Heat Lightning (1934) Movie Script

By the way you stand there grinning...
Anyone would think you put that
filling-station out there yourself.
Well, there it is.
Our troubles are over.
For a while anyhow.
Heaven only knows what
it's doing out here.
A thousand miles from anywhere.
It will probably turn
out to be a mirage.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Yes, Gladys.
Gladys, dear.
- Huh?
Would you mind taking the brake off?
You get that thing off there Herbert
before this whole car explodes.
You can't, Gladys, Like I told
you out there in the desert.
It's stuck tighter than
aunt Annie's corset.
We'll have to get a man to do it.
And a man who could stand living out
here in this heat could do anything.
You can't see a thing
coming in out of that glare.
Why don't you watch where you are going.
You just said yourself
that sun was glaring.
Hello. What can I do for you?
You can have a man put some water in
the car before the whole thing blows up.
I'll call my sister.
Yes, I'm going.
My sister will take
care of it right away.
Listen, young lady. This is
no job for anybody's sister.
You will have to get a man to
take the cap off that radiator.
And the way it's stuck on there
it will take a darned good man.
I am sorry.
We have no men working here.
Do you mean to say you two girls
try to run this place all alone?
And we are doing alright too.
Can you come out a minute, mister?
You've got it off?
Always goes to show a woman can
do anything she puts her mind to.
Give me a Coca-Cola before I expire.
How long have you two
girls been out here?
A couple of years.
- Ha.
Well I don't see how you stand it.
You get used to the heat after a while.
Still, it isn't much of a
life for a girl your age.
It isn't very exciting.
Pretty hot.
- Fair.
It's only a hundred and ten.
Yeah? Only a hundred and ten?
Practically winter cold for around here.
People in town are still laughing at an
African movie they showed last night.
The narrator says:
'Here in Africa, folks'.
'It's a hundred and twelve in
the shade. Believe it or not'.
It was a hundred and twenty-five
there in the theater.
A temperature like that don't
sound like any joke to me.
Herbert, get out of there.
Every time you stick your nose in
there it means another repair bill.
You want a Coca-Cola?
I'll take a lemon soda
if they have got any.
Say, there seems to be a
knock in there somewhere.
You got a couple of spark plugs loose.
Thank you.
It's alright with me.
You seem to like the heat
and you seem to like the work.
Well, you can have them.
You won't hear no complaints from me.
- I got 'em mister.
You won't hear any
complaints from me either.
I said lemon soda, Gladys.
Didn't they have any?
Yes. But you like Coca-Cola better.
Don't drink out of the bottle Herbert.
Use the straw.
All set.
How much does he owe you?
Let's see.
Ten, gas. Four, oil.
That's 3.55. What have you got Myra?
Just two cokes.
That's 3.65 altogether.
What is the best way to get to Williams?
Follow the main highway to deep basin
and then take the detour to route six.
Detour? Nothing but detours.
Come on, Herbert. I want to get
to where there is some trees.
Good luck.
Thanks. I'll need it.
A happy couple.
The condition that car was in
would drive anybody crazy.
It will go along better now.
You really get a kick
out of that, don't you.
A kick out of what?
Out of just staying here
and running this place.
Seeing people drive away better off
in some ways than when they drove in.
Sure. Just give me a house by the side
of the road and make me a friend to man.
I think you really do
feel something like that.
You just hate to admit it.
I get a lot of satisfaction
out of this place.
Without admitting to any sappy idea to
be the desert's leading social worker.
I'd rather be one of the people
that is going someplace.
Where, for instance?
Oh. Someplace.
Any place.
When you're old enough to go places...
You'll be smart enough to realize
that you're better off where you are.
I hope.
I'm not just like you, Olga.
I can't be, about everything.
You oughtn't expect me to be.
I know you are happy out
here running this place.
Seeing the business
build up and all that.
You don't want anything
more than that. I do.
I've got it figured out now.
There's a dance in town tonight.
Why not say so instead of giving a
speech on different women's natures?
Because you forget
sometimes and I'm still young.
No I don't. That's just why
I've got to take care of you.
Maybe you forgot that if a girl is young
she likes to get out once in a while.
That's another reason why
I must take care of you.
So far, you are your own worst witness.
But Olga...
Anybody ask you to go to that dance?
Steve Laird.
He's the one that came
out to see you last week.
Pretended he came all this way
just to get a packet of cigarettes.
Yes. Why?
There's one dance I know he'll be
a marvel at. He has all the qualities.
Snake hips.
You know nothing about him.
You only saw him a few minutes.
That was plenty.
You'd say the same thing about any man.
And have a very good percentage.
It isn't fair.
It isn't fair to keep me cooped up
in a place like this all the time.
I've got a right to have
some fun while I'm young.
Hello? Is Steve there?
Hello Steve? This is Myra.
I could sneak out after
Olga went to bed.
But I hate to make her mad.
You won't let me down, will you?
Just because your sister gets mad.
So you don't want to see me?
Of course I do, darling.
Alright. Come about ten-thirty.
And park down the road aways.
Alright, honey.
I came be back to say I thought perhaps
I was being a bit too hard on you.
Got thinking that perhaps because it
seemed so swell out here to me, I had...
Forgotten how dull it might
be for a kid of your age.
You mean I can go then?
When Steve Laird sneaks down the road
tonight at 10:30 I won't be sleeping.
I'm going to be right there to meet him.
You won't.
I certainly will. He and I are going
to have our own little war dance.
You just want to ruin everything for me.
Ruin my whole life.
I hope you don't think Steve Laird is
your answer to peace and happiness.
Maybe I don't understand your
kind of peace and happiness.
I know you don't understand my
getting a thrill out of being with him.
Yes, I do.
It's the same thrill you get out of
seeing a rat run across a bedroom floor.
I don't care what you or
anybody else says about him.
I love him.
You don't know what love means.
Do you suppose you do?
I might.
No you don't.
You never had any emotions.
You never had any fun.
And you don't want
me to have any either.
I wish I were dead.
It's better to feel that way now
because you're not going.
Than to go... and feel that
way the morning after.
How are you, Olga?
Okay, Everett.
Just dropped over to see how
you are coming with the car.
Coming along alright. I got a couple
more hours working on it though.
- Not now.
I took a man's job out here
and I do a man's work.
And you're going to be
charged a man's price.
I ain't very worried about the bill.
If you think this car of yours
needs a man's touch...
You could have the boys at
your ranch take care of it.
Maybe I think you do a better job.
Maybe you just bring your
work here to give us a break.
You know I do think you put a couple
of your boys to work breaking things.
That's right.
Just to give me an excuse
to come down here.
How is the kid sister today?
Staging another little revolution.
I had to jump on her
pretty hard just now.
Getting restless again, huh?
She wants to go into town.
Some dance tonight.
You don't care much for
mixed company, do you Olga?
You put a man and woman
together and it gets complicated.
It ain't so bad sometimes.
In fact they tell me
it can be pretty nice.
Well, I've heard it's
apt to end up terrible.
Well, anyway, you are right about
Myra and that young bunch in town.
A pretty wild young bunch
when they get to raring.
It's going to be the worst one
of the herd that goes for Myra.
Do you know Steve Laird?
That is something I
wouldn't admit to in public.
She thinks she is crazy about him.
Funny how often a decent, respectable
girl will fall for some worthless...
But that's the way it works sometimes.
You keep him away from Myra, Olga.
A thing like that couldn't
come to any good.
I got every intention to
keep him away, Everett.
I hate to be tough on the kid
but it's for her own good.
She'll feel bad about it for a while.
But someday she will realize
it was for her own good.
Yep. That's right.
Hello, sister.
What can we do for you?
Gee, I'm blinded. I can't see a thing.
That's right. Keep your hand
over your face that way, Jeff.
The lady isn't feeling good.
And one look at that pan of yours is
liable to send her to the hospital.
I'm sorry.
That's alright, sister.
This heat would get anybody.
Can I get you gentlemen something?
- Yeah. A couple of beers.
How about some sandwiches?
We have some nice barbecued beef.
Okay for me. How about you, punk?
Okay. I'm practically barbecued myself.
Say, what kind of a newspaper
have you got around here?
Monday's, from Los Angeles.
Monday's huh?
I was looking for something a
little bit fresher than that.
Say, the bread ain't that old too is it?
No, sir. Want trimmings
on your sandwiches?
Certainly. Nothing but the best for us.
Sorry about the paper.
We get the news quicker
from the radio there.
Yeah. But not this time
of day though, do you?
No, along about evening.
Even then sometimes the static
is so bad we can't get anything.
This time of year we have quite a
bit of heat lightning you know.
Heat lightning, huh?
That will give my pal a thrill.
Won't it Jeff?
- Yeah.
That's all I need now.
Something to remind me of...
It's enough to get on anyone's nerves.
Just an old baboon and
a couple of tomatoes.
You can start wolfing that sandwich.
I lose a lot of appetite
every time I hear a car.
I was just beginning to notice
you were a little shaky.
Can I help you?
- Fill her up.
Gas... oil... water.
That reminds me.
Honey, can you tell us where...
Round the corner. The door on your left.
- We get it.
And take a look at the tires.
- Yes, sir.
Let's have another one.
It's good for your nerves.
- Yeah. Those nerves sure got me.
What makes you so jittery, Jeff?
You been drinking too much
lately or is it a woman?
After what we've been through
you ask me why I'm jumpy.
You're in the big time now.
By the time you been around as much as
me you won't think this is a tough spot.
No, no. I ain't built like you.
You got a heart so cold
nothing could melt it.
Not even the hot seat.
That's something nobody is ever going to
have a chance to find out, young fellow.
Say, can we get something
cold to drink around here?
In the lunch room here.
Have I lost my eyesight completely
or do you see what I see?
I see a pretty handsome guy behind
the counter if that's what you mean.
You ladies are seeing perfectly.
Come right in and sit down.
Why not?
What are you going to have, ladies?
Don't tell me a guy like you
is really running this joint?
Just passing through.
Just a natural take-over guy, huh?
Toss us a couple of bottles of beer.
Say, big-shot.
How'd you like to take over two girls...
Hitch-hiking their way to fame
and fortune in Hollywood?
Say, what about Popsy?
We're going to cut him off like a
hang-nail the first chance we get.
How about it, handsome?
You and I could go a long
way together, couldn't we.
Too bad we're not going
in the same direction.
Say, doesn't your boyfriend talk?
Speak to the girls, Jeff.
Hiya, toots.
We got that all cleared up.
What about the uncle Horace out there?
He goes to Hollywood and the movies too?
As far as I can make out
he's on a lecture tour.
All he's done since we picked
him up in Kansas City...
Is give us speeches about
nice girls not hitch-hiking.
If that's all he did,
it wouldn't be so bad.
But he tries to find out if our
legs are in good condition.
I can't get upset about you two tomatoes
being unable to take care of yourselves.
I got a hunch the old man it the
one who is really in a tough spot.
You should have seen him when the
cops stopped the car up in Allentown.
What did they stop the car for?
They were looking for a couple of guys
who stuck up a bank in Salt Lake City.
Can you imagine that old toad robbing a
bank, shooting a couple of cashiers...
And scramming with the dough?
Well, you never can tell
by the looks of them.
And here are the pennies.
Three-48 exactly.
- Thank you.
Alright, girlies. We are ready to go.
Your turn to sit up front
with that old thigh-pincher.
I'm going to crawl in the back
seat and nurse my wounds.
When you see us in the movies you can
tell folk you bought beer for us once.
I sure am sorry we are
not going the same way.
You go your way and we'll
go the way of all flesh.
Yes, sir.
Say Pop, don't forget
to ask about the road.
Yes. And we're going to listen
in on directions this time...
So you don't take us up so many
of those lonely side roads.
Yes, yes. Of course.
Could you direct me
and my young nieces...
Easy to see those dames leave happiness
and cheer after them wherever they go.
All they wanted was 2 mugs who stuck up
a bank and killed a couple of cashiers.
I said they was hot after us,
George. Come, let's go.
Let me do the worrying.
I did the shooting.
Yeah. Yeah, you did the shooting.
But I've been regretting it ever since.
If a guy don't know not
to monkey with me...
It's in the books against him.
That's all.
Those 2 guys were born to be drilled
at 2 o'clock Tuesday. And they got it.
Do you want another barbecued sandwich?
I already hear the warden ask me for my
last words before they turn on the heat.
And you ask me if I want
another barbecued sandwich.
Come on, let's scram.
- Sit down. Sit down.
I should be calm and collected like you.
Why don't you sit down?
- I'm thinking.
That's an alibi you can't get away with.
Say, wait a minute.
Something tells me there's another dame.
Well, from this distance it
looks like I'm just barely right.
Who's that woman down by the garage?
That is my sister, Olga.
Want to see her?
- Yeah.
Olga, there is a gentleman
here wants to see you.
Hello, Olga.
Sure, the old boy himself.
You are the last person I
expected to see out here.
Why not? I do a lot of travelling.
Gee, I'm glad to see you. How are you?
Sure you are. You always were.
You couldn't be any other way.
You are the same too.
Oh no, I am changed.
Leading a better life.
I can imagine.
So, what you doing here?
Just passing through on
business and stopped for gas.
I wondered if I would
ever see you again.
But I never thought it would
be in a place like this.
What are you doing out here?
Making an honest living, Jerry.
That is something you
wouldn't know much about.
Well come on. I want you
to meet my friend Jeff.
- Yeah?
I was right. Meet an old friend
of mine from Oklahoma.
How do you do.
Myra, you go and service
their car, will you.
So that's the kid sister, huh?
The one you had in school.
Yes. And she doesn't know
anything about you.
Or the cabaret back in Tulsa.
That's the way I'd like to have it left.
Sure. Trust me.
Desert towns don't ask any questions.
It's no good telling people
stuff they're not interested in.
How long you been out here?
Long enough to build up something
that I don't want to see torn down.
Say, do me a favor. Take this thing...
- What's the matter with it?
The girl with the most beautiful
head of hair in the country...
And she's covered it up
with a speckled bandanna.
I am dressed to work.
It might be a break after all.
- What?
Meeting her here.
She used to be crazy about me.
Looks like she got over it.
- Yeah?
She held out against me sometimes but
I can twist her about if I take trouble.
There is one dame I can
do anything I want with.
Yeah? You'd better do something quick
then. It looks like a cop just drove up.
Some Hick sheriff.
You haven't seen any suspicious
characters around here have you?
None of them look suspicious to me.
Whose car is that?
- Two men in the lunchroom.
I guess I'll step in and
take a look at them.
I told J.A. there wasn't any oil down
there but he said to go ahead and drill.
So we went ahead.
Let's have another bottle of beer.
Oh, I thought you were the lady.
You folks in the oil business?
You hit the nail on the head.
What is your name?
The lady there has known
me for several years.
Yes. I have known
Mr Schiff for a long while.
That's alright then, Olga.
How about a cold drink, Sheriff?
- No, thanks. I'll be on my way.
Can we get something to drink here?
Yes, ma'am. Beer. Soda water. Coca-Cola.
I'll have some beer.
- Yes, ma'am.
Shall I bring it out?
- No, no.
We'll go in and get out
of the heat. Come on.
I need some service on this motor.
- I'll send my sister.
I said I'll get my sister.
She'll fix you up.
I doubt it.
You will get fat drinking that, Tinkle.
You really will.
I don't care. I've got to do something.
I'm definitely passing out.
Olga, the chauffeur wants service.
In a minute. Will you have something?
I don't know. Is there a rush?
Well if you'll decide,
I'll go and service your car.
You do that too?
- Yes.
What a woman.
I'll go tend to your car.
You know I told you in Reno, Tinkle.
We should have brought a nip with us.
I know you and your nips.
I didn't want you to get tight on me.
- Nah.
I guess everything is wide
open in Reno, huh?
I was there once.
Only once?
I was there on business.
So were we.
Mrs Tifton.
- Yes, Frank?
Beg pardon, ma'am. But I don't think
it's safe to go any further in that car.
Not until I get the head gasket fixed.
How long will that take?
I can't say exactly.
I thought it would be better
if we would wait until morning.
Wait? Where?
Oh you could stop here.
This is sort-of an auto-camp.
Yes. We can put you up.
If you want to take
what we have to offer.
Well, isn't there a town near here?
Baker. 26 miles.
There is a hotel there.
I can't be responsible
for no 26 miles, ma'am.
Well, let's look at the rooms.
If you come this way
I'll show you the shed.
Sheds? Can you imagine?
If you was in the middle of the
Sahara Desert you'd find dames.
Come on, let's scram.
I want to cross the border.
- Wait a minute.
I got an idea.
I was afraid of that.
See the rocks on those babies?
Yeah. And I saw the badge on that
sheriff. Come on, let's get going.
They're carrying a hundred grand
and probably more in their baggage.
We need dough worse than they do.
Come on, George.
- You heard me.
They're not very deluxe.
I should say not.
What do you say?
I'm game.
Nothing else to do unless Frank gets
the car fixed. We'll go on after dinner.
Well, where is my little shed?
Myra, will you show
the lady to number 3.
I will get you some towels.
That will be nice.
Where are you going?
How long are you staying?
I thought we'd have dinner and
push off when it cools off.
The sun goes down in a few minutes.
It gets cooler immediately then.
What's the matter? Trying to rush me?
- No. Why should I?
You said a while ago you were going
right away. Now you are going to stay.
I'm just wondering what you're up to.
Still as suspicious as ever.
I don't believe you have
changed into an angel.
I was just waiting for
a chance to talk to you.
It's a long time since we talked.
It's longer than that since we had
anything worthwhile to talk about.
Why did you run out on me?
I didn't run. I just left.
After all those years together.
You could have told me.
- Have you talked me into staying?
Do you like it better here
than you did in Tulsa?
I'm happy here.
I know what living is
about for the first time.
I wouldn't change what I've
got here for anything.
Never get lonesome?
I'm too busy.
I bet you think of the old
town once in a while.
Oil lamps lighting the roads. Everything
open. Dance halls, gambling, girls.
Yeah. Don't forget the girls.
Let's be friends, Olga.
Stop it, Jerry.
How many times I held that hand.
How many times I...
- Don't be a fool.
I'm being honest, Olga.
It did something to me
meeting you here today.
And you can't say it
meant nothing to you.
I saw your face when you recognised me.
- Let's understand each other, Jerry.
If you're staying because you've ideas
in your head, you better be on your way.
I'm not anything like that woman
you knew back in Oklahoma.
Whatever I was before,
I am different now.
And I intend to stay different.
Everything between you and
me is past. Forgotten.
I left you and that whole rotten life.
I came out here and I
started fresh and clean.
I work pretty hard for what I've
got and I'm not losing it now.
Not for you. Not for anybody.
So don't think I'm the same woman that
used to eat out of your hand as I'm not.
I'm a whole lot wiser.
And just you put that
into that head of yours.
Buenos dias, Seor.
- Buenos das, Seora.
[ Spanish language ]
This Jeepney. She is one good car.
But she is too much old.
Her insides always falling out.
In daytime it's alright.
You can fix it quick.
But Seora, at the
night-time she is no good.
Very bad for travelling
this way. Comprendo?
Mucho comprendo. Where you going?
We go Juarez.
- Fiesta?
Me like to camp here for the night.
One dollar.
We ain't got no money.
Me no like to sleep in a shed.
I like to sleep outside.
Fresh air better.
Alright. Over there. Back of the shed.
Hey, hold on. Wait a minute.
I guess I can explain to you, lady.
After all, it's for your own benefit.
If that pounding is for my
benefit you can stop right now.
I'm making out like the car
ain't in running order yet.
You go on pounding and
you'll be absolutely right.
That car won't run for days.
No, you don't get the idea, lady.
You see, I got them two dames all
unpacked and set for the night.
If I tell them the car is all fixed...
They'll likely get it into their
heads to start out again.
I'm tired driving, lady.
And if I have to pack and unpack
that lingerie many more times...
I'll turn into a big sissy.
You're pretending the car isn't
in good running order, huh?
Sure, sure. Now you got it.
It's okay with you, ain't it?
- I didn't hear a word you said.
Fine. Thanks.
And you can sock them plenty without
feeling bad because they got plenty.
I'll go and break the news to them.
I'm sorry ma'am, but that car
won't be ready until the morning.
You are not sorry and you know it.
You'd just as soon we stayed
all night in this horrible place.
Ah well, if we must we must.
But Frank will have to stay on
guard all night to protect us.
You may have to protect me, Frank.
But I wouldn't worry about Mrs Tifton.
She is her own best protection.
You are drunk, Tinkle.
You are drunk again.
I am not.
[ Hic ]
You know I don't feel it a bit myself.
I think it's a fake. This rumor
about putting aspirin in this stuff.
Completely a fake.
And you should certainly know a
fake when you see one, my dear.
After that last husband of yours.
Fortunately, I can discard any fakes I
may find and go on to something better.
Frank, bring me a bottle of beer.
Yes, ma'am.
Too bad you can't drink
any beer, dear. Of course.
On account of your figure.
Two beers.
Right. Two beers.
The cat.
[ Radio ]
"14 people were injured. The cause of
the explosion hasn't been determined."
"At Vancouver, James Hogan,
believed to be one of the gang..."
"Responsible for the
shooting of the guards..."
"Of the security trust of Salt Lake
during an attempted robbery yesterday."
"Was arrested here late this afternoon
while attempting to enter Canada."
"The other two members
of the gang are still at large."
"And are headed for the Mexican border.
A coast-wide search has been held."
Either of the two dames
that run this joint around?
I think they're back in their rooms.
I guess I'll help myself to the beer.
Tell them to put it on the bill later.
I'd better grab one for
myself while I'm here.
I won't get a chance later.
I thought you were staying here tonight.
- We are.
That's the trouble.
What a night I'll have, protecting them.
They give you that, do they?
Do they? I won't get a wink of sleep.
All night long they'll be calling me.
First one and then the other.
On some excuse.
You must be quite a man.
No. I ain't had anything to do
with them. Either of them.
- No.
Sometimes I think maybe that
Mrs Tifton is going to get me.
Now, she ain't so bad.
But the other one pays off.
And they're both jealous of each other.
I told them I got a wife
and two kids in Flatbush.
But that only seemed to encourage them.
Lots of boys would be
glad to suffer for you.
I don't know now.
Two guys paid plenty to
get rid of those two dames.
And I guess it was worth it to them.
The two girls struck plenty
of gold in Reno, huh?
You seen them rocks they
was wearing, didn't you?
Yeah. I thought I was getting blinded
once when the sun hit those two dames.
Yeah. You'd think they was
wearing all the jewelry they got.
But they ain't. They has plenty more.
I guess I have seen more.
Bigger and better.
Yeah? Where?
Well maybe in Tiffany's.
Oh well, sure. In Tiffany's. Yeah.
Who is he, Olga?
- Who?
Nobody much.
Someone I used to know back in Oklahoma.
You never told me about him.
I didn't think it was necessary.
Did you used to be in
love with him, Olga?
It must be your romantic day.
I don't know. The way you looked
at him made me sorta wonder.
You were in love sometime.
Weren't you?
So I thought you'd understand.
If this is the start of another argument
about Steve Laird and the dance tonight.
You can stop right now
because you're not going.
I said you could have another
sandwich if you were hungry.
I ain't hungry. I can already
feel that prison diet.
So can Hogan. They nabbed him.
How do you know?
It just came in on the radio.
Holy cats.
Let's scram. Let's not stall
around here all night.
We're not going to stall
around here all night stupid.
Well I ain't. I know that.
- Now listen. Sit down.
And listen.
My neck is just as valuable
to me as yours is to you.
I'm not going to do anything
that will put a rope around it.
We're staying long enough to get our
hooks on the rocks the dames lug around.
We're in a tough spot. We may have to do
some greasing to get across the border.
Thanks. I'm glad you
let me in on the plot.
We got our own new deal coming up.
Prosperity is just across the border.
I'd like to talk to you for a minute.
So what?
So, I think you had better go now.
I thought that as we knew each other so
well there wasn't a need for me to rush.
Why are you staying on, Jerry?
Just a change of mind.
I was always like that, wasn't I?
- I remember well what you were like.
I don't know what you are pulling now.
With my memory working so good I'm
sure there's something phony about it.
You are not fooling me.
Am I trying to?
You're not worried about what I'm going
to do or anything else except yourself.
You're afraid of what
you will do if I stay.
So I'm in love with you, am I?
Yes, I was in love with you then.
I cannot deny that.
I was so in love with you I
couldn't think of anything else.
And all the time knowing
how rotten you were.
Do you think I like that?
I hated it.
I'd wake up in the middle
of the night in a cold sweat...
And wonder how I could
love a man like you.
That is something that's passed.
That's all over.
Things have changed a lot.
I have changed a lot.
Yeah, you are right.
You have changed plenty.
You had a lot on the ball then. You were
someone to look at, get up and go after.
That was my racket then.
It never got me anything but trouble.
I figured the thing to do was to go as
far as possible in the other direction.
You sure made a good job of it.
When I say you out there today.
You know, like you are now.
I couldn't believe you were ever a
dame I went for. I couldn't believe...
That's something that it's
alright with me if you forget.
You sure make it plenty tough
to remember very good.
I knew you must have had something for
me because you wanted me and you got me.
Now you don't want me and you certainly
fixed everything up to keep me away.
Don't you worry about me
trying to get you back.
Because there ain't a chance
in the world, sweetheart.
[ Spanish singing ]
Yes, ma'am?
I should like to take a bath, Frank.
Since when have you developed
such intimacy with the chauffeur...
That you find it necessary to
advise him of such things?
Frank, I should like you to see if there
are any conveniences for bathing...
On this lovely little oasis.
Yes, ma'am.
I suppose you want
Frank to scrub your back?
You're just jealous because you didn't
think of taking the bath yourself.
One of the ladies wants to know if
there's any chance of taking a bath.
There is a small tub
around there by the pump.
You can fill it with water and
take it to the back of the sheds.
You mean she has got to take it
sort-of out in the open back there?
Sorry. That is all we have to offer.
I suppose her dignity wouldn't
allow bathing in public.
You ain't knowed her as long as I have.
I suppose you hid my lipstick to make
sure I couldn't go to the dance.
No. Just a minute.
I thought you'd have the good sense
to forget about that dance tonight.
Ah, how romantic.
This is all they got for you to
take a bath in, Mrs Tifton.
Ah, how romantic.
And where do I take my
bath in that finger bowl?
Out back of the sheds.
Right back to your
childhood days, Feathers.
What was that?
I mean my dear, out
the back of the shed.
After all, that's where
it all really started.
Isn't it?
I suppose you want Frank to stand
guard while you take your bath?
Thank you so much for suggesting
it, Tinkle. That is a splendid idea.
You are quite welcome.
However, I think I had better
come back and guard Frank.
Well, Olga.
Is there something special
going on tonight?
You certainly do look nice.
Thanks, Everett. Sit down.
New duds make quite a change
in a woman, don't they.
Yeah. Quite a change.
Sometimes they must prove to themselves
they're still as pretty as they were.
I've got to admit it. You have done it.
That is very complimentary from you.
I thought you might be kind of tired of
seeing me in those same old overalls.
Seeing you like that takes me
back to the old days, Olga.
You two knew each other before?
Yes. We were old friends
back in Oklahoma.
In fact, if I don't
sound too conceited...
I was head man among Olga's admirers.
At least I thought I was.
That wouldn't make much difference.
All that is a long ways away.
That's what I thought until I saw
you come out there a minute ago.
It doesn't seem so far now.
Yes... I been looking.
Everett has seen it before. He knows I
can still look fairly nice if I want to.
Sure, Olga.
[ Female scream! Loud ]
What's the matter?
[ Female scream! ]
Help, help!
A man, a man!
I don't believe it, Feathers.
You don't run away like that from men.
But it was. There he is, there he is.
I want that man arrested immediately.
Wait a minute, lady. What's the beef?
I demand this man's arrest.
He is a peeping Tom.
Listen. She has got me all wrong.
I'm out taking a walk, see.
How'd I know I'd round a corner and see
a dame with a bar of soap in her hands?
I ain't used to seeing women
take baths out in the desert.
You certainly stared as though you'd
never seen a woman at all before.
Listen, toots. I seen plenty.
I seen a lot better than you.
Well, you sure seemed
to enjoy it at the time.
You can turn around
if you don't like it.
And if you didn't like it you
could have ducked down.
It don't take no longer
to do one than the other.
I demand this man's arrest immediately.
That might not be wise.
The gentleman may enter counter charges
asking your arrest for immoral exposure.
You go to bed and be quiet, Feathers.
I've something really important I'd
like to take up with you, Miss...
Go to the shed and get
our things together.
We'd better be on our way.
Before you get us into
some serious trouble.
But it's those gypsies
I'm really afraid of.
What gypsies?
It was alright as long as
they stayed by their fire.
But now I think they send
their children over as spies.
But they aren't gypsies.
They're harmless.
They're just a Mexican
family on its way to a fiesta.
Well, perhaps.
But I would feel much safer if all of
our jewels were locked up some place.
I'll put them in the safe for you.
They'll be perfectly alright there.
If you knew how much these jewels are
worth and how hard I worked for them...
You'd realize why I'm so worried.
I assure you that you've nothing to
worry about with them in the safe.
Just getting myself a last bottle
of beer. Put it on the bill.
Get the bill ready, will you. I'm going
to pull out of here in a few minutes.
You are sure this time?
It's better to travel at night and
sleep after we get there in the morning.
Alright. I will see you before you go.
Say listen, boss. Are we really leaving
this time or are we just fooling again?
Fooling. Just playing around.
When we're staying we're leaving.
If we leave we stay.
You got me all mixed up.
- We are good and mixed up this time.
They just put their jewels in the safe.
- I'm sure glad to hear that.
You are?
- Yeah.
Now we can quit stalling around
and scram across that border.
We're not leaving here
until we grab those rocks.
You just said they're in the safe.
- Don't let it worry you.
It's a break for us.
You can open that safe with a toothpick.
And we won't have to risk
soft-shoeing into the dames' sheds.
What of the dame that runs the joint?
Don't worry about her. I'm a man
that can take care of Olga alright.
So you changed your mind again, Jerry?
- I'm really going this time.
It's not going to be
as easy as I thought.
- Giving you the farewell nod.
You've softened up, haven't you. Never
used to be hard for you to say goodbye.
We all make mistakes and find
out afterwards we were wrong.
I saw my mistake and
I'm doing better now.
Yeah, you keep telling me you've
been doing alright since we broke up.
Well, so have I.
- Alright then. Let's leave it that way.
Personally, I will admit that seeing
you here again did something to me.
It brought back some of the...
Whatever it was, between us.
We had some rotten times in the old
days and we had some swell ones.
I'm remembering the swell ones now.
You seem to be remembering
the rotten ones.
I am remembering both, Jerry.
I'm calling it evens.
And quits.
Is that the way it is?
That's the way it is.
You don't mind if I talk to you do you?
Until your friend gets back?
I don't often get a chance
to talk to city men.
If you want to talk, go ahead and talk.
I'll try and give you the answers.
Pretty music, ain't it.
Hey. Wake up.
You are home.
Steve, darling.
Feeling alright, kid?
Think you can make it?
I guess so.
Will you call me?
Yeah, sure. Sure.
It's getting late, kid.
I got to get back.
Goodnight, Myra.
Goodnight, honey.
So long.
I've been waiting my chance, see.
And that big ranch owner has been round
talking to me just a little while ago.
Alright. Now get started.
Listen, George. We shouldn't
make these dames take the rap.
Anyway, we haven't the time.
Get started.
So you went with Steve Laird after all.
Yes. What about it?
You are a pretty sight.
Never mind the lecture.
I don't feel like being balled out.
It looks like it's a little
late for that now.
Too late for you to read the riot act.
What do you mean by that?
Don't stand there and
look at me like that.
What if I have been out?
What about yourself?
Why not save those
speeches for yourself?
It looks like you deserve
them as much as me.
All this talk about you
going to protect me.
You meeting Steve, to
make sure I don't go out.
You're going to see that
nothing happens to me.
Where were you when Steve came?
Why didn't you stop me?
I'll tell you. Because you
were with a man yourself.
You were right anyway.
But you can't blame me.
- No.
Not when you are just as much to blame.
It looks like it runs in the family.
Come on. Hurry it up.
I'm hurrying.
But this is going to take time.
I ain't much for this job anyway.
You'll get that box open
and get it open quick.
There now.
Go to sleep.
I can't do it, boss.
- Get going.
I can't do it, I tell you.
I won't do it.
That dame has been too regular with
us and we're in enough trouble now.
I'm going to beat it
while I've got a chance.
Maybe that knocks sense into you.
Get the safe open. I didn't spend all
that time with the dame for nothing.
Nobody ever got yellow
with me that didn't get hurt.
We got no time to fool around.
You get the safe open
and get it open quick.
I had to get it someday.
It's alright.
What they done. See.
I had it coming.
Don't let anybody put
anything over on you.
That's the way to
get along in the world.
That's what I always done.
You still got your old style, Olga.
You always told me I'd end up...
Just like the old days.
You are a good kid, Olga.
But who cares.
What about me?
You can go.
You won't send them after me?
- No. Your car is alright.
Take the main highway and then Detour 6.
You ought to be able to make it.
Say, thanks.
Go on.
We thought we heard shooting.
You did. I found a big rat running
around in the lunchroom.
That's a relief.
I thought it must be these gypsies.
Now we're all awake, can't we
get started before it gets hot?
Where have you been, Frank?
Well... you see...
Mrs Tifton got scared
and I was protecting her.
You have such a quaint way
of wording things, Frank.
That's what I was doing, ma'am. Honest.
I suppose that's the way you
got lipstick on your cheek.
I leave here immediately.
If you two lovebirds want
to come along you can.
As far as the next town.
Everything alright, Olga?
- Yes, Everett.
There seemed to be something
in the air last night and I...
I stuck around pretty late.
Finally, I decided you knew what
you were doing so I went home.
After I got home I got worried again.
I guess that was silly.
I should have known you could
take care of yourself alright.
Yeah. I can take care of myself alright.
Yes. I shot him.
He had it coming to him, huh?
- Yeah. He tried to hold up the place.
And the other one?
He couldn't go through with it. I sent
him away and he's making for the border.
Will you take care of
that in there... for me?
Tell the sheriff about
it and everything.
That fellow meant something to you once.
Didn't he, Olga?
It must be a big help sometimes
being like you, Olga.
Not having any feelings.
I wouldn't know, Everett.
Fill her up. Gas, oil, water.
I got to get started
before the day gets hot.
This place sure is a lifesaver, lady.
I thought I was going to
be in a tough spot.
Do you run this place by yourself?
With my sister.
A pretty quiet life, isn't it?
Pretty quiet.