhere,
everyone has seen it!
I do not understand...
Who did this?
Give me your phone number.
I have to call Mark
Give me your phone number!
Give me
Elena, give me your damn phone!
hurry up!
What is your code?
Oh, damn!
Do not touch me!
- Sophia...
- Get off me, okay? Do not touch me!
Get away from me! stop!
He should not have put
himself in such a position.
what You can be very insensitive
He did not bring this on
himself, he is the victim here.
They kicked him out.
Is this fair?
They did not take him out
They just asked him to rest.
for his own benefit
"In this situation, the
school regrets to inform you
which can no longer
provide..."Yes, yes, yes...
He is harassed
and they do nothing.
- They want him to go. Shit!
- Audrey!
do not go.
- I'm done for.
- We will find a solution.
I do not know...
Come to class, Mickey
Hi Elena
I haven't seen you since the party.
Look what he gave me
that is cute
where is mickey's class
My father had rented a studio.
His class is good, but it is
quiet compared to the school.
- What a fool!
- Yeah
- Do you want to take it?
- No
Sophia, come, we are eating.
the future!
There is tiramisu for dessert.
- Did you send those programs?
- No
Not yet.
How about putting a
mimosa by the wall?
Isn't that good?
So you don't even try?
Do you want to stay in your
room and whine all year?
Fill out those applications.
Or you don't say at all.
This is not difficult to do.
I am ashamed of you.
hold me
You have no balance!
Of course I have balance!
I can do 6 pirouettes, okay?
Yes, let's do it
Awesome baby boy I just can't wait.
Yes, see you next week,
I will give you a ride.
Yes, I see you
I don't get paid for 3 students.
can you wait outside
If you had to, how
would you kill yourself?
We are currently watching
a lot of crime dramas.
Seriously, how do you do that?
I do not know.
I see.
You play it safe.
Well I...
I would like someone to
put a gun in my mouth and...
- You?
- Oh, I...
I want something big.
I would jump out the window
and get stuck on a spike
And blood and guts spill everywhere.
You are really strange
No doubt about it.
Stop gross!
No, no, stop!
No, get away from me, dammit!
let me fall
going now?
I am meeting my cousin.
- It was cool.
- Yeah
- I will see you tomorrow for class.
- Yes, I am very happy.
me too.
- I can't believe it
- what?
We are both auditioning for the same school
in Hamburg
My dad can arrange a place for us
Tell Karim it is not a problem
Imagine if we both enter.
It's funny.
We just talked about it.
In the skate park.
you do not remember?
You must have smoked a lot
- I'm leaving.
- Bye.
come here!
Is something going on
between you and Sofia?
what do you mean?
No, nothing. No, nothing.
He looked very upset the other day.
never mind.
Can I have a shower at your place?
- You live nearby, right?
- Safe.
I can rap about pain.
Resistance to hate
I will never be queen, bitch
I can slap a thousand women
are only good for washing dishes
A hard past, if you're
not from the hood, shut up
On the way to check on the
shoulders, the head is high
You know really well
It's all about practice baby.
Only you.
I thought you didn't like me
what Why?
I do not know. Stupid.
Yes. That's right.
Sit like a queen
A queen does not smile.
in fact...
like that
what are you doing?
Hey, looks good. do not worry.
Look at the camera
Try to relax.
No, something is missing
Take off your top
- What?
- Take off your top.
We do not post them.
do not worry.
that's it. Good
Move your hands.
you are extremely beautiful.
caress yourself
What is?
I don't know how to tell you...
Sofia doesn't want to
go to Hamburg with him.
He dare not tell you,
But he said he felt
uncomfortable with you.
This can't be...
you choke him
I do not understand. A few days ago...
I am really sorry.
Move your hands.
Imagine if I sent this video to
the school in Hamburg by mistake.
you are extremely beautiful.
or worse...
Imagine someone sending
this video to a magazine.
caress yourself
Your father is a politician, isn't he?
do not worry.
I would never do that.
But you should forget about
Hamburg and leave Sofia alone.
Stop chasing him like a dog.
Respect yourself.
Hi Karo, can you wait a second?
Excuse me, I'm packing. Whats up?
calm down. I do not understand a word.
do not Cry.
Isn't this a joke?
I will solve something.
Yes, okay, bye
Damn! Damn!
Caro was invited to an audition in London.
He cannot go to Hamburg.
I'm leaving tomorrow, I have no
place to stay. what should I do?
- Do you know what we could do?
- What?
I will come with you.
We stay with my dad
Yeah. I will call him right away.
come here.
Oh wow!
- You will defeat them all.
- I hope. we will see.
If it is not one, it
will be the other.
- I am very stressed.
- do not be. They chose you.
I can take care of us.
I can see that we live here.
- How does it open?
- Here.
Thank you.
Did you pull down the Stalin poster?
The joke was getting old.
Genocide and all...
stop here
Hello and welcome.
I asked my father if the
two of us can live here.
I think this will work.
Sometimes we can rent an AirBnB
If we feel very cramped here
He had looked before
They are not very expensive.
I do not know. If I get
in, I have to practice a lot.
I will not disturb you.
- I can...
- Stop it.
What are you doing here?
rap? Do you
really think it works?
If I get in, I live in
a boarding house.
This stupid apartment is freezing.
Damn radiator!
are you crying
I need to rest for a while
Go on the couch, I can't
sleep with you crying
for damn
Go, move!
Sofia: Can you come?
I am getting insane!
I want to screw this up!
I need you!
you are insane.
It is MDMA.
I got it for you
You told me it makes
you dance amazingly well.
This is different.
Do you really think
you can do without it?
You need confidence, right?
So here is your confidence.
- More.
- No
- Stop
- a little more.
You cannot enter.
flow, flow, codeine
flow, flow, protein
My stream is too hot
My stream needs winding
Sorry I came late
Hello. Sofia Rami.
Invited by...?
Make some noise
For the alien!
Are you sure you want to stay?
You leave me speechless,
just a smile drives me crazy
Yes, I admire everything
about you, you scare me to death
Your elegance makes me clumsy,
who can remain indifferent to you?
Jealousy threatens me. With
you, I am completely different
I want to protect you, I
know that we are two for life
Let's go under the roof
To overcome the worst
No one sees you like I see
you, no "likes" will save us
I'm causing you pain,
but it's for your own good
I will wipe your tears
Yes, I have done things I
regret, our bond has a price
Between dance and music
are your silences and my poems
I do arabesque to make you
love me, to see me, I do shit
I hate you for your goodness
because I will never let you down
This is your life role
You are an angel in hell
You dance, but the
background is upside down
Molly makes you see
things that aren't real
Your hidden side makes me feel sick
Protecting me becomes more dangerous
Sofia, if I hurt you, it's
because I make mistakes too
You don't need someone to pull
you down, you need me to lift you up
I need you, I need to feel
you, we both feel it, right?
This is destiny, we
two, we are destiny
Others want to test us
I hear they're talking about you
In pain, we scream,
we love each other
And we hate each other
But I will never let go of your hand
If I control myself,
who will comfort you?
Without you I have no compass,
don't try to grow without me
On the contrary, my Sofia
does not recommend it
The two of us are one contract,
why destroy us a hundred times?
I can kill you
In everything, I sometimes hate us
I could die for you
Shout: Sophia, I love you
He is with me.
I'm really glad you came
I thought you didn't want
to talk to me anymore.
I thought so too.
Okay, guys, we have to be out by 1
o'clock. The truck is outside and waiting.
We have to load let's go.
We have to pack up, it won't take long.