HeartBreak (2019) Movie Script

We're closed, call
back next month.
GEORGE: Harry, it's George.
Hey, George, hey,
how's it going?
GEORGE: Listen,
there's a lot of action
going down at Corner Pocket.
New girl's been spreading
chum around all week
and now the big
sharks are circling.
HARRY: How big
do you think, huh?
GEORGE: Big enough to
make it worth your while.
HARRY: And you
think he's gonna
stick around for another game?
GEORGE: The way
he's been bragging,
I'm guessing he'll double
down against all comers.
HARRY: Really?
Well, I'm on my way.
I was out last night
Hey, brother.
- Hey, thanks for calling.
- Yeah.
Hey, is it cool I'm here?
I mean, do people know me?
New owner, new patrons.
They don't know your game.
HARRY: That the guy?
Yeah, name's John Vance,
low-level pro out of Miami.
I've been watching him play,
he's strutting around
here like he won
the seventh game of the World
Series with a no-hitter.
But how's he play?
Classic sharpshooter.
Overextends, takes a lot of
chances, likes to wow the crowd.
I mean, he's decent, but
he's not in your league.
She's kinda cute.
What's her story?
GEORGE: Well, she
got a world-class break,
decent cut shot, but she's raw.
But you know, I
think we need to talk
about the elephant in the room.
Prostate, c'mon,
I wanna hear it.
I got an appointment
up in Jacksonville,
see a specialist.
They wanna take a
biopsy, rule out cancer.
I'm concerned.
Well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
Besides, who needs a prostate?
Hey, don't think you can march
your cute little ass in here,
start throwing
around your hustle,
and not have to face
any consequences.
Oh, are you gonna cry now, huh?
No, I not cry.
Yeah, somebody better
have a tissue ready
for this little girl.
Bye bye.
So who's next, huh?
C'mon, I drove all
the way up here
from Miami looking for
someone worth playing.
10 grand, usual split.
You mean to tell me
that the person with
the biggest cojones in
town came way of China?
I got your cojones right here.
I don't think you
understand, gramps.
This ain't a game for funsies.
We're playing for a cash game.
Did he seriously
just call me gramps?
GEORGE: He sure did.
I don't think you
understand something, Skippy.
I got 10 grand right there says
I'll beat you in a
race to 11 in 9-ball.
Put up or shut up.
You got a stick?
Well, I don't have a
fancy two-piece pool cue
like you have, but, honey,
you got a stick back there?
BARTENDER: Here you go.
Don't hurt yourself.
Yeah, I think
that's gonna work.
I don't need much
more to beat you.
- Rack 'em up.
- It'll be fun.
Success in pool
is based largely on your ability
and how well you can
exploit your opponent.
And for a guy like
this, a sharpshooter,
well, you get 'em rattled
by playing defensively.
That means passing
on difficult shots
and enticing your opponent
into taking risks.
Now, dead stroke is
where you wanna be.
And that's where
you can see and feel
everything without
any conscious effort.
A hustler would have laid
down a game or two by now.
Set himself up for
a future score.
But I'm not a hustler.
I didn't come here
to shear a sheep.
I came to skin a shark.
And, well, sometimes, (CHUCKLES)
you just wanna show off.
See ya, Skippy.
That was a helluva
party the next night.
You remember, nurse Claire?
- Whoo.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
What a sweet thing she was.
Yes, I can't believe you still
remember her after that night.
Well, you know, how
can I forget that?
But I am grateful we
got out of that bar alive.
Yeah, I'm just
glad we got out of
that whole godforsaken
country alive.
Hey, well, we did
good tonight, buddy.
Hey, wait, wait, whoa,
whoa, where you going?
What do you think you're doing?
Sit back down in that chair
right there, we ain't done yet.
It's still early, c'mon.
No, I gotta go.
I gotta be at a job site
first thing in the morning.
Oh, no, no, no,
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
You're gonna stay
right here because
you're gonna have
a drink with me.
One drink, come on, for me.
For tonight.
For that time.
For Charlie company, huh?
GEORGE: Okay, one drink.
One drink, comin' up.
There you go.
Raise your glasses.
To Pry, Muck, LaMar
and T-Monster.
The best damn
company ever assembled.
HARRY: Follow me.
I sure hate to see the
place gutted like this.
You need to figure
out something here.
Don't worry about it, it
will be fine, believe me.
Alright, let me go.
Alright, get out of here.
- Goodnight.
- Catch you later.
- Alright, see you tomorrow.
- Okay, my brother.
Here's to you guys.
It's just those karate kids.
What the hell are
you doing here?
I tried knocking,
thought nobody was here.
Well, there is nobody here.
Look around you, it's just me.
I know, I was
waiting just for you.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you think you're
doing here, huh, hon?
If you're here to try
and get your money back
you're barking up
the wrong tree.
I not here for the
money, just talking.
Breaking and
entering is a hell
of a way to start
a conversation.
No, I no break
in, door was open.
You left the door open.
Okay, I left the door open.
What was so important
that you woke me up
and nearly got yourself killed?
I need a good manager to
make me number one player.
George sent me see you.
Why are you laughing?
I'm sorry,
George sent you?
You don't need a
manager dressed like that,
you need a pimp.
You no like it, I can
wear whatever you want.
Oh no, first off,
I'm not a manager.
Never wanted to be, never
will be, never have been.
Secondly, you don't
have what it takes
to become number
one female player.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do, before I come here
to America, I play
Korea number one player.
That was Korea,
this is America.
I've seen you play.
You got a hell of a
break, I'll admit that.
Thank you very much.
But you have a flawed stroke,
no table vision and you have
absolutely no cue ball control.
I understand and
that's why I here.
You help me, hmm?
You're not hearing me.
Lady, you don't
have what it takes.
You don't have the patience
to get to where you wanna go.
You don't know.
Yes, I do know.
I saw you gambling
the other night.
How much of your money
did you lose, huh?
What, a quarter of it?
Half of it?
All of it?
Most, but not all of it.
I'm sorry, that right
there proves my whole point.
Reckless betting like
that, it tells me
everything I need to
know about your patience.
Now, I'm a very busy man
and I have a lot of,
um, things to do.
So, bye bye.
Yeah, you broke in,
break back out again.
Right through there.
George very wrong about you.
Oh, no.
You've got to be kidding me.
What'd I do?
Harry, we had a
bad start, I'm sorry.
I want to prove you
wrong about me, okay?
I am patient and a good student.
I am sah-dan, fourth
dan in Haidong Gumdo.
It's a very difficult
rank to achieve.
It takes many years of training,
discipline, focus and patience.
I have no idea
what you just said.
Oh, you don't know Gumdo?
Gumdo means the Korean
way of the sword.
Oh, alright.
Maybe you know Japanese Kendo?
Kendo you fight one opponent,
but in Haidong Gumdo
we focus on fighting
many opponent at the same time.
Well, I don't know Kendo
and you don't know the amount
of fuel it takes to get
to where you want to go.
You want to become
number one pool player.
HARRY: Wanting to
become is not enough!
No, it is enough.
My son, Jung Soo, is enough.
This is my son, Jung
Soo, he have autism.
His tutor is very good,
but very expensive.
I here with nobody.
No family, no friends
because pro tour
is my way to help my son.
Lady, I sympathize
with you, really I do,
but I'm not the
right guy for this.
But Harry, you
are The Captain.
I was The Captain.
I'm not The Captain anymore,
so please stop coming here!
Stop harassing me!
Stop asking for my help!
Forget you ever met me because
I'm not interested!
HARRY: George, I
don't believe you.
You're a piece of work.
That girl you sent to me.
Talked to me about
her special needs kid.
That's low.
- Was it?
- Mm-hmm.
How many times have
you sat here and told me
if you had one
do-over, just one,
you'd help Maggie with
her dyslexia sooner?
You can help this girl
avoid that same pain.
And based on the way your
place looked last night
you need this as
much as she does.
I don't need anything.
Now you look at me.
I understand my lifestyle
is not for everybody
but I do what I want,
I eat what I want and
I drink what I want
and I don't answer
to anybody but me.
For how long?
How much of your retirement
money you got left?
If you keep sending those
games to me I'll be just fine.
Oh, and this is gonna
be your legacy, huh?
This is the way the last chapter
of The Captain's gonna play out?
You not taking care of yourself,
sleeping on the sofa
drowning in a sea of booze?
I've had a bad spell.
Now look, when I get things
worked out with Ellie
I'll get it all back
together, I promise.
Harry, this girl,
she's got talent.
And with your help she could
make a career for herself.
Then let her find
somebody else to coach her.
She's not my problem.
She's just not my problem.
And I've got enough
crap on my plate
without you piling this
stuff on top of me!
- Alright?
- Okay, okay, I'll back off.
But I can't help but see
this as an opportunity
that would benefit both of you.
Okay, here we go.
You're my best friend, Daddy.
All I did was
drink some alcohol.
I don't need to go to
that school, Dad, please!
Please, don't let her take me!
Get your hands off me!
You're a liar!
You don't love me,
you sent me away!
I had no idea they were
gonna shoot those guns.
I was so high, I thought
they were firecrackers!
I don't deserve to go to prison.
Not for just sitting in a car!
Look, we got off on
the wrong foot and I...
Wait, I don't even
know your name.
What's your name?
Mina what?
Mina Li.
Mina Li, that's
an unusual name.
Look, Mina, do
you know baseball?
Baseball, you know
it, you like it?
So-so, I like to watch.
I think we need to talk
a little bit, you and I.
Okay, here's my keys and
you drive and we'll talk.
Now, come on, we're
just gonna go watch
some baseball and
we're gonna talk, okay?
MINA: Okay.
You know who Mike Lillejord
is, the baseball player?
That's him right there.
He was a decent major league
pitcher but he struggled
with flawed mechanics,
a lot like you.
Now, eventually he got tired
of losing and he decided
to take a risk and change
his throwing motion.
So he took a year off,
hired a pitching coach
and started all over again.
It was a risky move.
Could have ended his
career, but it didn't.
He put everything,
everything on the line
for greatness and it paid off.
You know what the
Cy Young award is?
Well, it's a trophy they give to
the best pitchers of
each league every year.
He won it twice.
You spit yet?
Well, that is pathetic.
Here, get a handful of seeds.
Put 'em in your mouth like this.
Not one or two, the whole thing.
Put 'em all in your mouth.
Keep 'em on one
side of your mouth,
like one side or the other.
Now you pull one shell over,
crack it with your teeth,
eat the seed, move
the other shell, spit.
Look, if I'm gonna
be your manager
you're gonna have to
do exactly what I say.
You dress like a lady.
You don't gamble and
you put everything
on the line for greatness.
You got it?
I got it.
You got it, good.
Alright, here's
how it's gonna go.
George is gonna put
up all the costs
for tournaments and travel.
Our end will be a
third of the winnings
and 25% of any endorsements.
Now if you can agree to
that and you like that,
I can't believe I'm
gonna say this...
I'll be your manager.
You don't really spit into
your hand, you just...
I sorry.
That's alright, I'll teach
you how to do that, too.
Oh, hi.
Good morning.
Okay, there are nine qualifiers
before the end of the season.
But just making the
pro tour is not for us.
You see, in order to
make a comfortable living
from endorsements, well, you
gotta be in the top five.
No, number one
American player.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, number one,
but all we need is top five.
No, number one.
Okay, fine number one.
But in order to do that,
we need to fix your stroke.
So follow me.
Grab my bottle.
Come inside.
What is that?
Weight lifters, when they
go do bench press contests,
they wear a harness that
limits their motion.
This is the same idea.
When you put this
on it will limit
the shrugging
muscles in your body
to keep you from lifting
up when you stroke.
It keeps your elbow
from flaring out.
Okay, it's the same kind
of thing, it helps you out.
Alright, now put it on.
Like that and like that.
Take your hair out of it.
Okay, right in here, there.
There and right there.
Now we gotta adjust it.
You ready?
Oh, oh!
HARRY: How does that feel?
Very tight.
Yeah, good, it's supposed to.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Now, shrug your shoulders.
Yeah, go ahead and laugh.
Every time you use bad form
that buzzer's gonna sound.
You're gonna hear it
and, more importantly,
I'm gonna hear it.
You want me play
wearing the vest?
That's right.
But I want you to concentrate
on your weak shots,
that's bank and rail shots only.
20 times each.
Anytime you hear
that buzzer goes off,
that means you're using bad
form and you gotta start
all over again
from the beginning.
You got it?
What do you mean, no?
No, I mean, yes.
Why didn't you just say yes?
I, no, neh means 'yes'.
Yeah, whatever!
Just go shoot the shots.
No buzzing.
- I...
- Go on.
MINA: I don't like to wear.
You'll get used to it.
How's it going?
I cannot break with the vest.
Use more wrist.
So how are you doing?
Bruises, big, here
and here, it's okay.
Yeah, that happens,
you'll get used to it.
Here, let me take a look here.
Let me ask you something.
Do you anything about mantras?
I know mantra.
It's a chanting
used to motivate.
Well, I have a mantra
for your shooting.
And I want it to
become so ingrained
in your muscle memory
that it becomes automatic,
just like (SNAPS) that.
You got it?
Okay, first part of the mantra.
See the pattern.
You see, with each
spread of balls
there is one easiest
path to victory.
And in order to find
that path you need
to see the entire table
and use all possible shots.
Now you've seen the pattern.
The second part of the
mantra, nobody here but me.
And what that mean is, once
you've committed to the shot,
I want you to become a robot.
You approach the table the same.
You line up the shot the same.
You take your stance the same,
no matter who's here, who's
watching, what the stakes are.
Everything else around
you dissolves into
the background until
it's nobody here but you.
Say that.
Nobody here but you.
Nobody here but me.
Nobody here but me.
Good, now, you've
seen the pattern.
You're focused,
nobody here but me.
Third part of the mantra
is my favorite shot.
You see, once you've
committed to the shot
and you're focused,
you've seen the pattern,
no matter how difficult
your shot may be,
it becomes your favorite shot.
Say it.
My favorite shot.
Very good.
Now, say the mantra.
See the pattern.
See the pattern.
Nobody here but me.
Nobody here but me.
My favorite shot.
My favorite shot.
Very good!
Now, same exercises
as yesterday.
Uh, 40 times each.
Do the mantra!
See the pattern.
See the pattern.
HARRY: Nobody here but me.
Nobody here but me.
HARRY: My favorite shot!
MINA: My favorite shot.
Harry, I finish.
I leaving now.
And we fight for the right
And keep our Nation's might
And the Army goes
rolling along
Oh, I look for
vest, but not here.
Yeah, I know.
I'm gonna give you the
day off from the vest.
How are the bruises?
Bruises okay, same as Gumdo.
Today we are going
to start the process
of training your mind.
These are mental exercises.
Exercises designed to
help you see the pattern.
So, I want you to
do these workbooks.
I want you to do them in
the order that I marked them
because they get
progressively more difficult.
Once you complete one you check
your answers against these.
You got it?
Got it.
Alright, get to work.
We haven't got all day.
See the pattern.
See the pattern.
HARRY: Do the work!
I do the work.
HARRY: Do it fast!
MINA: Okay.
Yes, uh yeah, one trip to Hawaii
and you bring this crap back.
Mina Li, come in here, George
wants to show you something!
MINA: Okay.
It's not much
to look at but it
sure beats sleeping in the car.
HARRY: Yeah.
- Come on in, take a look.
- Wow!
GEORGE: What do you think?
It look nice,
it's very clean now.
Yeah, well, we
set this up for you.
This is your room now.
My room?
Yeah, yes, your room.
Look, it don't have a shower,
but you can use the girls' room.
But you can eat,
sleep and breath pool
without worrying about rent.
No, I cannot.
HARRY: Hold it, hold it.
Wait, wait.
George spent a lot of time
putting this together for you.
You wanna hurt his
feelings, disrespect him?
This is for me?
It's for you.
Thank you.
It was a pleasure...
Alright, you two cut it out.
Alright, look, why don't
you take some time off?
Fix the room up the
way you like it,
'cause George and
I, we're gonna go
to the VFW to meet some friends.
Let's go, George.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah, well,
don't thank me now.
See, when I get
back we will discuss
how you will earn your keep.
Yeah, come in.
Mina, what is it?
I think you misunderstood what
I meant by earning your keep.
I see the way you look at me.
I understand.
This is all I have to give you.
Mina, put your robe back on,
come over here and sit down.
I wanna show you something.
Put it on.
These are pictures of
my daughter, Maggie.
Not too long ago she
used to wear that vest
and study in this
workbooks, just like you.
But, Mina, when I...
When I watch you shoot
pool, you remind me of her.
She very beautiful.
She live here?
She used to.
Now she's a couple of hours away
doing some time for
a mistake she made.
What you mean, she in jail?
Well, she's in prison.
She's about halfway through
a three year sentence.
You know you told me
once about your boy.
Your boy has autism.
My daughter, Maggie, was kind of
the same thing but
she has dyslexia.
You know that?
It's very bad, things get
turned around backwards.
Very hard for you.
We didn't figure out what
it was until it was too late
and she got crowded in with
a bunch of remedial kids.
These are kids with really
bad discipline problems,
basically bad kids.
No parent wants that
for their kids, right?
No, because they wind up
getting in with the wrong crowd.
You know, for teenagers,
friends are everything.
What you're doing
for your boy is good.
A number one!
I just wonder if we
caught it early enough
and helped her out
at an early age,
that things would have
turned out differently.
But, what are you gonna do?
It's time for you to go to bed.
You got a busy day tomorrow.
You're going back in the vest.
When we find out
Jung Soo have autism
my husband could not bear it.
He was embarrassed and blame me.
He divorce me and
marry another woman.
My father feels shame
so I move to Seoul.
Live with my sister.
Part of me still hated
my father for this.
But part of me only want him
to hold me and make
everything okay.
You understand?
Yes, I understand.
Go to bed.
GUARD: Alright,
you got 10 minutes.
You've got a lot of
nerve showing up here.
Hi, Mags, how are you?
I'm in prison, Dad.
How do you think I am?
I'm sorry, what I meant was...
Why now?
I've been here for over a year!
Did your car break down
outside and you figured,
what the hell, why not
see my only daughter?
Maggie, I have wanted
to come here every day
you've been incarcerated,
but you told me not
to come here and I
was just trying to...
I also asked
you not to send me
to the Pendleton School,
but you did that anyway!
I made a mistake.
A mistake, Dad?
As in one?
Was I really so awful that
I was beyond parenting?
That your only option was
to send me that school?
I made a lot of mistakes.
But I think that
I'm ready now...
Coming here has forced me
to face a lot of hard truths.
And one of those truths is that
when I needed you the most,
when mom needed you the most,
you were there the least.
I can forgive the mistakes,
I can forgive the boozing,
I can even forgive the affair,
but I can't forgive
the abandonment.
Don't come back!
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!
HARRY: How do you
eat with these things?
I'm not sure, but
we're gonna figure it...
Oh, this is some spread here.
I hope you like dinner.
Okay, in Korean
tradition, family eat soup
from the same big dish because
family close and we
share everything.
Okay, well should we say
grace or what is the custom?
In Korea you would say
jal meokkessseumnida,
which means, 'I will eat good'.
Say it again.
Jal meokkessseumnida.
You sound funny.
Jal meokkessseumnida.
Jal meokkessseumnida.
Okay, and then I say
which means...
Bless you.
- No, kind of like 'enjoy'.
- Oh, okay.
And then I serve because
in Korea elder eat first.
- Okay, well, him.
- Him.
No, it's you, you're
older than I am.
You've been older
than I am forever.
Mina, you can serve
me first, thank you.
You try here and
if you like use
a spoon and take
from bowl, okay?
Want some?
MINA: Okay.
This is delicious, Mina.
This is called (SPEAKING
MINA: A rice cake,
- but it's chewy.
- Not dog!
MINA: You might like
it, I like very much.
Okay, I'll try this.
It's spicy, though.
Okay, you try one, too.
I'd like to make a toast.
Here's to our success on
the southeastern
qualifying circuit.
MINA: Okay.
Come on.
Sorry, I'm so excited.
Alright, calm down, calm down.
Before you get too
excited let me remind you
that our goal here is not
to win this tournament.
Our goal is to become what?
Elite, that's right.
So today, and until
I tell you otherwise,
we're gonna be limiting
how you play your game.
Okay, I want you to focus
on your weakest shots
until those weaknesses
become strengths.
Okay, and then what?
Then what?
You play.
You take whatever your opponent
leaves you and when
it's your turn,
no cut shots over 45
degrees, that's all.
Got it?
Sign in, Mina Li.
I told you it doesn't
matter if you win.
You're here to compete!
To learn what you're up against.
How I compete if I
cannot use my full game?
You don't have a full game!
And you never will
unless and learn how
to expand your shot selections.
MINA: Other
people see my shot
and say you coaching wrong!
Well, I don't really
care what other people say.
It's my way, you got it?
And you lost focus badly.
Remember, nobody here but me.
Say it!
MINA: Nobody here but me.
MINA: Nobody here but me.
One more time with passion!
Nobody here but me!
HARRY: Nobody
here but me, ah!
Hey Mag, Mag!
If you really wanna help
out I have something for you.
Anything at all,
anything I can do.
I need you to help out a
friend of mine on the outside.
My first week in prison
was hell on earth.
I didn't leave my
cell for three days.
Not to eat, not to
exercise, not for anything.
Finally, this woman, Carmen,
took me under her wing.
She escorted me to
meals, took me to yard.
She helped me to get clean.
Inside these walls we form a
family just like the outside.
People take on roles; fathers,
mothers, sisters and babies.
I was a baby and
Carmen was my mother.
There were times during
those first few weeks
when she was the only thing
that was keeping me going.
She got parole and met
this guy, fell in love.
Things were going fine
but then he fell off
the wagon and it
got really ugly.
So she bailed, but
all of her stuff is at
this guy's trailer and she's
afraid to go back by herself.
HARRY: So you want
me to help her move?
Yeah, but she doesn't
want the cops involved.
It would mean the world to
me to know that somebody
looked out for her the
way she looked out for me.
But you couldn't be
there when her ex is.
You'd have to get in, get
the stuff and get out.
He's kind of a loose cannon.
I don't know what he
would do if he found you.
You don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
Great day, huh?
Hey, you hear that?
CARMEN: That's him!
Carmen, get in the
truck, lock the door!
Alright, everybody.
Go, go, go, beat it!
What is wrong with you?
We're gonna make a left.
Let's just see if
anybody's coming.
I am ready.
I am ready, I am good enough...
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I could win qualifier
if you let me!
Slow down, slow
down, hold on, hold on!
I don't know what
happened back there,
but you need to
take a deep breath.
Come on, deep breath,
in and out, let it out.
Okay, good.
Now, you cannot win
on the pro tour.
And even if you could
that's not our goal.
Our goal is elite and you're
nowhere near that yet.
I already elite.
I elite right now!
HARRY: No, you're not!
Yes, I am.
Fine, prove it!
Show me the pattern.
No, no, I don't need pattern!
I win with no pattern!
No against the
Jeanettes, the Allisons
or the Ewa Laurances
of the world.
They will chew you
up and spit you out!
No, I spit them.
I beat them!
HARRY: No, you won't.
How do you know?
You wanna play an
elite player, right?
You tell me who,
I'll make it happen.
You're joking?
I never joke!
Jeanette Lee.
You wanna play Jeanette Lee?
I'll make it happen,
tomorrow night.
- Thank you, Harry!
- Get off me, get off me!
People will talk, go on.
Go practice.
- Thank you.
- Go practice!
- Show me the pattern.
- Show you the pattern.
All rails, bank
shots, no cuts!
MINA: Okay.
That girl is gonna
be the death of me.
Or make me drink harder.
Ah, well here they are.
Mina, I would like to introduce
you to Mr. Bobby Black.
What's up?
He's our version
of Jeanette Lee.
I don't understand.
HARRY: George, why don't
you enlighten the young lady?
Well, one of my talents
is analyzing pool players.
I can break down all their
strengths and weaknesses.
So when Harry said
you wanted a game
with Jeanette I knew
just the guy to call.
You play as good
as Jeanette Lee?
I don't know.
All I know is these guys
offered me 50 bucks to play you.
You pay him?
You don't worry
about what I do.
You focus on your game.
This is a race to
nine at 9-ball.
If you beat him the next
tournament there's no restrictions.
But, if you lose,
handicaps stay.
MINA: Deal.
Good luck.
Don't need luck.
Hey kid, come here.
Extra 50 in it for
you if you beat her.
- Go ahead.
- Cool.
Good save.
Bingo, baby.
Mina, it was very
nice meeting you.
You the same.
Gentlemen, thank you.
You bet.
Let me know when
you want another game.
What if I never
win a qualifier?
What are you talking about?
You got six more chances.
You'll make it, just remember,
see the pattern,
no one here but me,
my favorite shot.
I see the pattern
and nobody here but me.
My favorite shot.
I think she'll be alright.
I know.
Well, she's working
hard enough at it.
It's your move.
Very good.
So I take it everything
worked out good for Carmen?
Yeah, she traded
in her car for
a station wagon,
moved out of state.
Oh, well, good.
I'll tell you
what, the next time
you see George you
ought to thank him, too.
- Do you ever talk to Mom?
- No.
We didn't exactly split
on the best of terms.
I know it's not my place,
but it's really important
to me that the two
of you stay friends...
Can we not talk
about her, please?
Anything but that.
I started painting.
I'm not any good but they
have classes here, so...
It helps to pass the time.
I'd like to see one sometime.
Well, maybe I'll give you one
the next time you come visit.
What do you want,
horses or flowers?
I love horses.
Horses it is.
MINA: Why you leave me?
HARRY: You didn't
follow the rules.
MINA: What's the
point of always losing?
HARRY: Oh, so you won!
No, I lose in the next round.
Oh well, hey,
everybody, big surprise!
I spent the money
on the taxi ride.
My money almost gone.
Maybe now the
lesson will stick!
I need to qualify
to make the pro tour!
Then get better and
follow the damn rules!
I do!
Get out!
Go on, get out of here!
Go practice!
Close the door on
the way behind you!
Okay, Harry.
Here we go.
What are you doing here?
I was in the
neighborhood and uh,
you know, I needed
some help with my tie.
I thought I'd just
stop by and say hi.
That's sweet, Harry.
This is Harry?
As in, 'the Harry'?
I have been wanting to talk
to you for a long time.
Harry, this is Richard.
Richard, this is Harry.
It's good to meet you, Harry.
If you don't mind, I'd love to
run home and grab some papers.
Richard, no,
now's not the time!
RICHARD: Honey, this
is the perfect time.
What papers?
What's he talking about?
The divorce papers.
You know Ellie.
She's been sitting on
them for months now
worried about how
you're gonna take it.
And I keep telling her,
it's been two years,
he's gonna welcome this.
Let's pull off the
Band-Aid already.
Let's get it done.
Why don't you just shut up?
What's your problem, pal?
I'd like to have
a civil conversation
with my wife in private.
If you've got something
to say, just say it.
Back off.
- Have you been drinking?
- Seriously!
ELLIE: Boys!
- You need to back off!
- Please!
He's the one
out driving around
reeking like a whiskey keg.
You want me to call the cops?
Let 'em know that we got a
DUI situation on our hands?
Richard, stop!
Harry, I really can't
deal with this right now.
Harry, Harry, go.
You know, I just...
I know.
I know.
Mister, I need to
play tonight, okay?
You know Harry, Mr.
Harry Platt, okay?
- I know who he is.
- You know him!
I know who he is,
there's no exceptions.
All registration fees
have to be paid prior
to the start of the tournament.
How much more time I have?
You got 15 minutes.
Is he close?
I don't know.
I call him right now, okay?
Good luck, let me
know if you reach him.
Oh, did you see that, huh?
Did you see that?
Am I not great or what?
I'm like the Bobby
Fisher of pool.
I disappeared.
But now I'm back.
But you know, I'm tired
of talking about me.
So what do you think about me?
Hey, Mina, come on
here, let's play a game.
Get you ready for your match.
We too late for match,
we missed the tournament.
What do you mean,
missed the tournament?
I guess we did.
I'm sorry.
You're too stupid drunk
to even know the time!
I train all day, follow
your stupid rules
and I get nothing for.
Because of you I get nothing!
Stupid rules?
You're the one that came to me!
I didn't come looking for you!
You want another coach?
Go back to where you came from
and take care of
your brain dead kid!
I done with you.
Yeah, go on!
Go on, get out of here,
that's what you all do!
Yes, things get really bad
and you just all take off!
Harry, how's it going?
HARRY: George.
You still there?
Harry, what's going on?
It's over.
It is officially, officially,
officially over.
What's over?
Ellie's over.
She found somebody else, she
wants a divorce, that's all.
I'm sorry to hear that, buddy.
George, I don't think
I can take this anymore.
I don't...
I mean, I just
don't see the point.
George, I'm done.
Where are you?
Harry, let me talk to Mina.
She's gone.
Ellie's gone, Maggie's
gone, they're all gone.
How much have you
had to drink tonight?
Hey George, you remember
that delicacy cart in Saigon?
You remember that
place, that one?
That's the one that we
used to go to all the time.
It had those weird things like
the cockroaches and
the snakes and stuff?
Remember that?
That was funny, but
you know, George,
I think about it all the time.
I think I should have
ate the scorpion.
I should have ate it.
Listen, I want you
to do me a favor.
Do you have any alcohol?
Well, yeah.
It's right here.
Hey, wait, wait,
I thought you were
in Jacksonville with
the prostate thing?
Never mind that.
I want you to take the liquor
over to the sink and dump it.
Would you do that for me?
HARRY: Ah, George,
this is the good stuff.
Harry, I want you
to dump it out for me.
For Charlie company.
Are you still there?
HARRY: Sing the song.
I sing, you dump.
HARRY: Deal.
March along
Sing our song
We're the Army of the free
We're the Army and
proud of our name
We're the Army and
proudly proclaim
First to fight for the right
And to keep our
Nation's might
And the Army goes
rolling along
Count the brave and the true
Your Army's here for you
And the Army goes
rolling along
And it's hi, hi, hey
The Army's on its way
Count off the cadence
loud and strong
For wherever we go,
you will always know
That the Army
goes rolling along
George, it's gone.
Good job, Harry.
Good job.
Yes, very drunk.
I don't know,
maybe one hour ago.
What's this?
Only because you ask.
Forfeit, you take.
What are you doing here?
Harry, you have to help
me, you're too heavy.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
Where's George?
I need to find my
phone and call George.
Okay, good.
Okay, try one more time.
It's not working.
Okay, Harry, look at me.
Need you open your mouth, okay?
- Ahh!
- Ahh!
What, what?
You look like hell.
But at least you're still alive.
Here, take these.
No need to suffer
more than you need to.
You sure you're ready for this?
I'm ready.
We're going at
it commando style.
I'm gonna lock you in,
let you sweat it out.
Cold turkey, AA, the
whole nine yards.
I'm ready.
Tell Mina I'm sorry.
No, that's your job.
But that can wait.
Right now you just need
to get through this.
HARRY: Hi, my name is
Harry, I'm an alcoholic.
GROUP: Welcome, Harry.
Drinking destroyed my career,
my family,
and it nearly ended my life.
I haven't had a
drink in eight days.
HARRY: Knock, knock.
MINA: Come in.
Oh, you're
working, that's good.
I always working.
Mina, I, um...
I got you a little gift.
Just something to say I'm sorry.
You know, it's not much.
It's just...
I really would like
for you to have it.
Why does it say Lady Samurai?
I didn't know there
was a difference.
Look, I don't know
how to talk to people,
it's not in me to do
that very well, but...
I'm sorry.
I wanted to say how
proud I am of you
and I wanted to thank you.
And I also want to
say I believe in you.
And if you'll have
me, I sure would
like to finish what we started.
In two weeks we can have
another shot at this.
And I swear to you this time,
this time we will
swing for the fences.
Home run?
Home run.
Well, gland slam.
MINA: Okay.
Okay, open it up, I
think you're gonna like it.
It's very special.
I didn't have much time and if,
Lady Samurai I thought was...
I don't know what
I was thinking.
This is a special gift given
to me and it's a Nitti cue.
A Nitti cue?
Yeah, it's A number one cue.
It meant a lot to me
and I think it will mean
a lot to you as well.
Get back to work.
Mina, hold up.
Let me have the cue.
Show me the pattern.
I start here.
One corner pocket, draw
back and then here.
HARRY: Are you sure?
Take your time, see
the whole pattern.
Think it through.
You can do it.
Now you see it.
MINA: Okay, start here.
Show me, 10
seconds, each ball.
HARRY: There you go.
One corner pocket, okay?
HARRY: Uh-huh.
Three side pocket.
Go, bounce the
rail, about to here.
HARRY: Uh-huh.
Okay, and seven corner pocket.
HARRY: Uh-huh.
And then eight
corner pocket there.
Bounce and the ball here.
And then the nine
in the side pocket.
I do good.
Thought I forgot, didn't you?
- Oh, I thought you forgot.
- Neh, you did very good.
There's just one thing
that's not right.
No more restrictions.
Take this off, take it off.
No more restrictions.
From now on you can
play without the vest.
- Okay.
- Okay.
The rain came hard
On my front door
And I wasn't sure if I could
weather the stormy seas
But as tough as it seems
I won't lay down my dreams
Dreams that I will dance
And I will sing
I will live every day
To see what tomorrow
brings for me
I brought you something.
You brought me
something, what is it?
Mm-hmm, to inspire you.
A year of being sober.
I've never been more proud of
anything in my entire life.
Thank you.
I get out of here in 423 days.
I hope that you'll have
one of those to give to me.
I have a lot of
making up to do.
But I want you to
know that, um...
You bet on me, I'm gonna
do it just for you.
Just for you.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too,
glad to have you back.
continuing effort
to bring you the best in sports,
the Pfafford Sports
Network proudly presents
the Southeast
Women's 9-ball Tour.
Welcome to Florida for the last
qualifying event of the season.
The stories of the week have
to be our two finalists.
The reigning champion,
the Striking Viking,
Ewa Mataya Laurance, and
upstart amateur, Mina Li.
The end of the year qualifier
always has the biggest turnout.
You got all the amateurs
here trying to take
that last chance to be able
to qualify for the pro tour,
and then you have all the pros.
We're here to warm
up for the big event
at the end of the year.
How do you see your chances
at winning this tournament?
No comment, no comment.
Please, we're just here to play.
Just here to play, thank you.
REPORTER: What do you make
of tournament
Cinderella, Mina Li?
You know what?
She's got really a strong game.
I saw her hit a few balls,
she's really playing well.
But there's a big difference
between playing well
in the earlier parts of the
tournament and actually winning.
Remember, we're here to win.
competition here on
the Southeast Women's 9-ball
Tour has been intense all week.
With players battling for
a spot in the final match.
64 competitors came to Florida
including a number of
proven tour veterans,
as well as newcomers,
trying to make the
jump into the big time.
And certainly no one in
that category has been
more impressive or
surprising than Mina Li.
A brilliant combination
of shot making skill,
position play and determination
carried her through her matches.
As, one by one, she
dispatched players
earlier thought to be favorites.
Building on her momentum,
the victories brought Mina
to a semi-final match against
tour veteran Dawn Hopkins.
And after a tense and
close match throughout,
with both players seemingly
in position to win,
it was Mina who moved on.
Hailing from South Korea,
Mina credits her son
as the inspiration for her
incredible performance.
For the defending champion
and legendary Hall of Famer,
Ewa Laurance, it's
been nothing short
of total domination
over the field
which included
Shannelle Lorraine,
who she beat to get
to this final match.
As Ewa looks to sharpen her game
for upcoming major tour events.
It's been a beautiful week
in the sunshine state,
though rain has kept
some of the crowd
away for our final
match tonight.
I think those who stayed home
are going to miss
something special.
The stage has been set for what
should be a terrific climax
to the Southeast Women's
9-ball Tour event.
Hello, everybody,
and welcome to Florida.
I'm Mitch Laurance, glad to
have you with us, as always.
As we are down to just two
here at the final qualifier
of the season and
what a tale it is.
Beginning with what I think has
to be the story of
the week, Mina Li.
Literally coming
from out of nowhere,
playing tremendous
9-ball under pressure.
Her opponent, the number one
ranked player in the world,
the member of the Hall of Fame,
the Striking Viking,
Ewa Mataya Laurance,
who is playing
confidently as expected
and definitely on a roll.
It's gonna be a great matchup.
On paper, Ewa would have to
be the overwhelming favorite,
but given the way that
Mina's been controlling
her cue ball and
playing, you have
to give her at least
a puncher's chance.
It's time to find out whether
the unheralded amateur,
now an overnight sensation
in her native country,
has got what it takes to go toe
to toe with the Striking Viking.
Let's get it done.
After winning the opening lag,
Ewa sets the tone
early against Mina
and follows a picture
perfect break with
some beautiful shot making
and fantastic position play.
Mina can only sit
and watch as Ewa,
a two time U.S. Open World
and National 9-ball champion,
puts on a clinic
in the first rack
and shows off her considerable
skills while doing so.
As she jumps out to a quick
one-nothing lead in this race
to nine, to the delight
of an appreciative crowd.
The next two racks
go much the same way.
Ewa jumping to a
three-nothing lead.
But Mina finally gets on the
scoreboard in the fourth rack,
still trailing, however, by two.
In rack five Ewa comes right
back with shots like this one.
She pockets the three
and plays perfect
four rail position to get
on the form, spectacular.
Ewa finishes off that
rack for a four-one lead
and she continues firing on all
cylinders in the sixth rack.
How many times have
we seen this before?
When the Striking Viking
is playing like this,
moving smoothly and playing
with perfect cue ball control,
she, indeed, makes the game
look much easier than it is.
This 9-ball, for a commanding
five-one lead over,
at this point, a
helpless Mina Li.
Mina makes some
terrific shots like
this 9-ball bank to
get within six-three.
But Ewa refuses to let her mount
any kind of sustained comeback.
Two more perfect breaks,
more incredible shot making
and patterns, coupled with
this kind of speed control
and position with the cue ball,
get an obviously pleased Ewa
to the hill at eight-four.
One rack from a successful
defense of her title.
The players have
taken a short break.
Very understandable since
it's all come down to this.
Ewa Laurance trying
to defend her title
and add to a long
list of victories.
Mina Li, on the other hand...
What's wrong?
She very good.
She playing perfect.
Well, of course,
she's very good.
So are you and you're both
at the finals, remember that.
Look, she's like
any other player.
You just have to
get your focus back.
I believe in you.
And I am very proud of you.
A number one.
A number one.
You go out there and do
what you came here to do.
Go get her.
One further
note, Ewa Laurance,
a great presence on the world
stage, but I have to say,
based on what I've seen
over the last few days,
Mina Li may be emerging
as a great new star.
Now it's do or die for Mina Li.
She needs every rack from here
on and this is a great start.
A terrific break
and with solid shots
during the 13th rack she
gets it to eight-five.
Hanging in, once again.
In the alternating
break format Ewa comes
with a powerful break but
no balls drop this time.
Mina finds herself with a really
tough opening shot on the one.
But this is what we've seen from
this amazing newcomer
is she makes three balls
with a single stroke and now
we've got a match for sure.
Mina with two
balls on the break,
but absolutely nothing on
the one, a critical shot.
Mina makes the one.
And the cue ball
heads down table,
rolling, rolling.
And sinks the
nine, unbelievable!
Is this ever worth
a second look.
She goes cross
corner with the one,
putting tremendous
spin on the cue ball
and with perfect
angles and speed,
gets down table for that
nine, watching it all the way.
Fantastic stuff from Mina Li
who's totally found the zone!
And you can bet the
crowd's into it now
as the momentum has
definitely shifted
with Mina suddenly trailing
Ewa Laurance by only one rack.
Really feeling it now after
running a beautiful rack.
Mina Li, incredibly,
with this nine
to end rack 16 and
to get to hill-hill
after seemingly being
all but finished.
She has really shown us all
what a tough competitor she is.
All tied up now and the
pressure is tangible.
See the pattern.
See the pattern.
Nobody here but me.
Nobody here but me.
My favorite shot.
My favorite shot.
17, the final rack
of the tournament for
these two players.
Mina slightly out
of position here.
On the rail and with an
extremely tough cut on the four,
especially under
the circumstances.
But no problem for Mina,
beautifully played.
And Ewa obviously
feeling the Mina Li heat.
If Mina can hold
her nerves together
she should be out from here.
Mina obviously not pleased
and you can see why.
Not enough speed to
get off the end rail
on this shot on the eight.
Straight in with no chance
to do anything but accept
that position and leave
herself a long cut on the nine.
There you go.
You can see the nine
on the long rail.
It's all come down to this.
One shot for the
title and surely one
of the biggest upsets
we've seen in women's pool.
There's the nine
frozen to the rail,
making this shot even tougher.
Mina ready.
And here's the stroke.
Cuts the nine super thin.
It comes off the rail a bit.
Comes down the rail.
Mina Li has just upset the
number one player in the world
to win the Southeast
Women's 9-ball Tour final!
Two days ago...
The rain came hard
On my front door
And I wasn't sure if I could
weather the stormy seas
But as tough as it seems
I won't lay down my dreams
Dreams that I will dance
And I will sing
I will live every day to see
What tomorrow brings for me
I do believe
Each day of my life
What doesn't kill me will
strengthen my peace of mind
If I've stayed
true to the line
The path will shine
And I will dance
And I will sing
I will live every day to see
What tomorrow brings for me
And the sun will shine again
And the stormy winds
Will blow in again
But I will dance
And I will sing
I will live every day to see
What tomorrow brings
And I will laugh
And I will love
I will live every day to see
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
For me