Hearts Beat Loud (2018) Movie Script

MAN: I don't think
you can smoke inside.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- What's that?
I don't think
you can smoke inside.
You buy something,
I'll put it out.
Hi. See that?
Just bought that album
on Amazon
for less money
than you charge here.
You're a dickhead.
Who can tell us some of the symptoms
of coronary artery disease?
- Sam?
- Uh, chest pain.
Yes, such as angina caused
by inadequate blood supply
to the heart muscle.
What else? Yeah.
WOMAN: Um, irregular
heartbeat, loud heartbeat.
PROFESSOR: Palpitations, yes,
although, loud heartbeat
is probably not a symptom
of an underlying condition.
Unless, I suppose the patient
is falling in love.
All right, ventricles,
let's look at those.
FRANK: Leslie, hey!
Hey! How's it going, Frank?
It is going. (CHUCKLES)
Looking for anything
in particular?
Mmm, nah, just looking.
What's this?
I like this.
Oh, this is Songs: Ohia.
It's really just this one guy,
Jason Molina.
He's amazing.
Well, he was amazing.
He died a young man
before his time,
- but he was a genius.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, its really good.
- Yeah.
This dual link vocal bit
right here...
That's my...
That's my favorite part.
And he wrote the song about
the woman he would
eventually marry
when they were
just a new couple, so,
sort of a fresh love song.
- You are in for a real treat.
- Oh.
Um, so listen,
if... If you ever have
any free time,
I was hoping we could talk
about a few things.
Well, I'm free right now.
Sure, uh... (CLEARS THROAT)
I'm... I'm not gonna
be renewing.
I have to close the shop, Les.
Uh, okay.
I'm sorry, Frank. I... I held off on
raising the rent as long as I could.
No, it's okay.
I mean, its time.
I've got some changes
I need to be making.
My... My girl starts UCLA
in the fall.
And I... I mean, 17 years
is a pretty good run.
Yeah. Yeah.
That's the big news
around these parts.
I'm so sorry.
I'm... I'm sorry,
I got to take this.
POLICE: You know,
I get that she's elderly,
but shoplifting
is shoplifting.
I understand. She just gets a
little confused sometimes.
I'm sure she didn't mean
to steal anything.
All right, well, maybe somebody ought
to keep a closer eye on her, yeah?
We will, Officer. Thank you.
All right, Mrs. Fisher,
I'm gonna let you go this time
but I really don't want
to see you here again.
Who made these?
Dustin Yellen.
This is his studio.
How does it work?
He places these tiny images
on slabs of glass
and then stacks them together
so it makes one whole piece.
It's very scientific.
Like a preserved person.
It's about how we each have
one self,
but we're all made of more
than just one thing, you know?
At least, that's how
I interpret it.
Move where?
This place is rent-controlled.
I'm not gonna move.
Why, do you wanna move me
into a home?
Nobody's putting you
in a home, Ma.
Maybe you could
come and live with me
after Sam goes off
to school in the fall.
Move to Red Hook?
There are no trains
that go to Red Hook, Frank.
Well, we need to do something.
How's it going, kiddo?
Did you, um,
find my birth certificate?
"Hello, dear Dad, it's going great.
How are you?"
I'm serious.
I need it for enrollment. They
keep sending me those emails.
Um, I know it hung on
to your umbilical cord,
- I think I know where that is.
- You're not funny.
Not even, like,
a little bit.
I'll look for it tomorrow.
You smell like cigarettes.
That might be my new Axe
body spray scent, Brothel.
What are you doing, homework?
We're studying the heart
this week.
I hope you're hanging out with friends
or something later, at least.
They're all away
for the summer.
I just can't believe
you're spending your
last summer before college
in a pre-med class
right before you have to go
spend four years taking
pre-med classes.
By which I mean, I'm very
proud of your work ethic.
Do you know how hard it is for an incoming
freshman to get a research position?
I'm being prepared.
Plus I enjoy this.
This is fun for me.
Well, it's clearly got you
in a terrific mood.
Can I help you
with something or...
Yeah. Are you not watching the clock?
It's jam sesh time.
- No.
- Come on!
- Come on, you haven't jammed with me for a long time.
- Dad, come on. I'm studying.
- Please. Come on.
- No. I'm doing something.
- Not right now.
- I understand.
When jam sesh time arrives,
we have to put aside childish things,
like homework and med school.
- Please don't touch my things.
- Well, its time for jam sesh.
Dad, I don't want
to jam with you. (CHUCKLES)
It's jam sesh time
- No.
- Take the J to the A, to the M. Jam sesh.
- Switch the J for an S, then it's a Sam sesh.
- No, I'm not coming.
- Dad, please.
- You're...
- It's the jam sesh.
Be-be-ba-ba-ba, everybody
go, he-ha the jam sesh
We're taking the old,
we're taking the two...
I'm not even
gonna look at you.
The jam sesh time,
I'll see you in the studio
(BEAT BOXING) Jam sesh.
We have come for you.
- Jam sesh time. I'm an alien.
Ocean man
Take me by my hand
Lead me to the land
That you understand
Ocean man
The voyage to the corner
of the globe is a real trip
- What?
Uh, as someone very near
to me recently said,
"This is fun for me."
What is that?
I don't know.
I'm just messing around.
Play it again.
- Start together.
- Okay.
BOTH: One, two, three, four...
- It's pretty cool.
- Let's do it again.
- All right.
I don't know what it is
I can't make my heart feel
like that
When did you write this?
(SIGHS) Earlier today.
You can't make your
heart feel like what?
I don't know.
Well, try and think about it.
You can't make your heart
feel like what?
Full, I guess,
like some of it's missing.
"Speak now.
Streets are flooded.
"Hearts loud, we feel it
in our blood.
"And now our hearts
beat loud."
Its just a bunch of words.
I'm not even sure
it means anything.
Meaning, shmeaning.
"I want it that way."
They want what?
What way?
- It doesn't matter...
- Wait, I'm sorry.
Are you bringing up the Backstreet
Boys in reference to my lyrics?
With all due respect, it's
actually a pretty good song.
- Hmm.
- Oh, come on!
How did you get to be
such a music snob?
I wonder.
This is a mood piece.
It just has to have a feeling.
This has feeling.
The heart is what it is
You stood in the hallway
staring back
I don't know what it is
I can't make my heart
feel like that
And I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
'Cause even if I said it
you wouldn't hear it, oh
We ride
and the lights are out
City bright and the rain
falls down outside
I don't wanna go home
I miss you when
you're not around
Not so simple just to say
out loud all those words
I feel when I'm alone
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
'Cause even if I said it
you wouldn't hear it, oh
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
Don't leave me here alone
Speak now,
streets are flooded
Hearts loud,
we feel it in our blood
And now our hearts
beat loud
Speak now,
streets are flooded
Hearts loud,
we feel it in our blood
And now our hearts beat loud
I wished I'd said what
I meant way back then
I wished I 'd said what
I meant way back then
I'm off to work.
- No.
- Come on. That was amazing.
You've been trying to start a
band with me since I was like 12.
Yes and as great as Sandwich
und Frank could have been,
we are legit,
so much way better now.
But we should probably come up
with a cooler name.
- We're not a band.
- We're Not A Band?
I like it.
What are you staring at?
Oh, I just get lost
in that sometimes.
You were
so devilishly handsome.
Yeah, I was.
Where have you been?
I was with my new person.
- Your new person?
- Hmm. My new marijuana person.
It's incredible.
He shows up once a week and he
says he's here to fix my computer.
- You don't have a computer.
- I know. (CHUCKLES)
The computer is my brain,
don't you get it?
He's here to fix my brain.
- Did you happen to smoke some with your new person?
- Yep.
- You want some?
- No.
I would like another beer.
Okie-dokie. (GRUNTS)
Phew! Once in a lifetime.
- What?
- I mean, I was in other productions,
just not on Broadway.
But you know,
we don't always get
to do what we love, Frankie,
so we need to try to love
what we do.
I guess I never realized
that was your secret.
Yeah. Yep, yep, yep.
- It's not a bad crowd for a week night.
- Right.
Right. Well, we are
a destination for young people
who are looking for a taste
of the real Red Hook.
- Says who?
- New York magazine.
How you doing at your end?
The landlady
has been notified.
That's tough.
Really hasn't hit me yet.
Although, sometimes
change is good.
I feel like maybe you're
not the best judge of that,
having been here
for 30 years.
I just...
I just got a new person today.
- Touche.
- Thank you.
You still got it, buddy.
Your Best American Girl.
That's definitely not me.
You know, that's exactly why
you have to listen to it.
You know, she just gets it.
Okay, I will.
I'll listen to it.
This is a dead end?
Yeah, this is a part
where I kidnap you
- and tie you up.
- Oh.
That's not how I meant it.
Good one.
So why UCLA?
I've been here my whole life.
I want something different.
It's time to get away.
You came here
to get away.
I get it.
But it's not New York.
I know. (LAUGHS)
What're you doing?
I don't even know
if I had a lot of love
If I'd know
what to do with it now
Okay open your eyes.
What is this?
I got you a present.
How much money
did you spend on this?
You said you needed a sampler?
So sample this.
What? I got this on sale.
Is that a Les Paul?
Darn tootin' it is.
Dad, we can't afford this.
How did you even pay for this?
I put it on the credit card.
What do you care?
You keep telling me
we don't have any money.
We can't keep this stuff.
It's for the band.
There's no band.
You have to grow up, okay?
I don't want to be
in a band.
And even if I did, I'm not going
to be in one with my dad.
Okay, I'll take them back.
Here you go. Bye.
- Frank.
- Callie, my dear, how are you?
Same old.
Usual for you?
Actually, do you, uh, do you know
what kind of whoopie pie Sam likes?
- Strawberry.
- Give me two of those.
- Okay.
- Please.
Go ahead and throw a classic
in there for me, too.
Okay. Here we go.
What... What is this?
- Are you playing this?
- What?
The song, what... How...
What are we listening to?
Oh, oh, I don't know.
Just some mix.
What mix?
Um, I can find out.
It's um, new indie mix
on Spotify.
Can I... Can I see that?
This... This is my band.
This is me.
That's Sam singing. This...
- Its cool.
- How the hell did this get on here?
Listen, look at this.
That's our song right there.
Hearts Beat Loud.
- We're Not A Band.
- Its cool.
You guys, this is my band.
This tune, you can hear it?
What? What? How?
Can you? Can you?
No. This is my band!
What's up!
I got you whoopie pies.
And then you ran here
with them?
- Go to Spotify.
- No.
- Sam do it.
- That's weird.
- I got to show you something.
- No.
- Go to Spotify. Sam do it.
- I'm doing something.
Sam go to Spotify and check
out the new indie mix.
- Just for once do what your father says.
- Okay.
- What am I looking for?
- Just keep looking.
- What is this?
- I don't know.
I don't know. Play it.
Did you put our song
on Spotify?
We are real.
This is real.
We're the real deal, kiddo.
We are on a playlist with
Iron & Wine and Spoon. Boom!
Whoopie pies and Spotify.
I gotta get to the shop.
We're Not A Band, baby!
Oh, my famous daughter,
Dude, what you did was wrong.
Sorry, wrong?
Dad, you did it without asking,
without my permission.
I mean, I could sue you.
That would be
an excellent idea.
"Daughter sues father
over hit song."
- It's not... Not a hit song.
- No?
There could be like 50,000 people
today listening to our song. Today.
I guess.
So what do we do now?
Okay. Let's see.
You said, uh,
there is no band.
I guess that's it. I guess
we don't do anything now.
I mean, we could
write another song.
In fact, now that we are
having this open dialogue,
I wanted to show you something
I found the other day
when I was looking
for your birth certificate.
- Wait, you found my birth certificate?
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, sorry.
- Dude!
Um, I meant to tell you
about it.
I'm sorry.
It's at... It's at home.
This is my old notebook.
Its full of lyrics and words
and poems.
(LAUGHS) You have
a book of poems?
- Yeah.
- That's a poem, by you?
That, excuse you,
is a song.
It's our new song.
One, two, three...
Anything I'd say
couldn't take the pain away
But it might help you
to sleep somehow
I know it's just a line
how they say to wait on time
But that's no use to you
right now
But somehow in the evening when
you can't escape the feeling
And you're far away
Sleeping doesn't even help
When dreaming is her leaving
or coming back someday
Shut your eyes
Calm your mind
Just give it time
It ain't right
There's no use to fight it
Just give it time
I don't even know
if I had a lot of love
If I'd know
what to do with it now
Even if you said that you
Never once meant those
words that we spoke out loud
But lying won't heal you,
but I still feel you
Hidden in my heart someplace
I keep forgetting all
the cruel things we said
And that sad look
on your face
Oh, shut your eyes
Calm your mind,
just give it time
It ain't right
It's no use to fight it,
just give it time
That's about Mom.
Yeah, and you.
It's a really good song, Dad.
FRANK: This is
a very thoughtful gesture.
LESLIE: I feel so awful
about the store closing.
It's the least I could do.
You deserve a nice dinner.
Well, thank you for doing the least you
can do because this is really great.
And you look really nice,
tonight, Les.
Aw, thanks.
So do you.
- It's my button shirt.
To Red Hook Records.
To Red Hook Records.
Am I crazy
or do you seem cheerful?
No, Sam and I are working
on a...
It's going pretty well.
We're actually writing
some songs together.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I mean, she has got chops.
She's got a voice, too.
I'm not surprised
to hear that.
Well, she doesn't get it
from me.
She's leaving soon, right?
I remember when Jack
went to college,
he could not get away from me
fast enough.
Don't wait for me
I can't come
'Cause your mother wouldn't
approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I think I do
And you're
an all-American boy
I guess I couldn't help trying
to be your best American girl
I got bruises on my knees for you
and grass stains on my knees for you
Got holes in my new jeans
for you
Got pink and black and blue
Got bruises on my knees
for you
And grass stains on my knees
for you
Got holes in my new jeans
for you
Got pink and black and blue
for you-ou-ou-ou
For you-ou-ou-ou
Oh, damn, lady.
You got some pipes!
- Whoo!
Sam talks to me now
like she's the adult.
You know, that's just their way of making
it easier for you when they leave.
So you don't miss 'em
so much.
Being total assholes.
Jack did it to me.
I did it to my parents.
God, I was a monster. You don't
know how easy you have it.
- Yeah, I know.
When Sam was little,
after Dani...
We were like
little kids together.
And that's how we got through
all that.
I have these moments
of immense pride.
The first time
she got a Groucho joke.
Stuff that reminded me
that I was her dad.
Then, eventually,
she outgrew me.
That's what happens.
Done all you can do.
She's great.
You did good, Frank.
(SOFTLY) Sorry.
No, no. It's fine.
Want one more day
Day with...
With you
One more night
What? No shot glasses?
This is serious.
There's rum that needs to be
properly savored.
It's the real deal, Leslie.
Got it from my guy in Mexico.
Wow. Is your guy,
George Clooney?
I never reveal my sources.
This is what we call
the good stuff.
Right? It's like... It's like life.
You know you gotta
slow down and enjoy it.
Won't you join us?
Yeah, you know...
I think I will.
Now, this stuff.
This stuff.
That's so good.
Excuse me.
- He's an Aquarius.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mmm.
- Leslie?
- Ryan!
- Hey!
Hey! Oh.
- What you doing down here?
- Oh, we're just having a nightcap.
This is my friend, Frank.
- Hey, Ryan.
- Hi, there.
Uh, Frank is my...
- (CHUCKLES) Tenant.
- Uh, cool.
One of my tenants.
Yes, she is my landlady.
Uh, well, it's nice
to meet you, Frank.
- I'll see you around, Leslie.
- Yeah, see you soon.
Take her easy.
When submitting your show
history to Mercury Lounge,
please be as specific as possible and
please do not exaggerate your draw.
Show history?
I think we can exaggerate
that a little.
It specifically says
not to exaggerate.
It says don't exaggerate
your draw.
We don't have a draw, either.
I'm gonna say our draw is 60.
No. 65.
No, it's faster than that.
Double time.
- Okay.
- And one, two, three, four.
Now, double the length.
Was that right?
I... I don't know
what kind of song I'm writing.
It's a love song.
No, it's not.
I think your lyrics
would disagree with you,
my dear.
Every song
is a love song, technically.
Uh, The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's
Grave by the Butthole Surfers?
Not a love song.
This is definitely
a love song.
But a love song
for who exactly?
For whom.
"Wanna burn your memory
in the back of my mind.
"So I see your face
when I close my eyes"?
A, that's awesome.
B, there's a lot of love
in there.
- You have a girlfriend?
- Boyfriend?
- Dad.
I have a girlfriend.
Her name is Rose.
She's an artist.
She's cool, I like her.
A lot.
And it's...
Been great, but also,
it isn't.
How so?
It's all in the song.
That's good.
When life
hands you conundrums,
you turn 'em into art.
It's good soup, Grandma.
- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
Mmm, I just like to sit here
and just slurp my soup.
It's a perfect meal
for a hot summer night.
- Okay, wise guy.
- So, you still singing?
- Mmm-hmm.
I know when I was your age,
I would go from nightclub
to nightclub.
Just trying,
trying to get a singing gig.
But that's what
you had to do then.
You took your act
from door to door
And you had to show 'em... You
had to show 'em your stuff.
And then one day, I walked into this club
in Long Island, It was the Three of Hearts.
And the... And the owner said he didn't like
the look of me but could I carry a tune?
Well, I just belted out a couple of...
a couple of bars of All Of Me.
And he knew, he knew.
They put me on the stage
that very night.
Then afterwards,
this handsome man came up.
And he said, "You...
"Have the most beautiful
voice I've ever heard."
I could tell by his eyes,
he meant it.
It was my Eddie.
(SOFTLY) Your grandfather.
I really like that story.
Yeah, he was shorter than me
but I didn't mind.
- Gram!
- That's true.
Hey. Ha!
I just don't think this is
gonna cut it for you, Frank.
I know, but this is income.
Also my meat and cheese background
is really strong, so...
I think I got
a pretty good chance.
Okay, listen. I've... I've actually
been wanting to talk to you
because um, I've been thinking
about something and...
I have a proposition for you.
Okay, so, what if
we brightened it up in here?
You know, get some cool, new
wood-paneled record bins and...
I don't know. Reorganize,
fix the flow.
Make it feel open and fresh
and clean.
I don't know.
I like to think my flow
is super fresh.
I like... I like the certain
patina that I've developed.
We could clear out this area over
here, put a barista in there.
I do like coffee.
It'll be a fresh start. We
can draw up a business plan
- and a rebranding strategy.
- "We"?
Partners. 50-50.
Because I know a good thing
when I see it.
I believe
in this store, Frank.
And honestly, I think it
has a lot of potential.
- This is so good!
- Really?
You wrote this?
(CHUCKLES) Uh, yeah.
I did. With my dad.
- Frank?
- Yes. (GIGGLES)
I gotta say, I was a little worried
when you asked me to listen to it.
Oh, what? You thought
I was gonna suck?
- Yeah.
Would you tell me?
- I mean, I would be out that door.
My dad was in a band
with my mom
before I was born.
So, obviously this is...
More his thing.
Plus, I don't think we're good
enough for an audience, anyways.
You gotta be brave
before you can be good.
What is that?
I read it in a comic book.
You are brave, though.
And you're good.
I just think
it's so unrealistic.
All dreams are unrealistic.
My dreams are real.
- Oh, really?
- Mmm-hmm.
I'm actually
gonna go to school.
And then study really hard.
And then be a doctor.
Well, when you're a doctor and
I'm still a starving artist,
you can give me some free
medical care.
- I will.
- Good.
Let's do something fun
Like what?
Let's bike down
to Coney Island.
I don't have a bike.
Well, I can get you a bike.
Shit, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
No, don't be sorry, um...
I should...
...know how to ride a bike
by now.
But it's stupid.
It's not stupid.
Are you Frank Fisher?
Of the band, We're Not A Band?
I'm Joe.
Yeah, you cracked the hook.
It's good, right?
- What?
- Oh, me?
- So, a gentleman came by the shop today
from a little outfit
called Silly Bird Records,
and he wants to rep us.
He thinks the song
is great, Sam.
He thinks,
you are the real deal.
He wants us to cut an EP,
maybe even go on tour.
Can you believe this?
He said...
He said to me,
"We can really monetize this
thing if we do it properly."
I thought you'd be excited.
Dude, I leave in like a week.
Dad, I can't stay and record
an EP with you.
Why not?
Are you suggesting that
I don't go to college
so that I can stay
and be in a band with you?
I don't know, uh...
No, not, not go, but...
I thought, maybe you could take a
year off and we'll see what happens.
You were in a band
20 years ago and had a deal.
Where's your hit record?
We're just another band.
Okay, I'm...
Going to be a doctor.
Our band is going
somewhere, Sam.
Going somewhere? Do you
hear yourself right now?
The shop is closing.
You don't have a job.
You're broke.
So, what?
We're just gonna leave Grandma
in her apartment, alone?
While we go on tour
and become rock stars?
(SHOUTS) Okay!
You know what?
Forget me.
Because yeah, me?
I am just another band.
But you?
Do you know how many people
would kill to have
even an ounce of the talent
that you have?
This is not something that you just give
up. Not when all of this is happening.
Nothing is happening!
I'm not giving anything up!
You have the same thing inside
you that your mother had.
And if she were here,
right now...
No, you don't get to do that.
She would say
the same damn thing!
Can I get another shot?
You like owning
your own place, Dave?
Yeah, I do. Sometimes, it's
a pain in the ass but...
Yeah, I like it.
Good for you, Dave.
And here's to less pain in the ass
for me because my ass would be...
Pain-free from here on out.
Yeah, I'm... (CHUCKLES)
Starting to have second thoughts
about giving you this whiskey.
Just pour me the shot, Doctor.
Last one.
You know how much a year at UCLA cost?
Speaking of doctors.
I mean, we're just
paying 12,000.
That's what they call a great
financial aid package.
Don't have a dime
to your name? 12,000 bucks.
Well, think of it this way.
You know,
after all that money's spent,
she's gonna end up being
a doctor.
One more time.
- You said last one on the last one.
- Come on, man.
This is not a professional
relationship, Frankie.
I'm your friend.
Frank, what's up?
What am I to you, anyway?
I don't know. I mean,
you see potential here?
I'm a business opportunity?
You're my friend.
We're friends.
Right, we're friends.
Don't they say you should never
go into business with a friend?
- I've thought about your proposal.
- Frank.
- I thought it over and the answer is no.
I think maybe we should have
this conversation another time.
No, I wanna have it now.
The store isn't failing
because I need a barista
to make it smell like coffee.
The store is failing 'cause I
don't wanna do it anymore.
I don't wanna sell music.
Cold cuts and cheese for me.
Well, that's admirable.
You're goddamn right, it is.
What about Ryan?
Okay, I think you should
go home now.
We don't wanna wake up Ryan?
Good night, Frank.
Hey, well, at least
we're still friends, right?
Her belongings.
Sir, I need her to take it.
I'm the son.
But she paid the bail.
Thank you.
Leslie, I'm so sorry...
I'm gonna pay you back.
It's fine. I'm more than
happy to help your mom.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
What are you doing up?
Waiting for you.
It's 2:30.
You're supposed to call if you're
gonna be out past midnight.
I was hanging with Rose,
my phone died...
Hey, lower your voice.
Your grandmother's here.
She's sleeping
in my room.
Is everything okay?
It's fine.
I learned to ride
a bike today.
Rose taught me.
I need you to call
if you're gonna be late,
or at least text me.
As long as you're here,
the house rules still apply.
Good night.
Hey, I'm sorry I wasn't around
to help out the other night.
If I'd been in town,
you know...
Oh, no. It's okay.
I worked it out.
So, what'd you do
up in Woodstock?
I smoked a bunch of weed.
Sounds nice.
It was.
There are trees there, man.
Just... (EXHALES)
I've heard that.
How can I help, Frank?
You know...
Every now and then, Frankie,
we have to accept
our circumstances
and adapt accordingly.
Pretty wise words
from a guy who went
all the way to Woodstock
to smoke a bunch of weed.
There were trees there, Frank.
- I went for the trees, buddy.
Hey, you know what?
You're gonna be all right.
Dad, you can't sell this
for $3.
This sucks.
You're telling me.
Hey, Les,
it's Frank. Um...
I was just thinking
about you
because today is the last day
of Red Hook Records.
Just wanted to say
that I'm sorry
for everything.
I know that I am a jerk,
and, uh...
I hope that you will
forgive me.
Hey, I just thought
of something.
- Okay.
- You know the Titanic?
That's cheery.
There was a band
that was playing
while it was sinking.
- Who's playing?
- Uh, they're called We're Not A Band.
Cool. How are they?
They're uh, new,
they're new.
Okay. Well,
I can't really stick around,
but I like the name.
You're gonna ask
debit or credit,
and slide it in
the chip thing,
and it'll give you
a receipt.
Hmm. Got it.
Super easy.
I'm really glad you're here.
Mmm! Me too.
Let's just do our thing.
(CHUCKLES) What thing?
We've never done this before.
I mean,
not in front of people.
Cool. Let's just do
what we always do.
Just in front of some people.
Hey, that's what
bands do, right?
Uh, thank you all
for coming out.
So, this store, um,
it came about
because I love music.
My whole family
loves music.
And so, we opened this shop
almost 17 years ago
because of that very fact.
What's up, Lance?
Where's your Brian Eno?
Um, 17 years is...
It's hard to believe.
Um, anyway,
I'm gonna be very sad
to see it go.
But all things must change,
and uh...
Well, that is,
that is life.
But thank you all for coming.
All six of you.
This is my daughter Sam.
And we just decided that we're
gonna play you some songs.
So, we are
We're Not A Band.
One, two, three, four.
Your heart is what it is
You stood in the hallway
staring back
I don't know what it is
I can't make my heart
feel like that
And I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
'Cause even if I said it
You wouldn't hear it, oh
We ride and the lights
are out
City bright and the rain
falls down outside
I don't wanna go
I miss you
when you're not around
Not so simple just to say
out loud all those words
I feel when I'm alone
And I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
'Cause even if I said it
You wouldn't hear it, oh
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
Don't leave me here alone
Thank you. Thank you all
so much for coming.
We have to do your love song.
Huh? It's not ready yet.
Of course, it's ready.
It's now or never.
We don't have
that many songs.
Dad, let's just do
Everything Must Go.
But that's our big finale.
Everything Must Go
is our big finale.
Are you really not
gonna play this song?
Sam. Sam.
You have to play the song.
Um, this next song is called
Blink One Million Miles.
One, two, three, four.
We were right
at the roadside
Hiding in the streetlights
Waiting for each other
to fade away in the night
Just wanna be with you
this evening
Never think about
ever leaving
I wanna build your memory
in the back of my mind
So I see your face
when I close my eyes
I want one more day with you
One more night
One more day with you
One more night
One million miles away
I still reach out
for your love
No matter how far away
I still reach out
Reach out for your love
All those things we said
Are written in our hearts
No matter how close we get
We're still far apart
You told me I was brave
And I'll remember that
You told me I was brave
And I'll remember that
You told me to be brave
And I will remember that
You told me to be brave
And I will remember that
I will remember that
It's all her.
Thank you. Thank you so
much for coming out.
I think this might be
our last song.
We have not been a band
for very long.
Um, but this is
a very special song.
It's about this place
and, um...
Well, lots of other things.
It's called
Everything Must Go.
When I first knew this place
It was a different time
We were tied to each other
Now we drift
at the end of the line
And somewhere
in the middle of it
I tried to find you
standing there
I know you're far away
But I still feel you
here somewhere
But I gotta let it go
Let it slip
from the tip of my hands
I watch you let it go
Keep it in my heart
no matter where I am
I can't run away
From the life we had
Gotta carry on
No matter where I am
But I wanna know
Can I let it all go?
Let it all go
Sam Fisher,
ladies and gentlemen.
My dad.
How's it going, guys?
Rose, thank you for keeping
the ship afloat.
Or I guess helping it sink.
You know what I'm trying
to say.
I'm trying to say thank you
for coming.
No worries. I'd do
anything for this girl.
That makes the two of us.
Sleater Kinney's Dig Me Out.
Excellent choice.
Thank you for coming.
I mean,
you guys are amazing.
What about Sam?
- What about Sam?
- Ah.
This is probably
my last chance
to show off my skills
as a purveyor
of pressed vinyl.
Do you know Animal Collective?
No? You have to own
this album.
Look at it. Just look at it.
- Okay.
- It moves.
Holy shit. It really moves.
My God, that's trippy.
Wait till you hear it.
I don't want you to go.
Is that selfish
for me to say?
We're not gonna get to
have this, are we?
I love it.
So you've earned yourself
a beer.
Yeah, you look like
you could use one.
To rock 'n' roll.
That was one hell of a gig.
What if I stayed?
Oh, Frank.
You're gonna be late for work.
I'm right on schedule, Mom.
Yeah, sure you are.
Oh, and I wrote everything
you need
in a note on the fridge.
Don't forget
Jackie's coming today.
So, just try not to give her
a hard time, yeah?
Also, I'll be working late,
so she'll be
making you dinner.
No, I'm cooking dinner.
She can be my sous chef.
No cigarettes today, Frank.
I'm going strong, see?
What the hell are you doing?
You ain't got no muscles.
How're we doin'?
All good.
Okay. I'm outta here.
Enjoy the trees.
Don't burn the place down.
I heard
I might find you here.
How have you been?
(LAUGHS) I've been okay.
How's Sam doing?
Sam is adjusting
to the West Coast lifestyle.
But she's loving school.
She's doing great.
Oh, that's great.
So, what does the bartender
He recommends...
The good stuff.
Yes, please.
Do you mind if the bartender
joins you?
Not at all.
You can't tell Dave
about this.
Gotta slow down and enjoy.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
That Animal Collective Record,
My Girls
is the most beautiful song.
- I love it.
- That is the song!
- Thank you.
- I knew it.
- I knew you would get it.
I love this one,
it's so simple.
What? It's so complicated.
it's very complicated.
But the lyrics are simple...
MAN: Okay.
Who do we have next?
Sam Fisher. Sam Fisher here?
- Me.
- Come on up.
Um, hi.
This is my first time
performing solo,
so bear with me.
Um, this is a song I wrote
with my dad.
One, two, three, four.
Your heart is what it is
You stood in the hallway
staring back
I don't know what it is
I can't make my heart
feel like that
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
Even if I said it
You wouldn't hear it, oh
We ride
and the lights are out
City bright and the rain
falls down outside
I don't wanna go home
I miss you
when you're not around
Not so simple just to say
out loud all those words
I feel when I'm alone
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
'Cause even if I said it
You wouldn't hear it, oh
I won't hear you calling
Don't leave me here alone
Don't leave me here alone
Speak now,
streets are flooded
Hearts loud,
we feel it in our blood
And now our hearts beat loud
Speak now,
streets are flooded
Hearts loud,
we feel it in our blood
And now our hearts beat loud
I wish I had said
what I meant way back then
I wish I had said
what I meant way back then
I wish I had said
what I meant way back then
I wish I had said
what I meant way back then