Heartlock (2018) Movie Script

MAN: Alright
Bobby, take care.
Felix, we're up.
WOMAN: AOP, red stamp reports
overseeing officer for
housing assignments.
LEE: All I can
do in here is count.
The weekly ODs, the daily
assaults, the 14 murders.
The thought of your face
is my only distraction,
that and the constant hustle
it takes to write you.
Every cent of every
stamp is hard-won
and every minute I
don't hear from you
feels like another
10 year sentence.
Where are you?
I'm counting on you.
I can't stop counting.
While you let me rot in
here, think about that.
I saved you, now it's your
turn, you fuckin' owe me.
Alright, let's
see what y'all got.
You done, take a walk.
What, you got a
problem with my money?
Fool, what money?
I won every stamp you got,
maybe I should write your girl.
Punches no longer
accepted, huh?
Man, you in some darkness.
But if you wanna bet that
pretty face, go right ahead.
Let's see how good your
bluff is, now (LAUGHING).
Why you outta breath?
Got an inhaler?
It ain't like that.
Undiagnosed asthma, huh?
Not running from the
scene of a murder?
Who been murdered?
Dumb motherfucker.
Everyone hold up.
What's your name, officer?
Tera Sharpe.
Right, you're
Gerald's daughter.
Yes, Captain.
Well Tera, the coroner's
calling this one a suicide.
Captain, check his
boots, there's blood.
You don't have to
prove anything to me.
You're Gerald's kid,
I'm sure you got skills
but I got experience,
which tells me
that if you collar this fool
and collect all your evidence
and so on and so on, it's not
gonna lead to a conviction.
It's just gonna get fucked up.
So what happens to the victim?
The victim was serving three
consecutive life sentences,
he was gonna die in here anyway.
And this chump
gets to go free?
Oh, he'll get
punished, just not by us.
He's part of a
circle of death now.
Whatever beef he had
that made him kill,
it's gonna come
back to him somehow.
Then he's gonna end up losing.
Just let nature take it's
course, it's more efficient.
We cool?
False alarm, release him.
Deal me in, few minutes left.
Every time you lose, my
fist lose mercy, motherfucker.
Teach you how to punch.
Well let's up it up, then.
I already got him, Alexa.
Yeah, he's clean.
- I got six days.
- That's right, baby.
Can't you get me something
for these fuckin' shakes?
Problems ain't gonna be
fixed with pills, takes faith.
Man, look around,
you in prison.
Fuck faith.
Hey, you got mail.
Son of a bitch.
Cut it out.
I said shut the fuck up.
I know you from somewhere.
Get used to it,
it only gets louder.
Happy birthday Vanessa
Have a happy birthday
OPERATOR: We're sorry, the
number you have reached is...
I know she's thinking
about me just the way
I'm thinking about her, I just
don't know how to find her.
Seems she don't
wanna hear from ya.
I love her.
When you love
something, you chase it.
What if you chasin' something
that ain't even there?
See, we on the inside
get stuck in time
thinkin' that the
rest of the world
is on pause but it
ain't, we paused.
Them on the outside are on play.
This here is your life now.
I'm telling you to find peace
in what you got,
not what's missing.
Preach it.
How'd I know I'd
find you out here?
You wander away
from my poppy fields
and now look at ya,
man without a country.
I hear you got 12
days clean, ups.
Yo, hold up.
No disrespect.
This here would
be Continental.
(LAUGHING) What they call you?
Best orderly in the joint,
got me off that
poison you slang.
A miracle worker, huh?
- Stealin' my best customer.
- Ease up.
My man is stingin',
his girl just left him.
Came to Jules for
some schoolin'.
Told me to give up.
- That what you heard?
- Give,
won't be seein' that
word in my memoirs.
There's too much to take.
Much love for ya, Jules.
Mm mm, don't even.
He ain't the one to listen to.
Seems like a man
who gets things done.
Sure, got his ducks in a row.
Yeah, ducks.
Like quack quack
motherfuckin' ducks.
Ducks are COs that get sucker
til they under a con's thumb.
That's how he gets
the heroin, then.
One foot inside with us,
one in the outside world.
Whatever you're thinkin',
stay away from that man.
You stay away from this shit.
I don't wanna spend a
lot of time on specifics
because it's the bigger picture
I want you to worry about.
Curt Martin was arrested today
for narcotics trafficking.
We all know it was his undue
familiarity with the inmates
that led to such a charge,
he'll be punished accordingly.
Good man, Captain.
Okay, I don't
know about y'all,
but I'm ready to wake
up from that nightmare.
Let's face some facts,
we have 100 officers
for 1,000 prisoners.
Now, as CO Martin showed us
all, you can easily get lost
if you get too close
and lose perspective.
This place is a fuckin' jungle.
I come bearing gifts.
They ain't Gucci, but
good lookin' out.
Alright, I got
shit to attend to.
Thought about
what you said to me.
I'm gonna go after her.
God bless.
I want your help.
With what?
LEE: Gettin' out of here.
What you know about me?
Actually, I don't
know anything.
Yet here you are asking
me to commit a felony.
Man, I just thought we could
- work this out.
- Bounce.
And quit peddling
me shit like some
Nigerian prince with
a Yahoo account.
If you ever step to
me again like that,
I'm gonna come down
to that infirmary,
grab a syringe and stick your
carotid with it, dead center.
Boom, air bubble
fuckin' embolism.
This is my Zen garden.
Not a single piece of paper.
Know how I've got
15 years on the job?
By not letting a
soul fuck with it.
Your father taught me that,
he was a mentor of mine.
He taught me something
crucial to my success here,
there are lines drawn in sand
and lines drawn in concrete
and to have a career here, you
need to know the difference.
What do you know
about Curt Martin?
Beyond what you said at
roll call, nothing really.
Lot of rumors.
I had him on midnight crew.
Post with a lot of autonomy,
thought he could handle it
and it buried him.
I trust you won't
have that problem
when you take it over.
Thank you, Captain.
Congratulations, run
it clean and it'll prove
an excellent springboard
for advancement.
- Make your daddy proud.
- Yes, ma'am.
Remember about the Zen garden.
Don't worry, I
won't fuck it up.
That a girl.
The fuck?
You left the door open again.
GERALD: Oh, we'll
fix this, yeah.
Come on, watch it, you got this.
Weed-B-Gon, fertilizer.
What are you talkin' about?
I tried everything, I tried
everything but the flowers.
Do you want them
out of the ground?
No, I didn't have
a choice, god dammit.
Had no choice.
This is my house, too.
What am I fuckin' doing here?
Stop actin' like a bitch,
this ain't about you.
You need to save my
cat, she's ODing.
On what?
How did that happen?
I don't know how to treat this.
Jules said you were
some kinda medicine man.
It's a cat.
She's still a mammal, yo.
Just give her the
human shit, just less.
How much did she take?
A lot.
Come on, hurry up.
I'll need supplies
from the infirmary.
Yeah, Felix'll take you.
Come on.
But you'll make it up to me.
You haven't heard
what I want yet.
Speak it.
Same thing I wanted last
time, midnight train outta here.
What am I, Harriet Tubman?
What I need from your
man is that it gets...
Felix is still a duckling.
He ain't got the
fat or the feathers
for something like that.
Even if he did, you
think he'd risk his job,
his healthcare, his
motherfuckin' pension for you?
The man's got a family, yo.
We all got things we love.
Yeah, you find your own duck
and I'll help you down him
into a golden goose, hm?
Now save my fuckin' cat.
What I need's in that bag.
We even, 'cause my
wife's probably waitin'.
My wife's waiting for me.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, go.
Hey, good lookin' out, friend.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Go.
That's my gangstress.
(LAUGHING) If it looks like shit
and it smells like
shit, it might be dope.
Yo, how about my
end of the bargain?
You need to find some
feathers to ruffle.
I got some.
Tera Sharpe?
Rumor is you know her
from somewhere else.
She works midnight crew now.
Midnight crew.
How the hell am I gonna
get on midnight crew?
You did good
tonight, I got you.
Chill, lady.
I think that overdose fucked
her up, she's so needy now.
Anyways, congratulations.
Look at this shit.
I think she's done.
So why the congratulations?
You're gettin' transferred
to midnight crew.
Time to get your dick wet.
Any advice?
The only difference between
downin' a duck and makin'
a friend is what you're
lookin' to get in the end.
I'm lookin' to get out,
but don't I need some
kind of escape plan?
duck shorty right,
and she'll be the one
comin' to you with a plan.
Midnight crew will give
you room to operate.
You'll have her and this
whole joint to yourself.
Get her believin' you
deserve to be free.
Check out a CO handbook, every
rule you can get her to break
is leverage in case
she don't take to you.
Meow this, meow that, it's
gettin' on my fuckin' nerves.
I think it's best you take her.
Good luck, yo.
Heartlock High,
that's how I know you.
Hands in pockets.
We were in high
school together.
You don't remember that?
I was class of '08, so
you must have been what?
- Class of '09 or something?
- Stop.
Alright, you boys
know the drill.
Just do your thing.
You, garbage detail.
Tera Sharpe, right?
No first names.
The girl that always wore
different colored
ribbons in her hair.
I am not that girl,
I am not a girl,
I am your CO and
you're an inmate
so stop fucking talking
to me like you know me.
Just never thought
I'd see you in here.
Funny, 'cause I always
knew you'd end up in here.
Hey, move.
So you do remember me.
Hey princess, don't
go past the dumpsters,
they'll shoot your ass.
Hey, was that good for you?
Laughing at me?
Get your fucking hands
up against that wall.
- What did you call me?
- CO.
How long do I have to stay here?
Til I say so.
I'm sorry about last night,
didn't mean to get you riled up.
Hey, why don't you like me?
Did I do something to
you back in the day?
Turned your back on society.
(LAUGHING) Come on, that's
like straight outta the manual.
But your attitude,
that's personal.
- Oh really?
- Mm hm.
Please, enlighten me.
I don't know, I'm
thinkin' maybe it's 'cause
I knew you on the outside,
you know I've seen you smile.
Oh really?
You used to have a nice
smile, what happened?
Break's over.
- You know how snakes hunt?
- No.
They taste
chemicals in the air,
detecting every little
change, it's very precise.
Nothin' gets by them.
Are we gonna talk
business or what?
The shade best be clean.
No doubt.
I chose the wrong duck.
I can't get through to
her, her walls are up.
You gotta find what's
in a person's soul
before you can possess 'em.
She won't talk to me.
Maybe you just ain't
really listening.
He has early onset Alzheimer's,
he's in no position to
make decisions like that.
All I'm asking is that
you call me first, Tom.
I had to climb through a
window and he nearly shot me.
I know he's your best friend,
but he's my father god dammit.
I spent my life stuck in
this town taking care of him.
Show me some respect, that's
all I'm asking, thank you.
You and her ain't so different,
you're both lookin'
to escape something.
Yeah, I can work with that.
What happened?
Cut it on a piece of metal.
Thanks for this.
Shit, this is
deeper than I thought.
You might need stitches.
No, I'll be fine.
Will you just bandage it?
Come on, I don't wanna
go to the infirmary.
Hold this, I need to
tie it with something.
Oh yeah.
You're pretty good at this.
Make a good nurse.
I'd never do that job.
Why not?
Hate hospitals.
Last time I was in one
was at the San Onofre Bluffs
on the Pacific coast.
For a cut like this, actually,
I stepped on a piece
of broken sea glass.
Must be nice.
Was an adventure.
We're just
different, that's all.
You're one of
those guys, y'know?
Who just does whatever he wants
like everything'll work out.
Is that why you're
giving me such a hard time?
You think?
That you would turn
your back on everything
and everyone if it
cramped your style?
Yeah, pretty much.
CO, you gotta come see this.
- What's going on?
- Fuck.
Red pin, freezer two, red pin.
- Fucked up, man.
See, what'd I tell you?
Circle of death.
Okay, off the wall.
Let this be a lesson
to all of y'all,
remember who are and
where you belong.
Alright, move out.
- How 'bout this for leverage?
- What you goin'
for with that?
Article two, section
five, paragraph six.
Article of personal
value exchanged
between staff member and inmate.
Okay, you got yourself a prop.
You got a story to go with that?
Yeah, I cut my own fucking
hand to get her to touch me,
she ended up giving it
to me as a tourniquet.
Nah, circumstance ain't story.
Peep this, me and Tera
were in the nasty.
She ripped that
ribbon from her hair,
wrapped my hands up
in it and took my dick
in her mouth and
said (GARGLING).
- Lie about it?
- Make it truth,
make it emotional,
make her yours.
- Gabos!
- Gabos, what?
Giving ain't
based on sympathy.
SWEET: Nigga, I'm talkin'
'bout goin' straight.
A regular fuckin' job.
The hell you talkin' about?
Jewelry, start
sellin' jewelry.
Aw man, I'm away from it.
Just me in that bed squeakin'.
Oh, you talkin' 'bout
wildin' the jewelry stuff, man.
That's what I'm sayin'.
Get away with all that
motherfuckin' jewelry
and never get caught,
we won't get caught.
Think about that one, man.
Make sure do somethin'
good, though.
Aight, Sweet.
Do you have my ribbon?
What ribbon?
The one I used on your cut.
Didn't I give it back to you?
Pretty sure I did.
Pretty sure you didn't.
What, you don't trust me?
Or don't you remember?
Are you normally forgetful?
I know you hate hospitals,
but maybe you should
get that checked out.
Come on, I'm not a bad guy.
Stop fuckin' with me.
Stop assuming
the worst about me.
MAN: She took you to
find this girl that you
were staying with, you
don't wanna spend more time
in prison than you
have to, do ya?
LEE: No.
MAN: If you tell us where
she is, we can help you.
I already told you, Lily
had nothing to do with this.
So you been in Heartlock
ever since graduation?
Nice try.
We're not friends,
I don't talk about my
personal life with you.
Fine, let's talk
about mine then.
Do you remember Lily Thomas?
We started dating
in high school,
both our parents were fucked up
so we got the hell outta there.
No money, no plan, but we
had each other, y'know?
Made it all the
way to California.
You have no idea
how beautiful it is
to see the whole country
whiz by at 120 miles an hour.
Man, I got to travel, got
to be in love, to be free.
Just thinking about that gets me
through the day to day here.
How do you get through it?
Like I always do, I
just get through it.
Sounds shitty.
(LAUGHING) Must have,
seems both you and I
ended up in prison.
So the third con pulls
out a bunch of tampons.
second con goes
well what the fuck
can you do with those?
Third con goes well
according to the box,
I can go swimming or bike
riding or roller skating.
Oh, you're laughing with me now?
You and I are both just
people sharing the same planet.
I've been through a divorce,
I know what a good lawyer costs.
But I also know that I just hate
to see you get burned
by the legal system.
You got a good referral?
I'll do you one better,
I'll get you half off.
I know this guy, he's
handled many of my affairs.
I wouldn't say he owes
me anything per se,
but accommodations
could be made if.
FELIX: If what?
If you handle that package
thing I mentioned a while back.
Can't you just
get another cat?
You think it's easy?
Lala's retired,
she's outta the game
so I'm pulling
you off the bench.
You should be thanking me.
For what?
Okay, let's not get
into who owes who.
What matters is you
and I is friends,
I care about you which is
why I'll be there to help you
when you need it seeing as
you're helping me right now.
With those packages,
just look for the ones
addressed to my Christian
name, Kirkland Bosta.
But the logs, you know
and they screen all the time
and it just, it looks sketchy.
Look, what about
my pension, man?
Felix, that's why
I have you there.
I trust you, you
can handle it, hm?
You can handle it.
Yeah, go on.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Felix buggin' on me.
Yeah motherfucker, Felix.
Seems pretty sucker to me.
They always do
until they ain't.
That last package turned red.
- Huh?
- You put it
in the cleared bin.
Did I?
Fuckin' machines.
I'm tellin' ya, man, this
place is going to shit.
It's like he knew
exactly what I was doing.
Freaked me the fuck out, man.
I just, I don't wanna end
up like Curt Martin, y'know?
You know what they do to law
enforcement in the joint.
Don't be cryin' no
rivers about Martin.
He brought that shit on himself.
It's not like either one
of us signed up for this.
No, the skeletons
in your closet did.
I didn't have any
skeletons til I met you.
Those letters you got
back, they were from Lily?
Mm hm.
After we got back from
California, we were squatting,
never knew where we
were gonna end up next
so I opened a P.O. box in
case we ever got separated.
That's where I sent the letters.
You were worried
about getting separated.
Well yeah, we knocked
off half a dozen
convenience stores together.
You told the police that you
were the only one responsible.
I looked at your file the
other day, saw your confession.
Well that's just what you
do when you love someone.
Suffer for them?
I know what that's like.
Better to have
loved and lost, right?
I'm not like you,
I'm not a risk taker.
I guess I hate to lose,
it's just how I was raised.
Lily taught me
that playing safe
was worse than losing,
there's no room to win.
You two sound dangerous.
Like Bonnie and Clyde.
Hey, Officer Tera Sharpe,
New York State Corrections.
I called you about
the Thomas file.
There's something
I wanna tell you.
Oh yeah?
I went looking for her.
Something happen to her?
No, it's not like that.
She's the reason
you're in here, Lee.
She ratted you out.
I'm sorry.
What the fuck are
you talkin' about?
You wanted to find
out where she is.
That's where she is.
I need you to
come in tomorrow.
I got a fragile package coming
that needs your soft hands.
- Yeah, but tomorrow's...
- Y'know, all I get from you
is buts, negativity like
that kills relationships.
I bet your wife told you
that shit in counseling
but you probably
shut her out, too.
Leadership is complicated.
Why would she
fucking betray me?
'Cause people be
people, they do shit.
It's like I never
even knew her.
You know, I was in a similar
situation like that once.
And look at me now.
What happened?
I killed her, summer of '91.
That why you're in?
Amongst other wrongs
I've had to right.
What I'm tryin' to
say is I found anger
just about solves everything.
But hey, you know,
that's just me.
Well I ain't like
you, I don't kill.
And I don't get betrayed.
Stuck here every night,
why the fuck am I here?
How you holdin' up?
Got the clientele,
got the employees,
we ain't got us
in shit but bank.
How much money we
talkin' a week, though?
- Quarter mil.
- Straight up?
No bullshit, yo.
What up, Lee?
- Oh, cowboy.
- You alright?
Yeah, I missed.
You alright,
what's goin' on man?
Just getting rid of this shit.
You what?
Just getting rid of this shit.
- I don't really know, man.
- That's right.
- Check this out.
- What you got there?
Oh shit, he's on the sauce?
Oh that's that strong
shit, though, Sweet.
Leave that shit alone, yo.
That's that shit, though.
Lee, not tonight, bro.
Come on, man.
No one wants anything
to do with me, fine.
I don't give a shit.
ain't say all that.
SWEET: Cowboy.
Cowboy, don't call me a
cowboy, you piece of shit.
- Oh, cowboy.
- It's like that?
Lee, Lee?
Yo, get the CO, man.
- What the fuck is he doing?
- CO.
MAN: Stop.
Get down on the ground.
Officer in pursuit,
tower stand down.
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you fucking crazy?
You could have been killed.
I just don't know
what to do anymore.
She abandoned you, so what?
People have left me, too.
You good?
Come on.
- Inmate under custody.
- Copy that.
I thought love conquers
all or some shit.
Man, there ain't no
one thing that conquers.
You talk about love the way
a junkie talks about smack.
I'm no addict.
Man, call it what you like,
you're an escape artist.
I doubt Lily was blinded.
Love needs to be about more
than running away from the past.
GERALD: Where's
my goddamn gun?
Dad, stop okay?
We've been robbed.
I gave it back to Tom, okay?
You can't have a gun anymore,
dad, you're too sick.
What, I don't know that?
I know that.
Stop treatin' me like I'm
one of your prisoners.
I mean you wouldn't even be
a CO if it weren't for me.
About the other night.
It's okay.
You said you were
abandoned, too.
My mom left my dad and me.
- Hey.
- Hey,
brought some donuts
to the staff room.
Great yeah, I'll grab
some before my shift.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Shall we sit?
Let's eat.
SWEET: Heroin, weed,
crank, all that shit.
- Fuck that.
- 25 to life, B.
This ol' greasy
ass dude was there,
the jake beat his ass in
front of the bodega one time.
He was high and smokin' shit,
then he ended up pissin'
on they boots and shit.
And there was some
winos across the street
singin' In the
Still of the Night
while they was workin' his ass,
like doo doo doo doo doo.
In the still of the night
I remember that night in May
The stars were bright above
And I hope
And I pray
Come on cowboy,
come on cowboy.
To keep
Your precious love
So won't you
Let me go
It's like the Apollo
in this motherfucker.
Say it again.
I want out.
After all the dirt you done?
I got so much shit
on you, I own you.
Not if I don't give a
shit if everyone knows.
You wanna have to tell your
kids that daddy's a drug mule?
Doesn't matter anymore.
Sheila says she's
takin' the kids.
Did you call that
lawyer I told you about?
I don't care,
I'm a slave to you.
I'm a slave to Hearst, do
whatever you have to do.
I don't even wanna
be here anymore.
If that's the way
you really feel, okay.
Gettin' this far in
my world is a victory.
Now taste triumph.
To new lovers.
Or is she just a
good fuck (LAUGHING)?
You got yourself some
powerful leverage, boy.
Sky's the limit to
what she'll do now.
So the plan's for me
to drop my dirt on her?
Then earn your
keep, time to turn
that bitch's title over
to her rightful owner.
I got some immediate
uses for her,
so you're gonna have to
put your plan on hold.
We good?
What do you want with her?
We good.
Baklava, it's a
Russian fuckin' ski mask
you pull onto the
top of your face, B.
Had a Russian bitch named
Sonya that told me that.
Baklava is motherfuckin'
dessert, man.
- No, it' ain't.
- Yes it is.
- What are you talkin' about?
- That's some great shit.
Hey Lee, what you
know about baklava?
Come on, let's go.
Wait, what is that?
This is heroin.
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Stop the things you do
I ain't lyin'
I hear you got
a lot of friends.
Where they at now?
What's wrong?
You deserve better than this.
I know.
In another life, we'd
run away together.
Why in another life?
Thanks, Jules.
Is there anyone else who would
like to share with us today?
I'd now like to close this
meeting with a moment of silence.
I think I'm finally
gettin' out of here.
She's falling hard.
One thing that
sobriety taught me
is the reason I started
doin' dope way back when
was because my life had truths
that I couldn't face sober.
Let me show you something.
That's my son.
I had no idea you had kids.
He's a stranger to me now.
Won't even take my calls.
Why don't you try
to call him again?
My point is I hurt
everyone that ever loved me.
And until you decide
the kind of man
you wanna be and
why you're still
trying to escape,
you'll do the same.
See if I don't get down like
Nelson Mandela, you bitch.
You can't break me.
Now who's the bitch.
Inmate at Heartlock
Correctional Facility
is said to be released
from solitary confinement
after these images of
his severely beaten face.
Wounds he said he sustained
during an unprovoked attack
by prison staff
surfaced earlier today.
The inmate, known by his
street name Continental,
indicated that he was
able to steal a cellphone
while being attacked,
then using his camera,
documented his injuries
while uploading the selfies
to several social media sites,
with captions
pleading for his life.
Photographs picked up the
attention of the ACLU,
prompting a thunderstorm meeting
between ACLU lawyers and
the state's attorney.
Although it's rare for
the state's attorney
to get involved in
this sort of matter,
it's not unprecedented,
especially given
that this is the second
incident this year
involving alleged
corruption at Heartlock.
The first was the arrest
of Officer Curtis Martin,
who was charged with
drug trafficking.
All this leads many to
question of what the crew
is allowing full
scale corruption
of the five under her command.
So how the fuck did
I end up in the hole?
How the fuck did my shit
get took from the mail?
I don't know.
- Don't play dumb.
- I'm not.
So you think I
should kill Felix?
He works the mail room,
he was there that night.
So was your girly, you
think I should kill her?
You protectin' her?
Oh, you don't have
to answer that.
But you do need to answer me.
So you use your leverage,
'cause she don't
belong to you anymore.
Now bring that bitch to me.
Where should I go?
Mail room, you get on
the midnight crew tomorrow.
Alright, no problem.
Oh, there is gonna
be a fuckin' problem,
just ask Felix.
Know anything about Buddhism?
Didn't think so.
The Buddhists believe in karma,
a cycle of cause and
effect connectin' us all.
What you do influences me,
what I do influences
the next guy and so on.
You caused some shit by
seizing all those drugs.
A big timer ended up in
the hole, and now he's out.
That's gonna come back at ya.
You need to watch your back.
If you have any vacation time,
now's a good time to take it.
Let's run away together.
Why be stuck in here when
I can be free with you?
You'd lose your job.
Fuck, you'd lose everything.
Hold 22.
If you don't wanna
get out of here
or if you don't wanna be with
me or if there's anything
that you're hiding, now's
the time to tell me.
How would we even do it?
Meet me in the
chapel tomorrow night.
Karma's a bitch.
I've been watchin'
like you asked,
something's up with
her, I can feel it.
Good lookin' out, friend.
Sad about our friend here.
Heart attack.
They sayin' it was
some sort of embolism.
I told you I don't get betrayed.
Word is you tryin' to
fly away with my duck.
That true?
- No.
- Cool.
So, you still wanna be free?
What the fuck are you doing?
World be crazy.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I love you.
MAN: Come in, Sharpe.
MAN: Captain, the
ACLU is on the phone.
They say they're
going to the press.
The ACLU claims
Heartlock inmate
Kirkland Bosta has been killed.
Bosta last made headlines on
Tuesday when he filed a lawsuit
against the facility
alleging police brutality.
Sources say a guard was present
at the time of Bosta's death
and that the body was
found in a restricted area.
The ACLU is demanding
an investigation.
Some guy with a
badge is outside,
he says he wants to
photograph your injuries.
Yeah, please.
MAN: Hi, this is Dennis
Mahogany, attorney at law.
I've been a longtime friend of
law enforcement, so you know,
I hear things and well,
give me a call, 518.
Yo, where's Tera?
Beats me, she's in deep shit.
You were right, getting with
Continental got me twisted.
Glad you startin' to
see things straight.
I don't know how to straighten
out without hurting people.
You killed a man and left
Tera to take the blame,
I'd say people are already hurt.
You wanna fix things, god
dammit, start with the truth.
It's the gruesomeness
of it all, and the fact
that you were found there
alone covered in his blood.
Those are the kind of details
the media latches onto,
putting pressure on
the system to act.
Now the DA's opening
up an investigation
and there will inevitably
be a grand jury.
Your name is likely
to surface soon.
There's no runnin' from this.
Your life, your
career, your past,
it will all be dug
up and scrutinized.
I don't need that
kind of attention
anymore than you do, understand?
I put in the paperwork
for your paid leave.
If you have any dirty
laundry, it's time to burn it.
I said stop.
Still with us.
Your father should be
proud, he raised a fighter.
Get outta here.
Hold up.
Say, this look familiar to you?
We found it in Lee's pocket.
Mean anything to you?
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You better stop the
things that you do
I ain't lyin'
Ain't gonna take none
of your foolin' around
I ain't gonna take none
of your puttin' me down
I put a spell on you
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You better stop the
things that you do
I ain't lyin'
I love you
I love you
I love you so
I don't care if
you don't want me
I'm yours right now
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
I put a spell on you
I put a spell on you
And now you're mine
Mm meow.