Heaven (2020) Movie Script

[soft music]
[dramatic music]
[Young Girl] Daddy, wake up.
[soft music]
Daddy, wake up.
[sirens blaring]
[Jonathan] Come on, come on.
[Chuck] One, two, three.
three, four, five.
Come on, wake up.
Did you see the
track marks on her?
[dramatic music]
No pulse.
All right, I got it.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- Okay.
All right.
Ready, clear.
No pulse.
[Jonathan] Clear.
Still no pulse.
Come on, come on.
Call it.
No, no, no.
No, let's just do
it one more time.
[Chuck] All right.
All right, here we go.
- Quick.
- Yes.
We got a pulse.
We got a pulse.
- We got a pulse.
- All right, all right.
That's what I'm
talking about, okay.
Up high, man.
All right.
[soft music]
Get off me.
Look at her feet.
Sir, you cannot call
EMT for swollen feet.
Make sure to get
her to the doctor
to get them checked, okay.
[dog barking]
[sirens blaring]
[Woman] Oh my god.
My son, is he okay?
No, how is he?
He's okay.
[Woman] Okay.
[sirens blaring]
Hey Tim.
Quiet tonight, huh.
God's smiling down
on his children.
Here you go.
May God bless you sir.
You have a nice evening.
[Jonathan] All right.
Night's getting
interesting already.
You need to hydrate, bruh.
Oh, thanks.
Too much coffee, man.
You look happy.
Eh, nah, it's just
my usual face, man.
Oh yeah.
So, did you talk to her?
You know who, Francesca.
I mean, I said, hi, you know.
She heard me this time.
Did she say hi back?
That's pretty good.
It's only taken you
what, six months?
Hey, I'm working on it, man.
- Relax.
- Sure, sure.
- Relax.
- Sure.
I just need a
little more time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right.
Got a light?
Are you serious?
Yeah, bad for
my health, right?
I don't know, sometimes man,
it's just doesn't
make any sense.
Idiots like her?
I don't know.
That's crazy, man.
I mean,
I guess the only way
I can make sense of it
is to believe that
there's something more
beyond this life, man.
I mean, this can't
be all there is bro.
God's got a much
bigger plan, trust me.
Yeah, what, like Heaven?
It's gotta be better than this.
I hope so.
Me too, man.
Me too.
[Young Girl] Daddy,
time to wake up.
Wake up.
Who is that?
Where am I?
[Young Girl] Wake up!
[tires screeching]
[engine rumbling]
[soft music]
My hospital appointment.
Oh, oh, yeah, okay.
All right, here we go.
Oh man, I hate
this piece of junk.
Hey now, hey stop.
Don't be hating on old Betsy.
[Jonathan] Betsy?
Yeah, Betsy, her name.
Don't you remember?
Since when did Betsy
become the official name
of this old truck?
It's official.
Pops had her as long
as I can remember.
Until he gave her to us.
And here,
yep, there it is.
She's got her trusty roadmap.
I think it's time for change.
We can't afford a new car.
No, no, you can get a great
new lease at the moment.
You know, no money
down and drive away.
It's great.
- Get me a new truck...
- Great,
add that to our mortgage
and our insurance and copay.
See, see.
There you go.
She's a reliable old broad.
Good job.
Don't say it.
Don't say it.
I know you're going to say it.
I wasn't going to
say just like you.
But you are a reliable.
It's the truth, truth.
And you are old,
old soul, I should
say, old soul.
Okay, oh, old soul.
Put your seat.
I don't know, it's really old.
I think it's cool,
it's got personality.
Old Betsy is very
reliable, isn't she?
Betsy, is that what
you call her pops?
- Yeah.
- Betsy.
Do you like her?
You're going to need that.
What, need, what?
The roadmap.
Oh no, see they have
these things called GPS now.
It's a, it's pretty new,
but much more reliable
than a map, so.
Not more liable
than that road map.
He's talking about the Bible.
Oh yeah.
Does this have maps on it?
I mean, I guess if we
were in the middle east,
it'd be pretty useful.
It's a map to God, Jonathan.
Okay, yeah.
Well I'm not really into
that sort of stuff, so.
Well, all I can say is
I'll do a deal with you.
Yeah, now we're talking.
Well, you may not like it, but
I will give you
this truck for free.
Wait, really pops?
On one condition.
You leave the roadmap
in the glove box, just in
case you need it one day.
Cause you can't always
rely on the PGSs, SPGs.
- Yeah.
- Right.
I know may seem like
a lot of nonsense.
Some stories that had no
relevance to you right now.
But I was just like you
and a time came in my
life when I was lost.
And if it wasn't
for that roadmap,
I would never have been found.
It's staying.
But, but wait,
don't you mean you
wouldn't have found it
because like how
could a map find you?
Yeah, you'll see.
You'll understand later.
You'll understand later.
- I'll see.
- Okay.
the doctor seems
positive about this,
this round.
Yeah, well we'll see.
No, I think this is
the one that's gonna,
this is the one that's
going to do it, you know.
[soft music]
It's the 12th today.
I thought,
I thought you weren't
gonna remember that,
you know, with
everything going on.
I never forget.
You look tired.
I am.
No, I mean, not just today.
I mean, for the last few months
you've been looking tired.
It's all,
night shift work and stuff.
Yeah, it's ever since they
put you on graveyard shift.
Well it's more money, so.
I don't think you
should work there anymore.
I can't,
I can't just change
jobs, you know.
Well, you could,
you could find a different
job in the same department.
You said there's
that manager position
that they were
opening up, right?
Normal hours.
Normal shifts.
You wouldn't walk around
like a zombie vampire.
Yeah, no look, it's,
they just get really weird
when you try to change things
when you ask for new positions...
You don't know, unless you ask.
I mean, I didn't know if you
wanted to go on a date with me
until I asked.
I had a plan.
I was working on it.
Yeah, yeah, you had a plan.
And it all fell through
at the last minute.
Well you procrastinate.
You get stuck in that,
that head of yours
and just overthink things.
Oh, I think
you're running late.
See, sometimes it's
good to over think.
Do you want me to come in?
I want you to go home
and get some rest.
Just give it a push.
Give it a push,
know how it works.
I know Betsy.
See, I know.
I'm gonna get
that boulder out.
I've got a plan.
You know what
your plan should be,
to get some help.
Oh, don't forget.
- I got it.
- Yeah.
[somber music]
I know it's not
the ideal situation.
It would be worse to
try and do this now.
I still don't have a job
and you just lost yours.
Your brother said we
could stay with him.
You know how he is?
He's super religious.
No, he's not.
He's got faith in
something bigger than this.
I think that's a good thing.
But you're not religious.
And you always said
you didn't want to turn
out like your parents.
Like if God was real,
why would there be so much
suffering in this world?
But how does that determine
whether there's a God or not?
I don't know.
It just does.
I don't know.
I thought I knew.
I guess I don't.
It just,
it doesn't feel right.
what options do we have?
[somber music]
Hey, do you want me
to come in with you?
[somber music]
Hey, I need to talk
to Elizabeth Spencer.
I'm sorry, sir.
We cannot give out
personal information.
No, I need to talk to her.
You need to leave or
we will call security.
[soft music]
Did you?
[thunder claps]
[ethereal music]
This is just so
[girl giggles]
Do you know where I am?
[Young Girl] Of course I do.
where am I?
[Young Girl] You know.
No, I really don't
know where I am.
Yes, you do.
I do?
Is this,
is this heaven?
I told you would know.
There must be some mistake.
I shouldn't be here.
I had so much more to do...
Forget what is behind
and look to what is ahead.
No, no, no, no, no.
I mean, I was never any good.
I failed at everything.
I was terrible with my faith.
I never went to church.
I was hopeless at my job.
I mean surely.
[girl giggles]
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Jonathan, you're not dressed.
Church, you remember
that, don't you?
I got the game on.
Oh, come on, come on,
we have to go to church.
Pastor Steve asked us to go
to lunch at his house after.
I have have nothing
in common with that guy.
Well, you have
one thing in common.
[Jonathan] Yeah?
Yeah, Jesus.
He likes to talk about Jesus.
[Jonathan] Yeah.
No, I mean, seriously, you,
you have all those questions.
This is a great opportunity
to get them answered.
So when you're
trying to, you know,
act really intelligent
at small group.
What do you mean trying to?
Come on,
come on.
DVR the game, let's go.
Can you at least
leave the pie?
No, you're not to eat it all.
Yeah, but last time
I only got one slice.
That's good.
Your doctor would be happy.
That's just code
for saying I'm fat.
All right,
okay, let's do it.
[phone ringing]
[Dr. Howard] Hi Elizabeth.
This is Dr. Howard.
Could you please call me
back as soon as possible?
Thank you.
[serene music]
The most important thing
was that in all the doubts,
fears, worries,
and all the times you
stumbled and fell,
you still believed.
It's always about the heart.
Even at the lowest point,
you still believed.
It's on the inside,
not what's on the outside.
Only man looks at that.
But God looks at this.
I still have a pulse.
You have a lot to learn.
But we have all of
eternity to learn.
Aren't we supposed to
be wearing like robes
and have wings and halos?
Should I be playing
a harp or something?
Oh, wait.
[group chatter]
One, two, three
It's all about
You and me
Some send [mumbles]
Is a places we will go
And I can't think of
anywhere I'd rather be
Than right here with you
Pastor Steve was
asking about my pie.
It's, the recipe is my mom's.
It's really.
Wow, that looks amazing.
Try it.
That's incredible.
The pie's amazing.
It's hands down the best pie
I've ever had, Elizabeth.
Why, thank you, Pastor Steve.
Just call me Steve.
Well, thanks Steve.
Jonathan, you wanna have some,
it's really delicious.
Of course you know that.
Yeah, I do.
Oh, Jonathan's
watching his weight.
Oh yes.
Good idea.
I've been watching
my weight for years.
Still never changes though.
For all the thing
That you do
Baby, it's all for you
Guys, guys,
Bora Bora this time of the year,
I just got back.
It is beautiful.
All right.
What do you think?
She's a beast.
Hey, check it out, check it out.
Come on.
Blue skies and airplanes
Yeah, come in here.
Check out that cool
leather interior, smell it.
You know, I can get
you a great deal
on one of these bad boys.
Come on down to the
showroom tomorrow.
[Elizabeth] Honey.
Yeah, yeah, I'll be a minute.
You're wife is
gonna love this.
For all the things
That you do
Baby it's all for you
So what did Peter want?
Peter Lock, you know, you
were just talking to him.
He goes to our church.
I don't, just stuff.
Did you like his truck?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's pretty cool.
It's kind of like a
smart truck, you know,
it's like a smart house
and it's got all these
kind of cool features.
How much is the lease?
he said he's got this
great deal on the loan.
So come on down the
showroom and yeah.
- Yeah.
- Jonathan,
Look as much as I think
you look really hot
inside of the truck,
the thing is,
I just, you're going
to sign the lease
and then you're
going to be stuck.
It's like you won't,
you're not going to
get out of the cycle.
It's just a lease, that's all.
No, it's not the lease.
It's your work, it's your work.
Our bills are gonna pile up.
And this is not
the right time for,
I mean, because what it means
is that you're not
going to be available
to make any changes.
And you're already working a job
that completely exhausts you.
I mean, you'll have a truck.
That would be great.
You have a truck,
but you'll have to take on
more shifts to pay for it.
And you're already burning
the candle at both ends.
A truck is not going
to make you feel good
when you're working on these
night shifts all the time.
Why are you being so
negative all the time?
What do you mean?
I'm not being negative.
This is,
this is not just a truck for me.
This is for both of us.
I know, I know
it's not the truck.
It's your job.
I want you to be
able to be free,
to be able to make changes
in your life for your job.
I can't just make changes.
I keep telling you that.
They don't like it when
you ask for new shifts
and new changes
and all this stuff.
You just think I can do that.
I can't just do that.
I have to get out.
I have to get out of here.
Come on.
You can't just run away every
time we have an argument,
you have to run away.
It's not that, I
just have to get out.
I have to get out.
I'm hurting.
I, I just need some fresh air.
I need to just,
I just need some fresh air.
- Okay.
- You okay?
Oh, I just need
some fresh air.
I just need,
I just need my,
hold on, hold on.
Are you having a panic attack?
Yeah, maybe.
- Just breathe.
- Okay.
Oh, okay.
Did you,
do you ever get the results
back from the doctor?
No, not yet.
I'm sure it's
going to be okay.
And if it's not?
It's going to be fine.
Okay, but,
but if it's not,
you just promise me
to leave the job.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Elizabeth] Really?
Yeah, I promise.
- I feel better now.
- Good.
All right.
Now we need to
stop by the store.
Okay, what for?
I need to get
some ingredients.
I'm going to make a pie.
For who?
For you, weirdo.
Yeah, for you.
Okay, that sounds good.
[serene music]
So how long have
I been here for?
Time is an old
fashioned thing now.
You're on eternity time.
Is that like dog years?
You know, like one year up here
is seven years in earth?
More like a thousand
years is like a day,
and a day is like
a thousand years.
how did I get here?
You know.
I do?
[serene music]
Yep, gonna need the old roadmap.
[soft music]
Okay, honey, you win.
Time for a change.
All right.
All right, okay.
[engine rumbling]
[soft music]
[distorted music]
[serene music]
It just, I feel so different.
It's hard to explain.
I know.
You used to worry a lot.
Now you will never worry again.
You used to carry
the weight of the
world on you everyday.
That boulder of worry and
fear crushed you constantly.
And now you will never worry
about that burden again.
I feel so peaceful.
And no more fears
and no more tears.
It all gets wiped away.
All those years of pain and
suffering are all gone now.
It's amazing.
[serene music]
Hey, they said you
wanted to talk to me.
Yes, Elizabeth, take a seat.
I thought we
were going to start
another round of
treatment today.
That was correct.
What is it?
I'm afraid it's not good news.
The test came back
and we're at a stage four.
At this point,
the plan is to make sure
you're as comfortable
as you can be.
Hey, don't be sad.
God's got it.
Don't worry.
[somber music]
Okay, God, maybe you got this.
I don't,
I don't know.
I don't know.
I can only handle so much, God.
It's just getting too much.
This too much.
[somber music]
Okay, so I made a mistake.
Maybe I deserve it.
God, I gotta, I need you so bad.
I need you.
Just help me, help me believe.
Help me.
Help me see beyond this, God.
Oh God, I just need
your peace, God.
Please, please just
give me your peace.
Come here.
[somber music]
I'm sorry.
I lost track of time.
Oh, you found my phone.
I took an Uber.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Jonathan, you know I
don't ask for a lot.
I just ask for you
to be there for me.
I know.
I don't care about this house.
I don't care about the yard.
I don't care about any of it.
I just want you to
be there for me.
Yeah, I am.
I never see you anymore!
Ever since they put you on
that stupid night shift,
it's not good for you.
It's not good for me.
It's not good for either of us.
All right.
Look, I just need
some more time.
Chuck just said
another six months,
I could get a promotion
and I can get enough money
to fix this house up.
Isn't that what you want?
Is that what you want from me?
That's why I'm doing this.
I'm doing this for us.
I don't have any more time.
It's not working.
No, no, no.
It's gonna work.
[twinkly music]
[Jonathan] Tim?
It's me.
Oh my gosh.
You're here.
I can't,
I can't believe it.
I mean,
you looks so happy and healthy.
I mean, you always happy,
which I could never
quite understand.
Well, I always
just tried
to hold on to the
hope that one day,
no matter what happened,
I would be here in paradise.
Things were bad sometimes.
I mean they were,
but I could believe
that I would be here
in paradise.
And I am.
That's my family.
You never met them.
- No.
- Yeah.
I lost them
early on,
early on in a house fire.
That's why I was homeless.
See, I was a big,
successful lawyer,
a big shot.
I thought I had it all.
I didn't have anything.
Traveling, always
away from them.
And then one day I got a call.
It's all gone.
It crushed me.
You're supposed to be
happy in Heaven, right?
But just the thought of that,
that crushed me.
I could never get up
because I was a self-made man.
I didn't need anybody's help.
You know that.
It wasn't until I hit bottom
and I reached out
and I asked for God's help.
And he showed me this place.
And he showed me my
family living here.
It was in a dream.
It was in a dream.
The craziest thing in the
world in a dream and I,
I just held on to that every day
and every night.
Now I'm here.
I followed His word.
It's, it's so funny, I mean,
I always thought you were
the crazy homeless guy.
[Tim] I was pretty crazy.
But you weren't.
You're the one who's wise.
You saw this place.
You have peace.
I never had that.
I was too busy like everybody
else trying to get it,
trying to make it work,
working, making money,
try to put it all together,
hold it in my own hands.
But you let it all.
You trusted God
cause you saw this place.
You were the wise one.
You have peace, I have had that.
We all have a different road
that God gives us, you know.
Mine was different.
They all lead to one place,
to Him.
You gotta meet my family.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ooh, thanks.
You got anything stronger?
Stronger than root beer?
Yeah, yeah, a little bit.
I'm sorry man, I don't drink.
Oh, right.
Because of your religion.
It's just that I
used to drink a lot.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But then after I found religion,
as you like to call it,
I just lost the taste for it.
I guess that's a good thing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You're gonna have a spare
room while you're here.
Oh yeah.
It's not going to be
for long, you know,
it's just until
this all blows over with
Elizabeth and you know.
Talk about eye sores.
It's not that bad.
No, that,
that is really bad.
Well, look, I was
actually wondering
if you might be interested
in buying it off me.
Oh, what, the boulder?
No, no,
the house.
Look, it's just that I
don't need a place this big.
I'm traveling so much these days
and you might want to
be marrying Elizabeth
hopefully sooner than later.
I don't know, this is like
the right kind of place
to have kids, settle down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow down on that.
All right.
Just think about it.
I'd make you a great deal.
So, what are you doing again?
Mercy ships.
It's aid work.
I manage medical teams.
Oh yeah.
That's cool.
What are you studying to be?
No, I'm still working on that.
That's great, man.
That's good.
So listen,
I was planning on going
to a small group thing
with the church tonight.
You all want to come?
No, dude.
You know, I'm not into all
that religious stuff, like.
Right, right, right.
Cause you got your
life all together
and everything's going well.
I'm kidding man.
Come on, come on down
and see all the crazy
religious freaks.
That'd be a good time.
Oh my gosh.
Bro, fine.
Hey, there we go.
I mean what else
am I going to do?
Great question.
Oh yeah.
Lots of crazy religious freaks.
We can all make mistakes.
As men, we tend to lead first
and ask questions later.
And sometimes this
can be a good thing.
Sometimes it can be bad.
If we make the wrong decision,
we end up hurting
those around us.
Our wives, friends,
kids, girlfriends,
and then guilt
can weigh us down.
And if we're not careful,
that guilt will lead us right
back to the same decision
that got us there
in the first place.
Now we may choose to
live in that guilt
in a cave,
hidden where we once used
to lead out on the horizon.
As man if left to
our own devices,
we'll stay in that cave for
as long as we possibly can.
Heck we even set
them up in our homes
and call them man caves.
If we choose to
live in those caves,
in guilt,
we're in the darkness, lost.
And as we crawl deeper
and deeper into that cave,
we need a lamp to guide us out.
Jesus says he is a
lamp unto our feet.
We must follow that lamp
to lead us out of guilt
and fear and shame.
Jesus wants us to live lives
that go beyond,
into eternity in heaven.
He wants us to live our
lives to the fullest.
Do children go there,
like to heaven?
I mean like, like little kids,
you know babies.
Yes, of course.
Do you mean when a child
dies in a miscarriage?
No, the other one.
Yes, Jonathan.
That is the beauty of
eternity with Christ.
That when you die, you
live forever in heaven.
In paradise.
[soft music]
Hey, I just need to
get some air real quick.
[soft music]
Hey, what's wrong?
I made a mistake and,
look, I tried to stop it,
but it was my fault
and I, look I, I.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
This is what forgiveness
is all about.
You can start over again.
That's what I did.
So can you.
Man, after she left me,
she didn't just go to her
parents' house for awhile.
She left me for good.
I broke her heart
and I made her do
that horrible thing.
And I can't forgive
myself for that.
It's okay.
It's not over yet.
It's not over yet.
God, if you're real
and you are who
they say you are,
then I'm praying now that
you give me a second chance.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong and I never
should've pushed you into it.
It's too late.
No, no it's not.
If you're talking about us,
then yeah, it's too late.
I was talking about Rachel.
See, I thought it was too
late too, but it's not true.
It's not too late.
Because I believe
that we will see her again
in Heaven.
But you don't
believe in Heaven
No, I do, I do now.
And I know that you
have for so long
and I'm sorry that
I never did, but
tonight I
am a crazy religious person,
just like my brother.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
I can't wait to
see Rachel again.
Yeah, me too.
Hey wait, where are you going?
I'm staying with my parents.
Since you, we are
Christians now,
we can't be living together.
Not until we're married.
You sure about that?
[Elizabeth] Don't.
Okay, all right.
when you're ready,
come back.
Okay, then.
Let's do this.
[serene music]
You need to go down there.
There's someone that
wants to meet you.
[serene music]
Welcome home, Daddy.
My daughter.
I've been waiting
for you and this moment
for a long time.
Time to come out of the dark.
I have someone else
I want you to meet.
Let's keep going, Daddy.
Death is no more.
Daddy, it's no more.
[somber music]
[Dr. Howard] Hi Jonathan.
How are you?
Actually, I feel terrible.
I really miss my hair.
I miss feeling healthy.
And I just miss being with you.
With me?
How crazy is that?
[somber music]
Hey Jonathan.
I was thinking.
Do you remember
before we got married
what you told me?
You said that one day we
will see our Rachel again.
Remember, in Heaven?
[serene music]
I want you to know
even though I feel
really terrible,
I just feel, I just feel
like this peace around me.
I can't explain it.
It's like,
it's like a warmth.
It's just all over my body.
Like I,
I can just feel God.
I can feel His presence.
I know it's gonna be okay.
I know He's got this.
[serene music]
even though I'm going
away for a while,
we're also gonna
see each other again
really soon.
This next part
of the journey,
that's the good part.
[serene music]
There's no more pain.
There's no more tears,
and no more suffering,
no more sorrow,
no more sickness,
no more death,
no more evil,
no more sadness.
All of our tears
will be wiped away.
The old things are no more.
The day has dawned.
[serene music]
Come on daddy, hurry up.
[twinkly music]
[soft music]
I was remembering when
I married you two,
you basically eloped.
I was so nervous.
It was my first
marriage ceremony, but
I knew then she was special.
I know I can't do much to help.
I know Elizabeth is
still your whole world.
And I know that right
now you must feel
like you cannot carry
home without her.
Heaven is God's answered
from the broken hearted.
There's always hope.
It's not over yet.
So sorry, I was in
the middle of Africa
and I tried to get her
as fast as I could.
I, I just couldn't.
There was no flights.
It's okay.
You're my brother.
You'll walk through
fire to get to me, so.
It's okay.
John, I,
I am so sorry.
Liz was amazing.
how are you coping
with all of this?
I'm okay.
I know that's what we say,
but that's not
always how we feel.
I mean, how are you doing?
People don't really
care about how I feel.
No one really cares about that.
It's like in my job,
people just want to be
told that it's okay.
Everything's okay.
I don't know.
say how you feel.
If you won't say it to
me, then say it to God.
Tell Him how you feel.
[somber music]
It is okay to hurt.
It's okay to grieve, okay.
That's more than okay.
That's what makes us human.
We're not machines.
We're flesh and we're blood.
When we lose someone, we hurt.
Sometimes that
hurt can take years
sometimes they never heal.
It's with us forever.
I can stay here if that
will help, if you like.
I just,
please just tell me
what you need from me.
I just,
I just want to be left alone.
That's all.
[soft music]
I want you gone!
Why won't you move?
[serene music]
Here, daddy.
[serene music]
[sirens blaring]
You see the track
marks on her arm?
Come on.
Stay with us, stay with us.
Not today.
Come on now.
Don't die on me.
Come on.
- All right.
- No pulse.
All right.
No pulse.
One more time.
[sirens blaring]
Oh, come on, come on.
Still no pulse.
All right, give
it one more shot.
[Chuck] One more time.
[flat line beeping]
[Chuck] Call it.
I guess it was only
a matter of time.
[siren blaring]
[Chuck] Mrs. Jones,
are you sleeping again?
Her feet.
You never checked her feet.
Sir, is there someone
we can call for you?
[somber music]
[Man] Can you
check on my wife?
We just got married.
[somber music]
I got a pulse.
Okay, okay, she's
gonna be okay.
- Okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
It's all right.
There you go.
What's up man?
Good for you.
You got that water thing going.
It's about time.
You look happy.
Nah, man, it's
just my usual face.
Did you go on that date yet?
What date?
You know, with Francesca?
Did you go on that date?
Yeah, we went on a date.
Actually, it's been three dates.
- Three?
- And a fourth
When did all this happen?
Yeah, I mean, I know I,
I haven't been around.
It's wow.
Look, I didn't want
to bring it up, man.
I don't know.
Oh no, no, no.
It's, it's great.
It's, it's really good to
hear good news for a change.
So you know, it's awesome.
- Thanks.
- Really happy for you.
Well if you think
that's good news,
then you would be
interested in this.
Way to go, Chuck.
And only after a few dates.
That, that's impressive.
- Hey.
- That's awesome.
- It's not over yet.
- Yeah.
That's what you told me.
I did?
Look, man.
When you first
started working here,
I had just had that horrible
break up with Doreen.
Yeah, you were in
pretty bad shape.
You got that right.
But then you told me I
would meet somebody else
and I said it's
never gonna happen.
It's never gonna happen, man.
I couldn't believe it.
But then you said.
It's not over yet.
That's right.
It's not over yet.
I hope so.
Me too.
[serene music]
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's okay.
[soft music]
[gentle music]
[Elizabeth] Stop the car.
[Jonathan] What?
Stop, stop, stop.
There's, look.
Look, look.
There's a bench.
Look at the bench.
Oh, it's perfect.
Clean it up, and,
oh yeah.
Oh, I love it.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
It's probably
full of termites.
No, no.
We can like clean
it up or something.
It's fine.
Oh, it's so good.
Why don't you
just get a new one?
- It's just like...
- It's not the same.
It's not the same.
It's just like a
Home Depot bench.
They're really cheap.
I know, I know.
Well, I'm just
letting you know
in case you think
you're going to do it up
and sell for a million dollars.
Cause it's not going to happen.
It's not worth anything.
I know.
It's okay.
Come on, it's great.
please, please, please.
Okay, okay.
More junk for the house.
All right.
[Elizabeth] It's not junk.
Can you?
- It's gross.
- Just be careful.
Don't scratch.
Okay, okay.
All right, here we go.
Okay, all right.
Right there, that's good.
Watch it.
Watch it.
You know, it's not
really helping me,
what you're doing.
- Doesn't really help at all.
- Stop.
- But I appreciate it.
- This is great.
It might make you feel better.
all right lift it,
higher, higher.
Oh, careful.
[gentle music]
Yes, right there.
That's exactly it.
Thank you for your help.
- Yes.
- Excuse me.
You're welcome, honey.
This is good.
This is good.
Okay, that way, that way.
I love it.
I love it.
It's so good.
It's like Betsy.
Just as old and ugly is Betsy.
It true.
[soft music]
Do you remember
when we first met?
[Jonathan] Yeah.
[Elizabeth] Do you
remember our first date?
It was the park.
[Elizabeth] Yeah, a park.
It had that tree,
a river running through it.
Oh, and the bench, yeah.
The bench.
And we just talk
about our future, and
how many children we'd have,
what kind of house we'd own.
I told you
I wanted to have a house
on a river with a
bench just like this.
We could just sit on it.
And grow old together.
[gentle music]
Well, that worked.
this feels so...
It's like I I was in a dream
but now I've woken up.
This is it.
This is it, Jonathan.
This is the house I
always dreamed of.
I should've listened to you.
I know.
It's okay, it's okay.
It doesn't matter anymore.
That's in the past.
I'm sorry.
I just,
I spent our whole marriage
working, trying to
get enough money to buy
you your dream house.
And in the process,
we never got to spend
any time together.
I wasted all that time.
I'm sorry.
I guess God had a better plan,
just not the one I thought.
It doesn't even
matter anymore.
There's something
that's been puzzling me
since I've been here.
[Elizabeth] What's that?
How did I get here?
Jonathan, you'll know soon.
[somber music]
Everybody, what
are you doing here?
Hey, I got you some help.
What for?
We just want to help
you move that bolder.
I mean, you keep going on
about how annoying it is.
So I don't know, man.
We just want to
help, that's all.
Yeah, but
don't worry about it.
I'm probably just going
to sell the house with it.
It's fine.
With that thing?
Yeah, yeah.
Look, I'm not a
real estate expert,
but I'm sure if we got
rid of that eyesore,
then you'll probably
get a lot more for it.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, I've been trying to
move that thing for years.
It's just not going to budge.
So don't worry about it.
Hey, it's not over yet.
Beginning to regret I ever
told you that expression.
No way.
It's my favorite
catchphrase, man,
and my fiance's as well.
That's awesome, man.
That's really great.
- That's awesome.
- Thanks, man.
And Pastor Steve
is going to marry us.
Oh, that's great.
And well, I was wondering
if we could have
the ceremony here
because I live in an apartment
and so does she.
I mean, once the
boulder's out, of course.
okay then,
I guess you're right.
It's not over yet.
- Let's do it.
- Let's get to it.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Let's do it, fellas.
[soft music]
It's a stubborn old thing.
I got an idea.
Where you going?
[soft music]
[Jonathan] Oh man, I
hate this piece of junk.
Hey, now, hey, stop.
Don't be hating on old Betsy.
[Jonathan] Betsy.
Yeah, Betsy.
That's her name.
Don't you remember?
Since when did Betsy
become the official name
of this old truck?
It's official.
Pop's had her as long
as I can remember,
until he gave her to us.
And here, yep, there it is.
She's got her trusty roadmap.
[gentle music]
[engine rumbling]
See, there you go.
She's a reliable old broad.
Don't say it.
- I wasn't...
- Don't say it.
I wasn't going to
say just like you.
[gentle music]
You guys ready?
Let's do it.
[engine rumbling]
Wait, wait, stop.
We forgot something.
We need to pray this thing away.
[Elizabeth] Jonathan.
[Jonathan] Yeah?
I don't,
I don't want you
to do this life alone.
just don't want you to go.
I don't want you to go.
Don't worry.
Listen, you're
going to see again.
You gotta let go.
And you gotta let God in.
[somber music]
Don't forget that.
You gotta Him in.
It's too hard to do
on your own, okay.
Let go.
Let go, okay.
[gentle music]
Okay, God,
it's your turn now.
[engine rumbling]
[gentle music]
[flat line beeping]
[gentle music]
[engine rumbling]
[gentle music]
[engine rumbling]
[gentle music]
[engine rumbling]
Jonathan, stop.
I think you're going
to blow the engine.
You're gonna blow the engine.
I got this.
You remember when I was
just about to get married.
You pulled me
aside and you said,
with faith, you
can move mountains.
[Pastor Steve] What?
Well this is a mountain.
We can move this.
[soft music]
Keep going.
Keep going.
Hey, hey.
It's moving.
It's moving.
[uplifting music]
It's not over yet.
Now we can get going.
Get going.
Didn't you tell him?
Oh yeah.
I haven't been clear
about the date.
The wedding is today.
Ah, okay.
It's a surprise wedding.
She thinks he's coming
to meet my folks,
well, she's got to meet them
and then we're going
to go get married.
But I,
I don't have anything.
Oh, don't worry.
We have the catering
and seating, et cetera
coming from church.
It's all taken care of.
And we'll clean it up.
All right.
Let's, let's do it then.
Let's do it.
[gentle music]
What are you doing?
will you marry me?
What are you doing?
Oh, I see.
Maybe we should drive
around the block, hun.
Yeah, okay.
[Mom] Oh my gosh.
[gentle music]
I was kind of choking.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Were my parents just here?
They're just going to drive
around the block for awhile.
Oh, I haven't
answered you yet?
Oh, my leg's asleep.
- No.
- Come here.
How are you feeling?
Man, I don't know
if I can do this.
With faith the size
of a mustard seed,
you can move mountains.
[gentle music]
Am I good?
You look great, brother.
I've known you
two for a while now.
So I knew this was
only a matter of time.
When something is God's will,
the only thing standing
in the way is us.
When we let go and we
let God take the reins,
everything goes much smoother.
So while all of this seems to
be happening rather quickly,
it's been destined
from the beginning.
Today it is my pleasure
to bring you two
together under God,
as husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[people cheering]
As I find you now
They say
It's a good thing
To find a wife
So I bought this ring
And it shines like
It's amazing.
Is all food this good?
I mean it's incredible.
Everything's amazing here.
I mean it's Heaven.
Well yeah.
And that's not it.
It's not just about pie, honey.
There's so much more to see.
I mean you could spend
a thousand years here
and there's always something
new to experience and see
and smell and it never gets old.
You never get used to it.
Oh, sorry.
That's okay, honey.
Actually, that's the best part.
You can eat as much as you want.
I guess that's Heaven, isn't it.
Have I got something on my face?
It's just,
this next part is so special.
Well it's already
been pretty special.
No, I know.
I know, but,
but this,
this is why we're here.
[gentle music]
Is that?
I can just...
[Rachel] Yes, daddy.
He's real nice.
He's always been there for me.
And you can talk
to him any time.
[gentle music]
I feel,
I don't know.
It's hard to explain.
I'm just really, I'm not
nervous or anything, but, whoa.
It's okay, it's okay.
You can go.
Just let it go.
[gentle music]
[phone ringing]
Where are you?
I'm on the Mercy
ship right now.
We had to go to port because
the weather's been so bad.
So I think I found
the one room on ship
that actually has
a wifi connection.
[Jonathan] Wow.
I just wanted to
check with you, you know
and see how you're doing.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm doing okay.
Oh, a,
I, I got the
boulder out finally.
Mount Rushmore?
You got rid of the boulder?
No way.
It was a bit of a miracle.
I can only imagine.
So how are you really
feeling these days?
Everything okay?
I'm okay.
I'm just,
just trying to figure out
what to do next, that's all.
Okay, well that's good.
Elizabeth wanted
me to quit my job.
[Andrew] Okay.
And it was just the,
the night shift, the long hours,
it's just,
it's just wearing me out.
So why didn't you?
I don't,
I don't know.
I guess,
I guess I was just
procrastinating a lot, you know.
She always said I was
a real procrastinator,
overthinking things.
But now,
now that she's gone, I guess,
I don't know.
I don't know.
You know, God speaks
to us all the time.
And those closest to us
can be some of God's
loudest voices.
So if she was telling
you to do this,
and I don't know,
maybe you should.
I mean this could be
the next phase in your life.
Keep your chin
up brother, okay.
Talk to you soon.
[gentle music]
Goodbye, old friend.
[gentle music]
Yep, gonna need the old roadmap.
Okay, honey, you win.
Time for a change.
All right.
All right.
[engine rumbling]
[gentle music]
Hey God,
it's me again.
I know it's been a while.
I'm sorry, but
I can't
really comprehend everything
that's happened, but
somehow it's all gonna
make sense in the end.
You have a plan.
And I just got to
trust it, I guess.
Elizabeth wanted
me to change jobs
and I know I should have
done this earlier, but
I'm doing it now.
I wasted so much time.
I spent so much time
trying to fix things,
and my own strength
trying to make it work,
and my own strength and,
I should've done this earlier.
[gentle music]
it's not over yet, huh.
It's not over yet.
[gentle music]
[distorted music]
Hold on, hold on, I'm coming.
[sirens blaring]
[loud ringing]
[sirens blaring]
[loud droning]
[Rachel] Daddy, wake up.
Daddy, wake up.
[gentle music]
Now I get it.
I was lost, now I'm found.
[gentle music]
[Jesus] Come and
sit with me, Jonathan.
[ethereal music]
I'm really happy you're here.
This is, this is pretty cool.
Yes, Jonathan.
Yes, it is.
are you ready for the
next part of your life?
Did you know that many people
have been waiting
for you, Jonathan?
Especially Rachel.
She watched with
great excitement
as I worked in your life.
And she saw your faith grow.
And as it grew, it
turned into trust
and trust blossomed into love.
From the day of your
salvation until now,
I've been with you,
guiding you and directing you.
I have loved you with
an everlasting love.
Now rejoice and be glad
for great is your reward.
You are receiving your
inheritance that can never perish,
spoil or fade.
All this is yours.
Welcome home, my son.
[gentle music]
Pretty amazing, right?
How long was he with him for?
Oh, a thousand
years is like a day.
A day is like a thousand years.
It's incredible.
I know.
He went through my
whole entire life,
like my childhood.
Every day, every second is,
all the times I
thought I was alone,
all the times I thought
He wasn't there,
He was with me.
He talked to me
about how He was,
He was raising Rachel
all these years,
taking care of her.
And then,
He just went so
deep into my heart
that He just took
away all the pain,
all that burden,
and all that stuff that
I've been carrying.
Just left me with...
[gentle music]
Jonathan, so good to see you.
Pops, how are you?
So how's old Betsy going?
Well, she was going
right to the very end.
She outlived me by 15 years.
Not bad.
Yeah, she was pretty reliable.
I'm just glad she
got you both around.
I just want to say thank
you for the, for the roadmap.
Better than a GPS.
Yeah, that's right.
Now, have you tried
Elizabeth's apple pie here?
It's even better.
I know.
Every bite is better
than the last.
That's right.
it never runs out.
[Jonathan] That's right.
[gentle music]
[Jesus] Let's give thanks.
This is incredible.
[gentle music]
[Group] Our father,
who art in Heaven
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom has come.
Thy will is done in Heaven.
Thank you for our daily bread,
and for forgiving
us of all our sins.
Thank you for wiping
away all our tears.
Thank you for delivering
us from all evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power,
an the glory,
forever and ever.
[gentle music]
[soft music]
[gentle music]
No place for
them but a stable
No place for
them but a stable
No place for
them but a stable
My lord has come
My lord has come
My lord