Hearts of Spring (2016) Movie Script

"When you're a mom
on the other side of 40,
"with a daughter only
six months away from college,
"sometimes, you just
can't help but wonder...
"Like, what if I'd taken
that internship
"with the ad agency?
"But then I realize,
"being a mother
is not all that different
"from the corporate world.
"You start out unsure,
feeling your way,
all those little details
that nobody really notices."
I'm hungry!
When are we gonna get there?
Hi, this is Carly Ashby.
I need to make an appointment
for my daughter, Sadie?
"...A more challenging position,
"where you learn
to tell the difference
between a real problem... "
No, no, not you.
"... and whining..."
I have to go
to the bathroom.
Honey, we'll be home soon.
"All the while,
"still making sure
everything gets done.
"One day, you reach a point
"where your insight
and experience are appreciated,
"and before you know it,
"you're more than
just a worker,
you're a partner."
You'll never guess.
David Sarlo
asked me to the dance!
He's so cute!
At first, I thought
he liked Avery,
but then Jenna told Sophie
that he liked me...
"Where you share
the kind of mutual respect
"that can only be nurtured
over the years by listening.
But that's where
the similarities end."
"Because unlike a corporate job,
"you never retire
from being a mother.
"After all the scraped knees,
and messy room,
"grocery and dentist bills,
"the girl scout
and PTA Meetings,
"piano lessons,
the school plays,
and sports practices,
"not to mention
the driving lessons,
"it was spring
of her senior year,
"and she suddenly...
"grew up.
"Even when your children
grow up,
"they'll always need you
"and want to share
things with you.
"At least, you hope they do.
"Because if they don't...
"well, that just might
turn out to be
the hardest part of the job."
Happy Birthday,
Oh, Ryder,
it's beautiful!
The new vegan recipe
Vegan! Great!
All right,
blow out the candles,
make a wish.
Carly, what are you doing?
It's your birthday,
let me take care of this.
Ryder, you've already
done enough already.
Besides, you need to
get home to your baby.
No, I just talked
to Peter,
Cole is still down
for his nap.
And besides, I live
right next door,
so I can literally
be there in two seconds
if they need me.
Thank you for everything
you did for my party.
It was so much fun.
Well, speaking of fun,
what does the birthday girl
have planned
for the rest of her evening?
Hey, Mom,
Trish just texted me,
wants to know if
I can go to a movie.
Can I go? Please?
It looks like
the birthday girl's
going to be waiting up
for her daughter.
Just be home by 11:00.
Thanks. Love you.
Oh, and
happy birthday.
Thanks, honey.
Be safe!
And to think
I was worried
you wouldn't have
anything to do tonight.
It's fine, Ryder.
It'll give me a chance
to write my blog.
Okay, do not make me regret
introducing you
to the whole blogging world.
What are you talking about?
I love writing my blog.
And I really think
I have something to say.
I just hate to see you
alone on your birthday.
I'm not alone.
I have thousands of followers
who need to see a picture
of this vegan cake.
Didn't know you
were stopping by.
Yeah, I was, um...
I was wondering if maybe
I could borrow 20 bucks?
Just until next payday.
Stu and I are
gonna hang out.
Didn't you just
get paid yesterday?
Well, yeah, but I meant,
until I get paid next week.
You really need to manage
your money more responsibly.
No, I do, it's just,
I had to buy new wheels
for my board.
And it's like you always say,
priorities, right?
Yeah, I also always say
I won't be sending you money
every time you blow through
your monthly allowance
once you're in college.
So, that would be a "no"?
Thank you for playing.
Better luck next time.
Thanks, Dad.
I really learned
an important lesson today.
Thanks, Aunt Lauren.
Have fun, kiddo.
I am trying to teach him
a lesson.
And I'm trying to be
his fun aunt.
You're not helping, Lauren.
I'm not alone.
Thanks for the ride.
I'm sorry,
did I wake you up?
Oh, no.
Did you have fun?
How was the movie?
It was good.
You know.
Well, as long as you had fun.
'Night, Mom.
'Night, kiddo.
"If you're a baseball player
"and you get a hit
"every other time
you step up to the plate,
"they put you
in the Hall of Fame.
"If you're a parent
with that same batting average,
"all you can think about
is where you went wrong.
"Unfortunately, there's
no minor league for parenting.
Maybe there should be."
I brought a centerpiece
from the store.
I thought
it might help.
Carly, it's beautiful.
Well, what's
a Spring bake sale
a few flowers?
Thank you.
This all looks
Well, that's
kind of the idea.
Hey, did you
get an invite
for the Bloggers Event
at the community arts center?
Yeah, I got it.
You're going to
go, right?
I don't know...
Oh, come on, Carly,
you have to go.
Blog readers love
to put a name to a face.
Plus, it's
a really great way
to get your numbers up.
I'll think about it.
I'm a little
distracted right now.
We just registered Sadie
for classes
at community college.
That's great.
Yeah, she's happy.
But not quite as happy
as her mom, right?
What does that mean?
Well, you know, Sadie
goes off to college,
you have some time
to maybe, you know,
live it up a little?
It's community
college, Ryder.
She'll still be living at home.
"Living it up" is not
exactly in the curriculum.
Carly, it's been 14 years
since Jeff walked out on you,
and you've done
a wonderful job
raising Sadie,
but it's springtime
It's the perfect time
for a new beginning,
especially for you.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
But it is not easy
to meet new people,
and I'm way out of practice.
Well, you just leave that
up to me.
Wait, what?
Don't be so nervous.
It's like riding a bicycle.
Okay, Conner,
not a toy.
I need to see
your throat again,
so can you open your mouth,
like, real wide?
Mm-mm, no.
Can you open your mouth
real wide like a big old shark,
about to take a bite?
- No!
- No? Why not?
I don't want to be a shark.
What do you want to be?
I want to be a T-Rex.
He just loves dinosaurs.
Okay, why don't you
open your mouth
like a big old T-Rex
about to take a bite?
There we go.
Oh... okay.
Can you just...
Open your mouth wide...
Okay. All right, Conner,
you can jump down.
He really likes you, I can tell.
His throat is a little red,
but I don't think
it's strep,
but we're going to
send his swab down to the lab
just to, uh, to be sure.
Okay? Lauren!
Morning, Tracy.
Good morning.
Would you send
Conner's swab
over to the lab,
and see how fast they get
back to us with results?
Absolutely, Doctor.
I could come back
in a few days,
if you think that'll help?
Uh, no, no.
We'll just see
what the lab says,
and Lauren will give you a call.
Tracy, are you still
at the same address
over in
Deerhurst Park?
Same address.
Just Conner and me.
Me and Conner.
That's not far from
where Dr. Sommers lives.
No kidding?
There's a little
coffee place over there.
What's the name
of that place, Doctor?
Uh, Main Street Coffee Shop.
I know that place.
He's there practically
every morning.
Maybe I'll
see you there.
All right, Conner,
let's get going.
No, I don't wanna to go.
I wanna play.
Okay, well, we're
going to play at home.
I wanna play,
I wanna play, I wanna play...
Okay, yeah, sounds good.
See you, doctor!
These are the best of
our new Spring flowers,
so just keep them watered
and out of direct sunlight.
Thank you.
Good night, Lauren.
Sure you won't change
your mind about dinner?
Love you, too.
Troy, you here?
I love the way
you look at me
When you say "Hello"
I thought maybe
this was a dream
Until you'd smile...
Thank you.
Best chicken tacos in town.
...It was the way
you looked at me...
That looked good.
I'll try the chicken taco.
Thank you.
...Falling deeper for you
Just like a clock
striking midnight
Just like a twinkle
in your eye
I couldn't help
falling, falling, falling
deeper for you
You saw something
deep within me
No one else could see
All right, Conner,
let's go in here.
Let's get some lunch.
No, I don't
wanna go!
I wanna go to the park!
All right, we'll
go the park...
I don't wanna go!
Come on, let's get
a snack.
I wanna go
to the park now!
All right, let's go
later on.
Now! Now!
- Come on, Conner!
- Now!
Come on...
You don't
want a snack?
Let's get a snack,
come on.
Come on, buddy...
Conner, come here!
I wanna go
to the park!
Can I help you?
Yeah. No.
You know, I might have
some binoculars in the back,
if you think
that would help?
Sorry, I was just...
Chicken taco.
Excuse me?
In the park. The...
the food truck,
next to
the flowers.
Right, yes!
You were the guy with the...
You saw that, huh?
Well, he does make
a really juicy taco.
Kind of worth it.
So, um...
Good eye.
Yeah, I mean, it...
smells spring-y in here.
Good nose.
That's why I came in here
this morning,
to, uh,
try some of your finest
Spring flowers.
Okay, well, um,
what did you have in mind?
I don't know,
what do you recommend?
Well, that depends.
My personal favorites are roses.
But is this
a special occasion?
Uh... I don't know, maybe.
Probably not.
What color roses
would you recommend?
Well, um, yellow for friendship,
and red pretty much says
"I love you."
Oh, no, I think it's probably
more of an ordinary occasion.
Daisies are nice.
They are bright and cheery,
and, well, they pretty much say,
"Hey, have
a really ordinary day."
That sounds perfect.
Well, I'll just
wrap these up for you.
And bless this food and drink,
we pray,
and all who share
with us today.
It all looks so good.
I can't thank you enough
for the invitation.
And with such
pleasant company, too.
Actually, we've been
meaning to introduce you two
for quite a while now.
I can't believe
we haven't already met.
I mean, going to
the same church and all?
Yeah, right.
Life's funny that way, though.
Don't you think so, Carly?
Um... sure.
I mean, you go along
your whole life,
sailing along.
Then one day,
out of the blue,
you meet somebody,
and right off, bam!
You feel this...
in Spring.
Everything is growing,
and so...
full of life.
It... it's...
It's the circle
of life.
The circle of life!
So, Henry,
I'm not sure if you knew
that Carly writes
a very popular blog.
Well, I wouldn't say popular.
She's just being modest.
It's all about a mother
raising teenage daughter,
and all of the joys
and the trials
that go along with it.
People find it
very insightful.
Well, I just hope
you're not so busy
writing about being a mom,
that you neglect
your real duties.
Excuse me?
I should open the wine?
None for me, thanks.
I never touch alcohol.
Wine would be fabulous.
I live next door,
you really don't
have to walk me home.
A gentleman always
sees a lady to her door.
Call me old-fashioned.
Oh, believe me, Henry,
that's not what
I would call you.
As long as you call me.
I'm auditioning
for the church choir,
want to hear me sing?
Why should I feel
Why should
the shadows come?
Why should
my heart be lonely
When I long to be invited
into Carly's home?
Oh, it was a pleasure
meeting you, Henry.
Ah... Spring,
when a young man's fancy
turns to thoughts of love.
I agree we should
take things slowly.
Maybe I'll see you in church.
I can't believe
that we finally
bumped into each other.
You know,
if I didn't know better,
I might have thought
you were trying to avoid me.
No. Of course not.
See, I told you he liked you.
You know,
his father remarried
last year, and honestly,
I don't think he gives Conner
the attention that he needs.
That-that can be hard.
Eat your food.
No, I don't want to.
You know,
those are the same fries
that are on your plate.
I want yours.
Do you mind?
Oh, no, of course not.
Do you want ketchup?
No, I want mustard!
Conner's such a sweetheart.
He really thrives
on the "hands off,"
instinctive parenting approach
that Bestie Mom
talks about in her blog.
I'm sorry, who?
Bestie Mom.
She writes the blog
"Parenting From the Soul"?
I don't read...
It's all about
how to be a sensitive,
emotionally available
parent to your child,
without setting
a lot of rules
or boundaries.
And I'm not afraid to admit
that it's thanks to her blog
that makes Conner
who he is today.
"Bestie Mom"?
More like "Beastie-Mom."
Let's see...
"Parenting From the Soul."
Why? What's the point?
"Speaking as a single dad
with a teenage son,
"I found your blog
very enlightening.
"Of course,
I always try to learn
from other people's mistakes."
"The idea that rules
and guidelines
"can be replaced with 'listening
to your child's needs',
"a. k.a., letting your kid
get whatever they want,
is just plain silly."
"I have seen the results
of your parenting advice,
"and it's not...
"The next time you feel the urge
to give advice,
Bestie Mom."
"Dear Juggling Dad,
"if you take the time to hear
what your son wants to say,
"I'm sure you'll see
that it's not about 'getting, '
it's about sharing."
Oh, please...
"Try it.
You'll be amazed
what a difference it makes."
Yeah, don't have an answer
for that, do ya?
You okay?
Oh, yeah.
Just writing my blog.
Don't go weird
on me, Mom.
There comes a time
when we must ask ourselves,
what is at the heart
of our duty as a parent?
As a father myself,
I know that the joy I feel
with my son
is tempered by the knowledge...
I still can't believe
Henry went for it.
Fortunately, the
door came between us.
...It is also a responsibility.
A responsibility
to teach our children
a love of right over wrong,
of following
the path of the virtuous.
To be true to themselves...
Mom, I was thinking,
maybe I shouldn't go
straight to college
after I graduate.
You know, maybe
I should see the world
a little first.
I don't know, Africa?
Or maybe Indonesia?
That sounds exciting.
...To provide our children
with the guidance that they need
to find their way
in the world...
She was completely
oblivious to the fact
that her son was terrorizing
the entire restaurant,
including me.
That's the thing about
women with kids,
it's a package deal.
No, no, I like kids.
That's why I'm
a pediatrician?
This wasn't a kid,
this was a tornado
with dimples.
This was your wife's
fantastic idea.
She wants you
to be happy.
Simon, look at me.
Look at me, don't I look happy?
You look happy-ish.
The point is,
I don't need Lauren
setting me up.
you set yourself up.
Come again?
With those bright eyes
and that cute smile,
are you kidding?
Half the women
who bring in their kids
just want to
give you a big hug
and a warm meal.
Come on,
I'm being serious.
So am I.
Simon, tell him.
It's true, we get a lot of
inquiries regarding your status.
I don't have a status.
Well, maybe you should.
Okay, then, um,
for future reference,
my new status
is "not interested."
Especially if you get
your parenting advice
from "Bestie Mom."
From what?
Not what. Who.
It's a mommy blog.
You know about this?
Of course I do.
A lot of the moms
have passed it around.
She has some
good advice.
Oh, please.
Now you sound
like Dad and Mom.
Nothing wrong with
the way we were raised.
No, but it's
a different world now.
A lot of that
Old School approach
just doesn't
work anymore.
Something you might
want to keep in mind.
What does that mean?
Look, being
the cool Aunt and all,
sometimes, Troy talks to me,
you know, about... things.
What kinds of things?
The kind of things he should be
talking with you about.
We talk all the time.
We had it all figured out,
two years of community college,
then she transfers to university
to get her degree.
Now she's throwing
darts on a map,
wanting to travel.
She never said anything?
First I've heard of it.
Well, if you don't
want her to go,
why don't you
just tell her?
Well, I can't do that.
Why not?
Our relationship
has always been built
on mutual respect
and understanding.
I don't just
tell her what to do.
We talk it through.
Well, that's great,
but, Carly,
sometimes, you just got
to law down the law.
Now you're sounding
like Juggling Dad.
This incredibly arrogant father
who's been posting on my blog.
You wouldn't believe
what he's been saying.
Well, I can hardly wait
to read it.
Well, you better hurry,
because I'm gonna
delete it and block him.
Just as soon as
I figure out
what I'm gonna say
to Sadie.
"The way I see it,
"rules have a way
of closing doors
"to any further discussion...
"But sharing with your child
keeps those doors open
to a future
you can build together."
You sound like
a fortune cookie.
"Hello, Bestie Mom.
"After reading your last entry,
"I see you ignored my advice.
"But the good news is,
"if this blog of yours
doesn't work out...
you have a great future
in comedy..."
"Because I haven't laughed
this hard in a long time."
"Laugh all you want.
"If you don't listen
to your son,
don't be surprised
when he stops listening to you."
"Your problem is,
"you think setting
a few rules for your kid
makes you a dictator."
"And your problem is,
"you're more interested
in making rules
than in listening to your son."
"This coming from someone
who uses baseball analogies...
a game that is played
entirely by the rules."
"If you don't know
the difference
"between baseball and life,
"then that makes you...
officially hopeless."
"I'd rather be
hopeless than flaky."
"It's called passion...
"something you obviously know
nothing about."
"Maybe not...
"but there's one thing
I do know...
"if I ever need
another good laugh,
you'll be hearing from me."
Don't bother.
You won't get an answer from me.
Like I care.
Okay, so what was wrong
with that last pair of jeans?
Because I thought they looked
really good on you.
I'm sorry, I don't
want Mom jeans.
I want them to
look good on me.
We'll keep looking.
Listen, I was thinking about
what you were saying
about traveling,
and I think we should
talk about it.
Okay, we're not
going to do this,
I'm not going to
look all day...
- Hey.
- Hi.
How are you?
Uh, good. Great.
How did those daisies
work out?
Oh, they were great.
They were very, um...
Carly. By the way.
It's great
to finally meet you.
You too.
Uh, this is
my daughter, Sadie.
This is my son, Troy.
Chemistry class,
Uh, yeah. Yeah,
how are you?
I'm good.
What are you fellas
shopping for today?
Oh, running shoes
for, um...
Trying to find
the new 750s
in red.
Have you looked
at Saul's yet?
Is that the one
by Denim Loft?
Uh, yeah, I was gonna go
look for some jeans.
Sure, let's do it.
Cool. All right,
we'll be back.
Meet you by
the food court.
So, have you
picked a college yet?
Uh, well,
we're waiting to see
where he gets accepted,
and then we're going to talk
about financial aid.
You know, all that fun stuff.
What about Sadie?
Well, we had a plan.
Um, a pretty good one,
I thought.
Now... we're talking.
When Troy was born,
I thought that, um,
as he got older,
that this whole parenting thing
would get easier.
What about your wife?
She passed away
when Troy was seven.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's just him and I.
And we talk, but...
well, we... I guess
we grunt our meaning across,
you know?
Which I guess is a form
of talking, right?
I know what you mean.
After Sadie's father left,
it was just the two of us.
We were a little team.
From the time
she was two years old,
we could talk about anything.
Lately... not so much.
The other day,
I shouted upstairs to Troy
to ask what he wants for dinner,
and, um...
he texted me back.
I can predict
Sadie's moods
depending on how many
emoticons she uses
in any given message.
What are you two
talking about?
So, did you get
his number?
Troy's dad.
Oh, I, uh...
What? No.
You obviously
like him.
Well, sure,
I mean, um...
He seems like
a nice enough guy.
So, what's the problem?
We were just talking.
Well, if you change
your mind,
I have Troy's number,
so we can hook you two up.
Listen, I think we should talk
about this whole
traveling thing.
Trish warned me
you were gonna try
to talk me out of it.
You talked to Trish about this?
Of course.
She's my best friend.
And this is only, like,
the biggest decision of my life.
Right, um...
I'm not going to try
to talk you out of it.
I just want to make sure
you've thought this
all the way through.
No, I definitely want to travel
before I go
to college.
Any particular reason?
Mom, there are
so many possibilities.
Just think about it,
anything could happen.
Took the words
right out of my mouth.
There's Trish.
She's waiting.
Thanks for the ride, Mom.
Trish will drop me off
when I get back.
Have fun.
Okay, Mom.
Love you.
I love you,
too, babe.
"My daughter wants
to travel the world.
"I already can't sleep
until she's home from a movie.
"What's it going to be like
"when she's thousands
of miles away?
"Not to mention
what a bad idea it is
"for her to put off
starting school.
What am I supposed to do?"
Yeah, Lauren
sent me the link
to that Bestie Mom blog.
Man, you two
really went at it.
Well, she had it coming.
No, it was kinda cool,
the way you went
back and forth like that?
Kinda hot, actually.
In a strictly "PG"
kind of a way.
I was just trying
to make a point, Simon.
People like that need to be
called on the carpet
once in a while.
It's just a shame
you can't put that energy
to a better use.
What's that supposed to mean?
Look, I know Lauren
can be a little gung ho.
On the other hand,
meeting somebody
wouldn't be so bad either.
I don't know,
maybe I did meet somebody.
Okay, but you
can't tell Lauren.
All right?
Simon, I'm serious.
'Cause she's gonna be
all over me for the details.
Scout's honor, man.
Who is she?
Her name's Carly,
and she runs a flower shop.
I guess we don't really
know each other,
but, uh...
we just had coffee...
Coffee's good.
We really seemed
to hit it off.
So, what are you waiting for?
Ask her out. Go for it.
You think?
Yeah, time to get
back in the game, buddy.
Maybe you're right.
Troy. My Man.
Hey, Uncle Simon.
Hey, dinner's almost ready.
You, uh,
you going somewhere?
Yeah, I just
finished my homework,
so I'm gonna go
get something to eat with Stu,
and hit the skate park.
Well, it's Thursday.
Lasagna night.
Dad, I'm guessing it'll be
Thursday next week.
I'll have some lasagna then.
See you at 10:00.
Uh, make it 9:00.
It's a school night.
Dad, seriously?
Everyone else can
stays out till 11:00.
You're not everyone else.
All right.
I forgot.
See you at 9:00.
Goodnight, Uncle Simon.
Later, Troy.
It's a school night.
"Hello again, Bestie Mom."
Oh, please.
"Looks like you didn't
block me after all.
"You probably just forgot...
"unless, of course,
you really are interested
in what I have to say."
Don't flatter yourself.
"It sounds to me like it's time
for another reality check.
"In a situation like this,
"somebody has to be
the grown-up,
"and that somebody is you.
"If you don't
want her to travel,
"if you think
she should start school,
tell her."
Like I'd take advice from you?
"I even have a suggestion
"let her go away to college.
"That way, she gets to travel,
and starts school."
"Great idea.
Except she'll still be
thousands of miles away."
"But she'll be in school,
and isn't that what you want?"
"What I want is
what's best for my daughter."
"If you really want
what's best for her,
"stop trying to be
her best friend
and be her parent."
"What's wrong with
being both?"
"You try being both,
and you end up being neither."
"Or you try being both,
and you find out what
a great person your kid is."
"Yeah, well,
good luck with that,
Bestie Mom."
"Right back atcha."
I don't get it.
She just doesn't talk to me
like she used to.
That's normal.
She's trying to break out
and be her own person.
I mean, we all did it.
Well, that's just it.
I've always let her
be her own person.
I've never held her back,
I've never set a bunch of rules.
It's always been about openness
and mutual respect between us.
Yeah, well, maybe
you should think more about
what Juggling Dad was saying.
Wait a minute,
you're not actually reading
all that stuff he's been saying?
It's kind of fun.
It is not fun.
Do not say fun.
I'm definitely sensing
some chemistry
between the two of you.
You think?
But sometimes,
he makes a good point.
Like telling Sadie
exactly what you think?
Oh, my gosh.
That guy.
I had coffee with him.
What? When?
Do I look all right?
Yeah, you look great.
Wait, who is he?
Never mind.
Uh, okay, hey, so, uh,
not too much sun,
and keep the soil moist,
and you'll be fine.
Oh, uh,
Oh! Andy, hi!
Hey, how's it going?
Good. Yeah. You?
Great, great, yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
You're... You're busy.
I mean, uh...
Thank you
for coming in,
and have
a nice day.
Thanks for
dropping by.
Enjoy this wonderful
Spring weather.
what do you have in mind today?
More daisies?
Actually, I was hoping
for something
a little less ordinary.
For, like, a special occasion?
I was hoping so, yeah.
For example,
if it's, like, a date,
then roses
would be nice.
A red rose would be
very special...
I was thinking tacos?
Uh, yeah.
Um, you know, you and me,
lunch together.
kind of thing.
Are you asking me out
on a date?
That is the general
gist of the...
I was kind of headed in.
I'm sorry,
I'm not doing this very well...
It's been a long time
since I did this...
No, no, you're doing great.
You're just saying that
because I sound like
a ninth grader
asking a Senior high school
cheerleader to the Prom,
aren't you?
I promise.
So, yeah.
Tacos sound perfect.
Then I'll meet you at the park
around noon tomorrow?
I'll be there.
Then it's a date.
It's a date.
Bye, Carly.
What are you doing?
Oh, uh...
Nothing, just, um...
I'm having lunch
with someone tomorrow.
I'm trying to figure out
what to wear.
Troy's dad.
Yeah, all right, Mom.
You've obviously
got to look good,
but you can't look too good,
because you've gotta
leave somewhere to go
if there's a second date.
That's very insightful.
I'm in high school,
this is what we do.
All right, give me details,
Tell me,
what are we doing,
where are we going?
Okay, uh, very simple.
Tacos in the park.
Yeah. No problem.
Hey, listen, honey,
um, I've been thinking about...
about your plans
to travel next year,
and, um...
I say go for it.
Thank you, Mom!
Yeah, if you want to go off
to a strange country,
where you don't speak
the language
or know
the local customs,
then who am I
to stand in your way?
I mean, Mom, that's why
I want to go,
you know,
like, I want to learn.
Yeah, and...
what better way to learn
than to have absolutely
no help from anyone.
Not even me.
Yeah, that's...
This is your chance
to jump in the deep end
of the pool, kiddo.
Sink or swim,
all on your own.
I'm really proud of you.
Thanks, Mom.
What's the occasion?
Uh, nothing,
just seeing
if this shirt still fits.
Whatever you say, Dad.
I have a date.
I look okay?
Sure, I... I guess.
Maybe untuck the shirt.
Let her know right off,
you're chill.
Got it.
No problem.
Thank you.
So those are crocuses...
...Walks in the park
and these tacos
got me through
some pretty bumpy times
after my husband left.
Contemplating nature
while savoring cilantro
and jalapeno.
How do you do that?
See, I end up
wearing half of mine.
Oh, easy,
it's all in the wrist.
Come on, I'll show you.
I've been doing it wrong
all these years.
...And I could see
that this little girl
was terrified of the needle.
I mean, I wasn't going to
get anywhere near her.
So, I told her that,
according to our records,
her teddy bear
also needed a shot,
and would she mind
if I did him first?
Good thinking
on your feet, Doc.
And the story
got around,
and ever since then,
I've been known as
the Teddy Bear Doctor.
Now all my patients
bring their stuffies
to get a shot
before they do.
You must be a really
wonderful doctor.
No, I think
what's wonderful
is that I get to do
something I love
every day.
That's how I feel about flowers.
How did you choose flowers?
Well, I knew I couldn't
keep working an office job
9:00 to 5:00,
and raise Sadie alone
the way I wanted to,
and, well...
One of my favorite quotes
is by Emerson,
"The Earth laughs in flowers."
I wanted to be
a part of that laughter.
And you meet the nicest people
in flower shops.
That too.
The only drawback is,
nobody ever things
to give flowers
to a florist.
How you doing?
Uh, it's been a while.
You're looking great.
Very Tour de France.
Oh yeah, thank you.
Let's go
one more time around.
I'll tell you
about the time
that Sadie and I
built a bike ramp.
Wait, what?
No, I never said I didn't
want to go to college.
I just thought that traveling
not only sounded like fun,
but I don't know,
a different way
to get an education.
I don't see why it has to be
one or the other.
Maybe I could do both.
That was fun.
Thank you.
Next time,
do you want to go,
like, for
an actual dinner?
Like, with a table,
and eating utensils?
I'd like that.
Hand me your phone.
The last time I did this,
you had to actually
write the number down.
This way, you can't
lose the piece of paper.
I would never lose your number.
That sounded... emphatic.
I like emphatic.
Call me.
See ya, Doc.
Hey, how was your date?
It was...
It seems like it was
a little better than nice.
Wait, Mom.
do you think it would be
too flaky
if I changed my mind
about traveling next year
instead of
going to college?
Change your mind?
I mean,
I've just been thinking,
and I don't know,
maybe I should go to school.
Well, if that's
what you want, honey.
And I was reading what that guy
wrote on your blog, too,
about maybe
going away to college?
Okay, wait, what guy?
What was his name...
Juggling Dad?
It makes sense.
If I go away to college,
then I still get to travel,
but I'm staying in school.
Uh, that's true.
I mean, it's...
it's kind of perfect.
This guy must be some
sort of genius
or something.
Oh, he's something, all right.
Well, thank you,
I'm so glad it helped.
- Yes!
- I don't believe it.
Oh, I was hoping
I would run into you here.
Are you writing a blog?
The adventures
of raising four kids
in a three-bedroom house,
each day more exciting
than the next.
Between you and me,
it's cheaper than therapy.
Yeah. So true.
Well, I will definitely
look for it.
But what about you?
I mean, honey, you are
really on to something.
I am?
Yeah, this thing you've got
going with Juggling Dad?
No, no, no, no, that's just...
No, no,
it's brilliant.
Everybody's talking about it.
They are?
Yeah. Anyways,
I've gotta
get back to my table,
but it's so great to see you.
You too.
And I'll see you
at the Bloggers' Symposium
next month?
We'll have coffee, catch up,
you can tell me about
the secret of your success.
I'd love that.
See you.
Can we just go in here
for a second?
They've got a book
on hold for me.
The rest of the week
is pretty full,
so we'd need to squeeze
Bobby Sawyer in today.
His mom says that rash
just won't go away.
Andy, are you
What? Yeah.
Bobby Sawyer.
Something you want
to tell me?
Not really, no.
I've known you
all your life,
little brother,
and I've only seen that smile
once before,
the day you met
your future wife.
Don't know what
you're talking about.
And even if I didn't
know you so well,
you should
realize by now
that my husband
can't keep a secret.
Yeah, that's
probably true.
Now, who is she?
She's just someone I met.
Does this someone have a name?
You really like her.
She's great.
Um... I mean,
I just met her and all, so...
But every time I see her, I...
When do I meet her?
Oh, you've got to be
kidding me.
I didn't mean right away,
just whenever you're...
I heard the book store
was sponsoring this event.
Bestie Mom.
This I gotta see.
Oh, hi!
Dr. Sommers!
What a nice surprise.
Tracy, hi.
Conner, say hi to Dr. Sommers.
If you say hi
to Dr. Sommers,
we can visit
the gift shop later.
Hi. Hi...
Well, I was just saying
to Conner...
we need to make an appointment
and here you are!
Here I am!
I just can't get over
how much he likes you.
He was so disappointed
that we didn't hear from you
after our dinner.
Yeah, I got busy with...
with medicine.
Well, I thought that I would
make another appointment
so you could take
another look at Conner's ear.
Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!
Yes, uh...
It just so happens
I-I have a slot available
right now.
- If you have time.
- Yes, great.
Come with me, let's go
visit my office.
Buy me a toy!
Buy me a toy!
Buy me a toy!
Buy me a toy!
Okay, come on.
Buy me a toy!
Buy me a toy!
Would you look at that.
I never realized how many
of these mommy bloggers
have written books.
I don't know,
maybe I should do that.
You know, write
some sort of a journal,
slash, vegan cookbook
kind of thing.
What do you think?
What are you doing?
Oh. Oh, nothing.
Just checking my messages.
Or lack thereof?
This wouldn't have
anything to do with
the guy in the flower shop,
would it?
He's a pediatrician,
and we... kind of had a date.
so you've been
holding out on me.
No, no, I mean,
it was super casual.
But it was really fun.
And there was a kiss.
Stop it.
But he said
he would call.
Oh, honey,
it's still early.
I mean, he's
a pediatrician, right?
He probably works all kinds of
crazy doctor hours, right?
You're fine.
He'll call.
Keep going.
You and Mr. Floppy
were both very brave today.
Thank you.
Take care.
So, that was our last
patient of the day,
I'm gonna go ahead
and take off.
All right,
let's hear it.
First of all,
you rush into that
community arts center
like those mommy bloggers
are rock stars,
then you run out like
the building's on fire.
That was just after
I found out that, um,
is Bestie Mom.
But aren't you Juggling Dad?
I know.
I mean, how was I
supposed to know
I was writing
those things to Carly?
What are you going to do?
Well, if I tell her,
she's never going to
talk to me again.
If I don't tell her,
and she finds out
Not the ideal way
to begin a relationship.
Maybe the best thing to do
is just walk away.
Best for who?
She told me to call her.
I want to call her.
How can I call her?
But you do want
to keep seeing her?
Of course I do.
Then keep seeing her.
Let Juggling Dad
vanish into the ether.
You're a nice
guy, Andy.
That's the person she knows.
This other guy, Juggling Dad,
let's call it a phase.
But it's over now.
So just forget
about him,
move on.
And never,
ever bring it up again.
"Just wanted to give another
shout out to Juggling Dad
"for all the great
parenting advice.
"Thanks to you,
my daughter's no longer set
on traveling the world.
"Instead, she's decided
to go away to school.
Far away."
: "It doesn't seem
to matter where she goes,
"as long as it's not here.
"But that's not your problem.
"your only concern
is coming up
with another snappy answer."
And she hates me.
Hey, Mom,
I'm home!
Hey, baby.
Did you and Trish
get a lot of studying done?
Uh, yeah, we actually,
started filling out
college applications.
Did you know there's
a great Humanities program
in Anchorage?
I had no idea.
Crazy, right?
Well, uh...
I gotta go to bed.
I love you.
I love you, too, baby.
So, why don't you
just call him?
Oh, and say what?
"Oh, gee, hi,
"I hope this doesn't
seem too pathetic,
since I haven't
heard from you."
Well, I think there's
a perfectly good
So do I, he's simply
not interested.
Okay, that is not
what I meant.
It's all right, Ryder.
You know, he's actually
doing me a favor.
I have plenty on my plate,
now that Sadie's decided
to go away to college.
Yeah, how's that going?
Apparently, they have
a really nice Humanities program
in Anchorage.
Thank you so much,
Juggling Dad,
who, by the way,
has also decided
to go radio silent
all of a sudden.
Okay, but don't we
not like him?
Okay, but the point is,
what is wrong with these men
that just vanish into thin air?
But you know what?
I don't even care.
Because I am
through with men.
I'm through with all of them.
Good morning, Carly.
You're looking
very lovely
this fine...
Give it a rest, Henry.
I'm a world away from you
Here you are
standing beside me
What's in your heart
I wish I knew
Maybe then I'd see
an open space for me...
...And as for Conner,
it was...
Don't you turn around
and take from me
Any chance to see the truth
The door away is nearly shut
Unlock the chains
and let me through
The pain you feel
I feel it, too
Say the words
and I will take it
Away from you
And I will be...
I will be
your hiding place
Somewhere to rest
and hide your face
I will be
your hiding place
Somewhere you can go...
You're underwater
and I'm staring down at you
So I reach out
to take your hand
If I reach
much further down...
Quick question for you,
um, hypothetical,
let's say that you were
messaging with somebody,
like, on their blog,
or something like that,
and, um, you weren't using
your real name.
Is there any way
that person could figure out
who you really were?
Like, I don't know,
like, trace it or something?
Nah, those sites usually have
pretty good security.
You'd have to be
some kinda hacker or something.
Hey, are you seeing
Sadie's mom again?
Yeah, that's complicated.
Yeah, that's usually
what guys say
when they chicken out.
Good point.
No card?
It was too small.
There wasn't enough room
to write all the things
I wanted to say.
You got me flowers?
I think it's a shame
that no one
gives florists flowers.
I'm sorry, Carly.
I haven't felt
this way about anyone
in a long time,
and I...
I got scared.
What was I supposed to think
when you just
disappeared like that?
I know.
It's no excuse,
and I wouldn't blame you
if you told me to hit the road,
if you'd give me
one more chance?
I thought you liked daisies.
I do,
but you told me roses
were for special occasions.
Don't be charming.
I mean it,
I want to stay
mad at you longer.
Fair enough.
While we're
on the subject...
I was scared, too.
You were?
I haven't felt this way
about someone
in a long time either.
Lasagna Thursday.
Why don't you come over
to my house tomorrow night,
and let me cook you dinner?
You should get that.
It's from you.
It's my address.
You had your address
in a text message,
waiting to be sent?
I'm an optimist.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you for the roses.
See you tomorrow.
It's not Thursday.
Uh, yeah, actually,
I was gonna tell you,
um, so, if you want to,
uh, hang with Stu tonight,
maybe grab something to eat...
And what the heck,
hit the skate park after.
And take your time.
I won't, uh, I won't mind.
You have a date tonight.
As a matter of fact...
With Sadie's mom.
All right, Dad.
Oh, and I'm running
a little bit behind,
so why don't you take the car?
I'm kind of liking
this whole new
"dating dad" thing
you've got going on.
Go, go.
Later, Dad.
So there I am,
I'm all set.
I've been training
for months,
and the instructor
pops the hatch,
and suddenly, I am staring
12,000 feet straight down,
and I'm wondering
why I'm about to jump out of
this perfectly good airplane.
Good question.
And this guy,
he starts
yelling in my ear,
I mean, he's saying
all the right things, but...
I can't move.
So, what did you do?
Well, the instructor,
he grabs me,
and he pulls me close,
and he looks me
square in the eye,
and he says, "Andy...
"if you don't want to go,
you don't have to go."
And then he pushes me
out of the airplane.
I know, right?
So, I'm falling,
and I'm screaming
my head off,
and, uh,
the chute opens,
and then I'm...
I'm floating.
And I'll
tell ya, Carly,
when that plane landed,
I promised myself something,
that I would
never, ever
do anything
on that stupid bucket list
ever again.
Smart man.
Which has been
pretty easy,
because it's just
been Troy and I,
so, you know...
Yeah, well, you definitely
look at things differently
when you're a single parent.
So, what about you?
Any bucket list for you?
Oh, I, uh,
I'm afraid the closest I come
to doing anything interesting
is, um, writing a blog.
Oh, you have a blog?
Oh, just thoughts,
you know?
About my life,
about raising Sadie.
Right, so you're not
that into it, or anything?
No, I'm, um...
pretty passionate about it.
And the thing is,
I think people
are really listening.
Okay, as a matter
of fact,
I was just invited to attend
the State Bloggers' Conference.
Wow, you must be pretty popular.
Well, more so lately.
Okay, that's another thing.
Most of my followers
are great,
like, totally civilized.
But there is this one guy,
oh, my gosh,
he is such a troll.
Is he really that bad?
Okay, and here's
the weird part,
the more that we argue,
the more people seem
to enjoy it.
And I mean,
some of the things
this guy says...
Sometimes, it's hard
to tell with people,
you know, I mean,
on the Internet.
I mean, they say something
that sounds harsh,
but it's not really
who they are.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I can totally see this guy,
just sitting at his laptop,
with his little sneer,
twirling his mustache...
Wow, I...
I'm sure this guy was
way out of line,
but, you know,
after he thought about
the things he said,
I'm sure he's probably
very sorry.
Yeah, I mean, I guess
an apology would be nice.
You are absolutely right.
So, here goes...
Dessert's ready.
Yup, um...
No, go.
I mean...
don't let it burn.
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Okay, well, I'll just
clear the dishes.
No, no, no,
I can do that.
No, I don't mind.
I don't know if
you've ever tried this,
but fresh apple pie
with mint chocolate chip
ice cream...
You're Juggling Dad?
Carly, I...
Okay, I don't
Is this
some kind of joke to you?
Will you let me explain?
You lied to me.
You're not
who you say you are.
Thanks to
your great advice,
my daughter's going
who knows where?
Look, I'm sorry,
I just found
this out myself,
I was going
to tell you,
but I didn't want you
to be angry.
Oh, well,
at least you got
that part right.
Carly, wait.
Please, don't go.
Goodbye, Andy.
It's been a week.
Why don't you
give her a call?
I tried.
She blocked me.
To be honest,
I don't know what I'd say,
if she did let me
talk to her.
"I'm sorry"
would be a nice start.
Yeah, absolutely.
But she already forgave me once.
I don't know why she'd give me
another second chance.
Maybe she just needs some time
to sort herself out.
No, it's too late.
She's already made up her mind.
I'm sorry, buddy.
I should have told her,
you know?
From the beginning,
when I found out the truth.
I just should have told her
right then.
How could she ever
trust me again?
Hey, Dad, is it okay
if I stay out
a little later tonight?
You know the rules.
Home by 10:00.
Yeah, but, uh...
I kind of have a situation...
Troy, hey!
Why is everything a debate
with you,
You're home by 10:00,
or you don't
go out at all.
Is that clear enough for you?
You know, Dad, sometimes,
I just can't believe you.
you listen to me,
young man...
No, you listen,
because you never listen.
It's always your rules,
and your way,
but I can't wait to leave,
so I don't have to
listen to this anymore.
They're the same person.
Oh, okay, so then
he's also a kind,
funny, intelligent,
good-looking man.
Okay, that's not...
I was...
The point is,
he should have told me.
Well, maybe
he had a good reason.
Like what?
I don't know,
maybe he realized
he made a mistake,
and he didn't want
this to happen.
He didn't want
to lose you,
and so he took a chance
by not telling you.
Then, it
didn't work out.
Okay, but
what about Sadie?
Thanks to Juggling Dad,
she's now going
away to college.
and thanks to Andy,
you have a new friend
if she does.
Ryder, you know,
after Jeff
left Sadie and me,
it took me years
to trust again.
I don't know that I'm ready
to take a chance with Andy.
Look, Carly, no one
can tell you what to do,
but what I do know,
is you were
much happier with him
than you have been without.
Oh, my goodness,
you are burning up.
All right, no.
No, no, that's fine.
I'll just, I'll get her
to urgent care right away.
Okay, All right, thank you.
Excuse me,
I'm sorry,
but do you know
how much longer
it's going to be?
We're going to
get her in
as soon as we can,
Mrs. Ashby.
Just try to be patient.
I didn't know you worked here.
I don't, I got a call.
I was just checking
on a patient of mine.
What are you doing here,
are you guys okay?
I'm fine.
It's Sadie, she's...
I don't know
what's going on.
Does she have a fever
to go with that cough?
She's burning up.
She didn't tell me.
Apparently, she's been sick
the last couple of...
I don't want...
I know you're busy.
No, no,
how long have you
been waiting here?
Over an hour.
Hi, Sadie.
I'm Dr. Sommers,
remember me?
You can call me Andy.
So, uh, not feeling
so hot, huh?
Yeah? Kinda tired,
You came to
the right place.
Um, who is
her regular doctor?
Dr. Sheridan.
But Andy, really,
you don't have to do this.
No, no, wait right here.
I'm going to find us a room.
I got your records
from Dr. Sheridan.
Looks like you're a pretty
healthy young lady.
Which means we're gonna need
to run some tests
to find out what's really
going on with you.
But don't be nervous, okay?
Your mom's just outside.
Do you want me to ask her
to come in?
I don't want her to worry.
Well, she's your mom.
It kind of comes
with the territory.
She worries too much.
About me,
about my going away to school.
Well, it's a big decision.
I mean, you've got to
find a school
that's right for you, right?
Yeah, but how do you know
which one's right?
Your mom's a pretty smart lady.
You should talk to her
about that.
I do.
I can just tell
how much it bothers her
when I talk about going away.
I'll probably end up
at a community college
like she wants.
You know...
Sadie, I can't speak
for your mom,
but I'm pretty sure
she's more interested
in what you want.
I want to go to Alaska.
But I also want to stay here.
I know how crazy that sounds.
No, it sounds like you love
your mother very much.
You know, there are
some good schools nearby.
If you found
one you liked,
you could probably
come home on weekends
whenever you wanted.
She's going to be fine.
She's got a mild form
of pleurisy,
which is an inflammation
around the lungs.
That's why it hurts
when she coughs.
So, what do we
need to do?
Well, we caught it
early enough,
so we can treat it
with antibiotics
and a lot of rest.
And she's gonna be
tired for a while,
but she'll be back
to being her old self again
before you know it.
Thank you, Andy.
Carly, I'm sorry.
You don't have to say anything.
No, I do, I do.
I mean, I apologize
for what I wrote, but, uh...
I'm even more sorry
that I didn't take your advice.
What advice?
What you wrote
on your blog,
about listening to your kids?
It made sense.
I just...
I didn't hear it.
You were right, too.
About being honest
with our kids,
even when they don't
want to hear.
How else
are we going to help them
make right decisions?
Well, look at us.
A couple of parents, huh?
I'll write her
that prescription
and leave it
at the front.
She can go
whenever she's ready.
Take care.
You too.
: See you later, guys.
I'm not late.
Nope, you're
right on time.
Oh, well, um...
I'm just gonna get
something to eat.
How about a, uh, milkshake?
Mint chocolate chip?
Is there any other kind?
Hit it.
So, tell me
about your friend.
I got home
just before you did.
She looks nice.
What's her name?
We just hang out sometimes.
You know.
And she's the reason
you wanted to
stay out later tonight,
to spend time
with her?
It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
I was mad at myself,
and I took it out on you.
And you were right,
I don't listen,
and I'm sorry about that.
That is gonna change.
I kinda get it, though.
Look, I know
it hasn't been
easy for you
to be
a single parent,
but I want you
to know,
I think you're
a great dad.
I just think, maybe,
you need to have
a little more faith
that I was listening to
everything you were saying,
even when
it didn't seem like it.
maybe you should start thinking
a little more about yourself.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Dad,
you think I don't know
that you have a thing
for Sadie's mom?
Oh, yeah...
I think that ship has sailed.
Do you like her?
But I mean,
do you like her?
So, fix it.
When did you get to be
so smart?
Hey, baby.
How you feeling?
I'm tired.
But I feel better.
Mm, well,
doctor said you needed
to get plenty of rest.
He likes you, you know.
Oh, well...
sometimes, honey,
things just don't work out.
It's hard,
but I'll just have to accept it,
and... move forward.
Mom, you need me.
I should stay.
I don't think so.
I am so proud
of you, kiddo.
You've grown up to be
an incredible person
and a really great friend.
I think that's why
I wanted
to keep you close.
Just being around you,
I enjoy you.
I like you.
But I know I can't keep you
to myself
Mom, I feel like
sometimes I know exactly
what I want to do,
and then sometimes,
I just get so confused.
Oh... sweet pea.
As soon as you are up to it,
we're going to have a good
long talk about next year,
and I promise you,
whatever you decide,
we'll figure it out together.
But right now,
you need
to get some rest.
And I've got to
catch up on my reading.
I love you.
I love you, baby girl.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Have I told you lately
I'm proud of you?
No. Why?
You've done a great job
with Troy.
You sound like Dad and Mom.
That's a good thing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's nice meeting you.
Thank you.
This is so fun!
I feel like a celebrity.
Carly, there you are!
Karissa, hi!
How are you doing?
Just dandy.
Would you look at
this turnout?
I mean, who'd have thought
a bunch of moms
would attract
this much attention?
I know, I can't
believe it either.
Anyways, I just
wanted to say hi,
but, listen,
I gotta go in a minute,
but everybody's been asking
about you
and Juggling Dad.
What about him?
It's been a couple of weeks
since you two crossed swords.
What's going on?
No, no, that's over.
Not going to be hearing
from him anymore.
Too bad.
He was fun,
in a "wanna slap him silly"
kind of way.
This is the garden pea flavor.
Psst, have
you seen Carly?
Yeah... No!
Henry, what
are you doing here?
I know, right?
This blogging stuff
is so boring,
but I'm sure Carly
will be thrilled to know
I'm here to support her.
I'm going to
surprise her.
Oh... kay.
Okay, see you in there.
Thanks, honey.
Are you sure you're
feeling up to this?
Mom, I'm fine.
The antibiotics
really did the trick.
Okay, well,
listen, I've been thinking,
as long as
you're feeling up to it,
maybe we should, uh,
plan a little road trip
next weekend.
Where are we going?
Well, you should start
looking at schools.
You can't decide
where you want to go
if you haven't seen
them for yourself.
That would be great.
It'll give me a chance
to really plan out
my next steps, you know?
Figure out where I want to go,
or what I even want to do.
I love that.
I just want to make sure
you're not doing this for me.
sometimes, I need you,
and this is exactly
what I need right now.
We should go inside.
Morning, everybody,
and welcome to the 5th Annual
Mom Blogger Symposium!
We have bloggers here
from every corner
of the world.
Are you guys
Before we move on to
the scheduled events,
we had kind of
a special request.
A lot of you might
recognize the name,
so I won't waste time
with introductions.
And we want to hear
what's on your mind.
Thank you, Karissa,
for giving me
a moment of your time.
I know everyone here
is probably busy,
so I promise this will
just take a second.
My name is Andy Sommers,
but some of you
might know me better as...
Juggling Dad.
Yes, I'm that guy,
who, uh...
who thought
he was qualified enough
to tell everyone else
the right way to be a parent.
I know, that's
pretty funny.
Um, well, I can tell you,
it didn't take long
for me to find someone
who was more than willing
to, um, how shall I say this,
educate me
on the subject.
Now, you know her as Bestie Mom,
but her real name is Carly.
And the truth is,
she is the best mom,
and one of the best people
I've ever met.
After meeting her
in person,
it didn't take very long
before I was falling for her.
But after some of the things
that Juggling Dad had said,
or written online,
I was scared that
she might not like Andy
after she found out
we were the same person.
So, I didn't tell her.
And that was biggest mistake
I've ever made.
That's why I'm here today.
I was never been happier
than when I was with you.
And I know I have
no right to ask this,
but I promise you,
if you will give me one more...
one more chance,
I will do
everything I can
to make you as happy
as you make me.
Carly, you once told me
that yellow roses
were for friendship
and red meant "I love you."
I'll let you decide.
Can I have both?
All right, Mom!
Way to go, Dad!
Daisies, my favorite.
I picked them myself.