Heartthrob (2017) Movie Script

You know those movies
that make it seem like
you're supposed to find the love
of your life in high school?
I always thought
they were bullshit.
I guess it started with
the death of Audrey Bellwether.
And that started
with a stray volleyball.
It happened a few weeks
before graduation.
There had already been
a big funeral
but Tina and Tasha had
an exclusive memorial for her
on the first day of summer.
They had claimed Audrey
for themselves
after she and I
had a big fight last year.
So, I was surprised
they invited me.
Let's have the best summer
ever, girls.
Party our balls off
until college.
It's what Audrey
would have wanted.
Oh, uh, shit.
What's up?
Am I bothering you?
Is that, like, a diary?
Journal, note book.
I'm just writing.
I should have known
they were just setting me up.
Tsk. TNT.
-Yeah, like, Tina and Tasha.
They're having a little
memorial down there.
Did you know Audrey?
To people like Audrey Bellwether
I'm essentially dark matter.
Dark matter is matter
you can't see.
What makes you think
I don't know that?
Maybe you have a chip
on your shoulder.
Maybe that's why you think
that Audrey snubbed you.
-I didn't say that.
-I mean, yeah.
She wasn't perfect for you.
Why are you arguing with me?
-Do you even know my name?
-I graduated, too, Henry.
It's kind of hard not to know
the valedictorian.
And that's all
you know about me?
And how many years have we been
going to school together?
See, that's what I don't
understand about you people.
-You people.
- Yeah.
People who feel like
owes them something and
don't even
realize how much they just push
everyone away.
Don't you just have
humanity figured out?
I do understand people.
And based on you graduation
speech, I know that you do not.
Okay, so don't act like
you're a wise sage
you know, schooling
the class bimbo
'cause I'm just...
I'm not having it today.
Here we go.
Let me know if you guys
need anything else.
I didn't really know Cleo
right before Audrey died.
But I didn't like her.
She was too peppy,
too lovey-dovey
with her boyfriend, Flynn
who seemed completely
useless to me.
But she felt terrible
about Audrey's accident
and we just suddenly
became friends.
Ow! Ow!
Oh, Sam.
Don't be such a cynic, okay?
This will be you soon.
Hey, Mr. Rickett.
You don't have to call me
that anymore, Sam.
High school's over.
Steve is just fine.
Even though you are gonna be my
professor in a couple of months?
-You signed up for psych?
-I did.
Whoa, check this out.
Now that school's over, they
don't have to hide it anymore.
Looks to me like
she's doing her job.
Oh, she does jobs
on him, alright.
Are you serious, Henry?
We're talking about
Samantha Maddox.
She's just very friendly.
You guys don't even know
what you're talking about.
You just believe
everything you hear.
Yeah. Well, I hear
she is a slut.
W-what? Why are you sticking up
for Samantha Maddox?
-Dammit, Dustin, what the hell?
Yo, D, you stayin'?
No, he's not.
Come on, Sam. It's summer time.
-Let's hang out.
-No, thanks.
Well, I thought
we were still friends.
We're not gonna be if you keep
trying to get my pants off
for your two beers.
Hey. You want a ride?
I'm sorry about earlier.
I was on my period.
What is that supposed to mean?
I was a dick.
Where are you going
in the fall?
-Woodland Community?
-What about you?
-I'm going back East.
Too vague.
Wow! You know, it's gonna
be crazy exciting.
-What's your major?
I don't really know
what bioengineering is.
It's just applying
engineering principles
to biological systems in
medicine, energy,
the environment.
There are all sorts
of practical applications.
This is me.
I didn't really know
what dark matter is, either.
If we can't see it,
how do we know it's there?
We can observe the effects
that it has
on the visible matter
of the universe.
Gravitational effects,
gravitational lensing.
What is that?
Basically, the bending of light.
Okay, say, we are here on Earth
and then way out here in space,
there is the sun.
Now, between us and the sun
there's something
that we can't see.
But we know that
there's something
because it's affecting
the light.
Bending it before it reaches us.
Are you sure you shouldn't be
studying, like, astronomy?
I'd like to minor in it
but bioengineering
is more practical.
Thanks for the ride.
You were right about
my graduation speech.
Oh. No. That was mean.
I shouldn't have said that.
I didn't even write it.
I mean, I wrote one.
But my mom didn't like it.
She said it was flippant
so she wrote me a new one.
And I was gonna
just do mine, anyway.
But then I saw her there and...
Oh, don't worry about it.
Everyone is gonna remember
that you made a speech.
They're not gonna remember
what it was about.
I think I'd like to ask
for your number.
Yo, D, you stayin'?
The last time I was here
it was for Becky Bueren's
birthday party.
It was the first, like,
normal-kid thing I did
after my dad died.
I'm... I'm sorry.
-He killed himself.
So what are you gonna
study at Woodland?
Just GE stuff. I mean,
it's community college.
But I am gonna take
a few psychology courses.
Is that what you wanna do,
get into psychology?
Um, I don't know.
It's interesting to me.
People are interesting to me.
C-can I ask you something
really important?
Okay, ha-have you
taken a good look at the DJ?
What? Why are you laughing?
-That dude rules.
-What up, my roller peeps?
Y'all keep those wheels spinnin'
'cause I'mma keep this party
going all night long.
Or at least until we close,
which I think is 10:00 tonight.
Ain't that right, rotor girl?
So right now, I'm gonna do
something special for y'all.
Slow it down. It's time
for couples-only skate.
Have you ever heard of
the Pillars of Creation?
What's that?
It's this photo that they took
from the Hubble Telescope.
It shows the actual process
of stars being created.
What does it look like?
These columns made
of dust and gas.
They sort of look like
reaching fingers.
It's like...
the hand of God.
It's incredible.
Can you show me on your phone?
I have a huge blow-up
of it in my room.
I mean, that's how you should
see it for the first time.
I had to practically beg
my mom to let me put it up
'cause it takes up
the whole wall.
What does your mom have against
the whole astronomy thing?
It's really astrophysics.
Sounds even better.
It is not practical
enough of a pursuit.
Well, follow your heart.
I mean, bioengineering
is pretty interesting.
Thank you, Henry.
That was really fun.
Oh, shit.
This is Osmo.
See ya.
Have fun?
God, mom. You're such a lurker.
You know, he is
the first boy you've seen
who's introduced himself?
He even shook my hand.
-That's great, mom.
-And MIT?
That's not bad, Sam.
Whoa! My dick's on fire!
You're blowing
my mind right now.
My mind is being blown.
Henry? Oh, my God.
You turned him into such
a little hottie this year.
He is cute, isn't he?
Come on, you have to
tell me everything.
You're blowing.
-I'm not blowing.
Okay, where did you go?
Um, roller skating.
Oh, my God. That is so adorable.
-Oh, this is serious, isn't it?
-We went on one date.
I mean, it was very nice,
but I don't know.
But what? I mean, you're gonna
see him again, right?
I can't believe that
this is like a real thing
that actually exists
somewhere out there.
-I shouldn't have told you.
-Oh, no.
Actually, you should've
told me before the date
but I forgive you.
And that was karma.
-Might be long gone.
There's a theory that it
was wiped out by a supernova
6000 years ago.
You know, he's moving
to Massachusetts in the fall.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that is so romantic.
Tt's like a doomed love story.
Like, he has cancer
and you have, like
a few months left with him!
-Oh, my God.
-Let me have this!
And the Eagle Nebula
is 7000 light years away
so we'll know for sure
in a 1000 years.
What do you think?
Hey, mom, this is Sam.
-Hello, Sam.
-Nice to meet you.
-Sorry about that.
Don't be silly.
I need to learn to knock.
-Did you just graduate, too?
Where are you going in the fall?
Woodland Community.
That's great.
She's such a snob.
They are all the same.
I think my mom
creamed her jeans
when you told her
you were going to MIT.
It's not that big of a deal.
Quit acting like that.
It is a big deal.
The thought of your brain in
that place boggles the mind.
The Earth will be moved.
Hm, the Earth is
always moving, so--
Don't be smart and stupid,
-Let's go back in the water.
-You go.
Oh, my God! Fuck you!
Valedictorian Henry.
You down with Sam Maddox, bro?
Hell, yeah.
My man.
Give her the hiccups yet?
-Shut up, Bailey.
Hang in there, bro.
-He's high.
-So are you.
I'll be right back with that.
-Are you hungry?
-Yeah, I could eat something.
Henry! Come over here.
Come sit with us.
Hi. Oh, this is great.
'Cause I've actually been
needing to talk with you
so that I can thank you.
Thank me for what?
For making Sam so happy.
I've never seen her like this.
Granted, I haven't really been
friends with her
for that long, but...
She really likes you.
Well, thank God, because...
I love her.
Um, I'm sorry you got stuck
with Cleo.
I know she can be,
kind of, a lot.
I like her.
I gotta get back to work.
Freshman year, we're gonna be
living in the dorms.
We don't have our assignments
yet but a dorm is a dorm, right?
Okay, and then second year,
we are gonna be in an apartment.
I think by then my parents
will be okay with it.
I mean, they already love Flynn.
But who doesn't, right?
Bad boy.
Oh, my God.
All I'm doing is
making you think
of the fact that you're gonna
have to say goodbye to Sam
at the end of the summer.
I'm just...
What? No.
Well, thank God for FaceTime,
Sexting, bro.
Get used to it.
Oh, my God.
Is it weird that I'm really
turned on right now?
What are we doing here?
I wanna see your school.
Hey, Steve.
Hey. Henry.
What are you guys up to?
Henry wanted to see Woodland.
Ah, well, it's not quite MIT.
Seems pretty cool to me.
Uh, well, you are welcome
to check out the campus
most of the buildings
are closed right now.
But, uh, you should stop
by during the day.
Have fun.
Admit it. You are jealous.
What do you mean?
Jealous of my community college.
Don't do that.
Don't put it down.
Everybody talks about this place
like it's some kinda
consolation prize.
But that's bullshit. I mean...
It's a college,
just like any other.
You'll get out of it
what you put into it.
It's kinda sweet you stickin' up
for my school.
Look at these desks.
What is this? Oak?
I don't even think
that a wood.
Oh, and look white boards.
Harvard's still using chalk.
Speech. Speech.
Your graduation speech.
You already heard
my graduation speech.
Uh, I heard your mom's
graduation speech.
You know what I mean.
I don't wanna
give that speech.
Oh, why not?
It was all this
cynical stuff about...
how we're essentially
a freak accident of the cosmos
and life is random
and meaningless and...
I don't believe that anymore.
Come on.
Let's go.
-Are we going for a dip?
-I am.
-How's the water?
-It's great.
It's not even cold.
It's freezing!
-Are you cold?
-But, it's nice.
You're nice.
You make me feel good.
What's wrong?
Well, um...
That night that I, um...
picked you up...
Your car wouldn't start.
'Cause I loosened
the distributor cables.
And, I'm, I'm sorry.
You know, I just...
I wanted an excuse to
talk to you again
after the beach
and I was planning to...
drive-by and help you fix it.
But then you took off too fast,
so, I followed you.
That's just something
that happens when I, uh...
-God, mom.
Why do you do that?
It's so creepy.
I just went
somewhere with Henry.
You really like him, don't you?
Me, too.
That's good to finally see you
with someone who respects you.
Why do you always
have to take it there?
'Cause it's the truth.
Is it gonna be hard
when he goes to school?
He's just so sweet and smart.
I wish he didn't have to leave.
But I would never tell him that
'cause I don't want to put
any pressure
or expectations on this.
You know what I mean?
I don't know. I just want
to have a good summer.
He's got a lot to
look forward to but so do I.
That's very mature.
I'm proud of you.
I'm gonna take this.
-Hey, Dustin.
-Hey, babe.
What're you doin'?
I'm probably just
gonna go to bed.
No, come on.
-Come out to the point.
-Hmm, who are you with?
Bailey and the rest
of the crew. And some girls.
But, come on...
-You can bring Henry.
-Not tonight.
You know you're not allowed
to hook up
with either
of the twins, right?
Why would you care
who I hook up with?
-'Cause it's about loyalty.
Well, what if I hooked up with
both of them at the same time.
-Does that count?
-Goodnight, Dustin.
-How did you know?
Man, I almost pissed on myself.
Valedictorian Henry.
What's up, bro?
Did Dustin tell you?
About the hiccups.
Seriously, bro?
Dude, I fucked her, too.
Did you really come down here
to ask me that?
-Ain't that romantic?
Come say hi
to the Tachuks.
-Come on.
How's it goin', big guy?
I'm good, sir.
Your mom was just
braggin' on you.
An MIT man.
That's somethin' to be proud of.
Any big plans for the summer?
I, uh...
I, I got to pee.
God, Dustin,
I'm so sorry.
Can you tell us what happened?
He, uh...
wandered off at some point.
I don't know how long
he was gone for.
No one was
really paying attention.
Then I heard
this girl screaming.
He was just face down
in the water.
I pulled him out,
I tried to do CPR.
But I probably wasn't
even doin' it right.
Hey, Reggie.
Yeah, okay. I'm gonna have
to call you later, okay?
Reggie's dad's a cop.
And they don't think
it was an accident.
Have you heard anything new?
No, nobody knows anything.
Oh, God!
First, Audrey and now this.
It's horrible.
My God, the parents,
I just, I can't even imagine.
I'm still here, mom.
You dated Bailey
for a little bit, right?
Sort of, I guess.
He can come across cocky
but he was really funny.
He could be sweet.
How's it goin'?
I'm okay.
How about you?
Do you want to
go get some dinner, maybe?
Or, um, see a movie?
Just somethin' to take your mind
off everything for a bit.
I think people are
going to the beach.
Seems like everybody just
wants to be together right now.
Will you come?
Yeah. Uh... Yeah.
I-I'll come.
I'll pick you up.
You guys look cute.
Shut the fuck up, dude.
Bailey hated that shit.
Me and him used to
play it together, man.
Oh, really? And when was that?
Seventh grade?
Let's walk.
Remember last summer?
Hangin' down here
with Audrey and Bailey.
The good old days.
And you used to be so excited
for high school to end.
Although I'm not sure why.
Don't tell me
you miss it already.
Sam's a big girl.
Her and Dustin go way back.
You like her, huh?
That's sweet,
but Sam's a free spirit.
If you know what I mean.
Cops talk to you yet?
No. Why would they talk to me?
They're talkin' to everybody
that was there last night.
-I wasn't at the party.
-I thought I saw you.
Oh, well...
'Cause sometimes
I walk on the beach.
But I wasn't at the party.
So, it could've been you.
He was killed, I mean.
Scary, isn't it?
My parents are out of town,
so of you wanna hang out?
I could use the company.
I'm with Sam.
Are you sure?
-Did you bang Mr. Rickett?
Thank, God.
That guy is such a deep shit.
No, he's not.
Such a..
-You're hopin' to bang him?
-Shut up.
He's got this weird Dead Poet's
Society thing going...
when all he really wants
is your tight little body!
-Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
Hen-Henry, Stop.
-Oh, my God! Sam.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
-I'm really sorry.
-You need to leave.
Hey, it's Sam.
Leave me a message.
What're you doing?
How's your chest?
when I hurt you like that...
I wanted to kill myself.
I still do.
Give me the key.
You better go.
Did the cops talk to you?
I thought I saw you.
-Oh, my God!
-Jesus Christ, you guys.
Yes... Oh...
Oh, my God. Oh...
Oh, my God, oh...
-There's somebody in my room!
-What is it?
There's somebody
in my fucking room.
-What do you mean?
No, I mean, there is
a person in there.
Okay, so, just wait here.
See, right there.
Was that your ass?
Shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
I saw someone.
Oh, shit.
Okay, I, I did not
open this window.
This window was closed.
-Flowers are nice.
-I don't want flowers.
I want him to apologize
to Dustin.
I mean, his best
friend just died.
Guys don't really
apologize to other.
You know what he was saying?
That he wants to kill himself.
I mean, probably
he didn't mean it.
But come on. You actually
say that shit to me?
I mean,
I've told him about my dad.
No, that's not cool.
Maybe he's just like,
a little bit romantic, though.
It's a fine line, really.
Not romantic? Okay, okay.
What're you gonna do?
I don't know.
I mean, I just wanted, like,
a good summer with no drama.
-I didn't plan any of this.
-Well, you know what they say?
Love is what happens
when you're making other plans.
You know that's not like
an actual saying, right?
Love is like
a box of chocolates.
You're an idiot.
Do you love him?
Get the fuck out!
Goddammit, Henry!
What the hell was that about?
Could I have the check, please.
-Yeah, of course.
Hey, man...
You can punch me if you want.
I'm tryin' to apologize.
Look, I...
I just really care about Sam.
Me, too.
I heard
you apologized to Dustin.
How's your chest?
It's fine.
Sam, uh...
There's something else.
That stupid stuff I said
about killing myself...
You know I'd never do anything
like that, right?
I can't believe
I said that to you
after everything
with your dad.
I just wasn't thinking.
I really miss you.
My mom is a few hours
up the coast
with a client.
She's spending
the night in a motel.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, Cleo was gone come over
and spend the night but...
maybe you could instead.
It's right over your heart.
We both hurt each other.
Now, let's make
each other feel better.
I-I've never done this before.
Done what?
Had sex.
Is that what we're gone do?
-Do you have a condom?
-Is this okay?
You don't have to be so gentle.
You were with her.
Her house.
You don't turn 18
until August, Henry.
Don't think you can call
the shots around here.
I offer you the same advice.
You talk to me like that
for the first girl
who puts out for you?
You think you're special to her?
The girl's been around, Henry.
I know that for a fact.
Watch your mouth.
Watch my mouth?
I understand what it's like
to need to blow off steam.
And I know it's summer.
but you can't lose focus.
You'll be in Cambridge
before you know it.
And you do not need
any distractions there.
You worked too hard
for this, Henry.
I'm sorry I slapped you.
I dropped out.
You can't do it.
I won't let you.
I wanted to tell you myself.
I already did it, I quit.
No, you can fix it.
That's my mom's dream,
not mine. Okay?
-I-I wanna stay here.
-And do what?
Be with you. Go to Woodland.
That doesn't make
any sense, Henry.
I love you.
Sam, look around.
I don't get
why everyone is in
such a big rush to get
away from here.
I mean, I've lived here
my entire life
and I've never understood
how beautiful it is until now.
You're crazy.
Don't worry about my mom.
I'm not worried about your mom.
Everything's gone be okay.
It doesn't have
to be either-or.
I mean, you could
have MIT and me.
It wouldn't work.
You know that.
I choose you.
It's too much.
We have to stop seeing
each other, okay?
You can fix it with MIT.
That's what you need to do.
She made you do this.
But you can't do this.
-I know what you did.
-Oh, God.
I think it's best if we just
give everything
a rest until tomorrow.
I could kill you, right now.
I could use that mug...
It'd be easy.
You're eating your
fries with a fork?
Yeah, my mom's into etiquette.
how I grew up.
-What're you doin' here?
Feelin' okay, Henry?
I asked you a question.
I'm having a meal.
Damn, what do you want from her?
-I don't believe you.
-Henry, stop.
Let's just talk
about this outside.
You know about the hiccups?
-Does he?
Sam, please, I need to know.
Can we talk later?
Hey. Hey, relax.
It'll be okay.
A couple of years,
I had a female student.
She was bright, pretty...
Seemed to have
everything going for her.
She was a good writer.
I encouraged her
just like I would
any other student.
She developed a...
I guess you could say an
unhealthy attraction towards me.
She started following me around.
She found out where I lived.
It got really bad quick.
When I saw Henry today
it reminded me of her.
You need to be careful.
I've been there.
Henry's just going
through a tough time.
Don't minimize
his behavior, Sam.
I mean, what happened in there
could have get really ugly.
Okay, sorry.
Lecture's over.
You're not gonna tell on me,
are you?
Hey, Dustin.
I know he could be a dick.
But he was my dick, you know.
I just wrote
the perfect eulogy.
-Where are you?
-I'm at the park.
-With who?
-No one, Sam.
My wingman is dead.
You know, we used to smash
into each other on these swings
when we were little kids?
You shouldn't be alone, Dustin.
Come on. I'm not scared of the
stupid fuckin' beach-killer.
I wish he was out here.
That's not what I mean.
Do you hear me?
I'm ready for you,
motherfucker. Let's go.
Okay, alright,
I'm gonna come out.
Are you sure?
Y-yeah, don't go anywhere.
You, you should not be driving
right now.
Thanks, Sam. Uh...
I won't even try
to get in your pants.
Oh, shit, dude,
that's not cool.
Is Sam with you?
She's meeting us here.
Are you disappointed?
Did you want her
all to yourself?
I mean...
I get it.
Dude, I'm not doing this
right now.
Doing what?
This weird jealousy thing, dude.
I honestly couldn't give a fuck.
Look, man.
I'm sorry about Bailey.
I mean it.
Uh, none of this shit matters.
I could see him in the woods...
watching me.
I'm sorry, Sam.
So sorry.
Thank you for coming, Henry.
Cleo told me about the bruise.
-Let me see it.
It's fine.
It was an accident.
I got in the way.
That's not like you, Sam.
You don't take the blame
for the crap
that other people do.
I've done...
so many stupid things.
I just kinda lost it.
All 'cause
I was afraid of losing you.
It's okay.
-It is?
That's great, Sam.
Henry reminds me
of your father.
So smart.
So passionate, alive...
When someone like that
focuses all that energy on you
it can be electric.
But, there's a dark side
to that intensity.
And I think
Henry has
a destructive nature.
Like your dad.
I know you're hurting.
But if you decide
to stay with him
you're gonna be
in a lot more pain.
I really need...
a friend right now.
Okay? Nothing more.
You have no idea
of the things
that I've done for you.
No idea.
I didn't hear from you
for five days.
It was the longest I had gone
without hearing your voice
since that first day
on the beach.
When I got your call...
- Hi.
- Hey.
It surprised me
how excited I was.
I-I have sort of a proposal.
Will you come over
for dinner?
I'm gonna try
one of my mom's recipes.
Oh, it's kind of
a celebration.
I worked things out with MIT.
Henry, that's great.
Oh, my God,
that's so good to hear.
So you'll come?
Is your mom home?
She'll be back later.
Something smells good.
It's the one thing my mom's
relaxed about.
She's half-French, so...
You know how they are.
-To MIT.
-And to Woodland.
It's good.
Have a seat.
It seems like we were
just arguing on the beach.
You telling me my speech sucked.
Not my exact words.
But yeah.
It's been
a pretty messed up summer.
But not all of it.
Not all of it.
I don't have...
any excuses for my behavior
other than...
I love you.
I lost sight of everything else
but, my intentions
were always good.
And yes, I know what they say
about good intentions.
You don't have to say anything.
I actually
mailed you something
that should explain things.
But right now, I need to check
on my appetizers.
Careful, they're hot.
This is good.
How come I didn't know
you could cook?
Are you okay?
I, uh...
I guess, I, uh...
got the hot one.
Are you alright?
No, I'm here to amuse.
Watch it,
I can't even feel my tongue.
Have you considered a career
as a fire eater?
Maybe I should.
You know how they do it?
Sounds like you do.
I do.
They use white gas.
More commonly known as
camping fuel.
And if you notice,
they lean their heads back
all the way
and lower the torch end.
And that's because
the flame is hottest at the top.
They have to close their lips
around it
firmly enough
to kill the flame.
But not too firmly
or else they'll burn their lips
on the torch.
Like I just did.
And there you have it.
What are you doing?
Can we please
just go back downstairs?
I can explain everything.
Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay.
Hang on.
You could use this.
Or I could use it
to get rid of her.
This is all her fault.
is her fault.
If she didn't break us up
Dustin would still be alive.
You know, I thought
this was gonna be it for us.
I wanted
one more night with you.
But maybe
it doesn't have to end.
- Sam.
- Please.
For me.
Just, please.
Give me the knife.
I'll do it.
Mom, it's okay.
It's okay.
I wish you'd put down the knife.
Put down the knife.
Go! Go, go, go!
Let's get out of here.
Let's runaway together.
You don't need anyone, Sam.
That's what different about you.
For a while
you wanted me and...
that was enough.
I love you.
No! No!
I love you.
Have you ever heard
of the Pillars of Creation?
They sort of look like...
reaching fingers.
The hand of God.
It's incredible.
Woodland's actually
pretty decent.
I think that
you would like it.
The people are nice.
I've been writing a lot.
I call mine a diary.
I got your package
two days after you died.
I kept it a secret.
I never told
my mom or Cleo
and the police.
I started sleeping with him
the second week of school.
Nothing ever happened
between us in high school
though I guess
I did like the attention.
At least with sex,
I can feel something.
Lots of hiccups.
A strong breeze
could do it for me.
Always been lucky like that.
Maybe the movies are right.
Maybe you can find
the love of your life
in high school.
The shrink my mom makes me see
keeps telling me that
it was unhealthy.
No shit.
But Henry...
The things you wrote about me...
You saw me
in a way that
nobody else ever has.
Or ever will.
You knew me.
When I can't sleep
what really bothers me is
not what you did.
It's what I didn't do.
What I didn't say.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
As nice as it is
I still miss the desert.
It's the same for my buddies
who are over there.
We're back. We made it out.
But after that intensity
everything else
is pretty fucking boring.
You know what I mean?
I love you, Henry.