Heatwave (2022) Movie Script

As a child,
I was showered with love.
Then I was forged in fire.
When I was 15,
I lost my family to the flames.
Thanks to
our negligent slumlord.
That's the night I paid him back
by burning down his house.
I didn't know he was inside.
At least,
that's what I told everyone.
Years later, a wiser man
taught me that love
is actually deadlier than fire.
Twice the heat,
ten times the destruction.
At least
33 people have been killed
in a heat wave,
currently racking the nation.
And the heat
will only get deadlier
in the days to come,
meteorologists say.
Humidity level's
surpassing 90 percent.
And an absence of wind
are making conditions
that are already uncomfortable,
feel positively unlivable.
Here's LXR's Bill Arrens
with the weather report.
This heat is rising everywhere.
A 106 degrees in Seattle...
...98 in Portland,
Kansas City a 106, 99 in Indianapolis.
And while
the heat is here to stay,
it is also gradually
making its way east.
Which is why
these weather projections
have been making headlines
across the country.
No one has ever seen colors
on the map like this.
Cities like New York,
Philadelphia, and Washington.
Can soon anticipate temperatures over 100 degrees.
With heat advisories in force
in over half the country
It remains to be seen...
Okay, you want a hot tip?
I've got something.
Yeah. It's this killer spot
right on the water.
Tons of potential.
Used to be a cannery.
Yeah, Ironside Cannery.
Hush, hush, okay?
It's not on the market yet
but I'm hearing,
the owner may be open.
Yeah, man. Later.
There she is.
You can actually
breathe in here.
I know.
It's the best AC in the city.
- They tell me I'm spoiled.
- You totally are.
My girl!
You know I prefer
an extra ten K a year
- but I'll take what I can get.
- Hmm.
So will I.
So how are we looking?
Is the coast really clear?
- She's all yours.
- Thanks, Manny.
You're the best!
There we go.
Ironside Cannery.
Time for bed?
- Sorry. I was just leaving, so...
- Why? You don't have to run away.
Come on in. The water's fine.
Are you new to the building?
No. No, no, no. Not really.
I've just, um...
I better go.
See ya.
I know, it's hilarious.
It's not a joke,
the land's worth a fortune.
So how's it going at City Hall?
- It's going all right.
- Good.
Is that the mayor?
Yep. They're old friends.
Uh. Lane, um,
I know I'm new here, but...
I was wondering
if maybe there's a chance
to get a few minutes with him?
- Because I heard something last night.
- Yeah.
Yeah, sure. I'll clear
his schedule for you.
- I didn't mean today. Just whenever there's a minute.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I'll let you know
if there's an opening.
Probably after Labor Day.
Don't mind him.
He's just marking his territory.
Yeah, I get it. Men.
- I'm Claire.
- Olivia.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Mr. Crane.
Hi, I'm new.
I started last week.
- I wanted to introduce myself.
- I know who you are.
Of course you do.
I don't wanna bother you but
I just wanted to let you know
how excited I am
to be working here.
I'm reading your book right now
and I saw you give a speech
when I was 18
and it really meant a lot to me.
Anyway, I heard something
interesting last night
- and...
- Terrific. Join me for lunch?
Yeah. I'm on a protein only diet
right now. Is that cool?
- You're buying.
- Okay.
This is concerning.
Are you a serial killer?
That's exactly
what a serial killer would say.
- I'm working a case.
- Are you a cop?
At least you'll know how to drink.
Oh, you're with Claire? You drink for free.
But tip all you want.
- Here's to polka dot socks, summer nights and new friends.
- Cheers.
- I love your dress.
- I like your suit.
What are the odds?
It's not a big city.
The odds are good.
No swimming tonight?
Didn't wanna interrupt
your alone time.
I'm Eve.
You're not gonna
tell me your name?
Not sure yet.
How's your date going?
I like his suit.
I picked it for him.
- My fianc.
- Where's your ring?
I left it at home.
We're pretending
we just met tonight.
Spicing things up.
Why don't we make him jealous?
Slip out back, go for a dip?
I don't think your guy
would like that.
Oh, my brother? He won't mind.
I wouldn't wanna interrupt
your family time.
Well, this is me.
Can I give you a ride home?
It's okay. I'm not far.
Come on...
That is my partner.
Making new friends, I guess.
Gotta go.
Hey! Hey, police! Hey!
Back off! Hey!
Don't turn around.
So what do you do?
A little of this,
a little of that.
- That's on brand. Hmm.
- What is?
You being vague.
Very mysterious stranger.
I'm an entrepreneur.
You're still so vague.
Which I mean, I like.
I kind of, I don't mind.
I don't wanna be defined
by how I earn my rent.
I just wanna earn my rent.
I don't like
to be defined, period.
Me neither.
what's the hold up?
The new guy
in the permit office,
he's an idiot.
Then why don't
you use your head.
Invite him for drinks
and make him a useful idiot.
what else do we have now?
And don't tell me
about downtown,
and I'm over the West Side.
So where's next?
Come on, people.
That's what I pay you for.
Teddy? Lane?
What about the docks?
What about them?
A great place to get mugged.
As more people get priced out
of upscale zip codes,
they'll need somewhere to go.
Are you teaching me the concept
of gentrification?
Of course not, Sir. I'm just
pointing out the potential
of the old industrial side
of the waterfront.
That's a nasty commute.
Not after
the new red line is finished.
Have you heard about
the Ironside Cannery?
- Uh-huh.
- It's huge. There's multiple buildings.
Could be lofts, condos,
commercial space.
The owner's looking to sell
but hasn't made an announcement.
- Who would want to live on the docks?
- Think big picture.
As the industrial plants
die out,
the docks become a boardwalk.
Tourists, shops,
waterfront hotels.
The entire zip code is ripe
for an overhaul.
Send me the details.
I already did.
Is that so? Lane?
Yeah, I'm sure there's an email
here somewhere.
Then why don't you
set something up?
- Of course.
- Actually no, forget it.
Claire can do it.
Sir, I... I got it right here.
- Right?
- Yes, sir.
- How soon?
- Whenever you're ready.
Okay. How about 3:00 p.m.?
- I'll get right on it.
- Good work.
All right, let's go.
Good work, Claire.
Anywhere to grab food
around here?
I know a place.
This was my dad's old hangout.
He was a janitor
at the high school
around the corner.
He's dead. My mom too.
Any siblings?
I had a sister, yeah.
Um. Also gone. I was 15.
They were all killed
in a terrible fire
in the Powell Avenue projects.
Of course.
I remember that. Tragic.
I'm so sorry.
The other day, you said that
you saw me speak somewhere.
Where was that?
- Second Chances?
- Uh.
- I don't know if you remember it. It's...
- A halfway house.
Second Chances.
Of course I remember, yeah.
I give a lot of talks there.
It was...
it was my first wife's...
passion project.
I didn't know that.
We basically bankrolled
the foundation.
Hell, I even built the new
building they're in.
Actually we have quite a few
- Second Chances alumni working for the company.
- Alumni.
You make it sound so dignified.
Because it is dignified.
I won't ask for details, but...
you had a rough start, right?
When I look at you,
a real go-getter
with a bright future.
Never let anyone
shame you about your past.
...Lane, you are so needy.
I've never had such
a needy assistant,
nor one who can't use
punctuation or capitals
like a, like an adult.
Oh, out... out brief candle.
Life's but a walking shadow.
And here I come to the rescue.
And then there was light.
I didn't know you smoked.
We all have our
little secrets, don't we?
Over a quarter
of a million homes
are without electricity tonight,
from Oregon to California,
thousands in the northwest
trapped in the dark.
This regional shutdown
is the latest result
of a heat wave that has gripped
the US for weeks now.
I used to be scared
of the dark, when I was a kid.
- Most kids are.
- Oh, no, no. I mean, like straight up...
My imagination would run wild.
I just completely freak out.
It's hard to picture you like that.
This one night I was home alone
with my sister, Ella,
and the power goes out,
and I panic.
And then I'm crying,
Ella wants to help,
so she surrounds me with candles.
And I just had to rearrange
all of them
according to shape and size.
And one of our posters
catches fire.
- What?
- Yeah.
Our walls were...
were covered with stuff.
It all goes up in flames.
- No.
- Yeah.
We get the fire out
with the blankets,
but I mean there's...
but there were
scorch marks everywhere.
And my dad was so mad.
- I bet.
- Yeah.
He refused to repaint...
saying that we needed to see
the burn marks
to remember to not be
so reckless, but...
I secretly loved those
burn marks.
They reminded me of how much
my sister tried to protect me.
She sounds like a great sister.
Yeah, she was.
I wish I could've protected her,
you know?
What happened?
I was sleeping over
at a friend's,
and there was um...
There was a fire.
Our landlord neglected
all the buildings for years.
No fire alarms, no sprinklers.
I just wasn't there.
They didn't make it.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're on Scott's desk now.
- What?
- So surprising, right?
Get your stuff.
BCC me on anything
you're not sure about,
which will be everything.
- Where are you going?
- Teddy's desk.
Oh, that's not so bad.
- Seriously?
- Lane.
When you get a chance,
show Claire how to make
my cappuccinos.
There's a good man.
"When you get a chance"
means now.
You are unbelievable.
First you go over my head and,
and now you take my job?
You were copied
on that cannery email.
You could've run with it.
- She's got a point, Lane.
- Oh, please.
You did that
to cover your own ass,
make yourself seem like
a team player.
That's not true.
At least
this'll give me a chance
to spend more time with my dad.
He's not getting any younger
or better.
Is he all right?
He's at Saint Mark's.
- The hospital?
- He's in and out of there a lot.
- Is he sick?
- Forget it, Claire.
We're not friends.
You don't know anything
about me.
Good luck with your new job.
Let's play hooky today.
Go see a movie or lunch.
Something fun.
I can't.
Boss man is really happy
with me.
I want to keep it that way.
With a great job
comes great responsibility.
You seem happier.
I am.
I finally feel like my life
is heading somewhere.
Somewhere good.
Mine too.
So can you make it
up here?
I was thinking we could get
a late dinner.
No. No, no, no. It's fine.
Okay. Goodbye.
Thank you, Claire.
- See you in the morning.
- Yeah.
- Are you heading out?
- Soon, yeah. You can go.
You okay, sir?
I'm fine.
My social butterfly wife
can't fit me into her calendar.
- Have a good night.
- You too.
Oh, but, Claire, uh.
I was thinking...
maybe a little party
for some of the staff.
- Saturday, my place?
- Yeah, it sounds lovely.
You're invited too.
- Or do you have plans already?
- No, I... Of course, I would love to come.
Would you like me
to organize it?
Let the social butterfly do it.
It'll give her something
productive to do.
Okay. Goodnight, sir.
Have a good night too.
And Claire?
Thank you.
Anytime, sir.
- I love your hair, it looks great.
- Oh, thanks. Yeah.
Change up.
Wait until you see this house.
- It's... it's unreal.
- It's huge.
I know.
- Oh.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.
Hey, dude!
Claire, hey. You made it.
- Yeah, thanks for having me.
- Of course.
- Your house is really beautiful.
- Oh, thank you. I suppose it is.
- Let's get you a drink, shall we?
- Yeah.
My wife is very proud
of her cocktails.
- Feel free to challenge her.
- Okay.
This is Claire,
my new assistant.
Claire, this is my wife.
Nice to meet you, Genevieve.
You should try Genny's mojitos.
- Lane, how are you?
- Hey.
How's your father?
He's doing okay.
- May I?
- Mm-hmm.
Be careful with that.
What would everyone like?
We have everything.
I'll take one
of those mojitos, please.
Coming right up.
What about you, Claire?
- How about a refill?
- Sure.
Thank you.
So, Claire...
- be honest. What's it like?
- Hmm. Be honest?
- To be Scott's assistant.
- You don't have to answer that.
Babe, don't make me look bad
in front of our guest.
Forgive my wife. In general,
we don't discuss work at home.
Oh, yeah? Why is that?
That's a good question.
Why don't we discuss work
at home, honey?
So, um,
are you in a relationship?
I was sort of seeing someone
but they, uh,
turned out to be a dishonest
asshole, so.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But, with your guy
would you talk about work?
With my guy? No, not really.
You see,
that's the way it should be.
Everything in its place,
It's Genevieve who insists
on having these get-togethers.
- Left to my own devices, I would never bring work home.
- Well...
I am really glad you did.
- So, how about Genevieve?
- What do you mean?
I mean, she's so clich
trophy wife it's stupid, right?
- I guess. Yeah.
- It's okay to admit it.
We're all supposed to want her.
If I swung that way,
I'd bang her in a heartbeat.
That's what she's for. Like that house.
We're supposed to wanna
bang the house?
No, the house.
The... the young, hot wife.
It's all just Crane's way
of showing us
he's living the dream.
So how long
have they been together?
Hmm. I don't know.
Pretty much since
his first wife
disappeared, I think.
- Disappeared?
- Yep.
Eventually declared dead.
- Was she a...
- Young and hot?
- No.
Old and rich.
Claire, this is my wife.
This is my wife.
This is my wife.
Leave me alone.
- We need to talk.
- Did you follow me here?
You told me you come here
on Sundays.
- I wanna be left alone.
- No, you don't.
Do not tell me what I want!
Okay, you're right.
That came out wrong.
You need to go.
I've been losing my mind.
You're not returning my calls.
Gee, I wonder why.
Why did you come here?
Someone's going to see us.
- I know, I... I wasn't thinking.
- And now we're hiding?
This isn't me.
I don't do affairs.
- Me neither.
- Oh, please, Eve.
Or should I call you Genevieve?
You even lied
about your damn name.
My mom always called me Eve.
It just... it came out
when I met you.
It's the real me.
- Claire.
- What?
I'm sorry.
I've been trying to find a way
to tell you about my situation.
- You mean your marriage.
- I was really young when we met.
And it worked for a while
but things change.
He got bored of me.
We've been basically living
separate lives for years.
Not what it looked like last night.
That's all I'm good for now,
for show.
We rarely sleep together,
and when we do it's...
- it's all wrong.
- It's irrelevant. You're married!
I am not a wife to him.
I'm a party favor.
Just another thing
that he likes to flash around.
Does he know about the condo?
Yeah, but he thinks
I rent it out.
I inherited it from my parents
and I've held onto it
because it's the only thing
that's mine.
Hmm. And a convenient place
to take your lovers.
That changed with you.
Oh, 'cause I'm different.
You know
there's something between us.
It's not casual anymore.
I'm not sure if it ever was.
Claire, I...
I'm falling for you.
That was
really nice work, Claire.
Developing that cannery's
going to be a great project.
Just what I've been looking for.
Do you know which one
of my buildings
I'm the most proud of?
The one you can't see here.
I'll give you a clue.
225 Shady Grove
in Foxtown township.
Halfway house.
- Second Chances.
- Yes.
That halfway house was
my first wife's passion project,
and it became mine too.
Annabelle poured her heart
and soul into it.
I'd bet she'd have wanted
to be buried there.
hallowed ground, you know?
I'm really grateful...
to both of you.
You see, after my family died
I got into trouble,
went into the system.
When I got out,
Second Chances...
That was my home
when I really needed one.
Did you have fun last night?
What did you think of Genevieve?
- Your wife? She's very nice.
- Very nice.
They say that love
is deadlier than fire.
Twice the heat...
ten times the destruction.
It's a very interesting thing,
being married
to someone younger.
You should've seen the way
she used to look at me.
Like I was everything.
Now I don't even know
what she does all day.
Probably sleeping
with someone else.
But it's okay. Because...
no matter what...
I'm never letting her go.
Do you know why, Claire?
Because if I lose Genevieve...
they might come after
my really valuable properties.
I didn't think
I'd hear from you.
Neither did I.
What changed?
- Can I blame the heat?
- Hmm. Thank God for the heat.
He doesn't respect you.
He called you his property.
I'm surprised how mad
it made me.
It felt horrible
not being able to defend you.
That's sweet,
but you don't need to defend me.
I defend everyone I love.
You were right.
This was never casual.
What are we gonna do now?
We have to be careful.
This could get ugly.
Scott Crane
doesn't like to lose.
I don't either.
Oh, yeah.
I forgot to tell you.
I'm going out of town tomorrow.
Oh. Where to?
Seattle. Boring meetings.
Will you miss me?
Excuse us.
Come on.
The pool has a sick view.
Oh, my God.
Bullshit. Bullshit.
You're lying.
You're just trying
to piss me off!
How dare you? How dare she?
Who the hell does
she think she is? I'll...
No. Oh, you are home.
Not now.
No, no, no, no.
You stay right there.
Did you wanna leave him
a message?
Scott, um...
Go home.
You'll hear from him
if he needs anything.
Hey, Scott, it's Claire.
I'm home now, but if there's
anything you need, uh, anytime,
I'm here of course.
This is Eve.
Leave a message.
Scott, it's Claire.
Have you heard from him?
Not since he left yesterday.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- You all right?
You're acting
kind of weird this morning.
I'm fine.
Look Claire, I uh...
I wanted to apologize for how
I treated you before.
I've been stressed with work
and my dad and...
I took it out on you.
Is Scott here?
I don't know where he is.
Is Scott pissed at you?
Look, if you did something wrong
just own up to it.
He hates excuses.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?
I'm Detective Parker.
I am here to see Teddy.
A word?
this is Detective Parker.
Mr. Crane's assistant,
Claire Valens.
Thanks, Teddy.
Give us a minute?
Please, sit.
Do you play?
- Tennis.
- No.
Do you play any sports?
Um. Kickboxing.
Kickboxing. Fantastic.
How long have you been
Mr. Crane's assistant?
Only a couple weeks.
Is he okay?
Honestly, I don't know.
When's the last time
you heard from him?
Yesterday around 3:00.
He left early.
Is that unusual,
him leaving early?
Yeah. Unless he has
afternoon meetings.
Did he have any?
No. None that were
scheduled through me.
I mean, you know?
Did you hear from him
after that?
- Um, well...
- Sorry I'm late.
Here, double red eye.
Oh. Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- You two know each other?
- Sort of.
Not really.
Which is it?
Sort of or not really?
Well we ran into each other
before, had a drink.
Claire was telling me that
Scott Crane left the office
around 3:00 yesterday.
And I believe
you were about to tell me
that you did indeed
hear from him after that.
Yeah, he texted me last night.
Around what time?
Around 8:00.
What did he say?
Can you tell me
what's going on?
This morning a cleaning woman
found indications
of possible foul play
in Mr. Crane's bedroom.
Blood, signs of a struggle.
We're treating it as
a likely crime scene.
Now, we're not sure that
it is Mr. Crane's blood yet,
but it does match his type.
Uh. I don't believe it. I...
I was just there last night.
You were at his house
last night?
You said you last saw him
here in his office around 3:00.
Yeah, that's right.
And then I went there later,
he wasn't there.
How do you know that?
'Cause I went inside.
Do you have a key?
No. It was open.
- Not all the way closed.
- Ajar?
Is this normal for you
to go into his house
without an invitation?
Or did you have an invitation?
- No, it's not normal, or no you didn't have an invitation?
- Both!
Claire, Claire.
I know this is hard.
Okay, I'm sure you're
just worried about your boss
and before we get lost
in the weeds here,
maybe you can tell us
about that text from him.
What did it say? Hmm?
It said "I know."
That was the last text
I got from him.
"I know."
What, what does that mean?
What does he know?
It means, I think, that he knows
that I've been sleeping
with his wife.
Good idea on the double shot.
This might take a while.
Claire, what's going on?
Is Scott missing?
His cleaning woman
found blood in his bedroom.
Oh, my God.
What the hell is going on?
Scott's missing.
- His bedroom's covered in blood.
- I didn't say covered.
Do they think he's dead?
We're not certain.
Excuse me, but we're not certain
of anything at the moment.
Is one of you Lane Baxter Smith?
Yeah, that's me.
We'd like to speak
with you please.
Of course.
Right this way.
- Claire.
- Be right back.
Eve. Did someone tell you?
I know.
I'm flying back tonight.
I'm really freaked out.
Did the police talk to you?
Yeah, they're here right now.
what did you tell them?
What do you mean
what did I tell them?
I told them the truth.
- About us?
- Yeah.
Hello? Hello?
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
That's good.
You did the right thing.
This is gonna be awkward,
but that doesn't matter.
We'll handle it together.
Let me know
if you hear anything new...
- Okay.
- I love you.
Me too. Thanks.
and what's the flight number?
Yeah. Terminal? Gate?
Got it. Thanks. I owe you one.
Crane's wife is due in
at midnight.
You wanna bring her in tomorrow
or go to her now?
You bring the assistant in,
you go to the wife.
You know, you questioned
Genevieve quite a bit
when Crane's
first wife disappeared.
What was she like?
You've got my report.
You tell me.
You liked her for it,
then you didn't.
Genevieve went by Eve
back in the day.
Barely out of her teens,
banging an older guy
way up the food chain.
She had motive,
both her and Crane did.
His first wife's family money.
But so did a boatload
of other folks.
See, Crane dealt with some
nasty people back in the day.
Construction permits,
unions, etcetera.
Do I need to spell it out
for you?
- And now?
- Now what?
- Motive.
- You tell me.
...Crane and wife number two
have a crystal-clear prenup.
No life insurance.
He dies, she gets nothing.
And your girlfriend,
his assistant?
Yeah, see, I don't see
the upside for Claire either.
She looks up to Crane,
excels at her job
and, yeah, she...
admitted to sleeping
with the trophy wife.
But what? She's going to throw
her whole life away for a fling?
- I don't know.
- You're ascribing logic to the mind of a young female.
- Really?
- Really.
Come on, Parker. You can't say
stuff like that anymore, man.
No. You can't say stuff
like that.
I can say
whatever the hell I want.
What are they going to do,
make me retire early?
Sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you.
What the hell
are you doing here?
How did you get in?
The alley.
The window was open.
I called your name.
I thought you heard me.
I left it open
'cause the AC's out.
Why are you sneaking
around here?
- Why don't you just...
- I didn't think it was a good idea...
for the cops to see me here.
- I told them about us.
- I know, but still, considering.
They asked me not
to spend the night at the house.
They're still going
through everything,
looking for...
I... I don't know
what they're looking for.
I'm really worried about Scott.
Me too.
Are you?
Why would you ask me that?
I feel really guilty.
So do I.
Whatever happened,
it had nothing to do with us.
Did you tell Scott about us?
No. No way.
Someone did.
You need sleep.
You know where to find me,
if you need to.
Go out the front door.
Sneaking around
looks more suspicious.
You're right.
We have nothing to hide...
- Coffee?
- Uh. No, thanks.
You sure? I made it.
It's not our usual mud.
Okay. Sure.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Claire, please.
- Any news on Scott?
- Still missing.
The struggle in his bedroom
was serious though.
We've confirmed
that the blood's his.
At the very least
he was injured.
How's it feel?
Looking down
on us little people.
Never thought of it like that.
- What were you doing in Seattle, Mrs. Crane?
- Meetings.
What kind of meetings?
So what was Scott upset about
when he left the office?
I really don't know.
Maybe your affair with his wife?
- No.
- Why not?
He wouldn't have just left.
Scott would've confronted me.
What can you tell us
about Claire Valens?
What do you wanna know?
So we... so we did some digging
around Claire,
and it turns out
you're not exactly
a stranger
to law enforcement after all.
Sounds like
your childhood wasn't easy.
My parents did what they could.
Your parents and your sister
died in the fire
in the Powell Avenue Projects.
- The electrical...
- I'm familiar with it.
God, that must've been
devastating, Claire.
You just turned 15.
Six months later
you were arrested for arson
in which
the building's landlord...
- You mean slumlord.
- ...was badly burned.
Were you trying to hurt him?
- That's what you told the police at the time.
- That's what I'm telling you now.
My family died
in an electrical fire
'cause the building
wasn't up to code.
Maybe if the millions of dollars
the city gives to the cops
would've gone back
into the community,
they'd still be alive today.
Now, uh...
...you got out of juvie
when you were 18,
then you went
to a halfway house
- is that right?
- Mm-hmm.
A place called Second Chances.
And that's where you first met
Scott Crane.
Mrs. Crane?
I don't know
what you want me to say.
Claire was at your house
the night Scott went missing.
You know why we're asking
about her?
Claire would never hurt Scott.
She idolizes him.
Is it fair to say
- that you were obsessed with Scott Crane?
- No.
You were inspired by him.
You followed his career,
got a job at his company,
became his assistant.
You even slept with his wife.
- I didn't know Eve was his wife.
- Really?
Because you seemed to know
everything else about him.
That's not true.
Okay, so what did you do
after you found out
that Eve was married
to your boss?
Did you stop seeing her,
did you tell him?
What did you do?
Your girlfriend
was married to your boss.
Your mentor,
the man you looked up to.
What did you do
when you found out.
- Hey, partner.
- It's a simple question.
Look Claire, you're under
a lot of stress, okay?
Do you want to take a break?
Would you like that? Yeah?
Just take your time.
Wait, woah, woah.
Hair found in the master bedroom
matches the DNA sample
from Claire's coffee mug.
A few of the hairs have Crane's
blood on them.
Won't say I told you so.
Search warrant?
Claire's apartment?
we'll head there now.
They can bring us the warrant.
Hey, Manny.
Hey. I keep getting
your voicemail.
- Where you at?
- I'm home.
You gotta
get out of there.
What? Why?
The cops were just here.
They got dirt on you.
Your hair in some guy's blood?
That's impossible.
They're gonna search your place.
I have nothing to hide.
Are you sure about that?
It sounds to me
like you're being set up.
Unless you've got cash
for a real lawyer, I'd get lost.
Trust me.
I've had a public defender.
This is Detective Leonard.
Claire? Can we talk?
Okay. I like her.
I'll take Canal Street.
Claire? It's Arlo.
You don't wanna do this, okay?
Please just call me?
You think Eve was the one
who pointed the cops my way?
I know you were having fun
and all, but I don't trust her.
Well she never looks me
in the eye.
Makes me miss the lady
who owns her unit.
She was a real sweetheart.
I thought she inherited
the condo from her parents.
Hell no. She rents it
from Ms. Jeffreys
who moved back east
to live with her son.
I don't know, uh, last month.
I need a favor.
Claire, what's...
what's going on?
What did you tell the cops?
I told them they're crazy
if they think
you did anything to Scott.
But Claire,
you can't just run away.
I know.
I know, I want to turn
myself in but I'm scared.
Will you take me?
To the police station?
Yeah, of course.
Where are you?
I'm at the park...
by the water.
- Hurry.
- Okay.
What are you doing here?
Why do you have a knife?
Protecting myself.
Someone broke into my condo.
It's not even yours.
You didn't inherit it.
Claire, you're scaring me.
Did you rent this place
because you know I use the pool?
How long have you been
watching me?
Okay, you're acting paranoid.
You killed your husband.
I know you did.
Enough! You.
You were at the house
that night. I was out of town.
How convenient.
You planted my hair.
You set me up.
Claire, you're acting unstable.
Like you might try to hurt me. Okay? Let's just...
The ice pick missing
from Crane's kitchen.
Our likely murder weapon.
Seems a little obvious, no?
Dave here.
Hey, Dave, it's Claire Valens.
Hey, Claire.
Your guys are here, I'm just
getting the last of our stuff.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah. I was just
finishing my internal
report on the deal
and I, uh, I had
a quick question.
Do you know an Eve White?
Eve? Yeah, sure.
Uh. Did you ever discuss selling
the cannery with her?
Um. Yeah.
Something wrong?
I'm just confused.
Eve told me she'd connect me
with a buyer.
Isn't she the one
who sent you to me?
- Claire?
- Yeah, yeah. Of course.
I was...
I was just confirming, so...
A killer spot
right on the water.
Used to be a cannery.
Yeah, Ironside Cannery.
You shouldn't be here.
The cops keep coming and going.
I am so going
to get fired for this.
There. Right after I leave.
Did you rent this place
because you know I use the pool?
How long have you been
watching me?
- What now?
- I gotta get out of here.
I just can't believe it.
You're sure it's Scott's blood?
Unfortunately, yes.
The ice pick had been cleaned
but we found
traces of Scott's blood on it.
I just...
I can't believe that Claire
would do something like that.
- Even after...
- She mentioned kickboxing.
Looks like she's pretty good.
Did she say anything else?
Just what I told you.
I was trying to bring her in
to you guys.
It was probably for the best
that didn't happen.
The two of us walking into
the police station together?
Media would've loved that, huh?
Yeah, the parallels between this
and the Annabelle Crane case
would've been too rich
to ignore.
Because, well,
when his first wife disappeared
it was Scott Crane
who was out of town
and you were here to deny
what sure looked like an affair
- the two of you were having.
- But we weren't.
Scott was just a mentor to me
at that point.
You met Mr. Crane
at Second Chances.
You were there
after your juvenile stint
on drug charges,
but you're saying the two of you
- weren't romantically involved?
- That came later.
I was there for him
after he lost his wife.
There's just, uh, one more thing
that I'm unclear about.
How much direct interaction
did you have with the victim?
I mean Annabelle Crane herself.
Are we really
gonna do this right now?
Right as you tell me
that my girlfriend
probably murdered my husband?
Not the most endearing plea
for sympathy I've heard, Eve.
But no,
we're not gonna do this now.
Way to support me there,
Look, come on.
I wasn't going to-
Annabelle Crane
was a tough case.
It was a tough time
for me personally.
- I know that.
- No physical evidence, nothing but rumors
and my wife was dying, Arlo.
But I did my job.
Parker, I'm not trying to...
Let's go.
- Detective Leonard.
- So, Arlo,
I was wondering, are you named
after Woody Guthrie's kid
or what?
Glad you called.
So, uh,
you got a burner phone?
I'm turning it off as soon
as I hang up.
Why don't we just meet down
at the station?
That's the only way this
is going to get resolved.
I would never chance it.
I'd never get out of there.
We found him, Claire.
We found Scott Crane's body.
At the Ironside Cannery.
He must've been taken there
just after he was killed.
And then somebody went back
and set the body on fire.
And look at me,
with a history of arson.
You have to see that Eve
is setting me up.
Why would she?
With the prenup
and now that Crane's dead
- she's locked out of his money.
- Yeah, maybe not.
What do you mean?
Eve doesn't need a prenup.
I think she's got her hands
in Scott's business
in all kinds of secret ways.
Tell me more.
I need to do more digging first.
Wait, Claire...
All right.
Here's the timeline
as we've been able
to piece it together so far.
Scott Crane discovers
his new assistant, Claire Valens
is sleeping with his wife.
Scott sends Claire a text
"I know."
Claire takes a Lyft car over
to Scott's house, they argue,
there's a struggle,
Scott's killed.
This is the murder weapon?
From Crane's kitchen.
We found it hidden
in Claire's apartment.
but not cleaned enough.
See, this wasn't planned.
This was a crime of passion
fueled by Claire realizing
that she's about
to lose everything.
Her job, her mentor, her lover.
Claire then uses Scott's car
to transport the body
to the old Ironside Cannery,
a property
Scott recently purchased
based on Claire's advice.
All the way to the docks?
She moved the body herself?
Strong girl. Kick-boxer.
- She then returns the car, taxis back home.
- Lyfts.
Lyft. She used Lyft.
How much time between
the two Lyft rides?
Forty-four minutes
and 36 seconds, ma'am.
Numbers are kind of his thing.
Big Moneyball fan.
Does that give Valens
enough time to kill Crane,
take the body to Ironside,
then make it back to the house?
Which is a yes.
Detective Leonard made the drive
three times.
Barely made it each time.
We start closing in,
Claire panics, goes back,
burns the body to destroy
any further evidence.
She does have a juvenile history
of arson.
Correct. She torched
the home of Jacob Smith,
- her building's landlord.
- Who she didn't know was inside.
- Or so she claims.
- Now the judge believed her at the time.
Jacob Smith survived
and he was no innocent victim.
He let the building fall
under code.
Ten people died
including Claire's parents
and her 17-year-old sister.
Why don't you take
a bar exam, kid?
Defending criminals pays better
- than putting them away.
- I'm just laying out the facts.
And the current wife, Genevieve.
She's conveniently out of town
for all this?
Not so convenient for her.
With their prenup and his will,
she's going to need
a new sugar daddy
to maintain her lifestyle.
- Alibi?
- Solid.
Still no contact from Valens.
Well, no word on my end,
but she does like Arlo here
better than she likes me.
Any word, Detective Leonard?
No, Ma'am.
Stop, stop, stop.
Been waiting a while.
Am I sunburned?
I, uh, had to make sure
you were alone.
Why'd you come?
I have my own doubts.
What kind of doubts?
Mm-mm. You first.
Come on.
I found a bunch
of business cards
hidden in Eve's condo.
She never even told me
she was involved in real estate.
Eve has been in contact
with a lot of people
who ended up selling property
to the Crane Corporation.
So what, Claire.
It's her husband's company.
Scott knew nothing about it.
Here's an example.
Ironside Cannery.
Eve waited for me
where she knew I'd overhear her
and then drops the tip.
I bring the tip to Scott.
Scott buys the place.
That's just one example.
She's been doing it for years.
Why? Finder's fees.
The seller pays her
a percentage on the side
after the sale goes through.
I've seen her bank statements.
She's been stashing cash
for years.
Maybe Scott found out,
he'd be furious.
He hates not being in control.
Maybe it came out
when Eve told him about us.
Okay, that's a...
that's an interesting theory
but it doesn't change
Eve's alibi
which is still rock solid.
Are you sure she couldn't have
just snuck back here somehow?
We have security footage of her
out of town on the day.
Then someone else
must be involved.
Yeah, Claire.
An accomplice, like you.
Look, that's just
what the DA's gonna argue
if this is your defense.
Even if you can prove it.
Best case, you and Eve
go down together.
So what?
You're saying I'm screwed?
Maybe not.
Come on.
How much do you know
about the disappearance
of Annabelle Crane?
Scott's first wife? Not much.
I think Scott and Eve
killed her.
Why, so they could be together?
And for the money.
You know your boss puts on
airs like he's a self-made man,
but back then he needed
hard cash to get it going
and a lot of that came
from Annabelle's family.
It's very old money.
So Annabelle goes missing.
My partner Parker was
the lead investigator.
His own wife was dying.
She had bone cancer.
He was desperate,
running out of time, money.
I think Crane bribed him
to tank the case.
I've been doing a lot of digging
and it's all there
in the reports.
And what's not in the reports,
just these little clues,
that add up big.
Parker checking his wife
into a new facility.
Experimental treatments out of
her health insurance network,
that's for sure, way out.
And his wife still passed away.
Broke him.
Hello Detective.
It's Claire Valens.
- I'm glad you're calling.
- We need to meet.
All right. Where are you?
I'll make sure we bring you
in discretely.
Meet me
where the body's hidden.
You mean the Cannery?
- When?
- Not that body.
Scott told me everything
before he died.
I know you made a deal with him.
Maybe you and I can do the same.
I don't know what you're talking
about, kiddo.
I don't do deals.
Sure you do. One hour.
It has to be him.
Right? Eve's accomplice?
Parker killed Scott.
Well, a bribe is one thing,
murder is another.
Yeah, Parker has his demons.
But I spent a lot of time
with the guy and...
Yeah, I don't know.
It's him.
Hey, man, what's new?
Just sweating my balls off
on the hottest night
of the year.
- You?
- Same.
Parker? You there?
Yeah, I'm always here.
No work tonight, okay?
Get laid or I don't know.
Go see a movie.
Something dumb and funny.
Hey, at least
they got air conditioning.
Uh. Yeah. Okay.
I wasn't sure about you
at first.
I mean, you still
get on my tits, but...
you're a good partner.
Thanks, man.
He's not coming.
He didn't buy it.
Wait, wait.
It's him.
Where is he going?
I think, I know.
Let's go.
I can't believe
I'm back here.
Bad memories?
I just wish Crane
would've bulldozed this place.
His first wife must be hidden
on the grounds.
The way Crane talked about it...
Annabelle poured her heart
and soul into this place.
He said...
she would've wanted
to be buried there.
He called it hallowed ground.
It was creepy as hell.
I think we should go.
We're not gonna confront him?
Now that I know about this place
I can talk to him
somewhere else.
If you wait
he'll just weasel out of it.
I'll end up going to jail.
Claire, this isn't safe for you.
There's no place that's safe
for me right now...
What did you do?
He was trying to help me.
He was doing his job.
Did you kill Scott too?
In here.
I thought...
That I'd be dead already?
I just killed my partner.
She's your mess to clean up.
You killed your partner?
He figured it out.
She's the last loose end.
She's not just a loose end.
Oh, no, no, honeybun.
This is your mess, not mine.
You came to me, remember?
Hubby's dead,
you need it cleaned up.
Threatened to air
my dirty laundry, our past?
Now a good cop's out there dead.
So here's how
this is going to work.
She seduced Detective Leonard.
He became her accomplice.
Foolish but who can blame him,
he's just a kid.
She kills him and disappears.
Oh, don't look at me
like I'm the help.
You didn't have a problem
popping Annabelle Crane,
Time to get your hands
dirty again.
Just like riding a bike.
Shoot her.
You weren't kidding.
You actually do love this bitch.
So what?
Now I gotta do
all your dirty work?
It was you.
You killed Scott.
You texted me
from Scott's phone.
Scott always used capitals,
punctuation. You never did.
You would catch that,
you uptight, OCD bitch.
You hated him enough
to kill him.
I guess, I did.
You know, but he's just a...
a bonus.
To what?
To nailing you.
Because I took your job?
Oh, sweetheart.
You're not too bright,
are you?
I hated that job.
Crane was a nightmare.
No, no, no. See...
I'm gonna kill you
because you destroyed
my father's life.
Your father?
Is Jacob Smith.
At least
this'll give me a chance
to spend more time with my dad.
He's not getting any younger
or better.
- He's at Saint Mark's.
- The hospital?
We're not friends.
The building's landlord
was badly burned.
You just turned 15.
Were you trying to hurt him?
I didn't know he was inside.
It was my house you torched
when you were 15.
Your father was a slumlord...
who let my family burn to death.
My father gave you people
a cheap place to live.
"You people."
I said it.
it's been fun.
Whose idea was it to set me up?
I've been trying to escape
Scott Crane for years.
Escape what?
You had it pretty good.
That's not what I signed up for.
He swore I'd be an equal partner
in the marriage,
the business, everything.
But he couldn't do it.
He had to be in control.
So much control, I was choking.
While you made millions
on the side.
I don't wanna be on the side.
Lane was always so hot-tempered.
- Easy to...
- Manipulate?
To guide...
where I needed him to go.
The minute your resume
showed up at the company...
he was fixated.
He worked to recruit you,
to make sure you got hired.
His obsession with you...
...it was my only chance.
For what?
To be free.
I offered him a deal.
If he got rid of Scott for me,
he'd have the perfect means
to set you up.
To... to ruin your life,
for his father.
What I didn't plan on was...
was falling for you.
I couldn't let Parker kill you.
Doesn't that count for anything?
We can still make this work.
We can run away together.
I love you, Claire.
I love you too.
Whatever you wanna do next...
it's up to you.
I'm done
being manipulated by you.
You don't get
to use me anymore.
Thank you. Oh!
Here you go,
Madam Counsellor.
And here you go.
Wow. That's...
You deserve every penny.
It's the least the city can do
after its most decorated
police officer
tried to murder you
in cold blood.
He almost did, didn't he?
So what are your plans?
Around the world cruise?
I got my eye
on some properties.
Good for you.
Yeah. I've always had
big goals...
and now I got resources.
Hey, I've got a client
with a building on the water.
Commercial space on the bottom,
condos above. Brand new.
He's got family trouble,
looking to drop it for a steal.
You interested?
Sounds great. Make the intro.
Does it have a pool?
Love is deadlier than fire,
a wise man once warned me.
Twice the heat,
ten times the destruction.
But you know what? I don't mind.
Because I am the damn fire.