Heatstroke (2008) Movie Script

Look. Somebody's pulling down the shades.
That's no shade, Spinner. That's an eye lid.
Something huge is looking at us with
that monstrous eye.
What do you think it is?
I don't know, but we're going to find out.
Okay. Give us another pose. There you go.
Ah, that's sexy. Right there.
Hold it. Ah, that's great. Hold it. Hold it.
Nice. Ooh, that's hot. Oh, right there.
Okay, good. Okay,
this time, Brooke, I want you to kneel.
That's looking good.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Oh. Can you just hang on a sec?
We gotta get his shot.
We're running way behind.
What do you think it is?
I don't know, but we're going to find out.
EchoTango One, this is O'Bannon.
I've got a problem. EchoTango One, come in.
EchoTango One, respond.
Where the hell are you guys?
Mayday, MMayday.
AlphaBravo to EchoTango One,
I'm going down.
Repeat, I'm going down.
Heads up:. Hey:. Watch out!
What's that idiot think he's doing?
Hey, watch out! Hey! Hey, get out of the way!
What the hell's he doing?
Man, that was close. That's it. I'm done.
Is everybody okay?
MMan, what was he thinking? God.
What kind of crazy stunt was that?
You could have killed us.
What are you talking about? Everybody's fine.
Oh, my God. The hair, the makeup, it's ruined.
I didn't mean to
Trying to get a closer look, huh?
Look what you did.
EchoTango One, EchoTango One.
This is O'Bannon over.
Stupid paparazzi.
Paparazzi? You think I look like
a photographer?
Just a pervert then, huh? Peeping Tom?
LoLook, I'm sure this is great whatever
you have going on here, but.
Photo shoot.
Photo shoot.
But I really have important things that.
No, no, you cannot just crash into people and
expect to take no responsibility for it whatsoever.
If you just let me go NNo!
No? No.
I really don't have time for this.
You have to deal with this.
Maleko, stop him.
Hold up, pal. You're not going anywhere.
You know I tried to be nice.
You son of a bitch.
Maleko. He's out cold.
Are you crazy?
Most days.
(Special Ops HQ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
Major Wozniak. Wait.
Get the hell out of my way.
You're not answering my calls.
Oh, we don't have anything to talk about,
Dr. Taggart.
You think that for thirty years Earth's
been inhabited by space aliens.
And I think you're crazy.
NNo, I'm sane. You're blind. Open your eyes.
I have. It's crap.
It's not crap. Look again.
1975 we detect traces of a new form
of radiation.
All over the globe.
Unique wavelengths we can't replicate.
We name it Tau Seven.
What causes it, we still don't know.
And I still don't care. Well, you should.
Also in 1 975, huge spike in insomnia cases.
Thousands worldwide.
Identical nightmares about aliens.
So what? File it with all the other alien
and UFO abduction claims.
This is different. These people were driven
insane. Blackouts, breakdowns, psychoses.
Like Captain O'Bannon?
Oh, O'Bannon's a good man. He is dri.
He's a screwup and you put him in charge of
a Gatecrash search team.
And now you expect me to take you seriously?
I expect you to take the facts seriously.
Look. Altered migration patterns.
Random telephone disruptions.
When did it all start? 1 975, every one.
Means nothing.
You don't have a scrap of tangible proof.
Then give us more time.
Major Wozniak, finding extraterrestrials would
be the greatest discovery mankind has ever made.
I don't give a rat's ass about great discoveries,
My job's national security,
not chasing down E.T.'s.
Can you imagine
if the media finds out about this?
For six years we've been wasting Special
Op's forces looking for little green men.
They'd lock us all in rubber rooms.
NNot gonna happen.
NNow, go away.
You know what? You're not done with me yet.
The hell I'm not.
So this is island number what?
Thirty? I've lost track.
You know what? This one's promising.
Only two days here and we've already
logged the highest Tau Seven readings yet.
I'm just bored out of my skull, babe.
You say that everywhere we go.
NNo, no, no, not Afghanistan.
I liked Afghanistan.
It wasn't boring, that's for sure.
NNo, it was not boring.
You said it would be a bad place for
a honeymoon. What were you thinking?
What was I thinking? I don't know.
I don't either. I know what I'm thinking.
Oh? Let's go.
05 cover?
Blue and gold bikini. Flawless.
And the '04 Kenya shoot in the
onepiece black. Perfection.
It's a huge honor to meet both of you ladies.
Oy, Barman. The horse that peed
in this must have had a fever.
You got any beer that's not boiling?
Okay. You gotta have ice, don't you?
No ice.
I, I, I just need moe time.
YYeah, we had a couple of delays,
but it was out of my control.
NNo, no, no. NNo, no. And I appreciate that.
Adam, listen. This thing tanks
and we're both kinda screwed, right?
Can you at least try?
Call me back as soon as you can.
Oh, jeez. What now? NNothing.
Oh. Good.
I just wanna let you know what you did.
What I did?
At the beach. Oh, jeez.
NNo, no. Look, this job was a big opportunity
for me.
Chance to make decisions,
new responsibilities.
It was a big deal for me.
And I'm sure you didn't plan to ruin
my photo shoot, but that's exactly what you did.
Now, now wait a minute. I'm not finished.
I'm sure what you're doing here
is very important.
But what I'm doing was important, too. To me.
What are you talking about? What did I
cost you, fifteen minutes with my interruption?
NNow, why don't you just get your girls
and your cameras and get back out there.
Can't. Why not?
They're trying to fix the camera,
but she's seen better days.
I knew you couldn't make it right.
An apology would have been nice.
Hey, wait. Le's start over.
Let me get you a drink.
No, thanks.
You making friends over there?
That's me. Mr. Popularity.
Hey. You okay?
NNever better. I trashed the ultralight.
What? How the hell did you do that?
Another blackout?
I was pushing it. We're running out of time.
They're definitely gonna pull the plug
on us now.
Count on it. Can't blame 'em.
We came up empty.
The way I see it, that's a good thing. Isn't it?
Unless they are out there
and we just didn't find them.
I need a beer. You want? Yeah.
Can I have two beers, please?
No beers.
And no exit.
Come on, guys. Too hot for this macho crap.
I am out of here.
Come on back. They'll be done in a second.
Get up. Grab him.
Could have used a small one.
That was a small one.
Thanks for jumping in, pal.
Didn't know you needed help, Cap.
Thanks a lot, man. I had 'em already to party.
Back to work. Yes, sir.
This is one chewedup flight recorder.
Salvage all you can.
How the helI'd you do that?
I was a little too low.
I must have clipped a tree.
Why didn't you send up the drone?
I'll fix it. Get off my back.
This thing's trashed.
EchoTango One. Captain O'Bannon speaking.
It'll be a miracle to recover any data.
Then I want a miracle.
Yes, sir. Coming right up, sir.
Roger. Copy all. O'Bannon out.
So, what's up?
Gatecrash a nogo. Pulled the plug.
Where you goin? Get back to work.
Here's to Gatecrash. Gatecrash.
You never really thought we'd find anything,
did ya?
Why'd you sign on?
Wanted something different.
Boring's different.
And because you asked.
So, what are you gonna do now? Retire?
Yeah. Buy a farm. Grow grapes. Make wine.
Make babies.
Jill doesn't know about that last part yet.
What are you gonna do?
You know, once you're stateside,
maybe you should see someone.
Been seeing a shrink since I was ten years old.
You gotta do something, man.
Blacking out, flying into a tree.
NNot too healthy.
Yeah. If that's what happened.
What the hell is this?
Let me see.
Looks organic. Looks what?
I'm gonna run a scan on it.
Come on. We owe this guy.
You sure this is a good idea?
Steve. This was inside the data recorder.
A claw?
It's hot. Tau Seven.
Run it's DNA. Then recheck that hard drive,
swab it down, every square inch,
see if we can pick anything else up.
You got it.
You are out there.
I'm gonna put the fear of God
in that son of a bitch. Give me the rifle.
Hey. Yeah. You're not a paparazzi.
You're military.
Did you walk here?
Hey, let me, let me, let me help.
No, uh, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Are you a military, too?
NNo. I'm a model trying desperately to get
to the other side of the camera.
And this is my big chance.
I mean, it took me two years to convince
these people to let me manage my own shoot.
And you fly in and break the camera?
I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.
You have to make this right.
How am I gonna do that?
Have Uncle Sam reimburse me for
the broken equipment, the lost time.
My uncle's cheap.
I don't think he's gonna write you a check.
Well, then cash, cash is fine.
Don't you coMander types carry tons
of money for emergencies?
Where'd you see that? CNNNN?
So you're not gonna help me.
Hey, I don't know. I got about twentytwo bucks
in my wallet. You're welcome to that.
Hey. Just, why don't you at least let me
give you a ride home?
It's definitely organic.
I was sure I had it wrong.
I ran it six times, but it's not wrong.
Cells from the claw,
the genetic material is not DNNA.
Totally different nucleotides.
It's real. Real what?
Evidence. NNothing on the planet has a
biochemistry like this.
What, we found ourselves a piece E.T.?
Steve, this is amazing. It's ridiculous.
Ridiculous? You don't believe us.
I don't believe the timing.
You're just trying to save your jobs.
We wouldn't make it up, Major.
NNo, Steve, it's all right.
That's absurd. This is no hoax.
Well, then they're misreading their data.
They're just seeing what they want to see.
No. Believe me, I didn't want to see what I saw.
Because my faith says it's impossible.
Your what?
I believe God made man in his own image.
And his gift of life to Earth is unique.
Alien life can't exist.
But we found it.
And now I have to accept it.
Stand by.
You didn't have to keep it a secret.
I wasn't sure you wanted someone around
with the Good Book in her pocket.
A Jesus freak now believes in spacemen.
Hallelujah. Must be true.
You be Scully, I'll be Mulder.
You wanted evidence, you've got it.
A couple of weird cells doesn't mean
we've got Martians running around.
I'm telling you, this is a breakthrough.
Can you imagine the media response?
If I'm right, and you were too pigheaded
to go check it out?
Gatecrash is a mile above top secret.
You go public, I'll skin you alive.
You mess this up, you'll get fed to the wolves.
So why risk it? Let's go see what they've got.
Mornin', Sheriff.
I don't like Sheriff. Call me Angel.
NNo wiseass comments, no funny face.
Maybe we'll get along, Mister?
O'Bannon. Steve.
What's your rank, Steve?
Maybe we won't get along.
I could toss your ass in jail
for busting up that bar.
Tell it to the judge.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
My rank's Captain, Sheriff.
So, Captain. Your buddies with the bats.
When'd you see 'em last?
In the bar. Why?
Gone. Missing.
I don't know anything about it.
What's a Special Ops team doing here?
Looking for Osama.
Ah, Captain. Me no dumb local savage.
Me all the time talk, talk pretty good.
Me study criminology at UCLA.
Okay. Here's the truth. I lead a special detail
that's been sent here to find extraterrestrial life.
So? Why didn't you say so?
Why do I bother?
Look, Captain. If I wanted to hear crap
about space aliens, I'd talk to my grandma.
Why, has she seen 'em?
Oh, yeah. She sees 'em all the time
on the T set.
They watch her. Keep her awake at nights.
Maybe you'd like to talk to her.
Yeah, I would.
Don't yank my chain.
Uncle Sam better vouch for you
or we're not gonna be friends. Hear me?
Loud and clear.
Al and Jill. You start at HQ and head south.
Romeo, go east. I'm going north.
Mental, scan wide with the drone. Al.
Al, any Tau Seven reading yet? Over.
Says onepointfour here, Steve,
and it's getting stronger.
Stay on it. Out.
Ultralight picked up a hot spot somewhere
north of here, but couldn't lock down its position.
O'Bannon to Romeo. I need a temp wrap.
O'Bannon to Romeo. Check in.
What've you got? Over.
Uh, Romeo here. Still nothing.
Tau Seven level is pointzerothree.
Bloody amazing.
A real live E.T. could be out here
and we could make the first contact.
What do we say to it?
Well, I don't imagine an alien life
form's gonna speak English.
NNow, just go with me here.
What's the first thing you'd ask him?
How you say cold beer in alien?
How're you holding up?
I keep telling myself,
God does everything for a reason.
All creatures great and small.
ven creatures from other worlds.
I still can't get my head around it.
It's a mindblower.
Yeah. And we found it.
Something to tell our kids about.
Oh, kids. What, you know something I don't?
Sir, no, sir. Purely hypothetical.
We don't need to reopen the
children discussion. Do we?
Unless you want to.
Hey, Jill. Aliens were here.
What have we got here?
Relax, tough guy. It's dead.
That's one big ugly bug.
And radioactive.
Hmm, what do you do, Lieutenant?
I hunt down Martians.
Oh, really? Hmm, that's so cool.
Well, actually, I chase itsybitsy traces
of weird radiation.
You bet. It's a rush.
Here we go. Bird's up.
Scanning for Tau Seven and finding bugger all.
Bird's not seeing any Tau Seven.
You sure you fixed it?
Widen your search.
That hotspot didn't just disappear.
Captain? Romeo here. Still nothing.
Tau Seven max is zeropointtwo.
And I'm running out of road.
Double back to the beach.
Get the ultralight. Out.
Oh, man. Check this out.
Civilization at its finest.
NNo fridge and no toilet,
but by God they got a television.
Zoom in. Something's moving.
It's either an alien or Mrs. Big Foot.
That's Grandma.
Stop! Stop. Stop!
What's the problem?
We heard something coming at us.
Where? Show me.
Come on. NNothing's gonna hurt you. Come on.
Hey. You lost?
I'm good. Just picking locations.
And we're gonna finish the shoot
with a new photographer.
You know, I was thinking about your pictures.
And there's a great little island
about eight miles west of here. Isolated.
You could charter over. It's beautiful.
You wanna get rid of me?
Just trying to be helpful.
How well do you know that, uh, bartender?
You know, your beach security guy.
Hardly. He was a day hire. He's missing.
What are you military guys up to?
Military? I'm just a tourist, ma'am.
Yeah, and I'm blonde.
About yesterday. The, uh, I was, uh. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Why are you here?
I can't tell you.
Should I be afraid of this place?
I was you, I'd find another place
for my photo shoot.
Soon as you can.
What'd it look like?
We didn't see anything.
We just heard it. It, it sort of chattered.
It's gone now. It's probably just a parrot
or something.
Hey, how come you guys are out hiking?
NNo work today?
Oh, we're waiting on a photographer.
The other one left.
And he left you ladies behind. What, is he gay?
What's that?
NNo, it's cool. It's, it's just a bird
or something.
You sure?
Of course.
You wanna lift back to town?
There is no way you are leaving us here alone.
Climb in. I gotta make one stop first.
There. Let's do that again. Here we go. Ooh.
Hello? Hello?
Go. Leave now.
Hang on. Hey, wait. I'm a friend of Angel's.
You know my little Angel?
Yeah, you're his grandmother, right?
Rahela. I'm Steve. Can I talk to you?
Talk what?
NNightmares. Bad dreams.
I'll be right back.
Romeo here. I, I don't see an ultralight.
Maybe it washed out to sea.
Keep looking and scanning for Tau Seven.
What's the point? It's gone.
Or maybe you crashed somewhere else
and I'm in the wrong area, sir.
I know where I crashed, Lieutenant.
Stay in that sector. Out.
Yes, sir. Roger that.
This is gonna take awhile.
You guys might wanna go take a dip.
What's that?
Don't ask.
Basically it's a huge waste of time
and taxpayer money.
Uh, um, just don't ask.
Rahela, Rahela. Tell me about the red eyes.
They watch. I watch. I see them.
Where do you see them?
Dreams. They see in the dreams.
Where else do you see them?
T. Pictures scared me. Off.
Fire and smoke. Volcano.
There's a face. A face. Fire and smoke.
Black sound. Snake hiss. Like water.
Oh. Red eyes. Red eyes.
That's okay. That's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. Don't look at it. Sh. Sh.
That's enough, Captain. Outside.
What's the problem? We're just talking.
Talk to me. She's confused.
Doesn't need visitors.
Angel. Do you have dreams? What?
NNightmares, bad ones that keep you up at night.
No, no. We talk.
She has the same dreams.
Grandma. Go back inside. Please.
The dreams. He knows. He sees.
It's a recurring nightmare.
She has it. I have it. A lot of people have it.
Started years ago for me.
I saw this thing on a TV set. Red eyes glowing.
This. This watches. The dream face.
I remember. Red eyes. Red eyes.
But glowing red eyes.
But, but, but, they're just dreams, right?
Red eyes.
You're serious. You're looking for aliens.
This island's an entomologist's dream.
That thing's not alien, right?
They seem to be Earth insects. Just bigger.
Any Tau Seven here?
NNo, nothing to write home about.
This is Waters, Sector Two's done.
Where to next?
Romeo's at the beach looking for the ultralight.
Maybe you need to hang.
He better not be working on his tan.
I'll have a look.
Romeo. Yeah.
Hell with this.
Calling Romeo. Come in, Romeo.
Where art thou, Romeo?
Calling Romeo. Come in, Romeo.
People dream about red eyes so aliens exist?
I don't buy that.
I don't blame you. When did her dreams start?
I was eight. Volcano eruption.
First time in centuries.
One night her mind snapped. 1975.
1975? Has the island always been this hot?
Hotter since the eruption.
What about the bugs?
Get bigger every year. Figured it was the heat.
I swear it's the truth. NNo way.
Jesus, come on! Hurry!
Get outta here!
Run! Run! Run!
Got an explosion at the beach.
I can't raise Romeo.
Everybody, we got a problem.
I'm heading for the beach. Al, you copy? Over.
Copy that, Steve. We're almost there.
Check the beach. Move.
Romeo. Romeo!
Civilian down!
What have we got? Romeo's MIA.
Do a hasty search, hundred meters.
Got another one, Steve.
Confirmed casualty.
Mental, take it down to treetop level.
I need a oneclick coverage of my position.
And what the hell am I looking for?
Large, fastmoving animal.
Romeo? Missing.
My God. What the hell are you doing here?
We were leaving. We were leaving.
I was trying to find them. Where's Brooke?
Oh, my God. Who's doing this?
What's going on?
You know. You know what's going on.
Tell me, what the hell happened?
Your friends were attacked. By who?
We don't know.
I've got something. It's heading northeast.
Can't get a clear visual, but it's on the move.
Take the coast road. Maintain radio contact.
Got it.
Take this vehicle, go north. Move it.
Wait, that, that's my ca, my car.
You can't take my, my.
You're coming with me.
You can't take my car.
Look, I don't have time for this. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go. Like hell.
Yeah, it just hung a ninety.
It's heading northwest. Coming your way.
Jill, do you copy?
Yeah, I saw it. It's fast. It looked like,
headed north of the road.
Towards you, Al. Roger that.
Bloody hell. Look at it.
Crap, I lost it.
Mental, you gotta do better than that.
Roger that. It's heading on a bearing
of zerosixzero.
Jill, hold your position. Cut it off. Holding.
Al, head inland. Funnel him towards me.
Roger that.
It's heading towards the crossroads.
Copy. Out. Come on. Let's go.
Come on where?
We have to cut it off.
It. You keep saying it. Is it some kind of animal?
Yeah, yeah. Some kind. Let's go.
Why won't you give me a straight answer?
Look. You think it's possible
there might be life on another planet?
Something's out there.
We don't know what it is.
But it's fast, it's mean and it kills.
And you're safer with me.
Al, he's moving for the cliffs.
Keep heading dead west,
you'll run right into him.
Roger that.
Jill, I'm almost at the crossroads.
Al's heading for the cliffs.
You can turn inland and cut it off.
Steve, give us a heads up.
Target's on the road, 00 meters ahead.
Oh, man.
Target just blew threw. See him, Mental?
NNo. I'll widen out. Hang on.
You okay? Yeah. That was it?
Some vertical on that guy.
Come on. Come on now, ugly.
Big fat patch of radiation, 1 00 meters east.
Could be heading that way.
Heading dead west, you'll run right into him.
Yeah, I bet the bugger likes it.
That's Tau Seven's hot tub.
I've got movement. Target!
Tau Seven's spiked off the dials.
Damn it. The bird's fried.
I think I got one.
I've got a confirmed kill, Steve. Copy.
Anybody read me?
You guys aren't gonna believe this.
Anybody read me? Anybody.
Al, come in. Al, do you read me?
It's been twenty minutes
and he's still not answering.
I can't raise him either.
Where the hell you been?
I got the son of a bitch.
You gotta be kidding me.
Is it dead? Yeah, it's dead.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
This is a big.
Go back to your hotel, pack your things.
I want you on the next boat off the island.
Don't tell anybody about this.
I won't. Steve, good luck.
NNice to meet you.
Are you trying to tell me that thing's an alien?
NNo, no way. It's some kind of practical joke.
This is bloody unbelievable.
Tough hide. Like Kevlar.
Very little insulation underneath.
So they like it hot.
Guess we know why it came here then.
I gotta this figure this thing
killed Maleko and Kala.
How many people on this island?
Couple of hundred.
You thinking evacuation?
Could be more of these bastards out there.
I know there's more.
This one's got all its claws.
Right.Every boat you've got. NNow!
What? Hang on. HHang on, hang on.
Still there? Okay. Don't blab it.
We got volcanologists here saying
Palaloa is gonna erupt any minute.
Bigger than '75.
You know what this means.
CNNNN. Leno. Cover of Time."
We're gonna be famous.
Yeah, in about a hundred years
after they declassify it.
NNext island's sending boats
for the evacuations.
Sheriff's rounding up the civilians.
See what it had for breakfast. Must we?
Ah. It liked bugs.
So they didn't come here for
the heat of the Tao Seven, but the chow.
It's the island of supersized insects.
Must have been glad they found it.
Or the other way around.
The bugs didn't get big 'til they got here.
Same thing with the heat.
The temperature didn't go up unti
I the volcano erupted in '75. NNow, what if...
these bastards made it erupt?
Steve? Steve.
Oh, nothing. I just, I, uh.
So why would they want to turn up the heat?
Maybe to turn this island into their own
private bug farm.
They came all the way to Earth just to grow
a few bugs. Makes no sense.
Hey, Jill. Clip me off a piece of that hide,
would ya?
Want a souvenir or something?
Souvenir, my ass.
I gotta find a way to take these bastards down.
All right.
Armorpiercing, Tefloncoating,
maybe a bit of Thermit.
You need anything, babe?
Ham sandwich. I'm starving.
Yeah? Some mustard maybe?
Maybe some guacamole.
Guacamole, yeah. All right.
Al. Al?
Rela. You're tense.
Sure. It's not like aliens are invading
Earth or anything.
We'll get 'em. I got one, didn't I?
What if there are a hundred more?
Or a thousand? I'm scared, Al.
NNow I'm scared. And I want you.
But that's enough for now.
I gotta get back to work.
Great. NNow I'm tense.
At ease, Captain. I'm on duty.
Here comes the cavalry.
Captain, good to see you.
Where are those cell sample?
Got anything yet?
Oh, yeah. I've got some stuff to show you.
Captain O'Bannon. NNightmares ever clear up?
NNope. NNo, sir.
No, sir.
So, what have you got now? Blurry photos?
Anal probing?
Major, that's uncalled for.
For someone who can't sleep,
you look wellrested.
Enjoying your tropical vacation?
Best vacation I ever had.
Managed to do some hunting.
Wait 'til you see what I bagged, sir.
Lieutenant, take charge.
All right, guys. Fall out. Get your gear inside.
Yes, sir.
What's this supposed to be?
Some sort of extraterrestrial?
Oh, it clearly didn't evolve on Earth.
How do you know?
It could be some sort of mutant lizard.
A mutation would have recognizable DNNA.
This doesn't.
Can't have evolved on Earth. Look at it.
Why did you kill it?
It attacked us. It's hostile.
Killed at least three people.
NNo, no, no. It can't be hostile.
It's been here thirtytwo years, hidden.
We didn't provoke it.
Oh, it doesn't matter now.
We have to communicate with them.
You're assuming it's intelligent?
You see any evidence of this?
Language? Technology? We'll do a full recon.
To provoke them further?
To see what we're up against.
NNumbers, deployment, weaponry.
Oh, and then what are you gonna do?
You're gonna start a war?
You see any Klingons here?
All I see is one dumb animal with sharp claws.
This dumb animal was fast,
mean and a bitch to bring down.
Yeah, and all the more reason
to evaluate the threat.
Moon sets at 0126. We move at 00130.
Steve. You awake? Always.
Where was Al going?
He just took off in the Mule. Alone.
Some errand for Wozniak?
Alone? Did you try to radio him?
Yeah. NNo answer.
Go look for him. Take NNaka and Brandt.
Right. Thanks.
Yeah. And your Bible.
There's Al Mule. NNaka, you're with me.
Brandt, watch our backs. Roger that.
Mule's empty. Motor's still warm.
Tracks? Don't see any.
Brandt, secure this area. Copy.
Al. Al. Al? Al.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Sh. I saw an alien. That noise.
Yeah, you hear it too? It's creepy, huh?
NNo lights!
You killed him!
Give me the gun. Give me the gun!
Oh, my.
All right, gentlemen
Listen up. Simple recon.
Search and rescue. Brandt, NNaka,
And Grange aren't responding.
We're going after them. Lieutenant,
let's move 'em out.
You heard the major. Let's get her done.
Kelly, take us out.
Sir, yes, sir. Let's move out.
All right, let's go. Hasty search.
Man down. We got a man down.
It's Brandt. Dead.
Major, his face. Burnt clean off.
Man down!
NNaka's gone. NNeck's broke.
ound ill. hrist, Medic!
She's alive.
Al. Al! Man down!
You all right? You okay? Jill. Where's Jill?
She's alive. She's with the medic.
Oh, thank God.
I saw movement in the perimeter
and I just went for it.
What the hell were you thinking?
I took one of those freaks out, didn't I?
That makes you Superman?
What happened then?
Jill found me.
We got ambushed. It just happened so fast.
It was all my fault. I should have helped her.
I should have taken backup.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
You better pray she makes it.
It's bad. I don't know if she'll make it or not.
You don't say if,
you say when she's gonna wake up.
We got plans, don't we, Jill?
I can't do it alone.
I can't do it alone.
What are you doing here?
We missed the last boat.
Grandma wandered off. Took forever
to find her. We're staying with you.
Dream. I remember.
Sun. Sky. Dead tree.
Give it a rest, Grandma. Come on.
Heat. Give it a rest, Grandma. ome on.
Well, you're in for it now.
You'll protect me, right? Oh, yeah.
You can bunk here. I won't be using it.
You're not gonna sleep? NNah.
Rahela told me about your dreams.
She has 'em too, huh?
Yeah, damnedest thing. She's trying to
forget 'em, I'm trying to remember 'em.
When was the last time
you had a decent night's sleep?
I can't remember.
Well, all the comforts of home.
Maybe you've been trying too hard to
remember your dreams.
Some things you can't force, you know.
Feels good.
Eyes closed?
All right. Open yourself up. Drift with the tide.
All that Zen crap. Just float.
It's just looking at us with that monstrous eye.
What do you think it is?
I don't know, but we're going to find out.
Question for you, Taggs.
What if the aliens have a bigger agenda than
just heating up this island and growing a bunch
of big bugs?
Such as?
What if they're heating up the whole planet?
What? How?
Take more than a volcano to do that.
NNo, that's geothermal.
Solar energy, the greenhouse effect.
You're saying aliens are the cause
of global warming?
Maybe they made it worse.
What's Tau Seven do to the ozone layer?
I don't know. I'll check.
But, but why heat up Earth?
Push global warming to the extreme.
Our life dies out. Ecosystem collapses.
Eventually all that's left are insects.
All right, gentlemen, listen up.
This is what we get paid for.
Where's Sergeant Blatnikoff?
Your watch stop, Sergeant?
NNo, I hocked it in Capetown. Here.
I added mercury cores
and handloaded the casings.
These will punch through that hide.
We've only got five per customer.
Use 'em wisely.
Give 'em a couple of hours,
we could have a bunch more, sir.
Captain, that's more than enough firepower
for a simple recon.
Lieutenant, let's move 'em out.
You heard the Major. Kelly, you're point man.
I'll take deuce.
Let's go. Yes, sir.
Kell, watch yourself, watch yourself.
Kelly, go to night vision. Captain.
All clear.
All clear, sir. A little to the right.
Tau Seven's rising.
Lockwood? Right there.
Getting warmer. Threepointfive.
Right out.
NNegative. You see? We got nothin'.
Steve. Got something. NNo, Steve's up top.
NNight vision's malfunctioning. Mine, too.
Got anything? Let's go!
Tighten it up, guys. Tighten it up.
Watch your flank.
Watch your three. Watch your three.
Sweep right.
I got nothin'.
Kelly, go with him. Yes, sir.
Got anything? All clear.
NNight vision's malfunctioning.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
What is this crap?
Kelly? Kelly, check in. Man down. Man down.
Get a light out.
NNo. NNo flares. It'll give our position away.
They know our position. Yeah, Sergeant.
Stay sharp.
Where you at?
What the hell was that? Blackwood!
Answer up. What's this?
Major, we gotta get a light out.
NNo. I said no. Tighten up.
Where? Where? Heads up! Heads up!
My night vision's crapped out.
I got nothin'. I got nothin'.
They must be jammin' 'em.
Son of a.
Ah, hell. Let's see these bastards.
O'Bannon. You were right. Get 'em.
I'll do my best, sir.
I've radioed command.
They're sending reinforcements. ETA ten hours.
Tau Seven could indeed break down
the ozone layer and accelerate global warming.
But you need massive amounts.
Well, they could be shielding it so all
we're picking up are traces.
Okay. Well, a tight atmospheric beam would be
hidden deep underground, but the emitter couldn't.
You need a clear view of the sky.
Satellite recon of the island showed nothing.
Maybe that emitter is in the sector
where Al killed the alien.
I'll find him. Take me with you.
We need to communicate with them.
These creatures don't communicate. They kill.
Well, I'm willing to risk it. I'm not.
Our first encounter with alien life?
I've dreamed about this. I've worked for this.
Don't take this away from me. I'm sorry.
Angel. Let's go for a ride.
Thirtytwo years. All this time they've been here
Grandma knew. I didn't listen.
I never should have left.
Wanted to be a bigtime homicide detective.
And miss all this?
I oughtta patent these.
Blatnikoff's homemade alien killer bullets.
What do you think? Catchy.
Like the tat. Thanks.
Looks Asian.
Lost a few mates there.
Um, so Captain O'Bannon. Do you, uh.
NNever married, no girlfriend
not gay, as far as I know.
That's not what I was gonna ask.
It's what you wanted to know.
Another one? Yep.
You don't really think you could change him,
do ya?
Well, uh, well, I mean, I.
It's a good thing you're useful then.
This is it.
Most isolated spot of the island.
Perfect place for the emitters beam.
This is where Waters killed that first alien.
Could be heading right into a nest.
They wouldn't attack in broad daylight,
would they?
Why not?
Don't know.
Just hoping they were nocturnal or something.
Your man was here.
I don't remember this.
What the hell?
What the hell?
Sweet Jesus and Mary.
It's like a hologram or something.
You know all these years, we couldn't see it.
Somebody saw it.
What are you doing?
Healing. Better. Resting easy.
Go away.
Did I dream it?
I don't wanna do this, ill. But I have to.
Roger, AlphaTango One out.
Red eyes. Red eyes.
Easy, easy. D. Help's on its way.
You're gonna be fine.
NNo, your friend, Stubbles.
Captain Waters? Yes.
Don't struggle. Pray for me.
Let her go. Let her go!
Let me see your hands.
Stand up. Slow.
Turn around.
Hi, Steve. utside.
Rest. Rest.
Sit down.
What's happened to you?
I switched teams. Joined the winners.
They haven't won yet.
We were halfway through extinction even
before they got here.
Would have cooked the planet ourselves
in a few millennia.
So they decide to speed things up,
help it along?
They need food and we're in the way,
as simple as that.
Then they're gonna starve.
You think you can beat 'em?
You're so scared of 'em you can't even sleep.
Were the nightmares part of the plan?
NNo, just a side effect.
When they landed in '75...
they transmitted a message home.
They had no idea we'd pick up
a little echo of it.
Is it hot in here or is it just me?
Get your hands up.
What are you gonna do? Shoot me?
How's that?
Jill, I hurt Jill. It forced me. I, I couldn't.
Listen. There's a transmitter. It's huge.
Tau Seven.
I know, I saw it. You gotta take it out fast.
They know we know.
They slam it into overtime, everything they got.
It wrecks the ozone layer within hours.
You gotta shut it down now.
Or Earth's a desert.
NNo, if they could do it that fast,
they would have done it already.
NNo. Slow's better. Evolves nice big bugs.
Best way kills all life.
We forced their hand. You gotta believe me.
You, you gotta believe me.
Al, how many of them are there?
Just only a few.
GrayAlpha, GrayAlpha.
Over. EchoTango One.
I repeat, GrayAlpha. GrayAlpha. Over.
EchoTango One. This is Collaroy.
We read you.
You've gotta be kidding me. NNo, I'm not.
Waters was right. Tau Seven's rising.
Best estimate in two hours
the ozone layer gets depleted,
Earth overheats and we die.
What about the reinforcements?
NNo. Take too long.
So we take out the emitter ourselves.
With what? All the munitions are blown up.
All your space alien killer bullets are gone.
Not quite.
Somebody had the presence of mind to hang
onto one magazine.
Well, there's four rounds in it.
Four rounds. Great. NNothing to worry about.
All right, listen up.
NNavy's received execute authority
to launch a cruise missile to destroy the emitter.
But it's sealed in.
How's the missile gonna latch onto the target?
We designate the target with a radio beacon.
We gotta get one of these within
a hundred meters.
Angel, you know the island.
Any other way to get to that emitter?
Um, on the north side there's a trail,
uh, if I can find it.
Okay, good. You two go that way.
I'll approach from the valley floor. South.
Gives us two opportunities.
1600 is dropdead time for activation.
Gives us approximately one hour. Got it.
This is it. Let's get it done. NNo worries.
How's she doing? Sleeping.
Go kill red eyes. Yeah, kill red eyes.
Take good care of her.
Hey. What are you doing?
I'm driving. NNo, you're not. Get out.
That doesn't make any sense. Yes, it does.
I'm in charge. I decide.
You can't drive and shoot at the same time,
can you?
Good point. Get in.
What's the matter?
Mule's missing.
Captain Waters!
Captain Waters, I know you're here.
Talk to me.
Captain Waters.
Oh, my God.
I'm, I'm, I'm not your enemy.
I don't understand.
Bring out Captain Waters.
We can communicate through him.
I believe you want to understand me.
You must stop this chaos now.
We could be friends.
Yes. Yes. That's it. Friendship.
Yes. You understand me, don't you?
We understand each other.
You understand us.
We're gonna die, you know that?
So why in God's name are you humming?
Sergeant Ricky Blatnikoff of EchoTango
One is about to stick it to alien bloody invaders.
NNobody in my family ever did sweet F.A.
and here I am about to defend the entire planet.
NNah. You really are mental.
That's just a nickname.
Guess they didn't come in peace.
So the missile hones in on this radio
beacon thing. What if they jam it?
We're screwed. They claim they're jamproof.
But they're made in China, so.
E.T., bugger off.
What are you looking at, ugly little mongrel
bloody thing? You should have taken the hint.
We got the bastard.
The bastard's got us, you dickhead.
I saved your damn life.
Yeah, and stuff the damn planet.
I told 'em,
I told the brass we needed real equipment.
Rocket launchers, EMPs,
bunker busters, fragmentation mines.
And do they appreciate my foresight
and preparation?
Oh, no. Wankers wouldn't even give me
one little suitcase nuke.
I can't imagine why.
I'm activating the beacon.
We're gonna need to get out of here real quick.
Okay. I'm arming it. Keep your eyes pealed.
Got about four minutes.
Steve, three minutes!
Steve. You gotta get outta here. Al?
Steve. Two minutes.
You gotta leave me.
I can't move my legs. I won't make it.
I'll guard the beacon. Go. Go!
Give 'em hell.
Good. Company.
Ten seconds!
Get down!
Hey, ugly. Incoming.
There, you beauty! Tea and medals!
Red eye's gone! Red eye's gone.
All right? Yeah.
It worked.
We got 'em? We got 'em.
For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten son that
whoever believe within him should not perish
but have everlasting life. Amen.
Absent friends.
Steve. I have to know. How much was real?
He wanted to talk about children.
Was that a lie?
NNo. He loved you. And he wanted kids.
ids and a farm.
To grow grapes? Grapes.
illed the aliens and saved the Earth.
Red eye's gone. Home. Sleep.
I should have trusted you.
I should have listened.
I'm sorry. I feel like crap. You should.
They're still out there somewhere, aren't they?
That's a pretty good bet.
You gonna keep looking for 'em?
Oh, I do whatever they tell me to do.
But right now they told me to
take thirty days leave.
You got any plans?
Oh, sleep for about a week
and then some quality vacation time.
Where you goin'? NNowhere hot.
You like snow? Yeah. I love snow.